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Rkkody’s Standing for Ti and Do and Sawyers reply to more Crlody accusations

March 1, 2018

I developed this post because Crlody accused me of finding fault with Rkkody. I did nothing of the sort. So I’m posting the evidence that includes Some of Rkkody’s efforts.


1) What if they’re Right? by Rkkody
2) “During a brief window of time, some may wish to follow us.”, Aug. 28, 1997 by Rkkody
3) Link to Rkkody’s archived righttoknow website
4) Sawyer’s reply to an accusation he had “found fault” with Rkkody
5) Who is Rkkody – Who is Righttoknow – Who is Crlody
6) Segment from Beyond Human – The Last Call – Session 11 re: DO talking about Revelation

1) What if they’re Right?

What if Do IS from the Kingdom of God? What if He IS the same mind, the same soul, who was here 2000 years ago in the body of the one called Jesus? What if they are telling the TRUTH about how we can enter the Kingdom of Heaven?

How do we know they are NOT telling the truth? People are so quick to condemn them and ask for proof that they are telling the truth, yet what proof can you offer that they have not told the truth?. If you are one who is condemning them and saying that they are Not from the Kingdom of Heaven, then where will that put you when your judgment day comes and you find they are who they said they are? How will your Creator judge you who condemned the very ones who He chose to represent Him on this planet? How is He to respond to those who turned against the very ones HE sent to give you the opportunity to have eternal life?

The truth is, we have no proof that Ti and Do are NOT members of the Kingdom of Heaven, any more than we have proof that they are. For anyone to condemn them without any proof is pure foolishness and simply unfair. It is natural to be skeptical, but in your uncertainty you must leave room for the possibility that this is true.

Since the members of Heaven’s Gate left in March many people have tried to figure out what caused these individuals to leave this world. Some have said these were weak-minded, insecure individuals who fell under the spell of a hypnotic cult leader. Others have tried to explain Do’s and the Class’ motivations by looking into the pasts of the vehicles (bodies) they occupied. However, no one seems to be asking if maybe these individuals went exactly where they said they were going, to the Next Level.

What greater prejudice against that which you don’t know than to cast your judgment against your own Creator just because He does not provide you with the kind of proof you have determined is acceptable. If you find yourself wearing this shoe and it fits, then if I were you I would be screaming from the bottom of my heart for forgiveness from the one who gave me my life and who certainly has the right to determine the fate of my soul. If you find yourself doubting that Do is the return of Jesus, then that’s OK, if you don’t recognize your own creator who IS in Do, then that’s OK, but for your own sakes don’t stand in the way of others who do recognize Him and who want to follow Him as He told us 2000 years ago and as He told us again in March of 1997.

2) (Written by Rkkody posted on his righttoknow website).

“During a brief window of time, some may wish to follow us.” by Rkkody Aug. 28, 1997

The above statement was part of a press release to be issued to the news media by DO, dated 3/22/97.

When Do said: “During a brief window of time, some may wish to follow us” we don’t feel this is limited only to former class members and to the best of our knowledge He did not assign anyone the task of announcing when that gate was closed. None of us are qualified to determine how long this brief window exists.

When we have our Older Member with us, we are not assigned tasks by having a little voice come into our heads saying “I think I have this task to do.” We learned very early not to trust any thoughts that would come into our heads or listen to little voices telling us we should do this or that. Ti and Do did not ask anyone to leave the class because They felt an individual might have another Next Level mission outside of the classroom, however, some were asked to separate from the class in order to work on their overcoming at a distance.

Those who chose to leave the class, left entirely because they chose NOT to continue serving their Older Member.

We learned by experience that when an Older Member is present on the planet, any communication from the Next Level is directed through Their representative. It is considered very inappropriate to make suggestions to this Representative (Ti and Do), for tasks we may want to do. If The Next level wanted us to do a task They would assign it through our Older Member directly (verbally), not by mental telepathy or little voices in our heads. We are not aware that Do assigned anyone the task of announcing when the “Brief Window” is closed. No one can say with certainty that this “brief window” is closed. Only an Older Member from the Next Level would be in a position to state when that gate is closed. And we are not aware of any Older Members here now.

