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Ti Do Two Witnesses Father Jesus 4 Horsemen Revelations 6 Prophecy Fulfilling Part 10

December 16, 2010

“Rev 6:1 the Lamb(Soul called Jesus) opened 1 of the seals & I heard the noise of thunder & 1 of the 4 beasts says,COME & SEE”. These 4 arn’t BEASTS as Greek Zoon= LIVING BEINGs first ID’ed in Rev 4/5 as working for KoG:
Rev 4:6-8 in the midst of & round about Throne,were 4 beasts full of eyes before & behind.1st,2nd & 4th in LIKE MANNER/MIND to a lion,calf & flying eagle respectively,3rd w/face LIKE human each w/6 wings & who serve KoG 24/7.
In REV when Beast isn’t used as These 4 it’s Gr.Therion=dangerous, venomous animal representing human GROUPS.These 4 are as the 4 Winds WORKING AS WATCHERS/MESSENGERS equivilent to Lucifer & the Third w/him BEFORE they FELL.
Before a soul can gain full membership in KoG,they go thru many trials.The last one before a graduation classroom is by being given limited service to KoG,Ti&Do called DOMESTICS=Messengers(Angels) & Watchers w/spacecrafts.
They are also 4 crews,each having 6 spacecraft assigned to OVERSEE;1st= Earth Kings(Lion),2nd=the tender shoots,SOULS=potential offspring to KoG(Calf),3rd=humans,4th=Anti KoG predator(in sheeps clothing)Space Aliens(Eagles).
Mat 24:28 For wheresoever the carcase(souls choosing death) is, there will the eagles(Luciferian Space Aliens) be gathered together.These 4 Living Being’s crews are LIKE these EXCEPT work for KoG, a HUGE difference.
Eyes represent Their technology to Watch over all within Their assignment.Human’s w/increasing technology can now see the prospect of a KoG seeing all humans isn’t so far fetched to believe as it was even 20 yrs. ago.
Rev 6:2 & I saw a WHITE HORSE & he that sat on him had a BOW & a CROWN was given to him & he went forth conquering & to conquer. Horse represents a human body.WHITE describes it,eg. Color,Name,Behavior,Ethnicity, Loyalty,etc.
“He who sat on him” implys a RIDER of the horse. Ti & Do taught how the Kingdom of God(KoG) were like ranchers who capture wild horses(humans) & fit student riders to train & offer them the rewards of serving a higher level.
Horses aren’t purely WILD. The genetic strain itself is developed,instilled w/the reality of the KoG by having direct ancestral experiences w/the incarnate members from the KoG, i.e Enoch,Moses,Elijah,Jesus so are prepped.
Riders are those Soul seeds that survived a previous planting, in this case when Jesus was nurturing the Souls He was given.They are those that BELIEVED IN JESUS 2000 yrs ago & GAVE SERVICE TO KoG in sharing that belief.
When the physical body of those Souls died, KoG crew guided them to a “saved” area of the Spirit World to be brought back for their next Overcoming opportunity to be w/the next incarnate Older Member(OM).
An Overcoming process is BECOMING the ONLY Rider of their assigned human horse.At completion of the program that Soul is Born of Spirit.Advasary(satan) Souls are allowed to try to RIDE human horses to spar w/KoG Souls.
Now this Rider of the WHITE HORSE has a BOW, Gr.Toxon base of Tikto=to produce/travail in bearing young.Many Christians assume Bow(toxon)=a bow(& presumed arrow) as related to CONQUERING, a MAJOR MIS-understanding.
Because of that misguided assumption,many Christians think this is a militant Jesus to return as Jews also expected of Messiah. But Conquer Gr.nikao=VICTORY also translated repeatedly in Rev 2 as OVERCOME.
Luciferian influence on humanity is huge turning the internal battle to rise above our human animal loyalty into any kind of external even militaristic battle whether social, environmental,economic,belief(religion) based.
Overcoming isn’t simply about belief & living by the 10 commandments.It ultimately means giving our ALL to OM’s in SERVICE when they’re physically incarnate including restraint of passions, saving self for our OM bridegroom.
The OM’s determine the degree & dole rewards:”Rev 3:5 He that overcometh, the same shall be clothed in WHITE raiment & I won’t blot out his name from the book of life…” Note:WHITE raiment=a PURE physical body.
Ti & Do said upon graduation/harvest, having OVERCOME, which meant having stuck it out physically w/our OM,KoG issues these a new type physical body to WEAR as a suit of clothing while receiving an ETERNAL LIFE contract.
Clothing being described as WHITE has little to do w/race though in this latest return of the same Soul who RODE Adam, Enoch, Moses,Elijah,Jesus & to date Do, chose to capture a caucasion (WHITE) vehicle named AppleWHITE.
Ti & Do were not white supremisists by any stretch of the imagination. They said a KoG(Level Above Human(LAH)) vehicle was grown on a vine.(humans & space aliens are attempting this as we speak but largely failing).
Luciferians sought to link being born white w/purity & Christlike.Caucasion was the dominant race of Ti&Do’s students but the race is the most “mutt” like lacking clear cut roots other racial groups can trace easily.
& that may be the route the human tree takes as the gene pool is cultivated to have all human experiences & successes in order to face returning Souls w/breaking off the associated ego that comes w/any human styled success.
Ti&Do taught us to strive for blindness in ALL appearances namely by looks, race,gender,ethnicity,wealth &/or intellect-all part of the human condition that needs to be entirely overcome to qualilfy for KoG membership.
Thus this WHITE HORSE RIDER(Do) is given a crown by his OM(Father(Ti)) that entails having a litter of newborns.Like a midwife w/each birth of the litter He’s victorious & in completion of all the births a final VICTOR.
This is also being victorious against the entire Luciferian Space Alien advasarial efforts & in particular over the Soul called Lucifer, who Ti indicated was Do’s assigned satan(advasary).
None of the many translations & commentaries on these versus I’ve seen directly see the use of HORSE as representing a human as none would think that way about themselves unless they’re given that perspective by KoG=(Ti&Do).
In fact they ALL think horse represents battle because long ago horses were used that way.Of course that holds truth too as our humaness is what we must become victorious over, but then the colours baffle them further.
Rev 6:4 there went out another horse that was red (colour of fire) & power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from earth, that they should kill one another & there was given to him a great sword.
Note this Red=Gr.purrhos=colour of fire describes the horse whose rider is GIVEN POWER to take PEACE from the Earth & to KILL=Gr.sphazo=to slay by physical violence,thus by Sword(weapons) clearly a war mongering.
Following the WHITEHorse’s Internationally viewed Victory in TiDo’s Mar.’97 Heaven’s Gate Group’s voluntary laying down of their physical bodies,came a fascist(RED)Republicrat led coup-d’tat in 2000 & planned 9/11 WTC attack.
Large wars have always been waged & fought globally but now we have a carte blanc ticket to ENDLESS WAR & all the ramifications. Ti&Do always said the KoG held back these kinds of events in the U.S. for their students sake.
The U.S. needed to be a place of extraordinary freedoms to allow the incarnate OM’s time to blow their trumphet to gather the student body & hold an extended Overcoming Classroom w/o significant interferences.
Thus when the Heaven’s Gate group exited their physical vessels, began the time of tribulation(time of troubles). However, interpreting the “RED HORSE” as personified as the Bush regime has addional evidences.
Bush’s ancestry goes to the English King Edward I. Red=Gr.purrhus is also defined as Ruddy(an English expression for Damned) & Englands military REDCoats.Purrhus is a Greek warrior who was inside the Trojan Horse.
The 9/11 attack was like a trojan horse & in Greek mythology=a pythian serpent or dragon.Rev12:3…& beheld a great RED dragon, having 7 heads & 10 horns & 7 crowns upon his heads,I suggest being originally the G7,today G20.
“Rev 6:5 & when he had opened the 3rd seal, I heard the 3rd beast say, Come & see. & I beheld & lo a black horse & he that sat on him had a pair of balances in his hand.”
In Nov.2008 I had a dream w/Dstody in it.I knew Dstody’s vehicle’s name as Thomas Nichols,brother of Nichelle Nichols,Lt.Ohura of the TV show; Star Trek. He was the eldest member of Ti & Do’s classroom w/a “black” vehicle.
I know him well.In the dream,all I recall was his reference to Barack Obama, the presidential candidate. So I voted for Barack. It wasn’t until a month later that I realized the 3rd horse was described as Black.
Furthermore,even before his inauguration, his biggest BURDEN/YOKE was the economic crisis, thus I took the dream as evidence that this 3rd horse was Barak Obama.The rider of this horse appears HUMAN the 3rd LIVING BEING.
“pair of balances”= Gr.zugos=yolk, burden,”in his hand”,his task to handle,yielding economic scarsity for the laborers/slaves of Corporate Capitalists.The measures indicate a days work=cost of a days food,thus subsistance.
“not hurt oil & wine”, I believe refers to those in service to KoG(oil) & those who are ripening to produce fruit(new believers in Ti & Do whom upon believing provide service to KoG by spreading seed of TRUTH about Ti & Do).
Just because this suggests Bush as Red & Obama as Black as these horses, doesn’t imply KoG members as their RIDERS.The horse itself determines their own RIDER by what they seek in life & whom they choose to ask/listen to.
However,Luciferian RIDERS IMPOSE their will on horses they know have the greatest influence on humans & their overall agenda. KoG members WAIT for any horses to ASK FOR SERVICE to KoG, at this time IN THE NAMES of Ti & Do.
“Rev 6:7-8 The 4th Living Being says;See…a pale horse & his name that sat on him was Death & Hell followed w/him & power was given to them over the 1/4 part of the earth to kill w/sword,hunger & the beasts of the earth”.
PALE here is Gr.Chloros,rooted:Chloe=young green shoot which moves from yellow to green as it ages hence Chloros=yellowish(pale) GREEN.Translators who said PALE alone were once again mistaken as Green is the dominant meaning.
However,a friend suggested PALE HORSE might be Sarah PALin,while horse’s rider is a Luciferian Space Alien. Don’t worry, if she opens up to & asks Ti&Do for help she will get all the help she needs to deal with that RIDER.
Now this horse may not be Sarah Palin,though she also has Irish(green) in her blood & seems to be a leader of the TEA PARTY, tea being a green herb.Catholics color is green.Maiden name=Heath=green plant.Many more to consider.
When the KoG allows a Luciferian to attempt to RIDE/Control a human(horse) they are not left to fend for themselves. The RIDER of this human(horse) is NAMED: Gr.=thanatos rooted in thnesko=an a Noun=BE DEADLY.
Gr.Hades=invisible receptical for disembodied spirits who show no allegience to KoG while alive follows “BE DEADLY”.It’s like a vacuum cleaner that scoops up these spirits & contains them, thus referred to as a prison.
It’s described as deep & dark, thus is physically located down/underground, inside the Earth.The idea of those there not being able to quench their thirst isn’t because of heat as in spirit form heat isn’t felt.
Haides is spelt,Gr.a=ONLY plus eido;TO SEE(LOOK),ONLY AN IMAGE,TO KNOW & NOT TELL,ONLY mechanical, passive, watch from distance, gaze at something remarkable vs BE apart of it or to affect it thus one’s desires go INSATIATED.
KoG gives these two named:BE DEADLY(propogator of our choice of MASTER/GOD to align to;KoG via belief in Ti&Do OR MAMMON(human wealth forms: Treasure,Fame,Ego,Intelligence, Family,Passions) & HADIES power to end our option.
Ignoring the choice is a choice.Belief w/o SERVICE is sacrine belief.We are not required to change anything about our lifestlye to qualify.We only need to tell others of the Ti&Do opportunity & accept the outcome.
Sharing the info Ti&Do brought does not mean trying to upset people, though it will.We will all eventually die. It’s simply choosing who to die for & may have something to do with the escalation of when.
It is interesting that Obama’s term ends in the end of 2012,the Mayan end of their calendar.The planet will continue to serve the KoG’s needs. They will take all Souls who seek to serve KoG, after they die to “Paradise”.
Historically this was also called Abraham’s Bosum where the righteous souls are taken, as Do said,to be figuratively,PUT ON ICE. After a major recycling of the planet’s surface those souls will be brought back.

two witnesses father jesus ti do part 8 – homosexuality vs anti-Jesus Christains

November 9, 2010

two witnesses father jesus ti do part 8 – homosexuality vs anti-Jesus Christains

This segment includes a section of Ti’s writings from January 1973 when Ti and Do first left houston and headed to Bourne, where they spent about 6 weeks in what Do called a painful soul searching experience dealing with their incoming recognition that they’d (their minds) come from outer space and were here to have something to do with the bible, bringing certain updates and fulfillment of prophecy. They didn’t at that time consider that they were the rev 11 two witnesses. Anyway, Ti talked about homosexuality briefly which I wanted to address more in this segment given the washington DC politico-christian group called the Family that Mother Jones Magazine just did an excellent spread on and their dealing and support of very serious laws against homosexuality that include life in prison and/or execution & penatlies for anyone who harbors a homosexual. Perhaps this is a fluke, but it doesn’t seem like it as a newpaper in the sudan published faces of would be gays and lesbians.

two witnesses Father(Ti) Jesus(Do) returned part 7 lucifer anti-Jesus Christian pawns

November 9, 2010

two witnesses Father(Ti) Jesus(Do) returned part 7 lucifer anti-Jesus Christian pawns

The biggest form of the AntiChrist is within organized religions and to date among those who use the title Christian to identify themselves, not aware of how anti-Jesus all they stand for is. This part 7 gives more examples of how the Luciferians infiltrate and manipulate people to think they can offer so little to the Kingdom of God and yet feel justified to condemn others that don’t talk like them do. It’s not about belief really for them. It’s about talking belief talk. Now saying this in no way suggests they should not be treated with less respect of any human but it’s likely they will embody those that bring the next holocaust in the US as in many ways history is about to repeat itself and it will be all those that don’t get marked as belonging to their political party/organized religion and Family that will justify their persecution of all who don’t subscribe to their talk and ways.

