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These Feb/March 2013 events evidence “stars fall from heaven” prophecy of 1st angel with trumphet/vial

March 27, 2013
Last night seeing all the so called meteor reports in the hundreds/thousands from Boston to North Carolina and listening to a police band that was recorded from Tucson, AZ where one night many people called in to try to find out what the “booms” were as they felt like someone was banging on their doors, windows, rooftops, etc. I for the first time felt scared. What frightened me was that this time period with the Russian meteor that did considerable damage and the fireballs that followed in California and Florida and Texas and then the comet Pan-Starrs arrival that was being reported most coming up on March 20th that I saw evidence it had a companion object with it, like hale Bopp was photographed to have and with the asteroid on the same day as that Russian meteor and then all these dozens of reports all over the world, but very markedly focused on the U.S. and even more so on the eastern seaboard, with my current understanding of scripture of Revelations, together with my questions to Ti and Do as to whether they would or wouldn’t escalate their final chapter in the civilization because the green horse death/hell president wasn’t elected, this also seemed like an answer that they have an agenda to provide wake up to all who are still mostly asleep as to their reality and the best and only way for them to do that is to show extraordinary (but still not too definitive, as they want to provide a choice still, not just demand recognition), so ….
I woke up a bit more how our days are numbered more than we can imagine and that these times were going to get increasingly difficult to observe as people freak out more and more and get more and more confused, while thinking they have it all together, as so many religious and spiritual and atheist science believers talk their stuff in the absolute ways they often do. I felt like my comfort zone was going to change. I am confortable typing here and there, relatively safe from criticism and condemnation and threats and I go about playing my music, doin stuff with my daughter and doing chores while “Rome” is and is about to burn, literally and figuratively.

From other answers I feel I got from questions, I feel New York City is the new city of Babylon, capitol of the Babylonian empire and is scheduled for a second fall, the first being the WTC and financial mess – fall meaning mostly that it has demonstrated it’s corrupt influence over the world like never before with wall street laughing all the way to their fortunes. These are serious weeds and Washington DC and Maryland are deep in bed…are all the same players and in bed with Christianity and the Next Level will take them all out and also anyone in league with them and it’s going to occur soon, though gradually and not without warning.

I’m certain of this and I suspect the locations of the bulk of these so called meteor that don’t look at all like meteor events are not only alerting people to “God’s wrath” as they seek to destroy Their garden by stealing souls that could become fruit for their membership, the reason we exist in the first place even though many think they can judge those Next Level beings in moral ways, another show of WEED. There is no doubt in my mind that we belong to Them and that if anything we should be thanking them every day that we had even one moment to live rather than condemning them because they allow a baby to die or a human to mistreat another human or animal, etc. as many do.
So I suspect that these events of late will calm down shortly and we will have a period of calm in the U.S. though not for long and not without plenty of difficulties with increasing bigger and bigger storms, bad drought in the west and government reaching into our pocketbooks and lives more and more with more and more whistle blowers and more and more rumors of wars, etc. and earthquakes and volcano’s and fish kills by the thousands and on and on and on, but then there will be the next “message” that may not be as politely provided, possibly around the time of the next comet in November 2013.
So I suspect the areas that will be most affected by all the pressures, etc. are the areas marked by the path of these so called meteors. And I’ve got to get my book finished as we may only have til the next president, the green horse to have open communication on the internet as we do now and for dissidents on any score to be able to speak out without being hunted down and stopped, necessitating my departure from my comfortable surroundings and life so not to jeopardize anyone that knows me.
The facts are that there are hundreds of scientists and politicians and business people and religionists, mainly Christians who also have the potential to add up the events. The is a big conference just called in Texas as we speak billed as being a planetary conference. I know they will be talking in part about all these events that they haven’t the foggiest idea how to deal with. They don’t see them coming so they can’t try to shoot them down. They don’t know what to tell the people accept the same old thing that many see right through so it breeds even more distrust in government and more anarchy as a result. The one’s in power see all these escalations of disasters and will have their opinions of why and will be dead wrong more often than not, but as a result have to do something so they will put up the front of global warming as more of a priority and this way they can hide behind that as they have environmental conferences, many thinking that is the problem and they need to force changes among the people to combat it, when it will do nothing to stop or slow down what’s happening.
Some will be talking seriously about this being the “alien” threat and wow that’s a big one to swallow, in which case are there some aliens they can trust or trust more would be the question and if so who among the human population are supporting the aliens they can trust. Well you can be guaranteed if heaven’s gate comes up, they will NOT be in even a partial trustable category, so there’s a link to keeping an eye on me since as far as I know I’m the most outspoken believer in Ti and Do and I preach being anti Christian to boot so among Christians I am the antichrist or one of them and they are correct so I am a heretic whose punishment is death.
The only saving grace I have for a time is for how long the Next level wants to keep them from shutting me and my blogs, etc. up. They have a team on that I’m sure and they know exactly where I am in this house and they have shown me this in no uncertain terms, though I can’t take it for granted. My book is damning of the entire Christian theology using their own sacred words. So I better stop typing here and finish it up. I could actually do so quickly as it could even go out as it is and accomplish what it needs to accomplish which to the Next level is giving those that hate Christianity but still think Jesus was one helava otherworldly fellow a new chance to see the “facts” (truth) in the Jesus message and why atheists and Christians and spiritualists hate to hear about.
This is the day they found the HG crew’s bodies. I’m taking all this one day at a time.