Sawyers critique of interview with Heaven’s Gate Webmasters

January 8, 2017

The following is an article written from another interview with the Heaven’s Gate webmasters who I refer to by their original names, Mrc and Srf, (I sometimes refer to as M & S), from before they dropped out of Ti and Do’s “classroom”, with my (Sawyer’s) critique. The original link I found to this article came from:, but the entire text is linked to at:

That interview text follows with my (sawyer’s) comments:

Curious: An Interview with Living Representatives of Heaven’s Gate By Troy James Weaver (TJW)


TJW: I was twelve years old when thirty-nine people were found dead in an apparent mass suicide just outside of San Diego. It was March 26th, 1997. I watched it play out on the news through a screen with my dad halfway across the country. They were found on their backs in bunkbeds, with a purple cloth over them—a shroud. All wore identical black pants and Nike shoes. Thirty-nine men and women ranging from twenty-six and seventy-two years old consumed a mixture of phenobarbital, applesauce, and vodka. They then placed plastic bags over their heads to speed up the process.

Sawyers comment: The plastic bag was insurance that their physical bodies wouldn’t go into a comma as can sometimes happen from drug ingestion.

TJW: Heaven’s Gate, a Christian/sci-fi amalgam founded in the 1970’s by Bonnie Nettles (Ti) and Marshall Applewhite (Do) claimed, and still claim, via their website, that what happened was not suicide, just a process that had to be undertaken to catch a ride on a UFO that was trailing behind the comet Hale-Bopp. They also seemed paranoid about an ever encroaching government who would rather see the group dismantled and killed on their terms and without dignity, as they had witnessed through the sieges of Waco and Ruby Ridge. Any way you look at it, thirty-nine people were found dead of unnatural causes.

Sawyers comment:

-Do and Crew (how I refer to the 38 students who laid down their lives with and for Do), who were of One Mind with Him didn’t consider their human vehicles their LIFE, because like Jesus LIFE to them meant Membership in the Kingdom of Heaven (eternal Life), what Ti and Do called the physical Evolutionary (not Darwinian) Kingdom Level Above Human. In comparison to Jesus, had they not chose to lay down their human vehicle’s lives, when the handwriting was on the wall to do so at that time, which was come upon for the 24-28 elder students after 22+ years of consideration of the exit time and method, would have been as if Jesus deceided to not orchestrate his own capture knowing his human vehicle would be killed by the Jewish heirarchy, after he received instructions to do so when he was visited and spoken to by Two Beings (of a bright white light countenence (glory)) and an audio testimony, presumably from His the “Father”, on what was called the Transfiguration Mount, that John, James and Peter witnessed:

Luk 9:28 And it came to pass about an eight days after these sayings, he took Peter and John and James, and went up into a mountain to pray.
Luk 9:29 And as he prayed, the fashion of his countenance was altered, and his raiment was white and glistering.
Luk 9:30 And, behold, there talked with him two men, which were Moses and Elias:

Luk 9:31 Who appeared in glory, and spake of his decease which he should accomplish at Jerusalem.

Luk 9:35 And there came a voice out of the cloud, saying, This is my beloved Son: hear him.

Do said this was when Jesus had “changed over” his human vehicle, so that upon it’s death (the vehicle that is) his internal Soul body was “viable” (metamorphosed, Jesus described as Born Again of Spirit/Mind) to have the capacity to “heal himself” of the wounds his vehicle received at the Sanhedren and Roman hands.

Thus this is when Jesus officially came into LIFE (again, as he had come into LIFE before the world began) and at that stage was instructed by his Older Member (Father) to demonstrate that attributes of his new LIFE to his disciples by proving he was NOT a Spirit, was flesh and bone, could be touched and could eat and drink and yet could disappear before their eyes and could levitate above the sea and into the cloud covered physical spacecraft.

So this to Do and Crew, wasn’t any more a “suicide” as Jesus choice to allow his vehicle to be killed by another’s desire to kill him that he knew well of, was a type of “suicide”, remembering how Jesus said about this choice to lay down his body’s life:

Joh 10:18 No man taketh it from me, but I lay it down of myself. I have power to lay it down, and I have power to take it again. This commandment have I received of my Father.

Note Do and Crew’s documents in this regard:

Our Position Against Suicide:

Evolutionary “Rights” for “Victims”, By Stmody

A Matter of Life or Death? You Decide, By Wknody

-Their exit at that time and method was not to “catch a ride on a UFO,” though was a given as the transport but would be like saying one went to college for four years so they could ride the bus to the job they got after they graduated.

They said on the opening page of their web site: “Whether Hale-Bopp has a “companion” or not is irrelevant from our perspective,” yet is “clear to us that Hale-Bopp’s approach is the “marker” we’ve been waiting for — the time for the arrival of the spacecraft from the Level Above Human to take us home to “Their World” — in the literal Heavens.” It wasn’t just any comet as a marker (which by the way in prophecy is the same Greek word often translated to “Sign”). It came at a time when Ti and Do and later then Do and Crew had exhausted all other ways they thought their exit might occur. They even prepared to board a spacecraft with their physical bodies, the reason for packing a travel bag. They said they preferred not to exit that way but were willing to as they knew they were not those physical vehicles. They knew it was possible to be picked up. We talked about that from the start in 1977, how if the Next Level wanted to take us with our physical vehicles they would have some way of moving our Next Level Soul bodies out of the human vehicle and into the new physical vehicle, grown for each graduate, though that could only happen for each individual who had completed their “change over” that would make them “viable” in their new Next Level body, the “spirit/mind birth” Jesus spoke about, saying it needed to be accomplished through having a human physical vehicle to gain strength of mind by conquering, aka overcoming. When they saw Hale Bopp they knew it was the sign or “marker” they had been looking for since 1975.

-I don’t know what your basis is to say they were “paranoid about an ever encroaching government…”. They actually said that at one point they considered whether such a govt as seen with the Branch Davidians might be their exit ticket. They wanted to exit – there was no paranoia at all. However, an x-student named Michael in a documentary, who had turned against them, painted the picture that they were paranoid. Perhaps that’s where you got it from. But that was his spin on the truth that perhaps he never really grasped. For instance when you know there are investigators looking for you or your students, to try to pull them out of the group to try to deprogram them, is it paranoia to take precautions to not be trackable? I would say that’s logic, not paranioa. It is a fact that we learned of such investigations. We also knew that the FBI in 1976 sought to question Ti and Do regarding cattle mutilations, thinking that this UFO Cult, as the media called us then, may be behind them. That couldn’t have been further from the truth. Two FBI agents had come to a meeting Ti and Do were speaking at and asked a follower who traveled with them, to speak to them. Ti and Do didn’t want to talk to them so they left the meeting hall out a back door.  This was after the news had broke nationally that called them charlatans and many parents and family members of students were upset as their adult loved one’s choices. In 1985 when most all students visited with their human family over a weekend, one of the students, whose brother was a police officer said he hired a private eye to find his sister. He reported to her when she visited that the private eye had been in Dallas, Texas at a residence where we were living just days after we left that residence. There was also a network of parents looking for us, which was part of the reason Ti and Do had us make visits – “to calm their anxiety” since most of us had not had any contact for nearly 10 years, besides initial letters we were encouraged to send when we joined in 1975.

After the FBI and ATF attacks on the Waco, Texas Branch Davidians, Do did talk about the possability that they might exit under similar circumstances and even that we might consider provoking that response by having a weapon. Do’s saying that did put me and I’m sure others to the test but I left several years after that and when they were building what they called their “fortress” out of old tires packed with mud, they also wondered whether they would exit like the Banch Davidians did, but I am sure would not have shot at anyone with live ammunition. I could imagine they might shoot a gun off, as into the air or into the dirt. Do did end up buying a rifle or two and Strody did some target shooting while they were building the fortress near Manzano, New Mexico. They even made a point to leave the rifle in storage that they knew might be found by the human authorities and that was certainly not an oversight, knowing how thoroughly Do was about every detail of their exit, even though he may not have received a clear signal from Ti (who was outside her human vehicle by then and was monitoring the progress and his questions from a spacecraft) on what to do with the rifle, which then the rule Ti and Do often used was “if in doubt, don’t”. In other words, Do may not have received instruction on what to do with the rifle so he chose to do nothing with it. He certainly could have sold it or thrown it away so it wouldn’t be found by the human authorities.
*** end of Sawyer’s reply ***

The Tuesday before Thanksgiving Day, a friend of mine posted on Facebook: “The website for Heaven’s Gate is still operational. Food for thought.” And it got me thinking: Why not contact them myself? So I spent the next few days exchanging emails with the two ex-members who have maintained since the Away Team took flight in 1997. My goal, mainly, was to ask questions I have been curious about since I was twelve, and also give them a platform to explain some of the more pressing issues people seem to have with the group.

This correspondence appears here with their permission, after quite a bit of discussion over the questions I had asked and how they would be presented.

TJW: Who are you? Why is this website still up? We were in the Group for 12 years and they asked us to keep the site up. What prompted you to ask this?

TJW: I’m just curious. Do you still believe? Tell me about yourself. Yes, we still have the same understanding as we did when we joined.

Do you mean you woke up this morning and decided to surf the net to a website you have never been to before?  Nothing on the internet brought you to this site?

Sawyer’s comment: I know this is rather picky perhaps, but language is telling often times. For instance if you asked me if I believed in Ti and Do I would have said, “yes”. I don’t say this in a box… there have been a number of things Mrc (and Srf) have said that shows they don’t believe in certain things Ti and Do taught anymore, (if they ever did), thus saying they still have the same understanding about the group can be a way of distancing themselves from what they don’t really believe. Like I said, I’m not saying this without proof. For instance in several other interviews they gave to and, in the email interviews they were quoted to say there was “no heaven and no hell”.  So what is “Heaven’s Gate” then? What did Ti and Do teach about what is Heaven and what is Hell. They clearly said that Heaven referred to the Kingdom in the literal Heavens where Members of the kingdom of God – the Evolutionary Kingdom Level Above Human have their dwelling places, like Jesus referred to as their being “many mansions” also translated to “many dwellings”, in spacecrafts some as large as a planet.

In the article it reports Mrc and Srf’s response to the known tension between other ex-members and in specific regarding Sawyer they said, ” There is one other person who was in the group who writes a blog but the group did not give him any instructions when they left and he hasn’t been in the loop of what is currently going on with their information. Simply said, he is doing his own thing.”

My response to that was to show how Do and Crew opened the task of dissemination of their information to “anyone”. Here is the evidence of that which comes from the letters sent to Mrc and Srf that they gave to Rkkody because they didn’t want the task of retrieving the contents of the storage rooms as they I believe feared the authorities and in one letter Do even suggested if they didn’t want to go to storage to have Rkkody and Oscody do it, which is what happened. However later after some of the dust settled in the media, M & S wanted the tapes back. By then Rkkody knowing that M & S were flip flopping, copied about 218 tapes and then, I presume knowing the content of the letters showing the intention for M & S to have the task of overseeing the dissemination of the materials and funds from the sale of items in storage to “anyone” who wanted to help with the task, gave the all 484 or so master tapes to M & S, though made digital copies he began to disseminate to libraries, etc. and when M & S found out about it demanded he not disseminate them and even brought a lawsuit or at least threatened a lawsuit against Rkkody and then after Rkkody left his vehicle against Rkkody’s daughter who Rkkody left some materials with. I know about a lot of this because I was on the phone with both Mrc and Rkk individually and Rkk’s daughter over this issue, but really was not of a mind to know what Ti and Do would have happen as at that point I didn’t know about the letters and had no inclination to disseminate the information. Anyway that’s that background in a nutshell. Here is some of the detail I reported in my replies to the article:

The webmasters who I refer to as M and S, are wrong about who received instructions when they left, though I know it requires looking at all Do and crew said to M & S AND in their general and specific teachings of how to align with them, in this case “after” their exit. In the letters that M & S received, which I have there was a statement that was talking about the money they left behind, or that came from the sale of certain items and how they hoped it would be split up between “anyone who wants to participate in this project” (of disseminating their information and giving people who want to know the ability to know more about them – in depth, which was the reason they left the 484 or so audio tapes behind. Here are two actual quotes from one of the 5 letters sent to M & S in their FedX packet:

-“We put into storage items that we would prefer the authorities not have access to. You can do with those items whatever feels right to you. The only exception to this is some exercise equipment which belongs to our landlord, Sam, and we suspect he will want at some point.”

Still talking about the content of the storage that included a truck they suggested be used to load up the contents of one of the storage rooms:

-“Pursers have included an additional document as part of this packet that further covers the disposition of our cars and this truck. So we ask that you refer to that document for details. It is out desire that any items of value that are retrievable by you be divided among those who feel inclined to disseminate our information.  Any of the funds you retrieve can be used towards that end and for the living expenses of those involving themselves in this project.”

The items of value that are retrievable is referring to the content of the storage room that included stacked up in the very front of the storage room the cases of about 484 audio tapes. To not consider them the most valuble items in storage is blatently ignoring what was important to Ti and Do and crew but that is a choice to recognize but there are a number of other things said in these letters to give that impression.

However, one might wonder, why Do and Crew went to such a meticulous effort to cover their bases with providing their information to multiple former classmembers, backup webmasters and providers (Rkkody and Romania and an Atlanta couple) and sent the Beyond Human master video tapes to Jhnody in Venezuala (not to M & S) and sent Rkkody master exit video’s and CNN exit videos and other master materials to Rio and Flxody/Ablody but didn’t treat the 484 audio tapes with that same kind of planning.

From a human perspective it doesn’t make any sense or looks like an oversight. They could have easily bundled them up to spread them out among these believers who had dropped out of the class for their own reasons. Actually I was still in the class when we began transcribing these audio tapes but that effort was put on a back burner by 1994. The non-human explanation that I believe to be the most likley reason(s) for the way Do and Crew handled those tapes, was that this was the instruction Do got from Ti (who was outside her vehicle by then). The way he received instructions was often by asking specific questions and then seeing what ideas he got after that. I witnessed a great deal of how this worked. I never heard Do say Ti visited him in a physical way after her exit of her vehicle. (though Rio reported in his book that when they were in the Tucson, AZ area (around 1996 I think it was), 6 members of the class had an experience one night (3 in a dream, one of which was Rio and 3 reported the same thing but not in a dream) where they were visited by what Rio described as “six year old, hairless, little boys. Glowing like white phosphorescence with a blue tint and wore one piece, form fitting outfits, like Olympic speed skaters.”

However, when idea’s came they were like if someone told you something your mother or father or someone close to you had said, you knowing them might have a sense of whether or not that was something they would have said. I know this because while in the class, Do told the student body they could talk directly to Ti. (Ti had instructed us while incarnate to direct our committment to Do, though while incarnate when we had questions we treated them as a team). And he said with that we could report to him if we feel we get a response. I did talk to Ti and asked her a question and heard in my head a subtle idea/voice with a specific answer. I don’t actually remember what I asked and what the response was, but I reported it to Do and Do said to me, “sounds like something Ti might say”. Recognizing their Mind, though we shouldn’t get overconfident in non-physical forms of communication, like in Dreams, for instance is part of bonding with them and is as much a bond, even moreso potentially as between any humans who grow to know others and how they think/feel about things.

So, sometimes it’s that simple but the ramifications are enormous as in this case, Do not spelling out exactly what was to be done with the tapes ended up setting up a huge test criteria for all who came after, by informing what their intention was and then allowing the recipients, in this case M & S to choose to abide by their intention and to what degree or not.

Therefore my point is that there is a huge amount of evidence that ANYONE WHO WANTED TO PARTICIPATE IN THE PROJECT OF DISSEMINATING THEIR INFORMATION WAS CONSIDERED TO BE EQUAL TO ANY OTHERS REGARDLESS OF WHO RECEIVED WHAT INSTRUCTIONS. We all dropped out because of our own weaknesses to overcome aspects of our humanness, but if we choose to still make application to be in Ti and Do’s service the opportunity is still available by our asking and showing by our actions.

In regard to the second part of M & S’s statement about me: “and he hasn’t been in the loop of what is currently going on with their information”.

What loop is that exactly? If they determine they are the sole guardians of the information, they are being deceitful as even in these few quotes I provided from the letters it’s clear they wanted ANYONE who desired to help with the project to receive help in funds, automobile etc. How does that mean one has to be in M & S’s loop on what’s going on with Ti and Do and Crews Information?

In the human way of looking at it all it makes perfect sense. To be in their loop would be to work with and for M & S in the ways they have organized that was given to them as a task to get started on but since have tried to take over all dissemination and even surpress dissemination by going after anyone who distributed information on their own as there is a great deal of evidence of. Remember, Do and Crew didn’t actually give them the masters of the Beyond Human video tapes and gave no instructions to have them copyrighted but they it seems convinced Jhnody to give them those masters that they have since copyrighted I believe. So they have been hard at trying to be the holders of all the information which by the way is the same way the Vatican Holy See in all it’s corruption did the same with the manuscripts of writings about Jesus and the Dead Sea scrolls, etc. limiting access to their inner circle and deciding which materials could be seen by the public.

M & S for years would not even provide myself and Crlody with the audio tapes. However, Rkkody did send me a cd with about half of the tapes he digitized and Carlan posted them on a sharing site and we both send them to anyone who wants them for free while M & S have finally put them up for sale on

They are the webmasters and they got the instructions to make some choices but in Do’s mind like I’ve proven by the letter segments above, it’s up to each individual who is “in the loop” and has nothing at all to do with adhering to what M & S say and do. They are not Older Members from the Next Level with that authority. In the human world they have some authority for the time being.

But I do agree with M & S’s statement that sawyer is “doing his own thing”, at least from their perspective but what they don’t know is how much of “that own thing” is something Ti and Do approve of or even have tasked me to do, because if one believes in Ti and Do and who they were/are – the return of the Father and the one who was incarnate in the vehicle named, “Jesus”, with the hundreds of scriptural evidence of that, that I have ammassed, then their “project” is not at all done though it will quickly be done, but when it’s done we won’t be able to talk about it anymore in this way so there won’t be much question that it’s done. I can espound on that a great deal if anyone wants me to.

By the way, the gate is Do and Do did not close the gate. He said it would be open for a short time but remember to the Next Level 1000 years in human time is like 1 day so a short time is relative to what Ti and Do determine in the timing of when the gate is closed.
*** end of sawyer’s gizmode article comment ***

TJW: Nothing brought me to the site other than curiosity. I’ve seen videos on Youtube I thought were interesting. Is there any kind of plan for a future comet? There will be no comet coming for anyone. As they said, that comet was just a marker. That’s all. The Next Level does not time its activities to space debris. Whatever happens to humans in the upcoming recycling is for them to experience. Almost all of them would never qualify to go to the Next Level anyway.

Sawyer’s Comment: Their response is pure misinformation. They are making up their own story. Here’s why. Mrc (and presumably Srf) don’t have the authority to know whether the Next Level will use a comet or an object in it’s tail to harvest the remaining souls on the planet that they want to salvage. Yes, Do said Hale Bopp was a Marker but they also said if Hale Bopp was bringing the recycling the Next Level might send shuttle crafts ahead of the recycling affects from Hale Bopp, to pick up Souls who the Next Level chose to salvage. (See Investments, By Anlody at: ).

When this was written on Feb 15, 1997 they weren’t sure how that would all happen, although on September 29, 1996 Do made the video, “Last Chance to Evacuate Earth Before Recycling” where he speaks of three types or kinds or groups of individuals who can be saved from the recycling. The third group haven’t even heard of Ti and Do. The only ones that left by exiting their vehicles in March of 1997 were belonging to the first group, so it’s safe to assume the second group are yet to be salvaged as well as the third group, which must take place after the first ones exited by March 23, 1997. Since Hale Bopp came and didn’t stimulate recyling and since there are these two other groups to be saved, who is to say there won’t be another comet Marker/Sign with another companion object. For reference see: Last Chance to Evacuate Earth Before It’s Recycled, By Do – Sept 29, 1996 )

There is a distortion underway to program people to think they can treat Ti and Do’s teachings as a new religion to study and perhaps be ready to graduate at a future time. Mrc/Srf even suggest they have it made when no one left behind has it made and anyone who does want to go with Them, needs to show them by beginning to separate from their human attachments that includes separating from human behaviors and ways or at the least believe in everything Ti and Do said and that they are from the Kingdom that created all the planets and all the life forms and to be willing to “stand for Ti and Do” and accept the consequences from doing so, until they themselves exit by whatever means. (That aspect of showing teh Next Level we want to be in their service is spoken of in: written by Jwnody.

-Mrc and Srf also have no basis to call a comet “space debris” as if the Next Level is a willy nilly organization and a comet is like the way outdated description of being a dirty snowball. That idea is like thinking the earth is flat, given the spacecraft Rosetta that landed on a comet and Hubble has taken some great shots of Halley’s comet and the 2013 Pan Starrs comet also had something (a black dot) in it’s coma – traveling barely ahead of the comet and with the shooting of comet Tempel1 by the Deep Impact spacecraft. These comets all kind of look like a “rubber duck” shape and have jets at their top (head) and bottom that look like rocket engine exhausts.

Plus if the Next Level wants to use another object from space as a Mark/Sign or Timer, as they said the Hale Bopp comet was, why not do it again if it suits the Next Level’s needs, as the planet is not recycled yet so there is still more to do on it, which can be understood better by understanding all of Jesus prophecy and the Book of Revelations, prophecies that Ti and Do wrote about, in what became the book, “UFO Missionaries Extraordinary” by Hayden Hewes and Brad Steiger as, “The seventh closeness, which is immediately upon us in the sense that those who are in the middle of their normal life span will easily live to see it’s completion, will include such events as what the Christian church refers to as the second coming, the “rapture,” and the completion of the final prophecies in John’s Book of Revelation.”

There is a great deal to say about this as the “Seventh Closeness” is building as we speak as Ti and Do said they were the “6th closeness” in this same document. I believe that Seventh Closeness is equal to what in Revelations is described as the Seventh Trumpet that is when information relative to the history of the fulfillment of all prophecies are to be revealed. Ti and Do’s task didn’t include much detail about that. I believe I am serving Ti and Do in some capacity of bringing this part of the truth to light, documenting how Ti and Do were the return of the Ones who were called the Father and Jesus 2000 years ago but it’s Do who came public as the return of the same Older Member Soul from the Next Level in 1992-3, first in the Beyond Human Video Tape Series and then in the document posted on to many usenet groups on the web entitled, ‘Undercover “Jesus” Surfaces Before Departure’ in 1995, though Do did no further public meetings. His students aka the Saints held the meetings of which I was an “overseer” of one such group, traveling all over the U.S. and Canada for about 9 months in 1994 before I left them – another story to tell to be found on my blog. Note Jesus is in quote marks to show a special meaning to it’s usage. It was never the plan for the same physical body that was Jesus to return. In 1975 Ti and Do said they were “from the same family as Jesus was from”. They said “Jesus” was the name of the physical vehicle an Older Member of the Next Level prepared and took over to perform their task through. Jesus said he as the “son of man” would be returning with his Kingdom and even with his Father. (Joh 14:22-23). Jesus said they would both have new names and he would identify the Father to his students who would also come in the flesh again, (Rev 3:12, Rev 14:1).

Who qualifys to be “saved”, what Do called being “put on ice” (not literally) before the recycling is not for these two webmasters to say. If one believes Ti and Do there are more than the 38 Souls “raptured” as they were and that Jesus indicated in the Revelations would be 144,000 which may be broken out as 144 and a myriad of thousands of Souls who are advanced in their indvidual “grade in school” that includes being salvaged from the recycling. I have had contact in dreams with Ti and with Do and with a number of the Elder Students who I know well and there is still a new type of classroom in session that has no group or leader, but is simply for each person to deceide to serve the Next Level or not, so the Next Level can sort their Soul into it’s safe station before the final spading of the human kingdom on earth.

TJW: What is the Next Level? What are the qualifications to get there? Do you have literature beyond the website? The simple understanding is that there is a real, physical level above the human one here on earth.  It is not a spiritual existence. It is real individuals, in real bodies, in real crafts taking care of the issues of their planet. The Next Level, as it is called, created this planet and all the life on it. The Next Level are the care takers of not only this planet but all the systems of the universe. From that, all the other understandings follow. They periodically come down to this planet to check in on this civilizations development. The last time they took a very close up observation, in human form, was from about 1972 to 1997. The time before that was 2000 years ago. At those times they talk to those interested about the opportunity of the Next Level and how a very select few can enter into it only after a long period of transition and instruction.

There is the book for $24.95 plus shipping. There are also two free VHS tapes. Shipping to those is $3.00.

Sawyers Comment:

They didn’t answer the key question of the qualifications to get there? For that I will post a segment of a document Jwnody wrote entitled, “Away Team From Deep Space Surfaces Before Departure”. Jwnody served Do as a primary writer and publicist for the group as can be seen in their book that is also posted on the Web Site. Here is the segment that should in part answer your question.

“The formula is the same now as it always has been.To begin a metamorphosis in order to be born into the Next World, you must abandon everything of this world (just as the caterpillar about to become a butterfly must do).You must separate and begin to wean yourself of all mammalian ways – ties and addictions – replacing them with the ways and behavior of a more advanced and refined level of life.You cannot do it by yourself.You must seek, to the best of your ability, the guidance of a Representative who is a member of that kingdom, who has been through the metamorphic process at a previous time, and who has been sent with the specific task of midwifing newborns.Or, at very least, you attempt to connect with an active “student” of a present Representative.This is an extremely rare opportunity, as we approach the End of the Age.There is a tiny remnant left of a window for catching the eye of the “caretakers of this world.”In order to get saved for further planting, the overriding requirement is to recognize that this is true (these are the facts).You must believe that we represent the Kingdom that created this planet and all of its inhabitants.And you must be willing to take a stand in defense of that belief, and sustain that stand until the end – your departure – regardless of the consequences.

The climax of this civilization has begun as the hour of its recycling looms near.A war in the literal heavens is underway as the alien races battle for the spoils of this planet.Their campaign is escalating.They are actively engaged in recruiting, experimenting, and mining elements both mineral and biological (genetic) – in their efforts toward survival.They know their time is short.The Physical Evolutionary Level Above Human is about to surface from their undercover, behind-the-scenes involvements, ready to make their counter.There is not, and never has been, any contest.The only question that remains unanswered is how long the Next Level will permit the alien forces to present their agenda – how long is long enough for all souls to pledge their allegiance for or against – to one side or the other.Every soul must be put to the final test.And as we warned you at the outset, consider your options thoroughly. Hasty judgments are ill-advised.”
*** end of segment ***

This was worded very carefully and precisely. Every word counts to the understanding and it lines up exactly with what Do described as “3 types, groups or kinds” of people that would “go with him” when he leaves and includes not having one’s soul or spirit recycled. Whether or not some go to the Next Level with their “changed over” physical bodies is up to the Next Level, which is a big part of why the 39 were prepared to go on a trip, having packed a bag and having passports in case the Next Level wanted to use their human vehicles to do a task someplace else on the planet. The Next Level technicians could have easily healed their bodies from the drugs they ingested, which was also the reason for the abduction insurance they took out with Lloyds of London that they looked at humorously. I have alot more to say about this in the next few exchanges you recorded.

The entire document can be found posted:

Their book still can be downloaded freely in text format on the heaven’s gate web site and the books contents can also be found posted on my blog but I don’t have a way to download it all in one swoop yet.

These webmaters do have info beyond the website. There are a total of 484 audio tapes that are of internal private meetings they gave.

TJW: Thanks. What profession are you in? Just in regular retail sales.

TJW: Cool. I’m in wholesale. Can you explain the evacuation of the body? I’m interested in that. Also, are you a human or just inhabiting a human body? We don’t understand what you mean by evacuation of the body. We are regular humans. Only Ti and Do were Next Level Members who occupied a human body.

Sawyers comment:

I don’t understand why they didn’t know what you meant by “evacuation of the body”. It’s brought up by Do and Crew many times. For instance in the document on the web site entitled, ‘Evolutionary “Rights” for “Victims”‘ written with Do’s approval By Stmody, he says:

“My understanding is that the soul is actually freed from the discomfort of an old “suit of clothes” when the vehicle is dropped. It doesn’t make any sense to me that the driver “dies” when his “car” (body) stops running.”  To me, the body is just a “leaf” of the “tree,” and the genetic strain (family tree) doesn’t end when the leaf’s function becomes impaired.  When it is becoming a burden on me and others, and whenever my choices are so restricted that growth is impossible, or ridiculously difficult, it is part of the design to evacuate it like a tree sheds a leaf.”

They may have never read this document or the others that use the term “evacuate”. They seldom if ever quote what Ti and Do and Crew said in the info they left behind, yet they are looked to by the public as the authorities on the subject as one would understandibly conclude if they are true “reps at heavens gate”. And of course in the video tape Do made that he titled, “Last Chance to Evacuate Earth Before It’s Recycled”.

Then where these two said, “Only Ti and Do were Next Level Members who occupied a human body” is just not accurate either. They were the only Older Members from the Next Level, but these webmasters were present in the classroon when Ti was still in her vehicle when Ti and Do realized that there were a number with them on a spacecraft before they came to earth to incarnate that had physical bodies. Those would not be human physical bodies which means they were Next Level grown physical bodies and some of them were shown to be in the UFO crashes (though the space aliens seemed to also stage crashes to create confusion about the Next Level). That “briefing” is discussed first in a meeting that may be on this audio tape shown near the end in this description of what’s on this audio tape stated as “Our Briefing”:

(cont. from 189) Thought chains. Higher levels responsible for lower levels. Negative suffering. Human infants, water wombs. Spoiled society. Tamer humans. Yuppies. Tired of street gangs. Pulling. Thinking deeper. Urgency. Pleasing the one who gave me the task. Pulling in maturity. Tool package. Water womb, advanced learning. Lab programming. Breeding humans. Justification & karma, NL making things right. Ti’s tree. “Starman” Our briefing. Primary control. Higher thoughts. 85 min.

However, Lvvody in the document she wrote entitled, “Ingredients of a Deposit — Becoming a New Creature” that is in their Book and on the website says…

“If  “I” – the identity – am the soul – containing Next Level mind, then this borrowed human body I am wearing is not me.  It was “tagged” with a deposit by Members of the Next Level and set aside for my use for this task, and “I” probably had a very off-and-on relationship with the body, according to the instructions given to me and my invisible Next Level helpers – at a briefing aboard a spacecraft prior to coming into this atmosphere.  Most of the soul (containing Next Level mind), was outside the vehicle, and the deposit wasn’t really activated until the time-capsule program was set in motion – to make contact with the two incarnate Representatives from the Kingdom of Heaven, Ti and Do.”

