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Q and A-What we did for fun and R and R in Ti and Do’s Next Level Classroom

March 29, 2014

First off, I’m not annoyed by any questions and if I don’t want to respond I won’t, but thank you for the consideration. That’s a Next Level characteristic.

Well first off, fun is in the eye of the beholder as I’m sure you know. For many people if they aren’t doing something physical they aren’t having much fun. Others can sit at a computer all day and be totally satisfied. Accomplishing things, working together and being with Ti and Do were all fun, though not so much the laughing kind, though we had plenty of that too. With that said, here are the things that Ti and Do provided that were both relaxing and/or fun and/or stimulating, both in physical and mental ways:

At first when living outdoors in National Forests or on BLM land or by leasing space on huge ranches in Wyoming and to some degree in Texas, whenever we had spare time we would play games Ti and Do provided. Silly kids games like Stratego and Battleship and Yatzee and when we had a generator we could play “pac man” and with an antenna could pick up TV shows sometimes, broadcast from Laramie just 20 miles away for example. They would provide certain shows that didn’t generally stimulate our past; game shows like price is right and jeopardy.

They would sometimes give each partnership some money with a plan to all go to town to blow it. They called it “mad money”. We could go to a movie or get treats. It was up to the partnership and/or car full to decide what to do with it and as people made choices and they were reported as was also the procedure Ti and Do would provide guidelines.

We were all buying our own food then too, each partnership receiving an monies for. I remember among some making fudge was a favorite passtime.

Once we lived in houses in the 1980’s we had TV two or three times a week for a couple hours that included shows like:

murder she wrote
star trek

And we’d get videos and every other week would have outings to a movie theatre or a trip to another city when Ti and Do had quarters separate from the main student body. During our two night visits we’d usually see a movie on one day and go to the zoo or a museum on the other day as well has have a few special meetings with Ti and Do.

In the crafts (houses) Ti and Do at one point brought in a slew of astrology books and gave some guidelines. It was considered to be an optional game and we were not to do natal charts on ourselves or others as they said, our charts don’t apply to us anymore as we are disconnecting from the influences we were born into and they didn’t want us to be self focused. We mostly did horary charts and event charts. I was one that gravitated to astrology and years later Ti and Do had us open up what would be called a new age center called Astrologics in Amarillo, Texas where we provided astrological services to the public. Some did do natal charts then for clients I did progressions for those clients as well. We also offerred talks on ghosts and just about anything paranormal or philosophical that students would choose to provide. We had a meditation room and some did stained glass work. Ollody began drawing and painting and was quite proficient with an airbrush. As Ti and Do had started a movie project in the 1980’s a script was written and ollody did illustrations and then painting. They were going to start up a music program and wow did I get exciting about that as did a few other students but it never happened and though disappointed in a sense, I no longer needed to play music. Astrologics didn’t last but a few months before Ti and Do felt instructed to move to a different city and we never started up such a project again.

After Ti left her vehicle in 1985, we continued with the movie project, trying to get hollywood backing.

Meanwhile Do started up a diet for health program that focused on the muscousless diet of Dr Christopher. A crew wrote a book called the Transfiguration Diet based on our research and another talented artist did the illustrations of little green men teaching how to eat for optimal health. That was only the start of dietary reseach which included extensive fasting and growing our own foods, sprouts that we nearly lived on for a while.

We had a small organic foods company for a short time.

We had a video company for a while. Some would go to ufo conferences and record different speakers there. It never went anywhere from that except to create the “beyond human” series.

During these times in the 1980’s and moreso in the 1990’s we lived in huge mansions all over the southwest U.S. often having indoor and/or outdoor swimming pools, tennis courts, indoor squash court, exercise machines and routines to take regular walks. In one location we had a an 1/8 mile long track that a few of us gravitated to running on and we had volley ball.

With eveything we did we were learning how to do it in the ways of a member of the Next Level and we would often fail and something would be discontinued, even if it was just one or two that couldn’t restrain themselves. For instance the volleyball. Some males just couldn’t resist spiking the ball. Ti and Do taught that the object was not to beat the others side but to see how long you could both keep the ball from hitting the ground while sticking to the rules of the game. That was more of a next level way they taught. The running was becoming a sensual outlet for some, me included so was discontinued.

At one point they brought in music – Kitaro and gilbert and sullivan and various classical pieces. And they said we could listen to the classical station on the radio when in the car. Again, some couldn’t restrain themselves and would get off too much on the music so would become an escape so would be discontinued for a while and brought back at another time, even if just one or two were getting into it in a human way.

