Blood Moon – Harvest (Ceres lights/Pluto related) Moon & Pope Francis anti-Jesus message

September 28, 2015

On this harvest blood moon eclipse immediately following the huge revelations of Lights on Ceres, which was named after the Goddess of the Harvest, I was seeing some posts about the Pope and saw some questioning how he can be talking about helping the poor and all – teaching that and sort of reprimanding in his gentle way those who don’t, while he sits as the leader of the Holy See that is a sovereign state that is over the state of Vatican City that includes what is referred to as the Vatican Bank and it’s huge assets. I’ve seen so many talking about this where I live and part of my vehicle’s family and friends enjoying the Pope even though they aren’t necessarily Catholic or Christian or even believers in a Kingdom of creators. So when I saw some talking about this wondering about the truth, I had to chime in:

The differences between what Jesus taught and what the Popes, the Catholic hierarchy and most of the Christian organizations teach is enormous and practically all inclusive. In other words Jesus, the real Jesus is not in their behavior and ways except for that stupid crucifix and an occasional reference to a miracle, parable or distortion of what he said. This is easy to prove. I’ll start with a few:

1) Jesus said to call no man your “Father” (Abba) in the context of they way he was using “Father” as he never spoke about his human father that we have no evidence existed. Yet all these priests go by Father this and Father that.

2) Jesus said when you pray go into your closet to pray in secret so your Heavenly Father could answer you in secret – and what do we see – all these group prayers and priests and pastors leading their congregations in prayer. The way they got around  this was to close your eyes and bow your head.  Jesus also said to NOT use vain repetitions and what have those prayers they teach but worthless words. (That’s not to say some who use them don’t feel what they are saying. It’s personal but the point is that it instills a mindset that is less than real and in relationship to one’s Heavenly Father.  Ti and Do did give their students a few “mantra’s” and “meditations” but they were relative to the current lesson step and could be depended upon to mean what the words said which also was the way it was for Jesus disciples and those that became students who Jesus “delegates” (apostles) shared what Jesus taught them to think, say and do. But after those students lost their vehicles the accuracy of what Jesus taught began to disappear even faster than after he exited because the eye witnesses to the truth were gone. Then when it became meshed with the government in Rome that imposed further distortions to where those words in the Lords Prayer still can mean a lot to some while a big part of their meaning has been smothered by all else that was added in dogma and misinformation.

3) confession: When you trespass against someone, for instance say you are “angry with your brother [sister]” “without cause”, which would then be a sin, Jesus said to go to that person and apologize, but what do they have you do – go to confessional where you may or may not be told to go make amends and then they mislead you to  think they have the authority to forgive your sin against another.

4) Jesus said when you give, don’t let your left hand know what your right hand is doing – in other words, it’s not a planned giving and nor was it meant to be a percentage of your income as they instruct.

5) Jesus said not to try to look holy nor when you are fasting smear ashes on your face, yet the Catholics still have that ash Wednesday ritual.

6) we were not to bow down to graven images and yet they have all those statues and people all over the world hang them on their car mirrors or have bobble heads and many pray to those statues and the dead body of the student of Jesus who Jesus didn’t say to pray to either of. It was really simple. Pray to your Father in Heaven.

7) Then there is all this Mary stuff – praying to Mary – the same deal – a student of Jesus at best. Now  those are some of the obvious distortions. The bigger ones surround teaching these things to others. That according to Jesus is an unforgivable sin because it is influencing someone to think they are relating to their Heavenly Father by participating in a religious ceremony and giving them money and seeking their advise and doing the things they came up with to do.

The truth is that Francis is ushering in the One World Religion whether he thinks of it that way or not. The Holy See is a sovereign state that the Vatican city state is under. Technically the Holy See doesn’t own all the assets in the Vatican Bank but the Holy See and the Cardinals are all the top dogs in the organization that manages those holdings. Yes he is saying things that hardly anyone can not find pleasing to hear and thus giving hope they say – having lunch with a few homeless. It’s a show. I’m not saying he’s not genuine – it’s just that what he is genuine about is not demonstrating anything Jesus was genuine about which means he is literally anti-Jesus and anti the Christing (overcoming process).

Now it’s not for me to judge him personally but it is for me and anyone else who sees through these distortions to reveal them when it seems someone wants to know. All this is allowed by the Evolutionary Level Above Human, the Older Members of which were called Heavenly Fathers, (called that because they dwell among the literal heavens) because it provides us with choices of what to believe and to whom to show our allegiance – to humans or to the Next Level Older members, whom many think of as their Heavenly Father.

These are actual real people being referred to by that identification to help us see them as our parents. There were actually two among us, the One called the Father and the one called the Son who was in the vehicle named Jesus ~2000 years ago, but this time the Father came in a female vehicle and took the name Ti and came to get her Son going who took a male vehicle and took the name Do.

The Pope said the Family was all important. Jesus was not a proponent of the human family as he wanted us to be able to outgrow our humanness to become a new Being with a NEW FAMILY OF THESE OLDER MEMBES AND OUR FELLOW STUDENT GRADUATES. Those graduates are the only genuine “saints”, to include anyone who gives their all to their Heavenly Father now trusting they will get the help to detach from their human roots, something all must do anyway when we die so this way it’s accepting that ahead of time and trusting Them to help us through.

Giving 100% doesn’t look like joining some religious order or talking all holy all the time or not having any fun. It simply means one wants to become putty in the Older Members hands and let them provide us with what we do and what is fun knowing that it’s a process to overcome our humanness and it’s no one else’s business but it includes “working for the Older Members” which at this time for those that know about them means working for Ti and Do even though they are no longer incarnate. That is done by studying all they said which is all freely available and applying as much as we choose as fast as we choose while talking to them and “taking a stand” for our belief in them and what they taught.

Ti and Do will let you know they have heard you if you ask them. There are no leaders, nor group, no membership in some cult or society, no rituals, no one to give money to and thus no corruption. Some things will be hard to believe but if you connect to Ti and Do and ask for help you will begin to trust in everything they said and did but that of course won’t be easy.  It’s actually making application to join their team and they don’t need new team members. It’s simply why they design “gardens” – to offer their real next evolutionary kingdom to humans who know this is right for them to pursue. They know what they have is worth it so it’s their joy to offer it to us.

To add to the idea of this being the prophetic harvest moon turned into blood red:

I could be wrong but I at this time believe tonight’s blood moon is not just another, but considering all else that’s been happening as signs in the Sun, Moon and Stars as Jesus said would accompany this time, this may be the prophetic one. Here are the three prophecies about this:

Joel 2:31 The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and terrible day ((age, time period)) of the LORD come.

Acts 2:20 The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and notable day ((age, time period)) of the Lord come:

The Acts are not Jesus words necessarily but “terrible” also means “revered” and “awful” as in demonstrating things to be full of awe about.

Revelation 6:12 And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood;

This next application of a moon becoming blood may happen for another reason from the eclipse but it’s possible it could be the next one like happened tonight on 9/27/2015 which is said to not occur again for 33 years.

That is very interesting actually as the evidence I’ve seen for the last 7th angels trumpet sounding was in the National Geographic’s special, “Final Report: Heaven’s Gate” – They even named it “final” to go with the last of 7 trumpets sounding – perhaps a coincidence or perhaps part of the Next Level crews legwork that I know they do. That was aired on October 17, 2008, a little less than 7 years ago. If that marked the start of the next “hour”, with an “hour” Next Level time equal to approximately 40 earth years then that would put the next blood moon at the time of this sixth seal’s opening in Rev 6:12 where we are currently about to enter the 4th seals opening following the Black horse Obama’s 3rd seal opening and the (red and blue led) global financial crisis as indicated related to wall street that followed the 2nd seals opening with G.W. Bush’s Red (Masonic color/Republican led Ruddy endless global war on terror that followed the Rev 11 “great shaking” as the 9/11 attacks that followed Do and crews first seal opening when they conquered their humanness by laying down their human vehicles to graduate the human kingdom (for some graduate to their next station towards graduation from the human kingdom as Do indicated some may have to return for further lessons incarnate (after the recycling)).

Last Chance to Evacuate Earth Before It’s Recycled – transcript from Do’s videotape

September 17, 2015

Last Chance to Evacuate Earth Before It’s Recycled

Edited Transcript of Videotape:

This is the 29th of September, 1996.  I’m “Do.”  “Do”
probably doesn’t mean anything to many of you.  To those who
have heard of “Do,” I might relate “Do” to “Ti and Do,” of the
“UFO Two,” or of what the media dubbed the “UFO cult” that
made some splash in the news in 1975 and disappeared from the
scene shortly after that.  And some of you might have heard of
some efforts that we have made to try to share a little bit of what
we have learned with the public, periodically, between 1975 and
now.  We put out a statement called `88 Update, and we did a
videotape series a little while after that, I think it was 1992, 1991-
1992, called “Beyond Human.”  Now, today we have quite a
different urgency.  It’s urgent to me, and it’s urgent to the students
that sit before me.  Our reason for speaking to you is because we
feel to warn you of what is just around the corner.

I’ll try to just put it as briefly as I can and as clearly as I
can.  This planet is about to be recycled, refurbished, started over.
That doesn’t mean it’s going to be destroyed, it doesn’t mean it’s
the end of the world.  But it does mean that it is going to be spaded
under.  Now, you can say, “Well, who are you to say that?”  And
I’ll tell you who I am.  As to whether or not you believe who I am
is up to you.  And whether or not you believe that this civilization
is going to be recycled or refurbished is up to you.  Now, the
purpose of this tape is to warn you that this is about to happen,
and that it’s going to happen very soon.

If I would title this tape, it would be “Last Chance to
Evacuate Planet Earth Before It Is Recycled” – last chance to
evacuate Earth before it is recycled.  If you’ve read any of our
teachings – the information that we have – you know that our
discipline is strict, that we teach “overcoming human ways,”
overcoming human addictions.  The purpose of that is not for
religious reasons, or for morality, or in order to become
“righteous.”  The purpose of that is to go to the heavens.  Humans
have some idea, because of what the negative forces have let them
believe, or have led them to believe – humans have the idea that
through religion, if I live a good life, then I get to go to Heaven
when I die.  And they don’t know what Heaven is, but they think
that Heaven is where God is, and Heaven is where whoever the
leader of their religion is, and they’ll get to go be with them if
they’ve lived a good life by whatever standard their religion

The fact is, that there is only one Kingdom Level – a
Kingdom Level, just like there’s a human kingdom – there’s only
one Kingdom Level above the human kingdom, and that Kingdom
Level made the human kingdom, and designed the planet,
designed all of its resources, designed all of its life forms, designed
humans, and even designed humans with the potential of leaving
the human kingdom in order to go to the Kingdom Level Above

Now, the startling thing to many is that the Kingdom
Level Above Human is physical.  There’s some idea that the
Kingdom Above Human is spiritual, as if it is limited to being
spiritual.  It is spiritual in the sense that, if you think of “mind” as
synonymous with “spirit,” and you become something that
identifies with your mind instead of the “suit of clothes” you wear,
then it is spiritual, because that mind/spirit becomes your identity.
Even in the human world – if humans identify with the mind that
they have, or the spirit that they have (remember, those two are
synonymous) – if they identify with that mind, then they don’t
think that they die when the body they are wearing drops.  They
think that they move into another world.  When they move out of
the body, whether they do, in fact, move into another world
depends upon whether they’re connected or not, or what their
information is, or what they are capable of knowing or doing, what
they’ve been willing to learn.

You know, the Next Level, or the Evolutionary Level
Above Human – oops, I said that bad word: Evolutionary Level.
Because religious people think,  “Oh, `evolution’, does this mean
that you don’t believe in creation?”  That’s the most ridiculous
thing that someone could think – that evolution is not a part of
creation.  That Kingdom Level created everything that is, or made
everything that is, and among those things it made, it made a
number of things that advance in an evolutionary progression.  So
to speak of that Level Above Human, we shouldn’t be afraid to
use the word “Evolutionary” Level Above.  It’s not really an
Evolutionary Level Above Human, in that creatures here can, on
their own, advance into that Kingdom Level, because they can’t.
That sounds strange.  Well, they can advance, but they can’t do it –
on their own.

The same Evolutionary Level that created the human
kingdom has to physically incarnate into the human kingdom to
offer life to them – to offer information to them – while incarnate
in a human body.  If a recipient is thirsty enough for that mind,
that recipient recognizes that he has literally connected with a
source from that Next Level (that incarnate Representative) who
is in their physical presence.  Don’t forget, the Next Level is not a
spiritual Kingdom.  Its members identify as the mind or spirit/soul,
but wear physical bodies.  Do you look at the heavens at night?
Why do you see physical bodies in the heavens?  If it was a
spiritual heaven, you wouldn’t see any of those bodies.  They
would all be etheric.  But you see those Heavenly bodies.  You see
only a tiny, tiny fraction of those physical bodies in the Kingdom
of Heaven.  There are also many physical Heavenly bodies that
cannot be seen by the human eye.

That doesn’t mean that our Heavenly Father’s Kingdom,
or the Kingdom of God, or the Evolutionary Level Above Human,
is anything less because it has physical characteristics.  It has all
characteristics – everything that you can talk about came from
them – including “evil” – including the design of everything that
can lead you to go astray if you listen to the wrong sources.  You
could say, “That couldn’t possibly be true.”  There is nothing that
is that was not created by the Kingdom Level Above Human.  And
the reason they created everything that there is, including negative
options, is so that you could become exactly what you choose to
become when you have the opportunity to become it.

Now, the only time we have an opportunity to leave the
human kingdom and go to the Kingdom Level Above Human, is
when there is a Member from that Kingdom Level, incarnate in
human form, saying to you, “I’ll tell you about a Kingdom Level
beyond here, and if you want to go there then you have to follow
me, because I am the guy who’s got the key at the moment.”
Whatever Representative is sent from that Kingdom Level and
comes into the human kingdom, then that’s the Representative
who has that key to that Kingdom, for that period of time.  And it
requires, if you move into that Evolutionary Kingdom, that you
leave behind everything of human ways – human behavior,
human ignorance, human misinformation.

A long time ago, long before this civilization began (and I
don’t know how many subsequent times this occurred), that
Kingdom Level had a Representative in a human civilization, and
members of a classroom who were in the process of overcoming
their human characteristics.  Some of those members who began to
serve in elementary ways for that Kingdom Level Above Human
decided that they didn’t want to listen to that Representative any
more, that they could do the things they wanted to do, and they
weren’t sure they wanted to get rid of human ways.  And so they
began to find fault in the Representative who was offering them a
way out of the human kingdom.  Well, you know the story from
there – fallen angels, Lucifer, Satan, a third of the Heavens
following a renegade who decided, “This world is not for me.  I
can be my own `god.’  I don’t need that Kingdom Level.  I resent
that I cannot be my own individual – that I can’t lead my own

Well, that Kingdom Level Above Human let that
individual and his following lead their flock – let them do what
they wanted to do – and used it for means that could serve a
purpose in the design of the Next Level progression.  And that
very evil presence is thick on this planet because it’s the End of an
Age.  It’s so thick that it would have you not believe a word I say,
and have you not accept anything that I tell you so that you will
not be a recipient of the Kingdom they left (that they got booted
out of and want no one else to go there).  They are resentful – and
are in opposition to the real Kingdom Level Above Human.don’t
forget, the Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of Heaven.

Now, the End of the Age, the End of the civilization, is
the worst time for presences of that renegade level (those who
were students of that Level and went renegade).  When you read in
historical data that there was also a Hell (and there is a Hell) and
the Hell is where those evil forces are – you can imagine that part
of that Hell is planet Earth.  When those “evil” individuals (those
followers of Lucifer, of Satan) chose to go awry, they were then
booted out of the Kingdom Level Above Human.  They were
confined to not only planet Earth, but any other planet with this
type of gravity or environment that could serve as a natural
environment for a human level.  They need a human civilization.
They use bodies from human civilizations.  They make hybrid
bodies because they have to continue to live.

Don’t forget, they had learned what “spirit” was.  They
had learned to separate their mind – their spirit – from a human
body, and knew that their identity was not lost if they lost a body.
They learned to move out of that body without losing their
consciousness, and even invade and take over another body that
was “prepared” for them.  They could sustain the life of it.  For the
most part, they are taking advantage of the human “plants” – the
creatures of this civilization – using them for their own means.
Those aliens – I call them aliens because one way you could speak
of them is as “space aliens,” evil space aliens – but they aren’t
really “space aliens” because they can only circulate in a very
limited part of space.  They are confined to environments (such as
this Earth civilization) where there are mammalian human-
equivalent or human civilizations existing.  So they are not really
“broad” space aliens.  But the common term is “space alien.”  And
I don’t mind calling them space aliens.

When the Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of Heaven, the
Evolutionary Level Above Human, is in close, assisting us,
because of our presence here, they certainly wouldn’t be called
“aliens” because this is their garden.  They made it.  We are their
experiments, we are their creatures, we are their cre-ations.  They
made us – everything that we are.

Now, I’ve got to go back to the beginning of this tape,
because I don’t want you to listen to my philosophy, my ideology,
the knowledge that I have.  I want you to be aware that the focus is
on the fact that this is the End of the Age.  At the End of the Age
the planet is wiped clean – refurbished – rejuvenated.  The mess
that the humans have made of it during this civilization is cleaned
up.  It is healed.  It is probably done on “fast forward.”  It probably
wouldn’t take very long to do it by standards of human time.  But
even if it took a thousand years to do it, that’s a very brief time
according to Next Level time.  We don’t know how long it’s going
to take to do it.  We can’t estimate that because we’re talking two
different times anyhow.  I mean, I’m trying to relate to you in
human time and yet I am more at home in relating to the time of
the Next Level.

If this planet is about to be recycled – spaded under –

refurbished – the only ones that get to leave it are the ones who
want to leave.  The only ones who survive the recycling are the
ones who want to leave – have found a teacher, someone who can
give them the information they need to leave, or give them the
information that will eventually lead them to leaving.  Now, what I
mean by that is that information is available only during the
time that we’re here.  And here I am, I’m Do, Do of Ti and Do,
of the little religious “UFO cult,” (because that’s what the media
dubbed us).  And yet Ti, who is my Father, who is my “Older
Member,” who gave me birth in the Kingdom of Heaven long
before this civilization began, Ti was here with me on this
particular mission.

Now, let me describe this mission for a moment.  Ti left,
in Earth time, 1985, because Ti had assisted enough that it was
time to turn responsibility over to Do, and for me then to begin a
more serious communication with my Older Member, and to be
dependent upon it and reliant upon it.  When Ti and I were
awakening, we entered this environment (to any significant
degree) in the early `70’s.  You’re looking at the body I’m
wearing, and you’re saying, “You entered in the early `70’s?
You’re certainly more than 20 something years old.”  The body
I’m wearing is, wow!, 65 years old.  “I” (the mind/soul of the Next
Level) entered at the same time my Older Member entered, which
was in the early `70’s.  You could think, “Well, that doesn’t make
any sense.”  If you’re “new age” – or whatever your belief is
regarding reincarnation – you could think, “Well, I don’t
understand, I thought reincarnation occurs at the beginning of an
infant’s life.”  No, I’m sorry to say, that’s not accurate.  A mind
begins when that infant is born, and that infant’s genetic package
begins to express itself as that mind develops.  And it is a mind, it
is a spirit.  But then a spirit or a mind that had previously occupied
another human plant, but has gone into the spirit world (or is
outside of a body because it lost its body from death or whatever,
but is still in the environment), can move in and take over that
vehicle and be stronger than the mind that is the mind of that
vehicle.  In other words, it can invade that vehicle.  It can take it
over.  It can pretty much keep the mind of that vehicle quiet and
do what it wants to do with that vehicle.

Now, the lower forces know this.  They teach spirits to do
this after they leave their bodies.  They let them know that they’re
capable of doing that.  You can say, “You mean that you and Ti
came into bodies in `72, so you’re `body snatchers,’ in a sense.”
Well, the Level Above Human made this garden and its design,
made the human plants for their purposes, and my Grandfather
(Ti’s Father) sent us into this environment with a crew that had
work to do.  Now, we did come in and prep the “vehicles.”  We
actually set aside this “plant” that I’m wearing (this “vehicle” that
I’m wearing) and the plants of the crew (the classroom), and the
plant that Ti chose to wear.  A “deposit” of a little bit of
information was put in those plants that set them aside for the time
when the mind was to significantly come in.  And therefore, the
mind that is now in my vehicle (body) cannot relate to that plant’s
history, prior to the time that my mind came in significantly.  So,
who the plant was that I’m now wearing, prior to the early `70’s is
just a fuzzy, dismal memory, because it is just like putting on a suit
of clothes that had a history to it.  And if I tried, I could invade
some of that history and dredge it up, but it is so unattractive to me
and it’s such a low vibration to me (if I can use that word without
sounding “new age” to some) – it’s repulsive to me because it’s
certainly very human.  This vehicle certainly indulged in human
behavior, human addictions, human ways, as every other human

When Ti and I were brought into this environment in the
early `70’s, a spacecraft brought us in – remember, it’s a physical
world.  And actually we came in earlier and made deposits, or little
“information deposits,” in our vehicles when they were infants.
So, that means we had to come in during the late `20’s and early
`30’s.  We also had to come in and make deposits in the vehicles
of all the classroom that are sitting here in front of me at the
various times when those vehicles were infants.

Now, it’s difficult to accept the information that I am
telling you.  If you knew how to interpret some of the religious
documents that have been left for you, you would interpret them
exactly as I am telling you.  But it’s not popular to do that – the
lower forces would have you interpret that information, those
documents, entirely differently.  Because the lower forces (Satan,
Lucifer, the fallen angels – all of those who are against the real
Kingdom of God) would have you not reach that Kingdom.  They
are delighted to serve as your “god.”  They will give you the things
that will make you happy in this world.  If you want to, you can
praise their name and ask for riches, or ask for anything that you
want.  They will give you the things that you want and make you
feel good about it.  It’s even so popular today in religions to preach
that, “God wants you to live an abundant life, so ask Him for what
your needs are.  He doesn’t want you to be raggedy and poor.”
And of course, that’s true, He doesn’t.  But that doesn’t justify
seeking a kingdom here, instead of seeking His Kingdom.  You
don’t seek His Kingdom unless you seek to get out of this
kingdom.  You can’t have both.  His Kingdom is never going to
coexist with the human kingdom.  That’s impossible.  That would
be like the humans getting down on their all-fours and existing
with the dog kingdom, staying restricted to dog houses, and
restricted to dog food, and restricted to dog behavior.  It doesn’t
make any sense.  Why would the Kingdom that made the human
kingdom find fulfillment in the human kingdom?

Now, a remarkable thing exists – the most remarkable
thing that you can possibly imagine, and that is – their design
enabled them to make small “mental deposits” in human plants.
We’ll call those “deposits,” for sake of understanding, the “soul.”
And those deposits are really like a small bit of Next Level
“hardware” with capacity for Next Level information.  That
deposit/soul is not only a storehouse but a separator for
information.  And that deposit/soul comes with an initial bit of
Next Level mind.  And wherever the Next Level makes those
deposits of souls in human plants, they contain a little bit of
information that permits the recipient to actually recognize the
kind of information that I am passing on to you.  It even has the
capacity to recognize the bearer (the Representative) of Next Level
mind or information.

Even as you listen to me you might recognize me and that
information, but the lower forces and your genetic programming
says, “Oh, don’t listen to that.  Don’t listen to that.  That’s horrible.
That’s the Anti-Christ.  That’s not God as I know it.  That’s
something altogether different.”  I’m afraid that what you have
been listening to – I’m not blaming you for listening to it, you
hardly stood a chance – are the lower forces.  These lower forces
are so strong, that they have brainwashed and kept humans totally
intoxicated at every level around the globe, so much so that they
are totally preoccupied with: make money, put it in the bank, have
more children, have more grandchildren, send them to college,
leave plenty of “security” so that they can have a future, and their
children can have a future.  What does that yield? – extending the
human kingdom, and extending the human kingdom, and
extending the human kingdom, with no idea of the possibilities that
exist beyond that.  You say, “Oh yes, we go to church once in a
while and we talk about Heaven, talk about the Kingdom of
Heaven.”  But most people don’t even want to touch the topic of
the Kingdom of Heaven, because they don’t really know what it is.
They just have to have the faith that, “that’s what I go to if I’ve
been good, and I just have to trust that that’s where I go.”  That
doesn’t make any sense.  Well, you can say, “Why are you telling
me it doesn’t make any sense?  That’s where my trust is.  That’s
where my faith is.”  I know that it is.  It’s not your fault.  I know
that’s where your trust is, I know that’s where your faith is.  And I
am desperate to give you help so that you can leave this place.

Now, three kinds of individuals can have a possible future
with the Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of Heaven. Oh, a few
minutes ago I started to tell you about this remarkable design, and
I’ve got to go back to it.  This remarkable design is what a soul
can become, and how a soul can be deposited in a human vehicle.
Those deposits are made just prior to a Representative of the
Kingdom Level Above Human coming into the human kingdom,
taking a human body, and telling the truth about what the human
kingdom really is, what the Kingdom Level Above Human really
is, and giving that information a chance to build in those souls.
Now, if a human plant has a soul, then that human plant has to
find and connect with someone who is from that Kingdom Level.
And since that Representative is here to try to help those get the
information that can lead them out of the human kingdom, that
individual is going to say, “I’m from the Kingdom of Heaven.”
Oh my goodness, how blasphemous can someone be to say, “I am
from the Kingdom of Heaven.”  How else can a Representative
offer anything if He doesn’t identify who He is?  He’s saying, “Do
you want to go to Heaven?  I’m here! I was sent here for the
express purpose of helping you get to the Kingdom of Heaven.”