So she is saying she was abord a spacecraft before coming into this atmosphere, speaking of her Soul at that time. Plus we know that Do came to understand that to arrive some intentionally crashed spacecrafts in the southwest during the 1940’s and 1950’s as shown in the document, “UNDERCOVER “JESUS” SURFACES BEFORE DEPARTURE”:

‘C. It appears that even the staging of some of the crashed spacecrafts (which we suspect some of us arrived in) was in order to help the skeptics realize that they have “visitors from another world.”‘

I recall in the meeting about the Briefing Ti “remembered” that some had physical bodies and there were a number without physical bodies and all were coming to earth to perform their task that included experiencing whatever of their humanness they still needed to overcome to become adult Next Level members.

TJW: What are your thoughts on gender? Why do you keep referring to yourself as we? My task partner and I are here in Arizona answering questions. We recognize the male and female gender on earth but it doesn’t matter to the Next Level and is gone when you enter it.

Sawyer’s response:

I don’t think it’s the most accurate way of answering that question about gender. I would say it does “matter to the Next Level” in regard to humans. They designed the plant and animal kingdom to have male and female characteristics for a reason and also enabled the possability for some of those mammals to advance beyond gender or to reverse metamorphose into gender roles. I agree that to enter the Next Level as an adult member one must overcome all gender identification while in a vehicle that has gender characteristics as that builds one’s Soul with the programming that would be make them “viable” in a Next Level “made (grown)” vehicle that has no gender. If a Soul still had a lingering gender identity, I suppose to some significant degree the Next Level would judge, they would in a sense “abort” the new vehicle they were to be moved into. That’s how Ti and Do spoke about other human characteristics that were yet to be overcome that were non-existant in the Next Level. So the work overcoming humanness needs to be done sufficiently before being rewarded with a Next Level made vehicle.

I recall Do once talking about those who had become homosexual inclinded as having overcome “gender consciousness” but still had sexual consciousness to overcome.

Here is what Do and Crew had to say about gender:

Snnody wrote in the document Do included in their Purple Book entitled, Deposits”:

“Thus, the purpose of this creation is to produce new members for the Level Above Human.  Though members of that Level have physical bodies, the bodies have no gender.  (Replication based on gender was designed for the plant and animal kingdoms.)  New members of the Kingdom of Heaven are born through a metamorphic process which begins when the Level Above Human, or Next Level, “plants seeds,” – places deposits or “chips” of Next Level mind (mind that comes from the Creator, the Chief of Chiefs, or Most High God – the term you use is not important) into human “plants” during times when they relate very closely to the garden-planet, and during “follow-up” visits that occur at roughly 2000-year intervals after the initial planting.  A deposit is potentially the gift of life for it contains the programming necessary to begin the metamorphic process which can lead to entry into the real Evolutionary Level Above Human, where there is no death.”

Here’s what Do says about Ti, his partner who he learned was his Older Member (Heavenly Father), not because “she” told him so, in the Video Beyond Human – The Last Call – Session 2:

“My partner has left her physical body.  It feels so funny for me to say “her” when I speak of Ti, even though she was in a body that had been a female.  I say “had been” because she had certainly overcome any gender consciousness before going back to our Father’s Kingdom.”

In Session 6 and Session 8 Do talks about the many things he and Ti had instructions to give to the class to reduce their gender and sensual consciousness. For instance, not wearing tight clothing, no skirts, long sleeve shirts, shirts with two pockets whenever possible so a females shape isn’t excentuated, buttoning up the top button on shirts so one’s neck isn’t exposed, not wearing shorts, wearing underwear on top and bottom, loose fitting pants, nothing tucked in that excentuates showing of the waist, short hair off the neck, easy to care for, no jewelry or makeup. If we went swimming, which we did on occasion, we did so wearing a long sleeve and long legged outfit of some sort. Do talked about how in the records, Jesus said there was no marrying in the Kingdom of Heaven. In the gospel of Thomas it talks about no male nor female – that students will make the male female and the female male, in a sense becoming both and niether. All this was part of overcoming humanness. He talked about how mammalian reproduction was designed for the animal evolutionary kingdom – never intended for the human kingdom but because a test circumstance was set up and the test was failed the result was a reverse metamorphosis that included becoming reproductive like animals.

In the USA Today Info Ad Do and Crew published on May 27, 1993, that Do wrote, he said, ‘A “student” or prospective “child” of a member of the true Kingdom of God can, with the help of an Older Member, overcome or rise out of all human mammalian behavior  – sexuality and gender consciousness – and all other addictions and ties of the human kingdom.  He must complete this change to the point of abhorring human behavior before his soul can become a “match” with a biological body of the true Kingdom of God for that new body is genderless and incapable of functioning at a human level.’

Later in that same document, Do wrote, “The reason the term “TRUE” Kingdom of God is used repeatedly is because there are many space alien races that through the centuries of this civilization (and in civilizations prior) have represented themselves to humans as “Gods.” We refer to them collectively as “Luciferians,” for their ancestors fell away from the keeping of the true Kingdom of God many thousands of years ago.  They are not genderless they still need to reproduce.  They are nothing more than technically advanced humans who have retained some of what they learned while in the early training of members of the true Kingdom of God, e.g., limited space-time travel, telepathic communication, advanced travel hardware (spacecrafts, etc.), increased longevity, advanced genetic engineering, and such things as suspended holograms (as used in some religious “miracles”).”

TJW: Do you have many people within your organization? What are your thoughts on suicide? I read about it on the website, but feel like it isn’t very clear. The Group ended in 1997. There is no organization or members. No one should commit suicide.

TJW: So why maintain the website? Obviously if you still believe it, you are a proponent/member of something, right? The reason I ask about suicide, is because if Do and Ti were the only Next Level Members, what does that say about the others who took their own lives? They were human, correct? Not inhabiting a human body, but human? I’m confused by this and what I’ve read. I’m just trying to understand more clearly. Also, what is a task partner? The website is to provide information for their future return. We are designated to maintain and care for it.

Humans are not to commit suicide. Those 38, and those 38 only, we allowed to shed their human body, take on space-capable, Next Level bodies and depart this planet. No human can do that or would be allowed to do that. We know you are confused about this but those individuals did not commit suicide. They broke the bond of human connection and quickly switched to a Next Level one.

TJW: [Ed. note: Reports showed that there were 39 bodies, suggesting that Heaven’s Gate does not include Marshall Applewhite a human.]

TJW: I think I get it. You have to reach a certain level (Next Level) to shed your human body. Can humans (obviously they can) reach Next Level? Also, do you think gender here on earth can be fluid? Humans have to go through a lengthy classroom setup, under the guidance of Next Level teachers, to even have a chance of conversion. No human relationship, not habits, no drugs, no sex or even thoughts of it and not human hang-ups of any kind. All family and social relationships are cut.

Human gender issues can vary but it is of no consequence in this issue since you walk out of all of it.

Sawyer’s comment: First off, though it was clear from what Do said in several documents and that Stmody and others wrote that went into the Purple Book the group had published that “suicide” to escape human lessons was not what they were doing by laying down their human vehicles. They were not those vehicle. Many humans are their vehicles though a certain amount have received “deposits” so are potentially able to still be born into their next grade in the Next Levels school on earth. One needs to study all they said to get the whole picture. I suggest starting with a document I wrote that highlights a few of the main things Do and Crew said on the subject of suicide and who could still be “saved” from the recycling as it’s not over yet:

But this is another example where M and S are spreading misinformation. It needs to be explained the way Do and Crew explained it as they did not close the “gate” on that option, so it’s not closed. When they said, “During a brief window of time, some may wish to follow us.”, it was left an open ended time frame for a reason. If one is familiar with many other references to time, they will see that Ti and Do and Crew thought in terms of the 1 day Next Level Time equallying about 1000 years in human earth time, thus 1 hour is like 40 years. And note they suggest to specifically call out to the names Ti and Do if someone feels so inclined to follow them in that way. They didn’t say what Ti and Do’s response would be to someone trying to connect with them with that intention. Of course not believing Ti and Do were who they said they were and I believe demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt they were/are, will never seem to justify someone laying down their physical human vehicle’s life and that’s part of what makes having any faith in them even impossible for those without their mind active in their vehicle to conceive of doing anything in their regard and service absurd or cultish or dangerous to society, etc.

Ti and Do were also in favour of euthenasia. If someone’s vehicle was so wrought with pain that they had no quality of life, had to be on huge dosages of medications with all sorts of ugly side effects just to remain breathing, then they thought it was in their right to want to die. But the Next Level doesn’t need human vehicles anyway, though they are used in this current civilizations to grow stronger Next Level Minds by overcoming their behaviors and ways. What the Next Level values and will put in safe keeping if they deem an individual having tried their best with what they had, is the Soul that started as a seed in that vehicle. They may have use to save Spirits of human vehicles as well. I don’t know for sure.

Now I have talked a few out of committing suicide because of things they said about why. They acted as if that was a solution to their problems. They wanted an escape and that’s understandible and even applaudble as they may be moving closer to the Next Level because of their hatred of living in this world. But what if someone came up to them and offerred them a million dollars. Would they still want to kill their own vehicle? Some have said, then they can reincarate again to have a better life which is far afield from what would likley happen as not having a easy life is actually more of a symptom of a Mind dissatisfied with the human condition so is growing nearer to Next Level memberhips, if they continue to seek the Mind of Ti and Do to know what’s next for them. I suggested to them to ask Ti and Do what they would have them do. I suggested if in doubt “don’t” another Ti and Do saying. I suggested looking at what tasks Do and Crew left for those that wanted to remain in their service that included disseminating Ti and Do’s information, “standing for them” and maintaining that stand until their departure, their exit of their vehicle, not saying how that might occur.

Prophecy includes quite the perspective of this and shows that many will be coming into belief in Ti and Do and will give their life in their service in this way of “standing for them”:

Rev 6:9 And when he had opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the word of God, and for the testimony which they held:
Rev 6:10 And they cried with a loud voice, saying, How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth?
Rev 6:11 And white robes were given unto every one of them; and it was said unto them, that they should rest yet for a little season, until their fellowservants also and their brethren, that should be killed as they were, should be fulfilled.

There are a number of cross references to this and even Do and Crews exit by their own hand was spelled out in:

Rev 11:7 And when they shall have finished their testimony, the beast that ascendeth out of the bottomless pit shall make war against them, and shall overcome them, and kill them.

“Kill them” was from the Greek, “apokteino auto” which properly translated meant “seperate by dying (in any way) themselves” and with that perspective the other verses in Rev 11 follow suite as the translators having not known what would happen followed what was most logical, and I believe that also became a strategy the Next Level used to thwart the Luciferian’s attempts to distorte the truth further than they already had.

Ti and Do were the only present Older Members from the Next Level, but they were not the only Souls who came from the Next Level. Ti and Do explained that there were a number who came with them who had Next Level vehicles of some model (I suspect student model vehicles). And they said there were also a larger number who came with them who did not have physical Next Level vehicles. Ti described all this in what He (she) remembered as a “briefing” before them came. I have correlated that briefing to Revelations chapter 4, which I explain in great detail in my book to be on the shelves this month of January of 2017.

In Beyond Human session 1 and 2 Do gives indications of those who were with him, having come from the Next Level to do this task. In fact we had some affirmations that indicated “we” came from the Next Level to do a task, affirmations that Ti gave us before she exited, though some could have been those who had physical Next Level (student model) vehicles and some could have been among those who did not have Next Level vehicles.

This verse indicates some in that briefing had “crowns of god” and were “clothed in white raiment”. Clothing is the way the Next Level talks about a physical vehicle they “put on”. Do indicated he put his in a “closet” before he came. A crown of Gold indicates they were made “kings” which means they were awarded with Next Level vehicles of some stature, like I said student models that still had the capacity to reverse metamorphosis into human behaviors, I would guess sort of what Adam may have been given is my educated guess:

Rev 4:4 And round about the throne were four and twenty seats: and upon the seats I saw four and twenty elders sitting, clothed in white raiment; and they had on their heads crowns of gold.

There were 24 who remained in 1993 before some were allowed to return to the classroom when they saw the Beyond Human tapes broadcast.

There is a great deal more I can say about this and reference to things Do and Crew wrote and said and did and what’s in the records.

TJW: Have you had any contact with Do or Ti since the shedding of their human bodies? No.

Sawyers reply: Even though I’m faulted by both M & S for saying this and by Carlan who was Crlody, I feel I have had many contacts with Do and some with Ti and some with Jwnody, Lggody, Jnnody, Lvvody, Srrody, Smmody, possibly Tllody, Nrrody and Dstody in dreams that started around the time of the 9/11 attacks and continued to about a year ago for the last one. (I have also had dreams I believe were made to look like them but were nothing alike really). Each dream had a purpose and some were in answers to direct questions and some were correcting me and some were informing me that I was being given a task to perform. (I didn’t leave to perform this task. I left because I flunked a test that was given to me, but the Next Level didn’t give up on me and I showed I still believed in them although I lost a big chunk of the Mind they had given me and still have not regained the ground I once had). Anyone who wants to have a relationship with Ti and Do, need only genuinely ask them for it and they will be helped to develop it. Some new believers have said they had a dream or two of Do and when they told me of it’s content, I could see it. It will have nothing human in it and doesn’t give anyone instructions to do or say anything nor any indications of harming their own vehicle or anyone elses and if one doesn’t have such a dream isn’t an indication that one is lessor in any way. It’s just the way the Next Level chooses to help each of us. Some who have dreams like me may have needed those dreams to reawaken more. One dream told me that I was barely awake and that can still be lost if I don’t move ahead with seeking further service and strength to perform that service.

TJW: Are you Rio? [NOTE: Rio was the member of Heaven’s Gate who discovered the mass suicide. He had left the group six weeks prior to the deaths. He is still a believer, as are almost all ex-members of Heaven’s Gate. To this day, no ex-member has spoken out against the group.] No, Rio is in LA.  We are in Arizona.

TJW: Oh, are you still in contact with one another? Yes, occasionally.

***Sawyers reply:
First off, it’s  not true that ex-members of Heaven’s Gate have not spoken out against Ti and Do being who they maintained they were from the Level Above Human, the Kingdom of Heaven. On Larry King Live, the ex-member known in the group as Rthody who used the name “Michael”, who was also on the Inside Edition documentary (I think it was that one) was interviewed and talked about the examples of what he said was Ti and Do’s paranoia and as controlling with many “procedures” for everything. He gave the example of how it was procedure for males to shave with the grain – so in a downward stroke rather than an upward stroke. By the way that procedure came about because someone asked Do how he shaved not because Do dreamed up that kind of detail for how to do things. The entire premise of the classroom was to be of one mind with Do. Ti was actually the one who told us to make our total committment to Do. She told us that Do didn’t want to ask us to make that committment to him, so she did it. Ti is also the one who said we needed to “give us your will”. Do later told us, after Ti left her vehicle that when she said that she “expected to lose half the class”. That was in about 1977 if I recall correctly. At that time we had some number in the 70’s-80’s of classmembers and that went down to 24 in early 1993 and then some who had left returned when it was offerred that brought the number into the 30’s before gaining new members during the Second public meeting scedule in 1994 that then dwindled back down to 38, thus pretty  darn close to half of the original 70-80’s. One can say it wasn’t because of giving their will that many left but it really does boil down to that. While on that subject Jesus required the same thing. He said to be his disciple one needed to “deny self” and in the Lords prayer said to ask for “thy will be done” – not our will, so again Ti and Do were 100% consistant with Jesus teachings while not presenting what they said as from Jesus at all and actually sounding a little different.

But regarding ex-members who spoke publically against Ti and Do, there was also one ex-member named Shldody, (sheild-ody) who left the class around 1980 who was on a documentary. Then there was Dncody who left several times and in 1997-8 gave an interview to a talk show host out of Chicago and he I believe indicated Ti and Do were well meaning but that Do got off track allowing the suicides. His vehicle died a few years later. I was in touch with him before his vehicle died. Pmmody was on that same documentary with Rthody and was critical of Ti and Do, saying they didn’t take care of her teeth. By the way they did take care of my teeth. I had a lot of teeth problems they had fixed and also replaced all smmody’s teeth with dentures. They just were not as attentive as Pmmody wanted. Rio and Mrcody/Srfody said things that were also against things Ti and Do said, as I’m documenting a little here. That is also a form of going against them and I have many more examples as I happen to know of many ex-members to include Andody who told me they were well meaning but Do got off track, which was the Rob Balch psychologist portrayal, together with his saying Do was upset with his sexuality, that they thought he was playing out in a controlling way with his students, another huge leap that has no evidence but frankly they had to come up with something to justify their standing, as others have also done.

So it’s also not true that almost all ex-members are still believers, as just shown, which includes Rio, known in the group as Neody.

I thought Rio left “two weeks” before they laid down their lives. If you can provide the source of “six weeks”, I’d like to know about it so I can make that update, since I wasn’t in the group at that time and can’t find that reference in his book. I’d ask him but he made it clear to me he didn’t want to be involved in anything anymore, after he published his book in 2007 and gave some interviews at that time.

I recall in one interview he said he had a “ticker tape” kind of communication with Do and indicated it would be another 10 years before the west coast of the U.S. would be devasted in the recyling and that he would move to the midwest or Colorado before then. I don’t know the last time M and S communicated with him but according to this report from M and S provided info he’s still in the Los Angeles area. Ten years naturally brings us to 2017 and though the signs tell me that this is a very significant time that’s beginning as the primary time of Great Tribulation never before seen since the start of this civilization, to include the U.S. territory this time around, that no doubt would include more so called natural diasters and all manner of “death”, according to the prophecy of the 4th Seal, the “Green (Pale) Horse” that relates to the CERES LIGHT TOWER AND CITYSCAPE and PLUTO’S EARTHLIKE EVIDENCE AND SIGNS OF INTELLIGENT DEVELOPMENT, (that Ti and Do indicated about Pluto as an “earthlab” inside it, in the movie script they had written in 1982, that primary recycling seems to be scheduled to start in earnest during the start of the 6th Seal which may be a decade away. But I don’t have a “ticker tape” communication and that was far afield from any way Ti and Do ever described having communication from the Next Level, so that and a number of other things Rio said in his book also refect on his speaking publically in ways that were not in accordance with what Ti and Do taught, however at times minor and despite I know his best intentions.

For the record, in his book he reveals, however not in these terms but that seem to amount to his never being a fully committed member of the classroom,  that seems to be his primary reason to leave. I don’t say this as a put down to him as it often takes a long time to come to terms with our doubts, that are all part of the testing criteria we can choose to push through or not. Rio said in his book that he loved Do and his classmates and I’m sure that is true and I believe they loved him as well, which is why when he instigated wanting to leave Do became fully supportive of his choice, knowing that Ti was behind his leaving and that he could serve the Next Level by his departure from the class, though that would not have been Do’s preference for him so did not send him away from the class to perform a task, anymore than I was sent out of the class to perform the task I feel I have and feel I was given by Do, verified to me by Do and Helpers in dreams.

If Do wasn’t conscious of Rio’s indecision all along I contend that Ti certainly was from her vantagepoint outside the vehicle. Ti and Do always said they didn’t try to “read us”. They would take what we say and do as our best attempt to be honest. After Rio joined in January of 1994, he said in his book that Do had them regularily write a “Control Status Report” to expose their difficulties in the overcoming process and how for him that mostly contained his struggle with not being there for his vehicle’s son and dealing with memories of sensuality with his girlfriend. I can relate to those specific areas in my own overcoming at this time in how I couldn’t imagine leaving my daughter back in 2001 when she was 4 years old when I first began to re-awaken and it still weighs on me though she is almost on her own now, that I still hurt thinking about. And I still deal with degrees of giving into sensuality, though not including anyone else. I can also relate to how it seems Rio, while he was in the classroom wasn’t that conscious with what were some of his biggest boogaboos.

Often we don’t know what all we are needing to overcome until we are confronted with “tests” the Next Level provides to all who seek to be in their favour, not just referring to those in Ti and Do’s classroom but to anyone who feels a type of closeness to the Next Level, regardless of the terms they use to describe it.

It was telling that Rio had additional big hurdles to cross as he reported in his book:

“I went along with the idea and possability of DO being the “Second Coming” just for learning purposes. I knew that leaving the body behind was not for me but wanted to stay until the end.” He goes on to show his disbelief that a Spacecraft could pick them up, when he wrote, “I still had no evidence that a spacecraft was picking us up. In the beginning of the group, back in 1976, there was claim that a pick up was going to happen but never did.”

I only learned some ten years after I left, what brought me to being so gung ho for 18 years and then in the last year that all seemed to fall apart and I felt like I had no strength to combat the sensuality that I let overtake my vehicle. Rio published this book in 2007, ten years after leaving and it seems his reasons for leaving were brought to a head in the same kind of way they were for me. After all for Rio, he joined when Do and Crew were being most bold about Do as the return of the same Older Member Soul who had been incarnate in the vehicle named, “Jesus”. Most all the meeting posters we created (as I was an overseer of one of the 4 groups who were putting on public meetings in 1994) stated this Motis Operandi of Do as the “Second Coming”, his first coming being both while with Ti as one of the Two Witnesses and when he was providing the graduation lesson plan 2000 years ago. Plus in 1995 Do published to 95 newsgroups on the WWW the document entitled, ‘Undercover “Jesus” Surfaces Before Departure’ that clearly says who Do knew himself to be in the fulfillment of prophecy. He never did say he was Jesus because Jesus was the name of the vehicle that was prepared for him to take over for his task then and that same vehicle was not coming back to show people it’s scars, etc. and Jesus said as much by saying not to believe anyone who comes “in my name” saying they are the returned Christ. He knew he would have a new body with a new name as stated in Rev 3:12 and other places. Nonetheless, Do did acknowledge publically that he was the same Older Member Soul that was in the vehicle named Jesus, which is why he had Jesus put in quote marks to indicate it’s special meaning.

This is all very telling. One would imagine that some of those who joined in 1994 as Rio did, were responding to the Posters announcing the return of the One who was incarnate as “Jesus,”:
(See ). But for Rio that appears to have been more of a curiosity he never really had the sense of being true, though he weighed the possabilities while in the classroom – his battle with his influences. He also reported feeling “compelled to join” and was equally “compelled to leave”, which I can relate to 100% and that’s also why I’m compelled to re-emerge, though afraid of doing so, a human fear of course, but one I at the least have enough of Ti and Do’s Mind inside of me to be willing to confront and accept the negative ramifications to my humanness that are sure to come as I continue with the promtion of the “backside” (after) (Rev 5:1), “Little Book” (Rev 10) book that completes the revealing of who Ti and Do were/are in Christian scriptual terms that I have the task to speak publically about.

TJW: What year did you leave the group? 1987.

TJW: Do you feel as though you missed an opportunity by not staying/being there with the Away Team? No. We will rejoin them, just not in this life.

*** Sawyers response:
Their appearing certain that they will rejoin them is in my opinion misguided. No one knows for sure how the Next Level will judge our Souls. We actually judge ourselves in what we believe, say and do and for whom, while in our human lives, as Jesus said, we show our allegience to, between “God or Mammon”, where God are the most current Older Members of the Next Level who were incarnate and Mammon is holding all things human as our treasure and wealth we align with. Jesus spoke about this as those who come into his Kingdom as being those who were investing what the Next Level gave them, to build upon their Next Level Mind, while others squandered what they were given. This is not to cast judgement on M and S as it applies to each of us. Like Jesus said, to those to who much was given much is required. M and S and I and others who had a personal relationship with Ti and Do were given a great deal but because of that, we need to live up to what we were given, that is, if we want to be in good stead with Ti and Do. Do said that those who dropout would be given more difficult tests thereafter. It was the same with “nipping influences in the bud.” If at first sign of an influence in our heads, say a thought about sensuality, we nip it in the bud and destroy that thought we build that strength from doing so and can even grow to cut off the recognized thought/feeling before it actually registers in our consciousness. But if we hear the thought and then let it linger and entertain it some, it becomes harder and harder to discard it. M & S may not deal with sensuality on a sexual level but they did get married, perhaps for business purposes, but their lesson that Do made very clear to them, as I was there to witness, as the reason they were told to leave the classroom in 1987, until they were willing to live by the lesson step, was surrounding the lesson step called, “I could be wrong” – having too much confidence in their own ideas and opinions and judgement, decesions. I know that influence as well. It’s the basis of the reason Lucifer and some of his associates fell away – dropped out of their classroom – thinking they didn’t need their Older Members and could become the leaders of their own kingdom. I suppose M & S don’t know it but they are changing things Ti and Do taught, semmingly ever so slightly while presenting themselves as the only authority on Heaven’s Gate, which I have to point out the falasy of when I see it. It doesn’t mean they are bad and I am good. I am also tested and if anyone can point out my saying anything that is different from what Ti and Do taught I want to know about it so I can correct it.

Rio and M & S have some very in common thinking, acting as if there is nothing anyone can do now in direct service to Ti and Do, as if they just need to be good humans and they get a ticket to heaven eventually, which is the same thinking that dominates all the religions which is the tactic promoted by the Luciferians. If they kept this to themselves that would be their choice and I would have nothing to say about that, but when they publically represent themselves as knowing the truth and maintaining the truth about Ti and Do, as all three have done repeatedly, then that is no longer in support of what Ti and Do taught and may be bordering working against Ti and Do’s teachings.

After all Rio writes in the end of his book that, “The experience with Heaven’s Gate changed my life. However, I do not promote the doctrine of the group and I am no longer part of it.”

Then he writes, “Without it [his book] no one else would know the truth about the group, my experience or what the students said in their last words adn testimonials.”

So does that mean that Do and Crew did a bad job providing the truth in their Purple Book entitled, ‘How and When “Heaven’s Gate” (The Door to the Physical Kingdom Level Above Human) May Be Entered,” an Anthology of Their Material, and in the EXIT VIDEO TAPES Do and His students that wanted to make one provided that are still available today in 2017 outside of his or M & S’s efforts and in the many audio tapes that fortunately Rkkody mananged to copy and digitize 218 of and have been provided to many thereafter (even against M & S’s will) that included all the tapes where Ti was included and the testimonies of ex-members who did not go against Ti and Do, namely Crlody (Carlan) and as far as I know, Flxody, Ablody, Jhnody and Swyody (Sawyer) and before they exited their vehicles per Do’s invitation, Rkkody, Jstody, Oscody and Gbbody?

TJW: Is there anyone on Earth who is Next Level? No. No one from the Next Level is on Earth at this time.

TJW: I thought you had to be taught by people in the Next Level to have a chance to become Next Level. Is that why the website is still up, as a tool for such lessons? Only a physical Next Level Member can guide you through the entire process and graduate into the Next Level. The online information is for reference and preparation only. It cannot get you into the Next Level in this era.

TJW: When is the next era? We don’t know.

*** Sawyers reply:
“Cannot get you into the Next Level in this era” is another major form of deceiful misinformation ignoring Do’s statements in the video, transcribed and posted:

Last Chance to Evacuate Earth Before It’s Recycled, By Do – Sept 29, 1996

Planet About To Be Recycled – Your Only Chance To Survive – Leave With Us – Oct 5, 1996

In these Do is very clear that there are three types, groups of people in the world that could escape the recycling and thus “go with him” (though that might mean what he called having their souls “put on ice” but not literally – SAVED as Christians say. Those three groups summarized are those in his classroom with him to the end and some of those he thought would need to return to the human kingdom to finish their overcoming at a later date. In the second group were those who recognized Do as their Older Member and had begun to seperate from their human roots and behaviors but had “weaknesses” that kept them from completing their changeover but would also “go with him” to miss the recycling. This group are also spoken about in:

Rev 6:9 And when he had opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the word of God, and for the testimony which they held:
Rev 6:10 And they cried with a loud voice, saying, How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth?
Rev 6:11 And white robes were given unto every one of them; and it was said unto them, that they should rest yet for a little season, until their fellowservants also and their brethren, that should be killed as they were, should be fulfilled.

Note is during the 5th Seal and the evidence suggests we are starting the 4th Seal now and the 1st seal was the time period that ended with Do and Crew’s exit. This would appear to be a time period when it’s still possible for some to “graduate”, I suppose to perhaps even qualify to receive a Next Level “infant” or what I was calling a “student model” vehicle, shown as a “white robe given to every one of them”. Remember, clothing depictions in prophecy have to do with one’s physical vehicle which Do also spoke about that way. Do said he left his Next Level physical vehicle “in a closet” on board a spacecraft to come to perform this new task.

Prophecy also talks about how during this time that began as the Seventh Angel’s trumpet sounding, that was described as occurring AFTER the Two Witnesses and Crew had left their incarnations would be a time when the “Little Book” would be provided and spoken about before Kings of the earth, etc. Is it simply coincidence that Jwnody wrote, in: ‘”Away Team” from Deep Space Surfaces Before Departure’ the same outline of who would go with them and/or be saved that also talks about the “war in the heavens” when the spoils of the planet would be taken by the Luciferian Space aliens which is described in Rev 19 that here is an excerpt of:

“The formula is the same now as it always has been. To begin a metamorphosis in order to be born into the Next World, you must abandon everything of this world (just as the caterpillar about to become a butterfly must do). You must separate and begin to wean yourself of all mammalian ways – ties and addictions – replacing them with the ways and behavior of a more advanced and refined level of life. You cannot do it by yourself. You must seek, to the best of your ability, the guidance of a Representative who is a member of that kingdom, who has been through the metamorphic process at a previous time, and who has been sent with the specific task of midwifing newborns. Or, at very least, you attempt to connect with an active “student” of a present Representative. This is an extremely rare opportunity, as we approach the End of the Age. There is a tiny remnant left of a window for catching the eye of the “caretakers of this world.” In order to get saved for further planting, the overriding requirement is to recognize that this is true (these are the facts). You must believe that we represent the Kingdom that created this planet and all of its inhabitants. And you must be willing to take a stand in defense of that belief, and sustain that stand until the end – your departure – regardless of the consequences.

