Why DO’s Choices for the Class Progression had Nothing to do with His Vehicle’s Homosexual Leanings

September 11, 2020

Why DO’s Choices had Nothing to do with His Vehicles homosexual leanings

I often receive a comment that gives an opinion that DO felt guilty about his homosexuality and that such allegedly led to his being against sexuality for those that wanted to be his active student. So here are the prime reasons why I feel I know otherwise about him.

The entire reason both TI and DO were teaching against remaining sexual – if we chose to be – had nothing to do with morality (to feel guilty about) but was because they knew sexuality was strictly mammalian behavior that Next Level Members don’t have. Since they were offering training to Souls who had returned from being with them 2000+ years ago and that the vehicles were not what actually graduates, it was a requirement to build up our Mind/Spirit content in our Soul by combating our animal/human behaviors enough BEFORE They would let us on board one of their spacecrafts. If we didn’t build up our “mind muscle” via combatting that animal programming our Mind wouldn’t be strong enough to pilot a new physical body provided to us upon graduation and that if they allowed that it would be like an abortion – the new vehicle rejecting that Mind, but that wasn’t going to happen. There were a number of human characteristics that were the same in that regard.

The prime evidence of that was in a number of things he said. He said that people who were homosexual had overcome their gender consciousness – another characteristic Next Level members don’t have any of anymore because that too they have overcome.

Plus TI said DO took over a vehicle that had all the human characteristics students had to overcome so he could overcome them and help their students with those same characteristics.

I’m not saying DO didn’t have to deal with guilt in that regard or in other regards but that’s yet another human characteristic to overcome by not giving it any energy. In fact I remember that it was after TI left her vehicle that DO set up a time to speak privately with each student. I think it was in one of the Arizona mansions we lived in, one that had a built in indoor pool. One thing he offered each of us was the opportunity to tell him about anything we might have in our memory that we wanted to get off our chest so we could be free of that. Also I recall that while TI was in her vehicle still they both talked to us about how guilt and shame are negatives and can even affect our physical health. An example they gave was that of a woman who was ashamed of her vehicles small breast size that can build and contribute to cancer developing. They didn’t say it would as it depended on how much they dwelled on it and perhaps other factors.

So even if DO did have some lingering programming that translated as guilt over his vehicles homosexuality, he would have worked to overcome it and we can assume he did overcome it as if he hadn’t I suspect he never would have even brought it up, which he did for the first time that I knew anything about in 1988 when he wrote about himself – his vehicle when he met TI describing himself – his vehicle as, “The music professor, a divorcee who had lived with a male friend for some years, was contentedly involved in cultural and academic activities.” which he expressed in the document he wrote called ’88 Update – The UFO Two and Their Crew that’s in the Heavensgate book. If he was so guilt ridden over that past wouldn’t he try to hide it. We read it after he wrote it and then he explained it to us in a meeting. That’s when he said that what he was frustrated with at that time while living with a male friend was that he wanted to be in a “committed relationship” and he wasn’t finding it with anyone as they wanted to be free in that regard. It seems even then DO was picking up on the presence of his Next Level Mind that didn’t want to be promiscuous.

The person who brought this up also seemed to think the vehicle DO would take upon completion of his task was a repliian vehicle so I added this to my reply:

By the way, the Next Level vehicles Souls are assigned to wear/pilot are not reptilian or mammalian. One can get some ideas about what their vehicles are like by reading the autopsy reports originally provided by MUFON’s Leonard Stringfield. Some vehicles assigned to some students can have the ability to go through a reverse metamorphosis to be able to reproduce like humans do which would be because of failing a test in their coursework.

DO said that about the vehicle Adam had, to be found in one of three Blackhawk tapes.

Another strong indication that TI and DO’s teachings were following up with and bringing updates to what Jesus taught can be seen in the way Jesus said to Lust for someone they aren’t in a committed relationship with as committing adultery (not becoming an Adult, DO said) with them in their Heart. There was no marriage for the angels (crewmembes) in Heaven – the literal Kingdom in the literal heavens (outer space).

Plus Jesus said there would be no marriage in the new age for his returning students who qualify and that marriage was intended to be with one person for life and that Moses gave in to his students by saying on account of their having intercourse with someone else they weren’t married to while they were married could be grounds for a divorce.

TI and DO terms for Members of the Next Level

September 11, 2020


Chief of Chiefs= Most Experienced Older Member of the Next Level who we won’t understand more about where “He” came from until we are a member of the Next Level because the human brain/mind isn’t capable of understanding that.

Older Member=TI and DO were both Older Members

Grandfather=TI’s relationship to Their students

God=Every Member of the Next Level compared to any human

A little more detail re: these term definitions in response to someone who asked about this:

Yes, DO was the Soul (Mind/Spirit as the content of the Soul) that according to TI performed the tasks we see in the records as Adam, Enoch, Moses, Elijah and Jesus. In each of those tasks except for Adam He had completed the “christing” task – overcoming his humanness, making his eye single while teaching his student Souls to take over their human vehicles to work towards their own Christing – anointing – cleaning out of their humanness from the human vehicles to fill the vehicle with only the Mind from their Older Members.

DO said the term “God” in the records of what Jesus said in the gospels refers to any Member of the Next Level, young or old (and those terms refer to experience not time as a member of the Next Level). Jesus illustrated this when he said even the least in the Kingdom of Heaven was greater than John (the Baptist) who he said was the greatest among men (humans), seemingly indicating that the Soul using the vehicle named John was not yet a full fledged adult Member of the Next Level yet. So when Jesus referred to Deity in general, what was most always translated from the Greek term “theos” to the English term “God,” he was referring to his Older Member – The Father, hence the same Older Member Soul who He was working directly for, aka Jehovah and Elohim (and perhaps some other terms in the records).

Ti and Do said that there was a Chief of Chiefs, the most experienced Older Member and DO said we wouldn’t understand where he came from until we are young members of the Next Level because our human brains can’t compute that.

Both TI and DO occasionally indicated that they were both relating to TI’s Older Member because even though DO recognized that TI was his Older Member, they were performing the task as partners so would both get the same impressions at the same time, in response to their silent asking into the deep outer space heavens for understanding and next steps. But when it came to their working together, DO always yielded to TI’s ideas, though it took him some time when they were first working together before 1975 to fully recognize that TI was His Older Member as TI never told him that but she knew it and knew she was here to “get you started” which at first when she would say that confused him but after she left her vehicle finally understood what she meant by saying that. In other words the task was to birth Souls into Next Level Membership and it was DO’s task but TI came to help him get started.

After TI left her vehicle DO would refer to TI as like an Admiral while he was like a Captain in their Next Level kingdom – organization they also called a Corporation sometimes. DO also said that TI was The “Chief Administrator” of the Earth experiment. That may imply that Ti’s Older Member could be the Chief of Chiefs since TI is Chief Administrator thus perhaps one of the Chiefs. So Do would describe TI and our grandfather so TI’s Older Member would be DO’s grandfather.

My understanding is that every member of the Next Level isn’t automatically a Father. A Father is someone who births new Souls into membership in the Next Level. I don’t know if all Older Members in the Next Level are also Fathers or not. I do know that they don’t wear any kind of identification or have titles but that younger members would know how to recognize who the Older members are and would even at times work on a task with another Older Member from the One that birthed someone into the Next Level – Kingdom of Heaven.

Do said that the Woman in Revelation 12 is referring to TI. Since it also says in that chapter that the woman is birthing her son/offspring to the Throne, this seems to depict TI birthing DO to his next station of Next Level Membership to become a “Father” to Their students. Jesus also indicated that his students then were given to him by The Father.

What can be hard to realize is how real this is. I don’t have any reason to think it was all planned out this way – to have this hierarchy but that just boggles the mind to think of that way yet it may have evolved because that’s the process of growth based on experience. But it’s a truly beautiful design that has a built in safeguard against any one individual becoming full of themselves as one doesn’t measure one’s peers. Each student, if they were to think in terms of measurement, would only compare themselves to their Older Member not to one another. Jesus indicated this by saying that the only perfection he and others should strive for is the perfection of his Father in Heaven, but TI and DO said that there is no perfection as they are always trying to improve upon their experiments. An example of that is when TI said that because of Lucifer and his associates fall, the “bar will be raised” on what it takes to get into the Next Level so that whatever bar the Luciferians met to get assigned Next Level grown vehicles and primitive spacecrafts and elementary tasks was because of them raised higher. However that also means more help is provided so that it’s always possible for each of us to move up.

TELAH’s e-mail to RKK and I in 1997

August 13, 2020

I agree with most of what Crlody wrote here but we do have the evidence in the letters that DO and Crew did assign Mark and Sarah (Mrc/Srf) as a type of primaries for the project of sharing Ti and DO and Crews information with the world. I suspect that’s why Oscody went along with Mark and why Rkkody gave Mark back the audio tape masters after they changed their minds about doing that task.

Here is the primary quote from the letter that talks about the content of storage which is where the audio tape cases were:

“We put into storage items that we would prefer the authorities not have access to. You can do with those items whatever feels right to you. The only exception to this is some exercise equipment which belongs to our landlord, Sam, and we suspect he will want at some point.”


“As you well know, the class gave us the responsibility of all their possessions that were in storage”.

As I well know Mark and Sarah King of TELAH gave RKK the keys to the storage lockers in San Diego along with all the letters that the class sent them while demanding that RKK remove the TELAH address from heavensgate.com. RKK and OSC retrieved the infamous audio tapes from the storage locker. In a paragraph of the letter to the Kings that discusses the storage locker the class says, “we suspect RKK and OSC would likely be a big help” and go on to state,

“We also have a 20 foor yellow truck in a separate storage unit, and we did think that RKK would be a good choice to retrieve it”.

How interesting that the class mentioned RKK and OSC as being a “big help” and lo and behold it…

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Carmen Macbeth’s “repulsive” article about Heaven’s Gate

August 13, 2020

Debunking Dr. Todd Grande’s analysis of TI and DO and Crew (Heaven’s Gate)

