What Humans are up to in Space and on Earth and Why

February 19, 2021

Here is my little synopsis of what I believe has been happening for years in regards to aspects of the space programs of many countries, as of late with a new Mars rover landing on Mars.

Make no mistake about it, this is one tiny but huge part of where “their” (beyond dems and repubs which are simply mostly public relations categories) priorities are, tech development on earth and in space. The idea that it’s exploration for exploration sake is totally antiquated thinking. They have very concrete plans Bush escalated in around 2007 immediately after China announced they were going to build colonies on the moon and mars, with the same kind of programs. I remember him saying at the state of the union address where/when he announced this for the US efforts, that “perhaps we will find an energy resource that will boggle the mind”. People said he was referring to helium III, but that element doesn’t boggle the mind any more than plutonium, etc. though it does defy gravity and they say the sun is full of it (and who knows what all else). But they also said at the time that the moon had helium III but that it’s easy to manufacture it on earth and far less expensive to do, so that didn’t make sense that that’s what he was referring to.
When this happened, since in the 90’s I followed everything that was happening in the so called UFO community, I knew well of the Bob Lazar story in which he was hired out of where he worked in Los Alamos National Laboratories, to be whisked away from that job and given a task at the infamous Area 51 at Groom lake, NV to back engineer how a certain type of engine worked, an engine they got from one of the crashed or provided ufo’s – while ufo’s were long known to seem to defy gravity. Thus could that be the energy source to boggle the mind?

At about that time after Hubble space telescope was launched it detected something not able to be seen from earth – one very bright spot that looked like a light on dwarf planet Ceres, actually the largest “asteroid” in the asteroid belt that is between Mars and Jupiter. It was so unusual to see that they built an entire project around going to Ceres and some years later it was launched and several years later it was very close to ceres in the beginning of 2015, it’s cameras were awakened and that one bright spot became seen as two spots, with one larger than the other and when they tested the heat signatures one was thermal and the other wasn’t so one had no heat to it. That was the Dawn spacecraft.

Then by the late summer of 2015 Dawn was so close that it was clear that it’s wasn’t just two spots. It was many but in different configurations that when compared to pictures of cities on earth from space at night looked of some equivalence. But apparently as it got closer and closer as it orbited, the biggest brightest spot appeared to be a tower of whatever material was putting out that light and/or heat, that was estimated to be 5-10 miles tall and kind of looked like the Eifel tower in the way it looked like it had legs, causing the base to cast a shadow underneath from the sun light, which seems to mean it’s not only light but has dense physicality.

Other locations also showed that same kind of luminescence, one other location on Ceres looking like a pyramid shape with one side full of that same bright white light looking material.

They got closer and closer and the pics used to be mostly on the Wikipedia website under Ceres but the last articles I know about it were from late in 2019.

I can imagine that they don’t want to talk about that much and I’d bet they are planning a robotic expedition there to try to get samples of this material which may be a mighty task to do. Perhaps that’s part of why they want bases on Mars in particular since it’s the closest planet to Ceres.

By the way, I don’t know if I believe that humans have been on the moon and/or Mars and/or Venus, etc. I say that because TI and DO didn’t indicate that they had been there, at least during this civilization as implied by Hoagland and others. And I don’t think the space aliens (human equivalents) are there now either, as my understanding from TI and DO is that the space aliens are in jail on earth, though that includes the near space around the earth but I don’t know how far that near space extends away from the earth but my suspicion is that it might not go much further than the moon – but actually they may but without the technology to do anything in those locations so why go there. They need the biological and elemental substances on earth and from humans to subsist.

DO said that he didn’t know if in a previous civilization on earth humans had developed the technology to go to Mars. So the Alternative 3 story may or may not be misinformation or disinformation or ideas from the space aliens and/or discarnates. It could be that there was once a project on Mars and I suppose could be human equivalents living underground there but I doubt it.
I also doubt parts of the Val Valiant Thor story from 1957, that Dr. Frank Strange reported Val and some 76 others come and go from their home on Venus. I’m not saying it’s not possible but since they are all space aliens (mammals in their behaviors and ways), my understanding from DO was that they were forced to live on earth and that’s why the stories developed that “hell” was underground, because they had chosen to go against the Next Level Above Human by their own choices many times over millenniums so lost sight of the reality of the Next Level as being evolutionarily Above and Beyond Human, so think of the Next Level Members, they once knew about as just another space race like themselves but with better technology and so they seek to duplicate that technology.

I surmise they didn’t have that much technology when they were jailed on and/or inside the earth and/or under the seas. That’s why they need humans and that’s why they always look for ways to give humans reasons to build their technologies fast, having the money for R & D and the drive to do so as quickly as possible, hence using “wars” to build the military industrial complex and control the resources of the planet they want and need. (Iraq war, etc.)

DO said that was one of the primary agendas of the space aliens (souls with hybridized human vehicles), to escape the earth, their jail, as among them rumor has it that they are about to be recycled by who are actually the the Creators of the earth and it’s inhabitants/life forms. So they are attempting to compete with the Next Level which there is no contest with, though they can steal souls, their other agenda. The way that most translates to date is by the people who are literally at war with anyone who is religious and especially Christian. Isn’t it ironic how so many Christians unbeknown to them are not actually believers in much of what Jesus taught because they haven’t been told about much of what Jesus taught and/or if they were taught, were kept from seeing the overall way Jesus was teaching that humans needed to break ties with their human family to go with him and lives and work with him in one of his “many mansions/dwelling places in his Father’s House among the stars in the literal heavens” (paraphrased).

It’s also interesting how in the end of the summer of 2015, days away from the closest passage of Dawn spacecraft around Ceres, the New Horizon’s space craft was passing by Pluto and it just so happens that Pluto was referred to by TI and DO, in a movie script they started a project for some students to write in around 1982, that they said was “fiction based on the truth” (sign of a true Master, is they don’t think or pretend to know what they don’t know). In that script, with illustrations painted by student Ollody (who wore the Dr. Seuss hat in the exit video) Pluto housed a huge earth lab. This is most pertinent and significant because Pluto has a number of characteristics that the earth has. It has a thin blue atmosphere and mountains and caverns and a huge methane ocean – NASA calls a great white spot and other features that no other planets they’ve seen have and were totally unexpected, their thinking it was just a desolate cold rocky barren of life planet.

So the Space Force that Trump heralded as one of his great accomplishments, which was fully funded by his opposition as with all the military budgets that show how deeply in bed they really are together. Though I know many felt stifled some in their earth projects because of Trump so would do anything to get rid of him and not create a war in the states because that would just interfere with all they still wanted to do in the building of underground bases and development of nuclear energy and lots more.

So they, the space aliens are using the human race through humans with great power who don’t know they are being used or believe the space aliens can be trusted, to build underground bases that can also be the technology used for humans in outer space.
Some in power suspect the near miss asteroids are literally being like shots across the bow of the earth so they also need money galore to develop ways to try to steer them away and/or break them up. In any case, they are seeking someplace to hide from many other geological events, climate changes, earthquakes, volcano’s and pestilences all of which happen to be forecasted to happen in the records of even a number of cultures.

Some believe the evil space aliens are coming to enslave humans but that’s the “weeds” of the “garden” calling the master farmers evil for wiping them out which is going to be happening more and more with weeds taking out weeds, while the innocent victims when they die are accelerated to their next station in the human school IF their Souls and/or Spirits are deemed salvageable as all our human vehicles are simply plants that live and die in their season.

However, we don’t know how to tell who is or isn’t salvageable so that’s why we need to grow to even treat those who are opposed to us in the same way we would want to be treated (as Jesus taught that TI and DO supported), that is physically speaking – being non-violent and peace loving, kind, gentle and tolerate of one another, unbiased and non judgmental and straight forward.
But there is not to be “Heaven on Earth” as some New Age Christians and other spiriutal religionists say is coming, as that’s an oxymoron because the meaning of the word Heaven has to do with the environment in deep outer space, among the starts, though for any Soul that has become a Next Level Above Human Member, while they are on earth or in it’s atmosphere, are Representing their Older Members and thus in that way, like Jesus said, “The Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand”, through Them, which is still the case as long as TI and DO are keeping the “garden” free enough so that people can choose to make application for employment to Them, serving on their Above Human spacecrafts.

So in this world we will not have peace as the human kingdom was not designed to be satisfying except for periods of time in different lands as having pleasures then provide the lessons of what to outgrow wanting and even think we need to be happy, when ultimately the only thing we need to be happy is to be working for our Older Members, which is what Jesus and Moses taught was the number one commandment (qualification to make our goal). That’s why everything, governments, family structures, health, etc. on this planet are once again falling apart more and more. Of course some don’t see it that way, but that’s because they haven’t grown in that way yet to see it. Sure we get breaks when it doesn’t seem to be falling apart but at this time I doubt those breaks will be very long lasting.

However many deem it normal to have belief in justifications for wars and curtailing others free will and even using humans as their guinea pigs, like for their vakkkk programs, etc. They seek ways to combat diseases in space or in underground dwellings, whether on earth or on another body. So some humans consider other humans as collateral damage, a common way of thinking from the Luciferian Space Alien Fallen Angel Souls’ minds that many humans have bought into as normal and even justifiable. I know some believe they are being of service to the overall “good” by becoming willing guinea pigs for medicines. It’s similar to some who join up with the military to fight terrorism, though they often find that they are becoming even the greater terrorists. They can choose to accept that or they can suffer from their participation and grow through it, to have learned that lesson.

So the overriding task before those who want to continue to make application to be on TI and DO’s Crew are required to believe they are from the Kingdom that Created the Earth and all it’s inhabitants and lifeforms AND to Stand in Their Defense and accept the consequences and maintain that Stand until they exit their vehicles, however that happens. We need our vehicles to take that Stand and with taking that Stand it’s up to us how fast we want to grow as we can also be moving our metamorphosis ahead by adopting the behaviors and ways spelled out in the Major and Lessor Offense Lists in the Heaven’s Gate Book and the Seventeen Steps. In order to Stand for them we have to study the information they left behind so we know whether we believe it or not and/or so we can share the truth about what they taught with others. How, when and where we Stand for TI and DO is up to us and it’s part of the Next Level Students ways to seek help from their Older Members, at this time using the names TI and DO in our privacy. Study of their materials alone is not enough. All the People in the Next Level thrive on doing tasks for their Older Members so that’s why they give tasks to those that are becoming their students. This all becomes instrumental when applied to Overcoming our humanness that includes separating from our human root systems. That’s not to say someone can’t grow while taking care of responsibilities they have to fellow humans, but how each of us proceeds in our growth is up to us and to get help with that, we need to ask TI and DO for, and they will give us the indications of how we might best proceed.

I could be wrong but believe I experienced receiving such help with separating from some of the binds I reconstituted in the human kingdom after I left TI and DO’s group in 1994, when I wanted to work for TI and DO more and more but I had a partner who didn’t believe what I believed and so that prohibited my serviceability, but eventually she left me and though that was painful it was needed by me to separate from and not then try to reconstitute that or another of that kind of human relationship.

List of Major Tests of Students and Critique of Vanity Fair article

February 15, 2021

Here is a combination of a response to the Vanity Fair article and addressing all the ways TI and DO changed certain things and how those changes became big tests for many students to deal with and challenge them to still want to follow them, which they often knew would happen but didn’t design to be that way – they were putting into affect what they felt they had instructions to do. Sometimes they would tell us this was going to be a test to see if you could handle the change the way a member of the Next Level would. At the end I’ve posted Crlody’s post re: this article and some of what he posted is included here:

Link to the Vanity Fair article:



Referring to Saturday Night Live skit about DO and Crews exit, they portray “they boarded the alien spacecraft they believed trailed the Hale-Bopp comet—and had tried to reach by ingesting phenobarbital, then wrapping plastic bags around their heads.”


Yes, leaving by their own hand was necessary for them to go with DO. But not just anybody could leave their vehicle and be with DO. DO said even if someone watched their exiting and felt like they missed the boat, they should go learn about the information they left behind. In other words it’s not a quick fix ticket as to dig into Their information would take effort as it’s got lots of challenging aspects to it that become grounds to be dissuaded. In that material they would see that they would be expected to try to follow the Major and Lessor Offense lists and that they need a vehicle to build their Minds stronger through, maintaining those lesson steps and not giving up and showing DO they want to be in He and TI’s service. Getting off of addictions like to drugs and/or alcohol and getting rid of our vehicles programming of sexuality and/or curbing ones anger or other forms of sensuality are hard work to conquer. For some suicide is relatively easy as they can be so hateful about themselves and/or others.

DO and Crew wrote on the Heavensgate.com website:

“Whether Hale-Bopp has a “companion” or not is irrelevant from our perspective. However, its arrival is joyously very significant to us at “Heaven’s Gate.” The joy is that our Older Member in the Evolutionary Level Above Human (the “Kingdom of Heaven”) has made it clear to us that Hale-Bopp’s approach is the “marker” we’ve been waiting for — the time for the arrival of the spacecraft from the Level Above Human to take us home to “Their World” — in the literal Heavens. Our 22 years of classroom here on planet Earth is finally coming to conclusion — “graduation” from the Human Evolutionary Level. We are happily prepared to leave “this world” and go with Ti’s crew.”

By the way, the Hale Bopp comet directly matches what Jesus said about his return in several ways, “like lightning shining from east to west (or from one part of heaven to the other part)…” A comet can be seen as a “covering” for something else as well as a sign combined, as also could be evidenced in what occurred during the Moses 1st Trimester Classroom with the Older Members (Elohim (Lord), Jehovah, Father in Heaven) coming and going “undercover” of a “cloud of light” or the like. Jesus was witnessed to ascend into a cloud. In the Hebrew origin of the word it means a “covering” because the Next Level wants their coming and going to remain a mystery to some degree until people have grown to really “see” (that they are real and not etheric spirits as has been greatly disseminated to the human kingdom) but because they have grown their Minds to recognize – makes sense.

Also, DO and Crew didn’t reach the spacecraft because of “ingesting phenobarbital, then wrapping plastic bags around their heads.” that perspective many choose to believe is another major distortion. Some evidence of that being a distortion comes from each of the students who joined, even 19 years before, in how we observed the development of the exit method DO realized was from TI’s Mind as DO’s students became One with He and TI’s Mind. From the start it was about leaving the planet and giving our all to the transitional “process” that would change our Mind and Body into a new creature. Our vehicles did change over enough, though for some more than for others of the 38 + 4 or so. This is evidenced by how even our vehicles loved being in the classroom, which is evidenced by not bucking what we, our Minds wanted. At least 24 of them grew to use, as DO said in Beyond Human video’s 51% or more of that Next Level Mind, so that when faced with any choice, they would choose based on that Mind/Information, behaviors and ways taught by TI and DO. That would include making choices when we didn’t know exactly how TI and DO would think and do, through our desire to know what they would think and do which shows that development, (though that doesn’t mean they can’t backslide and even lose all they once gained). My point here is that our vehicles need to cooperate with that Next Level portion of our Minds when it is often not a human type of interest to do so.

For instance, even in 1975 when they were saying we wouldn’t die, then talking about the vehicle itself, I had in my head this sense that I would die a martyr. I didn’t put that much stock in that feeling and began to think I thought that way because that is probably the way the returning Soul experienced exiting via the occupation of a previous vehicle. Even though that may have been the Soul’s last experience with an Older Member, that sense could have come though the genetic mind of those past experiences, yet didn’t mean that’s the way it would play out this time around. So if I clung to that martyrdom idea I would have been bucking what the Older Members gave in this lifetime experience as a new class member. Martyrdom was addressed by TI and DO when they said, “this is not a martyr trip” and I wondered if that applied to me as I didn’t even know how much of that Influence I had with me but I saw it surface later. So their saying that was a bit of a test for me to change as that wasn’t a given way to exit this time around like it was 2000 years ago when Jesus told his disciples they needed to “drink the cup” of his “blood” as he was demonstrating by telling the truth that got him killed by others so would happen to them as well. As the classroom progressed DO and/or TI considered every form of exiting. If we stayed with the program we would grow to be willing to exit our vehicle by any method the Next Level gave to us. Jwnody wrote about this in “Away Team from Deep Space Surfaces Before Departure”.

So this perspective of knowing that one way or the other we’d be exiting this vehicle, even if the vehicle itself literally changed over into a new Next Level vehicle, as Jesus demonstrated (as the old vehicle would have changed, which only happens if we have overcome that major part of our humanness through what our Older Members have led us to experience, that we choose to become of One Mind with.

So that is some proof that the ticket was stamped by that event but that there were for most some 22 years of qualifying to board that spacecraft and I don’t say that without a very large amount of data I experienced most of first hand.

Here is a partial list of the events that took place that became tests and filters for the serious students to grow because of or leave the classroom. They didn’t want anyone to miss out on the opportunity but they also followed their instructions so a few times they separated some who weren’t keeping up. That didn’t mean they were lost. If they continued to seek Their Minds even while being in the world, according to their thirst, could find their way back into the graduation classroom, while some would rise to that task after they left in this current season and/or to be continued into another season entirely.

Primary LIST of about 22 EVENTS that SERVED as TESTS of Students Seriousness:

-1975, October – Changes they made when they cancelled or postponed the “demonstration” of their being killed and overcoming death the way that Jesus had demonstrated.

-1976 They told Brad Steiger, published in UFO Missionaries Extraordinary book, that they didn’t know if that “demonstration” would still happen. They also said around then that they weren’t basing anything they thought and felt was because of “reading Jesus’ life” story. They had their own connection that was very real. However that didn’t mean when they were at Gold Beach, Oregon the first time in 1973 that finding the prophecy of the Revelation Two Witnesses didn’t help them to see what prophecies they were to fulfill. Understanding that, they didn’t let those prophecies dictate what they felt, which is evidenced by their changing what the “killing” in the “street” meant, though they never discounted that exit method either, as evidenced by DO’s feeling to go public for the second time more boldly stating that He was the same Soul who was incarnate in the vehicle named Jesus, starting in 1992. DO first introduced that possability of having to be up front about His and His students being the same Souls who were in the vehicles of Jesus and his Disciples in about 1987 when he told us that he felt, “we need to be who we are.” which a number of us knew referred to having served before as Jesus and his students. (It’s important to note here that if students let those thoughts of their being Souls who had been with Jesus go to their head, it was misapplied because someone’s stature spiritually isn’t based on who they were in a past life but what/who they have become now).