The same with swimming, tennis.

We did some growing of food.

We had birds for a while and in one location where we were living on a farm, a farm cat had kittens which we birthed and cared for and we had a couple dogs for a short time too.

At that property we had our own little lake and Do got us a boat that we could go out on.

We had very nice menu’s when we weren’t on a fasting or on some type of cleansing diet that included tira misu and italian wedding cake and pies and cookies.

One Christmas we began singing in a choir with Do as our leader. Ti said this would help us “look to Do” better. Ti always said she came to get Do started and then she would go back. (Rev 12 depicts this clearly as well as lots of things).

we sang christmas carols and were considering taking it to the streets. that christmas which ended up being right before Ti left, was the only year we actually had a type of celebration. We had a tree and each partnership was given money to by gifts. The gifts were not for one another but for the “craft” (household). We made a special menu and lots of treats and a tiny bit of decoration and had a tiny bit of wine as an experiment. Do said he didn’t like the way it made him feel so we didn’t do that again after that.

This is a nutshell account. It wasn’t about having no pleasures. It was about having the pleasures that our teachers gave us and learning to experience them in the way of a member of the Next Level.

Day to day PROCEDURES aka instructions Ti and Do gave that aided “taking full control over our vehicles”

March 28, 2014

Here is my response to a recent comment to my post:

…in which I described some of the characteristics of a student and Next Level member, with examples of walking up stairs and closing doors quietly, so I’ve included more examples of what Ti and Do taught in these regards:


Both of your examples were among the specific “procedures” we were given, along with whispering, shutting cabinets and drawers so you couldn’t hear them close, not stomping around anywhere. Though these were all being considerate of others and the environment, the larger reason I believe was one more of many efforts to “get control over our vehicles” which included becoming aware of our noises. Additional areas included moving quickly but not so much by speed increase but by efficiency of action increase, though they go hand in hand. Also for practical purposes of scheduling we had 11 minutes to bathe every morning that included showering, shaving and grooming (nose hair, ear hair, fingernails as needed), brushing teeth, flossing and cleaning up after ourselves which included using a tissue to clear the drain of hair and for the last person to bathe, wiping down the shower stall. It was procedure to use a wash cloth and to clean every part of the body, including in between toes with each bath. And to conserve on dryer time for towels, we were to sort of brush the water off our body before getting out of the shower, so the towels would not be as wet. And to conserve water, we would not start the shower and let it run and would not make it too hot either (as it also tended to dry out the skin and scalp, causing other problems) but would just keep the shower on just long enough to get fully wet, head to toe and then turn it off and soap up with the washcloth. The bar of soap would never be used directly on the body and shampoo was to be used for the hair. Plus hair needed to be removed from the bar of soap so the next person doesn’t have a hairy bar of soap. Also, one needed to wipe down the mirror with a sponge if one splattered on it and not leave hair in the sink either and the countertop needed to be wiped dry before exiting as well. Many of these “procedures” were applied whether in a house or living in a tent with certain adjustments accordingly. These procedures didn’t all come at once. Ti and Do would sit with us and go through the routine which would get recorded in a “procedure book” and then as things came up and questions were asked more procedures would be added. There was a separate book the Nutri-lab (kitchen/cooking, etc.) the Yeast-Lab (baking), Impro-Lab (House and car maintenance/improvements), Fiber-lab (laundry) and then books for those on the “ventilation crew” that handled heat and air conditioning settings, another book for those that did any medical delivery of medicines, etc. and another for the group assigned to manage the overall “craft” scheduling and a general book for all to keep up with daily or as often as you could.

Terminology was changed because of how it forced us to use our brains differently from what we grew up with in the human world and it instilled what life on a spacecraft and/or lab would be like once a member of the Next Level.

And since all the terms and procedures came from Ti and Do, or after Ti left, from Do, though students wrote them out and then sent a copy to Ti and Do, in case they got it wrong, by following them each of the students was literally making Ti and Do’s Mind our own, which are among the foundation of becoming their instruments through which the Chief of Chief’s mind would be delivered to everyone and yet none of it was robotic and all was subject to change as each member and crew encountered different circumstances to where existing procedures might not apply. So each member and crew would try to follow procedures with the intent of the procedure the primary aspect to follow and when adjustments seemed necessary would try to check with the Older member but if there wasn’t time or availability to check as all this has practicality to it, crewmembers would try to second guess what their Older members would do and then act in ways to provide the most options to reverse what their decisions changed if when the Older Member receives the report, they want to reverse or adjust the decision.