June 13, 2020
My critique of this analysis follows this youtube video maker’s critique of:
Heaven’s Gate Cult | Marshall Applewhite | Mental Health & Personality
27,703 views•Jun 9, 2020
2.1K thumbs up
22 thumbs down
by: Dr. Todd Grande
323K subscribers
(Here is his analysis of Ti and Do and Crew in synopsis form):
This video answers the questions: Can I analyze the mental health and personality characteristics of the Heaven’s Gate cult and Marshall Applewhite?
1. Delusions
2. Hallucinations
3. Disorganized speech
4. Grossly disorganized or catatonic behavior
5. Negative symptoms like diminished emotional expression or avolition
American Psychiatric Association. (2013). Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders (5th ed.). Arlington, VA: Author.
Raine, S. (2005). Reconceptualising the human body: Heaven’s Gate and the quest for divine transformation. Religion, 35(2), 98–117. doi:10.1016/j.religion.2005.06.003
Here is his video link:
Sawyer’s critique of his analysis:
Saying some believe this and some believe that is hardly science as anyone who believes in things outside the mainstream is often labeled in detrimental ways. Who is the source that says Marshall claimed he had emotional problems including depression? Did he say that to someone I haven’t heard about yet? Did his sister say that? What report says that “he could not keep his thoughts straight and was disorganized” and why is that important to your diagnosis, as if millions of people don’t have that problem at times. You state that “his depression was severe…”  How severe? What’s the evidence of it’s severity?
What is the evidence of psychosis and schizophrenia?
I’ve never seen any evidence that he was in a mental health facility. What facility? What was the period of time? What is your source on this?
What is your evidence that Bonnie wanted to be taken by aliens? I know Terrie Nettles reported they would wonder about such things but I never heard it said that Bonnie wanted to be with aliens.
In the 19 years I spent with them, they never ever said they had considered themselves “saviors”. They both received information at the same time in the early months of 1973 that they had both come from what they described as The Evolutionary Level Above Human and that they were here to “bring updates to the bible” and “fulfill prophecy” but they didn’t know what prophecy they were to fulfill so they began to search all manner of religious literature and around the spring or early summer of 1973 came upon the Two Witnesses prophecy in Revelation chapter 11 and knew that was referring to them, but though they briefly attempted to portray themselves in that way to preachers they would meet in their travels around the US, they quickly stopped sharing that as they were always uncomfortable with people that would portray themselves as the reincarnation of some famous biblical figure. they didn’t teach out of the bible, though they recognized that many records in the bible were referring to their Souls previous tasks on earth. They did know that to humans  what they were describing as this Next Level was like a different dimension but they were very clear from the start that it was physical – There were “many members” (but numbering in the “thousands”) and they wore physical bodies they grew on a vine to adulthood before being given to a physical (plasma like) Soul that had graduated to be a Member from a human or human equivalent evolutionary (not Darwinian) level.
The names TI and DO did come from the relationship of the scale of 7 tones from the musical the Sound of Music, not from DO’s interest in music per say, as TI had no musical background and DO believed that TI was his Older Member (elder) in the Next Level that by the way they knew to be synonymous with the Kingdom of God or the Kingdom of Heaven, in the literal heavens (outer space).
They didn’t use credit cards fraudulently. The gas credit card was given to them by someone who for a while was their first student, I believe named Sharon who would attend their early attempts of figuring out what they had to do together in a new age center they started near Houston called KnowPlace they had for “several months”. They did use it a few times and it was actually Sharon’s husbands card and when he found out it was missing reported it stolen. When they were apprehended charges were dropped. DO committed no fraud with a credit card. He had some credit cards when he met TI but hadn’t used them until their car broke down in St. Louis at the time of comet Kohoutek’s perihelion, which they then decided to use to rent a car believing that the Next Level would find a way to help them pay for it. They were very conservative people in many ways and were respectful of laws but it is true they treated “God’s” laws as above human laws – also what Jesus taught by the way.
As they were driving this rental car they would write a letter to the rental car company saying they needed it a little while longer and were taking good care of it. I don’t know exactly if the credit card stopped working but they reported it stolen and also dropped the charges when they got the car back. However the St. Louis DA knowing about this strange story they told according to DO wanted to make points for reelection so attempted to prosecute DO. DO was in jail in St. Louis for 6 months before he was given the choice to cop a plea or take it to trial. Since he learned that the plea of guilty would carry a 4 month sentence he took it rather than risk going to trial as he wanted to get on with his task with TI. They both considered use of the credit cards mistakes but also felt like they had instruction from the Next Level above human to do it. (That’s not easy to understand but If someone wants to learn more about that you can ask me and I’ll go into it more).
DO was not arrested a second time. They were both arrested at the same time in early 1974 while in Harlingen Texas though a misunderstanding that surfaced the charges against them.
They had no interest in recruits. They were “unpleasantly surprised” when they spoke to their first group in a N. Hollywood residence that was people in a type of meditation group when about a dozen said they wanted to follow them. The reluctantly agreed to lead them  they then figured there might be more that feel that way so they began holding public meetings all over the country and in Canada for the next 9 months before stopping meetings and taking their “about 100” students (not 20) into the wilderness to live in tent cities in the National forest of Medicine Bow in the rustic camping area known as Veedavou near Laramie, Wyoming.
They did think of themselves as a Crew but never went by that name. The first type of name they had was “Human Individual Metamorphosis” because they said by separating from our human behaviors and ways and following Their “Process” – the overcoming process, students would be physically changing their human vehicles (bodies) into new creatures.
Ti’s vehicle died of liver cancer not brain cancer though about 2 years earlier she had her eye removed and the doctor told her it was cancer (so I guess that would be in the brain) but I try to be as exact as I can be with these facts.
There was no derailment of the group when TI’s vehicle died. Sure it was an unexpected adjustment. Ti had always told DO early on that “I’m here to get your started and then I’m going back” and he never understood what she meant by that until her vehicle died and then he knew that’s what she meant. That certainly was difficult for DO but there was no derailment and DO said that her vehicle was “worn out” by dealing with all the negativity from the world because of their teachings and being perceived as an evil cult which they never were having no behaviors and ways that were human like most all the other cults had. DO later said we were the “cult of cults” and the “cult of truth”.
They at first knew that students could go to Heaven – the Next Level with their vehicles and they until they laid down their vehicles preferred that to laying them down in what humans would consider to be suicide (but had none of the trademark characteristics of human suicide – they were not depressed – had no business or financial failure or addiction to substances or desire to enact revenge against someone or didn’t like something about themselves and their vehicles. We no longer identified as our vehicles. We knew that we were Souls taking over those vehicles so it didn’t matter whether we took our vehicles onto the spacecraft or not as one way or another the vehicle would be discarded and we would be awarded a new Next Level grown physical vehicle to be like crewmembers on a Star Trek crew but without human behaviors, no children, no sexuality, anger, etc.
DO didn’t become increasingly depressed and paranoid. He missed TI but a student hardly knew it day to day as he knew TI wasn’t dead but only her vehicle had died. He felt TI’s closeness often thereafter.
I supplied the story of the first castration of student Srrody. That was done in a sterile environment inside a clean modern warehouse office space converted into a surgical room by Lvvody who had worked as a registered nurse before joining and while in the group had jobs working for doctors, one of which was an orchiectomist – someone who deals with patients with cancer of the testicles to where they would have them removed. She was the doctors assistant so knew the procedure. On that room DO had us put up a sign that said Mexico as he knew if the authorities found out about this and questioned us we could say we went to Mexico to do the procedure. I don’t know where others went exactly but I know that alxody and vrnody went to the boulder area to live and work apart from the group to be sure it was of their own volition. I can imagine that DO might have had the procedure in Mexico since his vehicle was still on people’s lists of someone who was doing something wrong and though he wasn’t doing anything against the law and all the students were adults and had proved to their families they were happy in the group, DO as was TI were always very “security conscious” as they didn’t want some investigator to forcibly pull an adult student out of the group to be deprogrammed as they called it or for Him to be taken to jail for some trumped up charge that would disrupt their “classroom” of learning to become a Member of the Next Level.
DO never “insisted” they would have to die to enter the spacecraft but he planned on that mode of exit for over 2 1/2 years. Note they packed a travel bag and had money and passports in case TI chose in the last minute to pick up them with their vehicles and heal them (as Jesus said could happen from having taken what to the vehicle was a poison that could kill the vehicle).
However, he did say that we needed to be willing to leave our vehicles by our own hand. We had hints of that as early as  right before the cocoon movie came out. But yes that was the instruction for those that wanted to stay in the group. Note that Rio (Neody) chose to leave 2 weeks before they laid down their vehicles lives when he knew that was the plan for then around 2 1/2 years that he was in the group as he joined in 1994 during the second 9 month period of holding public meetings.
DO and His Crew wrote on the Heaven’s Gate web page that is still up that it was “irrelevant” whether there was a spacecraft (companion object) with the Hale Bopp comet but that the comet was the “marker” for the timing of their exit that they had waited for from 1975. They knew that TI would pick them up in a spacecraft.
When they put the web site up with their Book posted they did attract one couple who then joined them in Rancho Sante Fe house, but the person in a male vehicle chose to not stay while is partner in a female vehicle wanted to stay. So he left and she stayed and had the name Dvvody.
That was one way of seeing what Jesus taught that no matter when someone became his student they received the same reward, that is, if they completed their overcoming of their humanness. DO said that some among those 38 would have to return to finish their overcoming after the recycling time.
Where is the evidence that DO heard “voices” in his head. This sounds like a misinterpretation of the communication he and TI had with TI’s Older Member who was on a spacecraft somewhere in near or outer space. They said they would get “impressions”, ideas that they then had to “pull on” to get a full enough picture of before giving the information to their students. They said they had a check and balance system to prove the communication was from the Next Level and not from the Luciferian space alien fallen angel souls or from discarnate humans or the result of a thought form sent to them from the space aliens.
They only explored buying alien abduction insurance according to Mark and Sarah (Mrcody and Srfody) who are the current webmasters of the Heaven’s gate website, who were also like me, dropouts who chose to not be with them when they laid down their vehicles but who still believed in TI and DO and wanted to serve Them, so were given a task to do, which is also the task anyone even now can do which is to believe that TI and DO are from the Kingdom that created the earth and all it’s inhabitants and to Stand for Them and that belief and maintain that Stand until they exit their vehicles however that occurs. They didn’t have 50 members when they exited. There were 38 students and he made 39 but that insurance was never bought so is further misinformation. And by the way, alien abduction insurance wouldn’t at all be like insurance against the earth blowing up because it’s not purporting that everyone on the planet is taken/abducted. So theoretically the policy could be made payable to a person who wasn’t to be taken or even to a company and people that weren’t taken to collect on. Of course the debate would be to prove it was or wasn’t an alien abduction. I don’t know why DO was considering this. Knowing the way DO tried to think of and consider giving TI all the options for their departure. Like lets say Ti wanted to stage what Christians think of as a rapture so that it was even seen by people all over the world, on TV and in person, etc. At the least a big cover up might ensue. It could become a big court case to try to prove or disprove. Or perhaps they’d just want to pay it to keep it out of the news. According to Mark, he was given that task to investigate it and did and they never proceeded with it.
DO had no problem managing his emotions. The castrations were not so much about avoiding temptation as they were a way to show TI and DO and the Next Level that they had no use for that behavior any more. That wasn’t a moral thing to separate from wanting and having. It’s just that Members of the Next Level are not mammals and don’t even have the “plumbing” in their vehicles to be sexual or to pro create so to become one of them we needed to change our vehicles mammal programming ahead of gaining membership as having that desire would still be within our Minds/Spirit otherwise so we wouldn’t be a match for a Next Level vehicle grown for us without those characteristics.
DO began resisting his vehicles sexual drives since before he met TI in 1972. There was not one dropout of the over 50 that had been part of the classroom since 1975 that ever said anything about DO saying or doing anything that could be derived as sexual. Hence he was in full control over his vehicle in all regards.
Do never said in any video that Souls enter the body “mid life”. In fact he always said that souls were deposited into a human vehicle at birth and if the vehicle was to be used by a returning soul then a different kind of soul deposit was put into the vehicle they were to take over to complete their task through. However, he did say that someone who was curious about this information could be given a deposit right at that time which pertains to people now who recognize DO  and choose to pursue learning all about what He and TI taught.
DO nor TI ever were “selling” anything to anyone. It was really about them telling people who they were and where they had come from and what it would take to return to their “world” and about their reality not being religious nor etherical spiritual and if it “spoke to you” – in other words, something about it made sense then they would accept you as their student. But if after that you ceased believing in them and/or had something else you wanted to do in the world, they would sometimes give you a brief chance to change your mind, which in some cases like for Frank (Andody) was a matter of the course of the conversation and if one chose to leave they would help us do so. I was given $600 and a airplane ticket to wherever I wanted to go.
I haven’t seen any evidence of manipulation and especially in comparison to any other “cult” (subculture). Humans are all in degrees manipulated which is why many would see DO as manipulative, but of course I’m a believer in TI and DO, but the bottom line is he gives only opinions that aren’t grounded in any facts, where I can give dozens of facts of how neither TI nor DO were in the least big manipulative. I know Frank gave such indications on the Heaven’s Gate podcast by the Pineapple Street media group. But if He/They were manipulative how is it that the gave many opportunities to leave. In the 1990’s DO offered the remaining 25 to 27 or so students $2000.00 to leave if they were only staying because living in that kind of communal and very pleasant environment had become more comfortable than what they would have to face in the world. In the world people have to worry about earning “sticks” (money) for food and insurance and a place to live and such. In the classroom we often had about half of us working jobs in the world so that if one person lost their job for some reason others would take up the slack. If I had a tooth ache I was sent to the dentist whether I had a job or not to pay for it. If I broke my arm like Sngody did when she fell off the bicycle she was riding to work, her expenses were paid for. Ti and Do used to call life outside the classroom, “the real world” which always puzzled me as I thought we were in the most real world, which also had it’s application but only as applicants to become members of the Next Level.
There is a lot to say about this and all the ways they filtered out those that really weren’t there with their full dedication.
They shocked me one time by saying that The Next Level doesn’t need you, doesn’t need anyone to believe in them. They exist regardless of what humans think and do, while humans are the ones that really don’t exist because they are so temporary and don’t even know how much they are manipulated for real by discarnate influences on them – that the discarnates use every human vehicle as like a time share computer system to where the input devices like keyboard, mouse, etc. are our senses. All that we are, which is a lot, is the “chooser” the decider of what thoughts, behaviors and ways we make our own by dwelling on them. We are not responsible for the thoughts we have but we are responsible for the thoughts we choose to continue to have and to act upon.
So this person is saying Applewhite used “tactics” other cult leaders used like:
1) Isolation
2) Finding vulnerable people
3) Becoming increasingly dominant over time
4) making it seem like his orders were the will of the group and not something he came up with on his own
Then this person says Applewhite differed from, for example Jim Jones in that he had no armed guards to manipulate people to their death but instead would “sell delusion to people who desperately needed it to be true”
When I joined I was sent to a campground and then went to Boulder every day for 2-3 days to put up posters for a meeting. I was not isolated anywhere – could have easily left. Then after the news broke in the national media Ti and Do split us up into groups so that there wouldn’t be as many as 70 of us converging on one camping area anymore since the numbers were still increasing and there were authorities in the world looking for some of us and Them.  We were on our own for several months until I had the idea to travel to the east coast – Boston area to deliver the message so I and some others did. I was with my partner driving and hitchhiking from then on for months with no contact to TI and DO or any of the other groups or group members. Then I was asking into the heavens for direction and the next day or two after that hitchhiked into Oklahoma City, OK and went to a library as was our pattern to get out of the cold, etc. and be able to read newspapers, etc. and saw a poster advertising the same meeting I had attended in Waldport in that library where as it turned out TI and DO were speaking. That hooked us up with one of 5 or 6 groups that were circulating holding public meetings. We weren’t isolated. Then Ti called off having meetings, saying “the harvest was over” (which just so happens marked the end of the 1260 days  that TI and DO had been speaking publicly their “message” as it says in Revelation about the Two Witnesses.
Then we all were given instructions to meet in Wyoming at Veedavou rustic camping area. Ti and Do would give each partnership money to go to town to buy our groceries for the week. One time they gave us “mad money” to do whatever we wanted with it. Some went to a movie. Who knows what some did with it. People would leave in the middle of the night for years thereafter. When we left Wyoming as it began to snow Ti and Do had determined that some students were not keeping up with the requirements of not having sex and not smoking pot. They were given some time to change and some apparently didn’t so they were sent to a different campground than the other 80 or so of us. Ti came to the 80 camp and said, “you made the first cut”. I didn’t think I had to qualify to stay but that’s what was happening. They didn’t want numbers. They wanted those who wanted to be there.
If I was so desperate to need what they taught to be true how is it that I so easily left. I wasn’t asked to leave and I was willing to lay down my life. From the beginning I thought I would die even though at first they said we wouldn’t die. I believed them but still thought I’d become a martyr for their truth and they said, “this is not a martyr trip” which I wondered if that pertained to me.
When I joined I was part of a good band living an easy hippy life. I had thoroughly explored many new age cults and religions for years and none of them floated my boat until I set before TI and DO and knew this was what I wanted to do. I knew it was necessary to split up with my partner of 5 years living together in Oregon and British Columbia homesteading and in an apartment and house in NY where we were both from. I was building a house out of logs in a teepee shape on my friends property in Waldport, Oregon. We were working a garden with two other couples in a start up commune. I was still a wanderer but was happy enough I thought.
After TI left if anything DO became less as this person says, “dominant”. He would sit and eat with us. He lived under the same roof in a number of places. He started us on using food as medicine starting a project called Advanced Life Extension Research Team (ALERT) where we began with a fast on applejuice we squeezed which was according to Dr. John Christopher’s mucusless diet system. We went on that diet as DO wanted to do his best to insure that our vehicles were the healthiest they could be for as long as we needed to use them to finish learning our lessons – to take advantage of every minute of our remaining time in these vehicles. He increased our going out to the movies. He sent us to visit with families to help calm their anxiety about our absence from their lives. This was the second visit when the first one was instigate while TI was in her vehicle. Because of this second visit Rthody decided to leave the group and did to be with his brothers family in the San Francisco bay area.
From day one we knew we were cutting off our connections to the past including family and friends, favorite pass times, etc. That made perfect sense for me to do though I had few ties by then anyway so that wasn’t very hard. Giving away my instruments wasn’t even hard really either.
How was I one of those “vulnerable people” this person says DO and TI were looking for and by the way I think it’s quite evident that I am a good example of the minds of the 38+4 who laid down their human lives? I was about as much my own person as anyone. I hadn’t had an abusive upbringing. I never got addicted to drugs or alcohol though certainly experimented with them but refused to do heroin for some reason and didn’t like cocaine really but did a bunch of acid and mushrooms and mescaline but never even wanted to do meth or uppers or downer drugs. I had a girlfriend and when she had an affair I was very broken by it but I recovered over about a weeks time and was happy without her and then she got dumped and came back to me and I accepted her as my partner again. It changed me and probably helped me to separate more easily when I knew that was required to do.
No children were allowed to join, nor married couples though each person of a couple could join but they would know they weren’t going to be a couple anymore.
There was no ritual nor religious kinds of practices.
Also Do would sometimes watch Star Trek with us and other shows or movies we would rent and would have a snack with us, ice cream, cake, salty snack like chips and pretzels. When we weren’t on that mucusless diet or other cleansing diets we had a dessert every night, something we didn’t have while TI was in her vehicle. Nor did TI ever sit with us for TV or a movie, though a time or two when we went to the theatre TI and DO would both come and sit near us.
Under DO’s leadership we started an exercise program. He got some bicycle machines for us and some rowing machines and a tred mill and an inversion swing and it was always optional. We didn’t have much exercise while TI was with us. Under DO we began to write and he started us examining the Bible, bought us a Strongs concordance as he was wondering about going public again after nearly 17 years of a type of cloistering.
I drove to work by myself. I drove a white Cadillac to work. I could have just drove off with my paycheck. I even had that thought once but didn’t want to. I loved being in Ti and Do’s classroom. Even when it was boring it was interesting.
I had a lot of freedom when I went to my out of craft task (job in the world, as we referred to our house as a craft (spacecraft) as if it was a simulation of being in a spacecraft and laboratory in the Next Level’s outer space environments. But the house wasn’t decorated to look like anything otherworldly at all. In fact is was kept very conservative looking, with pictures on the walls in case the realtor or owner or work people came in so they wouldn’t see anything that would make it look like two dozen or more people were living there and that they were into UFO’s etc.
Oh, yes DO started our examination of the UFO materials. With TI present we had a few books, like the first Roswell book and the hollow earth book. Some read them even several times but I hardly did. I wasn’t really into UFO’s when I joined.
DO didn’t have to sell me on anything. It all just made sense to me and I was quite the skeptic of whatever I was told before that whether it was a religion, new age spiritual pursuit or from the government or from parents I was rebellious. I stole from stores as a kid.
He nor TI ever made their instructions (this person said “orders”) “seem like his orders were the will of the group…”. We knew from the start that instructions were from Them and Them only and it didn’t matter what the group or students thought. Sure one could question an instruction but if they did it was tantamount to enrolling in a college level chemistry class and then questioning the lab experiment methods when you had no experience in a lab. It’s not that TI and Do would yell at anyone or even put them down or put them in their place though nor would they walk on egg shells with us. They would just say, that’s the instruction and we know it might not be the most efficient way to do it but we’re not trying to find the most efficient way to do it and that caused some problems and they ended up leaving (Rthody) probably like Frank because something TI and/or DO said or did was the straw that broke their camels back, so to speak.
It was around 1977 when we had a meeting where TI said, “you need to give us your will”. I remember thinking I knew that and it made sense to me (though in the world the last thing I would have done was give someone my will. Plus I was hardly aware of what Jesus actually taught though raised a catholic. I was interesting in what he said sometimes for brief periods of time but rejected the religion. It didn’t make sense to me. When I because draft age I was thinking about going to Canada. I ended up getting a high lottery number so there was little chance I’d be drafted. But I would have went. As it turned out I moved to the deep bush country in the mountains of British Columbia at the base of the Wells Gray Provincial park with Clearwater, BC the closest town. I was deported after living there in a no facilities cabin though the winter. I ended up being stranded in Yakima, Washington as my truck broke down and Jesus freaks took us in and fixed our truck for free and we lived in their house for several weeks and they became good friends but I would debate with them saying there were many contradictions in the bible.
I debated the hare Krishna people on the street as well as Christians who would preach at me and tell me my girlfriend was the devil. I was bored of meditations.
If I was vulnerable, who isn’t someone with a degree and human success I didn’t care for. I dropped acid during finals week in my 1 year of college which was when the Kent State shootings happened and I was angry but not stupid as I was in West Virginia and I was already harassed by locals because I was a hippy type.
Some of what I just described about myself brings some potential replies to this person’s critique of the students as well. Here is his list of characteristics he says describes the students:
– highly agreeable
– dependent
– extremely gullible
– vulnerable
– sub servient
– some he said probably had “reality testing issues”
– low self esteem
– depressed
– buying into delusion
– victims of a terrible fraud
Then he says that by depicting us as “caterpillars” it was like Ti and Do were calling us “ugly and broken” but could turn us into something beautiful like a butterfly.
You can listen to 196 audio tapes of TI and DO holding meetings and you won’t even one time hear something like that. However, you will hear an occasional reference to “why would you want to be ordinary”, or that humans are not individuals until they become Members of the Next Level and that’s because we don’t know how influenced we are by the discarnate world and the other humans. Yes humans were lessor but not ugly or broken any more than we all know that animals are lessor than what humans could be but who thinks of an animal as “ugly or broken”. Even those pug dogs have their own form of cuteness to them, lol, right, well maybe. Broken? Well since I never had the drive to become something in the human kingdom I was never broken from obtaining that kind of dream. Sure people who had climbed the university or corporate ladders would see me then and now as someone who never amounted to anything but frankly I don’t want what they have. It doesn’t motivate me to be wealthy or influential over others or a manager of others or a teacher of others.
low self esteem – not my problem – I have more of a problem having a little too much self esteem sometimes though that’s not really an issue too hard for me to recognize and cast away from my vibration because I know without my Older Members in my life, whatever I have seemed to do well in life is relatively tiny and very temporary at best but with my Older Members we can become very worthwhile even to our fellow humans by graduating and then helping others move up through their lesson plans as they ask in various ways.
-gullible? Who is more gullible – the person who says what’s not possible or the person who knows what they don’t know so considers all things possible.
– dependent? When I left home to go to college I was elated to be on my own. When I flunked out I didn’t care as there was nothing taught at that college that interested me. When I was 19 and I finally hooked up with a woman who I became partners with for about 5 years we at first hitchhiked to Canada and then to Vancouver and then down to Tijuana and back by the same route over a summer. Then we got back, got jobs and rented an apartment and a house after that in NY. I received no help from my parents. Because of that trip and hating the US war machine and wanted to live someplace with socialized medicine we decided to save up to buy land in British Columbia, Canada and move there which we did during the spring before my 21st birthday. That next spring I got taken to jail and deported from Canada for not immigrating properly and we cried at the border. We began a new life on the Oregon coast with pennies to our name, live on the Siletz Indian reservation and did odd jobs and played in a band and would hitchhike to san Diego and then back to NY for  a visit and then started to be part of a startup commune in Waldport Oregon building a house out of logs I harvested – the relocated Canada dream. So where was my dependency. Okay so maybe I’m not a good example, but I’d bet anyone that if someone actually studied any of the students you will find that none of them matched any of his listed characteristics.
Things in this world are going downhill at lightning speed as this person has thousands of likes of this video. People in the comments are laughing and mocking DO and making so many assumptions based on the tiny amount of information they have to where they think they are experts on the topic.

