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Atheists I respect you but Darwinian Evolution sounds like archaic religion and pseudo spirituality

January 17, 2014

To follow a comment I received from a regular commenter on this blog and then my response:


The “evolutionary level above human” is a mis-use of the term “evolutionary”… evolution uses natural selection to hone all creatures great and small… evolution requires a link between creature A and more advanced creature B.

Of course there are gaps in the evolutionary record, but with interpolation we can connect the dots and it all fits together like a glove. So elegantly!!!

What you folks talk about is maybe a colloquial use of the word “evolution” (a scientific term btw… I thought you didn’t believe in science/proof — space aliens and all)

But what you folks talk about is not evolutiion — not even metamorphosis (another term used frequently on the tapes).

Maybe originally, Do thought of it in terms of evolution — but obviously, suicide isn’t nature’s way of evolving… it is nature’s way of aborting defective genes if it has any evolutionary value at all … those 39 people can’t breed now you see).

Instead of “evolutionary level above human”, you could use the term “afterlife” maybe… or the “dimension above human”… “dimension” is more math-like than science-y….. these avoids the embarrasssing reference to science and keeps it firmly in the realm of spirit/superstition/religion.

Did you learn any alien words? I’m surprised Do didn’t make up a word.


Sawyer’s response:

Ti and Do were speaking of an “evolution” of both mind and body. The human kingdom is a level of life. They said there was a mineral kingdom, a plant kingdom, an animal kingdom, a human kingdom and the level above human kingdom. They said it was ALL physical. All Kingdom levels have physical bodies. They said that the base kingdom levels have less individualistic “minds/spirits”. They said the animal kingdom do have “spirits” that exist after death of their physical body. They said a Next Level Above Human physical body was grown on a vine,  hence no need for human/mammalian reproduction. It is a misunderstanding to say I and they “didn’t believe in science/proof — space aliens and all”. I have no idea where you got this idea but it’s not unusual to miss a great deal when we read and listen to points of view we don’t tend to want to consider belief of.

As you said, “…interpolation we can connect the dots and it all fits together like a glove.” which is what everyone tends to do when they explore and have a mindset to attempt to justify. I say that all the time about what I believe and in some respects have seen where I was wrong just as those who explore Darwinian hypothesis often see where it and they are wrong. When my stepdaughter was in physics class in high school she would tell me about the Galapolos island birds beaks adapting to crack harder nuts to survive. I wondered why they didn’t just eat bugs instead of working so hard to get the nuts. But maybe they were not so inclined but contrary to what you say about that archaic mindset fitting together like a glove, I find with simple logic it hardly fits at all except in relatively minor ways. Certainly adaptability is prevalent in all species but there is no evidence that demonstrates how species change. If you know of evidence that one doesn’t have to go to University to memorize new terms and ideas to comprehend as logical then please share the links with me.

Here are some of my questions?

What stimulated a cell to make cilium into fins if that’s the idea? Couldn’t the cell move around and survive without doing so? Or did it occur in some other way. What is the science on this?

Likewise what stimulated a sea creature with fins to morph those fins into legs like a crab or did the legs come from the cell before the fins?

One can imagine that the water dried up so the finned creature was flopping around on dry land trying to live and in doing so used it’s fins and learned it could move along by pushing against the land but then by the time it could reproduce having learned that it would have died from asphyxiation. Share with me the ideas on how the mutations come about. Does it take a meteor with radioactive particles to land in the ocean to cause genetic mutation? And if so how does the mutation sort itself through all the various forms of mutation it would randomly encounter to arrive at the one that it theoretically advances it’s survival. I am aware that bacteria communicate with one another and learn and in that way grow and spread and perhaps strengthen themselves in that regard but if they simply become stronger by conquering instead of being defeated, why would they start to develop new systems and structures. If we exercise our muscles and they become stronger muscles does any amount of exercise cause them to organize into a heart versus a thigh cell. It seems to believe that cells can organize into different organs that then can be the building blocks of more complex systems and organisms would require a great deal of intelligent decision making and trial and error application.

And what about wings. What would be the motivation to grow fins into wings or legs into wings or cilium into wings, fish, reptile or insect.

If humans are the top of the evolutionary chain than how come humans don’t have the best of all creatures? Why don’t humans have wings or at least some of them. Wouldn’t they have them to get rid of them. What environmental factors could stimulate that. Does the fish see the bird and desire to fly? Or does the bird see the fish and desire to swim. In that case, since we see birds that do dive into the water for fish and sometimes fish will jump out of the sea to eat a bird but that hardly results in mutations of one another’s species to the other?

And why do humans not smell as good as dogs or run as fast as cheetahs?

What stimulated four legged mammals to start to want to stand up like monkeys? It slowed them down so couldn’t have been to better escape and there are plenty of rodents that can climb trees with four legs to get food in a tree and/or to escape a predator that can’t climb as well or as fast.

Are there computer models to suggest some answers to these questions?

Where did random evolution “decide” to put more stock into Mind development to solve problems rather than growing stronger legs or better smell or better taste and hearing and sight and perception.

And the eye. How in the world did the eye randomly evolve. What evidence of an eye is in any one cell. And what determines how many eyes are more useful. Wouldn’t it be more useful for all creatures to have eyes all over the place if it could save them from being eaten or for finding food or one’s mate or shelter? Why do horseshoe crabs have 11 eyes? Why wouldn’t some have 2, 3, 4, 10 working their way to 11 and why stop at 11? And what determines where to place those eyes? Why put an eye on the tail when it’s thought the tail is only for turning itself over or does it help to see a predator so to raise it up. Or is the presence of an eye on the tail a way of looking at a predator in the eye to scare it off in more ways than one. What amphipian or mammal would feel threatned by a horseshoe crab’s raised tail?

If all of what we know as life came about by random response to stimuli or lack of from other creatures and/or the environment’s weather conditions and food growth why do humans do so many things that seem to reverse their survival that some learn from and others don’t and why is it that the ones that don’t learn seem to dominate the ones that do.

For instance who has a better chance of surviving – a human with a gun or a human with a peace sign when confronted by something threatening their life. How did negotiation come to be seen as more evolved?

Why do so many on all sides of the fence believe it wrong to kill another human? Why is that wrong. If I can have more of what I want that I determine I NEED then why not just take it, steal it and kill to get it? Those who do that survive longer don’t they?

Isn’t that actually the example we see in history in the domineering empires? The meek become the victims of the predators just like the deer to the lion.

If the MIND is part of evolution as evidenced by humans using their mind in ways that animals don’t seem able though animals do show a great deal of mind development, just not to the degree of a human, while in some ways it seems what humans call mind development to an animal would seem counterproductive. For instance what value is there evolutionarily to art and sports and philosophy and space exploration and getting “high” and sex for pleasure alone? What’s the point of happiness based on what we are taught by society brings happiness? Does it increase anyone lifespans significantly more so than happiness derived from having adequate food, air, water and shelter from the elements and predators?

Why is it that humans seem to be “evolving” to require more and more to be content and satisfied? Why has survival of the fittest become a mindset?

If all life evolved from particles that originated in space from a big bang to the human condition to where humans began to build things from those same particles (counting life as actually everything as every particle is in process of changing by ion exchange however detectible, etc.) that they did not actually provide then shouldn’t humans have in their genetic memory all they went through to get to their current state so that they should be able to have all the answers to these questions as it’s like a computer that simply kept gathering data as it expanded it’s database?

Why is it that we die? Doesn’t science tell us that all our cells are replacing one another every moment of every day of our lives. What tells them to slow down and result in aging and wrinkles and saging flesh at a predictable age?

Isn’t it interesting that in the ancient records it was said that after a major flood that wiped out most life in a certain vicinity that there was a directive that humans would be limited to 120 years old when before that there were many who recorded ages up til 900 years old when they knew well how to count sun cycles and even write in various ways that archology easily documents AND since then it’s rare that anyone lives more than that 120. Is that evidence that whoever gave that directive knew something we still don’t understand?

Isn’t there a little logic in the facts that humans can take elements they did not provide and can make intricate machines from, that humans themselves as intricate machines would have likely come about in a similar way, with the same kind of effort and designed intelligence by beings more evolved than humans?

Why do humans have to be the top of the food chain and why do we see constant updates to even our physics throughout history yet some insist there can no longer be further updates. For instance a professor of physics scoffed at that idea that there could be additional elements to the periodic table, yet with particle bombardment at CERN  and in nuke reactors they are creating new elements with different atomic weights?

Isn’t the evidence that we are NOT the top of the heap in any respect overwhelming but requires a more evolved mind to perceive as reality that starts by being willing to consider just as one had to be willing to think there are things that are real that at one time couldn’t be seen – like the composition of particles saturating our environment yet unseen, and frequency “data” structures shooting through the particle filled air?


Ti Do and students blowing of the trumphet of Father/Son Arrival

March 30, 2011

Questions about Ti and Do’s Heaven’s Gate early days:

1) This is really good information. I’d like to know a little more about that book TI and DO wrote while in Boerne, before they hit the road in 1973. Did this book have characters, a story, a plot, settings? Did anything happen in the story?

2) The details you’ve given here on the meetings and groups splitting up is good. I’m wondering about the timeline. I’m sorry, but it’s a little confusing to follow.

3) Did Bo and Peep take their names and give the Class names at the same time? When was that?

Sawyer’s response:

1) The book was not in story form at all. It was like a lecture on the times mostly from Ti’s perspective, a Theosophical perspective that brought in both Hindu Vedic examples and Jesus examples. The setting was their both awakening but that wasn’t laid out in it. It wasn’t like an autobiography. It was a revelation but without all the figures/stories representations – just plain no nonsense talk which was Ti’s Motis Operandi.

2) The timeline for splitting up was pretty well documented. It was mid October when the news broke nationally saying the mysterious two were the two thieves applwhite and nettles. I recall that because there was a hoax meeting of the group announced at a book store in San Francisco or perhaps it was Berkley to be held on October 31st, Halloween that I went to. I don’t recall how I found out about it as the group I was in by then had broken up, though most of us agreed to meet at that book store. So there were a bunch of us milling around the book store that night and there learned a meeting had been organized at the park in Berkley a few days later which I attended as did others from my group but was organized by a group headed by Jwnody and her partner who never became an ody. Jwnody was actually pregnant at that time though didn’t seem to show much yet. A bunch of people joined from that Berkley meeting including Rkkody and rthody whose house I stayed at for a few days before heading to a Mt. Diablo camping area where new members and some slightly lesser new members were camping. There wern’t many members there who actually were with Ti and Do as I recall around the campfire telling people everything They had said and did up until we split up in Chicago. My partner was dndody then who came into the group from waldport meeting as well, as did her partner prkody who was partnered at first in Colorado with my partner in the world later named srfody (sarah). Dndody left while still in Texas in the early 80’s I’d guess. Prkody left in around 1992 and has since died.

The meeting Dndody and I and our group and another group who had traveled out there that included jnnody, gave at Worchester Public Library that was full and held about 200 people was I say, in late November of 75 as I recall heading up to Montpelier, VT from Worchester to try to organize a meeting that we never pulled off for various reasons and I recall there were 6 of us in a van eating cold canned veggies and sleeping under the stars upon which one morning I awoke covered with snow. That was a difficult time and some of the newer members who had never met Ti and Do from the berkley area, one named Lightborn and the other called himself John the Baptist, but mostly Lightborn was very disruptive, and insisted on his way. At one point I told him to leave the group as every decision was an argument.

Funny that from Montpelier, we, Dndody and I, as the last car we had broke down in Vermont actually which caused us some grief when the police picked us up and took us to the station and were going to file charges of abandoning a vehicle, ended up riding with Lightborne and the John the Baptist fellow. (by the way, many chose biblical names but he was the only one I’d heard of who took john the baptist as a name.  I was phillip for long while but often changed it. Dndody was Dandy then.

All four of us were headed south and it wasn’t long to where the car broke down and we were in a sense relieved as we hitchhiked away from the other two. Dandy and I didn’t stop until we got to Brownsville, Texas and we were still cold sleepign in our sleeping bags. It was when we passed through Corpus Christi that I had a significant (to me) “ufo” sighting over the gulf when we were bedding down (seperatly of course) on the beach just south of the city limits. It was a huge bright light bigger than any star, like 4 large stars in size that steaked as fast as a meteor parrellel to the water starting at about a 45 degree angle from the north headed due south and when it was moreorless adjacent to me but like at a 60 degree angle upwards it did a seemingly exact 90 degree turn thus appeared to head directly into the water but it didn’t go that far. It went maybe 20 degrees downwards and did a second 90 degree sharp turn so it was headed south again until it was out of sight. I heard nothing and dandy missed it as it was start to finish over in approx. 3 seconds max as it went out of sight to the south. I remember thinking, “I wonder if there was anybody in that craft” as I felt it was. (by the way, I had not joined to get a ride on a ufo as some did, who did not stay very long, when it didn’t happen soon enough). I believed in UFO’s but didn’t know what I was believing in. It was like my belief at that time in a reality to spirits aka ghosts. I’d never encountered one exactly yet it seemed obvious to me that they existed. It was only a few year ago, around 2004 that I had two so called ghost sightings I could not deny and lots of lessor sightings that may be my eyes playing tricks on me though I tend to think not.

We held a small meeting in Brownsville and then headed north again and then visited with Dnody’s friends in Houston for a few days. Dndody was missing parker and was having a hard time of it by then but stayed with me though I was like a bull in a china shop filled with evengelical zeal so we headed towards florida along the gulf and when we got to panama city we stayed at a shelter and saw a poster on the telephone pole outside the shelter advertisign a meeting that looked like the same info we were a part of so we attended and listened to these two young men talk about Bo and Peep having never met them.

Some people in the audience asked about the people in waldport that dissappeared to join a ufo that last september to which these two didn’t know about as they had joined from somewhere else from a student held meeting. So hearing that Dandy and I stood up and announced we were two from the waldport meeting and the other two then invited us to join them in giving the meeting. They had a little sports car so we couldn’t ride with them so we agreed to head back to texas to do more meetings together and we did meet near austin and they decided to go it alone and I then got it into my head that we shouldn’t limit our “ministry” to texas due to the winter, so reluctantly dandy agreed as we headed north until we got to madison, WI where we organized a small meeting and had many talks and a few small meetings on the way.

From madison we began criss crossing from west to east and then east to west moreorless following highways and going further south each time we got to the mississippi, we’d take another road north or south and head back as far as denver. We would check churches for open doors and knocked on many doors, slept in the bushes around the Austin capital ground, stayed in shelters, stayed with people who picked us up and offerred their homes, were given a motel occasionally and sometimes money and other times food vouchers and all along we talked about bo and peep and jesus and the next Level if someone seemed curious enough and at times were told to leave a church or two as they said we were possessed by the devil.

We gave a meeting in Liberal, Kansas where we went to the newpaper and they wrongly published an article saying we, phillip and dandy were the two witnesses that included advertisign our meeting. I remember thinking, what if someone wants to kill the two, are they going to try to do so to us so at that start of the meeting, though I felt ready to die for the cause, I announced that the paper got it wrong. I don’t think anybody cared though most everyone knew from the news who we were apart of.

I remember it was spring and we were sleeping outdoors in Misourri or maybe it was arkansas at night I began to plead to the god in the heavens to be shown where to go and what to do. (At that point Ti and Do didn’t instuct us to look to them exclusively. They said to tell others and to think ourselves as speaking to members of the next level who are as far away into the heaven’s as we can imagine, in order to have less a chance for a discarnate to intercept our plea/prayer).

The next day or certainly within a couple we were going to the library in Oklahoma city and saw a poster adversitign a meeting so we attended and it was Bo and Peep with 6 classmates, some of whom we had met giving the meeting. So we got to meet with Ti and Do who seemed happy to see that we were still at it.

From that point on we were assigned a group. Apparantly by then there were about 6 groups still giving meetings town to town. We were sent to join one and it was headed by a partnership of Mark (mrcody and Jwnody(who by then was very pregnant)). In fact it was maybe a few weeks later that they, Mark who also went by Phillip then and june left the group to go to a small commune who wanted the baby to deliver the baby, which they did and I didnt’ see them til a month later.

This is when Ti cancelled the “harvest”. It was April 19th 1976 at a meetign that she made the announcement. Attendance was way off by then. We didnt’ immedieatly learn of the harvest closing so did several more meetings and then we had instruction to each spend concentrated time (nearly a week) pulling silently on what’s next for us and seeking to prepare to cleanse/focus our minds on our personal overcoming. We were in ST. Louis outskirts then and got word to all gather in Wyomign at veedavou campground in the Medicine Bow National forest.

This was the official beginning of the classroom. We gathered on July 4th 1976 at Veedavou.

3) I can’t actually say for sure which names came first, the change from Bo/Peep to Do/Ti (originally spelt Te) or our first ody names but my guess is Theirs came first but nearly at the same time for sure thus, I want to say 1977 as I believe it was after we’d spent the winter of 76 in Texas and had traveled back north to Wyoming where they leased some land from a big rancher.

Mark and Sarah both have or did have excellent memories so could probably pinpoint this time near exactly. This is the kind of thing that my memory can easily get confused about whereas concepts and instructions and verbal communications and their intent have always seemed to remain fairly strong in my memory.

Ti and Do float airliner down to safety! Prophecy given to Sawyer and others?

March 24, 2011

Today, March 24, 2011, I awoke from a dream at about 7:30 am ET.  The dream was as follows:

 I was with someone else who I thought was my partner Anne but I’m not sure about who it was. We were watching a huge airliner flying overhead when it suddenly dropped. It didn’t drop or crash and the drop was not nose first and it was not a huge drop. It simply dropped as if had been hanging in the sky without forward motion and then all of a sudden it lost some feet in elevation that was significant enough to notice from our vantage point on the ground. I believe the person with me also saw the drop.

Then it began to drop further but not in the same sudden way. Instead it began to turn almost in a slow deliberate turning motion sort of the way a leaf from a tree might float down to earth, very gradually, very gently turning side to side some but maintaining it’s same balance as one would expect in a plane in flight.

There was no sense that it was traveling except downward and then it set down on the ground and there was a sense of it’s weight but there was no crash, no destruction. The next thing I noticed were what seemed like hundreds of people coming from the plane towards where we were standing and observing. I didn’t see them get off the plane but felt they were the airplanes passengers.

As they got closer I started shouting to them with exclamation…”This is a miracle, you all just witnessed a miracle – it was done by Ti and Do”. I saw zero reaction on the faces of the people I saw. It was like they didn’t even see me or hear me though I felt they could hear me but were stunned by what they experienced.

That was the end of the dream when I was woke by my partner having not heard the alarm and for the next 1/2 hour as I sought to help my 13 yr old daughter get out the door to school, it was very strange. I shared the dream with my partner and daughter asking if they had any kind of dream. neither said they recalled such. My partner though seemed especially disoriented this morning which is not at all normal for her. She was expecting me to find out what my daughter wanted for lunch, which is something I always do, but the fact that she was acting as if I had to be the one to ask our daughter when she was up and in the same room focused on also getting her out the door to school was kind of a bizarre behavior, thus my reason to say we were disoriented.

With this dream, as I have been inquiring to Do how he was to “use me”, as he said in a recent dream he felt he could, I wondered if He was giving me a type of forecast or prophecy that by putting out publicly would demonstrate the connection to Ti and Do I have (and that anyone can have if they ask Ti and Do for, though that connection and the service they must be willing to offer in some way, shape or form to demonstrate their seriousness in wanting that connection, accepting the task of sharing with others information about Ti and Do and accepting the ramifications).

I had wondered if Do would have me show anything to anyone that would seem miraculous so that people who are deluged with disinformation and illusion and distractions from what really is real all around us all the time to include a spirit world and even space alien activity, many conspiratorial human behavior and most of all a very real presence of the creators of it all, creation by the way not by some magic, but by a great deal of hard work by an entire crew as led by the Admiral, aka Ti and the Captain aka Do, who were very clearly to me the Rev. 11. Two Witnessed, the return of the same family and even individuals known in the history as The Father and Jesus (Ti and Do respectively) in new human vehicles(bodys) to fulfill the harvest of a small group of students known world wide as the Heaven’s Gate group that as a matter of fact is today days away from a 14th anniversary of their exit from the physical bodies they borrowed and layed down, put to sleep permanently, what humans call suicide but not at all the same as any others that “kill themselves” as they each had unlimited proof that they were actually with the Two Older Members from the Evolutionary Level Above Human, which their souls had been with before in the history books thus were the “saints” that came back with Ti and Do, initially via crashing some primitive spacecrafts in the Roswell and Aztec and other so called UFO crashes. They are NOT space aliens as Space Aliens are human equivalents demonstrated by a human mammalian (Mammon) agenda and actually are Luciferian (but not as depicted by hollywood or religious exactly) in their behavior and ways.