Now, the remarkable little process that happens – if an
individual who has that little deposit of soul hears that voice that
says, “I’m from the Kingdom of Heaven,  I can help you go to the
Kingdom of Heaven,” – then that individual experiences severe
pain, and begins to break away from the world, and begins to go
to, physically go to and be with that Representative from that
Kingdom of Heaven.  Knowing quite well that they are
questioning all the time, “Is this really someone from the Kingdom
of Heaven or from the Level Above Human?  Because if it isn’t,
you know, I don’t want to get caught up in some `cult.’  I don’t
want to listen to somebody who could lead me astray.  But if it is
somebody from the Kingdom of Heaven, and if I’ve got that little
bit of information in my head, then I’m going to have some
awareness that there could be some truth in what that individual is
saying, who says He is from the Kingdom of Heaven.”

Don’t forget, a couple of thousand years ago, there was a
Representative from the Kingdom of Heaven or the Evolutionary
Level Above Human, present, and He said, `I am from the
Kingdom of Heaven.  Go and  tell the Good News.’  He told His
followers, `Go tell the Good News that the Kingdom of Heaven is
here.’  Meaning, `This is your chance, I’m here.  I can take you out
of here.  I can lead you into that Kingdom Level Above Human.’
But He also said, `That can’t happen unless you leave the human
world that you are in and come and follow Me.  Come and follow
Me.’  That didn’t mean on Sundays, it didn’t mean part-time.  It
meant totally – `Leave everything and come and follow Me.’
And you can say, “Well, my information says that’s terrible.”
Well, check it out.  Go read your New Testament.  Go read the red
letters in the New Testament.  See what that Representative
actually said, `Unless you leave everything and follow Me,
unless you hate everything of this world and come and follow
Me, you will not know My Father nor His Kingdom.’  Go read
it.  It’s long.  It’s thorough.  It’s remarkable that it’s still there.  I’m
sure that the Level Above Human had to intercede because I’m
sure that the lower forces would have, long ago, had that
eliminated from documents that people would call religious
documents or religious literature.

Every religion is less than the “Truth.”  It becomes a
religion when it is less than the Truth.  Now, every religion can
prepare an individual to be more prepared for the time when a
Representative from the Level Above Human comes in.  So it’s not
like the Level Above Human is available only to whites, or blacks,
or Jews, or Christians, or Muslims, or whatever the case might be.
It’s open to anyone who, when a Representative is present,
chooses to leave all behind, follow that Representative, and
“graft” to that Representative; and that graft grows as they take
in more mind.  Now, they’re not really taking in the mind of the
Representative, because the mind that is in the Representative is
not His mind.  The mind that comes through me is not my mind, it
is the mind of my Older Member – we’re in bad shape if it’s my
mind.  It is mine because it was given to me by my Older Member,
and by the Kingdom Level Above me – but it is not of me.  I do
not care for glory.  I know that is the last thing that anyone would
give to me on this planet, and I do not care for it.  But I do care to
glorify the Level Above Human.  I care to glorify my Father who
gave me life.  It is hard for me to speak of that without weakening,
as you can observe.

Okay, here’s an individual who says, “I will break away
from the world.”  Now breaking away from the world is not easy.
It’s difficult.  It’s tough.  And breaking away doesn’t mean that,
I’m going to go live in some place with this little cult, and I’ll
spend time on weekends or at least on holidays with the family that
I left, because they’re my family.  No, it means that you leave that
world behind.  You even become another individual.  It means that
even the “mind” that you had as a human is “aborted,” and the soul
that was given to you is filled with Next Level information – Next
Level mind – and a new creature is born, one that is not human.
Now, the mind that is filling that soul came from the Kingdom
Level Above Human – the Kingdom of God.  So that means that
even what fills that soul came from that Kingdom.  And therefore
that new creature becomes something that is of, or even from, that
Kingdom.  It’s the most interesting way that a creature comes into
being.  It’s like how babies are made in the Kingdom Level Above
Human – certainly not in mammalian ways, certainly not in acts
that are abhorrent to them.

Now, that doesn’t mean that it’s “evil” to have an act of
reproduction in the human kingdom – it’s “evil” if I’m leaving the
human kingdom, certainly.  It is “evil” because it’s barbaric, it’s
primitive, it’s beneath me.  The members in the Kingdom Level
Above Human are not mammals – there are no males, there are no
females.  They don’t need to consume things that require fangs or
teeth.  They can receive nourishment from a pill or a simple wave
or vibration that they would walk through.  The environment that
they are in determines what the vehicle (or “suit of clothes”) they
are wearing for that task requires.  Now don’t forget, they identify
as the mind – synonymous with spirit – they are not the “suit of
clothes.”  But they wear physical “suits of clothes,”  and those
physical suits of clothes look very much like – well I started to say
like “extraterrestrials.”  However, most renditions by human artists
of extraterrestrials are the most grotesque things that you can
possibly imagine.  They make them look like some praying mantis
or some insect that has some crazy shape or form.  And that’s
ridiculous.  Next Level bodies are perfectly beautiful “suits of
clothes.”  They are perfectly beautiful bodies – neither male nor
female.  They don’t have hair that needs to be cut, they don’t need
to have curlers.  They don’t need to use makeup.  It’s a body that
exists for the most part, in a non-destructive environment, except
when it has to go to a place like planet Earth.  So, it’s potentially
an eternal body – an everlasting body.

Now, I don’t like to use terms like “everlasting,” because,
bingo, it sounds like I’m talking spiritual talk, or religious talk.
Don’t forget, religion is less than Truth.  Spiritual talk is less than
Truth.  It is an abuse of Truth – it is a replacement for Truth
that the lower forces have brought in.  The more religious you
are, the more you become dependent upon artificial
information that would lead you away from the Truth.  It’s just
like the rituals, and the prayers, and the trappings that go with
religion – they can be so addictive, they can be so soothing, they
can be so calming that they feel so wonderful.  And to drop those
things for a reality that is a Kingdom Level Above Human, that
does not need those things, is a difficult thing to do.  It is as
difficult to drop religious trappings as it is to drop attachments that
the plant that you are wearing had – those attachments to offspring
or to spouse or to the parents of those plants.

The funny thing is, that in reality, those human parents do
not possess the offspring they have.  It is a very “evil” thing for
them to think that their offspring are theirs, that they are products
of theirs, property of theirs.  Rather than wanting for that spirit,
that mind (that is in that body that they supplied for that mind or
spirit) to become what it wants to become, the humans are
programmed by the alien forces, or the space aliens, or the
negative creatures, to have you believe that children owe their
parents or that parents possess their children.  That is not true.  It is
cruel to even think that way.  The more Next Level way of
thinking is to want that individual to have their life, and not to be
selfish and say, “Well, I brought you into this world.  I want to
cling to you.  You owe me.”  That doesn’t hold up.  They didn’t
ask you to bring them in to the world.  Is there some document that
says that child owes its parent?  Now the parent is responsible for
the child, because the parent made the choice of creating
(reproducing or replicating) another plant.  And since they made
that choice, or they took an action – oh, yes, we get down to that
don’t we – reproduction, human reproduction.

Boy, the worst thing you can imagine is for humans to be
taught by these space aliens – even using their religions and their
government morality to teach them – that the act of reproduction is
a God-given, wonderful thing.  It’s God-given in the sense that
dogs and horses came from God.  Everything came from the
Kingdom of Heaven, including humans and human reproductive
systems.  But what the Kingdom Above Human, the Kingdom of
God, the Kingdom of Heaven wants is to offer you their Kingdom,
which they very systematically do, periodically.  But it requires
that when they do, you listen to them, and that you do what they
require if you want to get out of the human kingdom.  And to get
out of the human kingdom requires that you leave the human
kingdom, and go and follow someone who can lead you to the
Kingdom Level Above Human.

Now, I told you a little while ago, that there are pretty
much three types of individuals that can avoid the spading under at
the end of an Age.  One would, of course, be those souls that were
deposited, and those souls were awakened, and those souls
received nourishment, and left everything behind, and became
attached to – grafted to – a Representative from the Level Above
Human, and separated from everything.  Now, I’ve got a bunch of
these individuals sitting in front of me who, I may be mistaken, but
I don’t believe that any of them had the beginning of their Next
Level life in this time period – in this generation.  I know that
every one of them were in the keeping of the Kingdom Level
Above Human before they came into this time period.  This time
period was a chance for them to learn a lot of things that they
didn’t learn very well, or didn’t get a chance to complete, or
needed to work on more, as far as separating from the human
kingdom.  They are having an opportunity to develop that more, so
that they don’t have to be planted back in a human garden in
another time – so that they can move into the Kingdom Level
Above Human, take on costumes, or suits of clothes, or bodies that
belong to that Kingdom, and serve and do their work in that
Kingdom Level Above Human.

You know, I can hear some of those humans who are
watching this tape now saying, “Oh my goodness, if I did what
you would do, I would not even be a humanitarian.  I would be
forsaking my responsibility to the human kingdom.”  You have to
forsake the human kingdom if you expect to ever know service in
the Kingdom Level Above Human.  You can’t do both.  You can’t
say, you know, “12 hours a day I’ll work for the human kingdom,
and the other 12 hours I’ll work for the Kingdom Level Above
Human.”  No, to leave the human kingdom requires everything you

A second type is one who recognizes the Representative,
recognizes the information of the Next Level that is coming
through the Representative, knows it is true, and has not yet had
the strength to complete it.  This type still trusts the Next Level,
still believes that that is the only Truth, and whatever faith they
have and trust they have, that’s where it is.  And they will be kept
in the keeping of the Kingdom Level Above Human, and
replanted at another time, and given another chance.

However, even though that Kingdom Level is fair, just
because someone with a deposit of soul comes to them, is no
guarantee they will get to the Kingdom Level Above Human.
When they come, they can apply their effort toward change to the
best of their (big question mark on this next word) ability or
capability.  It takes a lot of effort.  And even your effort cannot get
you there.  You have to please your Older Member.  I also had to,
and have to, please my Older Member.  When I first took my
birth into that Kingdom Level, it was because I pleased my
Teacher – my Older Member – the one who gave me birth into that
Kingdom.  No matter how hard I work, that work is of no value if
it doesn’t please my Older Member, the one who took me into that
Kingdom.  That is still true.  In other words, this classroom here
not only has to please me, they have to please my Older Member.
So, just because they’re sitting here, having left their world behind,
does not mean that they will receive a body or suit of clothes
belonging to that Next Level.

Okay, let’s say they try to the best of their ability, and
according to the Next Level’s judgment they’re not quite ready for
a body of service, belonging to that Kingdom Level.  If they did
the best that they could, and they still pleased their teacher and
pleased their teacher’s Teacher, then they will have a future.
They’ll be replanted, have another time for a Representative to
come into the human kingdom, and have that nourishment.  Now
that’s the second type.  So one is the type of soul that becomes a
new creature, is ready to go into the Kingdom Level Above
Human, receive a body, begin service.  Two, is one who is in the
process of that but doesn’t quite make “quartermaster” – not quite
ready to have a body because of more work that needs to happen
as far as separating from human.  We’ll talk later about some of
the work that is required in separating.

There is a side issue to the Next Level’s presence that is a
very interesting phenomena.  During the time that the Next Level
is close to a planet because they have a Representative there, and
they are communicating continually with that Representative, then
there is mind of the Next Level present that even the lower forces
can tap and take advantage of, and increase a broad scope of their
knowledge and their technical advancement, etc.  Now, how long
has the Next Level been here with me and my Older Member?
Since the early `20’s.  Well, think of the advancement that has
taken place on the planet, as far as technical advancement and
scientific development since the early `20’s, because that presence
was here that all creatures could draw upon and use, including
lower creatures who are here who don’t believe that they want to
go to my Father’s Kingdom at all.  They want to remain human.

Okay, back to the three types:  One, those ready for
quartermaster; two, those not quite ready, and the third type:  those
who recognize the information of the Next Level and are
attempting, even without knowing of the Representative’s presence,
to break away in their own way.  Now, when they attempt to break
away in their own way, not even aware that I’m here or that my
Older Member has been here at this particular time, they somehow
or another find themselves drawn to others who are breaking away.
They are also finding themselves surrounded with an opposite type
of people who say, “What’s wrong with you guys?  Are you crazy?
You’re leaving your career?  You’re not paying attention to your
children?”  This is happening a lot.  Many people are going into
what the mainstream likes to call “cults” –  they are breaking
away.  People who love their God so, in their own way, that they
end up like what happened with Randy Weaver at Ruby Ridge,
what happened at Waco, what happens in nations that, even in
their government, want to honor God – listen to God – entirely,
instead of taking man’s laws, man’s requirements, man’s rules.
They are breaking away.  They are conscious that there is some
presence of God here and are saying, “I want to go in that
direction.  I’ll even put my life on the line in order to get closer to
God at this time.”

I am not qualified to specifically tell you who all these
various types are.  But I’ve given you some illustrations.  It’s like
even in patriot movements, or in militia movements, or in “cults,”
or in this type of religious radical or another who know that this
world is rotten, they are saying, “I would rather die in service to
my interpretation of what God is than stay here.”  Those young
souls, those young spirits, those minds will be saved.  They will be
set aside – “put on ice,” so to speak – and have a future, have
another planting in the next civilization for further nourishment.

What does this add up to?  This adds up to that the ones
who love this world and love the human kingdom, say to me and
all those like me (or all those I just discussed – all those various
categories) that, “They’re nuts, they’re crazy.  They’re radicals.
They’re against the world.  They are not human – they’re
inhumane.  They’re tyrannical or their terrorists.”  Now, don’t
misunderstand me.  I’m not advocating violence.  I’m not
advocating going out and trying to create some war.  The war that
is a natural phenomenon that comes with the End of an Age, is
forced upon those who want to leave this place.  It’s not anything
that we have to do or we have to create.  And some, aware that that
will happen – even some who want to get to the Kingdom Level
Above Human – mistakenly feel responsible for creating those
wars.  They don’t have all the pieces right.  But if they are doing it
for the right reasons, not me, but my Father and my Father’s
Father, and the Kingdom Level Above Human says, “They love
me more than they love the world.  And they love me more than
they love the world during the time that I have a Representative
present.  And I will honor that.  I will extract them.  I will put them
aside.  I will give them a planting at another time.”

Well, you know, one of the things that disturbs me the
most is that those who are very religious, by whatever name, are
usually those who had been recipients of souls, recipients of a
little bit of Next Level information, a little deposit from the
Kingdom Level Above Human.  And the lower forces were aware
of that.  And so the lower forces do everything they can to keep
those individuals from ever knowing the Kingdom of God.  So
they come in and offer those recipients their version of the
“Kingdom of God” through their religion, but it’s totally
counterfeit.  It’s totally false.  It’s concerned with healing your
cancer, healing this that’s wrong, fixing your pocketbook, or
making your business right, or doing all the things to extend your
life here – and above all, tend to that family, tend to that “future,”
tend to all the things that will leave a future for our children.  If
that’s your preoccupation, you cannot know the Kingdom of
Heaven and you will have no future.  If you love the Kingdom of
Heaven, or the Kingdom of God, or the Level Above Human, by
whatever terms are in your head, and you hate this world and want
to leave it, you will have a future with and in the very Kingdom
Level that created you.

Don’t forget we are at a very unusual time – we’re at the
End of an Age.  You can say, “Boy, you’re really trying to fill me
with fear, aren’t you?”  If it would work, I would.  I would do
anything that I could to wake you up, if you have that potential to
know that Kingdom, to be saved from this spading under, from
this recycling.  I mean, I don’t care for any of the fame or glory of
the human world.  It’s absolutely worthless to me.  I can’t wait to
get out of here.  There’s nothing this planet, or this civilization, or
this kingdom level has to offer me.  I am away from my Father to
be here.  Anything that I could sacrifice in this world is no
sacrifice at all compared to what I sacrificed in leaving there to
come here, to try to help those who were given to me as a task.  I
apologize for being so emotional but that happens to be the Truth.
I want to leave here.  Now, I’m in a vehicle that is already falling
apart on me, and I’m desperate to try to help you have a last
chance to go.

Let’s go back to title of tape.  Title of tape is “Last
Chance to Evacuate Planet Earth”- to get out of the human
kingdom, get off of the planet, leave it literally.  Now, “leave it
literally” means – well, what is literal – that leaving requires that
you start identifying with the mind that can connect with this
information, and not identify with the body that you are wearing.
And that you take advantage of everything that you can to learn
more of this information, become more connected with it, and to
follow it like sheep would follow a shepherd, in an attempt to
leave this place.

So, I hate the lower forces who have taken the very
Truths that were initially the Truths, and have reduced them to
“religion,” and they made the religions more attractive and more
human, so that those who had deposits and were seeking the
presence of a Representative of the Kingdom Level Above
Human, would, when He came, be looking for the wrong one – the
one who would bring “peace on Earth.”  Here we are at the End of
the Age, and you’ve got a whole world full of many, many types
who say, “We’re coming to the End of an Age, we’re coming to
the Second Coming, we’re coming to the time that Jesus is coming
back, or that the Kingdom of Heaven is coming – and His Son is
going to set up His Kingdom here on Earth, and Earth will then be
Heaven.”  This will never happen.  You wouldn’t have it even if it
happened.  Once you knew what it was, you couldn’t stand it.  You
cannot cling to being a mammal, connected with other mammals,
and expect to get into a level of life that is beyond mammal.  Now,
you can search the documents of your religions right now and they
clearly tell you that in Heaven there are – there will be – no males
and no females (it is genderless).  It is not a mammalian existence,
it is not a human existence.  And those documents also clearly tell
you that you have to leave everything of the human world in order
to know that Next World or ever see that Kingdom of Heaven.

Well, once more, the awful thing that happens, from your
perspective, when the Level Above Human comes into the human
kingdom and incarnates into a human body, is that the
Representative whom they send has to say – in order to find
followers – “I’m here.  I’m from the Kingdom Level Above
Human.”  What does that yield?  That yields, immediately, that the
vast majority say, “cult, some religious radical, some blasphemous
individual that wants to take advantage of people – you know, has
some big bank account somewhere that they’re taking whatever
possessions that followers might bring with them or have access
to.”  I wish you’d show me where that bank account is so that we
could use it to get this information out.

I don’t mean to make fun of this.  I am desperate – for
your sakes.  Within the past 24 hours I have been clearly informed
by my Older Member of how short the remaining time is; how
clearly we cannot concentrate on anything except the perspective
that says: the end of this civilization is very close.  The end of a
civilization is accompanied by spading under, refurbishing the
planet in preparation for another civilization.  And the only ones
who can survive that experience have to be those who are taken
into the keeping of the Evolutionary Level Above Human.

Now, there are some strange possibilities that could
happen that I have not touched upon.  How is this end of
civilization going to occur?  Well, I don’t know all the particulars.
Talk to the people who talk about earthquakes, and talk about
weather phenomena, and talk about ozone layers.  And talk to
environmental people and they’ll say, “Well, the planet is in
trouble in that area.”  Talk about the way that people no longer are
restrained nor do they have respect for their neighbors.  They’re so
unrestrained that if you just say something that makes them
unhappy, they start throwing rocks at you, and the next thing you
know you’ve got a neighborhood war, you’ve got a little ethnic
war in this nation or that.  And there’s so little restraint that these
little groups, these little ethnic groups, these little religious groups,
these little governments that are in conflict – they seem to be doing
a significant amount of the spading under themselves.  They seem
to, by choice, be so quick to condemn others.  Well, what is it
that’s in the history books about the Truth?  It says: be careful not
to condemn someone else or you will be condemned.  That doesn’t
mean anything anymore – everyone is quick to condemn.  I mean
they don’t even “look-see” anymore.  They just see a tiny little
aspect of someone else and they quickly determine that they are so
brilliant that they can judge it as being not what they are looking
for – worthless, some radical movement, some movement that
certainly is beneath them.  Well, that is making hasty judgments –
that kind of quick-to-condemn-others attitude, that kind of
violence that wants to destroy others.

You know, the world and its majority have created laws
that try to keep individuals like us non-existent, because we
threaten the system that the major systems exist on.  You could
say, “What if everybody in the world left their families and came
and followed Do?”  Well, you don’t have to worry about that –
that’s not going to happen.  You know, only a tiny, tiny little
fraction of the plants that are on the planet would ever be able to
make that transition from the human kingdom to the Kingdom of
Heaven.  It’s the same in regard to giving up human ways.  You
could say, “Well, what if everyone gave up their human and
mammalian reproductive activity – there wouldn’t be any humans
left.”  Oh, then you don’t believe that the Kingdom Level Above
Human is capable of producing individuals?  That they can’t
create or make them?  That they are dependent upon the human
reproductive activity?  You sure don’t give them credit for much.
They made the very first ones here.  They even designed them with
a capacity to reproduce.  If humans didn’t reproduce, the Next
Level could make as many as they want to.  They always have
been able to do that.  They’re not dependent upon humans for

Well, I know this could sound strange, but I wish you
could believe me.  Why do I wish that you could believe me?
Because if you really believed me, you would look at what we
have to say.  You know, this little classroom of students who are
about to move into the Level Above Human, following me out of
here – and we’re going to leave quickly – are doing everything
they can do to be non-human.  That doesn’t mean that they are
uncaring.  They are more sensitive than you can imagine.  They
are more caring than you can imagine.  The qualities that they have
exceed anything of your imagination – because they have listened
to and taken in information of the Next Level enough that they
believe it and it has become a part of them.  And it means
everything to them.  They know that by separating from the
world that the vehicles that they are wearing – the plants that they
are wearing – caused grief for individuals.  There’s another aspect
to that:  the Kingdom Level Above Human also sees to it that none
of those lives that were touched by that separation were damaged.
They may be temporarily hurt.  That doesn’t mean they are
damaged.  A lot of times – or all of the time – that kind of hurt can
lead to a greater positive for the individual who experiences the
pain of that separation.

Well, I started to tell you a minute or two ago, that we
created recently a website on Internet – one called “Heavensgate.”
We have put into Heavensgate just about everything we have to
say, as far as we are capable.  The time I’m sitting with you is a
tiny little fragment of time.  I couldn’t tell you all the things I
know if we sat for days and days and days.  But if you want to
know more about us, if you can believe what I am telling you and
you want to know more about it, you can go to Heavensgate on the
Internet.  You can pull down all kinds of stuff that we have
written, things that we have done, things about our history.  We
even have a book that is available to you – I’m not going to spend
time now trying to sell you some book.  But there is a book
available that you can find on the Heavensgate website.

I don’t want to take away from the seriousness of the
moment, because I am concerned that time is short.  Again, the
topic of this tape is:  Last chance to evacuate the human kingdom –
planet Earth – to get out of this space so that this garden can be
recycled.  I hope for your sake that you have a degree of curiosity
about what I have said on this tape, so that you will look a little
deeper.  If you condemn me thoroughly and call me the Anti-
Christ or whatever you want to call me, it’s not going to hurt me.
It’s going to hurt you.  If you condemn us, you will be condemned.
Nothing can hurt us.  The thing that we could experience here that
would be the most horrible thing, from your point of view, would
serve to help us get back to the Kingdom Level Above Human
more quickly, and that’s what we desire to do.

I know that the presentation of this little tape is not what I
would call skilled or polished.  It doesn’t have the things that
humans like to see in their presentations.  But I know that it has the
Truth.  And that any of you who have a fragment of Truth in you
can connect with that Truth.  And if you pursue that Truth, you
don’t have to worry about what is going to happen, for you will
have a future.  You will be in the keeping of the Kingdom Level
Above Human.  This I desperately, for your sake, hope you take
advantage of.  And what happens to those who respond to us – one
way or the other – is all a part of the spading under, even what
may happen to us as a result of this little tape, or whatever
subsequent things that we do in relationship to you between now
and our departure.

I hope that you take advantage of this.  I hope that I have
been a servant of the Next Level, and that you might somehow
come to know the Next Level through this meager effort.

Scriptural proof Jesus and his Father return incarnate as the Two Witnesses

September 16, 2015

Scriptural proof Jesus and his Father return incarnate as the Two Witnesses

Here are two comments I left on a Christians blog that had made a post about the Two Witnesses, saying what is the common understanding that can have a degree of truth behind but is far from the most accurate available because they have not yet accepted the KEY to unlocking all scripture and that is in the teachings and behavior and ways of Ti and Do. I didn’t introduce them to Ti and Do as if they can’t consider or accept my interpretations of scripture they will probably never come to see Ti and Do as the fulfillment of all the scriptures. Sometimes I think it’s unfair to lay too much on some too soon without their asking for more though I have done it many times and as a result was banned from a number of blogs or just would never approve my comment additions to what they wrote.

So I encourage anyone that wants to serve Ti and Do (in my opinion) by speaking to Christians about the Two Witnesses and any other prophecy to examine what I have written. Look up the chapters I referred to and get yourself a way to see the Greek and Hebrew for some of the keywords that can really help to bring out more of what’s there. When you run into spots that are puzzling which I do all the time even going back over verses I’ve examined in great details many times before, keep digging while asking Ti and Do for help and go where you get ideas to go. Sometimes that might take you the many Bible study sites. Here are two I use often:  This one is good because it shows a literal Greek translation and has cross references and easy access to geek word meanings from Strongs and Thayers and it’s free.  This one is good for having even more translations and has many Commentaries as well which in some are near worthless while others can be insightful.