The climax of this civilization has begun as the hour of its recycling looms near. A war in the literal heavens is underway as the alien races battle for the spoils of this planet. Their campaign is escalating. They are actively engaged in recruiting, experimenting, and mining elements both mineral and biological (genetic) – in their efforts toward survival. They know their time is short. The Physical Evolutionary Level Above Human is about to surface from their undercover, behind-the-scenes involvements, ready to make their counter. There is not, and never has been, any contest. The only question that remains unanswered is how long the Next Level will permit the alien forces to present their agenda – how long is long enough for all souls to pledge their allegiance for or against – to one side or the other. Every soul must be put to the final test. And as we warned you at the outset, consider your options thoroughly. Hasty judgments are ill-advised.”

And Do say’s in the third group who could be saved from the spading/recycling are those who are separating from the human world in their own way and may never even hear about Ti and Do. This means if one hears about Ti and Do and they choose to do nothing, they may be part of the recycling and doing nothing is what M & S and Rio moreorless promote except for being seed spreaders of “Truth, Goodness, Love, Understanding and Creativity” which was NOT in Do and Crew’s criteria at all and sound very much like the latest dilution, watered down spirituality that is a dead end to genuine Next Level Family participation.

Jesus’ Prophecy has a lot to say about this but M & S and seemingly Rio have poo pooed the Revelations Prophecy. M (Mrc) told me to be careful with the Revelations prophecy as he knew I was working on a re-translation re-interpretation.

Rio says in his book that is claiming to be from Do, which some of sounds fishy that:

“The EXIT of Heaven’s Gate was a time of passage and is over”.

Do didn’t close the “gate” so why does he say the “time of passage…is over” – directly contradicting Do as he has said pubically as well according to Carlan.

Then he writes:

“According to DO, that event relates to the “Book of Revelations” like this:

-First understand that Revelations was John’s wild symbolic dream and is not in chronological order. Harvest time, then distruction, cleansing and recycle. New planting.”

Why is it that in none of the things Do said or wrote or any of the students did anyone refer to the Book of Revelations as “wild symbolic dream”? Sure it was symbolic and it may have been delivered to John in dreams but what’s “wild” about it, as if to discredit it’s having any validity. Harvest time is fine, but destruction, I believe is the same as the recycling in prophecy and in other things Do said. Cleansing means what? Do spoke about how the space aliens could come in by the thousands to take humans and this is depicted in Rev 19 prophecy and Jesus called it the removal of the Tares, the look alike wheat sowed by the “evil one”. Do also spoke about how the Luciferians would be assisting the Next Level in the pulling up of the weeds and might also escalate he and his students exit. (See USA Today info ad:

“UFO Cult” Resurfaces with Final Offer (Ad/Statement, Published in “USA TODAY”) May 27, 1993, By Do

Rio continues to write:

“-Heavens Gate was the Second Coming Jesus. Soul Harvest.”

I agree that Heaven’s Gate was the last phase of the Second Rapture, the first being when Ti and Do first came public in 1975 and drew their Elder student body. But Do left the “gate” open to the “second rapture” so it continues to date, even if it takes a new form.

But Do said that their info was not to become a body of info to study as if to make it into a new religion. It needed to be acted upon to hope to reap it’s promised rewards. It’s a Luciferian tactic to morphf it into something to study. Paul of Tarsus was instrumental in stimulating that and is why Do and Crew said that “Religions were the number one killer of souls” and that’s what M & S and Rio seem to be promoting repeatedly and that M & S tried to get me to join them in so doing.

Rio continues:

“-9/11 was the beginning of the War of Armageddon”

It’s interesting how Do left his vehicle in 1997 years before the 9/11 attacks in 2001, so how can Rio start this entire paragraph of bulleted points with “According to DO”. Caught red handed making things up. Now I can be accused of this too but I don’t say Do said. What I have done is determined that the 9/11 attacks were the “shaking” (earthquake) in:

Rev 11:13 And the same hour was there a great earthquake, and the tenth part of the city fell, and in the earthquake were slain of men seven thousand: and the remnant were affrighted, and gave glory to the God of heaven.

I have thoroughly analysed these verses in my book and somewhat on my blog. If this prophecy was fulfilled by that 9/11 event then note how it is after the Two (and crew, who are automatically with them) have ascended – risen out of their bodies in what Jesus called a Spirit Birth he compared to the Wind in an inability to see it and yet could be physically felt to exist.

And the battle of Armageddon actually began as the first war for souls which started when Ti and Do first came public in 1975 which Do talks a little about in the Beyond Human tapes and in a document that was not included in the Purple book.

Rio continues to write:

“-Now is the time of Judgement. However, it is not GOD who judges you it is you who judge yourself by your behavior. It is truely more of a qualification than judgement.
-During this time is also the cleansing of the planet (tilling of the the garden) to prepare for the next 6000 year cycle, the next planting of the garden.”

I don’t disagree with this based on what Do has said and what’s in prophecy.

He writes:

“-We whom physically survive the cleansing, what some call global warming, are here to sew the seeds of Truth, Goodness, Love, Understanding and Creativity for the next civilization. The Earth will change back in a short time. I think about twenty-thirty years. When the Earth’s poles shift, that will start the next 6000 year cycle. Have no fear. Nothing of value is lost. What you gain in this lifetime will remain part of you in the next.”

Again, he lists all these points as if Do said them and even among humans, I don’t recall much talk if any about Global Warming in 1997 so I doubt Do spoke about that to Rio. It is true that prophecy indicates the world will be destroyed by “fire” this time around and there are numerous indicators that the Sun is to put out great heat and that in the end it will be the “Lake of Fire” that consumes the BEAST (The U.S. secret govt that came from the release of the Luciferian space aliens from their bottomless pit), the False Prophet – those who claim to be Jesus and/or a returned Christ or Maitreya or Ascended Master or  the religious teachers with a primary focus on the Catholic heirarchy especially in Italy, etc. and then after 1000 years passes of recycling another type of classroom and the destruction of the Luciferians Space Aliens and Souls and Spirits whose names are not found in the Book of Life, also added to the Lake of Fire.

TJW: I have read over the content of the website and watched the videos numerous times. I find it troubling that some of the content/context seems to be coded wording, coded in the sense that people may misconstrue it as permission to commit suicide. Let me explain, when Do talks about how it isn’t suicide, but staying on earth would be suicide, etc. Or, to be more specific:

Sawyer’s comment: This segment below seems to be taken from the press release Do and Crew sent to Rkkody to give to the press on 3-22-1997.

The dilemma is we are here and most humans are thoroughly “hooked” to humanity. However, the same “grace” that was available at the end of the Representative’s mission 2000 years ago is available now with our presence. If you quickly choose to take these steps toward separating from the world, and look to us for help, you will see our Father’s Kingdom.

During a brief window of time, some may wish to follow us. If they do, it will not be easy. The requirement is to not only believe who the Representatives are, but, to do as they and we did. You must leave everything of your humanness behind. This includes the ultimate sacrifice and demonstration of faith — that is, the shedding of your human body. If you should choose to do this, logistically it is preferred that you make this exit somewhere in the area of the West or Southwest of the United States — but if this is not possible — it is not required. You must call on the name of TI and DO to assist you. In so doing, you will engage a communication of sorts, alerting a spacecraft to your location where you will be picked up after shedding your vehicle, and taken to another world — by members of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Only a Member of the Next Level can give you Life — can take you out of “Death” — but it requires that you disconnect, separate, from the last element holding you to the human kingdom.

We know what we’re saying — we know it requires a “leap of faith.” But it’s deliberate — designed for those who would rather take that leap than stay in this world.

We suggest that anyone serious about considering this go into their most quiet place and ask, scream, with all of their being, directing their asking to the Highest Source they can imagine (beyond Earth’s atmosphere), to give them guidance. Only those “chosen” by that Next Kingdom will know that this is right for them, and will be given the courage required to act.
*** end of Do’s press release ***

TJW: See where I could be led to believe that there is a coded language (actually not so coded) accepting suicide as an option for a higher calling? That is if you define suicide in the same way I do. Do understood it as staying, not going. Separation from Earth was the main focus. Don’t you think that is dismal, to say the least? We can understand how many people got confused by this. They thought Do was speaking to the public at large. We knew who Do was speaking to. It wasn’t the public. He was talking to a wide spread group of former members who had been in and out of the Group since 1975. There was literally hundreds of individuals scattered all over the planet and as a Shepard, he had to gather them up.

Do knew that he could only be speaking to those who had that “deposit of recognition” that had brought them into the Group and was still with them. These individuals had been adopted into the Next Level and could leave right away or wait until the next time the Next Level returned to earth. It would be their choice.

The Next Level knows there are more individuals who would accept the information after departure. We have been speaking with many over the past 20 years. Their time is coming but it will not be in this lifetime. We all have to wait for future incarnations to enter the Next Level. Premature death or human suicide goes nowhere except for triggering a new cycle of reincarnation.

*** Sawyers reply:
Again M & S say no one will accomplish anything “in this lifetime” but in a “future incarnation” as if there is anything Do said about that. Anyway the way Do spoke about Reincarnation had to do with:

Do from “Last Chance to Evacuate Earth Before It’s Recycled”:

“Now, let me describe this mission for a moment. Ti left, in Earth time, 1985, because Ti had assisted enough that it was time to turn responsibility over to Do, and for me then to begin a more serious communication with my Older Member, and to be dependent upon it and reliant upon it. When Ti and I were awakening, we entered this environment (to any significant degree) in the early `70’s. You’re looking at the body I’m wearing, and you’re saying, “You entered in the early `70’s? You’re certainly more than 20 something years old.” The body I’m wearing is, wow!, 65 years old. “I” (the mind/soul of the Next Level) entered at the same time my Older Member entered, which was in the early `70’s. You could think, “Well, that doesn’t make any sense.” If you’re “new age” – or whatever your belief is regarding reincarnation – you could think, “Well, I don’t understand, I thought reincarnation occurs at the beginning of an infant’s life.” No, I’m sorry to say, that’s not accurate. A mind begins when that infant is born, and that infant’s genetic package begins to express itself as that mind develops. And it is a mind, it is a spirit. But then a spirit or a mind that had previously occupied another human plant, but has gone into the spirit world (or is outside of a body because it lost its body from death or whatever, but is still in the environment), can move in and take over that vehicle and be stronger than the mind that is the mind of that vehicle. In other words, it can invade that vehicle. It can take it over. It can pretty much keep the mind of that vehicle quiet and do what it wants to do with that vehicle.

Now, the lower forces know this. They teach spirits to do this after they leave their bodies. They let them know that they’re capable of doing that. You can say, “You mean that you and Ti came into bodies in `72, so you’re `body snatchers,’ in a sense.” Well, the Level Above Human made this garden and its design, made the human plants for their purposes, and my Grandfather (Ti’s Father) sent us into this environment with a crew that had work to do. Now, we did come in and prep the “vehicles.” We actually set aside this “plant” that I’m wearing (this “vehicle” that I’m wearing) and the plants of the crew (the classroom), and the plant that Ti chose to wear. A “deposit” of a little bit of information was put in those plants that set them aside for the time when the mind was to significantly come in. And therefore, the mind that is now in my vehicle (body) cannot relate to that plant’s history, prior to the time that my mind came in significantly. So, who the plant was that I’m now wearing, prior to the early `70’s is just a fuzzy, dismal memory, because it is just like putting on a suit of clothes that had a history to it. And if I tried, I could invade some of that history and dredge it up, but it is so unattractive to me and it’s such a low vibration to me (if I can use that word without sounding “new age” to some) – it’s repulsive to me because it’s certainly very human. This vehicle certainly indulged in human behavior, human addictions, human ways, as every other human does.”

From “’88 UPDATE – THE UFO TWO AND THEIR CREW” Do writes about reincarnation:

“Whatever you crave or haven’t overcome at the loss of one body carries over to any next body, if the Gardener chooses to replant you. That is, the capacity of your new body will match the level of comprehension and control that you (the mind) achieved while occupying any previous body (vehicle).  You will “pick up where you left off,” so to speak, with whatever programming or physical addictions you had not overcome.  Do not confuse this with the popular concept of reincarnation.”

Notice how Do says a replanting can occur “if the Gardener chooses to replant you.” None of us, no matter how much of a student we were or are attempting to be are a Gardener so it’s not our choice what is done with our Soul or Spirit when we drop our human vehicle.

TJW: I understand, but don’t you think there should be an explanation on the website, or a warning? It kind of seems irresponsible not to have one due to the people who may misunderstand. The Group asked us to maintain the website as it was in March, 1997. They did not have any warning on it.

Sawyers comment:
I agree with M & S on this. It’s a matter of who one chooses to be “responsible to”. Of course for those that don’t think it’s even possible that the Next Level exists or that Ti and Do were from that Next Level, it could seem irresponsible to not warn people. However, I believe that there is no one who would consider taking their own vehicles life following the instructions Do and Crew provided as then they would be calling out to Ti and Do for help to know if that kind of action was right for them. If they did that I am confident Ti and Do would answer them in some way they could not deny, but even if they did somehow lay down their life without consulting with Ti and Do beforehand, as far as the Next Level is concerned there would be nothing lost as they can just take that soul or spirit and move it into another human vehicle whenever that might be timely. In other words their faith would probably qualify them to be “saved” even if it wasn’t for the reason of wanting to be closer to the Next Level and follow their instructions in this regard. However, as I’ve said, for those who have told me they were going to commit suicide, I then felt responsible to point out to them, what was written by Ti and Do and Crew that indicated, to do so to escape hard lessons in the human kingdom would not be the right motivation as those lessons would have to be repeated anyway so why not ask the Next Level to help with their learning those lessons now following the other options for service provided by Do and Crew as shown in the metamorphic formula Jwnody wrote about.

(TJW – Troy James Weaver is the author of Marigold, Witchita Stories, and Visions. He lives in Wichita, Kansas with his wife and two dogs.)

Sawyer’s response to interview with Heaven’s Gate website webmasters

January 5, 2017

Here is a link to a new post/article that seems to refer to old material, so I added my reply to the same misinformation that I can easily prove. reporter Kaleigh Rogers writes:
A Suicide Cult’s Surviving Members Still Maintain Its 90s Website
It’s been almost 20 years since the members of Heaven’s Gate killed themselves in hopes of entering the Next Level.

Sawyers responses:

First off, though the two individuals whom I know well, but am not affiliated with are continuing to manage the web site without having changed the content of what Do and Crew left behind, the evidence is that any questions to them can not be trusted to reflect the teachings of Ti and Do and Crew. I was with Ti and Do for 19 years, about 7 years beyond the two former members that manage the web site who I will refer to as M & S. (I’m not trying to get legitimacy by more years in the group. Just wanted to add it to the record that I know of them and when and why they left). I have pointed out many discrepancies large and small in the interviews they gave to,, and others, all of which can be found with all the details on my blog links at the end of this post.

So this is yet another.

I refer to these two webmasters as M & S, only because it was a policy of Ti and Do not to use human last names, one reason being to the human families of students or former students were not subject to negativity because of the choices of their loved ones. Reporters don’t often know any better or don’t care so I do not find fault with their provision of last names. But anyone who knows this about Ti and Do’s intention are going against Ti and Do’s wishes in that regard by using legal human last names.

This Motherboard post reported that M & S said:

“[We do this] to make the information available to those who are interested in learning about it,” the administrators wrote. “In a way it is like planting seeds into the future so that people can get familiar with the ways of the Next Level and prepare for an eventual return.”

Sawyer’s response:

I’m going to read into this reply a bit because of the ways this same kind of thing was quoted by previous interviewers. They have diluted Ti and Do and Crew’s information, making it into an area of study and starting the thought process that everyone “eventually” goes to the Next Level. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Do and Crew said their information was not meant to become an area of study like took place with the Moses and later Jesus information that became religions that are actually anti their founders teachings.

It is because of this dilution and distortion that thousands of humans to date see through the religions – seeing them as hypocritical and dishonest and so will have nothing to do with them. That is because they are the product of the Luciferian space aliens (who I know many don’t think exist, which is part of the misinformation bombardment over millenium humans have been subject to, but separates those with Next Level Mind those without. Those with some Next Level Mind in them, and it’s a matter of degrees for all of us, don’t automatically throw the baby out with the bathwater when they hear talk about Creators (Living Beings termed Gods (Deity)) and Spirits (discarnate “dead” humans) and Space Aliens (those once described as fallen angels grounded to earth so are not actually able to travel very far into space anymore). However we can not judge anyone as having Next Level Mind in them or not as many times it surfaces in different ways and at different times that the Next Level is capable of recognizing and working with those even though society may have thrown them away. For instance, prisoners, addicts, social outcasts, separatists, even militants (though that’s not to condone the promotion of violence). Do spoke about this in the Beyond Human tapes.

So making their teachings into a spiritual sweetness of love and light with no overcoming required, no separation from our human roots, no rejection of human mammalian behaviors and no giving of ourSELVES, giving our will to the Next Level Older Members who were most recently incarnate, even though they are at some distance, is making what Ti and Do taught into another country club religion.

All humans who don’t scream to the Next Level in some way, in whatever terms, to grow more into their 100% allegience – to give our will to them, trusting they will help us separate from our humanness at a pace and way we can manage, may not be “saved” (Do called being “put on ice” (though not literally)) to have another shot at operating a human vehicle to bring it to graduation into the Next Level after the recylcing has transpired which will begin in a major way well within the current generations life span.

So there is no “eventual” becoming a member of the Next Level, as if the truth was in the old Hindu/Buddhist model (which are also distortions from their origin) of reincarnation Ti and Do always said was inaccurate. Souls do come back when the Next Level saves them from merging in with the discarnates or Luciferian lower forces who don’t come back becaues they never really leave, (except when the Next Level periodically locks up the Luciferians, that seems to include any humans or human hybrids they influenced to become in league with them.

The group only had a web design company for a couple years. I know because I was with them until late September of 1994 and we had no such company then and we never had one before then.

M & S were not “forced to stay behind”. They were forced to leave the group in 1987 because they didn’t want to abide by the lesson step that was called, “I could be wrong”. They both were offered to return to the “classroom” in 1993-4 when we went public for the second time over 17 years in between, but they didn’t want to but wanted to stay in touch and serve in some way while living human lives which Do decided to give to them, by giving them the task that was mostly logistical but included what to do with the hundreds of audio tapes. They chose to withhold those audio tapes even though in letters (I and others have) it clearly states their wishes that their information be disseminated and those tapes certainly hold a great deal of “their information”.

The garden has not yet been recycled so that “Last Chance” still exists though that doesn’t mean any who please the Next Level now go to the exact same spacecraft and base of operations, like perhaps inside Pluto and/or Ceres and/or the moon and/or Saturn where they are. Those who please the Next Level before their vehicle dies will be “saved” from that recycling. The time frame of “shortly” is not in human time frame. To the Next Level which is where Do’s consciousness was, is like “1 day Next Level time” to “1000 years human earth time”. Thus it’s only been a mere 1/2 hour since they exited their human vehicles. I suspect by my calculations from prophecy based on who Ti and Do are, is that there was about a “hour” left before the recycling and up unto that those that are operating against the Next Level will be “pulled up” as one does with weeds while many weeds assist the Next Level with that process. Those that give their allegience to the Next Level will still eventually lose the life of their vehicle, but the difference is that those not in the Next Level’s allegience will have their souls or spirits “dissolved” in the “Lake of Fire” that is scheduled and seems to be related to massive volcanic lava flows.

So the Next Level doesn’t force anything upon anyone until they have each deceided where they want to be. In other words we judge ourselves and then the Next Level carry out the sentence.

Again, M & S were not “asked to stay behind”. That’s a twist of the truth. I know this because I was among about at least another 12-15 or so students living in a house on Lost Angel Road, up Boulder Canyon in Colorado. This property had a stand alone garage that had an apartment above it and was build on top of an old gold mine. Do made his quarters in that apartment. If someone wants to verify that I know this location was where they were told they must leave, ask M & S if they can describe that location. That was where we each went up to M & S and said some words that Do gave us to say that were something like, “When you want to come back and follow all the instructions you may”. It took weeks for Do to come to that place. I have no doubt Do loved both M and S and I believe still does. After all to put that in perspective Ti said in the Blackhawk tape that the Chief still loves Lucifer. I’m not trying to imply M & S are related to Lucifer. That’s not for me to have the ability to judge. I still feel the common bond we each had with Ti and Do, with M & S, but it’s what they say that I take issue with. But that’s not to say they couldn’t change tomorrow and I wouldn’t necessarily ever hear about it. It’s between them and Ti and Do.

re: their saying, “Don’t worry, we will be taken care of.” – That is not for anyone to assume ever. We are each judged by ourselves and what we think, say and do and what reward we get if any is not ours to give. Jesus said that the only unforgivable sin is speaking to others against the Next Level. I’m not sure why that’s unforgivable but suspect that is because of how we have to reject the Older Members mind to do so.

When they were reported to say in one recent interview that “There is no heaven and no hell” – that is clearly against what Ti and Do taught, though Ti and Do used those terms more accurately than one hears most Christians do.

Here are those articles documenting interviews to what these two webmasters said:
Sawyer’s Critique of Heaven’s Gate Webmasters Interview with

Sawyer’s Critique of Heaven’s Gate Webmasters Interview with

Sawyer’s Critique of Heaven’s Gate Webmasters Interview with

Notes from Do’s talk on March 28, 1994 during the start of the LAST “Rapture”

December 19, 2016

Before getting into the notes, I want to offer what has been given to us that shows that there is still an open window to gain the eye of the Next Level Older Members. One could call it an extension of the LAST WAVE or Second Rapture. All waves require separation from the human kingdom and that includes making significant changes to our behavior and ways and providing service to the Next Level. What’s not written in stone is to what degree and how fast and when any one individual chooses to seek the favour of Ti and Do to become a prospective active student and that can be consciously or subconsciously as type 3 of those who can be salvaged from the spading. (The spading includes the recycling of not only vehicles and civilization structures, but also is pertaining to souls and spirits).

I remind that Do said in 1997 that the window was open to go with him. He was addressing the way to be in that FIRST WAVE by exiting one’s vehicle as they did.  That was given in a “press release” to be issued to the News Media on 3-22-97. He doesn’t spell out that it’s the FIRST or SECOND aka LAST Wave in this press release but talks about the LAST WAVE in these notes as a Second Resurrection or Second Rapture. These TWO WAVES – I’ve been calling FIRST and LAST were also spelled out by Jwnody on Do’s behalf in the document entitled, ” “Away Team” from Deep Space Surfaces Before Departure” that talks about the “window” to go with them that also spells out the difference between those who choose to respond to Ti and Do’s offer of future membership in the Next Level that could be described in the same way, as pertaining to these two waves but adds information about those who can be saved for further planting: “In order to get saved for further planting, the overriding requirement is to recognize that this is true (these are the facts).  You must believe that we represent the Kingdom that created this planet and all of its inhabitants.  And you must be willing to take a stand in defense of that belief, and sustain that stand until the end – your departure – regardless of the consequences.”

I only provide these vantage points from Do and Crew because there is an effort afoot that makes it seem that one must give all or nothing, when all is a progression. True, one will not graduate the human kingdom until they complete a metamorphosis that can only be completed when in the presence of someone who has been through that metamorphosis assigned to take new students through it and since there is no present Older Member Rep and won’t be until the new civilization – “catching the eye of the caretakers of this world” by engaging the metamorphic process as best as one can is in order which is not limiting anyone to how much they choose to give as Do also spelled out as Three kinds or types or groups of individuals:

First Type of individual who can avoid the spading under:

“Now, I told you a little while ago, that there are pretty
much three types of individuals that can avoid the spading under at
the end of an Age.  One would, of course, be those souls that were
deposited, and those souls were awakened, and those souls
received nourishment, and left everything behind, and became
attached to – grafted to – a Representative from the Level Above
Human, and separated from everything.  Now, I’ve got a bunch of
these individuals sitting in front of me who, I may be mistaken, but
I don’t believe that any of them had the beginning of their Next
Level life in this time period – in this generation.  I know that
every one of them were in the keeping of the Kingdom Level
Above Human before they came into this time period.  This time
period was a chance for them to learn a lot of things that they
didn’t learn very well, or didn’t get a chance to complete, or
needed to work on more, as far as separating from the human
kingdom.  They are having an opportunity to develop that more, so
that they don’t have to be planted back in a human garden in
another time – so that they can move into the Kingdom Level
Above Human, take on costumes, or suits of clothes, or bodies that
belong to that Kingdom, and serve and do their work in that
Kingdom Level Above Human.”

Second Type of individual who can avoid the spading under:

A second type is one who recognizes the Representative,
recognizes the information of the Next Level that is coming
through the Representative, knows it is true, and has not yet had
the strength to complete it.  This type still trusts the Next Level,
still believes that that is the only Truth, and whatever faith they
have and trust they have, that’s where it is.  And they will be kept
in the keeping of the Kingdom Level Above Human, and
replanted at another time, and given another chance.

Third Type of individual who can avoid the spading under:

Okay, back to the three types:  One, those ready for
quartermaster; two, those not quite ready, and the third type:  those
who recognize the information of the Next Level and are
attempting, even without knowing of the Representative’s presence,
to break away in their own way.  Now, when they attempt to break
away in their own way, not even aware that I’m here or that my
Older Member has been here at this particular time, they somehow
or another find themselves drawn to others who are breaking away.
They are also finding themselves surrounded with an opposite type
of people who say, “What’s wrong with you guys?  Are you crazy?
You’re leaving your career?  You’re not paying attention to your
children?”  This is happening a lot.  Many people are going into
what the mainstream likes to call “cults” –  they are breaking
away.  People who love their God so, in their own way, that they
end up like what happened with Randy Weaver at Ruby Ridge,
what happened at Waco, what happens in nations that, even in
their government, want to honor God – listen to God – entirely,
instead of taking man’s laws, man’s requirements, man’s rules.
They are breaking away.  They are conscious that there is some
presence of God here and are saying, “I want to go in that
direction.  I’ll even put my life on the line in order to get closer to
God at this time.”

I am not qualified to specifically tell you who all these
various types are.  But I’ve given you some illustrations.  It’s like
even in patriot movements, or in militia movements, or in “cults,”
or in this type of religious radical or another who know that this
world is rotten, they are saying, “I would rather die in service to
my interpretation of what God is than stay here.”  Those young
souls, those young spirits, those minds will be saved.  They will be
set aside – “put on ice,” so to speak – and have a future, have
another planting in the next civilization for further nourishment.

What does this add up to?  This adds up to that the ones
who love this world and love the human kingdom, say to me and
all those like me (or all those I just discussed – all those various
categories) that, “They’re nuts, they’re crazy.  They’re radicals.
They’re against the world.  They are not human – they’re
inhumane.  They’re tyrannical or their terrorists.”  Now, don’t
misunderstand me.  I’m not advocating violence.  I’m not
advocating going out and trying to create some war.  The war that
is a natural phenomenon that comes with the End of an Age, is
forced upon those who want to leave this place.  It’s not anything
that we have to do or we have to create.  And some, aware that that
will happen – even some who want to get to the Kingdom Level
Above Human – mistakenly feel responsible for creating those
wars.  They don’t have all the pieces right.  But if they are doing it
for the right reasons, not me, but my Father and my Father’s
Father, and the Kingdom Level Above Human says, “They love
me more than they love the world.  And they love me more than
they love the world during the time that I have a Representative
present.  And I will honor that.  I will extract them.  I will put them
aside.  I will give them a planting at another time.”

So with that all said to put everything in it’s context as some like to zero in on only one thing Do said and think that everything else is not applicable. If that were so, Do would have never published all these documents or made these video’s with different vantage points. We have to remember that this is all a Next Level strategy and the Luciferians will twist what is said to their advantage at every turn to get individuals to do anything but strive towards genuine Next Level membership by looking to our Older Members, whether they are incarnate anymore or not. The program continues until the garden is spaded or until each of us loses our human vehicle and then our spirit or soul is judged as salvageable or not.

So here are the notes:

Classroom Notes March 28,1994


Jesus was not a religious man or spiritual person according to present-day interpretation.

He was a man of the future – from the future, ahead of this civilization’s time – from an actual physical Evolutionary Kingdom Above the human kingdom, in the same way that humans are supposedly an evolutionary kingdom level above Earth’s animal kingdom.

The Kingdom Level He was a part of has its identity with the spirit or soul, whereas the human kingdom identifies with the body.

Members of the Kingdom that He came from treat their physical bodies as “suits of clothes” and thereby can leave their “Next Level” bodies behind and even incarnate in a human body as He did.

The mind, or spirit, that was in Jesus did not incarnate in the infant, but rather it incarnated when the body He took was 29-30 years old, at the time of the event recorded as the “Holy Spirit” descending upon Him as a dove (at the river Jordan with John the Baptist).

Compared to a human spirit, His Spirit, having come from that Next Kingdom Level, was a Holy Spirit, one to be revered by humans – seen as Divine – and rightfully so.

The body that was picked for Him had been monitored and prepped since infancy by Members of that Kingdom Level Above Human in anticipation of the day He would incarnate into it.

In the same way, in this generation, two bodies were picked and prepped for the two members that would incarnate into them, a Younger Member and an Older Member – a Son and his Father.

This time those two Spirits came from that Next Kingdom Level in the early 1970’s, and incarnated in their picked or chosen bodies, which were in their 40’s.

Then, in 1975, they put out a “call” for the spirits who came with them for this task, and these two Teachers assisted those prospective members of that Next Kingdom Level in incarnating into (taking over) the bodies that had been set aside for them.

These two Teachers then took them out, or “lifted them out,” with the bodies they would take charge of and assisted them in the tedious and difficult process of becoming totally new creatures, filling those bodies with the mind, the thoughts, the behavior, the “spirit” from the Kingdom Level Above Human.

These students of the Kingdom of Heaven and prospective new members, have changed sufficiently in becoming new creatures of that new Kingdom to now be given the task of going out and finding the second and last wave of souls or spirits who have been brought back into the human kingdom to receive – incarnate into – the bodies that have been picked and prepped for them.

As they connect with the first wave of new creatures, they too will be taken out of the world and through the incarnating process of taking over a body, aborting its human mind and programming, and filling it with the mind of their Father, His Father, and that Kingdom Level Above Human.

This is what some Bible students refer to as the second resurrection or the second rapture.

These minds, these souls who successfully bond to their new Father and his Kingdom – their new Kingdom – will literally leave the human kingdom and enter membership into the physical Kingdom from whence the mind, the soul that was in Jesus, and the minds, the souls that are in these Teachers, came.

As Jesus came and left in a cloud of light, so also these Teachers, along with their prospective students from both waves, came and will leave in the same manner (a spacecraft, “UFO” belonging to the Kingdom of “God”).

They will not need to be a part of the human kingdom again.

