The First 4 Seals of Revelation 6

May 12, 2021

I know this can be a shocker for many so hold onto your hats and I advise not being quick to rule out.

I can show by many scriptural evidences that at this time we are in the middle of the 4th seal opening, the Green (pale) horse of the apocalypse (The Revealing of the Truth) as some call it. The first seal was opened by TI and DO, the same Souls who were The Father and Jesus.

White (Light/pure) horse:

Rev 6:1 And I saw when the Lamb opened one of the seals, and I heard, as it were the noise of thunder, one of the four beasts saying, Come and see.
Rev 6:2 And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer.

The “bow” represents the covenant (rainbow) – commitments made to TI and DO by Their Student Souls who were committed to take over their new human vehicles (“born of water,” aka incarnation – latin for ‘in the flesh”) needing that human vehicle to be “born of Mind/Spirit – the Word (Holy Spirit – the Mind (instructions, behaviors and ways of the Next Kingdom Level Above Human, Kingdom of God, Kingdom in Heavens that the Older Members brought into Their human vehicles) made Flesh,” again, (like 2000 years earlier), to complete their overcoming of their human mammalian condition.

So He (DO) conquers (overcomes the human world again) and goes a conquering because it’s through him that His students are able to conquer but they must do the work themselves of abiding by everything he provides as qualifications as it’s not a country club religion one is joining. They are making application to be working crewmembers on spacecrafts that are physical that make all human spacecrafts look severely primitive but are transport and provide laboratory space and are at times as large or larger than planets.

In Rev 6 the “horse” is what a human vehicle is compared to a Next Level Member, an entirely lower kingdom level of life – similar to the distance between a human and the animal kingdom in all ways, biologically and mentally.

The vehicle (body) the Soul who was incarnate in the name Jesus, wasn’t coming back with that same body, at least not for the teaching part of His task, so he took a human body that had the name Marshall Herff Applewhite, so even the vehicle had some degree of prophecy match to it’s name with Rev 6:2, where even the Apple part demonstrates that he started this civilization’s experiment by then failing the test of overcoming the Luciferian fallen angel souls influence. That was the reason for the current human kingdom on earth experiment, so that no one would get into the Next Level, even as a student with elementary tasks (watcher) if they could give in to those lower forces influence on them to separate from Their Older Member by not following instructions provided.

The Next Level, Kingdom of God, Kingdom in Heavens doesn’t get off on controlling people but they simply have no openings in their labs for people who rebel from recognizing the value of instructions. (It’s like in a human lab, if someone breaks a major instruction in their experiment it could have very major ramifications and to the Next Level their tasks are very important, even more so than the people who are performing those tasks. They design planets to serve as “gardens” that Soul containers they implant as seeds can choose to grow to join them in their Family in providing the same option of graduation to others. (space aliens also have their kind of implants to use to track the humans they want to use).

The label Luciferians represents all those who are seen today as not only discarnates and/or invisible souls but who have controlled the growing of hybrid humans even in past civilizations on earth, who are currently seen by some as the space aliens. However, these souls can’t travel very far into space anymore as they are in jail on earth and that’s why some of the biggest governments are desperate to get off the planet because these Luciferians are, as rumors circulate among them that this time around they will be recycled and there will be a new crop of Luciferians, it seems in part taken from some of those humans who are burrowing into the earth to build underground cities to flee to.

He (DO the One who was incarnate in the vehicle named Jesus) came with His Father (John 14) in the 1970’s to fulfill the task described as the Two Witnesses in Revelation 11 – both of which are described as anointed (Zech 4) and who together working as a partnership performed their 1260 days of prophecy (approx October-January of 1973 to April to June of 1976), speaking “plainly” and more “boldly” about Their Kingdom, (and very little in the less accurate religious terminology, thus a new language in more than one way, English and more generic (Plain) terms) and would also at that time reside/abide with those students and would “show [students] The Father” (John 14). Plus the Father at that time Jesus said would answer their questions directly instead of going through him. More evidence that the Father comes as well is provided by Rev 3:12 where it shows the Son, the Soul who was incarnate in the vehicle named Jesus identifies his God to Their students. DO was the one who told his students that TI was his Older Member (Heavenly Father). Plus in that verse DO is giving Their students his new name. Why new names unless they have new vehicles. After all Jesus said not to believe anyone who comes “in my name” saying they are the Christ because there would be many false christs (false Christians – people who don’t know how they have been led astray but becomes their test to discern).

TI and DO, at first used the names BO and Peep (TI was Peep) and because of their delivery of new information to wake up Student Souls, made U.S. national and international news labeled as “The Two” and/or as The UFO Cult – because they said in their kingdom the members have physical bodies (like Jesus and Moses/Jehovah proved) and physical transportation – hidden from humans via cloud covering (cloud of light), but said in various ways throughout the records, like the chariot of fire and it’s “horses” and a whirlwind, Ezekiel’s wheel within a wheel and the way Jehovah came and went and led the Children of Israel through the desert at night, lighting the way (and the Jewish word of mouth Talmud is said to indicate it was also allegedly killing harmful snakes and scorpions, etc., which I don’t doubt).

They came with their students who were ready to graduate via crashing some of their primitive spacecrafts in the late 1940’s and 1950’s to give humans that proof of Beings that were not human but were humanoid (as that’s the appearance they made humans to resemble). Meanwhile the space aliens were allowed to also be present and they did some facsimile UFO crashes to confuse humans which The Next Level Above Human allow so that humans have a free will choice about what to believe.

In the 1990’s (even more so the end of the age Jesus referred to returning in) DO came public through the actions of his Students but also by providing the remaining 6 of 7 thunders (roars) from Rev 10, the first being performed by He and TI, his Older Member – aka Heavenly Father. I can lay out each of the 7 thunders as disclosures of more information – revealing of the truth as public provision of their information to the world that concluded with the 7th by Their chosen exit of the vehicles they had picked and prepped to perform their tasks through. They were seen by the world a second time as the Heaven’s Gate “cult of Cults” and “cult of truth” the ultimate subculture that had no bad, evil or human centric behaviors and ways – of mammalian life forms, thus no children in their group because children weren’t mature enough to choose to overcome the world they hadn’t hardly experienced yet.

They had no sexuality because Members of the Next Level have no sexuality and thus our Souls need to be grown with that discipline to qualify to be among them on their spacecrafts – like in a Star Trek depiction. They had no abuses of people. No one held against their will. No one guilted into joining or staying in the group. It was hard to stay in the group but one didn’t necessarily know that at the time. (I learned it after I chose to leave them – because I all of a sudden didn’t keep up with my lesson plan). I learned that the Next Level reduced the help they were giving me to help me catch up on the lessons I wasn’t recognizing still needed work and instead of catching up, I fell away but it’s not over for any of us.

The Thunders/Roars from the Lion of Juda (Rev 5 and 10) are apparent as having occurred:

-1st Thunder – 1975 – Seen by world as The UFO Cult. In 1988 DO wrote ’88 Update – The UFO Two and Their Crew to conclude that first thunder by correcting much of the misinformation that followed Them (BO and Peep) around.

-2nd Thunder – 1992 – Beyond Human – The Last Call – 12 part video series DO and Crew produced

-3rd Thunder – 1993 – “UFO Cult” Resurfaces with Final Offer published in USA Today national and international editions as an information (advertisement) purchased for $30,000.00

-4th Thunder – This ad/statement was then reprinted in alternative newspapers all over the US and in a number of other countries under the title, “Last Chance To Advance Beyond Human”.

-5th Thunder – 1994 – the group once again held public meetings around the US for about 9 months informing people of our beliefs that DO was the return of the same Soul who was Jesus. As the Two Witnesses They said They were not Jesus because Jesus was the name of the vehicle an Older Members Soul took over to perform his task through. (I can provide an updated explanation for most all the prophecies of Jesus and most of the Book of Revelation but am trying to keep this summary short).

TI, Do’s Heavenly Father (they referred to as Older Member) had left her vehicle. She was described in Rev 12 as having taken over a female vehicle (body) to get her son (the Soul who was in the body named Jesus) started and then she left her body and humans saw it as cancer (earth opened up it’s mouth) – exiting in 1985 and shows that her seed – DO and Student body finish their task without her. The woman is not the church as some Christians say because the Church in that context – use of that term are the students – the believers in Them and they are the ones potentially being “born of spirit” as Jesus said so they aren’t capable of “birthing” themselves as what the Father does for His Son – birthing him to the Throne task to finish the task.

-6th Thunder – 1995 – Post to World Wide Web of the document, Undercover “Jesus” Surfaces Before Departure. About two weeks later was posted in another “tongue” – a higher more generic translation entitled, ’95 Statement by an E.T. Presently Incarnate.

-7th Thunder – Phase One – Completing the book, “How and When “Heaven’s Gate” (The Door to the Physical Kingdom Level Above Human) May Be Entered, which was an anthology of their materials. This was posted on their internet web site thus to the world. (Rev 14 talks about an angel preaching from the “midheaven” seemingly at the time of their conquering – ongoing for those that choose to take that task of seeking to Stand in Defense of TI and DO and accept the consequences.

Phase Two was their voluntary “lay down of their vehicles lives” (as jesus illustrated and demonstrated in the way that worked at that time) to Exit their human vehicles they borrowed which happened in the last week of March of 1997 with the closest approach to earth of the Hale Bopp comet. The Comet was the timing of their exit. It was “irrelevant” to them whether the reported “companion object” was present with the comet. They knew TI’s crew would pick them up (their Souls and potentially their Vehicles) in a physical spacecraft.

Red Horse:

Rev 6:3 And when he had opened the second seal, I heard the second beast say, Come and see.
Rev 6:4 And there went out another horse that was red: and power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another: and there was given unto him a great sword.

The one sitting on the red horse was a Luciferian Soul who took over the body of G.W. Bush and through him stimulated the endless war on terror. Rev 6 describes being given the power to use a mighty sword – military and so 911 was planned to enable the US to build it’s military even stronger to fight a “two front war” and so that is what happened with Afghanistan and Iraq and that continues and will escalate further.

Black Horse:

Rev 6:5 And when he had opened the third seal, I heard the third beast say, Come and see. And I beheld, and lo a black horse; and he that sat on him had a pair of balances in his hand.
Rev 6:6 And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say, A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine.

Obama was the one sitting on the Black horse and he was also taken over by a Luciferian soul and he directed the Two Beasts (US and EU) to form a global new world order and he also presided over the Financial Crisis that paid billions to banks and through around 5 million people out of their houses because of fraudulent lending practices. This involved wall street to fulfill the prophecy in Rev 6 of talking about commodities of wheat and barley with their monetary value, though it also refers to two grades in school of Souls, depicted as the Wheat and the Barley.

Green Horse:

Rev 6:7 And when he had opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth beast say, Come and see.
Rev 6:8 And I looked, and behold a pale ((bad translation s/b Green or light green perhaps) horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.

Trump started off as the Luciferian soul riding herd on him (his vehicle) as with the others to start off the Green Horses reign. Green most means harvest time. During a harvest the vehicles (bodies) die and the Souls and/or Spirits get whatever they deserve according to the Kingdom of God’s Older Members, The Father and Jesus and Their Crew who are also able to judge whether to save them for a future graduation classroom or even graduate them.

