Jesus Return, Rapture, Ascension, AntiChrist Summary

August 11, 2021

There isn’t any evidence that anyones physical body would be taken away by the Next Level except for that possibility re: the Two Witnesses (Father and Jesus) and their Students. What Paul wrote about was the “catching away” that was made into the word “rapture”. The catching away was exactly the same idea that Jesus presented when he had some students who he said he would make “fishers of men” – caught like a fish, except in this catching the truth was the bait that the students were prepared to recognize and it wasn’t to eat them but would involve their dying to their humanness and even being killed by the lower forces who killed Jesus.

The ascension revealed in Revelation 11 can go either way because just like with Enoch and Moses and Elijah and Jesus they left with their physical bodies because according to Jesus they (their Souls) came from the Kingdom of God/Heaven. The thief on the cross was taken in his Soul or Spirit form for believing in Jesus when he was being killed as a heretic by the religious and the govt but his Soul would be back now to progress further. There was some dispute of whether Moses’ body was taken, but it was never found and when Jesus went up the mountain with James, John and Peter he met two people who his students claimed were Moses and Elijah which Jesus didn’t deny so that’s another big evidence that Moses didn’t leave his human body behind. The reason some believe that the Two Witnesses were to be Moses and Elijah or Enoch and one of the other two, was because of the description of them as having power over the plagues of causing drought:

Rev 11:6 These have power to shut heaven, that it rain not in the days of their prophecy: and have power over waters to turn them to blood, and to smite the earth with all plagues, as often as they will.

Maybe that’s why there was the biggest drought recorded in California in the 1970’s when the evidence points to the Father and Jesus returning as the Two Witnesses which TI and DO satisfy most all the prophecies of, though there were options on how to see those fulfillments. TI and Do joked that they wished they had the power to zap someone like it also talks about in Rev 11 about the TWO.

But the reason those two were depicted with those powers that could be related to the powers that Moses and Elijah had – over the weather and to “zap” some as Elijah did was because the returned Older Member from the Next Level Above Human – the Kingdom of God, Kingdom in the literal heavens of outer space, were the same two Older Members Souls doing those tasks in the lead up to the final return (in the 1970’s). It was according to TI that said in a statement they published in the book UFO Missionaries Extraordinary that said that the Soul known to us as DO who took the vehicle named Marshall Herff Applewhite had started the experiment in the Next Level vehicle known to us as Adam who failed his tests then but recovered by the time he was incarnate in the vehicle known as Enoch and then returned to use the vehicle known as Moses to start the first trimester of the birthing process into membership in the Next Level, then as Elijah and then as Jesus to present the 2nd trimester and requirements for graduation in the third trimester that is still in progress, the second phase of that trimester after the first phase has passed with the Heaven’s Gate Students graduation.

The real definition of rapture was when the Teachers speak the truth publicly and those vehicles which were prepared by being given a soul deposit in their human vehicle recognize the Older Member by his Mind/Spirit – Their information about their reality (as opposed to religiosity and spirituality) and leave their former human lives behind to literally follow with the Older Members. That happened in 1975. So that was their being “caught away” from their human lives and then that happened again in 1994 when some also left all behind to join with then DO only, since TI left in 1985 as was prophesied in Rev 12.

Do identified TI as his Older Member aka Heavenly Father and said she was the “woman” in Revelation 12 and by knowing all they said and did that can be shown to those with an open mind verse by verse. So they were witnesses to one another like Jesus talked about and also talked about in John 14 as their both returning to reside (abode) with their students.

Plus Rev 3:12 describes that they have new names which also indicates they have new bodies as otherwise wouldn’t need new names. And they prophesy which means speaking the truth inspired by God, their Older Member up to the Chief of Chiefs. Jesus also said that he as the “son of man” was returning, meaning an “offspring of human” and that he would be sitting at the right hand of power and His Heavenly Father was his power who he was serving in the task of “right hand man (person)'”

Thus Elijah (the same Older Member Soul in Adam, Enoch, Moses, Elijah and Jesus) did return to reveal the antichrist as the space alien fallen angel souls and all in the human kingdom discarnate or still with their human vehicles. DO knew he would be called the AntiChrist but the facts are that the antichrist never left and was the individual or individuals (Souls) who took over Paul of Tarsus which helped steer the beginning church way off track until today where Christianity doesn’t’ resemble at all what Jesus actually taught in total.

DO did indicate that the humans who had become in league with the antichrist, had believed and put their faith in humans and the human systems of govt, etc. to the degree that they were teaching other humans to ignore Their return of the Two, so were acting like weeds in the Next Level’s “garden” (earth) would be pulled up, in a sense first. That doesn’t mean all who are dying are the weeds. Not at all the case. But the weeds when they do things to kill other humans so that those humans are their victims as simply accelerating those victims to get what they believed before they die and then the Next Level will sort them into the “box” of their grade in school to be brought back to continue school in a new civilization or be recycled with the current space alien souls and that there would be a new crop of space aliens from the ones who went against TI and DO.

Do indicated in Beyond Human video series he made that how things may wrap up this civilization might include “thousands of spacecrafts coming in shifts” but coming at different times so it seems we are in the shift of their coming now and they are the ones who are siding with the Luciferian space alien fallen angel souls or spirits. However it may be that the Heaven’s Gate exit as the first coming in shift one and that now it’s time for the second shift being the space alien souls in their spacecrafts wearing hybridized human vehicles grown from stealing human DNA from abductees over many years.

But DO indicated that the Next Level will still take some Souls but the process to qualify to be saved from recycling involves proving to them we believe in them by working for them sharing this information about them with others – Standing in their Defense and maintaining that Stand and accepting the consequences until we each leave our vehicle. There is no short cutting the needed learning. Exiting by our own hand doesn’t get us anywhere as we need our human vehicles to overcome our humanness through as we need to build strength of Mind to be able to pilot an Next Level provided dense physical body.

Lots more to this but this is a little nutshell.

Critique of Dark Days Dawning Podcast

August 9, 2021

The podcast is called:

The Heavens Gate Mass Suicide 1997

Sawyer’s replies/comments:

No one in the group said or believed that they would be “taking a ride” on the Hale Bopp comet or the reported “companion object”. They said it was “irrelevant” whether there was a companion object. They said the comet was the “marker” of the timing of their exit. Note that anyone who has any belief in Jesus as being from outer space with a message of how to qualify to join his team might want to consider that the comet is what was depicted in the saying of Jesus that follows.

(While I’m at it, here is some evidence that Jesus was an ET because of how he knew ahead of time what would happen on earth to help people wake up more to his reality):

Mat 24:27 For as the lightning((greek astrape – rooted in astra=Star and the “gleam of a lamp” or shining)) cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

Most of the comets we see that come close to earth that are labeled “great comets” because they are able to be seen with the naked eye (if one knows where to look), though with Hale Bopp it was even seen with the naked eye while the sun was still up over North America. Plus it was seen traversing from east to west because that’s the path along the ecliptic that the stars follow and it really does look like a star that is moving, though Hale Bopp was also perhaps the biggest comet ever seen.

Now saying that it’s referring to the “Son of Man” coming means He would be returning through taking over a human vehicle (as son=offspring and from man = humans, speaking of the vehicle that was tagged for his usage that TI and DO said about both the vehicles they took that they would have died had they not “tagged” them for their usage.

See, they knew that TI would be coming to pick them up in TI’s spacecraft but they didn’t know whether TI would take their vehicles as well. They thought it might go that way at first but they also came to know over time that it might not go that way as they didn’t think the Next Level had any use for their vehicles. But since TI had left her vehicle, “burned it out” dealing with all the negativity sent to her that people don’t even know happens but people in high profile public places know well of and she certainty was made to look like a dangerous cult leader in 1975 that was reported that way throughout the world. Since DO wanted to “cover his bets” for whatever TI wanted to do, he prepared the students to have a change of clothing and passports and a small amount of money on them. That was in case TI decided to heal their vehicles.

So the “coming” part of that verse may appear to not apply to their exit, but as it turns out it was the Coming of TI at the end of the task that this comet was a marker for, in that context. Here is the definition options for “coming”:

3952 parousia {par-oo-see’-ah}
from the present participle of 3918; TDNT – 5:858,791; n f
AV – coming 22, presence 2; 24
1) presence 2) the coming, arrival, advent 2a) the future visible return from heaven of Jesus, to raise the dead, hold the last judgment, and set up formally and gloriously the kingdom of God

TI and Do always noted their “coming” paralleled with the coming to perihelion of the great comet Kohoutek which was first sighted in March of 1973 a couple weeks after they left Bourne, TX where they received their first big awakening package of new information. By the end of 1973 is when they were ready to write their book but their car broke down somewhere in St. Louis around december 25th when Kohoutek was at perihelion that led to their eventual arrest as “thieves” (in the night, what TI and DO said meant that they were coming “undercover” (wearing normal human vehicles) to somewhat quietly as possible take Souls away from human existence – what the Luciferian space alien fallen angel souls had laid claim on).

Remember how there was reported in the Book of John if I recall correctly that while the students of Jesus were with him, he physically rose up and was received by a cloud (covering) and that Two People they thought to be “angels” verified to them that this was real and was the way he would always come and go (whether visible or not). So the Cloud was a spacecraft though don’t know how filled with light it was to look like a comet looks though from a greater distance, but actually perhaps a better context is the so called Star of Bethlehem – that may have been a comet as well and/or a spacecraft as a “marker”. By the way in the New Testament when they use the word “sign” it often can be translated to “marker” as well.

Jesus said healing from ingesting a poison could be a sign of a Next Level Member, which since Their students were members of the Next Level in new vehicles to finish their graduation requirements to become adults in the Next Level, still being in a type of children development, this could apply to them that they can perform healings on themselves and others if that was part of the program:

Mar 16:18 They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.

Actually this was said in the context of Jesus sending his students out to spread the news of his coming so applies most to them but this can always be the case that the Next Level can help any human they choose to recover from taking in some kind of poison and help them deal with in this example snake bites while a poison can even be something that some in the human kingdom think is medicine but for some it can be deadly. Case in point, the vakkkkkkkks all do kill some who take them – it’s just a small amount and not every humans has caught the eye of a Next Level Representative to get their help with something like that. Plus the point is that “it shall not hurt them”, which can be their vehicle and/or their Mind because a student knows they are not their vehicle but need to use their vehicle to learn their lessons through.

So what happened in this regard, since the space alien fallen angel souls hate to see anyone showing their allegiance to Jesus and his teachings, they set out to discredit them at every turn. That’s why Christians often support wars and some have become molesters of children and other hypocrisies to the Jesus belief/working for. So humans were led to be made fun of with the idea that had some picking up serpents and some drinking poisons thinking Jesus would save them. For all I know the Next Level did help some who drank poison or got bit by a snake, but some they let get very sick and/or die – because even that can be a lesson learned and the Next Level can take anyone’s Soul and save it for a new planting.

But the context of what jesus said could be literal but also works figuratively to where poison is taking in any substance or way of thinking that could result in one losing their vehicle and/or their soul because of those choices, that is if they continued to make those poor choices to put poisons in their body or to go along with “serpents” – the space aliens and their human counterparts and discarnates with their same mindset of seeking to steal souls to their camp/corporation.

So taking up serpents, I believe really meant to override the lower forces attempts to influence us who are TI and DO’s students, like saying “get out of here” (as Jesus said “get behind me satan”) to remove their thoughts and feelings from our consciousness – putting up the “blank cue card” in our mind and even growing to sense their vibration before thoughts even register or fully register.

TELAH stands for The Evolutionary Level Above Human. The recycling hasn’t occurred yet because that’s what happens after the Next Level gives ample opportunity for people who are reaching for the truth about our ultimate purpose here on earth, who the Next Level has helped, to hear about TI and DO’s gateway into the literal Heavens and chose to whom to serve and to whom to die for, between dying for humans or dying for the Next Level Older Members. Either way our human vehicles are going to die. They had the right to die on their terms but they didn’t do so until DO knew his students proved to him and to TI (then outside her vehicle) they were ready, because that was in no way their end but many don’t comprehend that and think it’s religio-spiritual hearsay, but that doesn’t mean it is because some don’t want to even consider it.

The phrase “ascended masters” came about through the Theosophists and was a twisted way of elevating human religionists who took on the reward to themselves but who were often the opposite of having become beginner students and younger members in the Next Level Above Human.

If you took the time to really look into the entire story, what was taught and how they lived you would find out that there was no manipulation or psychological mind control program or other nefarious practices or agenda’s unlike many cults to include the cults that do have those agendas via governments and corporations as we have been witnessing of late to the enth degree. Your jargon sounds intelligent but doesn’t describe what happened in the group but is the attempt of a number of writers to use to explain what DO and Crew chose to do, ignoring the 22 years before then that evidences how they couldn’t in anyones right mind be considered insane, though that has become increasingly easy to see with the increases in technolgies and events that demonstrate the realities they taught that were even foundationally what previous members of the Next Level taught, though became corrupted entirely into religions. Now there is the religion of human science that is what many “believe in” which includes thinking that it makes any sense at all that this planet and it’s life forms came together because of the oxymoron of “random and/or accidental development”

To state that the phrases Kingdom in Heaven and/or kingdom of God is “faulty or false religious literature” is not based on facts. In fact that part of the religious literature has a huge amount of evidence and that evidence extends the most to what started to happen in the late 1940’s with crashes of spacecrafts and bodies that were humanoid but clearly not human in their organ composition as per the autopsy reports provided by Leonard Stringfield who worked for MUFON that he acquired from at least one doctor who leaked the report of the autopsies he performed. Now if all that history that could fill many volumes is ignored of course less of this story would be considered fact, but even that last 70+ years shows how humans can live in at least a tiny degree of outer space in the ISS, a joint effort between the US and EU and Russia and others.

The autopsies reveal on some of the subjects of having no reproductive organs while some had a remnant of reproductive organs. This then corroborates what TI and DO said in 1975 that revealed that Members of the Level Above Human don’t reproduce because for one, they don’t die like human mammals do. And since the crashes also showed a technology that was beyond human then and now, as they still haven’t seemed to perfect their propulsion zero point energy system that Nicoli Tesla documented because the key to such a drive is the elements that are not found on earth and that no one has been able to manufacture though they have been trying , but that they found in one engine that was dismantled and examined by Bob Lazar who was hired to work at a groom lake area 51 military aircraft test base in Nevada. One can ignore all that but my mention here is just the tip of the iceberg of facts that many of because of their enormity of value were leaked on and off over the years. So I’m saying this because these people who came from outer space or from caverns inside the earth’s crust where there has been evidence have existed beyond just the records said to be religious because the religions passed them on in the compilation of the bible do exist. That means the stories from the religions – most all of them by the way even among cultures that had no coordination can easily be shown to have a strong basis in science facts but of course remain the choice for some to pay any attention to at all, just like some believe the earth is flat and/or there was no moon landings and that some think humans create much of the weather. Some humans even think they are the most advanced forms of life in the universe, another oxymoron considering how many humans act now and how limited humans are really – can’t even hardly live past 70 or 80 and still be vibrantly alive.

I’m ignoring your sarcastic comments on this serious subject. Talking about them as if their ideas are science fiction has no weight, especially since what was initially science fiction in this brief earth history turns out to tell the future that was about to be revealed that was often poo pooed at it’s origin in writings and of late in movies. Some tiny examples are the portrayal of people video communicating all over the planet as portrayed by some very early sci fi movies like the Jetsons and others. Then there is the idea of beaming down to a planet from Star Trek. While the method isn’t to deconstruct one’s genetic makeup to reconstruct at the destination, it does bring evidence to the ideas that a living physical being could travel from a flying craft to the earth and back as humans do now which Jesus was documented to have done when he left with his physical body that he proved to many was physical though that became distorted to be a Spirit. However, with what they call 3D printers they can send digital instructions over the air waves, though to be a miracle had we talked about then in the early 1800’s that could reconstruct a blueprint of a physical object in another part of the earth. Also it would have been thought insane and was for a long time to talk about germ theory and then there is the genetic code which is evidence of very detailed intense programming that can even change with repetition and mutation to evolve or devolve. The science of Mind is yet another idea that was way ahead of it’s time as shown by many cultures. So you are missing a whole lot of reality by acting as if science fiction can’t show things that will only be understood in the future. So if one extrapolates that idea to the Book of Revelation it could offer explanation on why many of the prophecies are not made up fanciful stories as some want to believe and have that right to believe but are the communication from a highly advanced physical Level of lifeforms for the purpose of holding school on the planet they engineered into existence for this purpose upon which they also engineered it’s lifeforms but did so in such a way that their reality would only become manifest in each person’s mind according to their openness and desire to see it.

What evidence do you have that supports Members of the group thinking they “needed” to be castrated. I know of that subject in great detail and was pressing DO to allow me to have that procedure if he got instruction to allow it of me. I suggest you read the document entitled Sawyer’s Story on my blog, for the details of which I speak, though it might be in a document linked to by the Sawyer’s Story document. But it’s also in my book that is posted on my blog as well. Search my blog for “castration” and it should bring it up. If you have trouble I’ll find it for you. I didn’t “need” to be castrated. It wasn’t required either. DO didn’t give that instruction to allow it for over 3 years from when it first came up in around 1987 that DO was considering doing for himself as he was tired of dealing with the hormones that flow through, in this case a male vehicles system that stimulates those desires. Remaining sexual, though part of the human kingdom as a choice doesn’t exist among Members of the Next Level. It’s not a moral issue. It’s practical that to be on a crew with others in the Next Level spacecrafts if one still has that desire in their Minds they will have a type of weakness if it were allowed to graduate while still having those desires. Those desires are not just from hormones but are programming as well, programs because of all the times someone runs that program throughout their life. So getting rid of that chemical production is but an aid that together with the learned self discipline of not wanting to be sexual actually helps someone develop more common sense about what is beyond the human condition where they are quite happy with no sex or reproduction at all. Some of their tasks, by the way are to be on duty observing humans on computer screens as blips of light that get brighter when someone is especially thirsty for learning and growth, yearning to learn what’s real beyond this place which is a lot more than what is really a facsimile created by the lower forces of the planet to keep us as temporary life forms addicted to our sensual passions when we can evolve by choice to no longer have any of the limits humans have.

That’s not true re: your saying they all went to mexico for the procedure. I know of two who went to Boulder Colorado and the first castration I was present for with Lvvody as the surgeon since she was a nurse for an orchiectomist in the US. That was performed in a sterile room set up in a warehouse in San Clemente, CA. However, we put a sign up over the door to that sterile room that said Mexico so at first when I told that story that got reported as happening in mexico. The purpose of the sign was in case someone filed charges against any of us, we could say it was done in Mexico, a type of white lie as we were not doing anything wrong or against anyones will by any stretch of the imagination and even Jesus supported someone castrating themselves for the Kingdom of Heaven’s sake meaning because it would be seen by the Next Level as wanting to give Them all our heart, Mind, Soul and Strength as the Next Level doesn’t need new members so they do make it very difficult while also providing all the help according to the grade in school of the students. The Moses grade in school was like early elementary school while the Jesus classroom was preparing for graduation but that a human who appears to be at the top of the human game is basically in the 6th grade with the object being to get out of all the things they got into by climbing the human ladder. That takes place over generations of potential growth of a Mind. But to graduate one needs to get rid of most all their human desires because then one begins membership in the Next Level with pure goodness which is why so many humans when they would meet the students in various setting mostly really liked them. In some circumstance because of what I hadn’t overcome I wasn’t liked by some I worked with at jobs in the world but that’s part of why I wasn’t permitted to graduate with them.

Wow, the books you get your information from have botched this story. It was true the first castration had a “minor” complication that we didnt’ know at the time was minor but learned about when it was easily fixed when we took Srrody to the hospital. That problem with Srrody’s castration of his vehicle had nothing to do with Srrody’s timing or reason for dying, though he was among the 38 students at Rancho Sante Fe. Do I suspect wen to Mexico but I’m not sure of that but I understood that DO experienced some difficulty from his castration. But the other 5 students to chose to have that procedure were required to leave the group and find an apartment close to where they would have the procedure and to get a job to pay for the procedure, which shows they were acting on their own volition as one can think they were brainwashed by DO which wasn’t at all the case but all who know anything about brainwashing as humans do to one another all the time through the great amounts of propaganda in the mainstream media especially that’s considered normal and true, is that one must continue the brainwashing to keep it effective to the subject. And one must also have the same environment. If DO had them in some spell as some humans claim which is ridiculous to say the least, their living and working someplace far distant from the overall group would be an easy way of breaking any alleged programming. People keep trying to come up with ways of denying the truth that they were exactly who they said and showed that they were so they don’t fit any human molds or models, though many humans act like they do so they write books and all that does is show what they don’t know to the few who sense there is more to this story.

Yes, srrody really enjoyed not having to deal with his vehicles sexualty much anymore but that had nothing to do with his commitment to TI and DO and The Evolutionary Level Above Human (TELAH) as that took place after he’d been with the group since 1975 and I knew him very well and he was as dedicated as I was but more successful in his overcoming than I was.

Another erroneous opinion saying that TI and DO were preaching that the world was against them, as little as they did that, which wasn’t really talked about with everyone until the news broke in 1975 in october which did show how hated they were but they said nothing about that except rarely, many years later, but saying that thinking the world was against them/us had nothing at all to do with my belief and commitment to them and I bet that speaks to the 38 as well though especially I know about for the 24 who I lived with for 19 years in the group. These authors get a free pass to conjure up these opinions and put together with some of the facts, they give the appearance of truth while as skewing it all over the place to their own liking and lack of belief.

The Christian Arts center closed months before 1973 as they had another center for study called Knowplace for a few months after the Christian Arts center and then by 1-1-73 they left the houston area entirely, more or less run out of town by their former friends and family who some thought they were having an affair but there was nothing of the sort happening.

One thing this person said in the podcast that he read from wikipedia caught my interest (as I haven’t visited for a while) that I wanted to know about was when TI’s vehicle, Bonnie Or Bonnie’s husband filed for divorce and why. I don’t doubt that what he read was true that the reason for the divorce was because the husband didn’t like the direction Bonnie was going in her study and experimental practice with what was seen as the occult that had been so demonized by many Christians to explore, including astrology. So it seems the divorce proceeding had little or nothing to do with TI’s vehicle meeting DO’s vehicle, though perhaps that was the last straw for the husband. I know he thought she was having an affair with Herf. I remember DO saying that the husband had threatened Herf, so much so that DO filed a restraining order on the husband so that he wasn’t allowed by law to come anywhere close to Herf. That was all before they left Houston for good on Jan 1, 1973 which was always a date they identified with really starting their task together and that by February they were flooded with information to answer many of their questions, coming to both understand independently of one another (though they compared notes) that they had both come from the literal heavens to bring updates to the bible and to fulfill prophecies. That began their journey to learn what the updates were and what prophecies they were to fulfill which compelled them to study all the materials they could find that led to their examination of the Revelation materials when they had arrived a Gold Beach, OR, staying in a campground on the Rogue River painting rocks to sell to tourists to afford to buy cream to live on eating blackberries they would pick as they grew wild everywhere, which I can attest to when I lived on the Oregon coast north of there. I did a lot of blackberry picking when I visited there in 1995. Recalling that reminds me of the depiction of John the Baptist living off of locusts and wild honey. Doesn’t sound very appetizing to me. I’m much rather have berrys and cream but I guess cream is an animal protein product so it’s what’s available and one is used to. Anyway that’s where they realized that Rev 11 description of Two Witnesses was talking about them, though they didn’t like telling anyone about it because they would run away from individuals who they would meet who would claim to be the reincarnation of Cleopatra or some other biblical figure – even wondering how there seemed to be more than one reincarnation of Cleo. Read ’88 update for more on this.

No DO didn’t realize he (his Soul) was from the Kingdom Above Human while in prison in 1974. He had come to that realization with TI by the time they were in Boerne, Texas after leaving houston on jan 1, 1973 while renting or borrowing a friends ranch house trying to understand what they had to do together. Like I just detailed, it was by mid February of 1973 that he knew his Soul had come from the Kingdom of Heaven to do a task.

By the way they separated the term alien from Members of the Next Level though they understood that some would talk about aliens and Next Level members as the same. The huge difference is that the aliens are the dropouts from a previous relationship and elementary service some Souls had. Those souls were given Next Level vehicles of a type that still allowed them to experience a reverse metamorphosis to function as humans, that Adam experienced when he fell (though recovered) which was the same Soul known to us now as DO, who was also Enoch, Moses, Elijah and Jesus (according to TI) and according to DO, TI was his Heavenly Father, Jehovah and Elohim throughout that time that he referred to as his Older Member who fathered him into membership in the Next Level.

The Two Witness prophecy they were fulfilling never said the world would be destroyed and TI and DO said the earth was still a good planet to be used by the Next Level as a garden again after it is refurbished because humans have destroyed it’s further use as a beginning garden. They didn’t think anything that had become good on earth would be wasted and they felt there was more goodness in the world than badness though there are less people who are growing to be good by acting in humanitarian ways towards one another.

There were never 200 members because there was no membership in anything for the first 9 months in 1975-6. I gave that estimate to media in 1997 as being the general amount of people who traveled with the groups for that 9 month period until TI closed the “harvest” on April 21, 1976, though told us to finish the public meetings we had already set up to do. Most of those dropped out while on the road. One could say there were about 100 members but after a few months together in the summer of 1976 TI and Do told 19 of those members they weren’t seeming to be serious enough so they split them out of the group and told us who remained that we “made the first cut”. After several years without them, 2-4 of those 19 later found the group and wanted to rejoin and did and were among the 38 in 1997. I don’t know where the 88 number came from. The only use of the number 88 that I know about was the document DO wrote entitled ’88 Update – The UFO Two and Their Crew which he wrote in 1988 and sent to a bunch of UFO researchers in an early attempt to see if they were the type of people who they would make a bigger effort to go public to again as we did nothing with the public from July of 1976 to 1992.- 17 years in seclusion with no new membership and were down to 24 students then but as we went public some dropouts rejoined in 1993 and then again after 9 months of public meetings about another 12 joined but then some dropped out so it went back down to 38 students with some who wanted to be in the class but kept having a pull back into the world. I left in september of 1994.

Rod and Judy, my best friends before joining in september of 1975 did not give Judy’s two young children to “friends” as you just reported/read. They went to stay with their biological dad who lived near Portland so they weren’t left with any less care than many many children from parents who were divorced. However, I don’t know what happened to them since then but I do know their names were Noah who was over 1 year old and jennifer who was about 5 in september of 1975. Ron is seen in some documentaries as Aaron as he and Judy joined but didn’t stay more than some months at most.

The reason Children couldn’t join was because they aren’t mature enough having had little to no experience in the world to choose to no longer partake in the world. This is one of many clear examples of why Heaven’s Gate stands alone from all other organizations on earth (combined with many reasons to say that) because they had good reasons – even common sense reasons for everything they did even though they didn’t attempt to explain themselves because they were never trying to attract great numbers of students. In fact more students made their job that much harder so instead the sought to filter out those who they felt couldn’t go the distance to graduation because believe it or not it was hard to stay in the group and yet they wanted everyone to stay and yet we didn’t necessarily know it was hard to stay because there was no real carrot – stick motivation, no punishments, no guilting, no pressure from fellow students as it’s true we stopped socializing for years but after TI left those socializing procedures were relaxed from what they were which DO said was because we didn’t need the stricter rules anymore so they were relaxed thereafter which is contrary to what Frank said in the Heaven’s Gate podcast saying after TI left her vehicle he said Do became more controlling. I confronted him for examples and he could give me none because it was a narrative he had formed in his head only because he wanted to justify leaving is my guess based on what DO said about some of those who chose to leave – they would have to justify it to themselves somehow.

Completely wrong. In fact after I left in 1994 their library grew a lot as I know people who have become book collectors. After I left I doubt they spent much time at all on the bible. For the first 10 years I don’t think hardly anyone including myself looked at a bible. We had a handful in our library by 1980, but there was only one bible lesson given and that was by DO while TI was in her vehicle but didn’t come to that meeting. He told us to bring whatever bibles we had to the meeting and said to open it to Revelation 12:1 where he said that TI was the “woman” and that the Dragon was speaking of Lucifer who he preferred to call Satan in case someone had that name of Lucifer or Lucy which he thought was a beautiful name. TI said that Lucifer was still loved by the Next Level but the problem was that Lucifer fell out of love with his Older Member and by love I’m talking about plutonic love, the highest form. Do started us optionally reading the bible without telling us what to read for whoever wanted to do so, in 1987 because he was starting to feel that TI was giving instruction from outside her vehicle since he still felt her close contact with her, to go public again and he was exploring how to go public, with what terminology, generic or religio-spiritual though he preferred generic because it was more accurate since the Next Level are real and not religious as the religions had all become “killers of souls” because people would get addicted to feeling pious and saved and going to heaven in some form and ceased observing – being open to how Jesus would return that without recognizing could miss it entirely because they are so glued to the past lesson plan. If they would take the time to learn about all TI and DO taught and not get freaked out by their own limitations that they largely got from Paul who was influenced by the lower forces then they would see that TI and Do fulfill all the same lessons and plans and recognition of the Next Level that Jesus brought but then had a bunch more to say that were the updates and the way the prophecies would be fulfilled. After I left the group I documented how all the prophecies from Jesus and most of what’s in the Revelation material are being fulfilled by TI and Do’s presence and in the time after they left especially. I can show perhaps the best interpretations and translations of words because of the time I spent learning from TI and DO – I got a bunch of insights. Most of that I received is still available to anyone and it’s all free of charges, over 900 audio tapes and 15 or so video’s and many writings from TI, from DO and from their students.

Interesting that ten turner said there were too many people anyway – a huge confession as it turns out that he would appear to have eugenic thinking like Bill Gates and Bill Gates dad have/had that’s well documented. They don’t mind getting rid of humans who they determine are ‘nuts”. That is the state of the world displayed very well here. And his wife Jane Fonda was a big anti war activist which in my own little way I was too over vietnam and then in Iraq, but this view that they as humans have the objectivity and science knowledge to judge there are too many people anyway shows how little consciousness he had at that time (though perhaps he’s changed). There is no evidence how many people could live peacefully on this planet even if all of them are burning oil like crazy. Thinking there is no Next Level in charge here is even silly. If someone told me when I was young that the automobile came about by accidental development, and oxymoron even at a very young age I would have disagreed or even laughed. I know that because at 7 years old I asked my parents and other parents in the room where babies came from and they weren’t prepared for that question so gave no answer and when I got no answer after a minute I put my hands up in the air and shrugged my shoulders and said, “well things don’t just happen”. And if we know that the human inventions didn’t just happen on their own somehow how can we say that the complicated yet simple designs of the elements needed to construct all the inventions “just happened to come into existence” by some random mutations over millions of years. There are planets where things can evolve but it’s not on their own. They need to be stimulated and that involves many stages but the earth isn’t an example of a true evolutionary garden because the Next Level took out the missing links so humans couldn’t intelligently show all the stages in evolution.

Do’s vehicle was estranged from his former wife and children subsequently I think years before DO met TI, as I understand it but could be wrong about, largely because for a while he was a closeted homosexual and had at least one affair with a college aged student where he taught music that got him fired claiming that he had emotional problems, I suppose because he was seen as emotionally disturbed because he was gay. We know that many humans are of that mindset and especially at a catholic or whatever denomination runs St. Thomas University in Houston where he worked.

I hope Do’s vehicles son talks to God the Father in Heaven – out among the stars and asks about his vehicles dad and is then receptive to what will come that will challenge him. Many who take such a position don’t ask Their Heavenly Father about things that would upset their world view. I know that from experience. It’s similar for Terrie or was as who knows how either of them may have changed so I’m rooting for both of them to wake up some. But what comes to mind was something Jesus said that I believe DO referred to once where he said, “a prophet is not without honor except in their own family”. They have a harder time seeing their relative as something special in this regard. For one the lower forces don’t want anyone to see the truth. But that doesn’t mean things can’t change. We can all change until we lose our vehicle and then we are set and the Next Level will decide how to sort Spirits and Souls into boxes, saved for a future planting and new classroom in a new civilization that they might choose to grow towards graduation from – the only true future the human kingdom can have because the human kingdom was created to be a stepping stone into Membership in the Next Level Above Human where is the only place where true Life exists because they don’t die anymore as hard as that is to imagine but makes perfect sense that this grand planet and these magnificent life forms, our vehicle were created for a reason that is even more magnificent.

We are against suicide for people now as we need our vehicles to learn lessons through. I have tried to talk at least three people from commuting suicide. All three were saying they were miserable in this world but that’s because they weren’t choosing to work for TI and DO. They were influenced to think suicide was a quick fix because the classmembers left seemingly with that label from much of the world. That’s the same thinking as has been taught to millions who believe when they die, if they believe in some savior and they abide by a few rules that when they die they will live happily ever after with that savior and they have bought an illusion. Dying gets one nothing but the spirit world and that’s not better than living though one may think it is because they won’t have those problems anymore because all they will be is a program on the loose that can’t change because we need a vehicle to change our programs to be better programs, programs that can lead to becoming a Member of the Next Level to establish and grow our Mind to run. So death is meaningless to growth but it’s all about who we die for. If we die for fellow humans (not counting those who kill a bunch of people they say for other humans) like lets say by rushing into a burning building to save someone’s life as we die in the process I bet the Next Level swoops up that Spirit or soul and knows they can become Next Level material as they acted against their vehicles programming to live at any cost which means they were applying what was Next Level perspectives that death of the vehicle doesn’t determine death of the soul. Jesus talked about this but of course some people think that was all a made up story to control people. That’s ironic because the story of jesus that many Christians tell is where the made up story is. Like saying he wants us to be successful and even wealthy and have big families and give of our abundance to the church and be born again in their beliefs when all those thoughts are dead ends to Next Level Membership in the real Kingdom of Gods in the Kingdom of/in the literal Heavens – the elevated areas above the earth. Like jesus said “no man takes it from me” speaking of his life in the human vehicle he took over. He said he has the authority to lay it down and the authority to take it up again BECASE he goes to the Father, his Older Member who is more real and alive than any human because He is out of human time and limitations. It’s like a human being able to observe the entire life span of an ant and can observe all their choices and knows what they don’t know. That’s what it’s like for Members of the Next Level but not quite the same as with humans and ants but I say that to get the concept across I hope. To the Next Level we are like horses that are wild and the Next Level captures us by telling us the truth about our reality that some knew was the case but hadn’t remembered it in this lifetime. So the horses that then receive the new training either buck and try to throw the rider in which case the rancher lets them go back into their world to run with their herd. But the ones who learn to respect their riders end up loving serving and all the perks of even feeling a part of the ranchers family. Ti and Do also used that analogy with dogs. My experience with TI and DO was phenomenally totally filled with goodness but not saccharine goodness like we see coming from governments and religions and some people that’s really about their selves at the expense of others.