Those who have successfully overcome human-mammalian behavior and thinking (under the tutorship of their Teachers – their new Fathers – from that Kingdom) and have replaced it with the behavior and thinking of that next Kingdom Level will now enter that next Kingdom and be beginners in service, for the first time, to the true Kingdom of Heaven – the only real Kingdom of God.

All souls retain, at all evolutionary levels, the free will to accept tutorship, remain loyal to their parentage in that Kingdom Level, or separate, feeling they no longer need to remain a child, a servant – even in the Kingdom of Heaven.

The spirit or soul referred to as Satan or Lucifer was once a child, a son, a student of the real Kingdom of Heaven.

He exercised his free will to go his separate way and attempt to create his own heaven.

He even took what was estimated as a third of the creatures who were young children in that Kingdom with him, for they were still susceptible to his leadership.

Those individuals now circulate in the Heavens, and we refer to them as various Luciferian space-races (who also travel in their more primitive spacecrafts – UFOs).

Having lost their standing in the true Kingdom of Heaven or the Kingdom of their Creator, they had no choice but to return to human-like behavior and mammalian limitations.

They manipulate the humans as their slaves and do all within their power to prohibit the humans from ever knowing the truth about their ex-Father’s Kingdom.

They bind the human souls and minds to this world through a preoccupation with sexuality (indulgence in all the pleasures/addictions of the human senses), reproductivity (family), service to the human kingdom, within a structure of indebtedness (credit, borrowing, etc.) and responsibility to their family, community, race, nation, and distorted religious concepts, and all other aspects of the human kingdom.

Many Bible students, some Christian denominations, and to a greater extent the so-called “charismatics” or “spirit- filled” say they are waiting for the “Second Coming.” That same mind, that same information of the Kingdom of Heaven, has come again for the second time in this civilization.

That mind, the One that spoke through the body named Jesus, told His followers that He would come again, though He also told them not to believe them if people would say that Jesus (the name of His human body 2000 years ago) was on this mountain or in this desert.

What the Christians say they are looking for: the Second Coming, the Second Resurrection (the opportunity that is before you now), the Second Rapture (the first having happened in ’75 for the first wave), which will take those of the second resurrection out of this world, are all here.

“Resurrection from the dead” is used in the context of all are “dead” until receiving the mind or spirit (life) from the Kingdom of Heaven.

Unfortunately, the Luciferians, who have taken over the religions, would have you expect heaven on Earth as devoted human families.

You can’t be a good little family Christian and die and go to Heaven.

You can only become a new creature, a heavenly creature, while a member of the Kingdom of Heaven is incarnate in the human kingdom to take you through that birthing.

That birthing requires that you become dead to all humanness and have only the consciousness of a child in that new Kingdom Level – totally under the care and keeping of your new Father, your new family, who will take you into that Kingdom.

These children of the first resurrection are now holding meetings, seeking those who have received a “gift” of the possibility of receiving this nurturing and birthing into that next Kingdom.

This is obviously by human judgment the “Cult of Cults,” but for the chosen, it’s the only way into their “Heavenly Father’s House.” You choose.

According to your judgment shall you be judged.

Section 6 – Page 12

Audio Tape Log of 218 of Ti and Do’s Internal Classroom Meetings, 1982-1985

December 8, 2016

Below is the tapelog of the 218 tapes that are still posted on

I have no affilliation with the 4shared posting. They were loaded there by the former classmate named Crlody – aka Carlan. When he uploaded them I believe they were all free to download but since then many years ago, they changed their policy and now I think they still allow free download but it may be limited to 1 or more a day or something like that, or if paid for as many as one wants). If these disappear and I’m still around let me know and I’ll see if I can send you to another site or if I have time I’ll send you a zip file of them all freely. The Webmasters of the Heaven’s Gate web site have all ~484 tapes and it’s been the source of great dischord by a number of former classmates and new believers that they won’t provide them, though perhaps that could still change so I would also ask them for them.  These digitized audio tapes are of a varied sound quality with some almost inaudible but others are still excellent.



Building reverence. Practice of silence. Silva Mind Control-off track-change M.O.(Ti&Do).”Tree”-Keep mind at feet of chief-ask to be examined. Object-“greeting”-separation from teachers. Meditation-relaxation vs. stress 70 min.


Finding retreat-retreat crew-meditation. Keep vibrations higher-Don’t listen to voices. 20 min.


Meditation exercise given(silence)-relaxed but keen & alert-Healing cells-Conflict =Decay. Each cell has a brain of it’s own-can talk to them & direct them-to be healthy. 85 min.


Blackhawk, Colo.-found retreat-wait &see. Don’t take each other for granted. 20 min.


Guilt-Conflict-Stress =vehicle breakdown. Program for health-eliminate stress. 15min.

006, 007, 008

Book information-3 faces of Lucifer-updates. One real God-One real Kingdom of God. Lucifer’s kingdom-facsimile of Heaven. Christian confusion-many members. Paths leading to #1 deceiver. Clarification of boogers-stages of human advancement-stepping stones. Major boogers work in Astral-Lucifer uses influential humans. 2 hrs., 48 min.

009, 010

Book questions-staying on track. Metamorphosis-boxes-graduation. Your thoughts will reach them by what you put in ether. If Links sent us energy-it would cheat us of growth. We already know ways of Next level-now we need to learn the ways of more responsible positions. You have to know who you are-constantly program vehicle to remember. 90min.; 20 min.


Sat. 3 reference-Hixon article example-our thoughts go out to help bring in New Age. Try to open door to humans to accept Teachers from the Next Level. Small human minds pure & good but need to blossom. Growth is through restraint. Need to have a fear of not pleasing the Chief. Information comes as an idea-not a “message”. 80 min.


People taking responsibility. “Eye for Eye” no longer applies-whole system has to be changed. Don’t become separate. See improvement every day. 90 min.


Moods, anger, sensuality—–must be gotten rid of. Promises to the Chief-builds strength to expose things. Get rid of deceit. 65 min.

014, 015

Teach kindness, cooperation, negotiation. Garden grows slowing-Old Testament for primitive society-stress lessons we have learned. Worst condition is to have no tests. 1 hr. 36 min.


Restraint counts only when temptation is severe. 5 cardinal sins: lack of trust, cruelty, sensuality, confidentiality, deceit. 60 min.

017, 018

Slippage meetings-no pipelines to the Next Level. Our Teachers are our Link with the Next Level. Three reasons we are here: 1. Strengthen Next Level Mind 2. Deposit thoughts 3. Getting a vehicle. Ask for strength to resist so impurities can surface. Use suffering to build the starch of resistance. Report slippages-how vehicle blocks Next Level Mind. 1 hr. 45 min.


Help wanted meetings-resentment-Lucifer is jealous of us-no favoritism-what to say to be helpful-follow chain of command-Do’s dream. Galloping horses. 85 min.


“I may be wrong”-trust must be unqualified. How help is accepted is important-stop evaluating Teachers. Work together in harmony-don’t take slippages lightly. 55 min.


Next Level toughness- not interfering with Older Members-wouldn’t correct Older Members-there are no teachers in Next Level. Follow procedures. 75 min.


Taking equal responsibility. Have to learn who you are. Do’s dream, “you can call me Tom”. Be observant, desire service, increase thirst. Take advantage of time : awaken. 75 min.




Ti and Do know who they are & they know who we are. We are training to be replacements for the positions vacated in the Heavens by Lucifer’s hosts. Be hard …..on yourself without getting down on self. Make the most of the time on this planet. Be strong & love the ways of the Next Level. Don’t accept weaknesses, can’t become comfortable. Develop forethought, expose deceit-the worst is over.
90 min.

90 min

Pace of vehicles in various areas-expect everyone to be “nice”-don’t want vehicles to be impressed with humans-answering questions briefly. Links tasks take priority-“rising above” brings in Next Level Mind-good vs. Evil on this planet. Take changes in a positive way. Overcoming prejudices of vehicle. 65 min.

025, 026, 027

The jail. New information. Lucifer & the jail-the minds that are present on this planet. Human not a natural condition. Adam: evolution in reverse. Boogers use celebrities as mouthpieces for programming. Not knowing is the test-flunk a test & it gets tougher next time. Next Level maintains the balance with their own programming. e.g. Moses. Program vehicle to abort negative thoughts. Strongest thirst when weakest. Lucifer has programmed all vehicles to play old tapes when not occupied-“reminisce”. Can’t skip steps- books to help future classes from Next Level. Our vehicles carefully chosen. Don’t change anything on your own. 4 hrs. 24 min.


Book deadline has passed. New Age-vehicles to return to original state of Adam. Reincarnation, souls, life after death, etc. Attraction between vehicles due to genetic programming. Genetic structure is the thing that is passed on. 90 min.


Forethought & conscious direction. Mind is to vehicle as human programmer is to a computer. Human computers come with genetic programs equal to manufacturers software. Family connections. Constant conscious effort-urgency. Know that the vehicle is a plant, separate from me. Plants energy source. 70 min.

030, 031

Inner mind. Whole self =conscious mind +inner mind. Inner mind can do unbelievable things. Program with clear commands & belief in what’s programmed. Follow procedures to the letter. Communications with others-I can do anything my Teachers have given me to do. Stress, confusion, etc. can interfere with inner mind programming. Replace negatives with positive. Human & Next Level does not mix. Program: fear of not pleasing the Chief & the Next Level. 2 hr. 23 min.


Would not instigate new things or procedures. Plan strategy for everything. Instructions from Older Members always have priority. Think, be alert, use feeler. Our potential effort grows each day. We are measured by effort we exert compared to our potential. Welcome anything that comes your way. 2 hr. 25 min.


Inner mind =genetic programming =soul. Soul has no judgment, no reasoning power just sends impulses to the brain. Repetition best way to program. The formula for building spirit body. Cont. from above


When you feel something negative, the moment you feel it, change it over to a positive-a chemical change takes place. Suffering & determination =growth. Correction is painful. Better if prepared ahead for it. Don’t let others be aware of suffering. 90 min.


Building a Next Level body. Program to erase negatives with positives. Questions & answers. Be specific in programming-think in detail-no short cuts. Lesson of older clothes. 35 min.


Too close to the light. Retreat dc’d-temporarily. 15 min.


Q car lessons-taking equal responsibility. Lesson of broken chain-Older Member is right no matter what-don’t compete or think you remember better-take the blame, wouldn’t blame them. “Ti”-“wouldn’t have any one of us on her crew”. Attaining the level of performance. Being able to prod ourselves more consistently. Live up to promise to the Chief. Do not accept a pace of improvement acceptable on any crew on the Next Level. 90 min.

038, 039


038, 039

Auxiliary motor. Lesson of travel funds-get yourself out of whatever you get yourself into-get help only if emergency. No trail bosses-only crews. Definition of a slippage. The pendulum. Responses to not being on the crew. Praise does help us grow. Band aids. How to objectively feel towards humans. Damaging to compare ourselves to others. Keep own generator going. No easy task has a great yield. 2 hr. 24 min.


Forethought: getting more thirst. Have to desire growth & new information. Stimulate yourself, don’t rely on outside stimulation-replace memory bank-can’t just progress, just apply lessons-chemical changes occur as we block out old memory bank-replace with Next Level ways. 75 min.


Exclamation point: repeating self-stimulating method. Don’t accept discouragement no matter what. Be determined to correct slippages-don’t test yourself-keep your own generator going. “Fear of God” is desperation for improvement. Lethargy is disbelief. Fear is key to accelerated growth. Don’t want to prove the Chief wrong. 60 min.


Separation of mind from vehicle: the glove. Each human has a root system & tape library in their genes. Soul travel-just imagination. Push through the “mud”-vehicle’s genetic structure. Strong willed vehicle has more backlash. Human vanity-energy leaks-change circumstances-believe the vehicle can change. Shower mantra. 80 min.


Refining programming. building Next Level body-program vehicle to be honored to be picked for task. Reinstating “Heavenly Father”. Keep mind on the task at hand. 75 min.


Information on 15th street craft. Lessons on ventilation-care of tools. Habits =no growth-intent of instructions. Questions & answers-consuming guidelines-lab serving strategy. 70 min.


Stopping thoughts before they can do damage: i.e. “I’m hungry”-controlling consuming-can’t allow horse to buck. 55 min.


Instruction to sell Teckla. We have to eventually be the ones to make vehicles stay within guidelines-learn judgment-learn to work efficiently without fuel-staying on track. Consuming: A tool to learn to stay on track. 35 min.


Refresher course in consuming-even Links has to at staying on track. Must look to Next Level to stay on track. Consuming: stress burns extra fuel-sublimation. 60 min.

048, 049

Squaw Pass-10,000 ft-1983. Information about Squaw Pass. Physical aspects of 10,000 ft.-learning how to push through. Reasoning behind the effort put into 10,000 ft. retreat. Follow instructions without question-perform as if on stage-information from Next Level comes through Links as a safeguard-Born out of chrysalis according to our own effort. 90 min.


Short note on the piano role-things moving faster-Links never questions instructions-pleasure in serving the Chief. The reaction of 10,000 ft. craft. 80 min.


Speed, hypocrisy, reasoning. 12 min.


NRR, RTH, ARR-we have reached a note on the piano role that has never been played before. Jesus’ disciples faced outward difficulty & we face inward ones-we affect the world trends. Waiting-appreciating the difficulty. 26 min.


OOC task-two extremes. Be alert & observant. Must learn the art of getting along with everyone. Misapplication of instruction-flowers. Interaction with Links =lessons-just say, “I did it wrong”. 45 min.


Striving for perfection. This is a time when Links pulled away. Conscious control. Motivation: loving the ways of the Next Level better than life itself. Artificial limb-correction doesn’t mean poor performance-medicine is sent to where we are: we need to stay there. We may some day have a Class like Links. New growth patterns-we have a choice. 80 min.

Members of the Next Level present in our craft. We don’t want to make it impossible for Members of the Next Level to be in our presence. Constant awareness of what we are vibrating-fumes. Next Level present =good becomes good more quickly & bad becomes bad-nothing is lost. Need to develop more respect. 45 min.


Everything is OK. You can rise above the longing to leave-can be an interference. Nothing is a negative if you can make it a positive. 30 min.


Attraction & revulsion. Equal caring for Classmates. Always do things according to new craft. All should have same aim-to follow procedures. 20 min


Doing things as quickly & as perfectly as possible. Physical aspects of Houston retreat. 16 min.


Less meditation-more mentally alert. Nirvana is not healthy-just escape opiate. Speeding up brains-alertness-crave perfection. Never sacrifice procedure for the product. 15 min.


Shaving-side A. virgins-side B. accumulating force-focal point to put energy into =perfecting the ways of the Next Level. Ask, “How can I use this energy?” Full dose of medicine-how to store it. Everything can be turned onto a positive. 15 min. side A 30 min. side B


Responses. Shouldn’t twist procedures to get what you want-can’t allow explosions & feel sorry later. Can’t do task half way-can’t keep some bad habits. Teach vehicle the greater pleasure that comes with control. 14 min.


How to handle a visit-no pat answers but be prepared. Light-heartedness-newsletter & network. 90 min.


Purpose is to relieve anxiety. Success is to follow instructions. Would not visit if faced with legal problems. 22 min.


Can we follow instructions in this environment. Parents & children are main concern. Primary task-relieve parents guilt if any. 20 min.


Lesson segments-introduction to writing task-A&B sides. 58 min.


Enduring the feeling of boredom, guilt, etc.-overcoming these feelings gives us strength-know that we will change-doors open as strength is gained. Boredom can whet appetite. “Happiness is knowing we are serving the Chief. 65 min.


Visits & segments. Stress/depression destroy the immune system. Don’t take experiences for granted. Writing segments brings more mind to the surface-everything is in the genes. Playlike: Church of genetic improvement. Non-sectarian-barking back. Turning conduct around. 90 min.


Sample segments. Realistic viewpoint of religious concept. Ti’s right & left turn-promiscuity-Miss Manners. 69 min.


Reconstructed meeting-no religious connotations. Bushel of apples. Everyone write first segment on genetic understanding-“genetic general. 45 min.


Meeting tape versus T.V. show. Turn around news-the direction towards improvement. Restraint on the spot is what works. 65 min.


Living computer. Circulating segments for grading. Sensations unchecked. The living computer analogy. Next Level genes-movie lesson. Lesson of the zoo tapes. 40 min.


Trends-responses can be traced back to genes-lesson about new shoes-teaching humans to know better-DeLorean 55 min.


(tape not available) Research questions before asking-questions on visiting task-why we didn’t know about genes from beginning. “Missing Time”-books. 60 min.


Grenada & self-determination. Evolution & missing link. Word becoming flesh-genetic general. End of time-virgin birth. Foolish art-we are an evolutionary link. Taking a vehicle.


Reconstructed meeting-no conflict between Adam & Eve & evolution-Dr. Pritiken’s diet. Outlets of sensation-simple & complex genes. 45 min.


Segments for humans-segment inaccuracies. Technical data re: genes-strong impressions. Actuation-2000 words-no inspirationals. Not seeing negative-getting to the source. 45 min.


You have the knowledge to go back to the source-deteriorating forces-rock & roll at JWN’s task-sly ways of being negative. Ancestors & incarnation-passing on knowledge. The goalie-radio waves. 65 min.


Writing letters to relatives-patriotism to forward motion-global nation-being too passive-your thinking contributes to what goes out on the radio waves. Maxi-life. Expanding your understanding of genes. What is evil? Bringing us out of our primitive interpretation or logic-don’t take Next Level medicine on a Level beneath you. Convert rather than suppress. 30 min.-side A 30 min.-side B


Salad lesson-letter writing, write segments from your own experience-deceit(self-deceit)worst human characteristic. 60 min.


Limited number of genes-as you progress you convert-Lucifer: the door behind you is not locked. Seeking help-praise & sensuality-recognizing negative thoughts-negative thoughts block Teachers-accepting criticism. 40 min.


A. Radio waves-common genes-wanting to come from same place as Older Member-my trouble is sent to Older Member-manna-nothing different-puppets-individual but not different. Both feet on the curb. 75 min.


Next Level body in storage-question & answers. The school of human-body no longer programmed to death & destruction. Mid-stream civilization-if anything worth saving it would save itself. Becoming a new mixture-getting back to same awareness, no loss of consciousness-accomplishing a task for the Next Level. Becoming aggressive with your vehicle. 60 min.


Inappropriate questions-no tape discussions. Get brain working at higher thoughts-old concepts of self. Definition of mind. At time of graduation. 60 min.


Segments-self-centeredness-being smarter-information left by the Class before this one-information that I’ve become aware of-looking to the source. Willingly correcting someone-weighing Teachers down-shuttle runs priority. Inappropriate 3 times breakage. 60 min.


UN forces in Lebanon-self disappointment. Finding fault in others-methodical strategy. Thought into reading segments-formatting procedures for computers. 50 min.


Formatting segments-destructive forces-ultimate information-write what you have been taught. Information I receive is mine-mind passed on in genes-updating our word processor for computers-how the Chief populates the Heavens. 64 min.


There isn’t a negative thought that is okay, not even against your own performance. Better manipulation-eager to awaken more. How to play volleyball-change thoughts like change channels-motivation for longevity. Humans at Christmas-segments. 70 min.


(tape not available) Twisted sarcasm-programming through repetition. Vehicle coming to believe it isn’t important. Vehicle won’t correct self. 20 min.


(tape not available) Needless suffering. Immune system-PRSody’s test, newsletter. 80 min.


(tape not available) Genetic general is to get it straight in your heads-only healthy vehicles are those ready to leave the planet-the Gardener and the Hot House. 80 min.


Staying on track-biscuit lesson-together or apart-the more you advance the more liberty you have. Keeping your eyes on initial instructions. 14 min.


Separateness-romancing your own vehicle. Review tapes beginning with genetics. 30 min.


Handling cold and flu symptoms. 10 min.


Our task-our effect on the world-our main task is to bring NL Mind into focus. Assignments & departments-sending out signals. 60 min.


Listing our task. DSTody’s task-STM’s task-slaves of credit. Utilities-BRNody’s task. 45 min.


Programming specifics-old wounds-avoid negatives-our single most prevalent hindrance-tone of voice-going along. Preparing a place for the mind. 40 min.


Links asks-“What do you think is supposed to go on our task list?” Re-do lists thus far. Separate mind from vehicle -common denomination-street talk-dog on a leash. Conquer it before humans can. 50 min.


Upgrading the humans-set a goal(teen-age suicides) getting on a track-desire for betterment-concept of self-improvement. Areas for progress-1. Committing crimes 2. More refined way of life. 3. Living for physical sensation 4. Diet & nutrition 5. Improved education -wasting minutes. 55 min.


3 time breakages-using procedures for pettiness-helping & caring for each other. Angels-sleep and controlling vehicle-how we are graded in our task-improving our programming. 40 min.


Wording of computer entries-wording of programming-consolidating forces in Houston. 73 min.


Houston applying-wording on our task lists. Obsolete programming-finding a good channel of transmission. 35 min.


Circuitry-simple direct phrases pertinent to the moment-organic computer-very poor erase-visual tapes-tactics of the vehicle. Vehicle tries to put mind down-sublimination. Unpleasant recovery. 90 min.


Don’t allow guilt if a tape tries to play. Interference-“Stop That!”-the cause of tapes playing-career baby makers-the Big Chill-circuitry-us>Do>Ti. The things you are dealing with do not originate with you-planets-telephone prefix-you have to grow to know your task-never blame your vehicle-registry for aliens. 30 min.


Circuitry clarification. Different combinations of circuitry-send signals-building a jet with a worn out wrench-Next Level doesn’t send people to fail. China & little red books. Weak plant eaten by strong plants. Genetic engineering by humans. 40 min.


Foresight & hindsight-example suggestions segments-write what you have overcome. Right kind of stubbornness-labeling symptoms of imbalance-multi-colored glasses-updating boogers-vehicle dying. Guilt & discouragement-unremorseful murderer. 35 min.

106, 107

JNN’s task list-putting up a wall-constant adjustment of success-don’t assess performance-Adam & Eve-Next Level. Programming. A garden: 1. Radio signals of ideas 2. Physical entry into human kingdom. Whole civilization growing-a matter of refinement-all move forward at own level-the last 100 years on this planet. Bringing in lower aspects of my Next Level Mind-don’t let vehicle’s ignorance judge your ability-difficulty of this task is being so asleep. Programming ahead of performance. Mental rashes-attitude deficiencies same as skin blemishes-mental poison ivy that is transferable-personal guilt removed. 70 min.


How our information will be brought out. There is a spacecraft overhead-we will leave together-departure will be witnessed. Energy of our vehicle returning to our family strain-dissemination of information through our family strain. Being appreciative of your vehicle. 80 min.


Signs of changing attitudes-God box. Protection of information left-genes of living vehicles-likely to return in vehicles. Acceleration of last 50 yrs. Church of genetic development-changing attitudes-Next Level fun-design of this task. Levels of understanding. 45 min.


The nineteen-different task, not different teachers-you send out thoughts with everything you do. Taking Classroom seriously. Changing perspective towards the vehicle. Planting seeds of improvement. Programs don’t stop automatically. 30 min.


Visit to north craft-grocery store-hastiness. Cutting remarks-sensitivity to others. Sensitivity-wouldn’t be able to do your task if no difficulties-stronger self-examination-familiarity-moving with life. Behavior in craft-what can I do to have better responses. Don’t want vehicle idle. ALXody & CDDody-the incident-Links not informed. Monitors. 90 min.


Update on primary task-S.T.-monitoring system-you are the important thing not the world-as much mind in as Links-the world will still change-but not your task. Constant evaluation-keeping difficulty to self. Quickness, keenness, sensitivity-age is speed. Ideal situation-why we are still here? Falling harmony: a regular pattern-graded by control. The dessert & the main course. 70 min.


Warnings-controllable actions-suspected strikes. Effort-not numbers. Check partners-inappropriate parallels-sensuality & anger-check partners-taking initiative. Post graduate music course-overcoming & control. Thinking deeper-no downer periods. The last push. 64 min.


Ban on criticism-signal to move quickly. Different retirement procedure-no more 3-time breakage reports-witness or suspect. 3 diseases: 1. attractive criticism 2. repels criticism 3. sees critically. Additional strikes-not discuss witness or suspect-twisting procedures-symptom of vehicle’s reaction to mind-stress-irritability-over sensitive-sees others wrong-words don’t match thoughts. Hear others at lower level-raising my level of listening 90 min.


Attraction & repulsion-1. Sat. 3 & answering notes 2. Sleep, rest, spending 3. Attraction & repulsion. Nice for a reason-conflict between genes. Controlled genetic reproduction-short circuiting in warning areas. 40 min.


Questions & answers about mind-genetic structure the mind? Is the mind all of the programming of the strain’s mind? Is the mind of the strain the living programming of the strain? Reproducing by mutation. The vehicle is honored. 20 min.


Suspected strike notes-should be more suspect notes than witness notes. Exert the effort to learn more about what you have to do. Ti & Do will register the strike with you. Help wanted meetings to be solicited. Trouble =forward motion. 32 min.


Strike notes-Next Level reasoning-your own alarm-check partners-doing things alone-OOCT(out of craft tasks)-maintenance-conscious mind. Sleep option-wanting to stick to what you had learned. Feeling uncomfortable out of my routine. Sat. 3 & notes-seven-up. 52 min.


Suspects only-write only what’s pertinent. No justifying-strikes change vibration. Check partners-witnesses on crews-chemicals of nutrition-love/barnacles/no romance. 25 min.


Migration to Dallas-means of accelerating completion-you’ve grown to allow close proximity-procedure helper routine. Technical & behavioral information signals pituitary gland-honest example-receiving the thoughts you give out. 32 min.


(tape not available) Taken off tasks-feeling defeated-how do I know-when you make waves-no personal feelings involves when doing procedures. Striking out-not strikes against the Next Level-profanity indicating some self-deceit. If vehicle tells you there is an area that is not correctable & you buy it, you’re sunk. The positive is something while the negative is nothing. No human is an individual. Hypothetical task of the twelve tribes, the beginning of strains. Strains aren’t limited to one area-the fantastic journey. A negative force-bind yourself to the positive. 72 min.

(tape not available_ Our hook-up with Links is so clear they know who is at retreat by the type of thoughts they get. Connection with Older Members. 40 min.


Reminder of the lower forces. After spending the time we have on genetics, recent events with Links car, etc. have reminded us of a living force, a lower force on this planet. Boogers are still valid! 35 min.


Manual to the world. 40 min.


Book task #1 A & B 90 min.


Book task #1 90 min.


Book task #2 90 min.


Book task #3 90 min.


(tape not available) Book task #4 90 min.


Book task #4 90 min.


Not feeling guilty about your human life. Understanding that we were not putting humans down. (good &bad) Lower forces & our task. Prep school.. 45 min.


The lower forces. Basic knowledge of lower forces-they do want to live. They actually think they can maintain this garden as it is. 360 degrees of influences. Malnutrition & ignorance. The Chief is still learning. Why Lucifer. Options & choices. Human brain designed to short circuit when thinking of the Chief. Lucifer is only a tenant. Bring humans to a higher level of understanding. Holding humans in conservatism & unrestrained at same time. Cults breaking away. We are an updated Class. 90 min.


Lucifer cont. 90 min.


(tape not available) Clarification. Lower forces & sexuality, it was never intended for humans to reproduce in the manner of lower life forms. 50 min.


How to work with Older Members. The lesson of the ceiling fan. Don’t initiate things-don’t let the brain try to think ahead. Wait for instructions. Don’t offer any unsolicited help. Conflicts within tasks. Basic minimum courtesy. When in a situation have Next Level Mind in vehicle. 90 min.


How to work with Older Members-cont. 45 min.


(tape not available) Tightening our techniques. Keeping our vibrations where they belong. Lower forces are discarnates-subtle forces refining their attack-bathing, shaving, downtime. Not just sensuality-irritability, etc. If you are fighting you are doing your task. Pushing self-disappointment off on others. Class>Do>Ti. Imaging 3-5 min. periods. Don’t give lower forces the time of day. 35 min.


(tape not available) Questions & answers. Glass maintenance. Book procedures not from Links. Ceiling fans. Shorts. Seek & search mechanism. Don’t be satisfied with idleness. A-team. Olympics. Imaging. The responsibility of freedom. Technology. Lucifer can’t come up with anything new. 90 min.


Questions & answers. Bring yourself out of depression-practice sends out signals. Why have a poor response & then have to recover. Best friends. Bring the vehicle up to date. Situations with humans. Mountains from nothing. 90 min.


Questions & answers. Setting table-staying up late-polluting your Next Level Mind with human ideas. Chains imaging. Cutting off the thoughts. Very refreshing to keep Next Level Mind in. late for run. How can I work this out? being light-letting your guard down. Setting an example. Consuming timing. First experiment strategy. 90 min.

(tape not available) Cont. from 140 90 min.


How to think about humans. Sympathizing with humans or lording over them. Wavering. Maturity & stability. Unrecognized negativity. Every individual who came must leave. Scarf through a ring analogy. Dishonest with Links. Your strong signals. Stopping read out. lousy homework. Wasted suffering. How you grow. Putting vehicle in it’s place. Programs of weakness. Predictions, computers, data entry. Being on & off target. Water & oil. 75 min.


Weighing Links down. Consolidation & possible separation. The clarinetist. Realizing how strong our minds are. It has to be all of the time. Mental affairs. Recognizing negativity. Cataloguing thoughts. Bouncing ball. Reviewing the things that pull you down. All leaving at once. Strikes. Affect of negative thoughts. Negativity & stress. Stress subtracts objectivity. Dishwasher example. Justification in the name of being right. Stirring cereal example. Setting up vibrations(throwing darts.) 90 min.


Weighing Links down. (cont.) You can’t abort it once you have let it read out. petty strikes. Harsh & pushy vs. Mr. Smooth. Continuous playing of tapes. Good feeling of having mind in control. Negativity about yourself. Better psychology. Games against disease. Coconuts. The good feeling you feel when your Mind is in. 10 min.


Classmates not with us. Gave into human ego or vehicular doubt. You had to be willing to examine in depth. Thoughts of being lost & failure. Preparing for another task. Laughing at former thoughts. Fantasy. Vehicle not acting it’s age. The ray. Links can’t help them. Advanced side track. Future task. What more can we do? our presence here is to constantly maintain control. Advantages of non-recognition. Independence. Don’t lose yourself in the role. The keyboard. 80 min.