So if anyone hears of this kind of event of a mysterious letting down of an aircraft know that you heard it first and that it is one of many proves the Next Level will perhaps be willing to give to help some SEE more of the reality in this world filled with illusion.

This in no ways suggests anyone lay down their life. That’s not in store for any of us at this time, or during this lifetime. We need our physical bodies now to prove to the Next Level we want to be in their service. If we die in that service or for any other reason while believing then I believe your soul will be “saved” for a future overcoming classroom but that classroom will not begin until the planet undergoes a facial recycling as we see escalating along with human unrest and willing to put their lives on the line for what they want.

Thus we are all being put to the test of who we wish to be in allegiance to. It’s the creators or anyone else and the creators are most identified at this time as Ti and Do and crew.

Ollody’s Saturn painting and relationship to Hale Bopp Companion

March 7, 2011

Somewhere I was surfing about I came upon an internet friends use of a picture I recognized from the Heaven’s Gate classroom, in particular one that I knew Ollody had painted so I asked the friend where he acquired the pic from to which he responded, “hey Sawyer, I pulled it from if you object to my use, I’ll change it. peace”, (dumb me as I forgot it was posted there).

However, because of my typical taking of anything as an excuse to rant and rave about the group I ended up giving him a history of that painting and of course whatever came to my mind that was interelated and thought it might be worth passing on here.

Here is the thumbnail of the pic he was using:

and my disortation on this pic’s history and more:

Sawyer Heavensgate March 2 at 11:53pm Wow, thanks for asking but I’m not one to say what someone can or can’t use. I have commented to those that chose “ody” names that were not given that name by Ti and Do and I could be wrong but felt Do approved of my expressing that but in terms of the pictures, I can’t see what harm they would do.

At some point though, as I’m thinking about Do right now, in this regard you might want to give credit to the pictures creator at some point if it feels right to do. It was Ollody and that would be the name I would suggest using as that is who He most is though his vehicle’s name was Cabot Van Sinderen (By the way I met with his vehicle’s sister sometime after they layed down their lives and she felt he was very happy in the group). In the exit video’s he wore a Dr. Seuss tophat. He also was good a “burbling peas” as we had some very silly times together. He began it as a drawing and then he airbrushed it. I watched him do it when we had a “new agey type center” in Amarillo, Texas in about 1981 where he was working part of the time (as well as others – I was doing astological progressions for a few of our astrological clients. By the way, this was the only time we did this kind of enterprise and it was short lived – maybe 4 months or so and I doubt we made much money at it as that wasn’t the main idea. It was simply what Ti and Do wanted to expose us to in our classroom).

Ollody was so, so meticulous and spent many hours on those rings. It was part of a entire series that were the illustrations for a movie Ti and Do instigated and later Do and some in the class tried to peddle a few years later to Gary Kurtz’s office, a documentary maker who worked alongside Stanley Kubrick, the 2001 Space Oddessy director as another ody named Cddody who left the group in 1989 or 90?, who I still have some occasional contact with and before joining with Ti and Do worked for Gary as an editor and who was on the 3 person movie making team with Ollody and another x-member named Dncody – Richard Joslyn who since has died.

I take every opportunity to share as much history as I can for whatever it may be worth and I will probably post this on my blog though I will remove the name you are using here in case it’s real as at some point it may be quite dangerous to associate with Ti and Do and believers.

I’ve tried to gain access to the rest of the image series but have not been successful and that’s a long, long story.

There were some prints made at one point and I believe may have sold some of them in the late 1980’s in the Albuquerque area where we had them in a gallery for a time. There is actually a potential story to that picture beyond what’s I’ve already told. It was one of two planets that he painted for the series. The other was pluto which we know now is not considered to be a planet which is interesting too because Ti and Do depicted pluto as a Next Level base for operations with the Earth garden they created from scratch, however they do that exactly I have little idea about. Anyway I hadn’t thought of their being any significance to that pic of saturn beyond it’s brilliant rings until…well yesterday or the day before but I was just a couple hours ago thinking about what I just read about Saturn in relationship to the Hale-Bopp Comet. Here is an excerpt from an article:

“November 14, 1996: Chuck Shramek takes a CCD image of the comet. One of the background stars displays some spikes, giving it a “Saturn-like” look. On Art Bell’s radio show, Mr.Shramek announced this Saturn-Like Object (SLO) to the world. The rumor spread on the net that this object was a huge spacecraft (3 times as large as the Earth). The original image is compared to the Palomar Sky Survey, and the SLO is identified as star SAO 141894.” But this rumor of the SLO was part of the basis of saying the companion idea was absurd as if it had been as big as Saturn and/or 3 times the size of earth, it would have been so very bright so not to be mistaken for a star or anything else. For this reason it became very easy for some to dismiss the entire premise of a companion. A huge side note to this is that there had been a number of amateur sky watchers: (STACE TUSSEL and according to Stace, Ron Russel) that were using binoculars to watch Hale Bopp in October of 1996, who watched this so called star SAO 141894 stay with Hale-Bopp over a number of days while Hale Bopp moved considerably each day. Stars don’t move hardly at all. In the words of Stace: “In the fall of 1996, my friend Ron Russell and I were together one evening when we first heard about Comet Hale-Bopp. Detailed coordinates allowed us to locate the “new” comet in the sky with just binoculars. As I recall we followed the directions precisely by first locating a certain notable star through the binocs, then we looked a few degrees to the left of it and up by a certain number of degrees. There it was! Unmistakable – and beautiful. What a sight: a bright nucleus shedding a misty dust field behind it. I can’t say how I knew this right away, but I straightaway noticed a spot of light in the tail that seemed distinctly unnatural, and pointed it out to Ron. Over the next few nights we continued to follow the comet as it coursed past the star background, the object in the tail as obvious as a clingy puppy. I’m no astronomer, but I knew that something was excitingly “wrong” about the light following Hale-Bopp. Night after night we watched the two lights riding side-by-side through space. (Note, this was BEFORE the late Chuck Shramek released his photo of Hale-Bopp and the companion object. Ron and I were, we later found out, among many other, lucky discoverers of the “hitchhiker.”) ”

And these amateur observers noted that after Hale-Bopp comet left our viewing area by going behind the Sun, when it re-emerged the object was not to be found.

Also note that many photographs were taken by hubble and by many amateur sky watchers right up until and after it came it’s closest to Earth, therefore after it went behind the sun that clearly showed TWO “tails” thus one could speculate that the object either cloaked or merged closer to the nucleus to purposely be totally hidden.

Sure it’s after the fact now, but given my experience with Ti and Do, this would be just like the Next Level’s motis operandi to be sure that an object was visible for a time so it would be reported because Ti knew well that Do had his eyes, ears and feeler opened wide to every avenue he could day and night to signals from Ti. Few people can fathom the type of communication Do had with Ti, speaking of after Ti left the physical vehicle she chose for her part of the task, as she said to Do early on that puzzeled Do until after her vehicle died, “I’m here to just get you (Do) going and then I’m going back”. (Do said he wondered what she meant by that and he also scratched his head thinking…”was she thinking of going back to her vehicle’s family in Corpus Christi?”, a very strange thought to consider. One might think, why didn’t Do ask her what she meant if it was that puzzleing. And I don’t know for sure, except that there were a number of times that I didn’t ask Ti or Do certain questions bbecause it either didn’t occur to me at the time or because, frankly I was almost always in a state of awe with them, but espeically with Ti whom I had much less one on one relationship. They didn’t command that kind of awe nor intimidate me by “putting me in my place” to where I feared asking them certain questions, though my awe did have a part of it that didn’t know if I’d be stepping out of line. They weren’t like chums to students and I don’t think Ti was like a chum to Do. I could go into this a great deal but I’ll save it.

But re: the companion’s hide and seek behavior, I believe the Next Level at that point and apparantly all along, even back to Jesus and back to Moses times is careful NOT to appear human or space alien (human equivilent) to humans they especially consider prospective candidates to become seed hosts for incoming previously “saved” ” “saints”, those more experienced Souls who in their last lifetime and before then had had physical relationship(s) with a member of the Next Level, ie. Jesus, Moses and died in His(Their) belief and service. However with the so called UFO crashes in the late 40’s and early 50’s that they staged staying that hidden would have been an exception, though for a very short time period before the mission was underway as They want to demonstrate their difference from the onslaught of space alien crafts that they knew would be let loose on Earth once the classroom and Do exited their pphysical vehicles and I beleive the immedieate atmosphere and vicinity of Earth.

Ti and Do said the Next Level doesn’t want to give undisputible proof to anyone who still had the potiential to become one of their students. I understand that to be because of how such so called proof would be manipulative of our faith in them, the way the Luciferian space aliens did to Paul of Tarsus and others, like with Fatima and many other examples. The people that experience such supernatural looking events become mystified and mesmerized and hat gets recorded in history and passed on to future generations.

The strongest and most necessary faith comes from maintaining the day to day grind of not knowing for sure, and never stopping the press to see and know more even though to do so is difficult and plagued with a type of self doubt. One can never assume they can predict what the Next Level through their Older Members, in the most recent case, in the names Ti and Do might do in any given situation the reason They taught the classroom to become comfortable and honest with the idea that pertaining to the individual, “I could be wrong”.

So, a mouthful when all I needed to say was, “no problem I’m aware of your use of the pic”. Go in peace and thank’s again for asking.

…to which my friend replied, “Thanks for all that information. I’m sure i’ll mine you for more 🙂 peace.”

Was the Heaven’s Gate/Hale Bopp group murdered?

March 1, 2011

Are there any grounds to believe that Do and students aka the Heaven’s Gate group were murdered?

Apparently someone is spreading the idea and of course why not consider it. The shadow govt in the US has certainly done many shady deals. Instigating and then letting or even partially orchestrating and/or facilitating, even by not apprehending and/or intercepting one or all of the 9-11 attackers/airliners certainly has a great deal of grounds to consider something conspiratorial and sinister afoot, as with all the assassinations in the 60’s/70’s – JFK, RFK, MLK, Malcom X, John Lennon etc. – anyone who threatens the existing power structures by gaining people support. However, there was no people support for Bo and Peep (Do and Ti).

I know first hand that these were not murders in any way whatsoever though I know some say they murdered themselves or believe Do mesmerized them to euthanize themselves, both of which is preposterous when you know the full story.

They each knew exactly what they were doing and for a few, if they had any reservations they felt it was worth the gamble, what some would call the leap of faith. Of course for those with no faith in the real existence of a Creator Kingdom of  evolutionarily Above Human beings(mentally and physically), where Jesus  and Moses and Their  Father/Lord originated from then it would have seemed useless and/or insane.

I, known as Sawyer was with them from 1975 – 1994 which included when we talked about exiting our bodies by ingesting strong sleep/death inducing drugs. Do asked each student in group if they had an reservations after explaining the procedure.

This was days after the 2nd public dissemination of Ti and Do’s information that began 1/1/1994 and ended by early September of 1994 that began from Escondido, CA as 4 groups in vans going in separate directions and ended with meetings in New Hampshire.

Do actually first brought up the idea of “self assisted exit of our vehicles” while camping in eastern Massachusetts but just in a general way saying “we might have to take our exit into our own hands” which was because no one cared about what we were saying no matter how bold we were. I think in the New Hampshire meeting that was south of Portsmouth that I primarily spoke at, only a news reporter showed up to so it did become a picture in the paper that’s somewhere on the net.

But further evidence that this was not a murder was the fact that we had been considering the method of exit of our bodies and/or the planet since day one in 1975. Sure at first it was thought we’d be picked up by spacecraft. Ti and Do thought that so they said so. For some reason I in all honestly didn’t believe that then. I didn’t disbelieve it either. It just was something I had a hard time relating to. I did not join because of the UFO hype which by the way started because early students designed posters for meetings using UFO as a headline. When Ti and Do learned of it, they said they would have done it differently as they preferred to refer to the way members of the physical evolutionary level above human travel as spacecrafts though in statement one that Do wrote he did put in parentheses “UFO” alongside his biblical reference to the way Jesus exited by being lifted up into or taken away by a “cloud of light”. At that time Ti and Do who were then called Peep and Bo respectively thought all that would be seen as a spacecraft were Level Above Human aka Kingdom of God transportation. When they learned more about the reported behaviors on board crafts as depicted by contactees and abductees Ti knew they were not members of the Next Level as was the short name, next because it was a humans next opportunity to naturally advance beyond it’s mammalian kingdom level nature.

As Ti and Do thought they would get bumped off, which they were simply reading in the Rev. 11 prophecy that they figured they must be as they at first while still in Houston in 1973 first became aware that they had come from outer space and had a task to perform that had something to do with the bible and bringing some updates. It was a year later that they awakened to being the Two Witnesses in Rev. 11.

When the demonstration of rising from the dead according to their understanding of Rev 11 didn’t seem to be in the cards though there was significant anger against them, even hatred from all sectors, even  but especially from family members of Their followers and from their point of view somewhat understandably as they “know not what they do” Ti and Do believed the demonstration wasn’t going to happen because we, the students weren’t ready for Them to leave. Ti said at that time that the “demonstration was cancelled” though they said they felt shot down when Walter Cronkite announced on CBS national that authorities had discovered the names of the Mysterious Two who were responsible for people walking away from their lives in Waldport, Oregon, (though several dozen from San Francisco and Los Angeles) where I incidentally was building a tee pee styled small house from logs I cut down in the woods on a piece of land we were homesteading in a hippy kind of way.

I’ve detailed a broader picture of the Rev 11 prophecy that actually fits Ti and Do to a T in infovideo:

After some years they thought they might exit their vehicles and/or earth before us and they asked us how that made us feel.

Then they felt on two occasions that we might get picked up by a spacecraft, once while near San Antonio and the second time after Ti’s vehicle “died” of cancer from near Albuquerque where we had engaged an indeterminate length fast that Do changed to water for 13 days with some of us thinking we would die in the desert there or get picked up.

By 1992 or so, after we watched the Branch Davidians get murdered by the ATF/FBI Do considered whether we could stimulate the govt to help us exit. Do asked what we thought about having some guns with blanks in them to provoke the govt with. In 1996 they actually bought two rifles while they were building an “earth ship” near Manzano, NM (not sure of that exact town name).

Then by 1994 having assisted many to leave in various ways direct and indirectly Do wondered if going pubic again might be met with anger enough to do us in but it didn’t.

Thus the two discussions I sited of self assisted exit.

All the while from at least 1990 the group Do had a book called the Hemlock society which talked about all the ways to  self assist one’s vehicles death. It was not available to the students at that time. I saw it once when I was called into Do’s quarters. Later it was put into our student library but it was never mandatory reading.

I was willing then to entertain taking such exit in our own hands.

The castrations were more evidence that this was a serious group that were willing to do whatever it took to show the Next Level that we wanted to be graduated to their “heavenly kingdom above human”. I gave my first hand testimony on the entire couple year discussion/consideration of voluntary castration in my info-video:

Ti and Do were also always one step ahead of investigators hired to look for their clients loved ones who were all adults and who informed their families of their choice though went for 8+ years without any contact. I say this because Ti and Do were very good at hiding and we moved a great deal.

When we moved into houses from being outside between Wyoming and Texas according to the season, with our tent city, we were told Ti was quite upset thinking that we wouldnt’ exit by spacecraft if we were in a house.

We also talked about growing old living the way we were, until one by one we died off and Do hated that prospect.

At one point in the early 1990’s Do contracted a case of Rocky Mountain Spotted Tick fever and he was very sick and very weak and he told some who visited him in the house he and his two most consistent student helpers were renting near Loveland, Co that he knew he could just curl up and exit his body and that he asked Ti if that was okay, as Ti had already exited by way of the cancer. Ti’s response was that it was Do’s choice. Do said he worried that we the students would flounder and go back into the world if he left so he decided to stay to see his task through.

Ti and Do didn’t ever relish the idea of being killed by someone. They used to joke that “I hope they shoot straight” as they didn’t want themselves or students to be left as vegetables.

And they felt Jesus demonstrated a self assisted exit by willfully walking into a setup to capture him that he knew would result in his being put to death.

It was simply a matter of when and how we’d be exiting our bodies, for instance at another’s hand or on board a spacecraft because Ti and Do never thought the Evolutionary Level Above Human (and Above all human equivalent space aliens) had much use for antiquated mammalian vehicles(bodies) as they Know that the Soul, a container that starts as a seed that they implant into selective human subjects who are desirous of working for whatever they consider to be the Kingdom of God.

Sources of Information for Ti and Do and Student (Saints)

February 11, 2011

Here are the list of current sources I can stand behind as being authentic. There are people creating sites and video’s and such that are not authentic, while there are some who are also producing video’s where they are doing the best job they can do, but from new believers thus may or may not contain inaccuracies. If you come across anything I’d like to know about it so I can see if they are presenting inaccurate information. It’s just a matter of time before there is more and more disinformation circulated just as occurred after Jesus exited, starting subtly with Paul of Tarsus.

Number one direct source of info is still at:
You can copy and paste all the articles and statements there. There is a site but I don’t know how reliable they are as I don’t know who maintains it, but you used to be able to download this same book in .zip format at:

The two individuals who are continuing to maintain the site were given that task by Do before they exited. They were also left with the book for publishing which they have done. If you write to the email address on that site you might be able to buy the softcopy book that is all the info that is otherwise provided for free on the site though it’s bound and may have some additions.

Second equally good source for as long as it stays as it is today, is YouTube channel:
which has the Beyond Human Video Series posted and many of the Exit Video’s They produced before exiting their physical vehicles.

On YouTube find a video series plus three other videos at:

I maintain a site at:
where I have a year’s worth of podcasts free for listening and downloading plus many blog entries.

Next I maintain a blog at:

and then of course here on Facebook under:

I have published some articles on:

There is also a stash of actual digitized audio tapes from the actual inside the classroom meetings. Most times Ti and Do met with the group of students it was taped. There are well over 400 hours of these tapes going back to 1980 where you can get a feel for Ti as she was with us til 1985 and Do during that time and thereafter. The quality is not good but it’s able to be heard. That site is currently provided by Carlan who was in the classroom for a short time in 1994 but who is a full believer advocate of all of Ti and Do’s teachings. When Carlan first put these tapes online they were for free download but since then (some years ago) 4shared has begun to charge to download. None of what they charge goes to Carlan. The address is:

I would also suggest purchasing Rio’s book entitled: Beyond Human Mind though I don’t know where you can find it.

After that if you have questions I will try to help you by writing me an email at:

Two Witnesses Father Jesus Second Coming as Ti Do Part 11 Religion=Soul Stagnation

February 10, 2011

You can watch the video link below which comes with some original music or skip the link and read the text of the info-video.

Note: By religion I am not saying there aren’t plenty of people in such organizations who are intensely dedicated to the Kingdom of God as they best understand it and their participation. Therefore it can be a “stepping stone”. However, if it’s participation keeps one from opening up to all the new things that are happening at any time in history then that is where even good intentions can become lost.

More on the 4 Horsemen in Rev.6:Some feel the White Horse is False Religion & Antichrist. Ti&Do said,ALL RELIGIONS ARE “KILLERS OF SOULS” thus all Religion is false belief as they’re all built on Luciferian distortions.

But what is Religion? It’s the adherence to, trust of, participation & allegiance to an organization & it’s leaders as claiming to represent in whatever cultural reference the Creator(s) of the Universe.

Even w/the best of intentions among religious leaders they insert a human interface between participant humans & that Creator Kingdom,a natural lure as a facsimile of the Creator’s use of human interface eg. Moses & Jesus.

However,this facsimile still serves the Creator’s purpose by spreading the core teachings of their representatives & instills a more civilized societal standard of behavior than what the previous Creator rep. had introduced.