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3) Here is Rkkody’s website that was archived by various people:

4) Sawyer’s reply to an accusation he had “found fault” with Rkkody

Crlody wrote:

“Also, it was cute the way that you tried to find fault with Rkk for giving the tapes to Mark King. Kind of a low thing to do Sawyer, especially considering that you had no interest in helping him distribute the info. Are you jealous because he demonstrated far more commitment to the NL than you have by twice laying down his life in this world?”

Sawyer’s reply:

I never found fault with Rkkody’s giving the master tapes back to Mark. After all in the letter to Mark from DO and Crew Mark and Sarah were put in charge of what to do with the contents of the storage locker, though DO and Crew made suggestions. Since those letters were given to Rkkody by Mark, Rkkody knew DO’s intention and was abiding by it, though not until he copied all the tapes that included TI, which he then digitized and sent out to libraries and individuals (including me). But you are right I do see Rkkody as showing more commitment to the Next Level than I do as I should have graduated as far as I’m concerned but became weakened and influenced by my Booger (a term Ti and Do used for an assigned adversary (satan) each of their students were provided with to help them gain strength by fighting against their influence upon our vehicles and thus on us.

To me, even if I had found fault with Rkkody, I think it quite petty of you to bring up. I was Rkkody’s partner in the classroom sometimes and I can see him asking me to let him know if I saw anything in his behavior and ways that differed from what Ti and Do taught us to maintain. Rkkody knew he had areas he needed to learn lessons about as I can safely say do we all.

There were other accusations against me Crlody brought up that could be compared with Rkkody. For instance, perhaps 10 years ago, I believe you accused me of things like, “thinking or trying to replace DO”, and/or to be a “Representative” who was showing the truth about what Ti and Do, “really” said. I took that word “really”, or something like that out of my blog introduction. When you first brought it up I didn’t read it that way, as if they needed me to interpret what they said. I could see how someone could see it that way but it took me several years before I changed it. I wasn’t psycho-analyzing myself then, nor do such now. I just felt to write and answer people’s questions and the whole nine yards. It’s like I was bursting at the seams to give all my 19 years of experience to the belief I still had, though I admit being arkward with for the first couple years I’d returned to wanting to be of service.

In response to those accusations, while not wanting to use certain facts because I knew you held Rkkody in high regard (and rightly so in my opinion as do I), but that demonstrate Rkkody was also putting some focus on himself, (as did you) (as you accuse me of doing) and was also writing and providing to the public his thoughts about things DO wrote, in particular in the press release document that Rkkody wrote about referring to a statement in the press release:

“During a brief window of time, some may wish to follow us.”

Do’s entire document can be found at:

Rkkody’s document is written out in this post.

It seems evident in Rkkody’s document that he might have been writing to respond to someone’s saying the brief window of time was meant only for former students. I agree with Rkkody, DO didn’t give any limitations of to whom it could apply.

I still have not found fault with Rkkody – we can’t expect that we are “standing” for Ti and Do by not stating what they said and didn’t say as people misinterpret those things.

I may have also pointed out that Rkkody idea for a web site didn’t seem to come from DO, so he was taking his own initiative to create one. I don’t at all find fault with his doing that either and you apparently participated in posting a brief testimonial.

You have previously tried to show me that my book effort: “TI and DO The Father and “Jesus” Heaven’s Gate UFO Two Witnesses’ was not a task given to me by DO (which I partially agree with but have no proof of) and that DO said in the Beyond Human – The Last Call video tape series, Session 11, that, “we’re not trying to lock in on what we’re doing with fulfillment of the prophecies in the Book of Revelation.”