Hell follows (Biden/Harris Admin?) which we’ve seen by people who have no belief in the Kingdom of God (except by some label as Christian or Jew or Islam for some) that at this time can be meaningless to the Kingdom of God Older Members because of how the religions have all been distorted and diluted and made into country club like organizations where people think they are saved just for believing in Jesus (which probably worked 2000 years ago to some degree up until they returned but now the criteria of being saved by belief alone refers to believing and Standing for TI and DO who have fulfilled all of Jesus teachings/requirements for students to graduate plus some because it’s all a growth process.

There is a great deal more to share about all this and how it relates to TI and DO’s teaching and events in the 25 years they were awakened to their Task, what is the Second Coming. I haven’t covered the last return which is not a teaching one but seems to be depicted in Revelation 19 that some may or may not literally see with our eyes happening.

Very few of these interpretations came directly from TI and DO but they all stem from what they said and did that I mostly became aware of after I left them and then got a type of wake up call when 9/11 happened.

Transhumanism, like the Religions and New Age Spirituality are Dead Ends at this Time

April 22, 2021

Here is an article sent to me about this transhumanism history in the Soviet Union. It of course wasn’t limited to that area of the world.

Here is my comment:

I believe the entire reasons people have been having these ideas about having eternal life and traveling throughout outer space, especially in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s is because the physical, many membered evolutionary Kingdom Level Above Human was preparing then for their Older Member and student Souls return to take over human vehicles they deposit souls into, for those student souls to finish their choice to evolve Beyond the human mammalian/reptilian condition. Thus their Minds were literally closer to earth and even on the surface more and this is why science fiction writers grew all over the planet but the US became a principal hub for with the emergence of the motion picture industry and all their work.

Part of what these Next Level Above Human members (which were called in records the kingdom of God and/or Kingdom in Heaven, the elevated areas above the earth extending into deep space, was how the space alien souls were also allowed to influence humans and they, having been dropouts from a previous Next Level Astronaut training program who went against the Next Level Older Members to try to start their own kingdom on earth, having once had elementary service on Next Level spacecrafts knew of the reality of the Next Level and how they grew the “garden” they had created, that included a spirit world of discarnates – dead humans remaining and influencing all human kind.

These once thought of as space alien souls had and still have a two fold agenda. Since they are literally in jail on earth, though can traverse the near space around the earth, they are desperate to get off the earth, which is a rumor among the new hybrid human vehicles they have grown and programmed to be their slaves on their physical spacecrafts, even being locked under the earth and/or seas for thousands of years. Hence the space programs became a huge priority that they led humans into and what helped a lot with that development were wars because that way great money could be poured into technologies such as rocketry to try to use that tech to get off the earth again as they have a limited supply of the element that can power their spacecrafts for indefinite periods of time. (see Bob Lazar and GW Bush and China and current US Space Force and previous Star Wars program Reagan started that was far from only about mounting attacks on earth based space/missile tech, but acknowledges a threat from people from space. Some think these people from space are coming to destroy the earth and/or enslave humanity, described by the so called “good aliens” as the “bad aliens” when it’s actually in reverse. All these aliens are “bad” relative to the purpose of this planet as designed to be like a hothouse to literally give Souls planted in humans the opportunity to become crew members on space crafts like seen in Star Trek series but without human mammalian behaviors and ways, so no children or need for propagation (as no one in the Next Level dies) and no sexuality as that is mammalian behavior they have outgrown the need for, etc.

Of some equal importance to the space aliens as getting out of their earth jail is to steal Souls from the Next Level (Creators) as they can not create nor destroy souls. They do this by convincing humans to believe in anything but what is taught by undercover (incarnate) Older Members throughout history that became distorted and diluted and used for manipulation by the lower forces (discarnates and space alien souls, who are related to the one called Lucifer), seen in the religions and new age spirituality and all it’s forms – sects that don’t resemble anymore what their founding incarnate Older Members brought to various cultures that began new cultures seen as dangerous cults in their day according to whatever had become traditional thinking and acting.

The development of these ideas escalated big time with ufo crashes, some staged by the Next Level as a way for it’s membership to leave a record of their physical existence and some staged by the space aliens to appear to be the same ones who started using crashes to arrive and reveal their reality.

This is a tiny nutshell and came from the teachings of those who were last called TI and DO seen in the media a great deal as the UFO Two (ufo=cloud of light in records, etc.) and the Heaven’s Gate “cult of cults” – the only cult with no bad human behaviors and ways that are head and shoulders above all the others which is quite easy to document for those willing to thoroughly look at in the materials they left behind for us, so more people could choose to become their students at a distance. There is no new group and nothing to buy but there is a huge amount of things to learn about them and consider.

Two Major Celestial Events Effect the Earth on April 12, 2021 – Fireball Explosion and Near Miss Asteroid #44 Since 2021

April 16, 2021

Here is the link to the youtube channel post with the details:

This report shows how unusually active the Next Level has been this year especially with so far 44 near earth asteroids, however small that passed within 0.75 of a lunar distance from earth thus inside the orbits of even many weather satellites. NASA hardly reports on much of this.

In this instance this huge fireball explosion over Florida and Bahamas occurred on the same day as the near miss asteroid 2021GW4 and NASA says they have no relationship with one another but as often has been the case as I have documented a number of times occurring since 2013 (the 40 year anniversary of TI and DO’s first major awakening time, this same time of year, where 40 years = 1 hour Next Level time frame and part of the forecast of events referred to this time frame as the “judgement hour” – and Jesus also made reference to different “hours” in some parables).

I had been wondering about what the Next Level was doing this time around to show humans their presence (for those who can “see” it) and learned of many fireballs – seemingly more than in previous years though always like I said since 2013 accumulated around the late December to April time frame and then another burst sometimes starting around late august into October with Comets that when examined were shown to consist of more than one object (like Hale Bopp and Pan Starr’s in 2013 and Honda in 2017 at their perihelion’s, sometimes when they were depixelated which we know NASA has a department to do (but they do to many pictures to prepare them for the public and just so happens that at times seems to include hiding what they really photographed).

Comet Atlas, I believe in late 2019 or so appeared to break up into many pieces but of course were they pieces of rocks or spacecrafts splitting off from a mothership?

TI and DO spoke of comet Kohoutek in 1973, around Christmas time when they rented that car that landed DO in jail where he wrote Statement One. It was supposed to be the Greatest Comet ever but they say it fizzled out but did it? I say it did it’s job and is still listed as a “great” comet because it could be seen by the naked eye.

That was also the case with Comet West in 1976, listed as a great comet and it broke into two pieces and then each of those broke into two pieces so it became 4 pieces. Again, Space Crafts? Is it a coincidence that at one point TI and DO went by the names Shelly and Jason West (pretending to be married to appear normal to some people). After all they were quite “married” spiritually as Jesus illustrated he felt towards his Heaven’s Father – DO towards TI. We could remember that in prophecy The Two Witnesses of Rev 11 are delivering new revealing of what’s true/real so that was not only revealing to us but was revealing about one another as Jesus also spoke of – in the mouth of two witnesses let your testimony be true. So TI witnessed who DO was and is to date as seen in the book UFO Missionaries Extraordinary a book published about them by Hayden Hewes and Brad Steiger. She wrote that he had served in the tasks of Adam, Enoch, Moses, Elijah and Jesus before. Meanwhile DO was the witness to TI being his Older Member – aka Heavenly Father which would mean TI was the same person written by Moses in Genesis as the Judge/magistrate of the earth – in Hebrew, Elohim and then as Jehovah – the One who was written by Moses as the “I AM” literally meaning “Existing One” as I Exist – I am real – I am the Lord of the Earth, which is who DO said TI is referring to TI as his “admiral” to his being like a “captain” and referred to TI and being the Chief Administrator of the earth which is described as the “woman” in Revelation 12 whose Older Member may very well be the Chief of Chiefs in their terminology.

All Members of the Next Level are compared to Humans are the true “Gods”. Jesus even illustrated this when he said that among humans John the Baptist was the greatest human but that every Member of the Kingdom of God was Above Him. And Jesus also spoke about how the only ones who came from the Kingdom of God were those who left with their physical bodies which just so happened to be Enoch, Moses*, Elijah and Jesus. Adam flunked his test but recovered by talking over the vehicle prepared for him known as Enoch who was “taken” Moses wrote. Elijah was witnessed by Elisha his student to have been taken up in a “whirlwind of fire” and Elisha revealed this to their other followers at the time. Jesus proved that he’d healed his vehicle of it’s wounds and was still physical saying “a spirit doesn’t have flesh and bone” as he ate with him and spent some 40 days with him. (There is that proverbial 40 again) and then he levitated into the cloud of light out of their sight. He was proving he could take his vehicle with him if it had completed it’s metamorphosis. TI and DO said he had completed that metamorphosis by the event told as the Transfiguration which in Greek is “metamorphoo”.

At that event the three students he brought with him – John, James and Peter witnessed seeing two brightly clothed people they thought were Moses and Elijah. Imagine that the Next Level did take those two vehicle onto their spacecrafts and put them in storage to be used as suits at that time. The records around Moses say he just walked off into the desert Yet his body or bones or grave was never found. One can say that animals ate it or the wind storms buried the bones or any explanation but TI and DO “felt” Moses’ vehicle was taken and that’s good enough for me.

After all Moses asked to see Jehovah’s face and Jehovah said no because he said Moses would die from seeing his face but he let Moses touch his back or shoulder. Again was showing his physicality. I learned some years ago that someone could die by being shocked by something they can’t imagine – have a heart attack at a certain thought or fear. Fear doesn’t have to be because of something threatening someone or appearing to be evil and/or ugly. The word fear and “awe” are equivalent. I have described my response to TI and DO as my being “in awe of them”. It wasn’t fear though certainly my Influences and Boogers (discarnates and space alien souls – adversaries) if they have a hold on us will be fearful at the observation of a Next Level Soul in or out of a human vehicle.

Also Moses was instructed to construct a tent just for Jehovah where only He would enter to take care of and then Aaron was added as a helper for. Jehovah would come and go via a “pillar of cloud cover”. The Hebrew word translated to cloud meant in it’s root, “covering”. The Next Level was protecting us from seeing their true nature because of how intense with “light” they are but still have physical vehicles with extraordinary power of what their Minds have become.

There will be more events in space. Note how comets are generally viewed by us on earth along the ecliptic so they are seen as moving east to west which Jesus said would be how signs would be shown – as a star looking light – even strewn across the heavens. And recall what DO and Crew wrote about Hale Bopp and a potential companion that whether there was a companion was “irrelevant” but that the hale bopp comet was the “marker” they’d been waiting for to signal their exit since first looking for that confirmation in 1975. But when one looks up the word used by Jesus translated to greek then to english as a “sign” one sees that it also can be translated to “marker”. TI and DO never tried to appear to be scripturally correct. In fact the opposite was often the case and that even involves that 40 number when DO asked us if we wanted to stop the burroughs cleanser diet/fast on that same day 39 or continue it. I remember in my head thinking that 40 days would match the 40 day fast in the desert that Jesus engaged. I didn’t care though and so DO stopped the fast on day 39. DO also said about his awakening time in Boerne, Texas in Jan-mid February of 1973 that they had been in that ranch house for “less than 6 weeks” – 6 weeks is 42 days. If he wanted to show himself/themselves to be linked with Jesus time in the wilderness preparing to go public as they were doing it would be tempting to just state it as 40 days right. I understand that temptation. I’ve been faced with making slight embellishments that showed certain links but I believe I caught them and didn’t allow myself to give into that influence. I guess I could make something out of the 44 near miss asteroids and there may well be a correlation with the 100 and 44 thousand. But also the fact that there was DO and 38 students who initially exited their vehicles together in 1997 and then 4 more students (Rkkody, Oscody, Jstody and Gbbody) and then as far as I can tell one other who never was in the classroom but who left a note I believe that indicated he was exiting because he felt like he missed the bus and he had been a grateful dead roadie which together equals 44 exits. Now some of those will have to return to the human kingdom to finish their overcoming but they all made a huge stride that was right for them, while now we all have the opportunity task of “Standing in Defense of TI and DO as from the Kingdom that created the earth and it’s inhabitants and to accept the consequences of taking that stand and maintaining that stand until we exit our vehicles (however that happens). That’s our task now and we need our physical vehicle to perform it for TI and DO and how, when, and where is up to each of us. And looking to TI and DO for every step we think about taking is part of working for them – asking them for the strength to see it through and then following our “feeler” in taking each step to be on guard against what the discarnates and booger fallen angel souls would try to get us to do.