Questions & answers. Not recognizing Teachers. Protection from identity. Images. Connection with Links. Overflow. Lake Tawakone. Road to Tenn. Readouts. Putting feeling behind “That’s not me.” How Links knows what we’re dealing with. The filters. Teachers monitor. Our range. Liberty. Independent strength. Discouragement. Separate retreat. 75 min.


(tape not available) Questions & answers(cont.) Distinguishing between the real & not real. New York celibacy group. Ann Landers article re: divorced woman. GOP convention. 15 min.


Go find your teachers. Premature awakening? Links search for advanced knowledge, their discovery of Teacher role. Afraid of spiritual traps. Past, present & future. Humans understanding physics. Speed of light. Flying. Talking about other classmates. Conditioning them. When we return. Sight & time. Being realistic. Consciously aware of play acting. Self-dictation. Connecting dots. 85 min.


That’s not you. Don’t you accept that, apostles. Media. Technical knowledge. Looking for goodness. Departure witnessed. Human limitations. Quasars. Intended detection. Refreshing your memory. The lines out from the center. Dallas & Houston. Breaking away. Religion. The feeling of almost remembering. 72 min.


Next Level communication & consistency. Think rain. Actions & thoughts. Our authority. UFO’s & quiz shows. Thanksgiving square. Our minds have receded. Next Level checking on how well we do on our own monitors. Meeting percentages. Thoughts materializing into actions. Being under a microscope. Evaluations. Learning from experiences. Less than your best. Don’t accept patterns. Power of goodness. Taking responsibility. 90 min.


Next Level communications(cont.) Translation. Degree of variance. Psychiatrist: no one really saw what happened. 90 min.


Getting mind back in. class feels stronger. We may be getting some kind of reception from our teachers. Spinning spacecrafts. You don’t have to receive anything to send something out. Static. Mind has to come into vehicle slowly. The screen reading human. Classified topics. Philadelphia experiment. Ways to help humans. Prisons. Not easy to get mind back, duality. Aspects are an inadequate interpretation. The leak. Storm on the sun. Telsa. Precision lab. Vehicle losing confidence. Pope & celibacy. 88 min.


Deposits, streamers. Kleenex & Links craft. Information available to humans in step by step. Thoughts don’t dissipate, they have to be consumed. Opening memories. Humans harboring goodness. Positive & negative sides of a magnet. Our type of goodness. They haven’t grown to be able to consume. Exposing negative through our strains is a step to destroying it. Setting ourselves up for homework. The streamer-differentiating between vehicle & Next Level Mind. 58 min.


Tuning in (cont. from 153) The things that can be tuned in to: vehicles: genetic structure including strains with similar weakness. Our Next Level lessons brought to our awareness by our teachers. Lower forces (actually they tune into you, they are the aggressors) Lucifer’s tactics for putting blinders on humans. 90 min.


Foresight & guilt. Humans advancement in all areas. Technical advancement out-weighing moral advancement. Religion still based on fear & superstition. Reminder of our importance. As we respond we send signals & deposit thoughts. Humans idea of being worldly. We bring out the negativity by being here. Blinders of ignorance. What will motivate humans to change? Equal exchange of ideas. Getting more mind by depositing thoughts. 85 min,


Key words. Referring to instructions & procedures while on this task. Adapting while in these vehicles. Open mind to teachers. Putting out key words. Rudiments of Next Level are the same for all. Our feelers. Only way to bring in Next Level Mind is to act like a Member of the Next Level. Our departure & humans. Turning a page. When you see weaknesses in vehicle & make an effort to change it, you pull in thoughts that have been deposited, eating your own words. Receiving & transmitting. 90 min.


Cont. key words. Telephone addendum. Beginning foxfire incident. 90 min.


Cont. foxfire incident. Giving accurate descriptions. Grapevine. Not painting pictures any bigger that they are. 90 min.


Experiential identity. When we are destroying our vehicles transmitter. Accelerated nourishment: tree structures (2boozers). Making lasting deposits for when we leave. A time when humans won’t have to make decisions. A mechanism within humans. Lower forces let go to test the strength of humans. Two(boozers) & strains. Experiential identity. Branches & twigs. There are no new individuals. 65 min.


(tape not available) A. Accuracy-human vehicle wants to be different. Next Level mind wants to be the same. Terminology, word for word. Walking cautiously with accuracy. Lingo. Practice with each other. Be specific. B. Chemical imbalances-T.V. trends. The eye as a trigger to chemicals. Inebriation & recovery, binges. Carrying on to become better. 90 min.


Chemical imbalances. Wouldn’t be stimulated if healthy. Most offspring are accidents. Scanners to find out vehicle’s needs. Regulating ourselves to teach our strain nutrition. The knowledge of nutrition is available to humans. Hormones & harmonics. Frequencies 0-100. Frequency is changed as it comes in. proc. Retriever lessons. Suggestions. How Members of Next Level communicate. 90 min.


Frequencies(cont.) Common weaknesses: clarification on our signals to humans. Mind/vehicle incompatibility. Hypochondria & kleptomania. Don’t care about particulars. Reopening the phone lines. Who gets stronger signals. Changing circumstances. Re-marriage, sports. Getting to the root of problems. Sending to those who don’t care. Politics. How to tell when Next Level mind is in. Building up vehicle to receive a stronger a frequency. Taking less time to absorb it. More frequent meetings. 90 min.


Separateness-A. Reviewing Power of Goodness. Frequency. Radio beacon or beam. Two effects-thoughts take place. Vehicular discomfort. Clones. Before & after we met our teachers. Bunk lessons, separateness, our prayer. B. Can talk yourself through anything. Chemical imbalance; drugs, food, alcohol. First grade math & advanced calculus. Many things happening at one time. The piano roll. 75 min.


Check partners-focal point of power of good. Pouting. Disappointment. Suffering. Examining yourself. Wanting a clean house. Criticized child. Sincere check partners. Having no defense. Check partners in the lab. Right words as well as good intentions. Two or more working easily. 3 stages 1. Knowing nothing 2. Thinking you know it all 3. Realizing you don’t know. 85 min.


(tape not available) Initiative. We don’t initiate things, procedures initiate things. First person asks a question, second person responds with statement &question, then the two go together to act. Can’t be upset with yourself. Different levels in the lab. Including facts, planning, strategy. 54 min.


Questions & answers. Understanding. Signals &strains. How our signals are received. Types of suffering. Time spans, human time vs. Next Level time. The last days. Slowdown. Suicide. 85 min.


(tape not available) Classmates not present. Frequency =words can focus but can’t cover the subject. Effort & suffering of those not present. Mind incompatibility. Mistakes in Next Level stimulate improvement. Cycles of vehicle. Two reasons for vehicle showing weaknesses. Lack of knowledge in nutrition-food, sensuality. Human extremes. Consistency of genetics. Vehicles response to spacecraft. 90 min.


(Cont.)(tape not available) Questions & answers. The switchboard-awakening of future functions of the vehicles. Words used as the carrier of frequency. Boards &nails analogy, forming a picture. Sameness of mind. Using the frequency by being good. Being in unison. Next Level mind returning after downtime. 90 min.


(Cont.) Frequencies. Questions &answers. Frequency helping to prepare us for boarding craft. Signs of our work. I.e. sexaholics. We send signals, Next Level deposits thoughts. Questions &answers: smoking, pornography, sexuality organizations. Movie “First Born”, trend against drugs surfacing. Concentrating our work more on the younger generation. Serious trouble in the Class. 90 min.


Questions &answers(cont.) Helping co-workers. Hyperness, B deficiencies. Cold hands &feet =cold head. Humans need to have respect for the level beneath them. How to absorb frequency faster. Major key on computer for will, thrust, &desire. Recent frequency very strong. 90 min.


3 point lesson step. Hyperness, B deficiencies(cont.) 1. Humans don’t know what to do with their time. We can now send constructive suggestions. 2. Our dark side. Needing a crutch to stay in the right place. Having the right kind of pride. Happy &sad. 3. Suffering. The right kind does not have to have labels. Just accept it as a period of receiving medicine. (Next Level mind coming in.) Finding satisfaction by maintaining your own. Using Next Level mind as your check partner. Being considerate of classmates. Blocking judgments. 35 min.


Pentecost. Miracle at Pentecost. Utilizing the frequency. Nurturing a planet is a long process. Lithium. 25 min.


Questions &answers. Organic &FDA. Blocking vehicular responses. Critical analysis. Trust the check partner system. Even wrong to grind ax if a right grinding. talking: matching thoughts &words. Mind overriding vehicle. Handling the full frequency. Familiarity, touching. The feeling after losing control, conversation, straying. Learning how painful straying can be. Defensive response to correction. Don’t condemn yourself. Just return signals. The real problem is not with the other person. Litmus test, pleasantness. 90 min.


(tape not available)(cont.) Q & A. belief. Feeding the hungry. Humans thirst. What happens to our signals. Learning by experience &participation. Needing an ear. Belief is threatened by negativity(3 Plateaus analogy) Deaf ears catalysts for good ears. Too much analyzing causes confusion. Negative thinking blocks self-healing. Placebos. Tibetan tape. Acquiring knowledge to eliminate doubt. Belief. Next Level using events to accelerate belief. 90 min.


Cont. of 173. (tape not available) Being aware of getting off the track. Listening, evaluation should occur later. Pick yourself to pieces, negative vehicle reactions. Controlling these wild animals. Humans vs. Next level niceness, closeness, familiarity. Right kind of separateness, no favorites in the Next Level. Equal friendship. Seeking help. Finches, Plato’s depression & strength of our feelings. Completing the homework already given to us by applying lessons to experiences. 45 min.


Stay above board. Suspected strike notes at meetings so all can benefit from lessons. Getting beyond guilt & embarrassment. Doing a task for the Class. Incentive to try harder. First response to signals is to block it.(stop the gong’s vibration) Discomfort from vehicle’s adjustment in its perspective. Forcing the vehicle to see the Truth. Links knows the Truth. Attitude towards recovery period. Solving problems as a Member of the Next Level. 90 min.


(tape not available) Lessons in consideration. 1. Candy: teasing, taking higher side, inappropriate questions. 2. Croquet 3. B.C. timing: positive attitudes working both ways. 46 min.


(tape not available) Identity/Lucifer. Identity, experiential strain, vehicle with right faculties for lessons. 3 things to deal with. 1. Strain 2. Vehicle 3. Next Level mind. Making the vehicle’s mind jump forward. Interception vs. at birth. (NL mind entering vehicle) Automatic cleansing. Make vehicle’s more compatible. No Lucifer. Fifth grade. Eyes of the elect. Full spectrum. Death of minds. Bouncing back. 60 min.


(tape not available) Q &A’s. Vehicle’s mind and lower forces. Minds awakening in another vehicle. Graduation for minds of planet. No choice in transfer. Minds influence &effect on vehicle. 360 degree spectrum-good &evil. Lucifer symbolism. Some things cropping up in craft. Leaving open doors for negativism. Grades get harder as you progress in school. Meeting tapes show natural progression of info. Chain of command. Vehicle’s mind learning from NL mind. Progression of vehicle’s mind. 55 min.


Q &A’s. Vehicle’s mind cont. distinguishing between thoughts from vehicle &strain. Blocking sends automatic signals. No excuse for downers. Links not hooked up to strain. Awakening of mind. Split personalities. Family tree of experiences-not blood lines. The gift we’re giving to the minds of our vehicles. Capacity of vehicle to house NL mind. Change &progression. The proof is in the plan only the NL could come up with. 80 min.


(tape not available) Q &A’s. Vehicle’s mind cont. humans inconsistent response to Links. Negative being surfaced. Genetics, strains, Representatives. Birds &mating periods. When birds &humans are want for nothing. Setting ourselves up. Radio waves more common outside the family. Representing a crew &being bred. Limitations during this task. Humans’ concept of reincarnation. Believing in each step. Accepting it as the Truth. 60 min.


Questions &answers, Next Level pride. Celebrating the Next Level. Ways our homework is showing. Humans receiving lessons better in thought. The identities with followers of Jesus. The generation after. Music changing for the better. Punishing unhealthy vehicles. Controllable conditions. Vehicle becoming locked in. Patterns of can’t do. NL pride & vitality. Pride on we not I. The task of carols. 85 min.


Desiring new information. Limitations of human mind &vehicles intercepted by NL minds. We know more than we realize. Our questions draw information from Teachers & the information brought is what helps us bring in more mind. Push/pull. Honored at having a task. Master child psychologist. Treading new turf. Tibetan monks & 14th Dalai Lama. Experiences affecting both the mind &vehicle. Street people. When we took these vehicles. 80 min.


(tape not available) Questions &answers. Mentally retarded vehicles. Evidence of our work, (Rabbi’s book). Oral Roberts, etc. holding people in superstitious thinking. T.V. presenting a 1000% spectrum. Vehicle has potential for “adding on” (programs can be used on many ways). Transmigration. Humans not caring how they get an end result. Looking out for self first. Looking at a problem as it affects lots of people-not just one. Using up the frequency. Fighting drowsiness, or anything else. Recognize problems &take action. 55 min.


Using check partners-shopping task lesson. Strategy. Looking out for each other. 85 min.


Q &A’s-preparing vehicle for a task ahead of time. Check partners are protection. Relationships not based on physical attraction. A touch of Heaven in each of our vehicles. Accelerating minds to qualify as NL beginners. Correcting negative responses, what was it that I did? The frequency surfaces the barriers. Effort to stop negative responses opens the membranes &allows more NL mind. Links used to shock our vehicles out of a rut. Seeing past the vehicle’s delivery. 85 min.


(cont. 185) NL mind & vehicle’s mind. Awakening of vehicle’s mind in next vehicle. (cold storage or time capsule). Society spoiled by our presence. The “gravy train” has to change for our lessons to take root. Physical development-the discipline is the only good part. Minds effect on the vehicle. Development of the mind(conscience). Mind of our vehicle almost assured entry into the NL. Vehicle’s mind has learned to expect things from the NL mind, but it can be cagey. It’s con is “everything is OK”. ” I am a Member of the Kingdom of Heaven.” 85 min.


Pulling. Comfortable or suffering. What’s missing is pulling. Two kinds of suffering; negative(down on yourself), positive(desperation for next step). Pullfering-what’s next for me & the Class. taking more responsibility for the pulling. How can I have a better understanding? Having a desire to accelerate things. Picking out vehicles for this task. Gaining strategy and strength. There are no contradictions in the information given. 90 min.


(187 cont.) Pulling. Q &A’s incompleted tasks. Pre-class experiences. How many of us felt strong connections. Pre-class check partners. Before &after rejoining the Class. tensile strength. Our minds as our monitors. Elijah. The inhibiting factor. Human vehicle mind/Next Level minds. Confusion over pulling. 90min.


(Q &A’s) Effort. Sustained effort in human vehicle-natural mechanism in NL.. sustaining means not slipping into human ways. Going beyond what we were doing before. How to keep mind from slipping out. using the little weak voice to calm down the vehicle. Catch the first thoughts. The application to stop it is the important thing. Problem may continue in order to increase your effort &build muscle. Enjoying the process of growth. Our prep. for a task similar to Links. 90 min.


(cont. from 189) Thought chains. Higher levels responsible for lower levels. Negative suffering. Human infants, water wombs. Spoiled society. Tamer humans. Yuppies. Tired of street gangs. Pulling. Thinking deeper. Urgency. Pleasing the one who gave me the task. Pulling in maturity. Tool package. Water womb, advanced learning. Lab programming. Breeding humans. Justification &karma, NL making things right. Ti’s tree. “Starman” Our briefing. Primary control. Higher thoughts. 85 min.


Q &A’s. humans taking care of themselves. Hot checks. Our pace &human pace. Boxes. Casualness. The Dallas frontier. Star Wars defense. Mechanics of pulling. Karma. Connection of experiential identities. 85 min.


Q &A’s. Primary & secondary aspects of task. Generating depth & power. Security systems. NL minds in other human vehicles. NL Members doing tasks involving human vehicles-implants. Where is the mind not in the vehicle? Goals. Anthropologists. Houses-vehicles. Mechanics of strains. Three branches. The Trinity. The developing task. 90 min.


(192 cont.) Q &A’s. criminal behavior may root in previous life. Won’t awaken to lab task-given only what NL wants. Hynek magazine article. Mind limited by its house. Helping strain-can’t do it consciously, but desire may put NL in motion. Our strains don’t overlap. Strain as frequency. In tune with brain waves on strain. 75 min.


Q &A’s. carte blanche response to strain. Response to violence on news. How identity gets to new vehicle. Complexity &strains. Fixed strains. Strains of those fallen away. Minds at the beginning of this civilization. Mind having a hot line. Teaching restraint. Holy spirit &talking in tongues. Next Level &our open channels. 75 min.


Move lessons. Some don’t believe certain characteristics exist. Rebellion-taking lessons &justifying actions. Easy to accept at meeting time, but difficult in the circumstance. Move lessons-awareness of things left behind. (e.g. lamp cylinders, etc.) 80 min.


Q &A’s. Concentrate on effect you have on your strain. Class as representatives of different labs. Minds old enough to keep vehicle under control. Will be tested to nth degree-rising to the occasion. Harm done by vehicle staying on the breaking line. No proof except what we have come to know. Check partners shouldn’t be aggressive. NL labs on earth. NL task force to accomplish goal in preliminary stages. Bigger frequency connection with Links. Telescope analogy-stay at the eyepiece. Wasted energy talking. Coming into craft like a home. Noise/whispering. Piloting. 90 min.


(196 cont.) Q’s and answers. Longing. Everyday activities will bring out areas for correction. Application of less slippages. Being comfortable with Links. Applying what you hear. Apologies. Strike notes worthless. Aggressive help. Some who left loved meetings. Satellite 3 responsibility. Covering phone. Lesson delivery retreaters. Putting “Do as you please into your mind”. Whispering. The first day of the “New Year”. 90 min.


Crew harmony. Resistance, needing to justify. Give Older Members credit. Residual. Being open to destroying vehicle’s confidence. Learning from a new crew. Chill mix lesson. Influencing, tempting as serious aggression. Protection of what goes into computer. Interfering with Older Members function. More than 1 headquarters overseeing vehicle development. Types of labs. Facing circumstances-only way to get mind in. 90 min.


(Crew harmony cont.) Why we can’t see labs. Vehicle not designed with capability. Basic programming. 99% of sightings not computable, only recallable. It would disrupt if humans could see. We are only permitted to see on levels of speculation. Information carefully given to selected individuals. 85 min.


(199 cont.) Labs location. Our minds from space or graduates from whole different civilization of this garden. A task force to “pollute” the air with frequency &knowledge. Shock of our departure may cause a whole new beginning. Older Member may be able to create with mind(not need labs etc.). Human perception of light &speed etc. is ignorant. Do’s task with geography &transportation. Only a part of Link’s mind is here. As you try to imagine labs you’re trying to remember. Monitor. Mingling Members of NL not perfect. 85 min.


Q &A’s. Technical knowledge & our conduct sent to humans. NL monitor. After humans have received information. Knowledge of what is not for consumption. Infecting our NL mind. Nuclear power. Identity gene. NL mind. When our vehicle is down. Humans being fed information. 90 min.


(201 cont.) Forming NL vehicle. Difficult vehicles. Negotiating. Having more depth. NL minds intensity. Taking others from the right place. Graduated vehicles. Have a certain degree of relaxation.. evolution not linked physiologically. You are preparing a NL vehicle. Trying your best. Not accepting failure. The gestation period. 90 min.


(202 cont.) Forming NL vehicles. No lab in charge of negativity. NL gives over-all thought. NL doesn’t judge the development of our NL bodies, they look to Links for our needs. Vehicle may get actual nourishment in the lab, we tend to the programming. All doing the same thing-1. Building vehicle 2. Major upbringing contribution. NL is made up of service. Building the facility for mind to occupy. Previous knowledge goes into mind. All of our mind is with us. Effort is everything. Identity gene goes to related community. 90 min.


Cont. questions on NL vehicle. Slate cleaning-listening more significantly. Do things as quickly as you can and carefully. Having tight crews, taking responsibility. Mind gets growth in service. Dispatch-no option to refuse run. Keeping a clean slate. Ridding of poisons relieves Teachers. Exposing is erasing. Not letting vehicle get away with feeling hurt when receiving correction. Need to defend is vehicular. Formula is done the best you can. How humans receive &assimilate information. Inventions, DeLorean. Cure for cancer etc. 80 min.


(end of 204) Slate cleaning. Exposure-Ti & Do not the Chief. Exposure was the promise to the Chief. Slate cleaning notes exposing symptoms not the problems. Review of points important to building new computer. Deceit &dishonesty: lying, hiding. I do not want to put anything into my NL mind that is not NL. Measles analogy. Kingdom levels/mural levels. NL is not made up of mammals. NL members with wings. Realism of NL bodies. 90 min.


(tape not available)(cont.) Angels &wings-human angel concept distorted. Hard for brains to accept. Identity gene will awaken in new human vehicle with a degree of control. Stuff of new vehicle made in the lab. Realism of NL bodies. 45 min.


Application of knowledge. Catching up>we are working to have our first vehicles ‘made in Next Level’. Generator. Knowledge applicable energy for change. Frequency of meetings. Quality of frequency. Anxiety: operating a corpse. Straight frequency. Doing this task more than once. Making new vehicle viable. Little habits of permissiveness. You don’t know how far you’ve gone. 85 min.


Winning the match: vision quest parallels. Weight categories. Olympic cheers. 6 minute matches. NRR-re: focus changing. SRR-degree of difficulty. Significance of matches. Right kind of pride. Overcoming is now control to point of winning matches. Drive to help. Serious challenge from insignificant things. NL vehicle/trust. 65 min.


NL vehicle/trust (cont.) The vernacular. Trustworthiness. Picking up early stages of characteristics of new vehicle. Leaving judgment behind. Fire always going to have a generator. Origin of the frequency.. being sponges. The amount of our minds on this task. More override. Using graduate knowledge. Counter force is building mind. Using past experiences. Absorbing the force: force from the frequency. Hyperness as a warning to force building up. 68 min.


(Absorbing the force) cont. Conversion to maturity. Recognition of force passed on. Coasting. Areas of matches. What is the true meaning of what I feel now? What’s going to be the plus. TV & movies watched from a spacecraft. Common communication. Gossip. Forbidden love. Primitive characteristics. A good job at the minimum time that a good job can be done. Recognizing major matches. Say them because you see them. Can always do better. Everything is a match. Not trusting brains appraisal. Check partner. Cover for others. Wanting your own way. 65 min.


Major matches-cont. Just writing the matches down will not accomplish winning them. Vehicle’s control button-nausea from lost matches-upset in the right way. aces in the hole. Symptoms of disaster. When this world became genuinely distasteful. Conversation with humans. All of the machinery going that would make the world uncomfortable. Mountains &valleys-wasting developmental time &adding poison. Jump starts-the NL mind, human mind &the human vehicle-sensations. Becoming not satisfied with continuing to do things on your list. Getting rid of fear. 90 min.


(211 cont.) Three lessons. 1. Programming the distasteful 2. Check partners agreeing 3. On the spot transition when given a new fact by Older Members, ” O know you’re right &believe it. Seeing the value of restraint. Trust. 60 min.


Trouble notes. Suspected strikes. Stratas in the NL. Missing links. Using the primitive vehicle. Links has no residual. Jesus’ glorified vehicle. Upgrading standards. Our vehicle’s identity genes at teachers. Co-existing. Links guaranty. Curiosity. Graduate vehicle.. 75 min.


(tape not available) Links strata: not limited to different levels. Links assigned to this civilization. Where we came from. Those on this task who lost control. Butterflies &innocence. Innocence =purest state. Strong test period. Halley’s comet. Vehicles of different molecular structure. We are the human’s closest ties to the Next Level. 90 min.


A new dose (cont.) Dark corners. Humans drawing energy from us. Links picking us for this task. Love. Duties of grads, a task with grads. Checking with Older Members. Experience. Desire &accomplishment. Handicaps. Craving cleanliness. I am going to do it. Carrying consciousness into the dark corners. Is it really worth it? Re-establish committals. 90 min.


Detail &accuracy-thinking how Older Member thinks. Detailed thinking. Exactness. Take a chance on a positive. Next Level wants keenness in your new vehicle. Don’t go to extremes. Sloppiness cancels out speed. Need to move. You can really drain yourself if you don’t stay where you should. Know areas can be corrected. Our affect on the world. Next Level members exert strength &will. 50 min.


What are dark corners? Don’t send dark corners list to Links. Really vulnerable spots. When you are alone with the three of you. Total assets/one warning. How well have you done your task? This tape was dc’d. No more baiting. Changing attitude for following procedures. 48 min.


(cont. from 217) Attitude in craft. Recognize you can write things &mean them &still find rebellion. Thinking major things are one thing when in reality the major thing is something else. Not realizing negativity. Attitude in the craft. ANY’s OOC task-no teaching at OOC task other than by example. Common disease in craft: being too wrapped up in myself. Half of the things you see wrong would disappear if you forgot about them. Want a craft that’s moving, not dry docked. Seeing sat. 3 as favored members. You are to be the example. A healthy shock. Evidence of depth. Things to do in the craft-submit a list. 38 min.

Corrections and Updates for the “Little Book”

December 5, 2016

This is where I will post notifications of corrections and updated interpretations, etc. to the Book I’m writing.



November 30, 2016

I CAN’T BELIEVE THAT – BUT YOU MUST – segments and notes written by Ti (and Do).

Below are some pages of the actual text from the unpublished book entitled, “I CAN’T BELIEVE THAT – BUT YOU MUST” that Ti and Do started to write during their first stage of awakening while staying at a ranchhouse in Boerne, Texas. Do said they were there for “less than six weeks”, trying to sort out the ideas, concepts and understandings they were both independantly but simultaneously receiving from the Next Level. They started writing in January of 1973, having left Houston and both their familes, friends, careers and lifestyles behind. A note was made in the pages that it was edited in February of 1974.

Ti and Do told Brad Steiger and Hayden Hewes, they “threw out” this book and that it was “the beginning of understanding what our responsability was.” I don’t know the whole story about how it ended up with me but considering some of the material in it, I suspect it could have been Ti and Do’s crew’s intention to use it.

I could be wrong and perhaps it’s not that important, but there is significant evidence in the short incomplete two chapter book that Ti took a primary role in it’s content. It refers to many ideas I know Ti’s vehicle had been very focused on before meeting Do’s vehicle to awaken to their joint task together. Namely, it makes a number of references to the Hindu Vedas and the founder of the Theosophical Society, Helen Blavatsky’s books, which by the end of the 19th century became the single biggest influence of both Hindu and Tibetian Buddhist thought, mixed with mystic Christianity and Spiritualism, on the populus of the United States, that became the foundation of what would be called the New Age.

Part of why I am bringing this up, is because most of the leading psychologists who have studied Ti and Do have tended to agree that their leadership and group don’t match any of the other leaders of cults and they largely focus on Do as the leader, even coming up with a story line that almost completely leaves Ti out of the equasion. Those that investigated Ti and Do’s beginning drew conclusions very easily from the few who knew them when they were in the Houston area beginning to sort out what they had to do together. Do even reflected on he and Ti’s beginning in session one of the Beyond Human tapes that Ti said to him, “How come I recognize you but you don’t recognize me”. That little statement is directly in line with Revelations 12 that says the Woman births her son/offspring to the throne:

Rev 12:5 And she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron: and her child was caught up unto God, and to his throne.

One or more investigators apparantly took rumors as a fact when it was reported that Ti’s vehicle in the beginning wanted to have a human intimate relationship with Do’s vehicle. Do told us (his class) that at first, still unawakened, that he wondered if Ti was interested in him in that human way and that some of their friends and family, and especially Ti’s vehicle’s husband at the time thought they were having an affair. The truth of the matter was as Do told it that there was nothing of the sort. They had no physical relationship like that at all and were never “bed partners”. Do also told us neither was physically attracted to the other. Do also said at first he gave Ti a real hard time. He told us that one time Ti was so frustrated that they couldn’t agree on taking such and such a direction, that she sat on the street curb and put her head in her hands and just said, she wasn’t moving another step. Do said he eventually learned that whenever there was a decesion to be made, Ti more easily would rule out proceeding in certain directions Do thought needed to be played out further. He learned that by Ti going along with what he wanted to do and then seeing for himself that it was a dead end to what they wanted to accomplish. After a while Do knew that Ti was his elder, even his Older Member and that she was the One who was His Heavenly Father 2000 years ago when he was incarnate in the vehicle named Jesus. Ti never said that to Do. He realized it and told us their students who Ti was. Do even pointed out one time in a meeting without Ti present, that Ti was the “woman” in Revelations 12:1 and for the first and last time interpreted some of those first couple verses, that I don’t recall except for the bottom line. The fact that Do told us who Ti was/is is found in prophecy.

In this prophecy the One who was incarnate as the Lamb in the vehicle Jesus is talking to his prospective students in relationship to the end time and he says “…I will write upon him [each student] the name of my God…”. In this application God is from the Greek word “Theos” which is a general term for Deity. In this case he is talking about his Deity. In other words a Member of the Next Level that is his elder or Older Member, thus is referring to the one who he referred to 2000 years ago as his “Father” or “Father in Heaven” (heaven because at that time he wasn’t incarnate with him). If his Father was to have a name, he will have a physical presence as well as there is no need for a name otherwise. Only the ones who engage their overcoming metamorphosis will receive this name. This is also part of the evidence that Both of the Two Witnesses are Christs and come incarnate to delivery their prophecy and that they come to a NEW geographic area from where the Old Jerusalem was:

Rev 3:12 Him that overcometh will I make a pillar in the temple of my God, and he shall go no more out: and I will write upon him the name of my God, and the name of the city of my God, which is new Jerusalem, which cometh down out of heaven from my God: and I will write upon him my new name.

If one goes to the Wikipedia pages, unless there was some miracle since I was last there a year or so ago, when I tried to make some changes but wasn’t permitted, you will get the strong impression that Do was the leader and/or that he flipped out when Ti left her vehicle without him and that’s why he led their students to their laying down their lives, as he was angry or confused or upset, even with his vehicle’s past homosexuality. Some were reporting that his meeting Ti in a hospital was while he (Do) was a patient and it was a psychological hospital and he was there because of his vehicle’s homosexuality. When Do wrote “’88 Update – The UFO Two and Their Crew” he said he had been a music professor, a divorcee and had “lived with a male friend for some years” and was content involved in academic and cultural activities.