They even said about the Revelation 11’s description that the Two Witnesses would have power to stop the rain and bring on other plagues humorously, saying that they sometimes wished they had those powers. They thought of it as ironic that they didn’t seem to have those powers then and how that was seemingly part of the design for their task to have such powers and how They knew They were the ones who created that design before they came incarnate. (Yet that scripture didn’t say they would use those powers, at least at that time of their provision of Their testimony to who they were and where they had come from and why they had come).

Here is what They said about the change from the demonstration performance, from DO’s writing in a booklet called “’88 Update – The UFO Two and Their Crew,” which he wrote to clarify misinformation that was reported about Them before then:

“However, they grieved literally for days, feeling like they had been shot down by the media and the mission was dead. They received instruction to not walk into a physical demonstration but rather to know that the “killing in the street” of the two witnesses had occurred at the hands of the media. However, they felt like this was a cop-out or a “chickening out” interpretation of the one act that was the basis of their whole following. So, with much embarrassment, they called their students together, convinced that without a physical demonstration, their students would have every right to call them charlatans. Much to their surprise, the students, almost without exception, accepted the interpretation and said, “OK then, where do we go from here”?

-In about October of 1976 Nineteen students were sent out of the class by TI and DO. Some found their way back in 7 or so years later by unusual circumstances. The reason given by TI to us (me) was said as “you all made the first cut” as it really was a God Astronaut Training Program – to join a team. These Nineteen at that time weren’t showing they were putting out enough effort to be in Their metamorphic “Process.” (That was a big test for them especially but showed all of us that we had to show them our seriousness about getting with Their program or leave. As it turned out Drrody found his way back and that then included Stlody who was in touch with Drrody who wanted to know if he found us and I believe Dymody was another of those 19). All three of these were among the 38.

-In 1977 when TI told us “you need to give us your will”. After TI left her vehicle in 1985 DO told us that TI told him at the time of TI’s saying that to us that “we will probably lose half the class by saying that,” (paraphrased). Our numbers at that point were probably in the high 60’s and by 1993 before some rejoined, we were down to twenty four students. (That was a big test for some).

-In 1978 when TI and DO told us they might exit this world before us. They wanted to prepare for that and said, if they left and a spacecraft came to where they were not to board it automatically as they would be able to know if it was Them or not. (That was a big test for some).

-1980 – When TI said the spacecraft would come and if it did we didn’t see it. (That was a big test for some and at least one person, Jssody left because of that I believe but perhaps others as people would leave in the middle of the night and I often didn’t know why.

-In early 1980’s TI and DO instigated a time period to where we would each drop our guards against thinking about the past, etc. and open those doors to those Influences to see if there was something we wanted to still do in the world or someone we wanted to be with. After about 20 minutes or so, they’d give instruction to go back to blocking out the past. But opening that door, if we did have something the drew us back into the world could have been like a recovering alchoholic taking a break from the self discipline of overcoming that addiction and then getting back on the wagon. It can become harder to not allow themselves back into that behavior.

-1983 – We learn that TI’s vehicle has cancer and has her eye removed and is told by a doctor it’s probably spread throughout her body. (For some that may have been a shocker as well as TI talked about how our Minds can heal our vehicles of diseases, though that can include changing our behaviors-diet, etc. (Some may have beeen challenged by that happening)

Also in this year, TI and DO start up a business called Astrologics in Amarillo where we offered to the public Astrological chart work, made stained glass windows, where Ollody began painting the rings of Saturn picture, gave meetings about the existance of spirits/ghosts, had a meditation room and TI instructed us to learn to look to DO better by starting up a chorus. Ti also started “committals to DO” then and They also bought a house at that time. Among those things we celebrated Christmas for the first time and TI and DO bought us birds (as pets) – two Parrots, two parakeets and 10 or so Finches. They also bought us gold leaf dinnerware, chrystal goblets (though we didn’t drink wine) and silverware. On these last two items in particular they could have been big tests. I know a would be new believer who had a problem with why they would give us pet birds. He seemed to get past that being a reason to not believe in them until I meantioned to him that Moses had said the sign of a false prophet was someone who what they prophetize as happening doesn’t come to pass. I guess since They had said they would do a demonstration of death overcome, since that didn’t happen he left belief in them. (By the way TI and DO said that the Moses materials have been tampered with but the Jesus sayings in the four gospels were kept accurate by a Next Level crew who had to work very hard to accomplish so they would be useful to those to come which is mostly for now I believe as very few of those among the 38 would have probably considered themselves Chrisitans since we knew that Christianity wasn’t any longer really about what Jesus taught execept by using his name. However, that’s not a judgement of any one person as the Next Level doesn’t judge people by groups they are apart of unless their behaviors and ways are against what they hope humans would embrace. Like for instance, “do not kill”, “do to others as you’d have them do to you”, “live by the sword die by the sword,” etc.

-1984-1994 BRNODY in a satelitte craft

Since around 1984, Brnody, who by then was crippled with osteoarthritis, by TI’s instigation was given a task of living by herself in a Dallas apartment. She was outfitted with a car that had a lift on it’s back to be able to carry a motorized cart she used to get around in. TI and DO chose to help her by helping her become more independant. They had tried a number of things, doctors, prescriptions, dietary changes before then. They even started a task to “lay hands” on her vehicle (she had clothes on and we mostly touching her legs that were twisted and swollen badly, but certainly not close to any private areas. We didn’t need to be told what areas to avoid or anything about it. I was among the 4 or 5 student who layed hands on her that time or two. Someone would regularily massage her legs at times after that. I did it sometimes.

So she was given the task to be more or less on her own. She got a job with the people that were doing that TV show featurning J.R. Euwing – maybe it was called, Who shot J.R.?. She was in accounting as she had that skillset before joining the classroom. I think she had been working in TV before as well in Oklahoma City where her vehicle was from. She had a way to get in touch with the Class and DO’s helpers, Lvvody and Jnnody and sometimes Jwnody kept her up to date on things happening in the larger classroom and she tried to live according to procedures and was quite successful at it but I’m listing this as a preface to other events of this ilk because just being in a half way situation was still an open door for her to get back into the human world again.

At one point after TI left her vehicle DO brought her back into the larger classroom but it wasn’t working out. We were in California and DO sent Alxody and Brnody to the Gerson Clinic in Tijuana, Mexico to learn about Dr. Gerson’s program. This was about 1989. One of the things they started to do was buy raw beef liver that I think they would consume somehow but I lived at a different location so never saw exactly how they handled it. But it wasn’t working and one time while I was with Srrody and Lvvody and Jnnody and DO, DO was expressing not knowing how to help Brnody and that he didn’t know if she could be close to dying and even though he didn’t want that to happen, the ramifications of something like that happening was also weighing heavy on him. So she was eventually sent back to live in Dallas again and she was thriving there. She eventually moved back but it was after I left the classroom so I don’t know much about that, except she was among the 38.

-1985 – TI instigates “visits” to “Relieve the Anxiety” of anyone who most cared about us.

The visits were over a weekend. We flew out on a friday night and flew back the following Sunday night. We were living in Dallas at the time. We chose to visit whoever we felt still had anxiety about what we were doing, our absense from their lives and/or our whereabouts and safety, etc. We were instructed to arrange by telephone the visit so that we’d only have to go to one location to visit with all who wanted that visit.

That became an open door to leaving as we flew all over the US, mostly by ourselves and didn’t have to come back but it was seen as like passing a test when we came back though for many of us it wasn’t a test at all. That’s when they said we could give returnees a brief hug. Before that we didn’t do any touching of others unless it was part of a task. Like Stlody used to give fellow students neck and back adjustments. I remember Jwnody used to get that done semi often.

-1985 TI leaves her vehicle – June 19, 1985

TI’s vehicle was diagnosed with cancer of the liver. So she didn’t heal her own vehicle and left when they were supposed to leave together at first, hence a big test for some. Do told us that this answered a question he’d had for years, understanding what TI meant when she would say to him, “I’m here to get you started and then I’m going back”. Do said he would think, “go back to…. her vehicles family, which he couldn’t imagine. He felt her vehicle became burned out dealing with the human kingdom’s negativity towards her/them. They were and still are hated by many.

  • 1985-1992 Do instigates our thinking about if we wanted something in the world again. In total that probably happened 2-3 times when Ti was in her vehicle and a couple times instigated by DO after TI left. One of those times something did prompt me to have some thoughts about having a daughter and separte from that thought, I wondered about leaving once but it didn’t threaten my staying because I had no reason to leave. That one thought wasn’t very strong so didn’t bother me at all.

(Incidentally after I left I was visiting with former student Dncody (who had been outside the classroom for 3-4 years or so by then), in Sodona, AZ where he lived at the time and the person he was sharing a house with, where I stayed I guess was to some degree a psychic reader, told me that there was a little girl hanging around me. I was with my partner visiting then, the person who becames the mother of my daughter in 1997).

-1986 The idea first arose that we might leave by our own hand.

I was packing up the last few things in DO’s quarters in the upstairs bedroom of the house where DO and helpers, Jnnody and Lvvody had been living. I saw a book on the end table by the bed. I picked it up and saw that it was by the Hemlock society and was all about all the ways somene might leave their vehicle by their own hand – commit what humans call suicide. I didn’t pay it much mind and set it down and finished my tasks. I later saw that book in our little library and began to read it.

It was a little uncomfortable to read but I’m going to link it with the Cocoon movie, I think we saw back in 1985 which showed a bunch of old folks learning about what looked like Next Level Members being born of water from a type of cocoon shell that were physical and that rejuvinated them when they swam in the swimming pool where these huge pods were submerged. But they ended up going out on a boat to be picked up by a spacecraft for their new lives. I believe we saw that after TI left her vehicle and that prompted DO to buy a yatch and fix it up with the idea that we might do the same thing, But that’s as far as that went and we ended up selling it.

So I recall one time when I was reading the Hemlock society book, it must have been after DO got the yatch as I remember thinking about dying and by which method felt most comfortable (if any of them are actually comfortable) and I imagined if we went out on the boat and a spacecraft didn’t come, I though what if we just decided to sink the boat and drown – how would it feel to die by drowing. Now mind you, I had no death wish. Til then we still didn’t think we would necessarily die. I kind of cringed at the prospect of dying by drowning or any other way but I was willing to exit by whatever means. But DO left that book back on purpose it seems and it was a test to me and any classmate that came upon it but I’m not aware of DO ever discussing that book with us.

-1986-7 DO instigates a second visit to vehicles loved ones. Because of that Rthody (Michael in documentaries) chose to leave classroom to go live with his brothers and their families. Frank (Andody) reveals in the Heaven’s Gate podcast that when he visited his family and/or Chkody’s (Anita’s) family he would have left the class if she gave him any indication she wanted to do so. He hadn’t broke those ties over the previous 11 or so years. He left several years later.

-1987 – DO asks the Class the question, “what if I’m not who I say I am, would you still want to follow with me”. In other words he was allowing some who might have had doubts to face them. (I felt like I would have followed him anyway though I believed he was exactly who he and TI said they were. Perhaps that affected some.

-1987 – Mark (Mrcody) and Sarah (Srfody) don’t want to abide by the lesson step called “I could be wrong” so after some meetings DO instructs them to leave and instructs each of us to we each bid them goodbye saying they would be welcomed back when they want to follow all the lesson steps. (Saying that to them could have even been a test for us). This lesson step was a way to help some question their judgement of certainty about things in day to day interactions in tasks. So one would perform this exercise of prefacing a statement of fact with, “I could be wrong but… I think it was the blue car that sped past us that day out of control”. They didn’t give that example. The example they gave was re: these tents we had that were a greenish color. So what if TI and/or DO said, they looked “polka dotted” to them, would we trust our view of them over our Older Members. They never said something like that exactly but there were things that came up to where I could see I trusted my mind over theirs. (Mark (Mrcody) has a very intelligent vehicle/mind so he had a lot of trust in his ideas and opinions so didn’t want to use that phrase thus he couldn’t be in the classroom. Sarah went along with him for her own reasons I don’t know for sure about but have some indications of that I won’t go into now, but I think it safe to say that most all our challenges exist before they surface at any given moment).

-1988 – Satelitte Craft arrangement in Dallas expands

We were living about 30 minutes north of Dallas, TX and this was where DO wrote ’88 Update – The UFO Two and Their Crew booklet. Part of the class that included, DO, Helpers and some out of crafters like myself moved to Albuquerque, NM ahead of the others.

I became aware that Cddody and Alxody got into a pushing match of sorts, one pushing the other on the chest. Cddody had been having problems being argumentative and contrary before then and it just got worse so DO arranged for him to at first stay with Brnody and for reasons I never knew Anyody was also living with Brnody by then. But when it became three of them, it didn’t work so they helped Cddody get his own apartment nearby but in Dallas as well. He got a job and after a while there he was offerred to return to the larger classroom and he chose not to. I’d met up with him in 1995 while I was outside the classroom in Dallas and then another time or two, so stayed in touch and he eventually moved to Arizona I believe and died from his vehicle breaking down in some way – I’m not sure, but it was after wasn’t suicide, though it was after the classroom had exited in 1997 because I was in Dallas again after that happened, even in around 2002 and he was following that way of thinking that DO changed after TI left and got off track to lead the group to laying down their vehicles lives. A number of dropouts went in that direction of thought and opinion.

Then Alxody and Sngody were sent to that Dallas halfway classroom as well but I believe they stayed with Anyody who I think got her own place and job, letting Brnody maintain her own environment. They weren’t there for more than a month or two it seemed and both later returned and were among the 38.

Around this time for reasons I didn’t know of, Tllody and Stlody left the classroom. Stlody had been one of the 19 that TI and DO separated from the class in 1976 but had rejoined in 1982 or so when we lived in Amarillo because Drrody, also one of those 19 had been actively looking for the Class and found us in Amarillo by just so happening to walk into the Amarillo hospital where Nrrody (and Sngody) worked in reception and recognized one another. So Stlody left again. Tllody was living in his own apartment in Dallas as well. They both resumed some dating and Tllody had a nice sports car but when the Beyond Human tapes were played over satelitte dish that they saw, they wanted to return to the classroom and did along with others like Jhnody from Venezuela who also by chance saw the broadcast that included a PO Box they could write to.

So again, these classmates were free to leave and even got help to leave by TI and DO and/or by DO. For instance DO gave me $600 and an airline ticket to Arizona where I went. I told DO I wanted to use the bicycle we had at that time that I rode to work everyday to just ride east but DO nixed that and suggested I go stay with Mark and Sarah who were in their own type of half way situation but who wanted to still be in touch with DO.

-1988-9 – DO says he is thinking about having himself castrated.

A week or so after bringing that up he holds a meeting with students with male vehicles and describes the procedure. A few days after that he calls about a dozen students, most being in male vehicles and wants to know if any of them in male vehicles would have some reservation of having that procedure done. I was there. Hvvody has some reservation about it. Hvvody had a hard time dealing with his reservation. I was his partner then and after about a week he chose to leave the class. DO didn’t put anything into motion until about a year later for Srrody and I who had petitioned him to have the procedure if he got instructions to allow us that choice. Srrody did have the procedure and I was supposed to go next but Srrody’s surgery had a minor complication. It wasn’t botched. Lvvody, Jnnody and I took Srrody to a hospital near Escondido and I went in with him and the problem was quickly fixed and they held him there overnight and he was happy as a lark to have gone through it. But because of the complication DO postponed the operation for me and I was disappointed but don’t think it effected me thereafter. (So that was a test for Hvvody and all of us in male vehicles as were we willing to lose our vehicles sensuality in that regard).

-1991 Fasting in Arizona desert – I thought we might leave our vehicles by fasting. I remember asking Frank (Andody) that in around 2000 when I met up with him in Seattle what he felt about doing that fasting and he didn’t have the same perspective. We started the fast on air and then on the second to 14th day we only drank water.

I can imagine that some were tested by that and then we broke the fast on tangellos harvested in Yuma, Az near where we fasted and went to after the fast. DO said it was not the best choice to break a fast like that as it’s too much hard to break down fibers when the digestive system had slowed way down from water only. Excuse my graphic description but after trying laxatives natural and pharmaceutical grade with no results except for difficult cramps I ended up using my finger to dig out the feces plug. I don’t know what Others did but that may have tested people to see that DO made that so called “mistake” but that he may have done his best to avoid as he and Lvvody and Jnnody were quite studious about all this, since we had been through some fasts before and had written the Transfiguration Diet book by then (1986). So the way I saw it, was that DO was led to not make the best choice because I would guess TI wanted to put some to the test in that way. I was partnered with Prkody at the time and he ended up leaving the classroom soon thereafter but I never knew why but his vehicle died after the class left their vehicles.

-1993 (March-April) David Koresh – Branch Davidians
DO brings up maybe getting a rifle in case we might exit by just possessing a gun, that is if the govt/lower forces had reason to seek us out and found us considering how the lower forces stimulated the attack on the Branch Davidian compound. We would not have shot anyone or been violent against anyone at all – not our way but to DO, he had instruction to examine it.

DO didn’t believe in what David Koresh said or the way in which he lived but when the ATF and FBI mounted their final attack on them, using what looked like a flame thrower attachment to a tank canon that crashed into the building to set the entire compound on fire that killed all those children, men and women who were not shooting back at them, I was at DO’s quarters in a different craft(house) from where most of the student body were living, with Srrody as my partner. I think we went there to bring DO notes from classmembers primarily. It wasn’t more than about a hour away. So DO, Lvvody and Jnnody, Srrody and I were watching television that was live reporting from the compound at that time so aaw the tank enter the house and saw the fires start and quickly spead to engulf the place in flames.