Also note that Hale Bopp is like saying “hello from/to BO and PeeP” and Jesus also used that word at times of Hail as a greeting so why wouldn’t a crew of Next Level younger members use similar terms that had been used in the Jesus records. TI and DO said there was a crew that did that and had great fun doing it so we could make connections to help us SEE more of what’s really been happening, that is if we are willing to open our minds to see more.

Now I know I could be wrong about some of this and these connections but there are more, a great deal more actually and even so many connections that it’s almost unbelievably believable.

Oh, yes this report also says there was no sign on Doppler radar of fragments of this “meteor” so I would say the Next Level didn’t want to appear the same as a meteor and/or didn’t want anyone to get hurt from it.

Now I’m sure many will say this was just happenstance and/or was even CGI or space alien generated or human military testing and sometimes that is the case I know but given the timing of this in April like many other fireballs in previous years at this time and comets and having a near miss asteroid on the same exact day is to me far more than coincidence.

Steve Hassan’s anti-cult crusade has everything to do with his time in the Moonies and nothing to do with Heaven’s Gate

April 13, 2021

This title was Crlody’s post title that I reblogged to my blog here. His blog post is below and one might want to read it first as there is included a link to his original post. I just had more to say about it hence my comment:

I traveled around the US in 1995 after having left the group about a year or so earlier and met up with a number of former classmates including Dncody (Dick Joslyn). He was living in Sodona when I visited with him. He was confused why nothing he tried was working out. At one point he was literally weeping, sitting with me and I didn’t know how to console him. I wasn’t having any of his problems. He had been outside the class since around 1990. I played some music with him at a coffee shop and it was a pleasant visit except when he was so distraught, but he didn’t really confide in me much about what he felt about TI and DO and I didn’t talk about why I left with him either. He did share with me that he had been diagnosed as being HIV positive but said he didn’t believe it led to AIDS. He told me he was experimenting with drinking his own urine as a treatment. I knew he was LGBTQ. He was a kind and compassionate person. He had first left the classroom in 1976, after moving away from Veedavou camping area in Wyoming, when we got to New Mexico for a very brief stay but TI and DO sent a car to find him and did and he came back and stayed for another 10 years. From the beginning he had the task of being a helper to TI and DO with 5 other students who had joined from the North Hollywood meeting in April of 1975. He was a helper when TI and DO lived in Black Hawk, CO in 1981-2 or so, with 5 other students mostly the same ones. Then he was a helper of DO in around 1990 and went on a road trip with DO in a motor home with Jwnody as his partner. when they came back DO went back to having Lvvody and Jnnody as his helpers. I know Jwnody suffered not continuing to be DO’s helper. I imagine he too suffered from that as well. At one point in about 1985 he received a task from TI and DO that was referred to as rewriting the bible but I don’t know how far he got with it.

I stayed in touch with him and last spoke to him in around 1998. He was in a hospital in florida and I think I understood that he was dying and he wanted me to visit him. I had just months before that fathered a baby and I had to support my partner’s (our daughters) business and I was in Carmel, NY and was more or less broke so the thought of going down to florida where I knew I could do nothing to help him was not going to happen. I was sad about it and tried to help him over the phone but my advise was to ask TI and DO’s help, if I recall. I don’t know if he did that and learned soon thereafter that he had passed away.

So it seems Steve Hassan didn’t help him all that much.

I can also bring personal experience to Crlody’s post here re: the people referred to as the moonies. It was in 1994 I believe while holding public meetings for the second time since we stopped doing so in 1976 that my group came upon some disciples of Rev. Moon, I think in Arizona. I think we met them on a campus. We did put up posters of our meeting announcements on bulletin boards inside building and outside on boards at colleges in the towns we were holding a meeting in. I believe I was partnered with Chkody at the time and we went to a meeting because they offered us something to eat so we went with the flow and before we ate they had us attend a meeting where they had blackboards with ideas on them and diagrams of some sort that made no sense to me. No one asked us any questions so we didn’t say much if at all about what we were doing as I can confirm what Crlody said that we went about holding meetings with no desire to come away with new members because we were working for TI and DO and that never was a criteria for success. In fact when I was part of the two other groups in 1994 that held the meeting at the Univ. of Chicago, Chkody and I were overseers of a group so after the meeting anyone that wanted more information spoke to chkody and I. I remember telling this male and female young couple who said they wanted to join what our life was like. We talked about diet and I told them we had been on cleansing diets but at this time we had run out of money and wanted to continue for a while with the meetings so would ask restaurants for help with food at times and sometimes we would work for food at some Christian retreats. So we would eat whate3ver was given to us if it wasn’t bad or something TI and DO wouldn’t have us eat and that meant even eating at Taco Bell or Wendy’s, the later having a good salad bar where we could also get a baked potatoe, closer to our preferred diet then. But sometimes a manager we’d ask for help at a fast food place would just fill a bag for us and we’d eat whatever was in it. When these two people heard that, since they were staunchly vegan they said they couldn’t join us and that was fine, though Chkody questioned whether I should have checked with DO on that and she then did and it seemed like it wasn’t a bad choice to turn them away on that issue because I knew if they couldn’t overcome that, they were going to have a hard time with other things as well. After all it was at the end of those meetings by around August of 1994 that DO said we might have to take it upon ourselves to exit our vehicles.

So there was nothing similar with much of any of the groups I’d run into in 1975 and 1994 with TI and DO’s group, yet they are lumped together as if all cults are the same.


In the Cult of Cults documentary the section that included part of the interview with myself was lead off by some statements by Steve Hassan. Hassan was talking about individuals who were in a “vulnerable” time in their lives and then someone comes to the door, “Knock knock, have you ever thought about the Bible”? or something to that effect. Then the filming did a clunky segue to me talking about how I first met the class a year after I “dropped out of college”.

There was never any “knock, knock” as the class didn’t go door to door in 1994 nor in 1975/76. They held public meetings that were free of charge. They didn’t approach individuals sitting by themselves on college campuses like Hassan describes his first experience meeting members of the Unification Church,

”I was 19, and it was the beginning of the spring semester at college when…

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The letter from the class to the landlord of the Rancho Santa Fe property

April 2, 2021

Sawyer here: Reblogging from Crlody’s post – great to see these letters. Fills in some missing pieces for me so wanted to share with others


Note: This letter was included in the FedEx package that was sent to MRC/SRF ( aka Marc and Sarah King ) with the following instruction,

“Please drop the letter in the mail addressed to our landlord, Sam, as soon as you feel comfortable that he will not get the letter before you have a chance to get to the address listed in the ‘Location’ document”.

In his manuscript RKK discusses the letter and MRC/SRF’s reaction to it,

“they were also concerned about a letter they were (to) send to the landlord of the house where (sic) the class had rented. MRC told me that they had a copy of the letter that the class for Sam and has asked MRC/SRF to send (it) once the bodies were found. The letter contained their names and my name. They wanted to remove their names and my name from that letter before they…

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ideas concerning current events and Standing for TI and DO before Christians

March 31, 2021

Some may have thought that the censorship of Trump on twitter and the censorship of people who sought the truth about cvvvvdddd and vakkkkks (for many years has been going on re: vakkkkks) and the censorship re: the many election irregularities in elections since 2000, especially, that I’ve witnessed a great deal of in the last 22 years, plus all the censorship of what was happening in Afghanistan and Iraq wars and against Natural Healing forms of medicine (like DO and Crews Transfiguration Diet) and seen extensively in the 9/11 and JFK, RFK, MLK assassinations and the entire Space Alien among us and UFO subject matter coverups and more were all mostly politically motivated.

They were political of course but it really spans way beyond party politics. That’s all part of the show they put on for the many people who think, live and believe whatever their “side” says, more of less.

I’m not saying there aren’t certain lines drawn in the sand and that both sides contain people who are seriously at war with the other side. I mean, there are still Antifa related protests in Portland, etc. but they aren’t focused on, I think because it’s not needed for the election propaganda anymore.

If Trump’s presidency did one thing better than perhaps any president before him, I would suggest it was to stimulate the worst parts of his opposition – the BEASTial humans, to come out of the closet more than before, so to speak, which resulted in the security state (with the mainstream media and social media moguls) taking over, and mostly over a out in the open well documented preplanned approach to a novel (because they probably used crisper tech to splice in an HIV sequence) bad viral flu.

This last election time was when they knew they would have to make their authoritarian move in a way that’s never happened in this country, but because it’s the time that the Next Level is allowing it to occur to complete the civilizations Astronaut Training Program cycle.

As I’ve been expressing for over a year in particular, the only things holding back this security state from really taking over near completely, I believe is the Next Level who want us to have the opportunity to separate truth from lies in order for all people to choose between, as Jesus put it, “Deities or Mammon (all the things that constitute Treasure and Wealth to a human mammal).”

After all, DO said that the Third Type of Person who would be saved from the recycling are those who were separating from the human kingdom “world” in their own way, not even aware of TI and DO. He used the militia group example of how they were rebelling from being nationalistic – in support of the Feds, though DO added that he wasn’t condoning violence.

So even the people who are rebelling from the establishment, left, like Antifa and right, like Proud Boys for current examples, but there are many such groups left and right leaning who may contain sympathizers that for their growth may be doing the best they can to be separating from that world in their own ways, in this example, from believing in these human kingdom leaders.

Since the NeoLibCon (Democrats) are in power now and groups associated with Antifa are often considered more left, they will likely not be the primary focus of the main stream media and the continued civil war that is still brewing in this country, to further push the scenario that all the Trump related groups are the ultimate enemy, when few of them may actually be that racist or QAnon followers.

Look at the way, even the Democracy Now news show, who I used to follow religiously when Bush was in power for their great reporting of what was happening on the sly in government, the military abroad and with the many ways NeoCon Republican leaders were finding ways to rig the elections in 2000, 2004, who reported on how James Earl Ray was found innocent by Judge Sandra Day O’Conner in a Toronto court, of killing Martin Luther King that never got to the mainstream media. And they reported the many very blatant lies surrounding 9/11, supporting Michael Moore’s films and much more but now are following the Dem party line since Trump, promoting that Humans are causing Global warming that they stopped calling it that when they had the worse winter ever in the Sierra Nevada mountains some years ago, so make it easier to do PR with as “Climate Change”. In other words their plot was seen through, so they did damage control by changing the brainwashing terms.

I saw this coming in the year up to the election, when I learned from The Atlantic of the group called the TIP – Transitional Integrity Project with the Bushes and Clintons at it’s helm. Both of these previous presidents and their followers weren’t going to let Trump get in again, so they formulated like 5 strategic plans. One could already see before Trump left office that he was not in total control of much really. When he started to leak a few things that questioned the party line re: response to cvvveddd, like use of other alternative therapies like hydroxychloroquine and zinc and Vit C and D3 and talked about the millions sent to wuhan by Fauci’s group, somehow his cvvvvdddd briefings were curtailed.

