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TI and DO Classroom Meeting Transcript Links

December 4, 2019
The Heaven’s Gate Book contains the transcripts of the Beyond Human Video tape series
Here is what I have that’s been posted on my blog:
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DO Audio Transcript – Inverness CA May 1994 – Part 4 of 8 – Controlling Our Thoughts, Eyes, Ears and Hands

July 13, 2019
(Transcribed by Nisha – Edited by Sawyer)
DO: What about that door?
Drr: I’m not sure – we can close it.
DO: you probably could hear someone approaching better if we didn’t?
Chk: …think… haven’t come up…
DO: okay
DO: Let’s talk for a few minutes about application of technique of change, becoming a new creature I hate to even use that term because it sounds like some spiritual process. Well I guess it is because it’s getting rid of the old spirit and bringing in the new Next Level stuff.

It’s interesting to me that, in the night I was – well I told you in last night’s meeting that the Next Level Mind probably had the shape of, you know arms and legs, the image that we think of… Oh was that the mic?

Student: Yeah.

DO: Oh, I’ll try to keep my hands off of it.

This sounds a little crazy and sounds a little far out and not information I’m saying is gospel but the thought that occurred to me that the Next Level Mind can take on whatever shape, can take over the shape of the vehicle that will service it for the task that is assigned.

Theoretically, probably then, outside of any vehicle, that Mind can very easily just be a blob if it wasn’t into a vehicle to function, according the mechanism of a vehicle, and of course the mechanism of the vehicle is, just as a computer has certain hardware, certain software just as the human animal we occupy now has a brain that has certain capacities, and the electrical system of it and that different vehicles have different systems that can handle the task, so the reason I guess that was given to me was because it helped me understand that what we had identified TI as – in the time that when these in the class associated with TI in a physical vehicle we felt we pictured TI as the vehicle that she was wearing, well ‘she’ not TI, was wearing, because the vehicle was ‘she’, TI certainly wasn’t ‘she’.

And yet the picture I had that when TI – when the allotment for the amount of TI that was to be given away or taken – in other words I take I take from TI – this is you know when you take nourishment from your Older Member you actually take the Mind. It goes in, it fills you it’s the Mind its stuff that comes through me and there is an allotment of that Mind for this task just as there’s an allotment as far as what was assigned to TI’s vehicle. Now I don’t necessarily know all that was in TI’s vehicle at any given time was all of that allotment or if TI could draw from certain amount of other allotment but when that allotment ran out then that’s all there was for that allotment of that task.

But that allotment that was given was not TI at all. It was that little portion of TI that was allotted for that task that we identified with.
So, if there was a little of TI left at the time that the vehicle collapsed then that little blob just went and added back to the blob that is TI. Do you follow what I’m saying?

And would probably had been enough of a blob to add to the vehicle that was TI to have in the memory of the task.

So that then TI used to always say that she — that there was part of TI in spacecraft or there was part of TI and Do in spacecraft. So it helped — well this is kind of corny but a bunch of Jesus’ disciples left him when he started saying you know: “Unless you drink My blood and eat My flesh you know you won’t enter the Kingdom of Heaven.” and it was unless you take that Mind unless you use it as nourishment unless it becomes a part of you unless it’s the building blocks for your own mind – your possession, it’s not really yours, it’s Next Level Mind but it’s yours for the time that you have it within your keeping. And like we spoke of last night and unless you abuse it then it’s taken away from you.

Even when it’s taken from you there still remains a memory in the hardware of what was there and like there’s some students now that were in the classroom for an extended period of time and are not in the classroom and yet they’re plagued by what is still in their memory bank. It disturbs them because they know that what they knew it was right and that they knew that it was true and they try to get rid of it because in order to be comfortable in the world they don’t like to be plagued with this being true because there’s conflict for a student to try and get comfortable back in the world. Some of you know what I’m talking about?(*class laughs*)

Okay let’s talk about the technique of expelling Mind that is not compatible Mind that we have to abort in order to receive more Mind.
By the way, I felt like I gave a lot away last night now I couldn’t have given it away had you not drank it. Had you not pulled it in and in other words… I was trying to give it away and you took it. And I could feel that a great deal of it was taken from me and that makes me very very happy, for you! Because the more that I give away the closer I’m getting to the completion of my task and the more you’re becoming products that can be viable or individuals that can be viable and not need to worry about losing your life as long as you’re hooked.

When you can stay hooked on the Next Level and that’s all you want and you’re hooked on your Older Members and you’re hooked on others who are doing this and there’s such a bond there, such a new grafting that’s taking place and you’re hooked then you’re in an excellent position to grow very quickly and to receive a lot and you– whoops, sorry (*mic problem*)

Okay I still haven’t got around what I wanted to talk about and I said that 60 minute tape would be adequate.

Okay some real practical application. I think what you want to get into the regular habit of doing is start sustaining a consciousness 24 hours a day of examining the quality of what is in your head and examining: Are the thoughts that I’m thinking compatible with my Older Members Mind? Are they thoughts of the Next Level or are they thoughts of the world?

In other words, am I – is it a mixture that’s oil and water and doesn’t mix. In other words examine what is in your Mind, examine what is in the impulses of the animal that you’re wearing. And this can be done, this primarily has to be done in your silence. You don’t have to sit and twiddle your thumbs or be in a meditative state it’s whatever you’re doing wherever you’re going – whether your doing Fibre-Lab or vital signs or working in Consuming Lab if you were to examine the quality of the thoughts that are passing through your head and make a habit of examining them and sorting them out as: “this is appropriate, this is inappropriate” and aborting those things that are not–now how do I abort?

You have to, you have to kind of format your language and the strength of impression behind your language just as you would have a delete key on your computer when you say “get out!” or “Good night I don’t want that” or “Stop it!” or “get out of here” now “Get out of here” is probably one of the most used phrases in our whole word processing now first of all we probably recognize it and say oh good might! I didn’t realize what I was entertaining — so when it becomes distasteful and you recognize that it’s not compatible with Next Level Mind or Older Members Mind then you immediately delete or say get out. Actually, run it out it is like a presence that can be run out. I won’t call it a living presence because I can’t really think that the Mind of this world has seekers status – this is living matter that you’re putting in now, that’s not living matter but nevertheless it is a blob of information that does respond to your command in the same way that spirits are run off when you exorcize spirits or whatever.
You actually have to give commands for that thought to leave you. If the thought doesn’t leave you then you have to command again. If you have to verbally aloud say get out of here, do it. Well try not to let the whole block hear what you’re saying (*class laughs*)  but if you have to verbalize it do it have no hesitation. Your partners will certainly know what’s going on. They will be very comfortable with you saying get out because you’re going to hear them doing the same thing and I’ll be worried about them if they aren’t doing the same thing.

So, filter, examine what is in you head. Habitually examine the vibrations of what is in your head. Now just clutter is just as much a detriment to you as very distasteful things. Just clutter –  stuff that is of no value. You know running old tapes of old jobs that your vehicle had back in the world or old tapes of other members of the litter of the animal you’re wearing or old tapes of anything of the world.

Old tapes of things you saw on television. Just clutter because when clutter is in there you’re listening to it, it’s noise. Even if you’re not paying much attention, it’s noise. If you have noise in here then you can’t listen. You’re not really in a condition of asking and listening. So, to start off with you have to get the screen blank and the only way you’re gonna get the screen blank is to abort, abort, abort until the screen is blank. Now it’s going to be hard for some of you to sustain blank without it being a hard blank. Now, what I mean by a hard blank is when you have a hard blank it’s hard for good stuff to come in.

When it’s a clear, when it’s just clear. I hate to use that term though because many of these EST and other methods you know Scientology you know (they) say just ‘get clear’. What is it that scientology uses? that um–

Student: E-metre?

DO: No.. They say–

Student: It’s the reactive?

DO: Yes, the reactive mind! If you can get rid of the reactive mind. And you know, there’s a lot of truth to that. Alot of truth because impulses of the vehicle, that’s reactive mind. Because just impulses of the vehicle that’s reactive mind you know if the vehicle sees something it goes across the screen and you just let it pass because you’ve never disciplined yourself to not let it pass so you have to keep examining that screen – is there clutter in there? is there garbage in there? is it distasteful or is it just unnecessary because I can’t really be in a position to ask for things and expect to get answers if I have clutter there.

Eyes are a major aspect of control with the brain. Control of the eyes. When the animal you are wearing was out in the world it was free to look at anything and humans do not discipline what they let it look at – some are more invasive by staring even to the point of embarrassing others because people are aware that they’re staring – others will glance out of the side of the eye and you can tell by the quality of the glance that the thought wasn’t too desirable of a thought but controlling of the eyes — The eyes believe it or not, will go to something that the vehicle is attracted to without giving you any signals. I mean there’s no signal there the eyes will go it and you’ll think what in the world are you going to that for? Because the animal is just responding that way.

Now if we’re gonna break this horse and we’re only going to make it respond when we give it signals then we have to catch it in the act of everything that it does so that the eyes aren’t darting to wherever they want to dart you have to make it and you will find that that animal you’re wearing that if you make the eyes go this way it’ll try to prove to you that it’ll only be obedient for a second and then it’ll get its eyes back over there so you have to force it and so this is a practice you can do even when there isn’t much attraction for the eye.

When it’s just a mild attraction for the eye to go here – I mean even if it’s admiring scenery or whatever it is that the eye wants to go to then don’t let the eye go there – learn not to let it go there. Learn to let the eye look at what you want it to. So when it darts back or wants to get that last glance, you know a good exercise is if someone’s walking down the street or a bicycle and the eye wants to go to it, just because of motion! The eye will even be attracted to what it is that’s going down the road and as soon as you recognize the eye wants to go there force it– and don’t even let the eye look through peripheral vision. If necessary look far enough away that there’s no peripheral vision. Don’t even let it get away with peripheral vision. This is the beginning of discipline of the eyes and what you permit to let go through your head you don’t get anywhere if you don’t engage this.

Tllody has had to work with a genetic computer that is a very rough discipline for him because genetically his computer, if he would let it, would just talk to it even when there’s nothing to say, will just run old tapes in his mouth and just want to move and then it will pace you know if it’s restless it’ll want to pace and talk and pace and it’ll look and you know that’s a rough vehicle to have to quiet down and calm down and calm down to a point where you’re not an explosive that is bottled up you know this isn’t calming down. (DO animates and class laughs)

It’s aborting this restlessness so that when you’re still there’s not an explosion to happen it’s aborting the restlessness to get out so that you can be calm. You don’t have to let the machinery just you know run like a what is it a Screen saver?

You know some of you have a Screen saver just going all the time or if it’s, what’s his name, Joe?

Student: Johnny Castaway?

DO: Johnny Castaway! he’s in motion all the time and that’s where your brain will be if you let it be that way so we have to exercise and even make a game of it you can enjoy the practice of controlling the eyes.

You can control the ears, now the ears aren’t nearly as difficult a problem as the eyes now it depends on the addictions of the vehicle if the vehicle was attracted to certain rhythms or sounds of music or sounds of human voices or whatever it is then you have to deal with that too so your not letting the ears hear only what the ears want to hear or what your demanding the ears to hear instead of what the ears want to hear. So the ears are much milder discipline.

The hands are a rougher discipline than the ears the hands want to do things that you don’t want it to do. The vehicles hands like to do things that you don’t want it to do. Whether to reach out and caress someone or reach out or caress the vehicle that you’re wearing and I’ll use some crude terminology here that I think does me a favor and can do you a favor that one of the major things that we deal with is getting the vehicle under control as far as sensuality is concerned and sensuality to me is almost too dignified of a term for the animal behavior and I almost feel like the only thing it can works is to think of it as the vehicle wanting to play with its ‘pee-pee’ now, laugh with me on this, don’t get heavy duty on me (*class laughs*) I’m serious if you get heavy duty then the vehicle is like oh my goodness how can Do say such a thing? (*class laughs*).

But to me the plumbing is a pee pee, you know, it’s plumbing to get rid of fluid if you’ve had too much water or juices and it’s just a plumbing for fluid and if you can think of it as the animal that you’re wearing is such a baby that all it wants to do is still play with its pee pee when it gets into sensuality. It puts it in a different department and you feel like slapping the darn thing because it’s just at that level. You don’t want to elevate it by giving into “sensory things” or “sexuality” or “romance” (said with drama) or whatever all these glorified terms for playing with its reproductive organs.

When the Lord gave the command to go and multiply, He was talking to the horses not the riders. They were talking to the horses, not the riders. Riders come in when it’s time to take over the horses and it’s totally inappropriate – when there’s a rider reproduction is out of the question.

I mean, any of the activity that went with reproduction is out of the question once a rider has been assigned to a horse. A rider has no instruction in that department. Now it is insulting to the rider to think in the thoughts of reproductivity or satisfying the senses by activity that was pornographic to the Next Level to begin with. One of the worst things that Luciferians even brought into this world was changing reproductive activity into hedonistic activity just to satisfy the senses. Now even churches are putting out books upon the value of masturbation and things of that nature.

Now I don’t know if you’re aware of it but a Lutheran church recently put out a manual on the – I don’t know, there’s several Lutheran churches you know the Missouri center and this and that. But when I read of that I was appalled! that they could think of that as something of value, now as of value against what?

Now, I don’t know what the alternative would be. But for us that kind of, now don’t get heavy duty on me, don’t get serious on me. Keep this as what it is – as childish as trite as beneath you activity. If you get serious then you can easily be victimized by thoughts of this nature. It is animal behavior. When you see an animal do you get heavy like: “Oh my goodness an animal” like a Cocker spaniel coming up and licking you you’re not like “uh.. what a terrible vibration animal” it’s silly!, it’s just a little puppy. And if you would treat this animal that you’re wearing that it’s impulses are just silly and ridiculous and beneath you and when it tries to respond that way then you just go right to its information center and say: “Stop it, I’m not going to permit that behavior, I’m in here! I’m the rider here and you do only what I direct you to do and that kind of behavior is totally inappropriate.”

It will challenge you and challenge you and challenge you until it knows that you meant what you were saying. And you have not gotten anywhere in that particular department until it knows that you mean business.

When you participate in the kind of drunkenness and I mean literal drunkenness – the act of reproduction – the act of a sensuous act lowers your vibration right down to animal level. Any decent Mind that was in your package had to abort to even permit you to do that and the recovery time from that act after you have permitted yourself to participate in that animal act is a difficult recovery time. So the faster that you get a hold of this and learn to do whatever it takes to get a hold of it. Let’s say you get attacked in the middle of the night, don’t get heavy duty about it. But, if it’s trying to attack you and you’re tempted to get heavy duty about it, go wake up your partner. Say “Partner, sit up here and talk to me or let’s read together or let’s write Links a note together, let’s do something. Help me out here I’m just about to lose control – I don’t know what’s going on with this stupid animal I’ve got here that wants to keep my thoughts preoccupied in this nature”.

And because this act is just as difficult of any addiction to heroin or morphine or any drug that you can think of to break if your vehicle was accustomed to participate in this to any significant degree.

This is what causes addiction because the vehicle likes the buzz even though it was never intended to be designed for that. As far as I can tell, I hope I don’t have to repeat this kind of discussion because to me it lowers my vibration to talk about these things with you and I’m sure it’s lowering yours because of the thoughts that flash through your minds when I have to talk about these things but I want you to learn that if you can stay light, if you can consider it ridiculous and keep it beneath you, that you can consider it a puppy activity. I mean, why would you want to do what the puppy wants to do? I mean are we that low that we have to let the puppy tell us what it wants to do? And that we then have to struggle to return to the vehicle that the puppy has just knocked it’s thermometer down to there is no mercury in the tube just because we let the puppy do.

You know when you begin to see when you get payoff for discipline when you can control what’s in your head, control what your eyes are doing and you can ask for what you need because you can always ask the Next Level for what you need and what you get won’t always be pleasant but it’s what you need. And frequently what you need is another test in this department or the other, in order for you to show that you are developing.