An example of this is how Do considered all options Ti might choose to use to pick them up, whether physically or by taking their soul bodies, which is the way it did happen. Now I don’t know this but suspect it to be the case, that the reason they took out “abduction insurance” from Llyods of London, was in case Ti decided to take their vehicles for some reason. Then there would be more funds available to those who were given the task to maintain the web site and further publish the book and distribute all their materials.

I believe that is also the reason, each had a bag packed with a change of clothes in it and a little money, though that was in combination with their demonstration of who was behind (or sitting) on the Samuel Clemmons Mark Twain vehicle, that I believe was when Ti came closer to help prepare the human kingdom for their incarnate task and thereafter as Do I believe came before that with the Aurora, Texas crash in April of 1897.

People that think all these procedures make them into robots are listening to the lower forces programming. Anyone who has been part of a team knows the value of procedures and how they enable a better team and how good it feels to be part of a well oiled machine that a team can be.

Ti and Do certainly demonstrated how challenging it is to perform a task as theirs. As their student for 19 years I experienced and witnessed what they went through trying to help each student and deal with all the things they were up against in keeping the classroom in tact so not to be interfered with by human authorities, etc. that were often looking for them and out to stop them. And as each student served on crews that at times were sent out to perform tasks in the world, dealing with car maintenance tasks, dealing with realtors, and one another it was easy to see how there were always considerations procedures didn’t cover except in how to go about handling changes.

And that doesn’t change once a member of the Next Level. In fact the more on grows in the Next Level the less strict procedures they have and thus more responsibility they have and the more they are trusted by their Older Members to handle situations the way their Older Member would. And that’s what can make that student into a young member of the Next Level and to eventually become an Older Member themselves.

Humans generally like to think of themselves as individuals. Ti and Do always said, it’s only when becoming a member of the Next Level that we become an individual for the first time. This is because humans know it or not are like a computer that’s being time shared. Discarnates share our brains and bodies and thus all we do according to how they have programmed us to gravitate to doing the things they want us to do in life. This starts at birth though with the genetic programming they are made up of before then.

What Ti and Do’s ‘BEYOND HUMAN’ means. Defining Gods Jealousy and wrath

March 26, 2014

Ti and Do didn’t really teach right and wrong in terms about this or that belief. They simply said in so many words, if you want to go to the Next Level, to be on their team, work on a crew, the rules are thus and so. They didn’t debate. However they are very clear that there is opposition to them, who manipulate information to both make them out to be something they are not – evil, manipulative, dictatorial, jealous wrathful gods looking to control humans and then to the other extreme of no one required to do anything to be like them, the entire “Jesus did it for us”, syndrome, so we don’t have to also do what he did, which is also prevalent thought among many Christians, various new age religious/spiritual groups and new agers as well – God loves all of us and all of us will be ushered into heaven on earth if we “let it be”, don’t try to make it happen, or meditate enough on peace and love, the Lennon syndrome. (don’t get me wrong, I like peace and love, or better said, Kindness/gentleness/compassion and giving, but these are behavioral characteristics taught by the Next Level, but not so much the development of a mind muscle that can stick to a program that prepares one to be trusted to work for the Next Level without getting in the way of aspects of “garden” experiments of growing souls to choose to also gravitate to such a program in a stepwise fashion. The Next Level provides the “astronaut training” like program which has been equated to a “war” because the lower forces who were once in such a program chose to renegade from the program and those administering it, so the Next Level Older members decided to subject other students at the station of the renegades to the renegades in which they could then decide for themselves who to give themselves to.

Now Ti and Do, do teach right and wrong when it comes to what is real and what is not, what information is truthful and what is lies and misinformation, so in that way they are absolute because they know all about the planets and garden plots they design and they know all about the creatures they grow on those planets that they designed, so to deny so would be lying to portray that they don’t know because some take offense when someone says they know. If our reality was created, using evolutionary processes and big bangs galore with built in adaptations galore and recycling so current creatures only have clues to past experiments on Earth and/or other planets, etc., then someone has to KNOW the truth about it all. If on the other hand, it’s all come about by random response to stimuli with no plausible explanation for a beginning of at least our little corner of the solar system, which to me is total science fiction and about as ignorant a belief as driving a car to a tribe in some jungle where they never saw a car, if that is possible anymore, and telling them the car evolved by itself over millions of years to be a car. Because of how far fetched that is, though to even some so called intelligent humans, they don’t see the correlation or better yet don’t want to see it, or perhaps don’t have any living seed in them any longer to see it – the seed they once had that all living creatures have a degree of atrophied from lack of usage so now it’s no longer capable of functioning, which renders that creature by their own choice unable to change and thus evolve beyond what they have become regardless of how much data they can display that makes them look smart to other humans.