So I agree that any group that teaches us to hurt our vehicles or another’s vehicle is a group to get out of. But in TI and DO’s group we weren’t taught to hurt ourselves physically or mentally or to do so to anyone else but it’s very obvious to all of us that we will eventually leave this world and some leave at a very young age and others at what we think is an old age. The church used to teach that laying down our own vehicles life for any reason was an original sin that one would go to hell for, yet no where is that taught and especially not taught by Jesus. They would even say that euthenasia was wrong. They’d rather have someone live as a vegetable and/or with on quality of life while their loves ones are miserable with and not going on with their lives than allowing them to exit when they want to. We are against suicide.

Updated TI and DO Audio Tape Log

July 12, 2021

Here is the log file of all 908 audio tapes I’m aware of existing.

I understand that the Classroom constructed these descriptions of the content of the tapes, something I remember happening because we started transcribing them. We probably transcribed 20-30 by 1994 but I don’t know what happened to those transcripts. We had machines that would allow us to slow down the tape playing but we did the transcribing on a personal computer. We had like 3 transcibing machines. I did some transcribing but I recall Jmmody and Glnody and Anyody doing a great deal. It was an optional task.

There are 4 among this list that are duplicates. We did make duplicates sometimes so more than one person could listen to them at the same time.

It was seldom that we had an instruction to re-listen to tapes but it was always optional to listen to them. I don’t recall many students re-listening to them but perhaps I wasn’t aware of how often some were listening to them again.

17 of these tapes were described as “not available” but their descriptions are still here. I believe this is because they wore out but not totally sure that’s why.

So from the numbers there are 21 tapes not present which means there are a total of 908 tapes if I figured that right.

We did at times edit a tape if TI and/or DO said they didn’t want a certain part included but usually that was when we were talking about plans and scheduling and sometimes when we’d have a meeting about a classmember’s leaving. Sometimes the tape got left on and DO would give the ones in charge of the taping task instruction to erase a section. I know about that as I was frequently partnered with Srrody and he was the primary on that task so I served as a secondary on that task – as his check partner when we’d erase them.

At one point a number of classmates misinterpreted DO and thought we had instructions to erase tapes. Srrody and I were about to do it but I don’t think did so, though may have done so for a couple. Fortunately, erasing them took a while by re-recording blank audio over the tape. I vaguely remember considering the use of a magnet. Perhaps Srrody asked DO about the use of a magnet. I’m not sure as he was the primary on the task and didn’t necessarily have to check with me, the secondary on the task in communication with DO.

So DO found out about it and was clearly concerned because he never felt he gave that instruction. So we stopped and accepted that we misunderstood the instruction. Instructions weren’t always written down unless a student did so which was procedure to do and to write it in a report what one wrote down so TI and DO could see how we worded the instruction they gave us verbally.

These tapes start in 1982. Before then we didn’t record meetings that I was aware of. The last one is from January of 1997.

You will notice the last tape refers to a telephone call with JHNODY who had joined in 1975 and left a bunch of years later if I recall but not sure when and then stayed in touch while he living outside the US where he went back to but then rejoined in about 1992-3 and then left again soon thereafter.

The reason we had the earlier time peroid of tapes that included TI on them, was because Rkkody and Oscody retrieved them from storage, a task Mrcody and Srfody (Mark and Sarah) were given by DO but was also given to them with the option of not doing the task and passing it on to Rkkody and Oscody, which they chose to do. That was back in 1997-8 and Mark and Sarah changed their minds and wanted the task that went with the “items of value” in storage as described in a letter sent to Mark and Sarah from the class with instructions to divide them among those that want to do the task of disseminating their information they left behind – hoping some would get to learn more in depth what TI and Do were all about.

I at first reported some things about the relationship of Mark and Sarah with Rkkody and Oscody somewhat inaccurately here, which Crlody read and provided the following update as he was working directly with Rkkody then:

*** Crlody reports:

JHN was one of the nineteen sent out in ’76. RKK met with MRC prior to his first attempted Exit in early May of ’97. At that meeting MRC repeatedly promised RKK that he’d make the tapes available. RKK didn’t really believe him but he had already decided that he was leaving and was “washing his hands” of the entire thing so he gave MRC all of the tapes. Only after RKK and I digitized the tapes and started giving them to Universities did MRC realize that RKK had copied tapes 1 thru 218 prior to that meeting. At that point MRC demanded that we stop and he started threatening the Universities with legal action if they didn’t return his “property”. MRC gave his tasks to RKK and OSC by meeting them in a parking lot at 7 a.m. in Phoenix because he was scared of the FBI. He gave them everything that was in the FedEx package including the keys to the storage lockers that held the the tapes. Only after speaking to a high-priced entertainment lawyer did MRC get interested in doing his “task”. He told RKK, “there’s tens of millions here”.

*** end of Crlody’s report insert ***

But at one point as I understand it from JHN, Mark started sending him batches of the digitized audios overseas thinking they would be backed up outside the US.

Then one day seemingly by accident Jhnody started listenting to tape #149 and realized the tapes weren’t meant to be in storage. I know that seems like a no brainer to many but when the lower forces are hammering on someone they can easily become blind to what makes sense and we know the lower forces don’t want any of TI and DO’s information to be made widely public as it can awaken more when they see the truth about TI and DO behaviors and ways and thinking and why behind their efforts on earth.

So just weeks ago, Jhnody who I had been in contact with on and off for years sent me the digitized audios, all in .mp3 format and I quickly sent them to Crlody and someone else who I know I can trust to be sure to upload them to the internet in mulitple places so that even if Mark and Sarah somehow sue us it will be far too late to keep them from being available to those who want to listen to them.

I agree with Crlody and many others that it seemed like a disservice to TI and DO’s intention to not provide these audios. However, I have no doubt DO felt to leave it that way and no one would lack plenty of their information to choose to enter their service, especially since we had all the audio’s with TI on them.

We have proof of that so no lawsuit would stand up in court but I’ve learned that there is still more material that Mark and Sarah have or say they have so if they do sue us, we’ll perhaps counter sue them if need be and seek to have all the materials they have made public. They are not even doing it for money. They seem to be bent on running the show. Thanks to TI and DO and Crew for alerting JHN to tape #149 where TI and DO express three times how they anticipated people wanting to listen to the tapes after they have left.

TI’s vehicle was dying and we learned about it some two weeks before she left her vehicle as I recall by 6-19-1985. So tape 219 seems to have the most about that though years later DO talked about it more.

So here is the tape log Jhnody got from Mark and Sarah. We only had part of it til now:

TI, DO & Students Audio Tape Library
Classroom Instruction / Tape Log

001 AB
Building reverence. Practice of silence. Silva Mind Control – off track – change M.O. (Ti & Do). “Tree” – Keep mind at feet of chief – ask to be examined. Object – “greeting” – separation from teachers. Meditation – relaxation vs. stress
76 min.

002 A
Finding retreat – retreat crew – meditation. Keep vibrations higher – Don’t listen to voices.
20 min.

003 AB
Meditation exercise given (silence) – relaxed but keen & alert -Healing cells – Conflict = Decay. Each cell has a brain of it’s own – can talk to them & direct them to be healthy.
62 min.

004 A
Blackhawk, Colo. – found retreat – wait & see. Don’t take each other for granted.

005 A
Guilt – Conflict – Stress = vehicle breakdown. Program for health – eliminate stress.
14 min.

006 A
007 B
008 C
Book information – 3 faces of Lucifer – updates. One real God -One real Kingdom of God. Lucifer’s kingdom – facsimile of Heaven. Christian confusion – many members. Paths leading to #1 deceiver. Clarification of boogers – stages of human advancement – stepping stones. Major boogers work in Astral – Lucifer uses influential humans.
61 min.
55 min.
49 min.

009 AB

010 A
Book questions – staying on track. Metamorphosis – boxes – graduation. Your thoughts will reach them by what you put in ether. If Links sent us energy – it would cheat us of growth. We already know ways of Next level – now we need to learn the ways of more responsible positions. You have to know who you are – constantly program vehicle to remember.
91 min.
19 min.

011 AB
Sat. 3 reference – Hixon article example – our thoughts go out to help bring in New Age. Try to open door to humans to accept Teachers from the Next Level. Small human minds pure & good but need to blossom. Growth is through restraint. Need to have a fear of not pleasing the Chief. Information comes as an idea – not a “message”.
79 min.

012 AB
People taking responsibility. “Eye for Eye” no longer applies – whole system has to be changed. Don’t become separate. See improvement every day.
93 min.

013 AB
Moods, anger, sensuality—–must be gotten rid of. Promises to the Chief – builds strength to expose things. Get rid of deceit.
58 min.

014 A
015 B
Teach kindness, cooperation, negotiation. Garden grows slowing – Old Testament for primitive society – stress lessons we have learned. Worst condition is to have no tests.
61 min.
35 min.

016 AB
Restraint counts only when temptation is severe. 5 cardinal sins: lack of trust, cruelty, sensuality, confidentiality, deceit.
58 min.

017 A
018 B
Slippage meetings – no pipelines to the Next Level. Our Teachers are our Link with the Next Level. Three reasons we are here: 1. Strengthen Next Level Mind 2. Deposit thoughts 3. Getting a vehicle. Ask for strength to resist so impurities can surface. Use suffering to build the starch of resistance. Report slippages – how vehicle blocks Next Level Mind.
93 min.
12 min.

019 AB
Help wanted meetings – resentment – Lucifer is jealous of us-no favoritism – what to say to be helpful-follow chain of command – Do’s dream. Galloping horses.
90 min.

020 AB
“I may be wrong” – trust must be unqualified. How help is accepted is important – stop evaluating Teachers. Work together in harmony – don’t take slippages lightly.
52 min.

021 AB
Next Level toughness – not interfering with Older Members – wouldn’t correct Older Members – there are no teachers in Next Level. Follow procedures.
48 min.

022 AB
Taking equal responsibility. Have to learn who you are. Do’s dream, “you can call me Tom”. Be observant, desire service, increase thirst. Take advantage of time: awaken.
74 min.

023 AB
Ti and Do know who they are & they know who we are. We are training to be replacements for the positions vacated in the Heavens by Lucifer’s hosts. Be hard on yourself without getting down on self. Make the most of the time on this planet. Be strong & love the ways of the Next Level. Don’t accept weaknesses, can’t become comfortable. Develop forethought, expose deceit – the worst is over.
92 min.

024 AB
Pace of vehicles in various areas – expect everyone to be “nice” – don’t want vehicles to be impressed with humans – answering questions briefly. Links tasks take priority – “rising above” brings in Next Level Mind – good vs. Evil on this planet. Take changes in a positive way. Overcoming prejudices of vehicle.
72 min.

025 A
026 B
027 C
The jail. New information. Lucifer & the jail – the minds that are present on this planet. Human not a natural condition. Adam: evolution in reverse. Boogers use celebrities as mouthpieces for programming. Not knowing is the test – flunk a test & it gets tougher next time. Next Level maintains the balance with their own programming. e.g. Moses. Program vehicle to abort negative thoughts. Strongest thirst when weakest. Lucifer has programmed all vehicles to play old tapes when not occupied – “reminisce”. Can’t skip steps – books to help future classes from Next Level. Our vehicles carefully chosen. Don’t change anything on your own.
93 min.
93 min.
77 min.

028 AB
Book deadline has passed. New Age – vehicles to return to original state of Adam. Reincarnation, souls, life after death, etc. Attraction between vehicles due to genetic programming. Genetic structure is the thing that is passed on.
93 min.

029 AB
Forethought & conscious direction. Mind is to vehicle as human programmer is to a computer. Human computers come with genetic programs equal to manufacturers software. Family connections. Constant conscious effort – urgency. Know that the vehicle is a plant, separate from me. Plants energy source.
75 min.

030 A
031 B
Inner mind. Whole self = conscious mind + inner mind. Inner mind can do unbelievable things. Program with clear commands & belief in what’s programmed. Follow procedures to the letter. Communications with others – I can do anything my Teachers have given me to do. Stress, confusion, etc. can interfere with inner mind programming. Replace negatives with positive. Human & Next Level does not mix. Program: fear of not pleasing the Chief & the Next Level.
93 min.

032 A
Would not instigate new things or procedures. Plan strategy for everything. Instructions from Older Members always have priority. Think, be alert, use feeler. Our potential effort grows each day. We are measured by effort we exert compared to our potential. Welcome anything that comes your way.
94 min.
033 B
Inner mind = genetic programming = soul. Soul has no judgment, no reasoning power just sends impulses to the brain. Repetition best way to program. The formula for building spirit body.
56 min.

034 AB
When you feel something negative, the moment you feel it, change it over to a positive – a chemical change takes place. Suffering & determination = growth. Correction is painful. Better if prepared ahead for it. Don’t let others be aware of suffering.
89 min.

035 A
Building a Next Level body. Program to erase negatives with positives. Questions & answers. Be specific in programming-think in detail – no short cuts. Lesson of older clothes.
33 min.

036 A
Too close to the light. Retreat dc’d – temporarily.
13 min.

037 AB
Q car lessons – taking equal responsibility. Lesson of broken chain – Older Member is right no matter what – don’t compete or think you remember better – take the blame, wouldn’t blame them. “Ti” – “wouldn’t have any one of us on her crew”. Attaining the level of performance. Being able to prod ourselves more consistently. Live up to promise to the Chief. Do not accept a pace of improvement acceptable on any crew on the Next Level.
93 min.

038 A
039 B
Auxiliary motor. Lesson of travel funds – get yourself out of whatever you get yourself into – get help only if emergency. No trail bosses – only crews. Definition of a slippage. The pendulum. Responses to not being on the crew. Praise does help us grow. Band aids. How to objectively feel towards humans. Damaging to compare ourselves to others. Keep own generator going. No easy task has a great yield.
93 min.
56 min.

040 AB
Forethought: getting more thirst. Have to desire growth & new information. Stimulate yourself, don’t rely on outside stimulation – replace memory bank – can’t just progress, just apply lessons – chemical changes occur as we block out old memory bank – replace with Next Level ways.
74 min.

041 AB
Exclamation point: repeating self-stimulating method. Don’t accept discouragement no matter what. Be determined to correct slippages – don’t test yourself – keep your own generator going. “Fear of God” is desperation for improvement. Lethargy is disbelief. Fear is key to accelerated growth. Don’t want to prove the Chief wrong.
59 min.

042 AB
Separation of mind from vehicle: the glove. Each human has a root system & tape library in their genes. Soul travel – just imagination. Push through the “mud” – vehicle’s genetic structure. Strong willed vehicle has more backlash. Human vanity – energy leaks – change circumstances – believe the vehicle can change. Shower mantra.
86 min.

043 AB
Refining programming. building Next Level body – program vehicle to be honored to be picked for task. Reinstating “Heavenly Father”. Keep mind on the task at hand.
70 min.

044 AB
Information on 15th street craft. Lessons on ventilation – care of tools. Habits = no growth – intent of instructions. Questions & answers – consuming guidelines – lab serving strategy.
75 min.

045 AB
Stopping thoughts before they can do damage: i.e. “I’m hungry” – controlling consuming – can’t allow horse to buck.
57 min.

046 A
Instruction to sell Teckla. We have to eventually be the ones to make vehicles stay within guidelines – learn judgment – learn to work efficiently without fuel – staying on track. Consuming: A tool to learn to stay on track.
33 min.

047 AB
Refresher course in consuming – even Links has to at staying on track. Must look to Next Level to stay on track. Consuming: stress burns extra fuel – sublimation.
56 min.

048 A
049 B
Squaw Pass – 10,000 ft – 1983. Information about Squaw Pass. Physical aspects of 10,000 ft. – learning how to push through. Reasoning behind the effort put into 10,000 ft. retreat. Follow instructions without question – perform as if on stage – information from Next Level comes through Links as a safeguard – Born out of chrysalis according to our own effort.
46 min.
45 min.

050 AB
Short note on the piano role – things moving faster – Links never questions instructions – pleasure in serving the Chief. The reaction of 10,000 ft. craft.
75 min.

051 A
Speed, hypocrisy, reasoning.
8 min.

052 A
NRR, RTH, ARR – we have reached a note on the piano role that has never been played before. Jesus’ disciples faced outward difficulty & we face inward ones – we affect the world trends. Waiting – appreciating the difficulty.
25 min.

053 A
OOC task – two extremes. Be alert & observant. Must learn the art of getting along with everyone. Misapplication of instruction – flowers. Interaction with Links = lessons – just say, “I did it wrong”.
44 min.

054 AB
Striving for perfection. This is a time when Links pulled away. Conscious control. Motivation: loving the ways of the Next Level better than life itself. Artificial limb – correction doesn’t mean poor performance – medicine is sent to where we are: we need to stay there. We may some day have a Class like Links. New growth patterns – we have a choice.
83 min.

055 A
Members of the Next Level present in our craft. We don’t want to make it impossible for Members of the Next Level to be in our presence. Constant awareness of what we are vibrating – fumes. Next Level present = good becomes good more quickly & bad becomes bad – nothing is lost. Need to develop more respect.
39 min.

056 B
(damaged recording) Everything is OK. You can rise above the longing to leave-can be an interference. Nothing is a negative if you can make it a positive.
21 min.

057 A
Attraction & revulsion. Equal caring for Classmates. Always do things according to new craft. All should have same aim – to follow procedures.
24 min.

058 A
(damaged recording) Doing things as quickly & as perfectly as possible. Physical aspects of Houston retreat.
15 min.

059 A
Less meditation – more mentally alert. Nirvana is not healthy – just escape opiate. Speeding up brains – alertness – crave perfection. Never sacrifice procedure for the product.
14 min.

060 AB
(damaged recording) Shaving – side A. virgins – side B. accumulating force – focal point to put energy into = perfecting the ways of the Next Level. Ask, “How can I use this energy?” Full dose of medicine – how to store it. Everything can be turned onto a positive.
40 min.

061 A
Responses. Shouldn’t twist procedures to get what you want -can’t allow explosions & feel sorry later. Can’t do task half way – can’t keep some bad habits. Teach vehicle the greater pleasure that comes with control.
13 min.

062 AB
How to handle a visit – no pat answers but be prepared. Light-heartedness – newsletter & network.
93 min.

063 AB
Purpose is to relieve anxiety. Success is to follow instructions. Would not visit if faced with legal problems.
29 min.

064 A
Can we follow instructions in this environment. Parents & children are main concern. Primary task – relieve parents guilt if any.
20 min.

065 AB
Lesson segments – introduction to writing task – A&B sides.
57 min.

066 AB
Enduring the feeling of boredom, guilt, etc. – overcoming these feelings gives us strength – know that we will change – doors open as strength is gained. Boredom can whet appetite. “Happiness is knowing we are serving the Chief.
69 min.

067 AB
Visits & segments. Stress/depression destroy the immune system. Don’t take experiences for granted. Writing segments brings more mind to the surface – everything is in the genes. Playlike: Church of genetic improvement. Non-sectarian – barking back. Turning conduct around.
90 min.

068 AB
Sample segments. Realistic viewpoint of religious concept. Ti’s right & left turn – promiscuity – Miss Manners.
70 min.

069 A
Reconstructed meeting – no religious connotations. Bushel of apples. Everyone write first segment on genetic understanding – “genetic general.
39 min.

070 AB
Meeting tape versus T.V. show. Turn around news – the direction towards improvement. Restraint on the spot is what works.
64 min.

071 A
Living computer. Circulating segments for grading. Sensations unchecked. The living computer analogy. Next Level genes – movie lesson. Lesson of the zoo tapes.
42 min.

072 AB
Trends – responses can be traced back to genes – lesson about new shoes – teaching humans to know better – DeLorean
54 min.

073 AB
(damaged recording) Research questions before asking – questions on visiting task – why we didn’t know about genes from beginning. “Missing Time” – books.
60 min.

074 AB
(damaged recording) Grenada & self-determination. Evolution & missing link. Word becoming flesh – genetic general. End of time – virgin birth. Foolish art – we are an evolutionary link. Taking a vehicle.
60 min.

075 A
Reconstructed meeting – no conflict between Adam & Eve & evolution – Dr. Pritiken’s diet. Outlets of sensation – simple & complex genes.
40 min.

076 AB
Segments for humans – segment inaccuracies. Technical data re: genes – strong impressions. Actuation – 2000 words – no inspirationals. Not seeing negative – getting to the source.
51 min.

077 AB
You have the knowledge to go back to the source – deteriorating forces – rock & roll at JWN’s task – sly ways of being negative. Ancestors & incarnation – passing on knowledge. The goalie – radio waves.
68 min.

078 AB
Writing letters to relatives – patriotism to forward motion – global nation – being too passive – your thinking contributes to what goes out on the radio waves. Maxi-life. Expanding your understanding of genes. What is evil? Bringing us out of our primitive interpretation or logic – don’t take Next Level medicine on a Level beneath you. Convert rather than suppress.
54 min.

079 AB
Salad lesson – letter writing, write segments from your own experience – deceit (self-deceit) worst human characteristic.
60 min.

080 AB
Limited number of genes – as you progress you convert – Lucifer: the door behind you is not locked. Seeking help – praise & sensuality – recognizing negative thoughts – negative thoughts block Teachers – accepting criticism.
36 min.

081 AB
A. Radio waves – common genes-wanting to come from same place as Older Member – my trouble is sent to Older Member – manna – nothing different – puppets-individual but not different. Both feet on the curb.
73 min.

082 AB
Next Level body in storage-question & answers. The school of human – body no longer programmed to death & destruction. Mid-stream civilization – if anything worth saving it would save itself. Becoming a new mixture – getting back to same awareness, no loss of consciousness – accomplishing a task for the Next Level. Becoming aggressive with your vehicle.
61 min.

083 AB
Inappropriate questions – no tape discussions. Get brain working at higher thoughts – old concepts of self. Definition of mind. At time of graduation.
61 min.

084 AB
Segments – self-centeredness – being smarter – information left by the Class before this one – information that I’ve become aware of – looking to the source. Willingly correcting someone – weighing Teachers down – shuttle runs priority. Inappropriate 3 times breakage.
67 min.

085 AB
UN forces in Lebanon – self disappointment. Finding fault in others – methodical strategy. Thought into reading segments – formatting procedures for computers.
46 min.

086 AB
Formatting segments – destructive forces – ultimate information – write what you have been taught. Information I receive is mine – mind passed on in genes – updating our word processor for computers – how the Chief populates the Heavens.
62 min.

087 AB
There isn’t a negative thought that is okay, not even against your own performance. Better manipulation – eager to awaken more. How to play volleyball – change thoughts like change channels – motivation for longevity. Humans at Christmas – segments.
77 min.

088 A
Twisted sarcasm – programming through repetition. Vehicle coming to believe it isn’t important. Vehicle won’t correct self.
17 min.

089 AB
(damaged recording) Needless suffering. Immune system – PRS’s test, newsletter.
72 min.

090 A
(damaged recording) Genetic general is to get it straight in your heads – only healthy vehicles are those ready to leave the planet – the Gardener and the Hot House.
38 min.

091 A
Staying on track – biscuit lesson – together or apart – the more you advance the more liberty you have. Keeping your eyes on initial instructions.
15 min.

092 A
Separateness – romancing your own vehicle. Review tapes beginning with genetics.
31 min.

093 A
Handling cold and flu symptoms.
9 min.

094 AB
Our task – our effect on the world – our main task is to bring NL Mind into focus. Assignments & departments – sending out signals.
56 min.

095 A
Listing our task. DSTody’s task – STM’s task – slaves of credit. Utilities – BRNody’s task.
44 min.

096 A
Programming specifics – old wounds – avoid negatives – our single most prevalent hindrance – tone of voice – going along. Preparing a place for the mind.
40 min.

097 AB
Links asks – “What do you think is supposed to go on our task list?” Re-do lists thus far. Separate mind from vehicle – common denomination – street talk – dog on a leash. Conquer it before humans can.
49 min.

098 AB
Upgrading the humans – set a goal (teen-age suicides) getting on a track – desire for betterment – concept of self-improvement. Areas for progress – 1. Committing crimes 2. More refined way of life. 3. Living for physical sensation 4. Diet & nutrition 5. Improved education – wasting minutes.
52 min.

099 A
3 time breakages – using procedures for pettiness – helping & caring for each other. Angels – sleep and controlling vehicle – how we are graded in our task – improving our programming.
41 min.

100 AB
Wording of computer entries – wording of programming – consolidating forces in Houston.
70 min.

101 A
Houston applying – wording on our task lists. Obsolete programming – finding a good channel of transmission.
29 min.

102 AB
Circuitry – simple direct phrases pertinent to the moment – organic computer – very poor erase – visual tapes – tactics of the vehicle. Vehicle tries to put mind down – sublimination. Unpleasant recovery.
90 min.

103 C
Don’t allow guilt if a tape tries to play. Interference – “Stop That!” – the cause of tapes playing – career baby makers – the Big Chill – circuitry – us>Do>Ti. The things you are dealing with do not originate with you – planets – telephone prefix – you have to grow to know your task-never blame your vehicle – registry for aliens.
15 min.

104 A
Circuitry clarification. Different combinations of circuitry – send signals – building a jet with a worn-out wrench – Next Level doesn’t send people to fail. China & little red books. Weak plant eaten by strong plants. Genetic engineering by humans.
43 min.

105 A
Foresight & hindsight – example suggestions segments – write what you have overcome. Right kind of stubbornness – labeling symptoms of imbalance – multi-colored glasses – updating boogers – vehicle dying. Guilt & discouragement – unremorseful murderer.
31 min.

106 A

107 A
JNN’s task list – putting up a wall-constant adjustment of success – don’t assess performance – Adam & Eve – Next Level. Programming. A garden: 1. Radio signals of ideas 2. Physical entry into human kingdom. Whole civilization growing – a matter of refinement – all move forward at own level – the last 100 years on this planet. Bringing in lower aspects of my Next Level Mind – don’t let vehicle’s ignorance judge your ability – difficulty of this task is being so asleep. Programming ahead of performance. Mental rashes – attitude deficiencies same as skin blemishes – mental poison ivy that is transferable – personal guilt removed.
99 min.
12 min.

108 AB
How our information will be brought out. There is a spacecraft overhead – we will leave together – departure will be witnessed. Energy of our vehicle returning to our family strain – dissemination of information through our family strain. Being appreciative of your vehicle.
82 min.

109 A
Signs of changing attitudes – God box. Protection of information left – genes of living vehicles – likely to return in vehicles. Acceleration of last 50 yrs. Church of genetic development – changing attitudes – Next Level fun – design of this task. Levels of understanding.
45 min.

110 A
The nineteen – different task, not different teachers – you send out thoughts with everything you do. Taking Classroom seriously. Changing perspective towards the vehicle. Planting seeds of improvement. Programs don’t stop automatically.
30 min.

111 AB
Visit to north craft – grocery store-hastiness. Cutting remarks – sensitivity to others. Sensitivity – wouldn’t be able to do your task if no difficulties – stronger self-examination – familiarity – moving with life. Behavior in craft-what can I do to have better responses. Don”t want vehicle idle. ALXODY & CDDODY – the incident – Links not informed. Monitors.
91 min.

112 AB
Update on primary task – S.T. – monitoring system – you are the important thing not the world – as much mind in as Links – the world will still change – but not your task. Constant evaluation – keeping difficulty to self. Quickness, keenness, sensitivity – age is speed. Ideal situation – why we are still here? Falling harmony: a regular pattern – graded by control. The dessert & the main course.
68 min.

113 AB
Warnings – controllable actions – suspected strikes. Effort – not numbers. Check partners – inappropriate parallels – sensuality & anger – check partners – taking initiative. Post graduate music course – overcoming & control. Thinking deeper – no downer periods. The last push.
63 min.

114 AB
Ban on criticism – signal to move quickly. Different retirement procedure – no more 3-time breakage reports – witness or suspect. 3 diseases: 1. attractive criticism 2. repels criticism 3. sees critically. Additional strikes – not discuss witness or suspect – twisting procedures – symptom of vehicle’s reaction to mind – stress – irritability – over sensitive – sees others wrong – words don’t match thoughts. Hear others at lower level – raising my level of listening
93 min.

115 A
Attraction & repulsion – 1. Sat. 3 & answering notes 2. Sleep, rest, spending 3. Attraction & repulsion. Nice for a reason – conflict between genes. Controlled genetic reproduction – short circuiting in warning areas.
33 min.

116 A
Questions & answers about mind – genetic structure the mind? Is the mind all of the programming of the strain’s mind? Is the mind of the strain the living programming of the strain? Reproducing by mutation. The vehicle is honored.
16 min.

117 A
Suspected strike notes – should be more suspect notes than witness notes. Exert the effort to learn more about what you have to do. Ti & Do will register the strike with you. Help wanted meetings to be solicited. Trouble = forward motion.
32 min.

118 AB
Strike notes – Next Level reasoning – your own alarm – check partners – doing things alone – OOCT (out of craft tasks) – maintenance – conscious mind. Sleep option – wanting to stick to what you had learned. Feeling uncomfortable out of my routine. Sat. 3 & notes – seven-up.
54 min.

119 A
Suspects only – write only what’s pertinent. No justifying – strikes change vibration. Check partners – witnesses on crews – chemicals of nutrition – love/barnacles/no romance.
24 min.

120 AB
Migration to Dallas – means of accelerating completion – you’ve grown to allow close proximity – procedure helper routine. Technical & behavioral information signals pituitary gland – honest example – receiving the thoughts you give out.
31 min.

121 AB
Taken off tasks – feeling defeated – how do I know – when you make waves – no personal feelings involves when doing procedures. Striking out – not strikes against the Next Level – profanity indicating some self-deceit. If vehicle tells you there is an area that is not correctable & you buy it, you’re sunk. The positive is something while the negative is nothing. No human is an individual. Hypothetical task of the twelve tribes, the beginning of strains. Strains aren’t limited to one area – the fantastic journey. A negative force – bind yourself to the positive.
71 min.

(tape not available) Our hook-up with Links is so clear they know who is at retreat by the type of thoughts they get. Connection with Older Members.

123 A
Reminder of the lower forces. After spending the time we have on genetics, recent events with Links car, etc. have reminded us of a living force, a lower force on this planet. Boogers are still valid!
43 min.

124 A
Manual to the world.
32 min.

125 AB
Book task #1
Putting yourself first. Realizing that they don’t know everything. Afraid to react other than with anger. Listening. Blaming. Looking upward. Control. Foresight. Vehicle nutrition. Satan force. Pleasures. Lower forces. Knowledge and understanding. Taking credit. Accepting traits. Human understanding. Responsibility. Familiarity. Sensual dress. Giving humans something to work for.
92 min.

126 AB
Book task #1
Marriage, reproduction. Living for the community. Negativity. Quitting. Desire to do better. Penal system.

Book task #1
Direction. Universal goal. Concern. Limited goals. Life span. Comparisons. Gossip. Equal evils. Foul language. Fear of honesty. Thinking someone is going to grow for them. Education. Present unrestraint is self-destructive. Humans have to be unhappy.
93 min.

127 A
Book task #2
Jesus did it for them. Freedom of press. Progress. Doctors and Dentists. Imposing ways. Complaining. Making others look bad. Jealousy. Attitude of those in jobs of service. Strong likes and dislikes. Pettiness. Oversensitivity. Explosion. Greed. Restraint. Dependence. Moderation. Confusion. Superficial organization.
45 min.

128 AB
Book task #3
Waste. Possessiveness. Existence of the N.L. Sneakiness. Deceit. Seeing teachers as putting you down. Houstonians not punished. Little things count. The impact of your mind. “Not one.” Forward motion toward beginnership. Sensual activity. Genderless society.
81 min.
(tape not available) Book task #4

130 C
Book task #4
3 min.

131 AB
Not feeling guilty about your human life. Understanding that we were not putting humans down. (good & bad) Lower forces & our task. Prep school.
49 min.

132 AB
The lower forces. Basic knowledge of lower forces – they do want to live. They actually think they can maintain this garden as it is. 360 degrees of influences. Malnutrition & ignorance. The Chief is still learning. Why Lucifer. Options & choices. Human brain designed to short circuit when thinking of the Chief. Lucifer is only a tenant. Bring humans to a higher level of understanding. Holding humans in conservatism & unrestrained at same time. Cults breaking away. We are an updated Class.
92 min.
133 C
Lucifer cont.
11 min.
(tape not available) Clarification. Lower forces & sexuality, it was never intended for humans to reproduce in the manner of lower life forms.

135 AB
How to work with Older Members. The lesson of the ceiling fan. Don’t initiate things-don’t let the brain try to think ahead. Wait for instructions. Don’t offer any unsolicited help. Conflicts within tasks. Basic minimum courtesy. When in a situation have Next Level Mind in vehicle.
91 min.
136 C
How to work with Older Members-cont.
13 min.
(tape not available) Tightening our techniques. Keeping our vibrations where they belong. Lower forces are discarnates-subtle forces refining their attack-bathing, shaving, downtime. Not just sensuality-irritability, etc. If you are fighting you are doing your task. Pushing self-disappointment off on others. Class>Do>Ti. Imaging 3-5 min. periods. Don’t give lower forces the time of day.

(tape not available) Questions & answers. Glass maintenance. Book procedures not from Links. Ceiling fans. Shorts. Seek & search mechanism. Don’t be satisfied with idleness. A-team. Olympics. Imaging. The responsibility of freedom. Technology. Lucifer can’t come up with anything new.

139 C
Questions & answers. Bring yourself out of problems. Practice sends out signals. Why have a poor response and then have to make up for it? Best friends. Bring the vehicle up to date. Situations with humans. Couldn’t find a friend out there. Mountains from nothing.
41 min.

140 AB
Questions & answers. Setting table. Staying up late. Polluting your Next Level Mind with human ideas. Refreshing your memory. Chains. Imaging. That’s not me. N.L. mind is very refreshing. Exercise. Remember the good feeling from running something away. Disturbed by others wrong actions. Ban on criticism. Late for a run. How can I work this out? Bringing each other down. Being light. Letting your guard down. Setting example. Saying thank you. Consuming timing. First exp. strategy.
90 min.
141 C
Seeking answers from others. Only humanness that would care. Toast, broilers.

05 min. Telephone addendum
Return conversation to strain.
14 min.

142 AB
How to think about humans. Sympathizing with humans or lording over them. Wavering. Maturity & stability. Unrecognized negativity. Every individual who came must leave. Scarf through a ring analogy. Dishonest with Links. Your strong signals. Stopping read out. lousy homework. Wasted suffering. How you grow. Putting vehicle in it’s place. Programs of weakness. Predictions, computers, data entry. Being on & off target. Water & oil.
77 min.