Another link to someone who I believe is a leading edge kind of source that has helped me quite a bit is. Most of what he says in this particular article I arrived at without him but he added additional verifications of and in some cases my updating my thinking. I especially believe he’s got the best interpretation of 666 I’ve seen. I asked Ti and Do for help with that and that started me searching and I just so happened upon this site that made the most sense to me. It’s basically saying when written in the roman numeral alphabet D=500 C=100 L=50 X=10 V=5 I=1 – then adds up to 666 and it was Roman Numerals that were used to write 1776 on the dollar bill beneath the Mason Pyramid. He goes into this a great deal which I believe has a lot of merit.
So here are the two comments made, first to another commenter and then to the author of the article about the Two Witnesses that didn’t claim anything new so I’m not going to include it as my response sort of shows what I am claiming is a more accurate interpretation:
– Jorge, certainly they represent the word of God but they are in human flesh bodies. First off a book can’t prophesy. You need to look up the meaning of these words. Prophecy requires a mouth to speak through to others. Plus Zechariah 4 says THEY are both ANOINTED. The only ones in the entire word of God that are described as anointed are Jesus as the word Christ means the overcoming process that is an anointing with oil – pressing the oil from the olive that requires that the olive dies in the process and so the oil then provides LIGHT to others to see by. In fact this is the one of only TWO scriptures in the prophecy of the Revelations that states someone will “prophesy”. The other is in Rev 10 pertaining to John though that prophesy occurs after the Two Witnesses have ascended. Since Jesus said he was returning to speak to us, “plainly and boldly about the Father” in John’s gospel and that his “instructions/commandments” to us then would divide the sheep from the goats with the example of his words being the sword of his mouth, having two edges the first because he will instruct those that recognize him to leave all behind as he requires of all his disciples called “deny self”  when he’s in the flesh and second when it’s harvest time and we have to as his disciples did take up their cross and literally die for him. And as it says in Rev 14, these will follow him everywhere he goes which is as usual both figurative and literal because he is again walking among us. I know there is a lot to explain further. I’m going to put the rest in another comment to the author if you are interested.
– I responded to Jorge below showing proof that one of the Two Witnesses is Jesus as both are anointed=a Christ and both speak, the meaning of to prophesy – and other such proves and there are many more that show this. However, who is the second then as there are no others mentioned as anointed except we know the Father being above Jesus in their kingdom has got to be a Christ as well, which is another topic to consider but is not without evidence. First off in John’s gospel Jesus tells his disciples both he and his Father will “make our abode with you”. Again we can see it as strictly figurative but why would it not be literal if his return was to be literal. He didn’t speak figuratively really except when telling stories or making certain comparisons. Here there was no comparison or story being told so it’s a literal abode or dwelling is actually just as accurate to say and it pertains to where we live. He also says at that time he won’t be asking the Father things on the disciples behalf as  he was doing then, because the Father also loves their disciples and the Father would be manifest to them. We can’t assume anyone but them would recognize him then and of course it’s them because they are among the resurrection of the just, which didn’t mean just the harvest time of the forthcoming time period in the new age but because there was also to be a resurrection of the unjust as well. The Kingdom of God saves one’s soul and then brings that soul back to continue their lessons of overcoming the world which is clear must be done to be with him in his kingdom. See Rev 1-3 for the ultimate proof of that. Which by the way, Rev 3:12 states that he will have a new name, again a confirmation that he comes in a new body to “show” us plainly about the Father because he will tell us the Father’s name and show us the human body the Father also takes during the first part of Jesus’ return. This is further evidenced by Rev 12 – the woman who is clearly not only symbolic but is in person as well to “birth” her son to the throne. This woman (generator of life) can not be the church as some say as the church is the body of believers and the believers can not birth her son to the throne. That’s preposterous to imagine. Then in Rev 12 it shows that this “son” being birthed has also been known as Michael the archangel, the captain of angels who visited with Daniel and by the way deciphering  Daniel’s prophecy also shows the TWO’s return together, but also shows that Michael is already at that time a Christ, being he had overcome the human world before then, which the evidence suggests was when he was here as Elijah and before that Moses and before that Enoch and before that Adam. There is a ton of proof of what I am saying if anyone can stand to at the very least consider seriously what I am pointing to.
Where people are confused which is understandable given how much the Luciferian fallen angels have created confusion (though is our test to gain strength by to see the truth beyond that confusion) is in Rev 19 when Jesus returns wearing a body dipped in blood. In that final return, actually the 7th return, the 6th being as one of the Two Witnesses where his Father births him and then exits as shown by the earth opening her mouth and swallowing up the flood that’s after her in Rev 12, he is not in the flesh then. He is using the same body he had that he and his Father converted into a “celestial body” (as Paul referred to a body of a member of the Kingdom of God). It was just as physical as the body he used for his 3+ years of ministry but had new capabilities that he demonstrated to the disciples he was commissioning to be his delegates to the world, a special assigned task because they were true witnesses to the truth. He said I am not a spirit – a spirit is not flesh and bone. Yet he was able to disappear and reappear and lift himself up above the earth or sea as he demonstrated in the ship and at his exit into whatever type of physical transportation  he had that the cloud was a covering for which was exactly the way Jehovah came and went. And Jehovah also allowed Moses to touch him. He couldn’t look at Jehovah’s face or he would die but he could touch him. One of the huge points made by the tabernacle tent just for Jehovah where they put food was to start to show that Members of the Kingdom of God used physical bodies. That’s part of what it meant in Genesis to say “we created man in our image”. That word referred most to how one appeared to the eye – that we would look like the Elohiym in appearance meaning humanoid though to become a “son of God” required receiving a soul and then looking to their every instruction to build that soul to fill it with “holy spirit/mind” – the behaviors and ways and thinking, words and actions they would teach, through human bodies to take into their own souls to eventually arrive at having one’s  body full of light – to be harvested to become a new young member of the Kingdom of God.

Another deceitful manipulator claiming to be Heaven’s Gate 2 Surfaces

September 9, 2015

A friend of a friend of a friend that knows the Heaven’s Gate story sent this to me asking if this group is valid? My response follows for anyone else who comes by it. It’s a trouble maker pushing a spoof designed to upset people and/or start trouble and foster lies and deceit and it seemed to have as it’s basis some hints related to ideas I’ve written about that I put together from things Ti and Do said and prophecy and current events in the last few years. My response is below this dumb message. I learned something from it that further supported certain prophecies I’ve examining as it may be that this was generated by a former classmate in Ti and Do’s group. There were many and it seems one or more have tried various ploys to generate a group to follow them. What they have said shows nothing in common with anything Ti and Do said or taught. (Also I never clicked on the link. If someone has a way to do so securely you can let me know what it shows.)

The message sent to the friend starts here:


You and a limited amount of applicants have been selected for a Level 1 spot in Heaven’s Gate 2!

Heaven’s Gate 2 is not Heaven’s Gate. Hale-Bopp is gone. The Older Members have ascended past this world. However, The UFO Two designated junior members to stay on Earth. Those junior members have started “The Circle of Two”. The goal of the Circle is to calculate the next coming of the Gateway and to recruit new members into joining. The Circle Of Two has calculated 2005 ED224 as the Gateway. The Gateway initiates the Action, which begins at Act A. Joining Heaven’s Gate 2 gives you the opportunity to recycle your human shell and ascend into your true selves. You will be moved to another plane of existence. As you become more involved with the Circle, more will be clear to you. The Action will be explained and you will learn how to enter the Gateway. The earth was recycled, years ago. Our Creators altered many things about the place we live in today. Look outside your window. Do you want to die without allowing yourself to reach your full potential?

A first name or alias The Circle can address you by. Your gender, and your religion. A essay containing these key points:

– Why you would like to join Heaven’s Gate 2
– Why do you deserve to shed your physical body and gain entry into The Gateway
– What you can supply for Heaven’s Gate 2
– What you expect to receive from Heaven’s Gate 2
– Achievements in your lifetime
We expect the essay to be of length. If you are not serious about joining Heaven’s Gate 2, please do not reply. You are limited by time to deliver your essay to us. If the essay is not delivered when The Circle cuts off the entries, you will be permanently disqualified from Heaven’s Gate 2.
Please only accept email from this address. Attempting to email other addresses, posting email addresses in public forums or sharing the address with others, or alerting our presence to the media or any outside sources will disqualify you from ever gaining entry to Heaven’s Gate 2 again. Please alert us of any leaks you see.
Once again, discretion is advised.
We look forward to hearing from you.
And here is a screen shot of the image you receive after submitting your email address to the site:
Any information or insight you have about this would be very much appreciated!
Sawyer’s response to my friend:
This is 100% phony baloney, not even containing one ounce of truth in it that I could pull apart bit by bit to prove if necessary.  I’ve seen this kind of thing before and I don’t know who exactly is behind it but it’s sinister and the only purpose is either to make money or gain a following but ultimately to try to take away from the truth about Ti and Do that is only trusted as coming from them and those who are giving their all to further reveal what they said and did.
Thanks for running this by me so I can post something on my blog about it as I have done with others. Curiously did you try that link to the image file. I am hesitant to do so, so I thought I’d check with you first. And if you feel okay about sharing the email address this message came to you from, I would send them a reply. No former member of Ti and Do’s group were given a task to leave the group to do another task. In the case of Rio, after he told Do he felt he had something to do in the world, Do said he checked with Ti who was outside his vehicle and decided (since he wanted to leave) he could be of service as he and another student had been assigned the task of working on a movie script Rio was then going to try to peddle to a Hollywood studio to produce. Then Rio wrote a book and decided to cease further opportunities for service,  yet I know that could change at any time and I wouldn’t need to know about it. It’s possible one or more of several that follow my blog and sort of harass me learned that I believe I was given a task subsequent to leaving them. But I didn’t leave to do that task. At best they were taking advantage of the fact that I chose to re-establish my provision of service to Ti and Do. So I had a dream with 4 of the 38 class members telling me they had a task for me, which was after a dream where Do told me “I can use you”. That task is to rewrite the Book of Revelations and associated prophecy from Jesus showing how Ti and Do and Crew fulfill all the prophecies. I have been working on that task for the last 14 years intensely and am very near publishing. But there is absolutely no need for their to be another group and no one will benefit from exiting their vehicle – killing themselves. They are against suicide though they define it as Jesus would have, as going against the Next Level when it’s offered to you and then it’s not suicide of the body, it’s suicide of the spirit/soul (mind’s continuance).  Do said there were three types of people who would “go with him”, that is when it’s recycle time and he’s not talking about physical vehicles. 1) Those who like his 38+4 graduates, are doing all they can to complete their metamorphosis – their overcoming of the human condition that requires the separation from all our human roots, behaviors and ways under the direction of the most recently incarnate representative from the Next Level – Ti and Do. 2) Those who start their metamorphosis by seeking to become “putty in Ti and Do’s hands” (whether before they left or until it’s done or they leave their vehicle) but are not strong enough to completely separate from the world and 3) Those who never heard of Ti and Do but who in their own way are separating from the world by not showing their allegiance to the various human power structures, governments, institutions, etc. – what Jesus referred to as “mammon”. I can align these three conditions with several of the prophecies in the Revelations. The overall condition that goes with the first two types of individuals is to believe everything Ti and Do taught and to be willing to “stand for them” and accept the consequences. Standing for them is service by disseminating their information. Laying down one’s body as they did was an option for some who felt to that applied for an undetermined amount of time after they left. I’m not saying someone couldn’t do so but they’d have to as Do said, “scream to Ti and Do” to know whether  that would be right for they will give that person a clear signal. Long after they left their vehicles, I asked Ti and Do if I needed to prepare to lay down my vehicle as they did. It was very hard for me to ask that as I had a partner and we had our daughter who was maybe 10 years old then and I didn’t want to do so. Do came to me in a dream and said, “you need to give your life”. So he left it up to me, typical of Do and Ti throughout my 19 years with them. No manipulation whatsoever though of course they can be seen as otherwise. Whoever is putting out this email is committing what Jesus described as the only unforgiveable sin, that of telling someone else a lie about the Kingdom of God (Next Level) as if it was the truth. It’s in a sense like trying to kill someone because if someone believes in what they say, they will die believing in a lie, though the Next Level may choose to take that spirit or soul into their keeping for being willing to give their life to what they believe is the creator’s kingdom so even the victim loses their vehicle. But for whoever instigates that true form of “evil”, though they are still given the chance to change their ways, if they continue the Next Level will deal with them accordingly which I don’t know exactly what shape or form that could take as they have then become “waste” and a “weed” in their “garden” that can damage their “fruit”. I’m sorry I say so much but I’d rather be overly thorough than short cut doing my best to “stand for Ti and Do”.
Even as a joke this to me is repulsive. There is no Heaven’s gate 2 and Do is not coming back incarnate again during this civilization. I have been suggesting based on Prophecy in Rev 19  that he is coming back again to take those souls or spirits who seek allegiance with He and Ti into safe keeping – being legitimately “saved” so they can be brought back to have a new association with a human vehicle to have the opportunity to continue their growth towards potentially becoming a Member of the Next Level. That return Is described as remaining in the sky/heavens but in a very apparent, perhaps looking like a “sun” and/or armada kind of way and he may even be “wearing” the same vehicle he changed over into a Next Level vehicle 2000 years ago after he healed the one that was murdered and proved he was still physical and NOT a spirit and showed how his new changed over vehicle had capabilities human vehicles don’t have – the ability to appear and disappear while still being physical and touchable, and able to defy gravity by lifting himself up into the cloud covered spacecraft. Do said if Jesus was coming back, then speaking of Jesus as the vehicle he later admitted to occupying he was not going to be showing his scars again. Ti and Do also spoke about how the Next Level members are physical, not etheric as in discarnates – ghosts, etc. and how they could be among us to where if they let us bump into them we would feel something. They didn’t say what we would feel. But they said the Next Level members weren’t going to let that happen. That would interfere with a students free will/choice of what to believe and act upon at a time when those students had the chance to graduate. If they weren’t of a grade level that could graduate, as 2000 years ago became apparent, then they can be shown things that seem magical because it becomes part of their soul memory. But they will still have to bring that part of their memory into the next human vehicle they are assigned to take over for use to complete their task that brings them through their “birth canal” – the spirit (unseen) birth Jesus spoke of that requires having a human vehicle to overcome it’s human ways through to complete.
I thought of another characteristic in this person or groups message that may have been stimulated by things I have said, thus perhaps my karma to deal with now. In my defense it’s again based on prophecy and it’s important to know that Ti and Do said early on in 1975, even perhaps in early 1974 and as late as 1976, because I got it from the book by Rod Steiger and Hayden Hewes that were about Ti and Do, but then went by, depending on the time Bonnie and Herf or after 1974 Bo and Peep, named, “UFO Missionaries Extraordinary”, where Ti and Do posted a statement in the back of the book on page 159 headed as “What Is Happening in the Heavens at This Time!. Here is a segment from that document they wrote that shows some evidence, like I said in the previous comment that the one called Jesus would return with that body.
Now it will be apparent from this segment that Ti and Do thought at the time that graduates would change over their human caterpillar like body into a new Butterfly like body, changing it from within so that the same physical body as in Jesus case would then ascend into the sky. Obviously that changed though even in March of 1997 Do and Crew still thought it was an option for exit, even though they also by then thought that “rapture” referred to how the Next Level truth was like the bait on the hook that those humans who were prepped could consume that would in a sense “steal them from their human world” or as the definition of “rapture” is “catch” them “up” to heaven, at that stage where heaven was where the Older Members were incarnate to bring those caught to their “spirit (invisible) birth”. They were not certain altogether about the physicality of the soul until about the year or two before they exited. I left 2 1/2 years before their exit. For all we know when they layed down their human vehicles, that could have released the “soul container” inside it that then literally rose up into the sky or wherever the cloaked spacecraft was to receive them or the spacecraft could have even been right over top of that mansion as if that craft had a huge hanger bay in it’s base. I know this is crazy to think is potentially reality but then the entire story is like I say anymore the truth that’s stranger than fiction.
So this new body growing inside their human body would have reached maturity to the degree it needed, to be “viable” in the Next Level, meaning it would not “abort” when put into a new physical body grown on a vine for each new member. Those bodies, unlike the human body doesn’t have it’s own mind to some degree that one would ever have to reprimand or teach or reward as we do in the human kingdom when we do something we believe we knew better not to do, though it would require a pilot (soul that’s graduated). The Next Level knows when each of their upcoming members have reached viability yet there are different types of vehicles they would receive and some would not have made the grade for a adult Next Level body.
Finally, to further explain the point to this addition, Ti and Do say that the “final prophecies in John’s Revelation” will be “completed” which his what my book is documenting and it also shown to be in the plan in the Revelations to take place during what Ti and Do  called in this document the “7th Closeness”. During the time of the 7th trumpet’s sounding is where we are now and is when the book I’m writing is to be revealed, which is clearly after the first fruit classroom of students have exited their incarnation and “ascended” into their station in the literal heavens as Members of the Next Level.  The next U.S. election is when the “green horse” comes to power following the Bush “red horse” of endless war and the Obama black horse who dealt with the financial crisis both of which were actually “falls” by the U.S. because of how, why, where, when they happened. This time is also spoken about as when former “saints” are stimulated by the Luciferian space aliens to “battle” among themselves which this message you received also may evidence though it’s by far not the only evidence of existing student infighting.
Further finally, following this segment Is another segment that shows how Ti and Do were aware that there could be some who graduate even if they are not part of the first fruit harvest/graduation and/or have their human vehicles die before making a changeover. And here’s the point as I at some points called this a “second harvest”. So wondered if I was talking about a “second suicide” which I clarified  in several places that it wasn’t necessarily the same mode for exiting our vehicle, though I can’t say it won’t be as it’s up to each individual what another chooses to do.
With that all said, here is the segment:
from Pages 168-170:
“The seventh closeness will not be a teaching one, but a gathering of the harvest of those who have overcome this world.
If the forces of those who have chosen to be slow growers again choose to reject this truth and it’s bearers, then the two of us will again demonstrate that changed-over individuals can repair their so-called “dead” bodies in three and a half days. If that must happen it will be soon – and at the time that we have completed our testimony. As soon as our clarification is complete and it has adequately reached the eyes, ears, and minds of those who have become ready for it, we can reenter the kingdom-above-human and be a part of the membership of that level again.
Many could choose to overcome this world and even be a part of its becoming a heavenly body instead of a garden. The option is there. The intense energy focus that is on the planet will cause them to make their choice. They can accept this truth and do it–or reject it.
The seventh closeness, which is immediately upon us in the sense that those who are in the middle of their normal life span will easily live to see it’s completion, will include such events as what the Christian church refers to as the second coming, the “rapture,” and the completion of the final prophecies in John’s Book of Revelation. The one who was Jesus will come in at close range (as soon as those who have chosen to change over do it) and receive the elect into his company, for they have been those he has nurtured since the beginning of this civilization.
Those who literally and physically rise up to join him away from the surface of the Earth will be a part of the “rapture,” and they at that time will become full-fledged members of that kingdom. If they have not completed their total effort as individuals in overcoming this world and all of their individual attachments to it by the time he comes in this seventh closeness, they will not receive that ingredient from the kingdom of God. If they have given their full effort toward total overcoming from the time their minds receive this clarification of changeover requirements until the seventh closeness, they WILL receive that final ingredient and become whole “in a twinkling of an eye” and be capable of moving and serving in the literal heavens as much as the butterfly is capable of moving it it’s world as compared to it’s limited capabilities when it was but a caterpillar.”
From Message Summary page 171:
“If the candidate’s body dies or is left behind, it is an indication that he did not change over and become a physical member of that next kingdom anymore than a caterpillar that dies has not become a butterfly (But if a candidate’s body has died, his time of changeover may occur at the next graduation season.)”
I hope that answers your question. Feel free to help me clarify anything else I said here.

Talking about Ti and Do (Jesus) in the Christian tongue is the focus of the 7th Angel’s Trumpet sounding

September 3, 2015

I happened upon a YouTube video of a play about Jesus called something like “Heaven’s gate and Hell’s flames” and saw that it was probably one of these mega church presentations and at first thought it was going to be a spoof on religion but then saw it was serious and was hard to watch knowing what I know about the truth of where what they were saying came from and how it’s such a distorted picture anymore. However, I have to feel for them as like Do said, they “hardly stood a chance”. So I left a comment exactly as below that is my attempt at interface as without this type of interface I don’t think they do have much chance of waking up to reality. I know that makes it sound like I’m a big shot so I expect to get flack even from Ti and Do believers who think I’m just trying to build myself up thinking we have a task to talk to Christians in their tongue at least in part so they can have a chance to recognize the truth that otherwise they have already classified as new age Luciferian mysticism, etc. The older folks may not be able to wake up much anymore. I don’t know of course but I have already seen how some of the younger folks may have an ear for the truth.

This is not designed. I can’t seem to design one way to say it. I also think at this time it’s crucial to helping some come to Ti and Do’s truth to bring the fact of the city on Ceres to the fore in every communication – and even showing how it’s in the Revelations prophecy for this time period we’re in, in the verse about the Green horse (mistranslated as pale horse) though it may be like “greenish” or pale green, the color of a new shoot.

So here’s the comment I left:

I just happened upon this video and I’d bet you are decent Christians but I have to give you and others a chance to see the real Jesus. I can prove that he already came and left in his phase one incarnate return as one of the Two Witnesses.

To consider this will be a huge step to take, but I know without a doubt it’s true and can support it by using EVERYTHING Jesus, Elijah and Moses and Daniel said and experienced and can bring up to date in the Book of Revelations, while you will have all the opportunity you want to deny it. The true test is whether you will ask Your Heavenly Father if it’s the truth and to help you accept it.

The other of the Two Witnesses was Jesus Father as depicted in Revelations 12 who came incarnate in a female body and went back to his station after helping her “son” become born to the throne task. They took the names Ti and Do and you could easily dismiss them for a variety of reasons you have been taught but it’s the truth and like I said, ask “Our Father” who we were taught by Jesus to pray to.

If you ask your friends and family or pastors or priests, they will not help you know of the truth I am revealing. You will be confronted with many tests but there is help through talking to your Heavenly Father to get through each one. They Ti and Do serving as the Two Witnesses were subdued (overcome) in 1975 by the national media (the mouthpiece of the beast) and then they did “exit by dying” the real meaning of the Greek apokteino in Rev 11:7 that was mistranslated to “kill” and then additional verses were translated as if they were killed adding words to round out that understanding. I don’t blame them as they didn’t know better and it took Ti and Do coming to  show the truth not by telling us how to interpret the bible, because they didn’t justify what they said and did over 24 years with the bible as they were where the bible came from so they spoke “plainly” of the kingdom and of the Father and this time the returned Jesus “showed us the Father” as he said he would do upon return with his new name also telling us the fathers name.

Do was the Rev 6 One who sat on the white horse and took his first fruit returned saints with him back into He and His Father’s Kingdom. The earthquake that followed their “spirit birth” ascension (never was meant by Jesus to think was an ascension of physical bodies) was the 9/11 attack the first fall of the new city of Babylon, New York City through the direction of the “red horse” where the horse was the human body the dragon was sitting on called G.W. Bush. The second fall was the financial crisis started by the Bush regime but put into Barak Obama’s hands, his being the “black horse” trying to balance the two camps of the republican conservatives and the democratic liberals amidst the changes in the economy still rippling through society though recovered as said in Rev 13.

We are about to see the Green horse that brings death and hell (hades=Pluto (Demeter=Ceres) and the lights on the dwarf planet Ceres NASA just has been photographing that Hubble first saw in 2004. Yes, lights and even a city or base. The people on Ceres are not space aliens.

The space aliens are the fallen angels first depicted in Rev 9:1 being let out of their underground prison cells. Those are the Luciferians – dragon, serpent – hissers – deceivers capturing the new age community and the religious and the spiritual and the atheists and the pagans all. They were grounded to earth so they are not on Ceres. Remember how Paul said that in heaven one would have a “celestial body”, the reason Jesus proved he was still physical upon coming out of the grave yet showing that he could change his vibrations of his body to appear to be invisible and could defy gravity by hovering over the sea and then rising up to his physical transportation behind the clouds at his departure sticking to the way Jehovah came and went. And remember Jehovah was also physical and proved it to Moses, letting him touch him. Members of the Kingdom of God in the Kingdom of the literal heavens are not mammals, the reason Jesus said we would have to decide who we serve (worship) between “God and Mammon”, where mammon is treasure/wealth in all it’s human facets, monetary, humanitarian, environmental, family, intelligence, artistry – all things of the human mammalian kingdom level.

They created the human kingdom as a stepping stone to membership in their kingdom but one had to overcome all their humanness to graduate and that could only be done when the Older Member from that kingdom came in carnal (flesh) to show us the way. He is the way but what that meant is doing all he said to do which included “denying self”, “taking up your cross” and “following him literally” by in the present context learning everything he (Ti and Do) said and “taking a stand for them”. Prayers to one’s Heavenly Father go to Ti and Do and their crew of graduates who are working to finish up the harvest that entails our having to go through the tribulation. When that is done He (Do, who was Jesus) comes back again but not incarnal this time but very apparent (in his glory – brightness as the sun)  but the world will see him and his armada as space aliens or die from heart failure or be hiding from HIM in the underground cities that are being constructed more and more as  we speak, that is if they haven’t begun to recognize that he came in the new name of Do. The names  Ti and Do being from the musical notes (song) came from the sound of music they felt the Kingdom of God used to help them awaken to their task.

