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Los Angeles – FIRE IN HEAVEN like Revelations 13:13 and identifying potential messages from Ti and Do

November 11, 2015

Comment from a long time Ti and Do new believer and my response to follow:

Hey Sawyer.
I have been getting messages from the next level. Things like: I will be thinking about Heavens Gate and “Do” will pop into my mind and then I flip the channels on my t.v. and there’s a Heavens Gate documentary on and I see Marshal Applewhite. Or I was thinking about Heavens Gate one time and a commercial came on t.v. and the announcer says on it “Unleash the power of do”.
Things like this happen all the time. Now this. Have you seen the footage from Saturday? I live in Southern California and we had a fireball in the sky. Many claim it was a rocket or missile, but I swear to God I think it is Marshal Applewhite. When I first saw that on the news the first thing that popped into my mind was that it was Do.
What do you think that means? Do you think it may be Do? If so what does this mean? When you look at this fireball it looks exactly like the Hale-Bop comet! Exactly like it! What are the odds. I think it’s Do sending us a message. I really do believe Do was Christ return.

Sawyer’s response:

I don’t doubt those are signals from the Next Level crew working for Ti and Do. Some things will surface that aren’t necessarily direct forms of communication but are the way “thoughts” from the Next Level’s presence  trickle down into society. Like people talk about getting to the Next Level applicable to anything, or the preoccupation with butterflies and the talk of metamorphosis in literature and movies, etc. – all because their Minds are powerful and just being in the atmosphere that includes the “first heaven” leave deposit’s of their thoughts/ideas, behaviors and ways that if someone is tuned into in any way, they will identify more readily and make the connections, in your case to the source as Ti and Do and crew. But they know each of those who believes in Do and will alert you to things.

I can’t tell you how many times, I’ll get this thought – turn on the radio and then hear something related to heaven’s gate directly but more often something I’ve been wondering about or even asking questions about that will provide some answers through the humans talking about what was on my mind. I wasn’t making the human talk about those things. The Crew was aware of it from their elaborate technology to monitor what they want to monitor. It’s interesting how in this day and age it’s not such a mystery anymore that someone can listen in to us. Humans just don’t have the tech to do so – into our thoughts but the Next Level can easily read our thoughts if they want to and especially when we want them to, so they can help us progress in their service to lead to our graduation from the human kingdom.

Los Angeles Event

Now that whatever it was over L.A. last Saturday (November 7, 2015) may have been Do’s direct or indirect instigation as it’s the same kind of thing as with seeing a commercial that is more likely a trickle down which is not to trivialize the event at all. I say this because of the prophecy I’m continuing to work hard at understanding as Ti and Do and Crew would have it understood.

In Rev 13 you will see where the second or “other beast” does wondrous or miraculous things to trick people into giving allegiance to them, the human governments/organizations and/or their space alien influences. In that way, the Next Level could have easily suggested to the military higher ups to perform that test where and when they did for the benefit of all who will see it or hear about it and wonder about. Each will see it according to their own beliefs so it doesn’t even matter who the main instigator was. For instance let’s say it was space alien stimulated and they told the U.S. military of their plan, so the military formed a cover of having a sub in the area and closing down the airport. That type of communication is certainly possible between some of the space aliens and the U.S. government, or it could happen totally through the discarnate world of thought projections the space aliens know well how to do because they are the descendants of the fallen angels in various ways and those fallen angels are in the spirit world (with parts of the first heaven access) so can communicate their ideas to any humans they choose to even take certain ones over entirely so they are running the show completely through that human container that appears to be an individual when they are really like a computer with spirits as the programmers at their “keyboard” issuing commands.
I have been hard at work trying to figure out every detail of Rev 13 and all of those prophecies and in specific that passage about “fire from heaven” being shown by this “other” beast:

Rev 13:13 And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men,

Rev 13:14 And deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast; saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make an image to the beast, which had the wound by a sword, and did live.