What they want is developed muscle against animal behavior – muscle that proves that the only thing I want in my container is the Mind of the Next Level that comes through Members of the Next Level because I want to be a Member of the Next Level.

Now a Member of the Next Level is someone who can sustain being a Member of the Next Level. By staying dependant upon its graft and sustaining the behavior that finds — (*tape cuts off*)

Student: We were about 30 (minutes)

DO: 30?, okay. Now one thing you have to work so hard at is old habits. In the human world a bad habit is having one face when they’re with their loved ones or when they’re with their teachers or when they’re with their church they put one face and when they’re off by themselves they put on another face. When they’re with someone they want to gossip with then there’s a 3rd face. This little pettiness that goes on. Then in their closets or in their bathroom they like to play with their silly vehicle. You’ve got to be one face – you’ve got to be just as close to your Older Member and it sounds crude, but when you’re sitting on the pot or when you’re bathing your body in the shower, just as close to your Older Member that your Older Member will be just as pleased with the way your treating that task you’re doing right then. Just as pleased with where your head is and where your vibration is and keeping it there.

Get in the habit of getting into the habit of examining the quality of your thoughts. Not in the peak days you know those times of the days when it’s easy to think about the higher stuff. We all have times in the day when it’s easier to think about the higher stuff.

One thing to do, think about the higher stuff when the vehicle wants to think about the lower stuff. Now It has become a habit in most human vehicles to think about the lower stuff the darker it gets, in the middle of the night. For some reason that’s some kind of habit that it likes to do or if it’s off by itself.

One of the remedies we try to do is not to get separate. You want to get uncomfortable separate there’s nothing wrong with using your partnership and using your other crew members as reinforcement for your sustaining Next Level vibration use their presence there. When you’re dealing with something, tell your partner. Your partner should be telling you and you should be telling your partner that when you see me doing something that’s not Next Level ways I wanna know about it, I really want to know. And then when they tell you, you get defensive like (*growling*).

And they say, well I thought you said you wanna know about it? It doesn’t sound like you want to know about it. So at that time hop back in there and say you’re right. I apologize for being defensive. That was the animal talking. I’m glad that you told me because you wouldn’t have told me had there not been some truth to what you were observing. And I’m put to the test. I don’t want that which you are bringing up to me.

Depend upon your partners and depend upon your classmates it is your duty to comply with their requests and wishes when your partner asks for help and tell them, don’t say “well I’ll tell them maybe tomorrow or the next day when they’re in a little better frame of mind”. You’ve lost two days.

When there is a better frame of mind, there’s no progress that gets made.  When I’m in a good frame of mind there’s no work when accepting help. When I’m being helped and it’s hard for me to accept help and I change in order to be accepting of that help I return immediately and apologize for my poor response and thank them for it, then I’m making progress. Change is occurring. I am forcing the vehicle to break its habit of defensive responses. And it’s reluctance to accept criticism. You’re not going to get anywhere if you don’t at a very accelerated pace get into a mode where you like criticism. Where you welcome criticism and you get beyond responding defensively. Don’t you want to know if there’s anything about you that differs from the next level or your older members? Say yes when you’re siting in church but what about the rest of the time?

We can’t have periods of the day when we’re the good guys and other periods when we’re the bad guys. This technique is really really really valuable to you if you do not exercise it the very areas that are your problem areas, will not change. As long as those problem areas remain they will be areas that put separation between you and other members of the Next Level, you and your classmates to a certain degree and certainly your Older Members.

When you have this animal under control so much so that it doesn’t reek of any animal characteristics and you can sustain that around the clock and you have restraint and willingness and pleasant countenance then you are ready and willing to do what they will have you do.

I’ll tell you, I know how much I would enjoy having you in my presence because I can feel that but even if you are that during a period of the day and you let your vibration go way down during other periods of the day you still bring some of that lower quality with you even during the peaks of that day. In other words you have to establish a track record you’ve got to get past any regularity of letting destructive or negative thoughts occupy your head or let your hands go where they shouldn’t or let your eyes go where they shouldn’t or entertaining thoughts that are inappropriate.

The hardest thing— Now some of you are writing CSR’s as far as I’m aware I haven’t had any negative thoughts and I said then you’re blind. Frequently I read those reports and know that you’re blind. You’re not lying to me but you’re not even aware of negative thought that you have that is still negative its not as negative as it used to be so your new measure of it is another way of entertaining negative thoughts. I entertain negative thoughts. I fight negative thoughts. Everyday, all the time I fight negative thoughts but don’t forget my microscope is ten times more powerful than yours and I get it down as low as I can get it with the most magnification and that’s what you’re trying to do you’re trying to increase the magnification of characteristic that are still trying to be present with you that differ from the Next Level.

So, spend time, several times a day reviewing techniques, filtering out, learning to sort out what am I permissive of in my head? Clutter? Old tapes to run? Imagery? Things that are animal or of this world not of the Next world? Am I comfortable remaining calm? Can I be comfortable can I be pleasant and can I be alert and keen or am I alert and keen when I’m so hyper that all kinds of static is coming through my head you don’t want to be so subdued in your calm that a bit of tiredness can come in or a bit of laziness or slovenness You can stay keen and alert and present without being too much one way or too much the other.

That’s the extent of the meeting…

Which many of you will at times when you’re fighting battles of doubt and battles of is this just another bunch of poppy cock or another religious approach or I’m sure Do was well meaning and TI was well meaning well no matter what form your doubts can come to you because doubts used to attack TI and me probably more than the students because we didn’t want to have anybody on the trip, we didn’t want to mislead anyone or be the instruments of misleading someone so we were constantly doubting ourselves and then even when we would listen to that doubt if being right down to nothing that nothingness still said we can’t do anything other than this. This is all there is to us. That if this is not reality then as far as we can tell this is as close to reality as we can get that this is – now I’m talking doubt, talking doubt this is not the way my mind, the word processor works at lowest moments its like there is nothing else at those lowest moments this is like you can scream to the Next Level.

Now I’m afraid TI and I still scream to the Next Level, we didn’t scream to call some other creature in to try to lead us astray of course the Next Level very safely took us through this because they had us examine every concept you could get sidetracked on, any concept you could get hooked on along the way. Whether it was every religious idea, every eastern religion every new age thing you could possibly examine we went into we went into in earnest, and practiced everything we could think of to practice and at a very accelerated pace learned this isn’t it, this isn’t what I’m after it’s a dead end it doesn’t lead anywhere. Wherever this finds us this is where we must put our whole effort and when you get to that point then influences don’t like it when you’re at that point because they know they can’t have you but the worst thing they could do to you is maybe have you weakened for a period, have you down to a place where all you’re saying is well ‘I don’t care’ I don’t care what exists this is like if I have a chance this is my best chance if there is a chance for me to be of some service to whatever there is I mean otherwise I’ll have to believe there is not. I have to believe that a totally agnostic view.

A completely — you know this vehicle used to spend a lot of time with Unitarians and associated a lot and worked in Unitarian churches and I could not believe that those individuals were willing to accept that all there is is what I pass onto my offspring that the only extension of me is what goes on in that offspring and if that is all there is and that when this life is over I can say it was well spent, I did the best I could do I was a good humanitarian, bye bye. I couldn’t buy that. Not in my wildest dream could I buy that to me all I have to do is to the observation window in surgery and see what’s going on even as a doctor works on a human vehicle and sees the absolute magic of even this crude animal we’re wearing to see the kind of invention it is I can’t in my wildest dreams believe that just happened, not by design not by some department in some level greater and higher than human – now I know better, I know better. I can’t deny things I know even in my weakest moments I can’t deny them.

So I hope this has been helpful to you in what you have to deal with. Now sometimes all these things just seem like fanciful ideas and maybe what you deal with the most are just the pangs of vehicular separation from the other parts of it’s plants of the vehicle or the pangs of old indulgences that used to give certain satisfaction or the pangs of just not the fun of running wild and what it was to just run wild instead of being part of a unit that function as a unit, that’s a big adjustment to function as a unit particularly when you’ve worked so hard some of you in the world to learn to not let others impose upon you and you finally become independent and then become of something that doesn’t want independence even though Next Level won’t let us get rid of a certain degree of volition or choice of will and therefore we, even though we’d like to be totally dependant Next Level says, that means you wouldn’t do any work on your own – You don’t do any overcoming on your own. Okay. Yes go ahead.

Rkkody: is this a good time to ask a question?

DO: Yes.

Rkkody: Lggody was talking about a hologram, analogy of this planet and possibly this universe as being a kind of a hologram like one of those Star Trek movies where they and a whole civilization I think it was a planetoid that had a whole community that was a projection from this machine and in trying to get that straight in my head.

DO: well ah… (tape ends).

TI and DO transcript #215 – Re-Establishing The Committal

May 6, 2019
TIDO audio transcript #215 – Re-Establishing The Committal – 05-09-85
(Transcribed by NX VX and edited by Sawyer)
(Sawyer note: This meeting was about 4 weeks before DO held a meeting without TI and told us TI was diagnosed with cancer in her vehicles liver.  Also this was months after TI instigated a meeting and explained to us that DO was uncomfortable asking us for our commitment to him even though He knew His task was to be in that position of having students give their total commitment to him. In that meeting TI instructed us to make our commitment to DO).
We feel like the subject we talked about on the last tape, that we don’t want to talk about anymore now. We want to spend some time trying to re-establish, and establish better the feeling that we hoped that you were having at the time of learning what a committal was. Now when we talk to you at a meeting like this, sometimes we talk to, we have to always talk to the ones who are having the most difficulty with task of whatever we are talking about. Do you follow that? So when we talk to them it doesn’t, don’t assume that we’re talking to everybody. In other words we don’t want to feel like we have to say this applies to a few of you and not to some of you, you know but we do, you should understand that we are always talking to the things that we’re aware of that some are dealing with. Even though it might be one, we will still talk to all of you, many times we feel that we are instructed to do that, to talk to all of you about the things that maybe even one person is dealing with.
Now on the committal, I remember TI saying that if I were you I would re-establish that feeling of that committal daily. And yet I can’t believe, or we can’t believe that some of you are doing it. That you probably thought it was a good idea when you heard it and it sounded really good in theory, and a real super thing to do, but you didn’t make a plan. You didn’t go through the trouble to actually do it yourself. Whether it meant write it down in length and be sure that you felt it, and whether it meant doing it once a day, or three times a day, or ten times a day but from some of the notes that we’ve gotten we can tell that some of you feel like now that because the way you express yourself even. You say that now that the ray is not here, I have slipped in this area or that, and dern it, I can’t believe that have and, you got to get beyond that. You got to get where you can’t back into that, you can’t fall back into that. If you, well, let me use a personal example for a moment, of our awakening.You can’t imagine what took place in the battle between our minds and our vehicles, when just out of the blue in the matter of a few days, from the time that we were deciding that. Well it was about a month or two after we met for the first time, after these vehicles had met for the first time. Within a month or two, we knew we had to do something together that was going to be our primary effort. Like all day, and within a few weeks after that, we took the instruction that said we had to be under one roof and like the bobsy twins, twenty-four hours a day doing only this task, and yet we didn’t even know what we were doing.