re: “levels beyond human” – since those are terms when put together were designed by Ti and Do, though they spoke of them as evolutionary and physical, two huge descriptors that set their thinking a part from all others, though all others have smatterings of that thinking, no being can be “beyond human” unless they are taught what beyond human is and that can’t be taught by a human, though it appears to be because it comes through humans by The Older Members coming in such a way that humans can not detect them, as “spirits”. And because of that it was thought that Spirits are the entities that are “beyond human” so it must be a spiritual environment. However, this is misinformation and where that is evident is in the information that became available beyond the theoretical or philosophical or spiritual or mystical the demonstrated the differences of what constitutes “human” and what doesn’t and that took place with the so called “ufo crashes” that occurred in the 1940’s and 1950’s that had physical bodies in them that were in tact enough that they could be autopsied and proved that beings existed in these flying saucers that were not human because they didn’t have human organs common to every, not only human but every animal. A few of the bodies had no reproductive nor digestive systems and a few others had atrophied reproductive systems and had a different type of “flesh” as well.

When one takes that information believe it or not and then examines the core of what Jesus taught – that one to be his disciple needed to “leave all behind” of their human life to be with that “teacher” more or less 24/7 and that they were no longer going to be thinking of themselves as having a human family as Jesus demonstrated denying his mother brothers were his family, saying that fellow believers were his family, which included leaving behind children (not abandoning them, but seeing to it that they had someone who would love them and raise them), but that they could not join because they would not have engaged in human behaviors enough if at all, depending on their age and experience to choose to deny themselves those forms of human sensuality – sensory stimulus that the Older Members would begin to wean them from needing and wanting, IF THESE DISCIPLES CHOSE TO STAY IN THE OFFERED PROGRAM. Plus, one would be willing to even sacrifice their human vehicle, another totally inhumane thing to do, but not as some ritual and certainly not imposed on anyone else nor pressured into doing so, but simply recognizing how one will have to “overcome/conquer, prevail against” all their otherwise normal human behaviors and ways, to pass through the birth canal into membership in the Next evolutionary level, but only by instigating each step according to the way the incarnate Older Member provided, not using their own mind to do so, which is another way the charlatans stimulate that become sects of different religious groups. Some of this is evidenced by Jesus saying, one could choose to make themselves a eunuch for the kingdom of God/Heaven’s sake or even loose a hand or eye IF, IF, IF they found that by keeping that hand or eye they might miss their goal of becoming a member of the Next Level, because they couldn’t otherwise keep themselves from behaviors and ways that were not overcoming their humanness. Jesus didn’t tell anyone to do any of these things but nor did he omit them as options because the entire idea of “flesh sacrifice” that hearing those words sends shutters through humans who have not grasped the full breath of what the Next Level really is, is a big part of what overcoming humanness is.

Now talking about evolution the way Ti and Do meant it had nothing to do with Darwin’s theories and had everything to do with showing that the Next Level was just as real a mental and biological environment of life forms as human, animal, plant and mineral kingdoms are. Next Level members have physical bodies they wear on a regular basis according to the tasks they have.

Another characteristic of an Evolutionary Level Above Human Member is that they don’t die even though their physical bodies can die, but nor do their physical bodies decay and die on their own. (as far as I know), though members can aspire to regular upgrades in physical bodies that have more and more function. For instance one physical body Ti and Do spoke about could even be a spacecraft. Just like we, our mind was being taught to pilot our human physical vehicles, a Next Level member could choose to be in the department of transportation so to speak and whatever other tasks could go with that as it would hardly be just a taxi service, so that they, their MInd would have that kind of vehicle that would not be a humanoid looking one for example.

But Next Level members also choose tasks when offered that entail the sacrifice of their living suit of clothing (physical vehicle) which took place when they decided to come undercover to perform the task of overcoming humanness again to show a student body how which again was what took place in some of the southwest U.S. UFO crashes, such as near Roswell, Aztec, New Mexico, Laredo, Aurora, Texas and maybe a few other locations.