Nothing in that or any other statements I’ve heard or read can be taken as instruction against anyone’s attempt to “lock in on what,” They were doing with fulfillment of the prophecies in the Book of Revelation.” I contend that it wasn’t on their docket but can bring a great deal of evidence that DO did concern himself with a number of little parts of the Book of Revelation, (i.e. Judgement, Rapture, Armageddon, Two Witnesses, 1st and 2nd Resurrection, Revelation chapter 12 “woman” (not on any of the tapes we have that I’m aware though was when DO gave the one and only real bible lesson telling us that the Woman was referring to TI). At the very least if someone thinks I am putting inappropiate effort from DO’s current perspective outside the human vehicle he took and too much stock in my translations and interpretations, then they can just consider it “fun” for me, while admitting that it swings open the door to criticism from all directions, while showing “fruit” in what Ti and Do taught and it’s correspondence with prophesies.

5) Who is Rkkody – Who is Righttoknow – Who is Crlody

September 15th, 1997

Who is Right to Know?
(By Rkkody) Do called me one day in December 1996 and asked if I would like to help them by opening up a mail box under the name of Right to Know. I eagerly complied and set up a mail stop with that name.

The group used that name when arranging with vendors and other people who needed an address. Before the group made their exit I had asked them about formalizing the name with a business entity and they agreed. I then created a business name of Right to Know at the address shown on this site.
Anyone who wants to get their materials can send their requests and make their checks payable to Right to Know.

Who is RKKODY?
Rkkody, pronounced Rick-o’-de, is the name given to me by my Older members “Ti and DO” when I was adopted by the Next level. The name of the vehicle I presently occupy is “Chuck Humphrey.” While I prefer to be called Rkk (Rick), I continue to use the name Chuck when interacting and relating to this world.

On May 5th, 1997, Wayne Cooke (Jstody – pronounced Just-o’-de) and I entered a motel room in Encinitas Ca, and proceeded in an attempt to “exit” our human vehicles (what humans term- commit suicide).

Wayne (Jstody), was successful in that he did leave his “dead” vehicle in that motel room. I was not so fortunate as my vehicle was still “barely” alive when we were found by the sheriff’s department.

At first I could not figure out what happened. Why did I not go with Wayne and the others? What happened to me in that motel room during that 20 hours. A thousand questions went through my mind as I awakened from the coma.

In October, 1975 two people were traveling the country holding small public meeting saying they were sent from the Kingdom of God to restate the formula for entry into the evolutionary kingdom level above human, or the Kingdom of God.

I was very busy being a full fledged “human” at that time. I had a family, a child, a profession and a new business. The last thing I was looking for was a couple of weirdos saying that if I followed them I could become a little gray alien and fly around in a UFO. I was happy in those days, or at least I was under the illusion of happiness. I was about as content as one can expect in a state of total unconsciousness. This is not to mean I was in a coma as most humans would define unconsciousness, but my soul, the one who now occupies this body, was certainly asleep and unconscious.

My life changed on that day in October of 1975 which altered the path of my destiny in indescribable ways. I was suddenly awakened from a deep sleep, or at least so it seemed at the time, and it was not until years later that I began to understand what really happened. Now, according to this world and all of what it measures sanity by, I am definitely, 100% just as crazy as those two people.

Like it or not, believe it or not, the plain and simple truth is; this planet is in it’s final days. It doesn’t matter whether or not you believe this. Simply ignoring or disbelieving in something will not change it any more than believing long enough in a lie will turn it into the truth. That is what ALL religion have tried to do since the beginning of this civilization.

We are right now in the process of being “recycled.” What is recycling? It is simply a term my Teachers used to describe the process of refurbishing the garden, plowing it under and getting rid of the weeds in order to prepare it for a new season.

Just who are my Teachers? You have no idea what my Teachers would do and give in order that you could know them the way I know them. My Teachers, synonymous with “Older Members,” are the same two “weirdos” I mentioned earlier. I use the term “weirdo” in fun for the world sees them as hypnotic cult leaders who brainwashed innocent people into committing mass suicide with them. I know them to be representatives from the kingdom level above human, the Next Level, or what religions refer to as the Kingdom of God. They are members of the kingdom level of life that created all other levels beneath it including the human level and those beneath it.