As I recall Lvvody kind of gasped and all of us were upset by it as we had been watching what was going on every night on the news. I’m not sure if he said this to everyone but I remember him saying he wondered if his students would be as dedicated as Koresh’s students were to be willing to die rather than save themselves. Several days later DO came to where we lived and held a meeting like I described about getting a gun. When DO said that I was a little surprised and still while in the meeting felt okay about it but then thought, would I feel okay if DO asked me to take someone’s life and I remember feeling disturbed about that and then thought he wouldn’t ever ask me to do that, so I saw it as a discarnte Influences thought and I put it out of my head by thinking, I’d deal with that if it happens but didn’t think it would.

Frank (Andody) expressed in Heaven’s Gate podcast that DO’s saying this about exiting by the hands of the government because they might see us as a threat to them because we had a gun, was like the straw that broke the camels back for him and he began to think then or after that DO had “become a little bit psycho” which showed how that was a big test of his commitment to DO, a commitment that TI before she left her vehicle said we needed to make to DO (that DO knew we needed to make to him, but that TI told us she was expressing to us because he was uncomfortable asking us for that, though he certainly did move in the direction of taking that position with us after TI left).

-1992 or so – DO says we have enough money in our purse to pay $2000.00 to anyone who might want to leave but is so comfortable in the classroom that having some money to get started with might give them impetus to leave. He wanted students who remained to be working hard on their further overcoming of their humanness.

-1994 – around August. We were holding public meetings since the around the first of the year and were in the northeast US. Each group had a Compaq computer, the first portable computer I knew anything about as it was like 50 pounds in this white hard plastic case that was like a desktop with a screen built into it. And each group had a tiny printer, width a little bigger than an 8 1/2″ by 11″ piece of paper it printed on. We would go into a hotel and install a second phone line so two of us overseers could be on the phone at the same time and we also had a way of using a rs232 phone line jack to be sent a document so instead of making our own posters which we did at first DO and Helpers to include some of the computer programmers like Srrody, who had returned to California to get back their old jobs at Subscriber Computing, Inc (where I also worked remotely for before we gave notice in 1993 in preparation for going public again) sent us the poster to use for the next meeting and the poster talked about laying down our vehicles lives by our own hands. It’s in the Heaven’s Gate Book poster section. I’m not sure if we used it but we had it and I remember asking a restaurant if they could help us with some food and we’d be willing to work and I recall talking a bit about us upon their request and telling them we might be exiting by our own hand, as I was kind of proud of taking that position (which I’m not proud to say because I think I was still vibrating on a martyrdom idea of how that might appear to boost my stature, my own view of myself that I had not yet overcome. However, I’m bringing that up because of how others in the group, some who were new to the group could have seen that as we hadn’t formally talked about that exit method before then that I recall.

-1995 – 1997 – My understanding was that any of the males who wanted to go through with having the castration surgery were instructed by DO to travel close to where they found a doctor that would do the task and get a place to live and get a job to pay for their place and food and for the operation. I believe in the video where they sang the DO RE ME song with their own lyrics and welcomed Alxody and Vrnody was when they came back from having had that operation. I don’t know if this was before or after DO had the operation. In any case I bring this up because living outside the classroom meant they had an easy opportunity to leave the class and especially to question whether they really wanted to have that procedure. Some may think Vrnody being a student for such a short time by then, just a year or two then, wasn’t a student long enough to want to take that step and especially since he had a fairly young vehicle in his 20’s I believe. But I can recall even when I first joined in 1975 that had that been presented as an option I probably wouldn’t have thought twice about doing it, even though I wasn’t threatened by giving into sensuality until the 1990’s. I wanted to give my all which included my vehicles life. Now some of that was a bit off kilter from where I needed to be because I did seem to think I was on a martyr trip which TI and DO several times said their process was NOT a Martyr Trip. So I was still entertaining an Influence that thought such an action of dying for the cause elevated me into some type of hero the way I saw Jesus as a youth become. So there was some ego in it. Even so, the willingness was also having the Next Level consciousness that we are not these vehicles and that we really would not be dying when we exit.

-1995 – I learned about this test from Rio’s (Neody’s) book as I left the classroom in September of 1994 well before this happened. Tucson, AZ – 3 Students see “Next Level Helpers” described as looking like “six year old hairless little boys, glowing like white phosphorescence with a blue tint and wore one piece, form fitting outfits, like Olympic speed skaters. 3 other students say they dreamed it. One who dreamed it was Neody who recorded that description in his book. He reported that one report was that one student saw these two moving across the hallway of the house, which they saw when they had got up to use the bath chamber sometime after downtime. Another said they saw these two paying close attention to one of the students in their bunk. When DO told Do about what he dreamed about them describing them the same way, DO said he thought he woke up and saw them and was told to go back to sleep so thought he dreamt it. It wasn’t long after that happened that a student who had joined in 1994 left the classroom. I can imagine that hearing these six people talk about this could have put someone to the test whether they really believed it happened and the Next Level was real. Even Neody commented that he was surprised that event had something to do with their leaving, when he ended up staying a while longer but never intended to lay down his vehicles life as they had been preparing to do since 1994 before I left them. This also speaks to how a dream is not proof. I suspect those who saw these two Members of the Next Level had raised their vibration enough to be allowed to see Them which indicated that they had completed their metamorphosis of their Minds in my opinion.

There are many more things to say about this that show how the classroom was hard to stay in but we didn’t necessarily know it until something brought our challenge to the surface and TI and DO changed so many things and instigated so many new ways of thinking about common subjects and that was combined with periods of being challenged by boredom with day to day dealing with limiting the vehicles desires for various forms of sensual experiences the Classroom didn’t satisfy much if at all. We did have pleasures but that to be in TI and DO’s program meant to only have the pleasures they provided. So we had certain food pleasures and entertainment in movies and/or music, sports, but with each by our responses during and thereafter we got to see what human activities our vehicles wanted more of or wanted to be the chooser of those pleasures and when we’d have them. Here are a few areas that provided constant testing:


TI and/or DO assigned us partners, fellow students who would ask one another for their help if there was anything they saw the other saying or doing that they thought wasn’t according to TI and DO’s teachings. That wasn’t always very defined. So there was often either conflict between partners – verbally or too much of an attraction so that one might not ever bring up anything to one’s partner as who wants to be critical of someone our vehicles feel chemistry with. Or some partners were hypercritical of others so someone partnered with them never got a break from hearing their criticisims of the other. So there were partnerships that just didn’t work and a lot of times that would be discovered by one partner or the other writing a note to TI and DO to express what they are dealing with in regards to their partner and sometimes they would tough it out, talk to their partner about it or TI and DO would talk to one or the other and/or would change the partnership. I remember when DO talked about being partnered with Nrrody being difficult because she was so quick to bring things up to her partner, that for someone to stay with her and receive what she was saying could mean accellerated growth from. And it didn’t mean that everything a partner brought up was automatically considered something to work on but it was to be considered to see “if the shoe fit”.


We were expected to show a “pleasant” countenence at all times not happy go lucky nor down in the dumps, regardless of what we were going through, physically and/or mentally. Now that didn’t mean there was no sensitivity to what someone might be dealing with in those regards. But because of that it became very hard to hide a vibration that differred from that.

Continuing with the critique of the Vanity Fair article:

The group is described as going through a “journey from innocuous New Age movement to isolated doomsday cult”.


If one read many of the reports and articles from 1975 when TI and DO first attracted followers (they weren’t so pleased to have then) they were hardly seen as “innocuous” as people left homes and spouses and even made arrangements with relatives to take care of children. If one reads UFO Missionaries Extraordinary, you’ll see that some of the loved ones of those who were joining were quite fearful what their loved one was up to. Now some of that was stimulated by some who joined initially sending notes home to their loved ones that “you will never see me again”. Even when Irsody said that to her parents on the telephone I wondered if DO would have approved of doing that as in the many telephone calls we made about once or twice a year from 1985 to 1993 the purpose of making the call was to “calm anxiety” of loved ones not make it worse for them. (That’s what I’m sure TI was doing with Terrie, her vehicle’s daughter with letters and some funds).

And they never really became what people think of as a doomsday cult like Glynn Washington tried to compare to the Christian denomination he grew up with. I never felt dooms-dayish. We didn’t sit around talking about the end of the world or how humans would be punished for their sins, etc. We didn’t have any bible lessons except over the first 10 years one time when DO told us to bring any bibles that we had in our small library to a meeting that only he came to, as it was before TI left her vehicle. In that meeting he had us open to Revelation 12:1 and he proceeded to say he believed the “Woman” was talking about TI and that the Dragon was Lucifer. That’s all I recall him really saying about it. It was a short meeting but I’m not remembering some of it. Then in 1990 or so after DO had bought about 5-6 different kinds of bibles, as he was exploring going public again and wanted some of us who were inclined to have more versions to look at including a Strongs Concordance, Greek and Hebrew to English dictionary. He assigned me a task of studying the usage of Resurrection and I did and he had me express what I found to the Class. That was about it over 19 years. He only started talking about Recycling around 1992 as seen in the Beyond Human video tape series and in some of the documents put into periodicals at that time and on the world wide web.


“Through interviews with scholars, former cult members, and children of the deceased, viewers gain an understanding of how these 39 people came to believe a UFO was swinging by to take them to heaven, and why they needed to shed their earthly vehicles in order to hitch the ride. “


I understand this is pop Americana speaking in this article but I still have to try to bring clarity to what is said. On the tiny things, the Spacecraft (UFO) that TI and DO said was coming in 1975, it wasn’t “swinging by” as if not part of a huge plan as to when, where and how the pickup was to be conducted. Nor was it “to hitch a ride”. It was a scheduled “bus” that each student needed to prove they wanted to board and be a working part of the crew, so they had to qualify to even stay in the class and the dropouts have testimonies of how TI and DO and then DO alone did not want anyone on their crew that was in it for the ride on a UFO like some actually did follow for a time to try to experience.

They never “needed to shed their earthly vehicles in order to hitch the ride” on the spacecraft (UFO). TI said, “You don’t have to die to go to Heaven” meaning the vehicle could be transformed into a Next Level vehicle just like happened to Moses (They said) and Elijah and Enoch who all took their physical bodies with them, with Jesus doing so after healing his body, not leaving it in the grave.

Question from pg. 106 of UFO Missionaries Extraordinary by Hayden Hewes and Brad Steiger:

“It has been suggested that your followers are prepared to fast to the point of starvation. Is it true that your followers must die in order to gain the price of admission to a UFO for translation, transition, to the next level above human?”

The Two: (TI and DO)

“They do not have to die any more than Moses died or Elijah died or Enoch died. They will be lifted up wherever they are. Their metamorphic conversion, their change, will be accelerated. Some short time after we go, they will be prepared to leave. When they are prepared to leave, they will be lifted up.”

TI and DO were always of a mind to think about how quickly they could thoroughly complete their metamorphic conversion task – their students’ “preparation” to exit/board a Next Level Spacecraft to begin their new life and an abundance of tasks, as a new crewmember.

So this lifting up actually did happen to their newly built Soul bodies, actually “plasma like” physical containers for the Next Level Mind they made their own.

To show that they never relingquished the idea of completing a biological vehicular metamorphosis one can examine what Jwnody wrote in 1996 in the document, “Away Team from Deep Space Surfaces Before Departure,” part of the Heaven’s Gate book, still available on the Heavensgate.com website:


“There are two ways that we can be relieved of our old shell at the completion of this task. One is aboard a spacecraft in a laboratory circumstance, as we head for home, and that of course, is the more desirable. But, in addition, the process of “the will” being taken through a Next Level metamorphosis requires that the individual (who’s literally becoming a new creature) be open to accepting any form of “dropping” of “that shell.” The ultimate completion of the test – completion of the metamorphosis – is to arrive at knowing that this primitive shell is nothing but an encumbrance to me. Therefore, it is part of the design for the Next Level to have the option to choose to engage, at the point of our departure, that the shell be dropped by other means if it serves their purposes to do so.”

This statement verifies that DO and Crew never changed the possability that they could leave the earth with their human vehicles. Perhaps that’s why they packed a bag and had some money as it was not uncommon to “cover your bets” when working for one’s Older Member (as DO was with TI, before, during and after the time she was in flesh (incarnate) with him). If TI wanted to heal their vehicles but just wanted them to go through that final step of showing their faith in DO and TI, to then use them on tasks right there or in some other location for some other period of time, then they were a little prepared.

This statement from Jwnody also shows they never dropped the idea that they might leave their vehicle by “other means” than by boarding a spacecraft which at the point that she wrote that in 1996 was well on the road to being accomplished by their own hand as they by then had eliminated the idea that they would exit by another human’s hand. Being quite bold in the 1994 face to face meetings all over the US was putting that to the test to see if there was much negativity towards what they were saying about DO and TI having been the same Souls who had performed the tasks of Jesus and His Father and Elijah/Moses and Jehovah and Enoch/Adam and Elohim.

And they knew they could still perform what they called the “Demonstration” – healing their human vehicles killed by humans and rising/ascending them up in the air to enter a spacecraft. That is characteristic of a converted over from Human, Next Level vehicle to heal itself in 3 1/2 days, TI said in UFO MIssionaries Extraordinary.

They never dropped the possability of a physical ascension, with their human vehicles (bodies) that had completed enough of their metamorphosis to at least receive some strata of a Next Level grown, denser than a Soul (plasma like) physical vehicle, grown on a vine, while even some of the 38 +4 might have to return to a human kingdom classroom to finish their overcoming so might get a different strata of vehicle upon graduating.

Article says:

“Applewhite, the son of a Presbyterian minister, founded the group with Bonnie Nettles. They believed they were the two witnesses mentioned in the Book of Revelation, and that their bodies would literally transform into ascended beings when they were picked up by the UFO.”


No, their bodies were being transformed, transfigured (metamorphosed), converted, “changed over” into Next Level Members as they did the work in the human kingdom to separate from the human kingdom “world’s” behaviors and ways. However, TI and DO did say there would be a “final ingredient” given to graduates aboard a spacecraft, that is, if they took the vehicle with their Souls. But the metamorphosis would have been far enough along by their exit or else they wouldn’t have been allowed to exit. They said they needed to stay long enough so that the new Soul being “born” is “viable” to be able to pilot a newly grown dense physical Next Level vehicle.

TI and DO said Jesus completed his metamorphosis during the event depicted on a mountain, written in the records (scripture) as the Transfiguration, with students, John, James and Peter as witnesses where they were visited by two or more Members of the Next Level. By the way, in 1995 they were visited by Two small phosphorescent glowing Beings according to Rios’ book, “Beyond Human Mind.” It was interesting that after I left the Classroom and got back into the human world and was helped to regain some of the lost ground I’d lost to where I wanted to be of service to DO again that in examining the records I learned that the work in the records shown as “transfiguration” is from the Greek word, metamorphoo which means, “change into another form” though at that time was temporary but after receiving the final ingredient make his vehicle look different so that his students only recognized him from his voice – what he said.

It was always a spiritual (a Mind Muscle Building) tansition/conversion – change that produced “body changes” described by TI and DO as “chemical” and “biological”, again in UFO Missionaries Extraordinary:

“According to The Two, when one leaves his humanity and makes the graduation, he moves into an entirely different consciousness. His body changes just as the chrysalis changes caterpillar to butterfly. The body chemically, biologically, changes over, though it will appear the same until the crossover to the higher level had been made. Once one makes the changeover, he is in the next kingdom.

TI and DO said our vehicles would need a “final ingredient” to complete the change into a Next Level vehicle. I suspect Jesus after his vehicle was in the tomb hadn’t received that final ingredient, though he had changed over his new body into a Next Level vehicle that could heal itself, when he told Mary Magdelene, the first one to discover he had risen and met him, not to touch him as he hadn’t yet ascended to his Father in the heavens. It was after that that he showed up to the eleven and proved that he was NOT a SPIRIT but had flesh and bone still and yet had new capasities that proved to them all he had taught them. TI and DO said that we couldn’t get that kind of proof now because we have the capacity to graduate and seeing that kind of thing would interfer with growing our Minds to have the Faith and Knowing.

Jwnody writes further about that metamorphosis in Away Team….:

“The appropriate final step for those about to complete their metamorphosis is the shedding of the “shell” – the shedding of that portion of the old creature which is now close to its end. Whatever amount of new creature that is present, if it is acceptable and still working in a forward motion, will be taken into the Next Level. Theoretically, some of us will still be too “young” (undeveloped) and will require further training before we can qualify to receive an issue of a Next Level “uniform” – biological container (body). It’s possible, however, that there are several stratas of Next Level uniforms that will be issued depending on the degree of development of the mind at the completion of this task. Young minds may be issued less advanced vehicles. The all-important issue is, at what point – at what age or maturity of mind – does a soul qualify for a Next Level vehicle that would be serviceable in that new Kingdom.”

What is hard to wrap one’s head around is that the Next Level doesn’t operate in a linear manner. For example in the human kingdom when there is a teacher who makes their reputation, say in science – say in the discovery of a cure for a disease, because of the limited human thinking if that person learns new things about the disease that even changes what they once thought was a cure, they can hardly accept that or if they do hardly make it known without being seen as a fraud of some sort. They know going into the experiment that they don’t know everything about it but they proceed with what they are observing but don’t necessarily know what they don’t yet know. Often times one’s collegues will know of changes someone made to their initial discoveries but won’t have a reason to discredit the other’s first discoveries.

TI and DO always said, “change is the name of the game” and also said that, “we are just one step ahead of you (their students)”. That was in order to not leave anyone behind as we all have challenges with certain concepts and behaviors and ways that can cause us to “drag our feet” in terms of growth. Some were younger than others but TI and DO were always addressing the steps the ones growing fastest could handle easier which both helped the less experienced students to either rise to the occasion or drop out. That’s why drop outs had repeated opportunities to re-engage their overcoming process. They didn’t move faster than we were capable of keeping up with, if we asked for help when we hit a roadblock and then applied the help provided.