Beyond human isn’t the spirit world as when a human or human equivalent space alien dies as they all do, their programming, the content of their mind, their spirit that still exists outside the flesh is still human in every way and seeks to play out their humanness by the only means they have, by influencing living humans to do their bidding. That bidding can be teaching others or being a chef or a drug addict if that’s what got them off most during life. These spirits don’t live forever and they have just as many limits as they had while a part of a physical vehicle. If they were taught they could astral travel, then they have more facility to travel around in their limited spirit world. That spirit world might extend a certain distance into what humans would consider near space even to some different planets but certainly not beyond that, if that far, as Ti and Do didn’t say that I ever heard. But even the spirit world will be dissolved in the near future according to Ti and Do and Jesus and other prophesy in various cultures.

Then there are characteristics of the human evolutionary level that are apparent in the animal evolutionary level; predators, competitions, jealousies, vengeance, manipulations, deceits and judgementalism based on another’s color, gender, shape, health, ethnicity, intelligence, philosophy/religion, social behaviors, likes and dislikes, all of which are part of the “Overcoming process” to outgrow to qualify to be a member of the Level Above Human, again not by our design but as layed out in a stepwise way by those who are from that Level Above Human. Whether someone is represented by having a human vehicle or is a spirit time sharing one or more human vehicles, whether on a spacecraft from a different planet or from Earth and/or from a previous civilization is no different to the Next Evolutionary Level Above Human Older Members. They don’t have any of these characteristics.

What was called God’s jealously was true but not in the emotional and competitive connotations of the word. Next Level Members don’t covet what others have and have no vested interest in anyone looking to them or joining their program or supporting their mindset because they don’t need any new members though know there will be some as their having set up these “garden experiments” many times previous, like human gardeners know there will be yield. But they actually set the limits of the yield as they are not harvesting for consumption as humans do for their gardens. They actually put together crews in various departments which requires planning to do as more isn’t better. The reason it was spoken about as jealously was because the goal of the program for those who were enlisted and elected to engage it had the overall qualifications as stated by Jehovah through Moses implementation of “giving to the Lord all one’s heart (body/emotions), mind (spirit/thoughts), soul (aspirations to enlightenment) and strength (efforts). This was laid out before that genetic strain they designed and developed til then knew much about it’s application because the Next Level Older Members don’t manipulate. They do strategize how much stimulus to provide and when according to the responses. That’s what largely makes it an experiment. And the make the rules stringent, while the Older Member incarnate decides exceptions with his consultations with his Older Member which is also their learning experience that will enable their further function for their Older Member.

The entire reason any humans have any of the characteristics of the Next Level Older Members is because They delivered them by their example. They even use all those in the human kingdom, Luciferian space aliens as well, as assets in their experiment to provide some of the positive characteristics of peace and love, kindness, gentleness, that even some dropouts may still embrace, though probably do so in the way humans on Earth at times do, that is the ones with the power, according to how it works for their agenda and to their own which also separates the Next Level program from all others. Next Level students also will treat those that make themselves their enemies with the same respectful, kind and understanding ways they treat all beings evidenced by Jesus saying to his Father so his disciples could hear an example of how he spoke to his Older Member who was not incarnate, “Father forgive them for they know not what they do”. There is no benefit to a human holding that thinking unless they still have Active Next Level Mind in their soul body or spirit or it’s left over from what they received through their genetic tree that originated from the Next Level Older Members and had not become totally tainted and/or distorted into superficial religious or spiritual regimen. I am not knocking religious or spiritual regimen. Ti and Do explained how all things in the human condition can be what leads a human to the “top of the mountain” of the human kingdom, but that when the time arrives to have the chance to get off the human mountain have to be discarded and replaced by the teachings from the currently incarnate Older Members IF THEY CHOOSE TO PROGRESS BEYOND HUMAN.

We also see that the Next Level Older Members can act in a way that is depicted as anger. They do that at times to help students, those who have asked to be in their service/overcoming program as we need that motivation to make changes. We can be willing but there’s that old expression, the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. Really, that could be more accurate that the spirit is willing but is not strong enough to override the desires of the flesh body we occupy. It’s what humans call “tough love” and of course at times in the human kingdom does show value and other times like everything else is used and abused.