Now, the reason I’m bringing it up is because you can imagine the rebellion that our vehicles had, for such a thing and how.  If we had let our vehicles, even though there was a period of time when we didn’t have enough control of our vehicles to keep from causing the other one a lot of difficulty, but very very quickly we had to get enough control of that, so that we were on our task all day, all night and not having to deal with the ups and downs of being a disturbance to the other one or sending the other one in a tail-spin, because our vehicle was losing control. In other words we were forced because we were, we couldn’t stand what it caused the other one, much less the discomfort of our-self. We were forced to maintain Next Level mind-type control all the time.
Now, the reason we bring that up is because it’s very easy for you – even though sometimes you don’t do it when we’re with you, but it’s easier for you when we’re with you at a meeting for an hour and a half, two hours every so many days. It’s easy to have your best mind on, during that time. It’s like, because it’s kind of a period of time. It’s kind of, even makes you feel good to have that best time on.
It’s like the feeling that humans get when they go to church. They go to church and it feels real good, and oh boy do they believe in the things that the preacher preached, and they really want to do them, and they say they want to do them, and they say they are going to do them, but they do at varying degrees, very little of what is happening and of course he doesn’t require much of it.
The human preacher or priest that they go to, now it’s almost that you don’t recognize, in your conscious mind, that it has to be sustained. When you make a committal, to an Older Member, that Older Member should not be able to call you at any moment – during any period of time when you would not be in the same committal frame of mind that you are when you have a prior notice of the Older Member’s coming to visit with you, and then you prepare and get rid of all the things that are, put on a good face and oh I’m ready for church again, here comes the Older Member! You’ve got to know that the vehicle will continue to do that, if you let it get away with it. In other words you’re still ignorant to some of the characteristics. You’re not wise to some of the con-games of the vehicle that still will do things.
In other words TI and I don’t run off to the closet, occasionally, to get rid of the hostilities that the vehicles would feel because of the requirements of the tasks. Do you follow that? If there were moments, long long time ago, when we felt like we had to run off and get to the closet in order to get rid of those things, we quickly had to get past that period or we were still very very two-faced! Our schizophrenia was showing, and the bad side of the schizophrenia was almost stronger than the good side. Now even though you feel maybe that you’ve come a long way in your change and in the degree of your control of your vehicle, and now you’ve even recognized that the Next Level Mind likes some of the vibrations of this human kingdom. You still, we feel like we’re on the piano-roll at a point where this can’t be tolerated. It’s like a unconscious way of saying to Links, It’s like saying to us “don’t you know that I love the Next Level? I really, I love the Next Level with all my heart and I don’t want anything else. The world out there doesn’t appeal to me at all, but these little things that my vehicle still keeps getting away with – goodness – I can’t do anything about it. It’s just, but I’m getting better, I’m getting better at it and I want to get better at it!” And you believe it, but at that rate of development we either have to think in terms that we find it impossible to think. We either have to think poor so and so can’t do it, and so we have to just be permissive of very very slow rate of growth.
Now we don’t believe, when we are really honest with ourselves, we don’t believe the Next Level sent one to do this task who couldn’t do it, and the task requires control sufficient of the vehicle to not give into the vehicle and a human way. Now you know there was a time, out of our love for you believe it or not, we didn’t even want to let somebody leave their task because we loved them more than – even when they seemingly hated us, we loved them so much that we didn’t want to see them throw their task away. Now it’s switched to where your committal has to prove itself enough that you must be prepared for the fact that we may get instruction to say so and so and so and so, we’ll try to help you go somewhere and wait until we, leave together, because we’re just not moving fast enough, and you’re dragging your feet.
TI:  (Inaudible)
DO:  Yes.
TI:  You’ve got to realize that you have a task, and your task is more important, at this time than ever. Even though it has always been important, but we’ve got to get-this going. Now if you’re not capable of doing your task, then like DO said we may be given instructions to take the task away from you, and give it to somebody else.
DO:  Which is no different than taking…
TI:  Lab
DO:   a task away from people that realize they are not ready for it.
TI:  Now we’re not, we don’t have instructions to do that right now. We have instructions right now for you all to get this committal going again, because the ray has never left you.
DO:  And we –
TI:  We told you it had, but it didn’t leave you. It was still around you, we told you it was.
DO:  We told you that you could revitalize it.
TI:  Right, and yet for you to believe that it was gone because of the way we said it, meant that you were not sincere when you wrote your committal.
DO:  Right your committal was –
TI:  In other words it was just a lie. You only wrote it because you were caught up in…
DO:  The excitement.
TI:  the excitement of it all, and we say if you don’t love us, don’t tell us about it!
DO:  And don’t tell us about it, because you love us at the moment, –
TI:  Right-
DO:  but you can’t hang onto it.
TI:  If I tell you that I care about you more than anything, I mean it! And you can do, as long as you do not stand up and curse the Next Level, I will take anything from you! And I will try to help you in every way that I can because that is doing my task. Now if you love us then do your task! And do it a hundred percent. Make up your mind to do it, right now, and prove to us that what you wrote on that paper to us, you meant it! It’s as simple as that, show us! Don’t talk about it, show us!
DO:  We are getting instruction to tell you that we might get instruction that might include taking some off the task. If they just can’t muster up the energy or the effort it takes to demonstrate more control, because it is the control that does the work, both for your vehicle and for the task of the world. It is the exercise, constant control that does it, and you are capable of it, and we are not building you up or flattering you. We know that you are capable of doing it.
Now your vehicle can say is this a threat? If you want to listen to the vehicle, then it might call it that. We’re not threatening you, we’re just saying we have instruction to give to you that we have received that says you must be consistent with what you have said you believe and feel toward the Next Level, and toward two members of the Next Level that are with you working with you, and if you can hang onto it, you know it’s so funny when TI said (DO laughing). If you do love us, then you’re going to do your task, and it just echoed what the little New Testament says you know. When you read it because that’s all it’s about is if you love it, it has to be there. You can’t say I do, you’ve got to perform it. It has to be consistent.
TI:  Now when you’re to be consistent it means to do it under all obstacles. Now quite a few of you have come down with colds, and how did you handle that cold? Did you handle it as a member of the Next Level or did you handle it as a human? And question yourself because if you felt like you had to do this, that was not instruction to do it, then you handled it the way a human would do it. If you made up your own little rules, fell asleep in the chair or took extra rest because you felt like the vehicle needed it, because it had a cold or whatever other thing that your vehicle could of designed for. Then you are listening to the vehicle, and you were tested, and you flunked! And you should be aware of that your vehicle can do that, and therefore you want to build up enough ammunition in that direction so that when it comes on again, you’ll be able to handle it as a member of the Next Level. I have, this vehicle has had sniffles, and sinus trouble as long as I have been on this task. You all know, that I have been stopped up so, that I could hardly breath.
DO:  It’s seldom any other way.
TI:  But it didn’t stop me from doing my task. I learned to live with it, I did not think I was going to die, I did not think I needed any extra attention.
DO:  Or medication.
TI:  All I did need, was some Kleenex, (Laughter) which was either that or some kind of tissue that would catch the sniffles, but the point I’m getting at is if it’s an obstacle that comes your way then face it! Doctor it, take care of the vehicle, but don’t give into it and make it seem like it’s a big production. Now if you do feel weak then, like I do know if there have been times when this vehicle has felt weak and I have sat down or I have rested for a few minutes and felt better afterward, which is perfectly okay too, and when you do it you write a note saying: My vehicle, because of the cold, I’ve tried to do this and nothing seemed to make me feel any better so I rested for a few minutes and I felt better afterward. But you don’t need to go down for thirty or forty, or forty or sixty minutes. Not that any of you have done that I’m not saying you have. I’m trying to make you understand how the vehicle can con you to believe that you need all this extra stuff because you have a cold.
(DO agrees)
TI:  Now you don’t want to abuse your vehicle. First, if our technique had been good, only one person would’ve come down with a cold. So what you want to do is be aware that a cold can come, we can come down with a cold anytime, and treat all of our lab tools as though everyone is contaminated and if you do that we won’t spread that sickness. Now the ones of you who need extra work, no. The ones of you who are really trying to do good, which is all 35 of you, you will be faced with tests. Some of you will have tests from Links, some of you will have tests from each other, or some of you will have tests at your out-of-craft tasks and how you handle those tests is what’s important.
DO:  You know, a human parent, when –
TI:  Let me finish what I was saying.
DO:  Oh I’m sorry, I thought you were.
TI:  In other words what you want to do is to be on guard at all times, and if somebody comes, right before you’re going down and gives you something, say from Links, we want it to be like a neon light going on in, or a red light going off in your brain. Saying uh oh here’s a test, how am I going to handle it? But if you have a poor response, you go down, you get up the next day and you thought about it and then you try to correct it, you really didn’t pass the test. Now this is what you want to stop. If your vehicle wants to go over the norm on things, and you go over the norm and then write a note to Links about it. You have flunked the test! You have not done your task, because your task is to stay, to keep that vehicle under control and it is the vehicle that is acting up. It isn’t your Next Level mind, can you understand that? Now these are the ways that you’re not doing your task, if you cannot do it. There are some of you in the class who can do it, and we want the ones who really want to do it to take these tasks and do it, so we can get out of here.
The Next Level, I’m sure, gets very tired of hearing me say please can’t we get out of here? Can’t we bring this task to a close? And in my ignorance I’ve asked that, and the Next Level is thinking, (TI laughing), well sure you can go anytime, as soon as your task is completed. We’re waiting on you, so to speak. So if you want to get out of here, if you’re tired of doing this task in the right way then do something about it. Get busy, do the task, make up your mind you’re going to do it, and stop fudging! Stop playing around, this is no game!
You’re in the big time right now, bigger than anything, and it is a game that has to happen! I mean a task that has to happen and you shouldn’t want to give it up. Not after all this time. Don’t make us take it away from you. We don’t want to take it away from you, but you cannot sit in here and expect it to happen with no effort from you! It’s as simple as that. Get some fight in you! Be determined and say I’m going to show the Next Level I can do it! I’m going to stop doing crazy things that this vehicle wants to do! And do it, even the best can improve. I mean from little bitty things on up to the mountainous things.
DO:  Sometimes the, we know that when you’re listening to us, that you want to have that fight, and we know that when you have enough Next Level Mind in, we know that you can see the little things that you’re dealing with as just filth. I mean just really stupid, like insignificant. In fact you can’t, you wonder why it can be so important to you to do it that you, that how can you get so far from your Next Level consciousness to give into those little things, and to yield to those things when they certainly aren’t worth what the consequence is of continuing to yield to them.
You know when a human parent performs the task of teaching, and when they really have tried to teach the very best of their ability to their off-springs, and they carry that teaching until they feel like they have given them what they had to teach them, but after they have given them that there comes a limit of how much they will permit those off-springs to stay in their house and not abide by the rules, and it’s not that they don’t love those off-spring, and it’s not that they wouldn’t suffer horribly to have to say “I’m sorry but you’re of age now and if you are going to live in my house you have to live by the rules.” And that’s the way it is in the Next Level. That’s the way it is, right here, in the Next Level.
You’re of the Next Level. We’re of the Next Level. We’re Older Members to you, you are like off-spring, in a sense to us because you are Younger Members and we are like parents to you in a sense, in a parallel, and we feel like we have taught you these things and they aren’t that impossible to do, that we have tolerated your slowness to do them to beyond needing to continue to tolerate it. Now for your sake needing to continue it, it’s not for our sake. It’s not like, we can’t stand those things, its true we can’t stand them but it’s not- the point is that the household as a unit has growth to do, has movement to do, has to get on with greater development to still be piddling with some of the things that we’re piddling with, in our school that are holding us back.
Now if you use this meeting as an excuse for copping out on your task, you are really going to experience embarrassment and shame when you get back to the Next Level. If you use the information we have given you tonight as an excuse to cop-out. Now what I mean by that is if you say well I can see that they are talking about me, and I know that I’ll make that committal but I know that, you know I’ll probably still continue to do these things and therefore if the house doesn’t have room for me then I guess I’ll, before I get asked to leave I’ll leave because I don’t want to get asked to leave.
In case the Next Level should give such instruction. If you can listen to kind of thoughts like that, there’s an indication right there of why you’re still dealing with those things, and it’s not too late to stop listening to thoughts like that! Some of you still let oceans of negative possibilities come into your head before you decide oh my goodness that must be a negative. I’ll stop listening to that, when it could have been a little cut on your finger instead of a hole in your side that you have to mend because you have permitted so much negativity to come into your head. Not even recognizing it was negative until you were going around with your chin dragging on the ground because it depressed you so after having listened to all those negative thoughts!
Your sensitivity has to improve. Now when your sensitivity improves, it’s just like, let’s take consuming for example. If I’m consuming more than my vehicle really needs, then as it enters my mouth, something, the computer’s going off and saying goodness this doesn’t even taste good anymore. I’m not going to accept it, on just the shoveling-in thing. I have recognized that this single bite is probably a bite past, or maybe two bites past what the vehicle needed and dern it, it took me two bites to recognize that the vehicle didn’t need it. Now that, and so you stop at that point, now that can apply to everything. That can apply to when your vibrations are beginning to lower. In any other area, when you feel that anxiety coming on or you feel the vehicles tendency to want to lash-out at someone or to give-in to a weakness, you can, if your sensitivity is there, you will feel it before it gets anywhere close to coming in enough to get into! And in other words you shouldn’t wake up after the fact, like a drunk does, and say I was so drunk I didn’t know what I was doing, because to us in a sense, you have to be drunk to have permitted yourself to go through the act and then regret it. In other words you had to be unconscious, you had to permit a degree of unconsciousness because you still want to cling to these little ole’ sensory things. Almost as if you’re, “well I’m not, it’s like I’m not going to be down here very long and I can’t, these things aren’t going to be available to me when I get back in the Next Level so I, maybe just one more little taste of that degree of sensing those things.” No matter what the area is.
Now that’s not what goes through your head. We’re not saying that’s what goes through your head, but it’s as if that’s what you’re feeling because we’re holding the Next Level, we’re holding your Next Level Mind responsible for what your vehicle desires. We’re holding it thoroughly responsible for what your vehicle desires. We’re asking you to keep enough Next Level consciousness, and to recognize the symptoms of weakness before you stumble, and we don’t feel that that’s asking too much of you too soon.
We, believe it or not, when we have proven solid, in this, class may be over! If the class isn’t over, then there might be something that we really can enjoy doing as the next move before class is over. It doesn’t really matter, but we’re at a standstill, still clinging to these little annoying weaknesses that pull us down. Each time, don’t forget, each time one of you let’s those things occur because of the lack of your sensitivity, and you give into it and actually let it happen, no matter what it is – it cannot happen without affecting the others in your craft, and without directly affecting your teachers, and therefore – it’s not that we’re saying we don’t like it, even though we don’t. We’re saying that since it does affect us, and affect you, and affect your classmates. For the period of it affecting them we are all pulled back momentarily, are held from moving forward because we have to then put a Band-Aid on it and recover from it, and then move ahead.
So, I really feel and I know that TI does too, that if you would, in your bunks, spend more time or in your thoughts when you are at your out-of-craft task, or when you are riding in a vehicle, or when you’re sitting here, if you have a magazine in your hand your thoughts should still be, you should learn to always be having this kind of thought going on in your head: “I am not going to find myself in dark corners. I am not going to let myself get to spots where I am vulnerable.” I want to be able to have my spine strong and tall, knowing and proving my committal to Older Members that I can sustain what I said I felt for them, because I know that if I said it and yet my actions, in between the times I say it, don’t prove it because I do things against their teaching, then I am not truthful. I am just wishful, instead of actually being truthful.
TI:  An incident happened, well about a week ago, with one of the classmates and the individual felt like, which the individual flunked a test in the process of talking to me, and it literally made that individual sick, and we knew it made them sick, and it took that individual a while to recover because they felt like they had let Links down. Now to me that individual meant her committal.
DO:  Now do you know what TI is saying?
TI is saying that the moment the individual recognized what had occurred, and is not something that had occurred with any frequency. Do you follow what we’re saying? But the moment the individual realized what had actually occurred, it made them sick at their stomach, and they couldn’t say to the Older Member enough: “I can’t believe this happened! And it’s not going to happen.” We could feel the depth of feeling there and knew that was love for Next Level ways and Older Members. Now if that comes easy, that if those words come easy, and they have no depth, and the act is repetitious then it has no significance. You follow what we’re saying?
Every one of you, are capable of that kind of depth. Now you will not be capable of that kind of depth if you continue to permit repetitious giving in of things. As long as you, because it doesn’t grow, it’s like when that moment of temptation comes to you it’s what happens in you that resists at the most tempting moment, that’s what gives you depth, and if the resistance isn’t there, the depth does not develop!
TI:  Understand? Now none of you are in a condition, or position right now, where you cannot do your task. There’s not a single individual sitting here who cannot do their task, but we don’t know how long that will last. In other words it depends upon you, on how well you want to do your task. You’re getting payment for doing your task. The Next Level’s giving you a new body, a new chance to enter their world, and why goof up on it! Why throw it away? This is what you have been working for all, from the very beginning when you were just a speck of dirt. If that’s the way it happened.
(TI laughs)
But the point I’m getting at is don’t throw it away because of some dumb vehicle!
DO:  Or we’re just not being awake when the vehicle wanted to get away with it.
TI:  Because the vehicle is going to, not even the – what the vehicle is feeling isn’t even going to exist after you get into your next vehicle! (DO laughs)
DO:  Yeah, not even going to be a place for it.
TI:  So why listen to it!
DO:  Not even going to be a place for it. That’s a good point. If you could get that in your head well enough you would, it would give you some better ammunition.
You know, I can feel the force and the potency of what we are giving you tonight, and we’re pleading with you not to just throw it away. For your sakes, we’re pleading with you, to just not throw it away.
TI:  You know the Next Level really played a trick on you a couple of weeks ago, and they played it on us also when they told us that the ray had left, they turned it off.
DO:  Certainly feel it now.
TI:  But the ray was not turned off, but I’m sure the psychological thing of it all was. I mean it was strictly a psychological game, I can see it now that we said that because then, if your committal had been sincere, you would have continued to feel that love that you were feeling whether the ray was there or not. So we told you the ray had been turned off because that’s what they told us to say to you, and we felt like that was right.
DO:  But we also said that you can generate it.
TI:  That’s right.
DO:  I wish that you could catch, I wish the contagion of that generation was as good as your colds. I wish that because believe it or not it can be contagious. In other words it would almost isolate ones who refuse to sustain it. If the ones who sustained it sustained it so strongly that the others really felt out of place, and they would say now wait a minute, something is wrong here! And just because I feel out of place does that mean I’m going to go out of place or am I going to get in-step? And you should be able to know how good it feels when you begin to build some of that depth. It feels good, it isn’t easy, the task isn’t easy but it’s really rewarding.
Nobody mislead you when you came to think it was easy. In other words they didn’t cheat on you there – say that you were going for a joyride that turned out to be a hard task. I think you even knew, I think it was even, I know it was in the consciousness of your Next Level Mind. You certainly knew how difficult the task, if you had not known you would not have stayed when the first difficulty arose, much less the second, and the third, and the fourth one. Now what about this one? Because this one’s where we are and this is the most difficult of all.
TI:  This is going to do your task, and it’s going to accomplish what needs to be accomplished for your Next Level bodies. So don’t throw it away, it’s important. It can’t be taken lightly because it’s very very serious, and we hope that we never have to take a task away from somebody, not at this time. You have any questions about this? [Do you all want to do it]?
Students: Yes.
TI:  Some of you didn’t answer what does that mean? (DO and students laughing)
DO:  Okay.
TI:  [What] I would start doing, if you’d like a little tip, I’d get back into that ray. I’d get back and grab hold of it.
DO:  And take it with you into the shadows. (DO laughs)
TI:  That’s right hang onto it, and know that that ray is right there for you and conquer this crazy vehicle, these crazy vehicles. All the little dark corners and be prepared for every obstacle that comes your way. I know the colds have weakened some of you, which they should not have done. It’s no excuse to be weak because you’ve had a cold. You just don’t, because all of those things that come your way, in that way are just tests, to see how you can handle it. So get strong, get hold of the ray, and do your task. That’s all we can say.
(DO) (Inaudible)
TI:  Listen to this tape a lot.
(Class laughs)

No Real Comparison of Jonestown suicides with Heaven’s Gate

October 27, 2017

At the end is the link to an article that compared Jonestown to Heaven’s Gate that I show really has little to no genuine equivalent comparison other than both their groups membership physically dying by ingesting drugs under the leadership of one leader. Based on that one could equate the president of a country as a dangerous cult leader who stimulates their soldiers to give their lives which I know to many seems preposterous to compare but is it really?

