why were beyond human tapes taken down from xf’s youtube channel

This was an email from a fellow believer in Ti and Do that had contact with the class before they left but who lives overseas from the U.S. I’m posting his email and my response for whatever value it might have to others, believers or not. I’m thinking Nathaniel won’t mind, but Nathaniel, if you do mind, I can delete it from my sawyerhg.wordpress.com blog. I had contacted him about this issue of Dave G’s causing XF97checker to lose alll his youtube video postings, which included the Beyond Human Series Do did.

Nathaniel said:

“Hello Sawyer,

maybe you can put the tapes on youtube. I don’t understand the copyright issue? Who has a copyright on what? I think this are next level information and as far as I know, the next level has not claimed any copyright on the information.

I also look full of astonishment and joy at the pictures of SOHO satellite who analysis the sun. On some pictures you can see artificial objects with a size comparable to the Jupiter. Other pictures show artificial structures that are even bigger than the sun. So I think it’s clear that these are next level activities. The fact that some of the next level activities can be viewed by humans means that the disclosure and therefore the open (for every one visible) return of Ti and DO (the next level) on this planet is imminent. This is a joyfull event but I’m afraid that the people will go mad and kill everyone (destroy the bodies) who belongs to the next level. I know that I shouldn’t be afraid, but the truth is that I’m afraid.”

Sawyer’s reply:

Do and crew put a public copyright on their materials which indicates anyone can copy but not for sale of the copies.

Now the purple book had a price on it that Do and crew set, but all the info in it is available free on the web site as well as being in a zip file on rkkody’s web site heavensgatetoo.com, so I don’t find any fault in mark and sarah selling the purple books but the beyond human series and audio meeting tapes are a different story. The bh tapes were made and copyrighted at least on the tape jackets the crew made saying, Copyright 1992 Total Overcomers Anonymous (TOA). but when they exited in 97 they sent a handful of fedx’s to different former classmates who still wanted to be connected. The one who got the bh series of tape masters was jhnody – Juan who lives in Venezuela and I am occasionally in touch with.

Yes, it’s all Next Level info, but as far as youtude is concerned copyrights to some degree can matter when someone complains as dave g. did and we suspect is acting on marks behalf due to the additional things mark is doing to sell hard cover books and have new ody names (that is like assigning someone to be an apostle, strictly an assigned task (though all of us can choose to do the same task and of course it’s all the same, but those that were physcially with Ti and Do have a certain experience that the ody name represents and that was mostly to be used between classmates. (I don’t fault carlan for using his ody name because he was given that name by Do and there is no classroom so it’s his choice. I’ve used both but mostly sawyer as that is the name do gave me before the ody name and is the name used for me on the beyond human tapes where I was a helper to Do, so I’m trying to be consistant in that regard.

Yes the SOHO and lots of amazing things are apparant and yes it is stirring the ant bed significantly. They don’t want to hide it as so few are looking while those that are, are preparing for the “end”, which the Luciferian related space aliens (as all are in one way or another) are rushing to get humans to act upon by putting more and more into their weapons and means to escape earth and hide under the earth (where the new crop of luciferians will be forced to go to try to escape the recycing) while the old crop is recycled.

Yes, I understand that we are naturally fearful of how the humans will behave. One way or the other we will all lose these vehicles. It’s simply starting to coach one’s vehicle to not be afraid as whatever occurs will probably be swift though the fear of the unknown can be worse. I don’t know exactly what the “mark” of the mammalian predator dragon(luciferians) directed “beast” will actually look like – but I will not sucumb to getting one and will accept the consequences. That doesn’t mean I want to or I look forward to that ugliness befalling me(us) – I don’t. Ti and Do in one sense did not look forward to being killed when they still thought that was how the prophecy was going to play out, though not long after that, though we lived comfortably, they hated being here more and more and it became a joke of sorts that if we were to be “taken out” by an angry religionist they hoped they would “shoot straight” as they didn’t want to be connected to a vehicle that was a vegetable (if that would happen that way – I don’t know about).