But TI and DO didn’t operate in that linear way humans do. They outlined how it could go – which would be according to the civilizations response to them. That’s what makes this an experiment. They know the requirements are to give our all to include our lives and for many even most all who graduated or were/are close to graduation, they knew from the beginning that one way or another they would lose this human vehicle, yet that wasn’t the intention – that wasn’t the point except by outgrowing it and converting it in every way into a new creature. For those that hadn’t completed enough of that conversion to a new creature they needed more time in the human kingdom to do so. Yet it’s never a given that they will succeed.

The purpose is to graft/bond to One’s Older Member whom we can grow to recognize more and more as we look to His lead.

So yes the metamorphosis is completed by the discarding of the human vehicle (catapillar) but that doesn’t have to happen in the human kingdom. It can happen on a spacecraft.

But it appears for an Older Member who has already become an adult member of the Next Level, their task could mean they take their physical human vehicle with them, even after healing it as Jesus demonstrated and TI and DO thought at first they would. By taking that approach their expectation was to move very quickly to take their student body into the Next Level. They don’t restrict growth so it could have happened exactly the way they at first thought but since the student body weren’t ready they changed accordingly. Now that may have been somewhat expected, even known but TI and DO acted as if they could have wrapped it all up in months from their first going public in 1975.


“Applewhite determined he was the second coming of Jesus—and that the turn of the millennium was the time to take his group to the “next level,” as they called it.”


It was actually TI who determined that DO was the same Soul who had performed the task of Jesus 2000 yrs or so ago. She reveals that DO was the same Older Member Soul who did the task of Adam, Enoch, Moses, Elijah and Jesus. This is talked about in UFO Missionaries Extraordinary and in the first book they started to write but never completed called, “I can’t Believe that but you must”. We all knew that but he didn’t come public with that perspective until the 1990’s and then formally in 1994 through many meeting posters and then finally in the document, “Undercover “Jesus” Surfaces Before Departure”.


Director of Heaven’s Gate: The Cult of Cults, Clay Tweel reflects on the scenario of one leader claiming to have sole access to truth, that everything else is fake news and only he knows what’s really going on, and that he’s the only person who can fix anything. “As the cult of personality around Donald Trump has grown, the parallels become stronger,” he said.

Sawyer: There is no comparison of Trump with DO. DO never said he knew all that was really going on in the world. I don’t even know if Trump said that. DO didn’t claim to be only one with the truth about ????. No, DO specialized in How to become a Member of the Kingdom of Heaven, not anything else. DO only addressed the misinformation in the news about He and TI and there was a bunch. The entire booklet called “’88 Update – The UFO Two and Their Crew” addresses those inaccuracies. He never called that fake news yet there certainly were cases of fake news. For instance the story of how He and Ti met. Then there is the story that Heaven’s Gate was a CIA MKUltra experiment in mind control. That’s a lie or call it fake news that some people still believe. DO never said HE would fix anything. He said the Next Level would recycle the planet which would restore it to becoming a working “garden” again for a new civilization. But there were many things He and TI admitted they didn’t know.


Lorne Dawson talks about how the “Recent phenomena like QAnon share disturbing similarities with the doomsday groups that have preceded them, including Heaven’s Gate. “The same language is there,” Dawson said. “‘Trust the plan. Enjoy the show.’ The idea that it’s all about to wrap up and the bad guys will be punished. Trump is a Messiah figure here to drain the swamp.”

Sawyer: What a huge stretch. There is a huge body of information in the records of people talking about what this person is calling the “wrap up” and the bad guys being punished thousands of years ago. In the history book, the compilation called the Bible there are many, many examples of that talk, so does that make them all like Trump and QAnon? There have also been many who claimed to be prophets of God that clearly were not and one of them might be Trump, I don’t know if he makes that claim.


“Reza Aslan explains the theory of cognitive dissonance as it applies to failed prophecies. Basically, since the brain doesn’t like holding contradictory beliefs, it will bring divergent ideas back into consonance—either by accepting that a prophecy was false, or by creating an explanation for why the end will come later instead or in a different way. The latter happened in the case of Heaven’s Gate.”


As I’ve outlined earlier in this document anticipating this part of the article little really changed that wasn’t built to be changed. They did leave the planet and it did happen with a rendevous with an amazing Comet called Hale Bopp (Hale BO Peep even). And they did demonstrate changing their vehicles (bodies) to where even their vehicles became one with the Mind that took them over and wanted to serve in whatever way it could which even meant ready to lay down it’s life by one’s own hand. By the way Jesus taught this when he said, “no man takes it from me” (his life). He said, “I have the authority to lay it down and to take it up again, because I go to the Father”. That’s why he had the right to lay it down, because His Father on a Spacecraft at the time gave him that authority and actually even the instruction as was expressed while he was tranfigured on the mountain.

It’s interesting that I never needed to justify changes but many people don’t understand that there is more than exists that they can’t see around us and throughout the Universe that some can “see” even physically at times see, but that is thought absurd by many.


“In 1985 Nettles succumbed to cancer. How can a body turn into an alien if the body no longer exists? “When Nettles dies, it undermines the entire point of the bodily transformation,” Aslan says in the series. “And now it’s a spiritual transformation. We are going to leave our bodies behind.” He speculates that the group would not have ended in mass suicide if she’d lived. Just as the members of Heaven’s Gate looked to Applewhite for direction, so Applewhite looked to Nettles. Once he stopped receiving her guidance, the group changed in fundamental, extreme ways.”

First off, TI and Do’s teaching of Human Individual Metamorphosis was something the students would need to do as TI and DO had already learned all about that from many incarnations before the earth even existed.

Interesting again that for the 38 +4 plus myself and Crlody and Steward and Pypody and Jhnody and others who dropped out but still believe in TI and DO, TI’s early exit didn’t dissuade them, yet evidence suggests they are all quite independent thinkers who question so much of what they are told but for some reason hardly if at all questioned what TI and DO said, or even if they did got past it, or they wouldn’t still believe in Them. How can that be explained by staying in the human “box”. It can’t and that’s why some people counted by others to be experts so clearly miss the mark in their opinions. Truth be told, as TI and DO said, many were given that “chip of recognition” and that explains why they have it, though they also had to grow that chip’s programming as it’s not like a religion of believe and get the rewards. It means they have to work like crazy to maintain and grow their belief into knowing and that’s by doing the disciplines and very importantly working for TI and DO – “Standing in their Defense” as this is one tiny example of.


“Such cognitive dissonance is happening now in the QAnon community. Its leader, the anonymous Q, had predicted a red wave—but then Trump lost the election. And QAnon went silent for 11 days. “People were freaking out,” Dawson said, “like, ‘We need our prophetic leader to explain this disconcerting stuff.’” Now it’s been 26 days and counting since a Q drop. Will followers accept the prophecy as false—or dig in their heels? Q, though silent, appears not to have backed down yet. Two of its last three posts include this ominous prediction: “Nothing can stop what is coming.”


TI and DO were never cryptic. They said what they knew and they didn’t pretend to know more than they knew and they knew what they didn’t know and they knew where to go to learn what they didn’t know. A lot of QAnon is in my opinion gibberish. However, on that last statement, I sort of agree by saying that Nothing Human or Space Alien can stop what is coming. The Next Level Above Human (TI and DO as Administrator of the Earth according to DO and as Captain on TI’s Crew (according to TI) can change a course they were once on as they don’t answer to any of us and TI and Do while incarnate demonstrated that, made no excuses for changes and said that “change is the name of the game”. See, they said they were undercover and the way it works was that they designed ahead of time an outline of the Classroom’s precedings. They planned from the start to move the student body more quickly to being graduation ready. But they said this was a Next Level experiment. What made it an experiment as I’ve said, was not knowing how the humans would respond, meaning how the vehicles with Souls trying to take them over would respond and how fast they would choose to grow.

They could only move as fast as the slowest student. So they were prepared to change what they first thought, even many times. They were willing to even appear to not be who they knew they were as a test because they don’t need any of us but to join Their Crew we NEED Them. That’s why for many of those who stayed the course none of the changes threatened them as they had grown in their Minds to recognize TI and DO, though they still needed to do the work of bringing that recognition into the human vehicles they were helped to pick and prep for that task.

**** Supplemental pieces from UFO Missionaries Extraordinary ****
Question on pg. 129:
When you say all must be overcome, are you saying that the metamorphosis has to be totally completed?

The Two: Except for the final ingredient, which will be given to you at that time.

from page 89:
“The only reason Jesus repappeared to his disciples after his death was to tell them he was flesh and bone. He was not spirit. He didn’t have to be crucified and rise from the dead. He just proved that he’d changed over into another creature that could even heal it’s body and take it with him into the next level.

Now the whole world has twisted what he said into believing that if we’re good little boys and girls and go faithfully to the grave we’ll get some little spirit body that can go to the heavens; and it’s an illusion. You do not have to die.”

So let’s look at the entire context of what TI and DO were teaching in 1974 til they exited their vehicles.

As they wrote in UFO Missionaries Extraordinary in the “Statement from The Two,” They went through the history of the Next Level’s interfacing with humans through incarnations since the start of this civilizations experiment. They wrote that DO was the same Older Members Soul from the Kingdom of God (Hebrew: Elohim, Deities, Judges, Magistrates) who was recorded by Moses as Adam, who failed when under the influence from the lower forces (space alien fallen angel, Lucifer, who was provided by the Next Level to give Souls being brought back to have that experience so they could potentially overcome Lucifer and his associates influence on them as TI said the “bar is being raised” to get into Next Level Membership. DO said that Adams first failure was not being satisfied being alone working on a task for his Older Member. So because of his failures which included trying to hide what he was doing, thus also was deceitful he was left on earth to hopefully gain experience working against those Lower Forces and he did and his vehicle died but his Soul remained and incarnatated into the vehicle known as Enoch.

Enoch left the earth with his human vehicle which means it was changed over. His vehicle did not die. They said that Moses vehicle didn’t die either but was taken and so was the case for Elijah after Moses and then Jesus brought the graduation requirements and his Older Member chose for him to lay down his vehicle to show future students what they would have to do to graduate in one way or another, by another’s hand or if required at the time by one’s own hand.

Here’s is one of the primary places Jesus stated he was going to choose to lose his own vehicles life (lay it down) – allowing humans to become the instruments of his exit from that part of the task.

Joh 10:15 As the Father knoweth me, even so know I the Father: and I lay down my life for the sheep.
Joh 10:16 And other sheep I have, which are not of this fold: them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice; and there shall be one fold, and one shepherd.
Joh 10:17 Therefore doth my Father love me, because I lay down my life, that I might take it again.
Joh 10:18 No man taketh it from me, but I lay it down of myself. I have power to lay it down, and I have power to take it again. This commandment have I received of my Father.

TI said Jesus didn’t have to die because they said by the time of the Transfiguration when he was visited his metamorphic changeover was complete (except for that final ingredient he seemed to get after he healed his vehicle and visited with the Father as he told Mary Magdelene “not to touch him”.

Here is some additional information about how to think about the way TI and Do spoke the truth the entire time they were hear even thought things changed but never changed in a way to negate anything they initially said and did:

From “Away Team” from Deep Space Surfaces Before Departure By Jwnody

“There are two ways that we can be relieved of our old shell at the completion of this task. One is aboard a spacecraft in a laboratory circumstance, as we head for home, and that of course, is the more desirable. But, in addition, the process of “the will” being taken through a Next Level metamorphosis requires that the individual (who’s literally becoming a new creature) be open to accepting any form of “dropping” of “that shell.” The ultimate completion of the test – completion of the metamorphosis – is to arrive at knowing that this primitive shell is nothing but an encumbrance to me. Therefore, it is part of the design for the Next Level to have the option to choose to engage, at the point of our departure, that the shell be dropped by other means if it serves their purposes to do so.”

Sawyer note: Notice the first method of being relieved of their old shell (human vehicle) is AFTER they have boarded a physical Next Level spacecraft.

In other words “You do not have to die” to enter into Next Level Membership as TI and DO said in 1976.

Then Jwnody goes on to say:

“But, in addition, the process of “the will” being taken through a Next Level metamorphosis requires that the individual (who’s literally becoming a new creature) be open to accepting any form of “dropping” of “that shell.”

Sawyer note: This brings to light that the metamorphosis is the process “the will” is taken through. Our “will” in this context is what is developing potentially in all human vehicles as we make choices that are Next Level choices. On a very elementary lesson step, when we refuse to have anything to do with a human justifying killing another human as Moses provided and as Jesus re-iterated, we are using Their Next Level Mind and making it our Next Level Mind. When that adds up in our vehicles and gets “over 50%”* then all our decesions could be based on Next Level provided information and it might be said then that we have taken over our human vehicle and “changed” it into a new creature sufficiently – the butterfly (in TI and DO’s analogy they provided in 1974 until their exit of their human shells).

This same change or adjustment, clarification of thinking that the metamorphosis wasn’t in this “Third Trimester” graduation classroom relative to our human vehicles is shown in the document DO wrote called “’88 Update – The UFO Two and Their Crew”:

“Prior to 1981, their understanding was that they were working toward graduation from the human kingdom into the Next Level, and that this graduation process involved physically changing over their human vehicles (metamorphosing) into Next Level vehicles. They now believe that in reality they were in the Kingdom of Heaven before entering these human bodies. But because of the present awareness of their Next Level consciousness, they know that they are in that Kingdom now, though occupying human vehicles in order to do a task”.

Sawyer: We need to catch (rapture)/capture/snatch/take over a human vehicle so that our Minds that had been through one or more previous trimesters (incarnations) of growth towards graduation (with Moses and/or with Jesus and now with TI and DO) can grow from experience overcoming addictions, ties and bonds to our humanness behaviors and ways.

Here is an example of what the task is for all returning Souls and as Jwnody said they are still here (after their exit) with:

“Three reasons we are here: 1. Strengthen Next Level Mind 2. Deposit thoughts 3. Getting a Vehicle” (From the tape log for tapes 17 and 18 dated 9/27/82)

But if it was all about the metamorphosis of the Will, the Mind/Spirit content and power of the Soul having more than 50% of that Next Level Above Human Older Members “Holy” Mind/Spirit in us, why did TI and DO talk about it as pertaining to the human vehicle at first. The answer to that, I believe is how the human vehicle was also changing, if only to cooperate with the Soul that was trying to get “your Mind into your vehicle” as TI often reminded us of. TI and DO said in 1976 and thereafter that we would be stimulating “body changes,” but I don’t recall Their ever saying which body, the Soul body and/or the human body. I was puzzled by that as with many things. But as DO said somewhere in the Beyond Human tapes, that his vehicle had even grown to be a servant of the Next Level by stepping aside from the Spirit/Mind of the vehicle to allow that Next Level Mind/Spirit to come in and control the vehicle and even enjoy that service. Sure it would buck like a horse does but that shows that even it goes through some degree of body changes.

*re: percentages of Next Level Mind (Spirit, information leading to Next Level Membership) from Beyond Human – The Last Call – Session 5:

“Do: Oh, that’s right. Okay. In a previous session, I began to try to explain to you how any member of the Kingdom of Heaven, whether in the Kingdom of Heaven or even having left the physical aspect of the Kingdom of Heaven to return to the human kingdom for a task for the Heavenly Kingdom, is a trinity within themselves. They are a Father to Sons. They are a Son to a Father or Fathers. But we never got to the Holy Spirit or the Holy Ghost aspect of the Trinity. You’ve probably figured out that the way that parallel, or illustration of the Trinity – Father, Son, Holy Spirit – applies, is in the percentages in that soul/pillowcase of what kind or quality of mind is in the majority of that “mind substance.” That is, how much mind is of our Father’s Kingdom – Pure mind, Holy Mind. It doesn’t mean that it’s 100%. It means that the percentage is so great that the minority seldom rules. The majority rules. The majority controls. The majority I’m referring to is that portion of that mind that occupies that space in that soul. So, in that sense we have a Father to Sons (or younger members, or someone pursuing or making a transition from the human kingdom into the Kingdom of Heaven). We have a Son who has a Father or also a Grandfather, and calls them “Father,” “Father in Heaven,” or calls them “Teacher,” or calls them by name if they have a personal relationship with one who is in that position to relate to them. And then also that individual – if their mind has over 50 percent – when it takes a vote on any issue, the good rules. Even though sometimes the minority really shouts loud trying to get a voice, they have learned to have the majority rule. Therefore, that spirit or that mind that is occupying that space in that soul, is Holy Spirit, is Pure Spirit, and is in control.”

Here is Crlody’s blog post re: parts of the vanity fair article:


Reply to Crlody’s post claiming Sawyer’s reference to his experience talking with DO about “penis size,” couldn’t have happened

February 3, 2021

For some reason I’m not able to reblog Crlody’s blog post but anyone can read it on crlody.wordpress.com where I tried to leave this same comment on but in times past he hasn’t always approved them which to me is sad but perhaps he did include it this time and for all I know that was an oversight in the past or something he decided to correct. So I’m making my own post here and I include some of his claims against things I’ve said and done for whatever they might be worth to someone.

So here is the comment I left him:

Anyway, how do you know, as you said about my talking about penis size in a livestream, that “Ti and Do would have NEVER had a discussion with Their students about such a thing…”?

On this score you are showing how you far too trust your own mind to think something like this could NEVER be part of a discussion and I don’t say that without evidence, though not evidence I can prove from the materials they left behind so take it or leave it.

The evidence came because of a personal meeting I had with DO alone (I think years after TI left her vehicle) where he wanted to know from each student privately if there was anything in their past they were ashamed about or felt guilty about or was on their mind that they wanted to expose.

And though I can’t say what I reluctantly brought up to him fell into any of those categories it did have to do with an experience I (my vehicle) had in my late teens. See I knew for many years that my vehicle’s plumbing was on the small size and for that reason even when I would go to a nude beach or river front as I did a number of times as a hippie type, I would try to hide though I still reluctantly did it.

But the event I brought up to DO had to do with fooling around some with a girl who had been a girlfriend for several years in highschool but who I never was sexual with because she wouldn’t let me go beyond making out.