I’ve got a huge amount of proof of all I am saying. It’s not a story I or they made up. I failed to graduate with my class but have a second chance and am providing the understanding of how to see the truth in all the prophecy and Jesus teachings speaking to you all in the tongue you most identify with though you must rise to see how it’s not as accurate a depiction of reality as the tongue Ti and Do spoke in that said the Kingdom of God was actually, The physical Evolutionary Kingdom Level Above Human. That’s not Darwinian evolution which is not accurate though has some merit. I hope for your sake you can hear what’s being said here. Test it but for your sake give it your best and you will awaken more to reality. But most of all ask help from your Father who is in the literal heavens throughout deep space.

Do and Crew’s instructions on handling storage locker content provided choices and thus tests for all plus 218 tape log

August 8, 2015

The audio tape log of approx. 218 tapes Ti and Do created is at the end of this post.

For those that know of the dispute in the handling of copyrights of the materials Ti and Do and Crew left behind and the lack of dissemination of the remaining 266 or so of the 484 audio tapes Ti and Do had recorded over 20 years I am posting segments from the letters sent by Do’s Crew to those first offered the task to start that dissemination as I believe it puts to rest any concern with not having them. The facts speak for themselves that the audio tapes received no specific instruction while the rest of the info – the Book and content of the web site, the Beyond Human Tapes, the last video statements from Do and some students were all sent to different people and in some cases to more than one person to insure that body of information would be disseminated. After they left all the tapes that Ti was incarnate to record escaped from those that didn’t want to disseminate them. I have no doubt that was orchestrated by Ti and Do after they left as they wanted us to be able to hear Ti’s voice/mind with Do’s voice/mind. Influences continue to raise their heads to try to anger some of us, because of not having access to the remaining tapes. Those holding onto them know how a number of us feel about the subject but these segments in the letters prove that they were given the choice of what to do with them as they were part of the content of the “storage locker” Do and Crew left behind, which you will see referred to in these letter segments:

What follows is in response to a post by xf97 on his blog that mostly addressed the copyrights. Carlan worked for several months with Rkkody disseminating the 218 tapes that were digitized onto two cd’s:

I revisited the letters Carlan (crlody) sent to me that he got from Rick (Rkkody wh)o got them from Mark (Mrcody). One of the letters, describing their passing on the “purser task” had their names. “MRC/SRF” blacked out., but the letter with the quotes below had their names and they were not blacked out.

1) “We put into storage items that we would prefer the authorities not have access to. You can do with those items whatever feels right to you. The only exception to this is some exercise equipment which belongs to our landlord, Sam, and we suspect he will want at some point.”

2) “Pursers have included an additional document as part of this packet that further covers the disposition of our cars and this truck. So we ask that you refer to that document for details. It is out desire that any items of value that are retrievable by you be divided among those who feel inclined to disseminate our information.  Any of the funds you retrieve can be used towards that end and for the living expenses of those involving themselves in this project.”

3) Referring to a CBC producer/director named Debbie Geller, who wanted them (the class) to participate in a documentary, who worked out of the New York office, they wrote, “So, for this reason, we are recommending that they be involved to some degree in the coverage of this event, that is, if their attitude seems to remain somewhat objective and you find working with them not too difficult.  Of course, this is contingent upon whether or not you should choose to say anything to the media on our behalf. We would hope that the public would have an opportunity for more thorough knowledge of who we are and what we’re about.”

4) “Also we want to make it clear that we’re certainly not asking you to do these tasks if, after receiving this information, circumstances make It too difficult or other options seem more appropriate for you. We want you to feel free to exercise any available options with whatever timing feels right for your own next step. No doors are closed to you.”

5) “We also asked OSC to register the Heaven’s Gate book with the Library of Congress and that if he needed any funds to accomplish this, that you would cover it out of the project funds that you have on hand.”

This letter was signed, “The Class” and it included options with suggestions of involving Osc, Rkk, Jhn, Flx/Abl and Neo and possibly Soeren (who hadn’t joined the class but was told by Do to try to come to the U.S. He was in Germany at the time I believe and he did come here a few years ago and used the name, Nathaniel.  Do and Crew knew that Osc had offered Soeren a place to stay with him.  They indicated, “if Soeren continues to try to support us and to move in our direction that he can be included in events that transpire to whatever degree feels right.”  In the purser task letter there are suggested distribution of their cars and vans and truck among the names mentioned that included providing one for Soeren’s usage. (I say this to show that it wasn’t only long term dropouts that still wanted to serve that were included to help and receive funds as Soeren was never in the classroom. It was all about desire.)

So it seems clear that Mrc/Srf were given the ultimate authority over the content of the storage locker but it was hoped they would work with Rkk/Osc, Jhn, Neo (Rio), Flx/Abl and Pyp who was also mentioned and Soeren and an open door extended to anyone who wanted to disseminate their information.

It’s also clear that they wanted the book to be registered in the Library of Congress, so I stand with my previous sense that Mark was truthful when he told me, in answer to my question, about Lggody instructing him to create the TELAH foundation as most likely one would need some type of organization to register something there and I suspect that is establishing a copyright as well. I don’t know if you can have a “common law copyright” if you register with the Library of Congress.

It’s also clear by the quotes here and several others in 6 letters Carlan sent to me that they wanted their information disseminated and wanted funds they provided and/or that came from the sale of one of the vans and other things in storage to “be available to those who still support the class and want to help get our information out”.  There were also  other references to Rkk receiving some master tapes because he was thought best to copy tapes and to know who to distribute them to for “widest coverage”.

So since they did not mention the audio tapes specifically it seems they wanted that to be left up to Mrc/Srf but that It was hoped they would work with Rkk, Osc, which to them was a no brainer so accomplished providing 218 meetings worth of tapes to us. In 1997 Rkk mailed me two cd’s with the 218 tapes on them. Carlan put them up on some years later where the remain.

So I conclude from this that though I believe it is the intention that all the tapes be made available, it was left undefined by Do and Crew because Do didn’t have instruction from Ti to do otherwise. That therefore set up a “test” circumstance that amounts to choices of Mrc/Srf and for all those who observe Mrc/Srf’s choices. The entire classroom experience were “tests” of whose Mind we would graft to, believe in and trust.

I choose to trust that we no doubt have all the information we need. I can fully understand wanting the remaining tapes to be available but if they are not, no one is going to miss out on the opportunity to make further application to serving Ti and Do right now by disseminating their information far and wide. Of this I trust that Ti and Do would never ever leave a prospective candidate disabled in any way, shape or form. That would be like choosing to not water the garden that because of, the plants would die.

Sawyer (swyody)

And here is the tapelog of the 218 tapes that are still posted on I believe.

Below is the tape log from the 218 tapes we do have access to:


Building reverence. Practice of silence. Silva Mind Control-off track-change M.O.(Ti&Do).”Tree”-Keep mind at feet of chief-ask to be examined. Object-“greeting”-separation from teachers. Meditation-relaxation vs. stress 70 min.


Finding retreat-retreat crew-meditation. Keep vibrations higher-Don’t listen to voices. 20 min.


Meditation exercise given(silence)-relaxed but keen & alert-Healing cells-Conflict =Decay. Each cell has a brain of it’s own-can talk to them & direct them-to be healthy. 85 min.


Blackhawk, Colo.-found retreat-wait &see. Don’t take each other for granted. 20 min.


Guilt-Conflict-Stress =vehicle breakdown. Program for health-eliminate stress. 15min.

006, 007, 008

Book information-3 faces of Lucifer-updates. One real God-One real Kingdom of God. Lucifer’s kingdom-facsimile of Heaven. Christian confusion-many members. Paths leading to #1 deceiver. Clarification of boogers-stages of human advancement-stepping stones. Major boogers work in Astral-Lucifer uses influential humans. 2 hrs., 48 min.

009, 010

Book questions-staying on track. Metamorphosis-boxes-graduation. Your thoughts will reach them by what you put in ether. If Links sent us energy-it would cheat us of growth. We already know ways of Next level-now we need to learn the ways of more responsible positions. You have to know who you are-constantly program vehicle to remember. 90min.; 20 min.


Sat. 3 reference-Hixon article example-our thoughts go out to help bring in New Age. Try to open door to humans to accept Teachers from the Next Level. Small human minds pure & good but need to blossom. Growth is through restraint. Need to have a fear of not pleasing the Chief. Information comes as an idea-not a “message”. 80 min.


People taking responsibility. “Eye for Eye” no longer applies-whole system has to be changed. Don’t become separate. See improvement every day. 90 min.


Moods, anger, sensuality—–must be gotten rid of. Promises to the Chief-builds strength to expose things. Get rid of deceit. 65 min.

014, 015

Teach kindness, cooperation, negotiation. Garden grows slowing-Old Testament for primitive society-stress lessons we have learned. Worst condition is to have no tests. 1 hr. 36 min.


Restraint counts only when temptation is severe. 5 cardinal sins: lack of trust, cruelty, sensuality, confidentiality, deceit. 60 min.

017, 018

Slippage meetings-no pipelines to the Next Level. Our Teachers are our Link with the Next Level. Three reasons we are here: 1. Strengthen Next Level Mind 2. Deposit thoughts 3. Getting a vehicle. Ask for strength to resist so impurities can surface. Use suffering to build the starch of resistance. Report slippages-how vehicle blocks Next Level Mind. 1 hr. 45 min.


Help wanted meetings-resentment-Lucifer is jealous of us-no favoritism-what to say to be helpful-follow chain of command-Do’s dream. Galloping horses. 85 min.


“I may be wrong”-trust must be unqualified. How help is accepted is important-stop evaluating Teachers. Work together in harmony-don’t take slippages lightly. 55 min.


Next Level toughness- not interfering with Older Members-wouldn’t correct Older Members-there are no teachers in Next Level. Follow procedures. 75 min.


Taking equal responsibility. Have to learn who you are. Do’s dream, “you can call me Tom”. Be observant, desire service, increase thirst. Take advantage of time : awaken. 75 min.




Ti and Do know who they are & they know who we are. We are training to be replacements for the positions vacated in the Heavens by Lucifer’s hosts. Be hard …..on yourself without getting down on self. Make the most of the time on this planet. Be strong & love the ways of the Next Level. Don’t accept weaknesses, can’t become comfortable. Develop forethought, expose deceit-the worst is over.
90 min.

90 min

Pace of vehicles in various areas-expect everyone to be “nice”-don’t want vehicles to be impressed with humans-answering questions briefly. Links tasks take priority-“rising above” brings in Next Level Mind-good vs. Evil on this planet. Take changes in a positive way. Overcoming prejudices of vehicle. 65 min.

025, 026, 027

The jail. New information. Lucifer & the jail-the minds that are present on this planet. Human not a natural condition. Adam: evolution in reverse. Boogers use celebrities as mouthpieces for programming. Not knowing is the test-flunk a test & it gets tougher next time. Next Level maintains the balance with their own programming. e.g. Moses. Program vehicle to abort negative thoughts. Strongest thirst when weakest. Lucifer has programmed all vehicles to play old tapes when not occupied-“reminisce”. Can’t skip steps- books to help future classes from Next Level. Our vehicles carefully chosen. Don’t change anything on your own. 4 hrs. 24 min.


Book deadline has passed. New Age-vehicles to return to original state of Adam. Reincarnation, souls, life after death, etc. Attraction between vehicles due to genetic programming. Genetic structure is the thing that is passed on. 90 min.


Forethought & conscious direction. Mind is to vehicle as human programmer is to a computer. Human computers come with genetic programs equal to manufacturers software. Family connections. Constant conscious effort-urgency. Know that the vehicle is a plant, separate from me. Plants energy source. 70 min.

030, 031

Inner mind. Whole self =conscious mind +inner mind. Inner mind can do unbelievable things. Program with clear commands & belief in what’s programmed. Follow procedures to the letter. Communications with others-I can do anything my Teachers have given me to do. Stress, confusion, etc. can interfere with inner mind programming. Replace negatives with positive. Human & Next Level does not mix. Program: fear of not pleasing the Chief & the Next Level. 2 hr. 23 min.


Would not instigate new things or procedures. Plan strategy for everything. Instructions from Older Members always have priority. Think, be alert, use feeler. Our potential effort grows each day. We are measured by effort we exert compared to our potential. Welcome anything that comes your way. 2 hr. 25 min.


Inner mind =genetic programming =soul. Soul has no judgment, no reasoning power just sends impulses to the brain. Repetition best way to program. The formula for building spirit body. Cont. from above


When you feel something negative, the moment you feel it, change it over to a positive-a chemical change takes place. Suffering & determination =growth. Correction is painful. Better if prepared ahead for it. Don’t let others be aware of suffering. 90 min.


Building a Next Level body. Program to erase negatives with positives. Questions & answers. Be specific in programming-think in detail-no short cuts. Lesson of older clothes. 35 min.


Too close to the light. Retreat dc’d-temporarily. 15 min.


Q car lessons-taking equal responsibility. Lesson of broken chain-Older Member is right no matter what-don’t compete or think you remember better-take the blame, wouldn’t blame them. “Ti”-“wouldn’t have any one of us on her crew”. Attaining the level of performance. Being able to prod ourselves more consistently. Live up to promise to the Chief. Do not accept a pace of improvement acceptable on any crew on the Next Level. 90 min.

038, 039


038, 039

Auxiliary motor. Lesson of travel funds-get yourself out of whatever you get yourself into-get help only if emergency. No trail bosses-only crews. Definition of a slippage. The pendulum. Responses to not being on the crew. Praise does help us grow. Band aids. How to objectively feel towards humans. Damaging to compare ourselves to others. Keep own generator going. No easy task has a great yield. 2 hr. 24 min.


Forethought: getting more thirst. Have to desire growth & new information. Stimulate yourself, don’t rely on outside stimulation-replace memory bank-can’t just progress, just apply lessons-chemical changes occur as we block out old memory bank-replace with Next Level ways. 75 min.


Exclamation point: repeating self-stimulating method. Don’t accept discouragement no matter what. Be determined to correct slippages-don’t test yourself-keep your own generator going. “Fear of God” is desperation for improvement. Lethargy is disbelief. Fear is key to accelerated growth. Don’t want to prove the Chief wrong. 60 min.


Separation of mind from vehicle: the glove. Each human has a root system & tape library in their genes. Soul travel-just imagination. Push through the “mud”-vehicle’s genetic structure. Strong willed vehicle has more backlash. Human vanity-energy leaks-change circumstances-believe the vehicle can change. Shower mantra. 80 min.


Refining programming. building Next Level body-program vehicle to be honored to be picked for task. Reinstating “Heavenly Father”. Keep mind on the task at hand. 75 min.


Information on 15th street craft. Lessons on ventilation-care of tools. Habits =no growth-intent of instructions. Questions & answers-consuming guidelines-lab serving strategy. 70 min.


Stopping thoughts before they can do damage: i.e. “I’m hungry”-controlling consuming-can’t allow horse to buck. 55 min.


Instruction to sell Teckla. We have to eventually be the ones to make vehicles stay within guidelines-learn judgment-learn to work efficiently without fuel-staying on track. Consuming: A tool to learn to stay on track. 35 min.


Refresher course in consuming-even Links has to at staying on track. Must look to Next Level to stay on track. Consuming: stress burns extra fuel-sublimation. 60 min.

048, 049

Squaw Pass-10,000 ft-1983. Information about Squaw Pass. Physical aspects of 10,000 ft.-learning how to push through. Reasoning behind the effort put into 10,000 ft. retreat. Follow instructions without question-perform as if on stage-information from Next Level comes through Links as a safeguard-Born out of chrysalis according to our own effort. 90 min.


Short note on the piano role-things moving faster-Links never questions instructions-pleasure in serving the Chief. The reaction of 10,000 ft. craft. 80 min.


Speed, hypocrisy, reasoning. 12 min.


NRR, RTH, ARR-we have reached a note on the piano role that has never been played before. Jesus’ disciples faced outward difficulty & we face inward ones-we affect the world trends. Waiting-appreciating the difficulty. 26 min.


OOC task-two extremes. Be alert & observant. Must learn the art of getting along with everyone. Misapplication of instruction-flowers. Interaction with Links =lessons-just say, “I did it wrong”. 45 min.


Striving for perfection. This is a time when Links pulled away. Conscious control. Motivation: loving the ways of the Next Level better than life itself. Artificial limb-correction doesn’t mean poor performance-medicine is sent to where we are: we need to stay there. We may some day have a Class like Links. New growth patterns-we have a choice. 80 min.

Members of the Next Level present in our craft. We don’t want to make it impossible for Members of the Next Level to be in our presence. Constant awareness of what we are vibrating-fumes. Next Level present =good becomes good more quickly & bad becomes bad-nothing is lost. Need to develop more respect. 45 min.


Everything is OK. You can rise above the longing to leave-can be an interference. Nothing is a negative if you can make it a positive. 30 min.


Attraction & revulsion. Equal caring for Classmates. Always do things according to new craft. All should have same aim-to follow procedures. 20 min


Doing things as quickly & as perfectly as possible. Physical aspects of Houston retreat. 16 min.


Less meditation-more mentally alert. Nirvana is not healthy-just escape opiate. Speeding up brains-alertness-crave perfection. Never sacrifice procedure for the product. 15 min.


Shaving-side A. virgins-side B. accumulating force-focal point to put energy into =perfecting the ways of the Next Level. Ask, “How can I use this energy?” Full dose of medicine-how to store it. Everything can be turned onto a positive. 15 min. side A 30 min. side B


Responses. Shouldn’t twist procedures to get what you want-can’t allow explosions & feel sorry later. Can’t do task half way-can’t keep some bad habits. Teach vehicle the greater pleasure that comes with control. 14 min.


How to handle a visit-no pat answers but be prepared. Light-heartedness-newsletter & network. 90 min.


Purpose is to relieve anxiety. Success is to follow instructions. Would not visit if faced with legal problems. 22 min.


Can we follow instructions in this environment. Parents & children are main concern. Primary task-relieve parents guilt if any. 20 min.


Lesson segments-introduction to writing task-A&B sides. 58 min.


Enduring the feeling of boredom, guilt, etc.-overcoming these feelings gives us strength-know that we will change-doors open as strength is gained. Boredom can whet appetite. “Happiness is knowing we are serving the Chief. 65 min.


Visits & segments. Stress/depression destroy the immune system. Don’t take experiences for granted. Writing segments brings more mind to the surface-everything is in the genes. Playlike: Church of genetic improvement. Non-sectarian-barking back. Turning conduct around. 90 min.


Sample segments. Realistic viewpoint of religious concept. Ti’s right & left turn-promiscuity-Miss Manners. 69 min.


Reconstructed meeting-no religious connotations. Bushel of apples. Everyone write first segment on genetic understanding-“genetic general. 45 min.


Meeting tape versus T.V. show. Turn around news-the direction towards improvement. Restraint on the spot is what works. 65 min.


Living computer. Circulating segments for grading. Sensations unchecked. The living computer analogy. Next Level genes-movie lesson. Lesson of the zoo tapes. 40 min.


Trends-responses can be traced back to genes-lesson about new shoes-teaching humans to know better-DeLorean 55 min.


(tape not available) Research questions before asking-questions on visiting task-why we didn’t know about genes from beginning. “Missing Time”-books. 60 min.


Grenada & self-determination. Evolution & missing link. Word becoming flesh-genetic general. End of time-virgin birth. Foolish art-we are an evolutionary link. Taking a vehicle.


Reconstructed meeting-no conflict between Adam & Eve & evolution-Dr. Pritiken’s diet. Outlets of sensation-simple & complex genes. 45 min.


Segments for humans-segment inaccuracies. Technical data re: genes-strong impressions. Actuation-2000 words-no inspirationals. Not seeing negative-getting to the source. 45 min.


You have the knowledge to go back to the source-deteriorating forces-rock & roll at JWN’s task-sly ways of being negative. Ancestors & incarnation-passing on knowledge. The goalie-radio waves. 65 min.


Writing letters to relatives-patriotism to forward motion-global nation-being too passive-your thinking contributes to what goes out on the radio waves. Maxi-life. Expanding your understanding of genes. What is evil? Bringing us out of our primitive interpretation or logic-don’t take Next Level medicine on a Level beneath you. Convert rather than suppress. 30 min.-side A 30 min.-side B


Salad lesson-letter writing, write segments from your own experience-deceit(self-deceit)worst human characteristic. 60 min.


Limited number of genes-as you progress you convert-Lucifer: the door behind you is not locked. Seeking help-praise & sensuality-recognizing negative thoughts-negative thoughts block Teachers-accepting criticism. 40 min.


A. Radio waves-common genes-wanting to come from same place as Older Member-my trouble is sent to Older Member-manna-nothing different-puppets-individual but not different. Both feet on the curb. 75 min.


Next Level body in storage-question & answers. The school of human-body no longer programmed to death & destruction. Mid-stream civilization-if anything worth saving it would save itself. Becoming a new mixture-getting back to same awareness, no loss of consciousness-accomplishing a task for the Next Level. Becoming aggressive with your vehicle. 60 min.


Inappropriate questions-no tape discussions. Get brain working at higher thoughts-old concepts of self. Definition of mind. At time of graduation. 60 min.


Segments-self-centeredness-being smarter-information left by the Class before this one-information that I’ve become aware of-looking to the source. Willingly correcting someone-weighing Teachers down-shuttle runs priority. Inappropriate 3 times breakage. 60 min.


UN forces in Lebanon-self disappointment. Finding fault in others-methodical strategy. Thought into reading segments-formatting procedures for computers. 50 min.


Formatting segments-destructive forces-ultimate information-write what you have been taught. Information I receive is mine-mind passed on in genes-updating our word processor for computers-how the Chief populates the Heavens. 64 min.


There isn’t a negative thought that is okay, not even against your own performance. Better manipulation-eager to awaken more. How to play volleyball-change thoughts like change channels-motivation for longevity. Humans at Christmas-segments. 70 min.


(tape not available) Twisted sarcasm-programming through repetition. Vehicle coming to believe it isn’t important. Vehicle won’t correct self. 20 min.


(tape not available) Needless suffering. Immune system-PRSody’s test, newsletter. 80 min.


(tape not available) Genetic general is to get it straight in your heads-only healthy vehicles are those ready to leave the planet-the Gardener and the Hot House. 80 min.


Staying on track-biscuit lesson-together or apart-the more you advance the more liberty you have. Keeping your eyes on initial instructions. 14 min.


Separateness-romancing your own vehicle. Review tapes beginning with genetics. 30 min.


Handling cold and flu symptoms. 10 min.


Our task-our effect on the world-our main task is to bring NL Mind into focus. Assignments & departments-sending out signals. 60 min.


Listing our task. DSTody’s task-STM’s task-slaves of credit. Utilities-BRNody’s task. 45 min.


Programming specifics-old wounds-avoid negatives-our single most prevalent hindrance-tone of voice-going along. Preparing a place for the mind. 40 min.


Links asks-“What do you think is supposed to go on our task list?” Re-do lists thus far. Separate mind from vehicle -common denomination-street talk-dog on a leash. Conquer it before humans can. 50 min.


Upgrading the humans-set a goal(teen-age suicides) getting on a track-desire for betterment-concept of self-improvement. Areas for progress-1. Committing crimes 2. More refined way of life. 3. Living for physical sensation 4. Diet & nutrition 5. Improved education -wasting minutes. 55 min.


3 time breakages-using procedures for pettiness-helping & caring for each other. Angels-sleep and controlling vehicle-how we are graded in our task-improving our programming. 40 min.


Wording of computer entries-wording of programming-consolidating forces in Houston. 73 min.


Houston applying-wording on our task lists. Obsolete programming-finding a good channel of transmission. 35 min.


Circuitry-simple direct phrases pertinent to the moment-organic computer-very poor erase-visual tapes-tactics of the vehicle. Vehicle tries to put mind down-sublimination. Unpleasant recovery. 90 min.


Don’t allow guilt if a tape tries to play. Interference-“Stop That!”-the cause of tapes playing-career baby makers-the Big Chill-circuitry-us>Do>Ti. The things you are dealing with do not originate with you-planets-telephone prefix-you have to grow to know your task-never blame your vehicle-registry for aliens. 30 min.


Circuitry clarification. Different combinations of circuitry-send signals-building a jet with a worn out wrench-Next Level doesn’t send people to fail. China & little red books. Weak plant eaten by strong plants. Genetic engineering by humans. 40 min.


Foresight & hindsight-example suggestions segments-write what you have overcome. Right kind of stubbornness-labeling symptoms of imbalance-multi-colored glasses-updating boogers-vehicle dying. Guilt & discouragement-unremorseful murderer. 35 min.

106, 107

JNN’s task list-putting up a wall-constant adjustment of success-don’t assess performance-Adam & Eve-Next Level. Programming. A garden: 1. Radio signals of ideas 2. Physical entry into human kingdom. Whole civilization growing-a matter of refinement-all move forward at own level-the last 100 years on this planet. Bringing in lower aspects of my Next Level Mind-don’t let vehicle’s ignorance judge your ability-difficulty of this task is being so asleep. Programming ahead of performance. Mental rashes-attitude deficiencies same as skin blemishes-mental poison ivy that is transferable-personal guilt removed. 70 min.