It is impossible for those without a “deposit,” to comprehend what my Older Members offered this world. What is a deposit? It quite literally means a soul from the Next Level. Does this mean that not all humans have souls? Yes! Not all humans are given souls, or “deposits.” Only our Creator is capable of judging who is chosen for these deposits, and we can’t begin to know the criteria they use when determining who gets a deposit and who does not. A human without a deposit is simply a plant, there is no true life in them. The Representative who was here 2000 years ago said His message was only for those who had ears to hear, those who were given to Him by His Father, and it is the same this time around. It is the same message, the same formula for entry into His Kingdom, and it is the same Mind who was here 2000 years ago.

I don’t pretend to have the level of understanding that my Older Member has, or the wisdom to know when it is best to simply shut up and let the dead bury the dead, or to stand from the mountain top and shout what I know to be the truth. I was one who didn’t make it. I am one who tried to join with my Teacher and botched my own attempt to leave. I am now what seems to be a survivor of “Heaven’s Gate,” the most misunderstood “group” of individuals in this world today.

I was given permission to leave on May 5th, 1997 when Wayne Cooke and I tried to exit our human vehicles. Wayne left and I was not as lucky and was revived. It was a shock waking up from a three day coma just to realize I was still in this vehicle. I didn’t like being here before I tried to leave, and I like it here even less now.

People ask me now. “Will I try to commit suicide again?” How can I possibly answer a stupid question like that? Dr. Mihtar, a psychiatrist in the San Diego mental health facility had me confined against my will under a suicide watch where he informed me he was doing this for my own good and that knew what was best for me. What audacity! I didn’t hire him and I was not even able to fire him. For him to assume he knew me well enough to know what is best for me is the absolute apex of arrogance and a perversion of the term compassion. My first mistake with him was to think I could tell him the truth. It was clear he was not interested in the truth, but only in confining me like some kind of animal in an infantile attempt to understand me and my beliefs for his own self glorification.

Apparently, Mihtar and the director of Mercy Mental Health wanted a Heaven’s Gate lab rat and conspired to have me committed saying I was a danger to myself and was mentally ill because of my beliefs. I was subjected to 24 hours of humiliation each day while being guarded in their psychiatric ward. I had to hire attorneys and convince the court I was not mentally ill and fully capable of making rational decisions..

Apparently, I forfeited all rights as a citizen by not being successful in my attempt leave. If you don’t think this world is not due for recycling, then just look into the California (and for that matter, any state’s) mental health system. This has got to be one of the most barbaric abuses of power this county has seen. Without even being charged with a crime, they can lock you up against your will, take away all your rights, fill you body with chemicals and drugs and throw away the key until you convince some arrogant doctor you are “normal.” Even more frightening is that there is nothing anyone can do about it.

After about two weeks since I got far away from Dr. Mihtar, I got a call from the San Diego Mental health system wanting me to pay for the time I was committed. What a system! They lock you up against your will and expect you to pay for it. And people ask me why I want to leave this hideous planet.

Well, here I am, what do I do now? I wish I had a clear answer. One thing I know for a fact. I still have permission to leave, any time I want to and there is nothing this world do that will keep me from ultimately returning to the Next Level.

Who is Crlody

Crlody, (pronounced Carlinody) is the name given to me by my Older Member Do when I was adopted by the Next Level.

About a year prior to my joining the classroom (Heavens Gate) the vehicle (body) which I now occupy was growing increasingly dissatisfied with everyday life in the human world. It was becoming difficult to be motivated by the things most humans value, namely marriage, career and all the social trappings which go with them . Accompanying this dissatisfaction was the feeling that something big was on the horizon.

Indeed something big did happen in July of 1994. A friend of the vehicle’s brought home a flyer entitled “UFOs, space aliens and their final fight for Earths spoils”. The flyer spoke of Representatives from a Higher Evolutionary Level and how one must overcome human ways and thinking to attain that Level. Just the act of reading that flyer made me feel as if it somehow applied to me. We anxiously awaited the day of the meeting.