143 AB
Weighing Links down. Consolidation & possible separation. The clarinetist. Realizing how strong our minds are. It has to be all of the time. Mental affairs. Recognizing negativity. Cataloguing thoughts. Bouncing ball. Reviewing the things that pull you down. All leaving at once. Strikes. Affect of negative thoughts. Negativity & stress. Stress subtracts objectivity. Dishwasher example. Justification in the name of being right. Stirring cereal example. Setting up vibrations (throwing darts.)
92 min.
144 C
Weighing Links down. (cont.) You can’t abort it once you have let it read out. petty strikes. Harsh & pushy vs. Mr. Smooth. Continuous playing of tapes. Good feeling of having mind in control. Negativity about yourself. Better psychology. Games against disease. Coconuts. The good feeling you feel when your Mind is in.
4 min.

145 AB
Classmates not with us. Gave into human ego or vehicular doubt. You had to be willing to examine in depth. Thoughts of being lost & failure. Preparing for another task. Laughing at former thoughts. Fantasy. Vehicle not acting it’s age. The ray. Links can’t help them. Advanced sidetrack. Future task. What more can we do? our presence here is to constantly maintain control. Advantages of non-recognition. Independence. Don’t lose yourself in the role. The keyboard.
86 min.

146 AB
Questions & answers. Not recognizing Teachers. Protection from identity. Images. Connection with Links. Overflow. Lake Tawakone. Road to Tenn. Readouts. Putting feeling behind “That’s not me.” How Links knows what we are dealing with. The filters. Teachers monitor. Our range. Liberty. Independent strength. Discouragement. Separate retreat.
62 min.
(tape not available) Questions & answers (cont.) Distinguishing between the real & not real. New York celibacy group. Ann Landers article re: divorced woman. GOP convention.

148 AB
Go find your teachers. Premature awakening? Links search for advanced knowledge, their discovery of Teacher role. Afraid of spiritual traps. Past, present & future. Humans understanding physics. Speed of light. Flying. Talking about other classmates. Conditioning them. When we return. Sight & time. Being realistic. Consciously aware of play acting. Self-dictation. Connecting dots.
84 min.

149 AB
That’s not you. Don’t you accept that, apostles. Media. Technical knowledge. Looking for goodness. Departure witnessed. Human limitations. Quasars. Intended detection. Refreshing your memory. The lines out from the center. Dallas & Houston. Breaking away. Religion. The feeling of almost remembering.
69 min.

150 AB
Next Level communication & consistency. Think rain. Actions & thoughts. Our authority. UFO’s & quiz shows. Thanksgiving square. Our minds have receded. Next Level checking on how well we do on our own monitors. Meeting percentages. Thoughts materializing into actions. Being under a microscope. Evaluations. Learning from experiences. Less than your best. Don’t accept patterns. Power of goodness. Taking responsibility.
93 min.
151 C
Next Level communications (cont.) Translation. Degree of variance. Psychiatrist: no one really saw what happened.
5 min.

152 AB
Getting mind back in. class feels stronger. We may be getting some kind of reception from our teachers. Spinning spacecrafts. You don’t have to receive anything to send something out. Static. Mind has to come into vehicle slowly. The screen reading human. Classified topics. Philadelphia experiment. Ways to help humans. Prisons. Not easy to get mind back, duality. Aspects are an inadequate interpretation. The leak. Storm on the sun. Telsa. Precision lab. Vehicle losing confidence. Pope & celibacy.
89 min.

153 AB
Deposits, streamers. Kleenex & Links craft. Information available to humans in step by step. Thoughts don’t dissipate, they have to be consumed. Opening memories. Humans harboring goodness. Positive & negative sides of a magnet. Our type of goodness. They haven’t grown to be able to consume. Exposing negative through our strains is a step to destroying it. Setting ourselves up for homework. The streamer – differentiating between vehicle & Next Level Mind.
91 min.

154 AB
Tuning in (cont. from 153) The things that can be tuned in to: vehicles: genetic structure including strains with similar weakness. Our Next Level lessons brought to our awareness by our teachers. Lower forces (actually they tune into you, they are the aggressors) Lucifer’s tactics for putting blinders on humans.
71 min.

155 AB
Foresight & guilt. Humans advancement in all areas. Technical advancement out – weighing moral advancement. Religion still based on fear & superstition. Reminder of our importance. As we respond we send signals & deposit thoughts. Humans idea of being worldly. We bring out the negativity by being here. Blinders of ignorance. What will motivate humans to change? Equal exchange of ideas. Getting more mind by depositing thoughts.
86 min.

156 AB
Key words. Referring to instructions & procedures while on this task. Adapting while in these vehicles. Open mind to teachers. Putting out key words. Rudiments of Next Level are the same for all. Our feelers. Only way to bring in Next Level Mind is to act like a Member of the Next Level. Our departure & humans. Turning a page. When you see weaknesses in vehicle & make an effort to change it, you pull in thoughts that have been deposited, eating your own words. Receiving & transmitting.
93 min.

157 AB
Cont. key words. Telephone addendum. Beginning foxfire incident.
65 min.

158 AB
Cont. foxfire incident. Giving accurate descriptions. Grapevine. Not painting pictures any bigger that they are.
77 min.

159 AB
Experiential identity. When we are destroying our vehicles transmitter. Accelerated nourishment: tree structures (2boozers). Making lasting deposits for when we leave. A time when humans won’t have to make decisions. A mechanism within humans. Lower forces let go to test the strength of humans. Two (boozers) & strains. Experiential identity. Branches & twigs. There are no new individuals.
66 min.

160 AB
A. Accuracy – human vehicle wants to be different. Next Level mind wants to be the same. Terminology, word for word. Walking cautiously with accuracy. Lingo. Practice with each other. Be specific. B. Chemical imbalances – T.V. trends. The eye as a trigger to chemicals. Inebriation & recovery, binges. Carrying on to become better.
66 min.

161 AB
Chemical imbalances. Wouldn’t be stimulated if healthy. Most offspring are accidents. Scanners to find out vehicle’s needs. Regulating ourselves to teach our strain nutrition. The knowledge of nutrition is available to humans. Hormones & harmonics. Frequencies 0-100. Frequency is changed as it comes in. proc. Retriever lessons. Suggestions. How Members of Next Level communicate.
91 min.

162 AB
Frequencies (cont.) Common weaknesses: clarification on our signals to humans. Mind/vehicle incompatibility. Hypochondria & kleptomania. Don’t care about particulars. Reopening the phone lines. Who gets stronger signals. Changing circumstances. Re-marriage, sports. Getting to the root of problems. Sending to those who don’t care. Politics. How to tell when Next Level mind is in. Building up vehicle to receive a stronger a frequency. Taking less time to absorb it. More frequent meetings.
86 min.

163 AB
Separateness – A. Reviewing Power of Goodness. Frequency. Radio beacon or beam. Two effects – thoughts take place. Vehicular discomfort. Clones. Before & after we met our teachers. Bunk lessons, separateness, our prayer. B. Can talk yourself through anything. Chemical imbalance; drugs, food, alcohol. First grade math & advanced calculus. Many things happening at one time. The piano roll.
79 min.

164 AB
Check partners – focal point of power of good. Pouting. Disappointment. Suffering. Examining yourself. Wanting a clean house. Criticized child. Sincere check partners. Having no defense. Check partners in the lab. Right words as well as good intentions. Two or more working easily. 3 stages 1. Knowing nothing 2. Thinking you know it all 3. Realizing you don’t know.
91 min.
(tape not available) Initiative. We don’t initiate things, procedures initiate things. First person asks a question, second person responds with statement &question, then the two go together to act. Can’t be upset with yourself. Different levels in the lab. Including facts, planning, strategy.

166 AB
Questions & answers. Understanding. Signals & strains. How our signals are received. Types of suffering. Time spans, human time vs. Next Level time. The last days. Slowdown. Suicide.
84 min.
(tape not available) Classmates not present. Frequency = words can focus but can’t cover the subject. Effort & suffering of those not present. Mind incompatibility. Mistakes in Next Level stimulate improvement. Cycles of vehicle. Two reasons for vehicle showing weaknesses. Lack of knowledge in nutrition-food, sensuality. Human extremes. Consistency of genetics. Vehicles response to spacecraft.

(Cont.) (tape not available) Questions & answers. The switchboard – awakening of future functions of the vehicles. Words used as the carrier of frequency. Boards & nails analogy, forming a picture. Sameness of mind. Using the frequency by being good. Being in unison. Next Level mind returning after downtime.

169 AB
(Cont.) Frequencies. Questions & answers. Frequency helping to prepare us for boarding craft. Signs of our work. I.e. sexaholics. We send signals, Next Level deposits thoughts. Questions & answers: smoking, pornography, sexuality organizations. Movie “First Born”, trend against drugs surfacing. Concentrating our work more on the younger generation. Serious trouble in the Class.
93 min.

170 AB

Questions & answers (cont.) Helping co-workers. Hyperness, B deficiencies. Cold hands & feet = cold head. Humans need to have respect for the level beneath them. How to absorb frequency faster. Major key on computer for will, thrust, & desire. Recent frequency very strong.
92 min.
170 B

3 point lesson step. Hyperness, B deficiencies (cont.) 1. Humans don’t know what to do with their time. We can now send constructive suggestions. 2. Our dark side. Needing a crutch to stay in the right place. Having the right kind of pride. Happy & sad. 3. Suffering. The right kind does not have to have labels. Just accept it as a period of receiving medicine. (Next Level mind coming in.) Finding satisfaction by maintaining your own. Using Next Level mind as your check partner. Being considerate of classmates. Blocking judgments.

171 AB

Pentecost. Miracle at Pentecost. Utilizing the frequency. Nurturing a planet is a long process. Lithium.
88 min.

172 AB

Questions & answers. Organic & FDA. Blocking vehicular responses. Critical analysis. Trust the check partner system. Even wrong to grind ax if a right grinding. talking: matching thoughts & words. Mind overriding vehicle. Handling the full frequency. Familiarity, touching. The feeling after losing control, conversation, straying. Learning how painful straying can be. Defensive response to correction. Don’t condemn yourself. Just return signals. The real problem is not with the other person. Litmus test, pleasantness.
93 min.

173 AB

(cont.) Q & A. belief. Feeding the hungry. Humans thirst. What happens to our signals. Learning by experience & participation. Needing an ear. Belief is threatened by negativity (3 Plateaus analogy) Deaf ears catalysts for good ears. Too much analyzing causes confusion. Negative thinking blocks self-healing. Placebos. Tibetan tape. Acquiring knowledge to eliminate doubt. Belief. Next Level using events to accelerate belief.
93 min.

Cont. of 173. (tape not available) Being aware of getting off the track. Listening, evaluation should occur later. Pick yourself to pieces, negative vehicle reactions. Controlling these wild animals. Humans vs. Next level niceness, closeness, familiarity. Right kind of separateness, no favorites in the Next Level. Equal friendship. Seeking help. Finches, Plato’s depression & strength of our feelings. Completing the homework already given to us by applying lessons to experiences.

175 AB
Stay above board. Suspected strike notes at meetings so all can benefit from lessons. Getting beyond guilt & embarrassment. Doing a task for the Class. Incentive to try harder. First response to signals is to block it. (stop the gong’s vibration) Discomfort from vehicle’s adjustment in its perspective. Forcing the vehicle to see the Truth. Links knows the Truth. Attitude towards recovery period. Solving problems as a Member of the Next Level.
90 min.
(tape not available) Lessons in consideration. 1. Candy: teasing, taking higher side, inappropriate questions. 2. Croquet 3. B.C. timing: positive attitudes working both ways.

(tape not available) Identity/Lucifer. Identity, experiential strain, vehicle with right faculties for lessons. 3 things to deal with. 1. Strain 2. Vehicle 3. Next Level mind. Making the vehicle’s mind jump forward. Interception vs. at birth. (NL mind entering vehicle) Automatic cleansing. Make vehicle’s more compatible. No Lucifer. Fifth grade. Eyes of the elect. Full spectrum. Death of minds. Bouncing back.

(tape not available) Q & A’s. Vehicle’s mind and lower forces. Minds awakening in another vehicle. Graduation for minds of planet. No choice in transfer. Minds influence & effect on vehicle. 360 degree spectrum – good & evil. Lucifer symbolism. Some things cropping up in craft. Leaving open doors for negativism. Grades get harder as you progress in school. Meeting tapes show natural progression of info. Chain of command. Vehicle’s mind learning from NL mind. Progression of vehicle’s mind.

179 AB
Q &A’s. Vehicle’s mind cont. distinguishing between thoughts from vehicle & strain. Blocking sends automatic signals. No excuse for downers. Links not hooked up to strain. Awakening of mind. Split personalities. Family tree of experiences – not blood lines. The gift we’re giving to the minds of our vehicles. Capacity of vehicle to house NL mind. Change & progression. The proof is in the plan only the NL could come up with.
74 min.
(tape not available) Q & A’s. Vehicle’s mind cont. humans inconsistent response to Links. Negative being surfaced. Genetics, strains, Representatives. Birds &mating periods. When birds & humans are want for nothing. Setting ourselves up. Radio waves more common outside the family. Representing a crew &being bred. Limitations during this task. Humans’ concept of reincarnation. Believing in each step. Accepting it as the Truth.

181 AB
Questions &answers, Next Level pride. Celebrating the Next Level. Ways our homework is showing. Humans receiving lessons better in thought. The identities with followers of Jesus. The generation after. Music changing for the better. Punishing unhealthy vehicles. Controllable conditions. Vehicle becoming locked in. Patterns of can’t do. NL pride & vitality. Pride on we not I. The task of carols.
83 min.

182 AB
Desiring new information. Limitations of human mind & vehicles intercepted by NL minds. We know more than we realize. Our questions draw information from Teachers & the information brought is what helps us bring in more mind. Push/pull. Honored at having a task. Master child psychologist. Treading new turf. Tibetan monks & 14thDalai Lama. Experiences affecting both the mind & vehicle. Street people. When we took these vehicles.
79 min.
(tape not available) Questions &answers. Mentally retarded vehicles. Evidence of our work, (Rabbi’s book). Oral Roberts, etc. holding people in superstitious thinking. T.V. presenting a 1000% spectrum. Vehicle has potential for “adding on” (programs can be used on many ways). Transmigration. Humans not caring how they get an end result. Looking out for self first. Looking at a problem as it affects lots of people – not just one. Using up the frequency. Fighting drowsiness, or anything else. Recognize problems &take action.

184 AB
Using check partners – shopping task lesson. Strategy. Looking out for each other.
88 min.

185 AB
Q &A’s-preparing vehicle for a task ahead of time. Check partners are protection. Relationships not based on physical attraction. A touch of Heaven in each of our vehicles. Accelerating minds to qualify as NL beginners. Correcting negative responses, what was it that I did? The frequency surfaces the barriers. Effort to stop negative responses opens the membranes &allows more NL mind. Links used to shock our vehicles out of a rut. Seeing past the vehicle’s delivery.
83 min.

186 AB
(cont. 185) NL mind & vehicle’s mind. Awakening of vehicle’s mind in next vehicle. (cold storage or time capsule). Society spoiled by our presence. The “gravy train” has to change for our lessons to take root. Physical development – the discipline is the only good part. Minds effect on the vehicle. Development of the mind (conscience). Mind of our vehicle almost assured entry into the NL. Vehicle’s mind has learned to expect things from the NL mind, but it can be cagey. It’s con is “everything is OK”. “ I am a Member of the Kingdom of Heaven.”
87 min.

187 AB
Pulling. Comfortable or suffering. What’s missing is pulling. Two kinds of suffering; negative (down on yourself), positive (desperation for next step). Pullfering – what’s next for me & the Class. taking more responsibility for the pulling. How can I have a better understanding? Having a desire to accelerate things. Picking out vehicles for this task. Gaining strategy and strength. There are no contradictions in the information given.
91 min.

188 AB
(187 cont.) Pulling. Q &A’s incompleted tasks. Pre-class experiences. How many of us felt strong connections. Pre-class check partners. Before &after rejoining the Class. tensile strength. Our minds as our monitors. Elijah. The inhibiting factor. Human vehicle mind/Next Level minds. Confusion over pulling.
93 min.

189 AB
(Q & A’s) Effort. Sustained effort in human vehicle – natural mechanism in NL. sustaining means not slipping into human ways. Going beyond what we were doing before. How to keep mind from slipping out. using the little weak voice to calm down the vehicle. Catch the first thoughts. The application to stop it is the important thing. Problem may continue in order to increase your effort & build muscle. Enjoying the process of growth. Our prep. for a task similar to Links.
91 min.

190 AB
(cont. from 189) Thought chains. Higher levels responsible for lower levels. Negative suffering. Human infants, water wombs. Spoiled society. Tamer humans. Yuppies. Tired of street gangs. Pulling. Thinking deeper. Urgency. Pleasing the one who gave me the task. Pulling in maturity. Tool package. Water womb, advanced learning. Lab programming. Breeding humans. Justification & karma, NL making things right. Ti’s tree. “Starman” Our briefing. Primary control. Higher thoughts.
93 min.

191 AB
Q &A’s. humans taking care of themselves. Hot checks. Our pace &human pace. Boxes. Casualness. The Dallas frontier. Star Wars defense. Mechanics of pulling. Karma. Connection of experiential identities.
87 min.

192 AB
Q & A’s. Primary & secondary aspects of task. Generating depth & power. Security systems. NL minds in other human vehicles. NL Members doing tasks involving human vehicles – implants. Where is the mind not in the vehicle? Goals. Anthropologists. Houses – vehicles. Mechanics of strains. Three branches. The Trinity. The developing task.
93 min.

193 AB
(192 cont.) Q & A’s. criminal behavior may root in previous life. Won’t awaken to lab task – given only what NL wants. Hynek magazine article. Mind limited by its house. Helping strain – can’t do it consciously, but desire may put NL in motion. Our strains don’t overlap. Strain as frequency. In tune with brain waves on strain.
74 min.

194 AB
Q & A’s. carte blanche response to strain. Response to violence on news. How identity gets to new vehicle. Complexity & strains. Fixed strains. Strains of those fallen away. Minds at the beginning of this civilization. Mind having a hot line. Teaching restraint. Holy spirit & talking in tongues. Next Level &our open channels.
73 min.

195 AB
Move lessons. Some don’t believe certain characteristics exist. Rebellion – taking lessons & justifying actions. Easy to accept at meeting time, but difficult in the circumstance. Move lessons – awareness of things left behind. (e.g. lamp cylinders, etc.)
81 min.

196 AB
Q & A’s. Concentrate on effect you have on your strain. Class as representatives of different labs. Minds old enough to keep vehicle under control. Will be tested to nth degree – rising to the occasion. Harm done by vehicle staying on the breaking line. No proof except what we have come to know. Check partners shouldn’t be aggressive. NL labs on earth. NL task force to accomplish goal in preliminary stages. Bigger frequency connection with Links. Telescope analogy – stay at the eyepiece. Wasted energy talking. Coming into craft like a home. Noise/whispering. Piloting.
93 min.

197 AB
(196 cont.) Q’s and answers. Longing. Everyday activities will bring out areas for correction. Application of less slippages. Being comfortable with Links. Applying what you hear. Apologies. Strike notes worthless. Aggressive help. Some who left loved meetings. Satellite 3 responsibility. Covering phone. Lesson delivery retreaters. Putting “Do as you please into your mind”. Whispering. The first day of the “New Year”.
86 min.

198 AB
Crew harmony. Resistance, needing to justify. Give Older Members credit. Residual. Being open to destroying vehicle’s confidence. Learning from a new crew. Chill mix lesson. Influencing, tempting as serious aggression. Protection of what goes into computer. Interfering with Older Members function. More than 1 headquarters overseeing vehicle development. Types of labs. Facing circumstances – only way to get mind in.
93 min.

199 AB
(Crew harmony cont.) Why we can’t see labs. Vehicle not designed with capability. Basic programming. 99% of sightings not computable, only recallable. It would disrupt if humans could see. We are only permitted to see on levels of speculation. Information carefully given to selected individuals.
91 min.

200 AB
(199 cont.) Labs location. Our minds from space or graduates from whole different civilization of this garden. A task force to “pollute” the air with frequency & knowledge. Shock of our departure may cause a whole new beginning. Older Member may be able to create with mind (not need labs etc.). Human perception of light &speed etc. is ignorant. Do’s task with geography & transportation. Only a part of Link’s mind is here. As you try to imagine labs you’re trying to remember. Monitor. Mingling Members of NL not perfect.
89 min.

201 AB
Q & A’s. Technical knowledge & our conduct sent to humans. NL monitor. After humans have received information. Knowledge of what is not for consumption. Infecting our NL mind. Nuclear power. Identity gene. NL mind. When our vehicle is down. Humans being fed information.
93 min.

202 AB
(201 cont.) Forming NL vehicle. Difficult vehicles. Negotiating. Having more depth. NL minds intensity. Taking others from the right place. Graduated vehicles. Have a certain degree of relaxation. evolution not linked physiologically. You are preparing a NL vehicle. Trying your best. Not accepting failure. The gestation period.
91 min.

203 AB
(202 cont.) Forming NL vehicles. No lab in charge of negativity. NL gives over-all thought. NL doesn’t judge the development of our NL bodies, they look to Links for our needs. Vehicle may get actual nourishment in the lab, we tend to the programming. All doing the same thing – 1. Building vehicle 2. Major upbringing contribution. NL is made up of service. Building the facility for mind to occupy. Previous knowledge goes into mind. All of our mind is with us. Effort is everything. Identity gene goes to related community.
91 min.

204 AB
Cont. questions on NL vehicle. Slate cleaning-listening more significantly. Do things as quickly as you can and carefully. Having tight crews, taking responsibility. Mind gets growth in service. Dispatch – no option to refuse run. Keeping a clean slate. Ridding of poisons relieves Teachers. Exposing is erasing. Not letting vehicle get away with feeling hurt when receiving correction. Need to defend is vehicular. Formula is done the best you can. How humans receive &assimilate information. Inventions, DeLorean. Cure for cancer etc.
92 min.

205 AB
(end of 204) Slate cleaning. Exposure-Ti & Do not the Chief. Exposure was the promise to the Chief. Slate cleaning notes exposing symptoms not the problems. Review of points important to building new computer. Deceit &dishonesty: lying, hiding. I do not want to put anything into my NL mind that is not NL. Measles analogy. Kingdom levels/mural levels. NL is not made up of mammals. NL members with wings. Realism of NL bodies.
93 min.

(tape not available) (cont.) Angels & wings – human angel concept distorted. Hard for brains to accept. Identity gene will awaken in new human vehicle with a degree of control. Stuff of new vehicle made in the lab. Realism of NL bodies.

207 AB
Application of knowledge. Catching up>we are working to have our first vehicles ‘made in Next Level’. Generator. Knowledge applicable energy for change. Frequency of meetings. Quality of frequency. Anxiety: operating a corpse. Straight frequency. Doing this task more than once. Making new vehicle viable. Little habits of permissiveness. You don’t know how far you’ve gone.
84 min.

208 AB
Winning the match: vision quest parallels. Weight categories. Olympic cheers. 6 minute matches. NRR – re: focus changing. SRR – degree of difficulty. Significance of matches. Right kind of pride. Overcoming is now control to point of winning matches. Drive to help. Serious challenge from insignificant things. NL vehicle/trust.
89 min.

209 AB
NL vehicle/trust (cont.) The vernacular. Trustworthiness. Picking up early stages of characteristics of new vehicle. Leaving judgment behind. Fire always going to have a generator. Origin of the frequency. being sponges. The amount of our minds on this task. More override. Using graduate knowledge. Counter force is building mind. Using past experiences. Absorbing the force: force from the frequency. Hyperness as a warning to force building up.
91 min.

210 AB
(Absorbing the force) cont. Conversion to maturity. Recognition of force passed on. Coasting. Areas of matches. What is the true meaning of what I feel now? What’s going to be the plus. TV & movies watched from a spacecraft. Common communication. Gossip. Forbidden love. Primitive characteristics. A good job at the minimum time that a good job can be done. Recognizing major matches. Say them because you see them. Can always do better. Everything is a match. Not trusting brains appraisal. Check partner. Cover for others. Wanting your own way.
86 min.

211 AB
Major matches – cont. Just writing the matches down will not accomplish winning them. Vehicle’s control button – nausea from lost matches – upset in the right way. aces in the hole. Symptoms of disaster. When this world became genuinely distasteful. Conversation with humans. All of the machinery going that would make the world uncomfortable. Mountains & valleys – wasting developmental time & adding poison. Jump starts-the NL mind, human mind & the human vehicle – sensations. Becoming not satisfied with continuing to do things on your list. Getting rid of fear.
90 min.

212 AB
(211 cont.) Three lessons. 1. Programming the distasteful 2. Check partners agreeing 3. On the spot transition when given a new fact by Older Members, “ O know you’re right & believe it. Seeing the value of restraint. Trust.
87 min.

213 AB
Trouble notes. Suspected strikes. Stratas in the NL. Missing links. Using the primitive vehicle. Links has no residual. Jesus’ glorified vehicle. Upgrading standards. Our vehicle’s identity genes at teachers. Co-existing. Links guaranty. Curiosity. Graduate vehicle.
73 min.

(tape not available) Links strata: not limited to different levels. Links assigned to this civilization. Where we came from. Those on this task who lost control. Butterflies & innocence. Innocence = purest state. Strong test period. Halley’s comet. Vehicles of different molecular structure. We are the human’s closest ties to the Next Level.

215 A
215 B
A new dose (cont.) Dark corners. Humans drawing energy from us. Links picking us for this task. Love. Duties of grads, a task with grads. Checking with Older Members. Experience. Desire & accomplishment. Handicaps. Craving cleanliness. I am going to do it. Carrying consciousness into the dark corners. Is it really worth it? Re-establish committals.

Typed notes on tape sleeve:

Humans drawing energy from us. Lnks picking us for this task. Love. Duties of grads. A task with grads. Checking with Older Member, Q car. Class members being Older Members. Experience. Desire and accomplishment. Handicaps. Craving cleanliness. I am going to do it. Carrying consciousness into the dark corners. Is it really worth it? Strong test period. Haley’s comet. Vehicles of different molecular structure. We are the humans’ closest ties to the Next Level.
92 min.
47 min.

216 AB
Detail & accuracy – thinking how Older Member thinks. Detailed thinking. Exactness. Take a chance on a positive. Next Level wants keenness in your new vehicle. Don’t go to extremes. Sloppiness cancels out speed. Need to move. You can really drain yourself if you don’t stay where you should. Know areas can be corrected. Our effect on the world. Next Level members exert strength & will.
92 min.

217 AB
What are dark corners? Don’t send dark corners list to Links. Really vulnerable spots. When you are alone with the three of you. Total assets/one warning. How well have you done your task? This tape was dc’d. No more baiting. Changing attitude for following procedures.
Dark Corners: Vulnerable spots; the 3 of you alone. A way to mature is to think all of the time. Not joining hands with negatives. Craving purity.
Changing attitude for following procedures. No more baiting. Total assets. Consider & take stock. Gambling.
Total assets; pluses & minuses. Seeing a demonstration at meetings & in notes that you have thought in depth about what we said.
93 min.

218 AB
(cont. from 217) Attitude in craft. Recognize you can write things & mean them & still find rebellion. Thinking major things are one thing when in reality the major thing is something else. Not realizing negativity. Attitude in the craft. ANY’s OOC task – no teaching at OOC task other than by example. Common disease in craft: being too wrapped up in myself. Half of the things you see wrong would disappear if you forgot about them. Want a craft that’s moving, not dry docked. Seeing sat. 3 as favored members. You are to be the example. A healthy shock. Evidence of depth. Things to do in the craft – submit a list.

Typed notes on tape sleeve:

Total assets/pluses and minuses
The way you show your committal is through your attitude in craft and around your older member. The warning.
DO says he has a very good connection. The cabbage incident. Do having to battle thoughts of “Is this coming from my head?”
93 min.

219 AB
DO’s connection: cont.

THE CHARTREUSE LESSON: Proceeding with caution. This applies to every aspect of overindulgence. Move with caution & follow the leader when you are with an older member. Be keen to how things effect your vehicle. Keeping the vehicle in balance. Raisins. Covering your bets.
90 min.

220 AB
TI’s dream. Some kind of monitoring going on. DO’s energy level. We are like children going into our new vehicles and yet we are more adult than we have ever been. We’re are the stage where we have decided our parents are okay. DO’s instructions to move closer.
Wrong kind of energy drain/jealousy. Closeness that is the result of shared mind. Finding a balance. You can’t get too close if you do it in a right way. Being an asset to an older member.
93 min.

221 AB
SUSPECTED STRIKES – 1) Clearly state the strike, 2) What did you do wrong. 3) What are you going to do about it.
COMMITTALS – Restating committal. Hurting for faster growth, having a new reason to glow. No reasonable time could pass that you wouldn’t want to let your older member know where you are.
Your new vehicle won’t have a slot for “can’t do.” Your vehicle stepped out of time at the age it was when it left the world.
87 min.

222 AB
The energy of the force of the pure knowledge; true knowledge = love. Sex is love distorted and destroyed and thrown away, it has always been the lesser option. Love the lord with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind. Vehicles where reproduction is from pure energy and knowledge. Talking to the lord as the lord talked to you in the beginning about love. Our prior vehicles domestic servants. Love upwards.
Negative draw & negative thoughts, finding fault in the class design. When the words “can’t do” come in, making a positive out of poor performance. Find your traps.
89 min.

223 AB
Old habits being replaced by new habits. Don’t trust the habit is not going to try to return. Laziness & procrastination. ALL things work for those who love only the lord. I don’t have the judgment to see flaws in an older member. The distance of TI. The ring game.
Old terminology “spirit of…” Fertilizer & insecticide, cleansing bugs, the gardener is in charge. Next Level family structure. A computer chip in all living creatures to express themselves. Examples from older member not peers. An older member’s love.
88 min.

224 AB
07-28-85 : Respect of Classmates: Pushing
Game lessons, pushing, pushing is the opposite of separateness, one crew member with a momentary sickness, everyone here wants to do everything right all of the time. Talk to DO in your committal.
08-02-85 : Staying happy
DO stays happy, DO’s response to how vehicles vibrate, genetics and chemistry, Next Level mind power to secrete the chemistry that can convert a poor attitude.
93 min.

225 AB
08-02-85 cont.:
There’s no excuse for getting less than happy. Burn out the aspect that wants to slip into leadership, psychic interference. The one who doubts his own trustworthiness is the one who can be trusted the most.
08-09-85: Old & New Breath
The breath of our Older member, analogy of I.V.s. From species to species. The mind of the species we’re moving into is pure and holy.
75 min.

226 AB
08-16-85: PETITIONS
Learning to stop the draw, control of the valve. Petitions: Example – Given me the strength to complete my task to the best its possible accomplishment. You can’t take an Older Member for granted.
Our teachers have tended this planet for some time. We also have been here before. For some time (earth time) DO’s association with us will continue. Good committals take a lot of effort.
83 min.

227 AB
Those vehicles with whom you have had a history of conflict, there’s where you really need to vibrate understanding, kindness, and fondness. A sense of pride and closeness.
Reincarnation, soul is what humans talk about, vegetable state “vehicles”, retarded vehicles. You don’t have to experience something to see that it isn’t an option for you.
92 min.

228 AB
10-11-85: IDENTITY & MIND
Identity: Package of lessons learned and needing to be learned. Mind: Anything an individual expresses through its brain.

Remember how primitive these people are, humans making comparisons, The Stream, my best effort, My Primary Concern: pleasing my Older Member.
88 min.

229 AB
10-27-85: BE WHO YOU ARE
Two witnesses from the Kingdom of Heaven, being who we are, priming, Church of the Next Level. Whatever time we have left we have to devote to getting the word out.
Two witnesses/the lighthouse, Why do people react in an extreme to us? The preacher in Venice, redefining the lower forces, higher forces never pull, the lower forces pull, Going public.
92 min.

230 AB
11-25-85: UMBILICAL CORD/SENSUALITY FROM THE HEART – Dr. Littlegreen, Sensuous from the heart. The only thing that can disturb you is not pleasing your Older Member and he would have to tell you. Hurt and a downer do not have to be the same thing.
Adam took his mind off his Older Member. What is it that human’s want when they fall in love. You can’t know your Older Member, so your love for your Older Member, your wanting to know your Older Member is your constant acceleration for growth.
92 min.

231 AB
Lack of selfishness, positive attitude, gender, and prejudice (1) Keeping my eye on my Older Member (2) Observing (3) Doing as my Older Member does. Being happy doing anything. (4) Going through channels. (5) Loving all of the procedures just as they are.
82 min.

232 AB
Be happy and knowing your committal is real, developing more sensitivity to how you effect others, conversion = translating receiving into giving, sensuality is wanting to receive, reinstating Lucifer.
93 min.

233 AB

Direct conscious thinking in relation to my Older Member, Rising up to tuning into the frequency of your best next Level Mind consciousness. A cleansing process each time you do it.
Being of one mind.
93 min.

234 AB
Lucifer could never have a rightful ownership of a vehicle, discarnates, “being saved”, mediums, we are in pursuit of man’s relationship to heaven, prayer, selfishness, being an apostle, deterioration of information.
93 min.

235 AB
All minds didn’t start at the same moment, you are never old enough to be secure, willing to accept a positive attitude of where you are, Qumran.
88 min.

236 AB
How different levels are receiving their best forward motion, We are urgent to offer what they are waiting for, prophesy, idioms, being in the wilderness, when is the best decision made.
79 min.

237 AB
There are no little or big procedures, there are only procedures in the Next Level – Accuracy – Going over notes – Retreat Lessons – Demonstrating that you care – DO being our friend – Hyperness – Developing Responsibility – Your relationship with your Older Member is more important than anything you leave behind.
93 min.

238 AB
What to concentrate on during meditation – Why we can’t go public – Most important things: Being more of the same mind & experience what it is to know your Older Members mind. – Static – Accomplish the task more quickly – Stopping brains from putting interference in the transmission – Getting our pipes clean – How to listen. – Churches –
85 min.

239 AB

Back on Track – Why we can’t do a church or relate to the public – Keeping veh. healthy to complete this task – Put Committal into action – Being Accountable. Te didn’t have to go through the pain.

Exorcism – Treating personality as if an influence – Recognition Vote – Discouragement weakens you – Becoming a Pocket for Older Member’s Mind – Mature Controlled Behavior – Lucy’s Heaven.
95 min.

240 AB
Cocoons for humans – Explaining in non-religious terms about the Next Level – Is there a niche we can fill with the humans that doesn’t expose us, yet lifts us up?

[Note: Much of this tape is heavily damaged with buzzing.]
94 min.

241 AB
(begins on 241) Not being embarrassed about our ways Maintaining a pleasant vibration – Pushing yourself – Classmates as real friends – Taking DO on a human level – Safest Options in Conduct.
Getting chemistry in balance – DO felt Te’s presence in his quarters – Diet effects susceptibility to sensual feelings – Different diets – Frame of mind to move ahead without physical presence of Ti.
93 min.