For instance Moses teaches “an eye for an eye”,while Jesus says to “turn the other cheek”. Moses is still working w/mammalian styled justice while Jesus is introducing the Soul as the more valuable life form to preserve.

In other words, Jesus is saying that we must grow to a willingness to sacrifice the body’s well being, as a show that the Soul seeds, the Creator plants are “taking”, aka bonding/grafting by faith to the provided Branch.

The physical body has no proof that “turning the other cheek” will in any way be beneficial & even goes against it’s mammalian nature but when that body dies, the Soul that still remains is aware they haven’t perished.

They’re met by invisible workers from the Creator’s kingdom which proves what they were willing to believe before their physical death which constitutes greater faith. But all who become discarnate interact w/living humans.

Living humans who are actually sophisticated time share biological computer systems are influenced & taught by their experience to include what the discarnates attracted to them experienced and believed before they died.

A type of directed mental evolution/devolution results as the living human accepts/rejects certain ideas/beliefs & perceptions & integrates them into their lives & the lives of others & passes some on to their offspring.

Since many humans die w/o having been seeded by the Creator Kingdom, they continue to  provide for doubt in what those who are seeded come to recognize together w/less willingness to adopt more civilized behaviors.

That’s why Jesus was forgiving of those that even put his vehicle to death: “Luk 23:34 Then said Jesus, Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.”

& why those who are given that direct Creator Crew attention by incarnate reps are held to a higher standard. “Lk 12:48…For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required:…”

But the big way religions are killers of souls starts by their convincing people they’re on a path to Heaven by simply agreeing to the terms, conditions, practices, service(tithing) & minimum behaviors of that organization.

& they have zero idea how to identify the REP. when They incarnate again because they weren’t taught the KoG’s motif operandi BUT talk confidently that they’re the KoG’s chosen while not knowing hardly anything the Rep said.

Luciferians work hard to brainwash us touting LOVE & PEACE as tenants of the Kingdom of God’s(KoG) teachings.Shrewd wolves.These ARE BEHAVIORs of members of the KoG, but don’t bring us to OVERCOMING OUR world(humanness).

Yes,humanitarianism (helping fellow humans, poor,sick,disadvantaged,etc. & environmentalism (reasonably using our resources w/care for the health & well being of all creatures) are also “WAYS” of members in the KoG.

But when a woman was anointing Jesus w/ointment some students complained of it’s expense saying better to sell it & give to the poor. But Jesus said,”…the poor you have always w/you…”.He knew his burial was coming soon.

I’m referring to this because of how some think Ti&Do couldn’t be the promised return if they didn’t take care of the poor, etc. We did give a needy family one of our cars once when the situation arose.

Ti began an organization called Angel Helpers consisting of students to offer help to the aged but then nixed it due to legal issues. But Their task wasn’t to serve humans it was to teach us to serve the Next Level(KoG).

& students task then was to hit the deck running to try to make the steep grade to qualify for Ti&Do’s crew, a team.The reason for the 2nd great commandment,”love your neighbor as yourself” was to prepare us to serve KoG.

Religions do generally purport these tenants yet are still “killers of Souls” because we can be humanitarian yet not regularly, privately asking for the WILL of KoG for us while watching for the answers w/openness to change.

It’s generally believed that such thinking is reserved for those who join clergy in some way/terms, another major distortion opening up the misnomer that becoming part of clergy is more godly & someone to look up to.

Next thing we know,we primarily talk to KoG the way that clergy interprets the record(bible,etc.) & it’s intended application. Jesus called this the “blind leading the blind” applicable then & now.

It’s inevitable for Religions to form some time after the member of the Next Level physically exits & w/it a gradual distortion. Thus all Religions qualify as a pathway, though no less or more than a non-religious endeavour.

That’s because the KoG isn’t a RELIGION nor more approving of one over another.Do was pleased w/the way Islam, at least in theory respects modesty(the original reason to wear a covering) & other Moses instructions.

Sure many people in the so called developed world, really a way of saying, soul devolved world, because of how people begin to think they are superior, look down on others who don’t seem as sophisticated & intelligent.

Religions to include all spiritual practice are pathways as long as one keeps EYES OPEN outside any of it’s confines while ready & even eager to change their comfort zone in terms of belief, practices & life circumstances.

Hard times come upon us & as has been said, can bring people closer to one another AND to the KoG, even if from desperation. When times are good,fewer seek God’s help & are less willing to change & ASK for help.

Expecting govt to help us is understandable when we all pay so many taxes & fees all our lives but govt’s aren’t compassionate & always morph to great anti-KoG corruption whether they are religious or secular based.

One of many examples in the U.S. is the song,America…God shed His Grace on thee…”.Grace=gift,endowment,deliverance,favour which most think of as material prosperity but for KoG=Soul Harvest Classroom Opportunity.

Now, many modern day Christians, but actually religionists & spiritualists are becoming moreorless atheists talking mystically mixed w/lust for wealth while avoiding any who don’t fit their particular dogma.

We don’t feel hedonistic (living for one sensory satisfaction to the next) & it’s not like there’s anything wrong w/doing so. It is simply a degreed option, but it can lead to settling into norms we become addicted to.

Whether it’s Nepal or Columbia, Amsterdam, the U.S. or anywhere it’s the same story. The land is filled w/ReligioSpiritualNewAge commercialist hedonistic atheism that’s falling to pieces causing global polarization from KoG.

Cathedrals,temples, mosques,corporate & governmental buildings abound as the seed of Luciferians from 1 or more of Earth’s &/or other planetary civilizations thrive upon the mass of their human unwitting subjects.

The choice is still ours though. Isn’t the handwriting on the wall plain as day.This Global system called in Revelation Babylon the beast will consume itself,the very people that aided it’s manufactured self righteousness.

Meanwhile Christian sects will rally membership to send their manpower & monies oversees,while in their backyard people are hurting.They often fall into the pit of becoming the judge of who deserves help & who doesn’t.

Even the Salvation Army in many areas requires people to sit through a religious service to receive help.There are of course many exceptions & people that would give you their last can of food or clothing off their back.

The KoG has ways of genuinely noticing what we do but mind you, what happens to our physical body, though often very difficult doesn’t impact our Spirit &/or Soul unless we allow it/choose for it to by distancing the KoG.

Tithing,ceremonies,glorification of hierarchy(support) & of SAINTs by committee,bowing to statues,adornments,meditations(prayer) in groups,mantra(songs),limiting study materials,persecutions of challengers all can=SOUL DEATH!

Why? Because all that is for ourselves alone,though we can claim it helps this or that person w/this or that aliment, mental or physical & of course techniques can help, but what they help us to be is more glued to humanness.

Let’s face it, Humanness=death.Of course the most walking dead are those that think there is nothing else. Even Space alien worshippers are dead because the space aliens are dead. At this time dead=even of Spirit.

Had I not been given a huge chunk of foo foo juice, angel dust, smelling salts and you had, then you’d be writing this & I’d be thinking your nuts or are afraid of death or jealous of those w/success to live for.

In the US it has hit huge proportions in Christian mini-empires w/commercial interests galore,whether it’s SunYung Moon’s cult, Catholicism or Evangelical Radio/TV/satellite/Internet BUSINESS operations & all anti-Jesus.

But what’s the problem w/business if it’s geared to help people eat & come to Jesus?Because they don’t come to a REAL Jesus! So, when KoG member(last named Jesus)returns no one has a clue how to identify Him so they miss out.

But more importantly than any one person missing out,is how they influence other’s to also miss out.That’s why it’s crucial to allow others to make up their own mind while learning the motif operandi of all members of KoG.

But the Luciferians hardly stop creating their facsimile’s of the KoG program as when some see through organized religion, they become prey for alternatives, spiritual,paranormal,shamanic,metaphysical & even atheistic.

Of course a quaestor traversing thru one or more of these belief forms,including belief in nothing(all still hypothesis),often settle & have their Souls further doomed by “the cares of the world”, as Jesus referenced them.

The entire CULT buildup in the 60-70’s was the response to the KoG’s incarnate membership, providing the LIGHT all seekers were drawn to, though most found a Luciferian influenced religious related facsimile.

It didn’t hurt anyone UNLESS they stopped WATCHING & totally preoccupied their time w/building their own mini-empire,the success of which self absorbs them into an authority, thus “What’s God got to do, got to do with it”

As Jesus said,”many are called but few are chosen”.This was the reason for the migration to Calif.,because Ti&Do & crew(saints) were to begin blowing the horn(shofar) in the City of God(Angels=New Jerusalem=Los Angeles,1975.

But though only a few are chosen at a time, ALL have opportunity, the reason the KoG made sure the Ti&Do story, then Bo & Peep, or UFO Two would be international headlines, actually in 1975-6 & 1997 as Heaven’s Gate til now.

What some mean when they say the WHITE Horse=AntiChrist is that those Anti Christ will commandeer the term:Gr.leuko=white light, also brilliance,of course being the primary way Luciferians partly distort KoG’s communication.

Luciferians are dropout Souls who hate the KoG & strive to do whatever they can to steal Souls from the KoG if they can so they create facsimiles of what they know is generally coming as they once participated in KoG work.

They are real beings,but they’d rather we believe they are not.They create an image of a red pitchforked devil so when they come in soft spoken w/flowing WHITE robes we’ll not suspect they are in fact seeking our allegiance.

The Firey RED reference to a devil,expressed before as Communist,Fascist & Republican, though totally muddied stands for Atheist despite Religious talk & appearances thus are all represented by the Rev 6 RED WAR HORSE.

But this is not to say,Socialists,Democrats & all the other labels w/or w/o their religio-spiritual banners are any less the RED WAR horse.Isn’t it interesting that WHITE stands BETWEEN RED & BLUE in the U.S. Flag.

Isn’t it interesting that most religio-spiritual organizations have largely captured WHITE as their common ICON adding confusion so that some interpret the WHITE Horse in Rev 6 as anything but the genuine KoG colorlessness.

Some interpret the origin of the term HUMAN as a Hue=color/shade of MAN as MAN is what we can BECOME minus hue having outgrown race & gender as MAN is color/gender less, a next evolutionary step above HUMAN mammalian.

Luciferians past work for KoG was largely in the last civilization on Earth,but their renegade mindset began before Earth. KoG keeps some around to use as a type of fertilizer to help grow the Soul seeds they plant.

Eve,the name of Adam’s partner,both as starting seeds for the latest Soul garden plot on Earth was deceived into breaking the Lord’s instruction thus “her desire shall be to thy husband & he shall rule over her”

Many talk of this as a punishment.Sin means “missed the mark/goal”.The 1st goal was to learn to follow  KoG’s instructions.But these two weren’t alone in that so called “garden” area.This so called Serpent was there.

Serpent here is Hebrew nachash – to hiss(like a snake),whisper,enchant, foretell which Eve was the subject of & whom she was tempted by.This was a KoG test.Ti & Do called everything the KoG did an experiment.

It wasn’t a serpent or literal snake, though there may be some relationship to reptilian.Gen 3:1 Now the serpent was more shrewd than any living creature of the wild which the Elohim had made.

Mind you, Elohim meant rulers,judges,above human beings. Today Luciferian space aliens captured Rael’s mind & said they were Elohim,though they slipped up in saying they didn’t actually create the planet,just the humans.

Lord To Serpent:”Gen 3:15 & I will put opposition between you & the woman & between thy seed & her seed;it shall bruise thy head (shake you from your height) & you shall bruise her heel(cause her stumble along her path).

So this Living Being translators called serpents(mystifying the story)also had SEED(offspring) thus were reproducers like humans & became some of our human genetic ancestors. Here’s the origin of Rael’s Elohim:

Remember the talk of the fallen angels:Gen 6:1-2 It came to pass,when men began to multiply on the face of the earth & daughters were born to them,that the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair;

& they took them wives of all which they chose.Hebrew,Ben=child(of Elohim).But even if they were Sons doesn’t mean they became ADULTS in KoG as then they wouldn’t have had a reason to take a wife,nor a way to make babies.

They weren’t Son’s of God in the way Jesus was said to be a Son of God,though he didn’t refer to himself that way.He referred to himself as a Son of Man, because He,the Soul from the KoG took over the body prepped for him.

So yes, He is an invisible to the human eye Being but that’s not the same as a human when they are without a physical body.Their Soul body is far more dense & powerful & has a above-human body in it’s KoG environment.

But the way we most see Luciferians is through the humans they commandeer to do their bidding;religious & spiritual leaders where religion is ANY Systematic,organized Belief even called Science “theory” & anti-theist belief.

It’s not the belief itself that is problematic as that’s our exercise of free will, it’s forming organizations around beliefs w/ hierarchy to administer & act as authorities of beliefs that constricts our growth potential.

Naturally organs. will arise w/their deification whether in scientific,spiritual, governmental,social or environmental ways. It all serves a purpose in defining which “god” we EACH wish to place our primary allegiance.

Luciferians know their time is short til they’re forced underground again to escape the upcoming recycling period.Rev.20:2…& bound him a 1000 yrs…cast him into the bottomless pit,shut him up,no deceiving nations til…

Luciferians who make up most of the Space Aliens have discarnate counterparts (all who die in their alignment,conscious or not) convince humans they don’t exist now or historically &/or that the Kingdom of God doesn’t exist.

They convince others that Humans are equivalent to Gods & they often use Jesus quotes. For instance:Luk 17:20…Pharisees demand when the KoG should come, he said…It doesn’t come w/observation…KoG is within you.

So yes, a chip/deposit/seed from the KoG is put literally inside those horses they feel are ready(thirsty).That’s  like adopting a pet dog.The pet gets the tag/master but it’s a long road to becoming a human.

Luciferians love to beef up humans & do anything to keep them from recognition of the KoG as real,many  membered & obtainable. Most Religio-spiritual-atheists ALL have been snookered & will fight to the death ignoring it.

They say God,Jesus,the Universe, Leaders & even Space Brother Aliens love us & all we need to do to be saved/have Heaven/Utopia is accept it,give homage,pray,meditate,do yoga,feel love, chant/sing w/good intentions.

Do we think deer & antelope believe the same when the lion is devouring their children? I am not mocking any who gravitate to such beliefs & practices.But refusing to open up to what’s more real is a consequence.

No one wants to feel confused or a fool or as being used & manipulated, so the Luciferians play on such.Everyone at some point wants to feel of value to themselves & others & that’s played on us as well.

Many think we can Save the Planet & humanity,eliminate hunger,cure all disease,stop pollution, halt wars,stop abuses & deceit through any of the aforementioned beliefs w/the addition of technologies, yet another god form.

Sure there are evidences of all having certain successes so one could surmise if we all thought/acted the same we’d have our Utopian society.Actually Ti & Do briefly spoke to this prospect in response to their critics.

They said if all humans did become peaceful, compassionate,loving, etc. then The Level Above Human(KoG) members could walk among us & use the Earth, calling it a “Heavenly Body” as a base for nearby Garden operations.

That would be like humans having an animal pet farm of sorts where some of the animals that gravitated to serving their human masters are given more & more tasks until they desired to try to even become like their masters.

Then,they’d be provided the Overcoming Process,the ticket being their willingness to give their ALL while clinging to nothing in their past.The 1st stage being belief in one’s master,the Moses experiential classroom.

Jesus took that group through their next phase while among those who were new to the Masters ID stimulated candidates for a NEXT firsttimer classroom consisting of those who believe in Him after he exits his physical body.

The final phase for that original classroom is what we witnessed in Ti&Do’s group,while now there are both potential first time believers & second timers.I’m talking Souls here but they all must work thru human vehicles.

To create this classroom environment great challenges need to be set up.First time Belief is a big one but then belief & service is yet another.The human body we wear though of essential value to us is a tool w/limited use.

When we become a student in any of these stages, we don’t decide when our vehicle/tool has served it’s function.The Next Level decides that & gives us permission to exit,including at times their taking away protections.

This was the case for Do & His students.Each student had to prove to Do they were ready to exit in what the world would see as coerced suicide but that’s because the humans w/o a growing Soul aren’t more than their body.

Thus for all those who weren’t in that particular classroom(though there may have been a few exceptions), it would have been a sad suicide. But by what criteria did Do give students such permission?

Well, I know I could be wrong about this, but feel the main criteria from Do’s perspective was the fact that Ti was outside her vehicle so could KNOW whether a particular student was genuinely ready enough.

Do knew he might be able to be fooled.From the beginning Ti & Do said they didn’t “read” us.They took us for our word & actions. However, Do was very much in touch w/Ti while she was in her vehicle & I suspect more so after.

But how did that transpire? Did Ti put thoughts in Do’s head? Not exactly. He,as Ti when she was in her vehicle said,every night They spent hours thinking about & asking their invisible Older Members how to help each student.

From that periodically they would get ideas that they called lesson steps which ended up putting certain students to the test. Going into each lesson they didn’t always know which students would be most tested.

But it became very apparent into the lesson step. One early lesson step was simply thinking about food as fuel & preparation of food as an experiment & what humans call a kitchen was called a Nutri-Lab.

A recipe=a formula w/the result=BODY CHANGES,the metamorphic transformation within that by ADHERING TO yielded the Soul’s birth. It wasn’t different terms nor food yielding changes.It was trusting/bonding w/our Older Members.

Some students had thoughts critical of Ti&Do’s every move.They had to learn to shut them off. Some thought it was silly, another BOOGER what we called a discarnate INFLUENCE, actually a ticket to a strong will thru  blocking.

Meanwhile various Luciferian types which can be many, many beings inhabiting human or equivalent vehicles are second guessing where, when & how a Next Level Above Human classroom will arise to try to thwart the effort.

The KoG returns undercover,like a thief in the night(secretly) & brings back all the Souls in the program.The presence of Their huge MINDs open the doors to advancement in ALL forms & particularly where the OM’s incarnate.

A result is great leaps in inventions,prosperity, freedoms,spiritual seeking,etc.The Luciferians take advantage of this climate seeking to distract from the FACT that the opportunity is a gift to test whether we want more.

If the human has even a little sense of a Creator,they may try lots of things but can get KoG help to not become entrenched. Others see these as, just not having what it takes, making bad choices, not finding their niche.

This occurs mostly in material terms,having little desire to find/make/press into success.They hate the manipulations & game playing to compete to get ahead. The Luciferians try to entrap them in other ways.

They may break the law & get locked up, or create ties to a mate/family development or become dependant on various substances. Of course even those w/success easily become entrapped. However these really fear/avoid changes.

Even if we are miserable,we can become comfortable in that condition.The Luciferians will try to entrap us w/a very strong drug: religiosity/spirituality.Gratitude for freedom from a tainted past can block further openness.

For each of us, it’s like the story of Job.The Luciferians know we are a prize & the KoG allows those Luciferian discarnates to test us, knowing that if we always return to asking the KoG for help, we’ll get it.

The test now! To take a next leap of faith to ask Ti and Do for help. They are not and will not be in human physical vehicles again in this current civilization thus ask in private as often as you wish about anything.

At times they will answer in a dream, at others by a fellow human’s mouth, or by a TV show or movie. At times there won’t be any apparent answer which IS also an answer. The Luciferians will continue to try to dissuade you.

At times you may feel nutty talking to Ti & Do. You will hear all kinds of rebuttals against them. You will not  have all the answers but you will begin to trust you’re being given what you need.

I have done a great deal of writing about all this. I know my writing skills are terrible & I have little time & have lots of interference w/putting these out. You can find more info in the following locations:, Heavensgate & actual tapes of Ti & Do’s classroom meetings are available at:

Two Witnesses Ti Do Father Jesus Second Coming on Castration Suicide antiChrist Religion Spirituality Atheism UFO(Comet)

February 10, 2011

I’ve added the Link to the original info-video I produced. The video includes original music myself and some musical collegues produce that some find interest in. If you prefer having the text or want to cut it to your local computer to read at your leasure, the text follows the link.

I Sawyer,who was physically w/Ti & Do as one of Their students for 19 years, left Them because I wasn’t ready to EXIT w/ Them, but who since has sought continued service, truthfully testify of my belief & experience:

Abbreviations:KoG=Kingdom of God/Heaven,OM=Older Member(Heavenly Fathers(Gods)=Jesus,Ti,Do),Rep= Representative from KoG. LAH=Level Above Human(KoG/H).NL=Next Level(as in Next Evolutionary Level Above Human),w/=with.