Critique of Oxygen series “Deadly Cults” about TI and DO’s “Heaven’s Gate”

May 24, 2020
Here are my responses below to the new Oxygen broadcast “Deadly Cults” series, this one about Heaven’s Gate.
*** clip in intro to episode ***
Former Heaven’s Gate Member Says He Felt Free To Leave If He Wanted
Sawyer, a former Heaven’s Gate member, says he never felt like he was forced to remain in the cult. “There were no locks on the doors,” he says. One cult expert calls this the “illusion of choice.”
Sawyer now says: – Humans have the illusion of choice big time. As long as they play ball with the powers that be they have certain choices. But if they question those powers their choices are not welcome and they get fired or banished or discredited or forced to retire or forced to resign and often make it look voluntary.
There were many ways of showing how much free will members of TI and DO’s group had everyday and how it was even hard to stay actually (but that wasn’t known to some of us – speaking for myself. It didn’t seem hard to stay until I faced leaving because I lost control over my vehicle and then still DO offered me ways to stay and yet I told him I needed to leave so he gave me $600.00 and a airplane ticket to wherever I wanted to go. I went to Arizona to temporarily stay with Mark and Sarah.
*** clip ****
Heaven’s Gate Used ‘Loaded Language’ To Indoctrinate People
Former Heaven’s Gate member Sawyer recalls how heavily regimented life was in the cult, and how they had their own names for everything, including underwear, which were called “seed covers.” A cult expert says this “loaded language” is one way cults go around people’s critical thinking and indoctrinate them.
Sawyer now says: First off, the editors misunderstood the word. I wish they would have checked with me on that. The phrase for underwear was “seat covers” – they cover one’s vehicles “seat”.
*** clip ***
Former Heaven’s Gate Follower Recalls A ‘Haze’ Around Marshall Applewhite
In 1975 in Oregon, Marshall Applewhite held an early meeting drumming up interest in his Heaven’s Gate cult. One man who was mildly interested said he was convinced Applewhite was some higher being, and saw what he thought was a “haze” around him and the room.
Sawyers current reply:
DO, known in this doc by this vehicle’s name of Marshall Applewhite was working with TI, whose human vehicle’s name was Bonnie Lu Truesdale Nettles to put on the Waldport Bayshore Inn meeting on September 14, 1975. They weren’t trying to drum up interest. They were simply stating what they believed and letting people choose to follow them or not. For the honest new follower they were expected to leave their former “world” behind.
I did tell them in the interview that I saw a “haze” around both Ti and Do and also hovering above the crowd of about 200 people. I described it as a shimmering hazy light and that it was also above and behind them sitting on the stage. That wasn’t a very brightly lit room and didn’t know what to make of it at all at the time.  I also told them I was not prone to see things like that but that my girlfriend at that time did say she saw things I couldn’t see at times. I never did ask her if she saw what I saw then. She was sitting next to me and also joined with them afterwards. I didn’t join because of seeing that. All they said made sense to me. One can see what that was at that point by going to the Heavensgate.com webpage that includes the content of their Book and look for the document called Statement I (One).
Here is the first document written by DO:
          STATEMENT I

What religions have sought to understand since the
beginning of their origin is what is above the
human level of existence. Most have taught that if
an individual lives a “good life” adoring some
savior that he will inherit some “heaven” after
his death. Only if it were that simple. That
viewpoint is as inaccurate as the caterpillar
believing that if he dies a good caterpillar he
will mysteriously awaken in a rose blossom and
live there forever with the King butterfly. He
must become a butterfly while a healthy
caterpillar – overcoming his decaying option. If he
rises above all caterpillar ways, converts all his
energies to the pursuit of becoming literally
another creature who circulates in another world,
he becomes a butterfly. Likewise a human who seeks
only to become a member of his next evolutionary
kingdom may become a member of that kingdom if he
completely overcomes all the aspects and
influences of the human level providing he has
found favor with a member of that next level who
will direct him through his metamorphosis. As the
caterpillar, the human can complete this
changeover only before his death as a human. A
member of the next kingdom finds favor with one
who is willing to endure all of the necessary
growing pains of weaning himself totally from his
human condition.  Members of that next kingdom are
no more confined to human limitations than
butterflies to caterpillar limitations. Nor do
they in like comparison concern themselves with
human type indulgences or concerns. However, if
the human is thought of as the larva of that next
kingdom then there are, at times, those who are
approaching the completion of their individual
metamorphosis and are beginning to have some of
the attributes and characteristics of that next
kingdom. When the metamorphosis is complete their
“perennial” and cyclic nature is ended for their
“new” body has overcome decay, disease and death.
It has converted over chemically, biologically,
and in vibration to the “new” creature.

          Approximately 2,000 years ago an individual of
that next kingdom forfeited his body of that
kingdom and entered a human female’s womb, thereby
incarnating as the one history refers to as Jesus
of Nazareth. He awakened to this fact gradually
through the same metamorphic process and came to
know that he had incarnated for the express
purpose of telling and showing, even to the point
of proof, that the next kingdom can be entered by
overcoming the human aspects and literally
converting into a “man” or creature of that next
kingdom – the kingdom of his Father – one who is
already a member of that kingdom. By His
resurrection He proved that death can be literally
overcome and that a permanent body for the next
kingdom is acquired from the human kingdom. He did
not leave His body in the grave. He converted it
into His body of that next kingdom. This is the
only way the next kingdom is entered permanently.
Each human has that full potential. Jesus’
“Christing” or christening was completed at His
transfiguration (metamorphic completion) and He
remained in the “larva” environment, with other
humans, only for some 40 days to show that His
teaching had been accomplished. He showed them His
new body and demonstrated a few of its new
attributes, i.e., appearing and disappearing
(changing His vibrations) before their eyes while
letting some of His friends touch His “new” body.
This could be compared to a butterfly remaining in
the caterpillar world for a few days to show them
what they had to look forward to if they chose to
seek true conscious communication with a butterfly
and were willing to overcome all of their
caterpillar ways. Then Jesus left them in a cloud
of light (what humans refer to as UFOs) and moves
and returns in the same manner.
          There are two individuals here now who have also
come from that next kingdom, incarnate as humans,
awakened, and will soon demonstrate the same proof
of overcoming death. They are “sent” from that
kingdom by the “Father” to bear the same truth
that was Jesus’.  This is like a repeat
performance, except this time by two (a man and
a woman) to restate the truth Jesus bore, restore
its accurate meaning, and again show that any
individual who seeks that kingdom will find it
through the same process.  This “re-statement”
or demonstration will happen within months. The
two who are the “actors” in this “theatre” are
in the meantime doing all they can to relate this
truth as accurately as possible so that when their
bodies recover from their “dead” state (resurrection)
and they leave (UFO’s) those left behind will have
clearly understood the formula.

Those who can believe this process and do it will
be “lifted up” individually and “saved” from death –
literally. If you seek those two while they are
here they will gladly fill you in on the details
and assist those who wish to follow in this

If this speaks to you – respond – according to your
capabilities or needs. For your sake-give this
opportunity your best.

I also told them that I saw that shimmering hazy light around TI and Do in the very well lit lecture classroom at a meeting TI and DO gave at Arapahoe Community College in Denver a two or three weeks after the Waldport meeting. I also saw that light, but far less of it around some classmates when they were speaking publicly. I believe that was the Mind from the Next Level, spoken of in the records as the Holy Spirit, where Mind is updated and generic word to describe what is a is frequency based in it’s composition.
I didn’t even say to anyone that I was “mildly interested” as they reported here. Nor have I ever said I thought at that time that they were “higher beings”. In an indirect way I felt that as when I first saw the poster advertising the meeting.
Here is that first poster used in 1975 and 1976 when public meetings ended:
                        > Why they are here.
> Who they have come for.
> When they will leave.