242 AB

[Note on side B of cassette: 7/24/85 243]
Meditation: Focusing – Awakening Next Level Gland.
Links no longer can bail us out of troubles – Learning to exert your own effort to get through & past it – Temptation of relationship with someone else – How do you want to live? – Where would you be happier? – Go with it – DO’s vehicular discomfort – Spirits of Illness – The Next Level is in charge, even of the negativity – How Families grow & are structured in the Next Level.

[Much of side B is a duplicate recording of material on another tape.]
93 min.

243 A


245 AB
DO no longer able to tune down to certain subjects – The pipe analogy compared to amount of Next Level mind.
Unhappiness – Seriousness – The new structure of Crafts – not diminishing responsibilities – A place for Links.
Control of Thoughts – Permissiveness – DO’s challenge to us – Wanting help – Help Sessions – New Vocabulary.
31 min.

244 AB
The Sensuous Force – Not to spend but redirect it to higher thoughts – want no part of that energy – Partnerships – Craft falling through – Help Sessions – Loss of Confidence – Suspected Strikes
Links at a distance lets us practice using Older Members Mind – Where does this information come from?
55 min.

245 AB
(see tape 243 | 245) Control of Thoughts
58 min.

246 AB
Trying to fill mind with sayings & phrases from Links – Talking to Te – Finding times of lesser thoughts & vibrations – Feeling Te’s presence – Asking Older Member to be close to you – Next Level uses partner to help you – “I maybe wrong but I thought procedure was…” – Diseases in partnerships – Good partnerships – Functioning as a Unit – Sensitive to Te’s presence at the meeting.
77 min.

247 AB

North Craft Only
12-08-86 Do’s Experience – Lvv/Jwn as checks – Relating to Te Better – Do’s closeness to TI.
12-18-86 Harbor Influences – Help Session Reports – Influences interfering with Health
12-20-86 Rules of the Game – Being out on Limb Motivated by what we believe is true – Grape Diet – the Lord’s instruct. on consuming – Rejecting weakness.
93 min.

248 AB

North Craft Only
12-31-86 Our Structure loosening some – Tasks Links used to handle not handled as intended – Tighter structure the more you grow – Checking with Links before taking an action – Cheating on Time
95 min.

249 AB

North Craft
1-13-87 Better Picture of a Demon – Being an Extension of Older Member – Demon’s characteristics 1. Migrates to certain ones 2. Preoccupied with physical Health 3. Secret Judgments 4. Blames Links – Dealing with giving up – Demon can’t think without a house – Don’t have to feel the pain or the unhappiness.
88 min.

250 AB

North Craft
Biggest cause of unhappiness is Self – Centeredness – Treat vehicle like a suit of clothes – No desires of its own – Only concern is for the task – Make a list of “feelings you see during the day – List of what you did for others – clothing – Addiction of needing affection – Feeling desperation – Convince Links
1-20-87 Out on a Limb – Channeling – How Te’s mind came in as Brother Frances
94 min.

251 A

North Craft Only
1-20-87 Channeling (con’t) – Learning to stay in our vehicles – Diluting or Editing info. for us – Craft in Next Level busy with the next step – New step alters class’s relationship with Do – Time to solve our own problems.
8 min.

252 A
2-28-87 Purpose of Separation – Both Crafts separation from Links – Working things out in your craft – How to work out different understandings – Go with the majority – What happens when conflicted inside – Not imposing your rate of growth on others – Assessing where you stand – Using a partner – Happy when unhappy – Compatible lists – Excuses for trouble
37 min.

253 AB

North Craft Only
3-30-87 Vote of No Confidence – Fight within yourself – Pulling away to avoid embarrassment of shame – Power of Belief – How conflict shows in physical breakdown – Chemistry is affected – Accelerated Recovery – Being prime targets – The Challenge – Do having a visit – Nothing is bad enough to keep it hidden and let it build – Expose it.
68 min.

254 AB

North Craft Only
6-09-87 Being in Unison with Older Members Mind – Helpers Experience in Austin – Benefit from Isolation – Meditating with Links – Trying to think like you Older Member – Handling an OOC task – Wasting time – Learning to be Quiet with a strong thirst – The right kind of Closeness
70 min.

255 AB

North Craft Only
6-18-87 Conduct with Links – Helping vehicles learn caution and carefulness – Keenness (seek & scan) – Keeping Links informed – Security – Being attacked – Streiber – Bridging the gap to the Next Level
82 min.

256 AB
6-21-87 Spheres (poor sound) – A tool for being aware of Older Members Presence – No private moments
69 min.

257 AB

North Craft Only
6-29-87 Accelerated Time – Recognizing Te’s mind – “I could be wrong” used when any judgment, assessment, analysis or memory is exercised – Faith and Trust in Older member – Being a tight knit family – Prophesy (Revelation) Re: The bride – Evaluating What’s real – Strieber.
88 min.

258 AB

North Craft Only
7-03-87 Being all of one Mind – Being satisfied – Dali’s “Crucifixtion” painting – Te’s mind a part of Do’s – Keeping a section of our mind on presence of Older Member – Boogers and doubt will interfere with being of one mind – Not acknowledging the negative Influences.
94 min.

259 AB

North Craft Only
7-07-87 Trusting Older Member – Contra hearings – Parallels to us – Not acknowledging violent influences – not right to prompt someone to say something – Individual must exercise the thirst and see the value – Our lunacy or fantasy – Seeing the darkest side – Better than other options – New Age Philosophy – Rth Experience – Trusting Do- “Self Examination” – Asking for Te’s Presence
94 min.

260 A

North Craft Only
Astronod Training Manual – Mind’s Development – Vibratins – Writing Strategy – Adam & Eve situation – Manuel Names – Changing Phrasology – Kingdom levels – The term “Chief” – Chemical Addictions – Taking another vehicle – Writing: Scientific, sterile & vernacular used – Lucifer – Proposed News Release
35 min.

261 AB

North Craft Only
7-16-87 (con’t) Ages of Minds – What our task is – Being Saved.
94 min.

262 A

North Craft Only
7-17-87 Space Life – What is Magnetism – Knowledge is what reproduces & attract in the Next Level – The knowledge of the class before we came – Writing and Title – Human terminology – Many Membered
43 min.

263 AB

North Craft Only
7-21-87 Whether to Surface – Writing: Tell it the way it happened – Whether Do should surface – Information Back of Energy – Colonel North example – Outside chance they may respond positively – Be prepared for the worst – Writing & Packet info. to leave behind – Biblical parallels – The force we feel – How surfacing affects the class.
86 min.

264 AB
9-10-87 Channeling Love – Force – We learn how to love from our teachers – Love for these we visit comes from Te’s mind – Love through you as a conduit – Lucy tries to have us leak that force
88 min.

265 A
9-10-87 Channeling Love (con’t) – Higher quality Love – Healing love – Learning to be a tool. – The force makes us feel so charged – Letter to Strieber – Communion – “Living presence”
37 min.

266 AB
9-13-87 Hugging – Understanding what is happening to us – Hugging our classmates
9-14-87 Receiving Older Member – Visits – Inhibiting Factors to receiving Older Members mind – Too enthusiastic hugging
9-15-87 Drain from human Ties – Task of visits was to free us & become recipients of a higher bond – Embellishing Instructions – Clipping Ties
64 min.

267 AB
9-23-87 Mind Evolution – Adam’s mind diluted through offspring – Ministering to the Sinners – Possible move
9-28-87 The Church is Happening – Don’t really need to do anything – Smelling Salts
9-29-87 144,000 were the church 2000 yrs ago – Aids Victims
9-30-87 Statement of beliefs for Church
73 min.

268 A
10-20-87 Habit of Checking with Older Member – Being a house for them to perform through – Defensiveness – Asking partner for help – Security Blanket – Countenance – Don’t count on memory
17 min.

269 AB

North Craft Only
11-6-87 Church Strategy – Diluted info. in our pillow case – Class organization to get maximum service – Holding up the works – Awakening the captives (Sexaholics) – Funding – Using our techniques to help break them of their addictions – Keeping things surfaced – Srr lesson on sharing too much – Singing in the Church – Do’s dream.
94 min.

270 AB

North Craft Only
11-6-87 Church Strategy (con’t) – How to relate to the church – Singing in the Church – Do’s Dream.
65 min.

271 AB

North Craft Only
11-10-87 Sinner’s Church – This environment makes it harder to maintain a proper relationship with Older Member – Being closer to Older Member – If anyone else was here from the Next Level – Fears of being who we are – “Sinners Celibate for His Second Coming” – Natural to want to be celibate – Having a church service – Mormon Beliefs – Details of S.A. Mtg.
93 min.

272 AB

North Craft Only
11-17-87 Interfering with Links – Strieber’s call – LA convention for Sexaholics – Pamphlets – Te’s mind in their literature – Paying Taxes – Believing who Te & Do are
94 min.

273 A

North Craft Only
11-17-87 Interfering with Links (con’t) – Let Older Member flow through you – Smelling Salts – Hoping to get past needing OOC tasks – Streiber call details – Turning mistake into pos.

31 min.

274 AB

North Craft Only?
11-20-87 Virile Vehicles – Our relationship to Te $ Do – Taking ownership of a vehicle – Anything less than a positive is alien – How influences attack Do – South Craft stronger when separate – Return to elementary discipline – Te is our Father & Do is Te’s son – Calif. Outpost – Giving & Reception – OOC tasks – Sexaholics
94 min.

275 AB

North Craft Only
11-22-87 ASCC – Next Level Mind – Just say “No” – Vehicle housing enough mind – Corrections made in a “twinkling of an eye” – Aids Victims losing their vehicles – Being on ice until time to do this task – Mind’s looking for vehicles – Lucy’s hold – Routine to protect us – Affection.
61 min.

276 AB
11-24-87 Back to Basics – OOC tasks & staying within the guidelines – North having more control – Lesson on giving notice at OOC task – Knowing how to listen – Being Quiet – Taking higher side – Partnerships working things out & getting help – Presence Room – Asked to leave if can’t maintain sufficient control – Hotter Fire when closer to Older Member
90 min.

277 A
11-24-87 Back to Basics (con’t)
11-26-87 Committal – No limits – Rkk & Wnd coming closer to us – Keeping on a positive – “All things work together for good for those that love the Lord” – Fears come true – Came here to strengthen our minds – Next Level forced to put individuals in circumstances to overcome fears – Only you can cut yourself off – You must ask & insist for the pos. answer.
44 min.

278 AB
11-29-87 Reality of Spiritual Bodies – Ministering to spirits – Spiritual Body is perfect & if totally in control of the vehicle it would be healed completely – How to apply this understanding – Healers – When to say “I” – Change how you think of yourself – How far we can heal these vehicles.
88 min.

279 AB
12-06-87 Halfway House – No Time Share – Sexaholics mtg. – Shiny faces – Wnd’s first mtg – Crafts broken into 3 parts – Rkk & dealing with independence – Not a great response at the Sexaholics mtg. – Mll encounter with a human – How to relate to humans interested – Putting ourselves in a circumstance where the situation forces us to change – How to handle those who lose significant Control
93 min.

280 A
12-06-87 (con’t) – Prove we can be 100% – May be right for some to choose to take separate quarters – Lucifer believes he is right & methods good – Mormons
12-09-87 Exorcising Negative Thoughts – Influence that says “I’m a second-class citizen” – Keeping negative thoughts out of the craft – Hang onto cooperative pleasant, high vibrations – Reshuffle Crafts – Vibrate Joy – We are lucky
43 min.

281 AB
12-14-87 Strong Last Shot – Influences can no longer share your vehicle – Committal notes – Would not direct our asking to Te’s Older Member – Slippage mtgs – Send notes on Sensuality to Links – Communicating with partner – Consistency responsibility for our control – Do’s help when in trouble – Build Muscle – Do thinking of us – Movies – Don’t set yourself up for a Challenge w/Influences
76 min.

282 AB
12-20-1987 Becoming Clones – Special Gift – Responses about move from Links – Trusting Older Members – Appreciate & Accept change – Misusing “I” – Indv.’s Influences – On again-Off again Neg. – Inconsistency in Committals – Astronaut training compared to our task – Sustaining Craft vibration – BodySnatch
90 min.

283 A
12-20-87 (con’t) Forgiveness – Snn’s Lesson on not hanging on to old influence – Pyramids – Next Level will help us close up the dike but we have to gain enough muscle – When we’re ready may give us the secrets – must be on solid ground first – forget about yourself.
35 min.

284 AB
12-26-87 Understanding Lucy – Male & Female Karma – Male Vehicular Flaws – Significance of buying gifts – Lucifer & the chain of command – What happens to the minds of the vehicles that are wiped out – Anna Lee Scarin.
63 min.

285 AB
12-27-87 Desperation
89 min.

286 A
12-27-87 (con’t) War with Influences – Te relating to this task – Becoming experienced fencers – Feeling Inadequacy helps sustain lack of confidence & looking to Older Member – No Trust in anything we come with – Don’t check if influence still there; could be inviting him back.
6 min.

287 AB
1-03-88 It’s up to Me – Consuming – New Diet – Task priorities (movies) – New Year’s Resolution – When task is over if you haven’t learned control nobody will correct you – Be sincere when asking for help – Helpers in both crafts – Taking your own initiative to maintain your forward motion – Next Level Connection – Eyes off “I” – Exert muscle to catch up – Do’s running!
68 min.

288 A
1-14-88 Our Spiritual Bodes Becoming Closer to our Older Members – Finding a place closer to Te – Class needs more time separate from Links – Helping those who don’t think they are loved – Drop writing Committal Notes – When to bring things up to an indv. – Accelerated Preparation – Possible TV relationship to the public – Primary Communication is with Older Member.
59 min.

289 AB
1-24-88 Addiction to Older Member – How to get closer faster – Pangs are good as long as doesn’t cause a pulling away – Adam’s addiction – Becoming one in spirit – Do could do 2 things that would stop breakdown of vehicle but it would effect the addictive relationship we have with Links – Totally eliminate neg. in how we bring things up – Asking check more frequently – How power of healing works – What degree to sustain addiction.
65 min.

290 AB

North Craft Only
1-30-88 Continuing the Addiction – While Older Member is separate – Being closer during separation (don’t trust it) – If get a message or inst. when not with Older Member (don’t trust it) – Feeling love and closeness with Older Member – Picking up on Links thoughts – Being 1/2 of a person – Healing – Negativity – Destructive Evaluations – Influences attachment to the vehicle
90 min.

291 AB
1-30-88 (con’t) Continuing the Addiction – Learning who “I” is – Links relationship with us – Not needing to turn to another source – Transition to a diff. Older Member – Large Angels – Jesus Making disciples believe – Whether to do Demonstration – Links travels –
1-31-88 Demanding the Next Steps – Thanking the Next Level because they are already in motion – Bringing things up to partners on the spot (immediately) – Join forces to demand next steps
84 min.

292 AB

North Craft Only
2-06-88 Chinese Diet – Nor Bu Chin – Using a Chinese Doctor – Updated concept on the Human Kingdom & Lucy’s Role – Seedbearing & non-seedbearing Plants – Essene Discipline – Rkk leaving – Putting out best effort – Influence of medical problems – S. Craft neighborhood
94 min.

293 AB
2-11-88 UFO Crashes & where our minds came from – Back up Vehicles – Theories on what changes need to occur in these vehicles – Humanism in how we express Love – Metamorphosis – Present day Essenes – Preparation for our Changeover – New Mexico.
65 min.

294 AB
2-11-88 (con’t) UFO Crashes – Our Minds – Metamorphosis
67 min.

295 AB
2-18-88 UFO Crash Book – Gift from the Next Level – How this relates to us – Overcoming addition to Food – 40 day fast – Going on Pwd. Drinks – Our consuming interfering with metamorphosis – The proof of their existence coming out – Our tasks in Space Crafts – Sleep is recovery & repair – Raising sticks for the class (i.e. Rkk and Tll) – Zap – Realities of the Next Level.
94 min.

296 AB
2-20-88 100 min Accuracy – Liquid Diet – Experimentation – Cutting Expenses – Finding a Remote Place – What might be left for us to do – Immortal Bodies – Sustenance from another Source – Using Credit – Breathairians – Trailers – Keeping mind on the meeting – Next Level Vehicles – Essenes – Fasts – Job situation
94 min.

297 A
2-20-88 (con’t) 100 min Accuracy – Airians – Trailers
14 min.

298 AB
2-21-88 Influences that still use our Vehicles – Stl & Glasses – Accepting an influence & its problems – Allergies – Doing things our own way – Mass or Parasite Influences – Aids influence – Next Level Immortality – Any dependency here won’t change on a Space Craft – Examine Private Moments – Historical Essenes – Keeping Focus – UFO book changing our perspective – Acting OOC Tasks – Lq Diet
94 min.

299 A
2-21-88 (con’t) Influences that still Use Our Vehicles
47 min.

300 AB
2-23-88 How to handle presentation to UFO Society – Cautious with our Security – The Coverup by humans – How will things unfold for us – Getting rid of naivete – Prep for boarding – Can’t take influences with us on board a Space Craft.
79 min.

301 AB
2-27-88 Taking responsibility with Security – Reptilian vehicle in Next Level – Robot type vehicles – Humans keeping a N.L. vehicle alive in captivity – Possible mistakes in N.L. security – Earmarks of a Member of the Next Level – Inner Earth – Sum Total or our Desire – We now have evidence – the test of faith has ended – Diet adjustments – Swaggert – UFO meeting – How to handle the situation Rkk has put us in.
94 min.

302 AB
2-27-88 (con’t) Security – Misconceptions of N.L.
69 min.

303 AB
2-28-88 Working out how to relate to Rkk – Dropping UFO etc. Business – We will initiate contact with RKK – Move for our security.
59 min.

304 AB
3-2-88 How to solve some Dilemnas – Indv. with problems – Flx – Next Step – Meetings around the country – Topic: UFO Occupants are the Evolutionary Link to Humans – Sponsored by UFO etc. (Rkk) – Not answering questions at meetings – Outlining each groups format at mtgs. – What is a discipline? – How to set up the groups and meetings – Using information in the UFO Crash Book. – Diet Adjustments
94 min.

305 AB
(continuation of tape #304)
94 min.

306 AB
3-25-88 Next Level Nutrition – Glandular Tablets – Repair organs – Sexual Responses – Lear’s Connection with the Next Level – Different aspects of the Cover-up – Te’s relationship to the Genetic Lab – If Humans could understand the mind doesn’t die with the termination of the vehicle – Animals as plants & those that house minds – DO as a transmitter.
94 min.

307 A
3-25-88 (con’t) Next Level Nutrition – Next Level getting the information out – Streiber’s relationship to the info.
6 min.

308 AB
3-31-88 Idea of putting our own Debunking of their (Lear’s) Hypothesis on Paranet – The interference with our connection when too much emphasis on viewing UFO material & Subliminal Tapes – Humans on different “Times” from each other even though they live in the same world – / Which UFO material worth our time to read. – Refocus.
91 min.

309 AB
4-2-88 1. The task of waiting. Rkk/Wnd Situation 2. Over-riding the Genetic Love Addiction – Care for replaces “Love” – Don’t Back Away – Getting our relationship in the right place w/Links & N.L. 3. No task is more important or sign. than any other task e.g. OOC tasks vs. In-Craft Tasks. – Links being able to “take us for granted” & not worry about us. 4. Inappropriate Curiosity
95 min.

310 AB
4-2-88 (con’t) 4. (con’t) Pettiness. – Next Level Implants – Essentials contained in UFO Material – Pro EBE’s (Prebe’s) & Con EBE’s (Conebe’s)
59 min.

311 AB
4-16-88 We know a lot about what is happening with UFO’s – Investigators playing it safe – Judgment day is … – Damaged Ionosphere – Whether to put out info. – Using a different Synopsis’s & distributing them – Scientists believed to have committed suicide – Wnd/Rkk Situation – Strieber plays it safe by not committing himself to physical reality of Next Level – Links travels in New Mexico
94 min.

312 AB
4-16-88 (con’t) Drunk Individual attacking Links for no reason – Felippe in Santa Fe – Next Level determines which boxes humans go into by how they respond – Who to send info. to (e.g. Turner & Queen) – Weening ourselves from Speech, Food & Reproductive systems – Computer Bulletin Boards
92 min.

313 AB
4-17-88 Rock music & lyrics – Looking for a retreat – Setting up a camping situation – T car Windshield – Inside Earth Experiments – Hell is the Discarnate Condition – Indv. who we might share this info with – not Shirley McClaine – Maybe Michael Jackson, writer who made Travis Walton movie, producers of “hanger 18,'” Gene Scott – not going to people who know us personally
94 min.

314 A
4-17-88 (con’t) If the Next Level would just tell us to do it we would have the strength & the power.
15 min.

315 AB
5-14-88 Links is troubled by the class getting off the track in several areas – Also a concern of his connection with Te – Tightening up our procedures – Improving our connection with Do will help him with his connection with Te’s mind – Dr. Stranges “Truth” limits him to never knowing who God is – He feels the smaller EBE’s that don’t look humanoid are from Lucifer – The others are from God
94 min.

316 AB
5-14-88 (con’t) Those in the Next Level who still have humanoid vehicles are more like “pets” doing tasks for those more evolved members of the Next Level – Can’t do things in Obedience – it’s worthless – If we help Do we are also helping ourselves – Doing Everything as Te & Do would do it.
66 min.

317 AB

North Craft Only
5-22-88 Next Level Intimacy/Bourne Iden. Parallels – Inst. on Consuming – Links response when getting close to us – Closeness with Te coincided with times when Do was close to us – Why Links would back off – Controlling the vehicles response to closeness – Links at times wanting to drop the vehicle – What happens when not thinking the same as Links – What being in Love means – Importance of checking – How EBE’s can relate to humans.
77 min.

318 AB
5-30-88 Links trip to near a Vortex. – Links pain in trying to find next step – Not paying any attention to Vortex charts – Rkk wanting to be preoccupied with UFO’s – Links going on a trip – Becoming of One Mind – Next Level letting humans become more aware of them – Humans taking the neg point of view – Gov’t supporting Lear – Te relating to us – Influences use our Desperation against us – Concentrate on Restraint & Caution
57 min.

319 AB
6-11-88 Talk with Rkk in Portland – We are still not ready – Death of the old self – Boxing Matches with Lower Self – Plead for Purity & Sterility – We must take the responsibility from now on – We must make the choices – Mind over Matter.
94 min.

320 AB
6-12-88 Game for Breaking Habits & Being Flexible – To be upset by any circumstance is inflexibility – Must be what you want to do – Pollen Pollution (vie thoughts) – The realism of thoughts – Static in the air – Feelings for Older Members – Quieting the mind and & Listening.
89 min.

321 AB
6-17-88 How to play the game of Breaking habits & learning flexibility with a partner. – Clarifying the rules.
94 min.

322 A
6-17-88 (con’t) How to play the game of breaking habits & learning flexibility with a partner – Clarifying the rules.
18 min.

323 AB
6-18-88 The influence that affects Snn has these characteristics: Impulsive, Feelings of Failure, Threatens Snn & others, Wants to hurt Snn, Exaggerates. – Listen to Links not the Influence – Restraint works – Aggravation is the influence – Influence has indv believing he is them – Help is there if you really want it – Brn deals with influence of neg. so others don’t listen – Changes the Chemistry by the level you permit Neg. & Sensuality – Lingo of Positive Thinking.
81 min.

324 AB
6-21-88 No more catering to influences threats – Snn example & why it happened – Consuming influence & how to combat it – Need to make progress or circumstances will present themselves to bring change – Humbling yourself to the Lord – You must call the shots – Knowing who you are – Recognizing the Negative – Sustaining happiness is a clue.
72 min.

325 AB
7-2-88 Vows – Some not playing the “Game” 100% e.g. Consuming what partner gives you – Subconscious Permissiveness because no real consequences – Necessity for Vows – Hvv’s schizophrenia – Step of moving into one craft – How to seek a task – S. Craft move necessary – Getting rid of duality – Quieting brain & Meditation – Power of Negative Thinking.
94 min.

326 A
(con’t) Vows – Duality – Power of Negative Thinking – Must know “Old Friends” as liars – Effort to copy Older Member.
33 min.

327 AB
7-13-88 The Game’s effectiveness – Vow Breakages – The most important factors: 1. Allegiance 2. Eagerness to Perform – Practice to develop skill – Coasting – What causes Older Member to like me – Fluctuating performance – Consistent Readiness – Skill in the Ways – Hidden aspect of independence in thinking – Subconscious Discouragement – No other game interests me – Repentance – Remorse
78 min.

328 AB
7-16-88 Having Older Member mind come through us – Catching up to Older Member – Dryer Hose analogy – Running around a track analogy – Expressing ourselves like our Older Member – Not acting, thinking or speaking too fast – Consciously asking how Older Member would act – What becomes part of your mind – Tearing down the walls that separate you from your Older Member (con’t)
61 min.

329 AB
7-16-88 (con’t) Catching up to Older Member – Tearing down the Walls that separeate you from your Older Member – Am I willing or afreaid to be a clone? – How to handle Lessons – Consuming Guidelines – Who Links would pick for tasks – A Fresh Start (con’t)
94 min.

330 A
7-16-88 (con’t) Catching up to Older Member – Consuming Guidelines – How to handle lessons – Being reliant on the system – Who Links would pick for tasks – A Fresh Start – Deceit – Exposure makes you feel better.
20 min.

331 AB
7-20-88 Father & Son Relationship – Tim Good Book – Mrc & Srf Bitterness – Do Apologizing for at times doubting who he is – It was not by his choice he is Te’s Son but he had been chosen – Sonship’s meaning – Denying your Father – Cutting yourself off – We are in the Next Level – Sustaining knowing who we are – The literal Vine – Looking to one source – Commonness – Crafting to the right Vine
62 min.

332 A
7-20-88 (con’t) Father & Son Relationship – Downings understanding of Faith – Physical Evidence only given to those who don’t need it or to those so young to not be able to really comprehend it – Sonship doesn’t come by just sticking it out – Grafting each Vein in your thinking – You can loose Knowing.
39 min.

333 AB
7-23-88 Finding our Place – Rth suppressing thoughts – Hvv being divided – Help for Rth before his departure – Our Undercover life – Be careful in how much we share – Clarification of who greys are & who others are that are seen on Space Crafts – Being eaten by guilt – Flx happier where she is – Reasons for aggravation & Upset – Faithfulness
7-24-88 (Side B) Teetering – What is next for someone else – Mrc & Srf may not have been ready – Working out personnel for Project of putting out info. on Next Level
85 min.

334 AB
7-26-88 Different Groups of Participation – Importance of Service – Group 2 guidelines with no guilt – Courtesy to others in the craft – Bucking the Structure – Loyalty to the Next Level – No Partnerships – Consuming Changes – Groups 3 & 4, North & South Crafts – Group 1 being totally on their own – Selfishness – How no partnerships works.
68 min.

335 AB
8-7-88 Trustworthiness – Links Travels – Who would like to go to work on a project – Why proof is not shown to us – Those that left having lost their trust & faith – What threatens our stability – Next Level must be able to trust us as a unit – How we handle attacks from boogers is our ticket – Resilience – Getting experiences behind you – Bottom Line is nothing could shake your Allegiance.
94 min.

336 A
8-7-88 (con’t) Trustworthiness – Allegiance – Giving into things reduces your capacity – Clarifying the Butter – Not accepting agony.
24 min.

337 AB
9-2-88 The movie “Last Temptation” – Some parts not right but some insights good – The timing of the movie important – Our thoughts come through in parts of the movie – We don’t have to formally make a statement – Partnerships & need for them – Magic of how to use a check to come to a right decision – Mundane Subjects even in presence room – No spirituality – Using tools given – Doing the best we can do.
56 min.

338 AB
9-8-88 Light – Sacrifice – Bus Stop – How to respond to Older Member in the presence room – Keep eyes open while meditating – Conduct in presence room – Can this be a Bus Stop? – What can be my burnt offering – Destroy my desires & humanness – Show me what is my sacrifice – I am willing to destroy my desires.
60 min.

339 AB
9-18-88 Strata’s of Understanding – Using the small house – Decontamination Chamber – ½ way house – Streiber & Next Level – Next Level plan to show themselves – Religious Games
94 min.

340 A
9-18-88 (con’t) Stratas of Understanding – Next Level may play out each religion’s idea of the second coming – Two Witnesses – Who runs the World – Silly look at Human reality.
30 min.

341 AB
9-19-88 Rkk moving to Denver with Any & Pyp – Possibly getting a house for others to stay in – Decontamination Hs. – Lessons for Indv. – How to act around Older Member – Applying priorities – Knowing who “Do” is talking to – Asking through channels – Why people “like” others – Break habit of thinking negative thoughts of others.
78 min.

342 AB
9-21-88 We Have No Magic – Trying to focus on how to fit pieces of puzzle – Do some research on what the preachers are saying – Those waiting for the Second Coming – We need to know how to tell them their interpretations are off – Possibly setting up a transmitter satellite – We may have to surface again – We have no magic to sell the truth – Must be perceived on Faith – New Menu.
62 min.

343 AB
9-28-88 Time for Exposure – Links travels in New Mexico area – Another look at UFO materials – Information coming in like a statement – Links will be at the forefront of exposure – Items to be covered in the statement – Getting out of spirituality in asking to be a tool for the Next Level – Exposure won’t be a “bed of roses” – Next Level may bring in support troops – (Be prepared for)
94 min.

344 A

9-28-88 (con’t) Time for exposure – Be prepared for anything – Weekend convention with drop outs – Jim Jones & the government involvement – Individuals who believe this will be encouraged to change where they are & in secret – Physical war against the Next Level a possibility – Who participates in Total Disclosure.
39 min.

345 AB

10-2-88 Diet & The Statement – Snn, Pyp, Rkk, Any & Rth visit – Digestive systems & trying to overcome them – Snn being outside the class – Her love for her Older Member – Lucifer’s Camp & Ascended Masters – How the world will see us when we put out the statement – Ideas on what information to cover – The day the Next Level plows under the planet – We are just waiting.
83 min.

346 AB
10-7&9-88 Response of those in spirit – Clarification of Soul – How to handle those ready to leave everything – First to respond will be those in spirit – Jesus the Living Word & what that means – How to get significant coverage – What the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd resurrection might be – Cassas Show – No soul owns a body – Vehicle only goes to sleep without a soul – Lucy’s concept of Reincarnation – (con’t)
89 min.

347 A
10-7&9-88 Clarification of Soul – Only one mind per body in the Next Level – Lucy knows how to go from body to body – The ones ready for this may still be in spirit – Just because God is spirit does not mean that when you are in spirit you are with God – Soul is a composite of interests – Capital Punishment – We are looking for the right souls & helping them find bodies.
42 min.

348 A
10-10-88 The Bottom Line regarding the statement – the way a non-seed bering kingdom reproduces – Overcoming seed bearing characteristics – What it means to be a “medium” for the Next Level – The movie “Cocoon” – Evangelists predicting events & how close & how off they are. – How do we fit in?
35 min.

349 AB
10-23-88 Crew in the Next level waiting for us to reach certain plateaus – Speaking on 3 levels (1.) Vehicle’s (2.) Composite – mixture of our mind & Older Members (3.) Older Member’s. How to respond to Humans – How to ask for Older Members’ mind by asking for the specific characteristics – Restraint, Patience, etc. – Diet.
90 min.

350 AB
10-25-88 3 Levels of Communication – Changing your conduct, then the argument of the influence dissipates – Not fencing with humans – “Who is speaking” using your part of Older Member’s min – Affairs with those younger minds, giving attention to them which takes away from attention to Older Member – Appropriate & Procedural ways to ask from Older Member – Being out of the class could be one of the best ways to learn tardy areas – Mentally preparing to face Lucy more than we have ever faced him.
87 min.

351 AB
10-27-88 40 Day Fast & the feasibility of it – Why we feel our minds are off doing another task – Putting out our statement & what could happen – Jesus temptations during his 40 day fast
89 min.

352 A
10-27-88 (con’t) What accomplishing a 40 day fast could mean – Lucy would no longer have any power over the vehicle.
24 min.

353 AB
11-22-88 Links return from travels – Lessons for individual & for Class about negativity & incorrect attitude about diet – Links experiences in a Spiritualist Church.
94 min.

354 AB
11-24-88 Do’s Experience during the night of being taken on a spacecraft – Negotiating in a partnership – Better percentages – Purpose of our being here is to make better choices – The movie “Cocoon 2” – Examining the details of Do’s experience.
94 min.

355 AB
11-25-88 Lesson on sloppy procedures – Sticking to procedures more when Older Member not here – Our power & authority comes from our knowledge so we can’t compromise it – Focus on the Bottom Line – The bonding that has taken place within us – Lesson on working out OOC timing & pick up.
94 min.

356 A
12-5-88 Meditate on thanksgiving – Express the details of our thanks to the Next Level – Forgiveness – Removing any feeling of bitterness or resentment from the past or towards any particular individual – Cdd & Brn progress.
22 min.

357 AB
12-11-88 Links needing a retreat – Not going on a downer – Noise restraint – How to Ask.
12-12-88 Know an influence like you would know a scent & don’t even allow the recognition of the scent – Know how to keep the doors shut – Being slow to expose is like a poison – Deceit can eat you alive – What it means to be devoted – Responsibility – No “I”.
93 min.

358 AB
12-14-88 The need to expose & how harboring something will eat at you – Expose the specifics – Growth outside the classroom can alleviate stress – Brn & Rkk as examples – Links retreat – Making a cooperative piece of machinery – Dream Do had about class peddling a book called “New or Updated Bible” – Taking on a new M.O. – The premise based on having the right to be no-sexual.
52 min.

359 AB
12-17-88 Lessons for Indv. in the Class – Prk: zeroing in to a problem – Indv. expressing the proper determination – Mll: nervousness – Str: needing respect – How we dress – Oll: not being aware of things around him – Deceit problem for some classmates – Sng: her task circumstances – Drr: OOC lessons – Oll: regarding forms – Tll: OOC lessons – Wanting to follow instructions
94 min.

360 A
12-17-88 Lessons for Indv. in the Class – Wanting to follow all instructions – Getting rid of things hidden
28 min.

361 AB
12-18-88 Lesson on speeding – Who you are – When influences are threatened they can make you feel you don’t know who you are – You are the pillowcase & the will – not a composite of previous vehicles – Being a house for the mind of the Next Level – Next Level mind will bring in lack of confidence – Keeping anything in secret, in private or doing anything against procedure is an Influence
68 min.