Ti & Do,the names of The Two Witnesses from the Kingdom of God(KoG),incarnate from ~1973 til 1985(Ti) & til 1997(Do) are most known by Their(Do/Students)public EXIT of their physical bodies as the Heaven’s Gate group.

Most media followed in lock step as usual in for profit corporations,calling Their actions suicide, because of how They voluntarily consumed barbituates to intentionally “lay their bodies down” to a permanent sleep.

I’m critical of the story’s media coverage because of how little research was demonstrated when abundant data was available. Sure they covered the event itself, just next to nothing about WHY & the abundant Jesus links.

I hope grieving families of the group members have sought God’s help to understand their choices.This offerring may be of some assistance in that regard,however difficult to consider, let alone to embrace.

THEY didn’t consider it suicide because They knew They weren’t ONLY Their body & because They knew who they were doing it for: Do,Their Older Member aka Heavenly Father,the same Soul that had entered the body named Jesus.

Do wasn’t Jesus.He was the same Soul who took over(incarnated)into the body named Jesus.Upon return a new body is selected,hence Jesus warning that many would come “in his name”,the name Jesus so not to believe those are Him.

“Mat 24:5 many shall come IN MY NAME (Gr.onoma=name), saying,I am Christ; & shall deceive many”.After Jesus’ exit Luciferians appeared to humans(Paul) as Jesus to subtly distort the truth which begins a religion.

Ti&Do said in 1975 that They were from the “same family as Jesus” though Ti had said, Do was the same Soul that was incarnate as Enoch,Moses,Elijah & Jesus.Do told us that Ti was the unseen Lord in each of those incarnations.

An incarnation isn’t what’s been termed reincarnation, more accurately described as “taking over” a human vehicle prepared for Their task.Ti&Do said they chose human vehicles to use that were sickly & unlikley to survive.

It’s true that a mortal human lives only once,though they simulate living after death by seeking to live through other humans. When the KoG implants a Soul seed into a human,they are gifted w/POTENTIAL immortality.

Many things KoG says & does through their incarnate Rep(s)  have multiple applications. For instance,the term resurrection means to STAND UP AGAIN.Jesus told his disciples they must be born(of flesh) again for a Soul birth.

In this case to be Born Again of flesh is referring to the fact that each of His student’s physical body was as a  leaf off a branch of the human tree & that like any perennial would sprout (be born) again.

Each new leaf regeneration carries w/it a subconscious memory of it’s last life experience thus becomes a “matching” vehicle for a returning Soul to “take” & potentially bring to the goal of it’s “spirit birth”.

“Joh 3:5-6…Except a man be born of water & of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the KoG.That which is born of flesh is flesh & that which is born of the Spirit is spirit. (Spirit=Greek: pneuma=invisible Soul/dis-carnate).

“Joh 3:7-8 Marvel not that I said to you,Ye must be born again.The wind blows where it wills & you hear the sound thereof but can’t tell from where it comes & where it goes: so is every one that is born of the Spirit.”

There is no definition of Spirit that represents simply a state of mind, like a decision or intention or committment though the contents of a Spirit/Soul contain all those qualities.

Just because millions of Christians consider themselves born again of spirit simply by thinking/talking about Jesus as their Lord & Savior,asking him into their hearts & repenting their sins doesn’t make it so.

“Mat 7:21 Not everyone that say to me Lord, Lord shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in Heaven.”We’re not doing the Lords will unless we try to do ALL Jesus advised.

Let’s examine the prime record Christian leaders refer,indicating being saved by belief alone:Joh 3:16 God so loved the world that he gave his (only?) begotten Son,that whoever believes in Him shouldn’t perish,but have…

…everlasting life.Joh 3:17 God didn’t send his Son to the world(Gr.Kosmos=Earth) to condemn human kind; but that humans through him (might be?) saved.If “might” was used then it was simply possible not a certainty.

Joh 6:40 this is the will of him that sent me,that every one which seeth the Son & believes in him, MAY have everlasting life & I will raise him up again (resurrect also used) at the last day. MAY indicates it’s possible.

But referring to believers,stand/raise up again means,born of flesh again(as a new leaf) that their “saved” soul is ALSO brought back to inhabit(take over/overcome) w/potentilal to then have RESURRECTed to LIFE(eternal).

It’s true one needs a human flesh vehicle to be able to be born of Spirit because that flesh nature (all of it) needs to be conquered, overcome, yolked/tamed, made obedient to the qualifications taught by the KoG.

Joh 5:28-29 hour is coming,in which all in graves shall hear his voice & shall come forth;they that have been useful to the resurrection of life;that have been useless to resurrection of a decision (for or against KoG).

The term resurrection(stand/arise up again) isn’t indicative of rising into heaven.It depends who we stand up again for, the KoG REP. or not which determines eternal LIFE or Death(1st=body & possibly SAVED & 2nd=perishing).

If resurrection meant going to heaven to be with Jesus, how is it that the “evil” or a better translation of “useless” also reap that reward?They don’t because resurrection means returning for a new flesh experience & choice.

Ti & Do said in 1975 that it was move up time for all grades in school and that all souls would be brought back for a final opportunity to grow. That opportunity is still alive for a short while longer.

Ti&Do wern’t using scripture as an outline of their task,to include what they said. If they had they’d have scrapped the idea of a physical pick up knowing that the harvest of their students had to be a Spirit(unseen) birth.

Ti&Do’s unseen helpers might have blocked this consciousness from Them to sort out initial followers who weren’t prepped for the overcoming classroom from those who were.Those prepped didn’t care about a physical pick up.

I know this because I didn’t care though there were 2 occasions where Ti(1x) & Do(1x) specifically set up a pickup date where we waited & no spacecraft came & certain students were definitely tested & some left because of.

Thus all who think their physical bodies will be taken into a cloud,called a rapture are missing the whole point.A Spirit birth can only occur by the death of the flesh birth while having met the KoG’s stiff qualifications:

They would have to link up w/the incarnate Reps,follow w/Them,give Them their will, be willing to physically die in service,cut ALL previous ties & work hard to conquer all their human vehicle’s desires, habits & addictions.

This means staying in the Older Members Overcoming Classroom through thick & thin,”Rev 14:4…Follow the lamb wherever he goes”. It means not using our own mind, but instead seeking to know the mind of one’s Older Members.

“Mat 16:24-25 Jesus said to disciples,If anyone will come after me,let him deny self(give will),take up his cross & follow me. Whoever will save his life shall lose it & whoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it”

It means working to extinguish one’s fire:sensuality & sexuality, holding in one’s lamp oil,a considered option to even pursue castration as Do &  6 students did.(I was 1 of the first 2 who chose to have this done).

I know it’s a shocking thought, even fanactical/insane to humans.I knew one in the group, when this OPTION was presented by Do, chose to leave.It was a tramatic departure for this member who’d been dedicated for ~15 years.

It was ~1990 when a few first started to examine castration as an option. Do told me, Prkody,Srrody and myself were the only 3 students who expressed a desire to consider having the operation so we began to investigate.

Prkody(who left the group in 1992) contacted some doctors & learned that none would perform that operation unless there was a medical reason for it. We learned it was more taboo than having a sex change operation.

Do said that he didn’t feel right about female students seeking an equivilent operation as it even seemed the male was designed to be relatively easily neutered.But Do didn’t want to deny us the fight against our sexuality.

That fight,equal to whatever fight each has against their otherwise normal human ways goes to building what Ti described as a needed “MUSCLE” that aids in the Soul body birth’s “VIABILITY” upon exit of the vehicle.

Do didn’t want to authorize a students exercising of this option if it might deny them of a needed ingredient,crutial to their viable spirit birth.Do was only asking certain ones if they had castration reservations & 1 did.

This adds more detail to the many times & ways Ti & Do put their students to a test that always resulted in some leaving.They hated losing a student.I witnessed how Do labored over how to help students.

That help was mostly in how to aid them in their overcoming of their particular brand of humaness, physical or mental.But it was also,to help them decide if this experiential classroom was what they desperately wanted.

I have lots of personal experience w/what I’m saying here.I was frequently assigned by Do to partner w/classmates that needed help that included Dst,Oll who were among the 38 & Hvv,Rth,And in 1992 before each left.

These were most specific assignments where I reported directly to Do about.I wasn’t doing this undercover like as a spy. The entire setup of the classroom was to be willing, even eager to be constantly scrutinized.

Overcoming all our human behaviors is very hard work & we as the subjects often are last to identify all that needs conquering. Hence another of the many reasons Older Members incarnate, to work w/us hands on, one on one.

One of my biggest lessons was to not let the standing I was given go to my head which I failed at.Assigning me to help others tested me but it also provided me w/many examples of how Ti&Do operated & why, which is for you.

Do was also concerned a student would have the operation & then leave the class & try to prosecute him which could jeopardize the entire Overcoming Classroom’s needed progress.Most students wern’t that sexually challenged.

Do felt to put the prospect on hold & over a year passed,though I told Do;if the option arose I’d do it.By then I’d read what Jesus said about castration & the extent someone might go to give their ALL to God:

Mat 19:7 (disciples ask:)…Why did Moses then command to give a writing of divorcement, & to put her away? Jesus said,Moses because of the hardness of your hearts suffered you to put away your wives:

…but from the beginning it was not so & I say to you, Whoever shall put away his wife, except it be for fornication(reasons) (intercourse w/another while married) & shall marry another, committeth adultery: &…

…whoso marrieth her which is put away doth commit adultery.Mat 19:10 His disciples say to him, If the case of the man be so w/his wife, it isn’t good to marry.But he said to them, All men cannot receive this saying,

…save they to whom it is given.Mat 19:12 For there are some eunuchs, which were so born from their mother’s womb:& there are some eunuchs,which were made eunuchs of men:& there be eunuchs…

which HAVE MADE THEMSELVES EUNUCHS FOR THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN’s SAKE. He that is able to receive it, let him receive it. Eunuch= Greek: eunouchizo=to castrate/neuter a man. The Essenes were said to practice this.

No one was required to do this, nor pressured into it. Do tried other ways to help students that wanted to squelch their “fire”. As it turned out I did not have it done. Do cancelled my opportunity. He wouldn’t let me do it.

Why? Well on the outside it was because my partner Srrody won the dice toss of who would go first. When both wanted something dice was a fair way to decide.Do didn’t tell us how to decide.One had to be first.

Lvvody was a registered nurse.Her job,that she still had at the time was as the assistant to a doctor who performed orchectomys. An orchectomy is a removal of a males testicles performed on testicular cancer patients.

Do told us over a year before that he was considering having the operation, so they had gathered all the needed tools to do the task ourselves.We were in San Clemente & set up a room that was surgically clean.

Lvvody began the operation on Srrody while Jnnody assisted.As Do & I watched Do said,”if this doesn’t bond us nothing will”. The operation had a problem.The drainage tubes weren’t draining fluids from the testicular sack.

Srrody’s vehicle’s sack blew up like a balloon (small orange size). Do expressed that he felt he’d made a mistake in allowing this & wanted to be turned in to the police.Jnnody, Lvvody & I insisted otherwise & handled it.

I took Srrody to a hospital while Jnnody & Lvvody stayed nearby.Do contacted Jwnody & Lggody & briefed them.The problem was easily fixed & Srrody was a trooper throughout & was very happy he went through with it.

Because of this Do cancelled my operation. I was disappointed.Before we tossed the dice,Do asked me if I had any reservations. I told him, “my vehicle isn’t looking forward to it, but I’m overriding my vehicle”.

I believe Ti(from her position then outside a vehicle) knew that I,Swyody wasn’t ready,so used the event to cause Do to cancel. I say this because I ended up leaving a year later having given into self-sexuality repeatedly.

For 17+ years I’d been 100% successful maintaining physical celebacy & perhaps 90% able to block sexual thoughts. However,I did have some challenging times & they came to a head in 1993 seemingly out of the blue.

I don’t know what it’s like for celebate humans,whether it gets easier to stay celebate but for me, it did not get easier.Sure I learned to “nip in the bud” the triggers but we were in a pressure cooker in the classroom.

Do said we were actually assigned a discarnate to act as our advasary(satan) that was our ticket to building that MUSCLE. I have evidence,an advasary was not allowed to test us beyond our capacity to handle though came close.

I was sitting at my computer programming desk job when the image of a woman’s breast entered my mind.Most weekends we had an outing to a movie & in some cases there would be a very brief nudity scene.

Do watched a movie before putting it on our outing list.He would tell us ahead that there was a little nudity & that if it bothered us, then close your eyes or turn away & practice blocking the thought.

By the way, we were instructed to avoid testing ourselves – like putting self in a position of temptation to see if we could withstand it.And we were instructed not to challenge discarnates either, the same kind of thing.

I had good eye/thought control,so I justified not closing my eyes, thinking I could handle the test.After all Do said the sight of a female breast felt equivilent to his viewing a grapefruit so I wanted to grow to that too.

But I became overcome w/the stimulus of that memory image & without touching myself had an emission.The only other times this had occurred was while asleep at times. We called them Nocternal emissions.

Do said about these that if we did nothing to stimulate it, it was little more than a relief valve going off so not to worry or feel guilt about it.I always did feel guilty about it anyway but not because Do instigated it.

It was because I grew very sensitive to sexual stimulus.If I allowed myself to linger on the back of a females neck I could feel a gland inside my body produce hormones that inevitably would necessitate a nocternal emission.

However,this really wasn’t the main reason I left.I was unknowingly harboring a discarnate martyrdom influence that had me think I was elevating myself to sacrifice myself physically whether by castration or death.

It took me 10 yrs after leaving to recognize why I’d left.It has to do with who’s SAKE I was acting for, mine or KoG’s thru Do? “Mat 10:39 He that finds his life shall lose it & he that LOSES HIS LIFE FOR MY SAKE FINDS IT.”

Mar 8:35 whosoever will save his life shall lose it; but whosoever shall lose his life FOR MY SAKE & the gospel’s shall save it. Joh 13:37 Peter said,Lord why can’t I follow you now?I will LAY DOWN MY LIFE FOR YOUR SAKE.

Mat 19:29 every one that has forsaken houses,or brethren, or sisters,or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands FOR MY NAME’S SAKE, shall receive a hundredfold(new KoG family) & shall inherit everlasting life.

I was a zealot as were all the students.But my zealotry added to my ego(SELF importance) because it was tied to “liking being SEEN as special(heroic)”,actually a discarnate influence w/me from my youth.

Before Ti exited,she gave students a note expressing what behavior/ways “would keep us off the spacecraft”.My note had 3 points: 1)A little too pleased w/self. 2)Likes to be SEEN as something special 3)Sarcastic w/humans.

Someone who wants to be a hero thrives on feeling special & being looked up to.It’s different than doing heroic things though w/humans it’s mostly a mix.As KoG trainees,the program is to surrender ALL of what builds us up.

That’s why Jesus compared children w/aspirants of KoG membership.We need to transfer all our SELF confidence to our OM’s. Mat 18:3… Except ye be converted & become as little children,ye shall not enter into the KoG.

That’s a huge reason an OM needs to incarnate,to give us someone who we can trust giving our ALL to.It’s a matter of who we transfer our dependancy to, from ourselves & other humans to the provided KoG OM Rep.

Luciferians have us give that kind of devotion to fellow humans who obtain leadership positions. But Those who are primary KoG seed subconsciously know humans never measure up to KoG OM’s so tend to be nonconformist.

But of course there’s a lot more to identifying KoG seed & that’s not really our job, nor can we do so accurately but there are primarily two strains of genetic seed,KoG’s & the rest which has been mixed a great deal by now.

Mat 13:38 The field is the world;useful seed are the children of the kingdom;but tares are the children of the troublesome one. Now it can seem the good seed are represented by the Jews because that’s how it started out.

Mt 21:43 …The KoG shall be taken from you & given to a nation(people) bringing forth the fruits thereof.(fruit=believers). Joh 8:37 I know you’re Abraham’s seed;but ye seek to kill me,because my word has no place in you

Jesus’ rising from the dead was both a demonstration of his Soul surviving a physical death to STAND UP AGAIN & proof that he was NOT a SPIRIT entity or hallucination – letting them touch him,eat w/him & converse, plus.

Do Christians think Jesus stayed around 40 days showing over a dozen of them all sorts of proof he was physical & alive just for heck of it?Couldn’t He had come as a bright light that blinded them & talked to them that way?

That’s the Paul of Tarsus story,another of the many evidences that Paul was entrapped by Luciferians to sow confusion resulting in most of todays Christians.This is why all the believers in Ti&Do ran far away from religions.

This small group of men & women disciples were given physical PROOF & validation of all Jesus taught to propel them to spread the whole truth far & wide to make a lasting impression for future believers & the gene pool.

Their test was whether or not to talk about Jesus to those that hated to hear of it knowing they’d suffer the same loss of their physical body,clearly what Jesus said would be their service & proof to KoG of their worthiness.

Mat 20:23 he saith to them(disciples),Ye shall drink of my CUP & be baptized (cleansed) the way I am baptized…” CUP=lot/task. “Mt 26:39 Father,if possible let this CUP(give life) pass from me:but not as I will, but as thy”

Luk 22:20 …also the cup after supper, saying,This cup is the new convenant in my blood, which is shed for you.Joh 18:11 Jesus to Peter;Put up thy sword in the sheath:the cup which my Father hath given me,shall I not drink?

Thus Jesus’ task was to bring the FORMULA for graduation/harvest for those “sheep” his Father “gave to him” & to do that by his sharing the words his Father gave him to share followed by the demonstration of the formula.

The demonstration was to VOLUNTARILY “give up his physical life” that included both what would be considered as normal human behaviors – pursits of marriage, sex,prosperity,wealth & recognition & then his body.

“Luk 22:19 And he took bread & gave thanks & brake it & gave to them, saying, This is my body which is given for you: this do in recollection of me.” THIS DO=give your body, remembering my example NOT eating of bread.

Even if Jesus did intend for them to have food together in rememberence of Him, for it to become a cerimony that fails miserably to relate the fact that we too MUST give our Body & Blood is a typical Luciferian dilution.

This demonstration was absolutely necessary to offer proof that ALL he said & did was the genuine overcoming FORMULA AND NEEDED duplication for anyone who wants to be with him on his crew in His real Kingdom.

Remember how Buddhist monks lite themselves on fire in the 60-70’s in protest of war.That may have been a luciferian stimulated facsimili as other suicides tied to religious belief,eg.Solar Temple,Jim Jones,etc.

If the students of even Jim Jones & Solar Temple & David Koresh followers that died in their belief thought they were doing so for KoG in whatever their terms,then KoG may choose to “save” those souls for next lesson time.

But the leaders of these groups were co-opted by a Luciferian to look like what Lucifer knew was coming from the KoG though he didn’t know from who,how, when or where, so he looked for those he could capture to do his will.

So how can someone tell the difference as to most,Ti&Do’s Heaven’s Gate was a religion too? The differences are actually many. But the main one is that we don’t come to the KoG,They come to those who have genuinely ASKED.

When we privately talk to whatever our idea is of a Creator,WATCHERS(unable to be seen workers for KoG),hear us & offer us help to be in the path of KoG REPs when They come announcing Their task, blowing their shofar(horn).

No one can plan to be in that path & open minded to Their NEW message UNLESS they are prepared to receive it. Some examples: Mat 19:11 he said to them, All men cannot receive this saying, SAVE THEY TO WHOM IT IS GIVEN.

Mat 20:23 …Ye shall drink indeed of my cup & be baptized(cleansed) w/the baptism I’m baptized w/but to sit on my right & left isn’t mine to give, but it SHALL BE GIVEN TO THEM FOR WHOM IT IS PREPARED OF MY FATHER.

“Mat 13:11 [to disciples] it is GIVEN to you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it is NOT GIVEN.” “Joh 6:65 … no man can come to me, except it were GIVEN to him of my Father.”

But most Christians have been taught that they have been given this gift of recognition making them “born again”, & thus another Luciferian twist.Recognizing a returned Jesus means recognizing his returned words/formula.