               Two individuals say they are about to
leave the human level and literally
(physically) enter the next evolutionary
level in a spacecraft (UFO) within
months!  “THE TWO” will discuss how the
transition from the human level to the
next level is accomplished, and when
this may be done.
               This is not a religious or philosophical
organization recruiting membership.
However, the information has already
prompted many individuals to devote
their total energy to the transitional
process.  If you have ever entertained
the idea that there may be a real,
physical level beyond the Earth’s
confines, you will want to attend this
I remember saying aloud to my girlfriend then that “I wonder what these two people will look like”. I wasn’t interested in UFO’s – hardly knew anything about them then, but for some reason it made sense to me.
The way TI and DO described what we go through when we are waking up more from a deep human sleep, so to speak, which is all in degrees though can have certain major wake up times, was that the Next Level was close by literally and physically, like in a spacecraft that is physical but that humans can’t see.
An analogy would be the way a Rancher goes into the wilderness and rounds up wild horses. They are being captured (caught away/raptured) from their lives as horses and taken to the Ranchers keeping – corral. They are then offered training. Those that don’t take to the training, allow the Rancher to ride them, etc. are released back into their world. (That’s like a dropout like myself, but that doesn’t mean once a dropout always a dropout). The horse doesn’t about the human forms of transportation that consciously and don’t know that the Ranchers can have a consciousness that is Above the Animal kingdom level of life (though some humans hardly show that).
Another analogy might be the way a fish in the lake will see the bait and have no consciousness that there is a “boat” above them. In this example the bait is the truth about the Next Level having a free will program for humans to be able to change into new creatures that could be on crews working on spacecrafts, some as big as a planet, even perhaps like Pluto. It’s like a Star Trek crew but without mammalian vehicles (bodies) or mammalian behavior, so no reproductive desires or activities or other mammalian behaviors and ways.
In the human context, the Next Level is running off the discarnate or Luciferian space alien fallen angle souls and thus their influence over us, long enough to give us a chance of seeing the opportunity and making the choice to go with it. And that choice remains everyday to stay that course or abort. TI and DO saw to it that we had many opportunities to abort. They didn’t want us to abort but they didn’t want us to be in their Classroom if we weren’t going to give it our all to succeed under their teachings.
Here is the link to the article about the new series with the text below the link and Sawyer’s comments:
May 17, 2020, 8:00 PM ET
‘It’s The Cult of Cults!’: Parents Lose Their Daughter To Infamous Heaven’s Gate Mass Suicide
Marshall Applewhite’s Heaven’s Gate cult shocked the world in 1997 with a mass suicide in a mansion near San Diego.
By Erik Hawkins
Alice Maeder lived for years in hope that her daughter would come back home.
Gail Maeder left Sag Harbor, New York at age 21 for California, and after one visit with her parents in her new home, she seemingly disappeared off the map. She had taken up with a strange, cult-like group of UFO enthusiasts called Heaven’s Gate sometime in 1993.
“Every day we were wondering about her,” Alice told Oxygen’s “Deadly Cults.” “Every day I was praying, ‘Dear God, don’t let anything happen to her.’”
In a postcard, Gail told her family that she was doing “really great” and had “found a way to make a difference in the world,” but they were concerned and began looking into the Heaven’s Gate cult, which had been active since the mid-1970s.
At a Queens, New York convention in 1994, Alice met cult expert Janja Lalich. She knew that the group traveled the country picking up new members and understood a little bit about its leaders, Marshall Applewhite and the late Bonnie Nettles.
Nettles met Applewhite, a man in his 40s struggling with his homosexuality, while they were both briefly institutionalized in the early 1970s, according to Rolling Stone.
Sawyer: DO’s struggle with his homosexuality was beside the point. It was just part of what he had to overcome and by doing so show others how.
What he told us he was frustrated with, was not finding a partner who wanted a committed relationship. Even then he wasn’t interested in a promiscuous relationship.
(Continuing on with the article…)
Nettles convinced Applewhite that they were both descended from a higher species of aliens.
Sawyer: Wrong. DO wasn’t “convinced” by TI and it wasn’t a “higher species, but from the Creators Kingdom of God, Kingdom in the literal heavens and DO was also receiving information at the same time as TI, though TI recognized him yet he didn’t recognize her until later.
(Continuing on with the article…)
They began traveling the country, introducing newcomers to their science fiction-seasoned ideology.
Lalich gave Alice a cult-produced videotape in which Applewhite explained that the planet Earth was “about to be recycled.” As Alice and her family watched Applewhite explain that cult followers needed to “evacuate” the dying planet, she said, they felt sick to their stomachs.
“Is this guy crazy?” Applewhite asks rhetorically in one of the videos, staring into the camera. “Is this a cult? Yes, it is – it’s the cult of cults!”
A man presumed to be Marshall Applewhite, a leader of the Heaven’s Gate cult, is shown in an undated image made available Friday March 28, 1997. Photo: AP
“How can she fall for this?” Alice recalled asking herself.

Gail was far from alone in “falling for” Applewhite’s theology, though. Applewhite was “charming and charismatic,” with a calm demeanor, Lalich told “Deadly Cults.”
A former Heaven’s Gate follower named Sawyer recalled his first time hearing Applewhite and Nettles speak at a town hall in Oregon in 1975. Sawyer found a flyer advertising an event that promised the truth about UFOs and that attendees would meet two people who weren’t of this world, he told “Deadly Cults.” Sawyer saw what he thought was a “haze” in the hall surrounding the cult leaders, and he decided to give his all to Heaven’s Gate.
Sawyer: The poster said nothing about promising anything and not about the truth about UFO’s. They were just the transportation – what DO called, “the bus”.
Cult members lived under strict rules, with new names and a strict ban on sex. Many of the men underwent voluntary castration as a way to help rid themselves of earthly desires, according to “Deadly Cults.” For three months in the ‘90s, followers drank nothing but the “Master Cleanse,” a mixture of lemonade, cayenne pepper, and maple syrup, Rolling Stone reported.
Sawyer: The most time we spent on fasting on the Master Cleanser was 39 days, though after I left they may have done a longer fast. We also drank water at that time.
They were preparing themselves to eventually shed their human bodies and return to their home in a spaceship, Lalich explained to “Deadly Cults.”
In March 1997, an unusually bright comet was approaching Earth, and scientists and amateur sky-watchers eagerly awaited the show.
Applewhite considered the Hale-Bopp comet’s arrival a sign. He told his followers that in the comet’s tail was a starship, ready to take their souls to heaven. To get a ride, however, they would need to leave their mortal bodies behind.
Sawyer: Not true. DO and Crew called Hale Bopp, on their web page, the “marker” they had been waiting for and that it was irrelevant whether there was a companion object with it. It marked the exit time they had been anticipating since 1975.
Right to the end they didn’t know if TI would take their physical bodies – perhaps one of the reasons they packed a bag with a change of clothes and had some money on them in case TI would have some or all of them do another task someplace on earth. It’s just the way a Member of the Next Level does this kind of undercover task. They try not to limit their Older Member by their choices.
(Continuing on with the article…)
“Our mission here at this time is about to come to a close in the next few days,” one Heaven’s Gate follower said in a farewell video later recovered by police. “We came from distant space, and we’re about to return.”
The cult, whose members were living together in a big house in Rancho Santa Fe, California, packed their belongings neatly. On March 24, the whole group treated themselves to a meal at Marie Callender’s, where they all ordered the same thing for dinner: iced tea, salads, turkey potpie, and cheesecake with blueberries, according to Rolling Stone.
The next day, 39 members of the cult began their exit from this world. They dressed in black pants and black Nike sneakers. Many of them put $5 bills and quarters in their pockets, CNN reported.

Then began an orderly mass suicide.
Applewhite provided everyone, including himself, bowls of applesauce laced with phenobarbital and glasses of vodka to wash it down. They also had plastic bags on hand to ensure they died, and many members had hydrocodone in their system, former San Diego County Medical Examiner Terri Haddix told “Deadly Cults.”
Sawyer: I didn’t know about hydrocodone in their system. I doubt they drank “glasses of vodka” which I also never heard reported that way.
(Continuing on with the article…)
Police were able to reconstruct roughly how the mass suicide played out. Written instructions told followers to drink some vodka, then eat the applesauce, then drink a little more. Then, they were told to lie down and relax — sleep would come soon.
The followers worked in small groups to assist others’ suicides, essentially taking turns. Once their breathing had slowed, plastic bags would be placed over their heads. Once they had died, a purple shroud was placed over their faces.
“These were some dedicated people,” former San Diego County Sheriff’s Office Lead Detective Rick Scully told producers. “To stand over the person they lived with for 20 years and watch them die … After they took the poison, that person standing over them would be the only person to know if they had any regrets, or if they had a hard time or struggled. Now, we’ll never know.”
Applewhite was the only member with a private bedroom, and his body was the last found by police on March 26.
Scully recalled a “godawful” odor of decomposition when he entered the home that day, after an anonymous 911 tip. It was “like descending into hell,” he said.
Media reports were incomplete at first — there was even confusion over the genders of the victims, due to their shaved heads and the fact that some had self-castrated.
Sawyer: I have a lot of reasons to believe no one was “self castrated”. I believe they all had doctors do the operations. They had to move away from the group and get a job to pay for it.
(Continuing on with the article…)
Gail’s brother, Daniel Maeder, heard the first reports on the radio in his car, and he to tell himself that Gail was probably fine because the victims were reportedly all men.
By the time Daniel got home, the reports had changed, including women among the dead. Still, the Maeders tried to keep up hope
Gail “has more sense than that … she’s going to call soon and say, ‘Mom, get me out of here,’” Daniel recalled saying to his family.

The Maeders called the San Diego coroner’s office, and their worst fears were confirmed. Alice would later watch Gail’s farewell video, in which she indicated that her new name was “Yrsody,” cheerfully saying that what she was about to do was of her own free will.
“She could have had anything in this world,” Alice said. “It’s an open hole in your heart that’s never going to heal … I guess God blinked his eye for a minute.”
The Heaven’s Gate cultists weren’t stupid people, Det. Scully told “Deadly Cults.” They were good people, and they had something missing in their lives that they were searching for, he explained.
As for Applewhite, Scully was less charitable in his assessment.
“In my opinion, he’s the most evil man I have ever encountered,” he said. “In my mind, he’s one murderer, and they’re 38 victims.”
For more on the Maeders’ story and actual videotapes made by Heaven’s Gate members before the mass suicide, watch “Deadly Cults” at Oxygen.com. New episodes air Sundays at 7/6c.

Ody Name Origin & Revelation 14 Song

May 8, 2020
In reply to a question about Crlody’s use of the ody name and what my, Sawyer’s name was in the classroom:
My name in the classroom was Swyody (and for a short time, though we never used them, Swydote, (the extension “dote” was given to all those who were still in the class at that time, DO having told us we had completed our “final exam”. That was around 1992 and some still left, including me after that). DO didn’t have us ever use those new names because that was around 1992 before a number of former ody classmates returned when some saw the Beyond Human – The Last Call video series we uplinked to satellite TV and DO didn’t want some to have different names.
DO did give me the name Sawyer before they said they – the Next Level were “adopting” us, when they shortened our existing names to three letters, thus Swy followed by the “family name” – ody which they said was for “children” towards adult membership. I recall they said when we became “adults” they would drop the “Y” so I would have become swyod, but that never happened that way. They said in jest but appropriately that we were the family of “od” – pun intended. Initially the ody names were only used within the classroom.
(Rio, (Neody) as told in his book, Beyond Human Mind, didn’t understand this origin of the name ody correctly).
That’s why it can be seen in the Beyond Human – The Last Call videotapes how DO referred to us as June for Jwnody, and Alex for Alxody and Song for Sngody and Sawyer for Swyody, etc. because those tapes were made for the general public consumption. I just have not felt comfortable using my ody name because I failed to live up to it, though I have no fault to find with Carlan using his Crlody name, as DO didn’t give instruction not to do so and we are in a different context now since that specific Classroom is over (though we are still all in the school, though can choose to not progress in grades).
It’s also interesting how that family name of ody is related to “ode,” pronounced, “o-day’, which is the Greek word for “song” and the names TI and Do came from the notes on the scale as shown in the Sound of Music movie, and originally we spelled TI and TE but after TI left DO said it didn’t matter which way we spelt it but then settled on TI. Ti compared the classroom lesson plan as a “piano roll” to where each lesson step was like one note and you would continue the self disciplines of each lesson to compound into a “song”. So lets say a lesson step for one person was to get control of anger. So they worked on that and that’s like one note in their piano roll. Then they recognize they have to work against their entertaining thoughts of sexuality so that becomes another note. You don’t stop working on one’s anger issues to work on one’s other sensuality issues. Ti also compared the lesson plan to the song Ole McDonalds Farm with each animals voice/sounds as representing a lesson step and the way one would sing that song by repeating all the animals sounds as they accumulated throughout the song.
Ody name related to the Revelation 14 Song:
This subject is interestingly spoken about in the Book of Revelation, in Rev 14 and 5:
Rev 5:9 And they ((returning Souls)) sung a new song, saying, Thou art worthy to take the book ((TI and DO’s Heaven’s Gate true Information in how to enter the Next Level)), and to open the seals ((affirmation periods of time when TI and DO and Crews information would be revealed to more and more people)) thereof: for thou wast slain, and hast redeemed us to God by thy blood out of every kindred, and tongue, and people, and nation;

Rev 14:2 And I heard a voice from heaven, as the voice of many waters, and as the voice of a great thunder: and I heard the voice of harpers harping with their harps:
Rev 14:3 And they sung as it were a new song before the throne, and before the four beasts ((wrong translation s/b “living beings in human vehicles)), and the elders: and no man could learn that song but the hundred and forty and four thousand, which were redeemed from the earth.
Ti and Do referred to the Twelve Tribes as the  “Hypothetical task of the twelve tribes, the beginning of strains” in audio tape 121, begun during the “First Trimester” (towards birth) during the Moses and Jehovah classroom.

So the “harps” I think are their vehicles, they (The Souls (harpers) learned to “sing” (harping) through.
It’s a new song because TI and DO brought the “updates to the bible” and “fulfillments of prophecy” – what was forecasted to happen upon return.
Only the 144,000 (whether that is an accurate number or not) could learn the “song” because only TI and Do were teaching all the lessons in it and only those human vehicles that were prepared by the Next Level to receive it could choose to receive it, though we can’t judge who those vehicles with Souls associated are since even if someone has a great deal of non- Next Level behavior and ways, we don’t know what they are working against and or when and how much they may change before their vehicle dies. Their lesson steps went beyond what Jesus required just like what Jesus taught went beyond what Moses taught.