Part 6 on Luciferian space aliens & on sexuality

November 9, 2010

ti do Father&Jesus two witnesses part 6 luciferian space aliens & sexuality

More on the practical reality to the Luciferians, both in space alien human equivalent (even reptilian based) form, from a distant planet and/or from their hiding places underground on earth and/or near to earth planets (mars) originating from previous earth civilizations and in discarnate form, ghosts from the dead body’s used by those Souls(kingdom of god seeds planted into human vehicles/spirits) who fell away from a kingdom of God graduation classroom and went actively against the kingdom of god thinking of them as simply like themselves to where they didn’t feel they needed to go through the kingdom of God representatives (Father/Son team, Older Members(OM) in the Evolutionary level above human(LAH) that religions now call the kingdom of God(KoG)) to reach the Heavenly Level of life, that’s NOT a spirit existence as human but is both a significantly more evolved physical body existence that is virtually never ending, eternal as the soul/spirit/mind changes body’s sort of like humans can change clothes but with not nearly the frequency or for willy nilly reasons or for fashion but for function the way humans use a diving suit to go underwater. AND how they interface w/humans as their pawns.

Ti & Do Two Witnesses(christs) Jesus return re:Luciferians, Resurrection plus Part3,4,5

October 29, 2010

Ti & Do Two Witnesses(christs) Jesus return with “clouds” Part3 TEXT:

Many Christians suggest the TWO WITNESSES are some combo of:Enoch,Moses & Elijah. Ti said all those were tasks performed by oneSoul, including the one called Jesus but last called Do. Ti was the Lord/Father each time.Ti never said She was Lord/Father & neither put on airs/garb. Do said He experienced how She(the Soul that took over the vehicleNettles) was His OM/Father.Uncontrived, each witnessed of the other’s station,not of themselves.Characteristic of OM’s of KoG are to BE EXAMPLES of who They are rather than trying to play a religio-spiritual facsimile part.”Joh 5:31-32 If I bear witness of myself, my witness is not true…another bears witness of me.”This is a huge proof of authenticity. In fact everything Jesus said & did was prophetically identifying the mindset of Hispromised return along with all the many updates and new perspectives Ti and Do brought.Ti told Their students they needed to “graft” to Do as our OM/Father. It was a matter of having a “viable birth” into KoG. Theprocess is two fold & absolutely requires the OM’s physical presence though it starts w/ belief.Both parts of the process go hand in hand, starting with cleansing, also termed Baptism, washing one’s robe. They don’t do itfor us. They demonstrate HOW which is tricky to navigate, thus Their NEEDED physical presence.For the record, Do, through a student essay said belief in Ti & Do plus service in sharing that belief w/ others & accepting theramifications could get a Soul saved for a future opportunity to move towards their Soul birth.Some of what’s important to share is the formula for that birth so the human gnome will have some record passed on to provide asubconscious recognition when the same info is shared again by an OM. Here’s more of that:Naturally it does entail “washing one’s own brain” of all that would stand in the way, which is most all our humaness, roots, sense of self importance (ego), thus the formula is always to “walk out the door of one’s life”.The facsimile of this created by the “lower forces” of the planet, Luciferian types, in & out of a physical body but executedlargely through living humans is RELIGION as a profession where the reality of the KoG distorts.Though for those Souls that did have a physical relationship w/ an OM, upon the next OM’s arrival these are brought back to interface w/a matching of their experience prepared human “horse”,thus recognize their shepherd.The recognition is also in knowing what NOT to commit to while thirsting for what they subconsciously know is worthy to seek.Ti & Do said it’s not what we get into while in this world, it’s what we get out of.Since my vehicle would seem to be an example of a “horse” prepped for a returnee Saint to cohabitate with, to advance theirprospective Soul birth that I,the mind/soul of the horse chose to permit, here’s an example:When I was 19 & had my first girlfriend whom I became sexually active with. When she missed her period I was so freaked by theprospect of a pregnancy that I ceased having intercourse w/ her for the next 4+ years together.Most young people would simply use better protection. I have more examples but consider this: “Mat 24:19 woe to them that are w/child, & to them that give suck in those days!” Actually I suspect this applies more to now.”Mat 22:30 in the resurrection they neither marry, nor are given in marriage, but are as the angels of God in heaven.” Marriagethen assumed procreation thus in my subconscious genetic mind I didn’t want to have children.The larger picture is what we commit ourselves to. This only applies when an OM is physically present to offer one’s next step.Then,  if we have children, they can’t join. Ti & Do explained this at the Waldport, OR meeting.Overcoming the world under the tutoring of an OM is for adults only, another sign of authenticity of Ti & Do from KoG. When theyshared this I recall a woman in the rear of the meeting shouting to Ti&Do, “you should be shot”.That’s not to say, should we have a child when an OM comes we could not join. It would be extra hard to leave that child thoughTi&Do would never condone leaving a child w/o care but said the KoG would provide special help.In fact, a mother & step-dad who had two young children did join from that Waldport meeting. I was one of their friends. Theyarranged for their real dad who lived nearby to take them. However, neither stayed w/Ti&Do long.However, it was that event that first brought the police & media to the story in Sept. 75′. Apprx. 27 people joined from thatWaldport meeting which made global headlines.Most prepped see organized religion as lacking & leave it or become spiritual or atheist in various forms which can be steps toounless they get stuck in success ruts that to maintain filter out challenges of such success.That’s not to say religious affiliations/loyalties, beliefs & practices are all negatives unless they become the reason to judgeothers (as they often do) & ultimately to ignore or miss the promised return of the genuine KoG.This is not to say people now have missed the “second coming” as it’s still in progress. Many believed in Jesus after he left asthat was their time. All can not be in the same grade in school at the same time.Ti&Do were criticized as having a hodge podge of beliefs/practices. All we know began w/the KoG & has become quite distorted butall things can covert to success for those that ask Ti&Do(KoG) for help to overcome their limitsTi & Do said early on that if they met someone who told them more than they knew to be true, they would stay w/ them as long as they were being fed from them. Genuine OM’s feed their younger members & prospects indefinitely.So the 1st part of the graft w/OM present is to detach from the past:”Mat 19:29 everyone that’s forsaken homes,siblings,mom,dad,wife,children,lands FOR MY NAME’S SAKE shall receive 100 fold & shall inherit everlasting life””FOR MY NAME’S SAKE” (as for KoH’s sake) are huge key phrases as if it’s not FOR HIM personally as rep of KoH/God the effect isoften detrimental as most times we are doing it to elevate our SELF though can realize it later.That’s not to say,when OM is not present we can give up on self discipline/restraint & self improvement & even doing so w/Theirreality in mind, as all our efforts for KoG’s sake – living by the rules They gave are crutial.What we overcome NOW makes it easier to repeat when we are “saved” to be brought back for a next chance to reach for eventualgraduation while training our vehicle’s genetic code to be a future match for our soul’s return.The crucial 2nd part when OM is present is to begin to give all our attention/affection, love, thoughts to our OM instead of allour previous outlets which becomes manifest through service(works), the real “worship”.It sounds dictatorial but it’s anything but. It’s a training program for a select mission, like a God swat team. If the Captaincan’t trust those enlisting to service, They can’t use them for Their missions.They don’t want to give someone the kind of power some can have over others unless they know that person is loyal to the overallprogram to include appreciating the OM that midwifed them through their Soul birth canal.Where it is far different from human military is in the ways & behaviors of the Captain (Do/Jesus, etc.). OM’s are extraordinaryin warmth, kindness, honesty, gentleness, directness, consideration, overview & even fun plus.Mind you, this isn’t a holiday though. They require our giving our best which they expect to grow, thus coming up to standardsis challenging but like any team we begin to thrive on being a “right hand worker”.Those who are rebellious or oversensitive to receiving criticism will have OM patience to change such self limiting ways OR theycan leave the program anytime despite what the lower forces driven media have implied of Ti&Do.A big part of overcoming is keeping the demons out of our heads. At this point a demon is virtually anything or one that could influence our quitting. We learn to have impeccable thought/eye/ear, etc. control.”Luk 14:26 If any man come to me & hate not his parents, spouse, children, siblings & his OWN LIFE ALSO & who does not bear hiscross & come after me, can’t be my disciple.” We HATE all influences away from KoG membership.Bearing one’s cross is related to one’s first task of spreading the new information when few can or want to hear it, while manyare offended by or fearful of thus disciples are hated as was their OM’s before them.As strange as it seems, We cultivate our graft to our OM by “using our OM’s mind rather than our own”. That simply means doingsomething the way the OM would do it regardless whether we think it can be done better.I know well how that sounds cultish & certainly the Luciferians instigate the same things w/ all humans in degrees – adhering toany guru, teacher, pastor, pope, mullah, rabbi, president or general’s guidance for our choices.It’s not Luciferian in the way it’s been Hollywood illusionized as has also occurred with Godliness. Looking to another as one’sleader is a way to begin to learn the first stages of eventually forming that graft to an OM.However, the human’s being served often end up among the biggest losers in their full potential when the OM comes in the fleshagain (resurrection=stand up & be “born” again).John the Baptist is a great example.He knew the Christ was yet to come & told his disciples to ask Jesus if he was the one. Healso told his disciples re: Jesus : “Joh 3:30 He must increase, but I must decrease.”Anyone can begin their formula today by beginning to ask Ti & Do for opportunity to be on Their team. They w/ Their crew arestill very much alive & will help you with all your hurdles as long as you ask. More to come…

Ti & Do Two Witnesses Father&Jesus(Christs) RETURN by UFO Part4 TEXT:

Meanings & Diifferences in terms: Resurrection,Regeneration,Ascension, Rapture are all shrouded in mystery to date.I guarantee no group of humans are going to be taken up physically into the sky to meet Jesus.I never heard Ti & Do say this but I suspect the Soul who took the vehicle called Aaron performed the task of Helper to Moses &then to Elijah as Elisha & then to Jesus as John the Baptist though I could be wrong about that.I say that knowing, it’s the way of the Next Level(KoG) to provide tasks to prospective younger members if they are so inclinedas Ti, as the Father provided to Do, as Jesus. “Rev 12:5 she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations w/ a rod of iron: & her child was caught up to God & to histhrone”. This demonstrates the Father(Ti/Woman) giving birth to the Son (Do/man).But the fact that Souls come back is throughout the Bible’s Old/New Testement & it’s often seen in a distorted way thanksto the Luciferian Space Aliens, descendants of dropout Souls from KoG schooling & discarnates.The term Resurrection means to “stand up again” different from ascension.Many Christians think they’ll experience the same thing& may in time over several life chances IF THEY DO AS HE DID,  OVERCOME & lay it down for HIM.The KoG chose that demonstration to offer the needed sign to those that were largely unconvinced of who Jesus really was.Jesus was clear about this being something reserved for those that came FROM HEAVEN.”Joh 3:13 no man hath ascended up to heaven, but he that came down from heaven, even the Son of man which is [from] heaven”.So how did Christians ever think their decayed bodies would physically ascend out of the graves?It’s that old trick of advertising. Certain people publish it & because of their power over some media it becomes common.Such is propogated by Luciferian renegade Souls seeking to brainwash humans to do their bidding.But it also provides an excuse to believe no KoG exists & it seperates the true sheep (seeded seekers) from the goats.Which mind you NO HUMANS CAN DISCERN/JUDGE of another at any point, though they try.It gives people a false sense/hope of what’s required to reap said rewards w/little to no effort, called religion, the reasonswhy there is so much hypocricy, superstitions. assumptions & misguided confidence among members.”Joh 5:28 the hour is coming when all in graves shall hear his voice & shall come forth;they who’ve: done good to resurrection of life & done evil to resurrection of damnation” This is a genetic STAND UP FLESH BIRTH AGAIN. All humans (including human equivilent space aliens) are simply leaves on their home planetary tree. A baby human is a new leaf.The seed/egg combo programaticaly instructs the subconscious development of each new leaf.1Pe 1:24 all flesh is as grass & all the glory(light) of man as the flower of grass. The grass withers & the flower falls away.When the body(grass) dies Spirit(flower/Mind/fruit) seperates & some are saved by the KoG.The sperm carries the content of the current psyche(mindset/spirit) while the egg the basic physiology(body/vehicle). When KoGsends OM’s & Crew(a Father & a Son & holy Spirits(Angels) They make an huge impression on all.Each new leaf carries the accumulated experience of all it’s ancestoral leaves rooted in the overall branch/trunk/roots, arepeated seeding of flesh (in-carn(al)ation) or re-surrection (stand up,abide/live) again.The Spirit of each dead human generally stays around the tree they were created from & is a programmatic object that outputsthought form data to living host human vehicles together forming the literal mind of the planet.Ti & Do never suggested the planet itself is a living individual entity (as some new agers build up/hype in books) as comparedto humans, except in how all the elements are foundational to all life form systems.In Hindu records this Earth “mind” is termed the Akaschic Record.It’s the frequency based spirit world/database thus the debateover terms is a Luciferian attempt to divide potential believers but seperates us accordingly.There is little doubt that most if not all religions & philosophies have degrees of truth in their origin, whether that wasduring this current Earth civilization or from a previous one & likewise the same distortions.”Joh 10:16 And other sheep I have, which are not of this fold: them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice; and thereshall be one fold, and one shepherd.” Ti & Do said some core Buddist teachings were from KoG.There is evidence that the other fold Jesus spoke of may be reflected in the characteristics of the Maitreya. Mind you, this isNOT the popularized use of the term, as several use to date: Creme and Rael for instance.Both of these & many others are often unknowingly pawns & false prophets of certain Luciferian Space Aliens that select a fewthings Jesus said, for instance &/or misinterpret some to build their case which fools many.However, the term Resurrection is also used to indicate the standing up again of the Souls chosen by the KoG to return for nextlesson step as they must take over a prepared leaf, a flesh container to further grow within.Jesus indicates this will happen in the last hour(~40 yr period human time) when His voice is heard by all who are brought back.Time periods are approx. as the KoG can change according to the choices made by Their plants.And though upon return His voice(mind) is again expressed, always a human communication experience whether though eyes or earsthose listening will hear & choose to respond or not.The choice is whether to appeal to the KoG for a continuence of their tree or the natural cyclic result of it’s discontinuence.The term GOOD is essentially speaking of FUNCTIONAL from the KoG Gardeners perspective.The tree produces useful fruit or not. If not, it’s recycle time. If it does, it’s preserved as genetic seed for next planting &the Soul seed they planted & survived is put on “ice” so to speak which for some includes tasks.The genetic seed “inherits the earth”. These are those that Jesus termed “meek” which are the peaceful, kind, gentle mostgiving leaves. The KoG will perserve some of this seed for re-seeding(generating) the Earth.It’s preserved IF it’s functional to the overall mission to do so. The mission is to offer membership to the Soul seeds plantedinto the human tree to sprout leaves that seek to produce fruit: new members to KoG.Just like flesh evolves, spirit generated from the interface of KoG mind w/ flesh evolves but nothing happens without consciousdesign & direction by the KoG crew assigned the Earth garden current civilization development.”Joh 3:5 … Except a man be born of water & of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the Kingdom of God(KoG)”.The Luciferians diluted this process into a club membership called “born again” fooling many.The flesh becomes the cocoon absolutely needed to transition to a spirit/soul birth into KoG. Why, because it provides theovercoming of mammalian challenge w/the building of faith in OM needed for a viable soul birth.But what of:”Joh 11:25 Jesus said, I am the resurrection & the life: he that believes in me though he were dead shall live”.He is the “door”, the gateway, the LINK in chain of mind, Pipes for the flow of Next Level Mind.Belief is a degree of trust & MUST grow to Faith, not fearing the changes that must come & the work needed to be worthy to reapthat promised reward of LIFE. By saying, “I”, he is saying you can’t bypass me & get the reward.The same is true today. Since the Father&Son came back incarnate as Ti& Do, talking to Jesus demonstrates not recognizing &trusting the way those same words/mind/behavior/ways are expressed in a new package:DoIt’s amazing how many Christians will only listen to someone IF they speak Christian-ese language, even Old English, just likemany Jews still think the messiah must come & blow shofar on the temple mount in Jerusalem.The Jews missed the literal translation of what that shofar meant. It was an annoucement – a declaration, a call to the battleof Mind over matter, our Soul/Spirit/Mind/Will over the body & it’s instinctual needs & desires.Didn’t Jesus make a loud & clear announcment in Jerusalem as prophesized yet those entrenched into religion &/or human forms ofsuccess chose not to consider Him. It wasn’t really their fault.They weren’t prepared to change.Thus their “leaves” died & no flowers came from them. They received whatever value they got from their lifetime. However, whenJesus left as he did & stood up again w/his same vehicle, it shocked all those who witnessed it.Shocked so much that all who talked about it were outlawed & sought out by whoever was easily Luciferian driven which was theirticket to show KoG they’d received some of Their Mind through Father/Jesus to die in service.”Mat 7:21 Not everyone that says to me, Lord,Lord, shall enter into KoH; but he that does the will of my Father”=Feed His sheep!Many Chistians think Jesus return must occur in the same Palestine/Israel area though Jesus said: “Mat 21:43 The KoG shall betaken from you, and given to a nation(people) bringing forth the fruits thereof”, USA is it.Do actually said that Israel really meant, “the overcomers”, those who were willing to follow the KoG’s instructions that setthem apart from the herds of wild humans that by pressing through challenges w/ force succeed.How many times & ways does the KoG express this required overcoming process to gain entrance to the KoG.It doesn’t happen by onehuman life experience. Leaps of faith that extend belief/trust in OM’s are always in store.”Mat 19:28… ye which have followed me, in the regeneration(recycling period) when the Son of man shall sit in the throne ofhis glory, ye also shall sit upon 12 thrones, judging the 12 tribes of Israel.”Here Jesus is speaking to his 12 graduate students. Having a throne means having conquered/overcome their mammalian humanessFOR their Captain/OM thus they ALSO become the overseers of upcoming graduates.”Rev 20:4 I saw thrones & they sat upon them & judgment was given to them: & I saw the souls of them beheaded for the witness ofJesus & for the word of God & hadn’t worshipped the beast neither received his mark on foreheadsor in their hands & they lived & reigned w/ Christ a 1000 yrs.” A throne is a graduates seat, thus 12 graduated into membershipin KoG that gives among other rewards a new body w/everlasting life & new tasks.Next John sees another group who died in witness to Jesus & KoG’s Word but who don’t work for(worship) human(beast) & accept no marks.These are harvested but not yet rewarded w/ a throne but to THEIR next best service. That service remains in the Earth environment, working out of the invisible KoG spacecraft termed paradise w/ their assigned OMon follow up & setup of the new lesson ground, following a planetary recycling.This represents those in the 1st Resurrection,in this context having been harvested(saved) to a future while all others perish& come back as new leaves of the genetic human tree while some who went against KoG pay dearly.Rapture is another distortion that began in earnest w/Luciferian’s taking over Saul of Tarsus. 1st off:”WE” is a BIG ASSUMPTION:1Th 4:17 Then WE which are alive & remain shall be caught up together w/them in the clouds…Doesn’t this look like country club religion we see all over the world.Live a decent life adoring some saviour=reward of Heaven?Where does leave all behind, deny self,take up cross,follow him,overcome & clean our robes fit?Any discerning eye will look at ALL Jesus said & have to come away w/ knowing that any talk of belief IS ONLY A FIRST STEP. Sureunless you take it, you don’t get to step 2+, but rewards only comes to those who PRESS forward.However, this record of Paul’s experience had some accuracy but it’s strictly in a “spiritual” context. Meeting the Lord in the air would have been better termed, “in spirit”, which is simply being saved for step 2+.Plus what is most likley the best definition of “we who are ALIVE”? Was it a Jesus definition of being ALIVE=His disciple,thustrying to “deny self, take up our cross & follow him”. Now it seems Paul did take up his cross.But he couldn’t follow someone he never even knew & wasn’t physically there, except by following His teachings, which Paul onlywould have known by getting it 2nd hand at best, which is still good, but limited.Paul didn’t know that Jesus was advancing a particular flock of souls while introducing first steps to all else through talkingparables. Paul was a first timer who thought himself equivilent to those who were returnees.

Two witnesses  father jesus  ti  do Part 5 vs luciferians TEXT

Luciferian space aliens are the biggest contributors to why humans do; deceitful & terrible things to others even in thename of a religion’s “god” while portraying a membered Creator’s Kingdom of God non-existent.Luciferians are Kingdom of God renegade souls & their human offspring who work for(worship) & have prime allegiance to MAMMON,putting confidence/trust in wealth/money, technology & humans & aliens who personify it.They are people that physically circulate in near space &/or underground w/ ancestors from Earth or another planet.When they dieas all humans their soul or spirit image remains & continues to operate as they believed before.Spirits can’t change. If not saved by KoG they eventually dissolve to a less individual energy form. Souls who began as KoG seed& became renegades become new Luciferian fertilizer stock for the next soul garden civilization.Mat 22:44 The LORD said to my Lord, Sit thou on my right hand, till I make thine enemies thy footstool?Ti&Do said each studentwas assigned an adversary(Satan), thus ones enemy is ones ticket to growth & graduation.Luciferians have some thinking there are no supreme creator beings(KoG), only random self evolving reactions to random stimulus.Others moreorless have the same illusion but call it spirituality & believe in a Universal Mind.Many believe this is the power that generates everything & that by their intention to co-create they do, termed a collectiveconsciousness, thus a neat idea that puts them on the top of the heap feeling fulfilled & holy.Then there are the traditional illusions that say this or that religious PRACTICE yields closeness to the creator God while yetanother group thinks some savior set us up to become gods merely by belief in Him alone.Joh 14:12 …He that believes in me shall do the work I do & more work because I am going to my Father.Joh 14:15 If ye love me,keep my commandments. Working for the KoG is serving Their will & yields new fruit(believers).If we say we believe but fear it’s demonstration, what kind of belief is it? So what were His commandments? “Mar 12:30… lovethe Lord God w/all thy heart,soul,mind & strength & love your neighbor as yourself.In this passage the word love=Hebrew:agab meaning:to breathe after, i.e. to love (sensually):–dote, lover.To dote is to showexcessive fondness or love:parents who dote on their only child.Is giving our ALL to God doting?How many people in any time period would consider giving their all to anyone excessive, let alone someones idea of God?The KoG doesn’t expect any mammalian based creatures could easily come to that degree of giving.Thus the KoG tells us the truth about what we are shooting for & then helps us rise to the occasion gradually at our pace & whenan OM from the KoG is present physically incarnate that pace is stepped up considerably.But to think, well, I can’t give my all,so I guess it’s not for me is an excuse.I know! I used it in 2000 having been out of thegroup by then for 5 yrs. except for my willingness to go before the public/international media.When they laid down their physical human vehicles in 1997 my partner was 5 months pregnant w/my seed & though I had nothingagainst Ti&Do or the group, as I left because I wasn’t ready, w/fright I went before NY media.Easter Sunday I was in the 60 Minutes studio, then Larry King, Geraldo, BBC, MSNBC, ABC & more, yet I had no desire to restart adiscipleship.Over the next 5 yrs I had dreams galore, premonitions & signs from Do & students.I later reasoned that because I demonstrated still feeling connected & supportive, they were willing to give me another chance.I resisted but inside still loved Them so I engaged them & asked for signs & got them.Finally I said to them in my head, as remember they were all invisible, that I couldn’t leave my partner & daughter to which Ifelt the answer come back as “fine, that’s not necessary now”. I heard no words then but agreed.The next 5 yrs was facing the challenge of how, when, what & where I could serve them. I asked questions & received dream inperson answers from Do, from Ti, from several students. I’m still trying to increase my service.Ti&Do were never dictatorial in any way shape or form.They love their students. Last night I had a dream:Ti was riding in theback seat w/Jstody(laid down his life in 1998) driving & I next to him & it was wonderful!!Now a more accurate term for “commandments” from Ti&Do was “instructions”. They just want to be able to depend on/trust us withtasks, jobs, work, service thus they increase the standards every time they come.& every time those who are glued to the old standards, namely the most religious hate any hint that they are not giving enough,which includes changing their mind, how they think & act, the real meaning of repentance.Though the key to “works” is who you are working for & whether you are doing what they have asked you to do for them.When the OMis not physically incarnate, like now, as Jesus said to Peter,”[if you love me]FEED MY SHEEP”Up until this time, that would mean telling people of ALL the things in the records that Jesus said. But Now there’s more to addto it in what Ti&Do said. That’s the instruction for those who want to be on Their team now!Another group think when they die in an aware state they then become free & choose to help mankind arrive at the place that gotthem their freedom to float around endlessly.What they all have in common is an aversion to considering a kingdom of physical above human people working hard to create ourreality whom we absolutely need to ASK help from & apply their responses to have extended LIFE.But there’s still a brief window where anyone can change their mind/allegiance & still have chance to change their chosen fate.As strange as it sounds that means changing to a belief in & service to Ti & Do, Father & Son.Belonging to a religious or spiritual group, of any size, attending services, surrounding self w/ it’s paraphernalia &/orrituals, terminology, tithing & even helping others doesn’t mean you’re serving the true KoG.Having praise from humans & talking like you’re godly or becoming a monk or nun & equivalent in non-christian terms has littlebearing on your real connectedness to KoG.Reciting stock verbiage & repetitions is meaningless.Singing psalms or meditating & sending light, peace & love to others is nice but of little value to YOUR connectedness to KoG.Preaching/evangelizing has value when it’s in between KoG representative incarnations but……when a new rep incarnates becomes moot & especially when the terminology & context has been all but lost in poor translations.Most preachers talk Paul & if they quote Jesus they limit sermons to His taming teachings.They avoid like the plague all His challenging teachings as they don’t understand how they can be from Jesus.The Luciferians areresponsible for all the illusions mentioned of being on some “path” to godliness/enlightenment.Don’t get me wrong, this criticism doesn’t apply to everyone & going to services & all can be the only way we know to feel God’spresence in an increasingly difficult world w/concerns for the disregard of God’s commandments.Ti&Do on rare occasion took us,their students to a church service & when They did were totally respectful of others beliefs. Dospoke a bit about still feeling humbled & awe struck by a tall cathedral’s atmosphere.No one is faulted for engaging in religious &/or spirituality nor atheism but once the truth is revealed to them, they are beingtested whether or not they can recognize the “voice” behind the words as from the KoG.Joh 15:22 If I hadn’t come & spoken to them,they’d not missed the mark: but now they have no cloak for their missing the mark.”Luk 12:48 …For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required…” So if this speaks to you, I suggest digging into learning all Ti&Do said & bring them up to others as it feels right. Ask Ti&Do to lead you to those that might be thirsty & for what to say & then give it your best shot.All manner of responses are possible. It’s not your job to judge or give ultimatums or to say all you could. Let them pull morefrom you & always point them to establishing their own relationship w/Ti&Do.Those who are teaching anything against the One True KoG will not have an easy time & their physical death isn’t their worstkarma/consequence largely because many have had many chances to know better.That’s not a threat, nor in my capacity to judge another & I don’t know how they will reap their karma & when. Perhaps beingforced underground due to Earth changes while not losing their physical body is their karma.For any that escape the planets upcoming recycling by going underground, I imagine after supplies are exhausted by 1000 yrs ofno natural light,healthy food,fresh air or uplifting companionship it would be a torturous life.Even if certain life extension technologies worked for a while, as Rael’s space aliens said they had & could live 700 yrs by,while creating robots for all their pleasures, who would want that life?Then again, that would be achieving what in the human kingdom is “PET” status. They sit around & watch the grass grow until it’stime to die. I guess many do look forward to life like that. If so that’s their reward.I keep hearing people expressing anger at God for allowing all the horrible things in the world but that’s like a 4 year oldcursing their farmer parent for burning or letting rot the trees that don’t yield useful fruit.I am not removed from feeling sad for even those who may be weeds but the best way we could really show our caring is to jointhe farmers ranks & help others see that the human kingdom was designed as a stepping stone.Ti & Do said the human kingdom was not designed to work meaning it wasn’t supposed to become a utopia or heaven on Earth as someChristians & new agers think is coming.Being satisfied is a stagnant condition that many are in.However, in today’s world, the weeds now run the surface of the garden rendering it an inhospitable LIFE growing environment.The 4th horse in Revelation 6 will be the next US/world leader & weed exterminator.For instance look at how the FBI & other agencies are mounting sting operations. There are many angry people understandablycombined w/ past persecutions of people of color, various ethnicity & classes.The injustices are institutionalized & the leaders do what they want. Conspiracies are the rule & every angle is disguised to manipulate public opinion into either complacency &/or confusion &/or radical militarization.The US is a powder keg. At any moment it could explode faster than it already is to justify further clamping down on any and allthey suspect are not on their side. More on that and Rev 6 later.Allegedly a group of space aliens told Stan Fulham they’d show themselves over major cities on October 13th 2010, which appearsto have occurred as said over NYC. He said the space aliens said they have to save our planet.So who is behind the so called Green save the planet movement most of all. The Luciferian Space Aliens who would much rather notbe forced underground to survive. But do they really think they will change the planet’s course?Well, perhaps & why not try if I was them right but why show themselves to the average folks in NYC & all over the planet morethan ever? One reason would be because they NEED what living humans can offer them.How much easier is it to capture someone by tricking them into believing they have your best interests at heart? Just listen tocontactees like Alex Collier or Rael or Adamski or Fry or Meyers, on & on & on…I’m not saying these people are conscious about their alien’s true agenda. Even this x-NORAD person Stan may or may not be in onwhat’s really going on, direct or indirect space alien or govt &/or both or not.Space brothers they claim to be w/ human interest at heart. They say, humans are destroying the planet & it will affect them sothey need to step in to stop it. Meanwhile many governments on Earth are of the same mindset.Any wonder?Allegedly the Luciferian Space Aliens met w/US military in 1979 at Holloman AFB & agreed to exchange their spacecrafttechnology for govt non-interference on their human abduction/hybridization programs.To date here in 2010, this is why govts worldwide have stepped up all their programs of late to acquire monies for technologydevelopment in all life support directions:To fight, hide &/or escape what’s coming.