How our information will be brought out. There is a spacecraft overhead-we will leave together-departure will be witnessed. Energy of our vehicle returning to our family strain-dissemination of information through our family strain. Being appreciative of your vehicle. 80 min.


Signs of changing attitudes-God box. Protection of information left-genes of living vehicles-likely to return in vehicles. Acceleration of last 50 yrs. Church of genetic development-changing attitudes-Next Level fun-design of this task. Levels of understanding. 45 min.


The nineteen-different task, not different teachers-you send out thoughts with everything you do. Taking Classroom seriously. Changing perspective towards the vehicle. Planting seeds of improvement. Programs don’t stop automatically. 30 min.


Visit to north craft-grocery store-hastiness. Cutting remarks-sensitivity to others. Sensitivity-wouldn’t be able to do your task if no difficulties-stronger self-examination-familiarity-moving with life. Behavior in craft-what can I do to have better responses. Don’t want vehicle idle. ALXody & CDDody-the incident-Links not informed. Monitors. 90 min.


Update on primary task-S.T.-monitoring system-you are the important thing not the world-as much mind in as Links-the world will still change-but not your task. Constant evaluation-keeping difficulty to self. Quickness, keenness, sensitivity-age is speed. Ideal situation-why we are still here? Falling harmony: a regular pattern-graded by control. The dessert & the main course. 70 min.


Warnings-controllable actions-suspected strikes. Effort-not numbers. Check partners-inappropriate parallels-sensuality & anger-check partners-taking initiative. Post graduate music course-overcoming & control. Thinking deeper-no downer periods. The last push. 64 min.


Ban on criticism-signal to move quickly. Different retirement procedure-no more 3-time breakage reports-witness or suspect. 3 diseases: 1. attractive criticism 2. repels criticism 3. sees critically. Additional strikes-not discuss witness or suspect-twisting procedures-symptom of vehicle’s reaction to mind-stress-irritability-over sensitive-sees others wrong-words don’t match thoughts. Hear others at lower level-raising my level of listening 90 min.


Attraction & repulsion-1. Sat. 3 & answering notes 2. Sleep, rest, spending 3. Attraction & repulsion. Nice for a reason-conflict between genes. Controlled genetic reproduction-short circuiting in warning areas. 40 min.


Questions & answers about mind-genetic structure the mind? Is the mind all of the programming of the strain’s mind? Is the mind of the strain the living programming of the strain? Reproducing by mutation. The vehicle is honored. 20 min.


Suspected strike notes-should be more suspect notes than witness notes. Exert the effort to learn more about what you have to do. Ti & Do will register the strike with you. Help wanted meetings to be solicited. Trouble =forward motion. 32 min.


Strike notes-Next Level reasoning-your own alarm-check partners-doing things alone-OOCT(out of craft tasks)-maintenance-conscious mind. Sleep option-wanting to stick to what you had learned. Feeling uncomfortable out of my routine. Sat. 3 & notes-seven-up. 52 min.


Suspects only-write only what’s pertinent. No justifying-strikes change vibration. Check partners-witnesses on crews-chemicals of nutrition-love/barnacles/no romance. 25 min.


Migration to Dallas-means of accelerating completion-you’ve grown to allow close proximity-procedure helper routine. Technical & behavioral information signals pituitary gland-honest example-receiving the thoughts you give out. 32 min.


(tape not available) Taken off tasks-feeling defeated-how do I know-when you make waves-no personal feelings involves when doing procedures. Striking out-not strikes against the Next Level-profanity indicating some self-deceit. If vehicle tells you there is an area that is not correctable & you buy it, you’re sunk. The positive is something while the negative is nothing. No human is an individual. Hypothetical task of the twelve tribes, the beginning of strains. Strains aren’t limited to one area-the fantastic journey. A negative force-bind yourself to the positive. 72 min.

(tape not available_ Our hook-up with Links is so clear they know who is at retreat by the type of thoughts they get. Connection with Older Members. 40 min.


Reminder of the lower forces. After spending the time we have on genetics, recent events with Links car, etc. have reminded us of a living force, a lower force on this planet. Boogers are still valid! 35 min.


Manual to the world. 40 min.


Book task #1 A & B 90 min.


Book task #1 90 min.


Book task #2 90 min.


Book task #3 90 min.


(tape not available) Book task #4 90 min.


Book task #4 90 min.


Not feeling guilty about your human life. Understanding that we were not putting humans down. (good &bad) Lower forces & our task. Prep school.. 45 min.


The lower forces. Basic knowledge of lower forces-they do want to live. They actually think they can maintain this garden as it is. 360 degrees of influences. Malnutrition & ignorance. The Chief is still learning. Why Lucifer. Options & choices. Human brain designed to short circuit when thinking of the Chief. Lucifer is only a tenant. Bring humans to a higher level of understanding. Holding humans in conservatism & unrestrained at same time. Cults breaking away. We are an updated Class. 90 min.


Lucifer cont. 90 min.


(tape not available) Clarification. Lower forces & sexuality, it was never intended for humans to reproduce in the manner of lower life forms. 50 min.


How to work with Older Members. The lesson of the ceiling fan. Don’t initiate things-don’t let the brain try to think ahead. Wait for instructions. Don’t offer any unsolicited help. Conflicts within tasks. Basic minimum courtesy. When in a situation have Next Level Mind in vehicle. 90 min.


How to work with Older Members-cont. 45 min.


(tape not available) Tightening our techniques. Keeping our vibrations where they belong. Lower forces are discarnates-subtle forces refining their attack-bathing, shaving, downtime. Not just sensuality-irritability, etc. If you are fighting you are doing your task. Pushing self-disappointment off on others. Class>Do>Ti. Imaging 3-5 min. periods. Don’t give lower forces the time of day. 35 min.


(tape not available) Questions & answers. Glass maintenance. Book procedures not from Links. Ceiling fans. Shorts. Seek & search mechanism. Don’t be satisfied with idleness. A-team. Olympics. Imaging. The responsibility of freedom. Technology. Lucifer can’t come up with anything new. 90 min.


Questions & answers. Bring yourself out of depression-practice sends out signals. Why have a poor response & then have to recover. Best friends. Bring the vehicle up to date. Situations with humans. Mountains from nothing. 90 min.


Questions & answers. Setting table-staying up late-polluting your Next Level Mind with human ideas. Chains imaging. Cutting off the thoughts. Very refreshing to keep Next Level Mind in. late for run. How can I work this out? being light-letting your guard down. Setting an example. Consuming timing. First experiment strategy. 90 min.

(tape not available) Cont. from 140 90 min.


How to think about humans. Sympathizing with humans or lording over them. Wavering. Maturity & stability. Unrecognized negativity. Every individual who came must leave. Scarf through a ring analogy. Dishonest with Links. Your strong signals. Stopping read out. lousy homework. Wasted suffering. How you grow. Putting vehicle in it’s place. Programs of weakness. Predictions, computers, data entry. Being on & off target. Water & oil. 75 min.


Weighing Links down. Consolidation & possible separation. The clarinetist. Realizing how strong our minds are. It has to be all of the time. Mental affairs. Recognizing negativity. Cataloguing thoughts. Bouncing ball. Reviewing the things that pull you down. All leaving at once. Strikes. Affect of negative thoughts. Negativity & stress. Stress subtracts objectivity. Dishwasher example. Justification in the name of being right. Stirring cereal example. Setting up vibrations(throwing darts.) 90 min.


Weighing Links down. (cont.) You can’t abort it once you have let it read out. petty strikes. Harsh & pushy vs. Mr. Smooth. Continuous playing of tapes. Good feeling of having mind in control. Negativity about yourself. Better psychology. Games against disease. Coconuts. The good feeling you feel when your Mind is in. 10 min.


Classmates not with us. Gave into human ego or vehicular doubt. You had to be willing to examine in depth. Thoughts of being lost & failure. Preparing for another task. Laughing at former thoughts. Fantasy. Vehicle not acting it’s age. The ray. Links can’t help them. Advanced side track. Future task. What more can we do? our presence here is to constantly maintain control. Advantages of non-recognition. Independence. Don’t lose yourself in the role. The keyboard. 80 min.


Questions & answers. Not recognizing Teachers. Protection from identity. Images. Connection with Links. Overflow. Lake Tawakone. Road to Tenn. Readouts. Putting feeling behind “That’s not me.” How Links knows what we’re dealing with. The filters. Teachers monitor. Our range. Liberty. Independent strength. Discouragement. Separate retreat. 75 min.


(tape not available) Questions & answers(cont.) Distinguishing between the real & not real. New York celibacy group. Ann Landers article re: divorced woman. GOP convention. 15 min.


Go find your teachers. Premature awakening? Links search for advanced knowledge, their discovery of Teacher role. Afraid of spiritual traps. Past, present & future. Humans understanding physics. Speed of light. Flying. Talking about other classmates. Conditioning them. When we return. Sight & time. Being realistic. Consciously aware of play acting. Self-dictation. Connecting dots. 85 min.


That’s not you. Don’t you accept that, apostles. Media. Technical knowledge. Looking for goodness. Departure witnessed. Human limitations. Quasars. Intended detection. Refreshing your memory. The lines out from the center. Dallas & Houston. Breaking away. Religion. The feeling of almost remembering. 72 min.


Next Level communication & consistency. Think rain. Actions & thoughts. Our authority. UFO’s & quiz shows. Thanksgiving square. Our minds have receded. Next Level checking on how well we do on our own monitors. Meeting percentages. Thoughts materializing into actions. Being under a microscope. Evaluations. Learning from experiences. Less than your best. Don’t accept patterns. Power of goodness. Taking responsibility. 90 min.


Next Level communications(cont.) Translation. Degree of variance. Psychiatrist: no one really saw what happened. 90 min.


Getting mind back in. class feels stronger. We may be getting some kind of reception from our teachers. Spinning spacecrafts. You don’t have to receive anything to send something out. Static. Mind has to come into vehicle slowly. The screen reading human. Classified topics. Philadelphia experiment. Ways to help humans. Prisons. Not easy to get mind back, duality. Aspects are an inadequate interpretation. The leak. Storm on the sun. Telsa. Precision lab. Vehicle losing confidence. Pope & celibacy. 88 min.


Deposits, streamers. Kleenex & Links craft. Information available to humans in step by step. Thoughts don’t dissipate, they have to be consumed. Opening memories. Humans harboring goodness. Positive & negative sides of a magnet. Our type of goodness. They haven’t grown to be able to consume. Exposing negative through our strains is a step to destroying it. Setting ourselves up for homework. The streamer-differentiating between vehicle & Next Level Mind. 58 min.


Tuning in (cont. from 153) The things that can be tuned in to: vehicles: genetic structure including strains with similar weakness. Our Next Level lessons brought to our awareness by our teachers. Lower forces (actually they tune into you, they are the aggressors) Lucifer’s tactics for putting blinders on humans. 90 min.


Foresight & guilt. Humans advancement in all areas. Technical advancement out-weighing moral advancement. Religion still based on fear & superstition. Reminder of our importance. As we respond we send signals & deposit thoughts. Humans idea of being worldly. We bring out the negativity by being here. Blinders of ignorance. What will motivate humans to change? Equal exchange of ideas. Getting more mind by depositing thoughts. 85 min,


Key words. Referring to instructions & procedures while on this task. Adapting while in these vehicles. Open mind to teachers. Putting out key words. Rudiments of Next Level are the same for all. Our feelers. Only way to bring in Next Level Mind is to act like a Member of the Next Level. Our departure & humans. Turning a page. When you see weaknesses in vehicle & make an effort to change it, you pull in thoughts that have been deposited, eating your own words. Receiving & transmitting. 90 min.


Cont. key words. Telephone addendum. Beginning foxfire incident. 90 min.


Cont. foxfire incident. Giving accurate descriptions. Grapevine. Not painting pictures any bigger that they are. 90 min.


Experiential identity. When we are destroying our vehicles transmitter. Accelerated nourishment: tree structures (2boozers). Making lasting deposits for when we leave. A time when humans won’t have to make decisions. A mechanism within humans. Lower forces let go to test the strength of humans. Two(boozers) & strains. Experiential identity. Branches & twigs. There are no new individuals. 65 min.


(tape not available) A. Accuracy-human vehicle wants to be different. Next Level mind wants to be the same. Terminology, word for word. Walking cautiously with accuracy. Lingo. Practice with each other. Be specific. B. Chemical imbalances-T.V. trends. The eye as a trigger to chemicals. Inebriation & recovery, binges. Carrying on to become better. 90 min.


Chemical imbalances. Wouldn’t be stimulated if healthy. Most offspring are accidents. Scanners to find out vehicle’s needs. Regulating ourselves to teach our strain nutrition. The knowledge of nutrition is available to humans. Hormones & harmonics. Frequencies 0-100. Frequency is changed as it comes in. proc. Retriever lessons. Suggestions. How Members of Next Level communicate. 90 min.


Frequencies(cont.) Common weaknesses: clarification on our signals to humans. Mind/vehicle incompatibility. Hypochondria & kleptomania. Don’t care about particulars. Reopening the phone lines. Who gets stronger signals. Changing circumstances. Re-marriage, sports. Getting to the root of problems. Sending to those who don’t care. Politics. How to tell when Next Level mind is in. Building up vehicle to receive a stronger a frequency. Taking less time to absorb it. More frequent meetings. 90 min.


Separateness-A. Reviewing Power of Goodness. Frequency. Radio beacon or beam. Two effects-thoughts take place. Vehicular discomfort. Clones. Before & after we met our teachers. Bunk lessons, separateness, our prayer. B. Can talk yourself through anything. Chemical imbalance; drugs, food, alcohol. First grade math & advanced calculus. Many things happening at one time. The piano roll. 75 min.


Check partners-focal point of power of good. Pouting. Disappointment. Suffering. Examining yourself. Wanting a clean house. Criticized child. Sincere check partners. Having no defense. Check partners in the lab. Right words as well as good intentions. Two or more working easily. 3 stages 1. Knowing nothing 2. Thinking you know it all 3. Realizing you don’t know. 85 min.


(tape not available) Initiative. We don’t initiate things, procedures initiate things. First person asks a question, second person responds with statement &question, then the two go together to act. Can’t be upset with yourself. Different levels in the lab. Including facts, planning, strategy. 54 min.


Questions & answers. Understanding. Signals &strains. How our signals are received. Types of suffering. Time spans, human time vs. Next Level time. The last days. Slowdown. Suicide. 85 min.


(tape not available) Classmates not present. Frequency =words can focus but can’t cover the subject. Effort & suffering of those not present. Mind incompatibility. Mistakes in Next Level stimulate improvement. Cycles of vehicle. Two reasons for vehicle showing weaknesses. Lack of knowledge in nutrition-food, sensuality. Human extremes. Consistency of genetics. Vehicles response to spacecraft. 90 min.


(Cont.)(tape not available) Questions & answers. The switchboard-awakening of future functions of the vehicles. Words used as the carrier of frequency. Boards &nails analogy, forming a picture. Sameness of mind. Using the frequency by being good. Being in unison. Next Level mind returning after downtime. 90 min.


(Cont.) Frequencies. Questions &answers. Frequency helping to prepare us for boarding craft. Signs of our work. I.e. sexaholics. We send signals, Next Level deposits thoughts. Questions &answers: smoking, pornography, sexuality organizations. Movie “First Born”, trend against drugs surfacing. Concentrating our work more on the younger generation. Serious trouble in the Class. 90 min.


Questions &answers(cont.) Helping co-workers. Hyperness, B deficiencies. Cold hands &feet =cold head. Humans need to have respect for the level beneath them. How to absorb frequency faster. Major key on computer for will, thrust, &desire. Recent frequency very strong. 90 min.


3 point lesson step. Hyperness, B deficiencies(cont.) 1. Humans don’t know what to do with their time. We can now send constructive suggestions. 2. Our dark side. Needing a crutch to stay in the right place. Having the right kind of pride. Happy &sad. 3. Suffering. The right kind does not have to have labels. Just accept it as a period of receiving medicine. (Next Level mind coming in.) Finding satisfaction by maintaining your own. Using Next Level mind as your check partner. Being considerate of classmates. Blocking judgments. 35 min.


Pentecost. Miracle at Pentecost. Utilizing the frequency. Nurturing a planet is a long process. Lithium. 25 min.


Questions &answers. Organic &FDA. Blocking vehicular responses. Critical analysis. Trust the check partner system. Even wrong to grind ax if a right grinding. talking: matching thoughts &words. Mind overriding vehicle. Handling the full frequency. Familiarity, touching. The feeling after losing control, conversation, straying. Learning how painful straying can be. Defensive response to correction. Don’t condemn yourself. Just return signals. The real problem is not with the other person. Litmus test, pleasantness. 90 min.


(tape not available)(cont.) Q & A. belief. Feeding the hungry. Humans thirst. What happens to our signals. Learning by experience &participation. Needing an ear. Belief is threatened by negativity(3 Plateaus analogy) Deaf ears catalysts for good ears. Too much analyzing causes confusion. Negative thinking blocks self-healing. Placebos. Tibetan tape. Acquiring knowledge to eliminate doubt. Belief. Next Level using events to accelerate belief. 90 min.


Cont. of 173. (tape not available) Being aware of getting off the track. Listening, evaluation should occur later. Pick yourself to pieces, negative vehicle reactions. Controlling these wild animals. Humans vs. Next level niceness, closeness, familiarity. Right kind of separateness, no favorites in the Next Level. Equal friendship. Seeking help. Finches, Plato’s depression & strength of our feelings. Completing the homework already given to us by applying lessons to experiences. 45 min.


Stay above board. Suspected strike notes at meetings so all can benefit from lessons. Getting beyond guilt & embarrassment. Doing a task for the Class. Incentive to try harder. First response to signals is to block it.(stop the gong’s vibration) Discomfort from vehicle’s adjustment in its perspective. Forcing the vehicle to see the Truth. Links knows the Truth. Attitude towards recovery period. Solving problems as a Member of the Next Level. 90 min.


(tape not available) Lessons in consideration. 1. Candy: teasing, taking higher side, inappropriate questions. 2. Croquet 3. B.C. timing: positive attitudes working both ways. 46 min.


(tape not available) Identity/Lucifer. Identity, experiential strain, vehicle with right faculties for lessons. 3 things to deal with. 1. Strain 2. Vehicle 3. Next Level mind. Making the vehicle’s mind jump forward. Interception vs. at birth. (NL mind entering vehicle) Automatic cleansing. Make vehicle’s more compatible. No Lucifer. Fifth grade. Eyes of the elect. Full spectrum. Death of minds. Bouncing back. 60 min.


(tape not available) Q &A’s. Vehicle’s mind and lower forces. Minds awakening in another vehicle. Graduation for minds of planet. No choice in transfer. Minds influence &effect on vehicle. 360 degree spectrum-good &evil. Lucifer symbolism. Some things cropping up in craft. Leaving open doors for negativism. Grades get harder as you progress in school. Meeting tapes show natural progression of info. Chain of command. Vehicle’s mind learning from NL mind. Progression of vehicle’s mind. 55 min.


Q &A’s. Vehicle’s mind cont. distinguishing between thoughts from vehicle &strain. Blocking sends automatic signals. No excuse for downers. Links not hooked up to strain. Awakening of mind. Split personalities. Family tree of experiences-not blood lines. The gift we’re giving to the minds of our vehicles. Capacity of vehicle to house NL mind. Change &progression. The proof is in the plan only the NL could come up with. 80 min.


(tape not available) Q &A’s. Vehicle’s mind cont. humans inconsistent response to Links. Negative being surfaced. Genetics, strains, Representatives. Birds &mating periods. When birds &humans are want for nothing. Setting ourselves up. Radio waves more common outside the family. Representing a crew &being bred. Limitations during this task. Humans’ concept of reincarnation. Believing in each step. Accepting it as the Truth. 60 min.


Questions &answers, Next Level pride. Celebrating the Next Level. Ways our homework is showing. Humans receiving lessons better in thought. The identities with followers of Jesus. The generation after. Music changing for the better. Punishing unhealthy vehicles. Controllable conditions. Vehicle becoming locked in. Patterns of can’t do. NL pride & vitality. Pride on we not I. The task of carols. 85 min.


Desiring new information. Limitations of human mind &vehicles intercepted by NL minds. We know more than we realize. Our questions draw information from Teachers & the information brought is what helps us bring in more mind. Push/pull. Honored at having a task. Master child psychologist. Treading new turf. Tibetan monks & 14th Dalai Lama. Experiences affecting both the mind &vehicle. Street people. When we took these vehicles. 80 min.


(tape not available) Questions &answers. Mentally retarded vehicles. Evidence of our work, (Rabbi’s book). Oral Roberts, etc. holding people in superstitious thinking. T.V. presenting a 1000% spectrum. Vehicle has potential for “adding on” (programs can be used on many ways). Transmigration. Humans not caring how they get an end result. Looking out for self first. Looking at a problem as it affects lots of people-not just one. Using up the frequency. Fighting drowsiness, or anything else. Recognize problems &take action. 55 min.


Using check partners-shopping task lesson. Strategy. Looking out for each other. 85 min.


Q &A’s-preparing vehicle for a task ahead of time. Check partners are protection. Relationships not based on physical attraction. A touch of Heaven in each of our vehicles. Accelerating minds to qualify as NL beginners. Correcting negative responses, what was it that I did? The frequency surfaces the barriers. Effort to stop negative responses opens the membranes &allows more NL mind. Links used to shock our vehicles out of a rut. Seeing past the vehicle’s delivery. 85 min.


(cont. 185) NL mind & vehicle’s mind. Awakening of vehicle’s mind in next vehicle. (cold storage or time capsule). Society spoiled by our presence. The “gravy train” has to change for our lessons to take root. Physical development-the discipline is the only good part. Minds effect on the vehicle. Development of the mind(conscience). Mind of our vehicle almost assured entry into the NL. Vehicle’s mind has learned to expect things from the NL mind, but it can be cagey. It’s con is “everything is OK”. ” I am a Member of the Kingdom of Heaven.” 85 min.


Pulling. Comfortable or suffering. What’s missing is pulling. Two kinds of suffering; negative(down on yourself), positive(desperation for next step). Pullfering-what’s next for me & the Class. taking more responsibility for the pulling. How can I have a better understanding? Having a desire to accelerate things. Picking out vehicles for this task. Gaining strategy and strength. There are no contradictions in the information given. 90 min.


(187 cont.) Pulling. Q &A’s incompleted tasks. Pre-class experiences. How many of us felt strong connections. Pre-class check partners. Before &after rejoining the Class. tensile strength. Our minds as our monitors. Elijah. The inhibiting factor. Human vehicle mind/Next Level minds. Confusion over pulling. 90min.


(Q &A’s) Effort. Sustained effort in human vehicle-natural mechanism in NL.. sustaining means not slipping into human ways. Going beyond what we were doing before. How to keep mind from slipping out. using the little weak voice to calm down the vehicle. Catch the first thoughts. The application to stop it is the important thing. Problem may continue in order to increase your effort &build muscle. Enjoying the process of growth. Our prep. for a task similar to Links. 90 min.


(cont. from 189) Thought chains. Higher levels responsible for lower levels. Negative suffering. Human infants, water wombs. Spoiled society. Tamer humans. Yuppies. Tired of street gangs. Pulling. Thinking deeper. Urgency. Pleasing the one who gave me the task. Pulling in maturity. Tool package. Water womb, advanced learning. Lab programming. Breeding humans. Justification &karma, NL making things right. Ti’s tree. “Starman” Our briefing. Primary control. Higher thoughts. 85 min.


Q &A’s. humans taking care of themselves. Hot checks. Our pace &human pace. Boxes. Casualness. The Dallas frontier. Star Wars defense. Mechanics of pulling. Karma. Connection of experiential identities. 85 min.


Q &A’s. Primary & secondary aspects of task. Generating depth & power. Security systems. NL minds in other human vehicles. NL Members doing tasks involving human vehicles-implants. Where is the mind not in the vehicle? Goals. Anthropologists. Houses-vehicles. Mechanics of strains. Three branches. The Trinity. The developing task. 90 min.


(192 cont.) Q &A’s. criminal behavior may root in previous life. Won’t awaken to lab task-given only what NL wants. Hynek magazine article. Mind limited by its house. Helping strain-can’t do it consciously, but desire may put NL in motion. Our strains don’t overlap. Strain as frequency. In tune with brain waves on strain. 75 min.


Q &A’s. carte blanche response to strain. Response to violence on news. How identity gets to new vehicle. Complexity &strains. Fixed strains. Strains of those fallen away. Minds at the beginning of this civilization. Mind having a hot line. Teaching restraint. Holy spirit &talking in tongues. Next Level &our open channels. 75 min.


Move lessons. Some don’t believe certain characteristics exist. Rebellion-taking lessons &justifying actions. Easy to accept at meeting time, but difficult in the circumstance. Move lessons-awareness of things left behind. (e.g. lamp cylinders, etc.) 80 min.


Q &A’s. Concentrate on effect you have on your strain. Class as representatives of different labs. Minds old enough to keep vehicle under control. Will be tested to nth degree-rising to the occasion. Harm done by vehicle staying on the breaking line. No proof except what we have come to know. Check partners shouldn’t be aggressive. NL labs on earth. NL task force to accomplish goal in preliminary stages. Bigger frequency connection with Links. Telescope analogy-stay at the eyepiece. Wasted energy talking. Coming into craft like a home. Noise/whispering. Piloting. 90 min.