But all I said to DO was that “I was with this girl and she reached down into my pants and said, “where is it”, laughing at me”. I told DO that, that didn’t stop me from engaging in that behavior thereafter but was always something that bothered me.

What DO said to me was, “that shows who you are”, I believe meaning that to some degree our bodies grow according to the mind that’s in them and if it’s a mind that is made up of a large measure of Mind that has overcome some or much of their sexuality their vehicle might reflect that growth. (I’m not making that up but I don’t know how to show anyone where and how TI and DO taught that exactly). Now I don’t believe that means someone with a larger plumbing size is showing that they haven’t overcome that as much. It just could mean that was more right for them to deal with in the other way that might give them the lessons they need in that department. TI and DO did say that they helped the returning Souls pick and prep human vehicles that could be a “match” for what they needed to continue to overcome so we could become “viable” to have a Next Level grown vehicle.

I ‘m not saying this about a larger plumbing size from my mind entirely. For instance I’m saying that because one time, by accident I walked in on Dstody in the bath chamber. We didn’t have locks on those doors at that time (though I do recall changing locks on doors sometimes for that purpose) and they were kept closed mostly when not in use, but we had instruction to knock before entering and if someone was inside they would say, “occupied”. We eventually had a sign we would flip around that hung on the bath chamber (bathroom) door knob that said “occupied” on one side. But in this case, I don’t recall their being a sign and I failed to knock which I’d never done before. Anyway, when I opened the door Dstody was standing facing the lavatory sink and the mirror above it with his vehicles plumbing exposed and what looked like was partially erect and it was quite large.

I said I was sorry and closed the door and went about my business. I’m not sure but I believe after tossing and turning about it, I think I reported that to TI and DO in a note. (I didn’t do so to get Dstody in trouble, but I knew looking at our vehicles in the mirror naked or at any time besides as needed for grooming, was not procedure. I certainly didn’t tell anyone else. TI and DO never said anything to me about it or at a meeting that I recall.

Also, TI and DO did talk about a woman’s breast size a bit. The context that I recall was surrounding how guilt about certain things could stimulate physical problems, even cancers and they used the breast cancer as their example of that. It might be on an audio tape. I know TI was in her vehicle still at that time when we were also talking about genes being changeable (which I later learned was really a breakthrough idea to entertain in the mid 1980’s and still is for some).

re: Crlody saying that I said I have a “open phone line” to Them, he is getting me mixed up with Rio so said so much but as I recall with the terms like, “I have a type of ticker tape connection” with DO, which was published many years ago which I was critical about because of that picture of having that kind of clarity wasn’t even the way TI and DO described their connection. If you heard the context of that you may have heard me say that “I don’t have an open phone line” nor tickertape like connection but that we all have a phone line connection to Them if we want it and use it but that they don’t pick up that “phone” (TI and DO described it that way after we saw the ET movie, getting a kick out of ET Phone Home) every time it rings. Sometimes they don’t respond and TI and DO said they took that as they were not asking the right question or wasn’t appropriate at that time for them to know this or that. So yes I don’t doubt that it’s an open line but the other way of misunderstanding that is that it’s not usually as clear a connection as can be had when actually on a human phone with someone. We don’t get exact words in our heads or new information or instructions. Now I’m not saying TI and DO didn’t get instructions from their open phone line connection but the ways they described it was as feelings and perspectives and ideas that they then had to pursue by using their “feeler” as they took steps in a certain direction to know if they were on the right track as they continued to ask.

Maybe my book isn’t the “little book(scroll) in Revelation chapter 10 and the “backside” of the book in Rev 5 but it seems to be part of it. It was interesting that I realized that DO started that “little book” in Rev 10 by putting Jesus sayings in the back of the Heaven’s Gate Book which the entire front part was the revealing of being from the same Minds from the Next Level. But that revealing was to occur even after their exit if one goes by the events in Revelation that TI and DO talked about as seen in Rev 11 and 12 and 14 and 16 especially and that’s what I felt led to bring out as possibilities that focused on the history which is what is described as happening in Rev 5:1 as the “backside of the Book” to where “backside” also refers to what came before then and also says that the Book contents were “written from within the throne” and the Heaven’s Gate Book was written from within the Throne by DO who was graduated to the Throne task when TI left the incarnation she said to DO was “to get you started” as it also says in Rev 12 which DO referred to as TI being the “woman” within so if anything is accurate in that book, those things we can line up with what They taught would seem to be the most.

-As far as my book being easier to digest for some wasn’t the best way for me to express that if that’s the best context and I do believe I’m not slow to put thoughts like that out without some knowing of needed context and/or to use better words. But assuming I didn’t do a good job of that before, I want to update that to the way TI and DO spoke about all humans as being on genetic “strains” and how each of their students are part of different branches of those strains so might relate to one student better than to another and that students are always by design giving to those who might be of the same strain in some ways a less potent perspective because they are closer to those who have not graduated yet because they too haven’t graduated yet or regardless of graduation, because of their experiences.

This can be seen in the Heaven’s Gate book and the video’s DO made that are not in the book, to where He gives us the most relevant information to graduate by while Jwnody and Stmody and other students who were published in the Book give ideas that are ALSO most relevant to those who were coming up after their exit, the other Two Types of people who could start or continue their metamorphosis and/or could be saved for a future opportunity to be in a graduation classroom. After all Jwnody said in that same document, “Away Team from Deep Space Surfaced Before Departure” that there were Souls who were back from the first and second trimesters (Moses and Jesus times) who were being given the task of moving ahead by Standing in TI and DO’s defense. So DO gave Jwnody that task of addressing with more detail the two of three types of individuals who would “go with him” when they left the atmosphere (which we don’t know if has happened yet and there are many reasons to think hasn’t happened yet, though some of those 38 might have left and/or come back to work closely with all of us who are “coming up”.

That’s why TI came with DO, as DO said, “perhaps I needed that help” but as DO described TI had a different relationship with Their students than he had as he was closer to the students in his growth than TI was, so TI said that it was DO’s task to bring those coming up to the completion of their task not TI’s except from a distance.

Now I’m not saying I’m anyones Older Member or even older student. I don’t know. I feel I’m young but had the capacity to be an Older student member but failed to graduate with my class. DO referred to me as that “Older (student) Member in the Beyond Human video tape, so some have said that about me but I’ve always said that, yes I had that task but didn’t graduate, but that doesn’t mean anyone doesn’t have that same task of helping others move up to being students of TI and DO. That’s what Standing for TI and DO is. It’s first about working for TI and DO and going through the way that will increasingly separate us from our humanness IF we continue to grow by our choices in that process (“taking over a vehicle” as our horse) and that includes helping others by “depositing thoughts” and all goes to “growing our Mind” using Next Level Mind from TI and DO.

So summing that up as “easier to digest” if I said it like that without all this context clarifications was good to have the opportunity to correct.

Then in regards to what I believed was Ti showing me Spirits, which I believe was more than two and more than two spirits so again context is important and not using as much context as is provided then can become misinformation. And i said “believed” which is different from “knowing” but looking back on that short period of time when I had those sightings they seemed to start with one of them and the dream of TI.

If I imagined it was TI and that there were spirits so be it, but I don’t know what’s so hard about believing we can have spirit experiences they can give us, when TI and DO’s teachings included the recognition of “influences” that were discarnate humans around us and using our vehicles and that the Next Level used dream time sometimes to help us with lessons but that we wouldn’t be getting instructions for those times nor can be certain where they originated as the Luciferian space alien fallen angel souls can also beam thoughts down to us and influence and attack us during dreamtime and an attack doesn’t mean there is violence involved. It can mean one can feel visited by “God”. However, some have told me they have had dreams that they felt were of DO and from what they said in my opinion it could have been from DO.

But having dreams or not doesn’t reflect on one’s stature by my understanding which I have because of the way DO said, TI’s presence didn’t mean he was a high fallutin officer in the Next Level as perhaps he just needed that help and perhaps Jesus didn’t need that help 2000 years ago because of how saturated with misinformation this world has become.

I don’t know why anyone would consider talk like this “disgusting”. TI and DO were not prudes. They knew we all have biological vehicles and even mental difficulties with our vehicles which is all part of the overcoming process.

Critique of HBO Max Heaven’s Gate Cult of Cults Docuseries Article

January 17, 2021

Here are my responses to an article with Clay Tweel, the director of the Heaven’s Gate Cult of Cults HBO Max docuseries. I found Clay to be easy to be interviewed by and made me feel comfortable and I liked some of what he did in the series but would have put some different emphasis on things not covered, but am glad he included parts of my story. Below the link are my comments to this article:

Heaven’s Gate director Clay Tweel talks psychology of cult membership.


Steve Hassan seems like an academic who does interviews and comes up with scenerios and diagnosis and no doubt some people who join cults and all sorts of organizations and groups and pass times can fit into his scenerio, but is missing a huge perspective one can only have when they open their minds to the reality of Mind/Spirit – discarnates existances and even Souls – space aliens and Next Level Members with the power of thought forms and all our programming from the genes our growing minds and physical bodies inherit combined with our environmental influences from when our vehicles are babies that shape all present us with choices of what to become and believe about reality.

But even without all that overview of our reality, when one really digs for the details of TI and DO’s experiential Classroom, like by listening to many audio tapes, being one of the best ways to see day to day thinking and operations mixed with their history and all they taught and required of their students, this group, Heaven’s Gate takes the shape of being totally unique.

Their differences were many; in all kinds of ways from philosophy to practices to lifestyles (of course with exceptions) as they were like the sum total of all the most true/real and good parts of all the religions in terms of behaviors and ways with no hypocrisies, except for the ways students failed to grow that resulted in dropping out and even being asked/instructed to leave IF they didn’t want to abide by the Procedures and sometimes with years in between got the opportunity to rejoin, which some did.

Major differences with most all other cults and groups:

Some specific examples of major differences with most all the others, were that there were No abuses, no one held against their will, no children to brainwash, no relationships of former family members, no marriages, no sexuality, no power mongering, no punishments of members, no depravity, no standing on street corners begging, no corporate headquarters and empire building, no riches, no regular recruitment (just over two 9 month periods in 1975 and 1994 over 22 years), people always free to leave but hard to find them to join as they hid so well. There was no guilting, no religiosity, no group bible study, no justification from the bible for what TI and DO said and did (thought did at times reference what Jesus taught), fully parrelled with everything Jesus taught, same requirements as Jesus to be a disciple – to leave all behind, updated term descripted in a generic format and in a religious term format, updates that Jesus said would oocur upon his return, in new vehicles as Jesus said would occur, coming in vehicles that were female and male (TI’s vehicle was female and DO’s male) as said in Revelation 12. They “spoke” what they knew for about the 1260 day period talked about in the Revelation 11 Two Witnesses. They were “overcome/subdued” shot down in the street and then “exited by dying themselves” (Greek: apokteino auto) wit a time and times and half a time in between according to Rev 11 and 12 prophecy. TI left by her vehicle going to the grave (earth opened it’s mouth – to swallow up her vehicle with the flood of negativity against her – Rev 12). TI when she was dealing with cancer in her eye in the early 1980’s was given the “wings of an eagle” to escape, which seems like when They moved to BlackHAWK Colorado at 9,000 foot of elevation (where eagles fly in the high altitudes). Ti was an astrologer – clothed with the sun with the Moon as her footstool (DO to give the students a way to step up to Next Level Membership). And many more of these kinds of prophecy fulfillments that no one else even comes close to and that I only learned about after I left when I started to analyse the Book of Revelation.

We also had no out loud prayer, and a short time when we had a few group meditations with no talking or props. We didn’t dress in a holy way. We dressed modestly. We didn’t chat with one another. We only talked when we had a task to talk. We had no substance usage for recreation – so no booze or pot or drugs or tobacco usage. We had no competition though some students needed to overcome that tendency. We had to ask each other and TI and DO for help (though they reminded us to do so every so often). We did use the doctor and dentist as needed. We experimented with liquid diets and with sleep patterns but were never sleep deprived.

I wasn’t lonely when I joined or ever really. I don’t see being in the group as a “rough life” really. There were some rough times but not even worse than many in the human kingdom experience. It was a mental roughness different from things humans would consider rough because it entailed leaving all our human thinking, behaviors and ways behind (except for minimal creature comforts and the pleasures provided by TI and DO).

So it was a different form of rough. For examples; at first in houses we had a lot less to do – as while living outdoors for years we each washed our own clothes and took sponge bathes every morning and at first cooked our own food and washed dishes and kept our tents clean and participated in driving someplace to find water to fill up our jugs or since I was the camps chain saw operator I’d gather a crew and take a van and go fill it up with dead wood I’d locate. At night we had Night Watch – each partnership taking turns getting up and watching the heavens and noting anything interesting for an hour at a time. At one point in around 1978 we had TV viewing using a generator for power – watching the Price is Right and some Jeopardy. Plus we played board games and games like Simon and Rubix cube and Battleship and Stratego and checkers and chinese checkers and others, as much as we wanted and we read books out of our small library and could write notes to TI and DO and over the years other writing projects. And early on TI and Do would give each partnership $20 for groceries with no directions on what to buy but it was to last for a week so we didn’t often buy things like meat but that was also 1976 in Wyoming and you could buy a lot more for that much money than now.

We didn’t live 5 to a room. The houses we leased were large so we’d have 4 or 5 rest chambers with 4 to 5 double bunks in them. They were only used for sleeping. We spent our time either on duty in the Nutri lab or Fiber lab or Impro Lab (car/house maintence) or Yeast lab or Juice lab or Central (where people would have the tasks to draw up schedules, etc.). Cleaning was optional but expected, so I’d frequently vacuum.

Article said, “Yet so few of them seemed willing, or able, to take a step back and question why they were putting themselves through this. Aside from the promise of extra-terrestrial transportation, of course. But that’s a hard road they took.”


We were always “able” to think whatever we wanted though the process TI and DO were teaching meant that one wouldn’t think about the past but there was no mechanism to check on what someone was thinking. There were a number of times TI and DO gave instruction to think about if there was something in the world we wanted to do or someone to be with. Then after about 20 minutes they’d say, now go back to blocking those thoughts. They said they did the same thing every so often though didn’t like doing it – felt like they were allowing their minds to go back into a pit. I remind DO said when he met TI he was content. (He had a career as a opera singer with the Houston Opera and giving voice lessons and leading University music departments and choruses. He had friends and was doing fine financially). They would say, which I’ve identified with since, that even if this wasn’t exactly what they thought it was, they would have to pursue what they were coming to understand.

We had no required repetition of mind disciplines or ways to measure one anothers compliance. We did no chanting. We were given the tools to was our own brains so there was no brainwashing techniques imposed on us.

Article with Clay continues “It is. The other thing that fascinated me, was that it was really hard. But I remember Frank saying that you get accustomed to just not having to make a lot of decisions during the day. You are able to shut that part of your brain off. And so when you come out of the group, you have to kind of figure out how to re-engage with society and reengage that part of your brain that has to make the decisions on what to eat. Just like a bunch of little micro decisions. What to wear? What to eat? How to socially interact? So I was like, “Oh gosh, that’s a reason why the trauma of being in these groups often reverberates and lasts with former members for so long.”


I don’t know what Frank is referring to as not having to make decesions everyday. We worked in partnerships and often had differing ideas about how thoroughly to do a task and plenty more things day to day. Contrary to Franks experience, when I left the group I had no problem at all adjusting to society. I got a job or two, an apartment, started to make a friend or two and rode my bike to work and rented a flute and bought some harmonica’s and some conga drums, went to the movies sometimes, rented movies sometimes. I enjoyed riding my bike some miles to the grocery store to buy food. I remember enjoying picking out my own food but while in the group I had no problem having the menu planned for me. For some that was harder than for others. What to wear was a no brainer. I went to the salvation army to buy some clothing. I worked as a dinner cook at the Marriot Resort Hotel. After some months I moved back to NY and began to play bongo’s for poets at little mini festivals. I went to camp out at one of the last Grateful Dead concerts and met a young woman there and ended up dating her a little. I would go to full moon gatherings in Woodstock NY to play drums. I started dating and it’s true that those dates were mostly terrible but not necessarily because of not being in the group. Even the years living on my own before joining I was shy and it’s true that now since I wasn’t shy about telling someone I was in this group for 19 years that would sometimes be the end to that friendship. Then when I met my x and we shacked up and she got pregnant in 1997 I became a dad to two girls and fully supported everything they needed. I developed a business selling Blue Green Algae health products but I was a poor salesperson so it didn’t work out and so I got conventional jobs.

Trauma? It’s unfortunate that Frank felt that but perhaps he’d been dealing with questioning being there for years and only stayed because his girlfriend who as he said he still loved was still there so perhaps that weighed on him. I joined with my girlfriend but it wasn’t that hard to break up with her and we both soon lost any interest in one another in a human way. I didn’t have any desire to leave and I had some opportunities many to do so. I loved being in the Classroom. TI and DO were amazing and my classmates to include Frank were really good people to live with for the most part.

Clay says in article: “…You can draw pretty strong parallels to like what’s happening with QAnon and Trump pretty easily.”

Sawyer: On this point I’d like to see those parallels. Trump was NOTHING AT ALL LIKE DO AND TI. It’s like comparing apples (DO) to burnt up wood (Trump or Biden or Pence or Harris, etc). And comparing with QAnon is abserd. It was the OPPOSITE. I looked into QAnon some years ago to see what the fuss was all about and all that cryptic language with people becoming popular for appearing to translate it. TI and DO were direct and to the point. They had no mysterious sayings or cryptic messages. They said what they knew and they knew what they didn’t know and they knew where to go to learn what they didn’t know… Their Next Level Older Members. When someone asked a question that was vague, they would ask for specifics. They seldom talked philosophically and when DO spoke of a tiny few of the Revelation records sometimes he even said this was at that time for “amusement” and wasn’t important and that John who wrote the book wasn’t able to get it all right but that the events would all be taking place which we see happening more and more now – like Rev 16:2 – plague that gives people with the mark (allegience to the Govt), “noisome and grevious sores” (Stress and diseases – like Jesus said there would be pestilence). And DO said in Beyond Human session 11, I think, that part of what we might see happening after he left was “people dying in droves” and wow has death escalated.