On the surface these two groups can be barely compared and I don’t doubt that from a membership prospective there were some tiny likenesses but other than that there is no comparison except in the use of poison to end their vehicles lives.

To follow are  some of the many huge differences that reveal this comparison as a typical Luciferian Soul “facsimile” production of what Ti and Do were doing. And it’s interesting how some of those who initially joined with Ti and Do in 1975, from the first meeting in North Hollywood around April 21st thought that they (Ti and Do) were promoting suicide both literally and figuratively which was not the case literally then, even if one did define suicide by it’s human definition as self stimulated death of one’s body. Figuratively speaking Ti and Do’s group were more realistically ending their human lifestyle entirely where in the Jones camp humanness was not changed at all really according to the evidence. Some of what I’m saying about the fear of suicide came from Joan Culpepper (more of an infiltrator into the group than a follower as she stated). Plus there was a relative of a student who testified her fear of their committing suicide in 1975 (about three years before the Jonestown event) that was documented in the book “UFO Missionaries Extraordinary.” Here are some snippets of that book on this blog:

So here are the key differences that are major in the Jonestown People Temples group that there was not even a shade of indicator of in the Heaven’s Gate group:

1. Children were forced to drink the poison cocktail. One can see and hear it in the video with Jones preaching to do it while people are crying. Ti and Do didn’t allow children in their group.

2. If only one person disagreed and was forced to ingest the poison cocktail the entire idea could not be compared with Heaven’s Gate group. This was evidenced in the Jonestown story by video testimony and survivors. Some people who fled that last meeting were hunted down by gunmen. People were held at gunpoint to ingest the poison according to the records. In the Heaven’s Gate group people were challenged to leave throughout and 19 of the initial 100 members in 1976 were separated from the larger group and Ti and Do said they didn’t make the “first cut” on who they thought could accomplish the task of overcoming all their humanness.

3. Murder of the congressman at the airport as they attempted to leave was also a huge indicator of how different Jonestown was from Heaven’s Gate. The records indicate that Jim Jones was stimulated to take this action to escape prosecution when he learned that some in his group had passed notes to the congressman saying that they wanted to get out.

4. The People’s temple was a human social and political group. Heaven’s Gate was not social nor political. Spirituality seemed to be mostly absent from the documentaries I watched but if it was a big part was not any different from other spiritual and/or religious groups that had political and community support before they moved to Guyana. Heaven’s Gate wasn’t religious or spiritual in that context. The only reason they are considered religious is because it is through the man made worldly religions that the records of the Next Level’s incarnate activity was passed on and because the nature of the information was about Mind – “the character of the soul” as DO once defined Mind, that he taught was synonymous with the word, “spirit”.

5. Members of the People’s Temple did not leave everything behind to join with Jones – mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, children, houses, etc. (as Jesus taught some of his disciples had done (i.e. Mat 19:29 And every one that hath forsaken houses, or brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands, for my name’s sake, shall receive an hundredfold, and shall inherit everlasting life. ) and that all Ti and Do’s students were instructed to do (though there was no way to verify that any one student had done but it was talked about as having an “ace in the hole” for those that didn’t. However I read one report that indicated Ti and Do turned away at least one person who was considering joining with them. She had children and it was reported that Ti and Do said she shouldn’t follow with them at that time and that perhaps she might follow later (See UFO Missionaries Extraordinary)).

Jones and his group were a human organization with human family values and human behaviors that they took with them to Guyana, including relationships among members and sexuality and punishments for non-compliance. Ti and Do’s group members did not continue human relationships with anyone back in the world nor with one another when some joined who had such a relationship. (I was one of those who joined with my former partner I had lived with for 5 years and for the first ten years had zero communication with my vehicle’s family back in New York. The only relationships Ti and Do’s student had were as fellow crew members. There was no chit chatting or gossip or shooting the breeze or having best friends or confidants or “familiarity” among certain members (though we still enjoyed one anthers camaraderie and companionship and friendship and personalities and helpfulness (within the behaviors and ways Ti and Do taught that are most synopsized in the lists referred to as the “Seventeen Steps” and the “Major and Lessor Offenses” – that are in the Heaven’s Gate Book and posted on the web site and posted on my blog:

6. The idea that the Jonestown people were forming a utopia on earth was totally absent with the Heaven’s Gate group. According to Ti and Do’s teachings there was no “heaven on earth” in that way, at least not during the current civilization. They did say in the future, if humans showed the Next Level that they had evolved to be civilized – like not choosing to shoot at beings from other worlds, for example then the earth could be made into a Next Level Base aka a Heavenly Body where Members of the Next Level could be seen coming and going but still would not live among humans. They talked about how there were other planets where human equivalent beings were growing in ways totally unlike in the earth’s human kingdom because humans were somewhat unique because of the presence of the Luciferian space alien fallen angels they permitted to become catalysts for the growth of souls. There could be another planet but it would only be equivalent to earth if some human equivalent to Luciferians were also present but they mostly felt there wasn’t another such earth/human equivalent planet. (Some of this can be seen talked about in the Blackhawk tapes and a little in the book UFO Missionaries Extraordinary). For the Blackhawk tapes one can search my Youtube channel named: 3SPM for “Blackhawk” and find three posts of those audios made into videos.

With Ti and Do’s Heaven’s Gate group the idea from the start was that we were all going to exit the earth, always potentially with our bodies but certainly as Souls for those who qualified. I doubt there were any qualifications to join with Jim Jones (but I could be wrong about that, but if there were I’d bet they were human qualification characteristics (humanitarianism) verses Above Human characteristic qualifications), many of which are in the records that came through a number of what became religions.

7. There were no abuses in Ti and Do’s group. There were never any sexual misconduct that I witnessed and none that were reported by the hundreds of followers over the years who dropped out. There was no punishment for not living by the “procedures” (rules) except for being sent out of the group. Some were sent out of the group and a number of those returned in unusual ways as there were only two “recruitment” periods from 1975 to 1976 and from 1993 (via media) and for about 9 months face to face in meetings around the US and Canada in 1994 and then via internet media by the presence of the Heaven’s Gate web site and postings to Usenet groups that one person joined from and was among the 38 who layed down their lives.

(By the way, “recruitment” was nothing like many groups I’ve both read about and experienced, like the Moonies for instance. We never stood on corners to sell flowers or anything else with the hope of drawing people to our meetings with an offer of food and then once there those who came would learn they needed to sit through their presentation before they’d be fed. It’s sort of the model of the Salvation Army. The entire “recruitment” effort was simply putting up posters on storefronts and bulletin boards in New age centers and health food stores and on telephone poles around the town where we planned a public meeting. Sometimes we got some free press and/or radio and/or TV coverage. People would come to the meeting and listen for a short time and take some questions and then were told if anyone wanted more information to stay after in which case sometimes even some who though they might want to join us were faced with details that dissuaded them. Nothing was ever hidden and there were not carrots put before a person’s eyes, so to speak. However, one might think the idea that they were joining with true Representatives from the Kingdom of Heaven could be a carrot but Ti and Do and their Students didn’t need to have more members so had no interest in cajoling anyone.)

8. Plus the way DO and crew laid down their lives was never rehearsed as it was with the Jonestown group. In the Jonestown group they had a number of rehearsals but the members of the community weren’t told they were rehearsals according to one or more survivor reports. People drank the drink that they were told had poison in it and nothing happened to them, so that became a conditioning to the act. DO did ask on several or more occasions each member of the group if they had any reservations about taking their exit into their own hands by drinking the phenobarbital mixture. One such time was when I was still in the group in September of 1994 that included over a dozen new (or returning) members. From that person by person question one new student said they had reservations and left the group the next day. Another who was a former member named Arrody left shortly after that for the same reason I read reported. One can think that too was conditioning but if anything the conditioning was to filter out those who weren’t clearly in favor of taking the action, the same kind of filtering that had occurred by many examples over the 19 years I witnessed that can be seen in this blog post:

I’m not proposing that the Jonestown event as a Luciferian facsimile attempt to discredit Ti and Do’s authenticity meant that the people in the Jonestown event were necessarily casualties or their their souls and/or Spirits were not kept by the Next Level because of their willingness to sacrifice their human lives in this world. I don’t say that without evidence from DO. For instance, after watching the murder of the David Koresh group, the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas I recall DO saying that he wondered if his students would stick to their convictions the way they did, though not condoning those who used violence. To me that meant that some of those could have been seen by the Next Level as doing the best they could do. The point is, even if someone is murdered or kills themselves we don’t know how that Soul or Spirit will be judged by the Next Level. That judgement starts with the way each of us believe and act while living. We judge ourselves and then when it’s all done the Next Level salvages those they deem to still have the capacity to advance towards Next Level membership in a future opportunity. Like DO said as the 3rd Type of individual who would be “saved” from the recycling, they might have never heard of Ti and Do but separated from their worldliness in their own way. Do can be seen speaking of this in his video, “Last Chance to Evacuate Earth Before It’s Recycled” a video that was transcribed and found on my blog:

Here is the article that stimulated this blog post response:

Jonestown and Heaven’s Gate were supposed to be utopias. How did it go so wrong?
When a dream becomes dystopia. By Amos Barshad


Blood Moon – Harvest (Ceres lights/Pluto related) Moon & Pope Francis anti-Jesus message

September 28, 2015

On this harvest blood moon eclipse immediately following the huge revelations of Lights on Ceres, which was named after the Goddess of the Harvest, I was seeing some posts about the Pope and saw some questioning how he can be talking about helping the poor and all – teaching that and sort of reprimanding in his gentle way those who don’t, while he sits as the leader of the Holy See that is a sovereign state that is over the state of Vatican City that includes what is referred to as the Vatican Bank and it’s huge assets. I’ve seen so many talking about this where I live and part of my vehicle’s family and friends enjoying the Pope even though they aren’t necessarily Catholic or Christian or even believers in a Kingdom of creators. So when I saw some talking about this wondering about the truth, I had to chime in:

The differences between what Jesus taught and what the Popes, the Catholic hierarchy and most of the Christian organizations teach is enormous and practically all inclusive. In other words Jesus, the real Jesus is not in their behavior and ways except for that stupid crucifix and an occasional reference to a miracle, parable or distortion of what he said. This is easy to prove. I’ll start with a few:

1) Jesus said to call no man your “Father” (Abba) in the context of they way he was using “Father” as he never spoke about his human father that we have no evidence existed. Yet all these priests go by Father this and Father that.

2) Jesus said when you pray go into your closet to pray in secret so your Heavenly Father could answer you in secret – and what do we see – all these group prayers and priests and pastors leading their congregations in prayer. The way they got around  this was to close your eyes and bow your head.  Jesus also said to NOT use vain repetitions and what have those prayers they teach but worthless words. (That’s not to say some who use them don’t feel what they are saying. It’s personal but the point is that it instills a mindset that is less than real and in relationship to one’s Heavenly Father.  Ti and Do did give their students a few “mantra’s” and “meditations” but they were relative to the current lesson step and could be depended upon to mean what the words said which also was the way it was for Jesus disciples and those that became students who Jesus “delegates” (apostles) shared what Jesus taught them to think, say and do. But after those students lost their vehicles the accuracy of what Jesus taught began to disappear even faster than after he exited because the eye witnesses to the truth were gone. Then when it became meshed with the government in Rome that imposed further distortions to where those words in the Lords Prayer still can mean a lot to some while a big part of their meaning has been smothered by all else that was added in dogma and misinformation.

3) confession: When you trespass against someone, for instance say you are “angry with your brother [sister]” “without cause”, which would then be a sin, Jesus said to go to that person and apologize, but what do they have you do – go to confessional where you may or may not be told to go make amends and then they mislead you to  think they have the authority to forgive your sin against another.

4) Jesus said when you give, don’t let your left hand know what your right hand is doing – in other words, it’s not a planned giving and nor was it meant to be a percentage of your income as they instruct.

5) Jesus said not to try to look holy nor when you are fasting smear ashes on your face, yet the Catholics still have that ash Wednesday ritual.

6) we were not to bow down to graven images and yet they have all those statues and people all over the world hang them on their car mirrors or have bobble heads and many pray to those statues and the dead body of the student of Jesus who Jesus didn’t say to pray to either of. It was really simple. Pray to your Father in Heaven.

7) Then there is all this Mary stuff – praying to Mary – the same deal – a student of Jesus at best. Now  those are some of the obvious distortions. The bigger ones surround teaching these things to others. That according to Jesus is an unforgivable sin because it is influencing someone to think they are relating to their Heavenly Father by participating in a religious ceremony and giving them money and seeking their advise and doing the things they came up with to do.

The truth is that Francis is ushering in the One World Religion whether he thinks of it that way or not. The Holy See is a sovereign state that the Vatican city state is under. Technically the Holy See doesn’t own all the assets in the Vatican Bank but the Holy See and the Cardinals are all the top dogs in the organization that manages those holdings. Yes he is saying things that hardly anyone can not find pleasing to hear and thus giving hope they say – having lunch with a few homeless. It’s a show. I’m not saying he’s not genuine – it’s just that what he is genuine about is not demonstrating anything Jesus was genuine about which means he is literally anti-Jesus and anti the Christing (overcoming process).

Now it’s not for me to judge him personally but it is for me and anyone else who sees through these distortions to reveal them when it seems someone wants to know. All this is allowed by the Evolutionary Level Above Human, the Older Members of which were called Heavenly Fathers, (called that because they dwell among the literal heavens) because it provides us with choices of what to believe and to whom to show our allegiance – to humans or to the Next Level Older members, whom many think of as their Heavenly Father.

These are actual real people being referred to by that identification to help us see them as our parents. There were actually two among us, the One called the Father and the one called the Son who was in the vehicle named Jesus ~2000 years ago, but this time the Father came in a female vehicle and took the name Ti and came to get her Son going who took a male vehicle and took the name Do.

The Pope said the Family was all important. Jesus was not a proponent of the human family as he wanted us to be able to outgrow our humanness to become a new Being with a NEW FAMILY OF THESE OLDER MEMBES AND OUR FELLOW STUDENT GRADUATES. Those graduates are the only genuine “saints”, to include anyone who gives their all to their Heavenly Father now trusting they will get the help to detach from their human roots, something all must do anyway when we die so this way it’s accepting that ahead of time and trusting Them to help us through.

Giving 100% doesn’t look like joining some religious order or talking all holy all the time or not having any fun. It simply means one wants to become putty in the Older Members hands and let them provide us with what we do and what is fun knowing that it’s a process to overcome our humanness and it’s no one else’s business but it includes “working for the Older Members” which at this time for those that know about them means working for Ti and Do even though they are no longer incarnate. That is done by studying all they said which is all freely available and applying as much as we choose as fast as we choose while talking to them and “taking a stand” for our belief in them and what they taught.

Ti and Do will let you know they have heard you if you ask them. There are no leaders, nor group, no membership in some cult or society, no rituals, no one to give money to and thus no corruption. Some things will be hard to believe but if you connect to Ti and Do and ask for help you will begin to trust in everything they said and did but that of course won’t be easy.  It’s actually making application to join their team and they don’t need new team members. It’s simply why they design “gardens” – to offer their real next evolutionary kingdom to humans who know this is right for them to pursue. They know what they have is worth it so it’s their joy to offer it to us.

To add to the idea of this being the prophetic harvest moon turned into blood red:

I could be wrong but I at this time believe tonight’s blood moon is not just another, but considering all else that’s been happening as signs in the Sun, Moon and Stars as Jesus said would accompany this time, this may be the prophetic one. Here are the three prophecies about this:

Joel 2:31 The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and terrible day ((age, time period)) of the LORD come.

Acts 2:20 The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and notable day ((age, time period)) of the Lord come:

The Acts are not Jesus words necessarily but “terrible” also means “revered” and “awful” as in demonstrating things to be full of awe about.