Overview and Jesus “second coming” prophecies fulfilled by Ti and Do as Two Witnesses

May 19, 2010

For the very few that are willing to receive it:

There are many evidences or signs of what has been called Jesus “Second Coming” that have been fulfilled by Bo and Peep in 1972-6 and the same named Ti(Peep) and Do (human incarnation names of Bonnie Nettles(rare artillery styled seed projecting plant employed as a Houston new-born Nurse) and Marshall(law enforcer) Applewhite(sin made clean), preachers son, employed as a professional singer, music/choral/orchestral director) from 1992-6 (both approx 3 1/2 yr periods of prophesying) called in the 1997 media the Heaven’s Gate Cult.

Of course they (Ti and Do) were a cult (for previously prepared and saved now 3rd trimester disciples) in the sense of their alternative to all things thought human, exactly as Jesus & Father and crew and his 2nd trimester souls (prepared/saved by their previous Moses experience) were considered to be in his day that largely Moses and crew laid the primary initial groundwork for so that They could return for the third trimester in their overall “soul/spirit/mind birth”(real meaning of “born again” of flesh and then of spirit/soul/mind) which was IF they completed their overcoming of human/mammalian/carnal nature program/process.

Only those who complete their program adequately by the Kingdom of God’s standards will reap the promised rewards (be with Them (Father and Son) in their pre-prepared new life environment (many dwelling places/rooms, abodes). But not all seeded humans are ready to be harvested/graduate at the same time thus souls (planted seeds by the Kingdom of God garden tenders) are also given many chances to breach their own limitations in a stepwise experiential based way, according to their expressed and demonstrated desire – asking/seeking/knocking (being open to what’s NEW – how they must be challenged to “change their mind” (repent) in their asking the currently incarnate representative in person (or if they have already exited their incarnation (died) by calling on the last names they used, in this case Ti and Do, to be of Their service and for help in their own growth – the strength to press forward.

The Kingdom of God members do NOT NEED ANY human beings in their “heavenly” environment but they know some will want to gravitate to be with them during each garden civilization’s incarnation of their representatives. They never beat around the bush with the requirements to be on their team. It takes a graduated giving of our ALL (heart, mind, soul, strength) eventually (not all until the next incarnation of a representative, so we have someone seemingly like us to learn to trust and who proves themselves worthy of that trust, to give our all to. Until that return (when our saved soul would be brought back for next trimester lessons), our way of giving our all is to give to others as we would want to be given – love one’s neighbor as ourselves, even lay down our life for another, be meek/kind and gentle, non-judgemental, giving, compassionate and honest (except when threatened by humans with the power to imprison you unjustly), self-controlled (abide by the ten commandments), and not entrenched into human religio-spiritual or atheistic (as there are not just one person of God in three parts, a major distortion) organizations. (Can try everything but what we attach to become a weight that’s harder to rid ourselves of and if weighted down by the cares of the world, may fear the loss of what becomes a type of addiction and can miss the next trumpet call by the next incarnate representative).

Meanwhile, in the eyes of all those who either were never primed or exposed to a representative when they were physically incarnate in a human body (as dead human “spirits/souls” can and do seek to influence us) such a desire to break away from and overcome all humanism is seen as bizarre, insane, abnormal and even dangerous to all they treasure in mammalian life and thus seek to either ignore or squelch any talk in this regard, as it threatens theirs and their families sense of stability. But the Kingdom of God does a great deal of prepatory work for each trimester and in each trimester there are new souls planted to begin their first trimester, marked by “belief alone”. This is where we are now as the third trimester students graduated leaving any who couldn’t make that grade to still decide whether they were willing to repeat a second trimester program of telling others of the representatives presence and teachings, regardless of the ramifications to their physical human comforts and life. (willing to lose one’s life to save it” as Jesus said, save it, because when the Kingdom of God sees someone wanting to be in their service to the degree of willing to say that which is generally hated by all (not just hated as in one religion or sects hatred for another), they come to their assistance, though when they die physically, their soul is kept in a temporary area of the “spirit world”, that Jesus was quoted and translated to the Greek word “paradosa” (the English word Paradise), which stems from the definition of an invisible to our eyes “walled area” – what might even be considered to be like a space craft within the Earth electromagnetic field aka the Spirit world that has it’s depths into the core of the Earth and extends for thousands of miles away from the Earth’s physicality, where Jesus promised that one thief he would be taken to and be with him there, as that is where Jesus soul went in prep to return to his incarnation to fulfill the remainder of his task to give actual proof to his disciples, so they would not be so confused any longer and would have the strength to spread all they experienced even to the degree of being willing to lose their lives in the process as Jesus said would happen to some of them.

So that is but an overview but hardly touches all the myriad of details that support each and everything said, which can be documented biblically for those that can bear to examine it. Some will not need to see all that documentation but it’s fine to want it, so I have compiled what I’ve been shown/given by Ti and Do. They didn’t directly give this to me. In fact in the 19 years I spent as their close disciple, living with them as all the disciples did, though not always in the same quarters), they rarely taught out of the Bible or any record, though they knew the bottom lines well and at times we their students decided to research the Bible (to include the Nag Hamadi and Dead Sea Qumram Scrolls, discovered in the 1940’s/50’s, same time coincidentally as the UFO crashes and such activities were at a height. So much of what I’ve come to see, which is all subject to further understandings, came to me in my quest to understand things they said or did that I later realized was also recorded in Jesus and/or Moses words.

I was visited many times by them during dreams, but not to give me particular revelations as enough has been given in that regard, but to help me realize just how real they were. This took place in dreams with Them in them, from Their exit of their physical vehicles in late March of 1997 until October of 2009 (the dates are offset from the timing of the Kingdom of God that the Mayan’s also were cued in on. 2009 is what people are now thinking of as 2012 and 1997 was what people thought was in prophecy as 2000. In other words that span of 12 years was how long they would stay in the spirit world before exiting the planet. At their exit, the planet and its entire population would be left to become all it was already in motion to become, but was being held back by the Kingdom of God’s physical presence, in order to keep their prime reason for being here, their little tiny flock of about to born souls safe and progressing in their metamorphic soul growing mode that absolutely requires the hands on midwife like tending from the incarnate representatives.

Thus the official Armageddon – war for souls has begun as of 1997. The Lucifierian space aliens, not one group but consisted of all “fallen angels” offspring and discarnate counterparts who were humans who died believing in the Luciferian agenda’s programming (though they called it by a previous rep’s name, minus the requirements of disciples that representative(Moses/Jesus) taught (deny self(give will to the Father/Son), take up your cross(be prepared to die in expression of belief (not trying to be martyred as that is a Luciferian smoke screen type of distortion (among many the Luciferians enact) to try to force such), follow them (genuine Father and Son) physically (seen as a cult, though again the Luciferians create their look-alike sheep that are really in wolf’s clothing, ie. Jim Jones, David Koresh, Solar Temple, Sun Yong Moon, Rael, Claire Prophet, etc, etc. – leaving all behind including family, though this aspect is not required until the representative is physically present to teach us how to give our final push out of the birth canal). The Luciferians are appealing to people through adherence to religions which include seeing the human equivalent (whether in a human or reptilian like body) or to Science (as a religion) or to new age variations of the same themes, which are all taking the people and reality away from those that actually orchestrated the development of Sun’s and planetary systems and instead rendering them etheric, and nebulous, calling that which created our reality such names as the cosmic consciousness and a state of nirvana or utopia, or anticipating some “heaven on earth”, all of which, along with all of everything else having its form of accuracy, though often in so general a way, that misses the mark of how much more there really is and how tiny and relatively insignificant humans are. The Luciferians get their loyal subjects by building them up, appealing to their desire to be something special in life, telling them they can achieve bliss or some condition of being “saved” simply by maintaining some minor beliefs and some minor “living a kind life towards others (not a bad thing but not a ticket to anything unless they also seek to press to learn what more there is). The Luciferians seek to keep people satisfied in all respects. They do this with tricks of the spirit world and through selective contacts with certain humans who they feel can be their spokesman on Earth. Thus all human leaders become prime targets to beef up to garner support for their agenda which never has anything to do with overcoming the world as Jesus said was required to be with him and reap the rewards of eternal life in a non-corruptible body that is a physical container of sorts just not of the same kind of flesh as humans.

Ti and Do said the Kingdom of God (Next Level- terminology Ti and Do used) grew vehicles on vines like plants and then they could be inhabited by the born soul body that lives largely off of photosynthesis thus has no need for a digestive system, nor exists in a decaying environment thus can thrive indefinitely if it stays within its non-decaying environement, though is not the only suit of clothes they have the option to evolve into as they continue to seek growth and thrive on real tasks for the creator crew they have grafted to by the strength of their will. And they have no need to reproduce as they don’t die and they have no need for more bodies or personal. However, knowing what they have which is most real and “out of time” as they are not limited to one planet as humans largely are, which includes spirts (dead humans) that are also limited but have the sense of freedom outside their flesh but can not change into anything more than they were when they died and seek to be as a parasite on the energy of those flesh bodies they seek to time share with and attach to when it suits their pre-programmed sensory energetic surge they get when their host human body has any emotional charge.

However, the period of time for decision is escalating to a close when the planet itself will undergo a complete reconditioning/recycling. We will see an increase in all natural disasters and there will be many more human stimulated disasters as well, some of which are set up by what is happening under the Earth’s crust which is in some respects being stimulated by the Sun and other bodies in conjunction with normal Earth processes that have had their triggers engaged. There is no way to know how many years before the current appearance of civilization is vanished but there may be parts of the planet that are “saved” that is if the Next Level wishes to save some of the genetic seed for the start of their next civilization as depicted in the Noah story. All on Earth that have the capacity to gravitate to the Next Level’s reality and last presence on Earth in the names of Ti and Do, but they must be willing to at least consider and seek to learn more about Ti and Do. Jesus is really a complete illusion just as Buddha has become just as Krishna has become, as each of these were at one time members of the Level Above Human incarnate, then twisted and turned and distorted and became politicized and diluted into religions. But all the dead spirits will either be dissolved into an even less individualistic form of energy (as they are a frequency form of an energy database module) or they will also be kept from being dissolving if the Next Level sees promise in their growth towards eventual birth into the Next Level or if they can be useful as the next form of fertilizer to help stimulate the negative that is needed to make the growth process a challenge that can build a strong mind by learning to work against thus the prophecy of satan (adversary) being locked up for 1000 years and then released again for a season.

It is suspected that by the time all the physical humans that witnessed a relationship with Ti and Do are dead, there will be little reason to hold the full recycling back. By the time it’s clear to all what is taking place it will be too late to change as everyone at this time is being forced naturally to decide where to put their allegiance. The Next Level has ways to know each of our decisions and will respond accordingly. No human can judge another’s status in this regard as long as one lives they can still change no matter what they had done or become while a living human.