Both my x’s parents died last week about a week (January 2021) apart from diseases they had all along. They were treated so badly because of the Covid restrictions but she died of dementia – stopped wanting to eat and he died of pneumonia. Both had at one point tested positive for Covid but who knows if that increased their sickness as we know when they used to count flu deaths they were as high as over 60,000 in 2017-18 season according to CDC website.

Critique of SFGate Article related to HBO Max Doc Series

December 27, 2020

Here is the article followed by my comments:

‘UFO Takes Man’s Wife’: When the Heaven’s Gate cult recruited in the Bay Area

Here are my comments to the article:

The picture of Wndody (one of 38), Dncody (dropout whose vehicle died from AIDS around 2002) TI and DO was not from Waldport as I, (sawyer) was at the entire Waldport meeting and only TI and DO were on stage and there was no table in front of them. They sat in chairs on the stage. I believe that picture came from an earlier meeting, perhaps in Canada College in the San Francisco bay area as my understanding is that the meeting they held at Stanford College TI and DO didn’t speak at, but as it was before I joined and we didn’t talk about such things there was some indication they may have done a meeting in another place (Sunnyvale) after Stanford and Canada Colleges. Dncody having a beard was one indication that it was early on as I shaved mine off when I joined and cut my long hair off then too as did others who joined from Waldport.

I thought Rob Balch was a student writing his thesis as the reason he joined and only much later became a professor at University of Montana

It wasn’t a ritual suicide as there were on ritual to it. A ritual needs to be repeated to be a ritual. Now that Jim Jones suicide/murders were ritualistic as they at least 2-3 times were instructed they would be drinking poison yet didn’t do it until that last time when the drink actually had that poison in it and that was far from the peaceful way to leave one’s vehicle chosen by DO and Crew. Over the years we wore a uniform several times, each lasting for maybe a year or so.

At first they didn’t know that there were space aliens and Members of the Next Level being seen in sightings. When they heard the many reports from abductees of having sex on the spacecrafts they knew that wasn’t Next Level Member behavior because they have outgrown mammalian reproduction and they designed the human kingdom to be where such activity takes place. The human kingdom is their experiment.

It’s not just the next level above human consciousness – It’ the Next Evolutionary Kingdom Level Above and Beyond humaness biologically and mental/spiritually (of Mind – what is real and most true about what future lies ahead for all humans who engage the process of overcoming their humanness according to TI and DO’s teachings. New Members were in a sense “lucky” but graduation had nothing to do with luck – It was hard work to engage and complete the overcoming process.

The reason some see what TI and Do taught as a mish mash is because The Next Level are the People behind all the religions and the sciences, etc. so there are pieces of the truth throughout them all but they are all also distorted and diluted from having the clearest picture of reality.

TI and Do certainly demonstrated having no parrallel with any other cult besides Jesus and Moses “cults”.

They never really did any “prostelytizing”. They simply stated their information and then allowed people to join them. They never sought to constantly grow the groups numbers, which is why they stopped being public by June of 1976 and why they sent 19 students away from the larger group of about 100 by then, because they didn’t seem serious enough to get with the metamorphic process they were directing. Some still wanted to have sex and smoke pot. But yes DO (Applewhite) did most of the talking, which was because TI was incarnate “to get (DO) started and then was going back” which DO always saw as puzzleing when she would say that as he couldn’t imagine she intended to go back to her vehicles family but then when her vehicle died he knew what she meant – going back to her Next Level position on a spacecraft. (This is well described by a number of prophecies. Nammely, Revelation 12 talks about the Woman who wakes up the man to his “throne” task and then leaves by her vehicle dying (earth swallows the woman, a saying about doing into the grave – death of the vehicle, though TI’s vehicle was cremated at her request and her ashes were spread into White Rock Lake in Dallas, Texas).

This report that DO’s vehicle before awakening had “mental health issues” has been greatly exaggerated. It was that one report of his reason for being fired from St. Thomas University in Houston that listed his reason for leaving with that kind of a generalization. Perhaps they considered homosexuality a mental health issue. Many did and especially those in some Christian communities. I don’t know how “closeted” he was about his homosexuality. Someone reported he went to or threw a party at one point that had all kinds of people dressed up in what was called gay (colorful) apparall. He told us he had been in relationship and living with a male and what he was frustrated with in his homosexual relationships was that he wasn’t finding someone who wanted to have a committed relstionship – in other words exclusive to one another instead of being promiscuous.

No doubt TI was DO’s biggest influence but when they began to awaken in earnest in early 1973 after leaving Houston behind, they were both getting information simultaneously that they could come together to talk about and “pull” on because they received “impressions”. They were both studying any religio-spiritual materials they could get their hands on because some of the chunks of information they first got was summarized as their being Souls who were both from the Kingdom of God in the literal heavens, were here to “bring updates to the bible” and to fulfill prophecy and so they were seeking and searching for what prophecies to fulfill which eventually they came upon the Revelation 11 Two Witnesses prophecy and they knew that was referring to them.

Apparantly TI wasn’t that “deeply entreched in studying biblical prophecies” because they hadn’t come upon Revelation 11’s Two Witnesses prophecy until they were camping on the Rogue river at Gold Beach, Oregon which best guess was during the summer of 1973 because they were carving crosses and painting rocks they’d get from the ocean to sell to tourists and collecting coins that would come up in the surf in order to pay for their food then, I recall their saying, some of which can be documented.

Since they always said they were only receiving instructions one step ahead of their students, when they realized that their being killed in the street was evidenced as being “shot down by the press” they understood that their students had every right to not follow them anymore since they initially thought they would be literally killed to demonstrate the same resurrection event as Jesus performed. For the most part their students stayed with them. That didn’t phase me at all from following them.

However as evidenced in UFO Missionaries Extraordinary they never dropped the prospect that they might be literally killed (their vehicles) in a demonstration. And they in 1978 told us that they might leave before us. Again, this change shows they were not following the bible for what they said and did. TI even said that they weren’t basing what they were saying/doing on having studied Jesus’ life. Though TI from the beginning knew that DO was the same Soul who had performed the tasks of Adam, Enoch, Moses, Elijah and Jesus. And DO came to recognize that TI was his Older Member in the Next Level, thus His Heavenly Father.

Contrary to what Robert Balch said, They didn’t build a “package that made sense to people”. They told what they knew which was in development the whole time throughout their incarnations. The reason it made sense to some people was because it was the truth and Souls who knew it was the truth were returning and a number of human vehicles were prepared for so even made sense to the vehicles. I am an example of that. It all made sense to me but I had few reasons to believe that from my life of 24 years before then. That was because They said returning Souls were helped by the Next Level to pick out human vehicles that could be a match for the lessons they (the Souls) still needed to learn to graduate the human condition.

Some who joined, did so without having attended a meeting. One was Lggody and another was Srrody.

I remember their saying the time frame for pickup was “months” but I didn’t join for a ride on a UFO anyway. I couldn’t have cared less about UFO’s though I didn’t doubt they existed. Nor did the urgency mean anything to me. I just felt this was what I wanted to do but the way I see it is that putting it in terms of months was a way of giving people an easy out to joining and to leaving if it didn’t pan out as first thought while the ones who were joining because they truely recognized TI and DO as their Teachers from outer space, from the Heaven’s wouldn’t have any time frame on their minds or would be easily dissuaded from wanting to be with them. When someone is with their Older Member and they know it, whatever they provide in timing, etc. is what they wanted.

But there was no “pitch”. They didn’t even want followers (documented in the document 88 Update – The UFO Two and Crew” found on the Heaven’s Gate web page and they turned away people as evidenced in UFO Missionaries Extraordinary and I know there were more than that example even referring to the 19 students sent out of the larger group in 1976.

Leaving kids behind didn’t mean abandon them. It meant asking the Next Level – the highest source we can imagine in the heavens for help to know if this is right for them and if it is, how to make arrangements for the children to be taken good care of. I know to someone without any sense of the reality of the Kingdom Above Human, Kingdom of God, Kingdom in the literal heavens, this is unimaginable. But those with that connection were having to choose if they trusted the Next Level and these Older Members they recognized. What they said was that anyone left behind would be given special help from the Next Level. Anyone that thinks that’s not realistic is jsut not yet awake to how realistic the Next Level Above Human is. Those that I know about that did leave children behind were anyone but irresponsible parents. For instance Judy who joined but didn’t stay in the group very long was raising two children but went to the Waldport meeting and knew this was what she wanted and so arranged for the kids to stay with their biological dad who lived near Portland, OR. Judy because knowns as Window but then dropped out some weeks to months after joining when I did. Then there was Lggody who had like 4 children and a wife and a horse ranch business and was well to do financially who joined and left them all behind. It’s not like with humans who leave to be with another partner as often happens and it’s not like children raised in a loving household are automatically damaged by not having one or both parents. Kelly certainly had a difficult path when both her parents joined and she went to live with her grandparents I think she said. I’m not pretending it’s easy but I know that there are many circumstances that are difficult for children to deal with. Ti and Do didn’t approve of abandoning children. They taught that parents are responsible for their children. But in this very unique case for some who know this was something they wanted to do with all their heart and may have even prepared their children for their departure in some ways (as I try to do with my grown daughter), yes it pains me to think about leaving her but I really don’t have a choice, specially since I’m an old dad at 69 to her 23 years but that’s what happens in the human kingdom. Sngody also left two daughters behind. I met them briefly in Springfield, MO. She ended up visiting with them (I suspect) when TI and DO sent us to visit if we wanted to. The task was to relieve their anxiety about our absence. Then DO instigated a second visit in 1986 or 1987. That also became an easy opportunity to reexamine if we wanted to stay in the group. Rthody (dropout seen in docs as Michael) chose after the second visit to leave the group and did, so he could be with his brothers and their families.

To Steven Halpern, it’s not over. He as anyone can still seek to be in service to TI and DO – study their information while defending TI and DO and disseminating their information. We need our vehicles in order to do this task and to learn lessons. We can adopt all their taught behaviors and ways as listed in the Major and Lessor offense lists in the Heaven’s Gate Book and in the Seventeen Steps also listed there. There is no guarantees for further incarnations. This idea is something that Mark and Sarah have been promoting, saying the gate is closed but DO didn’t close the gate but clearly spoke about what the task is now for Souls – Stand in Defense of TI and DO and as is clear this is a hard task to do because of how people judge us (though for me it’s not that hard anymore, though still has it’s challenge for me as well).

I don’t know why the individual Lightborne canceled the meeting in San Jose. Why, if he believed in TI and Do didn’t he just tell those 500 curious people about TI and DO. I actually traveled on and off with Lightborne starting from early November of 1975. I met him when I was camping on the top of Mt. Diablo following the meeting at Tilden park in Berkley, CA on November 1st or 2nd, 1975 that Jwnody was one of the speakers for. I was partnered with Dandy who became named Dndody but left the group in the 1980’s and I last heard was living in Corvalis. Dandy and I traveled to Boston to hold a meeting and met a bunch of those who had joined from that Tilden park meeting there. Jnnody and others who had met TI and DO as I had I, also met up south of Boston then to organize the meeting. Dndody and I secured a meeting room in the Worchester public library and Dndody and I spoke at that meeting of about 200 people attending. Lightborne was disaggreeable with most everything Jnnody and I were thinking about as we met with over a dozen others who had traveled there in a park with a tennis court to plan who was going to put up posters, etc. where. That was the first meeting I spoke at.

Since a number of those with us had not yet met TI and DO and we had no way of getting in touch with them (that I knew about), I guess I sort of became a group leader with my partner Dndody who was quiet most of the time but perhaps because I was a blabbermouth. So after the meeting we met with a couple people who had more questions and that might travel with us so we agreed to go to Mt. Pelier, Vermont to try to hold another meeting. Our car broke down in Vermont so we started to hitchhike and rode with Lightborne and his partner who went by “John the Baptist”. When we would ask preachers for help with food and/or gas and/or a place to sleep – as was our last instruction to seek from churches since TI and DO said they should support you doing your Father’s work, sometimes if they weren’t curious about us, Lightborne and the baptist person wanted to just lay it on them but that wasn’t our way (though perhaps I was too sheepish sometimes), but most times I was anything buy hesitant to tell people about BO and Peep (the previous names of DO and TI). But then we were staying in a church in Montpelier looking for a meeting room and Lightborne wanted to change partnerships, break up me and Dndody and I and Dandy were against doing so because TI and DO had assigned us to be partners but Lightborne persisted, so once again he was difficult to deal with. Not saying he was a bad person but cooperation wasn’t one of his strong suites at that time. So nothing came through in Mt. Pelier and we were sleeping outdoors and living off of cold cans of baked beans, etc. and got snowed on one night so the four of us traveling together still deceided to drive south. But a couple hundred miles south their car broke down so Dndody and I just decided to part company and hitchhiked south all the way down to corpus Christi where I saw a UFO make a huge Z in the sky at incredible speeds but with 90 degree angles. Dndody didn’t see it. Anway that was a little experience I had with Lightborne.

Yes, Jackie Leonard was later known as Prsody (Press-ody) I think because Jesus said students would have to press into the kingdom – It wasn’t anything that happened automatically as was taught by many Christians when one said their magic words of belief like in John 3:16 that was taken out of context. I saw Jackie at Tilden Park meeting with her X and it was hard for her (them) I know. It was from that meeting that Rkkody joined. He invited a number of us to have a place to sleep at his house in San Francisco.

In 1978 Ti predicted to DO, that he told us about after TI left her vehicle, that because she told us then that we would have to give them our “will” they would lose half the class, which is what happened over the next years so that by 1993 we were down to a couple dozen as DO mentioned in the Beyond Human video tape series.

Do was certainly affected by TI’s largely unexpected exit though he had a sign of that some two years prior when TI was diagnosed with cancer in her eye and had it removed in a hospital in the Amarillo area or nearby.

But on the outside he recovered in days and was leading us just fine though yes he missed TI’s physical presence but he still at times felt TI’s spiritual presence.

But the first project had nothing to do with the end times as is reported here. In fact he started us on the pursuit of a healthy cleansing diet. He wanted us to have the healthiest vehicles we could have for as long was we needed to use them so that they would also have the clearest thinking and the best positive energy. That began the book project called the Transfiguration Diet that we maked using the first McIntosh computer in 1986. The cover of the book talks about reprogramming our genes, something that millions of kids had been taught in school can’t be done but that now we know can be done. TI started our talking about genes. DO wanted us to have the healthiest vehicles we could have for as long as we needed to be on earth. Plus he said TI left and didn’t need to experience this cleansing diet (as it was intended for her to leave as she did, while he said that she burned out her vehicle dealing with all the negativity that came from families of students, etc.). What kind of care about the end of the world is shown by adopting a cleansing diet.

His next project was “being who we are” meaning the same Souls who were Jesus in his students. But that wasn’t a focus on the Book of Revelation nor Jesus prophecy of the end time but simply showing people why They knew they were the so called Second Coming and frankly many of us were eager to tell that to the world again.

Since Rob Balch is focused on in this article, I’ll add that DO had me meet with Rob at his office at the U of M in 1994 when we were holding public meetings all over the US again – showing people why DO was the Second Coming. Rob had someone asked for contact but not sure how that happened but he was adding a chapter to a book. So I spent a number of hours with Evnody as my partner editing his book and I sent what I said to DO in a report. Then in 1997 still in touch with Rob, he asked if he could meet with me and I agreed and he came to where I lived then in Stony Brook, NY and he taped our meeting that lasted for about 3 hours or so. He send me copies of the tapes that I still have.

The “Pearls Before Swine” Argument

December 15, 2020

I agree that the pearls before swine is a twisting of what Jesus said. I can confirm that Sarah told me on the telephone when I was talking to them years ago about releasing the remaining audio tapes, that they didn’t want to see the tapes used against them. I remember saying to Sarah, how can anyone stop that with the existing materials that are available to which she had no response as I recall.


The individuals at TELAH who have been been actively suppressing the class’ audio tapes for over twenty years have tried to justify it by claiming that it would be akin to throwing “pearls before swine”. RKK told me that Mark and Sarah King had taken the attitude that myself and GNR (who was in the class for a month in 1992) may not have “enough” Next Level Mind in us to listen to the tapes. JHN once stated that letting others listen to the tapes would be like throwing “pearls before swine”.

There is a tape from 1984 or so where Do addresses individuals who would be listening to the tapes AFTER the class was gone. I’ve exhaustively documented how the tapes were in a storage locker and retrieved by RKK and OSC with instructions to “disseminate” them. TELAH promised over twenty years ago that the tapes would be available…

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Index to Sawyer’s Book Posts – TI and DO The Father and “Jesus” Heaven’s Gate UFO Two Witnesses

November 23, 2020

Here are the Links to all the sections of the book:

TI and DO The Father and “Jesus” Heaven’s Gate UFO Two Witnesses – Cover, Overview, TOC and Section I.





















Suicide and Death is NOT a ticket into membership in the Next Level. One needs to know to Whom they are going. Dying believing in Jesus gets us nowhere because He came back in the name DO. To New Believers in TI and DO – Here is the Evidence that People Who Come to Recognize DO as Their Older Member Now Have the Task from DO to Stand in Defense of TI and DO as The Most Current Representatives from the Kingdom that Created the Earth & It’s Inhabitants & Accept the Consequences Until Their Departure

November 16, 2020

This is Sawyer’s Reply to Crlody’s Post that Brings Clear Evidence, that we all have access to, that People at this time who Come to Recognize DO as Their Older Member Now Have the Task from DO of both Separating from their Humanness and Serving TI and DO by Standing in Defense of TI and DO as those who Represent the Kingdom that Created the Earth and it’s Inhabitants. To Stand for them requires that we have a physical vehicle. To try to exit by suicide now would be short-cutting their needed growth lesson step, just like Jesus required of his students. We can only learn lessons by using our human vehicle.