I  had thought that “other beast” was the EU – European Union but that event made me question if I got that right but then it still seems to be the case given all the context especially as this event at LA is so alike to the Norway Spiral several years ago. Search the web for that if you like, which was in Oslo, Norway. So I suspect this LA display is technology based on the Norway event that is either space alien performed or that they taught it to humans whether humans know where they came up with the ideas or not. It’s not far different from elaborate fireworks.
Ti and Do always talked about what the Luciferians do as creating a “facsimile” of what they learned the Next Level does, when they had access to Next Level projects and they teach those things to humans in various ways. In these two cases but in particular to the L.A. event they made this object look like a “fireball” or “meteor” or “asteroid” or “comet” something humans before now had no way of simulating. if they can simulate these (as they just did) many humans will be in awe of what they do and in that way more inclined to remain in allegiance to the human condition that the governments/military, etc. establishes the norm for. Then for those that think space aliens are real and among us, who have often had experiences with to some degree, they will have their belief in aliens stimulated and that many times involves thinking of the space aliens are the real creators, again to garner their allegiance to the space aliens who want to capture souls from having Next Level service. The space aliens are the “birds” in Jesus parable about the planting of seeds. Third there will be the scoffers of space alien existence that will simply see this as what the military said which can be totally true – a missile test. Note how that doesn’t have to be a lie. It just doesn’t’ say who stimulated it, who designed it and who decided when and where to do it.
Then there are Christians with their allegiance to the governments or not who might say it’s a sign from god or from the devil even quoting the same verses I am quoting but in a totally different context as they mostly don’t think or know how to document that the way I would because they don’t think Jesus came yet and they are in a sense correct because the body that was named Jesus hasn’t returned “yet” as that is spelled out in Rev 19 as Do’s return wearing clothing “dipped in blood”, clearly not incarnate this time which many Christians don’t recon with anyway. They largely see his return as a “light in the sky”  they don’t even generally recognize was described as a star like light – like a comet for instance?
So everyone gets what they want from any event and all events have Ti and Do behind because they provided the space aliens knowing what they would do to try to trick humans as it filters those humans who have their mind dominant in them from those humans who have Next Level mind more dominant in them. We are plants in these vehicles but plants that serve a major purpose of providing the needed experiences to build our mind muscle of Next Level Mind from. So everyone gets to be right though only a tiny few will be most right when they see it and it draws them more to the Kingdom of God/Kingdom of Heaven – Next Level and possibly even to Ti and Do as one of the three types of individuals who can go with Do and Crew when they finally leave with their fruit (the three types) and all others are recycled.
Thanks for telling me of your experience as it really helps me to try to pull in better the ways of talking about all this, so I will post your question on my blog, minus your name so others that might be experiencing the same kinds of things can have a little more of what I hope is the way Ti and Do would see it.

Revelation 13-Daniel 7-Beast/Nephilim=Forth Kingdom=U.S.-Little Horn=NWO Dragon=space aliens

March 15, 2014

Below is a comment I made on a Christian youtube channel (where I go by 3spm) where we have ongoing discussion of the NWO, and the Beast, Nephilim, etc. I often get help with the direction of my own study on these subjects by what others have examined and surfaced in scriptures. I feel this is the primary way the Next Level, Ti and Do and Crew help those that are asking to understand all these things are helped. We must learn to follow the links. We have to dig and interface with others as the Next Level is not just working with those who believe in Ti and Do and remember that as Jesus said, that not everyone who says, “Lord, Lord…” (this or that) is considered by the Next Level to be approaching or in their allegiance. We have to continuously try to put into action what we are given to change about our behavior and ways to stay connected though when we fail from what we know are our goals (thus sin) if we let that become an excuse to not pick up and seek Their help for a new effort to approach behavior and ways that challenge us then we will be gradually disconnecting from whatever connection we have until the entire subject seems preposterous and we have interest in it any longer. That too can change and that’s largely what we all are being put to with increased mental and physical stresses by the activities of the Next Level on the environment and the human responses to their close physical presence, that stimulates all to “become exactly what we have each become” – in other words, if we have become someone who in our beliefs as shown by the content of our thinking and of course expressions in word and deed who judges others or is willing to sacrifice others to their or their governments will or is able to justify manipulations of others or perform abuses of others or entertains thoughts of vengeance and anger, then at this time we begin to be unable to restrain ourselves from acting out those negative to life behavior and ways so there is an increase in events that show that disharmony. And this also applies to the other extremes to where we can put ourselves into a la la land of everything is wonderful and all we need to do is stay in that frame of mind and the problems will go away and if everyone could do that we would all live in peace, etc. That’s the other side of not taking advantage of the “medicine” being presented to us that can help us “grow” in terms relative to what the Next Level considers growth which is not seeking self awareness, enlightenment as that has been taught to many of us, but awareness of what is outside of SELF and enlightenment in the realities in which we exist that provide challenges that spur us on to  SEEK answers by asking the highest beings we can reach in our private moments who are very existent and are accessed by projecting our asking as far out into the heavens as we can reach, to learn how we can each serve Their agenda for our growth. Of course for those who recognize Ti and Do as the last incarnate Older Members then just use those names in your asking (prayers).