After he wrote that he spoke to us about it and said he was distraught in his relationships as he wanted a “committed relationship” while anyone he met didn’t. He also said that after he met Ti in 1972 he just naturally no longer had an interest in sexuality knowing that it would interfer with the seeking they were doing together to learn what it was they had to do together.

But these psychologists and investigators certainly couldn’t consider the truth as it went so far against their logic and sense of what is true and false about life. So they automatically spun the story to something they and their readers could made sense of even if it was complete non-sense.

In these pages Ti actually talks about homosexuality and it’s also clear in these pages that Ti was already thinking then, seemingly even before Do fully recognized who Ti was, (his Older Member), that Do was the return of the same One who was incarnate in the vehicle named “Jesus” – indicating that HE might come from Texas.

In it, it’s shown how they were beginning to recognize that their souls had come from outer space and were here to bring updates to the Bible and to fulfill prophecy. They set out to learn what prophecy they were to fulfill. Do reported in 88Update that it was months later, after leaving Boerne, while they were camping along the Rogue River in Gold Beach, Oregon, that they experienced the greater part of their awakening and knew they had come from the Next Level and came upon the Two Witnesses prophecy and knew this was talking about the task they were to fulfill.

These two chapters talk about the “process” of awakening, converting all one’s energy output to Next Level service, through one’s Older Member and graduating, thus completing the “change over” into a new being via the human vehicle. It’s dying to one’s humanness that is a temporary willful death, because of ceasing human behavior and ways and building one’s new body within the vehicle that becomes born.

This writing also illustrates that death of one’s human physical vehicle was at first seen by Ti and Do as needed for the final stage of metamorphosis into a glorified body like Jesus had.

The book explains how each person that wants to go to Heaven and be with Jesus in his Kingdom can and MUST become a “CHRIST” and that “Baptism was estinguishing the flames of passion” that included converting all our energy we otherwise exhaust on, “sex, love, anger, greed and pride” as Ti says is not only stated in Jesus life example but in the “Hindu keys or Vedas to Godship”.

They wrote, “when a man yields to passion, passion increases in degrees that lead him to greed, jealousy, attachments, possessiveness, desires for becoming a God of the lower regions and he even thinks he can own things. He begins to call things his, his wife, his children, his house, his money, his car, his race, his country, even his earth and begins to confine himself to it”.

Ti writes about “Christing” that included an AWAKENING – when something from inside themselves desires to give themselves to the Lord. At that point begins the conversion process that is the “overcoming” of the human kingdom that includes dropping all behaviors and ways, things that go into constructing our “self”, to be finalized by literal death of one’s physical body as Jesus did and told his disciple they too must do by offering service that would bring the lower forces’ Luciferian advasaries (Satan), through the human vehicles they had programmed to be against them, to put their physical vehicle to death.

Seemingly contrary to believing each would have to die to self mentally and then physically as well to graduate, Ti and Do said to Hayden Hewes, the person who authored the book from Ti and Do’s interviews they gave him, entitled, “UFO Missionaries Extraordinary,” “It is not necessary for followers to die to reach the Next Level” and that is backed up by the end of “Statement One”, that Do authored while in prison that they mailed out in March of 1975 and resulted in their classroom, where it says, “Those who can believe this process and do it will be “lifted up” individually and “saved” from death – literally.”

In UFO Missionaries Extraordinary (which I have posted some of on this blog), Ti and Do related not needing to die to go to the Next Level to the way Jesus, Elijah, Moses and Enoch were recorded to have gone to the Next Level with their physical bodies. (Note, Ti and Do believed that of Moses. The records aren’t clear though some christians and Jews insists he did leave his body behind but they have no evidence of such. He just walked off and was never seen again and presumed dead).  It was always a possability, even during their self generated exit of their vehicles in 1997 to be prepared for Ti to take them with their human vehicles and said in their statement against suicide (also posted on this blog), that they actually preferred that, but knew they had the sign to exit according to plan so were putting what would be left behind as up to Ti.

Ti and Do were always following the instructions they received from their Heavenly Father step by step that included what they understood and where they would locate themselves and all aspects of their classroom. It can be shown that believing they wouldn’t leave their vehicles behind was necessary to circumvent the way the Luciferians would have set up programming to their exit of their vehicle, even self exit as was feared about Ti and Do’s group (shown in UFO Missionaries Extraordinary) even before the Jonestown murder/manipulated suicides (that was well documented by tapes of the event).

Some will question where it is stated that the students lay down their lives. I’m not addressing all that now but it’s said as how they “fall down on their faces”, speaking of the twenty four Elders and Four Living Beings (wrongly translated to 4 Beasts). I will play that out a little here.

Now the prophecy period of these Two Witnesses is their public speaking the new and updated information about the Kingdom of God/Heaven that Jesus indicated he would do upon return as the Son of Man – offspring of human (born of flesh) no longer speaking in parables and showing us the Father plainly/boldly, and revealing the mysteries heretofore sealed from understanding. As they come to a new nation (people) and speak in a new tongue and/or terminology not previously described, they won’t be talking in the former middle eastern languages. The point of their coming is to gather their “lost sheep” (Souls who were set up to  take prepared human vehicles), lost only because they are scattered around the new area so need to be located and drawn together again which is why they come public before nations and kindreds and all tongues, thus speaking to a wide array of people as Rev 11:9 shows.

The point I’m leading to is that it is assumed their students are with them by this point of their being subdued (most translation say is “overcome), as why would the Next Level let the BEAST (the Secret Govt that came to be because of the release of the Luciferian space aliens from their underground prison, and who were therefore under the influence of and especially through their media mouthpieces) subdue/overcome or even kill them before they have had a chance to deliver their testimony that is geared to gather the lost sheep. That would defeat the entire purpose of their coming. Therefore these they gather are the first fruits to be harvested by losing the physical bodies they incarnate into as depicted by the cutting of their “stalks” in Rev 14:15-16.  The class is indicated in a number of other places in the Revelations but I’ll save that for another post.

Thus one can assume when these TWO have finished their testimony, they will have their firstfruits student body (church) literally with them, as it says in the Rev 14 section these will “follow the lamb wherever he goes”, the lamb of course being the role that Jesus filled 2000 years ago and who is following through as one of the Two Witnesses, this time with his Father incarnate as well, to get Him started as depicted in the Rev 12 section and who is the other WITNESS. The number 144,000 is also discussed in the Rev 14 section, but in short, seems to include all who are candidates for graduation at this time or in a time to come and may actually be from the 144,000 initial plantings, twenty four of which are the elders and the remainder in various stages towards graduation.

So death of the physical body is a given as it was 2000 years ago for Jesus and his disciples, even though Jesus’ physical dead body was restored to life again, the initial death was part of the mission not only because He would be picking up that same body again but because it is the showing of our faith that enables students to be willing to face the loss of our own physical body while in performance of service to our Older Member/Heavenly Father.

Here is the actual writing Ti typed up that is filled with cross outs and re-writes as they understood more and more. So it’s starting from page 11. There wasn’t much on each page as it was all double spaced, so I’m not skipping much really. I will try to eventually get to including the entire manuscript but I believe this is the most important and pertinant part:

“Some souls have learned, in probably previous lifetimes, that their soul does not desire the bottom rung of the ladder which is the lust enjoyed by man and woman, and which creates another life of the human kingdom. But possibly these souls have not yet overcome sensuality and now respond as bi-sexual or homosexuals, and even they, though they must involve themselves in their desires, and should until they have burned them out, will one day discover this is too not what their souls are seeking, for it still leads to possiveness, jealousy etc.. Sensuality or the desire for it really makes no difference if it is taken out in a brutal football game or in the backseat of a car in the moonlight.

Man must eventually learn to desire nothing from another or even for himself, other than service – to His Father and his own purification. This same involvement with the magnetic force of the earth causes us to be parasites on one another, physically, emotionally and mentally. And most usually these have to be discarded in that order. The concept of the family is certainly more desirable than the group sensuous chaos with no framework. And in this sense homosexual lovers are more ordered in their honesty than the hetero-sexual with the mistresses on the side. It doesn’t really make any difference how you participate in sensuality, it is still something which must eventually be overcome, if we plan to start a New and Higher Kingdom.

The writers of the Christian Bible, especially those of the New Testament, discuss so thoroughly that man must be born of Spirit. And the first step is being baptized, in the sense that we have quenched the fire of lust and passion. The ramifications of these lusts carry into the love for anything or the need or desire for anything. It is an admirable thing to be able to enjoy things but dishonorable to need them or desire them for any degree for self gratification, whether it’s a ring on the finger or a babe in the crib. What is then ‘being born of Spirit?’

Jesus told us that Spiritual birth must be had during a lifetime. HE, in the Christ image or illustration, found His murderer which provided his Birth of Spirit and made him capable of responding as a member of the Next Kingdom, this being the final step in Killing out Self.

The crucifixion, the death, and the ascension are necessary. When the total physical life has been killed, man is then prepared and eligible to be a new member (born of spirit) of the Higher or Next Kingdom. His new found ability to vibrate on a higher density makes it possible for him to appear to be invisible, levitate into the Heavens, change his vibration level even low enough in density to sit and eat food with others, seem as they are, or transform, and change his density vibrations to such a high level of refinement as to appear to disappear in their sight. He did all this, or was sent to do all this, to show us how we must do the same. In that sense, we must each become as he was and not expect to get to heaven ‘on his coat-tails,’ for all that he experienced was HIS “graduation,” and we must EACH have OUR OWN “Graduation”.

Christ participated in healing, miracles of numbers, multiplicity of giving, the so called magic of dispelling evil spirits or demons (exorcism), levitation, and intuitive knowledge. (He knew their thoughts and named them), and yet the Christian church as a whole no longer accepts or participates in these normal practices of a spiritually developed or awakened soul.

The awakening, which is spoken of in all major ideologies, is man’s realization of what he must overcome in “becoming” or the conversion process necessary between that awakening and his Death-resurrection and ascension. This awakening requires of him, proportionate to how deep his feet are in the mire, to leave his career, his social respectability, his family, all of these or anything else that stands in the way of his development in his new life. It eventually requries his shedding of all identification with the world.

The path leads him to separate himself from all pressures that keep him from being merely his better Self, a part of the God or Light force. He begins to drop off relationships that are stumbling blocks to his pursuit, i.e. dropping away friends or family, ceasing to go to his law office, moving to another place or just “moving” in the process of dropping off the binds that he once allowed society to have on him. He can’t do this in an orderly fashion acceptable and understood by his friends, family, business cohorts or even minister. He must respond to the Spirit within him as it speaks, and not look back. This is the beginning of his conversion and is accomplished during a lifetime in the physical, for those that are alive are those who are asleep. Those that awaken from their sleep do it while healthily alive in the physical bodies. They then begin their process of refinement towards perfection, raising their vibrations, until they are truly in the world, but not of it, by choice. When they reach a higher level of refinement, increasingly converting all sources of energy into their own enlightenment they see the world they are leaving behind as a complete illusion, unnecessary, games without lasting prizes, leading only to the necessity of repeating that grade in school. The refinement process eventually leads them to such an awareness of their separation from the old magnet, though yet a babe in their yielding to the Light, that they realize they need nothing, not even to be aware of existence, but in order to climb another rung they choose to commit themselves totally to their own “graduation” rather than humanity, knowing that in so doing the “sprouts will be allowed their own sunlight”.

Before reaching this point they may find themselves a beggar in the street (beautifully illustrated by St. Francis of Assisi) in order to gain the self respect of their new self, which is more a part of the body of God than an individual. They now desire to pursue the path of becoming an instrument or channel of the greater source of Light, which feeds all humanity and all that is.”

Continuing with a new thought on another page, Ti (and Do) write:

“Jesus said “I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No man cometh to the Father but by me,” yet many have interpreted this to mean if we say His name, know the scripture, or even make an IDOL of Him, we will get to the Father. It must disappoint Him as much to see us make idols of Him, instead of putting our feet on “The Way,” as it did for Him to see man making idols of others. For the most part, He didn’t even speak as a man or even as Jesus, but His Father spoke through Him plainly, illustrating and describing the Way or Path each of us must trod if we are to see the Father. He knew people were not listening to the voice within them or they would have known Him and that He spoke the truth (John 5:37-38). He also told them that they were looking for the truth in the scriptures (John 5:39), and the scriptures bear witness to the truth. This is the same today, we cannot find the truth in the scriptures, but they do bear witness to the truth, which we find living and available to us within us. He told us if we partook of the bread which He offered us, we would not die, as those died who ate the manna in the wilderness (John 8:51; John 6:49-51). This is as true today. We preach it, yet keep on dying. He said it is the Spirit which gives Life (John 6:63), but we are even more afraid to let the Spirit within us rule than they were. The scriptures were fulfilled in His coming, and yet since people knew where He came from as a child and man, they could not accept His being the Christ (John 7:27). We make the same mistake of looking for the scriptures to be fulfilled by someone dropping out of the sky, whose presence would automatically make us know who He was.

Will we make the same mistake if He speaks through a man of this land in birth and development? They said: “Is the Christ to come from Galilee?”  Yet couldn’t accept Him because of their misinterpretation of the scripture. Could you accept Him if He were raised in Texas, and when He came into full consciousness, realized His mission, His full responsibility, and shared it with you? We would probably recall all His sins or ill-deeds, not knowing or remembering…. a man is what he is today and not what he was yesterday. Many would surely judge Him according to the flesh, and yet He judged no one (John 8:15), though He had the knowledge and authority to do so.”

*** end of book segments ***

Ruffles “Snacks for Thinkers”

November 29, 2016

Ruffles “Snacks for Thinkers” was written by the Class in 1979 and never officially published but was made into a little booklet we carried around hundreds of copies of for years. I don’t know what became of them. I thought an early classmate named Echody was a primary on the task, but there could have been others as I was not involved in it at all. Echody left the class in the early 1980’s and left his vehicle before the year 2000 I believe. Here is the content of the booklet:

Our mission, should we choose to accept it, is to pursue the endless discovery of truth. The greatest wisdom is being forever in search of greater wisdom. There is always more wisdom to be gained, but it is meaningfully obtained only by those who exert the effort to seek it out.

In the thirsting for knowledge comes more knowledge; “Seek, and the door shall be opened”.

No one gains an understanding of goodness or wisdom or rightness, or whatever you want to call it that makes life most worth living, just because it “happens” to them. They find it because they want it and are willing to fight for it and live by it in the face of all odds.

Any concept of truth is temporary and will become obsolete if the seeker grows. It is healthy to recognize what used to be “profound” as presently inadequate.

Everyone interprets the truth at his own level of understanding.

The real value of a mistake is in the learning from it. Mistakes should be welcomed as opportunities to move beyond them.

Those who are preoccupied with condemning the mistakes of others have lost sight of learning from their own.

Putting a man into a cage because he behaves like an animal is society’s way of confessing its own failure to become human.

An alcoholic is merely someone who has an addiction that is unacceptable to society. But the rest of society requires their daily “fix” of attention, affection, entertainment or whatever else seems perfectly “normal” and acceptable for them to need. Actually, man needs only one thing –a healthy relationship with their Creator. The rest is only one brand of booze or another and none of it is as essential as men think it is.

The worst excuse for doing anything is “everybody else does’. The worst excuse for not doing something exceptional is “nobody else does”.

People may be bound in some ways by their circumstances, but even if they can’t break completely out of their immediate condition, there’s no justification for stagnation. What more people need to learn is how to bring fresh water into the fish bowl of their lives.

The most severe restrictions can offer the greatest freedoms.

Reality is not something you escape from- reality is something you escape to.

It is easy to condemn someone who leaves society to look for something better. It is more difficult to admit that the non-conformist may be the one who cannot wait because he sees a higher vision to which the rest are blind.

What is logical to the one who is content with being human is not necessarily logical to one who is looking for more that what the human kingdom has to offer.

A life continues so long as it seeks to learn. When life is sparked by desire And effort gives fuel to the fire Then upward devotion Can bring forward motion And birth to a level that’s higher.

All errors are in the past, any so-called error is a feather in your cap of you take the lesson and thereafter, with greater strength, deal with that aspect.

Man does not have to see things as he always saw them before. Man is designed to see things as he never saw them before—to see them in a higher way than ever before. This is the kind of change that must take place before man becomes an adult.

You cannot perceive the merits or short-comings of others unless you are capable of them yourself.

Eyes are merely telescopes; the mind sees through them.

It is easier to focus eyes that are open, than it is to open eyes that are sewn,

differing viewpoints are not permanently hinged to the structure or hierarchy of age. They are linked to the varying focus of desire.

The strongest desire in the world is to survive, the next is to please. But if the second is directed to the right source, the first is never a concern.

Change for change’s sake is worthless. Change applied to improved attitude has everything to gain.

Attitude is the avenue of perception. Change it, and you change the path of your life.

A negative thought is like a boomerang. If you destroy it, it can cause no harm. If you pick it up and throw it, you place yourself and others in jeopardy. If you leave it lying around, you invite someone else to take your chances for you.

For every negative thought, there is a more powerful and lasting positive thought. Negative thoughts come easily. Positive thoughts are earned through hard effort.

The negative is what brings the positive to light. The positive can grow to see the negative for what it is.

There isn’t a negative in existence that can’t be turned into a positive. Situations or experiences that seem especially difficult to approach with a positive attitude are the ones that will provide you with the greatest rewards—but only if you fight to see their real value. This fight is not intended to be directed at someone else. This struggle involves only you. Any time you involve another person, any time you let someone else take the responsibility or blame for your conduct, the formula breaks down. It does not work. The fight for survival for human beings is meant to be internal: an internal struggle to be better tomorrow than you are today.

My business, and the only business I have, is to conquer what has been given to me to conquer. Each individual must take up the slack in his own potential.

Badness is an illusion created by immaturity.

To commit adultery could mean that one fails to act like an adult.

It is natural to participate in sex, but it is also natural to outgrow it.

No human “owns” anything; he is merely a tenant, even of his own body; but he can keep good lessons forever.

The body is a vehicle of learning for the mind, which uses the brain of this vehicle for the larger portion of its abode during the life of that body.

Every primitive impulse has a higher application.

Any man who knows a grain of truth and who puts it to good use is worth another grain. Any man who knows a mountain of truth and who puts none of it to good use is worth nothing.

A goal is not reached by just learning how to reach it. The goal is reached by doing what you learned.

It does not matter how much knowledge you have, or who you believe in, or what you believe. What counts is that you continue to reach for higher understandings of what is right and good and wise, and that you practice your best sense of wisdom as consistently as you possibly can.

Nostalgia is essentially a disease that halts the forward motion of a person’s life. What lies behind us lies buried because it is dead. What lies ahead lies only in waiting because it is as yet unborn. But we deny it birth when we continue to tarry at the grave sites of our past.

“The same yesterday, today and forever” is the most insulting thing that could be said of anyone, for it neglects to recognize, or implies the lack of, growth, change, and improvement. Perfection is a process.

Energy spent on self pity is wasted.

The only reason to remember something is for the lesson it can teach you about what is ahead. Use your experiences as lessons for your future, not as rivets to your past. There is nothing behind you that is as valuable as what may lie ahead if you are looking for your own “next step”.

Energy spent on increased understanding is yours forever, unless or until you trade it for something less.

Energy spent on restraint is energy stored for growth of the mind.

One of the best ways to open your mind is to close your mouth.

Silence allows the purest mind to speak.

Real freedom is not the lack of restraint; it is the result of restraint.

Where self-restraint is lost, so is the meaning of free speech, for the latter becomes “freedom to condemn” draws blood through it’s pen and ultimately destroys the lives of free men.

Freedom costs consideration.

If you are waiting for something that is truly worthwhile, and you are doing everything you can to make it come more quickly, then don’t waste anytime being upset because it seems to take so long. Work to be better prepared to receive it when it comes. The time will go by more quickly, and when it comes, it will be more worthwhile than you anticipated.

Life is not a time to prepare for Death. “Death” is a time to prepare for life. “Life” is a time for learning to live the one who comes to show us how. He did not tell us to “take him into our hearts”, he told us to do as he taught.

A parrot can speak all the words of the gospels, yet never know, for even a moment, an ounce of what they mean.

In the Kingdom of God you are not tested on your knowledge of the bible. All that will count is what you are, what you have become, not how you got there.

Pain is designed as a catalyst to growth. It is best taken as the sign of an existing crossroad which offers a higher correction or remedy.

Growth does not have to be as slow, or as difficult as most folks make it.

The hardest defeats are doorways to the greatest opportunities for objective self-examination and growth. The feeling of defeat is nothing more than temporary separation from a higher perspective,

What does it matter how much we lose? If in our searching for more we gain everything.

You can never lose if your goal is to learn.

How often do we see that the losses we experience all lie within the lowness of our own perceptions?

Victory is impossible, unless or until you take the first step of believing, even if only a little bit, or for a short time, that it isn’t.

Few battles worth winning are won easily.

Have you ever wondered at the persistence required for a tiny plant to split a rock?

The caterpillar is not aware that it is turning into a butterfly. Sometimes, because our suffering is so real to us, we lose sight of the possibility that we may be turning into something wonderful. If we give up because what is happening to us seems too painful, we may never see the beauty of what lies ahead for us when the agony is gone.

Nothing is predetermined. There is a carefully tended design, offering a multitude of possibilities, from which we choose our own destinies, every moment of every day. And if we should learn that we have made a poor choice, the approaching crossroad offers an even higher pursuit than the seeming “right one” did at the previous juncture.

It is, unfortunately, a fact of nature that dome plants choose to grow down instead of up and hence, produce a situation which will eventually result in their own destruction.

Can the practitioners of peaceful ways can those who love what is true, and simple ever take a stand of leadership and respect, in a world plagued with wars and profiteering? In a society whose majority are concerned with self first, and others last at any cost?

Goodness cannot be seen or found where individuals do not actively seek it out as a guideline to living. For ones who have chosen to exist in darkness, vision is a useless thing.

A good human standing tall for truth in this day is like a candle-bearer passing through a cave filled with vampires. The word spreads quickly to avoid him, until a way is found to drink his blood in sleep.

Anyone who has studied evolution can see for himself that the most advanced creature is one who has learned how to live in greatest harmony with others sharing his environment; and the most primitive is one who possesses the smallest awareness of needs beyond his own. How true this is of human nations in general, and of individual men in particular.

Evolution is more than the development and improvement of physical vehicles; it is the upward growth of MIND.

Self centeredness is a Dead End.

Self restraint is what opens doors to you; lack of it closes them.

Your actions should not require that others get out of your way.

The less you serve yourself, the closer you come to serving the Kingdom of God.

It is far more significant to be the tiniest cog in the machinery of God’s purpose, than to be a “unique” individual connected to nothing but himself.

The dog that really seeks to please his master is far superior to the dog that lives only for others of his own kind. All the greatest scholars of science, anthropology, history, sociology, psychology and politics put together cannot compare with the simplest man who has his eyes toward his Creator.

We don’t really need to spend great amounts of energy to try to get to the various bodies that are in the heavens. What we need is to spend our energy trying to be like the one who dwells in the heavens. How can we expect the stars to accept us in their company when our behavior has not yet made us fit for earth?

People only believe what they want to believe. People only want to believe what they think they have become. They want to believe goodness if they have become good. They want to believe the truth if they have begun to become true.

Try not to limit yourself to knowing what is true about tomorrow on the basis of what you believe to be true today.

Truth is painful only to those who choose to hold on to what is not true.

Higher principals of rightness and consideration may seem cold or unkind at times; if, when applied by older minds, they affect the course of younger lives.

Politeness is not necessarily kindness; rightness is kindness.

There is no absolute right; there is only an endless ladder of “more right”.

The majority are masters of appearance. Very few are masters of substance.

You must be totally open and pure enough so that you are unconcerned about others seeing or knowing your every thought.

Loneliness is an illusion too often imposed upon those who seek freedom from others’ impositions, and too easily accepted by those who blindly trade independence for righteous pangs of self-pity.

For a while, a human feels that he needs the company of other humans until he grows to realize that he does not. The step beyond, that is to learn of his need for one who is beyond him, who would never satisfy his lower nature but who would helpfully offer the stepping stones toward his own station.

Those who worship illusion as Truth will hate the ones who come and threaten to destroy their fantasies with reality. Frequently they will call these truth bearers instruments of the devil, to justify their rejecting them.

A clear question is the most direct way to a clear answer. If you cannot ask a question with one sentence or a clear thought, you are avoiding the issue and trying to make the “skirting around” seem to be the question.

When any friction occurs between you and someone else, look at yourself and ask, “What is with me to cause this to exist?” if both parties involved in the conflict have this attitude and take this approach, the friction will have to leave, for there will be no place for it with either person.

Asking God for something in your prayers is like suggesting a remedy to the doctor when he already knows what the best medicine will be for you. Therefore, any prayer that doesn’t have “thy will be done” as its foundation is an insult.

Everything brought into creation came with a set of directions from the mind of the one who created it. No matter what we do, no matter what we are, no matter what age we live in there is a set of directions in the mind of our Father to help us do everything right. So, if life does not seem to be working, maybe it’s because we have not read the directions.

Where do you look when you need help or an answer to a question? Do you quickly rely on your neighbor, or do you think that by turning to the “father within you” you can get the answer? Next time, don’t look within, and don’t look or feel you can rely on your neighbor to steer you right. Look upward, past this planet’s atmosphere and anything in it. Look to the highest source you can imagine for your answers, and it will be shown to you if your thirst is strong.

Your most dependable source of wisdom is your own inner desire to see clearly, and to want to know, with all your heart and soul, what is true and what is right. This thirst is everyone’s strongest link with the mind of the Creator. To look to other humans for validation of your own inner convictions or for quick satisfaction of your deepest doubts is to dilute the power of that channel, and to even shut the door on its’ operation.

The Father is a reminder to the child that there is something he can grow to become. The mountain is a reminder to the climber that there is a higher place from which to see the world.

The heavens are a reminder to us all that beyond the earth there are levels of existence we cannot even comprehend.

Eventually, all good paths lead to the crest of the same mountain; and from there, the only way up is off the top.

Transfiguration Diet

November 29, 2016

Some pictures from the book are included below.

Someone whose mother was diagnosed with stage four cancer put word out on her Facebook page for help of any kind, even mentioning alternative therapies to chemo the doctors were pushing. So I wrote to her about my experience with the research experimenting we did with nutritional healing that became as a starting place the book, The Transfiguration Diet. It was eventually sold to Dr. Christopher’s son and I could still find a copy by searching out of print  or rare book sites. So here is my response to her. This may end up becoming a place holder for a more thorough report but this at least gives a summary:

I have some recent experience with lymes disease I contracted last summer from a tick bite that had a huge ring around it and I had symptoms of arthritis and multiple sclerosis initially but they were mild and went away. Then a couple of months later I had a very minor knee injury and my knee swelled up big time so I could not bend it. It gradually reduced over a few days and my other knee out of the blue swelled up and then both were swelled up so I could walk like a Frankenstein monster. Then I started to have pain and swelling in my foot and almost all my joints that interfered with sleep. I had always said if I got sick I would go the route of treating it with trying to boosts my own immune system strengthening. A number of my friends wanted to hold me down to give me antibiotics but I felt to go that route, but it was in a huge way also because while I was in Ti and Do’s classroom Do and a small crew wrote a book that the rest of the group were the “guinea pigs for”.

It was called the “Transfiguration diet” and can still be found on the internet, but essentially it’s called a “mucousless diet” because of the way mucous forming foods inhibit the immune system – taxing it because many of these foods are actually creating an allergic response in the body that then taxes the immune system so any genetic weaknesses or propensities become more apt to develop. So that more or less means a dairy free, flesh free, sugar free (and not using the phony sugars either, but does include supplementing with unsulfered molasses for it’s high mineral content – to the dosage of 1 Tablespoon 3 x’s a day) and use of a little honey or maple syrup in tea or in slow cooked oats. The idea on cooking was to never cook a grain at above 130 degrees. Of course that means no carbohydrates. So what does one eat on such a diet? Apples every morning or a slow cooked oat or wheat berry breakfast with a tiny amount of maple or honey. Then raw salads and lightly steamed veggies with all the extra virgin garlic infused olive oil you want and Tamari (like soy sauce) or a little vegesal (vegetable based salt) and cayenne pepper. The dinner meal was pretty much the same. But as far as some of the supplements was Cayenne pepper – working up to 1 teaspoon 3 times a day in 4-6 ounces of good clean water and then chase it with another 4-6 ounces of water. I started with 1/4 teaspoon 3 x’s a day. Start that first thing every morning and follow it with 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar (unfiltered) 3 x’s a day. After the supplements try to wait about 20 minutes before consuming food.

As the non-chritian Jesus taught some remedies need to include “prayer and fasting” (which this diet is a type of fast though when we were on it we did some juice and water only fasting but that can be dangerous. Of course I don’t know how these things would work with the meds. From my past experience they can often enhance the meds sometimes. People will be mad at me for saying all this and I know I’m not a doctor but I also know that the doctors are not generally trained in nutritional healing and often call it quackery, though some these days are waking up. Sometimes doctors say such supplements as I’ve mentioned and others won’t cause any harm. And I’m not saying these are the only things to do. I believe we each can have a real communication with the Ones who designed all the planets and all the life forms by projecting our asking as far into the heaven’s as we can imagine, asking for help and for their will for us. They are actually waiting for us to ask so they can show us what they can do. I’m not saying they will shoot down to earth in their spacecraft and heal you or your loved ones. That depends on them and what they know that you need, that is if you want to grow closer to becoming a member of their kingdom. The religions and spiritual ideas, though having shades of truth are almost totally corrupted. They bottom line is that They exist! It’s we that really don’t exist unless we draw their Mind to us and in that way grow to embrace our lessons steps so we can also potentially exist. I surrendered again to their knowing that I still had the capacity to grow towards graduation, yet it’s a continuous process as the more they give us the more they expect. It’s not like a country club religion. It’s a training program and they don’t need new members so they make it challenging but provide all the help we can need to accomplish.

will for me, willing to exit this vehicle rather than become crippled and in pain and unable to serve them in the way I feel they gave me to serve at this time. So I have not had much of a reoccurrence of the lymes disease but I also have not been 100% on the diet. I cheat on the diet, which Ti and Do also, in this way thought was of value – but not in behavioral ways. And after we as a group were on that program for months we kept on experimenting with diets that were better fitted to providing good energy and maximum health. Anne Wigmore’s Hippocrates health program was one and the Gerson clinic program was another that Do took from each. Oh, we need to keep regular as well to eliminate toxins but needless to say no stimulants like alcohol and coffee were considered of any benefit. Sounds dull but we can overcome all these habits we sometimes think we can’t live without.