Most have become convinced that they don’t have to literally GIVE THEIR LIVES to/for the next incarnate representative from KoG exactly as Jesus disciples had to do & did & that includes telling others the same formula.

Telling people about Jesus’ healing sick,helping poor & his sacrifice is fine & well but if we’re not telling others the FORMULA we’re spreading a diluted picture of who He is & what’s required to reap his promised reward.

The formula is NOT to become a priest or a devout religionist. It’s not designed to be enacted entirely until the Rep shows up physically because that Rep will seem to most everyone loony tunes &/or dangerous.

Thus choosing to go with that Rep,follow Them,learn from Them,give one’s LIFE to Them will put one at odds w/virtually everyone else so that one’s enemy will be those of one’s own household.

“Mat 10:34 Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.For I am come to set a man at variance against his father & the daughter against her mother…”.

A Luciferian twist is The formula of overcoming all our MAMMON master ways being relugated to an elite class called priests & made into an honorable vocation.Translations of the record become diluted & disquised.

The priests convince the so called lay followers that they have their own gifts to offer,the reason why they don’t have to adopt the priestly behaviors.Lucifer set this up big time through Paul. Here’s one example of many:

“1Co 12:28 God has set some in the church,1st apostles,2nd prophets,3rd teachers, after that miracles, then gifts of healings, helps, governments, diversities of tongues.”Is he saying God=the Father Jesus referred to?

If so did that God do a poor job through his son Jesus in outlining this heirarchy of so called gifts of the body of believers? Note how the 4 gospels largely testify of one another w/many sayings duplicated but not exactly.

And how the Revelations of John have many parrallels to the 4 Gospels but 99% of Pauls writings have no parrallels. Why aren’t there more Christian theologians crying “fowl play” in Paul’s writing dominance over Jesus’?

But the KoG doesn’t let Their core record of the last REP diminish,so it’s there to aid the next rep as They must occupy a human vehicle that has genetic memory of the last REP,so can be awakened to what really occurred.

All the souls from the last Rep’s task who knew the formula & began to apply it, are helped by the KoG to choose a human vehicle they can help awaken to their genetic memory of being with the last Rep.

To these,”giving their life” is known & acceptible & they have made some headway in the detail of the formula’s application. This genetic & Soul memory also entails all aspects of the Jesus record they experienced.

Thus any return of a Rep MUST be met by society as a CULT.So what does Lucifer do?In anticipation of the Rep,over 1000’s of yrs. He stimulates cults that to the unprepared eye can resemble a distorted view of the last Rep.

Today, when anyone voluntarily takes their own life, it’s considered suicide.It’s even against the law. No one believes it can be done for a right w/God reason, though the Luciferians have twisted even that.

When a Soul Seeded human dies if their seed has TAKEN, as Jesus said…”didn’t die by the wayside,etc.” their Soul body is SAVED to be brought back for a next lesson period, where the idea of reincarnation came from.

In 1996 Do & students published a paper entitled,”Our Position Against Suicide” where they outline their great respect & need to live while examining how they might exit/get picked up by a KoG spacecraft(cloud of light).

They said,”The true meaning of “suicide” is to turn against the Next Level when it is being offered.In these last days, we are  focused on two primary tasks: one – of making a last attempt at telling the truth about how…

…the Next Level may be entered (our last effort at offering to individuals of this civilization the way to avoid “suicide”); and two – taking advantage of the rare opportunity we have each day – to work individually on…

…our personal overcoming & change,in preparation for entering the Kingdom of Heaven.” It was Sept.1994,while I was still w/ them that Do began to talk w/the entire group about taking it upon ourselves to exit & how.

This was just after finishing the 1994 public meeting series that took us to dozens of U.S. & Canadian cities over 9 months in which the group had added at least 12 new members.

If you go to you can see the list of cities & the way the meetings were announced.Critics claim that the members were brainwashed but there was no technique to do so & especially for new members.

Do certainly wanted to Exit. He & Ti talked about exiting in whatever way from nearly day one, though they didn’t enjoy how that might happen, like being killed by a religious fanactic.

It can seem they had a death wish,as if they hated living.They did grow to hate the human kingdom in the way humans had become so against all REAL things about the KoG despite all the religious & spiritual god/Jesus talk.

There was no brainwashing especially evidenced by the fact that Do told these 12 new members They were considering “exiting by our own hand” right after they joined which resulted in several leaving soon thereafter.

The primary reason it took them from Sept.94 til Mar.97 to exit by their own hand was to be sure the members were in fact of a clear mind to make such a HUGE decision that would shock & traumatize many in the world.

There’s no way to find a human reason behind their decision.Even faith based groups can’t fathom this as related to their faith so they write it off rather than take a real look as it would deflate their religions to do so.

But the facts are that from 1975 most members were resigned to either get physically picked up by a spacecraft or lose their vehicle(body) in some way similar to what occurred at Waco or Ruby Ridge, by another’s hand.

However for several reasons there was to be no successful hunt of Ti&Do & students following their 1975-6 international splash, allowing time for the students to better overcome their humaness.

Some say to me,”oh,so all I have to do is off myself for God & I go to Heaven?”, which is Luciferian talk. No,of course not.One must align w/the current Older Member(Do),ask for service to engage their appropriate next step.

As a consequence, perhaps planned by the KoG or a counter strategy when They witnessed the needs of the students & the general human lacadasical response indicated to Do to stage their own exit & an unignorable one.

I don’t claim to know the KoG’s complete detailed thinking & strategy in this regard.What I do know was that Ti&Do,but primarily Do, after Ti left her vehicle by the KoG’s letting a cancer kill it examined ALL exit options.

As They said,”It has always been our way to examine all possibilities, and be mentally prepared for whatever may come our way. For example, consider what happened at Masada around 73 A.D. A devout Jewish sect,…

…after holding out against a siege by the Romans,to the best of their ability & seeing the murder,rape, & torture of their community was inevitable,determined that it was permissible for them to evacuate their bodies…

…by a more dignified & less agonizing method.We have thoroughly discussed this topic (of willful exit of the body under such conditions) & have mentally prepared ourselves for this possibility.”

About the time that they prepared this statement, they were building an “earthship” complex near Albuquerque,NM using old tires packed w/mud as bricks.They thought of it as a “Monestery Fortress” or “Launch Pad”.

The idea of the Masada groups “willful exit” began in part by observing the Branch Davidian murders by the FBI/ATF.I sat w/Do &  three students when the complex began to burn on TV (allegedly intended to flush them out).

We were all shocked by this event, but Do later expressed that even though David Koresh was misguided, his followers who had decided to die for their belief were dedicated in a way He hoped we, his students would be.

A few days later(after this April 1993 event) Do said he was wondering if we might exit in a similar way, by provoking the govt. He asked us what we thought about that and about buying some rifles loaded with blanks.

I remember feeling very squimish about the idea but I knew it was a test of the extent of my committment.But that didn’t stop my wondering just how far I would be willing to go for Do(Ti) & the Next Level(KoG).

Do didn’t bring it up again & there were no rifle purchases then.However,I wondered,”what if Do asked me to kill,would I?” This caused me to shudder at the thought but if I really believed/trusted Him shouldn’t I be willing?

I remember thinking, “I don’t know but maybe I would be willing” & I hoped I would not be tested in that way & thought that the Next Level would never ask that of someone. I remind, Do only talked about that Exit idea then.

Why OM’s incarnate;If a spirit came or channeled through someone,it would be less than REAL to all those returnees who were w/an OM before & their matching genetic memory while any supernatural interface would mesmerize us.

That’s why should some entity come to anyone in a dream or spirit sighting or as a human alien contactee or channel, in the name of Ti&Do or Jesus, they’re NOT to be trusted.It will happen this way w/a group prepared ahead.

I retell this to show the detail surrounding Do’s examination of all things that occurred to him via world events & from student responses & he didn’t hesitate to bring them up to the class.

Some people have claimed, after Ti exited,Do went downhill to the mass suicide.But what we saw was Do becoming more transparant than before,treating his helpers,his core overseers & the entire class as his check partners.

Sometime after I left them in 1994, they did purchase several rifles & some learned to shoot them. Do was still considering they might have a Masada styled exit while building the fortress in Manzano, NM.

But this was all BEFORE Do felt like he was notified of the approaching “token/sign” in the Heaven’s as Jesus said to expect. While I was still in the group,we became aware of a Las Vegas radio show that talked of UFO’s.

Before that & before an internet there were what were computer “bulletin boards” associated w/a university,govt or business. They were RS232 accessed & one we regularily examined was called Paranet, a paranormal site.

This is where we first became aware that some astronomers were viewing a peculia object outside the orbit of Pluto. Reports suggested the object was changing it’s speed & trajectory, but was coming closer to Earth.

Do had known the “indicator” or “token/sign” would be something only the Next Level could produce.He realized that what He & Ti, back in 1975 thought would be a spacecraft to pick them up, was this approaching EXIT indicator.

The object was named Hale-Bopp comet.Hubble space telescope pictures revealed 2 tails.Do considered a spacecraft MIGHT be hiding behind it but by then spacecraft or not felt it didn’t matter to their exit plan.

In 19 yrs I never saw Do guess though he’d consider everything.Some of his ways incorporated phrases like:”If in doubt,don’t” “Cover your bets”,& if you must decide,”Take a chance on a positive”.

Was this prophecy a COMET? “Mat 24:27 as the lightning(Gr.astrape from aster=bright shining star) comes out of the east & shines even to the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.” Kohoutek(’73) & HaleBopp(’97)!

It could refer to the KoG rep coming for one group,as in the prime “harvest” while again for the ones that believed in the first group, to “save” them for their next step after some recycling.

Rev 1:7 Behold, he cometh with clouds; and every eye shall see him, and they also which pierced him: and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him.

There wasn’t a program or activity within Ti&Do’s group to find scriptures to justify anything Ti&Do said or did.We always had Bibles, but no assigned reading of them so anyone could have researched whatever they wanted.

In 1991,considering bringing Ti&Do’s info public again, after NOT doing so since 1976 Do bought ~6 different bible translations for research while watching Christian Satellite ministries to understand the Christian mindset.

Now of course anyone else taking their own life would probably be a mistake.However,Do did think people have the right to do so for instance as we observed Dr. Kovorkian’s work in euthenasia for those that had great pain.

Ti&Do indicated when anyone stopped seeking(growth), marked by preoccupation w/physical sustenance alone they’re all but dead by KoG standards.However,Ti&Do’s task didn’t ever require advancing someone’s death involuntarily.

The KoG does but when I speak of Ti & Do,though They are members of the Kingdom of God, Their task was to advance the graduation classroom of students They brought w/Them who began their lessons millenium before.

Pulling up weeds wasn’t their particular task during this incarnation.It is the gardeners right to choose when to assist the fruit they planted, how & when.In this regard ALL our physical bodies are in a sense expendible.

If they wern’t expendible then they wouldn’t have limited life spans.Now the Luciferians take this reality & cause humans, they can easily con, to think they’re acting out God’s will to klll others that are in their way.

I have it on good word that there are no members of the Kingdom of God walking around in physical bodies at this time, nor will there be until sometime into the next civilization on Earth after considerable garden recycling.

Ti & Do are coming back one last time before that recycling has completed, in which time they will choose which souls still have a potential to grow towards graduation & which don’t.They will do this from their space crafts.

When this happens Governments and many humans will think it’s an Alien invasion & will mount attacks against them and will be no match at all.There are observers now of the literal heavens that are witnessing their approach.

They don’t know what they’re seeing nor what’s in store but this is the prime reason Luciferian Space Aliens prod humans to put most all their resources towards combat, survivalist technological development & global control.

This is also why some Space Alien human contactees say Greys from Orien are bad aliens &/or are robots/slaves controlled by the Reptilians.Weeds,including Reptilians don’t think they are weeds thus their exterminators=enemy.

All space aliens along w/somewhat awakened humans want a healthy environment for their own survival but some space aliens will say & do anything to have good human egg/sperm,etc. specimans for their hybridization projects.

The evidence they feel of Greys being robots comes largely from Leonard Stringfield’s autopsies of the Roswell crash dead bodies he published through MUFON.At least 1 body had no digestive or reproductive organs.

Another of the bodies had only a remnant of a male reproductive organ, in other words a small penis. The KoG wanted some U.S.  officials to know the reality of people from outer space & their different vehicle types.

Some, if not all of the spacecraft (UFO) crashes in which bodies were found were intentional as the way members of the KoG(LAH) get into a planet’s “secret” spirit world w/their soul body to perform an undercover task.

This is one way members of the Next Level and/or students aspiring for full membership are required to show their willingness to graduate from the human kingdom level of life.

Any body from a crash w/any characteristics associated with a human body represent a aspirant to full membership,as the body of  a member of this Evolutionary Level Above Human isn’t biologically human.

Do said, “Next Level grows” what he called “suits of clothing(bodies) on vines w/a number of different models appropriate to the Soul planned to occupy/wear it”.A body w/only remnant of a sex organ is likely from lack of use.

Do said that all those students that LAYED DOWN THEIR LIVES in 1997 didn’t necessarily graduate to these vine grown issue Next Level bodies,as some he felt still had further human overcoming to experience to qualify.

I don’t know if that has something to do w/Ti’s initial statement in 1976 that standards for membership were going to be raised when she got back so Luciferian types can’t slip into even an apprentise degree of membership.

However,perhaps she pulled in more of Her Next Level Mind after saying that,as She & Do realized that some aspiring members were given apprentise styled tasks like Watchers/Messengers where they can appear to humans as Gods.

In that position these would still have a vehicle/body that has human characteristics such as what Ti & Do called “plumbing” for reproducing,making them still corruptible(able to return to human behaviors & be their leaders).

I know many Christians & probably other religio/spiritualists think of God as unchangeable & all knowing & of course relative to humans they are all knowing yet they didn’t create a free will environment to dictate behavior.

They actually thrive on the needs of the moment, never automatically lingering on an older strategy when it’s always a new circumstance. True They don’t drop Their convenants unless the humans They are tending do.

When Ti & Do would see that Christian bumper sticker that said, “Jesus, the same yesterday, today and tomorrow” They said They felt sickened by the idea that Jesus would never change.

Ti & Do taught us & demonstrated that “change is the name of the game”,that there isn’t perfection though we can measure ourself by our Older Member’s seeking of perfection.Ti & Do called the Oldest Member the Chief of Chiefs

“Giving one’s Life” to one’s Older Member,at this time named Do is the only KEY to the Gate of the Heavenly Kingdom.Moses had to do it, Jesus had to do it, Ti,Do & students had to do it. What is meant by “Giving” grows.

It starts with “belief” in the current or latest REPresentative from the Level Above Human.Then it can grow to belief & service to that same REP, one’s Older Member aka Heavenly Father.

Service isn’t what WE want it to be.The REP tells us when they’re incarnate so we are not fooled by influences.Our first service is to disseminate to others the words They said & wrote & accept any ramifications.

That doesn’t mean try to stimulate the ramifications. The WORDS will do that. This service tests whether or not we can follow Their instructions without adding our own interpretation,one of the “17 steps”.

Those that do believe in Ti&Do may in times to come be considered heritics & could be sought after to stop, banish & even kill, the first stage of willingness to lose your physical life for one’s Older Member.

Beginning one’s personal overcoming process is a natural part of belief in & service to Ti & Do which includes starting dialog w/Do, mainly ASKING for help w/service & dealing w/the ramifications & advasarial influences.

Yes it’s all a huge step. Do said in 88 Update, not a day went by where he didn’t question his sanity. It will never be met w/ popular support as we see in ALL religions, spirituality, wealth,technology & intellect worship.

Engaging to be on Ti&Do’s team is in no way void of laughter & entertainments, avoidance of responsibilities & relationships w/ others.It was when Jesus was about to leave that he said,”love your neighbor as yourself”.

In the classroom as well as when we did what we called “out of craft tasks” – jobs among the people who were not engaged in full time overcoming under the tootelage of an incarnate OM we were to hold a positive countenence.

As Do said on the Beyond Human tape available on under channel name:1riverofangels, “The Lord wants you to have nice things, he just doesn’t want you to want them”.Many people have many characteristics of the KoG.

Ti&Do didn’t address the NOW but I believe the Jesus record is perfect for pro/con’s in life activity but w/talk to Ti&Do rather than to Jesus because the spirit world is filled w/discarnates who love to answer as Jesus.

Do did tell some of those who left the class, to avoid debt. He didn’t say why but it seems apparant now more than ever.It glues us to a justification for our own enslavement tying us to one location for instance.

I know for many the idea that They “layed down their lives”,called suicide is unthinkable & even self-murder, but if any believe in Jesus,they might want to consider all Jesus said about Life, Death & real Loving of the Lord.

But to recognize that for some, as I’ve outlined in these info-video’s,it was their full voluntary decision to “give their life” in that way BECAUSE they were permitted to do so by the Older Member they loved.

In the human world it’s always been considered heroic and simply the highest form of love, to be willing to die for another & especially for someone we don’t even know.

But when we are willing to give our life for someone who we believe to be from the Kingdom of God, it’s considered by most to be insanity.But I think it’s insanity to believe our entire reality came about accidentally.

And I see in nature tons of organization & intelligent guided decision making by all species, though we call it instinct. I know intelligence is required to build anything so why argue that nature requires none?

And why is it that all things in nature appear to have various practical function/purpose. Plants provide oxygen to animals. Animals(bees/insects,etc.) help spread pollen among plants.There are thousands of examples.

Thus with humans, who can perform many of the purposes that help all other species of life on Earth, what could be their highest purpose? To become a dead spirit? To become independant & self sustaining or a philanthropist?

I believe there is a great deal of empirical, even logical evidence that strongly suggests that humankind are abundant in the Universe along with the historic records to suggest we were created for an ultimate purpose.

Was it to mate with space aliens who said they mated with Earth Humans to create their genetic linage though none of them have the slightest explanation for how they created the Suns, planets & all the elements & systems?

And how some of the contactees like Rael say he was told by his abductors the ultimate human purpose was to have pleasure which certainly explains why Earth is dominated by people who put their pleasure above other’s lives.

While anyone can understand why people of conscience & science would run from what the religious do/& say to justify themselves. And one can also understand why so many seek religions & new age spirituality as a safe haven.

But why is it that almost none of these mentioned appear willing to even consider what the real Jesus said, which would also open them up to what Ti & Do said & did, as representing a potential CHOICE of ultimate purpose?

Christians can’t imagine that the fact that Jesus KNEW he would be killed,how, when, why & by whom could be considered a type of suicide.The reason:The Luciferians saw to it that such was considered illegal & an original sin.

There’s no record against suicide in the Bible.Most say “Thou shall not murder” is but it’s an act AGAINST ANOTHER’s Life. If it was a big no no,why didn’t Moses cover it when he covered next to everything re:death?

I don’t believe it was KoG’s oversight nor that most who don’t kill themselves is primarily because of laws against doing so. No Christian authors I’ve polled,when listing scriptures depicting suicide site Jesus.

Maybe their bible search doesn’t include the meaning of “give (lay down) one’s life for another”,while Christian’s shout “Jesus GAVE HIS LIFE to save us from our sins” made meaningless & popularized by Luciferians thru Paul?

Joh 10:18 NO MAN TAKES IT(Life) FROM ME BUT I LAY IT DOWN OF MYSELF.I have Gr.exousia=choice/permission/authority to lay it down & have choice to take it again.He’s CHOOSING for his body to be killed aka assisted suicide.

2nd part of John 10:18…”This commandment have I received of my Father”(to lay down his life)was authorized by His Father. Isn’t it clear that Jesus intended all his students then & in the future to do as He said & did?

“Jn 14:15 If ye love me,keep my commandments.Jn 12:25 He who loves his life shall lose it & he that hates his life in this world shall keep it to LIFE eternal.”

Joh 15:13-14 Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.Ye are my friends,if ye do whatever I command you.(as we need to learn to trust & He needs to know we can be trusted in return).

Yet many say believers in Jesus arn’t required to try to be like HIM & attempts are trying to earn salvation when it’s a gift. The gift is being given the opportunity, but seizing it NEEDS to include CHANGE,WORKS & SERVICE.

Jesus demonstrated His relationship w/His Father to show us what our relationship w/Him would need to become.Joh 12:49 I havn’t spoken of myself; but the Father which sent me he gave me a commandment what I should say/speak.