At some point there will no longer be an electric grid so people are best learning how to live off the land and work with their local communities, best in rural areas as the cities will all have a terrible time of it. People can and some will curse God for their suffering but God designed death as part of life. Anyone could have killed themselves if they didn’t want to live and some do. Suicide is not a ticket to anything but to remaining whatever you were while alive without a physical body to change through. Change is the name of the game so to speak. It’s not really a game but it’s a necessary component to all life to change to grow/thrive. The fact that so many are so, so comfortable often on the backs of others that are not, is a sign of a planet that has become very, very corrupt and can no longer be fixed except by wiping it clean which will take care of all the needed weeding. Nothing of value will be lost but we are not the creators of this reality and thus we don’t decide who is or isn’t a weed.

Meanwhile both Luciferian space aliens and their human servants (know it or not) are trying to do all they can to develop technology to reproduce better with, survive underground and/or on another planetary body or on a space station and develop energy systems for both purposes to include weaponry to keep other humans and space aliens from stealing what they feel they need so bad. Human governments want to keep the status quo as is as long as possible so they can continue to have both their ways of life for themselves and their families and some hope for a future. Thus there will be an escalating sucking of all resources from the public sectors into the private sectors which will increase rebellion and revolution. We can choose to die trying to fight against this, but it will not preserve our life for very long. Humans use records considered religious to justify whatever it is they want to do. And the non-religious that are to some degree more awakened and were mostly those vehicles that were seeded by the Next Level at some time during the last century, are the “meek who shall inherit the earth”, but they will not “save the earth” as they often say as the Earth is not in peril, humanity is. The Earth will recycle whether humans change their carbon footprint or not. However that’s not to say moving to alternative cleaner and more evolved energy sources is futile or a bad thing. Of course it’s good, but it simply won’t stop the Earth from recycling to where it all won’t matter. However, while living, to reduce the toxins we heap upon our bodies both in mental and physical toxins is a sign of a brain/mind that has had some absorption of Next Level thinking/ways and overall “mind stuff”, though their seed may have been reduced to a tiny voice of conscience that can’t or fears the recognition of beings that are far, far, far above them in every way.

Just as an automobile could never have just evolved without conscious direction, the much more complex and embedded systems within systems within systems that comprise all the life forms of the entire Earth and extends to the entire solar system and beyond could not have come to be without a proportionately greater conscious direction. That direction includes evolutionary processes that includes large amounts of adaptation and types of survival of the fittest but the ultimate survival of the most fittest eventually extends to those minds/spirits/souls that seek assistance from the logical beings that created our fishbowl reality, the only way to ultimately still survive if someone even cares to survive. Those that seek and receive this connection with those far above human creator beings don’t fear non-existence. They simply by being in touch and from the rewarded contact simply know there is more to attain to, thus it becomes common sense to proceed in that vein as the more steps we are willing to take to talk to and learn to live by that which the creator crew has passed down to us over the course of the current and past civilizations on and off the Earth, the more we increase our memory of its reality and thus pass on that memory to our offspring who then have an easier time “believing” in what those who don’t get that memory can’t begin to imagine. In other words we always need to be primed before we can believe in something that is not demonstrated to us, though nature demonstrates many even most of what is possible in the human kingdom and then we seek to mimic those processes and in that way evolve technologies but we can easily become so full of ourselves that we lose sight of the fact that we as humans did not create any of the elements on the planet nor the systems we subsist off of so to say what’s not possible in this system is the greater illusion, though many cling to it for dear life.

So here are some of the prophecies fulfilled, that I initially said I was going to post but instead wrote this long synopsis of the current state of affairs. If you get no further, that’s of course fine, but the real key at this time is to be willing to in your privacy talk to Ti and Do, two real people who are no longer in physical vehicles but who have crew that respond to those names. You can ask them for anything and they will determine what, when and how to help you. They are the source.

They are the “bright and morning stars” in our part of the universe.


– “white horse” – Marshall Applewhite  in a white caucasian (horse) incarnation

– “comes with the clouds” from the heavens(clouds of light (not known human travel devices (don’t use UFO’s as Christians are trained to think that new age paranormal and afraid of it) (same word as sky), what Jesus ascended into and two angels stood by to say this was the way he would return

– stars fall from the sky – “clouds of light – crashed to earth – seen by people in Roswell and Aztec along with the historic crashed saucers that contained 4 and 18 bodies respectively that were 3 1/3 ft tall humanoid looking according to the FBI report (Aztec) at that time.

– “For every eye to see” – makes a global splash – 1975 and 1997 major media worldwide (of course if one is not looking or “seeing” then they don’t, their choice to be “taken unawares” as Jesus warned.
– “comes with his Father” – See John  14:22-24

Joh 14:22 Judas saith unto him, not Iscariot, Lord, how is it that thou wilt manifest thyself unto us, and not unto the world?

Joh 14:23 Jesus answered and said unto him, If a man love me, he will keep my words: and my Father will love him, and we will come unto him, and make our abode with him.

Joh 14:24 He that loveth me not keepeth not my sayings: and the word which ye hear is not mine, but the Father’s which sent me.

Some Christians think this means they will invisibly come to those who believe and that is not false BUT when he came face to face (as Moses also said was the way the next teacher would come after him) he did so for a reason. If all things could be done invisibly, they wouldn’t bother coming face to face. It’s because we can easily be fooled by the invisible “spirit world”, as we saw in the way Paul of Tarsus was shocked into belief (not a method of the Kingdom of God, as it’s against their free will when they experience such a shock).

– When Jesus returns he will demonstrate the same “ways” he taught in word and deed, the biggest ones being that he came not preaching his own words but preaching ONLY what his Father gave him to say. Do all along said he was working for Ti.

– The rev 11 two witness testimony. Two 3 1/2 rapture periods. Rapture means “being caught”, caught away from the world, removed from the world, not the planet as that happens only in spirit form. Rapture pertains to those in bodies. Paul expressed it in Thessalonians that he no doubt got from Peter or another direct disciple of Jesus.

1Th 4:16 For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first:

1Th 4:17 Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.

“caught up” = 726 harpazo {har-pad’-zo}

from a derivative of 138; TDNT – 1:472,80; v

AV – catch up 4, take by force 3, catch away 2, pluck 2, catch 1, pull 1; 13

1) to seize, carry off by force 2) to seize on, claim for one’s self eagerly 3) to snatch out or away

The ‘shout as with the trump is the announcement of the arrival and who shall be gathered first and even “resurrect (arise) first, but those that had previously “died in christ” “died for christ/Jesus” died in service to his word – spreading the truth”. This is the definition of the saints and is the same saints who in Mathew he said would return with him the next time, as they did to continue their accepted task that would further prepare them for their own harvest/graduation.

The human vehicles always have to be sort of “captured” as they don’t want to disconnect from all they know and love, even if life has been hard. And it is a type of “snatching”…

– “come as a thief in the night” – secretly, unseen by those that are not expecting to see him to steal away from the humans families and otherwise normal life style.

reference to “night” has to do with the fact that their true nature is unseen as they incarnate (take over an existing human vehicle – snatch a body prepared for them, by its being in the genetic strain that previously had experience with the Kingdom of God’s face to face arrival, teaching and demonstration of how to overcome the world, even at the prospect of giving our lives as Jesus said, don’t fear those who can kill the body, fear those that can take your soul, (mental allegiance).

Revelations 12 says there is a women who gives birth to the man-child who is caught up to heaven. Christians say this “woman is the “church” but the church is only a word to identify the body of true believers/overcomers/Israelites. So how could the “church” give birth to the “son of God” depicted there? That would be like the children bearing their parents. So this woman is someone else and she has some relationship to the heaven’s that sounds a lot like what we call astrological, but we shouldn’t use that word as many christians think astrology is of the devil, one of the Luciferian ploys to lump all things otherworldly into one boat so most would miss the real boat that of course will bring more clarity to what was otherwise no understood in times past so was considered witchcraft, while the real witches are at this time working their spells through religions and chemical/pharmaceutical (alchemists) corporations.

– rev 11 also says that these two are the two olive trees. Well that depiction goes back to a vision of Zechariah where the angle tells him who the two olive trees are, which was before Jesus came, though could have applied to the arrival of Jesus and his Father, his Father being another real person, though unseen, except in how he may have been one of those on the transfiguration mount seen by John, James and Peter with Jesus at that time. Well the angel tells Zechariah that these two olive trees are also the lampstands, another reference to past descriptions of the origin of the jewish menorah, you could research if you like but that the angel says these are the “two anointed ones”

Zec 4:12 And I answered again, and said unto him, What be these two olive branches which through the two golden pipes empty the golden oil out of themselves?

Zec 4:13 And he answered me and said, Knowest thou not what these be? And I said, No, my lord.

Zec 4:14 Then said he, These are the two anointed ones, that stand by the LORD of the whole earth.

Also note that in this vision/dream/experience Zechariah is shown what looked like and he describes as “two golden pipes”. Well Ti and Do referred to themselves throughout the classroom as our “links” and “pipes” that they hoped were empty pipes so to better not distort the pure flow of information (mind from their older members through them to us).

Now here is a big point.

Well, the meaning of Christ is “anointed” the same as Krishna, the same as Buddha the same as Maitreya (though can’t mention the other religions terminology or else they will be thrown out by the christians. (perhaps need two versions of this film or whatever, (different tongues) to speak to different people and not give influences a way to rule things out so fast and easily.

Thus this is saying that the coming of “Christs” is two (Father and Son) but as we read in John in the case of the last trimester in this three trimester “spirit birth” program, the Father incarnates also.

It’s also very noteworthy that Jesus said that when he came back he would both share new information and would no longer speak in parables/stories. Well how is he going to speak plainly unless he has a mouth and voice and knows the language of those he is coming to be with to “save”, to capture, to help in their overcoming unless he comes face to face again. Is he expected to sit on a cloud with a bull horn shouting the new information.

Joh 16:25 These things have I spoken unto you in proverbs: but the time cometh, when I shall no more speak unto you in proverbs, but I shall shew you plainly of the Father.

Joh 16:26 At that day ye shall ask in my name: and I say not unto you, that I will pray the Father for you:

Joh 16:27 For the Father himself loveth you, because ye have loved me, and have believed that I came out from God.

Joh 16:28 I came forth from the Father, and am come into the world: again, I leave the world, and go to the Father.

Also this flies in the face of all those who say Jesus is the same person as the Father. He is clearly talking about the Father being a different person altogether though Jesus is clear that He is following the Father’s instructions and therefore is doing his Fathers will, “Thy will be done”, as he taught us to pray. Ti told us to look to Do as our Father. Do said that Ti was His Father. Ti never told us she was anybody’s Father. Do learned it from working with Ti for years. She was simply obviously more aware and less human in thought, word and deed, but that we, the students needed Do for our link as He was closer to us communicatively, could relate better on our terms while still being miles ahead of us and all we could possibly need to grow by.

Conversation on God, Space Aliens, truth, apocalypse, archaic religion, koran, bible, jesus, ti and do Two Witnesses=”second coming”

May 1, 2010
This is an exchange between myself and someone on youtube channel name of: TheTruthIsFromGod. I left them certain of my name = 3spm video’s to watch and this person below did watch it and sent me this response:
I’ve seen your video and I’ve heard many truths, but also many mistakes.

God is one and is reigning right now, God will save us from within us, we don’t need aliens to save us, God is far enought. Moreover, as you’ve watched my serie, I’ve said that these aliens are demons into human bodies. They are here to deceive us, anyway, they can come, we have God and the Koran, that’s far enought to counter any challenge or any perdition. You’d better give up these beliefs, what is about to happen is a harsh punishment from God, it will fall on the unbelievers, the deniars of God and his book. Be careful, you’d better reevaluate your point of view, I truly warn you that a greater temptation/illusion (Raj Patel/Maitreya and his alien demons) will come and will be followed by the Apocalypse.