However, with that said, if the Next Level Older Members determine that THEIR garden experiment is in part or entirely non-productive, as with any human organization, they will take appropriate measures. Of course the Next Level don’t have the often hidden agenda’s and profit motivations humans have, except in how the Next Level wants to give those that they see as upcoming the best chance they can give to graduate Their human overcoming school, so will accelerate the life span of those they deem weeds because of how they seek to interfere with their upcoming fruit harvest in a way that’s not an advantage to use. They do use others but not like humans do. They use others by allowing them the opportunity to do what they want to do. If what they want to do is war with others, then the Next Level, if they determine it’s not in their interest to prevent, will allow them to wage war. The Next Level Older Members always provide outs for those in war zones who ask for their help to get out of harms way and they can always save the spirit or soul of a human who doesn’t get out of harms way but shows promise towards a potential future garden overcoming classroom participation. The human vehicles were all designed to die after a certain amount of time and that varies and doesn’t look fair to some but the vehicles are not what the Next Level harvests. However the vehicles are absolutely needed for the overcoming program, providing the participant soul/spirit with what they need to overcome as all humans have as part of their nature.


Ti and Do’s names, communications from them now – study their information to know their Minds

March 24, 2014

I was asked if Ti and Do were their Next Level names and about communication with Ti and Do now:

No they are not their Next Level names. The physical bodies they have in the Next Level have their own names and they (ti and do) were not privy to those names. All I know about their choice is that t they are based on a scale to where Ti being Do’s Older Member brought Do to his next octave. I think this was illustrated by Revelations chapter 12 which was about Ti and how she “birthed” Do to “fatherhood”, which is why she just came to get him started and thus exited before him and the graduate student body.

By the way, Do said initially that he thought he put his physical body of the Next Level in a “closet” to come here, while he said that Ti didn’t need to do that as her mind had grown to operate more than one vehicle at a time. She didn’t need to bring all her Mind with her to do this task.

I also know that Ti and Do found the musical, The Sound of Music, as part of their awakening to their task, feeling their Next Level helpers stimulated it’s design to serve that function as that’s how the awakening stages are planned.

Do actually said, the Older Member of the Next Level who took vehicle named Bonnie Nettles that became known as Ti was the same individual who had designed the task and even served them while incarnate, as Their Older Member.

They never got into analyzing every scene of the movie or anything like that though we did watch it 3-4 times in the 19 years I was with them. I think we did have a meeting to where students brought up parallels they saw, which is something often done after seeing certain movies.

I only have clues to how Ti and Do receive communication from the one serving as their Older member, combined with my own experience. Do or a student will come to me in a dream to tell me something. It’s either in response to something I asked about or to offer me correction. Sometimes I am offered correction by actions alone. One time I awoke and got dressed and made my bed and felt like Do was sitting at my dining room table though I didn’t see anyone. I knew why he was there. He didn’t have to say anything in that case. (now I have asked for correction and to be on Their team in any way large or small requires receipt of correction.

When I’m doing my radio broadcasts or even writing like now, my antenna are certainly up to not say anything that’s misleading or inaccurate as to the intent, though it’s part of my job I feel to look for ways to say things that convey what to many are very difficult ideas to register and digest and even embrace. I have felt often “stopped in my tracks” getting into talking about things that are so far removed from what’s needed to accomplish the task that it’s a distraction and may even be misinformation. That’s using my old human mind as opposed to drawing only from my Older members Mind. Any time I have a thought I think they stimulated it’s always appears as a subtle tiny thought, but has their signature all over it.

However, all these communications are not to be trusted 100%. I’ve also had entities masquerade as Do and stimulate the image of Applewhite in a dream. But when I looked close at the content of the dream, I knew it wasn’t Do. Before I left I had grafted to his Mind to some degree that it held enough after I left that I didn’t totally throw away everything they gave me or use it to mount at attack against them as some dropouts in ways have.


There are lots of masqueraders so for anyone coming into a stronger belief in who Ti and Do are should put their trust on only the words they have provided. What I say can help in the interface and with things that are at best in one of the 300 or so audio tapes they had us make of meetings, about half of which have not been provided, which is not in my control as some other believers for whatever reason have not released them.