(196 cont.) Q’s and answers. Longing. Everyday activities will bring out areas for correction. Application of less slippages. Being comfortable with Links. Applying what you hear. Apologies. Strike notes worthless. Aggressive help. Some who left loved meetings. Satellite 3 responsibility. Covering phone. Lesson delivery retreaters. Putting “Do as you please into your mind”. Whispering. The first day of the “New Year”. 90 min.


Crew harmony. Resistance, needing to justify. Give Older Members credit. Residual. Being open to destroying vehicle’s confidence. Learning from a new crew. Chill mix lesson. Influencing, tempting as serious aggression. Protection of what goes into computer. Interfering with Older Members function. More than 1 headquarters overseeing vehicle development. Types of labs. Facing circumstances-only way to get mind in. 90 min.


(Crew harmony cont.) Why we can’t see labs. Vehicle not designed with capability. Basic programming. 99% of sightings not computable, only recallable. It would disrupt if humans could see. We are only permitted to see on levels of speculation. Information carefully given to selected individuals. 85 min.


(199 cont.) Labs location. Our minds from space or graduates from whole different civilization of this garden. A task force to “pollute” the air with frequency &knowledge. Shock of our departure may cause a whole new beginning. Older Member may be able to create with mind(not need labs etc.). Human perception of light &speed etc. is ignorant. Do’s task with geography &transportation. Only a part of Link’s mind is here. As you try to imagine labs you’re trying to remember. Monitor. Mingling Members of NL not perfect. 85 min.


Q &A’s. Technical knowledge & our conduct sent to humans. NL monitor. After humans have received information. Knowledge of what is not for consumption. Infecting our NL mind. Nuclear power. Identity gene. NL mind. When our vehicle is down. Humans being fed information. 90 min.


(201 cont.) Forming NL vehicle. Difficult vehicles. Negotiating. Having more depth. NL minds intensity. Taking others from the right place. Graduated vehicles. Have a certain degree of relaxation.. evolution not linked physiologically. You are preparing a NL vehicle. Trying your best. Not accepting failure. The gestation period. 90 min.


(202 cont.) Forming NL vehicles. No lab in charge of negativity. NL gives over-all thought. NL doesn’t judge the development of our NL bodies, they look to Links for our needs. Vehicle may get actual nourishment in the lab, we tend to the programming. All doing the same thing-1. Building vehicle 2. Major upbringing contribution. NL is made up of service. Building the facility for mind to occupy. Previous knowledge goes into mind. All of our mind is with us. Effort is everything. Identity gene goes to related community. 90 min.


Cont. questions on NL vehicle. Slate cleaning-listening more significantly. Do things as quickly as you can and carefully. Having tight crews, taking responsibility. Mind gets growth in service. Dispatch-no option to refuse run. Keeping a clean slate. Ridding of poisons relieves Teachers. Exposing is erasing. Not letting vehicle get away with feeling hurt when receiving correction. Need to defend is vehicular. Formula is done the best you can. How humans receive &assimilate information. Inventions, DeLorean. Cure for cancer etc. 80 min.


(end of 204) Slate cleaning. Exposure-Ti & Do not the Chief. Exposure was the promise to the Chief. Slate cleaning notes exposing symptoms not the problems. Review of points important to building new computer. Deceit &dishonesty: lying, hiding. I do not want to put anything into my NL mind that is not NL. Measles analogy. Kingdom levels/mural levels. NL is not made up of mammals. NL members with wings. Realism of NL bodies. 90 min.


(tape not available)(cont.) Angels &wings-human angel concept distorted. Hard for brains to accept. Identity gene will awaken in new human vehicle with a degree of control. Stuff of new vehicle made in the lab. Realism of NL bodies. 45 min.


Application of knowledge. Catching up>we are working to have our first vehicles ‘made in Next Level’. Generator. Knowledge applicable energy for change. Frequency of meetings. Quality of frequency. Anxiety: operating a corpse. Straight frequency. Doing this task more than once. Making new vehicle viable. Little habits of permissiveness. You don’t know how far you’ve gone. 85 min.


Winning the match: vision quest parallels. Weight categories. Olympic cheers. 6 minute matches. NRR-re: focus changing. SRR-degree of difficulty. Significance of matches. Right kind of pride. Overcoming is now control to point of winning matches. Drive to help. Serious challenge from insignificant things. NL vehicle/trust. 65 min.


NL vehicle/trust (cont.) The vernacular. Trustworthiness. Picking up early stages of characteristics of new vehicle. Leaving judgment behind. Fire always going to have a generator. Origin of the frequency.. being sponges. The amount of our minds on this task. More override. Using graduate knowledge. Counter force is building mind. Using past experiences. Absorbing the force: force from the frequency. Hyperness as a warning to force building up. 68 min.


(Absorbing the force) cont. Conversion to maturity. Recognition of force passed on. Coasting. Areas of matches. What is the true meaning of what I feel now? What’s going to be the plus. TV & movies watched from a spacecraft. Common communication. Gossip. Forbidden love. Primitive characteristics. A good job at the minimum time that a good job can be done. Recognizing major matches. Say them because you see them. Can always do better. Everything is a match. Not trusting brains appraisal. Check partner. Cover for others. Wanting your own way. 65 min.


Major matches-cont. Just writing the matches down will not accomplish winning them. Vehicle’s control button-nausea from lost matches-upset in the right way. aces in the hole. Symptoms of disaster. When this world became genuinely distasteful. Conversation with humans. All of the machinery going that would make the world uncomfortable. Mountains &valleys-wasting developmental time &adding poison. Jump starts-the NL mind, human mind &the human vehicle-sensations. Becoming not satisfied with continuing to do things on your list. Getting rid of fear. 90 min.


(211 cont.) Three lessons. 1. Programming the distasteful 2. Check partners agreeing 3. On the spot transition when given a new fact by Older Members, ” O know you’re right &believe it. Seeing the value of restraint. Trust. 60 min.


Trouble notes. Suspected strikes. Stratas in the NL. Missing links. Using the primitive vehicle. Links has no residual. Jesus’ glorified vehicle. Upgrading standards. Our vehicle’s identity genes at teachers. Co-existing. Links guaranty. Curiosity. Graduate vehicle.. 75 min.


(tape not available) Links strata: not limited to different levels. Links assigned to this civilization. Where we came from. Those on this task who lost control. Butterflies &innocence. Innocence =purest state. Strong test period. Halley’s comet. Vehicles of different molecular structure. We are the human’s closest ties to the Next Level. 90 min.


A new dose (cont.) Dark corners. Humans drawing energy from us. Links picking us for this task. Love. Duties of grads, a task with grads. Checking with Older Members. Experience. Desire &accomplishment. Handicaps. Craving cleanliness. I am going to do it. Carrying consciousness into the dark corners. Is it really worth it? Re-establish committals. 90 min.


Detail &accuracy-thinking how Older Member thinks. Detailed thinking. Exactness. Take a chance on a positive. Next Level wants keenness in your new vehicle. Don’t go to extremes. Sloppiness cancels out speed. Need to move. You can really drain yourself if you don’t stay where you should. Know areas can be corrected. Our affect on the world. Next Level members exert strength &will. 50 min.


What are dark corners? Don’t send dark corners list to Links. Really vulnerable spots. When you are alone with the three of you. Total assets/one warning. How well have you done your task? This tape was dc’d. No more baiting. Changing attitude for following procedures. 48 min.


(cont. from 217) Attitude in craft. Recognize you can write things &mean them &still find rebellion. Thinking major things are one thing when in reality the major thing is something else. Not realizing negativity. Attitude in the craft. ANY’s OOC task-no teaching at OOC task other than by example. Common disease in craft: being too wrapped up in myself. Half of the things you see wrong would disappear if you forgot about them. Want a craft that’s moving, not dry docked. Seeing sat. 3 as favored members. You are to be the example. A healthy shock. Evidence of depth. Things to do in the craft-submit a list. 38 min.

Transfiguration of Jesus related to Ti saying Do had been incarnate as Adam, Moses, Elijah and Jesus

July 13, 2015

The Transfiguration of Jesus and reported meeting with Moses and Elijah

According to Ti (Do’s Older Member (Father)), Do was the same Older Member of the Next Level who started the experiment incarnate as Adam, Enoch, Moses, Elijah and Jesus. This can be found in Ti and Do’s statement, “What is Happening in the Heavens at This Time!” that can be found in the back of the book, “UFO Missionaries Extraordinary” written soley about Them by Brad Steiger and Hayden Hewes from several interviews with Them. (Ti and Do weren’t happy with the book but I don’t know exactly why.)

During the event of Jesus, with his disciples, James, John and Peter as witnesses on the mountain He was reportedly “transfigured” described as “his countenance was altered, and his raiment was white and glistering”. Do said this was the point where he had reached his METAPMORPHIC completion. At some point thereafter he was seen “talking with two men” (man faced) and in the three gospel accounts the two men were Moses and Elijah which stimulated the question. (The full three gospel accounts are at the end of this post):

Because of what Ti had said, does this mean that all three; Jesus, Moses and Elijah were sharing one Soul?

I would say, No, they were three different Members of the Next Level.

Before I describe how I arrived at that opinion I want to provide some background qualifications; Ti and Do never claimed that one could count on everything that was said in the New Testament to be the whole truth and nothing but the truth. They always said the Next Level worked very hard to make sure the records of what Jesus said were preserved and reliable, as shown in a Red Letter edition.

However, since the time They said that there are Red Letters given to the Luciferian phony antichrist, “Jesus” who entrapped Saul/Paul of Tarsus, so even that can’t be counted upon entirely.

That core Jesus teaching is still very well in place though it’s mostly ignored, diluted into spiritual definition of terms or distorted, because of the way the Luciferian space alien fallen angels and those they could influence have flooded the human kingdom with wrong information. Do said humans hardly stood a chance and said Christians were among the most targeted group.

Examples of that distortion is apparant in the thinking that “Jesus did it for us”, so we don’t have to, or even to embrace ALL Jesus literal behavior and ways, suggestions and instructions (commandments) is tantamount to “trying to earn your way into heaven”, as I was often told when I was traveling church to church telling preachers about Bo and Peep as the Two Witnesses of Revelations chapter 11. The list of misinformation is very long anymore but now with Ti and Do’s teachings being revealed more in scriptural terms, the test is whether we will seek the full truth through hearing all Ti and Do said and did.

To restate that core, Jesus teachings shows that we each must GIVE OUR LIFE. This is shown by believing and trusting everything Jesus said and did, and sharing that with others, which at that time would stimulate the same response from the lower forces, through humans, as it did against Him, which would also result in the loss of a student’s human life. In so doing each student will be rewarded with eternal life in Jesus and his Father’s Kingdom, that is, if one continues through to enlist and complete the next lesson plan, when The Kingdom of God (as Jesus described them) Older Members return incarnate to provide the “process of overcoming the human world”, which involves more than “giving your physical life”. The full “Overcoming Process” will add up to a complete SEPARATION from the human kingdom roots of family, behaviors and ways and any sense of self, replacing our mind with the Older Member’s (holy) Mind (information, lessons, behaviors and ways) that in so doing, while PLEASING Them will complete one’s graft to Their Above Human Family.

Once the Older Members have come incarnate again, to ignore them and what they say will be tantamount to dropping out of any potential to complete the course. Each prospective student must know this formula of seperation from the human kingdom regardless of whether or not they feel strong enough to engage it 100%. How much of our humanness we give is up to each one of us and is between us and our Older Members, who are to date Ti and Do , even though they are no longer incarnate. They are still very much alive and aware of everyone who calls upon their names with the desire to serve them and they will help each of us to the degree we want their help.

The overriding requirement to date, to becoming a student of theirs is to  study and believe everything Ti and Do said and did and to take a stand for them and accept the consequences in so doing. Doing so will begin one’s metamorphosis. Embracing all their behaviors and ways will accellerate your metamorphosis. Looking to them for help with our every step is crutial to starting one’s bond. You will become aware of their helping you.

To try to overcome the world outside of their program, bypassing pleasing them by doing all they give us to think, say and do, is trying to EARN one’s wings without Them and is not actually possible. However, it’s not about giving all or nothing. That can be another trap to get people to avoid the entire premise. As I often say to myself and others. We’re going to give ourselves to someone and our life up at some point, like it or not, so why not decide who to give it to and put our trust in Ti and Do’s hands. They will never abuse that trust. Those that never heard of Ti and Do fall into a different category of souls and could be saved for a future opportunity depending on the Next Level crew’s judgement of what each has done and is capable of.

Now on to the question:

With that perspective, in the transfiguration account that is told in Matthew, Mark and Luke’s writings, that each provide different details of, the only thing Jesus actually says, presumably to all three, John, Peter and James is to, “tell no man what things they had seen, till the Son of man were risen from the dead”. In Mark’s record he says these disciples talked about what “rising from the dead” meant, indicating that before this time it wasn’t part of their lessons to understand completely. Luk 9:31 indicates Jesus “decease…at Jerusalem” was at least some of what was talked about between Jesus and these two depicted as Moses and Elias.

Another big point in looking at anything the Kingdom of God/Heaven stimulates: Members are not egocentric at all. They are all about performing “tasks” for their Older Member, one’s “Father”, whether They are in the literal heavens, or physically present in some observable way, as Jehovah was at times with Moses, though in a cloud cover, while allowing Moses to touch him at least once. Or they can demonstrate a physical presence in the form of a voice which took place on several occasions that Jesus at least once said was happening for the sake of the students. That happend during this Transfiguration event. And yet another way They can be physically present is as described in this account where two “men” were observed who the three disciples thought were Moses and Elias, (presumably Elijah). The point here is that the Next Level are not about individuality, though Ti and Do said upon graduation we become “individuals for the first time” due to the way discarnate influences use our bodies like a time shared computer. But Members of the Next Level don’t care about seeing their name in a spotlight in some way or getting credit or being identified as someone special. They would much rather not stand out, except in how their task warrants doing so. Thus, if they give names in some way when they are physically among us in such a way that we can see them, then that’s for our sake to help us continue our growth towards birth into their Membership in the Next Level.

This brings up an important point. How did they know it was Moses and Elias? They wouldn’t have had pictures of them and we have no evidence of drawings or paintings, but perhaps all three got the same thought so regardless of how these two physically appeared, to them they were Moses and Elias.

One could believe that if they were wrong Jesus would have corrected them. I could go through all kinds of reasons to try to logically arrive at the possabilities. From my experience with Ti and Do, they didn’t give us more information unless they felt it part of their instruction to give us more. They would often say, “this works for now” – in other words it didn’t have to be 100% accurate in all it’s context – it was what we as a group needed to believe at that time. As it turned out everything they said was increasing our understanding of what was most true. In other words it’s often a test and can be a so called “straw that breaks the camel’s back” for some that are teetering in their committment. We saw this over and over with Ti and Do’s teachings that critics use as evidence that they weren’t who they said they were because of how they changed even initial seemingly core ideas. It was always interesting that to a core group of students their changes were accepted 100%. Frankly I was among them in that regard though I eventually met my challenge that surfaced a weakness in my committment so flunked a test as well. I also learned that what I thought was a 100% committment wasn’t. At the time one can’t really measure their committment anyway as one never knows when they will meet their ultimate test of that committment. One of my biggest mistakes was coming to think subconsciously that I was breezing through my overcoming. All that really meant was that I was unaware of what I wasn’t overcoming well enough as the bar can be continuously raised.

During this event, called his Transfiguration, Jesus had received something that lighted up his body. Ti and Do said this was when he had “changed over” his body into the start of a Next Level body, as after healing that body after it’s death he first met Mary Magdelene and told her not to touch him as he hadn’t yet risen to his Father. It was eight days later that he showed up in a closed up room with his disciples when he allowed Thomas to touch him so they would know it was him and that he was still a physical being, though with new facility to appear and dissappear while remaining physical and as he said “not a spirit”, but still composed of “flesh and bones” that included further proving the proof of by eating “broiled fish and honeycomb”. (Luk 24:39-43)

It’s most interesting that in Mat 17:2 the word translated to “transfigured” that largely represented some “altering” to his physical appearance in the Greek is “metamorphoo” from morphoo, the same as morphe – to fashion or figuratively form – through the idea of adjustment of parts, referring to a shape. Ti and Do said from the beginning that we were “growing a Next Level body inside our human body” referring to it as our “change over”. Ti and Do were never what one would call Bible scholors disecting every word and/or justifying what they taught by quoting chapter and verse, though they frequently would relate to what Jesus taught and said. They knew even in February of 1973, before they had fully awakened to what prophecy they were awakened to fulfill, that each of us, to adhere to the teachings of Jesus would be required to experience our own “christing” that included a separation from our worldliness and elimination of sexuality. Do wrote about this in “Statement One” first made public in March of 1975 equating the “overcoming process” to the metamorphosis of a catapillar (human) to a Butterfly (A Next Level Member that is above the student membership the fallen angels had that I believe Do equated to being what he referred to as “domestics”).

I am just pointing out the magnitude of this Transfiguration event and some of the way in which an Older Member manages their incarnate task, saying only what they feel instructed to say or what not to say regardless of it’s degree of absolute accuracy.  For instance, in 1975 Ti and Do said, “you don’t have to die to enter the Next Level”, yet they all died, so were they wrong as some say. I guess it depends on how you define “entering the Next Level”. In the first stage it seems “belief” in who the Older Members are is enough to get your spirit “saved” for a future lesson time. At that point one is in the keeping of the Next Level and unless one decides in subsequent lesson opportunities to drop out of the program and their care one will potentially graduate. But to graduate into full adult membership in the Next Level does require dying to one’s humaness in all ways, mentally and physically. Then we have the example of both Enoch who was reported by Moses as being “taken” and Elijah who was observed as “taken” and Moses was insinuated as being taken all without dying, though they had already graduated into Next Level adult membership.

It seems possible these “two men” were the same vehicles that were Moses and Elijah (Elias) but is it important that they were the same vehicles? A vehicle is to the Next Level an instrument compared to a specialized suit, Ti and Do compared to a human putting on a spacesuit or underwater suit to use for a particular task. Do said at one point in the Beyond Human Series that his vehicle had also become committed to his Next Level Mind behaviors and ways. Do also taught that there is a different type of “deposit” given to a human vehicle according to the Mind that would be taking it over (incarnating). There is a type of deposit that is not geared to become a new Soul when a returning Older Member Next Level Mind enters into it. I believe Snnody and/or Jnnody wrote about that to be found in the Purple Book. But every vehicle still has a Mind synonymous with Spirit. Some human vehicles are chosen to become the host for a new Soul that begins by their being given that soul as a “container”  deposited into the human vehicle, that Jesus spoke of as a “seed” and as the “new wineskin” that can then become filled with “new wine (mind/spirit)” that is geared to handle it rather than cause it to burst as that Mind/Spirit changes out (ferments) human mind for Next Level Mind.

Thus I guess it’s possible the vehicles named Moses and Elijah, used by the same Older Member (holy) Mind/Spirit/Soul (from Adam to Do) could have been kept alive and/or were themselves developing a Next Level Mind from so could have been brought back for the sake of the upcoming students to relate better to their appearance better. Imagine trying to describe a Next Level vehicle you saw while with Jesus if it was about 4 foot high, white in lack of coloration, a slightly larger than human head and no sign of hair with a very slim build. The people they would explain this to wouldn’t stand a chance of believing anything they said thereafter. The Next Level is fully cognizant to the need for these kinds of strategies.

The two at the tomb were called “angels” while the two that were with the disciples at Jesus ascension into the cloud were not singled out except for being dressed in white:

Act 1:9 And when he had spoken these things, while they beheld, he was taken up; and a cloud received him out of their sight.
Act 1:10 And while they looked stedfastly toward heaven as he went up, behold, two men stood by them in white apparel;
Act 1:11 Which also said, Ye men of Galilee, why stand ye gazing up into heaven? this same Jesus, which is taken up from you into heaven, shall so come in like manner as ye have seen him go into heaven.

And the two that showed up in Sodom to give Lot and family a chance to escape the annialization of the city were only described as “angels, messengers, ambassadors, representatives, and men” in the account.

Ti and Do talked about how sometimes Members of the Next Level may have a task to relate to humans face to face and would try to come upon some clothing to wear that would seem normal. We had read accounts of seeing two people come into a store dressed in very out of date clothing that Ti and Do didn’t discount being Next Level crew activity. Perhaps those Moses and Elijah vehicles were just that vehicles that could function in some interface capacity. When the Next Level have a task that includes their graduation to a more sophisticated model vehicle, if it is advantageous to sacrifice the vehicle, they don’t hesitate though it’s always given as a option to the occupant. That’s what Ti and Do said happened before the start of their third trimester task. The option was given to a number who were of some equivilent service as the Luciferian fallen angels to sacrifice their existing physical body to go to earth to take over a human vehicle prepared for them to take it through the overcoming process that could result their Mind’s graduation to adult Next Level membership.

So again, my response to this question is No, it doesn’t seem the same Older Member (holy) Mind/Spirit/Soul was operating the vehicle named Jesus while operating the vehicle identified as Moses and the vehicle identified as Elijah.

Do said when he left his position on the spacecraft he put the vehicle he was wearing at the time “in a closet”. When he told us this, he also said that Ti didn’t do that same thing because Ti’s Mind had grown to be able to operate more than one vehicle at the same time. I don’t recall his saying how many vehicles Ti could operate at the same time but presumably it could be more than two. However that’s not to suggest Ti (as the one who was The Father) was manipulating the Moses and Elijah vehicles but I suppose it’s possible. However, I don’t think it’s likley as the Next Level from my experience doesn’t “concoct” events. They don’t put up fascades that I’m aware of. (That’s what the Luciferian do and they don’t sow seeds of confusion in what they expose us to. It’s just the opposite – when they sow seeds it’s geared to further strip away confusion the Luciferians sow).

ELIAS MUST COME FIRST – The same Greek word “Helias” is translated to Elias in all these New Testament verses. Jesus was even quoted while on the cross to be calling to the same Elias.

Strongs Hebrew/Greek dictionary indicates 2243 Helias is of Hebrew origin (‘Eliyah 452); Helias (i.e. Elijah), an Israelite broken down further to: “GOD OF JEHOVAH” shown by:

452 ‘Eliyah ay-lee-yaw’ or prolonged tEliyahuw {ay-lee-yaw’-hoo}; from ”el’ (410)


‘Yahh’ (3050); God of Jehovah; Elijah, the name of the famous prophet and of two other Israelites:–Elijah, Eliah.

410 ‘el ale shortened from ”ayil’ (352); strength; as adjective, mighty; especially the Almighty (but used also of any deity):–God (god), X goodly, X great, idol, might(-y one), power, strong. Compare names in “-el.”

3050 Yahh yaw contraction for ‘Yhovah’ (3068), and meaning the same; Jah, the sacred name:–Jah, the Lord, most vehement. Compare names in “-iah,” “- jah.”

There ia a big problem with seeing these two “man faced” individuals as the actual physical vehicles and/or vehicular Minds/Spirits of Moses and Elijah, in addition to being the same name, Elias, Jesus was calling out to on the cross and the same name that the disciples on two occasions tied to John the Baptist, that was the same name that was indicated as returning to “prepare the way for the Lord” (Jesus) as indicated by Old Testament prophets, Isaiah (that Jesus often referred to the writings of) and Malachi. Malachi also indicates both a messenger and Elijah are coming back but he says Elijah returns before the “great and dreadful day of the Lord” which is often phrased that way to indicate the “day of judgement” which doesn’t take place until the END TIMES so can thereby be some additional evidence that the Older Member who was incarnate as Elijah also served incarnate as one of the Two Witnesses where there is a great deal of evidence were the Older Members, The Father and Jesus in a new human vehicle, having a NEW NAME his incarnate stage with his Father whom he would show us and tell us the name of as said in Rev 3:12.

This idea that John the Baptist was the return of Elijah came about from the opinion of whichever of Jesus disciples that summed up what Jesus had said, not from what Jesus actually said necessarily as shown:

Mat 17:10 And his disciples asked him, saying, Why then say the scribes that Elias must first come?

Mar 9:11  And they asked him, saying, Why say the scribes that Elias must first come?

Mat 17:11 And Jesus answered and said unto them, Elias truly shall first come, and restore ((reconstitute)) all things.

Mar 9:12  And he answered and told them, Elias verily cometh first, and restoreth all things; and how it is written of the Son of man, that he must suffer many things, and be set at nought.

Remember, Elias is “deity of Jehovah”, in other words a Member of the Next Level working for the Father Jehovah or as Do would say it, “on Ti’s crew”. It’s a task designation that an elder student is performing to represent Jehovah’s strategy, in this case of providing “preparation” to receive the Older Member incarnate as Jesus. (I actually suspect the Aurora (dawn) so called UFO crash in April of 1897 was this same kind of task – a forerunner to “prepare the way” for the return of the Father and Son and Crew in the same kind of entrance via crashing of spacecrafts to serve multiple purposes.)

Mat 17:12 But I say unto you, That Elias is come already, and they knew him not, but have done unto him whatsoever (they) listed ((2309 thelo= determined, desired, chosen, preferred, wished)). Likewise shall also the Son of man suffer of them.

Mar 9:13  But I say unto you, That Elias is ((2064 erchomai= come, accompany)) indeed ((2532 kai= and, also, even, so, then, too)) come ((2064 erchomai= come, accompany)), and (they have) done (unto) him whatsoever (they) listed ((2309 thelo= determined, desired, chosen, preferred, wished)), as it is written of him.