362 AB
12-24-88 Next Level Crew Requirements – Where the craft was that Do went on – Reason for choosing the Bridge (loyalty) – Staying exposed – Having no “Affairs” – What will it take to please – Responsibility for being clean.
86 min.

363 A
12-25-88 Marriage – ideological, harem/crew relationship – Giving all to Older Member – No likes or dislikes – Force ourselves to get past our differences – Getting relationship with Older Member what it has to be – Helping Brn/Cdd communicate.
37 min.

364 A
12-28-88 Trust – Slippage Meetings – Influences can set you up by being so intense about where you stand – Just look to the Next Level – Brn/Cdd being out of the class gives them opportunity to gain strength.
33 min.

365 AB
01-05-89 Positive response to class levels – Offer of funds to get started if want to leave class – Response to Levels – Possibly opening an office in what area.
81 min.

366 AB
01/21/89 Getting Rid of Space Between Us – Influences that can exaggerate vehicular problems – Leaving things where they were found – OOC Tasks – Check partners – Next Level in constant change & forward motion – EBE’s pausing before responding – Taking these vehicles back with us.
71 min.

367 A
1-21-89 Our Recall of the Next Level – Recognizing the ways & procedures of the Next Level – Looking at the Next Level in a more real, physical way – How we prepared for this task – Classmates personal experiences.
45 min.

368 AB
1-22-89 Can we keep Next Level Secrets – Understanding & redirection feeling of love & family – What can cause death & the Next Level controls – The mind & the pillowcase – Do we recall knowing the Next Level – Experiment with Jesus didn’t yield – How it may yield.
89 min.

369 AB
1-24-89 Drawing from Older Member – Riddles – Being sensitive to appropriate questions to ask – Trouble in partnerships – Good & Bad EBE’s – When imaging Links, only what you’ve experienced – Next Level Guts – Getting closer to what is real.
53 min.

370 AB
1-28-89 What Are We Waiting For? – I Could Be Wrong & meaning it – Brn & still dealing with “can’t” – Teacher & classmate should be able to bring anything up to you & you wouldn’t be offended – Waiting 24 hours to send personal notes – Partner to check exposure notes – Learning from each others’ pluses – Conquering Vehicular Discomfort.
94 min.

371 AB
1-28-89 What Are We Waiting For? – Learning from each others pluses – Conquering Vehicular Discomfort.
47 min.

372 AB
2-18-89 Being Real – Ways & Behavior Dept. – Automatic sorting happening in the class – Los Alamos Visit – Service Levels – Some being overcome with schizophrenia – (con’t)
89 min.

373 AB
2-18-89 Behavior & Ways Dept. – Sorting – Being Real – Unconsciously being of different mind – Do’s relationship with Te – Karmically resolving things – Being honest & real as to where you are (con’t)
94 min.

374 A
2-18-89 Behavior & Ways Dept. – Sorting – Being Real – Duality – Consciously being where you are & it’s okay – Refusal to disconnect – Tightening Security.
31 min.

375 AB
2-19-89 Being a Better Servant – Service is secondary – Help me find the better circumstance – Asking about everything – How should I handle this? not What is the solution? – Direct communication with Older Member 24 hours a day – Don’t sell yourself short – Know the working s of the craft – Not to pick & choose – Don’t say “ lead me” say “Use me.”
54 min.

376 AB
3-9-89 Conflicts not resolved from the past – Residual of conflicts that are vehicular or karmic – Rottenness unconsciously will destroy itself – Next Level is communistic with liberty – Consuming & how the vehicle responds – Becoming less dense.
88 min.
377 AB
3-10-89 Next Level Grades 2 things
1) Our Committal
2) Procedures & Ways
3-11-89 Influences are more than the discarnates but aromas & deposited thoughts – Putting on our armor – Our addiction to the influence – Being sensitive – Forethought – Blocked Permissiveness is indulgence of the mind more than vehicle – Withdrawal Symptoms
88 min.

378 A
3-12-89 2 Kinds of Familiarity – 2 meanings of familiarity – How to handle familiarity in a partnership.
3 min.

379 AB
3-18-89 Time for overcoming Selfishness – Wrong kind of Love – List of “MY” Selfish needs – Negative side effect of closeness – Needing to be “special” – The right way to get beyond addiction
90 min.
380 A
3-18-89 (con’t) Major step in Maturity – Devotion to the Chief & Next Level – Not question the Pipe the information comes through – Examining our desires for selfishness – Tightening our Budget
15 min.

381 AB
3-19-89 Being helpful to your partner by bringing up their inappropriate responses – Lessons on preoccupation with “I” & over riding Links inst. – Examining our responses at a meeting – Strength of our thoughts & how they affect the vehicle – Examining whether to take a house in New Mexico.
89 min.

382 AB
4-1-89 Becoming Secure – Listening to Preachers – 1st & 2nd Resurrection – Physical resurrection at the end of the age – Links to be Rth friend. – Whether or not you want to wait with Links – Do you feel restricted – Some have to deal with in-security.
85 min.

383 AB
4-6-89 Security Lessons – Drr & Dnc interaction between OOC tasks without checking first – Lesson on following through with Links inst. – Observing your Older Member – Alx/Prk OOC task situation – Looking alike to humans – Reasons to relocate – Not looking “Joe Vanilla.”
89 min.

384 AB
4-14-89 D-Day – Upgrading Standards – No more affairs – playing the game is what matters – An exercise is just a tool – Deciding to control the vehicle in the areas of consuming & sensuality – Deceit is just as important to conquer – Vow Breakages – Paying the price for having affairs.
54 min.

385 AB
4-15-89 The Company & it’s rules & departments – Signs of the times re: Murray’s tape – EBE’s relating to the humans – Distraction during meeting – Careful what is said at OOC task – Reincarnation misunderstood – What Angels are – (con’t)
59 min.

386 A
4-15-89 (con’t) The Company – The kind of devotion that makes you trustworthy – Being “R.A.” (regular army) – Whole new department can open up to you – Quieting the mind.
30 min.

387 AB
6-12-89 Being a good tool – Not really right to think you want to be just “putty” – Being a keen functional tool – Sensitivity to what Older Member is thinking – Not allowing a “settled in” feeling.
52 min.

388 A
6-13-89 Maximum Effort – Prior to these vehicles we were not from a common background – Breaking the patterns of your strain – Looking for another craft.
17 min.

389 AB
6-16-89 When the heat is on – Accelerated pace for physical contact – Not fighting the fretilizer – Learning to meet the challenge – Trust in Older Member’s Inst. – Specific lessons for different individuals.
89 min.

390 AB
6-17-89 Stability & Trustworthiness – Rkk & his endeavors & pitfalls – Stable enough to sustain a proper interpretation of what is truth – Testing stability & trust – Destroy instability & doubt in qualifications – Find what is the root & cause & don’t drop it.
89 min.

391 A
6-17-89 Stability & Trustworthiness
12 min.

392 AB
7-5-89 Asking “what’s next” & not being preoccupied with the tasks at hand – Need to help Do in pulling – Don’t let exploring & new projects interfere with our pulling – Lesson on coming up with things – Asking Te for the next step – “Your will not mine” – Monastery question
59 min.

393 AB
7-9-89 Brain, Evolution & Environment – Smoking – Humans maturing very early due to hormones in foods – How genes & influences work in human behavior – Evolution – Water & environment pollution – TV viewing purpose – Using Lucy’s disguise.
93 min.

394 AB
7-15-89 Pro-choice, abortion question – The family – abstinence – The Unicorn representing celibacy – Encouraging non-sexual groups – How to present this to the public.
89 min.

395 A
7-15-89 (2 of 2) Pro-Choice & Abortion question – The Family – Encouraging non-sexual groups.
30 min.

396 AB
7-17-89 Urgency of keeping the Next Level on your mind. – New Diet guidelines – What the Kingdom of Heaven requires by what is said in the Bible – What is entering the Kingdom of Heaven? – When we are able to see & work with the ones in the Next Level.
93 min.

397 AB
7-17-89 (last 5 min) Next Level on your Mind
7-19-89 Taking the Next Level for Granted – Playing Around – Influences sent to you – Ask Te to use Do in the ways that will help correct things we are not seeing – Be keen to how the answer will come – Talking about others – Getting beyond reason.
71 min.

398 AB
7-21-89 Increasing Comprehension Level – reproductive Energy – Asking – Using “We” on partnership tasks – Checking – Conversion – Next Level seed & genealogy through knowledge – Asking Te more to be shown what we need to correct – Picking up more speed – Sustain your Love.
52 min.

399 A
7-28-89 What it means to Praise the Next Level – Recognizing the gifts (jewels) we have been given – Absorb the essentials – Maintain keenness – Do your own prodding – Take the blame for everything – Crave Service.
11 min.

400 AB
8-2-89 Formula of Thankfulness – Pinching pennies – Rosh Hashanah – Lucy’s hold on the Christians & New Age – Our Evangelism – Changing our vehicle with Diet – Praising the Next Level & what it means – The feeling has to be real.
89 min.

401 A
8-2-89 Formula of Thankfulness
7 min.

402 AB
8-5-89 Nothing but a piece of pipe – Formula for Closeness – Using our Older Member’s mind more – Movie “Parenthood” – Celibacy including thoughts – Examine our own restrictions & discipline again – Being Humble – Admitting you are wrong – What our breath would be.
85 min.

403 AB
8-13-89 Exercise in listening – Religions all looking for some type of Messiah – The “Fu-Fu” juice form the Next Level – Not right to just conform – Not listening to anything in silence as well as audible – Briefest way to help others – Te’s leaving & our tests & our tardiness – Getting Past the selfish thoughts.
93 min.

404 A
8-13-89 Exercise in Listening – Briefest way to help others – Getting past selfish thoughts.
8-16-89 Vehicle has a mind of it’s own – How to handle vehicle’s programming – When it’s an influence – The diet & how we’re responding.
8-23-89 Learning to use our partners properly – Respecting our partners.

405 AB
8-18-89 Zero Permissiveness – Sustaining Readiness – Tightening the reins on our vehicle – Mantaining our Countenance – Working things out in a Patnership – Rosh Hashanah & Jewish religion – Whisenant’s predictions & using it as our dress rehearsal – Dnc & Snn reapplication.

406 A
8-18-89 Zero Permissiveness & Sustaining Readiness – Rosh Hashanah & the Jewish Religion – Whisenant’s prediction.

407 AB
9-10-89 Switching Gears – Appetite = Addiction – Sleep addictions – Affirmations & new programming – Primary & Secondary weaning – Being a good “Vessel” or tool – Improving our percentage of looking to our Older Members mind – Sustained craving (degree of separateness) – Getting off track should be a catastrophe – Constantly using our brooms & asking – Next Level help at our OOC tasks – Being a skilled asker-checker outer.

408 AB
9-12-89 Asking Technique – Nightwatch & rest needs – Diet contributing to reduction of hormones – Using “Mind” that flows through Older Member – Getting to the bottom line of your question – Learning what to ask & asking it.

409 AB
9-15-89 Asking Te & Zeroing in to our Primary Questions – Looking more into Jewish feasts & how they relate to us – Call the names of our teachers & picture them – Lesson on Srr not asking Do for his conclusions – Ask Te “If this is not a proper question to direct to you let me know.” – Ask to be shown how Ti & Do do things.

410 AB
9-17-89 Competing with Older Member – Trusting your own judgment over Older Member – Not important to just excel as a good student but excel at eliminating your own mind – Higher priority to be of the same mind – Good questions can get good answers without verbal answer or with pen – Check if the words you choose are like Te’s – Not right to ask Te in ways that would by-pass Do – Problem with zeal is influences can use us to come up with incorrect solutions not given through Links – A subconscious & visual block.

411 AB
9-26-89 Let go of our Reasoning – Sustaining Remembrance of our shortcomings – Clinging to old judgment & structure of thinking – Those left behind may start a church & keep a record of offences for each individual – Church of the Bridegroom – Older Member forgives but doesn’t forget for our sake – Forcing the vehicle to stay awake mentally – Physically & in behavior bridge the gap from Older Member – Confidence & stability is separateness.

412 AB
10-6-89 Talking excessively & how to work things our with your partner – Inappropriate talk – Learning not to take the lead – Staying on the edge – Methadone using consuming – Dnc/Snn visit – Asking “What areas can Do give me that I seem to be tardy in?” – The possible MO of “no tangible evidence” – Movie “Innocent Man” – Getting tired of the diet & tricks of the vehicle.

413 A
10-6-89 (con’t) Methadone using consuming – Reproduction is destruction – Don’t think of the 2nd Bus, concentrate only on the 1st Bus.

414 AB
10-22-89 Raising Standards – Creating your own procedure or design – Learn new program of dialog with others – Learn the earmarks of negativity – The sharp edges of negativity – Questioning what was given by your Older Member e.g. names – Learning Maturity.

415 AB
10-22-89 Raising your Standards – Learning the earmarks of negativity – Learning discretion and maturity – Being a concerned partner.

416 AB
10-30-89 Questioning the Diet – Indv. Readings – Difficulty with fruit & the diet – Tuning into Vehicular Problems so that they are magnified – Partnerships working together – Changing hairstyle – Relinquishing all of your self – Doing things differently – Uniqueness – Becoming totally a vessel – Allowing an appraisal is separateness – Becoming accountable.

417 AB
10-30-89 (con’t) Relinquishing all of yourself – Becoming totally a vessel – Becoming accountable.

418 AB
11-4-89 Vessels (Visible & Individual) Genesis 1:29 Seed bearing fruit for consuming & Genesis 3:17 Toil for your bread – Herbs bearing Seed – 7 Day Adventists – Paper on Behavior in the Last Days – Invisible vessels in our visible vessels (bodies).

419 A
11-4-89 (con’t) Vessels (Visible & Invisible) – Paper on behavior in the Last Days.

420 AB
11-5-89 Liars until we change our Desire – You’ve got to really want it – Deceitful ways that creep in – Our heads in the right place in the way we see the class & dealing with Parents – Using a check partner in the right way.

421 AB
11-9-89 Getting Diet Back on Track – Vehicular responses to diet – How Do responds to our addictions – Our Metamorphosis – Only need the raw items, not necessary to have legumes & starches – Diet has nothing lacking – It is even extravagant for needs – Sleep needs diminishing – Our Resurrection.

422 AB
11-11-89 Letting bricks build of Deceit – The Diet – Completing a Links Task – Strieber movie – Being more honest with our new partners – Learning to be a more helpful partner – Not ignoring conscience but using this Next Level tool – Reasoning too much – It is a justification – Our slow pace and the conflict it causes – Knowing it is possible to lick death & turning things around with vehicle.

423 A
11-11-89 (con’t) Letting the bricks build of deceit – Staying in control – Learning from the ways you have fallen – Lucifer’s iron door of the family – When Life begins (Abortion) – What the resurrection of the Dead is.

424 AB
11-12-89 Being “Saved” from recycling – What “Saved” means – Where those who have left the classroom stand – We can’t judge – Losing a grade – Snn’s Influence – “If I don’t I’m lost” motivation doesn’t work – Invisible Vessels – Siphoning – Going over major & minor topics for a paper.

425 AB
11-12-89 (con’t) Going over major & minor topics for our paper.

426 AB
11-14-89 Space = + + – There is both positive and negative in Space – Good Guys & Bad Guys in Space – The giants of the bad seed – We may not be primarily dealing with discarnates but the physical realm of Lucifer – We don’t know if they’re confined to this planet – Srf’s Influence & how it worked.

427 A
11-14-89 Space = + + – (con’t) There is both a positive & negative in Space – Identifying factor: Seed bearing or non-seed bearing – This humanity belongs to Luci – Luci can’t take away our inheritance – Luci & the reptilian type of EBE (serpent?).

428 AB
11-15-89 Realizing Te’s position & our position & how lucky we are – Te being our “Father” (not in the religious sense) – Quiet Room circumstance – Theory of 3 Heavens.

429 A
11-16-89 How to address Te – “Do” not just our Older brother – Being too Casual with your Older Member – Quiet Room procedures – Suffering – Giving in a little bit establishes a harder habit to break – Habit of Exposure makes you trustworthy.

430 AB
11-18-89 Why are we still here? – Eliminating Conflict – Praise = Thankful & Complimenting – Blanket praise is worthless – Permissiveness – The habit of permitting the influence in at the time of temptation – Getting real – Do you love all the rules – Not in theory but in practice – Luci’s Camp Characteristics: Independence & Furthering Humanity or Humanism – Knowing on the spot of Temptation.

431 AB
11-19-89 Restoration Requirements – Acknowledgement/Confession – Immediate Change – Serious Slate Cleaning Notes – At the point of confrontation is the test of temptation – Prescription for Recovery – Characteristics of the “7th Grade” – Using humans to help us in a problem area – What a judgment is – Being honest with yourself.

432 A
11-19-89 Restoration Requirements – Characteristics of the “7th Grade” – What a judgment is – Being honest with yourself.

433 AB
11-20-89 Overcoming your Likes & Dislikes & our Logic & Reasoning – Test of no desires of your own – Asking for Forgiveness – Making a list of major overcomings – Examining the volume of your consuming – Lightening our Load.

434 AB
11-22-89 How to write a Slate Cleaning Note – Following the Format – not missing the little things – Using the same terminology – It’s not you but your vulnerability to influences – A good check partner doesn’t just follow along with the other but they take responsibility & keep an overview of the task – Sng & Dnc notes – Compassion towards Humans.

435 AB
11-22-89 How to write a Slate Cleaning Note – How to shut doors to past vulnerabilities – Sng & Dnc Notes – Indulgence of pleasure turns to indulgence in Nausea.

436 AB
11-23-89 Major Offenses List – Overlooking cleaning your slate – Establishing a track record – Little things repeated can become serious things – Discernment from the Next Level – Understanding what is serious – Our changing diet – Fermentation.

437 A
11-23-89 Major Offenses List – Little things done repeatedly can become serious things – Next Level Discernment – Our changing Diet – Fermentation.

438 AB
11-25-89 “Major” & “Other” Offenses – Knowing the difference between these offenses – Major is threatening your membership in the class – Repeated minor offenses are brought up at a slippage meeting – Becoming comfortable with precise timing – Grammar – Withdrawal from Sweets – Yeast Problems.

439 A
11-26-89 “Major Offense” Notes – Daily Exposure – No structure to major offense notes – Should be from the heart – Honest commitment & promise – We have to set our goals (draw the line).

440 AB
11-27-89 Promise Note – Mental Communication becoming clear & precise – Consuming – Influences know we are at a crossroads – Back to the Future 2 Movie – Being advanced in time – Anybody wanting to return to the class – Being in the right grade.

441 AB
11-30-89 Things Changing Quickly in the World – Prophesies fulfilled – What you listen to can come true if you listen to it – How to be a vessel without rebellion – Separateness is thinking of your own needs – selfish concerns – Knowing you can’t do anything without your Older Member’s help – Extension of one mind not harmony between many strong minds – Having “your” own opinion – Sustaining wanting to know what your Older Member thinks.

442 AB
12-8-89 Immune Diet – Sensitivity to Foods – Food designed to kill you – 4 day rotation diet – Building the immune system by not having the same food item every day – Not snacking as much – New Quiet Room Bell – Quiet Room Procedures – Breaking Habits & Routines – Possibly starting a clinic with us as patients

443 AB
12-8-89 Immune Diet – Quiet Room Procedures – Possible Clinic with us as patients.

444 AB
12-12-89 What is Unhappiness? – Dnc’s vacillation – No longer appropriate to re-apply back into the class by previous format – Unhappiness is an insult to your Older Member – Lines being drawn that affect the next step – Getting to the point where we have no other desires except to be ready – Soul searching in positive sense – Knock out blows – Degree of Consistency.

445 AB
12-13-89 Sloppy Procedures – Inappropriate remarks to Dnc before leaving – Messages Dnc will give to the ones in Dallas – Lesson on appropriate times to relax – Priorities – New name endings. You can lose the mind that has been given to you if you have not used it properly – Those who have left have not been cut off, they are just in a lesser grade – Time for us to start functioning as a Crew.

446 AB
12-23-89 Older Member’s Bond to Us – New partnerships – Nothing can compare to our relationship with our Older Member – Not sharing our attention – Nothing can distract you – How partnerships help each other by “being on their side” – Respecting each other – The right kind of confidence.

447 AB
12-25-89 Courage to take the Next Step – Ask that we don’t have any limitation or hesitancy – Understanding multiple personalities of a human & the main computer bank – One soul with multiple influences – The one we displaced in this vehicle – Being keen enough to be a good vessel – Learning by what comes through you.

448 A
12-25-89 Courage to take the next step – Being keen enough to be a good vessel – Learning by what comes through you.

449 AB
12-30-89 Who we would minister to – Immortal Body – Aborted trip to Calif. – The Poor, Black, Social Misfits – Hazard of TV medium – Indestructible Soul & Immortal Body becoming compatible – Moore’s conspiracy of misinformation – World Government – Vatican’s role – Lucy’s plan to have human’s fear aliens – Reincarnation is a chance for a fresh start – Disciplines of Diet – Where to locate in order to do this project.

450 AB
12-30-89 Being happy in the craft – Exaggerating your circumstance – Not endorsing negativity – Not taking the Next Level for granted – Setting up a Monastery – Giving up OOC tasks – Not telling the humans what to do but proposing a hypothesis.

451 AB
1-3-90 Improving Our Percentages in Being a Better Vessel – Possible Diet changes – Monastery – Quiet Time changes – Learning to exercise our own thinking that is evidence of pulling in and exercising our Older Members mind – Do’s paper about his Older Members Mind – Losing your own logic as you become a better vessel – Seeing that that mind lives within you.

[Tape missing. Cassette in holder is an audio recording of Beyond Human, session 10]

452 AB
1-3-90 Improving our percentages in being a better vessel for our Older Members mind – Examining all the programming in your head – Plugging into the right source.

453 AB
1-7-90 The gifts we receive – Writing task lesson – Diet changes – A way to better access our Older Members mind – Asking too broadly – Ask for specific areas of knowledge – Focus with clear labels that identifies what you want to improve – Why don’t we have the power behind the things we say – When you ask & mean it then the gifts may be given to you.

454 AB
1-7-90 The gifts we receive – Knowledge & strength are gifts – Having the power of thirst to have the knowledge at your finger tips – We may become teachers – The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand only when you are ready to move into it – What going public might mean.

455 AB
1-8-90 The 1st & 2nd Resurrection – The Trumpets – Holding public meetings – 24 Elders – The MO of the Monastery – Moving into trailers – Next Level will not force us – It is our choice – What we will say to the humans – The knowledge of how to make the transitions is what we bring – To purify a sinful vehicle – Giving your soul form that makes it your true physical body.

456 AB
2-6-90 Beyond Maintenance – Finding our Spark – Current Events – Lucy’s genetic experiments – Races, Education, Bible – Black Heritage – Not being a submissive robot – Becoming vital & creative – Thirst beyond having just good conduct – Getting Connected – Being more ready for what our task might be.

457 A
2-7-90 Negativity “Stains” – Keeping our Guard Up – Homework is remembering slips & catching yourself before slipping in that way again.

458 AB
2-7-90 Negativity “Stains” – Keeping our Guard Up – Understanding Next Level experiment (human) origins (Adam & Eve) – Not necessary to save endangered species – Next Level harvest of a “Few Good Men” – Jewish & Christian Karma – Knowledge vs. Carnal Knowledge – Lesson on letting things out of your mouth before catching them – Homework is remembering slips & catching yourself before slipping again.

459 A
2-6-90 Beyond “Maintenance” – Finding our Spark – Thirst beyond having good conduct – Getting Connected – Being more ready for what our task might be.

460 AB
2-24-90 Improving our Percentages – Video Task – Possible new craft – Our grades may be in – Evidence of Next Level Mind in our actions – Creative Thinking (either influences or old programming) – Can’t just be in agreement with Older Member’s mind – Don’t grab on to the 1st thing that comes into our brain – Examine if from Older Member’s mind – New keys in Computer

461 AB
2-24-90 (con’t) Improving our Percentages – Lack concern about self – Not getting tired of tasks – Wanting to be in control of a situation – Being a tool – Not initiating – defense mechanisms towards others – Examine before saying anything if Older Members have gone through that – Asking check partner to help you – Graded on How you do things.

[Tape missing. Cassette in holder is labeled with the following: “6/9/93 61 MIN OLDER MEMBER BEING OUT OF THE LOOP”]

462 AB
2-25-90 Making Specific Significant Changes – Slate cleaning lessons for individuals – Not getting burned out – Unconsciously taking the classroom for granted – Maturity – Keeping the Quiet Room consciousness with you all day – Knowing you are the sons of your Heavenly Father – Conquering those areas you still slip in – Can’t blame yourself for influences sent to you, only for giving in to them.

463 AB
3-29-90 Conscious Asking – Video Project – The inadequacies of working through these antiquated brains – Asking is not done on automatic – Imaging what Te was like to ask her questions – Recalling her objectivity – Her Patience and her impatience (deserved).

464 AB
3-31-90 The living answer is better than the record answer – Who Lucifer is depends on where you are in your growth – Paying our dues (Karma) – Not trusting any of your responses – Always trying to upgrade how we handle something – The Project will set the stage for promoting the Next Level reality and our exit – Deceit in the world.

465 AB
4-7-90 Different Stratas in the Next Level – Exclusive interviews with Do – Dreams – Information kept from the Masses – Superstition.

466 AB
4-11-90 Who really is in our Father’s house? – 90% of the aliens are part of Lucy’s forces – No addictions or reproduction – The identity is preoccupied with its service – Our Father’s House is the Level above the Level above human – Lower forces are counterfeiting – Gov’t preparing the humans for Aliens – Skills are not important in our Father’s house only the Ways – Our Father’s house is very small in number of members

467 AB
4-17-90 Taking responsibility for our own conduct – E.T. Clearing House – Discerning who of the ETs are from our Father’s house – Single Adult – Not using “Magic” nor self important – Non-sexual – No digestive system – Lesson on our poor performance & not being honest with ourselves – Influences taking a stand against us – Being held Responsible for our Subconscious actions.

468 AB
4-21-90 This meeting occurred on the night of the flood – The Next Level uses diseases to regulate how long minds stay in vehicles – Why Te left her vehicle – The Next Level’s main interest is not the vehicle but the mind – The position we are taking may assist the government – Hostilities against us may dissolve some – Any who want to be of service are still given the opportunity – (con’t)

469 AB
4-21-90 (con’t) The Project & Te’s involvement in it – Separation from our Older Member comes in the differences in behavior – Constantly examine how you differ in your behavior.

470 AB
5-2-90 Not Seeing a Lesson Properly – Reasons for this project – Learning to diffuse influences – Telephone procedure with a check partner.

471 AB
5-5-90 Grey’s Recruitment Program – Thoughts on “Chakras” – Earning a grey vehicle by overcoming specific areas of human function – Different Levels in the Next Level not knowing much about the levels above them – Rapture & when it happens – Exposure is part of recruitment – Advanced humans from another civilization.

472 AB
5-14-90 The degree of reconnecting with your Older Member – How to speak to Te & getting our relationship with her back where it belongs – Lucy to us is only what is less than what we should desire – Examining for those thoughts that would be inappropriate – Thoughts separate or different.

473 AB
5-26-90 Preoccupation with Our Problems – Rather than asking for improvement – Making time available for Service – Rkk’s impatience & what will happen to the project – Feeling good being in the state of readiness – Do we allow things to interfere with being ready for service?

474 AB
6-5-90 Learning to be a tool by how you ask – Some ideas on how the Project will be set up – Not trying to please your Older Member with your product buy by how you do the task – Set patterns of thinking unlike your Older Member (addiction).

475 AB
6-22-90 Do taking an Emeritus Position – Links travels – Antichrist seated in Israel 40 years ago when it became a nation – no nation more antichrist – The knowledge of the Kingdom of Heaven will come again not Jesus – Saints return to judge the world – Abomination that makes desolate – What you believe is what will happen to you – The degree of our devotion will find us in dif. dept.

476 AB
6-22-90 Do taking an Emeritus position – The degree of our devotion will find us in a different department – Tapping the right mind – Day of greater Responsibility of staying on the Straight & Narrow.

477 AB
6-24-90 Anxiety for Change & Taking greater responsibility – Test of blocking negativity – We are now trying to find the next step for ourselves – Unsatisfied with your rate of change – Developing a nausea at falling off the wagon – This circumstance is unique & will not be offered the same way again.

478 AB
6-24-90 Anxiety for Change & Taking Greater Responsibility for your own growth – This circumstance is unique & will not be offered in the same way again – Learning to up your wattage.

479 A
6-27-90 Starting a New Leaf – Winning Every Round (some of the meeting was not recorded)

480 AB
7-1-90 Communication, Detail, Alertness & Reality – Rkk going the big money route with Spotlight – Inevitable watered down version – John Paul Oswald & his awareness of the gov’t plan & how Spotlight is getting in trouble – Oswald’s way of becoming perfect.

481 AB
7-1-90 Communication, Detail, Alertness, Reality. [No label]

482 AB
7-8-90 Overcoming Sleep, fuel & Speech – Benjamin Creme 7 Pastor Rod Parsley & their predictions – Helping Do pull on the rope for our next step – Being uncomfortable without a partner – Reason for needing fuel is connected with not keeping Next Level thinking in our head – Being seriously concerned with our timetable – Relating to Public – Not just trying to maintain positive thinking but not having inappropriate conclusion.

483 AB
7-10-90 It is not what we consume but how we think about it – Allowing judgments about a consuming item that is unlike our Older Members – Having likes & dislikes – There is still a significant amount of bucking about consuming – Trust what we are doing is right.

484 AB
7-12-90 What we desire (love) is what we will get – Reaching a point of no anxiety – Our desire to have Next Level Mind occupy our vehicles – The presence of conflict means there is absence of Next Level Mind – How to increase our craving – You must convince the Next Level & increase your suction – Walking in the Light means no “Shadows” – always exposed – keeping your house clean.

485 AB
7-12-90 Walking in the Light – Seeing the negative in your point of view & finding a positive interpretation – Depersonalization of your Older Member – By even acknowledging the influence enough to fight him means you have not won the fight because you didn’t stop it within the first few seconds.

486 AB
7-14-90 We Are Clean – Forgive yourself & others of all things omitted & committed – Don’t recall past “Shadows” – Who is part of our Father’s Kingdom & who is not – Technical advancement does not mean a civilization is part of our Father’s Kingdom – Letting go or our old identity – Moving into & devouring a chuck of Next Level mind given to us so it becomes part of you – Being able to hang on to it.

487 AB
7-22-90 Do’s Dream of EBE Visit – Human equivalents – A desire to overcome is very unique – The disciples, Essenes & Jesus’s rule – Unified Government – Remaining Single Minded – Energy fields of vehicle.

488 AB
7-28-90 Staying Within the Law – Diet Litmus test & PH balance – Pastor Murray visit – Geneva Bible – How attitude can effect the vehicle’s PH balance – Paying the price for Sin.

489 AB
7-31-90 What forgiveness means – Oxygen in the system & mind – Repentance – PH Balance – Finding the purer laws of the Bible – Raw vegetable diet – Evolvement of the Human Diet – Negativity burns energy – Judgment in consuming – Getting forgiveness does not mean an individual learned the lesson, it means they will get another opportunity to prove themselves.

490 AB
7-31-90 What forgiveness means – Getting another opportunity to prove yourself – Learning by experience is the only way to regain your position.

491 AB
8-10-90 To see my shortcomings as they really are – World events – Subconsciously buying your own limits – Hold onto craving for change – Not taking a day off – Learn to stoke your own fire – Ask to get yourself out of the mind set you are in & change your concepts.

492 AB
8-12-90 Obedience vs. Desire – Lesson on responding without judgment but only with acceptance – OOC procedures & how to handle certain situations – Not going along but having things become part of your desire – Seeing the value of procedures more quickly – Not getting into consuming – Misplaced standards – Disturbances with others really is caused by being disturbed with yourself – Needing things because others needed them.

493 AB
8-18-90 Asking the Next Level How a Task Should Be Done – Symptoms caused by the need for affection or approval – Transference of problem with jealousy – Asking for help in the pursuit of finding items – How to please the Next Level through asking.

494 AB
8-26-90 Trusting Your Own Mind – Diet – Negativity – Understanding the intention of the instruction – How having your own judgments interferes with having a clean vessel – Negativity as a disease – Desire for Cleanliness.

495 AB
9-1-90 Our perception of time in regards to our task – What Flesh & Mind may be – UFO news & World events – The Uniqueness of our Knowledge which separates from the World – It demands more trust & faith – Diet – Human Equiv. on this planet.

496 AB
9-3-90 Assessment & Judgments – “This” Vehicle – Trying to eliminate false concepts we have – What Jesus was or was not is not important – Negative thinking destructive – Judging things by appearance – “Everything is how you are attempting to control your behavior according to the ways of the Next Level” – Not letting things mount & keeping slate clean – Stop identifying with the Vehicle.

497 AB
9-8-90 Trying to Get Better Judgment – Consuming – Working with a partner – Not what you do buy now you do it – Talking more than necessary – Trying to be helpful in appropriately becoming an interference – Getting note re: OOC Task more in the right place – Hidden info. & Levels of Human Understanding – The Grey’s – different types.

498 A
9-8-90 Trying to Get Better Judgment – Hidden information & Different levels of Human Understanding.

499 AB
9-23-90 Organic Food – New MO re: Monetary – DST lesson on permissiveness – Standards of Progress – Next Level pride of being a different person – Procrastination not just putting off ding a task – Anything I can do right now but don’t – How to stay close to your Older Member.

500 A
9-23-90 Standards in Progress – How to stay close to your Older Member.

501 AB
9-29-90 Improving Standards – Diet – Lessons on selfishness & deceit & poor responses – Forethought not afterthought – Using procedures for your benefit – Getting the temple pure.

502 A
9-29-90 Improving our standards – Diet – using procedures for your own benefit – Getting the temple pure.

503 AB
9-30-90 No Defensive Responses – Connecting at the Root – Diet Updates – Misplaced Standards – Can’t protect the heart.

504 AB
10-4-90 The Check Book – Personal Refinement – Causes of the brain malfunctioning – Not presenting yourself in the right way at your OOC task – Keeping a positive in our assessment of what is happening to us – The trap of boredom.

505 AB
10-5-90 Quality of our Trust – Do’s Dreams – Do’s response to the check book entries – Lesson re: Diet book – Our consuming should jive with where our thinking is – Repetitious lessons are part of learning procedures – Unit Mind.

506 AB
10-5-90 Quality of our Trust – Do’s Dreams – Repetitious lessons are part of learning procedures – Unit Mind.

507 AB
10-21-90 Learning to quiet the mind – Consuming & understanding how our systems respond differently – Shift into a gear so that everything is OK – Where can we be comfortable in this country – Influences of a “Heavenly Host” – Check book not being used properly – Conversations in the car – Overseers.