Standing for TI and DO is Our Task Now

May 3, 2020
I am regularly criticized for having a youtube channel – 3spm and this blog and Facebook page because I talk about my personal experiences in TI and DO’s classroom. I am also criticized for talking about what Jesus said in relationship to this time period and in accordance with what TI and DO said. I am also criticized for relating Prophecy from Jesus and found in the Book of Revelation to TI and DO’s teachings. I am also criticized for relating the many “signs” Jesus related as happening at this time in the sun, moon, stars (planets, comets, etc.) that become visible to us through our eyes and through our telescopes and through NASA and ESA, etc. space telescopes that are very, very unusual. I am criticized for having written a book about all of the above.
Ironically, my main critic of all this has been the former fellow student of DO known as Carlan aka Crlody in the classroom who uses the name Jason on youtube (only saying so that people know it’s the same person).
Here is one of his recent comments below with what DO said that he seems to think means I am doing something against TI and DO’s wishes by expressing myself on my livestreams, blog, etc. that are from my mind.
This is not a longshot to take his inclusion of a statement from DO in the comment below as indicating what he thinks is wrong with what I seek to communicate because he has said as much in no uncertain terms in dozens of his comments over the years. He just didn’t say anything to that affect in this one comment. If anyone wants to see what I’m talking about, just search this blog for the two names he has used… Carlan or Crlody and you will see a number of blog posts. I am not against his making accusations though I wish he would be more thorough when he tries to back something up with things DO has said that we have documented evidence for. I have asked him for evidence from DO’s Mind rather than his opinions. He’s free of course to have opinions and to express them and it’s not like I don’t ever take what he says to heart as I know I can always improve in the work I do to Stand for TI and DO.
DO didn’t tell us all the ways of communicating and what to study and what to use as evidence of He and TI’s teachings in the world to date and what would be considered as working (Standing) for Him and TI and Crew. So to tell me what not to say and/or do isn’t appropriate. It’s only the negative influences that we all have to work against that would not want people to hear all that TI and Do said and did over their years incarnate. It’s not anything new to have former classmates in disagreement on things. After all believe it or not members of the class were quite the independent thinkers and the stakes are very  high now especially in this “war” with the lower forces on seeing the truth about TI and Do as the return of the Ones who were referred to in the records as The Father in Heaven (at that time) and “Jesus” – the body the Older Member (DO) took to perform His task through. Even 2000 years ago Paul of Tarsus was writing and portraying himself as a teacher that didn’t come from Jesus’ Mind so is perhaps the biggest sower of misinformation, distortion and dilution of Jesus’ teachings. That’s why the organized Christian church doesn’t teach anything much that Jesus taught. They are most all, know it or not Paul disciples. I am not saying there aren’t ways I could get off track, so in that light am glad for Carlan’s expressions but then on another note to leave his comments without showing people a broader view that is more accurate to demonstrate all TI and DO taught would be like turning people away from the fact that anyone can at this time grow closer to graduating into Next Level Membership and that doesn’t include suicide to do as DO spoke of Three Types of people who would be saved and using suicide didn’t get one through the “gate” though it was the method of exit and show of total allegiance and trust and separation from the human kingdom for the 38+4 who had all spend time in a personal relationship with DO (and TI for many).
With this inclusion of what DO said evidence shows he’s clearly implying the same premise. He wants me to shut up because he doesn’t want me to get any attention because he thinks I’m getting an ego buzz off of doing so. In other words it’s the old adage of when you can’t shoot down the message, shoot down the messenger. In this case he’s saying that what I say is “false prophecy.” What I say is, if so then show me what is false about what I say. If I simply give my opinion about something I can’t prove is directly from TI and DO’s Mind that can be suspect of course but isn’t automatically “false speaking about the Next Level’s truth”.
I have no interest in putting Carlan down and I don’t block him because even the criticisms can be useful to me and potentially to anyone who comes in the direction of becoming a student of TI and DO to date, because we all will have such an opposition even from among some who say they believe in TI and DO. The Luciferian Space Alien Fallen Angels seek to influence all of us. Like DO said, “We all have demons”. I’ve been told by several that I come across as “cocky”. Maybe I do and maybe that’s a characteristic of one of my “demons” that I don’t yet know how to get rid of entirely. But even if I am getting some kind of ego buzz from appearing to know what I’m talking about, that’s between me and DO and TI not another student. So it irks him and that’s one of his demons to overcome as that tendency can also be directed at DO and may be part of the reason he left the classroom.
But what Carlan doesn’t seem to know is that we (everyone who is making application to be in TI and DO’s classroom in it’s current form and thereafter in the next civilization’s startup) NEED to talk about TI and DO for our own growth to show Them what They and Their Information means to us and to face us with the difficultly of doing so which is part of the “overriding requirement”… to be saved for a future classroom. Talking about them, telling the truth about them and supporting all they taught as true is what They referred to as “Standing” for Them and that also includes disseminating their information in the process which was also their intention, said in many ways throughout their left behind materials.
Just leaving our vehicles is not a ticket to anyplace but the spirit world and an end to taking advantage of the need to have a human vehicle to learn lessons through. Seach the Heaven’s Gate book for the word “suicide” and see their position against “suicide”. The Luciferians would love for people to commit suicide even thinking that was a ticket to being with DO on his crew. I don’t know if there is anyone who didn’t have a personal relationship as an “Active student” to a “present” Older Member, which means in person with DO who, by leaving by their own hand would be seen by TI and DO as taking their best step towards graduation. DO said it clearly that we need our vehicles to learn lessons through. So for anyone who might consider laying down their life, prove it to DO by doing the job they outlined for us to do now. Separate from their humanness in all the ways they taught and maintain that separation and simultaneous to that STAND for them as without working for Them, separation may be no better than how monks and nuns separate from their humanness yet may ignore or poo poo that The Father and Jesus have returned already for the teaching part of the promised return.
There is a reason it’s such a hard task to Stand for them. The lower forces want to steal Souls for their selfish purposes so they will use any ploy to accomplish that. I know as I could see how I was slipping in that direction of serving humanity before The Next Level gave me a new dosage of “smelling salts” again.
Here is that statement Carlan included in a comment:
DO: “We have put into Heavensgate just about everything we have to say, as far as we are capable. The time I’m sitting with you is a tiny little fragment of time. I couldn’t tell you all the things I know if we sat for days and days and days. But if you want to know more about us, if you can believe what I am telling you and you want to know more about it, you can go to Heavensgate on the Internet. You can pull down all kinds of stuff that we have written, things that we have done, things about our history. We even have a book that is available to you – I’m not going to spend time now trying to sell you some book. But there is a book available that you can find on the Heavensgate website”.
Sawyer (aka 3spm, Swyody) replies:
Case in point… “…just about everything we have to say...” – which means there is more to say.
Another case in point is how they left behind the audio tapes and said in the letter addressed to MRC/SRF (aka Mark and Sarah), (presumably since their names were blacked out (by them according to you, since you sent me the letters that you got from Rkkody that you said Rkkody said he got from Mark and Sarah (Mrc/Srf) when they turned over the task to retrieve the contents of storage to them, which I don’t doubt any of).
“We would hope that the public would have an opportunity for more thorough knowledge of who we are and what we’re about.”
These letters were received by Mark and Sarah days after they had laid down their vehicles lives, right so this was after DO expressed having said “just about everything we have to say” so that is clear evidence that DO knew there would be more to say.  And since the Heaven’s Gate book had before then been put together in the first blue covered version that has been verified to have most of the same material as in the now purple covered version Mark and Sarah had printed on DO and Crew’s instructions (I believe) these statements in this letter become evidence that the remainder of what there is to say is contained outside of the content of their Book and WebSite.
This statement I just referenced came after they wrote in the same letter, in the context of giving the information of the storage locations and codes to access their cars and a truck and the entire content of storage (where the tapes as you reported to me Rkkody had told you were stacked in their cases right up front to stand out when one opened the door):
“It is our desire that any items of value that are retrievable by you be divided among those who feel inclined to disseminate our information. Any of the funds you retrieve can be used towards that end and for the living expenses of those involving themselves with this project.”
What does dissemination of Their information entail?
Is the contents of the audio tapes their information? I say it is and I believe the reason Rkkody didn’t succeed on his first attempt to exit his vehicle was because DO wanted him to get the ball rolling more on disseminating the audio tapes and other documents.
(Rkkody, at that time also started writing a book I’ve recently learned). Rkkody published on his “right to know” web site a handful of documents DO and The Class wrote some of which I can confirm were written while I was still in the classroom –  the one(s) on the Anonymous Sexaholics’ Celibate Church DO had us set up in the 1990’s that was discontinued before he sent us out to hold public meetings in 1994 (and all the others as well as I fully trust Rkkody).
My point is that, that information is in addition to the information in the Heavens Gate Book so the Heavens Gate Book IS “just about everything we had to say” because it includes all the primary points.
If DO and Crew didn’t want the audio tapes and these additional documents to become public they wouldn’t have left them behind in Rkkody’s keeping because I am sure they knew if Rkkody had them he would disseminate them which he did by including them on his Right To Know website, which he also sent to me via cd before he left his vehicle.
I was present for all of the audio tapes we have and don’t have, except for a couple of the 1994 audio tapes made when we were on the road that we have and for a couple takes like Blackhawk that were recorded at “Retreat time/task” (though I listened to them after they were recorded). That means I am a witness. But I understand I am fallible and can misremember things so what I often say during my livestreams is that the most dependable things to put our trust in is what is in the Heaven’s Gate Book and the Audio Tapes and Video Tapes that are clearly from TI and/or DO and Crew.
Being influenced to limit what is talked about as if eye witness testimony is like what the Catholic church did when they began to limit what was to be in the New Testament and Bible.
However, I remember clearly hearing TI and DO say, the words of Jesus (the “red letters” in the gospels) were kept in there because the Next Level “worked very hard to keep them accurate and available” (paraphrased).
But DO included in our study in the 1990’s (since we didn’t study bible materials before that and it was still optional) the materials from the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Nag Hammadi library – the Lost Books of the Bible, the Book of Enoch, The Essene materials and other works, and also brought us a Strongs concordance – Hebrew and Greek dictionary and various versions of the bible because some provided alternative translation choices. One of those was Dakes Bible but DO also enjoyed referring to the Amplified Bible for that reason as well. We still did not have Bible lesson times except on a tiny few occasions. One time DO gave me a task to investigate the evidence in the bible for a form of reincarnation in the Bible and when I completed the task, which I wrote down he had me present my research to the entire classroom while he was present.
Something that Carlan repeatedly criticizes me for is that my name wasn’t mentioned in the names of those who DO and Crew listed as helping with the task of disseminating Their information. Yet in this letter I just quoted he broadened who could do the dissemination task to:
“those who feel inclined to disseminate our information”
…which clearly gives ANYONE AND EVERYONE that TASK whether we were in the classroom or not. That project imposes no limitations on how, when, where to do that task, though stipulates spreading “our information” so not just anyone’s information which is why I qualify what I say from my memory since one would have to listen to all the audio tapes and all the videos and all the documents in the book and others to potentially find evidence that many of my memories actually come from TI and DO’s Minds.
Also, in that same letter DO’s Crew also talked about how the CBC office (Canadian Broadcast Company) in NY had wanted an interview with DO and/or Crew that they declined. They said Simon Boyce was their “preferred media contact”. His producer director for a major documentary on UFO’s and paranormal was Debbie Geller about which they wrote:
“So for this reason, we are recommending that they be involved to some degree in the coverage of this event, that is, if their attitude seems to remain somewhat objective and you find working with them not too difficult. Of course, this is contingent upon whether or not you should choose to say anything to the media on our behalf. We would hope that the public would have an opportunity for more thorough knowledge of who we are and what we’re about”.
Two points stand out here that show their intentions:
1) they anticipated mark and sarah (and anyone who chooses) to choose to say things to the media on their behalf. Did that mean they would only be allowed to quote them or refer them to the Heaven’s Gate Book? They said, “say anything to the media on our behalf” which is exactly what I am attempting to do and are authorized by Them to do with everyone.
2) If They wanted Debbie Geller and the media to participate hoping they would be as objective as they and Simon said he was going to be in making the doc, then am I supposed to believe that DO wouldn’t have a former student who is Standing for He and TI and their information not to do things in the media. Should I just let the media dictate what gets spread to the public because otherwise I’m not letting DO’s information “stand alone” in it’s remote corner of the internet or to the few people who might happen to come by it and find you or me to be sent the information via email or something.