I got a lot of help to see the TIP from the youtube channel, Last American Vagabond who was demonetized on youtube. (Isn’t it interesting perhaps how that word “demon” shows up in some very telling ways like this. I’m still not saying that any one political group are more demonic but it does appear that the last group in power now might be the last change of power as they are doing so many things to secure their power, which means silencing dissidents as every dictatorship does as they seize power. I’m not saying there won’t be more elections and even a new president in 4-8 years but I bet it won’t be anyone who won’t play ball enough to these moguls and donar class behind the politicians, that Trump in some ways represented. Don’t get me wrong, Trump also has his dictatorial ways and gives the “show” of being Christian. It was just too much to handle to have to work around him.

Remember this idea from the propagandists past, “Make the people afraid and tell them they (the govt) have the solution (vakkkkks) and many become obedient and even militant against what they dictate is the opposition”. Crlody, if I recall correctly, independent of me, also considered this medical treatment to be the most apparent identification of people for or against the BEAST. I put that idea in my book in 2017 related to Revelation 16:2. Now I’m NOT saying that getting the jab means being loyal to the BEAST but as they come out with vakkkkk passports and the like that does seem to be one of the many forms of criteria of control and the separation of people as for or against them.

I believe that all this means the Christians are seen as the biggest enemy against the current establishment that just seized the most power any government in the US ever had before. though it’s been well in the making since 2000 especially by planning (1997 publish of the committee for a New American Century with the document Rebuilding America’s Defenses that called for the Pearl Harbor like event to foster a need for what became the unlimited war on terror.
They demand obedience and even though many Christians are way off the track of what Jesus taught, they still generally believe that Jesus was the Son of the One he referred to as his Father in Heaven as part of the only true Kingdom of God we had on earth in this civilization as seen most in Judeo – Christian – and Islamic records – until TI and DO returned. I know there are many Christians who think Islam is the antichrist. I’ve dueled in words with a few of them and they hated me for showing how that was erroneous because all the religions and atheism even and in between are all doing their part in identifying as anti what Jesus taught about needing to overcome the human kingdom to get to some “Heaven”.

Among those who refer to themselves as Christians, are those who will recognize a lot about TI and DO, if they really have read their Jesus sayings in the gospels, that is 100% congruent with what Jesus was all about, to every detail. Many will be challenged by hearing about TI and DO but I bet many will wake up more as the world around them shows it’s lower forces face more and more.

So as DO said in one of the 1994 audio tapes we have, it’s a good idea to be able to speak their lingo. The number one source of the primary scriptures are found in the backside of the Heaven’s Gate Book. Christians will debate everything but those verses cut to the chase the huge way Jesus demonstrated being from outside this world and it’s human kingdom.

Since my book is entirely too big for anyone to wrap their heads around, I plan to create a document that can simply list all the primary forms of evidence that TI and DO were the promised return.
For that reason, I feel I need to spend considerable time on these points at every chance I have. For anyone who has a disdain for those records of what Jesus said and did, I suspect they might have to overcome it as Standing in TI and DO’s Defense might have it’s biggest value to do before Christians (or those who believed Jesus was someone very special to the civilization but couldn’t stand to be with any one organized group), while some of those will also choose to become our biggest enemies against our making that Stand. So whenever we do approach someone either on social media or even in person I think TI and DO would have us do it the way a Member of the Next might do it, which mostly means trying to tune into what DO would say each time and be tactful but gentle yet not so gentle as to be too afraid of ruffling feathers of other’s thoughts, as there is no time to waste in getting to the bottom lines that they can then, at the least have that seed planted.

I’ll be posting more and more on my blog and here from the many things Christians bring up that I have responded to.
In general it seems people who more or less supported aspects of Trump might make up the biggest group of people who are also Christians and many of them are really quite independent minded, looking perhaps like Libertarians’. There are many of those who are way off track with thinking Trump was a prophet or something, but more of a false prophet like the many others, and that QAnon was of any real value. It may not be an accident that they call themselves Q as Q was the document name of one of the primary single letter names for the manuscripts that were translated into the 4 gospel records. DO had said he felt the reason the 4 gospel records differed in some ways was because of the different students who were given the task to take notes on what Jesus said.

Some Christians will block you from their blogs and chat rooms and message boards and facebook pages, etc., as the lower forces – discarnate spirits and souls, will be even literally in some ways be putting their “hands” over their ears when you are talking/writing.
But every once in a while, someone will have a major light turn on in their heads. Some will be condescending towards us but I believe we can work on not letting it frazzle our vibration and just move on to do something else. I’ve had a lot of time to deal with the backlash but perhaps I needed that time and some of you who continue to seek to Stand for TI and DO won’t.

What I often advise to Christians who are combative is to project their asking to their Father in the most high heavens, among the stars to get it past the lower forces of this planet. They can ask specifically about who TI and DO are and the Next Level will help them if they are sincere enough in their asking and persistent in wanting to know the truth. That’s how Jesus said to “pray” and to do so in one’s privacy (closet) so not to be showing off piety.

The Idea of Going Back in Time and Changing the Future is a Luciferian Trick

March 29, 2021

Here is a comment I added to a post that was talking about a human who said he went back to 1975 and changed something that resulted in Y2K not being the disaster many thought it was going to be:

From TI and Do’s teachings no one goes back in time except in their minds through imagination and/or past life regressions that could include astral traveling. This was called by some spiritualists the akashic record that was claimed to be where the Urantia book came from which may be so. Now the space aliens are from the past and they still exist as do the discarnates so they can communicate through humans and those humans can feel like it’s real and it is real as a context only, not something that can be changed.

But linking y2k to this human (with or without a luciferian space alien fallen angel soul guiding him) doing something to stop the disaster some people thought it would be, in my way of thinking could be picking up on the fact that TI and DO came public then and left right before that change but in their exit did stimulate the disaster we are living through now that many are getting use to that had it’s first signs of escalation with the entire democracy of the US and UK crumbling under the coup d’etat that brought GW Bush to power, that fulfilled the manifestation of what the lower forces wanted to happen the whole time TI and DO and Crew were holding their meetings and Astronaut Training program “classroom” that continues to date in a new form after their exit.

I remember TI saying on more than one occasion that the Next Level was holding back the lower forces from stimulating things in the world so the classroom wouldn’t be restricted. Some of the evidence of why can easily be seen in the way the civilian population have become a new type of police force by neighbors and fellow citizens calling the police if someone was not going along with the party line. In some places I know about personally, if someone didn’t want to wear a mask they were fined and forced to leave the store, even tackled. I know of reports of someone asking a question, in particular at a college talk environmental czar John Kerry was giving where a student asked him whether he, like Bush was part of the Skull and Bones group. The student was literally surrounded by three police officers who ended up dragging him out of the auditorium where he was heard screaming, asking what he did wrong and then pleading not to be tasered but since he kept yelling was tasered.

In this day in age, imagine TI and DO’s group even without having the reputation it now has but simply like in 1994 talking publicly about the corruption in government that DO posted in the USA Today info/ad. How many people at this time would come to that meeting with more venom ready to let out.

It was 1997 when the group called Progress for a New American Century got together and wrote a document called Rebuilding America’s Defenses where they directly called for a “pearl harbor like event” in order to get the people on board to build up the military to fight a “two front war”. Some of the signatories of that were I think Cheney and Wolfowitz was the author and we went on to lead the world bank and perhaps Rumsfeld, the artilects of that Pearl Harbor like event alright that became the motivation to invade and murder thousands, even millions in afghanistan and Iraq and Libya and Syria and in Yemen to date.

So as I’ve documented DO was the White horse “rider” of Rev 6 when he finished the task TI helped him get started with followed by Bush the red horse rider who the Next Level gave the “power” of a “great sword” (military) which they of course used to begin the “endless war on terror” that millions are quite use to now.

That was followed with the black horse as Obama in seizing control over the BEASTS – the US and EU as the New World Order under the official guise of the endless war on Co2 another manufacture of a “crisis” started by Gore and company in earnest.

And Rev 6 also states that the rider of the black horse would be in power and the description included commodities of Wheat and Barley with different values in “cents” which looks awfully like they are describing a monetary policy – Wall Street Stock market Investment Bankers anyone?

Obama inherited the Bush started Financial Crisis which was also a war on the middle class in which some 5 million people lost their homes in the times that followed. I know someone who knows what happened in West Virginia to many. People were offered a sweat deal and low interest rate to buy their house so that they could afford it and then the interest rate was raised, which they didn’t realize would happen but then couldn’t afford it any more so were forced to foreclose. Then the banks once again owned that asset, hence could use it for continued gambling and even reselling.

What came from that was Dodd Frank law that made it so that the Federal Reserve bank, it’s own private corporation could bail out a bank without congressional approval and that just happened big time to some banks in around the fall of 2019 to the tune of trillions because some wall street banks interest rates for borrowing had climbed to 10% and if people don’t know it, many big corporation don’t pay for their labor force directly but take out loans to pay their people and keep floating the loans to reap them more and more profits.

Then came Trump, the first installment of the Green (pale) horse of Rev 6 and his identity was “death” and “hell” follows death and what have we seen that started in 2017 but a large increase in death’s from diseases in particular from Influenza to the tune according to the CDC over 61,000 people in that season, then it went down to the 40,000 range in 2018-19 season and now deaths are increasing again compounded by cvvvvdddd that seems to clearly be, if not literally designed and stimulated to spread, a bad flu virus that 99.5% of the people recover from, most without any medical intervention yet has been used to justify Medical Marshall Law, something many right wingers had been warning against happening for many years but got a little wrong thinking it would be militarily led.

I could go on and on and on with examples and references to prophecy and soon or later I too will probably be shut up, that is when the Next Level decides enough has been revealed to us and I’m not at all talking about little ole me as there are thousands of people, even millions perhaps that don’t necessarily have as many pieces to this puzzle as I have (because of TI and DO’s Mind recognition) but are separating from the world in their own ways and some of them have been telling more of what’s really happening for many years and of late are being silenced by the Mainstream media.

I suspect the reason why there are people still able to speak about what’s really been happening is for three reasons – the Next Level of course is the first and the subsequent reasons I suspect are that there are opposing camps even among these elites and that in a sense the perpetrators of the tyranny like to see who their dissidents are so they are targeting and getting other of their supporters to target those who aren’t playing ball with them, like I spoke to a little before to where twitter accounts I know of are being cancelled and youtube accounts demonetized and facebook pages shadow banned and the same with Pinterest and Instagram and others. Meanwhile these corporate mogul feudal lords, in bed with govt in power are sowing seeds of propaganda left and right galore with the 1984 doublespeak – the language and understanding people are literally brainwashed to accept and even thrive on.

What’s the number one method of brainwashing. Incite Fear and Repetition! – Terrorism, Pandemics, Financial ruin, poverty, diseases and the brainwashing part is telling people over and over and over that only they can be trusted to come up with solutions to the fear, hence, kill that terrorists domestic or foreign born and shut them up, make it so people have little communication of opposing views. Tell them they are fools to listen to conspiracy theories. Make it part of the entertainment industry and mix it up with focusing on those who go to extremes in thought and behavior. Program people to think there was nothing real that happened 2000 years ago in the Jerusalem area besides a story.