Mat 17:13 Then the disciples understood that he spake unto them of John the Baptist.

So once again, the disciples are adding it up for us and again it certainly looks that way but Jesus’ use of the word Elias can mean to him someone in prophecy spoken of as being a messenger rather than the same soul who performed the task incarnate as Elijah the Tishbite who evidenced being “from the Kingdom of God” as Jesus said that no one can ascend into the kingdom of God unless they came from the Kingdom of God. But “came from” doesn’t necessarily mean they are an Older Member from the Kingdom of God. They could still be a “student member” as Jesus indicated of John the Baptist (greatest among humans).

This sectoion of the records indicates some of how John the Baptist did or did not think about Jesus. It starts off referring to Jesus:

Luk 7:16  And there came a fear on all: and they glorified God, saying, That a great prophet is risen up among us; and, That God hath visited his people.
Luk 7:17  And this rumour of him went forth throughout all Judaea, and throughout all the region round about.

Luk 7:18  And the disciples of John shewed him of all these things.
Luk 7:19  And John calling unto him two of his disciples sent them to Jesus, saying, Art thou he that should come? or look we for another?
Luk 7:20  When the men were come unto him, they said, John Baptist hath sent us unto thee, saying, Art thou he that should come? or look we for another?
Luk 7:21  And in that same hour he cured many of their infirmities and plagues, and of evil spirits; and unto many that were blind he gave sight.

Luk 7:22  Then Jesus answering said unto them, Go your way, and tell John what things ye have seen and heard; how that the blind see, the lame walk, the lepers are cleansed, the deaf hear, the dead are raised, to the poor the gospel is preached.
Luk 7:23  And blessed is he, whosoever shall not be offended in me.

What’s interesting is the way John was portrayed as having fully recognized Jesus when he baptised him, yet if that was the case why some time after that baptism would John send some of his disciples to inquire if Jesus was the “one” he had been looking for/talking about to coming of?

Then Jesus lays out who John is:

Luk 7:24  And when the messengers of John were departed, he began to speak unto the people concerning John, What went ye out into the wilderness for to see? A reed shaken with the wind?
Luk 7:25  But what went ye out for to see? A man clothed in soft raiment? Behold, they which are gorgeously apparelled, and live delicately, are in kings’ courts.
Luk 7:26  But what went ye out for to see? A prophet? Yea, I say unto you, and much more than a prophet.

Luk 7:27  This is he, of whom it is written, Behold, I send my messenger before thy face, which shall prepare thy way before thee.

(This is where both Isaiah and Malachi referenced as a returned “messenger” to “prepare the way”.)

Luk 7:28  For I say unto you, Among those that are born of women there is not a greater prophet than John the Baptist: but he that is least in the kingdom of God is greater than he.

So John was NOT yet a Member of the Kingdom of God – he was still a student messenger whereas Elijah was referenced to a “deity (God) of Jehovah” – someone who was “in the kingdom of God” thus was greater than John.

Further John referred to himself as a messenger only:

John 1:21 And they asked him, What then? Art thou Elias? And he saith, I am not. Art thou that prophet? And he answered, No.
Joh 1:19 And this is the record of John, when the Jews sent priests and Levites from Jerusalem to ask him, Who art thou?
Joh 1:20 And he confessed, and denied not; but confessed, I am not the Christ.

Here John says that he is NOT Elias (presumably Elijah – a Deity of Jehovah):

Joh 1:21 And they asked him, What then? Art thou Elias? And he saith, I am not. Art thou that prophet? And he answered, No.
Joh 1:22 Then said they unto him, Who art thou? that we may give an answer to them that sent us. What sayest thou of thyself?

But then says he is fullfilling the task prophecied as Esaias (Isaiah) which is defined as a “helper of Jehovah” which is a helper of any “existing one”, the name Moses’ Older Member gave:

(Ti and Do often designated certain students as “helpers” yet they had never graduated into the Next Level at least as adults yet.)

Joh 1:23 He said, I am the voice of one crying in the wilderness, Make straight the way of the Lord, as said the prophet Esaias ((2268 Hesaias {hay-sah-ee’-as} of Hebrew origin 03470;; n pr m,  AV – Esaias 21; 21= Isaiah = “Jehovah’s help” 1) a famous Hebrew prophet who prophesied in the reigns of Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz, and Hezekiah))

And here is the clincher that shows how John the Baptist can be both the one prophesied to “prepare the way” for Jesus (the Lord) AND be the return of Elijah, because HE HAD THE MIND/SPIRIT OF ELIJAH IN HIM:

Luk 1:12  And when Zacharias saw him, he was troubled, and fear fell upon him.
Luk 1:13  But the angel said unto him, Fear not, Zacharias: for thy prayer is heard; and thy wife Elisabeth shall bear thee a son, and thou shalt call his name John.
Luk 1:14  And thou shalt have joy and gladness; and many shall rejoice at his birth.
Luk 1:15  For he shall be great in the sight of the Lord, and shall drink neither wine nor strong drink; and he shall be filled with the Holy Ghost, even from his mother’s womb.
Luk 1:16  And many of the children of Israel shall he turn to the Lord their God.


Luk 1:17  And he shall go before him in the spirit and power of Elias, to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the disobedient to the wisdom of the just; to make ready a people prepared for the Lord.

And as a little icing on this cake of an idea. It was Elisha who was Elijah’s “helper” that insisted on being with Elijah to witness his exit and to have a “double measure of his spirit” upon his exit.

2Ki 2:1 And it came to pass, when the LORD would take up Elijah into heaven by a whirlwind, that Elijah went with Elisha from Gilgal.
2Ki 2:2 And Elijah said unto Elisha, Tarry here, I pray thee; for the LORD hath sent me to Bethel. And Elisha said unto him, As the LORD liveth, and as thy soul liveth, I will not leave thee. So they went down to Bethel.
2Ki 2:3 And the sons of the prophets that were at Bethel came forth to Elisha, and said unto him, Knowest thou that the LORD will take away thy master from thy head to day? And he said, Yea, I know it; hold ye your peace.
2Ki 2:4 And Elijah said unto him, Elisha, tarry here, I pray thee; for the LORD hath sent me to Jericho. And he said, As the LORD liveth, and as thy soul liveth, I will not leave thee. So they came to Jericho.
2Ki 2:5 And the sons of the prophets that were at Jericho came to Elisha, and said unto him, Knowest thou that the LORD will take away thy master from thy head to day? And he answered, Yea, I know it; hold ye your peace.
2Ki 2:6 And Elijah said unto him, Tarry, I pray thee, here; for the LORD hath sent me to Jordan. And he said, As the LORD liveth, and as thy soul liveth, I will not leave thee. And they two went on.
2Ki 2:7 And fifty men of the sons of the prophets went, and stood to view afar off: and they two stood by Jordan.
2Ki 2:8 And Elijah took his mantle, and wrapped it together, and smote the waters, and they were divided hither and thither, so that they two went over on dry ground.

Here is where Elisha asks for a “double portion of [Elijah]’s spirit (mind)”:

2Ki 2:9 And it came to pass, when they were gone over, that Elijah said unto Elisha, Ask what I shall do for thee, before I be taken away from thee. And Elisha said, I pray thee, let a double portion of thy spirit be upon me.

Note how Elijah sets up a condition as his Older Member could then decide whether to give Elisha that dosage and/or whether Elisha had raised his vibrations enough to see his actual departure as the Older Member could regulate how much is visible in accordance with Elisha’s thirst:

2Ki 2:10 And he said, Thou hast asked a hard thing: nevertheless, if thou see me when I am taken from thee, it shall be so unto thee; but if not, it shall not be so.

2Ki 2:11 And it came to pass, as they still went on, and talked, that, behold, there appeared a chariot of fire, and horses of fire, and parted them both asunder; and Elijah went up by a whirlwind into heaven.

2Ki 2:12 And Elisha saw it, and he cried, My father, my father, the chariot of Israel, and the horsemen thereof. And he saw him no more: and he took hold of his own clothes, and rent them in two pieces.

Note how this happens at the Jordan river the same river where Jesus was baptized by John:

2Ki 2:13 He took up also the mantle of Elijah that fell from him, and went back, and stood by the bank of Jordan;
2Ki 2:14 And he took the mantle of Elijah that fell from him, and smote the waters, and said, Where is the LORD God of Elijah? and when he also had smitten the waters, they parted hither and thither: and Elisha went over.

2Ki 2:15 And when the sons of the prophets which were to view at Jericho saw him, they said, The spirit of Elijah doth rest on Elisha. And they came to meet him, and bowed themselves to the ground before him.

Thus, it’s altogether possible that the Soul that was incarnate (in the flesh as carne from Latin means flesh) named Elisha was the same Soul who became incarnate as John the Baptist and could have been the same soul that was incarnate as Aaron with Moses. All three had direct relationships with Jehovah and were in an apprentise student relationship to the Older Member according to the tasks at hand. And these could have also been performed by different student Souls as it’s not about the particular Soul, it’s about the task though certain students are given the opportunity to serve when those students have shown their desire and capacity to do so for the sake of the task.

Furthermore, there were 50 students who followed Elijah and then Elisha. There were about 58 of Ti and Do’s students who were as they said, “adopted” into the Next Level family in 1977, who received the “ody” last names though that number was down to 24 when we went public in 1993 again after 17 years in seclusion, though the numbers rose again due to dropout returnees and then in 1994 new students that fluctuated again over the next couple years to end up with 38 + 4 to graduate in 1997. The point to saying that was to show how the numbers were in line all throughout each of the Older Members incarnations. Even 144,000 doesn’t necessarily mean that number as “thousand” was a term for a “family” or a myriad so the number in both the two primary harvests may be more related to 100 and 40 and 4 to graduate in some shape and form with a myriad of Souls and/or Spirits to be saved – also a graduation to their next grade in school.

2Ki 2:16 And they said unto him, Behold now, there be with thy servants fifty strong men; let them go, we pray thee, and seek thy master: lest peradventure the Spirit of the LORD hath taken him up, and cast him upon some mountain, or into some valley. And he said, Ye shall not send.
2Ki 2:17 And when they urged him till he was ashamed, he said, Send. They sent therefore fifty men; and they sought three days, but found him not.
2Ki 2:18 And when they came again to him, (for he tarried at Jericho,) he said unto them, Did I not say unto you, Go not?
2Ki 2:19 And the men of the city said unto Elisha, Behold, I pray thee, the situation of this city is pleasant, as my lord seeth: but the water is naught, and the ground barren.
2Ki 2:20 And he said, Bring me a new cruse, and put salt therein. And they brought it to him.
2Ki 2:21 And he went forth unto the spring of the waters, and cast the salt in there, and said, Thus saith the LORD, I have healed these waters; there shall not be from thence any more death or barren land.
2Ki 2:22 So the waters were healed unto this day, according to the saying of Elisha which he spake.

And here is a direct reference to Elisha (perhaps to perform the task of John the Baptist, pouring water on Elijah, his Older Member’s hands:

2Ki 3:11 But Jehoshaphat said, Is there not here a prophet of the LORD, that we may enquire of the LORD by him? And one of the king of Israel’s servants answered and said, Here is Elisha the son of Shaphat, which poured water on the hands of Elijah.

So in these ways, John the Baptist was forcast to be the messenger prophecied to come before Jesus and would come “in the spirit/mind of Elijah” but not be the actual same Soul as Elijah. In this same way Jesus came in the Mind of his Older Member whom he referred to as “our Father in heaven”. That’s because when one enters into Next Level service they don’t want to stand apart from their Older Member in any way. They don’t want to be an individual. Like Ti and Do always called themselves “links” and “pipes”. They felt if they let their human mind get in the way of what was coming through them (their being a pipe), they were reducing the purity of the information – the truth which they didn’t want to do. It was automatically reduced in order to provide it to the students in a way they could receive and digest as too much too fast could be like putting too much fertilizer on a healthy plant, one wants to stimulate further faster as Ti and Do always said theirs was an “accellerated” overcoming program.

Mat 3:1  In those days came John the Baptist, preaching in the wilderness of Judaea,
Mat 3:2  And saying, Repent ye: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.
Mat 3:3  For this is he that was spoken of by the prophet Esaias, saying, The voice of one crying in the wilderness, Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make his paths straight.

I believe we can talk about Moses in the same way Elijah was referenced in the Transfiguration account. Ti and Do felt that the vehicle named Moses that was taken by the same Older Member who later served as Elijah and Jesus and then finally in the name of Do was also “taken”. There is some evidence of this in:

Jude 1:9 Yet Michael the archangel, when contending with the devil he disputed about the body of Moses, durst not bring against him a railing accusation, but said, The Lord rebuke thee.

I could see the Luciferians wanting the body of Moses but I can also see that the Next Level via Michael who evidences being the name of the same Soul who was incarnate as Jesus, etc. would really have no contest with the devil over the body so I would imagine Michael won and they took the body Moses. Again this can be confusing I know but what sorts it all out is to know that to the Next Level human vehicles are plants they use as instruments – vehicles to perform tasks. When the task is over they don’t necessarily stay in that vehicle even if they are taken into a Next Level dwelling place. Since there is no evidence that the Moses vehicle was transformed as the Jesus vehicle was I think it’s unlikley the One incarnate in that vehicle would have stayed in that vehicle unless there was another task to perform. And their might have been just as Jesus said he had another fold to tend when he left. That fold would have also had stages that I imagine would require a hands on lesson period after the Moses time period.

** Reference: Start of the Transfiguration account **

Luk 9:28 And it came to pass about an eight days after these sayings, he took Peter and John and James, and went up into a mountain to pray.
Luk 9:29 And as he prayed, the fashion of his countenance was altered, and his raiment was white and glistering.

Mat 17:1 And after six days Jesus taketh Peter, James, and John his brother, and bringeth them up into an high mountain apart,
Mat 17:2 And was transfigured before them: and his face did shine as the sun, and his raiment was white as the light.

Mar 9:2  And after six days Jesus taketh with him Peter, and James, and John, and leadeth them up into an high mountain apart by themselves: and he was transfigured before them.
Mar 9:3  And his raiment became shining, exceeding white as snow; so as no fuller on earth can white them.

Luk 9:30 And, behold, there talked with him two men, which were Moses and Elias:

Mat 17:3 And, behold, there appeared unto them Moses and Elias talking with him.

Mar 9:4  And there appeared unto them Elias with Moses: and they were talking with Jesus.

Luk 9:31 Who appeared in glory, and spake of his decease which he should accomplish at Jerusalem.

Luk 9:32 But Peter and they that were with him were heavy with sleep: and when they were awake, they saw his glory, and the two men that stood with him.
Luk 9:33 And it came to pass, as they departed from him, Peter said unto Jesus, Master, it is good for us to be here: and let us make three tabernacles; one for thee, and one for Moses, and one for Elias: not knowing what he said.

Mat 17:4 Then answered Peter, and said unto Jesus, Lord, it is good for us to be here: if thou wilt, let us make here three tabernacles; one for thee, and one for Moses, and one for Elias.

Mar 9:5  And Peter answered and said to Jesus, Master, it is good for us to be here: and let us make three tabernacles; one for thee, and one for Moses, and one for Elias.

Luk 9:34 While he thus spake, there came a cloud, and overshadowed them: and they feared as they entered into the cloud.
Luk 9:35 And there came a voice out of the cloud, saying, This is my beloved Son: hear him.

Mat 17:5 While he yet spake, behold, a bright cloud overshadowed them: and behold a voice out of the cloud, which said, This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased; hear ye him.

Mar 9:7  And there was a cloud that overshadowed them: and a voice came out of the cloud, saying, This is my beloved Son: hear him.

Mat 17:6 And when the disciples heard it, they fell on their face, and were sore afraid.

Mar 9:6  For he wist not what to say; for they were sore afraid.

Mat 17:7 And Jesus came and touched them, and said, Arise, and be not afraid.

Mat 17:8 And when they had lifted up their eyes, they saw no man, save Jesus only.

Mar 9:8  And suddenly, when they had looked round about, they saw no man any more, save Jesus only with themselves.

Luk 9:36 And when the voice was past, Jesus was found alone. And they kept it close, and told no man in those days any of those things which they had seen.

Mat 17:9 And as they came down from the mountain, Jesus charged them, saying, Tell the vision to no man, until the Son of man be risen again from the dead.

Mar 9:9  And as they came down from the mountain, he charged them that they should tell no man what things they had seen, till the Son of man were risen from the dead.

Mar 9:10  And they kept that saying with themselves, questioning one with another what the rising from the dead should mean.

** end of Transfiguration account **

Other related verses:

Mal 3:1  Behold, I will send my messenger, and he shall prepare the way before me: and the Lord, whom ye seek, shall suddenly come to his temple, even the messenger of the covenant, whom ye delight in: behold, he shall come, saith the LORD of hosts.
Mal 3:2  But who may abide the day of his coming? and who shall stand when he appeareth? for he is like a refiner’s fire, and like fullers’ soap:

Mal 4:5  Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the LORD:
Mal 4:6  And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.

To Mary Magdalene at the tomb, the first one to see Jesus (though she had alerted Peter and John that his body wasn’t there and they came and saw his clothes there and left, while she stayed:

Joh 20:17 Jesus saith unto her, Touch me not; for I am not yet ascended to my Father: but go to my brethren, and say unto them, I ascend unto my Father, and your Father; and to my God, and your God.

Jesus allows his disciples to touch him. He says he has “flesh and bones” though he appeared out of nowwhere by then on at least two occasions in which he ate fish and honey:

Luk 24:39 Behold my hands and my feet, that it is I myself: handle me, and see; for a spirit hath not flesh and bones, as ye see me have.
Luk 24:40 And when he had thus spoken, he shewed them his hands and his feet.
Luk 24:41 And while they yet believed not for joy, and wondered, he said unto them, Have ye here any meat?
Luk 24:42 And they gave him a piece of a broiled fish, and of an honeycomb.
Luk 24:43 And he took it, and did eat before them.

About Elijah:

Luke 4:25 But I tell you of a truth, many widows were in Israel in the days of Elias, when the heaven was shut up three years and six months, when great famine was throughout all the land;
Luke 4:26 But unto none of them was Elias sent, save unto Sarepta, a city of Sidon, unto a woman that was a widow.

Luke 9:54 And when his disciples James and John saw this, they said, Lord, wilt thou that we command fire to come down from heaven, and consume them, even as Elias did?

Archological and Anthropological Global Evidence of a Directed Evolution and Conspiracy Against Truth

July 1, 2015

I have received Jonathan Grey’s newsletter for years and have found his research invaluable in linking together human history that knows no boundaries and provides considerable documentation for the skeptical among us, that is IF they want to learn the truth as one can be skeptical but if they never see the handwriting on the wall they become entrenched in skepticism. Like I said in my last post, there really is no difference in the actual realities except in language – terms – the words and the concepts words describe. That’s why Jesus in prophecy says his battle, his war in which to fight uses the weapon of his mouth to wage against the deceivers lies. So as Johnathan stipulated I have copied all of what he sends out in his newsletter so if you want to see more you can contact him, but what he includes here is a wealth of data that can be used as pointers when talking with avowed atheists and pagans and those of any and all belief or non-belief systems alike, though I suppose if they are avowed they won’t even have an ear to hear what we say anyway, but at least we continue to give them the chance. Jonathan has also provided many great articles that describe all sorts of ancient ruins in areas where you would least expect, in the Grand Canyon that match Egyptian hieroglyphics, some of which he is referring to here, that were covered up from becoming public knowledge, though the time is now for as Jesus said, “all things to be revealed” and for “knowing to be increased” so we could KNOW the whole truth and nothing but the truth to then decide what then to do with it as I say that all paths lead to Ti and Do but each must go through their process to get to that which is done by opening up to what just may be most true in our human history.

With that said here is the full content of the newsletter:

Jun 30 at 7:02 PM

Creationism verses Evolution – ignorance on both sides of the equasion when the truth is apparant.

June 27, 2015

The following is my first introductory stab at a debate of creationism verses evolution I was requested to engage. I find this to be largely archaic to consider debatable in this day in age but it’s been so masked it’s good to try to lay out some of the key points that cut through that masking IF one wants to cut through it or even thinks there is something to cut through. I wrote this on the fly so like most of my blog posts it’s far from perfect and was geared to someone I knew had a certain amount of history with some of the subject matter while being of an atheistic leaning. I didn’t intend on introducing Ti and Do to him at first but then I thought, what’s the point if I don’t as without Ti and Do in it, it just becomes another opinion amidst many, which of course even with Ti and Do in it, it also is but at least presents the bottom line for this self judgment time.:

The way I see it there is really no difference between what is termed creationism and evolutionism as both acknowledge a “process of development and changeability” and as we know from mounds of experience as humans, no development occurs without developers. No one can give any example of anything of value coming about without developers, at least on little ole planet earth. So sure a big bang could have started it all off for this planet, solar SYSTEM, galaxy of systems within systems within systems…. And why would we not think the earth could have been terraformed by Beings just like humans right now are looking for planets or moons or dwarf planets of whatever label one wants to put on objects in outer space with some idea of doing the same with. That’s just logic 101 to at least consider it. It’s those that reject even considering such a thing that are doing so out of ignorance regardless of how many degrees they have and many of those will privately talk differently than publically for all the obvious reasons.

Now as to the point of view that this planet came about in 7 earth days isn’t actually accurate to the records that came from in Genesis, regardless of whether one believes those writings were “records” or not. They are ancient relative to our tiny history that isn’t disputed by anyone without an axe to grind. The Hebrew used for days there is not talking about earth days as to these Beings that allegedly did the terraforming who don’t live on earth, that time frame is meaningless. They are out of earth time but in those records it was said that to them 1 day is like 1000 years. So lets say the terraforming project happened over 7000 earth years. Is that possible. Well some would say not, yet we are observing how fast certain things can happen with islands growing in the sea as we watch and glaciers melting and knowing what kind of nuke winter can be created from an asteroid or comet strike as is thought probably occurred to vanquish the dinosaurs. And to the archeological evidence of humans going back hundreds of thousands of years I can think of two things to say (at least). In that same record in Genesis 1 BEFORE ADAM is genetically engineered, (as he had no mom or dad as the records say, which of course wasn’t’ even considered before artificial insemination techniques and cloning, etc. except by those who have examined the multi cultured stories of virgin births that today can seem to have possibilities that are extended a long ways by considering that aliens are performing hybridization projects so why couldn’t the terraformers do the same. Maybe aliens are of the same group), there were “male and female’s developed/created/engineered by whatever means right after the mammals were developed which then appears to show the 4 basic evolutionary kingdoms on earth that even scientists called kingdoms at one point because in each there seems to be a hierarchal structure that does show a lot to do with survival of the fittest in who survives, which gene streams and which do not.

So there were humanoids before Adam and Eve and who knows if some of them comingled with Eve or some of their offspring to further develop and/or dilute the adamic gene pool. Why not, unless we have that axe to grind of course. Now how far back were there humans on earth and where did they first come from is anybody’s guess. Certainly recent science has shown very strange skeletons recently discovered and ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics that correlate with humanoids with larger heads than we have now and other glyphs that seem to show helicopters and tanks and stories of technological battles that lend credence to Plato’s Atlantis treatise that has been hotly debated over whether it was genuine history or an attempt at sci-fi.

So then, it comes down to who these Beings are exactly. Humanoids from other planets that got here by wormhole express and/or through a dimensional abrasion which to me can be the same kind of thing and especially when we now know about what’s possible in terms of what can be seen from what is real. Before microscopes and telescopes in space and space alien reports, UFO’s, all this was supernatural and/or superstition but it’s interesting that what was superstitious before the technology is now common place – like the idea of remote viewing, and yet we have spacecraft that remotely view Ceres – no wires in between us makes it remote right. And with that how much of a stretch is it really to think that our physical bodies are also the containers that in building the “mind” that we have gobs of evidence electromagnetically extends beyond the body and can influence others or even do a certain amount of manipulation of matter where matter is as dense or etheric as one is willing to consider. Einstein and Boehm were hot in pursuit of answers to this paradym as shown in the “Holographic Universe” that with their holographic experiments thinking that matter behaved differently when viewed which begins to give credence to our eyes or consciousness being more than just reflectors of light as in that reflection it’s actually transmitting that light, even picking up in the process the content of the mind behind those eyes.  Hence one can become mesmerized by another’s eyes or repelled. The idea of this mind surviving in some fashion after death of the denser physicality becomes yet another logical progression and again it shows roots in the records of most every culture to where some claim to have seen or had interface with these entities. (I am one of those on a number of occasions).

This all becomes the “science of mind” that some phd’s have spoken about rather convincingly like Bruce Lipton in his book “The Biology of Belief” that some scientists I’ve met say is a quack scientist even before reading his book which is again telling of how we can so become our biggest limit setter.  I mean how much of a stretch is it really when we see the same ideas manifest in the computer hardware – software/firmware realities. I spent 20+ years programming and it dawned on me one day that nothing was happening in software unless I made it happen or opened up the possibility. I already had that sense but it just hit home in a more obvious way. And of course look at genetic code, the unseen software/circuitry in every cell with it’s histones that look and act like little cpu’s and/or watch batteries and those banks of hair like molecules like antenna we see all over the body in various forms and the many organs involved. How a scientist can look at that intricate network of very complex interrelationships and think that all stumbled into existence by random mutations simply because of happenstance environmental changes looks to me like ignorance though I couldn’t begin to talk about all they otherwise know. It’s like they can’t see the forest because they are so into the trees. It would be like an ant thinking there are no beings besides the other bugs and that it’s “nature” that destroys their mound when the human gardener wants to get rid of them yet among other ants they may have huge praise steeped upon them. (I actually think a better example is found with dogs and other domesticated animals or one’s in the wild). But the point is that we now know that it’s not “what you see is what you get” the computer acronym WYSIWYG. In fact we now know that most of reality is hidden from our eyes and brains, so why not consider that there is much more and that the ancients weren’t actually ignorant of this even without the kind of science we have now.