The circumstances and degree of separation from the Human kingdom and how, when and where we Stand in TI and DO’s defense is up to us. Doing this assigned task given to all of us by DO – Standing in Their Defense can also cause some of our separation, so to think we need to separate first before Standing for them may not be growing as fast as we can. Some have said to me they wanted to start a commune to live like we lived in the classroom. I am not the judge of whether some do that or not but if it doesn’t include Standing in TI and DO’s offense as the number one task, it may not be stimulating the growth we all need by following their instructions.

The lower forces of this planet will say anything to us to influence us to not accept and do this task of Standing in Defense of TI and DO so even if we are a parent or caregiver we can still Stand for Them. Much of that Standing can still be done on the internet. Each who wants to do this task for DO and TI need to express that desire to them, thinking of them as being in Deep Space, since that’s beyond the area of near space that the Space Aliens can try to intercept. There are many people looking, many that don’t even know they are looking for truth and what’s real which TI and DO’s teachings provide all we need.

Many seekers are Christians or x-Christians, so getting familiar with the Scriptures DO and Crew posted in the back of the Heaven’s Gate Book I feel is a good idea that DO implied in an audio tape. But we are not limited to those records alone as the Book of Revelation also provides a great deal of evidence too. Some of that DO went into in various documents and/or videos/audios. We can’t count on everything in the Revelation materials is accurate, DO said, but They did say that all the prophecies in that book would be completed. (DO felt the 1000 years fo the Luciferians lockup happened already).

Below is the post Crlody made that I added my replies within. He included one or two of my responses to the subject that I still stand by, as evidenced as coming from DO’s Mind. His post got me off my duff to make this post.

Suicide according to the class vs. Sawyer’s perspective by Crlody

“We stand for a liberal euthanasia program – if someone wants to drop their vehicle, they should have a right to do so”. -JNNODY

“I discourage anyone who tells me they are considering suicide. That has happened several times over the years.

I don’t believe anyone now is in the same place as those 38 students who laid down their human lives in 1997. Dying is not an automatic ticket into Heaven as has been generally taught in some religious and spiritual belief systems. DO and Crew wrote,

“We know that it is only while we are in these physical vehicles (bodies) that we can learn the lessons needed to complete our own individual transition, as well as to complete our task of offering the Kingdom of Heaven to this civilization one last time. We take good care of our vehicles so they can function well for us in this task, and we try to protect them from any harm.”

To me it seems like Sawyer is using the above statement by the class to justify his belief that no one should follow in their footsteps. He claims that no one “is in the same place as those 38 students” but he seems to be ignoring the fact that five others-including four former members of the class-took the same step of voluntarily leaving this world. One of them left three years later and one of them left twice. Were they “in the same place as those 38 students”? Where did the class state that one had to be “in the same place as those 38 students” in order to take that step? To me it’s always been awful convenient that Sawyer takes such a strong position against anyone taking that step as he himself has admitted that he doesn’t “look forward” to leaving this world. Is he picking and choosing what he wants from the class’ teachings to justify his position? Does the class stating,

“We know that it is only while we are in these physical vehicles (bodies) that we can learn the lessons needed to complete our own individual transition, as well as to complete our task of offering the Kingdom of Heaven to this civilization one last time”

justify his position that he needs to stay here? Does it mean that he needs to tell everyone to stay here? On the flipside I do think that if someone is telling others that they are considering taking that step then they aren’t truly serious about it. It’s also very disturbing to me that they would put someone else in such an uncomfortable position by telling them, it sounds more like they want someone to talk them out of it rather than the following,

Sawyer current reply to Crlody:

What does any of this have to do with my choice to stay in my vehicle. That’s not the point. It’s always a choice. I don’t need to justify anything I’ve chosen to you or anyone else and you can’t judge me. The only judgement you can have that is from TI and DO’s Mind is if I am informing people of TI and DO’s teachings erroneously that you can prove by refering to their materials. Everything else is conjecture on your part and you are actually proving that with this post.


“We suggest that anyone serious about considering this go into their most quiet place and ask, scream, with all of their being, directing their asking to the Highest Source they can imagine (beyond Earth’s atmosphere), to give them guidance. Only those “chosen” by that Next Kingdom will know that this is right for them, and will be given the courage required to act”.

“You can read more about how they thought about suicide in this document that is posted on the Heavens Gate Website that I re-posted to my blog at:


Further perspectives of suicide are explained in a document one of Ti and Do’s students wrote that was included in their Heaven’s Gate Book, along with many other subjects is here:

“My understanding is that the soul is actually freed from the discomfort of an old “suit of clothes” when the vehicle is dropped. It doesn’t make any sense to me that the driver “dies” when his “car” (body) stops “running.” To me, the body is just a “leaf” of the “tree,” and the genetic strain (family tree) doesn’t end when the leaf’s function becomes impaired. When it is becoming a burden on me and others, and whenever my choices are so restricted that growth is impossible, or ridiculously difficult, it is part of the design to evacuate it like a tree sheds a leaf. In contrast, human suicide (identifying as the body and trying to “end it all” for the purpose of avoiding the growth pains of lessons) gets you nowhere. It seems clear that longevity, physical beauty, and sex appeal are all Luciferian concepts based on identifying as only the body and its desires. After all, what’s the point of extending a life that’s meaningless?”-STMODY

Here we see STM differentiating between “human suicide” and “evacuate(ing)” a vehicle. This of course brings up the very tricky issue of motivations.

“How could I honestly say I love Him more than anything if I cling to this world at all costs and only leave here when I am forced to go when this vehicle ceases to function?” GLN

“You would ask me, “What if God wants you to live your life out.” I can’t imagine that this is the case. That is logic based upon the “Luciferian” definition of “life” — that “I” am this vehicle. There is no life here in the human world. This planet has become the planet of the walking dead. The human plants walk, talk, take careers, procreate, and so forth, but there is no life in them. It is all just a counterfeit illusion crafted by the forces in opposition to the Next Level. This has become the planet of pain — deep inside there is no joy in the humans, although they superficially convince themselves they are happy. I have been given this rare and golden opportunity to leave this world and return to life, to become a newborn in the Evolutionary Level Above Human. Suicide would be to turn away from this incredible opportunity I’ve been given, to turn my back on the Next Level and the life they are offering after all the care and nurturing”. -GLNODY

“The controversy surrounding Doctor Kevorkian is whether or not it is acceptable to willingly exit the vehicle due to physical pain and suffering. We feel that the mental suffering of remaining in a world where you know you do not belong is certainly as severe. The human world is a hideous hell due to all of the poor choices humans have made since the beginning of this civilization. If this is all there is with nothing to look forward to beyond this, then why choose to extend your time in this hell”?-GLNODY

“During a brief window of time, some may wish to follow us. If they do, it will not be easy. The requirement is to not only believe who the Representatives are, but, to do as they and we did. You must leave everything of your humanness behind. This includes the ultimate sacrifice and demonstration of faith — that is, the shedding of your human body. If you should choose to do this, logistically it is preferred that you make this exit somewhere in the area of the West or Southwest of the United States — but if this is not possible — it is not required. You must call on the name of TI and DO to assist you. In so doing, you will engage a communication of sorts, alerting a spacecraft to your location where you will be picked up after shedding your vehicle, and taken to another world — by members of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Only a Member of the Next Level can give you Life — can take you out of “Death” — but it requires that you disconnect, separate, from the last element holding you to the human kingdom.

We know what we’re saying — we know it requires a “leap of faith.” But it’s deliberate — designed for those who would rather take that leap than stay in this world.

We suggest that anyone serious about considering this go into their most quiet place and ask, scream, with all of their being, directing their asking to the Highest Source they can imagine (beyond Earth’s atmosphere), to give them guidance. Only those “chosen” by that Next Kingdom will know that this is right for them, and will be given the courage required to act”.


Rio claimed that the above statement was “targeted to former class members”. He also claimed that if he wasn’t “given this task” that he would have “considered it”. He also conveniently never showed anyone the letter that the class sent to him. I’ve already documented how the letters to RKK and MRC/SRF contained what I feel were invitations to follow Do and the class and I strongly feel that the same invitation was contained in all the letters that they sent to former class members. Rio has admitted that he never even “considered” taking that step and so has Sawyer. And they both have claimed that they were given “tasks” and they both seem to use those “tasks” as something of a justification for staying here.


Not true. I did consider laying down my vehicle exactly as they did. It might be hard to find my statement about that, though I believe it’s in my book and/or Sawyer’s Story on my blog, but I’m fairly sure I shared that with you because it was in about 2002 or 2003 or so after I had begun to want to be of service again. In my silence I asked DO if I should prepare to leave my vehicle the way they did? Believe me that took some guts to ask. (I was probably a little under the influence of a little weed as I found under that influence I was a little more bold, but I’m not saying that’s like some recommendation to use substances.

Then I had a dream and it seemed to happen like the next night even.

(I could be wrong but believe I recall your expressing what amounts to me as saying dreams meant nothing or maybe just my dreams. But if that is your position then and now, you are incorrect but you may have to listen to all the audio tapes to see examples of talk about dreams in the classroom.)

Specifically, what I recall is that DO in a meeting, for sure told us 1 or 2 of his dreams that he got a lesson from. What I recall from one was that he was dreaming he was waiting on a line of people in which there were a number in front of him – waiting to have something happen related to the Next Level when one got to have their turn. He said he felt like part of that wsa showing him that he wasn’t the only one that had an important task. He felt humbled by that. Also at the end of that dream he felt like he got hit in the buttock – like a strong sting. He woke up and he had a clear pain in his buttock.

Both TI and Do in several meetings as I recall mentioned that the Next Level Helpers worked with us (humans) through dream time to help them with upcoming lesson steps, though we also knew that dreams could be stimulated by the lower forces – discarnates and Luciferian space alien fallen angel souls). Evidence of that was how we had a task to not leave our vehicles when we went to sleep – what some might call astral traveling. They also told us to program our vehicle at sleep time to awaken if something is happening that could compromise our abiding by our vows to not give into or stimulate sensuality. We were supposed to program our vehicle to wake up if attacked in that regard.

I remember during a meeting DO said that Ollody had an interesting dream to share with the class and so he did. I don’t recall it but we talked about it a little. He wasn’t the only one but I don’t have a clear memory of that other(s).

So in my dream, DO was standing I believe and I was lower than him and he communicated silently to me, “you need to give your life”. I admit waking up and feeling relieved, my vehicle as my Soul doesn’t have any problem with leaving the vehicle.

Rio might have been right about DO mostly but not necessarily entirely speaking to former students. Jhnody told me that’s what he felt DO meant as well, some months ago. I thought I was commenting with you on my youtube channel a year or so ago and you were bringing this subject up and I did more research on the subject and found I think two more statements that indicated having had a personal relationship with the “present (also said as “incarnate” at another time) Representative” but I’ll have to look for those and add it to this discussion.

Further there is a great deal of evidence in the information from TI and DO left behind that there were three groups or types of people who would go with him when he left. (Obviously by the third group he was referring to leaving when it was full recycle time).

In that and/or another video or statement from DO that we have he listed the “3 types” of people who would go with him. He said the ones that were his students were in the first group and when they exited they would have some significant tasks.

The second group was those who recognized their Older Member but had weaknesses in their separation from their humanness. I think he said they would have more elementary service in the Next Level after they exited their vehicles.

In the third group would be those who never heard of TI and DO who could be saved if they showed the Next Level they were separating from their humanness “in their own ways”. DO brought up the example of these as people in a militia group, having separated from believing in the human governments, but said he wasn’t condoning violence by saying that. (Beyond Human Video)

Then in Jwnody’s document “Away Team” from Deep Space Surfaces Before Departure in the Heaven’s Gate Book, she described what looks like all three groups since both the first two groups recognize DO as their Older Member:

“The formula is the same now as it always has been. To begin a metamorphosis in order to be born into the Next World, you must abandon everything of this world (just as the caterpillar about to become a butterfly must do). You must separate and begin to wean yourself of all mammalian ways – ties and addictions – replacing them with the ways and behavior of a more advanced and refined level of life. You cannot do it by yourself. You must seek, to the best of your ability, the guidance of a Representative who is a member of that kingdom, who has been through the metamorphic process at a previous time, and who has been sent with the specific task of midwifing newborns. Or, at very least, you attempt to connect with an active “student” of a present Representative. This is an extremely rare opportunity, as we approach the End of the Age. There is a tiny remnant left of a window for catching the eye of the “caretakers of this world.” In order to get saved for further planting, the overriding requirement is to recognize that this is true (these are the facts). You must believe that we represent the Kingdom that created this planet and all of its inhabitants. And you must be willing to take a stand in defense of that belief, and sustain that stand until the end – your departure – regardless of the consequences.

The climax of this civilization has begun as the hour of its recycling looms near. A war in the literal heavens is underway as the alien races battle for the spoils of this planet. Their campaign is escalating. They are actively engaged in recruiting, experimenting, and mining elements both mineral and biological (genetic) – in their efforts toward survival. They know their time is short. The Physical Evolutionary Level Above Human is about to surface from their undercover, behind-the-scenes involvements, ready to make their counter. There is not, and never has been, any contest. The only question that remains unanswered is how long the Next Level will permit the alien forces to present their agenda – how long is long enough for all souls to pledge their allegiance for or against – to one side or the other. Every soul must be put to the final test. And as we warned you at the outset, consider your options thoroughly. Hasty judgments are ill-advised.

So Jwnody wrote that “You cannot do it by yourself. You must seek, to the best of your ability, the guidance of a Representative who is a member of that kingdom, who has been through the metamorphic process at a previous time, and who has been sent with the specific task of midwifing newborns.”

Then she refers to an exception to seeking the guidence of DO (perhaps DO was covering for a circumstance where DO was put in jail or something like that or he left ahead of the class or some members of the class:

“…Or, at very least, you attempt to connect with an active “student” of a present Representative.”

Note she write it needs to be an “active “student”” of a present REP. The word “present” seems important there and right now there are no active students of a present Rep because TI and DO are both no longer presently incarnate in their vehicles and the dropouts, though possibly could be considered by the Next Level to be “active students” they are not active while the REP is present.

Before that paragraph Jwnody wrote about the “formula” she wrote:

“Every soul, that was a part of a deposit, at any time during this civilization, is back to make their choices once again. Some of these may be younger, perhaps second- or first-trimester, souls. Although they may not even have a chance to get to know us before our departure, we do recognize them, because they “recognize the enemy.” They see through the lies and no longer want to be a part of this world. And so it is our task to give them a chance to leave this place by getting this information out.”

Before I add the rest of that paragraph, not she is saying these people who recognize the enemy are getting the chance to “leave this place by getting this information out”. In other words this is talking to Souls who may be from the first or second trimester (Moees time and Jesus time) that have a deposit in current human vehicles. And their method of getting out of here is not described as by laying down their own vehicles lives. It’s the same way Jesus instructed for his students to “preach to the world the good news” which today she says as “getting this information out” and the information is the content of all the material they left behind for us to have access to.

Jwnody concludes this paragraph by saying,

“Often the symptoms of a deposit from our Domain can be seen in an individual’s lack of motivation or rebellion against the world, or “system,” and what it has to offer. In their futility, many of these individuals turn to the corrupt devices that are most anesthetizing. You will not find them with the so-called mainstream righteous, but more likely with your social dropouts or even as addicts or criminals – as your so- called “sinners.” Another manifestation of worldly dissatisfaction can be seen in the current movement of radical separatists – patriot/militia types – who clearly recognize the corrupt condition of today’s governments (particularly the dominant governments of the Western world). It is for those that we have come again – to give them a way out of this corrupt human kingdom, which was never designed to work or be satisfactory unto itself.”

But I always say, from TI and DO’s mind that there is no limit to our growth so if someone recognizes DO as their Older Member and wants to be an Active Student – Standing in defense of TI and Do and accepting the consquences til they exit and have expressed getting that help from TI and DO then there is no limit to their growth because They taught that theoretically a student could grow so fast to pass up an Older Member, though they said that’s not going to likley happen because Older Members became Older Members because of how fast they want to grow in service to their Older Member.

Then if one wants to disect the word “present” one might consider that as long as we have TI and Do and Crews information and know it came from Them, to some degree they are present. But like I said they also said that in another document that used the word “incarnate” rep so that’s clearly not only present with their materials as incarnate means “in flesh”.

So all of TI and DO’s statements are consistant and true and applicable to everyone that chooses to apply them.

There is more evidence that their intention for those who want to be of service now was to keep their vehicles because of the difficulty we each have to work up to, to Defend TI and DO as exactly who they said they were and that will never be popular to mount a defense of so it could result in some consequences that are unpleasant to our human lives but you will be given the strength to follow through and I believe you will feel that strength. I had to work up to it as well since I went back into the human kingdom and drew to myself some additional boogers I perhaps didn’t have before to overcome. (Jesus taught that and TI and Do said all Jesus said in the 4 gospels (the red letters) was kept accurate by a Next Level Crew who had to work very hard to accomplish).

Crlody just added a comment that reminded me of a quote from DO in the video “DO’s Final Exit”. Here is my reply to Crlody’s comment that includes that quote. His bringing this up did help me adjust a small aspect of what I have understood about all DO and Crew have said on the subject.

Thank you for bringing that quote to my attention.I stand partially corrected on that one aspect of who according to DO could leave by laying down their vehicles life, what most humans see as suicide.

I was negligent in adding that quote to this post to complement your post. So I will make that clear next livestream and future ones when asked if that subject comes up saying that one may not have had to be a classmember with the present incarnate REP to choose to exit by their own hand. I still don’t have the DO’s Final Exit video transcript to search through with a text search. That’s why I didn’t find it which is a poor excuse, I know. Yet I knew there was something about that I was missing and you found it.

Here is the statement Crlody reminded me of:

“Now if you’re viewing this right now and you’re hearing what I’m saying, you might, after hearing this, you might go read the information, and you might say, Goodness that’s me and They’ve Gone. If you act quickly and you leave this world of your own choice; what? Go commit suicide? Suicide is separating from the Kingdom of God when the Kingdom of God has offered life to you”. (DO from DO’s Final Exit video).