So with that introduction here is my latest making sense of prophesies in regards to the Beast, the Nephilim, the fallen angel space aliens and the New World order which I believe is Daniel’s and Revelations “little horn” – organized mechanism to run the affairs of the humans on Earth that is a combination of direction from the space aliens and attempting to combat the space aliens and of course the global changes that are becoming very apparent with the well coordinated displays from the literal “heaven’s” in terms of comets, asteroids, meteor’s  anomalies galore that hardly make it to the news or stay in the news very long but that there are always evident links to recognizing.

Here’s the comment:

I neglected to examine Dan 7 recently so thank you for the reference. The United States is clearly that “forth kingdom” and I will shortly be analyzing every word of both Rev 13 and Dan 7 to form a more comprehensive analysis to prove that. Remember Jesus said the kingdom of God would be taken away from the middle east and Jerusalem would be left desolate and the Israel people WILL NOT SEE him upon He, His Father and student’s (saints) return. I agree with Daisy in that the Vatican is certainly a huge part of the Antichrist, but remember there was to be a New Jerusalem just like Jesus would have a new name and would have a white as snow/lambs wool head and hair and said he would give us his Father’s name also as his Father would be with him on the throne until he is passed the “throne” task to actually bring the student body through their individual birth canal (born of (holy) spirit/Holy Mind). Also the U.S. is what became the biggest melting pot – which was because the “crew” – the saints before they had come incarnate with Jesus and his Father had “gathered the elect from the four winds”. No other empire satisfies this and the little horn is the NWO that comes out of the forth kingdom/empire – beast (united nations and NATO and the various G configurations). They are called the beast because they are all under the spell and thus direction of the dragon, the serpent (hisser, mightily stalker and manipulator with lies and deceits and mis-dis-information to cause mountainous CONFUSION (Babylon), the current mental state of most in the world in degrees, the devil, Satan as the adversary of the Father and Son, the representation of the fallen angel Luciferian space aliens. They control the beasts, all of them as they have bred humans as Nephilim – giants NOT in physical stature, that’s a distraction, but in their motivation to use any means to obtain power over the human race using great cunning and in league consciously or semi-consciously or unconsciously with the space aliens who are also Nephilim as descendants of the original 200 who are called the “watchers” by Enoch and spoken of in Gen 6 by Moses. The fallen angels and physical hybridized offspring were not wiped out by the Noah flood otherwise there would be none to be allowed to exit their underground prison cells spoken of as the bottomless pit where they were shut up for thousands of years. While shut up the discarnate fallen angels and spirits of the Nephilim were still active all over the world while the hybridization programs continued in the underground/undersea base operations where they had spacecrafts, etc. and may be related to the “inner earth” accounts of Admiral Byrd that is linked with Hitler and the Antarctica “paradise” found and where many Nazi’s fled after the war was seen as lost, though only made it to Argentina – though no doubt went in all directions – Russia, U.S. – scientists, etc. Most of these are all Nephilim descendants playing out the will of the fallen angels who wanted to spur humans into building technologies to provide them with they needed hybrid physical bodies to inhabit and control and to build spacecrafts that could take them off the planet before the next recycling (heat related recycling)  and the need for energy systems (nukes) to power their spacecrafts while in space (though the Kingdom of God/Heaven what is actually physical beings that are Above Human so are not mammalian who have been depicted erroneously as bug headed looking grays, but who are actually humanoid looking with a slightly larger head and slightly larger eyes but all have a very pleasing, gentle quality that Ti and Do spoke about and had a resident artist airbrush that is on my most current videos on YouTube. They never manipulate or lie or deceive nor abuse humans or space aliens and they have no interest in anything human, not dna, not nuke energy, not elements like gold, silver that all have their properties that can be used in practical fashions. The entire planet is theirs so they don’t need to exploit humans to get access to anything on/in the planet. And they don’t die so have no need for humans. They simply provide humans the opportunity to join their ranks as they don’t reproduce as humans either. They are not mammals so sexuality is a primitive abhor-ant activity because of the way the Luciferian space aliens and their offspring have got humans addicted to getting rid of their “force” and thinking they are creating life because of. Lot’s more to all this.