Finally, if that is possible, which actually I think it is not as there is always plenty more to become aware of – if we can conceive of Beings (thought forms, physical body (hardware) offloads (mind aka spirits, discarnates) for some it also goes hand in hand with the entire idea of extraterrestrial biological entities or EBE’s. And we see new religions cropping up since the 1950’s around contactees and some of them claim directly or indirectly to be the creators of Jesus or from the spiritual hierarchy as in the ascended masters, etc. or have led the humans they have contacted or abducted to think they are the return of Jesus, etc. (Alex Collier, David Icke, Rael, etc.). It’s always interesting that these three and many others talk like that but like the Pope don’t talk Jesus’ actual mind/spirit.

Jesus was telling his students they had to forsake their human families to graft to his Family. He taught that the physical body wasn’t what we really were and that there was another physical component given to some humans that they were developing by joining his program to outgrow human behaviors and ways. He described this “container” as a new wineskin needed for new wine (mind=spirit) that survives the death of the human vehicle that was actually used as a stepping stone (footstool) into membership in this “kingdom” that is above (superior to) human (mammalian). He taught that a student would have to grow to “give their all” to his allegiance to include the life of their physical human body IN SERVICE to him and his “Father”, the individual who parented him into that same kingdom that is among the stars (the literal heavens). He’s not talking human yet all the religions (and this can extend to Buddhist and Hindu and Judaism and Islam, etc.) only embrace the human aspects of his teachings at best and then even pick and choose of those so what does that tell us? Well can you imagine explaining to a dog what they can look forward to if they live by all the rules the master gives? Example is the best teacher so Jesus demonstrated what each of his students would also have to be willing to endure to meet the qualifications of what was really like an Astronaut Training program for the beings that design planetary bodies as their hothouses to grow souls upon that grow from physical containers. Again this isn’t what the religious teach except in esoteric mystical ways rather than part of a practical and scientific reality. In this way one could see the reality Jesus was saying he was from as an Evolutionary Step Above Human not far different than the kingdom levels below human; animal, plant, mineral.

So then where did this idea of Jesus come from that we see talked about by Christians and other religionists and new age spiritualists, etc. Well if one goes to the records that by in large were not included in the compilation called the Bible except in small smatterings, the book of Enoch, 7th from Adam, that Jesus seems to have spoken about but we have little record of, except circumstantially, we see lots of details that describe these beings that had certain responsibilities working for these “Above Human Beings” as “watchers” which was an “observer” task. When I went to catholic school they tried to brainwash me into thinking “God is everywhere. God sees all things”. If I didn’t say those things I was punished or reprimanded as rebellious. I dropped out of that kind of schooling early on as they were clearly not teachers of truth and reality as I saw it so that began my exploration into what the truth was though I always thought there was something extra special about this guy called Jesus. I would be at parties with my Navy high school buddies in my early 20’s drinking up a storm and I’d be sitting there reading what Jesus was quoted to have said and no one put me up to it and I knew I wasn’t making sense of it.

Anyway putting my history aside, today’s popular Jesus is as that alleged “yellow book”, Bob Lazar got a hold of said is the creation of the space aliens who are the descendants of those “fallen watchers” but who when they died their “software package” (soul container) went into the so called unseen by human eyes world where they could influence the ones they spawned with their hybridization programs to influence humans to go against the Above Human Beings they used to work for. It would be no different from employees deciding to start their own company that would then compete with their former employer that included trying to steal the former employers potential new employees which takes the shape of a religion that acts as if they believe in the founder but doesn’t adhere to much of what they teach unless it’s easy as pie to embrace so everyone can be tricked into serving them instead.

So these Above Human Beings decided to take advantage of what these renegades wanted to do and let them remain on Earth where they became restricted by the lack of technology and energy supplies as they retreated underground to hide from previous periods of geographic upheaval which is like the spading of their garden for the Above Human Beings. Instead of eradicating their influence they decided to permit it while sending some of their equivalent level of employees to earth to be subject to their influence thinking that with Their help if they could survive the onslaught of dis-mis-information (overcome, the meaning of a true Israeli – an overcomer of the human evolutionary kingdom) they would become stable employees and would be rewarded with exclusive never ended membership in their Above Human Evolutionary Level of both physical and mental life. They don’t reproduce like mammals as their bodies don’t die unless they have reason for them to die or they accidentally die (which is highly unlikely but possible). They get new members which they don’t need thus don’t need to lie to obtain from those that go through their program on the human level and conquer any desire to remain human. Those to be in this program came by sacrificing their existing physical bodies because upon completion they would be awarded a new physical body that is grown for them. They were among the so called victims of the UFO crashes that occurred in the late 1940’s and early 1950’s though some were fabrications. Once outside their physical containers (vehicles) they located human vehicles they could use as their footstool and these would be vehicles that were prepared to receive them from birth. Simultaneously Two Older Members from this Next Evolutionary Level came in the same way as their students and took human vehicles to use to gather the human vehicles these new upcoming students were taking to begin the final lesson step in detaching from the human kingdom. These two were called Bo and Peep and in the press “The UFO Two” in 1975 and later took new names as Ti and Do who were those behind the Heavens Gate “cult” that National Geographic’s channel suggested could have been the “Second Coming of Jesus” to the dismay of millions of Christians and new agers and I suppose atheists. They have and continue to fulfill all the prophecies as they gave those forecasts because they were going to see to it that they came true as a help for remaining humans to have one last ditch chance to see through the lies and deceit of the renegade, termed Luciferians who are not beings with pointy chins and red coats and pitchforks and goatees.  They are more highly evolved beings than human because they WERE in the Next Level program they dropped out of that are in competition with the Next Level Above Human Older Members who administered that program.

There is a great deal to all this and it’s all hard to really digest without lots of breaks in between and a desire to understand it. It’s fearful to see the truth. I’ve had 40+ years of prep time. If there is a base on Ceres I know it’s not space aliens but the governments don’t differentiate space aliens from Members of the Next Level Above Human who some in the know about all the space alien reality believe to be the enemy the primary reason Reagan tried to build the star wars program to counter as he express in part on the floor of the United Nations in 1987.

I suspect that the shooting of the comet Temple1 by the Deep Impact spacecraft was a test to see if they could affect it’s course or blow it apart as they are very concerned that the space aliens can direct objects to earth that they want to be able to shoot down or throw off course. Some are under the impression that these are the “bad aliens” that are threatening life on earth as they know it. In the sense of being the “weeds” in the garden the gardeners are the enemy but they are not reptilian. The Luciferians are the reptilians among other species of mammalian human equivalents. I  could go on about this in many ways shapes and forms but if you want to debate anything I’ve said, of course feel free and I’ll try to address your points. I don’t expect anyone to think the way I do about this and don’t really care if they do or not though will help anyone that asks for more info on any aspect and am always open to seeing where I have certain things wrong or need of adjustment of thinking.

One more point regarding whether life forms can mutate and develop and adapt to the degree of new species, I guess anything is possible if it’s put in the code as possible just like in software. Ti and Do said that the Next Level removed certain stages in that step wise evolutionary development so it would be a puzzle while saying there is truth to an evolution from “a spec of dirt” into what we see now as an abundance of life forms. However they said, it wasn’t exactly a “spec of dirt” though. These two were clearly not from this world but it would take a desire to see that to know that. They were the same souls who performed the tasks of Elohim with Adam and later with Enoch, Jehovah and Moses, Jehovah and Elijah, Father and Jesus. And believe it or not they will respond to those that ask for the truth to help us see the truth of it all by asking for their specific help using the names they last used of Ti and Do. They have the technology to know when we think about them. A little more about them;  Ti took a female vehicle to help get Do (her son) started. They were the fulfillment of the records called the Book of Revelations throughout but detailed in most every chapter but with a focus on chapters 6, 11 and 12. I knew them personally as their student for 19 years of my life but I dropped out in 1994 and through a series of dreams and premonitions, sightings of ufo’s and spirits and many other kinds of proves re-engaged my desire to serve them by telling of my experiences with them and how it all relates to the records about their past activity on earth as the garden is being brought to a close and thus is a time for each of us to decide to whom to show our allegiance between them and humanism. That’s a personal decision that’s ongoing. It’s not for me to know about unless someone wants to express it to me. I don’t get anything from seeing new believers in them (though it feels good). It’s simply part of my training program to tell the truth as I see it and accept the mostly negative consequences to my remaining humanness.

Christianity’s FALSE JESUS (christ) is depicted as WHITE spawned by the Luciferian Space Aliens Against Ti and Do

June 20, 2015

I suspect part of the white race could have come from the Luciferian fallen angels mixing their seed with humans because I think they at the time of their fall away from service to the Next Level Above Human had white vehicles (physical bodies) having graduated from a “second trimester” classroom. The second trimester classroom has to do with “giving your life” in service to the Level Above Human, but doesn’t mean one has overcome the human world yet. Regardless of how accurate this idea is, to me it is worth considering and here are some of the reasons why, though I know some are going to reject it all outright for various reasons, which is telling of where some of their overcoming is seated. We can think humans have already determined where skin coloration originated and I’m not suggesting there isn’t truth to much of those ideas and observations, but as with so much, there is most always more to consider. Along with that, we can also think we are above color or racial or ethnic identity consciousness, or for that matter gender and/or sexual orientation consciousness or even sexuality and ego until we are put to the test.  For those that enter into completely overcoming the human condition, the bulk of that testing comes when we, the soul body are incarnate with an incarnate Older Member.  For all of us at this time, that kind of classroom is to come if we ask and show Ti and Do we want to be included in such a future program. Showing them means doing what they have given us to do at this time which includes studying all they said and did to know how they think that can then be accurately shared with others. Being with them incarnate is an accelerated program but no one is held back from embracing all they taught and will be rewarded accordingly as Jesus also spoke about.

Meanwhile this is a little taste of thinking outside the boxes pertaining to skin color, while staying inside our vehicles as we know there are many who think so far outside the boxes they enter into the same kind of illusionary mindset as do those who remain inside their comfortable “box”. It’s always a balance so at least this is something to consider and if you read this post before there are some new examples of a lesson step in Ti and Do’s classroom at the end that might be interesting.

Since Ti said the standards to get into the Next Level were raised because of Lucifer and his followers fall, they may not have graduated the same kind of  “second trimester” the Father and Jesus provided in their “classroom” as we don’t know what standards were raised and when. We need to always keep in mind that the Next Level is always improving what they do in their gardening classrooms and Ti and Do did say there were different types of gardens, so when I say “second trimester” it’s a relative experience that by graduating yielded them their “watcher” service in and related to the Next Level Kingdom. Ti and Do also indicated that service in the Next Level doesn’t mean we are watched over constantly and that the service these Luciferians had was also a testing ground for them since they hadn’t yet conquered/overcome their human or human equivalency condition.

Before going further, here are a couple clear indications that giving your life to the most current Next Level incarnate Older Members that we are aware of yields a new “white” physical body:

* Key to notation used in my deciphering of scripture:

Single parentheses (…) = words added by the original translators often to express a more exact translation and at times to fill in what the translators think is being said and sometimes it seem to put it into more of a cohesive sentence

Double parentheses ((…)) = additional or substitutional translation options provide by Strongs and other Greek/Hebrew dictionaries.

Brackets […] = my comments.

Rev 6:9 And when he had opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the word of God, and for the testimony which they held:

Rev 6:10 And they cried with a loud voice, saying, How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth?

Rev 6:11 And white robes ((4749 stole= equipment, a loose outer garment worn by kings, priests and persons of rank – [not to be confused with human clothing that is a facsimile usage of this depiction of a Next Level vehicle])) were given unto every one of them; and it was said unto them, that they should rest yet for a little season, until their fellowservants also and their brethren, that should be killed as they were, should be fulfilled.

Now this is the time of the fifth seal which comes after the next U.S. presidential election or however these two listed  as “death” accompanied/followed (as a union of being together with and/or reached at the same time) accompanied/joined “hell” (Hades as a proper noun, a person and/or place and/or thing) come to power*.

*Rev 6:8 And I looked, and behold a pale ((5515 chloros= green, yellowish pale [note how green is the actual color of chlorine that turns things it’s applied to white – a facsimile of Next Level white])) horse: and his name that sat on him (was) Death, and Hell ((86 hades from a (1 as a contraction= “without”) and eido (1492= “to see”) properly “without seeing” [interesting as if to say “no eyes to see”], and/or a place of departed souls hence the spirit world of the unseen, a prison, but in this usage a proper noun thus a name thus a person destined to spending an eternity in the place of the Lake of Fire, in the condition of the Second Death, the death of one’s soul) and/or associated with Pluto [as where their sentence to hell could originate from if the heavenly body called Pluto is a Next Level base as Ti and Do illustrated in a movie script they directed the writing of as a student project that was never published])) followed ((190 akoloutheo= a road, join him as his attendant, accompany him, join as a disciple, side with his party)) with ((3326 meta= accompaniment “amid” or with which it is joined, against, among, with)) him. And power was given unto them ((themselves(s))) over the fourth part (([bestial human Kingdom])) of the earth ((human occupants)), to kill ((615 apokteino= separate/exit/leave go away from the body by dying)) with sword (([weapons as in military, police, etc.])), and with hunger ((3042 probably from leipo 3007= through the idea of destitution, scarcity of food, famine)), and with death ((2288 thanatos from thnesko 2348= as a penalty or as in to murder as a causation)) , and with the beasts ((2342 therion from thera 2339= a dangerous animal, (venomous, wild) beast)) (of the) earth ((1093 ge= soil, region, whole globe to include the occupants, country)).

I arrived at this timing and relationship to the U.S. Presidents from many avenues, the biggest of which is because Rev 6:2 is clearly depicting Do’s conquering the human kingdom and bringing his “product” (bow), his students to conquering – a “spirit birth” followed by G.W Bush (red  horse)  with the endless global wide war and Barak Obama (black horse) with endless global wide financial crisis, that latter provided me by Dstody in a dream days before the election of Barak Obama to his first term presidency that I’ve reported on before.

There are a number of other verses to collaborate this depiction of how some can still receive a “white” vehicle, and white means both the coloration and it’s relative “pure” condition of being filled with “light” – all the same application of  the adjective 3022 leukos from luke (“light”).

As we see there are humans all over the planet that are willing to give their life for what they believe (and trust) be it for governments or religious institutions, science and/in the heightened risk in becoming an astronaut or explorer, for sport, to entertain as in daredevils, to make money as in stunt actors in movies and of course in military fighting and killing who and when they are told to fight and kill, even as a career, etc. so giving one’s life alone is not that significant. I would say the closest form of what the Next Level values most as willing to give our lives to, which is related to the instructions from Jesus would be giving one’s life trying to save another’s life as in emergency rescue operations like as fire fighters. However, even that form becomes updated for those who choose to recognize the current or last incarnate Older Members as giving our life according to their direction becomes the criteria of receipt of a Next Level vehicle, whether a “domestic” one or an “adult” physical body.

Where the space aliens got their “white” physical bodies:

Do said that those from places in the near vicinity to earth,  that I got the impression could be however far away as one could imagine, that had become “domestic workers” for the Next Level, so received one of these “white” bodies to wear (as indicated in Revelations) were offered to take the third trimester graduation lesson plan which meant sacrificing their physical “white” body so they in soul body form, that is still physical but less dense, yet more dense than a human “spirit/mind” aka ghost, etc., could incarnate into a human vehicle to begin that lesson plan with the incarnate Older Members, Ti and Do.

Those that took Ti and Do up on this offer were among some of the UFO crashes. Those that weren’t were somehow unable to leave the earth vicinity so were forced to the earth (and near space vicinity, as Do said they really are no longer “space” aliens because of) to try to survive and are among those who went underground to escape surface recycling periods as the time frame for all this is to the Next Level just “days” ago, while to humans and the human equivalent space aliens are thousands and thousands of earth years, which seems related to when much of the propagation of the Nephilim took place. I’m suggesting that’s the most recent time for some of the start of today’s white race as described in Genesis chapter 6 and the Book of Enoch, though probably went through all kinds of machinations of manifestations that I’m not yet aware of. I understand that some early Egyptians were very fair skinned and given the heir glyphs and figures that depict humanoids with an extraordinarily large back of the head and other characteristics of the pyramids and today’s many links, through Masonry to the “all seeing EYE” inside the pyramid on the U.S. dollar bill and much more, one must at least consider that those are examples of the Luciferians co-mingling, co-habituating and/or having a hybridization plan with earth humans.

After all the “watchers” was a task performed by those called fallen angels before they fell, who couldn’t have fell if they were already full fledged adult Members of the Next Level instead of still being “sons or children of God (Light)”.

Here is a video I made more about this if you want to consider some of that, but I’ll go on with the “white part” thereafter :

But for those formally “domestics” who were coming back to overcome their humanness what they were essentially overcoming was not only the mammalian nature of their human vehicles, but as well goes hand in hand with overcoming/conquering, aka prevailing against (the meaning of the word/name, Israeli) the influence over all of humanity from those fallen angel Luciferian “space” aliens most evident in today’s white race, though no one is left out of that equation.

The Adamic race were not white. Hebrew adom means “blood in face” or “ruddy” which if unmixed I imagine has reddish or even a brownish look. The creatures that were humanoid before Adam was “MADE” were “created in our image”, by the One(s) noted as the plural Elohim, translated to “likeness”, primarily a reference to “shape”, not coloration. I don’t know what color these were but the Luciferians were already around pre-Adam and Eve, whether still having physical bodies, so no telling what kind of cohabitation occurred then with earth humanoids but it seems their having had white bodies could be where that lack of color was introduced.

Ti and Do indicated that to conquer/overcome Lucifer and his associates that “advasaries” (satans) influence on us, each of us must conquer all race consciousness among other things. That means not identifying yourself by the vehicles race. To say, I am white or I am black is identifying with race. For many it’s just a habit though for others it’s much more.

Some of the space aliens apparently provided a book called the “Yellow book” that Bob Lazar was provided to read when he was recruited by Oppenheimer to work at Area 51 in Nevada, that said they “created Jesus” which is interesting in light of how today’s populist Christian Jesus doesn’t resemble much of anything Jesus actually taught. I mean, he wasn’t pro the human family or in the accumulation of wealth or about trying to make the Earth a better place to live. Look at how Pope Frances has to quote one tiny verse in Genesis, having to do with “keeping and tilling the earth” to take that as an instruction to take care of the earth, which Ann Coulter takes it the opposite way in the verse that says we should “dominate” and thus “rape” the earth. Well neither of these to me are good examples of Jesus believers so it’s no surprise.

Thus today’s Jesus is a “false Jesus” which Jesus warned against saying that even some who were prepared to recognize him upon his return would be fooled by “false christs” and thus false Jesus’ as he said many would come using his name/identity and even those who think themselves the “first” to recognize him and come to his family would be “last”, thus potentially part of this second phase of the overall harvest period if they awoke to recognize him in the incarnation of Ti and Do as the Two Witnesses.

And that is in fact how Paul of Tarsus got started and became the icon of today’s “christianity” and his letters are filled with dilutions and distortions of what Jesus taught and include many things Jesus said nothing about or I trust it would be in the records as the Next Level according to Ti and Do worked very hard to preserve that Jesus part of the record.

So along with Jesus picture being shown as a white race human goes all the rest of the false ideas about him so no wonder Christians have such a hard time even considering Do was his incarnate stage of return. That’s why they are at this time being given the chance to SEE. John’s prophecy described the body Jesus would take upon the return in:

Rev 1:14 His head and his hairs were white like wool, as white as snow; and his eyes were as a flame of fire…

The structure of this verse indicates BOTH his HEAD and HAIRS would be white as a coloration. Snow is white and lambs wool off white mostly.

It’s also interesting that he was said to be “sitting on a white horse” where horse is sort of the way the Next Level view’s humans, some of which accept Next Level training while others reject it.

Rev 6:2 And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer.

In my video link below I bring in more ways of looking at these verses.

It is hardly a coincidence that Do took a vehicle named “APPLEWHITE” and that the horse/body he took was white and his hair was white as clearly seen on the Beyond Human Video’s. After all what started this entire civilizational experiment was Adam’s fall ,very simply by yielding to the serpent (hisser/deceiver) (aka Dragon, Devil) by breaking instructions and eating the apple. Ti said that was Do who performed the task of Adam. He didn’t recover until incarnate as Enoch, but it gave him a whale of an experience to then help us overcome the Luciferians.

Thus incarnating into white human vehicles means one would face all that Luciferian superiority programming we seen in so many whites that look down on all people of color which was built up by the Aryans in the public manifestation of it under Hitler. I even wondered if Josef Mengele the doctor that experimented on people and in particular children and twins, under Hitler and others eyes were all so influenced by the Luciferian space aliens that part of what they thought they were doing to try to exterminate the Jews was just like the way Herod Antipas pre- the Jesus birth did when the vehicle named Jesus was forecasted to be born and Pharaoh Ramses did prior to Moses vehicle’s birth. After all Moses wrote that the next messiah would come from among the Jews, “just like me”, he said, so the next coming is never a secret except through which human vehicle, when and where and with what signs.

Moses’ vehicle as a baby was put in the basket to escape the order to kill first born Israelis for the same reason as the Jewish leader Herod ordered the same and so it’s not much of a stretch to suspect Hitler’s murdering of children was any less rooted in that same Luciferian influence on them. I suspect Lucifer thought the returned Jesus would manifest through the Jews so he was trying to stop the next incarnation. (Of course this was a common strategy for a conquering king to kill one’s opponents young knowing that otherwise there would always be generations who were bred to hate them for what they were witnessed doing to their families. So the programming Hitler was following  was well in place to be stimulated again.

So “white” might then be one of the most corrupted races though it’s just as hard to overcome the world in a black, brown, yellow or red vehicle but it would hereby offer some further explanation for the corrupt white supremacy thinking and acting, though is not by far lending an excuse for white folk disturbed terrorist behaviors against blacks and other non-whites or against anyone for any reason, for that matter. It’s the acceptance of thinking there is any justification for a human killing another human. That word “another” is very important as killing self is a waste if not under the direct permission, instruction from an incarnate Older Member. By the way, Ti and Do didn’t consider true euthanasia killing another as once a human vehicle is incapable of growing closer to the Next Level, they are already among the dead though it’s still not within a human or human equivalent’s right to decide who that is and/or  who should die.

A believer in Ti and Do, when he read this told me “Luciferians did not create the white race”, which made me qualify more what I initially stated with the same kind of absolutist expression. Thus hearing him parrot back my absolute statement with another absolute statement was a signal to qualify which then brought me closer to the Next Level way which the “I could be wrong” lesson step Ti and Do gave us that caused some to leave the classroom over, was meant to address. Our ego or certainty about some things is further described to us when we see ourselves making these absolute statements. However, that can be twisted as with all things and used against us knowing the truth. For instance I am absolutely sure that Ti and Do are my Older Members and they are very much alive and I also feel absolutely confident that everything Ti and Do said and did is true though at times for various reasons pertaining to what the classroom could handle at the time. But that didn’t make anything they said lies or deceitful anymore than a human can be taught any lesson in school as a fact and then as they grow in that subject matter learn there was a lot more to it. Did the teacher not tell us everything up front to deceive us. No, but one can’t put the cart before the horse, as they say and it takes some “sugar” to help the medicine go down at times, which the Next Level is very  careful in how they use so we don’t get oversaturated with sugar – so they give us information in stages.

In talking further with this relative new believer in Ti and Do, which by the way, I don’t call him that as a way to elevate myself as it’s only relative to when his vehicle was awakened to Ti and Do’s reality which doesn’t necessarily measure the experience of the Soul coming into that vehicle, he brought up that white skin is part of the Next Level’s creation that is crucial for living in northern environments because of having a greater property to absorb vitamin B-12 from the sun as the sun is not out as much in the northern latitudes where his vehicle is from.

That stimulated my memory of a time when Ti and Do made a little light chamber we were each given time to sit in for about 10 minutes a time or two a day. It consisted of a see through curtain hung above and around a stool that had a grow light shining down from. Thus we were a plant under the grow light. As with so  many little lesson steps they were given with an instruction to use them and then after a short time of days or a few weeks was made optional and then in this case after a few more weeks removed from our use altogether. But looking back it also reminded me how Ti and Do said that in the Next Level for some new members (not differentiating between what was eventually described as “domestic” – not yet adult members of the Next Level) they may have to sit under such a light periodically to restore their energy. And they also said that some may have vehicles that still need to consume a little something as well, saying it would probably be in the form of a pill, not eating food like humans do.

But with that in mind, comes the idea that lighter shades absorb and reflect varied parts of the light spectrum that are thought to have evolved from the location on the earth that population developed upon and mixed with who they bred with. Well, I’m certainly not an expert in any of this and as with so much of the human experience for every idea there are many associated ideas that can all potentially provide shades of the truth.  This post was mostly to provide hints pertaining to skin color origins that are not normally considered using the scriptural records and what Ti and Do said together with space alien observations that all seem to interplay.

For a little more on this:


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