But if this is all such a insidiously driven plan, what humans are that evil as after all, the people in those neat suits and those who wear that nice white robes and those who wear those sophisticated looking uniforms and white lab coats are not bad people, right. And they aren’t necessarily as we can’t judge any one person but we can judge their actions relative to the Next Levels teachings. Many of these leaders demonstrate the degree of their confusion, hence these organizations change their mind on basic ideas while saying they are figuring things out when it was already well established in many scientific papers that their remedies are not effective, like speaking about masks and social distancing unless one literally never leaves the house and/or wears a hazmat suit to do so and then has their home made into a bubble and even that I bet won’t protect someone. Meanwhile they ignore the Next Level Above Human given solutions like to embark upon a cleansing diet like the Transfiguration Diet to really protect self and others from viruses and a whole host of diseases, that is for as long as possible since we are all still in a decaying environment.

But the entire reason humans are prone to believe they are doing things for the people’s “greater good” is because the space aliens think that way and they are picking up on their thoughts that they have bombarded upon humans for thousands of years so have programmed our bodies in ways, so are waking up more and more to what’s been and is still happening. In may be our best to be barely aware of all this, but to be barely aware can be to the Next Level all many are capable of doing, like DO said about Christians “hardly stand a chance” to see the truth of who was here as they expected.

So in my opinion Y2K happened and was a much bigger disaster than anyone imagined it to be but simply not in the way they thought it would be. And with these disasters comes the silver lining, but forgetting about all these fears and just point our Minds in the direction of TI and Do’s Mind and ask them for their help and direction and guidance in most all things and put fear of changes out of our minds as changes will come whether we like it or not, as we’ve already got a big taste of in the last year and yet we are still capable of having a breath of fresh air, but in the world we will continue to have escalated lack of peace except for having the peace of feeling some degree of connection to TI and DO’s Mind, who are masters of turning any negative into a positive.

I suggest making regular reading the Power of Goodness document TI wrote – as a type of medication with the other affirmations they provided their students then and now.

Re-Establishing The Committal to DO – The Task He and TI Gave All Students Then and Now

March 24, 2021

The following is a transcript from a meeting TI and DO held. Note the date. TI left her vehicle on June 19, 1985 so this meeting was about a month before she left. DO told us she was sick again, as I recall, about two weeks before she exited her vehicle. At that time around early June, DO held a meeting TI didn’t come to. But after this meeting where TI did most of the talking, which was unusual they held meetings on 5/11, 13, 26, 27 and 29. These were all held in the craft we had in the Dallas city limits off of Mockingbird lane, just east of I-75 if I recall, just south of White Rock Lake where TI’s ashes were spread. (DO said she requested her vehicle to be cremated).

I need to add this meeting to the list of the many ways in which it was hard to stay in the classroom (but not because they wanted to get rid of us or because they required unreasonable things to do), but because if one was committed enough they would take what they say to heart and come away from the meeting determined to get a good grade or consider dropping out.

At the end of this meeting TI says to listen to this tape a lot, yet we rarely had a mandate to re-listen to tapes. Occasionally they’d say to schedule a time to re-listen to the last meeting tape but otherwise rarely compelled us to listen to them as a group together – though some students took it upon themselves to re-listen to tapes frequently. I recall seeing Jmmody and Jwnody re-listening to tapes the most, though we had no log or chart to show who was listening to tapes more, so again it could hardly be justified at all to say that They brainwashed any of us. It’s just the opposite. We had to wash out our brains of negativity and humanness to us all became a negative in order to have the strength built up to pilot the new Next Level grown physical vehicle each graduate student would be rewarded with.

Also note, how TI and Do talked about “colds”. I was actually the student who fell asleep in a chair because of a cold that I let deplete my energy, but perhaps that was in the meeting before this – not sure. They were never unreasonable though I understand that it could seem that way. They acted like great Teachers. Great Teachers require a lot from their students. And they weren’t getting paid. They weren’t living in luxury – stashing away money and accumulating assets. They weren’t having sex with anyone. One could say, Sawyer how do you know that and all I can say is that I do.

Better than reading this transcript is listening to this and other tapes to feel what TI was feeling. Her energy/force was gentle but powerful. Critics have said that TI was a phony because she acted and talked as if she could heal her vehicle and yet didn’t. All I can say to that, that those same people will say is an excuse is that she didn’t have instructions from her Older Member to heal her vehicle with her Mind. And if one reflects upon Revelation 12 one will see that the plan seemed to include The One who was The Father in the female vehicle leaves ahead of her seed which included DO and the student body they had both nurtured since at least the Moses first trimester of the “birth of Mind/Spirit” overcoming of humanness process.

I believe this can still apply to all of those who seek to be Their students in the current type of classroom. Some students have shared with me that they have had TI or DO showing up in a dream. It’s up to each of us what kind of effort to put out but there is no limits on growth for any of us. Some could still graduate by embracing as best they can all the behaviors and ways in the Major and Lessor Offense lists and the Seventeen Steps – documents in the Heaven’s Gate Book and by knowing and seeking TI and DO’s help towards separating from their humanness roots and by Standing in Their Defense and disseminating their information to others while accepting the consequences until we each leave our vehicles, however that happens, knowing that the way we gain strength is to take advantage of having a vehicle.

TI held a meeting before this one where she said we students needed to make our “committal” to DO. She said at that time that DO knew that we would have to commit ourselves to him but he wanted TI to express it to us, which she did. That meeting may not have been taped as I can’t find it listed in the tape log.

So here is the transcript. It may not be perfectly transcribed but it’s well done. I forget who did that transcribing but I believe it was a new student:

Re-Establishing The Committal 05/09/85

We feel like the subject we talked about on the last tape, that we don’t want to talk about anymore now. We want to spend some time trying to re-establish, and establish better the feeling that we hoped that you were having at the time of learning what a committal was. Now when we talk to you at a meeting like this, sometimes we talk to, we have to always talk to the ones who are having the most difficulty with task of whatever we are talking about. Do you follow that? So when we talk to them it doesn’t, don’t assume that we’re talking to everybody. In other words we don’t want to feel like we have to say this applies to a few of you and not to some of you, you know but we do, you should understand that we are always talking to the things that we’re aware of that some are dealing with. Even though it might be one, we will still talk to all of you, many times we feel that we are instructed to do that, to talk to all of you about the things that maybe even one person is dealing with.

Now on the committal, I remember TI saying that if I were you I would re-establish that feeling of that committal daily. And yet I can’t believe, or we can’t believe that some of you are doing it. That you probably thought it was a good idea when you heard it and it sounded really good in theory, and a real super thing to do, but you didn’t make a plan. You didn’t go through the trouble to actually do it yourself. Whether it meant write it down in length and be sure that you felt it, and whether it meant doing it once a day, or three times a day, or ten times a day but from some of the notes that we’ve gotten we can tell that some of you feel like now that because the way you express yourself even. You say that now that the [ray] is not here, I have slipped in this area or that, and turned into I can’t believe that have and, you got to get beyond that. You got to get where you can’t back into that, you can’t fall back into that. If you, well, let me use a personal example for a moment, of our awakening.

You can’t imagine what took place in the battle between our minds and our vehicles, when just out of the blue in the matter of a few days, from the time that we were deciding that. Well it was about a month or two after we met for the first time, after these vehicles had met for the first time. Within a month or two, we knew we had to do something together that was going to be our primary effort. Like all day, and within a few weeks after that, we took the instruction that said we had to be under one roof and like the [—–] twins, twenty-four hours a day doing only this task, and yet we didn’t even know what we were doing. Now, the reason I’m bringing it up is because you can imagine the rebellion that our vehicles had, for such a thing and how. If we had let our vehicles, even though there was a period of time when we didn’t have enough control of our vehicles to keep from causing the other one a lot of difficulty, but very very quickly we had to get enough control of that, so that we were on our task all day, all night and not having to deal with the ups and downs of being a disturbance to the other one or sending the other one in a tail-spin, because our vehicle was losing control. In other words we were forced because we were, we couldn’t stand what it caused the other one, much less the discomfort of our-self. We were forced to maintain Next Level mind-type control. All the time, now, the reason we bring that up is because it’s very easy for you. Even though sometimes you don’t do it when we’re with you, but it’s easier for you when we’re with you at a meeting for an hour and a half, two hours every so many days. It’s easy to have your best mind on, during that time. It’s like, because it’s kind of a period of time. It’s kind of, even makes you feel good to have that best time [on].

It’s like the feeling that humans get when they go to church. They go to church and it feels real good, and oh boy do they believe in the things that the preacher preached, and they really want to do them, and they say they want to do them, and they say they are going to do them, but they do at [varying] degrees, very little of what is happening and of course he doesn’t require much of it. The human preacher or priest that they go to, now it’s almost that you don’t recognize, in your conscious mind, that it has to be sustained. When you make a committal, to an Older Member, that Older Member should not be able to call you any moment. During any period of time when you would not be in the same committal frame of mind that you are when you have a prior notice of the Older Member’s coming to visit with you, and then you prepare and get rid of all the things that are, put on a good face and oh I’m ready for church again, here comes the Older Member! You’ve got to know that the vehicle will continue to do that, if you let it get away with it. In other words you’re still ignorant to some of the characteristics. You’re not wise to some of the con-games of the vehicle that still will do things.

In other words TI and I don’t run off to the closet, occasionally, to get rid of the hostilities that the vehicles would feel because of the requirements of the tasks. Do you follow that? If there were moments, long long time ago, when we felt like we had to run off and get to the closet in order to get rid of those things, we quickly had to get past that period or we were still very very two-faced! Our schizophrenia was showing, and the bad side of the schizophrenia was almost stronger than the good side. Now even though you feel maybe that you’ve come a long way in your change and in the degree of your control of your vehicle, and now you’ve even recognized that the Next Level Mind likes some of the vibrations of this human kingdom. You still, we feel like we’re on the piano-roll at a point where this can’t be tolerated. It’s like a unconscious way of saying to [Links], It’s like saying to us “don’t you know that I love the Next Level? I really, I love the Next Level with all my heart and I don’t want anything else. The world out there doesn’t appeal to me at all, but these little things that my vehicle still keeps getting away with – (T) “Goodness” (D) – I can’t do anything about it. It’s just, but I’m getting better, I’m getting better at it and I want to get better at it!” And you believe it, but at that rate of development we either have to think in terms that we find it impossible to think. We either have to think poor so and so can’t do it, and so we have to just be permissive of very very slow rate of growth.

Now we don’t believe, when we are really honest with ourselves, we don’t believe the Next Level sent one to do this task who couldn’t do it, and the task requires control sufficient of the vehicle to not give into the vehicle and a human way. Now you know there was a time, out of our love for you believe it or not, we didn’t even want to let somebody leave their task because we loved them more than. Even when they seemingly hated us, we loved them so much that we didn’t want to see them throw their task away. Now it’s switched to where your committal has to prove itself enough that you must be prepared for the fact that we may get instruction to say so and so and so and so, will try to help you go somewhere and wait until we, leave together, because we’re just not moving fast enough, and you’re dragging your feet. (T) “(Inaudible)”- (D) Yes.