The day of the meeting rolled around and what I heard there has affected my course in life ever since. Not only did I recognize the information being presented but it was as if I even recognized the individuals presenting it. After the main meeting I attended a follow-up meeting with two others and expressed my desire to become a part of the classroom.

About three weeks later I took a bus to Massachusetts to meet up with members of the class and my classroom experience was underway. Everyday I spent in the class was a day of joy, growth and learning. It was as if I had been with these individuals before learning the same types of lessons. After three months in the class I allowed an influence (discarnate entity) to convince me I had to leave the class because I wasn’t capable of applying the discipline necessary to complete my overcoming.

As I was leaving I knew it was the wrong decision but I went ahead and left anyway. The whole time I was out of the class I wanted back in. I sent letters to a post box which it turned out was closed down. I called a place where I had stayed with the class hoping they had returned there but they hadn’t. I was planning on leaving at the end of March of this year and “seeking them out” wherever they might be. But I waited too long to initiate my search for my Older Member and classmates.

I am extremely happy for my Older Member and my classmates and wouldn’t wish them to be here for anything. I know they are in a much better place and worked very hard to get there. The only I regret I have is not exposing my difficulties and leaving the classroom.

Whatever time I have left on this hideous planet will be used to take a stand for my belief in the Next Level and my Older Members Ti and Do as Representatives of that Level. I will also use this time to try and make the information they left behind available and to counter what I see as the dilution of that information by individuals who feel they are capable of interpreting my Older Members words. I am extremely honored and proud to have been allowed to serve in the classroom and I have no shame in letting the world know that. I have no intentions of making a “life” out of my existence in this world. True life can only be found in the Next Level.

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6) Segment from Beyond Human – The Last Call – Session 11 re: DO talking about Revelation

DO speaking:

“As far as raptures are concerned, there’s a lot of debate as to whether or not raptures even exist. And what is a rapture? Some say, “Well, that only happens after taking a spiritual body.” But what is a spiritual body? If you have gone with the spirit or the mind of our Father’s Kingdom and you have been lifted out of the world, and one interpretation of rapture is “lifted out,” I don’t know if this is true or not. It doesn’t really matter. It isn’t significant to us. It’s no basis for our allegiance to our task. And it shouldn’t be to you. If you can think of it in that light, and just simply be amused by it, because we’re not trying to lock in on what we’re doing with fulfillment of the prophecies in the Book of Revelation, or Isaiah, or any place else, or Daniel. But to me, just for fun, when we got the instruction to take the class out of the world, literally lifted them out of the world, went into isolation where nobody could find them, they didn’t exist as far as the world was concerned. And even if they took a job once ina while to bring in a few sticks to try to buy some hamburgers, or whatever it was, they didn’t relate to anybody in the world. They only went to that job, went right back to their isolation, and that remained that way for all these years. If anybody has been lifted out or kept separate from the world for the time that they received their overcoming, if that word can symbolically apply to anyone, I certainly don’t know why it wouldn’t apply to our class. So, if there’s a first rapture, in that sense, then I can’t imagine that that isn’t applicable to our class. Like I said, it doesn’t mean anything to us, we don’t count on it – it doesn’t motivate us. And in the same sense, if there’s such a thing as a second rapture, which is more important to us now, the possibility of that, because that would be you. That would be you moving into your own overcoming, your total separateness, your insistence upon not relating to the human world.

In the same way, a couple of other terms in prophecy that are referred to so much are “first resurrection” and “second resurrection.” They’re just other terms for, in our head, the same thing. Because, if the soul has come into life, if the soul has moved into a vehicle and has taken over that vehicle, and that soul itself is incorruptible and imperishable, whether it loses the vehicle or not, then it has resurrected. It has moved back into life a bit at a time. And that has happened certainly to the class. That is ahead for those who might follow in their path if they receive this information. And even though this touches my heart to talk about this, and it touched my heart for your sake, again I have to say we’re not going to go out and try to invite more arrows being shot at us and more daggers thrown our way on the basis of fulfillment of prophecy. We do not know the accuracy of this. We find it amusing.”