Peace on you”

To which I responded: 
When you say God, don’t you mean, “The Kingdom of God” or are you referring to one of the members of the Kingdom of God identified to us as Lord and other terms in the Old Testament and “Father” in the New Testament, together with as a team(angels (holy spirits) rarely seen, the “Son:” named Jesus in the new testament and Moses in the old testament? I just have become a stickler for terminology. It doesn’t have to be the same exact language of course – old english or whatnot, but it must boil down to the same functional(good) purpose of communication. One God means One Kingdom of God. Theism, the idea that there is one being that’s in three parts is a distorted way of looking at the Kingdom of God. In Genesis, Moses wrote that when the Lord created man, “He created man in our image”. The hebrew Elohim is a plural form and that is further substantiated by the use of “our” in that scripture. Jesus gave additional clues as did Enoch and certain of the prophets, that demonstrate more reality to the fact that the Kingdom of God is a Kingdom in its structure and there is a “chief of chief’s” at the top of that structure but the Chief doesn’t work with tiny, tiny prospective children or adopted children of God directly. Instead the Chief gives instructions and all those who were born into the Kingdom pass it down to the Younger Members, who are Older Members to those who are still even younger. Humans are at best prospective members should they pass through the difficult birth canal, not a physical birth, though the physical body is what provides us with the opportunity to grow in strength of will to hold to a straight and narrow pathway, but it’s only with an incarnate Older Member’s help that we can overcome completely. So saying that there is One God isnt’ as simple in practical detailed application. There are angels who work for the Kingdom of God in different capacities. Even the least in the Kingdom of Heaven/God is greater than the greatest human, Jesus said, another indication of many members. And Jesus said he had to leave “to prepare a place for you”, speaking to his close disciples. He wasn’t preparing a place for everyone that might believe and belief alone doesn’t provide the key to unlock the Heaven’s Gate.
Yes, the Kingdom of God will “save” those whom from “within” regularly OFFER (show love, to deny their own will) themselves to the Kingdom of God’s service and are willing to “change their mind”(repent) continuously (as there is always more to understand better) and trust(believe) the most recent “sent by the Father” incarnate representative that to you is Jesus whom are (two different people (both having a “celestial” flesh type body and Holy spirit/souls) in the kingdom of God)). This is how the Kingdom of God doesn’t come to/into us observation but that doesn’t at all mean the mode of communication is without observation with our eyes and hears. Before it can be “within us” it needs to be gifted to us by the Kingdom of God who call all the shots in this regard. (See the parables of the seed giver (what the Greek for Father – “pater” has among its meanings). But unless the seed is nourished by the human beings asking of the Kingdom of God/Father/Jesus to come into our lives and help us do “their will on Earth”) that seed doesn’t germinate and have the potential to grow into a harvestable fruit that also then can yield fruit by teaching the same process, after having succeeded in overcoming/outgrowing, evolving above all our desire to serve “Mammon”(wealth, power and mammalian self-centered behaviors, trust in fellow humans more than trust in the Kingdom of God.
The space aliens are at best human equivalents, remnants from defunct Kingdom of God “gardens”, once Earth like, created for the purpose of growing souls(children of God) into potential members in that same Kingdom of God (all children don’t become members of the Kingdom of God) as they don’t reproduce as humans do. Space aliens don’t really want new members, except where they can have them as their servants without having to take care of them, feed and  house and satisfy them, but just so they can have what they want, just like humans do. Space aliens through the hundreds of abduction, contactee, channeler, historic accounts want/need human dna, eggs, sperm, hormones, organ systems at times for hybridization/cloning projects (that they seek the aid of humans for as well, though it’s very touch and go how much coordination their efforts as neither trust one another) so they can keep their own kind alive, with the idea that they will keep their families and those they work for from dying off completely as in each of their home, once garden planets, when the members of the Kingdom of God left them in a big way, their planet moved into a recycling mode, biblically termed “the end of the world” – “the old Earth equivalent and it’s “heaven(sky/solar system region) passed away”(Rev). (It’s interesting how just yesterday I heard an NPR broadcast spotlighting a new author as saying that we now live on a new Earth because of the temperature rise of 1 degree, called “global warming”. It’s a most up to date example of how terminology is introduced to mimic prophecies that begin to reprogram our brains, so that someone can then say, “see this is what the chapter and verse is saying in the book of Revelations”, and it will have nothing to do at all with what the Kingdom of God was communicating to us. This is of course totally allowed by the Kingdom of God because of how it separates those they seeded from those they didn’t.
Yes, you are correct, that the space aliens are “demons” as are most humans, depending on and to the degree in which they cling to the past and believe themselves “righteous” in their belief system and how little of their life they devout to the Kingdom of God. Going to temple or ashram or synagogue or mosque is not communicating with the Kingdom of God any more than one can do in their own privacy no matter where they are. God doesn’t care about “religions” and all the practices and holy days. And to become a member of the Kingdom of God, to someday be with those we consider to be members of the Kingdom of God, requires we “overcome/outgrow” all our human ways to begin to graft to their ways. Submission to God’s will is one of those ways. Self discipline is another of their ways. Not breaking any of the 10 commandments are certainly important and we all see how lousy a job most do with those. Putting God first and treating one another as our equals and as we want to be treated and eventually being willing to do a task of telling others about the real Kingdom of God through experiences face to face with an incarnate representative always fly in the face of all those who are entrenched in their religion or science mindedness, atheist or even new age paranormal and spiritual mind sets and in so doing are on the side of receipt of persecution even unto one’s death at the hands of disbelievers that convince themselves they are stopping a devil/demon. But Jesus said, don’t fear those who kill the body but fear those who can kill the soul. Being willing to even sacrifice our own physical life to show God how much we believe in/trust in God, though that is only appropriate when God has directly approved of our doing so which absolutely requires a member from God’s kingdom to be incarnate so we can have many face to face conversations and experiences as just to become a martyr is not a ticket into membership in the Kingdom of God. Life is precious and we are lucky to live it so here we can praise the Lord just for the opportunity no matter how hard it is.
The soul can moreorless be killed by convincing someone that they have “found” their position in life with respect to God when it can never be found but most always be pressed to maintain because change in a name of the game for the Kingdom of God members. Not change for changes sake but change to have new experiences and subsequent further grown and further service to the Kingdom of God. They don’t want people who bow to this and that, so to look holy to other humans who see them. Then can only use new members who want to work selflessly and reap the rewards of such membership – an everlasting life helping Kingdom of God creator crews with the mammoth tasks associated with the development and maintenance of garden planets.
Space aliens are demons in two ways, genetically and spiritually(an atheist mindset) and they have their human counterparts/sheeple that includes a dense database of now dead humans that in their discarnate bodiless form seek to influence those who are alive, influencing them to the kinds of behaviors they became entrenched in. One way, genetically is in how they simply believe there is no Kingdom of God or Supreme beings but that there only exists other beings like themselves who have varied degrees of technological mastery, though in their ancestry their genetic strain was once seeded by the Kingdom of God (breath of life breathed into the nostrils of Adam) and certain ones of their planet grew some in relationship to the God Family of minds/spirits/souls that were nurtured in their garden planet. But at probably the third trimester of the three trimester program they did not stay with the program and “fell from grace” to a degree of resenting the Kingdom of God and mounting their own campaign to start their own garden kingdom even in competition with the Kingdom of God, whom during their experience with the Kingdom of God learned a great deal about how a garden is grown. Whatever seeks to turn another’s eyes away from their own wanting to grow closer to the Kingdom of God IS “evil”. So they teach that there is no person of God, the many membered kingdom (thousands of members) and instead they foster people’s loyalty and prayer through a human teacher of a particular religion and they give the impression to followers that they are doing God’s wishes and God’s work by supporting the religious hierarchy and doing a certain amount for the poor, while engaging rituals and practices and rules and regulations, some of which are wonderful even today, while others weren’t necessarily meant to be strictly followed as some hearts became less hardened.
So yes, space aliens are here to deceive us as they have been deceived and don’t even know they have been so they promote even humanitarianism so they can have the best results in their hybridization experiments and thus appear “good” while they are really doves in sheep’s clothing. There is a ton more to say about all this, but the truth is that it is you my friend that appear to be living in the past that might want to consider “changing you mind” to the new information as provided by none other than Ti and Do, the Father and Jesus team returned as the Two witnesses. Jesus said when he returned he would bring new info about the Kingdom of Heaven/God. I’ve not seen any in any religious community say anything new and there are hundred of other prophecies that Ti and Do fulfilled. No one can receive anything truly new (as I know there are slight nuanced ways to re-express the same things), without changing and the biggest change is in seeing new terminology. Ti and Do brought much new terminology and as a result spoke “plainly” of the Kingdom, no longer in stories, another prophecy they fulfilled.
If you are not willing to engage me in a healthy debate on whether or not Ti and Do really are the genuine articles then I am game  because in the 19 years I spent their monk/disciple I was given a great deal and it wasn’t until their departure of their incarnation physical bodies in 1997 that I began to more fully understand the many things they said that at the time went right over my head.
The Apocalypse is well underway, but it was designed to occur slowly by our time frame to give more a chance to see the handwriting on the wall. It’s unfortunate that once again the more glued someone is to their own belief system, however millions of others are also glued then the less likely that they will even consider who may have already come to fulfill all the prophesies.
So I do wish you peace as well, but really, if peace means becoming stagnate, no thirst to grow further, stuck in an archaic traditional belief system that never changes and never provides more of what is really true, then that’s not peace but stagnation and the Kingdom of God hates stagnation. At least those who are “cold” can be used as a type of fertilizer for the soul seeds they care most about.

About the Pope and Catholic Heirarchy’s False Prophet, anti Jesus Christ and his Father’s

April 6, 2010

‘Here is my comment to an onpoint radio npr program re: the Pope and Catholic heirarchy’s crimes starting with some of the suggestions from callers to the show that I am responding to en bulk:

Mary and Paul were NOT Jesus. Paul never knew JESUS. The church actually acts in many ways against Jesus wishes (prayer=private, no “Fathers”, No heirarchy, No pomp and ceremony, etc.) They DO NOT represent Jesus at all!

They got into this covering for one another. It’s wasn’t policy to sodomize children. It’s related to the discarnates that attach to them. They are pawns. We all can be, but that  doesn’t excuse the choices they made that resulted in this kind of manipulative, denigrating abominable behavior.  It’s still not up to us to judge the people involved but they should stand before the community as any other and answer for their crimes. And they could also seek to make amends provide service to those they harmed. (not so called spiritual or religious services as they are worthless and are actually brainwashing that become the #1 killer of souls.

Jesus said “where the carcus is the eagles will be gathered”. The eagles are the task of predator species. The carcus is what’s dead. At this exact point all human equivalents can consider themselves “carcus” in gardening terms of being recyclable.

 However, a small window in the Kingdom of God’s time frame 1:1000yrs remains open. When we are in our individual earthquake then of course that time is up. I know I’ve put the cart before the horse here but maybe it will help as this is a most difficult and trying time for those who still have a heart.

The “second coming” of the Kingdom of God came publically in 1972 and left publically in 1997 (but some stayed in spirit (electromagnetic software output of our human mind/spirit generating system) until November of 2009).

They were the “come with the clouds” termed UFO Two Witnesses, as prophesied in Rev. 11 and 12, incarnate as a female (Father(seed giver)) and male(son) called Ti & Do with their children( the real Saints(souls of those who believed and gave their lives for Jesus Kingdom of Heaven’s sake 2000 years ago and who died before then believing in Moses(the previous incarnation of the soul later called Jesus(switching names throws off the discarnate energy leach/distractors)) here to work to harvest/graduation after knocking on the Heaven’s Gate (asking to be helped to be allowed in) by showing love for by giving ALL to the Key holder (Jesus, now Do) by convincing Ti and Do that they were voluntarily doing their best to overcome the human evolutionary kingdom level of life (like an animal that wants to be in a human’s family and recognizes their master/shepard and is therefore willing to go the distance however required for their “spirit birth” into adulthood in same Kingdom.

We can talk to Ti and Do now and ask for our personal next stage, asking for the strength to trust them. That is done in one’s head secretly, saying what it is we want to say. You will not get a voice response in or out of your head.
Discarnates will and do try to influence us in that way, a long discussion and you will have doubts and when you run into any difficulty ask for help and you will see how you receive it. No gimmicks. No intercessor, no false promises of heaven on a stick. Then grow to be willing to selectively tell others what you’re experiencing and where it came from and realize few will embrace what you offer, at least that you know about. More will feel threatened and will avoid you. Whenever you have a question ask Do or Ti and Do. They are simply looking for your use of that address their names represent in the unseen frequency communications system they created.

The formula is to work up to giving one’s all but ONLY when two genuine members from the Kingdom of God are incarnate and they are not incarnate at this time. Todays lesson for all of us is belief in the reps and share that belief with others.

It will be worth it, that’s guaranteed. If you like this planet and life on it, you’ll really like being around the beings that orchestrated it’s development and when you die some of Their helpers will greet you and take your soul to paradosa(their invisible dwelling within the Earth’s atmosphere to await transportation where you will know you are in good hands.

The stage of total recycling may be a number of years away for the inhabitants of Earth. It can not be reversed by any on the human level. No one needs to leave their family. That’s when the rep is incarnate again and blows the horn announcing their presence face to face in words to us again, which is expected sometime into the next earth civilization.

This is also when we do as the Buddha(the other flock Jesus said he was going to tend next) taught, live in moderation while harming no one and being of service to others, as Jesus taught and said to do, in “Love your neighbor as yourself”. That key word love is most described by what one gives to another, mostly in what may assist them to one day also choose to look to Ti and Do, though there is no judgement of when that could be and no measure of anyone being ahead of another just because of a date when we asked to be in their service, however directly or indirectly thought.

We will then be those whom Jesus said were the “meek [who] shall inherit the Earth”.

No one in the many membered KIngdom of God, better termed as Ti and Do called the Evolutionary Level Above Human enjoys seeing anyone experience prolonged suffering. They never wish for waring. They simply know that those without any of their mind left in them “know not what they do”.

UFO driving Space Aliens, the new religious/spiritual/athesist styled saviours are liars and thieves and killers of souls

March 16, 2010

Here is a report broadcast on Coast to Coast by an individual named: Jim Moroney, an abductee that is claiming Space Aliens are our new Saviours. I wish no ill will to Jim but he is being controlled by the space alien group that abducted him just as the religious and atheists have been puppets of for centuries and I know why thus my post explaining why.

This is a good example of how the space aliens abduct then examine and take whatever sample DNA they want from the human subject and then commandeer their loyalty to them by appealing to their sensuality – with whatever drugs they probably administer to calm people down, together with a sweet talking female (in the case of Moroney) to where they’ve turned an otherwise horrific abduction against his will into his becoming one of their emissaries that is convinced they (the aliens) are here to “save” humanity, (note the terminology aligned with the religious idea of being “saved” by another’s efforts), the same pie in the sky without ANY proof or evidence that the space alien “saviours” have anything but manipulative and predatory interests in humans because they are no more moral and ethical than a slave owner who at best doesn’t mistreat his slaves because he wants them to serve well for a long time.