(T) “You’ve got to realize that you have a task, and your task is more important, at this time than ever. Even though it has always been important, but we’ve got to get-this going. Now if you’re not capable of doing your task, then like DO said we may be given instructions to take the task away from you, and give it to somebody else.” (D) Which is no different than taking – (T) “[Lab}”- a task away from people that realize that they aren’t ready for it! (T) “Now we’re not, we don’t have instructions to do that right now. We have instructions right now for you all to get this committal going again, because the ray has never left you.” (D) And we -(T) “[We] told you it had, but it didn’t leave you. It was still around you, we told you it was.” (D) [Well] we told you that you could revitalize it. (T) “Right, and yet for you to believe that it was gone because of the way we said it, meant that you were not sincere when you wrote your committal.” (D) Right your committal was – (T) “In other words it was just a lie. You only wrote it because you were caught up in” – (D) The excitement. (T) “The excitement of it all, and we say if you don’t love us, don’t tell us about it! (D) And don’t tell us about it, because you love us at the moment, -(T) “Right”- (D) but you can’t hang onto it. (T) “If I tell you that I care about you more than anything, I mean it! And you can do, as long as you do not stand up and curse the Next Level, I will take anything from you! And I will try to help you in every way that I can because that is doing my task. Now if you love us then do your task! And do it a hundred percent. Make up your mind to do it, right now, and prove to us that what you wrote on that paper to us, you meant it! It’s as simple as that, show us! Don’t talk about it, show us!”

(D) We are getting instruction to tell you that we might get instruction that might include taking some off the task. If they just can’t muster up the energy or the effort it takes to demonstrate more control, because it is the control that does the work, both for your vehicle and for the task of the world. It is the exercise -constant -control that does it, and you are capable of it, and we are not building you up or flattering you. We know that you are capable of doing it. Now your vehicle can say is this a threat? If you want to listen to the vehicle, then it might call it that. We’re not threatening you, we’re just saying we have instruction to give to you that we have received that says you must be consistent with what you have said you believe and feel toward the Next Level, and toward two members of the Next Level that are with you working with you, and if you can hang onto it, you know it’s a funny one TI said (DO laughing). If you do love us, then you’re going to do your task, and it just echoed what the New Testament says you know. When you read it because that’s all it’s about is if you love it, it has to be there. You can’t say I do, you’ve got to perform it. It has to be consistent.

(T) “Now when you’re to be consistent it means to do it under all obstacles. Now quite a few of you have come down with colds, and how did you handle that cold? Did you handle it as a member of the Next Level or did you handle it as a human? [— —] question yourself because if you felt like you had to do this, that was not instruction to do it, then you handled it the way a human would do it. If you made up your own little rules, fell asleep in the chair or took extra rest because you felt like the vehicle needed it, because it had a cold or whatever other thing that your vehicle could of designed [—]. Then you are listening to the vehicle, and you were tested, and you flunked! And you should be aware of that your vehicle can do that, and therefore you want to build up enough ammunition in that direction so that when it comes on again, you’ll be able to handle it as a member of the Next Level. I have, this vehicle has had snivels, and sinus trouble as long as I have been on this task. You all know, that I have been stopped up so, that I could hardly breath.” (D) It’s seldom any other way. (T) “But it didn’t stop me from doing my task. I learned to live with it, I did not think I was going to die, I did not think I needed any extra attention.” (D) Or medication. (T) “All I did need, was some Kleenex, (Laughter) which was either that or some kind of tissue that would catch the [—–], but the point I’m getting at is if it’s an obstacle that comes your way then face it! Doctor it, take care of the vehicle, but don’t give into it and make it seem like it’s a big production. Now if you do feel weak then, like I do know if there have been times when this vehicle has felt weak and I have sat down or I have rested for a few minutes and felt better afterward, which is perfectly okay too, [and] when you do it you write a note saying: “My vehicle, because of the cold, I’ve tried to do this and nothing seemed to make me feel any better so I rested for a few minutes and I felt better afterward.” But you don’t need to go down for thirty or forty, or forty or sixty minutes. Not that any of you have done that I’m not saying you have. I’m trying to make you understand how the vehicle can con you to believe that you need all this extra stuff because you have a cold.” (DO agrees)

(T) “Now you don’t want to abuse your vehicle. First, if our technique had been good, only one person would’ve come down with a cold. So what you want to do is be aware that [a cold can come], we can come down with a cold anytime, and treat all of our lab tools as though everyone is contaminated and If you do that we won’t spread [—–] like this. Now the ones of you who need extra work, no. The ones of you who are really trying to do good, which is all 35 of you, you will be faced with tests. Some of you will have tests from [Links], some of you will have tests from each other, or some of you will have tests out, your’ out-of-craft tasks and how you handle those tests is what’s important.” (D) You know, a human parent, when – (T) “Let me finish what I was [saying].” (D) Oh I’m sorry, I thought you were. (T) “In other words what you want to do is to be on guard at all times, and if somebody comes, right before you’re going down and gives you something, say from [Links], we want it to be like a neon light going on in, or a red light going off in your brain. Saying uh oh here’s a test, how am I going to handle it? But if you have a poor response, you go down, you get up the next day and you thought about it and then you try to correct it, you really didn’t pass the test. Now this is what you want to stop. If your vehicle wants to overindulge, go over the norm on things, and you go over the norm and then write a note to [Links] about it. You have flunked the test! You have not done your task, because your task is to stay, to keep that vehicle under control and it is the vehicle that is acting up. It isn’t your Next Level mind, can you understand that? Now these are the ways that you’re not doing your task, if you cannot do it. There are some of you in the class who can do it, and we want the ones who really want to do it. To take these tasks and do it, so we can get out of here.

The Next Level, I’m sure, gets very tired of hearing me say please can’t we get out of here? Can’t we bring this task to a close? And in my ignorance I’ve asked that, and the Next Level is thinking, (TI laughing), well sure you can go anytime, as soon as your task is completed. We’re waiting on you, so to speak. So if you want to get out of here, if you’re tired of doing this task in the right way then do something about it. Get busy, do the task, make up your mind you’re going to do it, and stop [fudging]! Stop playing around, this is no game! You’re in the big time right now, bigger than anything, and it is a game that has to happen! I mean a task that has to happen and you shouldn’t want to give it up. Not after all this time. Don’t make us take it away from you. We don’t want to take it away from you, but you cannot sit in here and expect it to happen with no effort from you! It’s as simple as that. Get some fight in you! Be determined and say I’m going to show the Next Level I can do it! [I’m going to stop] doing crazy things that this vehicle wants to do! And do it, even the best can improve. I mean from little bitty things on up to the mountainous things”.

(D) Sometimes the, we know that when you’re listening to us, that you want to have that fight, and we know that when you have enough Next Level Mind in, we know that you can see the little things that you’re dealing with as just filth. I mean just really stupid, like insignificant. In fact you can’t, you wonder why it can be so important to you to do it that you, that how can you get so far from your Next Level consciousness to give into those little things, and to yield to those things when they certainly aren’t worth what the consequence is of continuing to yield to them. You know when a human parent performs the task of teaching, and when they really have tried to teach the very best of their ability to their off-springs, and they carry that teaching until they feel like they have given them what they had to teach them, but after they have given them that there comes a limit of how much they will permit those off-springs to stay in their house and not abide by the rules, and it’s not that they don’t love those off-spring, and it’s not that they wouldn’t suffer horribly to have to say “I’m sorry but you’re of age now and if you are going to live in my house you have to live by the rules.” And that’s the way it is in the Next Level. That’s the way it is, right here, in the Next Level.

You’re of the Next Level. We’re of the Next Level. We’re Older Members to you, you are like off-spring, in a sense to us because you are Younger Members and we are like parents to you in a sense, in a parallel, and we feel like we have taught you these things and they aren’t that impossible to do, that we have tolerated your slowness to do them to beyond needing to continue to tolerate it. Now for your sake needing to continue it, it’s not for our sake. It’s not like, we can’t stand those things, its true we can’t stand them but it’s not. The point is that the household as a unit has growth to do, has movement to do, has to get on with greater development to still be piddling with some of the things that we’re piddling with, in our school that are holding us back.

Now if you use this meeting as an excuse for [copping] out on your task, you are really going to experience embarrassment and shame when you get back to the Next Level. If you use the information we have given you tonight as an excuse to cop-out. Now what I mean by that is if you say well I can see that they are talking about me, and I know that I’ll make that committal but I know that, you know I’ll probably still continue to do these things and therefore if the house doesn’t have room for me then I guess ill, before I get asked to leave I’ll leave because I don’t want to get asked to leave. In case the Next Level should give such instruction. If you can listen to kind of thoughts like that, there’s an indication right there of why you’re still dealing with those things, and it’s not too late to stop listening to thoughts like that! Some of you still let oceans of negative possibilities come into your head before you decide oh my goodness that must be a negative. I’ll stop listening to that, when it could have been a little cut on your finger instead of a hole in your side that you have to mend because you have permitted so much negativity to come into your head. Not even recognizing it was negative until you were going around with your chin dragging on the ground because it depressed you so after having listened to all those negative thoughts!

Your sensitivity has to improve. Now when your sensitivity improves, it’s just like, let’s take consuming for example. If I’m consuming more than my vehicle really needs, then as it enters my mouth, something, the computer’s going off and saying goodness this doesn’t even taste good anymore. I’m not going to accept it, on just the shoveling-in thing. I have recognized that this single bite is probably a bite past, or maybe two bites past what the vehicle needed and dern’ it, it took me two bites to recognize that the vehicle didn’t need it. Now that, and so you stop at that point, now that can apply to everything. That can apply to when your vibrations are beginning to lower. In any other area, when you feel that anxiety coming on or you feel the vehicles tendency to want to lash-out at someone or to give-in to a weakness, you can, if your sensitivity is there, you will feel it before it gets anywhere close to coming in enough to get into! And in other words you shouldn’t wake up after the fact, like a drunk does, and say I was so drunk I didn’t know what I was doing, because to us in a sense, you have to be drunk to have permitted yourself to go through the act and then regret it. In other words you had to be unconscious, you had to permit a degree of unconsciousness because you still want to cling to these little ol’ sensory things. Almost as if you’re, “well I’m not, it’s like I’m not going to be down here very long and I can’t, these things aren’t going to be available to me when I get back in the Next Level so I, maybe just one more little taste of that degree of sensing those things. No matter what the area is.

Now that’s not what goes through your head. We’re not saying that’s what goes through your head, but it’s as if that’s what you’re feeling because we’re holding the Next Level, we’re holding your Next Level Mind responsible for what your vehicle desires. We’re holding it thoroughly responsible for what your vehicle desires. We’re asking you to keep enough Next Level consciousness, and to recognize the symptoms of weakness before you stumble, and we don’t feel that that’s asking too much of you too soon. We, believe it or not, when we have proven solid, in this, class may be over! If the class isn’t over, then there might be something that we really can enjoy doing as the next move before class is over. It doesn’t really matter, but we’re at a standstill, still clinging to these little annoying weaknesses that pull us down. Each time, don’t forget, each time one of you let’s those things occur because of the lack of your sensitivity, and you give into it and actually let it happen, no matter what it is. It cannot happen without affecting the others in your craft, and without directly affecting your teachers, and therefore. It’s not that we’re saying we don’t like it, even though we don’t. We’re saying that since it does affect us, and affect you, and affect your classmates. For the period of it affecting them we are all [pulled] back momentarily, are held from moving forward because we have to then put a Band-Aid on it and recover from it, and then move ahead.

So, I really feel and I know that TI does too, that if you would, in your bunks, spend more time or in your thoughts when you are at your out-of-craft task, or when you are riding in a vehicle, or when you’re sitting here, if you have a magazine in your hand your thoughts should still be, you should learn to always be having this kind of thought going on in your head: “I am not going to find myself in dark corners. I am not going to let myself get to spots where I am vulnerable.” I want to be able to have my spine strong and tall, knowing and proving my committal to Older Members that I can sustain what I said I felt [—–], because I know that if I said it and yet my actions, in between the times I say it, don’t prove it because I do things against their teaching, then I am not truthful. I am just wishful, instead of actually being truthful.