Sawyer’s Commentaries to Heavens Gate Podcasts by Pineapple Street Media

February 26, 2020
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Critique of Daily Mail article 12-15-2019

December 20, 2019
Here is an article that seems to be something reconfigured from the past to which I have followed with my commentary as there are many things said that are misleading and even outright wrong, so read them with a grain of salt until you read what I have to say about it, if you want to get a more objective picture of what’s true. To go right to what I wrote search for Sawyer:
Ex-Heaven‘s Gate members still ‘connect‘ with 39 victims
Posted by SDD Contributor on December 15, 2019 at 9:26 am
EXCLUSIVE – ‘We still connect to the Next Level‘: Surviving members of Heaven‘s Gate cult say they are in with 39 victims of mass-suicide who all believed they‘d be ‘transported to a higher level in a spaceship‘ 20 years ago.
When first responders answered a 911 call to an upmarket suburban California home on March 26, 1997, they could never have expected the shocking scene that awaited them: 39 bodies, carefully arranged, laid out under purple sheets, each person’s feet bedecked with trendy black Nike sneakers.
The unforgettable crime scene images would soon be seared into the public consciousness as it emerged that the deaths were the result of a mass suicide by a cult known as Heaven’s Gate – who believed they were travelling by space ship to a higher level. Videos recorded by wide-eyed leader Marshall Applewhite, 65, are still instantly recognizable 20 years later – as academics, the public and authorities still wonder about the largest mass suicide on US soil.
The website for the group, which ran a web design company, remains active to this day, maintained by two surviving members who provide information to people curious about the Heaven’s Gate beliefs – although they insist, as the 20th anniversary of the deaths approaches Sunday, that the group does not persist.
‘The Group came to an end in March, 1997,’ they wrote in an email to DailyMail. ‘There is nothing to join but the information is timeless.’
When asked whether they were still connected to or in with their deceased former comrades, however, they said: ‘Yes, we are still connected to the Next Level, when they are’ – without elaborating.
The website masters are reportedly a couple who left to get married, which was against Heaven’s Gate rules, but retained their association – and shared beliefs – with the group, even allegedly fighting to take possession of the items the late members left behind. They refused to confirm this information to DailyMail or divulge any other personal details. They did, however, say that they look forward to being reunited on another ‘level’ with the members who departed this world in 1997.
‘We hope to have the opportunity sometimes in the future but we do not know when that will happen,’ they told DailyMail. ‘Probably in our next reincarnation on this planet.
‘The simple understanding is that there is a real, physical level above the humans one here on earth. It is not a spiritual existence. It is real individuals, in real bodies, in real crafts taking care of the issues of their planet. The Next Level, as it is called, created this planet and all the life on it. The Next Level are the care takers of not only this planet but all the systems of the universe.
‘From that, all the other understandings follow. They periodically come down to this planet to check in on this civilizations development. The last time they took a very close up observation, in human form, was from about 1972 to 1997. The time before that was 2000 years ago. At those times they talk to those interested about the opportunity of the Next Level and how a very select few can enter into it only after a long period of transition and instruction.’
And while the cult’s unorthodox belief system and mass suicide shocked the world in 1997, it had been decades in the making.
The cult first began when Applewhite, a divorced father-of-two and son of a preacher who had tried his hand at everything from acting to running a deli, met nurse and middle-aged mother-of-four Bonnie Nettles in Houston in the early 1970s. They shared an immediate bond over their mutual interest in both biblical theology and the occult, and they began cobbling together their own belief system – eventually deciding that they were the ‘two witnesses’ mentioned in the Book of Revelation. They believed they were prophets for a God who was really an advanced extraterrestrial, that individuals could advance to an evolutionary level above human, and that the world would one day be ‘recycled.’ The pair believed that Jesus had been sent on a similar mission by this same celestial being.
On New Year’s Day, 1973, they set off across the country to share their beliefs and eventually garner hundreds of followers from across a vast socioeconomic and geographic spectrum. They left their former lives behind, including their respective children; during their initial travels, they ran out of money and would stop at blood banks for cash or routinely skip out on bills. At one point, Applewhite spent six months in jail in Missouri for auto theft after renting a car and simply driving off with it – before Do and Ti eventually disavowed stealing.
They distributed fliers and even took out newspaper ads as they continued their cross-country proselytizing mission, picking up followers along the way. The group would shift in name, belief system and number over the years, but always under the leadership of Applewhite and Nettles, who called themselves Pig and Guinea, Bo and Peep and, most famously, Do and Ti – in a fantastically close, platonic relationship. At one recruitment meeting in Los Angeles, they reportedly said: ‘We are The Two prophesied in Revelation. God has sent us here as an experiment, so you might call us Guinea and Pig.’
Members were kept to strict regiments as the group moved across the country, sometimes living at campsites, other times renting houses with funds often taken from a follower’s trust fund. Anyone joining was required to leave behind family, friends and possessions (although the trust fund made the cut) and to abstain from sex, drugs and other worldly pleasures; by the time of his death, Applewhite and several other male members had been voluntarily castrated. Everything was regulated, from their communal clothes – including underwear – to the length of their bathing time (six minutes using one gallon of water) to the size of their pancakes. They were allowed to work regular jobs in their areas of specialties outside the commune, however, generating more funds for the cult – and at the time of the suicides ran a computer company.
Applewhite and Nettles believed they would be killed for their beliefs and rise again three and a half days later in a ‘cloud’ or UFO, after which the world would be destroyed.
The group was never targeted or threatened by the government or anyone else, however, skewing their predictions of achieving resurrection through murder. Nettles instead died from cancer in 1985, again shaking the core belief system. Applewhite altered his ideas and came up with a new revelation after astronomers sighted the Hale-Bopp comet and, in November 1996, a photo emerged which appeared to show an object trailing in its wake. Applewhite announced this was a spaceship which would pick up the remaining followers if they cast aside their earthly bodies.
At the mansion the group then shared in Rancho Santa Fe, California, a suicide pact was formed.
Over three days, the members consumed a mixture of vodka and phenobarbital poison with pudding or apple sauce, then tied plastic bags over their heads. Each was dressed in black shirts and sweat pants, brand new black-and-white Nike Decade sneakers and armbands reading ‘Heaven’s Gate Away Team.’ The bodies all had a five dollar bill and three quarters in their pockets along with packed luggage at their sides.
As each shift of followers died, the remaining members removed the plastic bags and arranged the bodies before taking their own lives. The final death shift consisted of two members, left with no one to remove the bags or neatly array the bodies.
The victims ranged in age from 26 to 72. Some had been in the group for 22 years; others had left and come back when their outside world lives hit speed bumps or they simply continued to feel the Heaven’s Gate pull; others had been members for just a few years. Some were parents who, like Applewhite and Nettles, had left behind their children. Some members were dreamers and drifters, while the occupations of others ranged from bus driver to ex-paratrooper to paralegal to journalist.
They were discovered by another Heaven’s Gate member, Rio Di Angelo, who had planned to be the 40th body discovered in the mass suicide – right up until a few weeks beforehand, when he claims to have woken up with a feeling that he had something yet to do on Earth. So he left with the Applewhite’s blessing, he said, and after the suicides received a package with a videotapes and a map to the home where he would find them. He got a ride to Rancho Santa Fe, went inside and then alerted authorities.
The group had planned meticulously before they ingested the fatal concoction, making ‘exit’ videos explaining why they were making the decision – as well as preparing a press release for the media.
‘By the time you receive this, we’ll be gone – several dozen of us,’ it read. ‘We came from the Level Above Human in distant space and we have now exited the bodies that we were wearing for our earthly task, to return to the world from whence we came – task completed. The distant space we refer to is what your religious literature would call the Kingdom of Heaven or the Kingdom of God.
‘We came for the purpose of offering a doorway to the Kingdom of God at the end of this civilization, the end of this age, the end of this millennium. We came from that Level, that time, that space, and entered this one. And in so doing, we had to enter human bodies – which we did, for the most part, in the mid-seventies.
‘Now it was time for us to leave those bodies (vehicles) – bodies that we borrowed for the time we were here (by previous arrangement) for this specific task. The task was not only to bring in information about that Evolutionary Kingdom Level Above Human, but to give us the experience of working against the forces of what the human evolutionary level, at this time, has become. And while it was a good learning experience for us, it also gave all who ever received knowledge from that Kingdom an opportunity to recognize us and this information, and to even move out of the human level and into the Next Level or the Next Evolutionary Level, the “Kingdom of Heaven,” the Kingdom of God.
‘The Kingdom of God, the Level Above Human, is a physical world, where they inhabit physical bodies. However, those bodies are merely containers, suits of clothes – the true identity (of the individual) is the soul or mind/spirit residing in that ‘vehicle’. The body is merely a tool for that individual’s use – when it wears out, he is issued a new one.
‘No one can enter the Kingdom of Heaven by trying to live a good life in this world, and then, thinking that when this world’s life takes your body, you get to “go to heaven.” The only time that Next Kingdom can be entered is when there is a Member or Members of that Kingdom who have come into the human kingdom, incarnated as we have, offering clarification of that information.’
The website maintainers told DailyMail that they had been in the group for 12 years and ‘joined immediately after attending a meeting that Ti & Do held. Their truth was undeniable.’
They said interest continues in the group’s complicated belief system mixing traditional theology with its sci-fi-esque tenets.
‘We get an average of about 10-12 emails a day,’ they said. ‘They come from all over the world. We sell several books a year and give away about 40 or so free VHS tape sets. There is no dominate geographic area. More tapes and books go out domestically because of the cost of shipping internationally. The demos on this are very diverse.’
Survivor Rio Di Angelo, who was selected to discover the Heaven’s Gate bodies, also continues to espouse the group’s beliefs and remains in occasional with the website moderators, they say. To coincide with the tenth anniversary of the suicides in 1997, he released a statement, insisting: ‘I’m glad to be alive and planning to stay that way. I have a wonderful life with purpose. I am alive NOT because I rejected anything about Heaven’s Gate. I am alive because I have discovered something so extraordinarily important to the world that it needs to be passed on to you in its most true and accurate form from ME.’
He went on to explain the tenets of Heaven’s Gate, saying: ‘When there is a Representative from the Level Above Human (Heaven) here on Earth, you will be drawn to Him and His mission. You then will be taught the final lessons in a type of finishing school. These important lessons enable you to know how to create a Soul. A Soul is different than a Spirit. A human Spirit is Earth bond only. A Soul is “you” conscientiously choosing to evolve into a new creature that has the non-human ingredient needed for transition into the Level Above Human.
‘That Representative becomes your teacher and is the only one who can usher you into the higher level of existence. He knows how because He’s done it before.
‘This is my understanding of the mission that Jesus started. This is why He was here and said he would return.’
Confirming his three-year membership in Heaven’s Gate, he said: ‘I know everything worth knowing about them and I can say with absolute, undeniable certainty, that Heaven’s Gate was indeed “The Second Coming of Jesus.”’
He said: ‘I am against suicide and so was the group. What happened to Heaven’s Gate was an “EXIT,” “The end of the Spirit reincarnation process and the beginning of life as a Soul in the Level Above Human.”
‘They “EXITED” their bodies (vehicles) and are now with their Guide and Teacher in the Spirit world (the Valley of the Shadow of Death) helping mis-guided Spirits before their ascension.
‘I am here to bring you the truth and to clarify information for you to examine. Also, to help with understanding the next steps, after the “Second Coming,” if that is your choice. I am not here to convince you to do anything or to believe any of this. If it speaks to you, use it. If not, go on.’
Sawyer’s critique:
These are my corrections and additional explanations to this article.
1) There are no “surviving members of the Heaven’s Gate cult.” There are only former student members like myself and others and like these two webmasters who are managing the web site. All former members are dropouts who failed to make the steep qualifying grade to have remained in the group, though at the time we each left the group, whether voluntarily or not, because these two were dismissed because they didn’t want to follow the instructions and lesson step that was labeled “I could be wrong” that was designed to eliminate one’s dependence upon self by recognizing that wherever a decision needs to be made, one’s opinion might be wrong, relative to what the teachers TI and DO would choose to do.
This is a lesson to learn because working in a crew on a physical spacecraft laboratory of different kinds and sizes, with some as large as planets, Next Evolutionary Kingdom Level Above Human Members are crew minded and they love it (just like many humans love being part of a great team). DO described the crews as being like a Star Trek crew minus human behaviors and ways, thus no sexuality as they don’t procreate (nor die) nor are there gender roles or comparisons because they have no gender. They have outgrown gender and sexuality both in their Mind and in any kind of identity with the human physical vehicles they took over while a student working towards Next Level Membership. Ti and Do referred to a human vehicles sexual and/or gender identifications as “plumbing.”
This stating of “I could be wrong” designed to use a phrase like that in front of or behind or in the middle of any statement of opinion was the lesson step mechanism that by exercising was overriding the vehicles self confidence in it’s opinion and that lesson step was not something these webmasters wanted to abide by so DO had each of the student in the group at that time express to these two that they were being dismissed from the classroom until such time that they wanted to abide by that lesson step, when they could return. Their choice to not abide by it was not any worse relative to those Classroom teachings as my choice to not accept DO’s help because of the way I gave into sexuality with myself that I wasn’t conquering to the degree I needed to, to qualify to graduate into the Next Level. Each dropout had their own lesson step they didn’t choose to work on at the time they were in the classroom. The only difference between these two webmasters and some others was that they didn’t directly choose to leave the classroom where I did and others did over the years. (However, there were 19 students who Ti and Do sent out of the larger classroom unit that numbered at the time about 100 students, which happened in the fall of 1976. Some of those found the Classroom again in the early 1980’s by seemingly coincidental circumstances, so rejoined then).
Since these Two still believed in TI and DO as their Older Members from the Next Level, but didn’t want to rejoin when they were given the option in 1994 that I witnessed, when DO was ready to leave he asked them if they wanted to do some tasks for them. They didn’t know at the time what they were planning. I did know of the planned exit, as DO brought up the premise of taking it upon ourselves to exit our vehicles (by our own hand) directly in late August of 1994 after we finished about 9 months of public meetings across the U.S., after having increased our numbers by almost double the 24 members we were down to by mid 1993. (However some left after that so the numbers ended up at 38 students plus 4 who laid down their vehicles lives in the year or two after the large body of student did with DO in March of 1997.
Yes it was the Souls of the vehicles who upon completion of their task of overcoming the behaviors and ways of the human kingdom – aka taking full control over the vehicles they had a hand in choosing from the vehicles birth that would be taken on board a spacecraft that was close on hand. However, they all preferred for it to go a different way, they said which is why they packed bags for travel and had a tiny bit of money on each of their possession in case TI (DO’s Older Member, aka DO’s Heavenly Father in religious terms) chose to take them with their human vehicles, like in case TI wanted them to do a task somewhere else on earth that required having a human vehicle. DO didn’t know what other usage TI would have for their human vehicles since it’s the Soul that graduates into Next Level Membership. Ti and Do had taught years before, even in the late 1970’s that another way they might exit the task is by the Next Level taking our human vehicles and putting them on a table on a spacecraft next to the new Next Level dense physical vehicle they were going to be awarded for their efforts so the Soul could be moved into the new vehicle. By the way the New physical vehicle would not be one made of human like flesh. It would be grown on a vine to adulthood (as there are no children vehicles in the Next Level). Another way they talked about exiting our vehicles could have been by their being killed by humans who hated them for what they were teaching, like an irate Christian who could see them as antichrist, though they would be totally wrong as what Ti and Do taught and did was 100% in line with everything Jesus taught.