508 AB
10-21-90 (con’t) Learning to quiet the mind – Stopping the parade in our heads – Check book not being used properly – Conversations in the car.

509 AB
10-25-90 All Raw Diet – Moving faster in all ways – Natural Hygenist philosophy – Cleaning our temple – Is it something I want to do or be a tool? – Have Te & Do asked you to think this thought – is it separate?

510 AB
11-2-90 Listening – Sustaining the Positive – Making checkbook entries properly – Quieting the mind – How to stay helpful – Thankfulness Prayer – Aggravation – Jealousy.

511 AB
11-2-90 Listening – Sustaining the Positive – Aggravation – Jealousy.

512 AB
11-8-90 Filling with your Older Member’s Breath – Vivian Vitrano & Dane Griffin – Being careful in what is brought up in meetings – Diet – How to treat those outside the class – Interferences to Links.

514 AB
11-13-90 Influences working between us – Taking classmates from a higher place – Learning to handle stress by taking it to our Older Member.

515 AB
11-18-90 Atonement – Partnerships – Do’s dream about a package – Anxiety destructive to fast – Mind seeing beyond the brain’s limitation – Prod of the teacher not good enough motivation – Objectivity when sustaining desperation – Having your partner’s interest at heart.

516 AB
11-21-90 Handling stress & anxiety – Needing to be filled in inappropriately – Allowing dismalness – Remarks of Neg. Classroom growing pains.

517 AB
11/22 (Side A)

  • Partnerships to help us fill more quickly with Older Member’s Mind
  • Stop functioning as an individual
    -Becoming more concerned about partners needs
    11/19/90 (Side B) Partnership commitment

518 AB
11-24-90 Lifting Blinders – Purity – Programming re: consuming is breaking down – Assigning a partnership to assist another partnership – Knowing how to commit to a partner – Understanding restraint – Sharing more with your partner – Learning to expose even a momentary response – This not done can cause pressure to mount – Selfishness in consuming – Screaming for Purity.

519 AB
11-24-90 Lifting Blinders – Screaming for Purity – Knowing how to commit to a partner – Learning to expose even a momentary response.

520 AB
12/18/90 85 min. End Time Strategy [Note on spine.]

521 AB
12-24-90 Father’s Seed – Concepts of other religions – Natural to Next Level Ways (Family) – Ignorance is a choice – Taking on a physical as well as mental characteristics of your true Heavenly Father.

522 AB
12-24-90 160’ Father’s Seed
(2 of 2) (original) [Note on spine.]

523 AB
12-26-90 65’ Exit Advocate
The Advocate for us is Do. Do is pleading our case to the Next Level – Do’s relationship to Ti has changed when she left.

1/26/91 40 min New thoughts on our Changeover


526 AB
3/10/91 35 min The Gift 3/15/91 35 min Going public – Monastery Protection/ IRS 3/15/91 11 min Being a Vessel

527 AB
3/12/91 50 min Housing Older Members Mind

528 A
3/17/91 45 min Fountain of Youth – Gladness/Thanksgiving

529 AB
3/19/91 52 min Not by bread alone but by
every word from God / Going public explanations

530 AB
3/19/91 54 min Q & A on going public

531 ABC
3/19/91 113 min Going Public M.O.


533 A
3/21/91 41 min The will of the Father / Diet: It doesn’t matter

534 AB
3/21/91 88 min Next Level working through us.

535 AB
3/23/91 85 min Overcomers – Reparatory Classroom

536 AB
3/27/91 75 min Overcoming time dimensions

537 AB
3/29/91 85 min Follow the Leader

538 AB
3/31/91 60 min Maturity – Restraint

539 AB
4/03/91 60 min “Overcomers Monastic Church” – Copying Older Member – Direct ministry to oppressed & misfits.

540 AB
4/05/92 80 min God’s Touch Issues – Rejuvenation – Going public on satellite – Diet foods – List of our questions for the show. Who would be on the show?

541 AB
4/06/91 80 min Last Day’s Overcomers Anonymous

542 AB
4/08/91 103 min (Part 1) Adam’s Sin – Purity – Being a Vessel
Adam’s sin being repeated (Disobedience & Seed Bearing Ways) Death becomes Adam’s sin. Wanting to be pure.

543 C
4/08/91 103 min (Part 2) Adam’s Sin – Habits that limit Next Level mind from entering vehicle.

544 AB
4/11/91 53 min Next Level doesn’t need anyone

545 AB
4/12/91 53 min Losing control because you choose to.
Indulgence in emotions – Downers are continuation of indulgence.

4/16/91 –26 min–Listening to Another Voice–No secret Thoughts

4/19/91 -109 min (1of2) Revelation CH 20 & 21- Relating to Class- Seventh Day close to truth in some ways – Not disposed.

548 AB
4/19/91 (1of 2)109 min Revelation – Ch 20 & 21 Relating to Class- Soul is the pillowcase for Next Level Mind.

549 AB
4/20/91 (Part 1 of 2)140 min Complete Submission

550 CD
4/20/91 (Part2 of 2) 140 min Nursing / Revelation 22

551 AB
4/21/91 92 min Ti – Holy Spirit The Right Source

552 AB
4/22/91 61 min There is no Truth – Jesus’s Father was there physically but no one knew it. Ti is close to us.

553 AB
4/26/91 80 min Respect and sensitivity to Older Member. Punctuality – Titles for a booklet – Bible Questions

554 AB
4/27/91 91 min The meaning of sanctification – Resurrection completion – No concern about human hostility or disease. Only consciousness is within the unit. Care about accelerating our sanctification and if I am interfering with Next Level’s plan due to fear.

555 AB
4/28/91 55 min Overcoming our sinful nature. Do seeing the trash in humans.

556 A
4/29/91 40 Min 3rd Coming. Snn returns to Class. Cdd response
Mono fruit diet – Jack Van Impe 2nd coming is closer than he thinks. Also Seventh Day Adventists.

557 AB
5/01/91 80 min Born into a Royal Kingdom – Respect Born again means to be reincarnated to new parents. Applying to the minute – overcoming familiarity – Dignified Love.
Faith and Trust

558 AB
5/06/91 71 min Vessel purity and Holiness.
Involves a presence – Clearing things in a new circumstance – Not so much zeal, but being calm to listen.

559 A
5/17/91 15 min God, UFO’s and You-
We are the midwives as Ti and Do were for us – Overcomers through HIM – Hang on to the Graft.
5/18/91 25 min Sabbath, diet – Sabbath is everyday for us – taking guidance & help from the NL in the way they give it. Consuming is whatever the Lord provides -Coming up to where the truth is according to what the Next Level wants.

560 AB
5/22/91 45 min Tell it like it is . Whole package is pleasing to them. Let the dead bury the dead.
5/19/91 10 min What it means to be viable.

561 A
5/23/91 22 min The light is here – God’s Schools.

562 AB
5/24/91 128 min (Part 1of 2 ) Humans play creators – Initiate going public. What more is there for us to do?

563 A
5/24/91 128 min (Part 2 of2 ) Everything in the human world revolves around sexuality. We must initiate going public.

564 A
5/26/91 – 31 min – Set up 2-3 churches – There is a flock out there – Meeting in a town is not practical – No debts or possessions.

564 B
5/27/91 59 min – Critique of filming – Clarifying our thinking – Ethiopian Jews – Ti forced us to go public by forcing us to move.

565 C
5/27/91 90 min – Ti and Do had their addictions in order to show us how to get out of them. Human characteristics uncommon to the Next Level. Discarnates and souls.

566 D
5/27/91 – Soul is the pillow case for Next Level mind.

567 AB
5/28/91 – 90 min – Starting Armageddon – Why monasticism?
Aliens vying for human souls – Charge for mtg – name tags

568 AB
5/29/91 – 90 min – Entry Requirements for other God’s School’s
Born of the spirit Monastics, Who are the elect, The trap of individual rights. They feel they are lost in this world.

569 AB
5/30/91 – (1of 2) 105 min – The different God of School Candidates – Aliens relating to Humans.

569A Side C
5/30/91 – (2 of 2) 105 Min – Gos school candidates.

570 AB
6/01/91 – 80 Min – Cosmonastic Servants of the Most High
Selflessness – Part of the family – Phrase to identify ourselves.

571 AB
6/3/91 90 min – Who’ll fire the first shot – Clarifying what our message is – Disciples going through death/resurrection. The aliens want us to surface to shoot us down. The degree of your desire/love is what binds you – Lnks encounter at Mt. Shasta.

572 AB
6/05/91- 84 min – Approaching New Agers – Christians may not be ready for this. Level of enlightenment is equal to your behavior – Perception is parallel to trust & Belief – Lucifer does most of his work with the Christians.

573 A
6/06/91 – 49 min – Casting out influences – The influence that works on Snn – Pattern’s of high and lows -Analysis opens door to negativity.

574 AB
6/08/91 – 126 min – Outline of presentation – Be of good attitude – Poor in spirits – Why celibacy?

575 C
6/08/91 – 126 min – Difference in midwife role.

576 AB
6/09/91 – 124 min (1 of 2)– Allergies, Overcoming, Intolerance
Mind is what fills the soul – 2 meanings of mind – (soul or brain)

577 C
6/09/91 – 124 min (2 of 2) – Compatible with lower fuel – EBE’s allergic to this planet – Sensitivity is not critical of making the sacrifice.

578 AB
6/11/91 – 50 min – Purity – No Thoughts of my own – Our false starts have accelerated – Experimentation of second coming – No reason to be disturbed – The gift of questioning.

579 AB
6/14/91 – 71 min – Death, Separation Formula – video project – Getting rid of an influence – Ask forgiveness, that is grace – Format for talk show – Formula to get into Kingdom of Heaven – This school is like a family – Jesus reincarnated because he pre-existed – imperishable body given to incorruptible soul.

580 AB
6/15/91 – 121 min – (1 of 2) – Soul is like an overcoat – Not responsible for the demon, just to get rid of him, – no reason for guilt- What I am is the chooser & the servant. Looking for a new parent (your heavenly father)

581 C
6/15/91 – 121 min (2 of 2) – What is life – Soul is begotten – Our fathers kingdom only created Adam’s strain.

582 A
6/16/91 – 43 min The Only Truth

583 AB
6/18/91 – 87 min Sorting it out/Rev 1,2,3 – 7 churches
God’s Schools and ET’s . Rev 1,2,3 are the first three churches of the 7 churches. 1st church, dropouts – 2nd church – Our Class
3rd church is Ascended Masters and New Age

584 AB
6/20/91 – Rev 1,2,3 – Last 4 churches – Celestial $ terrestrial bodies (Glorified) 4th – Claire Prophet / 5th – Born Again churches / 6th – The one who would respond to us / 7th – Establishment (religious or otherwise) – The meaning of the
Greek words to explain the physicality of entity in Next Level.

585 A
6/22/19 – 48 min – Souls in Animals – Accuracy of details – Knowledge is not static unless you’re static- Many souls can occupy a vehicle at once.
6/23/19 – Souls – Traffic control of souls- We are trying to have only 1 soul in our vehicle.

586 A
6/24/91 – 48 min – Corporate Structure Analogy – Parallel in Robin Hood movie – Celibacy in religions not done for the right reasons – Using the bible in our videotapes – stick to Jesus quotes -Urgency – Corporate structure analogy – Thy will be done, not mine.

587 AB
6/25/91 – 81 min – Time Lock – Made of Lies
An influence that wants to succeed in the classroom – Extention can’t wait to be leader – The Philadelphia Exp – Time and space are linked – Overcoming a time period – Real time only happens when Next Level is present – your desire is your real place & time.

588 AB
6/27/91 – 90 Min – Overcoming Formula
Lucifer & his angels may be still confined to earth – Present age & age to come – How to approach subjects on video- Using the lower force for healing – Next Level vehicle is flesh & bone (no blood) – The two corporations (Our Fathers & Lucy’s)

589 AB
6/28/91 – 104 min – Progression of souls clarified –
Understanding Time – Souls from the previous age (saved) for this age – Fallen angels and aliens – plan of salvation – Remnant go to a new earth and new heaven.

590 C
6/29/91 – short continuation of clarifying progression of souls.
(two short meetings) Listening & asking influence of wanting to do something well – Not needing or wanting to do anything – Hiding from Older member in private thoughts.

591 AB
6/30/91 – Speaking on multi levels at once – Scenario that is non-religious or spiritual – Explaining the Chief & how & why he created the planet – Explaining the son’s mission – Living life to the fullest is a guarantee of death.

592 AB
7/01/91 69 min – The Word is the Mind of the Father.
Figures of speech – Man is appointed once to die (soul) – Reincarnation – God hardened their hearts.

593 A
7/03/91 – 62 min – Looking for clues in the bible
OLL’s lesson on flexibility and speed.

594 AB
7/04/91 – 180 min – Real Evolution – Missing Links
Asteroid destruction to end this age. Independence and individuality – Your polarity is what gives you life – sublimating weakness from one area to another.

595 CD
7/04/91 – 180min – Real evolution – Missing Links.
Polarity propels you – Sublimating weakness, one area to another.

596 A
7/05/91 – 43 min – Say it like it is Re: Teachers
Saying teachers left – How to approach this on videotapes.

597 AB
7/05/91 – 83 min – Terminator II movie parallels
Jesus went back in time – official duty of resurrected saints.

598 AB
7/06/91 – 89 min – Subtle influences – Terminator II
Influence of familiarity with classmates. Our God is a jealous God – Working with a classmate as if a teacher was there. How humans respond to when the Next Level comes can change the course of the soul’s direction.

599 A
7/07/91 – 45 min – The Approaching Planetoid – It is nearing the end of a cycle for this planet – This is a natural cycle & not a doomsday scenario – Heaven could be a planet – No pathways are predestined.

600 AB
7/10/91 – 82 min – Going public with MO of teaching them to ask & not telling them. The game of thinking we may go public – The Lord giveth & he taketh away. Purity rights. Societies Stumbling blocks, the ties that bind, Liberation- Teach restraint- Don’t tell others what to do- ask & we receive – Tell & we push away.

7/11/91 – 60 min – God’s Extraterrestrials – Creator designing a a circuit board with positive and negative sides – In our Older Members house 24 hours a day – Format of sorting out the good and the bad. ET’s- Adam has a spiritual body & when he fell he has a flesh body – getting a celestial body.


603 AB
7/14/91 – 20 min – Posture, Nieve. Response to Armstrong
One of those who represent the force against the Next Level-
The Twisted Logic

604 AB
7/16/91 – 94 min – God’s Extraterrestrials/A Different approach
Concept of reincarnation in the bible. The cop out of “Being Saved” – The fantasy od what & who dwells in the heavens- expressing thoughts in a meeting inappropriately – liking to express in your silence. Lucy counterfeit – Judge Father first.

605 AB
7/19/91 – 85 min – Finding a slot to fit in with humans
What can we speak with authority on – Total Overcomers Anonymous MO – Hideous humans -Can’t be intolerant – Knowing I can hang on even if I am alone.

606 A
7/20/91 – 40 min – Responsibility for children if we go public.
We should change their source of nourishment – We would only do this if we were forced to- Either by being “compelled’ to set the record straight about the Next Level or the Next Level makes it clear we are to do it. Lucifer doesn’t know the power of the Next Level. You can be tested even after you get to the Next Level whether you choose the right side. The souls of different religions is their “race”.

607 AB
7/22/91 – 63 min – Why we are still here -N.L. Morality
No moral or immoral behavior in the Next Level – It is either an interference, beneath their M.O., it doesn’t work or is inappropriate behavior. Pollutants (thoughts) – Lucifer saw no value to the Chiefs rules & hygiene – Mediation is just clearing head & staying in a listening/asking state – Deceit is extreme pollution – desperate seek & search.

608 AB
7/27/91 – 66 min – Not Compromising / Clean up Act
Urgency – Commit to Ti to no longer put on the brakes- Being understanding is like being permissive to that vibration – Accountable for thoughtless actions – Ignoring instruction of exposing and examining.

609 AB
7/28/91 – 112min – (I of 2)How to get closer to Older Member –
Think of yourself and what things mean to you instead of what you are to them. JMM familiarity at OOC tasks. In trouble if denying yourself of something you still want.

610 C
7/28/91 – 112 min – ( 2 of 2) Keeping things exposed. Doing a task each time differently. No opinions or judging differently from Older Member. Current aware ness of Link’s intention – not doing something out of habit.

611 AB
7/29/91 – 55 min – Extension of Classroom dragging feet –
Not aware when dragging feet – Diet- NRR’s exposure- Some individuals doing better outside the Classroom.

612 AB
7/30/91 – 75 min – Value of Staying Clean –
Classmate’s Exposures. Chummy Influence – Deceit easier if “little” things not kept exposed – Deceit is adulty if you really love someone – Love yourself more if you keep secrets – Take a stand to protect yourself.

613 AB
8/1/91 – 105 min – (1 of 2) Sustaining an instrument of service.
Unquestionable magazines -Familiarity & touching at OOC task –
Being critical or encouraging- listening or verbalizing negativity – taking advantage of the truth- accountable only for influences you permit, not those of others.

614 C
8/1/91 – 105 min – (2 of 2) Who does this should & vehicle belong to – Influences will keep coming around.

615 AB
8/04/91 – 70 min – Copying Older Member is Getting Closer –
Less need to be expressive & more to be a sponge. Sharing negatives with Partner not constructive – Volume – Countenance – Not what N. L. means to me but what I mean to them. Increase silent conversation with Older Members.

616 AB
8/09/91 – 90 min – Last Days Survivors Respecting Others –
Lessons on liking others requires respect of others – To be “recognized” requires looking to the other person – not getting “fixes” at OOC tasks – Liquid diet – You don’t really do anything because your heavenly Father will start the process of weaning – Getting your house in order & waiting for him.

617 AB
8/25/91 – 19 mins – “Truth Searchers” – Going Public
Not identifying with biblical Characters
Our beliefs updating & changing constantly
Oxygenating the system
8/27/91 – 39 min – Losing Identity
SNN bypassing an influence – DST not initiating – Destroying your own identity.

618 AB
8/31/91 – 19 min – Positive results from every choice
Links trip & brake failure & how it was handled.
9/01/91 – 57 min – Thoughts similar to Links
Having thoughts that Links would have lesson on moving truck for Links return – Lesson negative thoughts & diet – Checking notes. Repose – resting lightly.

619 AB
9/02/91 – 69 min – Terminology Re: Diet & Symptoms
Inaccuracy in communications & statement of beliefs – The father can choose anyone who has lost identity to finish the task of Jesus – Controlling our food addictions.

620 AB
9/06/91 – 77 min – Sweeping out your closet daily
Go over every day any action or response that could be questionable – Develop a list with partner of areas we should examine – Deceit and weakness – exposure ASAP – Independent thinking – suggestions – no identity – staying updated in your thinking – lack of keenness is breaking procedure – stopping domino effect – positive countenance.

621 A
9/07/91 – 45 min – Sacrificing the pure / The “I Am” concept.
Going public to tell the truth – Martyrdom is not a motive or task will fail – Addiction of clinging to “Life” -The “I Am” concept.

622 AB
9/11/91 – 71 min – Red Letter Answers / Re; Diet & Public
Looking at the “Jesus Words” (red Letters) for answers on our diet & going public – Becoming part of Lucy’s seed – Ending the fast – Class has proven their loyalties – Ti is our only source –
Waiting until tares are gathered first – Expression of the soul is the mouth.

623 AB
9/13-14/91 -62 & 33 min- Going back to Ti’s consuming
Who Do we think Ti is – Trusting what Ti chose to consume – Compromising our consuming – items Ti consumed

624 A
9/15/91 – 29 min – Taking Advantage of Closeness of Older Member- Examine what Ti had us do before leaving her vehicle – Showing Ti we want to mimic her – Struggles & rebellious we may deal with – DST being on automatic – Being of your word – the fear of the Lord causes change.
9/22/91 – 18 min – Lesson on consuming – Knowing that we don’t need to consume – consuming what you need – No craving for consuming or non-consuming – aging – choosing static.

625 AB
10/13/91- 95 min – Closer to Older Member through physical separation – Bouncing back from Lessons
Can’t play human games any longer – Going along with instructions for no good reasons or right motivation.

626 AB
10/19/91 – 80 min – “New Core Unit” – Topics for TV show
Rejoining the family (N.L.) of soul. The true family is not the family of the plant. Adversity will increase our thirst – Influence of separate analysis and judgement.

627 AB
10/21/91 – 115 min – (Tape 1 of 2) Overcoming Lucy & his Many angels
Separation from God – What to say & what not to say _ What Ti’s leaving taught us – Testing Likes & dislike – Speed appropriate for Next Level thoughts.

628 C
10/21/91 – 115 – (Tape 2 of 2) Overcoming Lucy and angels
Appropriate speed of NL thoughts


630 AB
11/01/91 – 157 min (1of 2) Space aliens vs Our Fathers House
-Lucy’s seed transferred through reproduction
-Space aliens intoxicate humans through sensuality & religion

631 C
11/01/91 – 157 min (2 of 2) Space aliens vs our Fathers House
Tapering with dairy products and meat – Do your own thing & capitalism – missing link between heavenly body & human body.

632 A
11/03/91 – 41 min – Ti’s Strong Presence – “I and Ti’s”
I have no fear – My metamorphosis is complete – Having the same head space as our Older Member.

633 AB
11/05/91 – 88 min – Glorified Body
Soul is spiritual body – Earth is only place for reproduction – Lucy and helpers came here to get bodies – What our Father would look like. _ Understanding how we took over our vehicles – Building a spiritual vehicle within the physical vehicle.

634 AB
11/10/91 – 57 min – True Meaning of believing on Him and being saved – Magic Johnson & AIDS. The embodiment of lucifer in those trying for peace.

635 AB
11/08/91 – 63 min – Karma of the Jews
Karma regaining the land – Karma for regaining the land – understanding the Jewish position – Movie: Homicide – returning as a thief in the night.

636 AB
11/10/91 – 85 min – Symbolism – Who has the truth / Karma being paid. When our last days are & end of the age – our impatience with forces against us will lead us to overcome them-
Our separation from God – Help given in direct proportion to your belief & asking – Every wrong will be made right – Next Level will regain Israel.

637 AB
11/11/91 – 127 min – # 3 Basic Requirements for entering the Kingdom of Heaven – Bound on earth, bound in heaven – The physical nature of our heavenly Father – Overcoming done in physical body – Your level of association with the Chief.

638 AB
11/13/91 – 102 min – (Tape 1 of 2) – Test of Truth – God’s Chosen – God’s sent – Lucy’s Has a hive mentality – Understanding how soul enter a vehicle.

639 C
11/13/91 – 102 min – (2 of 2) Test of Truth / God’s Chosen

640 AB
11/14/91 – 82 min – Genderless Condition – Metamorphosis
Those put on ice – How to get the Next Level body – Satisfaction of the senses – ceasing the cycle of reincarnation – correction to 11/13 meeting.

641 A
11/26/91 – 33 min – Becoming Flexible Teamwork
Going public in Southern California – For starters – learning teamwork – Limiting yourself by your personal interests – Rigidity. Romance with your old identity.

642 AB
11/28/91 – 52 min – Prejudice / True Desperation
How we look at Older Member & Classmate & partner –
Disarming influence in conflicts – convincing others you mean it – Crew attitude – Addiction to sensation.

643 AB
11/28/91 – 74 min – Looking to Others / Resolving conflicts
Convincing others you mean it – Prejudice.

644 AB
11/30/91 – 70 min – Beyond New Age – Last incarnation synonymous with “Last Days”- Breath – Basic requirements for candidacy – Liberation from bonds.

645 AB
12/03/91 – 79 min – Looking for the right M.O. -The Soul’s Family – The rights issues – God’s soul clinic where death can be cheated – Soul consciousness not Body consciousness.

646 AB
12/08/91 – 50 min – Last Days Overcomers – Grumpiness
Monastery or Total Overcomers Anonymous – Being up front – Heavens is a state arrived at – Grumpiness is a slap in the face of the Next Level.

647 AB
12/09/91 – 55 min – I am the Way, Truth & Life – Meaning of life and Death – Corrected meanings of life & death.
You are “born” when start to believe truth – Getting rid of identity- The speed element in putting truth in motion.

648 AB
12/12/91 – 47 min – Strong Push mechanism – Genderless awareness – No Confidence in your mind – Eternal life characteristic – Maintaining respect of Older Member by showing control.

649 A
1/1/92 – 27 Min – New Year’s Resolution – 19 Years later.
We are just visitors here.

650 AB
1/12/92 – 90 min – Putting on Armor – Human Perennial Nature-
Perishability of the Soul – tern “death” does apply to the vehicle – Second coming – When metamorphosis takes place – Revelation is symbology – When millennium begins – Spirit synonymous with soul.

651 AB
1/19/92 – 85 min – God Incarnate but Wrong God – Family Strain – Time to be sure we want to do this – Our uniqueness in our behavior, baggage & what this task requires of us. Don’t waste time on individuals who don’t recognize Fathers.

652 AB
1/24/92 – 78 min – Our Birthday Labor Pains –
The Next Level has entrusted us with a great responsibility.

653 AB
3/07/92 – 146 min – (1 of 2) Kingdom of Literal Heavens – Purity and Correction – Becoming an appendage – Being a bride – The right committal – Convince OM of Loyalty and Trust.

654 C
3/07/92 – 146 min – (2 of 2) Kingdom of Literal Heavens-
Establishing new habits – No “little” differences – one righteous desire to please – Staying exposed.

655 AB
3/08/92 – 142min – (1 of 2) Yielding – Taking the Blame
Purity – Correction – Don’t Judge – Stop bristling

656 C
3/08/92 – 142 min – (2 of 2) Yielding – Taking the Blame
Be more flexible – Good concentration.

657 AB
3/12/92 – 74 min – Homeless/Addicts Monastery
Needing a physical place for those coming to go – becoming a shelter – Tell the world what we are & not who we are.

658 AB
3/19/92 – 54 min – Boldly stating our task – Families response.
Souls from our families joining the Class – Uniqueness of our position – Overcoming influences is the main task.

659 A
3/21/92 – 48 min –Not Bypassing Do–Understanding Committals
Not getting off track by directing asking only to Ti, but should also be to Do – Do is more our direct link – Letting Links know where our heads are regularly. Understanding OM Committal.

660 AB
3/22/92 – 88 min – Let OM know your burdens – Family strain
Committal and response of families to our information.

661 AB
3/23/92 – 61 min – Time Perspective – A Blueprint
Understanding how the Next Level relates to a sequence of events and not time- Everything is just a blueprint or a design.

662 A & B
3/26/92 – 96 min – Influences as Helpers-Evolution – missing links – How the vehicle responds without letting the mind know – how others difficulty affects others – NL has no preconceived yield – capacity to control involuntary response.

663 AB
3/30/92 – 64 min Launching an Evangelistic Team – Backsliding
Trusting older member – Holding your own. Testing of your will& Older Member will – FLX & ABL task.

664 AB
4/03/92 – 69 min – Pyramind – Interacting with the public –
Recognizing how the next Level answers your asking – Loyalty & trust gained through battles won – Determined not let things get you down. Got the “Goods” – New Poster.

665 AB
4/07/92 – 73 min_ Second wave has happened – its over.
Not delaying our overcoming by getting grandchildren – Next Level not interested in increasing their numbers – There is religion and then there is reality – Being able to get closer to OM.

666 AB
3/28/92 – 96 min – Influences as Helpers – Seeing the NL
Clarifying how secret the Next Level way of making & doing things so that no one can duplicate. Influences as helpers – seeing the Next Level – Humans asking for miracles – hot house analogy & relationship to time – No such thing in real time.

667 AB
4/07/92 – 73 min – Repeat of tape 665 – 2nd Wave has happened.

668 AB
4/19/92 – Deaf ears to Influences – Going through the hourglass – Only listening to things that encourage you. Can’t be structured in what you want to say to the public in a meeting. Alien & abductees and offspring – Don’t know of NL involvement.(1 of 2)

669 CD
4/19/92 – Deaf ears to Influences. Taking advantage of your mistakes – balancing positive and negative. (2 of 2)

670 AB
4/22/92 – Whirlwind of Change – Public Doors Close

This tape is missing.

672 C
4/24/92 – 49 mins – (Tape 2 of 2) Pleasing Older Member
Getting Personal Relationship with Ti and Do. Getting in a position where we would not be missed with anyone if not there.

673 A
6/19/92 – 49 min – Blocking Influences-Separating mind from Vehicle – OOC task looking – laugh at it – Stop thinking about it – Mistranslation of signal – Can your thoughts be permissible.

674 AB
6/25/92 – 90 min – Change occurs when you want to change.
The diet & changes we’ve gone through – Partners soliciting correction – Still identifying with vehicle. Inaccurate assumptions

675 AB
6/29/92 – 96 min – Reason/Justification degree in Older Member.
Both are lies -Thoughts trigger actions –Frequencies of humanism – you are not condemnable to the degree that you are in your Older Member – The Significance of what you let occupy your mind – The negative influence of no solution – Covering bets.

676 AB
7/03/92 – 116 min – Negativity like a computer virus –
Effects chemistry – Influences that use the chemistry to protect you – Recover from physical symptoms by stopping listening to the influence.

677 C
7/03/92 – 116 min – Negativity like a computer virus – Soul must be keen to how to manipulate the clothes it wears – replace old programming.

678 AB
7/10/92 – 95 min – Gifts / Dignity – Gifts from the Next Level – Ti’s dignity – Checking everything is procedure – Verbalizing unnecessary thoughts – Not getting off track – Controlling volume of consuming – Relationship with Older Member needs to be on more solid ground – Loose ends – Not identifying with vehicle – Restraint – Speed in controlling vehicle.

679 AB
7/11/92 – 90 min – Being on the Front Line – Not thinking competitively – Task of parenting – Not insisting what is right – Seeing Jesus in the Right Way – Quality of love that binds – Story Tellers.

680 AB
7/12/92 – 81 Min – BH#9 – Mastering Control / Getting Closer
Control in milliseconds – Change picture you have of your self – Expanding your asking – Play acting at OOC task – Thicker skin.

681 AB
7/14/92 – 52 Min – Bonding to Do’s Mind – OOC task checking with boss – On sound footing – Test of OM leaving you – Trust OM more than yourself – Fear that brings us closer.

682 AB
7/17/92 – 120 Min – (1 of 2) Increasing repertoire of asking –
Dst and why he was asked to leave the Class – The shoe can fit – learning self-examination- Can’t take membership for granted Taking Links where he is coming from – Binding – Picture Ti’s way of handling things – Gift of recognizing – Aborting thoughts.

683 C
7/17/92 – 120 min – (2 of 2) – No longer examining alternatives – Examining posture.

684 AB
7/18/92 – 110 min – Keeping Older Member Happy with you.
Dst & Brn in Dallas – Perot – Selfishness – Getting Oxygen

685 C
7/18/92 – 110 min – Keeping Older Member Happy with you-
Things happening behind the scenes.

686 AB
7/22/92 – 90 min- Ex-Caretaker’s getting their Walking Papers.
Dst circumstance not working out well – Not relating in any way to the soul that was the caretaker of the vehicle & convincing it to leave. Our minds have non-sexual orientation – taking on more of the mannerisms of who we are in the Next Level. Alert team.

687 AB
7/24/92 – 120 min –(1of2)– Heaven, Hell, Purgatory & Limbo
Dst & Brn Situation – A non-sexual orientation – Treating all human thoughts a the presence of the ex-Caretaker – Direct that soul to where it would like to go-taking a stern position.

688 C
7/24/92 – 120 min- (2 of 2) Heaven, Hell, Purgatory & Limbo.
Knowing what my Older Member likes – Overriding resistant –
Modesty – Physical closeness that is inappropriate – redesigning asking – Focusing our extra energy upward- Particulars.

689 AB
7/25/92 – 76 min – Improving word processor – Does Ti like me?
Lack of confidence – understanding closeness – Ex caretakers can’t learn by listening only by doing- remedial program.

690 AB
7/26/92 – 160 min (1 of 2) Understanding a Partnership
Resistance or hesitancy is an influence – applying what a partner brings up.

691 CD
7/26/92 – 160 min (2 of 2) Understanding a Partnership –
A mind grows very little on its own.

692 AB
8/01/92 – 148 min (1 of 2) Making the Team/Olympic Parallels
Pain & Correction – BRN& DST working things out – Can’t Cheat-Seeing those times we made a choice differently that Ti – My preferences are only my Older Member preferences.

693 CD
8/01/92 – 148 min (2 of 2) Making the Team/Olympic Parallels
Joy of turning around a circumstance – No absolute truth – just follow the leader – my preference are only my OM preferences.

694 AB
8/02/92 – 96 min –Total Non-permissiveness – Gender blindness
Raising standards – Olympic parallels – Restraint – Brn/Dst lessons – Exposure – Silent Asking.

695 AB
8/04/92 – 141 min – (1of 2) Soul is a Physical Body
Physical container of the mind – This spiritual body is a gift that is given when overcoming the world – Telling the truth in public but not taking recruits. Jealousy lesson – The object of going public is to get back to Ti.

696 C
8/04/92 – 141 min – (2 of 2) Soul of the physical body –
Protecting our vibrations – Going public & not taking recruits.

697 AB
8/06/92 – 162 min – (1 of 2) Angelic Forces – Dealing with Aliens and Discarnates as we talk to humans – Two souls vying vehicle.

698 CD
8/06/92 – 162 min – (2 of 2) Angelic Forces – NL judging souls – Confusion in trying to understand how souls occupy vehicles.

699 A
8/07/92 – 34 min – Recognizing Ti – Influence trying to get us off track by going public – Not accepting we may need to drop vehicles – Taking ne members would slow us down.

700 AB
8/08/92 – 123 min – (Tape 1 of 2) – Taking advantage of the Lesson – Older Member will rescue us – “Can I see Ti doing this”

701 C
8/08/92 – 123 min – (Tape 2 of 2 ) – Taking advantage of the Lesson. Being too hasty to accept the bottom line. No “what ifs”

702 AB
8/16/92 – 81 min – DC Intoning Task – Coming to a more realistic place in anticipation of reuniting with Ti at a physical place – What you deal with shows where your head is at.

703 AB
8/19/92 – 109 min – Making Older Members Happy –
Illusion we have of where Ti is with our relationship with her – I must make the changes-

704 C
8/19/92 – 109 min – Making Older Members Happy
Do can’t make demands on us – Being too serious.

8/26/92 – 64 min – Talmud Emmanuel – Seed Bearing Planet
Billy Meir – This is a strong seed-bearing planet – Our knowledge is not based on Jesus’s Teachings.