It’s good to express what your feeling. I suggest you ask Do to help you have the strength to deal with the premise as he would. It wasn’t at all easy for Jesus to decide to lay down his physical vehicles life but once he accepted doing so, though I sure it was tough in someways we have no idea how the next level helpers though invisible helped him through it.

That’s where trust comes in. Trusting that we are in the Next Level’s care by believing in their current reps and trying in some fashion to share the info with others and though difficult accepting how we are in a sense branding ourselves by doing so.

The next level has the complete right to weed the garden. I know many humans curse the idea of a God that would kill, but the way it was all set up was that we were only allowed to kill creatures in the kingdom level beneath human which we do all the time with animals and plants, etc. to live and for other reasons, though that doesn’t excuse those who do so with cruelty and disregard/disrespect of that life.

When I was cutting branches of trees that hung over an area where we wanted/needed to place a tent to where it might interfer with that tent’s stabiltiy, Do would have me cut that branch, but at times I took it upon myself to cut additional branches, which was showing my use/trust of my own mind. That was early on in the classroom but I still hadn’t overcome my desire to use my own (human mind) even upon leaving them, yet Do rarely would tell us when we were choosign to use our human mind over his and Ti’s though sometime he knew he had to say something because that’s the only way we’d learn.

And that’s just for the classroom experience, though even when a member of the Next Level we’d want to know what our Older Member would do in any circumstance. In the Next Level environment though, the Older Members at times don’t give all emcompassing instructions, and genuinely want to hear what we encounter and what we chose to do and at times will ask his crew for their thoughts on how to approach a problem and may or may not approve the approach.

I don’t know if you saw the stereo B satellite telescopes view of the uncloaking of that huge object near mercury on dec 1st. That was amazing.

Check out my youtube.com/3spm channel for the video on the ODY names and the SONG that Ti and Do taught us that I suspect is the song, with their names in revelations 14.

Here is the first one of 4:

14 Responses to “why were beyond human tapes taken down from xf’s youtube channel”


    Mark King of Phoenix Arizona and proud owner of “The T.E.L.A.H. Foundation” (an organization never endorsed by Heaven’s Gate) decides who is worthy of receiving the information of Ti & Do. Well, to me, Mark isn’t “worthy” of owning Class materials. He his doing little to disseminate the info. He is charging “cash only” for everything, which if anyone hasn’t noticed, cannot be declared or traced. He is failing miserably in getting the info out. He’s a lazy person. So he has the website up. Big deal. I’m surprised he doesn’t charge admission fees for that too. And what’s with his Rep@heavensgate.com email address anyway. Any smart man, who seriously studied the info, should know that Do (Doe) would the only one qualified to attain such an address if he were still here. If Mark had half a shred of decency, he would have changed that address to something like lambofnl@heavensgate.com or something like that – not REP@heavensgate.com. Poor judgment, as yet again and again on his part. The Heaven’s Gate mirror sites are the real deal and NOT Mark’s heavensgatemcom site – which is tainted. He has as messiah complex encased in lusts for greed. He thinks he has been given personal letters by Do expressing that “he” should be the rightful owner of all info. That’s funny. Based on my analysis of Class videos and audios, the impression I got was that the Class did not give into “favouritism”. So what makes Mark so special and different than anybody else? Nothing. He just “thinks” he is set aside from all the rest. He has turned everything into a country club setting – an allegorical lodge for exclusive members who do what Mark says. Mark King is exploiting Class materials for profit. And as for his right hand man – a non believer named Dave W. Goetzinger of Eugene Oregon, who has abused my AHG website for almost a year and who has stalked and harassed me and others, not to mention now having associates of his frequent my sites while using proxy servers entitled http://www.hidemyass.com., this clearly shows Mark’s extremely poor judgment of who he selects as fellow “gate keepers”. Mark and Dave seem to be “The New Two” which goes contrary to everything Ti, Do and The Class stood for. Mark King is a major liability in the distribution of HG info. He cannot and will not be trusted as far as he can be thrown. I know I have been party to that hoax in the past, which I will always be shameful for and I’m not saying that I am perfect in any regard. However, where I feel even more shame is promoting Mark’s website with videos and things only to have them removed when I thought he was fine with it – as long as I was doing something to get people to notice Ti & Do – somehow. But no. They get removed. No doubt my videos, with roughly 30,000 or so hits in total may have no doubt increased traffic to Mark’s website. This may have motivated his greed even more. In his joke page on Facebook, he states, in the info section under the name MrKody with a “K” that “We need no endorsement.” Well, Mr. King. Believe me. After your current acts, your site will NOT be endorsed. Ever. Again. What I’m simply saying is that you, me, Crl and others are being stomped on by two con men who, after their rogue actions, do not deserve to possess the Class materials. Most of Mark’s actions are an abomination. The Class materials have been hijacked by the Lower Forces, using two con men as their puppets to manipulate people and to metaphorically hold the Class materials “hostage” for “ransom money”.. It’s quite sickening. Makes anyone, with a proper sense of focus to know what’s going on, want to seriously – and ardently – throw up..