Jesus instructed his closest students that they must lay down their vehicles lives while in service to Him and His Older Member (Heavenly Father) He was operating as One with, though his Older Member (named TI this time) was a different person. He described their doing so in the same way He was demonstrating by telling the truth about the Next Level’s reality to those who didn’t want to hear the updates who as they hated Him would also hate them for speaking.
Joh 10:17 Therefore doth my Father love me, because I lay down my life, that I might take it again.
Joh 10:18 No man taketh it from me, but I lay it down of myself. I have power to lay it down, and I have power to take it again. This commandment have I received of my Father.
Here Jesus was talking in such a way that today if heard people would say he was promoting suicide. Humans think that humans killed Jesus and they did but only killed his human vehicle and weren’t able to kill his Soul that then healed the vehicle enough to demonstrate that it wasn’t a spirit his students saw. TI said that it was characteristic for a Member of the Next Level (Soul) to heal a human vehicle that became damaged in 3 1/2 human days if that’s the task they had to do. TI didn’t have that task as TI knew from the beginning that she was here to get DO started and then would go back. When TI would tell him this in their early years together he wondered what she meant by going back. They at first thought they would go back together. DO said he couldn’t imagine TI was meaning she would go back to be with her human family again. So at the time he put that idea on the back burner. When her vehicle died and TI didn’t try to heal it DO knew then what she was referring to – her return to her Next Level station on a spacecraft to oversee the completion of the task DO was to finish without his Older Member’s physical presence. TI’s exit is demonstrated in Revelation 12 as DO told us the Woman was TI and as is described about TI’s exit would occur by the “earth opening it’s mouth,” an old expression for going into the grave/dying.
So DO was preparing for whatever option Ti chose to take and as we know that ended up being allowing them to go through that difficult step of laying down their vehicles to the vehicles death – all knowing that they were not their vehicles, knowing because of previous experiences of those Souls that were with Jesus (DO’s previous incarnate task) that the death of the human vehicle was not the death of the Soul. To humans without that experience it seemed like they were committing suicide but to them suicide would have been to not go with the instructions DO received from TI on how to exit when the time was determined to do so. DO and Crew wrote that They taught that for a human to kill their own vehicle is much different as humans as well as TI and DO’s classroom members needed their human vehicles to learn lessons through but that they were done with their lessons.
They wrote that for a human to commit suicide was wrong, a waste because they didn’t want to deal with hard lessons would be short circuiting their progress towards graduating into the Next Level at a future time. It doesn’t mean that someone in the human kingdom who commits suicide does not get saved for another lesson time, but by committing suicide they flunked out learning all the lessons they needed to learn.
2) Saying ‘We still connect to the Next Level’ if that’s all they said about it, is misleading. There is no direct connect. At best it’s like picking up the telephone and knowing Their address/phone number – in this case, the distant deep space “heavens” and knowing who they are trying to contact – TI and DO, and leaving a “voicemail” asking a question or asking for strength to conquer an addiction or asking to learn the truth about something or asking how to be of greater service and then hanging up and then putting out a repeated effort to discover/identify answers to those questions that mostly will come through what are seen as normal human channels, like in the news or from people we know or don’t know, or by having an ideas of something to do or try that might yield answers. Answers would never be something that would harm ourselves or anyone else in any way to do but will always be things to do that are reversible and even be things that may show us that we asked the wrong question or could show us that what we were asking for is not really what we want and/or need. When They respond to us, we can have a sense of their reply through these ordinary channels but we won’t be certain it’s Them responding. There won’t be voices in one’s head telling us to do or not do something though one can have a feeling in that regard. I believe it is possible when asking to get a sense of an answer right away.
This is also applicable to anyone. Jesus taught it as the Lords Prayer, meant to be an outline of how to talk to the Next Level (Kingdom of God, Kingdom in the literal heavens). It was meant to be a private petition for help in some way not to be made into group prayers that just bolster people’s sense of being holy in appearances.
Now if someone doesn’t know the “address” (deep outer space) or to whom they are seeking an answer from, as Jesus instructed directing our petition to “our Father in the heavens” there are any number of spirits – discarnate – deceased human minds that love to step in to be someones’ “god” or “jesus” because they died believing they were in that role to other humans as intercessors so they continue to try to operate in that way in the discarnate condition. That’s why we hear of people saying Jesus or God told me to do it, even some horrible harming of another human being. An answer would never be inconstant with the behaviors and ways taught by the Next Level through their incarnate servants over the millennium, mostly through Moses and Jesus in this current civilization but potentially through a different part of the experiment as seen in Hinduism and/or Buddhism for example.
3) It was a purple shawl draped over each of the deceased vehicles of those Students not a sheet. That event was about the only time over my experience of being with them for 19 years that symbolism was used in that direct kind of way for the sake of those who would discover their vehicles. They didn’t spell out what the various symbolism was in the use of the Nike (slogan: Just DO It) sneakers. By the way the word “nike” in the New Testament Greek, means, “to overcome, conquer, gain victory over” the human kingdom “world” as Jesus taught was required for everyone who was to experience a “Spirit/Mind Birth” which is what I believe we all were witnessing happening.
4) It’s a misguided opinion without evidence for the writer of this article to say it was a “crime scene”. The San Diego Chief of police and the coroners office both said there was no evidence of fowl play. It’s was eerie for them but peaceful and they left a number of statements and video footage “exit video’s” where most all of the student members of the group said something about what they were about to do and how it was joyous to do so (as hard as that is for many to  accept, I can attest that they were telling the truth about the way they felt and how DO carefully spent years making sure each student was fully cognizant of what they were doing. There was no coercion, no pressure, no guilting, no carrot held before them (in a way that was a lure). In fact it was contrary to that. It was hard to stay in the group though not because the difficulty was that apparent, except for those that had doubts they didn’t choose to combat. There is a great deal to say about this, some of which is outlined in my blog post:
5) The “higher level” was described by TI and DO as The Evolutionary Level Above Human, The Kingdom Level Above Human and in short The Next Level. It was compared to the human evolutionary level scientifically (physically and mentally) with the way there is on earth a Mineral Kingdom, Plant Kingdom, Animal Kingdom and Human Kingdom to where the Human Kingdom was not the end of “evolution” (not Darwinian evolution). They taught that the human kingdom was designed to be a “stepping stone” into membership in the Next Level. They described the Next Level as physical and many membered but not as many members as in the human kingdom. They said their numbers were in the thousands. Members are actually graduate Souls. A Soul is a container that is of a plasma like physical consistency (unlike a Spirit that is etheric – a frequency construct). Souls are deposited into selected human vehicles that were picked to be a match for a returning Soul’s lesson requirements to qualify to graduate the human kingdom. There are different types of souls and all souls that are deposited don’t survive the process to graduate. One type of Soul is deposited in selected human vehicles who are going to host a returning Soul that had grown some in a previous incarnation while with an incarnate Older Member like Moses and/or Jesus, while another type of soul is deposited for a first timer entering the program during the time when one or more Older Members is in the flesh (incarnate).
There are humans right now, following the 1997 exit who have received Souls, perhaps even one of either type who are able to take their next step towards graduation that wouldn’t take the shape of laying down their human vehicles by their own hand because the Older Member isn’t physically present anymore to know whether that is right for them to do. That’s why Suicide isn’t supported by the Next Level as we need to have our human vehicles to proceed with our overcoming lesson steps that are right for us now. Suicide for us would be not taking advantage of the opportunity to learn difficult lessons while in the human kingdom. No matter how someone dies their spirit and/or soul is judged by the Next Level as to when and where their next opportunity to graduate will be. Next Level Members are very fair but it’s never a human vehicle that graduates into Next Level membership. It’s always the Soul that graduates. Upon entrance into Next Level membership, each graduate is awarded a newly grown dense physical vehicle (not dense like human flesh is dense) that is grown on a vine (like a plant) to maturity. There are no children vehicles in the Next Level though there are Older and Younger Members. Time is not the determination of Old or Young. Experience is what defines an Older or Younger Member. Members don’t wear their experience like humans do, like in the military with hash marks and ranks but Members can recognize an Older Member among them as it’s a quality of Mind they feel. I can relate to that in what I felt from TI and DO. It wasn’t what they said that identified them to me as Above and Beyond Human (though that was part of the conscious recognition). I subconsciously felt their Above Human Stature. That can be explained as the Soul having both been helped to have that recognition and/or having gained that recognition from a previous lifetime of experience with an incarnate Older Member. Souls come with a “chip of recognition” (like a computer chip that has certain programs that provide a certain amount of identification of what is true – what makes sense that another human may not have or may not have awakened to yet but that anyone who wants to have it can be given if they ask for it, so no one is left out from growing towards Next Level Membership).
6) Some media have reported that the ones running the Heavensgate website were “surviving members” but that was an erroneous way of describing them. To be a surviving member means they would have left the human kingdom with the 39. Those left behind by their own choices (including me) are not necessarily going to survive the recycling. TI did say that all [Souls] who came back with them would return to the Next Level’s keeping to have another opportunity to be in a human or human equivalent kingdom to finish their overcoming process. That might take the shape of being “saved” “on ice” DO called it, though said that wasn’t literal ice. It’s true there is no group anymore though there are new believers who DO left instructions for how to grow further with the overall requirement to be “saved” from the upcoming recycling being:
“In order to get saved for further planting, the overriding requirement is to recognize that this is true (these are the facts).  You must believe that we represent the Kingdom that created this planet and all of its inhabitants.  And you must be willing to take a stand in defense of that belief, and sustain that stand until the end – your departure – regardless of the consequences.”
This is not the complete formula to qualify for graduation into significant or elementary service in the Next Level after a student’s vehicle dies. That formula is stated as:
“The formula is the same now as it always has been.  To begin a metamorphosis in order to be born into the Next World, you must abandon everything of this world (just as the caterpillar about to become a butterfly must do).  You must separate and begin to wean yourself of all mammalian ways – ties and addictions – replacing them with the ways and behavior of a more advanced and refined level of life.  You cannot do it by yourself.  You must seek, to the best of your ability, the guidance of a Representative who is a member of that kingdom, who has been through the metamorphic process at a previous time, and who has been sent with the specific task of midwifing newborns.  Or, at very least, you attempt to connect with an active “student” of a present Representative.  This is an extremely rare opportunity, as we approach the End of the Age.  There is a tiny remnant left of a window for catching the eye of the “caretakers of this world.”
(These quotes came from the Heaven’s Gate Book, ‘How and When “Heaven’s Gate” (The Door to the Physical Kingdom Level Above Human) May Be Entered’ in the document entitled, “”Away Team” from Deep Space Surfaces Before Departure” written on TI and DO’s behalf by the elder student named Jwnody (June-ody)).
7) The two webmasters are not saying enough in my opinion to more accurately portray the Next Level Members relationship to Their planet earth experiment for growing Souls upon by saying; “They periodically come down to this planet to check in on this civilizations development.” The truth is that the Next Level is constantly working with the humans on their planet though only periodically send their Older Members and Crew to incarnate to help move a Class to it’s next lesson steps. When Representatives come they don’t just talk to those who are interested. They prepare individuals (Souls and vehicles) to recognize the Older Member by His words and vibration so they can move forward a step towards a graduation. They are very busy the whole time. There is nothing casual about it as they seemed to imply by saying they “check in”, It’s a major project.
Yes “few” are selected but many are called (said Jesus) but the time period of receiving instructions isn’t automatically assumed to be long as the Next Level never holds anyone back (as humans do one another) so some can grow very quickly.
In the current civilization this took the shape of three trimester periods starting the first trimester (before that was the prep time for the first trimester) during the time recorded as Moses and the Children of Israel (the Overcomers).
The second trimester was when the graduation formula was laid out by Jesus – separating from human family and giving all one’s Mind, Heart, Soul and Strength to the Next Level through the most currently incarnate (present) Older Member, in our case now to DO (who TI instructed students to make our commitment to, as she said she came to help get him started).
8) DO said that the only thing He and TI had in common at first when they met was a “love for their Heavenly Father”. They didn’t then go about “cobbling together their own belief system” – ideas came to them individually but at the same time that when they compared notes on those ideas they matched.
At first in 1973 they each realized they (Their Minds) each came from The Evolutionary Level Above Human, a physical many membered kingdom (in the records described as The Kingdom of God in the literal heavens (outer space)), and were here on earth to take over the human vehicles prepared for Them to, “bring updates to the Bible” and to “fulfill prophecy”. It was months later through seeking and searching that they recognized the prophecies they were to fulfill were outlined in the Book of Revelation, chapter 11 having to do with the Two Witnesses.  Ti originated the short phrase of “Next Level” because for humans it was their next step in evolution (not Darwinian) by their efforts to abide by all the Older Members taught and demonstrated in Next Level behaviors and ways.
Years after having a classroom DO told us that TI was the “woman” in Revelation chapter 12. Other than that they didn’t teach from the bible at all though would occasionally mention something Jesus or Moses taught. They said we could trust the records of what Jesus said in the four “gospel” accounts because a Next Level Crew worked very hard to make sure his words were still accurate for our benefit.
TI told us that DO was the same Soul who performed the tasks of: Adam, Enoch, Moses, Elijah and Jesus.
TI and DO taught that every Member of the Next Level was a “God” relative to humans because the Kingdom of God was a kingdom level above human with the comparison of the relationship of a dog to a human – a kingdom level of differences. Jesus described this same idea saying that among humans John the Baptist was the greatest human but that the youngest member of the Kingdom of God was above him. (I surmise that the Soul in the vehicle named John the Baptist had not yet graduated into adult membership in the Next Level before that time but was more experienced than any of the other of his students so was given a different task from the others appropriate to his needed growth).
TI and DO did say that the most experienced Member of the Next Level was the “Chief of Chiefs” but that we wouldn’t begin to understand more about where he came from until we were in the Next Level because the human brain wasn’t capable of understanding that. DO said that TI was Chief Administrator of the Earth project which they called an “astronaut training program” for Souls. (Souls are physical containers, DO at first called a “pillow case” or a “pocket” and then in 1994 compared it’s physicality to being “like a plasma” state of matter.
9) I believe it’s misinformation that Ti and Do and/or students stopped at blood banks and/or routinely skipped out on bills. It’s possible that some of those early would be students in 1975 stopped at a blood bank but that wasn’t necessarily approved by TI and DO. I have a lot of reasons to think it wasn’t approved by TI and DO. Here’s some of the reasons I say that. When the group I was in (at a time when groups had very limited contact with TI and DO in those early days in 1975 and 1976 we sometimes went into dumpsters behind a grocery store or donut place to find food that still looked good. When Ti and Do later found out about that, they disapproved entirely as I suspect they might have said about going to blood banks. Our instruction then for meeting our food and gasoline and sometimes shelter needs during that remaining  6 or so months of our public meeting period of time was to “test churches” because the churches claimed to be working for God that included feeding the hungry when asked and we were working for God and so should be given help in that regard. They never told us to ask for money. No pan handling or selling roses or anything on street corners as the Moonies did. We simply would go to a church, find a pastor and ask for help with our needs of food and/or gasoline to continue our mission and/or lodging if need be (though we were equip to sleep outdoors in tents in the decent weather).