8/31/92 – 41 Min – Directness in Asking – Dealing with humans at OOC task & handling human attraction – Not needing to be liked –Taking advantage of opportunity to ask in silence – Asking for the techniques to get rid of an influence – Asking to be given Older Members likes and dislikes – Discernments. Asking is not a question – Please not always preface something an exclamation.

708 A
9/03/92 – 56 min – Letting joy wane while having our Older Member with us. Events happen in the world – cashless society.

709 A
9/07/92 – 43 min – Not dwelling on the possibility of failure – Asking. Knowing how to ask in more specifics – The expectation it will be soon.

710 A
9/07/92 – 43 min – Not dwelling on failure – Think in terms of taking this vehicle with us – The expectation it will be soon.

711 AB
9/08/92 – 124 min – (1 of 2) The Identity of Being an Extension.
Saying and knowing we came from the Next Level – Genderless and have overcome the human level.

712 C
9/08/92 – 124 min – (2 of 2) The Identity of Being Extension
Container of data.

713 AB
9/15/92 – 110 min – (1 of 2) Knowing the Truth –
It will set you free. Lessons on Haircutting – Asking to expose repeatedly. Handling medical problems

714 C
9/15/92 – 110 min – (2 of 2) Knowing the Truth –
Becoming putty.

715 AB
9/17/92 – 51 min – Dan Fry Incident – Kundalini Force
Abuse of an unnatural force called Kundalini – Assignments for UFO Conference.

716 AB
9/18/92 – 52 min – Re: UFO Conference – Star Trek
The surveillance in the world – It wouldn’t be happening if it wasn’t right – Why instructions change.

717 AB
9/22/92 – 69 min – Time and Distance – Souls evolving Upward
Alien vary in stages of evolution – When do you want to go to?
Resisting clearly to human level.

718 AB
9/23/92 – 57 min – Alien “Boxes” – Adam & Eve from HQ’s?
Bound in heaven to what we we’re bound to on earth – Alien races not pure but hybrids – We were chosen from alien races.

719 AB
9/25/92 – 52 min – Seeing through the illusion – Response to Al Bielek – Dropping all respect for human intelligence – Burning Bridges.

720 AB
9/26/92 – 137 min – (1 of 2) Origins of Alien Vehicles
How much government knows – How Next Level handles tasks related to this planet. How Aliens increase in numbers.

721 CD
9/26/92 – 137 min – (2 of 2) Origins of Alien Vehicles
The Next Level controls the “Gates” to move up.

722 A
9/27/92 – 37 min – Talks of Randy Winters tape on Pleidians

723 A
9/28/92 – 25 min – Response to Correction & UFO Videos
Response to losing control – Expressing separate thoughts –
When your curiosity goes beyond Older Members curiosity.

724 A
9/29/92 – 14 min – “Did Ti and Do tell me this?”-Worrying about things that didn’t – Being satisfied with what comes from OM.

725 AB
10/1/92 – 95 min – Is this from your mind?
Crew consciousness- influence that would think Older Member is unfair – Influence of explanation – How to make decision.

726 AB
10/9/92 – 64 min – The tests given to us. DNC visit with BRN.
Correction between partners. Is my interests, my OM interests.

727 AB
10/10/92 – 105 min – (1 of 2) Handling Correction – Movie “Hero” – less words in our direct asking.

728 C
10/10/92 – 105 min – (2 of 2) Handling Correction – investment in the Kingdom of Heaven – Strengthening our immune system – Political situation.

729 AB
10/13/92 – 74 min – Getting on the same “Line of Thinking”
As Older Member – VP debate – Slippage meeting & individual lessons – Liberating ourselves from presence around us – Living in a Dual Reality.

730 AB
10/14/92 – 65 min – Movie “Columbus” -Becoming a firm unit
Movie parallels – Learning to become a COG – Asking where and when this task will end.

731 A
10/15/92 – 22 min – OOC tasks – An Extension of craft – Keeping mind on the same track – Holding onto all things given to you by Older Member.

732 AB
10/17/92 – 120 min -Who was Jesus – Powers given to biblical characters from spacecraft – God is Creator not creation (nature)

733 C
10/17/92 – 120 min – Who was Jesus – Humans and aliens must come to know of his existence – an I hooked on time cycles?

734 AB
10/18/92 – 63 min – Jesus from HQ -Alien Manipulation of the planet – Doing things precisely as Links would – World situation.

735 AB
10/22/92 – 52 min – Take it to Links – Handling OOC tasks

736 AB
10/24/92 – 91 min – Reprogramming Genes – How we assist Perot – Begging for acceleration – Death syndrome programming – every cell has ears – antidotes to destructive programming.

737 AB
10/25/92 – 143 min – (1 of 2) Aborting Negativity Reprograming
Mind – Ask how to identify Symptoms

738 C
10/25/92 – 143 min – (2 of 2) Aborting Negativity Reprograming
Making a swift change.

739 AB
10/26/92 – 125 min – (1 of 2) Maintaining Positive and not listening to negative. Perot and the help he’s getting from the Next Level – Follow through.

740 C
10/26/92 – 125 min – (2 of 2) Maintaining positive -Perot
Heavy Consciousness.

741 AB
10/27/92 – 64 min – I believe in Ti and Do. Strata’s of alien Groups – The world of political favors – Different levels of Head Quarter’s activity.

742 AB
10/29/92 – 66 min – Deadline to get past Things – Getting more high-Tech – Sustaining knowing around the clock –Connecting better with Older Member – Protecting ourselves from old tests.

743 A
10/28/92 – 32 min – Areas of vulnerability. Reduce and upgrade – Not knowing Older Member well enough- Turning potential negatives into positives.

744 AB
11/1/92 – 95 min – Next Level Relationships – Worrying about failure – Crew consciousness – Eliminate “I”. Only source of nourishment.

745 AB
11/3/92 – 109 min – (1 of 2) No Eye Contact – Next Level Caring-
Liberal Democrats – Volunteering – Posture & disposition – Not saying I’m Sorry (John 17)

746 C
11/3/92 – 109 – (2 of 2) No Eye Contact with humans – Posture and disposition – Not saying “I’m Sorry” – Glorify – Cleansing.

747 AB
11/5/92 – 121 min – (1 of 2) Why aliens are interested in humans.
Vessels – Not getting answers to questions in notes. Influenced by written word. Seeing through mis-programming.

748 C
11/5/92 – 121 min – (2 of 2) Why aliens are interested in humans.
Aliens using discarnates to manipulate incarnates.

749 AB
11/10/92 – 72 min – Next Level Manners/Computer check partners – Influence can hide in the name of restraint. Exposure- Not defending – suffering can be a very tolerable experience.

750 AB
11/13/92 – 52 min – Reasoning trap – Time in space craft. Religions enslaving people – Negative thinking opens vulnerability – Selfish desires – Discriminating filter – Original thought.

751 AB
11/15/92 – 62 min – Theocrats / Time Travel can only be done by the Next Level – Humans just tune into the blueprints – Metaphysical teaching can open doors but still has traps.

752 AB
11/18/92 – 70 min – Being a Good Check – Computers. Checking with LNKS before proceeding – Malcom X – The influence that restricts others can also influence others to buy that limitation.

753 A
11/28/92 – 32 min – Only One Next Level

754 A
12/03/92 – 42 min – Control & Longevity – Putting yourself in the hands of the Next Level – Fear is what you are afraid to lose. Stimulus that causes vehicle to respond.

755 A
12/05/92 – 46 min – Age of the Soul – Measured by thinking closer to Older Member – Accuracy – Welcoming change – Conflicts of resentment & jealously – learning to listen.
Blank for 2 minutes at beginning.

756 A
12/05/92 – 85 min – Generic Emissions – How we effect our OM Raising your frequency – USA’s true desires in Somalia.

757 AB
12/07/92 – 73 min – Value of the Planet – Souls that don’t amount to much – Analogy of humans compared to animals.

758 A
12/11/92 – 18 min – Feeling wired advancement of soul.

759 AB
12/13/92 – 56 min – Tested by Older Member says – Hygiene.
We are the control mechanism that allows which source of mind into our computer – Com Center Duties.

760 AB
12/16/92 – 58 min – Back to Reality – Deprivation of information – Increased objectivity – Going forward in human cycles – Overriding computer & computer & going back to where we were

761 A
12/18/92 – 28 min – Having a visit – Why we haven’t had it.
Matching who we are – how to think of Ti.

762 AB
12/19/92 – 27 min – Eliminating Uniqueness
12/21/92 – 69 min – Lower Life Forms – Concern for fishes –
Learning lessons as they are offered to you – Letting go of identity which is influence.

763 AB
12/21/92 – (con’t) – Lower Life Forms – Expectation stop decay.
12/22/92 – 27 min – Dealing with influences – Changing sensitivity and vocabulary. Knowing where you stand. Hoping you can be acceptable.

764 AB
12/26/92 – 96 min – Working together / Vehicle match mind
Stubborn – Allowing influence to speak – Restraint and Higher perspective – Not getting down – Bringing things up -= Computer living organism.

765 C
12/26/92 – 96 min – Vehicle Match Mind – Braking vehicle – Wiping out old program – Addiction to sensation.

766 AB
12/29/92 – 110 min – (1 of 2) Can Soul Die? Mind Cleansing- Mind disintegrating due to negativity – Concern for self

767 C
12/29/92 – 110 min – (2 of 2) Can Soul Die? Mind Cleansing
Concern for self in an influence.

768 A
1/1/93 – 19 min – Upgrading Standards / Tightening Belt
1/6/93 – 24 min – Alien Enemies – Upgrade Program – Sustain Next Level Consciousness.

769 AB
1/07/93 – 112 min – (1 of 2) – State of Desperation / Taking Correction – Not finding fault with partner – Understanding limitations of aliens

770 C
1/07//93 – 112 min – (2 of 2) State of Desperation / Correction

771 AB
1/09/93 – 65 min – Old Programming / New Interpretation
Having a response to old programming. Not listening to your view. Influences just after sensations – Sustaining optimism.

772 AB
1/10/93 – 68 min – Taking Older Member’s presence for granted
Casualness – Aliens on this garden – How minds move up – Human interfere with the design.

773 AB
1/11/93 – 65 min – Respect and Higher Standards –
Becoming more sensitive – not trust your assessment of yourself – Examining delivery & word choice

774 A
1/17/93 – 33 min – Soul = Containers = You
Degree of acceptance of Next Level mind – How to treat others

775 A
1/21/93 – 35 min – Planetoid & Getting Closer – Virgil Armstrong theories. Not retreating with hurt.

776 AB
1/22/93 – 75 min – Taking Full Responsibility – Theosophy
Responsibility for conduct and procedures. Not blaming others – hermaphrodite society? – Culmination of the cycles of this planet.

777 AB
1/25/93 – 18 min – Standards you pursue- Degree of looking up.
1/26/93 – 42 min – Wanting to Talk – Vehicular cons – needing a position of responsibility – Asking too many questions – Gender interfering with objectivity – Vehicular cons.

778 AB
2/08/93 – 81 min – Physical discomfort / uplifting to others.
Being late – When “option” is obliterated.

779 AB
2/09/93 – 50 min – Whatever happens is right – Getting rid of negative. I am care for by Next Level – See others in more accepting way – Correction can be sweet.

780 AB
2/10/93 – 23 min – Possibility of Going Public/Com Center Func
2/12/93 – 65 min- Getting Closer to Links/ Notes – Punctuality

781 AB
2/13/93 – 144 min – (1 of 2) Test of Strength – Sustaining closeness Coleman Papers – Using pain as a protection.

782 C
2/13 /93 – 144 min – (2 of 2) Test of strength – pain as protection.

783 AB
2/14/93 – 50 min – Drawing the line on Standards.
Pride in our rules – Loyalty

784 A
2/16/93 – 49 min – The Weaning Process – Aborting negative thoughts – Addicted to physical closeness.

785 A
2/19/93 – 35 min – Making room for Ti. Becoming more aware of Ti’s presence. How a soul migrates and learns.

786 A
2/21/93 – 20 min – Holodeck – Lessons keep coming around again & again.

787 AB
2/26/93 – 50 min – Links limited by our routine – Resisting change.

788 AB
3/2/93 – 60 Min – Soliciting Correction Personal Responsibility

789 A
3/5/93 – 48 min – Service to Older Member – assuming responsibility – Mentally lethargic.

790 AB
03/17/93 – 70 min – Soul Matching Next Level Reps – Not allowing caretaker to speak – Selfish point of view.

791 AB
03/22/93 – 78 min – Waco Standoff – Becoming a Rep

792 A
03/26/93 – 27 min – Next Level Pride

793 AB
03/30/93 – 173 min – (1 of 2) Evolution / Going Public
Soul’s responsible for its action

794 CD
03/30/93 – 173 min – (2 of 2) Evolution / Going Public
Influences trying to tell us we’re worthless.

795 AB
03/30/93 – 76 min – How to go Public
Having property – AD in USA Today.

796 AB
04/02/93 – 114 min – (1 of 2) Next Level offers life. Worthless containers – To become a receiver. Quick to criticize.

797 C
04/02/93 – 114 min – (2 of 2) Next Level offers life
Being a GOG in the wheel.

798 AB
04/03/93 – 70 min – What is life, death – Writing Zinger

799 AB
04/04/93 – 84 min – Zingers

800 A
08/14/93 – 36 min – Bonding – Ti’s Gift

801 A
10/18/93 – 10 min – I am the Lord your God

802 A
11/14/93 – 46 min – Discussion of Ti

803 A
12/01/93 – 11 min – Bus 1 & Bus 2 – Possible departure times.

804 AB
12/03/93-116 min-Suffering be honest/Do separating/reincarnate

805 C
12/03/93-116 min-Suffering be honest/Do separating/reincarnate

806 AB
12/04/93-170 min-Jesus hates Christian family values/being us

807 C
12/04/93-170 min-Jesus hates Christian family values/being us

808 AB
12/05/93-185 min-Classroom ends/Going to set record straight

809 CD
12/05/93-185 min-Classroom ends/Going to set record straight

810 E
12/05/93-185 min-Classroom ends/Going to set record straight

12/06/93-126 min-Lessons going out-Souls w/deposits vs none

812 CD
12/06/93-126 min-Lessons going out-Souls w/deposits vs none

813 AB
12/08/93- 47 min –Next Level Conception

814 A
12/10/93 – 48 min – Creatures vs Souls

815 AB
12/11/93-126 min-(1 of 2) Lessons from Elijah Meeting- sponge

816 C
12/11/93-126 min-(2 of 2)Lesson from Elijah Meeting/Holy spirit

817 A
12/14/93- 105 min – (1 of 2) New Soul/Creature/Understanding

818 AB
12/14/93- 105 min – (2 of 2) New Soul/Creature/ Questions

819 A
12/15/93-16 min- RDD leaves Class/ Strategy of going out in 3’s

820 AB
12/15/93-96 min –2 Teams in a Town

821 AB
12/18/93 – 68 min – How to approach meeting.

822 AB
12/20/93 – 80 min – Offspring & Others

823 AB
12/25/93 – 70 min – Q & A Going Out

824 AB
12/27/93 – 77 min – Partnerships & Travel Strategy

825 AB
12/28/93 – 54 min – Where to go First.

826 A
12/30/93 – 30 min – Consider actions in grouping. Going out.

827 AB
01/02/94 – 75 min – Make it believable- Do all I can

829 AB
01/27/94 – 45 min – Compound/Going – Public Strategy

03/03/94 – 13 min – Relationship to OM – Misc. Strategy

831 AB
03/24/94 – 121 min – Tampa USF Meeting (1 of 2)

832 C
03/24/94 – 121min – Tampa USF Meeting (2 of 2)

833 AB
04/02/94 – 115 min – Meeting w/Links Group 2 & 4

834 AB
04/29/94 – 120 min – Not Judging, Not Denying – Who you are

835 C
04/29//94 – 120 min – Not Judging, Not Denying – Who you are

836 AB
05/22/94 – 85 min – Mt. Cross

837 AB
05/23/94 – 136 min – Inverness 1 (1 of 2)

838 C
05/23/94 – 136 min – Inverness 1 (2 of 2)

839 AB
05/24/94 – 120 min – Inverness 2 (1 of 2)

840 C
05/24/94 – 120min – Inverness 2 (2 of 2)

841 AB
05/25/94 – 53 min – Inverness 3

842 AB
06/14/94 – 74 min – Portland Group 3

843 AB
07/07/94 – 206 min – Control status reports

844 AB
07/11/94 – 146 min – Meeting w/Links – 2 Deposits (1 of 2)
845 C
07/11/94 – 146 min – Meeting w/Links – 2 Deposits (2 of 2)
On tape

846 AB
07/17/94 – 126 min – Rockford

847 AB
08/06/94 – 65 min – Boston H.I.M. (1 of 2)

848 C
08/06/94 – 65 min – Boston H.I.M. (2 of 2)

849 A
09/23/94 – 40 min – Meeting w/Links – SWYODY Departure

850 AB
09/26/94 – 70 min – Soul, Karma, Judgement

851 AB
10/22/94 – 70 min – Crew minded, Positive

852 AB
11/04/94 – 94 min – Links Meeting

Duplicate of 852

Duplicate of 852

Duplicate of 852

856 AB
11/22/94 – 68 min – Hive Mentality – Conceptualizing / Controlling your Vehicle

857 A
11/23/94 – 48 min – Higher Perspective / India

858 AB
12/04/94 – 80 min – Ornery & Healthy

859 AB
12/08/94 – 95 min – As Fast as Possible

860 C
12/08/94 – 95 min – As Fast as Possible

861 AB
12/10/94 – 60 min – Te Lahson Application

862 AB
12/21/94 – 141 min – Being Conned (1 of 2)

863 C
12/21/94 – 141 min – Being Conned (2 of 2)

864 AB
12/22/94 – 76 min – Links Meeting Strategy
12/22/93 tape- out of order

865 AB
12/25/94 – 85 min – Exit Puzzle

866 AB
12/27/94 – 80 min – Compound Strategy

867 AB
12/31/94 – 72 min – First half of meeting

868 AB
12/31/94 – 95 min – D- Year

869 AB
01/23/95 – 70 min – Compound Strategy

870 AB
01/25/95 – 100 min – Compound Strategy / Algae

871 C
01/25/95 – 100 min – Compound Strategy / Algae

872 AB
01/29/95 – 117 min – Moving Target Monastery (1 of 2)

873 C
01/29/95 – 117 min – Moving Target Monastery (2 of 2)

874 AB
02/04/95 – 95 min – Separating vehicle and mind/Leaving in 1995

875 C
02/04/95 – 95 min – Separating vehicle and mind/Leaving in 1995

876 AB
02/16/95 – 90 min – To leave without compromise

877 AB
02/17/95 – 65 min – Alien agenda / Departure questions

878 AB
02/26/95 – 110 min – Diet – NL has to like you

879 C
02/26/95 – 110 min – Diet – NL has to like you

880 AB
03/01/95 – 135 min – Mission to another country – India?

881 C
03/01/95 – 135 min – Mission to another country – India?

882 AB
02/19/95 – 90 min – Accelerated Change – Self Sufficiency

883 AB
03/03/95 – 47 min – Relationship to OM & Misc Strategy

884 A
04/12/95 – 21 min – Links Meeting

885 A
04/13/95 – 62 min – Getting rid of your own mind

886 B
04/15/95 – 47 min – Links Needs
“A” side is blank-“B” side has information

887 AB
04/17/95 – 90 min – Influences/Deposits – Increasing Thirst thru Asking

888 AB
04/21/95 – 95 min – Getting rid of Excess – Conservative with $ – Desperation

889 A
04/22/95 – 30 min – Acceleration

890 AB
04/29/95 & 5/01/95 – 70 Min – NL Determines Exit

Duplicate of 890

892 A
05/09/95 – 95 min – Redemption
This appears to be an out of order tape from 05/09/94
893 A
05/25/95 – 47 min – Shedding Influences – Becoming as Children

894 A
05/26/95 – 45 min – Links

895 A
05/26/95 – 47 min – Duty

896 A
05/26/95 – 45 min – Heavy Duty Influences

897 A
05/27/95 – 30 min – Lesson Re: STR – Stroke

898 A
06/06/95 – 45 min – Celebration

899 AB
06/27/95 – 60 min – Links Meeting

900 A
07/13/95 – 45 min – Doc & Intern – Judgement

901 AB
08/08/95 – 100 min – Individual Liberty (1 of 2)

902 C
08/08/95 – 100 min – Individual Liberty (2 of 2)

903 A
08/23/95 – 22 min – No Squabbling

904 AB
09/02/95 – 44 min – Going up w/Do – Playing Lucie’s Game

905 A
09/14/95 – 45 min – Intro to the Final Chapter

906 AB
10/18/95 – 55 min – From Tire Pounding to Pounding Vehicles

907 AB
10/31/95 – 73 min – Making changes in costume – ET in making.

908 AB
11/08/95 – 60 min – Identifying Discarnates, Being a NL Match

909 AB
11/26/95 – 55 min – John is Vine & Branches – Respect and love Classmates.

910 AB
12/10/95 – 50 min – Not Anxious & coming up with things – Next Level presence.

911 A
12/14/95 – 20 min – Age & Growth

912 A
12/21/95 – 35 min – Turning off Influences

913 A
01/03/96 – 30 min – Getting Ready to Leave

914 AB
01/10/96 – 58 min – Ti’s Exit / Our Exit

915 AB
01/13/96 – 75 min – Discarding of Human Bodies

916 AB
02/23/96 – 75 min – No Time Limit

917 AB
03/13/96 – 100 min – Getting the Word out – Death & Human existence.

918 AB
04/18/96 – 75 min – LINKS returns after 20 days away

919 AB
05/04/96 – 63 min – What’s going on in the World

920 AB
05/26/96 -99 min – Eager students and Faith in the Next Level (1)

921 C
05/26/96 -99 min – Eager students and Faith in the Next Level (2)

922 A
06/30/96 – 35 min – More Regimented, Like Craft

923 AB
09/23/96 – 55 min – HEK & DVV – / New Craft. EBE

924 A
10/11/96 – 42 min – Influences

925 AB
12/04/96 – 81 min – LINKS Meeting

926 AB
12/23/96 – 66 min – India Prep

 Note from Carlan/Crlody – Tape 927/928 does not have any audio until the 55 minute mark.

927 AB
01/04 /97 – 135 min – “G” & Revelations to us (1 of 2)
Tape fades
928 C
01/04/97 – 135 min – “G” & Revelations to us (2of 2)
In & out

929 A
01/25/97 – 17 min – Class & JHN phone call regarding UFO Conference – Meeting with Lee Shargel.

The First 4 Seals of Revelation 6

May 12, 2021

I know this can be a shocker for many so hold onto your hats and I advise not being quick to rule out.

I can show by many scriptural evidences that at this time we are in the middle of the 4th seal opening, the Green (pale) horse of the apocalypse (The Revealing of the Truth) as some call it. The first seal was opened by TI and DO, the same Souls who were The Father and Jesus.

White (Light/pure) horse:

Rev 6:1 And I saw when the Lamb opened one of the seals, and I heard, as it were the noise of thunder, one of the four beasts saying, Come and see.
Rev 6:2 And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer.

The “bow” represents the covenant (rainbow) – commitments made to TI and DO by Their Student Souls who were committed to take over their new human vehicles (“born of water,” aka incarnation – latin for ‘in the flesh”) needing that human vehicle to be “born of Mind/Spirit – the Word (Holy Spirit – the Mind (instructions, behaviors and ways of the Next Kingdom Level Above Human, Kingdom of God, Kingdom in Heavens that the Older Members brought into Their human vehicles) made Flesh,” again, (like 2000 years earlier), to complete their overcoming of their human mammalian condition.

So He (DO) conquers (overcomes the human world again) and goes a conquering because it’s through him that His students are able to conquer but they must do the work themselves of abiding by everything he provides as qualifications as it’s not a country club religion one is joining. They are making application to be working crewmembers on spacecrafts that are physical that make all human spacecrafts look severely primitive but are transport and provide laboratory space and are at times as large or larger than planets.

In Rev 6 the “horse” is what a human vehicle is compared to a Next Level Member, an entirely lower kingdom level of life – similar to the distance between a human and the animal kingdom in all ways, biologically and mentally.

The vehicle (body) the Soul who was incarnate in the name Jesus, wasn’t coming back with that same body, at least not for the teaching part of His task, so he took a human body that had the name Marshall Herff Applewhite, so even the vehicle had some degree of prophecy match to it’s name with Rev 6:2, where even the Apple part demonstrates that he started this civilization’s experiment by then failing the test of overcoming the Luciferian fallen angel souls influence. That was the reason for the current human kingdom on earth experiment, so that no one would get into the Next Level, even as a student with elementary tasks (watcher) if they could give in to those lower forces influence on them to separate from Their Older Member by not following instructions provided.

The Next Level, Kingdom of God, Kingdom in Heavens doesn’t get off on controlling people but they simply have no openings in their labs for people who rebel from recognizing the value of instructions. (It’s like in a human lab, if someone breaks a major instruction in their experiment it could have very major ramifications and to the Next Level their tasks are very important, even more so than the people who are performing those tasks. They design planets to serve as “gardens” that Soul containers they implant as seeds can choose to grow to join them in their Family in providing the same option of graduation to others. (space aliens also have their kind of implants to use to track the humans they want to use).

The label Luciferians represents all those who are seen today as not only discarnates and/or invisible souls but who have controlled the growing of hybrid humans even in past civilizations on earth, who are currently seen by some as the space aliens. However, these souls can’t travel very far into space anymore as they are in jail on earth and that’s why some of the biggest governments are desperate to get off the planet because these Luciferians are, as rumors circulate among them that this time around they will be recycled and there will be a new crop of Luciferians, it seems in part taken from some of those humans who are burrowing into the earth to build underground cities to flee to.

He (DO the One who was incarnate in the vehicle named Jesus) came with His Father (John 14) in the 1970’s to fulfill the task described as the Two Witnesses in Revelation 11 – both of which are described as anointed (Zech 4) and who together working as a partnership performed their 1260 days of prophecy (approx October-January of 1973 to April to June of 1976), speaking “plainly” and more “boldly” about Their Kingdom, (and very little in the less accurate religious terminology, thus a new language in more than one way, English and more generic (Plain) terms) and would also at that time reside/abide with those students and would “show [students] The Father” (John 14). Plus the Father at that time Jesus said would answer their questions directly instead of going through him. More evidence that the Father comes as well is provided by Rev 3:12 where it shows the Son, the Soul who was incarnate in the vehicle named Jesus identifies his God to Their students. DO was the one who told his students that TI was his Older Member (Heavenly Father). Plus in that verse DO is giving Their students his new name. Why new names unless they have new vehicles. After all Jesus said not to believe anyone who comes “in my name” saying they are the Christ because there would be many false christs (false Christians – people who don’t know how they have been led astray but becomes their test to discern).

TI and DO, at first used the names BO and Peep (TI was Peep) and because of their delivery of new information to wake up Student Souls, made U.S. national and international news labeled as “The Two” and/or as The UFO Cult – because they said in their kingdom the members have physical bodies (like Jesus and Moses/Jehovah proved) and physical transportation – hidden from humans via cloud covering (cloud of light), but said in various ways throughout the records, like the chariot of fire and it’s “horses” and a whirlwind, Ezekiel’s wheel within a wheel and the way Jehovah came and went and led the Children of Israel through the desert at night, lighting the way (and the Jewish word of mouth Talmud is said to indicate it was also allegedly killing harmful snakes and scorpions, etc., which I don’t doubt).

They came with their students who were ready to graduate via crashing some of their primitive spacecrafts in the late 1940’s and 1950’s to give humans that proof of Beings that were not human but were humanoid (as that’s the appearance they made humans to resemble). Meanwhile the space aliens were allowed to also be present and they did some facsimile UFO crashes to confuse humans which The Next Level Above Human allow so that humans have a free will choice about what to believe.

In the 1990’s (even more so the end of the age Jesus referred to returning in) DO came public through the actions of his Students but also by providing the remaining 6 of 7 thunders (roars) from Rev 10, the first being performed by He and TI, his Older Member – aka Heavenly Father. I can lay out each of the 7 thunders as disclosures of more information – revealing of the truth as public provision of their information to the world that concluded with the 7th by Their chosen exit of the vehicles they had picked and prepped to perform their tasks through. They were seen by the world a second time as the Heaven’s Gate “cult of Cults” and “cult of truth” the ultimate subculture that had no bad, evil or human centric behaviors and ways – of mammalian life forms, thus no children in their group because children weren’t mature enough to choose to overcome the world they hadn’t hardly experienced yet.

They had no sexuality because Members of the Next Level have no sexuality and thus our Souls need to be grown with that discipline to qualify to be among them on their spacecrafts – like in a Star Trek depiction. They had no abuses of people. No one held against their will. No one guilted into joining or staying in the group. It was hard to stay in the group but one didn’t necessarily know that at the time. (I learned it after I chose to leave them – because I all of a sudden didn’t keep up with my lesson plan). I learned that the Next Level reduced the help they were giving me to help me catch up on the lessons I wasn’t recognizing still needed work and instead of catching up, I fell away but it’s not over for any of us.

The Thunders/Roars from the Lion of Juda (Rev 5 and 10) are apparent as having occurred:

-1st Thunder – 1975 – Seen by world as The UFO Cult. In 1988 DO wrote ’88 Update – The UFO Two and Their Crew to conclude that first thunder by correcting much of the misinformation that followed Them (BO and Peep) around.

-2nd Thunder – 1992 – Beyond Human – The Last Call – 12 part video series DO and Crew produced

-3rd Thunder – 1993 – “UFO Cult” Resurfaces with Final Offer published in USA Today national and international editions as an information (advertisement) purchased for $30,000.00

-4th Thunder – This ad/statement was then reprinted in alternative newspapers all over the US and in a number of other countries under the title, “Last Chance To Advance Beyond Human”.

-5th Thunder – 1994 – the group once again held public meetings around the US for about 9 months informing people of our beliefs that DO was the return of the same Soul who was Jesus. As the Two Witnesses They said They were not Jesus because Jesus was the name of the vehicle an Older Members Soul took over to perform his task through. (I can provide an updated explanation for most all the prophecies of Jesus and most of the Book of Revelation but am trying to keep this summary short).

TI, Do’s Heavenly Father (they referred to as Older Member) had left her vehicle. She was described in Rev 12 as having taken over a female vehicle (body) to get her son (the Soul who was in the body named Jesus) started and then she left her body and humans saw it as cancer (earth opened up it’s mouth) – exiting in 1985 and shows that her seed – DO and Student body finish their task without her. The woman is not the church as some Christians say because the Church in that context – use of that term are the students – the believers in Them and they are the ones potentially being “born of spirit” as Jesus said so they aren’t capable of “birthing” themselves as what the Father does for His Son – birthing him to the Throne task to finish the task.

-6th Thunder – 1995 – Post to World Wide Web of the document, Undercover “Jesus” Surfaces Before Departure. About two weeks later was posted in another “tongue” – a higher more generic translation entitled, ’95 Statement by an E.T. Presently Incarnate.

-7th Thunder – Phase One – Completing the book, “How and When “Heaven’s Gate” (The Door to the Physical Kingdom Level Above Human) May Be Entered, which was an anthology of their materials. This was posted on their internet web site thus to the world. (Rev 14 talks about an angel preaching from the “midheaven” seemingly at the time of their conquering – ongoing for those that choose to take that task of seeking to Stand in Defense of TI and DO and accept the consequences.

Phase Two was their voluntary “lay down of their vehicles lives” (as jesus illustrated and demonstrated in the way that worked at that time) to Exit their human vehicles they borrowed which happened in the last week of March of 1997 with the closest approach to earth of the Hale Bopp comet. The Comet was the timing of their exit. It was “irrelevant” to them whether the reported “companion object” was present with the comet. They knew TI’s crew would pick them up (their Souls and potentially their Vehicles) in a physical spacecraft.

Red Horse:

Rev 6:3 And when he had opened the second seal, I heard the second beast say, Come and see.
Rev 6:4 And there went out another horse that was red: and power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another: and there was given unto him a great sword.

The one sitting on the red horse was a Luciferian Soul who took over the body of G.W. Bush and through him stimulated the endless war on terror. Rev 6 describes being given the power to use a mighty sword – military and so 911 was planned to enable the US to build it’s military even stronger to fight a “two front war” and so that is what happened with Afghanistan and Iraq and that continues and will escalate further.

Black Horse:

Rev 6:5 And when he had opened the third seal, I heard the third beast say, Come and see. And I beheld, and lo a black horse; and he that sat on him had a pair of balances in his hand.
Rev 6:6 And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say, A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine.

Obama was the one sitting on the Black horse and he was also taken over by a Luciferian soul and he directed the Two Beasts (US and EU) to form a global new world order and he also presided over the Financial Crisis that paid billions to banks and through around 5 million people out of their houses because of fraudulent lending practices. This involved wall street to fulfill the prophecy in Rev 6 of talking about commodities of wheat and barley with their monetary value, though it also refers to two grades in school of Souls, depicted as the Wheat and the Barley.

Green Horse:

Rev 6:7 And when he had opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth beast say, Come and see.
Rev 6:8 And I looked, and behold a pale ((bad translation s/b Green or light green perhaps) horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.

Trump started off as the Luciferian soul riding herd on him (his vehicle) as with the others to start off the Green Horses reign. Green most means harvest time. During a harvest the vehicles (bodies) die and the Souls and/or Spirits get whatever they deserve according to the Kingdom of God’s Older Members, The Father and Jesus and Their Crew who are also able to judge whether to save them for a future graduation classroom or even graduate them.

Hell follows (Biden/Harris Admin?) which we’ve seen by people who have no belief in the Kingdom of God (except by some label as Christian or Jew or Islam for some) that at this time can be meaningless to the Kingdom of God Older Members because of how the religions have all been distorted and diluted and made into country club like organizations where people think they are saved just for believing in Jesus (which probably worked 2000 years ago to some degree up until they returned but now the criteria of being saved by belief alone refers to believing and Standing for TI and DO who have fulfilled all of Jesus teachings/requirements for students to graduate plus some because it’s all a growth process.

There is a great deal more to share about all this and how it relates to TI and DO’s teaching and events in the 25 years they were awakened to their Task, what is the Second Coming. I haven’t covered the last return which is not a teaching one but seems to be depicted in Revelation 19 that some may or may not literally see with our eyes happening.

Very few of these interpretations came directly from TI and DO but they all stem from what they said and did that I mostly became aware of after I left them and then got a type of wake up call when 9/11 happened.

Transhumanism, like the Religions and New Age Spirituality are Dead Ends at this Time

April 22, 2021

Here is an article sent to me about this transhumanism history in the Soviet Union. It of course wasn’t limited to that area of the world.