Revelation 6:12 And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood;

This next application of a moon becoming blood may happen for another reason from the eclipse but it’s possible it could be the next one like happened tonight on 9/27/2015 which is said to not occur again for 33 years.

That is very interesting actually as the evidence I’ve seen for the last 7th angels trumpet sounding was in the National Geographic’s special, “Final Report: Heaven’s Gate” – They even named it “final” to go with the last of 7 trumpets sounding – perhaps a coincidence or perhaps part of the Next Level crews legwork that I know they do. That was aired on October 17, 2008, a little less than 7 years ago. If that marked the start of the next “hour”, with an “hour” Next Level time equal to approximately 40 earth years then that would put the next blood moon at the time of this sixth seal’s opening in Rev 6:12 where we are currently about to enter the 4th seals opening following the Black horse Obama’s 3rd seal opening and the (red and blue led) global financial crisis as indicated related to wall street that followed the 2nd seals opening with G.W. Bush’s Red (Masonic color/Republican led Ruddy endless global war on terror that followed the Rev 11 “great shaking” as the 9/11 attacks that followed Do and crews first seal opening when they conquered their humanness by laying down their human vehicles to graduate the human kingdom (for some graduate to their next station towards graduation from the human kingdom as Do indicated some may have to return for further lessons incarnate (after the recycling)).

Deposits By Snnody – 3 Kinds: 1=Chip (seed) grows into a soul 2=returning soul 3=Jesus/Ti and Do type

December 20, 2013

Deposits By Snnody

For thousands of years, humanity thought of itself as the creation of either a supreme being, or a group of superior beings. Then, suddenly, there emerged the idea that humanity was the latest update in what had begun as a mindless, but enormous cosmic accident. Almost overnight, the cult of Science catapulted an unruly, adolescent public, eager to be free of unreasonable constraints, out “into the streets” to wander aimlessly. What, one is forced to wonder, could have been the basis of such a monumental shift in consciousness? Seemingly, according to some versions given in the history books, it was nothing more than professorial observations and deliberations upon the fact that some lizards which, having been isolated on the Galapagos Islands for thousands of years, developed certain traits which differed slightly from those of lizards existing on the mainland.

Although Darwin’s Theory of Evolution quickly gained widespread acceptance throughout Western civilization, we can’t help but continue to wonder – if a person examined thoroughly, from a truly unbiased point of view, all the facts available at this time, might it become apparent that the real impetus behind mankind’s “evolving” psyche has actually come from space aliens (technologically advanced human- equivalents) who, desiring total control over humanity, have been subliminally programming their unknowing servants here on Earth (an intellectual and financial “elite”) this theory of evolution along with most other religions, philosophies, and scientific breakthroughs – all as “next steps” in their programming agenda?

We are aware that this will strike many as sounding even more far- fetched than the first possible explanation, but if this theory of evolution were actually correct, and if the reasoning were accurate, why then such constant and pervasive pronouncements from “prestigious” members of the scientific community (not to mention professional UFO debunkers) that, despite the ease (and speed) with which the evolution of species occurred here on Earth, there existed no chance for similar organic compounds to have happened to clump, accidentally, together in intelligent-life-producing fashion somewhere “out there”?

Mankind is at best only a “child” – the creation of a Kingdom Level of existence far more evolved, advanced, mature, and complete than anything humans are capable of imagining. The human kingdom was set in motion, as were the kingdom levels beneath human, according to a specific and carefully crafted design – and with a specific purpose in mind. In the beginning of a civilization, the Level Above Human plants all the life forms (including humans) in a neutral condition so that they have the chance to choose the direction of their growth. Every person is constantly faced with circumstances which present options, and thus, they constantly make choices according to desires that are more often subliminal than conscious. No matter what the circumstances might be, everyone has the free will to choose how to respond – and those responses will lead that person either in the direction of being less of a slave, or to become more enmeshed in those circumstances.

Whatever choices human beings make as individuals, or as societies, ultimately do not interfere with the Next Level’s design or purpose. The space aliens (remnants of civilizations created long ago by the Evolutionary Kingdom Level Above Human, but who got off track) do their best to promote their own agenda, but whatever they do, they only serve the grand design (unknowingly) by providing further options. They provide the negative; the necessary catalyst for the growth of souls which are introduced into this “womb-like” environment. Souls are “placed in the balance” by the Next Level to choose, under the guidance of incarnate Members of that Kingdom Level Above Human, either the ways of the Level Above Human, which lead to selflessness, humility, reality, and life – or the self-serving ways of the Luciferian Space Aliens who oppose it, which are based upon misinformation and lead to greater illusion and death.

Thus, the purpose of this creation is to produce new members for the Level Above Human. Though members of that Level have physical bodies, the bodies have no gender. (Replication based on gender was designed for the plant and animal kingdoms.) New members of the Kingdom of Heaven are born through a metamorphic process which begins when the Level Above Human, or Next Level, “plants seeds,” – places deposits or “chips” of Next Level mind (mind that comes from the Creator, the Chief of Chiefs, or Most High God – the term you use is not important) into human “plants” during times when they relate very closely to the garden-planet, and during “follow-up” visits that occur at roughly 2000-year intervals after the initial planting. A deposit is potentially the gift of life for it contains the programming necessary to begin the metamorphic process which can lead to entry into the real Evolutionary Level Above Human, where there is no death.

When the Next Level checks out the human population and finds individuals that seem to have potential, they know it’s time to “plant” seeds or give them deposits. Whatever criteria the Next Level has for planting the “seeds” where they do, would probably not be obvious to human perception. The person may or may not appear to be religious. An atheist may have a greater desire for the facts than a preacher who believes he is serving God. Humans cannot judge, only the Level Above Human can judge. The person with this new deposit cannot even judge. The first reaction to the deposit may be, “What is happening? Goodness, none of this has any meaning for me anymore. Is there something, somewhere that has some meaning? I’ve got to find something, I don’t even know what, but there must be something that can take me farther than where I am.”

These seed-like deposits can also be compared to tiny computer chips programmed with a sort of “homing device” to seek nourishment which can come only from a member of the Level Above Human who visits Earth and incarnates into a human body. For a soul to be “fertilized” and begin to grow, the deposit must make contact with that Representative of the Level Above Human. This germination can happen even through just hearing about the Representative, or coming into contact with some of the information brought by the Representative, because information and mind are the same thing.

Mind is invisible to the human eye. When the deposit makes contact with the Representative, it is an actual physical contact between the mind of the deposit and the mind or information brought by that member of the Next Level – called by humans “the Kingdom of Heaven.” While Jesus was able to perform His task, 2000 years ago, with His Father in a spacecraft in the nearby Heavens, His followers needed Him to be in a human vehicle (body) at close range so they could pull in the nourishment/information/mind they needed to graft to the “vine” of His Mind (which was – and is – grafted to the mind of His Father, and on up the vine to the mind of the Chief). Also, it is always necessary for a Member of the Next Level to physically leave the Kingdom of Heaven, come to Earth, and incarnate into a human body because Next Level Mind must be “stepped down” significantly for the “fertilization or germination” of new souls and the nourishment of young souls to be possible. For a young soul to be able to bond or graft to the vine of mind of the Next Level, there must be a point at which the frequency of each can connect.

A human being is a spirit contained within a physical body during a lifetime and released into the spirit world when that physical body becomes too damaged or worn out to be usable. A soul, on the other hand, grows from a deposit of Next Level Mind, as described above, and becomes a container for more and more Next Level Mind. It can continue to grow wiser and stronger (larger and more dense), so long as it seeks the nourishment provided by its Father (or Older Member) – that Member of the Level Above Human who has been assigned the task of visiting the garden to “midwife” candidates for new membership. If the soul continues to choose to look to and draw nourishment from the Older Member, then at the end of its “lifetime” (at the time of death of the body it has been using), it is taken into the keeping of the Level Above Human, “placed on ice” in the sense that it is removed from the human environment (does not go into the spirit world), though it may not yet be able to participate in Next Level activities. It is set aside, so to speak, until the next cyclical visit of a Next Level Representative to the garden.

Metamorphosis is not ordinarily accomplishable or completed during only one period of visitation from the Level Above Human. Therefore, at the cyclical visitations, a second type of deposit (or one with different ingredients) is placed in human vehicles for the ones returning, in addition to any new deposits being made for new souls. This type of deposit contains a program that will set aside or “tag” a vehicle until the appropriate time for a young soul to incarnate into it. Again, the programming still includes the desire to seek nourishment from the Older Member, but it also contains information to help the young soul pick up where it left off; work on the lessons it still needs to learn and benefit from areas where it has grown strong. At this stage, as at any other, the soul can choose to drop its program of Next Level study. It has free will and can always choose to become interested in the misinformation that is aggressively preached by the Luciferian Space Aliens. If it should make that choice, it may later attempt to get back on track after seeing through the illusion of the misinformation, or it may become too attached to the feeling of pride and ego and taking credit for things, and ultimately find itself growing in the direction of the space aliens – though ones in this situation would not likely recognize this to be the case themselves.

There is still another type of deposit. Whenever a Member of the Kingdom Level Above Human visits a garden such as Earth, a human vehicle (body) must be “tagged” and set aside for that Representative’s use. The programming in such a deposit would differ greatly from the programs meant for either a beginning soul or a young soul returning to continue its growth.

Not all humans have souls. On this garden there are human “plants” who have not received deposits, those with deposits/souls who are receiving nourishment from the present Representatives toward completing their metamorphosis, and those with deposits/souls who are not in a direct relationship with Representatives due to either not yet having come in contact with the Representatives, or having lost their choice to pursue the nourishment of the Level Above Human. Humans with deposits containing souls can likely be identified at this time as some of those who are rapidly losing respect for this world or its “system.” From the system’s point of view, they are often irresponsible citizens, whether their symptoms take the form of being “homeless,” prisoners, other social dropouts (doing drugs, alcohol, losing respect for the family and career norms), or religious or political radicals. At this point in time – the end of this civilization – all the souls who were deposited since the beginning of the civilization (about 6000 years ago), whether they have been faithfully trying to do their best to learn Next Level ways or have “fallen away,” have been brought back. The Next Level is more than fair, and before closing the door of the Kingdom of Heaven to any soul, gives more than ample time for each to make a decision and either stick with it or lose it.

Religions have attempted to describe man’s relationship to his Creator, but they have all been tools of the space aliens. Although all religions contain seeds of truth which were planted by the Evolutionary Level Above Human, space aliens have twisted those truths so that souls might be blinded to the intended meaning and more easily influenced to do the opposite of what would be in their own best interest.

Life, truth, the facts, reality, Next Level Mind – all are synonymous, and that which they refer to doesn’t “stand still.” It comes from the Chief of Chiefs. It cannot be contained in dogma or ritual. If you are one who wants ultimately to become something of value, you have to grow with it, change constantly, seek and accept higher understandings each day – drop old concepts. What comprises reality or “the facts” for one soul cannot be exactly the same as reality for any other soul. The facts for one soul one day, cannot remain the facts, or the soul will begin to go retrograde. Eternal life comes from eternally choosing to seek nourishment from your Older Member, drawing Next Level Mind into your soul – putting into practice the behavior and thinking (information) that make up that mind, and “fluffing off” out-dated mind – letting go of old concepts, forgetting the past.

Humanity is not the apex of evolution. The Chief of Chiefs is, and He is continually growing and improving. A state of perfection can never be reached, for that would be Death. The Evolutionary Level Above Human, the Kingdom of Heaven, where the Chief resides, is a level of existence wherein the many members do not experience death or decay. They are able to circulate throughout the Heavens, they know themselves to be souls (containers for mind), and they are able to “wear” different bodies, as different tasks are assigned them, as easily as humans (who have come to think of themselves as nothing more than bodies) wear different suits of clothes.

The human kingdom was created to be the starting point of a wondrous adventure which can lead to Eternal Life for those who have received a deposit and continue to have unquenchable thirst for the truth. It is through the metamorphosis of such souls that newborns of the Kingdom of Heaven come into being if they continue to receive Next Level nourishment and continue to accept and overcome every challenge placed in their way by the aggressive influence of the opposing forces – the Luciferian space aliens. Still, every individual has free will – and may always choose from a variety of other options that were all provided by the Next Level; for The Next Level wants only those individuals who have proven their mettle.

A young soul may be confused at first by the allure of the “holographic creation” we call Earth or humanity, and although the deposit provides the ability to see through the illusion, the person must still exert serious effort in order to find, connect with, and bond or graft to the Representative who was sent to be the “midwife.” The Representative might seem anti-human or blasphemous from the point of view of the space aliens’ programming, but the deposit gives the ability to recognize the simple honesty and goodness which is characteristic of all Members of the Next Level. The deposit can help make it very clear how Next Level information contrasts greatly from the options that space aliens aggressively preach from the pulpits, expound from the universities, and enforce from the halls of so-called justice – and which lead to a complete dead end.

In the design of the garden, the Luciferians unknowingly serve the Level Above Human by being the catalyst for growth. They labor to keep humans with soul deposits programmed to continue to function at the animal level so they will not be able to recognize the Next Level when it comes. They preach that God wants us to remain on Earth as humans indulging in the sensuality of a gender-based society in a vain attempt to secure their continued existence. They are for the most part aware that with the cyclical spading-under of the garden, which is imminent as this is the end of the Age, their ranks are scheduled to be recycled as well.

This gift of life, this deposit, the Next Level gives freely, for They have no need of new or additional members. It is simply Their pleasure to offer Life to human plants who otherwise have no future. Thank God for sending Representatives and for depositing souls so that some may become a part of Their Kingdom.

May 2, 1996

Appendix A – Page 43


Differences between Ti & Do’s Heaven’s Gate group & ‘UFO Centric” groups; Morman, Scientology, Raelians

October 17, 2013

Here is a question from a visitor to this blog and my response. He has been very busy with commenting. The blog post this is from is:

Commenter said:

Have you read much about the Solar Temple folks? Like HG and Scientology, the Solar Temple was a UFO cult… in their mythology, they were going to Sirius when they died. What do you think of that? That’s a pretty definite destination. You folks were going to anyplace specific, though… I think just travelling around in Ti’s spaceship. Or was there a specific location?

Mormonism is somewhat space oriented in that eventually couples will each get a planet to populate with “space babies” — and the couple will be the god of that planet. That’s why mormons are intolerant of same sex marriage — it thwarts the space baby centerpiece of their religion.

Scientology refers to Xenu an evil intergalactic overload who imprisoned souls in volcanoes in Hawaii. It is these souls that haunt humans and that humans have to rid themselves of.

Sawyer… I forgot one… Raelism. It was started a year before yours started… 1974…

Do you have a favorite ufo centric cult? Besides hg of course.

Sawyers response:

I like this kind of post as it serves us well to look at these apparent similarities in that they all are like you say, “ufo centric” though in reality that would be like saying humans are automobile centric. However, it’s no coincidence that ALL the religions and like you say mythologies have otherworldly characteristics as all of them are the result of a disinformation campaign by human equivalent beings from non-earth origins who were allowed to come to the Earth vicinity by the Creator Beings Ti and Do termed the organization (kingdom) that is evolutionarily a Level Above Human.  

So what are the main differences between the ones you mentioned and Ti and Do’s literal heaven’s gate keepers, you ask:  

Here’s a partial list:

  All the human and space alien stimulated organizations involve children or babies, what Do called “urchins” at one point because of how they by design take, take, take and don’t give – again natural to all animal species, that is until they are given the seeds of Next Level behavior and ways that is the opposite model, and the reason upcoming students NEED to learn and even value and enjoy, “giving, giving, giving”, with the initial training for takes place while in the human condition.


– they all involved families, families could join and remain families

– they all regularly look for new members

– I doubt they ever told members to leave because the leaders didn’t think they could keep up

– I doubt they ever paid members $1000.00 or anything to leave

– I doubt they have all forfeited their sexuality of mind and body with the only minor sensory stimulus being designed by the teachers, speaking of occasional sweet treats, trips to the movies, etc.