Most communications come by people and events saying something or doing something. something on the news or in some media that when we hear it, a little sense pops up like a popup window that says something to the affect of,  “I wonder if that was Ti and Do’s answer” in which case one could cautiously take a step in the direction it suggested. Ti and Do always said, “if in doubt don’t” and yet at the same time, “take a chance on a positive”. That’s what faith is – taking a chance on a positive. And while taking that positive chance step see how it feels. They won’t give anyone more than they know they can handle and they won’t have us break the laws of the land though they said we could go 3-4  miles over the speed limit. These are not Next Level laws – it’s just to not be interfered with in our task for the Next Level. Jesus spoke to that also as he did to many things Ti and Do said and did but rarely referred to scripture about and never quoted chapter and verse and on only one occasion did Do give a bible lesson. It was on Rev 12 – and Ti didn’t come to that meeting but it was when Do told us that the Woman in Rev 12 was Ti. He hardly got more than a couple verses into the chapter but I have since seen many correlations with what Ti and Do did with those verses as well as nearly all Jesus was quoted to have said.

I suspect some of those dropouts from Ti and Do’s classroom that went against Ti and Do, not by my judgement to see but by Ti and Do’s judgement to see, may become part of the next crop of Luciferians. The last crop of Luciferians will be recycled this go around.

Several new believers told me of dreams they had with Do in them and when I heard them, it “sounded” to me like something I could see Ti and Do saying and/or doing.

By the way, I can assume nothing and I can fail my task and I know they don’t need me. They could get someone else to do the task I’m doing if they felt it necessary. I did not drop out thinking I had another task to do. I dropped out because I failed to make the grade necessary to graduate now. Since I have chose to return to their service, they are giving me some service.


Dimensions – UFO Space Alien identies – limitations from Ti and Do’s perspectives

March 22, 2014

Re: dimensions

Ti and Do did compare the Next Level to a different dimension, because Members of the Next Level are not limited to human dimensionality. However, the reason they said to project your asking for the truth about anything and/or our ultimate reason to exist or to express desire for their closeness and/or to offer our services/studentship to and/or for help with our problems, this was the way to actually insure our requests are not intercepted by space aliens and human discarnates, they simply termed “influences” and “lower forces”, who I have discerned by their talk about genes to be programmed by their genetic makeup (nephilim) and as Ti and Do said, “beliefs before becoming discarnate” (paraphrased).

Also in terms of dimension, Ti and Do also said, (paraphrased) that the Next Level can have an entire civilization existing on a planet as humans do on Earth but to where no humans or human equivalent space aliens could actually SEE them and their buildings, etc. because of how the Next Level can design a planet to have certain frequencies that are not in the range of human vision or human instrumentation. Humans of course have lots of evidence of this in xrays, and the ultra-violet light spectrum. There are simply more than just these.

Naturally these ideas are not necessarily unique to Ti and Do as one can certainly find sci-fi episode over the last century or so that depict these ideas. When Older Members from the Next Level come to take over a human vehicle they prepare to receive their Mind, they don’t have the bring/mind capacity in that particular vehicle to understand and articulate more than the vehicle can handle. The vehicle can only handle what’s it prepared to handle and that’s largely a genetic preparation by that same strain of vehicle having had experiences past through it’s many “leaf” like life spans past. throughout the entire civilizational “garden” experiment. Before “incarnating” they “tag” the human vehicle they want to use. It actually belongs to them anyway so they are not doing anything inappropriate. In fact Ti and Do said, they picked vehicles that would not have actually survived their birth experience, so they were not interfering with a potential new Soul birth for that vehicle.

They also said that the Next Level crew that were not incarnate were thoroughly engaged in setting up the environment in an ongoing way to be able to feed these “undercover” operatives the needed data, that by their ingestion would provide the program of understanding what were Next Level based as opposed to space alien induced and human genetic strain induced. For example the Next Level doesn’t do anything to foster any depiction of sexuality as related to Next Level student development, though space aliens through humans do. That is simply because there is no sexuality in the Next Level so they aren’t going to teach it any more than a human needs to teach sexuality to the animal kingdom for them to use it according to their animal programming. Thus Ti and Do studied everything they could get their hands on, to do with prophecy, etc. as they were gradually awakening in stages to who they were and where they had come from and what their tasks entailed. From that study the parts that were most valuable to them, in their task to bring a student body through their human birth canal stood out and the rest was misinformation though that too becomes useful to help stimulate the open mindedness of the human species they were nurturing to accept the same realities they were then teaching. They also watched movies and world events for clues as to what their next steps might be.

By the way, Ti and Do counted the souls they brought with them as part of their incarnate crew, as they too were helped to “tag” human vehicles for their continued “overcoming of their remaining humaness” and their taking over of human vehicles, to the degree they were successful also became a testing ground, even though most that gravitated to them at any point in time would not necessarily continue with them to completion of the task. (Like Jesus said, “many are called few are chosen”). They didn’t know the number, but there were just so many “seats” (positions) on their Next Level crews to be filled, though they don’t turn anyone away either as they have ways of saving souls for future opportunities.