    • sawyer Says:

      I just came accross this comment again and want to correct one aspect I believe to be accurate. “TELAH as an entity was set up by Lgg/Mll on behalf of Do in May of 1996 through Mark/Sarah whom they were working with. I don’t know if it was set up exactly “TELAH Foundation”, nor do I care. it was needed to register it with the library of congress which was part of the instruction to do along with the copyright. However, I don’t know if that specific copyright was what was instructed and don’t believe it’s necessary to harp on especially now. If we hold onto and put our focus on others actions and inactions we are missing the entire point of what it means to be a believer in Ti and Do. There is no question that Ti, Do and crew left behind a wealth of information and we do have about 90 audio tapes with Ti on them that gives us a more in depth understanding of Ti and Do and their classroom, which was something Do and Crew stated they desired to occur before they left that I believe the tapes and those that were in their classroom can provide.

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    • sawyer Says:

      carlan whose classroom name was crlody has been forthcoming and Mark (mrcody) and Sarah (srfofy) run the web site and were given the task of logistical/financial overseeing of the web site and the third version of the book that they provide for sale in hardcopy from heavensgate.com, where one can download the text of for free. Crlody posted some 90 audio tapes on a 4shared.com file sharing site that intially was free to download but since his posting some 7 or so years ago the site (not crlody) started charging for downloads but may allow free downloads of one at a time a day. I’m not sure how that works, but to someone who wants to investigate everything about Ti and Do, we will find a way to get that person the audio tapes if they don’t have the small amount of funds for them, that is if we feel they are genuinely interested. You can find three of these audio tapes posted on my youtube channel, named 3spm under the title Blackhawk. There are more audios but I nor crlody have access to them so they can not be posted for others usage, which we don’t agree with but don’t have a recourse but to accept. They are in mark and sarah’s hands. You can contact them via the email on the heaven’s gate web site if you want to ask for them. I haven’t heard from Jhn from Venezuela for a number of years now but he was jhnody in the classroom and last I talked with him still believed in Ti and Do and was disseminating their information in Venezuela. Rio who was the last student to leave the group in early 1997 who was neody in the group published a book called “beyond human mind” and on my last conversation with him via email indicated he had at that point felt he has done all he wanted to do but perhaps there is some way to contact him though his book publisher as I don’t bother people that don’t want to be bothered. That’s about it for degrees of active drop out students that still believe and want to serve the Next Level through the dissemination of their information. No one I know of is promoting that the laying down of one’s life at this time would be the most appropriate action to take should someone believe in Ti and Do. My blog here has some postings that show the way Do and Crew thought about what can be done now for new believers that there are a number of but we have no organization nor need one as we each have our instructions to disseminate the information and engage whatever degree of overcoming of our human behavior and ways we choose to according to the guidelines Do and Crew left behind that were their standards of overcoming. Shortly I will be coming out with a book on Jesus prophecy and how it relates to all things Ti and Do said and did.