– I doubt any have given their will to the leaders

– I’d bet there are scandals with all the leaders

– I’d bet they all show profiteering motivations in their organizations

– I’d bet they all have symbolic rituals on a regular basis that have strictly representative value

– I doubt any left behind their past so that they no longer communicate with relatives, no longer climb their career ladders

– I’d bet none promote androgyny

– all who killed themselves also evidenced obvious murders

– I’d bet all pick and choose from a tiny few Jesus records to support their causes and/or morph the challenging quotes into the format we can easily see in parallel with commonly agreed upon mythologies, roman, Greek, Egyptian, etc.

– I’d bet none of them fulfill dozens of Jesus prophecies or more or less countless Jesus and Old Testament prophet, prophecies that show full progressive evolution of mind and behavior and ways consistent with the records also written by Moses alongside all of the rules and regulations of Moses, with explanations that are not mystical.

– I bet all are in bed with academia, intellectualism, spiritualism, multinationalism and with corporate ties to building their organizations.

– I doubt the leaders maintained 100% what they expected of students

I could go on and on and on, on all the many differences that they ALL have when compared to Ti and Do’s direction and of course there will be similarities as well as the space aliens, even the ones spawned on Earth from pre our current civilization initially got everything the same way’s humans on Earth have, from the Next Level who designed and developed all the science behind the total reality.

So what is perfectly clear to anyone not afraid of considering it is that of ALL the groups in history all over the worlds, Ti and Do’s group were the least human because all these points more or less outline what it means to be human, which is what Ti and Do were preparing their crew to be…Above and Beyond Human in every way so they could start over in a totally new environment without dragging all their primitive ways with them that would do nothing but interfere with their very involved operations to design and develop all the elements and all the life support systems and environmental systems, each time improving upon the last design od infinitum while humans sit around and look down on them.  

Astronomers say they’ve spotted lonesome planet without a sun

October 12, 2013

A friend sent this article and I had just posted some thoughts on how the Next Level could drag/bring a planet to a specific location to set it in motion as a part of a solar system the way humans put satellites in orbit. I’m not saying this is what this is but it is a curiosity for sure.

Astronomers say they’ve spotted lonesome planet without a sun
Alan Boyle, Science Editor NBC News
Oct. 9, 2013 at 8:39 PM ET
Image: PSO J318.5-22.
V. Ch. Quetz / MPIA
An artist’s conception shows the planetary-mass object PSO J318.5-22.
Eighty light-years from Earth, there’s a world that’s just six times more massive than Jupiter, floating all alone without a sun to keep it warm, astronomers reported Wednesday.
Such free-floaters have been reported before, but in the past, it hasn’t always been clear whether these were orphaned planets or failed stars. This time, the scientists say they’re sure it’s a planet.
“We have never before seen an object free-floating in space that that looks like this,” team leader Michael Liu of the Institute for Astronomy at the University of Hawaii at Manoa said in a news release. “It has all the characteristics of young planets found around other stars, but it is drifting out there all alone. I had often wondered if such solitary objects exist, and now we know they do.”
The heat signature of the world, known as PSO J318.5-22, was identified by the Pan-STARRS 1 wide-field survey telescope on Haleakala, on the Hawaiian island of Maui. The light coming from the object is about 100 billion times fainter in optical wavelengths than the planet Venus. Most of its energy is emitted in infrared wavelengths.
In a report being published in Astrophysical Journal Letters, Liu and his colleagues said the object has properties similar to those of gas-giant planets found orbiting young stars.
Past reports of “rogue planets” have been murky, due to the fact that it can be hard to discriminate between large planets and a class of failed stars known as brown dwarfs. Some astronomers insist on a definition of planets that would apply only to objects that form around stars. They’d prefer to call objects like PSO J318.5-22 “planetary-mass objects,” or planemos for short.
PSO J318.5-22 was discovered while the researchers was combing through data from Pan-STARRS 1 for readings from brown dwarfs. Brown dwarfs are typically faint and red, but Liu and his colleagues said PSO J318.5-22 stood out because it was redder than the reddest known brown dwarfs.
Image: PSO J318.5-22
N. Metcalfe & Pan-STARRS 1 Science Consortium
A multicolor image from the Pan-STARRS 1 telescope shows the free-floating planet PSO J318.5-22, in the constellation of Capricornus.
They followed up with observations using the Gemini North Telescope and the NASA Infrared Telescope Facility telescopes on the summit of Hawaii’s Mauna Kea, and concluded that its infrared signature was more consistent with a young planetary-mass object. The science team also monitored the object for two years using the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope, to determine its direction of motion and its distance from Earth. That’s how they figured out it was 80 light-years away.
The team concluded that PSO J318.5-22 is associated with a collection of young stars called the Beta Pictoris moving group, which formed about 12 million years ago. The best-known star in that group, Beta Pictoris, is known to harbor a gas-giant planet that’s about eight times as massive as Jupiter.
Gravitational perturbations may have kicked PSO J318.5-22 out of its planetary cradle soon after it was born, or it may have been formed by a different method. Either way, Niall Deacon of the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy in Germany, a co-author of the study, said PSO J318.5-22 should help scientists get a better understanding of other planets that aren’t quite as lonely.
“Planets found by direct imaging are incredibly hard to study, since they are right next to their much brighter host stars,” Deacon said in the news release. “PSO J318.5-22 is not orbiting a star, so it will be much easier for us to study. It is going to provide a wonderful view into the inner workings of gas-giant planets like Jupiter shortly after their birth.”
More about free-floating planets:
‘Orphan’ planet found near Earth
Billions of stars capture rogue planets
Was giant planet kicked out of our solar system?
In addition to Liu and Deacon, authors of “The Extremely Red, Young L Dwarf PSO J318-22: A Free-Floating Planetary-Mass Analog to Directly Imaged Young Gas-Giant Planets” include Eugene Magnier, Katelyn Allers, Trent Dupuy, Michael Kotson, Kimberly Aller, W.S. Burgett, K.C. Chambers, P.W. Draper, K.W. Hodapp, R. Jedicke, R.-P. Kudritzki, N. Metcalfe, J.S. Morgan, N. Kaiser, P.A. Price, J.L. Tonry and R.J. Wainscoat.
Alan Boyle is’s science editor. Connect with the Cosmic Log community by “liking” the NBC News Science Facebook page, following @b0yle on Twitter and adding +Alan Boyle to your Google+ circles. To keep up with’s stories about science and space, sign up for the Tech & Science newsletter, delivered to your email in-box every weekday. You can also check out “The Case for Pluto,” my book about the controversial dwarf planet and the search for new worlds.

Did Romans make up the entire New Testament to steal the people’s loyalty

October 12, 2013

Did Romans make up the entire New Testament to steal the people’s loyalty?

I just saw an article about a book that is saying the Romans made up the entire New Testament to, like you suggested control the people to get them to behave, which is not the first time I’ve seen that thinking of course but it will continue to be broadcast by the major media, even NPR (who would have guessed NPR…lol) as an affront to Christians and here’s the thing about that idea… not that I disagree with the premise, because that’s exactly what took place officially under Constantine…he captured what was a new cult movement and made it into a Hollywood cult movement – interesting how that term cult is used in one way to be a put down, scary evil, ugly premise of a “subversive culture” and on the other hand is looked up to as indicative of popularity. More evidence of how the truth is bastardized in every way shape and form in the name of …whatever one wants it to be in the name of, but anything but the facts, the truth of what really was said or done to stimulate it’s start, which brings me back to my point about this book…

So a group of Romans made up the entire new testament, he says to control people? Then why in hell don’t the people adhere to what the main presumed “teachings” put forth by jesus in that written record, fact or fiction, if that was going to capture their loyalty and keep them from rebelling against the government because they are unhappy with what the government is doing…keep them placated?

Why is it that Pauls writings became the doctrine of Christianity? Isn’t that interesting the Paul was a proclaimed Roman and was in league with a “group” of …high priests who had it in for Jesus and his followers as the story goes. So why did this author suggest that Romans conspired to create the story when in the story it says the high priests led the whole episode against Jesus and his followers, with Paul as their intelligence guy led to believe he was now one of them, as the story goes, by the blinding light and voice of jesus, he was told. Another author suggests that paul was a conspirator who made up the story about being blinded by the light that forces his awakening to stop his persecution, but that’s beside the point here.

Wouldn’t one expect to see Jesus talking about all the things Christians believe today or that they came to believe whenever it was that the first manuscripts or papyrus were created? Were they that shrewd to think the people would be fooled better if they said in Jesus the very opposite of what they would come to believe and do?

For instance, Jesus was totally against (for his students that is) any loyalty to their human family and Paul doesn’t really touch that either, except where Paul says if you can’t keep it in your pants stay married to one – the rule before Jesus suggested even lust in thought was repeating the diversion of one’s total love from the Lord, that the adultery rules were geared to instigate as giving one’s loyalty to one.

If the people had followed that Jesus storyline, they would have given no loyalty to the roman government nor the jewish government. If anything they would have given more loyalty to the roman government under Jesus teachings as he said if you were going to uses ceasars money pay the taxes he demands of you and if you find yourself in a problem with the government seek to get along with them or else you’ll find yourself locked up. And in the story, the gov’t was trying to wash their hands of murdering the guy, though on that front of course the romans would want to paint themselves as not going along entirely with the jewish leaders as they did want to keep the peace with the religious because the religious did have control over many of the people that were anti-government prone, at least in theory while in bed with the government at the same time, the way it is now with the religious in more or less all nations.

And if this roman group made it all up, when did they do it, I wonder and did it include the manufacture of documents in the old testament as well as so much of what they alleged made up was directly linked to the Old Testament, but then I guess one could say they tailored their Jesus figure from the Moses figure, but then if so, why select certain things Moses allegedly recorded and have Jesus giving them a different slant that is frankly anti the previous religion to Christianity (their creation) – Judism as it had become, just as distorted as Christianity which is just as distorted as Hindu is today from it’s Vedic records, etc. But I guess the Egyptians or Indians each had their conspiracies to create religious stories to steal the people and not cause them to revolt against the governments, which is another nutty way of looking at it in light of the way religiosity has been one of the primary motivations to war on others, controlling not only the poor who generally trust the institutions whether secular or religious as seen in the crusades, and to date with the G.W. Bush “crusade” against Islam (while in bed with the Saudi Arabians).

The bottom line is that it’s easy to control the masses but the most effective way is not through religions, at least from the human perspective is with economics and propaganda and staged sting operations – like the Trojan horse, the gulf of Tonkin “attack”, the blowing up of the Reichstag, stimulating and then looking the other way to allow the pearl harbor attack, assassinations of kings as in supposedly the reason WWI started or manipulating any event to sway public opinion, in combo with the promoted media and Hollywood help, for examples many.

But making up a story to brainwash the people into conformity by promoting disconformity on the one hand (jesus teachings) and juxtaposing a conformity of the disconformity (Pauls teachings) that ends up going world wide and lasting for millennium to where the later conformity of the original disconformity becomes the rule when the original disconformity was frankly unpopular with most everyone to begin with would be the ultimate kind of deceptivity (if that’s a word).

I guess one could say, it was and that humans can be very shrewd and that it had unexpected results but if one is making up an unbelievable story (all Jesus taught) that goes against everything of human nature, where does such an idea come from…?

Maybe it’s like the amoeba crawling out of the sea on it’s fins that by the strength of it’s desire to survive, not finding survival in it’s primordial soup adequate, wills the mutation of it’s dna to morph those little cilia – into fins, into legs so it can crawl around to find food. It’s a premise some attach to, as the alternative they think is to think some bearded fellow who sits on clouds waved his magic wand to create, each extreme of which has it’s points as there is evidence of adaptation of creatures to new environments (though hardly seen in drastic environmental changes, like an ocean coming to be in an area previous a desert…those land creatures just die off if there is that kind of flood. If it happens gradually, they move on rather then morph back to fins from legs and on the other hand there is all this folk law about things in the sky, powerful beings over humans, with cave drawings of tanks and helicopters and ancient paintings of people riding inside comets, etc. in various cultures so why not consider that that is a feasible explanation for a great deal of stuff that has no better explanation as humans kind of hate not having the security of thinking they understand and thereby have a certain control of at least their mental world.

But finally, I suggest that, this premise is actually largely correct but only able to hold more weight if one brings into it yet another wild idea few care to consider, that the religions to include Christianity were largely the creation of the Luciferian fallen angel space aliens seeking to turn humans away from the facts, the truth about their reality to keep them anestisized and functioning as humans so they would have their usage to provide their dna needs and to stimulate increasing technology advancement for all their needs; energy elements and systems, facility to travel in space (to escape the rumored end of the current civilization, that some of them experienced before on Earth and/or other near planets or relatively near solar systems of their or their ancestral origin. In other words they NEED human slaves. Any true creators of all we term nature don’t NEED any of it for their survival. If they know how to terraform a planet to become an environment for multiple species of life within evolutionary framework, they hardly NEED humans help as evidenced by what the many space alien abductee/contactee accounts have suggested over the last 70 years since the space alien premise was making itself more evident, though as with all forms of thought, equally available to deny so it all becomes a need to know basis.

If any of us show a “need to know” the evidence is plentiful that provides us with the choices that we can then build a discernment of which most often will show us what’s NOT likely the closest view of what’s true and real about any circumstance and thinking.

Like even the likes of Christopher Hitchens in his put down of those that are willing to believe the Earth was created in 7 “god” days, or periods of time as opposed to the 3.5 billion year theory based on this or that carbon and/or spectrographic dating etc. doesn’t seem to take account of what actually constituted that “creation”. Why couldn’t the big bang happened at a faster pace than humans can currently imagine and evidence? Do humans know everything about time and space and terraforming and big bangs? And what’s the value of measuring that in terms of years anyway. That entire frame of measurement is based on the amount of time carbon or it’s electromagnetic signature degrades. But isn’t that based on the Earth’s current atmosphere, current being over the last 1000 years even and in some relationship with the other electromagnetic bodies in the solar system seen or not? How do we know the sun can not be like a computer system to put out electromagnetic particles together with comets and meteors and asteroids, etc. to introduce major changes to Earth’s atmosphere that might make things have a signature that is older than it is.

And what if the Earth was literally moved into orbit of the sun. Humans now know how to put a body in orbit of another. If that was the case would that constitute having “made” the Earth if it was actually constructed or grown in some other location and moved to this one when it came time to start a new “garden”, thus explaining how it could be x in age while the start of the experiment x in age?

What’s that saying about people in glass houses and their stones?