Now the coast to coast report:

An ET Encounter:
UFO researcher and abductee, Jim Moroney discussed his profound ET encounter and how aliens are waiting in the wings to save humanity from a crisis that awaits us. Recalling his 1987 abduction experience, he described the entities on the ship as having large heads with no hair, very thin necks, and leathery skin. Unlike most traditional accounts of ET abductions, Moroney said that these creatures had blue eyes, as opposed to the commonly cited black eyes, and also spoke English to him in “very short sentences.”
Moroney explained that, at the onset of the abduction, he was initially very angry about being taken. However, one of the entities stepped forward and spoke to him, making him “instantly calm.” From that point forward, he followed their commands as if he were hypnotized. Moroney was taken to a room where he underwent a series of medical procedures that were “so horrific for me that I thought I was going to die,” and subsequently blacked out. Upon regaining consciousness, he met a taller, feminine being who said “we don’t understand your anger.” Feeling guilty, Moroney tried to apologize, but was enveloped by an “immense feeling of love and compassion” before he could finish speaking. The abduction ended soon thereafter and, upon returning to where the craft had found him, he felt a sense of “camaraderie and friendship” with the ETs.
On what the alien agenda might be, Moroney theorized that it essentially amounts to an “intervention” by the ETs. Based on the average human lifespan of 75 years and considering the fact that the UFO phenomenon has been ongoing, in earnest, since the mid-1940’s, he speculated that there may be a major event due to happen sometime in the next ten years. “There’s a calamity that’s going to be unfolding and I believe it’s going to be man-made,” Moroney said, indicating that he felt such an event was a nuclear war. Despite the popular notion that the ETs would step in to stop such a conflict, Moroney expressed the belief that they would not do so until the human race was on the brink of extinction. 

My further commentary on above report:

The space aliens have next to zero power to stop humans from annihilating one another. No governments trust them and no governments are trustworthy.  By the way alien is just a term to describe human equivalents potentially from a different planet, who came through a worm hole they did not create that linked two vast areas of dark energy by a vacuum styled freeway of sorts that they may or may not be able to travel back through (see Alex Collier contactee’s interviews on, though they really don’t want to as it’s still a long journey and their planet is either dying or dead so they are more or less on their own with whoever had the technology and life support systems to survive wherever they are.

Some of the aliens are humans that lived in past Earth civilizations that were leveled and turned under by the recycling that every life promoting planet eventually undergoes as there is one alien group that are not really aliens as they actually are the ones who created our and any space aliens total reality/environment/life systems to begin with that each alien group only is aware of as mythology.

However, the alien groups all know they did not create the elements and the planetary/environmental systems, but they are no smarter as to who did than humans – in fact some humans are smarter than they in this regard as they are the result of renegades against that Creator Crew, termed God’s by the translators of the events that were stimulated by the instigation of “gardeners” into a planetary environment developed to grow souls to adulthood voluntarily as opposed to the way all humans and equivalents do things by “control” which is why the religious are so controlling, while they mimic the actions and ways and plans of the real Creator Crew who stay mostly hidden from all (as do the space aliens but for different reasons – the human/aliens stay hidden so not to be killed or captured by other humans/aliens.

The Creator Crew are non-human/above human and have zero need or desire for humans/equivalents or anything they can offer (dna, service to build spacecrafts and energy systems and reproductive opportunities/substances) so only stay hidden so that there remains a free will environment so the souls they are nurturing that they planted and that space aliens and humans can not create, will have a choice of what to give their allegiance to.

After the creator crew harvests their crop so to speak, though to them they are precious flowers they care deeply for, then they allow the space aliens to come in to steal away the “spoils of war”, so to speak as it’s been a “spiritual” war over minds/souls as the creator crew plants more soul seeds than they know will likely survive to maturity and adulthood, marked by their being given a new physical body that is no longer human, has no reproductive or digestive systems as it survives through a type of photosynthesis, though requires a certain amperage/voltage of internal power supply, which is what a soul seed is accumulating when it takes to the three trimester birthing process that entails each souls seed’s taking over of their assigned human vehicle as a cocoon that actually provides the environment for that soul container to grow within, so that when the instrument/vehicle/cocoon, human body is discarded by voluntary exit (as we witnessed with the Heaven’s Gate group in 1997 marking the end of the age and the beginning of the move toward the next recycling) – seen as a cult suicide by all who have no idea what’s going on, though think they do as they because of the close presence of the Creator crew (Ti and Do and crew(saints) incarnate) learned a great deal more than in thousands of years before, so think themselves highly evolved.

Thus at this time, with the space aliens seeking to convince remaining soul seeds that didn’t take, but do contain a degree of Mind from the Level Above human creator crew, to join their ranks and convince others to do so, just like a religion does with pie in the sky little effort and promise of unlimited pleasures and/or an ideal of being saviours of mankind, by forcing others into their archaic distorted doctrines whether religious, spiritual or atheist/secular when the very design of the planet was to recycle periodically the way all life on the planet demonstrates, then the aliens have a degree of what they want – help from humans as emissaries that will along with their channelers and contactees and pulpit preachers, know it or not, in terms of space aliens or thinking they are serving some God (that may be based on the real God’s, but has been thoroughly co-opted by what are really Luciferian types).

Thus the space aliens appear to be the good guys because they don’t want humans to annihilate one another or toxify the environment as they NEED the life that exists on Earth for their own survival, so they promote all the things that are more evolved in thought and deed and are gentle and kinder to others and the environment so seem like genuine God’s, while they can offer none of the things the creator crew offers, so are essentially lying through their teeth, but they themselves don’t even recognize such necessarily and/or justify doing so the same way governments and scientists and such justify killing and torturing of other creatures in wars and experiments in the name of science or survival and protection of freedom, etc. – freedom to be gluttons of sensuality (not a bad thing, though becomes addictive and ceases to hold any future promise except to make those addicted organisms leaches upon resources and others, even convincing potential souls that they have no future besides their idea of a future – by building spacecrafts to go off into space to become their own space alien race potentially to yet another garden life-giving planet they hope to find or cultivate as is being done on Earth with those from old creator crew defunct garden planets, while many humans all seek to dig into the planet literally by creating underground bases they hope to survive in, though they know may not actually be adequate thus they are seeking to create underground bases on nearby planets like Mars and the Moon as they are off Earth and thus they think will not be subject to the recycling, and they may be correct in this assertion.

So some people are banking on the aliens to be their saviours. They are some in a long list of false prophets as jesus predicted. Atheism is on the rise and they will become the new prosecutors of anyone who believes in a real creator god, though they often have no idea how to realistically understand such. It is simply karma that the religious are scrutinized and prosecuted for their abuses which are many as we see with the German church to date, though is happening all over the planet with all the religions as religions are the number one killers of souls.

For more detailed information about the real Creator Crew and the UFO driving space aliens and how the religions and secularist atheists are all becoming pawns of what can be grouped together as Lucifierian types (unaware and disbelieving that a true Creator Crew exists and has a purpose for the Earth garden creations and development):

Here is a list of sources of Ti and Do’s information provided by Ti and Do and their crew directly as well as those that were direct students in the Heaven’s Gate group. I’ve listed my offering first as an active student of Ti and Do for 19 years, but by no means is what I provide complete. It simply can be difficult to comprehend what Ti and Do said and did as we are generally so programmed to fear them as seeking to take us over, when it’s exactly the opposite. Humans and Space Aliens and discarnate (dead humans) seek to take us over all the time. So some find my offering helpful as I can speak to why and how and when Ti and Do said what they said that often is not explained otherwise and Ti came to me in a dream (as well as Do and a number of students after they left their bodies in 1997, though more or less ceased by October of 2006) in approval of my writing of my experiences. So here is the current list of the primary materials available: (broadcast most Wednesday nights US 10pm-12am ET w/chat &/or call in:347-205-9777 (Sawyer’s blog) (video’s produced by Sawyer) (Sawyer’s Email) (digitized record of Ti and Do’s actual teachings over some 24 years (though much has not yet been provided) (where the Heavens Gate group left a book they wrote that one can copy for their own usage) (where the same book can actually be downloaded as one zip file) (Rio’s offering of most of the exit video’s Do and crews left behind when they layed down their lives voluntarily to draw us to their information (and because it was time for them to exit, to allow the next phase in the garden soul development plan to proceed as scheduled) (articles Swyody aka Sawyer published)

Jesus “second coming” – What it MUST look like and actually HAS thus our application to “live again” is still possible!

March 9, 2010

In case you can hear (be willing to listen to) and see (recognize), The so called “Second Comingof the ones historically called; The One True Earth creator crew; Elohim, Jehovah, Lord (Kingdom of God/Allah), The Father, but most recently; Ti (or Te) AND Her(Ti soul incarnated into a female human vehicle) offspring, now adult task partner; formally Jesus of Nazareth, aka Jesus the Christ(Krishna) aka Enoch, Moses, Gautama Buddha, Elijah, but most recently as Do, (both individuals of whom are Christs=Annointed Ones, Candlesticks, Olive Trees, Enlightened Ones, Real Existing as Older Members of a Many Membered Physical and spiritual (mental “holy” MIND, blood, wine)  Evolutionary, developmental, experimental styled, hierarchical structured (Kingdom) strata or Level of life that is Above Human, as human is above animal and animal is above plant) already occurred and is still lingering for a time, during which the belief in, along with the dissemination of Their information becomes one’s application into a future first trimester student program that will follow after the currently underway Earth garden recycling program has fulfilled.

 I, one child of Theirs, having engaged as Their student – encompassing living /following with them everywhere they went and doing everything they did as best I could for a period of nineteen years (1975-1994) – a type of “overcoming” cocoon to chrysalis metamorphic  (christing) process whereby one MAY – (IF they dont’ give up) eventually (after thousands of Earth years broken into trimesters i.e. 1st-Moses Classroom, 2nd=Jesus Classroom, 3rd=Ti and Do’s Heaven’s Gate classroom) be born of spirit (after exiting (sluffing off) the essentially needed and highly precious, valued, though temporary human physical “skin” (body))  into adulthood in Their real society, have a great deal of detailed evidence of it’s (Their Mission’s) fulfillment of ALL the prophecies concerning their return and purpose of planting souls and offering them growth into an eventual “spirit styled birth” into membership in their everlasting life environment and service.

They came incarnate together this time, the GrandParent aka Father and their offspring aka Son (but Parent aka Father to us, Their Children) as Jesus said, Joh 14:21 He that hath my commandments, and keepeth them, he it is that loveth me: and he that loveth me shall be loved of my Father, and I will love him, and will manifest(declare) myself to him. Joh 14:22 Judas saith unto him, not Iscariot, Lord, how is it that thou wilt manifest thyself unto us, and not unto the world? Joh 14:23 Jesus answered and said unto him, If a man love me, he will keep my words: and my Father will love him, and we will come unto him, and make our abode(residence) with him.

He is clearly saying that he will only make his presence known to those who show love for him by “keeping his words-all of them as best they can”. These are NOT Paul of Tarsus’ words, as most Christians honor and quote 100 times more than most of the detailed things Jesus said, summarized here in a condensed and paraphrased form:

Don’t be so worried about tomorrows needs; food, clothing, etc, learn to ask/look to the Kingdom of God for help while being proactive. Recognize the folly in living exclusively on preoccupation with appearances, appearing to be holy by being seen by others in church or temple or making alms or preaching or by our decor of self and our environment. When giving, don’t plan ahead so much how, when, where and to who you are going to give – “don’t let your right hand know what your left is doing” but give to those who ask of you, giving even more than they ask for (rather than often thinking someone isn’t deserving of help or is taking advantage of you – as even if they are, God sees your efforts. Organizations don’t represent the Kingdom of God to us, never have and never will despite their projected appearance. All relationships with the Kingdom of God are individual and private. Call no human being your “Father or Holy Father” except for that which came from the Heaven’s with the same exact message, which will be clear to those it’s most geared for because 99% of the people will want nothing to do with it as it will seem fanatical and even evil to. Jesus said NOT to use vain repetitions and NOT to pray out loud – He said pray in private and receive God’s acknowledgement in private, and when praying you don’t need lots of words and really isn’t necessary to ask for what you need to live, as the Kingdom of God knows what you need and will help you have what you need if you keep up communications (though if you think you need more and more stuff and luxuries, those things the Kingdom of God may or may not help you obtain (If they do help you obtain such, it’s to help you learn that they won’t really provide you with ultimate happiness, so they will also likely be taken away as there is no better teacher than life experience. Jesus said to continue to abide by the ten commandments but to reach higher still – to having self-control over even our thoughts – thoughts that are degrees of criticisms and even condemnations, coveting what others have, jealousies, looking down those who do not have as if you were simply better than they, competitions for status, fame, fortune and associated sense of power and inflated self-worth (by the Kingdom of God’s standards). He said when you lend something to someone, don’t charge interest and NOT to judge/measure another’s self-worth and deserving of respect, even extended to one’s adversaries. He said not to “live by the sword” though he was not against self-defense (told his disciples to buy some swords at one point when he was leaving them). He said work together in pairs and in communities in dealing with problems that arise and to not sweep disagreements we have with others under the rug while thinking we are still in good shape in relationship to God. Forgive others the things they do that tread upon your life as you wish to have forgiveness when you do the same. He said, pay your taxes if you’re going to use the government’s money system while staying out-of-the-way of those that are your adversaries – seeking agreement with them so not to have to stand before the judge and passably being cast into prison and paying harshly for a long time afterwards. And of course treat others the way you want to be treated but all in all seek the will of our Father who exists within the literal heaven’s – outer space while remaining open to those who are His messengers, identifying them by the fruits they bear, being promoters of the same ideals and guidelines and behavioral ways of thinking and acting. Jesus definitely speaks of his Father as another individual. Most of what Jesus said was meant literally though to many or most it’s hard to decipher because we are afraid to fully believe in the things he said and so much has been generalized, made figurative when meant to be literal, exaggerated, and mystified to appear impossible to achieve.

“and my Father will love him, and we will come unto him, and make our abode(residence) with him.”

So many have a hard time imagining that all this talk is not exclusively over our heads but is really quite down to earth practical and usually literal in meaning. One big problem is religion who to substantiate their own organization seeks to force what Jesus said into a system that all can feel good about believing in so they can have someone to support them. This doesn’t come about overnight. Every new movement is eventually co-opted by those who don’t really believe in it or don’t care to because of how it tends to threaten their own world view and various successes.