So,Jesus says he looks to his Father for every word/commandment to give to us while also saying that if we love Him we will keep every word/commandment of His & will prove that by passing same on to potentail new believers.

To try to help us get rid of our religio-spiritual thinking,Do once gave us an analogy that the KoG was like a Corporation w/ strict qualifications for new employees.We were applying to be on Ti’s crew.Ti=Do’s Father.

Do also described Ti as the Admiral while he was a Captain on Their crew.To join the crew requires an application of giving Them our service against all odds because the world has all but ruled out the LAH’s real existence.

I guarantee no humans in history even come close to mimicing Ti&Do,who were 100% aligned w/every word/way recorded from Jesus. Fear or not having KoG seed are the only things that keep someone from fully examining Ti&Do.

According to Rio,aka Neody,the last one to leave the group just weeks before they layed down their bodies,as he recorded in his book entitled,Beyond Human Mind,The Soul Evolution of Heaven’s Gate Do told them…

…He realized/remembered something from when he was incarnate in the body called Jesus.”He(as Jesus) was a fugitive for a while hiding from the Roman officials.During this time He traveled to east Asia”.

Do had a question as to,”why He(as Jesus)came back to a place that He knew was going to kill Him.According to Do the reason was; Jesus was ready to go back to His Father.With tears in His eyes He said:”…

“leaving the body here is how the Soul of Jesus traveled back to the Next Level”.His Soul did exit the body though was repaired enough to PROVE he was still PHYSICAL(NOT a Spirit) & ascended into the hidden spacecraft(UFO).

We were back in San Clemente in Sept. of 94′ when Do brought up to the entire CLASS for the 2nd official time the subject of a possible self initiated EXIT of our physical bodies by use of a permenant sleep inducing drug.

I was still in the class at that time. Do wanted to hear something from each member of the class, which included perhaps a dozen new members.One left after that meeting.I left next but not due to exit talk.

I was still giving into sensuality & not exposing it,two reasons to be sent out of the classroom. I didn’t know why I couldn’t gain control, but Do said he wasn’t ready to “throw me away as I had a lot to offer the LAH”.

By that time I’d been removed from my Overseer position & became withdrawn & complacent as I knew I was living a lie by then. One day Do called.I was living w/6 classmates seperate from Do & the larger classroom body.

Do told me he wanted me to partner w/Mllody on an overseer task again.That was all it took.How could I be an Overseer when I couldn’t muster what used to be relatively easy control over my vehicles sensual nature?

I said to Do(for the first time in 19 yrs. of fully dedicated service),”I can’t as I’d be a hypocrit”.He responded,”Then what do you want to do?”.I replied,”I’ll have to leave”.He said,”I guess you want more objectivity.”

Do then spoke w/Nrrody who told the others of my decision,adding that Do said no one should try to talk Swyody out of leaving because he knows what he’s doing.I wanted to leave w/nothing,that martyr influence w/me.

They insisted I take $600 plus a plane ticket to where I wanted to go.I chose Phoenix,AZ near 2 former classmates,found a job, apartment,etc..I had NOTHING against them.To relatives surprise I spoke highly of my experience.

The KoG thru Their Rep(s)(Moses) set up life & death rules.Some people rebel from those rules.For example in Exodus 32 as some people began to worship a gold calf at Moses absense,Moses required them to choose sides.

The sons of Levi chose Moses’ side & He instructed them to slay certain others.Now we can fault Moses but the law was not given to Moses who was the current Rep from the KoG,it was given to His followers to abide by.

We can curse the Lord for not stopping Moses as we can for the Lords destruction of Sodom & Gomorrah though it was weeding the garden,again not for us to believe we have the authority to do as we’re not the garden creators.

When a male fertilizes a females egg, they pass on their current physiology AND the content of their mind/spirit/CHOICES.We are all part of the KoG’s designed experience that is free willed & thus experimental in outcome.

A female, of course isn’t designed to pass on their current mindset as developed from birth. They are born w/their eggs, thus have a predestination of sorts though variables are introduced by the male seed.

Thus especially in the earlier years of the experiment,the KoG chose times to weed the garden plot to give their “plants” a chance to develop into flowers(fruit), in this case to actually become part of their own crew.

How is that accomplished? When the direction of a plants evolution is apparant & it’s judged detrimental to the survival of the desired fruit, then the KoG has various methods of weeding-haulting the spread of that seed.

We can see many examples of this weeding under the direction of Moses but in each case options were always given to the weeds though in this garden plot’s weeding it’s accomplished by & large by the potential fruit itself.

If weeds are left to propogate they spread & choke all the healthy plants.The KoG are the judges through their incarnate Reps. However,strong plants can better ward off weed attacks, in this experiment by mental discipline.

But the KoG doesn’t want to irradicate all the weeds as they enact a significant challenge to the fruit’s needed evolution.They serve as fertilizer or like a sparing partner.It’s the Soul body that’s being developed.

Mat 13:30 Let both (tares(weeds (wheat look alikes))) & fruit(wheat) grow together til harvest & then will say to the reapers, gather together first the tares & bind them in bundles to burn them & gather wheat to my barn.

“Mat 18:7 Woe to the world because of offences! It must needs be that offences come but woe to that man by whom offence comes” Offenses=Greek:skandalon = trap, snare, stumbling block, tests related to tribulation(pressure).

But as I’ve outlined “giving one’s life” was a given if we wish to apply for membership on the KoG’s team.It’s the application that is in steps,thus Jesus was demonstrating a final step that included a preliminary one.

When a Rep knows it’s time to exit yet they know they can easily hide from those that seek them out, they are left w/initiating their exit/arrest as Jesus did by going back to Jerusalem & calling out Judas to act.

Initiating our own exit w/no provable good reason,like to save another is considered suicide by all those who don’t believe in any beings more evolved than human, who created our reality.

One Luciferian twist is that for Jesus to initiate his own exit was not suicide but was dying for our sins,giving his body/blood so we don’t have to, allowing them to think they reap the reward for no comparible investment.

Another Luciferian twist is that giving one’s life for one’s country is honorable before God.The Luciferians carefully avoid any inclination of giving one’s life FOR the KoG unless they can show it as fanactical cohersion.

And of course the Luciferians love promoting giving one’s life to another human, a family member, but mostly for a spouse as a romantic way of thinking,but hates any idea that one could have that degree of love for the KoG.

For those few that do feel inclined to give their life to KoG(in any culture) & for whatever core reason, Luciferians establish it as honorable ONLY within the scope of an organized religion.ALL others are dangerous cults.

Luciferians include promotion of no KoG creator beings & nothing “above us” to give self to as John Lennon sang about & has been deified by.I liked John Lennon’s being against organized religion but for different reasons.

I am totally for community & organizations to accomplish social goals that can result in governments.Common beliefs in the KoG are also Jesus rooted but only individuals can have a relationship w/the KoG, NOT organizations.

The ONLY time it’s an evolutionary step above human to self initiate exit from one’s body is when it’s totally conscious,NOT by a carrot/stick lure, not for self,whether an escape or imagined heroism(martyrdom) AND

NOT of our own WILL but as a result of willful bonding w/a genuine Older Member from the LAH,evidenced to you over time in Their every word/deed as Their student who’s WILL you know you WANT to serve because you love Them.

Joh 10:(11)I am the good shepherd: the good shepherd gives his life for the sheep.(15)…& I lay down my life for the sheep.(17)Therefore does my Father love me,because I lay down my life, that I might take it again.

I’m closing this chapter in saying that my return to Ti&Do’s service was/is still very challenging.We will all be giving our lives to something.We can keep it safe & ordinary or we can take it to the NEXT LEVEL.

After ~12 yrs. of a return to asking for service to Ti & Do,I asked Do if I needed to prepare myself to lay down my life as They did.Do came to me in a dream that same night & said,”Give Your Life”,a process.

Many choices are very difficult,especially when there’s no recognizable payback.There’s still an open door to choose to apply for a step wise service to Ti & Do from the Evolutionary Level Above Human.

Making such application is simple:Start serving.How? Decide that you believe in who Ti&Do are & tell others what They said/did. It’s between You & Ti and Do, the last current representatives from the Level Above Human.

Heaven’s Gate anti(religion(Christian) spiritual atheist illusionary)”Cult” “ody” Name and Revelations 14 Ti and Do Song and Exodus 31:1

January 25, 2011

Heaven’s Gate anti(religion(Christian) spiritual atheist illusionary)”Cult” “ody” Name and Revelations 14 Ti and Do Song and Exodus 31:1

Before I go into the subject matter reflected in this title which is primary about the use and origin of the naming convention Ti and Do gave their students “ody”.

I wrote this primarily because of those that were  NOT in the Ti and Do “classroom” aka “cult” that were not given that name by Ti &/or Do.

To date these are “gryody”, “xfody” and “bnody” all three of which are people I have asked or suggested discontinuing the use of those identification handles for the many reasons down below.

The primary reason though is because whether these three and anyone else who uses such a name, whether they do so intentionally or not or whether they know it or not are potentially falling into the same trap as the one called Paul of Tarsus in the New Testament, when he claimed to be an “apostle” which was an assigned spokesperson/witness/disciple of Jesus. Paul was not.

Now saying this, in NO WAY suggests these three or anyone else are of any less stature or qualified to disseminate what Ti and Do actually said and did during their ~24 year task as well documented on and as seen on all their EXIT video tapes and Beyond Human video tape series that are to date posted on under the channel name: 1riverofangels.

I don’t believe there is any value to the Next Level for our appearing  to other humans as an “ody”. It’s also like someone taking the title of “Father” or Guru, or Spiritual Teacher or Pastor or Rabbi or Master. Ti and Do used NONE of these titles. We referred to them as Ti(Peep), Do(Bo), Lnks (short for LINKS), as in links in a chain of MIND that extends from one Older Member to another up to the Chief of Chiefs and they thought of themselves also as pipes in a pipeline, just another way of looking at it, though with the added perspective of their wanting to have nothing in their pipeline that differed or was altered from what Their Older Members were giving to them.

This WAY of Next Level members is reflected in the historic Jesus record:

Joh 12:49 For I have not spoken of myself; but the Father which sent me, he gave me a commandment, what I should say, and what I should speak.

 Joh 12:50 And I know that his commandment is life everlasting: whatsoever I speak therefore, even as the Father said unto me, so I speak.

In other words, this shows the “way” of members of the Next Level, another verification of who is a genuine representative. They will try very, very hard to say and do only the things given to them by their Older Members.

And this certainly goes for me as well, though where I differ from those who didn’t have a face to face physical personal relationship with Ti and Do, is that I simply have a larger database of what I heard them say and observed them to do which included the degree of depth I often did not see when I was in their company, because of my limited view at the time.

And of course that also applies to new believers. They will read the things Ti and Do and the graduation class wrote and may think they understand it, but in re-reading it and especially as they change and grow in belief/faith in Ti and Do will see more and more and more while connecting such with previous historic record of the Next Level’s representative based teachings, much of which contained in the book called the Bible.

When reading any historic literature, as the Bible is not the only source of history of the Next Level’s relationship with humankind, keep in mind the core principles, instructions, commandment, qualifications, ways of behavior as taught and demonstrated by those we can clearly see were Older member representatives, in order to have cross validation of new findings having the same origin. However, if something doesn’t seem to be from a Next Level origin, it may be – we simply may not have good examples of it’s context and application at the time it was given,  and why it was given.

The relationship between the Next Level crews and the humans they seek to “lift up” is not static. It’s developmental so what applies long ago may or may not apply equally to today. I am speaking to some of the Moses given rules, but the 10 commandments I don’t believe fit into this category of experiencing an evolution as Jesus clearly demonstrated towards many of the Moses instructions/laws.

*** Now onto the history of the ODY name: ***

When I first began to ask Do for service again, somewhere around 2000, considering the name to use in relationship to the public I sought to disseminate the Ti & Do information to, I didn’t feel right about using the name Swyody, the name I used while in Ti & Do’s experiential cloister like thus rapture like (caught away from worldliness) “classroom” for the ~19 years I was their dedicated student.

At first, I thought, perhaps I felt that way because I wasn’t living up to the “classroom’s” standards exactly, actually impossible to do without the Older Member (Do) physically present to follow the lead of in every respect. (by the way, to “follow” was never about their (Ti & Do) being dictatorial,nor about students snapping to attention for fear of condemnation or some punishment as we see throughout the human kingdom in EVERY form of governance, secular or religious.

Yes, we had rules galore at at one point some punishment implemented which amounted to being asked to leave the group. In fact two members of the class were asked to leave and were helped to do so with money and a automobile, when they didn’t want to try to live by the “I could be wrong lesson”. They were told by each member of the group that if/when they wanted to try to live by that perspective, they could return).

The origin of the “ody” extension was when Ti and Do in 1977 assigned us names using our existing names shortened to three letters, thus Sawyer became Swy and then tagging on “ody”. They told us at that time that we were being adopted by the Next Level and that we were hence their children but that at some point in the future as we matured to adult the “y” would be dropped so for instance I would have become “swyod”, of the family of OD, yes a pun, as the Next Level members enjoy being humorous in that kind of non-hurtful way.

The letter “y” was never dropped though Do did give us new names when he thought the 24 of us remaining in 1992 had passed our final exam and were simply waiting for our next step in service to Ti, who as some know was by then outside the human vehicle she took over, that was diagnosed with liver cancer and died in 1985. The cancer actually began in her eye two years before, which she had removed.

The new names were formatted as Swydote, and that was an “e” on the end, not an “i”. Originally Ti’s name was spelt Te, then at one point Do said it didn’t matter how we spelt it but then came back (presumably after he checked with Ti, outside her vehicle then) and said to just spell it Ti. But the “dote” change was short-lived, maybe months.

Interestingly about that same time or slightly before then Do gave each student the name of a person in the Old Testament. He said we had some relationship to that OT person. He never went into detail about it and we never used those names. The name I was given at that time was Bezaleel who was among the “children of Israel”(Do said Israel=the overcomers) and can be found talked about in Exo 31:1 as a student who was given skills of workmanship and the task of making the “tabernacle”(tent where they held meetings) and the ark of the testimony, a chest that contained the writings/instructions, witness of the Lord & the mercy seat, a place of atonement. I suppose the Soul of the vehicle named Bezaleel would have been saved from perishing in the spirit world to be brought back in coordination with Jesus incarnation/public ministry, to take over a new vehicles, perhaps one later called Stephen which could have been a descendant of the genetic strain of flesh of Bezaleel, as Ti and Do said, the Next Level sees to a type of match of body with Soul for each trimester’s lesson ground.

I say this because there is an importance to names. They are a type of Handle or address (as in computers).

It’s very interesting that I was named after St. Stephens Cathedral in Vienna, Austria where my grandmother lived and worked in the convent. (she was to some degree a wayward child and they gave her a job in the cathedral to work with the nuns as a way to get her to conform to their ways).

It just so happens that the movie, “The Sound of Music” had a scene of the marriage of Maria(dropout from nun program) and Captain Von Trapp in St. Stephens. Interestingly, Ti & Do felt that movie was stimulated by the Next Level as a way of laying out Ti and Do’s task together, to bring a small group of students our of Lucifer’s(Nazi) clutches.

Thus Maria was Ti and The Captain was Do. Do needed to be awakened by Ti as Maria awakened the Captain but that it was a partnership and they sang together and hence the names Ti and Do.

Do also said something about how Ti was pushing Do to his next octave. Ti is Do’s Older Member and this is what Older Members do, they help which takes some pushing, like a mamma bird pushing a chick from the nest to try it’s wings.

Also, when Do was in the armed service in communications as a signalman(morris code specialist) was stationed at WHITE sands missile base but before that was sent to Austria where he told us he was on that very hill where Maria opens the movie.

And in the book of revelations describing the 144 families in the genetic strain cultivated by the Next Level:

Rev 14:1 And I looked, and, lo, a Lamb stood on the mount Sion, and with him an hundred forty and four thousand*, having his Father’s name written in their foreheads. Rev 14:2 And I heard a voice from heaven, as the voice of many waters, and as the voice of a great thunder: and I heard the voice of harpers harping with their harps:

Rev 14:3 And they sung as it were a new song before the throne, and before the four beasts, and the elders: and no man could learn that song but the hundred and forty and four thousand*, which were redeemed from the earth. Rev 14:4 These are they which were not defiled with women; for they are virgins. These are they which follow the Lamb whithersoever he goeth. These were redeemed from among men, being the firstfruits unto God and to the Lamb.

Rev 14:5 And in their mouth was found no guile: for they are without fault before the throne of God.

*Thousands = Greek:chilias but originated from hebrew:’eleph from ‘alph=a family but also to learn/teach, yolk, tame. (Micah 5:2), another name for “families” or “clans” (see Num. 1:16; 10:4; Josh. 22:14, 21). Several “thousands” or “families” made up a “tribe.”

Voice of harpers harping with their harps:sung as it were a new song that no man could learn but those of the 144 families redeemed from the earth – abopted, taken out of, saved, what Do called being “put on ice” (though not literally).

Note: How is it that so many christians think when Jesus comes they will be taken(raptured) and/or die and go to heaven without qualifying as in Rev 14 by not being sexual and following Jesus (the lamb) “whithersoever he goeth”.

 Do they think they will follow him around jumping from cloud to cloud in the air and do they think their loves ones on earth are going to tag along or be taken too just because they all count themselves his believer?

Plus do they know the song to sing. I know a song Ti and Do taught us that I’d wager would qualify. It goes like this, as we were given it as a type of mantra, to sing to ourselves whenever we wanted to help us maintain our focus against all the discarnate influences that sought to turn us off the straight and narrow.

I know many will point to that and say, see, brainwashing, but that’s because they fear admitting that everything in life for every being has some form of this same thing – going to college, taking a job, pursuit of a career, politicking, religiosity – all have hierarchical humans at their business and governmental helm’s and thus all have their rules written or not, that is if you want to keep your job, etc. And all have their social practices – dress codes, language, intellectual prowess, influential connections, etc. thus we are all brainwashed.

So yes, we did actually talk about the fact that we were each trying to “wash our brain”. It’s like the “wash your robe”

Rev 7:14 And I said unto him, Sir, thou knowest. And he said to me, These are they which came out of great tribulation, and have washed their robes, and made them white in the blood of the Lamb.

In this context a robe is the human body and all it’s human endeavours, sensualities, passions, pursuits. To make it “white” means to rid it of all colorations as these characteristics are all like shades or colors (not associated with the body’s skin pigment). When we put out the Beyond Human video tape series (12 hours of Do talking, that I was on the production crew of as a speaker, because at first it was going to be students doing all the talking which Jwnody and I were elected to do) in which I was on session 1 and 2 as one of the teleprompters, with Jwnody, we sent them to all those we knew about that were not in the main classroom any longer. To our surprise, as putting out this public tape series was in effect saying, our door was open again, having been closed since Ti halted our 1975-6 public meetings, several joined with us again.

I recall Stl and his sister who had never been in the class also wanted to join and did. The name she took/was given was Evn, representing her wanting to have an even vibration which she certainly did, as I worked with her a great deal during the 1994 public face to face offering.

Some of these were living in a type of half way house we called a satellite that Do & helpers helped them set up, though it spread into at least three apartments in Dallas, Texas, while we were in New Mexico, Arizona and California intermittently.

These were in this satellite because Do felt they needed a different kind of circumstance to learn certain lessons that would better prepare them to have a viable “spirit birth”. Do felt these were “stuck” while among the larger body of members that we called the “classroom”. Some in these satellites, like Brnody, Tllody & Anyody were also offered to reunite with the larger classroom body of believers (church) as we had a crew assigned to oversee communications with them and some classmates from that crew traveled to Dallas, TX where they had separate apartments to visit them.

But these in the satellites did not join until we met with them via the 1994 public offering that began on 1/1/94 with 4 groups of 6 headed out in different directions from Escondido, CA and Laguna Hills, CA, where we had three dwellings. (one being for Do and his two most consistent assigned helpers, Jnnody and Lvvody, that was in San Clemente, CA.