(T) “An incident happened, well about a week ago, with one of the classmates and the individual felt like, which the individual flunked [a] test in the process of talking to me, and it literally made that individual sick, and we knew it made them sick, and it took that individual a while to recover because they felt like they had let [Links] down. Now to me that individual meant her committal.” (D) Now do you know what TI is saying? TI is saying that the moment the individual recognized what had occurred, and is not something that had occurred with any frequency. Do you follow what we’re saying? But the moment the individual realized what had actually occurred, it made them sick at their stomach, and they couldn’t say to the Older Member enough: “I can’t believe this happened!” [And it’s not going to happen]. We could feel the depth of feeling there and knew that was love for Next Level ways and Older Members. Now if that comes easy, that if those words come easy, and they have no depth, and the act is repetitious then it has no significance. You follow what we’re saying?

Every one of you, are capable of that kind of depth. Now you will not be capable of that kind of depth if you continue to permit repetitious giving in of things. As long as you, because it doesn’t grow, it’s like when that moment of temptation comes to you. [It’s] what happens in you that resists at the most tempting moment, that’s what gives you depth, and if the resistance isn’t there, the depth does not develop! (T) “Understand? Now none of you are in a condition, or position right now, where you cannot do your task. There’s not a single individual sitting here who cannot do their task, but we don’t know how long that will last. In other words it depends upon you, on how well you want to do your task. You’re getting payment for doing your task. The Next Level’s giving you a new body, a new chance to enter their world, and why goof up on it! Why throw it away? This is what you have been working for all, from the very beginning when you were just a speck of dirt. If that’s the way it happened. (TI laughs) But the point I’m getting at is don’t throw it away because of some dumb vehicle!”(D) Or we’re just not being awake when the vehicle wanted to get away with it. (T) “Because the vehicle is going to, not even the. What the vehicle is feeling isn’t even going to exist after you get into your next vehicle!” (DO laughs) (D) Yeah, not even going to be a place for it. (T) “So why listen to it!” (D) Not even going to be a place for it. That’s a good point. If you could get that in your head well enough you would, it would give you some better ammunition.

You know, I can feel the force and the potency of what we are giving you tonight, and we’re pleading with you not to just throw it away. For your sakes, we’re pleading with you, to just not throw it away. (T) “You know the Next Level really played a trick on you a couple of weeks ago, and they played it on us also when they told us that the ray had left, [they] turned it off.” (D) Certainly feel it now. (T) “But the ray was not turned off, but I’m sure the psychological thing of it all was. I mean it was strictly a psychological game, I can see it now that we said that because then, if your committal had been sincere, you would have continued to feel that love that you were feeling whether the ray was there or not. So we told you the ray had been turned off because that’s what they told us to say to you, and we felt like that was right.” (D) But we also said that you can generate it. (T) “That’s right.” (D) I wish that you could catch, I wish the contagion of that generation was as good as your [cults]. I wish that because believe it or not it can be contagious. In other words it would almost isolate ones who refuse to sustain it. If the ones who sustained it sustained it so strongly that the others really felt out of place, and they would say now wait a minute, something is wrong here! And just because I feel out of place does that mean I’m going to go out of place or am I going to get in-step? And you should be able to know how good it feels when you begin to build some of that [–]. It feels good, it isn’t easy, the task isn’t easy but it’s really rewarding.

Nobody mislead you when you came to think it was easy. In other words they didn’t cheat on you [there, saying] that you were going for a joyride that turned out to be a hard task. I think you even knew, I think it was even, I know it was in the consciousness of your Next Level Mind. You certainly knew how difficult the task, if you had not known you would not have stayed when the first difficulty arose, much less the second, and the third, and the fourth one. Now what about this one? Because this one’s where we are and this is the most difficult of all. (T) “This is going to do your task, and it’s going to accomplish what needs to be accomplished for your Next Level bodies. So don’t throw it away, it’s important. It can’t be taken lightly because it’s very very serious, and we hope that we never have to take a task away from somebody, not at this time. You have any questions about this? [Do you all want to do it]?” (Students) “Yes.” (T) “Some of you didn’t answer what does that mean?” (DO and students laughing) (D) Okay.

(T) “[What] I would start doing, if you’d like a little tip, I’d get back into that ray. I’d get back and grab hold of it.” (D) And take it with you into the shadows. (DO laughs) (T)“That’s right hang onto it, and know that that ray is right there for you and conquer this crazy vehicle, these crazy vehicles. All the little dark corners and be prepared for every obstacle that comes your way. I know the colds have weakened some of you, which they should not have done. It’s no excuse to be weak because you’ve had a cold. You just [don’t want], because all of those things that come [–] your way, in that way are just tests, to see how you can handle it. So get strong, get hold of the [rank], and do your task. That’s all we can say.” (DO) (Inaudible)-(T) “ Listen to this tape a lot.” (Class laughs followed by end of tape.)

How TI and DO’s Classroom and Events Were Consistent with the Jesus Classroom

March 24, 2021

Here is a conversation I had that I feel brought up some good points about Paul (Saul) of Tarsus and regarding the way he said he was an Apostle and showed a number of points of evidence was not to be trusted, yet became the foundation of todays Christianity in practice for many.

This also describes the parallels in the way Jesus found his students (about 82 at first-12 + 70) early on, which just so happens to parallel with the size of TI and DO’s first student body of “about 100” in Wyoming at the Veedavou (Earth born) rustic camping area where we lived at the time that within months TI and Do chose to reduce to about 81 – when they sent 19 of them out of the classroom and some fell away from that number, down to 24 in 1993.

Also there is a parallel of how Jesus sent them out to spread the good news of His Kingdom being at Hand – 2 by 2 as TI and DO also did in partnerships and larger groups and DO later did in 1994 again and still requires of new believers in TI and DO to do now in a sense, described as the “overriding” qualification to be saved being to believe They were from the Kingdom that Created the earth and it’s inhabitants and to “Stand in (TI and DO’s) Defense” and disseminate Their information like Jesus said to do.


Beware The Leaven Of the Pharisees
Jesus Said we must become like children to inherit the Kingdom of Heaven
Saul said we he put all childish things behind him.


Yes, I believe what he meant by “children” was totally trusting of their Next Level (Kingdom of God) Older Members. When children are raised in the human kingdom to loving caregivers (parents biologically or not) they, I suspect most times do have that respect and trust of them.

TI and DO didn’t look at everything Paul wrote in the letters as off track or inaccurate or misguided misinformation. It was piece by piece to them as we didn’t talk about him when I was in the classroom but he was written about by one of the 38 who spoke in his own words in DO’s behalf as seen in the Heaven’s Gate Book or on my blog in the document entitled, “Evolutionary Rights for “victims” by Stmody:

***Here is the excerp from Evolutionary “Rights” for “Victims” that addresses Paul:

  • The right to expose that, as far as we can tell, Paul was the real “founder” of Christianity and, ironically, was Satan’s best agent in “deep cover” used to corrupt Jesus’ message According to a number of findings of recent scholars, Paul started out persecuting the early followers of Jesus. Later, after a vision and supposed conversion, he joined the young church (infiltrated the “cult”?), and some suspect that he may really have been an “intelligence agent” of the Roman Empire (the “New World Order” of the time). The true followers of Jesus (those who had a personal relationship with him, who lived with him, asked him questions, were corrected by him, and knew from personal daily experience how he thought and approached circumstances), realized that Paul, well-meaningly or purposely, as part of a conspiracy or not, was compromising everything that Jesus taught. Some scholars now believe that James, brother of Jesus, and Peter, knew they were under attack by the “opposition,” and therefore recalled Paul to Jerusalem and censored him. It seems that they tried at “Damascus” (possibly a code name for Qumran, a main “militia” base of the time), to help save Jesus’ message by “deprogramming” Paul (and his followers) from misinformation (teaching him how to correctly interpret Jesus’ overcoming formula). Then, when all else failed, new evidence seems to suggest that the more radical-minded Zealots vowed to kill Paul, and the high priest of the Sanhedrin, as “traitors” to the true “Church,” but Rome intervened with troops, protected him, relocated him to Rome, and put him in the Empire’s “witness protection” program. If this information is accurate, what are the ramifications regarding “Christianity,” the religion?
  • The right to expose what seems to be one of Paul’s main “blasphemies,” i.e., that no one needs to change significantly in order to meet the “entry requirements,” but can be saved and enter Heaven by “faith alone” In my experience, unfortunately, it seems that most fundamentalist Christians judge negatively any group whom they see as following “unscriptural doctrines and ethics” or whose “beliefs are distinctly opposed to historical, orthodox Christianity.” But whom do they quote as the basis of this judgment? Paul! Yet it seems that Paul compromised the overcoming formula that Jesus brought, repackaging it to create a new, more palatable, more marketable “concoction” that allowed people to stay in the world and still call themselves followers of Jesus. The Luciferians (space aliens) seem to have concentrated their main attack on the Judeo-Christian heritage, since that was where, as far as we know, the Next Level has done the most work. The Next Level taught the Israelites simple rules to live by for every occasion, thus reprogramming them with very basic Next Level information. Yet, the Bible and other history books indicate that despite these efforts, last time around the Rep (Jesus) finally gave up going to the Jewish religious (the natural recipients) with His message, since they rejected it, and today it’s the same when we try to go to the Judeo-Christian religious. In our view, neither the Jewish vehicles (bodies) of today, nor those of the Christians, as groups, seem to be the “chosen people,” because the real chosen are souls, not vehicles. (Perhaps you could say that today’s Christians are a main focus of corruption. They have bought Paul’s misinformation so completely that they are living a 4000-year-old morality. And by denying the overcoming formula that Jesus brought, without realizing it, they have become propagators of totally contrary information, i.e., the “Anti-Christ.”) Amazingly, to me, they accepted nothing substantial of what the Son brought, but use His name, and thus can be mistaken by those with deposits as having an update, when in fact they are a counterfeit and their gospel is a dead-end street. It seems to us that the true “Israelites” are those souls chosen by the Next Level to be given a deposit, either previously or currently, in preparation for the coming of the Rep. Therefore, they are referred to as “born again,” and they have a chance to respond to this information and its bearer, opting to receive or reject the nourishment that only an Older Member can give.
    *** end of excerp ***

There is some footage of Stmody speaking at a 1994 Chicago meeting I was at as well posted on youtube channel Marsh Apple. We did have some books that helped to shed some light on whether Paul was a double agent and/or a contactee from the Luciferians. However that doesn’t mean the Next Level wasn’t pleased with his efforts as They judge people by what they were given and what they were up against in their genes and life and how much they change towards their direction. But that was a good point that he was a Pharisee and perhaps staunchly so as shown in many of the things he said – like putting female vehicles down and claiming that males shouldn’t wear their hair long and that effeminate males were sinners, etc.


Saul also called himself the Apostle to the Gentiles. So subtle but evil cus in Christ there is no Jew or Gentile yet Saul immortalised the term by making it his title and using it numerous times. The other letters hardly ever use the word rather going for “unbelievers”

When Christ spoke about the baptism in The Holy Ghost he said “Jerusalem,Judea,Samaria” or “go ye into the world” always using geographical locations as specifications. Saul the Pharisee however emphasizes the Gentiles from tbe Jews and also vehemlty opposed Gentiles getting circumcized. Like leaven. Something as simple as a title can lead you astray. The word Gentile is insulting and derogatory- especially post Christ who unified all.