This is not really that big of a difference except for someone who found themselves with that point of view and desire to exit as they did who wasn’t in the classroom.

DO as we both know made it clear in a number of ways that some could leave by committing what humans call suicide IF they recognized Him as their Older Member and wanted to exit.

Whether such a person was new to the information isn’t included in what DO said here in an absolute way though it can be interpreted that way.

Lets say someone heard about them and even were in the class at some point but it didn’t hit them again until they read the information (again perhaps), though for many that joined in 1975 that were even in the class in the 1980’s they wouldn’t have heard anything about exiting by their own hand, so for them seeing what They did and said could have easily been the first time.

This statement from DO also indicates that such a person, might go “read the information” and then choose to “leave this world of their “own choice” which since we are analyzing it so much could show that they weren’t acting impulsively which as we all should know there are many who relatively easily come into a state of mind of thinking suicide solves their problems, which Stmody accomplishes nothing to shortcut the lessons we each need to learn that we NEED a human vehicle to learn.

Since they heard about TI and DO then I guess they aren’t in the category DO said was the third type of person who would go with him when he left – “those who never heard about TI and DO but were separating from the world in their own way” (paraphrased).

This person DO is talking about clearly recognizes TI and DO’s information and they had the choice to leave and since DO didn’t say what “quickly” meant could still leave, so there is no contradiction – the Gate is still open for all intents and purposes as I always say.

Someone like this example, from what DO said, I’d bet won’t ever ask or tell me or anyone else about their choice in time to help them make that choice. Like perhaps that one person who was a grateful dead roadie who left a note indicating he was leaving in relationship to DO and Crew leaving. Did he examine TI and DO’s information? Maybe he did and maybe not. I don’t doubt he would be saved by DO for a future lesson plan but had he overcome all his humanness, I don’t know but I doubt it as there was a value to being in the classroom right. There were many things to learn by even repeating certain lessons. I can hear TI talking to that in meetings that it just builds a stronger mind like TI and Do were doing to perform this task again.

If you were in my shoes and someone told you they were going to commit suicide (and I do use that word and have many times) though we KNOW it has more than one application according to Stmody’s article, what would you say? Maybe you’d handle it better than I. I didn’t tell anyone not to do so. I told them what Stmody wrote and that maybe they should wait and put into motion what their teachings were and Stand for them which happens to seem to apply to many people.

It is still totally true that suicide isn’t the ticket to anyplace as you know was also said. But there is a reason why he left with different points of view that can seem juxtaposed. That’s because there are multiple “ages” of souls among us as Jwnody spoke to on DO’s behalf. I believe DO let students showed us the criteria for the last two types of people who could be saved. His priority was the ones who were and could be in that first category of Soul graduation.

Even If I was talking someone out of suicide for someone that was ready for that step, do you think what I said would stop them? Let’s take you for example. Could anyone talk you out of believing in TI and DO and if you felt it right to leave would anything I said dissuade you? I know enough about you to make an educated guess that nothing I said would dissuade you unless you already felt unsure of taking such action. You did imply to me you were preparing to leave on several occasions. So you may be ahead of me in that way. I’m not in competition with you, nor DO. I’m willing to state for the world to see all the teachings from TI and DO and take the consequences. It’s only in the last years that I really began to hate what this human kingdom world had become. Before that I understood it and why but it hadn’t really hit home the way it has in the last years.

Also the facts are that there are many humans who would love to shut down people who are standing for TI and DO if they can be seen as promoting suicide as an answer. That’s why you MUST put this talk in full context while not changing it BECAUSE DO made sure his graduation students put in the additional context most applicable to the two types of people DO said would go with him that were not among the 38 +4 or 5 or ? by their own choices.

​Response to Crlody’s post blaming me for someone’s statements in my livestream

October 28, 2020

The title to Crlody’s post was:

“i was just proposing a less strict version of Heavens Gate teachings in order to reach more people. Then, if the members are ready, they can go full Cathy ​what will happen when Sawyer is no longer with us? Who will guide us?”

(Crlody’s entire post follows at the end of this post)

This is taken from the chat room of my livestream on my youtube channel: 3spm  with the title talking about “Two Asteroids…” a few days ago.  The individual in the chat room admitted and apologized for being sarcastic and suggesting to a new TI and DO believer to have a commune that allows sex to attract more people which the new believer, Cathy was set against as am I as are TI and DO. So Crlody aka Carlan decided to make a post of this and blamed me (partially) for it. I only rebloged it because on some occasions past he has not allowed my comments on his blog and since he is accusing me of things I think I ought to have the right to speak in my defense for the sake of those that might value what He or I say sometimes. So here is the comment I tried to add to his post. I don’t have time to go back to his post to see if he allowed my comment, plus since he was a classmate I want others to have the chance to see what one another are saying about one another.

I know there are those who have called this “infighting” and I don’t care if that’s what it is as it’s not about anything personal in my opinion. It’s about what is true. I am fully open to being wrong about things I write/say and will seek to correct them when I become aware of them. That’s a way of a member – or aspiring member of the Next Level – to want to know when they are off track and wrong. The criteria for being right or wrong is not an opinion. We are only “wrong” if we are expressing things that go against what TI and DO said and taught. If they didn’t address it specifically it’s not wrong though it may not be from their Minds to say, but that’s the value to someone questioning what we say as it’s often not easy to know if it’s something TI and DO said/taught – especially related to prophecy and current world events since they hardly discussed much of prophecy and left only some examples of how to think about politics, science, etc.

So here is the comment I left on Crlody’s blog post:

Carlan, you have once again repeated things that have no truth to them.

For instance for a casual observer they might come away from thinking I have “followers” which I do not – none and never will because the only Ones to follow are TI and DO not dropouts like myself and Crlody or any of the others.

A second misleading statement you continue to hold onto and use repeatedly over the years is by saying that there is no “task” for me and/or anyone who chooses to perform the task of Standing for TI and DO. Is that not a task? DO and Crew laid out that task in the Heaven’s Gate Book and in the letters and in other documents and it can be found spoken of in the audio tapes. In fact the task for all returning souls was to “deposit thoughts” (which can be found by listening to the appropriate audio tape) – which are the truth from TI and DO as the content of those thoughts are they not.

Carlan seems to be expressing this about me because I had found a number of places in the book of Revelation that showed the tasks for students described. In short, these are evidenced as taking place in three primary stages coordinated with the two times when TI and DO first sent us out to speak to the public and test the churches in 1975 (Rev 11 – The Two Witnesses that also describes Their followers).

The second primary stage was in the 1990’s when Students did the primary public interfacing that took us face to face with people in 1994, again for about 9 months. At that time we publicly stated that DO was the return of the Soul that was in the vehicle named Jesus and that TI was His Older Member, aka “Father” in the Heaven’s during the times of the Jesus task. (TI and DO never said they were Jesus because that was the name of the vehicle an Older Member (DO) used for that task and plans to come back with when it’s fully recycle time (Rev 19, that many Christians think is the only description of his return). Then DO put a period at the end of the “sentence” about who DO is by putting out the document “Undercover “Jesus” Surfaces Before Departure” which was sent to 90 or so usenet groups. You all might want to know that there will be Christians who have said DO was not the real returned Jesus because in this document when DO first put it on the web he didn’t put the word “Jesus” in quotes. They might say about this that because Jesus said if anyone comes “in my name” claiming to be the returned Christ not to believe them. TI and DO in 1975 clearly stated many times that “we are not Jesus” because that was the vehicles name and that same vehicle wasn’t coming back for the teaching part of the return task. Do added the quotes soon after the post of the doc without the quotes around the name Jesus.

My suspicion on that score was that DO and Crew were temporarily blinded from seeing how that Would be twisted by Christians to have a reason to not see DO as the promised return. This wouldn’t be the first time They/We were temporarily blinded in some little way. If a Christian seeing that disqualifies DO as the return they are looking for that easily they are showing their lack of thirst for the truth. I know of many times when TI and Do felt led to do or say something that they later considered a mistake but also felt like it was instruction to make that mistake. I know that’s hard to imagine but this supports the truth that the Next Level doesn’t need new members and so makes becoming a member very difficult.

The third time period when students would be performing the task of disseminating everything they taught which they put no limit on – for instance if we heard them say things we have every right to repeat what we heard them say is found in Rev 5 (backside of the book) and Rev 10 – “prophecy before kings of the earth, etc which was to be done AFTER the Two and their Elders exited by “falling on their faces” (Rev 11:18).

That is verified by DO when he left in several documents and video’s the description of who could be saved – those who Stand for TI and DO and/or those that separate from the world/humanness, some of which never hear about TI and DO but as DO said in Beyond Human could include those in militia groups (though not condoning violence).

I know it irked Carlan because I relayed that I had a dream where DO told me he could “use me”. But I had already been trying to serve him for some 10 years before that. I had been trying to decipher the parts of Revelation that DO (nor TI) ever addressed that I knew about which is when I saw what was said in Rev 5 about the “backside of the BOOK” and in Rev 10 about Student(s) Standing for the truth and I wondered if that was referring to me, so I took the dream (along with several others before then with Classmates in them) as acknowledging that.

However, that doesn’t elevate me in any way as perhaps I needed those confirmations and perhaps there is a remote chance the Lower Forces portrayed themselves as DO and Classmates to trick me into getting a big ego about myself, but why would they do that when the result would be my feeling more empowered to talk to the Kings of the earth (which easily can take place when we get to be in the mainstream global wide media) but is the same task ANYONE can have when ANYONE Stands for TI and DO as Carlan is attempting to do with a blog that is on the World Wide Web that “Kings” have access to and whenever “we” are in documentaries even in little clips.

To make a blog post surrounding what was said by someone in the chat room is fine and sure you (carlan) can use it as another excuse to lambaste me for nothing at all as I didn’t agree with that person at all and they ended up apologizing to Cathy twice and said they were being sarcastic.

Though I’m not anyone’s teacher, used as a comparison to the only real Teachers we can have, TI and DO, if people do hear things I say and they learn something from it then I’m glad. I try hard to not steer anyone away from TI and DO and I often catch myself going astray in relative minor ways as far as I know and I’m always open to hear specifics of anything I say that I’m giving the appearance of coming from TI and DO’s Mind that leaves someone in question to it’s origin, to bring it to my attention so I can examine it and see if the shoe fits. Otherwise it’s simply someone’s opinion. Even though most of your criticisms have no basis in TI and DO’s teachings, I still can benefit from them and/or use them to speak to issues you bring up that I do like to bring up again and even learn a lot by reexamining.

But the argument you often have brought up many, many times was saying that’s it’s wrong for me to say such and so when TI and DO didn’t say we could say such and so, which is upside down. They didn’t say we should treat the Transfiguration Diet as an instruction so no one is getting graded on their use of the Transfiguration Diet, yet they did provide it and it does include their teachings so I feel free to recommend it but they didn’t tell anyone that Standing for them included recommending it.

I’ve never, ever, ever equated myself in the least with TI and DO and never will. But I believe in Them and that includes everything they said so in that way I share Their Mind and in Standing for Them share it as best I can with others and can hardly find fault with anyone being interested in what I say. I would like to think I would be in their same shoes and in fact at times am. Like when I talk with Stewart who was with TI and DO in their camp for about a year in 1975 when I was in another camp and he tells me things he learned from then, I’m all ears and am eager to hear and if I hear something that sounds strange I ask him about it, the same way I hope anyone listening to me would do and have done in these livestream chats or in questions and/or comments thereafter.

So I don’t know how I am “partially to blame,” as you said, for what that person said when he wanted to start a new group where sex was part of the behaviors and I repeatedly said that was ridiculous but used it to explain why. Maybe he was sincere thinking that would be a way to attract more members which we know is human thinking because we don’t need new members – not new members to our blogs or livestreams and of course the reason for that is because the Next Level doesn’t need new members either so we all must reach up to become like them if we want to and they don’t have sex so we need to overcome it – not a moral issue, I recall DO saying.

***** Here is an additional note I didn’t cover in my comment to Crlody’s post:

Crlody is also equating me with Paul of Tarsus as he has done several times before without evidence and has blocked my ability to comment on his blog when I tried to respond to his false accusations. He continues to want me to shut up talking about my personal experience with TI and DO. Paul had no personal experience with Jesus and blatantly pointed people to looking to him. I say in almost every livestream that I’m not anyone’s Teacher – that only  TI and DO and his graduate crew are our Teachers and Student Teachers according to what they wrote in the Heaven’s Gate book and provided on video’s and audios.

Naturally when people want to learn more about TI and Do, I agree they could best do that by reading the Heavensgate.com web site data – the Heaven’s Gate Book and listening to the Beyond Human series but often when people do that to some degree they also gravitate to my youtube channel for the closest thing to hearing about TI and DO live. I’ve never said or implied anyone needs to listen to what I have to say. Paul did do that.

I may be wrong about this, but Crlody has seemed to become like a fundamentalist Christian who insists that someone isn’t showing they believe in Jesus if they don’t use their exact words at all times. In this case even when I use exact words, he wasn’t in the class at the time when I heard those words so doesn’t seem to deem them accurate. I don’t blame him for not trusting my memory but often times one could find many of the things I remember in the Book and in the audio tapes that were made while I was a classmember and I haven’t tried to trace what I sometimes quote to those tapes. But He could hear these things and wonder about them and talk to TI and DO about them in his own relationship and ask me for more information about those things and see if they sound like things TI and DO might have said instead of just blanket saying over and over that I shouldn’t be talking at all.

Meanwhile he now also has a blog and I’m glad he has it as we need all the help we can to fight against the vast misinformation still being portrayed by the media about TI and DO and Crew.

There is a positive from this but it’s up to others to determine that for themselves.


The title of this post is some quotes from one of Sawyer’s followers during the livechat on Sawyer’s livestream. I suppose that it was inevitable that this would come to pass. What this individual doesn’t seem to understand is that this is exactly what happened 2,000 years ago when the Older Member left. A guy named Paul who had never known Jesus proposed a “less strict version” of Jesus’ teachings leading to modern-day Christianity. And what “members” is this individual speaking about? Are the “members” those who choose to listen to Sawyer and participate in the chat during the livestream? When did the class ever state that after they leave there should be a “less strict version” of the teachings in order to “reach more people”? Has this individual actually studied the information that the class left behind or do they spend more time listening to Sawyer? Is he a…

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“Do never closed the “heaven’s gate” though it’s a different kind of classroom now that the Older Members have left. We all need our vehicles to learn lessons through so you might beware of anyone who claims because they did what humans consider to be committing suicide that’s a ticket and it’s not. The overriding ticket is to Stand for TI and DO as the latest Reps from the Kingdom Level that created/made the earth and all it’s inhabitants and accept the ramifications of so doing until we leave our vehicles, however that happens”.

October 14, 2020

What I referred to as a “different type of classroom” is simply my way of saying it’s not over for anyone and that what they think, say and do from this time forward is their lesson steps. There is no new teacher as I have always said I’m not. The reasons I’ve said that “suicide” is not a ticket is because of what DO and Crew wrote in the Heavens Gate book being against suicide and how to use suicide as an escape from learning lessons was not taking advantage of their time to learn lessons now since we need a vehicle to learn lessons through. So you can pick on calling now for new believers a new type of classroom if you like but perhaps I’ll not use that term anymore but I am frequently asked to start a new classroom and I am occasionally told by some that they are going to commit suicide, but since they were never active students with an incarnate REP that’s not in their lesson step by everything TI and DO taught.

I also talk about how TI and Do felt about euthanasia – fully in support of someones choice to exit their vehicle when they can no longer learn lessons through that vehicle because it’s so overcome with illness. But if they know about TI and DO and can still function then I believe the better choice is to ask TI and DO for help, for service and to show them how to go about it instead of thinking it would be easier to exit which is what Stmody wrote about in his document in the Heaven’s Gate Book called, “evolutionary rights for victims” (if I recall the name correctly).

If someone came to you and asked what you thought about their committing suicide because they hate it here would you tell them to go right ahead? Would you tell them that by doing so they would be boarding a spacecraft with TI and DO on it as happened to the 38 and perhaps the four? Would you say nothing? The advise I’ve given to two people who told me that was to work for TI and DO – to further separate from their human behaviors and ways according to the Major Offense and Lessor Offense lists and the Seventeen Steps, etc. because it’s easy for many to commit suicide but it’s extraordinarily hard to apply the lesson steps they applied and left behind for us to have as our goals to apply. They wouldn’t have even left all this info behind there weren’t anyone to seek to apply them now.

Suicide rates are way up at this time. It’s not that hard to do for some when they don’t want to face failure. I just read a report of a policeman in Vermont who killed his wife and then killed himself. People sometimes think there is some value to that.

The Luciferians love the idea of getting people to commit suicide, especially in how it can be seen in the same light by humans as what DO and Crew did which for them was not suicide. If they can link all suicides together then they can have humans build a case to not even allow us to talk about the application of exiting by one’s own vehicle by one’s own hand which is an exit option for all humans. I know this is a fact because recently I included a link to the heavensgate.com webpage in a comment I made on someone else’s youtube channel and it was flagged as against community guidelines and I then read the guidelines and the only possible way I violated them was because they assumed that going to that website was promoting suicide which they don’t allow anymore.


The above was written a few days ago by a former member of Ti and Do’s classroom. I have publicly stated that I probably should be ignoring this individual but their insistence on continually making the same claims about Ti and Do’s classroom has spurred me to respond yet again. Here’s what the class had to say about the classroom prior to their exit in March of 1997:

“Our 22 years of classroom here on planet Earth is finally coming to conclusion — “graduation” from the Human Evolutionary Level”.

”Our classroom is over, and followers would have been a distraction to our next step — Earth Exit”.-GLNODY, Earth Exit Statement

If one examines the materials that the class left behind NOWHERE do they state that there would be “a different kind of classroom” after the “Older Members have left”. Who is the teacher of this “different kind of classroom”? The…

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