Planet About To Be Recycled – Your Only Chance To Survive

October 9, 2013

Planet About To Be Recycled – Your Only Chance To Survive
– Leave With Us
Edited Transcript of Videotape – October 5, 1996:
This is a very exciting time for us. Who is us? I’m “Do”
(pronounced “Doe”) for starters, and I have in front of me a
number of students, or my classroom, or in old language of a
couple of thousand years ago, my disciples – those who are trying
to prepare themselves for entry into the Evolutionary Level Above
Human, synonymous with the Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of
Heaven. We’re going to talk to you about the most urgent thing
that is on our mind, and what we suspect is the most urgent thing
on the minds of those who will connect with us.
We’ll title this tape, “Planet Earth About to be Recycled –
Your Only Chance to Evacuate is to Leave With Us.” Planet
Earth about to be recycled – Your only chance to survive or
evacuate is to leave with us. Now, that’s a pretty drastic statement
– pretty bold – in terms of religion, inn terms of anybody’s
intelligent thinking. To most people who would consider
themselves intelligent beings, they’d say, “Well, that’s absurd.
What’s all this doomsday stuff? What’s all this prophetic,
apocalyptic talk?” You know, intelligent human beings should
realize that all things have their own cycle. They have their
season. They have their beginning, they have their end. We’re
not saying that planet Earth is coming to an end. We’re saying
that planet Earth is about to be refurbished, spaded under, and
have another chance to serve as a garden for a future human
Now, the reason this is such an interesting time is not
only because we’re on the threshold of the end of this civilization
(because it’s about to be recycled), but because of where that finds
us, and where that finds you – where that finds those who would
judge us – how we would speak of them, and how they would
speak of us. Now, you might say, “You keep saying `us’? Who
do you think you are?” Well, I, in all honesty, to address that must
first acknowledge who my Father is. My Father is not a human
father. My Father is a member of the Evolutionary Level
Above Human – the Kingdom of God – the Kingdom of
Heaven. My Father – long before this civilization began – gave
me birth into that Kingdom Level Above Human, that Kingdom of
Heaven, that Kingdom of God.
Now, you can say, “I can’t believe that!” Well, it’s up to
you whether you believe that or not. That’s not important to me,
even though I wish that you could believe it for your sake. For
those who do believe it stand a possibility of having a future
beyond this recycling time. Now, you say, “According to religious
literature, I thought there was someone else who was going to
come and be our “Savior” here at these last days – that that was
going to be Christ’s return?” Well, the name “Christ” or the name
“Jesus” might be a little confusing. Because the name “Jesus,” of
course, was merely the name given to the body that that mind (that
was indeed from the Kingdom of Heaven) incarnated into. That
mind was here 2000 years ago, and that mind came for the express
purpose of teaching humans how they could be “saved”- how they
would not be plowed under at the End of the Age. Well, we’re
now at the End of the Age. So that mind that was in Jesus –
What? That mind, that spirit, that soul is me, and in this body
called “Do” that you’re looking at? You’ll have to decide that
for yourself. I must admit that I am here again. That I’m here
saying exactly the same thing that I said then, trying to say it in
today’s language, trying to hope that, for your sakes, you can
see what we have to offer you. For the Next Level, through my
Father and through me, is offering you LIFE for the first time
– and we’re not talking about human lifee.
Now, the planet is about to be recycled, and we say we
see the planet as a steppingstone – planet Earth as a steppingstone.
Just as with a civilization, that civilization can evolve upwards –
each segment within that civilization has the option to become
more civilized, less barbaric. It would be better for them if they
took more civilized options. Not that they necessarily do.
Sometimes they seem to appear to be more civilized when, in fact,
they have become more barbaric, more quick to condemn the rest
of the world, more quick to kill the rest of the world that does not
think as they think.
Well, I know what I said a few moments ago. I said that
I am the return of the Son of my Father. I’ll tell you something
that’s even more remarkable: my Father came with me this
time. He came in the early `70’s, took on a human form – an adult
female human form. He helped me “get into” an adult human
form, in the early `70’s. And we together helped those who came
with us (our students, who were also here 2000 years ago as
disciples) get in the bodies that they are presently wearing – so that
they could rid themselves of human behavior, human activity,
human thinking – so that they could be ready at this time to move
into the Kingdom of Heaven or the Evolutionary Level Above
These that are sitting before me have been students of Ti
and Do – Ti, my Father – and they are still students of Ti and Do,
even though Ti returned to the Heavens in 1985. Ti is my
Heavenly Father and is the One who gave me birth into that
Kingdom before this civilization began. Now, I’m not here to sell
you on that, or who I am or who these are. I’m here to offer you,
as these are, an opportunity to know the Truth, so that if you can
connect with it, at any level, then you might survive the re-spading
or the recycling that is about to occur.
We made a tape just shortly ago, and in that tape we said
that there are three types of individuals who will survive the
recycling. One type is those individuals who have overcome their
humanness enough that when the End of this Age is complete,
when the war is over (the spading complete, there is nothing left
here except for recycling), when the end of that occurs, that first
type will have reached a condition of having overcome human
behavior, human thinking, human desires – desiring only to be in
the Kingdom of Heaven, in the Evolutionary Level Above Human,
being of service in that Kingdom. When they have done that
overcoming to that degree, at that point they are a match for a
physical body belonging to that Kingdom.
Humans think that this is a flesh body world, and it is.
But, more importantly, it is a human flesh body world. The
Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of Heaven, the Evolutionary Level
Above Human also has bodies. I wouldn’t say flesh bodies
because they have different characteristics. But it is a physical
body, a biological body, and in a sense, it is equivalent to a human
body for that next Evolutionary Level. It doesn’t need the kind of
fuel that humans need, for it’s not a mammalian body. It doesn’t
reproduce. It’s not male nor female. It probably would look like
what you might consider a very attractive “extraterrestrial.” Most
of the illustrations of extraterrestrials these days have been
grotesque – looked like giant insects, or slimy reptilians, or have
eyes so big that you could fall into them. An extraterrestrial that
we would consider a genuine extraterrestrial is not a “fallen
angel,” is not a “space alien.”
We see fallen angels and space aliens as synonymous –
fallen angels and space aliens are synonymous. And the Next
Level – the only real extraterrestrials – have a body similar to the
human body. The human body was made from the same basic
design, the same general form, except the human body is more
animal than that Next Level form. The human body has hair,
needs teeth, has physical characteristics that are appropriate to this
environment. When you go into an environment that does not
require eating things that you have to pull off the bone, or crack
the shells off the nut, then certainly teeth are not needed. A Next
Level body in a non-earthly environment also needs no hair. That
Next Level body is a creature that looks very attractive, has two
eyes, some remnant of a nose, some remnant of ears – what you
would call remnants – even though they function very well as
nose, as ears. They have a voice box, but don’t really need to use
it, for they can communicate by thought – communicate with their
minds. And that’s an extraterrestrial – that is the “body”
belonging to a member of the Evolutionary Level Above Human,
the Kingdom of Heaven, the Kingdom of God. It’s true, they
could seem unattractive to you if you’re really “into” human flesh
bodies and see them as beautiful.
You know, there are sayings that there is seed of flesh, or
there are things that are born of flesh, and there are things that are
born of spirit. Also, born of water is synonymous with being born
of flesh. If people really understood the more accurate of the
religious literature, and could read it as it was intended to be read,
they would know it clarifies that seed of flesh (human) was and is,
literally, seed of the negative, the opposition, the space aliens, the
fallen angels. Therefore, to the Next Level, human flesh has
become a product of the lower forces, and is of the kingdom
level beneath the Kingdom of God – that kingdom level that
rightfully should be only a steppingstone leading to the Kingdom
of Heaven.
Now, this understanding isn’t meant to put you down or
to say that an individual is necessarily “evil” just because they’re
wearing a human vehicle. I’m wearing a human vehicle, because I
have to wear one for this task. I don’t like it. It doesn’t match me.
And those who sit in front of me don’t like their human vehicles
that they have to wear for this task. But they have to wear them,
because the task of overcoming the human kingdom requires that
they overcome human flesh – the genetic vibrations, the lust of the
flesh, the desire to reproduce, the desire to cling to offspring, or
spouse, or parents, or house, or money, or fame, or job, or, or –
that could go on and on – overcoming the human flesh and its
desires – even its religious desires. There is not a religion on the
face of the globe that is of God, as it is today. All of those
ideologies that are called religions use corrupted records and
corrupted interpretations of man’s relationship with someone from
the Kingdom of God, the Evolutionary Level Above Human.
In other words, it’s like the religious literature (the Bible,
the Torah, the Koran, etc.) are written as time manuals. So that
ancient religious literature, with its laws and rules, was appropriate
to the time that it was written in and to that phase of civilization.
Less ancient literature, with its laws, was appropriate to its own
particular age. What did the “Lord” God – the one who was here
long before the Messiah came – say to His people? Through His
prophets, He said, `I will send a Savior, a Messiah to help you get
out of the human kingdom,’ knowing that some humans should
certainly reach a condition where they would be ready to move up
into His Kingdom by that period in time when His Representative
– the Messiah – would be sent. When thee One He sent came as the
“Messiah,” truly some in the civilization at that time were prepared
for the information – the steps, the requirements – that that
Messiah had to offer to those who would seek His Father’s
Well, that Savior came, that Messiah came. And after a
brief teaching period with those He picked – those who were His
disciples/students – He said, `I will come again.’ And His Father
sent Him again. And for me to say that I was and am He, is to
most, utter blasphemy. In other words, what I say to you now is a
direct, present, current transmission – information from the
Kingdom Level of My Father, the Level Above Human, the
Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of Heaven.
Today’s Christians say they are Christians and think they
are Christians. And yet they seldom quote the most important
things that Jesus said. Jesus said, `If you want to know My Father,
if you want to move into My Father’s Kingdom, then shed
everything of this world – leave everything behind – and come and
follow Me. And unless you hate everything of this world, your
sister, your mother, your brother – everything of this world – you
will not know the Kingdom of Heaven. You have to graft to Me,
you have to cling to Me, if I am to literally take you into My
Father’s house.’ Most Christians, world over, mostly frequently
quote Paul – who never sat with that Representative (Jesus), nor
was Paul ever a student of that Representative. Christians say,
“Oh, I love Jesus. He’s in my heart. I’m filled with Jesus. Jesus
wants me to live an abundant human life. He wants me to have
riches. He wants me to have more children so that I can bring
them up with Christian family values.” I don’t remember Jesus
ever saying that, “What I want you to do is to go get married, have
families, have children, and together bring all of them and I will
take them into the Kingdom of Heaven.” He only spoke to
individuals – and said, `The only way out of here is for you to
know that as an individual this human world is not for you – that
tie that binds you to the human kingdom is not for you. If you
know it is not for you, then come to Me – and My Father will feed
Me information that can nourish you – and help you overcome this
world – and we’ll leave this world, and we’ll go to My Father’s
Remember, we’re not talking about a spiritual kingdom –
no clouds, no harps – even though we are talking about in the
heavens. But the Heavens are no more spiritual than when you go
out at night and look at the Heavenly bodies and see them. They
are literally there. They are physical. My Father’s Kingdom also
moves or travels in spacecrafts (some of which are even organic).
You could say, “Oh, my goodness, that’s outrageous.” Well, you
don’t like the illustrations of chariots of fire or wheel within a
wheel? You don’t like the illustrations that are in your religious
literature that tell of spacecrafts of my Father’s Kingdom?
“Clouds of light” – at that time they didn’t know what else to call
them. Even when they saw angels that they said had wings – how
else could they have described that they fly? That didn’t
necessarily mean they had feathers on their backs (though that
possibility exists as well). Certainly some of these illustrations
mean that they came to Earth in a flying object and they left
aboard that flying object. And when they saw Jesus ascend, they
said, “He went up into that cloud of light.”
Now, I’m not trying to make a big deal over the means of
transportation issue. For a spacecraft – belonging to the Level
Above Human – is much more than a piece of transportation. It is
a very valuable work station. It is commonly a place of service to
the Level Above Human. These students that are leaving this
kingdom level to go with me to my Father’s Kingdom, to my
Father’s house, these will not go into houses on some planet like
Earth, and reproduce, and have families and sit and watch
television and make scrambled eggs. They’re going to be
genderless individuals, in service – full time – for whatever need
the Level Above Human, the Kingdom of Heaven has for them.
And the tools they use, the workstations that they use are
spacecrafts – all sizes. Spacecrafts that are so small that a very
small crew could fit into them because that small spacecraft is best
suited for that given task. Spacecrafts that are so large you can’t
even see the outer extremities of them. They could look like
something larger than a planet to the observers, because that size
craft is best suited for whatever laboratory work or
experimentation is going on. All sizes are used for a variety of
How can these students be effective servants in that
Kingdom if they’re worried about their children, or their dogs, or
their horses, or their cats, or how much time they have to put in at
the Rotary, or such things as that. As individuals they serve one or
two individuals – older Representatives of that Next Kingdom –
who are their instructors for their assigned tasks. Just as in the task
that we’re in now with this classroom – these look to me as their
Older Member, their instructor, for everything. I look to my Older
Member for everything – to fill me in on what these students’
needs are and how I might be used to instruct them. I’m not just
talking about their physical needs, but their mental/spirit/soul
needs – how they can most effectively make their change from
human into the Kingdom Level Above Human.
Now, this is not to say that we know that there is a
guarantee that we will all go on board a craft together, in order to
leave before this spading under occurs. We will definitely go on
board a craft to leave before the “spading under” occurs. You
could say, “Well, what’s the difference?” Well, the difference is
that we don’t yet know if we are going to take these flesh bodies
on board that craft or if we will leave these flesh bodies behind
before we board. We don’t believe that Our Father’s Kingdom has
much need for these flesh bodies. But, it’s possible that a
spacecraft will come down, and we’ll walk on board that craft, and
they’ll take these bodies from us, and issue us the ones that belong
to that Level so that we might begin our service. It is also possible
that part of our test of faith is our hating this world, even our flesh
body, to the extent to be willing to leave it without any proof of the
Next Level’s existence, other than what we have come to know:
that we have nothing to fear; that we are in Good keeping; that
we can leave the body that we’re in and Be that soul, that identity,
which totally survives that separation – whether it is by
martyrdom, because someone went crazy over our “righteous
blasphemy,” or whatever event that might separate us from that
human body that we are wearing. Our faith is primarily based
upon our trust in our Older Members. We do know one thing –
we don’t care to cling to the life of this body until it naturally
“gives up.” We don’t care to be aborted by the body that we’re
wearing. We care more to abort it in proof to our Heavenly Father
that we trust Him and are ready to leave this place. We’re ready to
go into His Kingdom. And they, these students, have to say to my
Father, “We trust your Son. We trust the One You sent for our
sakes. Even so much that we have no hesitation to leave this place
– to leave the body that we are wearing.. We know that whatever
happens to us after we leave this body is a step forward from what
we were, and that we don’t care to be here any longer.”
Earlier in this tape I spoke to you of three types of
individuals who can be salvaged from this re-spading. One type
that I mentioned was those who have overcome enough that they
will get an issue of a physical body belonging to the Next Level,
and go into service, as a crew member, working for the Next
Level. A second type of individual that can be salvaged from this
planet at this time are those who don’t quite reach that point of
overcoming by the time it is time to leave. But they are still
faithful to the best of their ability in their effort of breaking away,
leaving their humanity, and looking to us – looking to me, looking
to my Father, looking to the Next Level – to give them the strength
and the understanding of how they can break away more quickly.
So wherever they are, to the best of their capability, at the time of
our exit, even if they are not ready for issue of a Next Level body
– they may have to experience a time in a civilization that is yet to
come and do more overcoming of the human kingdom. But they
will be in the keeping of the Kingdom Level Above Human, just as
these have been in the keeping of the Kingdom Level Above
Human – not just here at this time, in this generation, with me and
with Ti.
“Ti” isn’t Ti’s name, by the way. “Do” isn’t Do’s name.
I’m not even given to tell you what my name or Ti’s name is. The
Next Level wouldn’t have humans know what our real names are.
I had to put that in for the record, so that you would understand.
Back to the previous subject, the second type of
individual who can go into the Kingdom of Heaven is one who, at
the time we leave, has not completed their human overcoming to
the satisfaction of the Next Level, and therefore the Next Level
will bring them back when a civilization is at its development
point to be a “match” – at the point where those individuals might
pick up where they left off. Then they will reach “issue time” for a
Next Level body by or before the end of the next civilization.