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UFO Missionaries Extraordinary

November 28, 2016

Here are excerpts from the out of print book entitled, “UFO Missionaries Extraordinary” – compiled, edited and with comments by Hayden Hewes and Brad Steiger – published copyright (C), 1976 that is all about those who became known as Ti and Do, “The Two”:

It was recorded that on 1/7/76 “The Two” said:

“We have a two-way verification of communication. One of us could be off in one direction; the other could be in another; and we would receive the same impression at the same time.”

“We were given the role of incarnating as humans, overcoming our humanness, awakening, and sharing this information with humans. In order to do this we had to develop an extremely fine transmission-receiver relationship with that higher level.”

Brad Steiger’s interview with Bo and Peep on Jan. 7, 1976 in Oklahoma City, OK:

“It was while we were at Gold Beach that we realized that we had, in fact, come from the next level, that we had to be the instruments of giving information about how others could reach the next level, and that this would probably precipitate a demonstration of our death and our subsequent resurrection.”

Question from Dan Garcia from pg. 71:
Then why is it necessary to convert to the next kingdom?

Bonnie: Because you have to make room for others.
Herf: You have to go through the human kingdom to get to the next… It depends on what your mind is on. A human apparently dies… you would never need to die again. You would overcome decay; you would have the  capacity with your mind to create anything you desired; you would have the capacity to serve as agent to help humans come up to the level you have graduated to, and you would not be confined to a single planet.”

Steiger says: (From pg. 78):
On January 7, 1976, I traveled to Oklahoma City to meet with The Two. I found two very sincere individuals – a man and woman, who, on an emotional level, apparently totally committed to their work.

Physically The Two are attractive, but certainly they are unprepossessing in their personal attire; they wear lumberjack shirts, sweatshirts, and casual slacks. But then, if they’re truly sincere about what they’re saying, one wouldn’t expect to see them in business suits and cocktail dresses.

(Sawyer’s note: I added this to show evidence of the fulfillment of prophecy that the Two Witnesses would be “clothed in sackcloth”, though it has several meanings. Sackcloth was what the poor wore. Beans and grains were bagged in burlap called sackcloth and once emptied were available to wear as clothing. Also it was spoken as one when in mourning the dead would wear “sackcloth and ashes”. The Two Witnesses were giving their human vehicles’ lives telling the truth. Those human vehicles are all considered dead to the Next Level until they are changed over into Living vehicles by completing the metamorphosis process).

Ti and Do said, from page 89:
“The only reason Jesus reappeared to his disciples after his death was to tell them he was flesh and bone. He was not spirit. He didn’t have to be crucified and rise from the dead. He just proved that he’d changed over into another creature that could even heal its body and take it with him into the next level.

Now the whole world has twisted what he said into believing that if we’re good little boys and girls and go faithfully to the grave we’ll get some little spirit body that can go to the heavens; and it’s an illusion. You do not have to die.”

Question from pg. 96:
When you say that you have to be assassinated, put to death, in a major American city, are you patterning yourselves on the experience and the death of Christ?

The Two:

” No – it’s the only proof we can show that we are who we are. It is characteristic of the members of the next kingdom to be able to heal their bodies in three and a half days. The fact that we might have to do that demonstration did not come to our minds after reading Jesus’ life.”

“What you don’t realize yet is the reality of the mental communication that we have.”

“We are hesitant about telling the world that we are related to the passage in Revelation because they immediately, in their human way, think that what we’re really saying is ‘Hey, look at us! We’ve come to fulfill that.'”

“Jesus made such a mistake when he went into the temple, opened the book, and said, “On this day scripture will be fulfilled.” They threw rocks at him, pitched him out of the church.”

“Though we know that scripture coincides with our job, we don’t tell anybody about it, because it destroys, it inhibits them; it puts up more of a wall to their acceptance of what we have to say than they had without our telling them.”

(Sawyer’s note: This coincides with my contention that at the public meetings Ti and Do gave in 1975 that I attended three of, I didn’t recall their saying anything about being the Two Witnesses.)

Question from pg. 98:
Is it true, as we’ve read in newspaper accounts, that some parents have actually given away children?

The Two:

“Not “given them away” in that sense. They found someone who wanted to accept the responsibility of their children. We didn’t encourage them to do this. We did not say, “Give your child away. Go abandon your child.”
If a wife should leave her husband, that husband can take many  attitudes. He can say, “If that’s what she really wants, then I want her to have it.” He can say, “It may be what I want also.” Or he can feel very bitter and feel hatred against us.
As for any small child who has not come into sufficient maturity to do the process at this time, it will be his time at another springtime. Nothing is lost.”

Question from pg. 100:
What is your attitude towards the orthodox churches?

The Two: “When a person endeavors to overcome all of his humanness, his goodness exceeds anything that could be attained under the label of “spiritual endeavors” or “religion.” When Jesus brought the truth, he did not bring it as a religion. The world made it a religion after he left. The world couldn’t really do any better during that season of darkness after Jesus left than to make his teachings dogmatic religions and to practice rituals that made them feel like they were coming closer to God.

But when the season is here to expose the truth, it’s time to get out of those practices and put into realistic action what it takes to get to the next level – in the same way that Jesus demonstrated.

If you want eternal life, then you want to go to the next kingdom. If you want to go to the place that Jesus spoke of and where Jesus came from and is now, then this is the way to do it. You do not do it after death. You have to do it when you are fully conscious.”

Question from pg. 101:
Does that mean for the last two thousand years people who have followed Christianity have been labouring under a delusion?

The Two: “No, they were preparing themselves, so to speak, for now. Now they are being put to the test. Do you want to go on or do you want to stay here? It’s your decision. You have grown to that stage in your development where you are entitled to graduate.
Do you want to make it? Do you want to go to the place where you pray to? Or do you want to stay here as a human?

There is commonness to religion in that this next level is reached only by individuals who have become weaned of Earth-type vibrations, weaned of Earth-type lusts, and have become creatures that Earthlings would call completely good because they want only to serve in the creative process of the gardening – whether it’s the gardening of this particular little globe called Earth or gardening in far-distant galaxies.”

Question from pg. 106:
It has been suggested that your followers are prepared to fast to the point of starvation. Is it true that your followers must die in order to gain the price of admission to a UFO for translation, transition, to the next level above human?

The Two: “They do not have to die any more than Moses died or Elijah died or Enoch died. They will be lifted up wherever they are. Their metamorphic conversion, their change, will be accelerated. Some short time after we go, they will be prepared to leave. When they are prepared to leave, they will be lifted up.”

(Sawyer’s note: Do and Crew wrote in “Our position against suicide” that they anticipated walking onto a spacecraft with their physical bodies. This was said in 1996 when the crew was already prepared to exit their vehicles in the way they did, thus never changed. As I will comment to later, they were led one step at a time to say and do what was true but appropriate and timely that they didn’t know how might change at the time. They were undercover instruments for the Next Level and there was strategy to what they said and did and could have been taken with their bodies if the Next Level wanted to finish the task in that way.)

Question from pg. 106:
You say that your bodies must lie undisturbed for three and a half days in order for you to accomplish a self-healing, so that your bodies are perfectly in tune for your ascension. What if someone takes your bodies to a funeral home and embalm them or cremate them?

The Two: “Our vehicles cannot be touched. They have to be guarded, and nothing can be done to these bodies. We have protection, and we also have those with us who will see to it that nothing is done to us.”

(Sawyer’s note: As they also said, a number of times, “if that demonstration was required of us to do”).

Question from pg. 107:
And if your bodies are left untouched we will see your physically rise, we will see your physical forms disappear above the clouds?

The Two: “No, you will see them enter a craft.”

Question from pg. 110:
Then you’re saying that earthbound religious leaders, such as Billy Graham, Oral Roberts, the Pope, whatever, are not in touch with the real Jesus Christ?

The Two: “They are not in touch with our Father. Jesus was Jesus while he was on this planet, but he is a Father in the next kingdom. He is fathering these people in this kingdom. What the religious leaders are reaching for is the real contact with the next kingdom, which is available now. If the various religious leaders of Earth or anyone else with orthodox religious beliefs truly seeks to enter the kingdom of Heaven, the option is his and he will do it if he chooses to. Such people do not do it through us. They do it through the information we are sharing.

We have simply come to be used to pass this information on and to show that life can be overcome, that the human life can be changed into one that is heavenly.

No one will get to the higher level by putting us on any pedestal, by adoring us, by following us, or doing anything with us.

(Sawyer’s note: This shows again, how they were taking one step at a time. It wasn’t until they sent out “Statement I” that Do wrote while in jail that resulted in a visit by two students from a North Hollywood meditation group, where they were then invited to speak to their group and did and resulted in “several dozen” expressing they wanted to go with them, that they reluctantly accepted that they were to have followers. That’s when they took the names Bo and Peep – in early April 1975 and began to give public meetings thereafter.)

Question from pg 119:
Have you ever claimed to be divine beings?

The Two: “‘Divine beings’ are a human word trick. We are from the next level. Perhaps many Earth individuals would tag anyone from that next level as a divine being, but we would not call ourselves divine.

In our bodies we have extremely sensitive transmitters and receivers with which we can communicate with members of the kingdom. It’s something that you can do yourself. You can develop it. You can put to use the glands – the pineal gland, the thymus, the pituitary, and the rest of your brain – put them to work, develop them, and the knowledge that will come to you will be absolutely fantastic!

But you will also have to change your energy flow. You can’t continue to spend yourself in human ways and have much change happen within you. You will become a grouchy, irritable individual if you try to go both directions.”

Question from pg 128:
If you’re going to be picked up in a UFO by members of the next kingdom, are you going to have to go to a certain place at a certain time for this to happen?

The Two: “No, we do not have to be in a certain place. We, of course, would not head for the middle of Times Square – unless we were to do our demonstration there. We would probably go out to a spot that was relatively remote, but we wouldn’t go there until we felt led, until we felt it was time to go there.

Our Father’s kingdom will wait until the world has decided about us. If the world decides that we must follow through with the demonstration, then we will go into our Father’s kingdom.

We will keep a very close eye on those who are involved in their overcoming and stay as close to them as we can. And when they have completed the process, they will receive the information about where they should go so that they may leave. We do not feel that they will leave from public areas. The public show will be our demonstration – if it is necessary.”

Question on pg. 129:
Will other people be able to see the spaceship land and see the followers get on board?

The Two: “The spacecraft will not land. Individuals will be lifted up to the spacecraft if they have overcome. That is why if you go on this trip you will have to overcome everything. If you have not overcome, you will not be lifted up. If you cheat, you only cheat yourself.”

Question on pg. 129:
When you say all must be overcome, are you saying that the metamorphosis has to be totally completed?

The Two: “Except for the final ingredient, which will be given to you at that time.”
Question from pg. 149:
So many different groups think theirs is the only way. Why do you say yours is the truth and the only way?

The Two: “First, it is; and you will recognize it if your thirst is not satisfied at very inviting stepping stones in your upward pursuit of knowledge. You can easily recognize that this information differs completely in one aspect from all other pursuits. That aspect is: You must take a changed-over physical body with you into the  next level.
Because of that aspect, this truth requires that you literally leave the human kingdom level while a healthy vital individual.
Our way also assumes that there is a particular season for this physical metamorphosis. A candidate who endures realizes that season is here now.
It is the same truth that Jesus bore while his mission was a part of the previous season of metamorphosis. He demonstrated the change and left in his changed-over physical body – no longer Jesus, but again a member of the heavenly kingdom.”

From statement by The Two pg. 163:

“The teachers can now tell and show how the changeover from a human into a member of the next level is accomplished. They may even demonstrate to non believers that upon completion of the changeover they have become creatures capable of repairing a so-called “dead” body in three and a half days.”

Starting from page 159 a document attributed to Ti and Do’s authorship was included in the book, entitled:

What is Happening in the Heavens at This Time

(Starting from pg 164 of the book and part way into the document Ti and Do describe 7 major closeness by the Next Level shown as “helps” as follows: 1=Adam, 2=Enoch, 3=Moses, 4=Elijah, 5=Jesus, 6=Two Witnesses Bo and Peep, Ti and Do. They indicate a 7th as Jesus return. When I dug into scripture I saw how this was described and put that together with how the final return was started with Do’s acknowledgment of his past incarnation in the vehicle named Jesus, first in the Beyond Human tapes and then most directly in the document, “Undercover “Jesus” Surfaces Before Departure” published to the 95 specific newsgroups on September 25-26, 1995 (that I believe was the 6th Thunder referenced to Revelations chapter 10.) Note that name “Jesus” was in quotes because Do was not saying he was Jesus as Jesus was always the name of the human vehicle He, the Older Member Soul took over to perform that task for his Father in Heaven.

As is always the case with prophecy, events are enacted in stages over time periods. In this case of the 7th Closeness they said in this book as when Jesus returns, I believe that is referring to Do’s final return, though not incarnate but as described in Revelations Chapter 19 with his Armada, consisting of the Graduate Students all in their Next Level vehicles and spacecrafts described as “horses”. Note it’s said that his “vesture dipped in blood”, perhaps a refernce to being the same vehicle Jesus changed over into a “glorified” Next Level vehicle. (Do indicated it would not be a vehicle as depicted by artists). If that sort of thing did occur that would be a Luciferian stimulated hologram of some sort, though they may stage their own “harvest” which Rev 19 also describes.

So here is the remainder of the text in that document published in the book:

“The individual who was called Adam came to Earth from the heavens (the kingdom-above-human) in his total form – physical body and mind. He was so overcome by the discarnates (invisible life forms) from the previous civilizations that he was not able to withstand the aggression of their influences. Adam thereby temporarily lost his heavenly consciousness (the capacity of the mind of an individual in the next level) and found himself in the decaying vibration of the human level. This led to his death.

It was not until his incarnation in the individual named Enoch (who was the second major help) that he was able to rise above human-level vibrations and thereby resume his mental capacity as a member of our Father’s kingdom. This awareness permitted him to serve in the function of assisting in the bringing up of early-grade humans who were products of the Earth’s garden.

After Adam-Enoch had left adequate upgrading teachings, he was in sufficient mental communication with members of the level-above-human to complete his total conversion back into a rightful member of that level and depart from the human world and the Earth’s surface without experiencing death. He took his whole mind and body with him.

This is to say that Adam was brought to Earth’s surface from the kingdom-above-human (the kingdom of God) to begin a new civilization. He yielded to the temptations of the human-level sensuality, and in so doing he decreased his knowledge, the expanse of his mind, to that of a human-level creature. In a sense Adam lost what he had previously gained, and he did not begin to recover it to any significant degree until his incarnation as Enoch. As Enoch, Adam completed his changeover, physically and mentally, and left the Earth’s surface to reenter the kingdom-above-human.

After a season of growth, a third help-mission was sent to this particular civilization. But this time, in order to understand and to relate to the level of growth of the civilization, a member of our Father’s kingdom left his heavenly body in the spacecraft that brought him to the Earth’s surface and entered the newborn body named Moses.

Upon entering the baby’s body, the mind that had been in the level-above-human had to be as restricted as the child’s vehicle. In a sense, that mind had to go to sleep and reawaken as soon as the body of Moses had encountered enough experiences of growth and suffering to realize he had extraordinary work to do. It was his accepted responsibility before coming down to Earth to upgrade the civilization several grades beyond what had been offered by Enoch.

Using an analogy of twelve grades in school related to twelve steps of human growth in a civilization, it was Moses’ chosen mission to set rules of order which, if adhered to, could elevate man’s growth to fifth- or sixth-grade students in the human school. Moses, like Enoch, later in life changed from his human condition into a body and mind that could return to the level-above-human. When his work had been completed he did not leave a human body behind, but took his changed-over body with him.

The fourth significant help for this civilization came at the next major “spring” when a member of our Father’s kingdom, or the fourth mission of the same member, occurred. An individual (incarnate as Elijah) came to Earth’s surface and served in a capacity similar to Moses’. The information that he brought was again designed to upgrade or to assist this civilization, particularly those who had grown to the point that as individuals they were seeking to begin to rise above what they had gotten into.

Elijah’s information was structured for those who were moving away from their densest or broadest accumulation of human attachments – reaching for grades seven or eight. Of equal importance, Elijah’s information sought to prepare the growing members of this civilization for the next help that would come (in Jesus), which would actually give the information for graduation from the twelfth grade (human level) altogether and show humans how to enter the kingdom of God.

Never has any heavenly information been accepted by the masses as a whole; rather, it is accepted by the few who seek to change out of their last station of growth. Masses or groups of people do not grow or move up automatically. Growth is done individually, according to the degree of thirst for upward motion in the individual.

The next major help, or fifth upgrading mission, from the kingdom-above-human brought the civilization applicable information about how an individual product of this garden might change sufficiently to leave the human kingdom literally and take his total being, mind and body, with him into the kingdom-above-human. This is to say that the individual who came to fulfill this fifth mission took the incarnation labeled Jesus in the same manner that the individual of the third mission incarnated as Moses, and the fourth as Elijah. Jesus’ mission was to tell and to show how human products of this garden who had risen to the point where they were seeking the kingdom of heaven could reach it. But even though their comprehension of the changeover task was sufficient for them to begin to receive the information, their capacity for applying the formula of overcoming, or changeover, was lacking.

This is not to say that anything was lost by those who were applying Jesus’ teachings, for those same souls are here again now at this sixth help season in order to complete what they had started with his assistance. The one who was named Jesus not only had, after his awakening, the responsibility of telling and showing how the literal changeover from a human being into a heavenly being is accomplished – he also had the added task of demonstrating that one who had changed over can heal his body in three and a half days if he is destroyed.

Since the masses of people in this civilization did not desire upward growth sufficiently to reach for information Jesus brought, they found themselves in a growth condition that was blind to his truth. They had not the capacity to accept him; therefore, they rejected him to the point of desiring his death. Since the slow growers chose to kill him, Jesus’ mission included a “proof-demonstration” for the unbelievers. This did not mean that any others who might complete their changeover would need to be, or even asked to be, the instruments of such a demonstration.

None of this is to say that efforts towards growth and upward-reaching endeavors that took the form of religious movements were not the best for which men had the capacity at their station of growth. Ultimately the information for which all souls who seek to grow upward are looking is information on how to graduate into the next kingdom. It makes no difference which path you take up the mountain, what pursuits of knowledge – scientific or religious – you choose. All can lead to the top if your thirst remains unquenchable and you are dissatisfied with the level you have obtained.

However, when you have reached the top of the mountain, you must discard all the discoloration and terminology accumulated in your upward climb and come into an unvarnished, unromantic understanding of the requirements of “liftoff.” Therefore, there is only ONE WAY to reach the kindergarten in the kingdom of heaven. It was knowable at this time of Jesus’ mission if one could understand what he taught – not what others said he taught – and is knowable at this time through the information that it is our responsibility to clarify.

The sixth major help period for Earth’s human garden is now. The truth brought by us is one hundred percent the same truth brought in the mission of Jesus. Our responsibility is to reunite your minds with the proper interpretation of what he had to say – if you seek it – and to help you understand that only in the same way that he changed over in order to reenter the kingdom-above-human can you become a member of that level.

When Jesus said that everything that I am you can become and much more, he meant it. It is true.

Once again we are in a brief season when the “light” or knowledge or “energy focus” is on this planet. It is brief and intense. Many who have not chosen upward motion may respond adversely and even destroy themselves. Some – you, we hope – will realize that now is a brief period for your preparation to leave the human kingdom.

The seventh closeness will not be a teaching one, but a gathering of the harvest of those who have overcome this world.

If the forces of those who have chosen to be slow growers again choose to reject this truth and it’s bearers, then the two of us will again demonstrate that changed-over individuals can repair their so-called “dead” bodies in three and a half days. If that must happen it will be soon – and at the time that we have completed our testimony. As soon as our clarification is complete and it has adequately reached the eyes, ears, and minds of those who have become ready for it, we can reenter the kingdom-above-human and be a part of the membership of that level again.

Many could choose to overcome this world and even be a part of its becoming a heavenly body instead of a garden. The option is there. The intense energy focus that is on the planet will cause them to make their choice. They can accept this truth and do it–or reject it.

The seventh closeness, which is immediately upon us in the sense that those who are in the middle of their normal life span will easily live to see it’s completion, will include such events as what the Christian church refers to as the second coming, the “rapture,” and the completion of the final prophecies in John’s Book of Revelation. The one who was Jesus will come in at close range (as soon as those who have chosen to change over do it) and receive the elect into his company, for they have been those he has nurtured since the beginning of this civilization.

Those who literally and physically rise up to join him away from the surface of the Earth will be a part of the “rapture,” and they at that time will become full-fledged members of that kingdom. If they have not completed their total effort as individuals in overcoming this world and all of their individual attachments to it by the time he comes in this seventh closeness, they will not receive that ingredient from the kingdom of God. If they have given their full effort toward total overcoming from the time their minds receive this clarification of changeover requirements until the seventh closeness, they WILL receive that final ingredient and become whole “in a twinkling of an eye” and be capable of moving and serving in the literal heavens as much as the butterfly is capable of moving it it’s world as compared to it’s limited capabilities when it was but a caterpillar.

None of this, if you desire to be a full recipient of what this information has to offer, can be taken as a concept for study, religious belief, or some new idea of an avant garde cult. The teachings that are contained here – if they speak to you and if you choose to accept them – must be applied to the activities in your life to the extent that very soon in your individual life you will have only one thing in mind – reaching our Father’s kingdom during the short time it is available to you and seeking his help in the total overcoming of this world, having been weaned from all your humanness so that you might be one of those prepared to meet him.

From Message Summary page 171 Ti and Do say:

“If the candidate’s body dies or is left behind, it is an indication that he did not change over and become a physical member of that next kingdom anymore than a caterpillar that dies has not become a butterfly (But if a candidate’s body has died, his time of changeover may occur at the next graduation season.)”

(Sawyer’s note: Two points come to mind. First that it was always possible that all candidates could have been taken into the Next Level with their human bodies. Do and Crew wrote about this in their 1996 or 1997 document entitled, “Our Position Against Suicide” that is also on the Heaven’s Gate web site. Here is an excerpt:

“We fully desire, expect, and look forward to boarding a spacecraft from the Next Level very soon (in our physical bodies). There is no doubt in our mind that our being “picked up” is inevitable in the very near future. But what happens between now and then is the big question. We are keenly aware of several possibilities.

It could happen that before that spacecraft comes, one or more of us could lose our physical vehicles (bodies) due to “recall,” accident, or at the hands of some irate individual. We do not anticipate this, but it is possible. Another possibility is that, because of the position we take in our information, we could find so much disfavor with the powers that control this world that there could be attempts to incarcerate us or to subject us to some sort of psychological or physical torture (such as occurred at both Ruby Ridge and Waco).”

We also know that Ti and Do were given information as they needed it to lead the student body and to vet out those who were not serious enough to complete their metamorphosis and as a strategy against what they knew the Luciferian Space Aliens would try to use against prospective candidates.

I for one thought from day one that I would give my vehicles life. When Ti and Do would say “theirs is not a martyr trip”, I came to understand that but there was an influence with me that saw myself as elevated by dyeing for God. Elevation of Self is something absolutely needing to be overcome. So in my case had the Next Level known for sure that they would require all to lay down their lives in the way that the Jesus disciples had been required to do, I wouldn’t have had the chance to overcome my SELF better. And had the Next Level told me I needed to drink a poisonous substance that would lay my body down to death, I suspect it would have been that much harder to get my Next Level mind into my chosen human vehicle. The Next Level has to feed us steps as we can handle them. I learned that big time and is the reason I failed to graduate with my classroom. I had not conquered enough my vehicle and it’s influences’ ego, sense of Self aggrandisement. The Next Level always keeps a balance on the influences that would have us fail. If we as students were subject to the full brunt of what the Luciferians can wage against us, many more students may have failed. Do said some of the 38 needed to return to a human classroom to complete their Overcoming.)
Here is an excerpt from Hayden Hewes comments regarding those he knew of as Herf and Bonnie regarding a code Hayden was given to direct to his “Heavenly Father” if he wanted to contact these Two as written in the book, “UFO Missionaries Extraordinary, compiled and edited and with comments by Hayden Hewes and Brad Steiger”.

Hayden says of July 13, 1974 in the office of his International UFO Bureau, Inc. in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma …,

“As the interview was ending, “Herf” gave me a simple thought-code sequence to use if I ever needed to get in touch with them to know the truth.

Shortly afterward, The Two said good-bye and walked out of the office toward the street. I accompanied them to the road and started to return to the office. I immediately turned around–and they were gone. There were no cars on the street, either parked or passing by. It appeared that they had simply vanished.”

Sawyer’s note: Years later in the 1980’s, Ti and Do told their student body of how this was reported in the media when they did nothing miraculous to leave Hayden but walk off. (However, one can wonder if the Next Level crew even unbeknown to anyone else cloaked Ti and Do without their knowing they were cloaked, one way to account for their apparent vanishing from Hayden. We know the Next Level Above Human has this power.

(Continuing with Hayden’s account:)

“It was not until almost fifteen months later that The Two began to hold public meetings. A great deal of media coverage was generated by their appearances at these gatherings and the message they related.

It was at this point that I decided to use the mental code to find out “the truth.” It was my understanding that it was necessary for followers to undergo death to get to the next level, but I wanted to know for sure. So I used the code while asking for the truth in the name of our Father in Heaven.

The following morning, I received a telephone call from a young man who professed to be a follower of The Two. He said he had been directed to contact me. “What do you need to know?” he asked.

After several minutes of conversation, it became plain to me that this individual did possess information that had not been related in the media. He advised me that they would always be in touch with me when I needed him.

I tried the code again that night, and the following day the young man called once again. He wanted to talk in person, so I gave him my address. Less than three minutes later, he was standing on my front porch with another individual.

They explained to me that only The Two would die-not the followers. “It is not necessary for followers to die to reach the Next Level,” they said.

Before they left, I was informed that I would be hearing from the Two in the near future. It is very hard to explain the feeling I experienced when it appeared that, in fact, the code had worked.”

Sawyer’s notes: After their 1997 laying down of their physical human containers, reported as suicide by the media, one would have every reason after hearing/reading this report from October of 1975 when Hayden got back in touch to ask if it “was necessary for followers to undergo death to get to the Next Level?” in which he recalls then two followers of Bonnie and Herf explaining to him how, “only The Two would die-not the followers”, by their saying, “It is not necessary for followers to die to reach the Next Level”, how one would think they were wrong so couldn’t be from the Next Level as all the students that stayed with them til March of 1997 did die by drinking a mixture with phenalbarbitol in it that put each of their physical bodies to permanent sleep, the death of their “vehicles” as Ti and Do called them.

Two things come up. For one Ti and Do said many, many times to their students over the 19 years I was in attendance, when they would bring some form of a new thought to the group, that “this [thinking] works for now”. They would say, “it may not be 100% accurate but is what we need to focus on now”. I recall this in particular with two subjects. One was whether all humans had souls.

At the time (before the 1990’s when many things were clarified) we didn’t have as clear understanding of what a soul really was. That understanding that a soul was a “container” came to Do, at least in a way he expressed to the class, after Ti left her physical body. I recall feeling unsettled by the idea that the humans I would interface with in the human world, as I had a task as a programmer didn’t have a soul. It just felt weird but then I didn’t know what a soul was anyway but it just made humans seem less alive somehow though we never would have said that to anyone nor treated anyone with any less respect as we too had no guarantee that even if we did have a soul, that we were going to the Next Level, though it was assumed if we stayed the course we would.

What we didn’t know is that Next Level kept on making it harder and harder to stay the course. A month or two later they said, erase that idea. They said they are not saying it’s not as they were suggesting but that there is more to it and for now just forget about that thinking. By then I had grown comfortable with the thought so it was a little disappointing to be told to forget about it, thus another challenge to be that flexible.

Humans tend to want to have certainty about things. It gives them security and they often talk with certainty about things they really have little knowing about but there is no one to challenge them that they consider a challenge as they have it all locked up in the university curriculums and like a cult largely agree among their peers or at least don’t disagree in public as they want to be seen as consistent and secure in their knowledge while in reality most everything they come to know a little about is still just a little but that they simply don’t know what they don’t know about until something happens that throws them for a loop in which case many fight tooth and nail to suppress the new thought of. This happens in all departments of life; politics, science, religion, spirituality, sociology, etc.

The other example was regarding the students “having also with Ti and Do, come from the Next Level”. They said this when a student (pmmody) while in Blackhawk, Colorado where Ti and Do and four student helpers (Lgg/Jnn, Dnc/Snn) lived, where groups of six students would drive to from Dallas, Texas as a two day retreat, in response to a student’s question that upon their answering helped them realize. It’s fair to say the student body really loved that idea as it was uplifting to think we too were from the Next Level, though they later clarified that that doesn’t mean we had graduated. Those with ego struggles, like me who had an influence that wanted to be seen as being special particularly liked thinking I (my mind) was from the Next Level. Ti told me once that characteristic would keep me off the spacecraft as they don’t have crew members that want to be SEEN as special. It sort of reminds me of Jesus talking to the Jewish priests about how they liked being seen praying and fasting. Those in a Next Level crew have overcome that kind of mindset. I still hear that influence play its tape in my head and usually send it packing pretty fast. Anyway then a few months later they said that thinking wasn’t 100% accurate and later still explained why. We later learned that some had bodies in the Next Level that they sacrificed in the “ufo crashes” but they were not adult “Next Level” bodies, while others on board those spacecrafts were not in bodies. Ti said she remembered a briefing on board the spacecraft before they all started the crashes and some were standing around and had bodies and some were not in bodies.

So when Ti and Do said, “It is not necessary for followers to die to reach the Next Level”, which I can verify was the mindset they taught in 1975 and wasn’t updated til at first in 1985 when Ti left her vehicle and Do wasn’t exiting with her (a change of what they thought) and then when he felt it was instruction to leave by “taking it upon ourselves to exit” by laying down our vehicles which was first concretely introduced in 1994 after we’d finished nine months on the road giving public meetings all over the U.S. He had felt to set up circumstances to see the Next Level would pick us up or allow us to leave our vehicles from fasting on water in the near Phoenix desert that he cancelled after two weeks on water only.