Here is my comment:

I believe the entire reasons people have been having these ideas about having eternal life and traveling throughout outer space, especially in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s is because the physical, many membered evolutionary Kingdom Level Above Human was preparing then for their Older Member and student Souls return to take over human vehicles they deposit souls into, for those student souls to finish their choice to evolve Beyond the human mammalian/reptilian condition. Thus their Minds were literally closer to earth and even on the surface more and this is why science fiction writers grew all over the planet but the US became a principal hub for with the emergence of the motion picture industry and all their work.

Part of what these Next Level Above Human members (which were called in records the kingdom of God and/or Kingdom in Heaven, the elevated areas above the earth extending into deep space, was how the space alien souls were also allowed to influence humans and they, having been dropouts from a previous Next Level Astronaut training program who went against the Next Level Older Members to try to start their own kingdom on earth, having once had elementary service on Next Level spacecrafts knew of the reality of the Next Level and how they grew the “garden” they had created, that included a spirit world of discarnates – dead humans remaining and influencing all human kind.

These once thought of as space alien souls had and still have a two fold agenda. Since they are literally in jail on earth, though can traverse the near space around the earth, they are desperate to get off the earth, which is a rumor among the new hybrid human vehicles they have grown and programmed to be their slaves on their physical spacecrafts, even being locked under the earth and/or seas for thousands of years. Hence the space programs became a huge priority that they led humans into and what helped a lot with that development were wars because that way great money could be poured into technologies such as rocketry to try to use that tech to get off the earth again as they have a limited supply of the element that can power their spacecrafts for indefinite periods of time. (see Bob Lazar and GW Bush and China and current US Space Force and previous Star Wars program Reagan started that was far from only about mounting attacks on earth based space/missile tech, but acknowledges a threat from people from space. Some think these people from space are coming to destroy the earth and/or enslave humanity, described by the so called “good aliens” as the “bad aliens” when it’s actually in reverse. All these aliens are “bad” relative to the purpose of this planet as designed to be like a hothouse to literally give Souls planted in humans the opportunity to become crew members on space crafts like seen in Star Trek series but without human mammalian behaviors and ways, so no children or need for propagation (as no one in the Next Level dies) and no sexuality as that is mammalian behavior they have outgrown the need for, etc.

Of some equal importance to the space aliens as getting out of their earth jail is to steal Souls from the Next Level (Creators) as they can not create nor destroy souls. They do this by convincing humans to believe in anything but what is taught by undercover (incarnate) Older Members throughout history that became distorted and diluted and used for manipulation by the lower forces (discarnates and space alien souls, who are related to the one called Lucifer), seen in the religions and new age spirituality and all it’s forms – sects that don’t resemble anymore what their founding incarnate Older Members brought to various cultures that began new cultures seen as dangerous cults in their day according to whatever had become traditional thinking and acting.

The development of these ideas escalated big time with ufo crashes, some staged by the Next Level as a way for it’s membership to leave a record of their physical existence and some staged by the space aliens to appear to be the same ones who started using crashes to arrive and reveal their reality.

This is a tiny nutshell and came from the teachings of those who were last called TI and DO seen in the media a great deal as the UFO Two (ufo=cloud of light in records, etc.) and the Heaven’s Gate “cult of cults” – the only cult with no bad human behaviors and ways that are head and shoulders above all the others which is quite easy to document for those willing to thoroughly look at in the materials they left behind for us, so more people could choose to become their students at a distance. There is no new group and nothing to buy but there is a huge amount of things to learn about them and consider.

Two Major Celestial Events Effect the Earth on April 12, 2021 – Fireball Explosion and Near Miss Asteroid #44 Since 2021

April 16, 2021

Here is the link to the youtube channel post with the details:

This report shows how unusually active the Next Level has been this year especially with so far 44 near earth asteroids, however small that passed within 0.75 of a lunar distance from earth thus inside the orbits of even many weather satellites. NASA hardly reports on much of this.

In this instance this huge fireball explosion over Florida and Bahamas occurred on the same day as the near miss asteroid 2021GW4 and NASA says they have no relationship with one another but as often has been the case as I have documented a number of times occurring since 2013 (the 40 year anniversary of TI and DO’s first major awakening time, this same time of year, where 40 years = 1 hour Next Level time frame and part of the forecast of events referred to this time frame as the “judgement hour” – and Jesus also made reference to different “hours” in some parables).

I had been wondering about what the Next Level was doing this time around to show humans their presence (for those who can “see” it) and learned of many fireballs – seemingly more than in previous years though always like I said since 2013 accumulated around the late December to April time frame and then another burst sometimes starting around late august into October with Comets that when examined were shown to consist of more than one object (like Hale Bopp and Pan Starr’s in 2013 and Honda in 2017 at their perihelion’s, sometimes when they were depixelated which we know NASA has a department to do (but they do to many pictures to prepare them for the public and just so happens that at times seems to include hiding what they really photographed).

Comet Atlas, I believe in late 2019 or so appeared to break up into many pieces but of course were they pieces of rocks or spacecrafts splitting off from a mothership?

TI and DO spoke of comet Kohoutek in 1973, around Christmas time when they rented that car that landed DO in jail where he wrote Statement One. It was supposed to be the Greatest Comet ever but they say it fizzled out but did it? I say it did it’s job and is still listed as a “great” comet because it could be seen by the naked eye.

That was also the case with Comet West in 1976, listed as a great comet and it broke into two pieces and then each of those broke into two pieces so it became 4 pieces. Again, Space Crafts? Is it a coincidence that at one point TI and DO went by the names Shelly and Jason West (pretending to be married to appear normal to some people). After all they were quite “married” spiritually as Jesus illustrated he felt towards his Heaven’s Father – DO towards TI. We could remember that in prophecy The Two Witnesses of Rev 11 are delivering new revealing of what’s true/real so that was not only revealing to us but was revealing about one another as Jesus also spoke of – in the mouth of two witnesses let your testimony be true. So TI witnessed who DO was and is to date as seen in the book UFO Missionaries Extraordinary a book published about them by Hayden Hewes and Brad Steiger. She wrote that he had served in the tasks of Adam, Enoch, Moses, Elijah and Jesus before. Meanwhile DO was the witness to TI being his Older Member – aka Heavenly Father which would mean TI was the same person written by Moses in Genesis as the Judge/magistrate of the earth – in Hebrew, Elohim and then as Jehovah – the One who was written by Moses as the “I AM” literally meaning “Existing One” as I Exist – I am real – I am the Lord of the Earth, which is who DO said TI is referring to TI as his “admiral” to his being like a “captain” and referred to TI and being the Chief Administrator of the earth which is described as the “woman” in Revelation 12 whose Older Member may very well be the Chief of Chiefs in their terminology.

All Members of the Next Level are compared to Humans are the true “Gods”. Jesus even illustrated this when he said that among humans John the Baptist was the greatest human but that every Member of the Kingdom of God was Above Him. And Jesus also spoke about how the only ones who came from the Kingdom of God were those who left with their physical bodies which just so happened to be Enoch, Moses*, Elijah and Jesus. Adam flunked his test but recovered by talking over the vehicle prepared for him known as Enoch who was “taken” Moses wrote. Elijah was witnessed by Elisha his student to have been taken up in a “whirlwind of fire” and Elisha revealed this to their other followers at the time. Jesus proved that he’d healed his vehicle of it’s wounds and was still physical saying “a spirit doesn’t have flesh and bone” as he ate with him and spent some 40 days with him. (There is that proverbial 40 again) and then he levitated into the cloud of light out of their sight. He was proving he could take his vehicle with him if it had completed it’s metamorphosis. TI and DO said he had completed that metamorphosis by the event told as the Transfiguration which in Greek is “metamorphoo”.

At that event the three students he brought with him – John, James and Peter witnessed seeing two brightly clothed people they thought were Moses and Elijah. Imagine that the Next Level did take those two vehicle onto their spacecrafts and put them in storage to be used as suits at that time. The records around Moses say he just walked off into the desert Yet his body or bones or grave was never found. One can say that animals ate it or the wind storms buried the bones or any explanation but TI and DO “felt” Moses’ vehicle was taken and that’s good enough for me.

After all Moses asked to see Jehovah’s face and Jehovah said no because he said Moses would die from seeing his face but he let Moses touch his back or shoulder. Again was showing his physicality. I learned some years ago that someone could die by being shocked by something they can’t imagine – have a heart attack at a certain thought or fear. Fear doesn’t have to be because of something threatening someone or appearing to be evil and/or ugly. The word fear and “awe” are equivalent. I have described my response to TI and DO as my being “in awe of them”. It wasn’t fear though certainly my Influences and Boogers (discarnates and space alien souls – adversaries) if they have a hold on us will be fearful at the observation of a Next Level Soul in or out of a human vehicle.

Also Moses was instructed to construct a tent just for Jehovah where only He would enter to take care of and then Aaron was added as a helper for. Jehovah would come and go via a “pillar of cloud cover”. The Hebrew word translated to cloud meant in it’s root, “covering”. The Next Level was protecting us from seeing their true nature because of how intense with “light” they are but still have physical vehicles with extraordinary power of what their Minds have become.

There will be more events in space. Note how comets are generally viewed by us on earth along the ecliptic so they are seen as moving east to west which Jesus said would be how signs would be shown – as a star looking light – even strewn across the heavens. And recall what DO and Crew wrote about Hale Bopp and a potential companion that whether there was a companion was “irrelevant” but that the hale bopp comet was the “marker” they’d been waiting for to signal their exit since first looking for that confirmation in 1975. But when one looks up the word used by Jesus translated to greek then to english as a “sign” one sees that it also can be translated to “marker”. TI and DO never tried to appear to be scripturally correct. In fact the opposite was often the case and that even involves that 40 number when DO asked us if we wanted to stop the burroughs cleanser diet/fast on that same day 39 or continue it. I remember in my head thinking that 40 days would match the 40 day fast in the desert that Jesus engaged. I didn’t care though and so DO stopped the fast on day 39. DO also said about his awakening time in Boerne, Texas in Jan-mid February of 1973 that they had been in that ranch house for “less than 6 weeks” – 6 weeks is 42 days. If he wanted to show himself/themselves to be linked with Jesus time in the wilderness preparing to go public as they were doing it would be tempting to just state it as 40 days right. I understand that temptation. I’ve been faced with making slight embellishments that showed certain links but I believe I caught them and didn’t allow myself to give into that influence. I guess I could make something out of the 44 near miss asteroids and there may well be a correlation with the 100 and 44 thousand. But also the fact that there was DO and 38 students who initially exited their vehicles together in 1997 and then 4 more students (Rkkody, Oscody, Jstody and Gbbody) and then as far as I can tell one other who never was in the classroom but who left a note I believe that indicated he was exiting because he felt like he missed the bus and he had been a grateful dead roadie which together equals 44 exits. Now some of those will have to return to the human kingdom to finish their overcoming but they all made a huge stride that was right for them, while now we all have the opportunity task of “Standing in Defense of TI and DO as from the Kingdom that created the earth and it’s inhabitants and to accept the consequences of taking that stand and maintaining that stand until we exit our vehicles (however that happens). That’s our task now and we need our physical vehicle to perform it for TI and DO and how, when, and where is up to each of us. And looking to TI and DO for every step we think about taking is part of working for them – asking them for the strength to see it through and then following our “feeler” in taking each step to be on guard against what the discarnates and booger fallen angel souls would try to get us to do.

Also note that Hale Bopp is like saying “hello from/to BO and PeeP” and Jesus also used that word at times of Hail as a greeting so why wouldn’t a crew of Next Level younger members use similar terms that had been used in the Jesus records. TI and DO said there was a crew that did that and had great fun doing it so we could make connections to help us SEE more of what’s really been happening, that is if we are willing to open our minds to see more.

Now I know I could be wrong about some of this and these connections but there are more, a great deal more actually and even so many connections that it’s almost unbelievably believable.

Oh, yes this report also says there was no sign on Doppler radar of fragments of this “meteor” so I would say the Next Level didn’t want to appear the same as a meteor and/or didn’t want anyone to get hurt from it.

Now I’m sure many will say this was just happenstance and/or was even CGI or space alien generated or human military testing and sometimes that is the case I know but given the timing of this in April like many other fireballs in previous years at this time and comets and having a near miss asteroid on the same exact day is to me far more than coincidence.

Steve Hassan’s anti-cult crusade has everything to do with his time in the Moonies and nothing to do with Heaven’s Gate

April 13, 2021

This title was Crlody’s post title that I reblogged to my blog here. His blog post is below and one might want to read it first as there is included a link to his original post. I just had more to say about it hence my comment:

I traveled around the US in 1995 after having left the group about a year or so earlier and met up with a number of former classmates including Dncody (Dick Joslyn). He was living in Sodona when I visited with him. He was confused why nothing he tried was working out. At one point he was literally weeping, sitting with me and I didn’t know how to console him. I wasn’t having any of his problems. He had been outside the class since around 1990. I played some music with him at a coffee shop and it was a pleasant visit except when he was so distraught, but he didn’t really confide in me much about what he felt about TI and DO and I didn’t talk about why I left with him either. He did share with me that he had been diagnosed as being HIV positive but said he didn’t believe it led to AIDS. He told me he was experimenting with drinking his own urine as a treatment. I knew he was LGBTQ. He was a kind and compassionate person. He had first left the classroom in 1976, after moving away from Veedavou camping area in Wyoming, when we got to New Mexico for a very brief stay but TI and DO sent a car to find him and did and he came back and stayed for another 10 years. From the beginning he had the task of being a helper to TI and DO with 5 other students who had joined from the North Hollywood meeting in April of 1975. He was a helper when TI and DO lived in Black Hawk, CO in 1981-2 or so, with 5 other students mostly the same ones. Then he was a helper of DO in around 1990 and went on a road trip with DO in a motor home with Jwnody as his partner. when they came back DO went back to having Lvvody and Jnnody as his helpers. I know Jwnody suffered not continuing to be DO’s helper. I imagine he too suffered from that as well. At one point in about 1985 he received a task from TI and DO that was referred to as rewriting the bible but I don’t know how far he got with it.

I stayed in touch with him and last spoke to him in around 1998. He was in a hospital in florida and I think I understood that he was dying and he wanted me to visit him. I had just months before that fathered a baby and I had to support my partner’s (our daughters) business and I was in Carmel, NY and was more or less broke so the thought of going down to florida where I knew I could do nothing to help him was not going to happen. I was sad about it and tried to help him over the phone but my advise was to ask TI and DO’s help, if I recall. I don’t know if he did that and learned soon thereafter that he had passed away.

So it seems Steve Hassan didn’t help him all that much.

I can also bring personal experience to Crlody’s post here re: the people referred to as the moonies. It was in 1994 I believe while holding public meetings for the second time since we stopped doing so in 1976 that my group came upon some disciples of Rev. Moon, I think in Arizona. I think we met them on a campus. We did put up posters of our meeting announcements on bulletin boards inside building and outside on boards at colleges in the towns we were holding a meeting in. I believe I was partnered with Chkody at the time and we went to a meeting because they offered us something to eat so we went with the flow and before we ate they had us attend a meeting where they had blackboards with ideas on them and diagrams of some sort that made no sense to me. No one asked us any questions so we didn’t say much if at all about what we were doing as I can confirm what Crlody said that we went about holding meetings with no desire to come away with new members because we were working for TI and DO and that never was a criteria for success. In fact when I was part of the two other groups in 1994 that held the meeting at the Univ. of Chicago, Chkody and I were overseers of a group so after the meeting anyone that wanted more information spoke to chkody and I. I remember telling this male and female young couple who said they wanted to join what our life was like. We talked about diet and I told them we had been on cleansing diets but at this time we had run out of money and wanted to continue for a while with the meetings so would ask restaurants for help with food at times and sometimes we would work for food at some Christian retreats. So we would eat whate3ver was given to us if it wasn’t bad or something TI and DO wouldn’t have us eat and that meant even eating at Taco Bell or Wendy’s, the later having a good salad bar where we could also get a baked potatoe, closer to our preferred diet then. But sometimes a manager we’d ask for help at a fast food place would just fill a bag for us and we’d eat whatever was in it. When these two people heard that, since they were staunchly vegan they said they couldn’t join us and that was fine, though Chkody questioned whether I should have checked with DO on that and she then did and it seemed like it wasn’t a bad choice to turn them away on that issue because I knew if they couldn’t overcome that, they were going to have a hard time with other things as well. After all it was at the end of those meetings by around August of 1994 that DO said we might have to take it upon ourselves to exit our vehicles.

So there was nothing similar with much of any of the groups I’d run into in 1975 and 1994 with TI and DO’s group, yet they are lumped together as if all cults are the same.


In the Cult of Cults documentary the section that included part of the interview with myself was lead off by some statements by Steve Hassan. Hassan was talking about individuals who were in a “vulnerable” time in their lives and then someone comes to the door, “Knock knock, have you ever thought about the Bible”? or something to that effect. Then the filming did a clunky segue to me talking about how I first met the class a year after I “dropped out of college”.

There was never any “knock, knock” as the class didn’t go door to door in 1994 nor in 1975/76. They held public meetings that were free of charge. They didn’t approach individuals sitting by themselves on college campuses like Hassan describes his first experience meeting members of the Unification Church,

”I was 19, and it was the beginning of the spring semester at college when…

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The letter from the class to the landlord of the Rancho Santa Fe property

April 2, 2021

Sawyer here: Reblogging from Crlody’s post – great to see these letters. Fills in some missing pieces for me so wanted to share with others


Note: This letter was included in the FedEx package that was sent to MRC/SRF ( aka Marc and Sarah King ) with the following instruction,

“Please drop the letter in the mail addressed to our landlord, Sam, as soon as you feel comfortable that he will not get the letter before you have a chance to get to the address listed in the ‘Location’ document”.

In his manuscript RKK discusses the letter and MRC/SRF’s reaction to it,

“they were also concerned about a letter they were (to) send to the landlord of the house where (sic) the class had rented. MRC told me that they had a copy of the letter that the class for Sam and has asked MRC/SRF to send (it) once the bodies were found. The letter contained their names and my name. They wanted to remove their names and my name from that letter before they…

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ideas concerning current events and Standing for TI and DO before Christians

March 31, 2021

Some may have thought that the censorship of Trump on twitter and the censorship of people who sought the truth about cvvvvdddd and vakkkkks (for many years has been going on re: vakkkkks) and the censorship re: the many election irregularities in elections since 2000, especially, that I’ve witnessed a great deal of in the last 22 years, plus all the censorship of what was happening in Afghanistan and Iraq wars and against Natural Healing forms of medicine (like DO and Crews Transfiguration Diet) and seen extensively in the 9/11 and JFK, RFK, MLK assassinations and the entire Space Alien among us and UFO subject matter coverups and more were all mostly politically motivated.

They were political of course but it really spans way beyond party politics. That’s all part of the show they put on for the many people who think, live and believe whatever their “side” says, more of less.

I’m not saying there aren’t certain lines drawn in the sand and that both sides contain people who are seriously at war with the other side. I mean, there are still Antifa related protests in Portland, etc. but they aren’t focused on, I think because it’s not needed for the election propaganda anymore.

If Trump’s presidency did one thing better than perhaps any president before him, I would suggest it was to stimulate the worst parts of his opposition – the BEASTial humans, to come out of the closet more than before, so to speak, which resulted in the security state (with the mainstream media and social media moguls) taking over, and mostly over a out in the open well documented preplanned approach to a novel (because they probably used crisper tech to splice in an HIV sequence) bad viral flu.

This last election time was when they knew they would have to make their authoritarian move in a way that’s never happened in this country, but because it’s the time that the Next Level is allowing it to occur to complete the civilizations Astronaut Training Program cycle.

As I’ve been expressing for over a year in particular, the only things holding back this security state from really taking over near completely, I believe is the Next Level who want us to have the opportunity to separate truth from lies in order for all people to choose between, as Jesus put it, “Deities or Mammon (all the things that constitute Treasure and Wealth to a human mammal).”

After all, DO said that the Third Type of Person who would be saved from the recycling are those who were separating from the human kingdom “world” in their own way, not even aware of TI and DO. He used the militia group example of how they were rebelling from being nationalistic – in support of the Feds, though DO added that he wasn’t condoning violence.

So even the people who are rebelling from the establishment, left, like Antifa and right, like Proud Boys for current examples, but there are many such groups left and right leaning who may contain sympathizers that for their growth may be doing the best they can to be separating from that world in their own ways, in this example, from believing in these human kingdom leaders.

Since the NeoLibCon (Democrats) are in power now and groups associated with Antifa are often considered more left, they will likely not be the primary focus of the main stream media and the continued civil war that is still brewing in this country, to further push the scenario that all the Trump related groups are the ultimate enemy, when few of them may actually be that racist or QAnon followers.

Look at the way, even the Democracy Now news show, who I used to follow religiously when Bush was in power for their great reporting of what was happening on the sly in government, the military abroad and with the many ways NeoCon Republican leaders were finding ways to rig the elections in 2000, 2004, who reported on how James Earl Ray was found innocent by Judge Sandra Day O’Conner in a Toronto court, of killing Martin Luther King that never got to the mainstream media. And they reported the many very blatant lies surrounding 9/11, supporting Michael Moore’s films and much more but now are following the Dem party line since Trump, promoting that Humans are causing Global warming that they stopped calling it that when they had the worse winter ever in the Sierra Nevada mountains some years ago, so make it easier to do PR with as “Climate Change”. In other words their plot was seen through, so they did damage control by changing the brainwashing terms.

I saw this coming in the year up to the election, when I learned from The Atlantic of the group called the TIP – Transitional Integrity Project with the Bushes and Clintons at it’s helm. Both of these previous presidents and their followers weren’t going to let Trump get in again, so they formulated like 5 strategic plans. One could already see before Trump left office that he was not in total control of much really. When he started to leak a few things that questioned the party line re: response to cvvveddd, like use of other alternative therapies like hydroxychloroquine and zinc and Vit C and D3 and talked about the millions sent to wuhan by Fauci’s group, somehow his cvvvvdddd briefings were curtailed.

I got a lot of help to see the TIP from the youtube channel, Last American Vagabond who was demonetized on youtube. (Isn’t it interesting perhaps how that word “demon” shows up in some very telling ways like this. I’m still not saying that any one political group are more demonic but it does appear that the last group in power now might be the last change of power as they are doing so many things to secure their power, which means silencing dissidents as every dictatorship does as they seize power. I’m not saying there won’t be more elections and even a new president in 4-8 years but I bet it won’t be anyone who won’t play ball enough to these moguls and donar class behind the politicians, that Trump in some ways represented. Don’t get me wrong, Trump also has his dictatorial ways and gives the “show” of being Christian. It was just too much to handle to have to work around him.

Remember this idea from the propagandists past, “Make the people afraid and tell them they (the govt) have the solution (vakkkkks) and many become obedient and even militant against what they dictate is the opposition”. Crlody, if I recall correctly, independent of me, also considered this medical treatment to be the most apparent identification of people for or against the BEAST. I put that idea in my book in 2017 related to Revelation 16:2. Now I’m NOT saying that getting the jab means being loyal to the BEAST but as they come out with vakkkkk passports and the like that does seem to be one of the many forms of criteria of control and the separation of people as for or against them.

I believe that all this means the Christians are seen as the biggest enemy against the current establishment that just seized the most power any government in the US ever had before. though it’s been well in the making since 2000 especially by planning (1997 publish of the committee for a New American Century with the document Rebuilding America’s Defenses that called for the Pearl Harbor like event to foster a need for what became the unlimited war on terror.
They demand obedience and even though many Christians are way off the track of what Jesus taught, they still generally believe that Jesus was the Son of the One he referred to as his Father in Heaven as part of the only true Kingdom of God we had on earth in this civilization as seen most in Judeo – Christian – and Islamic records – until TI and DO returned. I know there are many Christians who think Islam is the antichrist. I’ve dueled in words with a few of them and they hated me for showing how that was erroneous because all the religions and atheism even and in between are all doing their part in identifying as anti what Jesus taught about needing to overcome the human kingdom to get to some “Heaven”.

Among those who refer to themselves as Christians, are those who will recognize a lot about TI and DO, if they really have read their Jesus sayings in the gospels, that is 100% congruent with what Jesus was all about, to every detail. Many will be challenged by hearing about TI and DO but I bet many will wake up more as the world around them shows it’s lower forces face more and more.

So as DO said in one of the 1994 audio tapes we have, it’s a good idea to be able to speak their lingo. The number one source of the primary scriptures are found in the backside of the Heaven’s Gate Book. Christians will debate everything but those verses cut to the chase the huge way Jesus demonstrated being from outside this world and it’s human kingdom.

Since my book is entirely too big for anyone to wrap their heads around, I plan to create a document that can simply list all the primary forms of evidence that TI and DO were the promised return.
For that reason, I feel I need to spend considerable time on these points at every chance I have. For anyone who has a disdain for those records of what Jesus said and did, I suspect they might have to overcome it as Standing in TI and DO’s Defense might have it’s biggest value to do before Christians (or those who believed Jesus was someone very special to the civilization but couldn’t stand to be with any one organized group), while some of those will also choose to become our biggest enemies against our making that Stand. So whenever we do approach someone either on social media or even in person I think TI and DO would have us do it the way a Member of the Next might do it, which mostly means trying to tune into what DO would say each time and be tactful but gentle yet not so gentle as to be too afraid of ruffling feathers of other’s thoughts, as there is no time to waste in getting to the bottom lines that they can then, at the least have that seed planted.

I’ll be posting more and more on my blog and here from the many things Christians bring up that I have responded to.
In general it seems people who more or less supported aspects of Trump might make up the biggest group of people who are also Christians and many of them are really quite independent minded, looking perhaps like Libertarians’. There are many of those who are way off track with thinking Trump was a prophet or something, but more of a false prophet like the many others, and that QAnon was of any real value. It may not be an accident that they call themselves Q as Q was the document name of one of the primary single letter names for the manuscripts that were translated into the 4 gospel records. DO had said he felt the reason the 4 gospel records differed in some ways was because of the different students who were given the task to take notes on what Jesus said.

Some Christians will block you from their blogs and chat rooms and message boards and facebook pages, etc., as the lower forces – discarnate spirits and souls, will be even literally in some ways be putting their “hands” over their ears when you are talking/writing.
But every once in a while, someone will have a major light turn on in their heads. Some will be condescending towards us but I believe we can work on not letting it frazzle our vibration and just move on to do something else. I’ve had a lot of time to deal with the backlash but perhaps I needed that time and some of you who continue to seek to Stand for TI and DO won’t.

What I often advise to Christians who are combative is to project their asking to their Father in the most high heavens, among the stars to get it past the lower forces of this planet. They can ask specifically about who TI and DO are and the Next Level will help them if they are sincere enough in their asking and persistent in wanting to know the truth. That’s how Jesus said to “pray” and to do so in one’s privacy (closet) so not to be showing off piety.

The Idea of Going Back in Time and Changing the Future is a Luciferian Trick

March 29, 2021

Here is a comment I added to a post that was talking about a human who said he went back to 1975 and changed something that resulted in Y2K not being the disaster many thought it was going to be:

From TI and Do’s teachings no one goes back in time except in their minds through imagination and/or past life regressions that could include astral traveling. This was called by some spiritualists the akashic record that was claimed to be where the Urantia book came from which may be so. Now the space aliens are from the past and they still exist as do the discarnates so they can communicate through humans and those humans can feel like it’s real and it is real as a context only, not something that can be changed.

But linking y2k to this human (with or without a luciferian space alien fallen angel soul guiding him) doing something to stop the disaster some people thought it would be, in my way of thinking could be picking up on the fact that TI and DO came public then and left right before that change but in their exit did stimulate the disaster we are living through now that many are getting use to that had it’s first signs of escalation with the entire democracy of the US and UK crumbling under the coup d’etat that brought GW Bush to power, that fulfilled the manifestation of what the lower forces wanted to happen the whole time TI and DO and Crew were holding their meetings and Astronaut Training program “classroom” that continues to date in a new form after their exit.

I remember TI saying on more than one occasion that the Next Level was holding back the lower forces from stimulating things in the world so the classroom wouldn’t be restricted. Some of the evidence of why can easily be seen in the way the civilian population have become a new type of police force by neighbors and fellow citizens calling the police if someone was not going along with the party line. In some places I know about personally, if someone didn’t want to wear a mask they were fined and forced to leave the store, even tackled. I know of reports of someone asking a question, in particular at a college talk environmental czar John Kerry was giving where a student asked him whether he, like Bush was part of the Skull and Bones group. The student was literally surrounded by three police officers who ended up dragging him out of the auditorium where he was heard screaming, asking what he did wrong and then pleading not to be tasered but since he kept yelling was tasered.

In this day in age, imagine TI and DO’s group even without having the reputation it now has but simply like in 1994 talking publicly about the corruption in government that DO posted in the USA Today info/ad. How many people at this time would come to that meeting with more venom ready to let out.

It was 1997 when the group called Progress for a New American Century got together and wrote a document called Rebuilding America’s Defenses where they directly called for a “pearl harbor like event” in order to get the people on board to build up the military to fight a “two front war”. Some of the signatories of that were I think Cheney and Wolfowitz was the author and we went on to lead the world bank and perhaps Rumsfeld, the artilects of that Pearl Harbor like event alright that became the motivation to invade and murder thousands, even millions in afghanistan and Iraq and Libya and Syria and in Yemen to date.

So as I’ve documented DO was the White horse “rider” of Rev 6 when he finished the task TI helped him get started with followed by Bush the red horse rider who the Next Level gave the “power” of a “great sword” (military) which they of course used to begin the “endless war on terror” that millions are quite use to now.

That was followed with the black horse as Obama in seizing control over the BEASTS – the US and EU as the New World Order under the official guise of the endless war on Co2 another manufacture of a “crisis” started by Gore and company in earnest.

And Rev 6 also states that the rider of the black horse would be in power and the description included commodities of Wheat and Barley with different values in “cents” which looks awfully like they are describing a monetary policy – Wall Street Stock market Investment Bankers anyone?

Obama inherited the Bush started Financial Crisis which was also a war on the middle class in which some 5 million people lost their homes in the times that followed. I know someone who knows what happened in West Virginia to many. People were offered a sweat deal and low interest rate to buy their house so that they could afford it and then the interest rate was raised, which they didn’t realize would happen but then couldn’t afford it any more so were forced to foreclose. Then the banks once again owned that asset, hence could use it for continued gambling and even reselling.

What came from that was Dodd Frank law that made it so that the Federal Reserve bank, it’s own private corporation could bail out a bank without congressional approval and that just happened big time to some banks in around the fall of 2019 to the tune of trillions because some wall street banks interest rates for borrowing had climbed to 10% and if people don’t know it, many big corporation don’t pay for their labor force directly but take out loans to pay their people and keep floating the loans to reap them more and more profits.

Then came Trump, the first installment of the Green (pale) horse of Rev 6 and his identity was “death” and “hell” follows death and what have we seen that started in 2017 but a large increase in death’s from diseases in particular from Influenza to the tune according to the CDC over 61,000 people in that season, then it went down to the 40,000 range in 2018-19 season and now deaths are increasing again compounded by cvvvvdddd that seems to clearly be, if not literally designed and stimulated to spread, a bad flu virus that 99.5% of the people recover from, most without any medical intervention yet has been used to justify Medical Marshall Law, something many right wingers had been warning against happening for many years but got a little wrong thinking it would be militarily led.

I could go on and on and on with examples and references to prophecy and soon or later I too will probably be shut up, that is when the Next Level decides enough has been revealed to us and I’m not at all talking about little ole me as there are thousands of people, even millions perhaps that don’t necessarily have as many pieces to this puzzle as I have (because of TI and DO’s Mind recognition) but are separating from the world in their own ways and some of them have been telling more of what’s really happening for many years and of late are being silenced by the Mainstream media.

I suspect the reason why there are people still able to speak about what’s really been happening is for three reasons – the Next Level of course is the first and the subsequent reasons I suspect are that there are opposing camps even among these elites and that in a sense the perpetrators of the tyranny like to see who their dissidents are so they are targeting and getting other of their supporters to target those who aren’t playing ball with them, like I spoke to a little before to where twitter accounts I know of are being cancelled and youtube accounts demonetized and facebook pages shadow banned and the same with Pinterest and Instagram and others. Meanwhile these corporate mogul feudal lords, in bed with govt in power are sowing seeds of propaganda left and right galore with the 1984 doublespeak – the language and understanding people are literally brainwashed to accept and even thrive on.

What’s the number one method of brainwashing. Incite Fear and Repetition! – Terrorism, Pandemics, Financial ruin, poverty, diseases and the brainwashing part is telling people over and over and over that only they can be trusted to come up with solutions to the fear, hence, kill that terrorists domestic or foreign born and shut them up, make it so people have little communication of opposing views. Tell them they are fools to listen to conspiracy theories. Make it part of the entertainment industry and mix it up with focusing on those who go to extremes in thought and behavior. Program people to think there was nothing real that happened 2000 years ago in the Jerusalem area besides a story.

But if this is all such a insidiously driven plan, what humans are that evil as after all, the people in those neat suits and those who wear that nice white robes and those who wear those sophisticated looking uniforms and white lab coats are not bad people, right. And they aren’t necessarily as we can’t judge any one person but we can judge their actions relative to the Next Levels teachings. Many of these leaders demonstrate the degree of their confusion, hence these organizations change their mind on basic ideas while saying they are figuring things out when it was already well established in many scientific papers that their remedies are not effective, like speaking about masks and social distancing unless one literally never leaves the house and/or wears a hazmat suit to do so and then has their home made into a bubble and even that I bet won’t protect someone. Meanwhile they ignore the Next Level Above Human given solutions like to embark upon a cleansing diet like the Transfiguration Diet to really protect self and others from viruses and a whole host of diseases, that is for as long as possible since we are all still in a decaying environment.

But the entire reason humans are prone to believe they are doing things for the people’s “greater good” is because the space aliens think that way and they are picking up on their thoughts that they have bombarded upon humans for thousands of years so have programmed our bodies in ways, so are waking up more and more to what’s been and is still happening. In may be our best to be barely aware of all this, but to be barely aware can be to the Next Level all many are capable of doing, like DO said about Christians “hardly stand a chance” to see the truth of who was here as they expected.

So in my opinion Y2K happened and was a much bigger disaster than anyone imagined it to be but simply not in the way they thought it would be. And with these disasters comes the silver lining, but forgetting about all these fears and just point our Minds in the direction of TI and Do’s Mind and ask them for their help and direction and guidance in most all things and put fear of changes out of our minds as changes will come whether we like it or not, as we’ve already got a big taste of in the last year and yet we are still capable of having a breath of fresh air, but in the world we will continue to have escalated lack of peace except for having the peace of feeling some degree of connection to TI and DO’s Mind, who are masters of turning any negative into a positive.

I suggest making regular reading the Power of Goodness document TI wrote – as a type of medication with the other affirmations they provided their students then and now.