The third type of soul or individual who can go to the
Kingdom of Heaven now, with us, and be in the keeping of that
Kingdom, are those who either hear our voice right at the end of
our task, or have received this information and don’t know where
it’s coming from. In other words, some might hear our voice and
might know where it is coming from, might know that I exist in
physical form here, about to leave. Others might not make
contact, but something tells them, “I’ve got to break away, I can’t
stand to stay here. I’ve got to put my life on the line for the
Kingdom of Heaven.”
The lower forces’ whole effort is to have potential
members of the Next Level not succeed in remaining faithful to the
end so that they might prevent them from coming into the keeping
of the Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of Heaven.
So, here we are. We’re going public with this
information once again, right before we leave. This is like putting
ourselves right out on the chopping block where the lower forces
will have a chance to try to demean us, have the world turn against
us, and try to do us in. It will challenge all those who are religious
minded to look at us and say, “Hmmm, how could that possibly be
the Truth, is this not the Anti-Christ or the spurious Messiah?”
“Spurious Messiah” is the term that some prominent
television/satellite ministries use in describing the Anti-Christ,
who, they say, is to arrive on the scene before Christ returns. So,
in their eyes, since the Anti-Christ has not yet arrived, then
Christ’s return must be at a later time. Well, I hate to tell you, but
the Anti-Christ – the spurious Messiah – has been on the scene
ever since my Father and I left 2000 years ago. And he and his
helpers have worked as hard as they could through religions,
through governments, through “acceptable” morality, through
“responsibility as a human,” to brainwash humans to expect
“Heaven on Earth.” Those lower forces have “programmed”
humans, especially Christians, to see our arrival “on the scene” as
the Anti-Christ. Those fallen angels – those humanoid space
aliens – would have humans not look to or expect to go to a
Kingdom of Heaven, but to look for a Heaven on Earth – where
they might reign as your Christ – to work toward the future – to be
preoccupied with replicating or reproducing children – and laying
aside enough money to take care of those children so that they will
have a future, and they will have a future, and they will have a
future. A future in what? – the human kingdom? What an
abomination! To the Next Level the human kingdom is, at its
best, nothing more than a potential steppingstone. It’s clear
that anyone who wants to stay in the human kingdom – and
make it some sort of divinity – is looking to some “spurious
Messiah,” an anti-Christ indeed.
Now, I know that those who are expecting the arrival of
the “spurious Messiah” – “the anti-Christ” – if they become aware
of this tape and of Do sitting here saying what I’m saying now,
they’ll say, “That’s the one. Because I warned you that the
spurious Messiah would say, `I’ll take you out of here. I’ll rapture
you into my father’s kingdom.’ ” And that’s what I’m saying. I’m
saying that, “If you can believe my Father’s information, if you
can believe the Truth that we share with you, and if you believe it
enough that you can put your trust in me – and that could be a “big
dose” for some – you will soon find yourself in the safekeeping of
the Kingdom of Heaven.” These students in front of me know me
well. If you have some of my Father’s mind in you, you can have
recognition as well, even with only this brief viewing, though I’ll
remind you that the lower forces will do everything they can to
have you lose or doubt that recognition.
We have a website now, you know, it’s the popular thing
– everybody has to have a website. Our website on the Internet is
called Heavensgate. Heavensgate – oh, of course, .com.
Everything is .com. We’re not .org, we’re .com. So if you want
to, you can learn more about who we are, what we have to say,
what I have to say, what my Older Member can share with you
through what we have said, and know of our history. We have
nothing to hide. Even though to some, we might be a dangerous
cult. We understand that. Why dangerous? Because we threaten
the family, we threaten the established norm of family values. If
you knew Jesus 2000 years ago, you would know that exactly the
same thing occurred. And that the reason for getting rid of Him
was because if people really began to follow Him to any
significant degree, it would threaten the political, and certainly the
religious norm. His teachings were clearly against what the
mainstream was teaching, what the norm was in the governments
or the family, and certainly against the religion of that time.
Religion today is an interesting thing. Remember how we
said a moment ago that the religious literature like the Bible, the
Koran, the Torah, are time manuals. In the time that something
was written, as the Lord or as God related to man, it was
appropriate for them at that time. And yet we have the bulk (if not
the vast majority) of humans on the planet today who are very
religious living exactly as they were trying to live some 5000 years
ago, or some 4000 years ago. They never made it to 2000 years
ago. But 2000 years ago, a chance to get out of here, was available
to those who listened to what the Next Level’s Representative had
to say. A chance to get out of here – out of the human kingdom
– whenever it is offered, requires everyything of you – that you, as
an individual, go join some cult – that you leave everything behind
– that you ignore the members of your faamily – that you ignore the
responsibility to your community – that you ignore your career –
and that hearts will be broken.
I don’t mean to make light of that, “that hearts will be
broken.” I know that hearts are broken. I also know that anyone
who leaves to go to my Father’s Kingdom, that any heart that is
broken in the process of that transition, can easily be more than
healed, if that heart looks to my Father for healing, and looks to
my Father for understanding. That soul does not need to see this
as a terrible experience. Many times, the worst things in the
human kingdom that can happen to us, end up being the best
things that could happen to us. Because we learn “in depth”
lessons as a result of those difficult times. Every life that was
touched by these who are sitting in front of me – every life that
was hurt or experienced pain by their leaving and becoming
students of mine and of my Father’s – was hurt, severely hurt.
Some of them still hurt. They could actually say, “Thank you,
God, for the lesson that is mine to learn in this experience. And as
far as that individual that I used to call my son or daughter, or my
husband or wife, I put them in Your trust. I cannot tell them what
they must do with their life. That is their decision.”
We cannot judge each other. I cannot judge you. I don’t
care to judge you. You will judge yourselves by how you respond
to what we have to say, by what you can accept and what you
can’t. In some cases, it’s almost better that you never see me, or
hear what we say, for that will put you to the test of whether or not
you will condemn me, whether or not you will judge me. You
cannot hurt me. You cannot hurt these. We can only be hurt if we
displease our Heavenly Father.
It’s funny that the world – the mainstream human world –
is so quick to condemn and judge (those who are not like them) as
if they were God Almighty. They would also judge those who
would follow us, determining the worthlessness of any that would
join some cult, assuming that that is the worst thing that anyone
could possibly do, for they are being brainwashed and led down
the wrong track into some occult camp, and they’re going to the
devil. What is the devil like? Know your literature. What do the
fallen angels like? They like the pleasures of the human flesh –
the aspirations of this world.
What is told to you in all religious literature – that you
will find if you ever reach the Kingdom of Heaven? There, there
will be no males, no females, no children, no families other than
your relationship with God – your Lord. Your Lord is whichever
Member of His Kingdom He has given to you, assigned to you as
your Helper, your Instructor, your Teacher. This is so simple that
it sounds unreal-unspiritual. This information would be easier to
accept if it were more spiritual, if it were more complicated, if it
had more ritual with it, or more trappings of religion. In my
Father’s house, no incense is required, no flowing robes, no
tinkling bells, no genuflecting, no sitting in the lotus position, no
things of “spirituality,” even though our Father’s Kingdom
requires cleansing of the spirit/the mind. It requires ridding
ourselves of the mind of the human kingdom – ridding ourselves
of the lusts of the human world, and of the binds to the human
“Being filled with spirit” is an interesting thing for you to
think about. What happened when the illustration was made that
Jesus was with John the Baptist, and was being baptized, and a
dove descended and He was “filled with the Holy Spirit”? “Filled
with the Holy Spirit” meant that the major portion of Jesus’ mind,
His Next Level identity, was entering the body that He was
wearing to the degree that the vehicle’s human mind was no longer
affecting Him – He had aborted that mind of the human kingdom.
He was “filled” with the mind of His Father. The mind of His
Father is “Holy Spirit.” Any mind of the Level Above Human
is pure Spirit – is Holy Spirit. To think of “being filled with the
Holy Spirit” as something that comes-and-knocks-you-down-and-
your-broken-knee, is an abomination. It is anything but the
“Holy Spirit” that you’re being “filled with.” Likewise, to
“babble” in some indiscernible “mumbo-jumbo” and call it
“speaking in tongues” or “being filled with the Holy Spirit” is also
an outrage. It might be an experience of being “filled with the
spirit,” but it certainly is not the Holy Spirit.
You know, a soul is another very interesting thing,
because my Father’s Kingdom plants souls. And souls become the
great separator as they are planted. My Father’s Kingdom plants
souls in many humans each time a Representative of the Kingdom
Level Above Human is to be incarnate on planet Earth – plants
many souls in many human plants. Now, even though they’re
planted in the flesh, because the flesh is what has to be overcome,
they are really planted in the spirit of that flesh. The spirit being
the mind or the intelligence of that flesh. And you can say, “Well,
does that mean that everybody doesn’t have a soul?” Yes, that’s
exactly what it means. But it also means that anybody can have a
soul that can believe in my Father – the reality of my Father, the
reality of His Son, and the reality of His Kingdom.
In other words, those who are given the responsibility and
the task of planting those souls, plant them in all of the human
plants who have a potential of making that step – using that
steppingstone – and getting out of the human kingdom and into
that Next Kingdom Level. That soul, as the separator, helps the
individual, in their mind (in their spirit), abort human thinking,
human evaluation, human behavior, and replace it with the mind
that they get from the Representatives – the mind of the Next
Level – fill it up, fill it up, fill it up. When it is so filled and
enough aborting of human mind has occurred – then that
individual has come into viability – has come into bloom enough
that that individual is ready to go to “quartermaster” when they
leave this planet, and be issued a body, of service, belonging to the
Kingdom of my Father.
Now, let me say this: all human plants – even in their
genetic structure – have a little bit of Heavenly mind, or mind of
the Kingdom of God, mind of the Evolutionary Level Above
Human (I have to say all of those each time I say it, just to remind
you I’m talking about the same thing). Each human plant has a
little bit of that Next Level mind in it. So theoretically, and this is
true, that if there is a human listening to me who, in fact, may not
at this moment have a soul, but that plant listens to me, and says,
“Could it be true, what Do is saying? It sounds crazy, but I
wonder if that’s true?” Even that degree of curiosity would attract
the attention of the Next Level crew which is assigned to planting
souls. That crew will be sure that a separator (a soul) is
immediately made available to that individual. So that deposit of a
soul could happen very, very quickly. They’re not going to let it
happen, that any potential recipients of their Kingdom not have the
needed receptacle of Next Level spirit coming into full blossom as
pure spirit, pure mind, of the Kingdom of Heaven.
Now, let’s go back to the topic of urgency. I don’t know
if you are aware that a great deal of literature used by many
scholars today, says that the calendar that humans use is off by 4
years. And that Jesus was born in 4 B.C. Now, if Jesus was born
in 4 B.C., and this is ’96 A.D., could this be the year 2000 – the
millenium, the beginning of the end? That’s why we’re talking.
For us to surface with who we are and the information that we are
surfacing with, we know, could challenge you to want to squelch
us. It’s interesting that we see the world – we see the world – as
the anti-Truth, the anti-Christ, the spurious Messiah. The world –
those who want to stay in the world – will see us as anti-Truth,
anti-Christ, spurious Messiah. We’re prepared for that. We know
that that is inevitable at this time. That was inevitable 2000 years
ago – that is what found Jesus sentenced to die on a cross.
Remember, we said that the third type of person who can
actually be salvaged at the end, can be taken into the keeping of
the Next Level, simply because they believe in what we say. That
simple belief is what occurred in the mind of the thief who was on
the cross next to Jesus. When Jesus recognized his belief, He told
him that, `this day he would, upon their departure, be with Him in
paradise.’ He knew that he seriously believed. And He knew that
is all that it took – is for him to believe who He was. Even
believing Him in a condition when He was being killed as a heretic
– against the Church, against the systemm. The Church today
certainly will see us as against the Church. The Church of today is
not of God. Though once the true followers – the Church – were
of God. The only true Church of today are those who are
connected with the present existence of the Next Level, the
Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of Heaven – and the
Representative from that Kingdom.
This time is so exciting to us, even though we know that
it is close to our end, and that is why it is exciting to us. We don’t
expect to or want to build a Church on this planet. We don’t want
any gothic Cathedral. We don’t want any membership roll. We
don’t want to help you reproduce so that we have more children to
put on the Sunday school roll in our Church. We are a group of
believers in the Kingdom Level Above Human, who want to leave
and enter that Kingdom, and become of significant service to that
This does not mean that when in the human kingdom, that
a strong humanitarian drive is not a healthy thing. Because really
a strong humanitarian drive is motivated to improve. But if you
could only see that a human condition is a temporary condition, a
steppingstone, an opportunity to get out of this kingdom, then you
could accept this Truth. This is as scientific – this is as true as true
could be – but you have to know me, you have to trust me, you
have to believe me. Some can know me now. Some can even
know me for the first time when they see this tape and say, “I don’t
know what there is, but there’s something in my head that makes
me know that fellow, and makes me know that what he’s saying is
true. And I may be wrong, but I’m going to try to find more out
and see if that’s what I need to be a part of. Because I know that
this Earth has become something that is not where I belong.”
It’s funny – not funny – it’s really sad that a segment of
my Father’s Kingdom, in particular my personal Heavenly Father,
related to a community that is today considered the early Jewish
community, and worked with them preparing them for my
presence here 2000 years ago and now. And yet, the Jewish
community of then and now, would certainly see me as anything
but a Representative of God. The Muslims, who are considered by
some to be the enemy of the Judeo-Christians, many of them have
sustained a more real connection with God – with some higher
standards of behavior, and with more restraint. You know, one of
my students reminded me just today that they came in contact with
a Muslim who said, “Look, you know you people of the West have
a wrong idea of what we are. We don’t praise Mohammed. We
don’t worship Mohammed. We consider Mohammed a prophet of
many prophets. Many of the books of our literature are about
Jesus. And I say, `Great is God’ more than 50 times a day,
because God means so much to me.” God means so much to many
of them that they are more modest in the clothing that they wear.
Many are more on guard against sensuality and “worldly” things.
God means so much to many of them that they are willing to die
for God and justify that frame of mind more quickly than they
would a willingness to die for nation, or die for world. I’m not
saying that Muslims are the ones who are going to inherit God’s
Kingdom any more than anyone else. In the eyes of the Kingdom
of Heaven, there’s no such thing as race or color or religious
background. It doesn’t matter – none of it matters. If the extent of
your religious background was Star Trek – that in itself could be
the best background you could have, if you could accept this as
Truth, if you could accept this as reality.
This is a test time. You could easily say, “Here’s a little
bitty classroom, with some old fellow with a prune face sitting
here, calling himself Do, saying, `I’m a Representative of the
Kingdom of God.’ How can I believe that?” If you have some of
my Father’s mind in you, you will have some recognition of us
and this information. Even though once you recognize me, the
forces of this world will dive in with all their might to have you
lose that recognition, to have you not trust me, to have you come
to your senses, and come back into the service of this world.
I hope this tape session with you will be the beginning of
our relationship. If this tape session is used to validate your seeing
us as anti-God, the Anti-Christ, so be it. That’s part of what we
expect. That’s part of the necessity of what comes at this time.
It’s the common thing for us to see each other as opposites of what
we believe we are.
I’m so happy, because my time is short here. If you come
with us, your time here can be shortened. When Jesus left 2000
years ago – or the one who was in Jesus, or when I left 2000 years
ago – only a very short time after that, Truth was significantly
corrupted. So that no matter who tried to use the name of “Jesus,”
or of “Christ,” or His information – seeing it as true, seeing it as
real, referring to what had been said of what it takes to come into
my Kingdom – that fell apart, that deteriorated, that became
unimportant. It’s a miracle that His Teachings can still be found in
the gospels – they’re still there – you’d be amazed, you should
read them again. Likewise this time, after I’m gone, when we
leave, when we enter into my Father’s spacecraft in order to go
into service in His Kingdom, the Truth will deteriorate as fast as
we depart. It will leave this atmosphere within a very short time.
I hope for your sake that you will, at least, ponder this –
don’t ask your neighbors, your friends, what they think of this.
Instead, go into the privacy of your “closet” and see if you can
connect with the purest, highest source that you might consider
“God,” and ask: “What about this? Is this information for real? Is
this for me? If it is, then please give me the strength I need to
pursue it.” As soon as you tell anyone else, they will likely be
used by the lower forces as their instruments to have you not
believe, to have you stay in this world and wait for the “Heaven on
We hope to be of some service to you in this short time
before our departure. We believe it to be a very short time. So our
thoughts will be of you. We hope that your thoughts will be of our
Father’s Kingdom.