re: DO’s felony conviction:
The charges against DO were dropped. They rented a car using one of DO’s old credit cards he still had with him but wasn’t using til then. When they didn’t return the car on time it was reported stolen. TI and DO said they sent letters to the rental car company explaining that they would pay for it (though they didn’t know how but were so taken with their task they hoped the Next Level would help them in that regard). When the rental car company got the car back they dropped the charges but the DA in St. Louis knowing of their unusual story decided to take up the case to make easy points for his  re-election bid (DO felt). After 6 months in jail DO’s case was to come to trial and DO was offered a plea of guilty or go to trial and take his chances. So he coped a plea because it meant he would get out of jail right away since the sentence was 4 months and he already served 6 months. They never approved of stealing and They regretted renting the car but felt they had instructions to do so. Perhaps the Next Level wanted DO to appear to be a “thief in the night” as it said would be the modus operandi of the return of “Jesus” in his new incarnation with a new name.
re: the accusation of “skipping out on bills”; there is only one indication that this may have happened. When TI and DO were out of money and were traveling in late 1973 the report was that they stayed at a motel somewhere east of St. Louis before they rented the car. This was reported by the motel owner who said these two alleged to be TI and DO left a note in the motel room that said something about how the motel owners were helping members of the Kingdom of God. TI and DO never told this story but they didn’t tell every little thing they did in those early years to everyone in the class necessarily. The note they left when I looked at it did make me suspect that TI and DO wrote it but I could be wrong.
10) The group never “shifted in name” nor “belief system”. Some things they believed at first changed but not entirely. In 1997 they still believed it possible they could be picked up with their human vehicles by a spacecraft and preferred that exit rather than laying down their vehicles lives. One can also see this thinking in their packing a travel bag, I suspect with the idea that if TI wanted to take them with their vehicles (and even heal their vehicles) they would be ready to be given another task on earth. TI and DO had once talked about tasks Next Level Members could have on earth. There was a report one time of two people going into a café or something like that in the 1970’s and they were reported as looking very strange and described as wearing a clothing fashion from the 1930’s which made them stand out. TI said if those were Next Level Members that crew needed to do a better job with getting more up to date clothing.
11) By the time we were living in houses, trust fund monies had dried up and about a dozen of us got jobs in the world to pay the bills. Yes we were required to leave all behind but that didn’t mean bring no money with us. They also needed cars since the modus operandi was to go city to city holding public meetings that lasted for about 9 months starting in August of 1975 though for TI and DO can be shown to have lasted for the 1260 days described in Revelation chapter 11 re: the time period the Two Witnesses would be speaking publicly.
Bathing time was 12 minutes not 6 minutes – it was 6 minutes on the shower side and 6 minutes on the lavatory side.
TI and DO ran the organization like a laboratory as if it was on a Next Level physical spacecraft like a Star Trek crew without human behaviors and ways, so no sexuality nor children to take care of nor personal likes and dislikes as we all needed to become crew minded so yes there were many procedures that developed over the years including the size of a pancake a crew was making for others.
TI and DO used the human daily needs of our vehicles for the lab lessons. In a Next Level laboratory every detail of what we do and how to do it can be very important to the successful fulfillment of the task. Having standards like in pancake size became important to have a consistent experiment. Food was thought of as fuel not as something to gain a sensuous experience from preparing or consuming, though they wanted it to be prepared well and to be tasty but they were the lab instructors and we were the voluntary students so these things were not a negative in any regard unless a student was rebellious in which case perhaps that was a sign they didn’t want to be in the group and at times some such procedure became the straw to break the camels back, so to speak, so that someone chose to leave, sometimes in the middle of the night since there were no locks on the doors to exiting and no one watching everyone all night long.
12) The timing of the recycling was never talked about nor used as a threat or made into a prediction, just a reality that was upcoming as the experiment is completed and each human has decided what they believe or not before they die.
It didn’t matter to most of the fully dedicated to TI and DO students (such as myself) that the “demonstration” might not happen, when they told us they felt the being killed in the street prophecy took place when the national media broke the story of the disappearance of many people from the Waldport, OR meeting and subsequent rumors abounded as to where they went and whether they were abducted and/or to be killed. I was among the Waldport followers and we were never in harms way in the least. So TI and DO, then Peep and Bo names were seen as evil abductors of people, hence when they learned of their human vehicles names were crucified by the press on national TV by Walter Cronkite and all the networks as charlatans, etc. When TI and DO told us of this change in interpretation of the shooting in the streets scenario they understood if people didn’t want to follow them because the demonstration of resurrecting a first was a big part of what they expected to demonstrate. But for the most part, including me, it had no bearing on my wanted to follow them. They never actually dropped that there might be a demonstration and DO even wondered if our holding public meetings again in 1994 saying this time that DO was the return of the same Soul who was incarnate in the vehicle named “Jesus” would stimulate some irate Christians to bring about our exit from our vehicles as happened 2000 yrs ago. That might still happen as I speak in December of 2019 and thereafter by the hands of govt and/or religious and/or by atheists as this tribulation time period escalates. Already there are democrats writing laws to make it a criminal offense to refuse to vaccinate. How much will that movement grow?
13) TI’s vehicle’s dying in 1985 didn’t shake the “core belief system” of most of the students and shook none of the students who laid down their lives in 1997, nor mine at the time since I was present for. I recognized TI and DO right from the start as a number of students in the exit video’s said. That recognition was very real though can’t be explained by the often primitive human sciences because many of those folks don’t know that there is a spirit/mind and/or Soul that is very real that exists before and after it’s in the flesh experience. It’s similar to the idea of reincarnation but not exactly as there aren’t a set number of souls that exist who return over and over as there is a genetic Spirit that develops from each new human vehicle that grows from it’s genetic and environmental starting mind/spirit from ancestors through parents and care givers and then from society. They don’t really re-incarnate except for the way a computer software program can be developed on one computer and then moved to another one, which is taking place for all humans as the hardware having many spirits time sharing each new human biological computer system. The only reality to reincarnation is when the Next Level brings Souls back to take over new human vehicles to continue their lesson plan to graduate the human kingdom. Jesus taught this would happen upon his return which is still in progress since TI and DO evidence being the teaching part of that return with DO fulfilling the task as the return of the same Soul who was in the vehicle named Jesus in the 1990’s but when he had his students do all the talking about so didn’t change the public prophecy period of 1260 days in Revelation 11 as one of the Two Witnesses with his Older Member (Father) TI.
The media portrays TI’s leaving her vehicle before they initially thought would happen as some big shaking up of students and for a few perhaps it did so they left but for the core strongest students it was somewhat surprising but didn’t shake their core beliefs at all or they would have also left. We actually had notice this might happen in about 1983 when TI had her eye removed which was said to be cancer then. TI and DO by then had already prepared the class for their potential departure before us though they still thought they would both leave together.
What’s interesting is how Revelation chapter 12 outlines the classrooms start to finish in 1997, to now even and that during that time period the “woman” (who DO said was referring to TI) would be helped to escape the flood of negativity from the Luciferian (dragon) Space Alien Fallen Angel Souls which includes all the humans who were sending negativity to her and DO by “opening it’s (earth’s) mouth” – a saying related to someone dying and being buried:
Rev 12:15 And the serpent cast out of his mouth water as a flood after the woman, that he might cause her to be carried away of the flood.
Rev 12:16 And the earth helped the woman, and the earth opened her mouth, and swallowed up the flood which the dragon cast out of his mouth.
Rev 12:17 And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.
A “flood” represents the negative thoughts and feelings being sent to her by humans and Space Aliens against them from all over the US and world even. It’s interesting that after TI left her vehicle he felt like he then knew what TI had said to him in the very beginning that “I’m here to get you started and then I’m going back” was referring to her leaving her incarnation ahead of him. So TI knew it though didn’t know how it would play out. They said all along that their vehicles would die and that they would resurrect. They at first thought their resurrection would be public but knew by 1978 that it might not go that way. (I have three witnesses to these things I am saying now).
Then in verse 12:17 it implies the woman is no longer in the picture and that the testing is being put upon her “seed” – those “she” seeded – deposited with Soul containers, which includes DO because DO got his membership in the Next Level through TI (who he recognized as his Older Member, not because TI told him so) which completes the real trinity of Father to Son to Student via their Holy Spirit/Mind that is like the blood of all members of the Next level to be the instruments of.
14) DO (Applewhite) didn’t alter his ideas – He actually said that TI “burned out her vehicle” dealing with the world’s negativity the included from Their students and of course from the loved ones of the students that were sending such negative thoughts to them.
The Hale Bopp comets arrival with or without a companion object was not a “new revelation” at all. In fact DO said it was the “marker” He and TI had been anticipating since at least 1975 to pick them and their qualifying students up. (DO (AppleWhite) never said the alleged companion object was a spacecraft. What he said was that it was irrelevant whether it was or was not a spacecraft – that the comet was the “marker” for the timing of the exit they had been planning since 1975 and in earnest since 1994 since he knew by the human responses to the second period of about 9 months of public meetings around the US that they wouldn’t be exiting their vehicles because of irate Christians who would see them as the antichrist.
15) They weren’t wearing “armbands”. They were patches which read “Heaven’s Gate Away Team”.
16) Rio, in the group named Neody wrote in his book, “Beyond Human Mind – The Soul Evolution of Heaven’s Gate” that he never intended to lay down his life but was waiting until the last moment to leave. (He knew of the plan from just months after he joined in around March of 1994, because DO talked about it several times before I left the group and then they prepared to leave thereafter over the course of 2+ years, thus saying he “had planned to be the 40th body discovered in the mass suicide” seems to be misinformation in this article or something Rio didn’t recall in his book. They (we) were in the San Clemente warehouse “craft” in September of 1994 when I recall DO bringing up the prospect of leaving by our own hand (for the second direct time).
Here’s what Rio says in his book “Beyond Human Mind – The Soul Evolution of Heaven’s Gate”: (speaking about when DO asked us whether we’d be willing to exit our vehicles by our own hand on page 48 Rio writes)…
“I went along with the idea and possibility of DO being the “Second Coming” just for learning purposes. I knew that leaving the body behind was not for me but wanted to stay until the end.”
Yes he left with DO’s blessing but not to perform another task because DO waited for him to instigate wanting to leave. Thus DO recognized that TI knew of Rio’s plan, but since Rio still wanted to serve (like the webmasters did) DO felt to have him shop the movie they had been working on and let him be the one to find the bodies (though they also sent instructions to Rkkody (I think it was) about their exit plan), in case Rio changed his mind. I never heard that Rio got a map in the mail. He lived in that house for some months so I doubt he wouldn’t have known how to find them but I suppose DO’s crew could have sent him a map to cover their bets or in case the instruction fell into someone elses hands. Even though that was all unlikely to go that route DO was covering his bets to be thorough about how it might work.
17) re: the part of the report citing Rio’s statements:
Everyone on earth will not be drawn to a future incarnate Older Member from the Next Level any more than all humans were drawn to TI and DO in the 70’s to date. Their classroom in the future will only be a “finishing school” for those who have gone through the “process” of overcoming their humanness. DO said that even some of the 38 students who laid down their human vehicles lives would need to return to finish their overcoming. We humans – students of the Next Level Older Members or not nor Space Alien Souls know how to create a soul”\ or how to destroy a soul. Only the Next Level can create a Soul or destroy a Soul. A soul is a container created by the Next Level. It has a plasma type of physicality and is deposited into selected human vehicles that the Next Level determines can be a “match” for the needed growth of returning Souls to qualify to graduate the human condition through. What we do create is what we choose to do with the Mind/Spirit – information, behaviors and ways provided to us from the Next Level that can grow our soul but it always remains an option and all don’t succeed and it during this civilization was structured to occur over thousands of earth years, a short time in the Next Level since they are out of time.
Rio was mistaken to say “I know everything worth knowing about them…” as I can attest to, there is always more we can come to know about Them – TI and DO. No one on earth knows everything worth knowing about them. Rio said in his book that he didn’t know if DO was the return of the same Soul as was in Jesus. By the 10 year mark after they left it seems he changed his mind about that, which is fine but he also said things at that 10 year mark that was off track, some of which I pointed out to him. Like he said he had a “ticker tape connection” with DO but we never and TI and DO never had a ticker tape connection. That portrays a connection that is very exact and it’s not that it couldn’t be. It just seemed too certain and even TI and DO had a check and balance system to their connection before they would determine an instruction having come from their Older Member.
TI and DO always said from the start that they were not “Jesus” because Jesus was the name of the human vehicle prepared for an Older Member Soul to take over to perform that task through. For the teaching part of the task that vehicle was not coming back. TI and Do stated in a statement they wrote in the back of the book UFO Missionaries Extraordinary that Jesus would return as part of the 7th and last “closeness” where they TI and DO were the Ones who returned as the 6th Closeness. That 7th closeness would seem to be depicted in Revelation chapter 19 that Christians often think is the description of the entire return, since no one seems to get that the Two Witnesses are the Father and Son both returning for the teaching incarnate period where the final return is not a teaching time according to DO. It appears from Revelation chapter 6 that there is a time upcoming when people will see DO’s “face” in association with even an armada of spacecrafts in the near heavens – to see with the naked eye, like the biggest comets can be seen. When that occurs depending on how apparent it is and how many people can actually physically see it and understand it seems to be based on who comes to know about TI and Do since their exit in 1997 and thereafter. Otherwise some might see the Armada in the near heavens as Space Aliens or Humans or as cgi because before that it seems DO thought the Luciferian space aliens would trick many humans with holograms like Fatima to try to steal souls from seeing the truth.
DO did go public as the ‘Undercover “Jesus”‘ in his publish of a document with that title to a number of newgroups on the world wide web in 1995 that I believe was the 6th Thunder (roar) as forecast in Revelation chapter 10. The reason Jesus was in quotes because the name is the name given to the human physical body He – The Older Member Soul took over to perform his task for his Older Member (Heavenly Father (not incarnate then)) through. He was undercover because no human would know it was him unless they were prepared by the Next Level to recognize him since humans can’t ordinarily see a Soul nor can necessarily see a spirit/mind – discarnate with occasional exceptions in part.
I don’t believe the Christian phrase “Second Coming” is over until the recycling is fully underway so I don’t know what Rio is referring to by saying he can “help with understanding the next steps, after the “Second Coming”…’
Any steps any of us can take now are laid out in the Heaven’s Gate Book and/or through the Beyond Human – The Last Call video tape series and in the hundreds of internal classroom audio meeting tapes that are available for free download in different ways for those that ask Carlan (Crlody – Classroom name) or me – Sawyer – (Swyody – Classroom name). My email address is: sawyerhg@yahoo.com
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