How better to co-opt a movement than to render it ordinary and easy to feel a part of, though with little requirements to change and encouraging people to give to with time and money to have them feel included and thereby connected with the Kingdom of God in some small way fortified by celebrations, ceremonies, milestone events rituals and paraphernalia to include a hierarchy of those considered closer to God than us. All the while working and reworking the core data that became the basis for the new movement – translating and deciding what is core doctrine and what is not declaring what must have been figurative vs literal in that core body of data, as it’s discovered and better understood by some. How do you tell people Jesus had his disciples leave their entire lives behind that amounted to homes, parents, siblings, possessions and even children, to literally “follow” with this fellow who say’s he is from the Kingdom of God? Well the truth is that no one really does benefit from leaving all behind, that is when a genuine member from the Kingdom of God isn’t physically face to face among us! But the formula of having that degree of committment in the face of all those that hate us for it, IS absolutely necessary to teach, that is IF we want to spread the actual teachings Jesus provided.

But of course that would discount the entire hierarchy. They wouldn’t be needed if they were teaching Jesus’ words and intentions. Sure some would have a better understanding than others so we could help one another but then it would be more like a cooperative of like-minded seekers. There would be no need to make it into a college course that one gets a degree in and can earn a significant salary from ministering to others, thus it’s not in the self-interest of any religious organization to tell the truth and the fact is, if they once had a sense of the truth, they soon lost it to their same self interests and to not feel like a total hypocrite and false teacher(prophet).

But back to a little more on the “second coming” evidences:

What John (one of the close disciples of Jesus) was told by Jesus would be thought of and reported in the media as the Two Witnesses from chapters 11 and 12 of the Book of Revelations that John wrote saying he had been visited by jesus in one or more dreams was referring to was again this prophecy that the “second coming” was going to be TWO this time. (Father and Son). The Two Witnesses were two Christs which simply meant Two who were authorized to represent the Kingdom of God to humans.

The candidates that best represented all the things Jesus and Moses and Enoch spoke about to date have been those called Ti and Do of the Heaven’s Gate group.

The two raptures happened when the returned saints(souls of those who had believed in Jesus and followed with him physically(a prerequisite of true discipleship) and given their lives in his testimony), returning for their third trimester(1=with Lord(Father) & Moses(Son), 2=Father & Jesus(Son) and 3=Ti and Do(Father and Son both incarnate) towards a real “spirit/soul/mind birth”, were snatched away, caught away, (like the way a good rancher does when they capture wild horses to offer them an opportunity to work with a potentially more evolved level of real life) from their human lives of which I was one and was with them for 19 years, but fell from grace and have since returned to Their service. They made two huge global impressions starting gradually in October of 1972 in Houston, Texas, hitting the media worldwide as the Bo and Peep UFO (cloud of light) Two in October of 1975 until Ti called off the pubic offering on April 21, 1976 (A 3 1/2 year public prophecy) and the second time beginning gradually in January 1992 with an 12 hour video tape series called, Beyond Human, The Last Call first transmitted on satellite TV in January of 1992, then on May 27, 1993 with a 1/3 of a page in-depth advertisement put into USA Today International Edition until a last public internet posting on: October 11, 1995 and climaxed by their voluntary exit – the laying down of their physical bodies in 1997 that the media called with various headlines the Evil Heaven’s Gate UFO/Hale Bopp Two Tailed Comet Suicide Cult. I am doing all I can to share the truth of who they were with literally hundreds of real live examples of how they lived, what they said, how they said it, why they said what they said, how they acted during my 19 years living with them often in the same house. Anyone who is willing to take a leap of faith in God the almighty the creators of heaven and earth must be willing to take a long hard look at all that Ti and Do taught which is available at the still existing web site and (but their book is available for free download on the “too” site and on YouTube channel: 1riverofangels with the Beyond Human 12 hour video tape series and the Exit tapes of many students expressing themselves as well as actual audio tape digital copies of the personal meeting tapes created by Ti and Do of their discussions with students over their close to 24 years together (though all the tapes are not yet available but many are free to download at: plus any of my offerings on most Wednesday nights 10pm-12am and on my blog at: and my YouTube channel: 3SPM and Facebook page sawyer heavensgate and a few articles posted on under the name swyody.

This is your chance to be an eye-witness to the greatest story ever told, but told without religious dogma and misinterpretations and stories but as Jesus said he would, “in plain words” filled with new understandings about the Kingdom of Heaven’s physical many membered reality. These two “anointed ones” (Christs) are NOT space aliens in the sense that our planet is currently being invaded (as hard as that is to imagine as real). Space aliens at best are a remnant of human or human equivalents from Earth in the current and/or prior civilization as well as from other near space (in Kingdom of God terms) non-earth civilizations (past Kingdom of God garden projects). By beginning to consider with a willingness to believe in who Ti and Do are and who they represent – The “chain of HOLY MIND” that each full-fledged member of the Kingdom of God thrives upon and seeks to be a link in that chain for, and then telling others about Ti and Do and all they taught, any soul on Earth or for that matter inside or in range of this info on Earth will, according to the helpers that monitor us for the captain (Do) and admiral(Ti) help us and assist us and when we die take our soul to “paradise” a type of contained craft that can move that is invisible to us yet has physicality but resides within the atmosphere of the Earth, to keep those souls away from the rest of the spirit world, so those souls can be brought back to interface with human “horses” for their second trimester, counting this one of belief as their first. Meanwhile the planet will continue escalating to a full recycling that will culminate with no sign of our present civilization. Most humans will say this is mans fault, global warming and so forth and that it could have been reversed if we all meditated or prayed for peace but the Level Above Human(Kingdom of God), though they are attracted to horses(humans) that are peace-loving and desiring of service and who recognize the reality to beings far more advanced than they that have a chasm of difference in their physicality and mentality and behaviors as animals have from humans and plants have from animals, built the recycling into the planets overall life cycle just as they built limitations into all the creatures on Earth. Thus whether and how humans are contributing to the recycling is either part of the trigger for the mechanism or is inconsequential. Meanwhile the space aliens are seeking to trap souls into their allegiance. The space aliens have interests in humans and the environment and elements. Some are here because the Level Above Human provided a highway in the heaven’s to get here in a relatively short time (and they may not be able to go back – don’t know but some of those highways are reported to be blocked). The highways are being spoken of as black or worm holes. They are true vacuums in the midst of two huge areas composed of dark energy that provides the environment for the planetary systems. The space aliens are comprised of “fallen angels” souls and their offspring,however many generations ago who were allowed to survive their home planet’s recycling, perhaps by going underground or escaping into their space and/or going underground in their moons and other planets the same way humans on Earth with or without space alien help are doing by the openly planned colony on Mars (where there may well have been other colonies, and may in fact still hold a base for certain of the space alien groups that are in proximity of Earth). The space aliens are promoting their form of spirituality, calling themselves brothers to humans but with their magic “sightings and crop circles” enticing humans into their allegiance and for what. They need: DNA, hormones, sperm and egg, elements and possible what they can get from nuclear reactors (one of the possible real reasons there is such a push for nuclear energy, the greater reason being, because I don’t believe most space aliens and Earth governments trust one another) is for propulsion systems in development and laser systems and all technology advancements for the mars colony as well as for the new breed of space crafts as well as for the life support systems of underground bases that exist all over the planet, some of which are a part of a network of underground tunnel connectors where all those in the know that can’t get off the planet can take their families should things get life threatening above ground from either man-made or alien or environmental catastrophes. Their proposal is that humans can save the earth and themselves. The Raelians have convinced humans to engage in cloning projects on Earth yet the space aliens that abducted Rael and took him to visit with some said they have computer systems that can be used to clone their bodies and minds, as their bodies only live for about 700 years so they said outlast planets. They claim to be the biblical Elohim but admit that they did not create the planet themselves. They are at best the Nephelium spoken of in Genesis 6 the souls that were cast out of their domesticated roles in apprenticeship to be members of the Level Above Human. They have since then sought to second guess all the true Level Above Human was about to do on the planet and with the human souls (the human plants who were given seeds that are actually soul containers that can house “new mind” (wine illustration Jesus gave). They created Adolf Hitler trying to see if they could find the returned Next Level being that was last called Jesus, as they thought the Next Level would incarnate into a human vehicle(horse) from the strain the Next Level originally cultivated and nursed as the Children of Israel. They missed the fact that Jesus said, “the kingdom of heaven would be given to a people you know not of”, which ended up being the reason for the mass migration of humans who were generally seeking a better life coming to the new frontier called the United States, that is more or less after the profiteers layed the course. The Next Level can use all that exists on a planet for the benefit of those who grasp at the opportunity to grow closer to Them. Religions, of which New age spirituality is one and atheism is one are all organizations or mindsets that think they are expansive and practical and scientific and philosophical and intellectual and so forth while those very characteristics keep them satisfied as they develop their various income streams and ego’s around, to where when the Next Level comes, they are no longer looking nor interested in changing and upsetting their cosy apple cart so they simply ignore or attack as a cult the Next Level’s arrival announcement and requirements to someday (after we’ve Overcome – a process of getting rid of all old mind(wine) and taking in only new mind(wine),which entails separation from all we deem human (while still needing basic infrastructures for life support). It’s not the overcoming we accomplish as much as our desire to give it our all and that requires someone to give it to, thus the overcoming stage can only happen properly when a real honest to goodness member from the Level Above Human has incarnated to be face to face living with us physically. Overcoming when a member is not physically incarnate, but more so generations after one departed from our physical presence is even detrimental as by going through the motions of overcoming we are doing it our way more or less and thus not learning to look to and link with the real mind and ways of that Older Member from the Next Level. Thus we are building self instead of giving self, though it’s common that the lower forces of the planet, discarnates and Luciferian types, whether of Earth human origin or a planet far off origin, create facsimile belief systems called religions that attach people to the powerful idea and reality of a creator Kingdom of God but distort it with rituals and false sacrifices and celebrations and garb and the pretence of holiness and righteousness and sacraments and paraphernalia and prayers and mantras and meditations techniques to where people are saying a lot of things that are accurate in a broad sense but they are missing all the reasons for those techniques given to people in the past. They cling to the past and thus when the future is before them, they can’t or don’t want to change as they are steeped and satisfied by what kernels they have found. When we are no longer thirsty we die. The space aliens have the same beliefs in reincarnation – as a cycle but what they don’t know or refuse to see or have their subjects believe is that the way in which they come back is only as spirit beings that are not living. Spirits are simply programs that have been detached from their hardware. All that we are while living is recorded and becomes who we are. When we die the flesh dissolves but that mind energy still vibrates as it did and gets exactly what it believed when it died, except if it believed Heaven was something they obtained by living a decent life they will get their degree of Heaven but if it never sought a relationship with a genuine member from the Next Level and/or their memory or history, to where they tried to speak to the highest God and/or Jesus and/or whoever was their idea of a representative from God/Allah, Mohammad,a Buddha(christ/Maitreya), Moses, Abraham,etc. then the Next Level will save that soul for a fresh opportunity but still that soul never actually embeds completely in a future human vehicle, except as they can influence a new human vehicle to accept them in their spirit form though enacting the same kinds of things that now dead spirit did while alive. So we become timeshare devices for discarnates. The over coming process is the process of becoming as Jesus said, “Poor in spirit” to see God. But Older Members are absolutely needed to walk us through our personal overcoming process and binding/grafting to the new branch that our Older Members actually are. That new branch is a new family we are then born into literally. Being born again as Jesus stated it is required to be in association with a flesh body birth that houses the soul that can become the cocoon to be born of spirit/soul/mind which in so doing makes one a viable energy form that is an individual for the first time and has the power and experience to power a new type of physical body to circulate in a new environment. Now for anyone that attempts to entertain these thoughts as real and accurate and from the Kingdom of God, you will be tested. You may be reeling right now as this is very sweet to the taste buds but then very hard to digest thus bitter to the stomach because of what happens in the “real” (to human) world, as virtually no one will support you in this belief even though next to nothing about your life has to change immediately as the time now is to talk about it and that will be challenging enough to deal with. Now that doesn’t mean upgrading our behaviors are not part of what we gravitate to but that will happen somewhat naturally as you become a mouthpiece for the next level’s information and that’s all one should become a mouthpiece for. What I mean by that is that we should restrain ourselves from expanding or misquoting or thinking we can see the intention of what Ti and/or Do and their “saint/students” said. We need to learn to quote what they said exactly though it’s understandable that there are synonyms that would be fine as well, though can also become an open door to distortions. This is not to say one can’t stand for other things in our communities that we believe in and it’s not like we must tell everyone we meet about Ti and Do. Talk to Do directly and ask him questions. You may or may not get a response or the response you think you want to get but you will be heard and it’s up to you to keep asking. You can also ask to have more strength to deal with anything and can ask to have a breather from the negativity you will be subject from the spirit world and through others but we don’t provoke and proselytize the way religious do. If someone asks something from us, then if we feel to, we share what we feel, nothing more, nothing less. Don’t premeditate what to say and to whom. Just let it happen when it happens. Learn to not shy away from talking about it and learn when someone has received enough. We still have all the Jesus and Moses rules to follow as best we can but not according to the way the religious teach them. We do not want to form groups as that is the start of churches. We don’t want to make people attached to us. We need to encourage people to start or encourage their own personal relationship with the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God will not come to us and overpower us with their will like the Luciferians did with Paul of Tarsus. Nor will the Next level tell you to do anything. They will never tell you to harm another in any way nor yourself. This is not a martyr trip. We don’t look for danger and don’t tempt God to bail us out of difficult circumstances we could have avoided. Nor do we judge anyone as a believer or not. We are mouthpiece only. Let me know of any questions.