Thus they believed that at the time so that’s what they taught. Looking back it’s interesting how some left when certain things they said did not come to pass and they even said, people had every right to not believe them, but were then surprised how to most of the student body it didn’t matter. They hadn’t been their students on a promise of how and when to leave. They were students because they recognized Ti and Do as their Older Members from the Next Level and they trusted them explicitly. This was also evidenced in 1975 when they saw the handwriting on the wall that they were “shot down by the media in the street” (commons for every eye to see (media)) as prophesied in the Rev 11 Two Witnesses prophecy. Ti and Do said it changed and the students weren’t ready. And it’s interesting that having since examined prophecy it’s clear that the Two aren’t killed at all and that the woman of the two takes them to the wilderness (Wyoming) for a time and then is taken away when she is “swallowed up by the Earth” with the flood (persecuting thoughts against her) sent after her by the dragon (Luciferian reptilian space aliens), an expression used when someone died and how the student body “fell upon their faces” speaking about it in the past in,

Rev 11:16 And the four and twenty elders, which sat before God on their seats, fell upon their faces, and worshipped God,

In this verse “face” was their human self, the actual vehicle they were wearing (incarnate into) for their task of overcoming it’s humanness to graduate the human evolutionary condition. Jesus said his disciples would be “born again of water” (a flesh body in the watery womb of the watery Earth) and would “stand up again” (re-surrection (both by interfacing with and coming to be the sole controller of the human vehicle they are helped to select for the task) to “life” as the “just” (those abiding by their Older Member’s instructions) while the unjust would also “stand up again” (as the Luciferian adversarial (satan’s) needed to test and stimulate the just to acquire more strength of mind/will to combat their influence, which would be a standing up to death, where death is really at that point the “second death” when the spirit and/or undeveloped dead soul is actually dissolved in the lake of fire. “Life” isn’t the life of the body, the vehicle Ti and Do called it but the life of the Soul body that was literally growing inside the human vehicle, the reason a water birth (human body) was required to have a Soul body born from overcoming it.

Do described the human body as like a glass vase and that human mind was like a balloon inside the vase while the Soul body deposit was a type of “seed” (like Jesus referred to along with referring to the body as a wineskin (vase)). Spirit and Mind are synonymous. The human balloon can only house human mind (spirit), thoughts, ideas, terms pertaining to human behaviors and ways while the Soul body balloon can only contain Next Level Mind (holy spirit) – information pertaining to behavior and ways of Next Level members. Do went on to explain that when one is overcoming their humanness they are emptying the human mind (spirit) balloon and are filling their Next Level Soul body balloon by taking in the Mind from their Older Members which involves doing all they are given to think, say and do.

Thus when a student who has successfully filled their Next Level balloon full of their Older Members mind, that can only be filled while in the physical company of the incarnate Older Member, then to release that new growing Soul body from the physical human body the physical human body must die.

When Ti and Do saw that the “demonstration” of their rising from the dead, Jesus style wasn’t the modus operandi, they began to wonder how they and the student body would leave, how and when their physical human bodies would be discarded. For a while they wondered if the Next Level would do it on a spacecraft like by lying on a table next to a table that had their new Next Level fully grown adult body on it, sort of like a blood transfusion might be thought of. They didn’t think the Next Level had any use for their or their students’ human bodies. How the Next Level would take them and the students would be according to the lessons the students needed and the strategy of what record they wanted to leave the humans to ponder. For instance they also wondered if when the human vehicles were picked up if the Soul body would be extracted from it and the human vehicle would fall dead. There was that old expression referring to when Jesus was murdered as he “gave up the ghost (mind/spirit/soul body)” and when Jesus’ soul body filled with holy mind/spirit came into the vehicle prepared for him named Jesus most significantly it was literally seen by some as a “body lighting upon Jesus like a dove” and accompanied by a voice that said, “this is my son whom I am well pleased” that Jesus said was for the benefit of those observing it.

Now the students who returned from having been in the Jesus led classroom, spoken of as the Saints (new holy angels/reapers) who proved their loyalty to Jesus by spreading the information He brought far and wide and being eventually all killed because of the hate they encountered that Jesus said would be their fate in drinking his same “cup”, were returned with the same Souls that were The Father and Jesus before.

Jesus took his changed over physical body with him back to the spacecraft cloaked by a cloud. He had visited with the Father at some point before spending the 40 days or so with his disciples proving he was “not a spirit but was flesh and bone” still, though he looked different.

The Father could have actually been physically present, even incarnate as well, a potential consideration from the Essenes records (Do indicated Jesus may have had a physical relationship with his Older Member (Father) at some point) as the Essenes spoke of a “Teacher of Righteousness” that exited quite some time before a second teacher of Righteousness arose in their community, which may have been about The Father and Jesus. In either case the Father would have by the time Jesus awoke been on board an overseeing spacecraft to help Jesus. It was likely the Father who appeared with another in white to Jesus and three disciples on the mountain where they told him when and how to exit, which is kin to how three of Do’s students saw two small white beings in their house in Yuma, AZ in 1996 that became confirmation that most of the student body had raised their “vibrations” high enough to have that visual awake experience and was additional confirmation to Do that his plans to self stimulate exit of their containers (vehicles/bodies) was a go that the Hale Bopp comet and suspected spacecraft in it’s tail was confirmation of the timing for exit.

In any case the Father and Jesus had physical bodies on board their spacecraft and the ones who gave their lives may have been issued temporary physical bodies and some who believed after Jesus left and lost their vehicles were taken to be put on “ice” were all returned by 1970 or so. Ti would say all along to us, “get your mind in your vehicle”. We even taught a pet parakeet that, which was Ti talking to the Saints, the Minds/souls who returned who needed to get totally inside that new human vehicle (vase). Do had indicated that there were different kinds of “tags” or “deposits”. He felt like deposits were made at birth of the vehicles he and Ti took as well as the vehicles the student body were to take. Like Jesus whose soul came into his body after he had been deposited as a baby, where Jesus may have also had some engineering of his physical body’s components to be able to handle the level of mind he needed without “bursting” his wine skin thus a “virgin birth”.
So the humans who were to become the recipients of the returning Next Level souls were drawing in the Mind from those returning Souls that entered when they first met up with Ti and Do at a meeting and when they exited those human bodies, they were not dying. The physical container was being dropped like the butterfly discards the caterpillar/chrysalis the analogy Ti and Do initially taught about this metamorphosis. Thus the students didn’t die to go to the Next Level. The human vehicles died but the human vehicles were always scheduled to die eventually which is why humans are all actually dead. (The  are all given a shot to reach for “life” but they have to ask/seek search for it and in so doing would be directed to where there are Older Members of if it is after the Older Member and student body have left then to connect with an “active student”.
Thus Ti and Do were correct all along in what they said to Hayden Hewes. In summation, the ones returning were their student body and they were living souls which are perfectly real and even more real than human bodies because the former don’t die unless some take a task of laying it down to provide the same graduation experience to humans and still the soul body that is the pilot of their newly assigned physical body is very much alive now permanently. But Ti and Do weren’t provided with that information in the 70’s because it wasn’t timely. The Next Level Older Members from the heavenly vantage point know well that humans rightfully will have a much greater tendency to balk at the idea of dying voluntarily. After all the Luciferians had instilled the religious and society with the idea that choosing to exit one’s physical body was a grave “original” sin. The sin would be not seeking the will of one’s heavenly Father to decide whether or not there is a task they would have us do before deciding to exit our human body on our own. This is why the Older Member needs to be trusted and works very, very hard to be sure each student is fully aware of the ramifications of exiting by their own hand while the world looks on in horror and dismay largely not believing that they will be very much alive after they exit.
Finally, these two followers of Ti and Do said, “only The Two would die”, so to what definition of “life” were they anticipating dying would be an understandable question. Actually there is no trying to hide the fact that Ti and Do believed they were fulfilling the role of the Two Witnesses and that Rev 11 said they would be “killed” and they would rise from the dead before their enemies who would witness their ascension. But the facts are that Ti and Do didn’t need that Revelations 11 prophecy to know they had come from “outer space”, the literal heaven’s and that they were here to “fulfill prophecy” and “bring updates to the bible”, all of which they recognized from their “less than six weeks” in the town of Bourne, Texas from during January and February of 1973. Additionally they didn’t get from the Revelations prophecy that the overcoming process Jesus taught was necessary for graduation/harvest (going to the Kingdom of God/Heaven) that most Christians are taught to ignore that includes a separation from our human lives to include our physical life apparent clearly throughout many Jesus quotes. Nor did they get from Revelations that the Kingdom of God/Heaven was a physical kingdom that was a potential next “evolutionary” step for humans into what they more accurately termed the “Evolutionary Level Above Human”. Nor did they get the analogy of the overcoming process to the metamorphosis of a caterpillar to a butterfly and how that was a “christing” (christening as in chrysalis), the PROCESS, (their term) needed that is the “pressing of the OIL that when burned in the LAMP creates LIGHT, the human vehicle being the vessel/container with the EYE as the LAMP part that needed to be refined to hold the OIL by restraining all human expenditures of the flames of passion, whether they be through sexuality or a drive for success and/or power and/or enlightening, all for SELF as opposed to with the Next Level for one’s Older Members (Parents(Fathers) in the literal heavens).
All this was on their minds but in their terms as they were obviously not drawing their terminology strictly from translations and interpretations of the Bible alone nor from any one recorded body of information designated the basis of a religion. No doubt all of these ideas could be traced to this or that philosophy and since Ti was an avid student of Theosophy and that included some study of the Hindu Vedas while Do was raised on Christianity and even attempted to enter seminary, why didn’t they think the students wouldn’t have to “die” to get to to the Next Level, one has to ask as in those early days when Do wrote Statement One, which was written just weeks before they arrived at Hayden’s office in July of 1974 it talked about each students “Christening”? Did they miss that Jesus instructed his disciples to give their physical lives, DRINK THE SAME CUP HE WAS DRINKING THAT IS FILLED WITH HIS BLOOD because they would be hated as he was hated and like the seed that falls to the ground and is buried and dies as a seed to sprout as a plant that stands up to become a tree that then provides an environment and “sustenance” (mind/spirit) to many new creatures because of. Did they miss where Peter said He would die for Jesus and Jesus said, he wasn’t ready to die for him yet.

Yet they told us, the students in no uncertain terms that we were not to die. If they were building their script solely on what they had studied in various books and records, wouldn’t they have incorporated this one more fact. It’s not like they were sugar coating it all. They required students by then to “leave all behind” to join them. They spelled that out as Jesus did to include that children could not come/join as they couldn’t make that decision to engage in overcoming the world. It was the leaving of children that in fact started the investigation when two would be students were arranging to leave their two young children with the biological dad who lived less than 100 miles from them and the police got involved and so they were being thought of as kidnappers as well or at least instigators of a mass brainwashing to the detriment of the public so sought after to stop.

In fact the word “kill” translated from the Greek “apokteino” to which there is very little data that describes anything about the “kteino” part, where “apo” is to separate or remove or “off” or take “away” from something, is not the usual term for “kill” as in to murder or slay or remove someone from their physical life. It’s thought of as “to kill in ANY way” which Ti and Do if they knew that translation didn’t ever lead on to knowing it. One would have thought if they knew of that translation that after the news broke in October of 1975 by Walter Cronkite saying their vehicles names and how they were “felons” though only Do was a felon as the charges against Ti were dropped weeks after they were arrested together with different charges in early 1974 in Brownsville, Texas when they were about to give their story to the press that included their saying they were rewriting much of the bible. When that news broke they were in Las Vegas, Nevada – “sin city” (the spiritual sodom as depicted in Rev 11?) and they literally felt “shot down” and thought for a couple days there was no use in going on as everyone by then would have made up their mind about them. They were both showing their being raised in the establishment of having respect for authority. They weren’t actually rebels growing up so to them once the national press showed them (or Do to be a) felon they felt their mission was dead, but that’s not the death they were expecting. They always, even years later expected to die in terms of loss of their physical body, though that diminished a great deal after they were shot down by the press in the commons of the land, the media the only way peoples from nations and kindred, etc. could all see them in their better translated “ruined bodies (reputation)” (dead) state as it says in Rev and the only way their bodies would be “dead” for 3 days without being “buried” another mistranslation as there are many in that section of Revelations.  (This is all detailed in my book).

But if they had known that kill was “kill in any way” even if they had re-read that in the bible while watching the fever of media on national television about them as dangerous felon ufo cult leaders, if they were to continue leading their student body as they did wouldn’t they then tell their now 70 or so students this new understanding of the translation of apokteino which would spare their having to prove they are who they say they are by fulfilling the previous understanding of the Two Witnesses prophecy?

I remind that Ti and Do never used scripture to guide them. They used it to assist them in helping students whose vehicles were prepared by those records.

Here is Do recounting the event in 1988 when he wrote, “88 Update – The UFO Two and their Crew”:

Do writes…:

“Ti and Do were in Las Vegas when the TV network news programs all broke the story about the two. Now because of the kind of publicity that had come out across the country, climaxed by the networks, Ti and Do felt that further meetings were pretty hopeless and people had already made up their minds about how ridiculous this all was.  Ti and Do felt that the demonstration was still the one thing that could change that.  However, they grieved literally for days, feeling like they had been shot down by the media and the mission was dead.

They received instruction to not walk into a physical demonstration but rather to know that the “killing in the street” of the two witnesses had occurred at the hands of the media.  However, they felt like this was a cop-out or a “chickening out” interpretation of the one act that was the basis of their whole following.  So, with much embarrassment, they called their students together, convinced that without a physical demonstration, their students would have every right to call them charlatans.  Much to their surprise, the students, almost without exception, accepted the interpretation and said, “OK then, where do we go from here”?

Ti and Do still felt that to continue was probably one of their greatest tests.  Nevertheless, they got up, kicked the dust off their tired feet, and continued with the instruction to hold meetings a while longer.  They then became more organized in their groups and more systematic with their communication between cities.  All in all, the meetings continued for a little over ten months.

At a meeting in a Manhattan, Kansas college auditorium (April 21, 1976), Ti announced that “the Harvest is closed, there will be no more meetings.”  Since that time, no new students have been admitted to the class.”

(end of Do’s statement in “88 Update – The UFO Two and their Crew)

I remember not caring about the Two Witnesses prophecy though I had no understanding of the Greek apokteino either until many years later when they talked about it and I learned that Ti thought the Next Level decided not to go ahead with the demonstration because the students weren’t ready for them to leave. I didn’t join on that basis, nor to take a ride on a UFO, nor because I thought they were aliens and wanted to be with aliens or out of mere new age “California” styled curiosity or wild mindedness. I simply had a core recognition of them and was compelled to be with them and that remained with me even after leaving in 1994, then reconstituting my belief and service in early 2000 til now in 2013. It was in my return to active studentship when I began dissecting prophecy and saw that all prophecy that could be attributed to the Level Above Human, all the Jesus records and the Book of Revelations but with a many, many direct links back to Moses writings of the first five books of the record as well as to a number of the Old Testament prophets that I saw that all prophecy was like a map with one starting place and one destination but lots of ways to interpret it to get to the destination.
So after the national news broke with the human identities of Ti and Do alongside Rob Balch and David Taylors infiltration into one of the groups and then the overall group at the Chicago camp at Chain of Lakes national forest and the fact that the FBI was looking for Ti and Do to question them about the rash of UFO related cattle mutilations in the Colorado and Oklahoma areas, Ti and Do split the 70 of us up into six groups and sent us in different directions. But somehow I still thought there was to be a “demonstration”. Somehow my partner and I missed that part of the new interpretation that was saying the “killing already happened”.

So when we were dispatched out of Chain of Lakes the group I was in which had one partnership assigned to be “helpers” or “overseers” of, who had some way of staying in touch with Ti and Do’s group who were made up of them with 6 students, headed south to Oklahoma, stayed a few days and eventually met with Ti and Do which is probably where they would have told us about their not walking into a demonstration but that my partner and I missed as we spoke about that idea of a demonstration thereafter as we got separated from our group and thus any Ti and Do connection. We ended up hitchhiking all over the midwest from Florida to Texas and from Colorado to Tennessee and from Wisconsin to Boston and Vermont to Brownsville, Texas, giving large and small meetings everywhere we went. We even did a meeting in Liberal, Kansas that got advertised in the newspaper in which the report indicated we, my partner “Dandy” and I were portrayed as the Two Witnesses. I recall before that meeting saying to Dandy, I think I’m going to bring it up first thing that we are not the Two in case someone wants to shoot us. I was willing to die but wasn’t looking forward to it. In fact I had trouble really believing I wouldn’t die though according to what Ti and Do had written in the three statements we weren’t going to die. So I put my sense about it aside and told others we encountered we wouldn’t be dying and of course was laughed at and scorned for saying.

With all this said, I can honestly say that after 19 years with Ti and Do they proved to me that they were willing to say and/or do anything when they could verify it was coming from their invisible, in a spacecraft Older Member which would have been Ti’s Older Member and therefore like Do’s grandfather, his Older Member’s Older Member.

Examples of how people left the cult:

Thus they told us what they were given to tell us and when it changed they told us what they were given to tell us. If in the process students fell away because of what would have looked like changing core pieces of their information or as occurred in the scheduling of a pickup twice that didn’t happen or in the case of Ti un-expectantly exiting her vehicle first (dying of cancer, that Do said was Ti burning out her vehicle because of the deluge of attacks she was up against and having to surmount to help Do get started in his task to birth the student body) and a number of other reasons why students dropped out or were arranged to leave (as the 19 were in early winter of 1976, that two, years later reconnected from) or were arranged to be in a half way situation instead of with the main body, having an easy way to not reengage, which did happen to one long time member. Or when Do said we had enough sticks (money) in the coffer to give some $1,000.00 to leave because he didn’t want anyone staying on because it had become comfortable living in a very tight nit high standard, high tech, even fun commune. Or when one class member didn’t want to work on the lesson entitled “I could be wrong” which was to be put in front of any statement, especially in decisions or in remembering something. Another classmate decided to take his side showing us an example of how, as the record says, “a third of the angels fell from heaven”. One named Lucifer chose not to serve his Older Member and some sided with him so they all lost their task and facility to circulate among other members of the Next Level in the heaven’s beyond the near to Earth sky/atmosphere. In other words the Earth and its immedieate environment that might extend into near space became their prison and to survive a recycling period they hid underground, which is what is occurring now but will be a new crop of lower forces to the old crop can be dissolved in the Lake of Fire.
When I began to unknowingly compete with Do coupled with demanding a harder task “like Do’s” of Ti, while she was then outside her human vehicle and who we were permitted by Do to communicate with to see if we were connecting and recognizing when she would respond, coupled with a weakness I had not had enough control over, my vehicles desire for sexual stimulus that up til then took the shape of allowing my eyes to linger some seconds on any view that was attractive to the vehicle whether it was looking down the shirt of a female when they might bend over or becoming fixated on one’s backside should they bend over, for example. So it just so happened the day or even hour after I did that instant request for more growth (which in and of itself was always good to desire) but taking the shape of thinking I was anywhere near able to provide service in a task like Do’s showed two things; (1) that I was still egocentric looking at Do’s task in a way that would make me look better, even to myself a symptom of what Ti had told me before she left that would keep me off the spacecraft, that I was (2) “a little too pleased with self” in that I thought I was doing pretty well in my overcoming to demand a harder task. In any case, ask and you shall receive, so I’m sure Ti opened a gate to so speak and what she knew was a stronger discarnate stepped into my space and in minutes I folded – I could not stop the sexual thoughts and feelings and was masturbating at times several times a day for months to come and I began to understand how there are worse things than death because “death” (a dead luciferian space alien) was allowed to attack me regularity and whenever he did, I folded immediately. Finally, though Do was offering me help, I seemed to have no desire to use any of the tools I’d been using successfully for 18 years to combat my previous level of sexual challenge. As I was removed from the overseer tasks I had become accustomed to performing, Do asked me one day to take an overseer task with Mllody as my checkpartner. I told him I couldn’t as I’d be a hypocrite to which he then said, “Well then what do you want to do?”, to which I said, “I guess I have to leave”, to which he said, “you want to get more objective.” And he then asked to speak to nrrody and “told her to tell others not to try to talk me out of it because he knows what he is doing”, which is what she repeated to all in the room then. The next day they bought me a plane ticket to where I wanted to go, Phoenix, AZ to temporarily stay with two x-classmates who still believed but wanted to be outside the class. And they gave me $600.00 cash to get started on.
Then there were the two times, once when Ti was still in her physical vehicle and the other after she exited, when we were all given the option to fly to visit relatives of our vehicle or anyone that we thought may still have anxiety at our absence for the last 10 years before that. That opened the door very wide for some to be tempted to leave. We each went on the plane by ourselves and had a visit over a weekend and returned. While back with my folks and siblings and relatives and some friends I had the opportunity to hook up with an old girlfriend but I wanted nothing of the sort. I was not tempted to leave at all. One student enjoyed their visits so much, he ended up wanting to leave the group so did.
Another classmate left after it became a lesson step for certain males in the group to express whether we would have any  reservations against castration should Do get the okay from Ti to provide that option. No one was being proded and only the ones that had expressed an ongoing problem with sensuality were asked this, as these had asked Do for any measure to help them overcome. So it was because of our instigation that this was brought up. I was one who was present when this question was asked. One classmate did have reservations and it put him on the spot and some months later he asked to leave and was given help to fly where he wanted to go. I am still in touch with him.
There are more examples but these are the biggest ones I know about personally. No one told me about these events. I was involved with each one to a degree as I was often assigned partners that were having problems and they knew it and also knew I was reporting my observations to Do. To be in the classroom we had to desire that we were an open book, eager for help to overcome our human self ways from any direction. We were expected to ask our partners often for this help. We were never to assume if we asked once it was good indefinitely. It’s very, very easy to not want to ask this of our partners. After all they might bring up the same things we’d been working on for years and it could feel like we were not making headway on conquering it. But the task wasn’t to conquer it was to try to conquer and seek help to conquer. From that vantage point then conquering occurred. But keeping it in and thinking we can rise to perform our own fight is an illusion the influences want us to maintain so they could win.
In the early years people would leave without telling anyone. Ti and Do didn’t like that because they knew they might reveal our location and they knew and had evidence that there were investigators looking for some in the class hoping to deprogram them. On a documentary, an x-member of the class who has since turned against Ti and Do publicly expressed sarcastically and perhaps arrogantly that Do was always worried about security when in fact there had been several efforts of parents or siblings to find their “loved ones” thinking they were trapped into being in the cult. It’s completely understandable to be susceptible to that fear just like a momma bear seeks to protect their cubs. The difference though is that all the members of the group were adults who had been living on their own for years and in most cases in different states, even totally across the country and with a seeker mentality that they were not going let anyone stifle. Ti and Do were both security conscious despite what this x-classmember says with a big grin on his face as though he is above Ti and Do in perspective. Isn’t it interesting how when people left they largely became against Ti and Do as who they said they were and yet could provide no evidence that they were in the same league as the hundreds of groups that had formed as cults that ended up having families with children among them and whose dropouts complained and filed charges against the leadership for child abuse (Jim Jones) and molestation of underage girls (David Koresh) and highly questionable financial dealings, or the use of prostitutes when their rules forbid it thus a major hypocrisy to preach against, the building of a human empire the opposite of what Jesus taught (Sun Myung Moon) and the list is enormous involving sex, money and power abuses. So what does this x-classmember bring up…(all paraphrased), “they made me shave up instead of down” and “they had a procedure to be precise in measuring salt for a recipe”, or another x-member said, “they didn’t take care of my teeth the way I wanted”. They were so far distant from human thinking and acting, they couldn’t even be corrupt the way humans do. This one x-classmember also gave his opinion on this same documentary that he thought Do (Marshall or Herf) was so upset with his homosexuality, he was putting strict rules against sexuality into effect to act out his own problem. He said something to that effect. This sounds like what some psychologists have surmised, lacking any better explanation for either of Ti or Do’s thinking and actions nor the student body so they make stuff up that sounds feasible to those that don’t know any better and the reporters are satisfied so print it and people who have their own problems and who want to sound like an authority quote the report without any evidence to support their claim. This is a typical “intelligence tactic”. It’s intelligent only because it uses words and provides what some want to hear so atheist, spiritual new ager or religionists or not, they get to have an explanation other than the most obvious consideration that they might very well have been exactly who they represented themselves to be. What would be more honest is to simply say what they say about many “natural” things they discover, that they just don’t know or don’t have enough data to make a determination of their motivation, leaving it up to people to decide for themselves by just giving them the facts. But then they won’t be put on the news or asked to write books or comment in articles as an authority that boosts their image among their peers.

After all, if Do was troubled about his vehicles sexuality, why did he wait until Ti’s vehicle died to act out any pent up frustration some claim he must have been harboring. He wasn’t satisfying his sexuality during the first 12 years he was Ti’s partner. Where is the evidence in those first 12 years? And what about Ti as Ti is the one who “got Do going” that Do admitted to. He even said he resisted Ti and wondered at first whether she was interested in him (in a human way, like for dating or something like that). But he very soon learned she had no such interest in him in that way and Do quickly learned that but still gave Ti a hard time as they began to work together after leaving Houston together in 1973. But by the time Do got out of jail he knew who Ti was, his Older Member, his Heavenly Father working through the female vehicle named Bonnie Nettles. (Around 1984 Do held a meeting with the class without Ti present in which he first said that Ti was the woman depicted in Revelations chapter 12. This was the only bible lesson we ever had. They spoke about what Jesus said many times without actually quoting chapter and verse but before this never tried to explain particular translations or interpretations with the very slight exception in 1975 pertaining to their being the Revelations chapter 11 Two Witnesses, though they never covered more a couple verses of that and in no  detailed analysis.
At least once a year Ti and Do gave an instruction to literally think about leaving and if there is anything we wanted to do in the world. That instruction was short lived. Maybe it lasted 30 minutes. Then they said, wipe out those thoughts. Of course if someone really did want to leave they wouldn’t be able to wipe out those thoughts.

Next Ti and Do  explain how they receive humans’ “prayers” from people asking to know the truth.

Ti: “This is what I mentioned earlier…that we have been visiting a group…and this is probably one thing that will get us killed. When humans pray, they contact the source which we are from.

Do: If they pray to the highest source.

Ti: If they are praying for truth, then they contact us.”


Purple Book Contents

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Section 1:          EXIT STATEMENTS, 1995-1996

Pertinent Background Information…………………………………….1-1
Undercover “Jesus” Surfaces Before Departure
(Statement, Posted on Internet/WWW)……..Sep 25-26, 1995……..1-2
’95 Statement by an E.T. Presently Incarnate
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Section 2:     EARLY CLASSROOM MATERIALS, 1975-1988

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First Statement of Ti and Do (Statement )………..Mar 1975……………2-2
UFO’s – Why They Are Here; Who They Have Come For
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Major and Lesser Offenses (Behavioral Guidelines)…Spring 1988…………2-6
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’88 Update – The UFO Two and Their Crew (Booklet)…Oct 18, 1988………..3-3
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Beyond Human – The Last Call (Video Tape Jacket)….Jan 11, 1992………..4-2
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Transcripts of the Video Tape Series,
Beyond Human – The Last Call…..Late 1991/Early 1992
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“UFO Cult” Resurfaces with Final Offer
(Ad/Statement, Published in “USA TODAY”)…May 27, 1993………..5-2
Extraterrestrials Return with Final Warning
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Publications Where ’93 Statement Appeared (List)….Last Half of 1993……5-5
Total Overcomers Classroom Admission Requirements
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Public Meeting Dates and Locations (List)………..1994……………….6-2
The Only Way Out of This Corrupt World (Poster)…..Nov 28, 1993………..6-3
Last Chance To Advance Beyond Human (Statement)…..Jan 16, 1994………..6-4
Last Chance To Advance Beyond Human (Poster)……..Jan 17, 1994………..6-5
Organized Religion Has Become the Primary Pulpit for Misinformation
and the Great “Cover-Up” (Poster)……….Mar 10, 1994………..6-6
“UFO Cult” Resurfaces with a Final Offer (Poster)…Mar 16, 1994………..6-7
UFOs, Space Aliens, and Their Final Fight
for Earth’s Spoils (Poster)…………….Mar 21, 1994………..6-8
He’s Back; We’re Back; Where Will You Stand?
(Poster)……………………………..Jun 20, 1994………..6-9
Some Desire To Advance Even Beyond All
Human Behavior (Poster)………………..Jul 30, 1994……….6-10
The Shedding of Our Borrowed Human Bodies
May Be Required (Poster)……………….Aug 18, 1994……….6-11

Statements by Students
Bible Quotes Substantiating Our Position
Appendix A    Student Statements            Mar 1, 1996 – Feb 15, 1997
*  Pertinent Background Information……………………………..A-1
*  Ti and Do as “Smelling Salts”………………………Jwnody…..A-2
*  WARNING: For Those Who Are Prone to Hasty Judgments…..Glnody…..A-3
*  Ingredients of a Deposit – Becoming a New Creature……Lvvody…..A-5
*  The Truth Is…  …………………………………Nrrody…..A-8
*  A Matter of Life or Death?  YOU Decide………………Wknody….A-10
*  T.E.L.A.H., The Evolutionary Level Above Human……….Smmody….A-12
*  The Way Things Are………………………………..Yrsody….A-13
*  A Farewell Message to Those Who Remain Behind………..Drrody….A-15
*  My Ode to Ti and Do!  What This Class Has Meant to
Me – Everything!………………………………Qstody….A-16
*  The Hidden Facts of Ti and Do………………………Chkody….A-17
*  “Away Team” from Deep Space Surfaces Before Departure…Jwnody….A-20
*  A Testament………………………………………Srrody….A-24
*  Older Member – Younger Member – Their Relationship……Slvody….A-25
*  Statement by a Crewmember………………………….Tddody….A-28
*  Be Fruitful and Multiply…………………………..Jmmody….A-30
*  Up the Chain……………………………………..Brnody….A-32
*  Religions Are Humans’ #1 Killers of Souls……………Jwnody….A-35
*  Evolutionary “Rights” for “Victims”…………………Stmody….A-38
*  Deposits…………………………………………Snnody….A-43
*  The World’s Most Successful Con Game………………..Lggody….A-46
*  Incarnating and Discarnating……………………….Jnnody….A-48
*  Investments………………………………………Anlody….A-52

Appendix B    Relevent Bible Quotes
Pertinent Background Information………………………………..B-1
List of Bible Quotes Substantiating Our Position………………….B-2
– vii –