      Incidentally, xf who went by xfody for a while was back in touch with me about a half of a year ago and still believes some in Ti and Do but was never in the “classroom”, which is why he stopped using the “ody” suffix per my request not to as it can confuse people as to who was and was not physically with Do and/or Ti and Do. He had no problem changing his name. There are some who are trying to sabotage our effort to tell the truth about Ti and Do and some who do so unknowingly, who occasionally post a facebook page or web site or even write a book or pose as an “ody” or were an x-ody that has a new slant on Ti and Do or doesn’t believe in them at all or is even to some degree active against who Ti and Do said they were.

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  6. drLee Says:

    In 2014, Manmin members smiled and laughed a lot, and sometimes shed lots of tears because they
    realized how the shepherd had sacrificed himself for them.

    Bless and power of God in abundance. Visit http://www.manminnews.com/
    Second Coming of Jesus Christ is in a short time.

  7. Jaerock Lee Says:

    In 2014, Manmin members smiled and laughed a lot, and sometimes shed lots
    of tears because they realized how the shepherd had sacrificed
    himself for them.
    Bless and power of God in abundance. Visit http://www.manminnews.com/
    Second Coming of Jesus Christ is in a short time.

    • sawyer Says:

      I don’t know what this comment is about. It looks like spam but if it’s not, you might be interested to know the One who served in the vehicle named “Jesus” was the same soul who came back already with the One who he referred to as his heavenly father in the task described as the two witnesses of Revelations chapter 11, which I can prove by every verse in the revelations and more for those that still have the ability to consider the truth. Thus the return as said in several ways where he remains in the heavens, coming in his glory, as coming incarnate was nothing close to in glory, is set to occur during the end of the 6th seal, detailed in Rev 14, 15, 16, 19 and 20. They took the names Ti and Do and exited their incarnations by 1997. If we don’t recognize them by all they said and did, then we don’t know what Jesus was really about and can’t expect to be saved from the recycling that’s upcoming.

  8. Jaerock Says:

    In 2014, Manmin members smiled and laughed a lot, and
    sometimes shed lots of tears because they realized how the
    shepherd had sacrificed himself for them.
    Bless and power of God in abundance. Visit http://www.manminnews.com/
    Second Coming of Jesus Christ is in a short time.

    • sawyer Says:

      I have thousands of scriptures I can use to offer direct evidence that Ti and Do were the Father and Jesus returned with new names as prophesied – incarnate in the task of the TWo Witnesses who are both “christs” (anointed) and delivered their prophecy for 1260 days, were subdued (overcome) by the US. Beastly “press” in the public square/commons (street) and then a short time later “layed down their lives” – apokteino autos = “exited/seperated from their bodies by dying themselves” in 1997, seen by the world as the Heaven’s Gate cult, but were actually the “cult of truth”. Ti, the Father came in a female body this time as shown in Rev 12. Do took a white vehicle with white hair that was named AppleWhite. A human vehicle is spoken about in prophecy as a “horse”. Do will still come back one more time but this time “in his glory” and in the task of the Lamb, perhaps even using the same physical body he took with him but if we don’t recognize him from what he and Ti taught since 1973 then we won’t know him when he comes back “in his glory” – for every eye to see, yet still as a thief – secret.

  9. sawyer Says:

    Jesus wasn’t referring to the stone and mortar temple when he said he would rebuild it in 3 days, he was referring to his vehicle (body). Rev 11 describes the temple and court as areas rather than a specific building. Pauls reference to the “man of sin” sitting in the temple of god can only refer to a geographic “temple” area as no man of sin would be allowed in the Kingdom of God’s “temple” but those who turned against the Next Level are certainly back and are influencing us all in degrees with their false teachings – taking over human vehicles that are seen in part as the heads of all the religions, as they claim to be “gods” representatives on earth, which they are not, so are the false prophets Jesus said would be apparent to some during the end time we are in the midst of.

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