But when these first few joined which included Jhnody, who lived in Venezuela, having joined in 1975 when he was going to school in Corvallis, OR. We actually didn’t know his exact whereabouts at that time but he saw our broadcast of the Beyond Human series on satellite TV as we uploaded it to thru the Hughes Aerospace Satellite uplink service for broadcast.

We didn’t inform him of the schedule or anything. I imagine that Ti saw to it that he tuned into it when it was being broadcast. I doubt we did more than a dozen broadcasts.

But my point to all this was that Do told those of us who were in the class at the time that these would be rejoining that he didn’t want to have any kind of tiered membership, like with some of us being called by the new “dote” extension indicative of having matured to adults while these returnees, having been with the class in the beginning and having received ody names would still have ody names, so Do instructed us to all go back to using only our “ody” names.

When we put out the Beyond Human series, Do felt to address the helpers he asked to be his teleprompters/buffers (against influences) by their pre-ody names, thus I was Sawyer and Jwnody was June, Sngody was Song and Alxody was Alex.

What he said then was that the ody names were only to be used between us, not for use among the public which is who the video’s were obviously designed for. So looking back at my own choice to use Sawyer, I realized later that seemed to be what Do would have done, thus perhaps I was “in tune” with Do’s mind enough to make that choice. It did feel strange at one point because when I began to be pubic again and was having dreams and other experiences, I got in contact with Crlody, who had joined the class as a result of the 1994 public info offering and he was in touch with what we believed was a small group of new Ti & Do believers all of which took “ody” names.

As it turned out most of these new believers – perhaps 6 were a fabricated creation by one semi-new believer who wanted to show people that there were new believers even though he wasn’t all that sure about what he believed. As it ended up, to date this same individual seems to be a believer in Ti and Do now.

He owned up to his fabrication. But since the “ody” name moreorless is the best way to identify someone who actually had a personal relationship with Ti and Do or Do in the case of those who joined in 1994 and thereafter, and there are a few new believers that use ody names, I have extended my sense that their use of those names may be considered as inappropriate – even misleading to anyone who comes to this info from here out and begins to see that all those who laid down their lives had “ody” names, thus would likely believe these new believers who took ody names might also be among the original ones.

It has nothing to do with any kind of power trip. Having received an “ody” name doesn’t guarantee anything and a new believer is never held back in the relationship they want to have with their older member, Do (who is not in a physical vehicle and is not scheduled to be any time during this civilization).

Just because I have all this experience doesn’t mean I am any further along in relationship to my overcoming and to Do. If anything more is required of me since so much was given to me. And there are a bunch of ody’s who seem to have no interest in anything Ti and Do anymore.

I know that could change any moment and I know many of them and with me, them and new one’s it’s not about the past – it’s about the now and how much any one of us wants to grow.

The instruction for new believers is, to disseminate what Ti and Do said and did. The most reliable source of that is the web site. New believes should study all that’s on that web site and all the youtube video’s Do made under the channel name: 1riverofangels, Rio’s channel. They can also talk to Do. Use the name Do or Ti and Do. Do so in your privacy silently or out loud all you want. Ask him questions. Look at life circumstances for answers. Begin to feel when doing something doesn’t feel right but be very careful not to get confident that Do is talking or revealing anything to you that’s new. He did all the revealing for this season while he was physically here and as time goes on, discarnates and/or space aliens are trying to step into his shoes so there could very well be someone who will say, Do appeared to them in a dream and told them to do such and such as happened to Paul of Tarsus.

Paul was commandeered by a Luciferian discarnate and/or space alien that was a soul thief in sheep’s clothing (appearing saying they were Jesus) which now has resulted in nearly the entire Christian faith being far more believing and trusting in what Paul said than what Jesus said.

Because of all the religions politicking just because Paul’s letters were included in the compilation called the New Testament doesn’t give real authority to what Paul says but to suggest that to these anti-Jesus christian leaders is heretical and may get me hunted and killed for eventually but that’s the ramifications of belief in Ti and Do and telling others about them. We put ourselves in physical danger but it’s guaranteed that by offering such service to Ti and Do, Father and Son returned, when your vehicle dies, as all of us will, your soul will be taken by Ti and Do’s invisible crew to safe keeping to be brought back after the earth experiences some recycling to start the garden growing again as to date the “weeds have taken over the garden”.

Now some more on Rio briefly because of something he said about “ody” names.Rio joined in 1994 when I met him. He stayed with the group up until weeks before they exited in March of 1997. He explains his point of view in his book, Beyond Human Mind. I am occasionally in touch with him now. I enjoyed much of his book but there are parts that I know to be inaccurate and even far afield from the truth but I don’t know how significant they are but since I’m talking about names…ody, etc.:

In Rio’s book, on page 21 he talks about the origin of “ody” names. He must have misunderstood the entire story or someone told him the story that didn’t know it and he trusted they did. I am not faulting him, though I have expressed this to him but don’t know if he received it since I did so via email and didn’t get confirmation of my communication in this regard. I would hope if he does any reprints he will correct that part and I would hope he consults with me on the other areas I believe were inaccurate. However, the book is invaluable and these inaccuracies seem pale in comparison with many of the events he did relay that I was not there for. Thus I thank him for his efforts and encourage any new believer in Ti and Do to read his book but in terms of disseminating Ti and Do’s info, I’d stick to what they actually said in the exit video’s, Beyond Human tapes and the book that is freely available on the web site some believers are maintaining.

I’ve already heard from some who did not believe I was in the class and that’s fine. The proof is in what someone says. Does it jive with what we can prove Do or classmates in Do’s classroom when they exited said as many students wrote articles that are also on the web site.

Although I was a dropout, I never said anything to anyone against Ti and Do at all. I simply broke my vows so to speak and didn’t know why I felt so powerless to gain back my self control, so I left them in September 1994. I’ve talked and written about the details as it’s a long story but I did have a great deal of one on one experience working for Do and I was given many tasks as overseer and helper and communicator with media and related folks and in publicly speaking about Ti and Do in 1975-6 and 1992-94 and my pic is in the Beyond Human tapes so I think the materials I am publishing are also reflective of what Ti and Do gave to me in direct instruction, teachings, guidance and understandings that do yield certain insights in my re-translations of the Jesus and Moses records and I did have dream visits by Ti (2x’s) and Do(3 x’s directly and a couple indirectly) and some students who answered my questions and helped me with my personal attempts to be re-employed by Ti and Do’s crew.

What I say in my postings, articles, podcasts and facebook sawyer heavensgate and blog: and youtube video’s: channel name: 3spm and on under name: swyody I believe can help people look at aspects of Ti and Do that can be helpful with communicating their message to people in our time and especially to christians who may not yet be totally brainwashed into their religion.

I know well that I can go off at times but interestingly when I did that on blogtalkradio if you listen to my podcasts I feel I am stopped by someone unforseen who lets me know when I’m going far afield. I can’t depend on this. I must remain diligent to be aware of how I can be tricked by influences but all in all, I can’t imagine to date that anything I have said could steer you away from examining for yourself Ti and Do’s information and experiences on Earth. If anyone sees anything I have said that they do question as to whether Ti and Do said it or implied it, I would like to know it, so I can examine it.

You can email me at: Sincerely, Sawyer aka Swyody


Old Heavens Gate bashing article by Christian w/Sawyers comments to date

December 31, 2010

I, Sawyer have responded to the following article:

Article begins:

A Christian’s Reflections on the “Heaven’s Gate” Cult
by T.L. Hubeart Jr.
© 1997 by T.L. Hubeart Jr.


In late March 1997, stories of a mass suicide by members of a California cult called “Heaven’s Gate” exploded onto the national scene.

***Sawyer correction:
They were not a California cult as they were only living in California for about a year at that time. They spent most of their time in Texas.
Thirty-nine cultists, including cult leader Marshall Applewhite, ingested a deadly mixture of phenobarbital and vodka, and were found lying in bunk beds and covered with purple shrouds in an estate north of San Diego. Videotapes and notes found after the suicides showed that they believed that they were shedding their bodies in order to meet a UFO purportedly hiding behind the Hale-Bopp comet. Facts later emerged indicating that Applewhite had been organizing a religion around himself and his wife Bonnie Nettles since the mid 70s, using an eclectic mixture of ideas and terms from Christianity, New Age thought, and the world of computers.{1}

***Sawyer correction:
re: “shedding their bodies to meet a UFO.” They never said this thus more media hype/misinformation. They had considered whether a spacecraft was hiding behind the comet but on their website, they said it did not matter whether there actually was a craft as the comet had served as a “marker” or “sign” of the timing of their “exit”.

re: Applewhite and Nettles relationship:They were never married, nor were they ever sexual in any way, shape or form according to both their testimony to their students & observations over 10+ years in their presense. Applewhite said he wondered upon first being befriended by Nettles if she was interested in him in a romantic way but soon realized she wasn’t. Also, he said, at that time he was never physically attracted to Nettles. So whoever the source of this misinformation is either ill-informed or lying.

re: Applewhite organizing a “religion”. A religion is generally defined as a “system of beliefs”. All the worlds religions started as a result of politicization of what the Kingdom of God did. Every religion started in objection to whatever
“religion” had become traditionally accepted before it. Religions all seek to accumulate more and more membership. Applehwhite and Nettles sought to diminish the numbers of followers starting in 1976 a year after their initial public presentation in L.A. March of 1975.

They actually exploded onto the “INTERNATIONAL” scene, reported world wide for every eye to see that had at all been in touch with the global media.

Some of the outreach of Applewhite, who called himself “Do,” was done via the Internet, and at this writing much of the material posted by Applewhite and his disciples was still freely available by that means. This material affords a case study in the way that such cults operate and achieve dominance in the minds of prospective disciples.

*** Sawyers comments
Though there is lots of evidence how some cults and even most acheive dominance, it would be a stretch to refer to Ti and Do’s group w/that term. Had they wanted to dominate propective disciples why did they make it so hard to stay in the group,not by telling students it would be hard but by constantly doing things that made it easy to doubt the authenticity of who they said they were. For instance,when they decided to tell us that we needed to give our will to them, we learned from Do, after Ti left her body(died from cancer of the liver, that maybe started to surface in the eye, two years prior) that she thought telling us that, would mean half of us would leave the group in response. Before that Ti, in April of 1976 said publically at their Okahoma City that the “harvest” was over, referring to the time period in which they and their current students would be going around the US giving public meetings to gather their “sheep”. When she announced this, it was also changing Ti and Do’s previous view that they would be killed in what they called a “demonstation” according to the surface interpretation of Revelations Chapter 11. Thus when they did this, their students were in fact “tempted to doubt” Ti and Do’s authenticity as the two witnesses, yet another proof of their lack of wanting to dominate the minds of prospective disciples. I have a dozen additional examples. Now I know this is much different than perhaps all other organizations termed cults though all the current traditionally started untraditionally and thus as cults and all these traditional organizations are actually far more engaged in seeking to dominante and hold onto their followers. This is a prime evidence of how Ti and Do’s organization stood out among all others.

Also to describe what Ti and Do did as “outreach” shows they are thinking of it as many Christian organizations do. It was strictly a blowing of the horn, an announcement. The meetings I gave generally began with an announcement that The Two Witnesses are here, the return of the same family that was here 2000 years ago in the person incarnate in the physical vehicle named, Jesus. When Ti and Do determined that the announcement was made sufficiently for all those who were looking for them, as that was largely planned ahead of Ti and Do’s incarnation, then they ceased blowing the horn and went to phase two, the “overcoming process” – aiding the students to overcome their human limitations while forming a genuine bond with the incarnate Older Member(s) as they referred to existing elder members of the Level Above Human, previously spoken of as Kingdom of Heaven/God.

Of course those who fear even considering that Ti and Do might very well be the only genuine “next coming” of that family of Holy Souls (pneuma=spirit,soul,mind) see any evalulation of Ti and Do’s group as a study of them as just another of the many “cults” therefore predetermining/pre-judging any new group and especially so if they use terminology or talk about concepts and ideas they’ve been brainwashed to look at as taboo.


In their book Cult Watch: What You Need To Know About Spiritual Deception,{2} John Ankerberg and John Weldon remark on some “common characteristics” shared by cults. For one, “Cultic religion is often less than frank concerning its real beliefs, whether by design or ignorance.”{3} We need not therefore be surprised to find out that “Heaven’s Gate” attracted potential recruits to its lectures with posters that were “misleading, making it appear that the discussion was simply about UFOs.”{4} Also, even though the suicide of its members gives it perhaps an unintended irony, the cult’s web site continues to carry a paper entitled “Our Position Against Suicide”! Nevertheless, even this paper shows how malleable definitions can be in the hands of a cult: “The true meaning of ‘suicide’ is to turn against the Next Level when it is being offered.”{5}

*** Sawyer’s comments:
It’s always interesting to see people write books about new movements, lumping them all into a category of “spiritual deception” while I’d bet all the mainstream organizations go nearly completly unevaluated by the same criterias.

re: Ti and Do’s frankness re: their belief and alleged misleads: If they had read the first posters they used in 1975 that were the only posters used during their very brief(less than 1 year) public offerring of their information, they would have seen the statement, “This is NOT a discussion of UFO sightings”, thus they were WRONG in saying they used such to attract. Actually Ti & Do did not approve of the use of UFO on their poster. Their students from the first meeting in LA chose that poster design and did not check their decision with Ti and Do, but once it was in use, they decided to continue to use it. Re: Ti & Do’s defintion of Suicide stated, this is completely in alignment with what Jesus said, that if you try to “save your life in this world you will lose it in the next”. Also Jesus said that in his decision to “lay down his life” for his sleep, that today would be classified a “suicide” as he voluntarily gave himself to his captors KNOWING and forcasting that they would KILL him BUT that it wouldn’t kill his real nature, his SOUL. If Jesus considered his most real nature the Soul then the sin of suicide is willingly allowing oneself to suffer the death of their Soul.

Another characteristic in Ankerberg and Weldon (one which overlaps with the lack of frankness mentioned above) is “the rejection of biblical teaching,” often because these have supposedly been superseded by new revelations.{6} In the “Heaven’s Gate” cult, there was a convenient selectivity as to the use of the Bible. On the one hand, the cult made the following statement:

*** Sawyer’s comments:
To the exact 180 degree contrary that I have scores of proves of going accross virtually every Christian denomination, Ti and Do were 100% referenced in their behavior and ways to the total body of at the very least all of the record of what Jesus said. I don’t say this just to support Ti and Do. I suggest anyone go to and look at the section on bible versus to see the range of scriptures there and those were only the very tiny tip of the ice berg. What you won’t hardly see at all are Paul’s writings as Paul was to anyone with eyes to see clearly a Luciferian plant – false prophet even directly related to Jesus prophecy that when he left many will come “in/using, His NAME (His names was Jesus), saying they were the Christ with great signs and wonders to fool even the elect (if the Next Level didn’t protect them). So who comes to Paul, but a mystical and shocking Paul Blind light that blinds him physically for a time and talks to him and says they are Jesus, exactly as Jesus predicted. Now I’ve written papers on this as well so I’m going into this in debth here. But look under for my articles.

Also in fact next to zero Christians quote even 1/10 of the total of Jesus quotes. Now Ti and Do though using the new testement as the last record of the last incarnation as a reference material, they didn’t use it exclusively nor without further evaluation and intpretation.

Re: so called New Revelations: they really did not have many if any of these. In fact most of what they said was a repeat of what Jesus said, but in “plainer” talk, no more parables, as Jesus said would happen upon his return, “talk plainly of the kingdom”.


We hope you won’t misunderstand our use of these Bible quotes. Though most people think of these records as religious, they are for the most part, in spite of their many inaccuracies, the only historical record we have of periods when the Next Level was relating to man. A great percentage of the materials have been corrupted by mistranslations and councils of so-called scholars. . . .{7}

At the same time, this “corrupted” Bible was repeatedly referenced by the cult, both by allusion (e.g., phrases like “those who had ears to hear” and “speak in tongues”){8} and directly:

We can’t blame you for “buying into” the “Luciferian” program. What else has been available during those periods when no Representative was present? Almost nothing – save some warnings in the Scriptures, i.e., Luke 20:34-36, Luke 21:23, Mark 12:25, and Mark 13:17-19. Check these out. {9}

The fact that such scriptures as these–

Mark 12:25 (KJV) For when they shall rise from the dead, they neither marry, nor are given in marriage; but are as the angels which are in heaven.

Mark 13:17 (KJV) But woe to them that are with child, and to them that give suck in those days! 18 And pray ye that your flight be not in the winter. 19 For in those days shall be affliction, such as was not from the beginning of the creation which God created unto this time, neither shall be.

–lose their meaning when taken out of context is, of course, part of the cultic design. In fact, it would have been well for their souls had Applewhite’s disciples read the verses surrounding their leader’s citations.{10} They would then have found out that the real “Luciferian” was Applewhite himself, a “false Christ” (Mk. 13:21-22) who, unlike the true Christ (Mk. 12:24), downgraded the scriptures because they did not testify of him (cf. John 5:39).

*** Sawyers comments:
re: bible mistranslations. If anyone has looked up any and/or all of the words used in any one scripture, you will find that it can be said many ways. But for transators who didn’t know of their REAL context, they were driven to come up with their best shot which was often far off the mark.

Interestingly that this writer and/or the book writers don’t say what was taken out of context with the useage of these above quotes. What is the alleged correct “context”. All too often Christians lacking understanding the context make up a context and the very fact of making it up becomes the law for other Christians to repeat. Thus is the story of the “camel through the eye of the needle”. jesus said, it would be easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of god in the heavens. So how do all the aristocrats and the leaders of the churches with their vast wealth justify that. Well some say, that the “eye of the needle” was what they called a certain archway in Jerusalem and that camel’s loaded with supplies on it’s back needed to kneel to get under this arch so it was very hard. But the term wasn’t related to arch, it was related to sewing. But then some think, but Jesus also said it wasn’t tottaly impossible but they don’t understand the context in which he said that as he wasn’t in the egotistical cement of thinking his Father couldn’t make an exception so he said, even that would be possible though such would be an extreme longshot and far more than a slight difficulty but like so many Luciferians stimulated ideas, they reduce the truth to make it more easily digestible by the average person so a leader of a group can grab more membership.

Note the writers accuastion that Applewhites followers did not read his own citations which is far from the truth as I can testify in my 19 years in the group.

Also, citing a scripture of false prophet identification and saying this speaks of Applewhite but NOT saying HOW/WHY is typical of the many Christians I talk to. They say, Applewhite is a false prophet and by saying it, gives their followers something to grab onto just like occurs within many governmental branches when they are trying to hide or avoid the issue at hand or fear their consituencies not buying their books anymore or going to their web sites or churches/synagoges,temples, etc.

If they want to make such an accusation then state the facts. Remember that saying “the devil is in the details”. Maybe I’m misapplying that saying, but I’d say the devil is in the generalization, the avoidence of the details.