Yes, terminology does a lot to shape one’s mind and in your example lead some to think they are above others. However, at first when Jesus sent out the twelve…

Mat 10:5 These twelve Jesus sent forth, and commanded them, saying, Go not into the way of the Gentiles, and into any city of the Samaritans enter ye not:
Mat 10:6 But go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.

The greek word translated to “gentiles” is from “ethos” and it seems by the context to indicate there were some humans who were prepared for him to seek to have contact with his Mind. I would say these were the vehicles that the Next Level prepared for returning Souls from the Moses first trimester of birth, to try to take over, as opposed to being new souls planted/deposited then. So the next time he sent his students out was before, during and after his exit and that’s when he said to “go to all nations (people)”.

To me that shows another grade in school. Now according to TI and DO though we are all potentially in different grades in school, we are not held back to a grade by the Next Level. Theoretically someone could outgrow their Older Member but it is not really going to happen because Older Members got to be Older Members because of their fast and thorough growth.

Yes Paul (Saul) of Tarsus was very off track to declare to others he was a delegate (apostle) because that was an assigned task. Jesus worked hard to give to his students a greater understanding than he gave to most, again the grades in school. Paul didn’t have that experience but I understand his ego seemed to get in the way there to put himself on a pedestal. Again, sure he could have even outgrown those who were with Jesus, but there were many things he just didn’t understand about jesus.

And that story about Jesus coming to him on the road was either generated by Lucifer, the Soul or one of his associates among the fallen angel souls. It didn’t even make sense but shows that Lucifer didn’t know that much about the warnings of what would happen after He left – not believing someone who “comes in my name” saying they are a Christ. That was because his return would be in a new vehicle. However, the Next Level knew there would be some who would at the behest of the Luciferian Souls seek to undermine and change what jesus taught and did.

So Paul then instilled this prospect of saved by Grace so that “trying to overcome” was looked down upon twisting the fact that recognition is a gift but that we need to grow that recognition to move closer to graduation.

TI and DO demonstrated the same kind of formula of Souls who were in different “grade” in their overcoming of the human kingdom.

A case in point… Ti and Do didn’t use hardly any references to scriptures when they came public in 1975. (See Statement I (one) in the Heavens Gate Book, also on my blog:

They spoke with new terms. That was because they were looking for the vehicles that were prepared to receive the returning Souls who were most in line to graduate. They were public for approx the 1260 days listed for the Two Witnesses to speak inspired new information from the Next Level (prophesy) and then never gave another public meeting. Those who joined them then, were sent out to share the information with the public and the main focus was on the western US but included the entire US and Canada then.

Then starting in 1987 DO was beginning to feel there might be another public interface. So He tried a number of approaches that included considering if the Christians were to be where the Souls had begun a relationship with prepared human vehicles most.

So he brought into the group a bunch of different bibles’ like Dakes, and the Companion and the Parallel and a Strongs hebrew/greek dictionary and an amplified and revised standard and others as optional study which I and srrody and lggody and snnody and others gravitated to. Then he began to get satellite TV where we watched a number of TV evangelists to see what they were talking about.

Then he started a video project of students talking and eventually He and the other students agreed to go with Jwnody and Swyody as speakers and we uploaded a tape to a Satelitte channel frequented by various Christian groups.

Next, he felt to make the Beyond Human video tape series. He knew then he needed to be the speaker. Next he put the 1/3 page ad in USA today that spoke with both forms of terminology, generic and religious sounding.

Then he had us reformat that and put ads in many new age papers with circulation all over the US and Canada and in some in Great Britain and Scotland and Australia and New Zealand, again expanding the geographicial area with the primary receit of Their Information.

Finally he decided to send students to do a couple test meetings in Denver and Dallas. From the response we reported to him, he(we) decided to go public with our total effort starting in 1994, Jan. 1st. and the posters all read that this was the return of the same Souls who were Jesus and his disciples, so that was the real “second coming” and we almost doubled our numbers from 24.

DO didn’t speak at any public meetings. We did most of the meetings in the western US again but by the time we got to the east coast the numbers who could come to our meetings was next to nil and there was very little negativity so DO took that as handwriting on the wall that, that was not doing to stimulate the exit which was more than ever on his Mind.

Some of the 38 (+4) who exited in 1997 (1998-2000) DO said would have to return to the human kingdom to finish their Overcoming. So they graduated to receiving service in the Next Level on spacecrafts and received Next level made/grown bodies appropriate for their growth, again showing multiple grades in school yet no restrictions of growth (like what happens all the time in the human kingdom).

But they also said that the US was made into a melting pot in preparation for their coming public again so that there would be an assortment of vehicles that could be a “match” for the returning Souls to take over to finish their overcoming.

But then in 1995, the remaining of the seven thunders were “roared” with DO’s post on the world wide web, the documents “Undercover “Jesus” Surfaces Before Departure” in the Heaven’s Gate Book.

Then it went to the world via the Heaven’s Gate Book on the website and then at their exit and that continues so it’s potentially for everyone on the planet to see and benefit from and decide about.

or the fact that Jesus specifically said not to trust or believe someone claiming to have seen visions of Him in the desert. His Second Coming would be visible to all. Saul is not hot.


wow, that’s a beautiful connection I hadn’t made for when Jesus spoke about not going to follow someone to meet them somewhere like in the desert because the Kingdom is within you meaning they will find you and help you wake up in your vehicle right where you are (because they prepare the human vehicles to be taken over like horses, by returning Souls. So apparently the fallen angel souls didn’t know about that warning from Jesus or didn’t care because they knew they could prop up Paul’s letters to commandeer the Christing Process (metamorphosis (Chrysalis) into a new creature) to make it into a country club religon that today more than ever perhaps demonstrates being near totally antiChrist – Anti what Jesus entirely taught.

The Next Level Older Members allow this to take place because it shows it’s face to those who seek, thirst for the truth, so that for that reason or others leave the organized religious groups, if not with their bodies but in their Minds, whether they realize it or not. There are potentially many who don’t know any better way to feel close to the Lord but by going to a church. The Next Level can hear everyone who asks, seeks and knocks on doors to open up new recognitions of what makes sense as being most true.

Spacecrafts coming by the thousands and people dying in droves=harvest (green) time

March 17, 2021

A couple just reported each having a dream of UFO’s coming on the same night and how it freaked them out so that prompted me to put together a little reply as follows:

I don’t think anyone knows whether what many are experiencing in dreams and perhaps some in sightings are space aliens (human equivalents in need of human dna who have actually been in prison on earth but can circulate in the near space around earth for a while longer) or Members of the Evolutionary Kingdom Level Above Human, the only original seed planters and Creators of this planet and human kingdom to use it as a “garden”, that is according to TI and DO’s teachings.

So the big question would be, is this the judgement time we’ve heard about in the records and if it is how will we judge ourselves, by choosing who to put our belief in and which side will we “work for” (worship). The space alien souls have not grown to evolve their minds to becoming Next Level Members so all they offer is some hope of continued humanness. That’s why they talked about wanting world peace and environmental improvement to save humans from themselves as this is the only life they have for a while longer before they and the planet is recycled as a regular part of the cycle. Members of the Next Level are where peace can be found and they do act peaceful towards one another so that is higher than young human behavior, but They designed the earth to be a training ground for new members so they allowed those who choses to go against them to remain here to influence humans to side with them and also go against the Next Level Creator Beings.

DO gave some scenarios of how the wrap up of this current age (6000 yrs) could occur. He didn’t pretend to second guess his Older Member, TI on this, but gave some hints on the way it might go. I encourage people to listen to Session 4 of the Beyond Human video tape series They left behind for this time.

In short he called it the “Big Big Big Surprise,” that we are potentially in the midst of it’s beginning. Here are some of his words:

“What do we mean “a big surprise”? Well, when all that’s out there (Kingdom of God and space aliens) comes in to harvest, the big question will be how much of that will be witnessed? How much of that will take place without those who are running around on the planet seeing, or knowing, that it will take place? For example, the possibility arises that some could come and take souls by the droves and all we would know is vehicles were dying by the droves, because souls weren’t occupying them any longer. We could call it a plague or a disease, or we don’t know. (And I’m certainly not suggesting because of the AIDS thing that that’s what’s happening to AIDS victims. Far from it.) But that’s one way that harvesting could take place that we would not be able to observe. But it’s altogether possible that our Father’s Kingdom, as well as those in Luci’s corporation, can come in at the end of the Age, en masse, and do their taking of those who they want, though they might likely come in at different times.”

The reason I brought that up is because a moment ago when I said that the big surprise could come, that spacecrafts could come in by the thousands, maybe come in shifts. One shift of spacecrafts could come in from one part of the Heavens bringing with them that one who came down with scars and flowing hair and flowing robes, saying, “Peace on Earth. We’re going to solve all the problems of this world.” Don’t get me wrong, it wouldn’t be Jesus. It would not be Jesus. It would not be a Representative from our Father’s Kingdom.(Beyond Human – The Last Call – Session 4, 1992).

Can we ignore how 2020 seemed to start this “dying in droves” though it actually started in 2017 with the flu death in the US up to over 60,000 that season. That is quite prophetic considering the outline of these events in the records showed strong indications of starting in 2017 after the Bush endless war on terror and the Obama new world order fortification and the financial crisis in 2008 that through over 5 million people were thrown out of their homes and rewarded the investment bank moguls for stimulating. (see Revelation 6 Red and Black horse representations).

That was followed by the green (pale) horse and walla look at how Green has become so accentuated and linked with the end of the world even in secular beliefs with the huge propaganda push by the dems to treat Climate Changes as something caused by humans and/or some may think perhaps fixed by humans.

So it appears Trump was the human, like Bush and Obama who were ridden by Luciferian space alien fallen angel Souls to usher in the harvest (green) (judgement time/hour) as forecast and that the current switch to the Biden/Harris admin will be in power putting on the finishing touches of showing the public that they are all perhaps unknowingly working for the space aliens, to even form a Space Force to try to combat what the aliens are feeding them as being the “bad aliens” coming to destroy the human kingdom, when in fact it’s the Master Gardeners – Members of the Next Level with TI and DO at the helm coming in at some point to take those Souls who refused to be loyal to these human leaders and then recycle the rest.

Meanwhile the space aliens might be allowed to take some strong human souls with or without vehicles that become the new crop of Luciferians, many of which are frantically getting humans to build underground cities to flee to, which is why the various “crisis'” all developed since 2000 that began at the end of the age in the 90’s with the exit of TI and DO and their Heaven’s Gate crew also known as the Captain of Angels (Archangel) referring to the same Soul who was Jesus, (and of late, DO) but depicted as Michael and His Angels to tie into some of the prophet Daniels forecasts for this time.

It’s the showing of the War in Armageddon – a war in the heavens – a war for Soul allegiance to human or to the Next Level, taking place in three forms of Heaven – 1) in our Minds/Spirits in the Earth atmosphere as the lowest form of “heaven” (areas elevated above the earth literally) and in the 2) “midheaven” into the near space perhaps to include the internet drivers via satellites (See Revelation 14) and in the 3) deep space where DO said the space aliens are not allowed to traverse as it is where the Next Level has their space crafts monitoring and working with our human responses to all that’s happening. They have computer systems that can detect our thoughts when we open their up to asking help and for the will of our Older Members TI and DO to make application to be in Their service. Note the Next Level can and probably does have physical space craft crews working throughout all these descriptions of “heaven”.