Yet another characteristic from Ankerberg and Weldon is “an authoritarian element leading to spiritual intimidation and often the suppression of independent, critical thinking.”{11} Much of this factor can also be traced to the Jonestown, Guyana cult of Jim Jones, which led to the mass suicide of 912 people in November 1978.{12} One of Jones’ flock who survived Jonestown described the surrender of her will to Jones:

You voluntarily chose not to question. You voluntarily chose to allow someone else to make your decisions. Then you kind of turned off this logical portion of your mind which people use to make everyday decisions. You stopped using it. And eventually you lost the capability of making decisions. {13}

The “spiritual intimidation” mentioned before appears very clearly in the following Applewhite statement:

The next statement that we will make will be the “Big Tester,” the one that the “lower forces” would use to clearly have you discredit or disregard us. That statement is: Unless you are currently an active student or are attempting to become a student of the present Representative from the Kingdom of Heaven – you ARE STILL “of the world,” having done no significant separation from worldliness, and you are still serving the opposition to the Kingdom of Heaven. This statement sounds – to humans who have been so carefully programmed by the “lower forces” – arrogant, pompous, or egotistical at the least – as if by taking this stand we had something to gain – as if we were seeking recognition as “Deity” or as self-appointed prophets.{14}
*** Sawyer’s comments:
This Jonestown person does present a certain parrallel. When I joined, though it wasn’t spelled out, I knew I was looking to the TWO, then Bo(Do,Marshall Herff Applewhite) and Peep(Ti,Bonnie Lu Truesdale Nettles) as my teachers thereafter. Up until that point I guess I could have easily proven myself to be quite the independant thinker, as I refused to join with the Marahishi Mehesh Yogi, nor with Sri Chinmoy, nor with the Sufi’s I danced with, nor with the Jesus freaks who took care of me when my truck broke down in Yakima Washington,and fixed it and who I debated a great deal with, as I was a Jesus believer just not in religious terms and found there to be many what seemed like contradictions in the New Testement. I had also tried to homestead in British Columbia, Canada but did not aquire a green card nor visa to work legally,to where I was arrested and deported because of,which is why I was in Yakima Washington. Nor did I feel compelled to join the Hare Krishna movements that I often ran into. I had moved away from my parents where I had a relatively good upbringing, though that didn’t stop me from getting into the hippy scenes in the early 70’s,right out of high school where I’d started using marijuna and LSD a bit, (which by the way never led to heroin addiction as I was told would in high school). I was also expected to be drafted out of high school into the Vietnam war and I remember saying, “there’s no way I’m going to the other side of the planet to fight someone else’s war” which was not the result of hearing anyone’s anti-war retorick – I just knew that was far, far away from anything I would do, quite the independant thinker I guess. And I remember saying I would go to Canada rather that get arrested. Perhaps that seemed like big talk for a high schooler but I ended up just 1 year or so later hitchiking from Long Island, NY to Montreal, Canada, then to Vancouver, then to Tijuana Mexico and then back via the same route over a summer with my girlfriend. We were robbed once, picked up by an active bank robber and were threatened several times. Before that I’d been to antiwar demonstrations where there were always some very strange characters who also at times threatened people and my girlfriend and I ended up shacking up together against our parents will as she was jewish and I catholic but we still made it work and I have lots and lots of stories to tell about how great was my indendant thinking and believe it or not, many of those who joined with Ti and Do in the 1970’s could tell similar variances of stories that would demonstrate that their group was jammed packed with very independant thinkers who had rejected much of the status quo worldliness. And many were not hippys either. There was a judges son who was a evironmentalist (ollody, cabot van sinderen), college grad, a computer programer, a technical writer both college grads, and lggody (John Craig) was a successful rancher, on and on and on I could describe the student body. I’m giving this tiny shapshot to say that…although we all did agree to give our will over to Ti and Do,which can appear to be the same as with Jim Jones, it may well be that Jim Jones and ALL the other cults were the Lucifer created facsimili’s of the planned Kingdom of God (Level Above Human) motis operendi as taught by Moses and Jesus (the greatest commandment was to love(give service to) the Lord your God with ALL your heart(emotions), ALL your mind(thoughts), ALL your body(actions) and ALL your strength(efforts).

The cult leader thus appeals to those who may not be well-grounded in their faith with a statement possessing biblical undertones. For example, Paul had said of the true gospel:

1Cor 2:14 (KJV) But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.

*** Sawyers Comments:
To use Paul as an example of anything is blasphemy. He never KNEW Jesus personally. He was given apostleship by Jesus nor by Jesus apostles. He was self declared. It was a spirit or space alien who technologically blinded Paul and then told Paul he was Jesus speaking to him, (what Jesus had just warned would happen after he left, thus fulfilling that prophecy). Now that does’t mean all Paul said is off track of what Jesus said. Paul did probably hear things from Peter and other disciples as he at first sought after them to persectute and banish and even kill them, as Paul was a pharasee and hated these until he was blinded and appears to have been converted by, which is NOT the way the Kingdom of God convinces anyone because it takes away their free will to believe by performing “signs” – magic to woo someone into belief.

So what Paul is saying is that discernment of things related to the Holy Spirit(MIND/Soul/discarnate Greek:pneuma means all four) is GIVEN to some while those not given such, thus are still in their “natural” unaware state see those who are given this “gift” as foolish, as this Christian writer seems to demonstrate towards his evaluation of Applewhite and Nettles.

But in using this Paul quote I suppose he is suggesting Ti and Do’s students were the ones without discernment yet I knew nearly all of the 39 very well over many years, though not their human history but knew them for who they were then and there is little to no evidence of naivity, or being easily led – to the contrary, most were very stubborn and hard headed in some ways.

Furthermore, Ti and Do required us to periodically (like at least one time each year of the 19 I was with them) take at least an hour to not have any distractions or other’s company (as we mostly always did things in twos and crews) and try to think about what else in the world we might still want to do.

And some did leave thereafter such instructed self exam times. In fact in 1976, 19 believers who had maintained their desire to be in the Ti and Do group following a year trapsing around the country holding public meetings were seperated from the larger group by Ti and Do who said to the remaining 72 that the 19 did not make the first cut. How strange that is for a cult leader to instigate some leaving against their will. This came after some had been reported to be still having sex and using marijuna, both of which were prophibited in Ti and Do’s group. But one of those who had had sex, was not among the 19 and was one who stayed in the group til their exit in 1997, thus it wasn’t cut and dry that any degree of sexuality with self or with another constituted dismissal automatically which I have more examples of.

Part of my points here are that there were many, many chances to leave Ti and Do’s group because they really, really did not want anyone there who did not want to be there AND that was evidenced by their desire to follow Ti and Do’s RULES. No one was ever, ever held against their will (though there was 1 situation 1 time that lasted for a couple weeks where one member who was Ti and Do’s first disciple,who had made Ti promise her (flxody, Snelson (who is on a youtube video supporting ti and do) that should she want to leave their discipleship they (ti and do) wouldn’t allow her to. In around 1982 or so, flxody did want to leave and she was evidencing strange uncharacteristic behaviors that I witnessed, so Ti and Do created a situation where she was restricted to one room during maybe a week’s time at most. She was not deprived of any comforts or food and was never physically restrained though her door was locked and she was kept away from anything that she might use to hurt herself, as she was acting unpredictably and did say she wanted to leave. After that week, Ti said, she could not keep her from leaving any more and that she regreted making her that promise so TiandDo bought her a plane ticket to Rolla, Missouri where she had once lived and still had relatives and gave her some money and each of us in the group said farewells to her and she had tears in her eyes and was taken to the airport. Years later when the doors to membeship were opened for the second time over then nearly 20 years she, whom we’d still had a way of contacting her, asked to again be of some service to Ti and Do. Thus in 1993 a partnership was sent to her home and as a result she decided to join us again and this time with her husband ablody. Both were in their late 70’s and came to live with un in California but it becamse apparent that she wasn’t going to be happy keeping up with all our “procedures” and “ways” we’d adopted and expected everyone to abide/thrive by,so she was given a task to have a type of half way house back in her hometown and she and abl seemed happy to do so.

However, the proclaimers of the true gospel had encouraged and still encourage the seeker to use his intellect to determine the truth or falsity of Jesus’ claims. The church of Berea, for instance, “received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so” (Acts 17:11). Jesus Himself urged the searching of the prophets as a verification of His Person (Jn. 5:39), going so far as to link belief in Moses’ writings with belief in Him (Jn. 5:46-47).

*** Sawyer’s Comments:
Since when was Jesus quoted in “acts”. Perhaps he was, I’m not sure but what I do know is that Jesus had no problem with anyone’s using their intellect, however he did say that he was thanking God for revealing the truth to the simpler minded as intellect can often get in the way. He compared a believer with a child in that the term belief was really akin to being trusting and even naive. But then if one is trusting and naive and because of it is misled by a false prophet then what we have are religions because the Leaders in the Kingdom of Heaven prepare ahead their prospective “seeded” membership, those who take to the nourishment of their seed as seen in Jesus parables, being those who appear to others as being blind, naive, faithful because they SEE more than others as other’s were not so prepped to see and/or had their seed consumed by “cares of the world”. In other words a beleiver’s faith must EXCEED that of the learned. The learned mostly reley on their study of scriptures and one big problem in relying on them alone is that some of what it termed scripture was not from the Kingdom of God incarnate members. Case in point: Paul of Tarsus as we’ve described is hardly a good example of anything Jesus said. He was telling people to look to him for leadership. When did he Quote Jesus in his letters but following Paul was easy as pie, requireing only minimal belief with no action where Jesus said, if you believe/love him then you must “feed my sheep” and how do we feed his sheep, but by spreading EXACTLY what he said according to his vernacular. However, even this eventually over thousands of years become near impossible to do because of how much is lost in translations by people who just don’t really understand the best context.

Applewhite had no use for anyone with a searching mind. Rather, he looked for the type of people of whom Milton said, “There is not any burden that some would gladlier post off to another than the charge and care of their religion.”{15} His strategy, as seen above, involved shutting off the minds of his hearers by pretending to have a gnosis or hidden knowledge that those “of the world” cannot receive. The appeal for hearers of being among the few enlightened ones–to put it bluntly, a form of snob appeal–has been a great motivator throughout human history. Obviously, many of Applewhite’s victims felt that checking one’s brains at the door was a small price to pay to be among the “chosen.”

***Sawyer’s Comments:
I’ve already described how we hardly “checked our brains at the door”. Did he know of all the UFO books that were brought into our library in the 1980’s. And did he know of the major dietary study we did and all the health related programs we were a part of. Did he know that we started an organic produce company in San Diego and the health diet book we wrote, published and distributed which was all state of the art information about the optimum health for a human being. Then there was the video company in 1989 that was based on all the UFOlogy. Then there was the major 12 step program we tried to help sexahaulics with. And we had two or three computer companies, two of which I was a founder of, called Think Link and Word Wise where we employed a number of fellow students. We also started re-writing parts of the bible.I with srrody developed a application we sold to a Houston Bank that did batch credit card processing through Mcdonald Douglas computer system. We sold it for $1600.00 in 1988 or so. Then there were the outings to movies of all sorts throughout the 19 years I was with them. One outing went to an Eckencar gathering in a bank meeting room where we simply observed. We wern’t there to try to convert anyone, didn’t even want to. Then another time we went to a Theosopher meeting and again just observed. Meanwhile half of our group, so apprx 12 to 20 over most of those years were the members that held full time jobs. I learned to be a computer programmer making 20,30,40$/hr. at times. I learned to be a Sous Chef at Tascosa Country Club in Amarillo, TX and then a baker and Pastry Chef for the Bradford 5 star hotel in Austin Texas. We had a business in Amarillo called, Astrologics that gave lectures on all spiritual subjects from ghosts to ufo’s. We built two movie scripts that had bites from Brad Steiger and a Stanly Kubeck related office because one of our members worked with Howard Kurtz on documentaries. All of these organizations were run by students looking to Ti and/or Do (just Do after Ti’s vehicle died). We had satelitte dishes before there was an internet and we watched many christian televangelists, too many to mention, but included the Van Ipees (sp?), and even had a member working in the Crouch organization near L.A. We watched the Jews for Jesus guy, the 7th Day adventists, the crystal cathedral fellow and some theologian in arkansas as well as Copeland and many, many others. We watched news every day. One two occasions we visited family alone without shaparone. We were flown to wherever we wanted to go. I visited my mother and father and siblings in 1985 and 1987.

So how much evidence is there that we were limited in any way as we always could have left and had many, many opportunities and many did.

In fact, this was far more open an organization than ANY other I’d bet upon in a court of law, so this person is blowing smoke because he is afraid of looking at it all in any other way.


However, anyone who is “Rooted and built up” and “stablished” in Jesus Christ (Col. 2:7) realizes instantly that such cultic preaching as Applewhite’s of “another gospel” renders the preacher “accursed” (Gal. 1:8-9). A Christian firm in the faith sees through the cultic psychobabble and attempted manipulation. It is weak believers, “unable to distinguish cultic belief and practice from what they learned as Christians,”{16} or those who have been raised in a “Christian” culture but who have never really believed, who are the most susceptible.
*** Sawyer’s Comments:
Again, if Paul’s quotes demonstrate the roots and stablished ultimate belief and faith in Jesus Christ then they can call themselves Christians all they want but are far from realization of the true teachings of the person of Jesus. It’s interesting to hear the term psychobabble in relationship to Ti and Do when that’s what atheists call religious jargon and I have a TON of proof that that’s what the religious Jews thought of what Jesus said when all Jesus was saying was the same as what Moses and many of the prophets said. Of course Jesus also brought updated thinking/expectations requiremens for discipleship which the religious of any time period hate as it challenges them and makes them look insincere to their followers. The fact is that many Christian organizations should really be called Paulinians as they worship and quote most everything he said while he says little to nothing Jesus was quoted to have said and they at the same time hardly ever quote Jesus or if they do claim he couldn’t have meant what he said literally because it would be too hard for their believers to adhere to such extremes and they’d lose their big church empire budgets and outreaches.


The media has seemed very impressed with the ability of the “Heaven’s Gate” cult to lead thirty-nine deluded people to their deaths. But given the fact that these individuals were proselytizing actively and reaching out via the Internet, their final harvest seems rather pathetic. Nor are the hundreds who died at Jonestown much more impressive. Even the claims of groups who count millions among their adherents, such as the Mormons, are not so substantial when one considers that a “multibillion-dollar institution” with “vast holdings in real estate, insurance, financial services, broadcasting, and publishing”{17} propels the proselytizing. By contrast, to borrow the words of Spurgeon,

*** Sawyer’s comments:
Where is there an example of media being “impressed with Heaven’s gate ability to the 39” they judge as “deluded” to their deaths? Was it the fact that they covered it at all? Did it boggle their minds? Well,those are honest responses. Sounds like this Christian is jealous of the attention they got. The reason they made their chosen exit public was to leave a splash and a splash only the real Kingdom of God could make. Even the Jonestown massecur didn’t make nearly the splash for as long followed by more documentaries and no former members having any evidence of wrongdoing amoung the leaders. Jim Jones group held guns on people and lambasted followers to kill themselves and hunted down and shot some who fled. Plus there were children a big no no for the heaven’s gate group – Why? Because a child can not decide to “overcome the world”. Additionally no other group I’m aware of were actively engaged in being removed from ALL worldliness and all human ways and behaviors in a practical way minus all the reliosity or mysticism that characterizes virtually all other groups.

And to characterize heaven’s gate group as proselytizing is another misunderstanding. Yes, they blew their horn in a face to face way in 1975-6 and then in tiny non-face to face ways starting in 1988 which was a “testing of the waters to see whether Do felt right about doing another face to face offerring”. That testing the waters resulted in putting ads in newspapers like usa today international edition and various alternative minded papers in Australia and Germany and France and England and Canada and the US and to prisions to which we did acquire interest and sent many the Beyond Human video tape series that can to date be found on under channel name: 1riverofangels. But the result of nearly 6 months of this effort was the return of nearly a dozen former members who we had loose contacts with, who up until that moment weren’t offerred rejoining. One of these was stlody  whom actually was one of the 19 sent away in 1976 who rejoined us in about 1986 by a so called chance meetign with drrody, another of the 19 who was actively looking for us for years to try to rejoin and who bumped into nrrody and sngody who worked at the hospital in Amarillo, Texas where we were all at the time living in large travel trailors in a outdoor city camping facility. (We had three large trailors then for students and Ti and Do in their own smaller trailor. Each trailor had 12 members but could only sleep 6 at one time so we had two shifts of sleeping arrangements).Anyway we had shrunk down to 25 students I believe by the time nearly 12 rejoined which included Tllody, stlody, ablody(new member-previously flxody’s husband), flxody, evnody(new member and physical sister to stlody),jhnody from venezulua who accidentally (so to speak) happened to see the Beyond Human series played on satelitte in Venezuala and a few others who slip my mind right now. Then in 1994 we started a second face to face public meeting offerring. I was an overseer of one of the four initial groups. When we got to Chicago, and held a meeting in the University of Chicago we had two interested parties speak to us (me and my partner evnody) as I was one of the prime speakers at the meeting. When I told them we were traveling and had no money so were living off of donations day to day with no buffer, which meant we ate whatever we were offerred which we also asked for and included fast food places, these two who were strict vegans said they couldn’t eat meat. Perhaps wrongly I told them, this was one example of how they would need to drop all preconceived ideas of what they could eat as we looked to our older members for such decisions and to date that meant eating whatever was offerred us (though that wasn’t to be taken to an extreme, as we were not permitted to “dumpster dive” (as some of us had done in 1975-6). So they decided our group wasn’t for them. Some in our group thought I was making a mistake to face them with that choice but Do didn’t find fault with it. As a result of 9 1/2 months of what grew to 5 groups of about 6-8 members each, we had grown to about 48 members but then some dropped away fairly quicky when we began talking more seriously about whether or not we were willing to take it upon our selves to end our physical body’s life. Before the 1994 meetings,Do had been, actually all along seeking to know how we would exit. Were we to be picked up by a kingdom of God spacecraft? Were we going to offend some religious fanatics who would bump us off somehow. Were we to take a boat out into the ocean or gulf like cocoon to get picked up or sink and drowned or were we to drink a poison concoction. I know this is bizarre for the average person who wants to live in the world, has things they want to live for that are of the world to think anyone can be in their “right” mind to be willing to take their own life. But it shouldn’t be a surprise for anyone of any faith to believe in life after death of the physical body, somethung we will all experience thus it was simply a choice of how and when that would happen.

This was quite consistant with what Jesus did and what he expected of his disciples to be willing to “lay down their physical lives” to take up a new life in the Kingdom of God.

So this was NOT prostelitizing the way ALL other groups do it.

Look at the saints in the martyr age. In the early days of Christianity, when this great thought of Christ’s exceeding love was sparkling in all its freshness in the church, men were not only ready to die, but they grew ambitious to suffer, and even presented themselves by hundreds at the judgment seats of the rulers, confessing the Christ.{18}

The gospel spread throughout the Roman Empire and the world without the benefit of television advertising, web pages, or any other technical wonders. It required no flashing “Red Alert” graphics{19} or posters calling people to a UFO discussion that was really a camouflaged mission effort. These attempts to resuscitate the stillborn message of men pale in comparison with the Breath of Life that fills the true gospel message: the living Son of God, Jesus Christ. Have you heard the message of the One who died for you?

*** sawyers comments:
So is this person saying that God would not use technology to spread their message and are upset about flashing words? How petty – “swing at a gnat swallow a camel” Jesus said which may apply here but if not, this writer still says nothing, gives nothing Jesus said that can tend to prove anything Ti and Do taught and did was against what the Kingdom of God taught over the entire record we have, with the exception of upgrades as jesus provided since Moses and that Jesus said would occur upon his return – to tell us “more plainly of the kingdom and no more in parables” and other things.


John 4:14 (KJV) But whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life.

***sawyers comments:
What does Jesus mean by “drinketh of the water he shall give him that springs up into everlasting life”?

Could this “water” be related to the “water” Jesus offerred the samaritan woman at the well? Might this have something to do with Jesus saying that “you must be born again OF WATER”. Thus what would it mean to “drink” that water? Is it perhaps like “eat his body”, like consume him. Did he want us to be canibles? Could to consume be a figurative way to say, “take it all into yourself, embrace his will for us, eat up every moresel from the masters table, meaning listen to and adhere to every word out of his mouth, his “water” body and do as HE did in a willingness to “give his body for his sheep” as when we enlist in his service we produce fruit by our sharing what he shares with us, with others so others have a chance to also become fruit and spread that fruit seed to yet others.

I wish I had time to look up all the scriptures I’ve referenced. There are many and that’s and understatement but it would be good for anyone reading this to search the scriptures for themselves using the keywords. Everyone can become their own translator as best we can with what we have and it’s enough. Though humans have tampered with what the Kingdom of God delivered to us, that Kingdom did not leavve us without the needed core truth about their kingdom and our potential to one day have membership in it. But it does take some digging and asking Ti and Do how to understand every verse subscribed to Jesus.


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{10} In fact, the testimony of one former cult member (in Bruni, “A Cult’s Two-Decade Odyssey . . .”) that “We were told not to watch television or to read anything but the red-letter edition of the Bible” (emphasis mine) suggests as much, in my opinion. Since the Bible quotes posted by the cult (“Heaven’s Gate Documents — Relevant Bible Quotes”) are almost exclusively short quotations from the words of Jesus, the cult leaders may have told their followers to concentrate on these–with anything in Christ’s words inimical to their teachings being explained away as something “corrupted by mistranslations and councils of so-called scholars” (see above).

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(March 30, 1997)