Re: aliens

Do said that calling the so called “space aliens” really were not “space” aliens because they do not have the ability to travel into space (except in minimal ways relative to however far the Earth’s atmosphere and electromagnetic field extends which is also the scope of possibilities for the humans they are manipulating to help them with their agenda to actually escape the planet and what they know is the next recycling period. That doesn’t mean some, or their ancestors didn’t come from another planetary system. Once they were allowed to get to Earth’s solar system they were unable to return. Ti and Do said that Earth became the prison for those that chose to go against the Next Level and I believe that means that it became the womb for those who chose to enter the Next Level’s birthing program, by sacrificing their existing physical body and perhaps spacecraft. I don’t know how that actually worked but this understanding comes from my previous post that included descriptions of the Briefing Ti remembered.

So in terms of using that “code” to project one’s “prayers” beyond the stars, is equivalent to Jesus’ instructing his students to speak to Their “Father in the heavens”. This is why it was taught to call on specific “names” as well as those names being selected as “handles”, even addresses but were primarily for those who had formed a personal relationship with that incarnate Older Member and those who came to believe in the Older Member as the representative from the “kingdom of God/Heaven” after they exited that incarnate and/or physical presence on Earth with them. I don’t know where the name ceased being a contact address as Jesus said it would when he said not to believe anyone who comes “in my name” as a “christ” (someone who was appointed to demonstrate the overcoming (christing or christening) program because they had accomplished it times before). Each human that overcomes the human world under the teachings and direction from the incarnate Older Member, thus becomes a “christ” though that doesn’t make them equivalent to the teacher, it just secures for them their new family, starting a new as a young member of the Next Level. It may take many, many overcoming experiences before someone qualifys to do that kind of Next Level task of becoming a “midwife” to a litter of new souls.

The names become very important which is why they choose unique names as once their names are circulated the lower forces will be out to create misinformation surrounding what they taught while incarnate. This will include entities answering to those names, trying to capture another by claiming those names. The Next level doesn’t come to people as spirits or visions (at least at this last trimester experience) or by “contactee” or through human channelers or through religions as priests, iman’s, swami’s, yogi’s, etc. as those are all the ways the lower forces work to take over humans. They answer prayers in ways that can easily be seen as coincidence as that continues their policy of allowing us to choose what to believe.

Overcoming the human World starts by following what the Older Members give us

March 22, 2014

A believer in Ti and Do ran some ideas by me, describing in his words how we all came from somewhere other than Earth and that the Older Members help us to link to them and their formula to (return to them, (I think he implied)).

Here is what I could remember from Ti and Do teaching in these regards:

We could do nothing without Them (The Older Members last named, Ti and Do) which is why so few can embrace each “season”‘s teachings completely. (though are not required to, to attach to them as there are different grades in school and we don’t determine the grade we are in or the grade anyone else is in because we are not capable of that judgement).

The “formula” is taught from the start which is essentially separating from the human kingdom in every possible way by linking to the Older Members most current instructions (aka commandments), which provide lessons that in following show Next Level standards to shoot to uphold and are only possible to uphold if we continuously ask for next steps and help to implement them, trusting they will provide help (to overcome) in such a way that they know you can handle, which serves as the example to others that they don’t need to fear changes, when you see they way they help you change. Changes are a must but when they are made is regulated so no one is left out that wants to be in the program and they show it, as talk alone is only part of it. Like Jesus said, we must do all he gives us that includes recognizing how missing the mark (sin) of the provide goals is never defeat IF we don’t let it be, but keep at it.

Ti always said this process of attempting to stay on a goal they provided and how we will experience degrees of that goal, not even knowing it, because we go at it knowing we can hit the mark with missing it as “exercising our muscle”. That muscle is a magnet in that it both draws and and puts out it’s vibrations literally and figuratively. We put out when we share the teachings of the Next Level with others and that i providing service to Them/Their Family up to the Chief of Chiefs as Ti and Do referred to the greatest member. (They also said we would have to get to the Next Level before we would begin to understand more of where that Individual came from).

We set this process in motion today by studying the information (words Ti and Do said) and by using them as much as we can to be of one mind with them. We are not necessarily trying to memorize entire sentences and paragraphs like so many can with Jesus words. It’s far more important to understand that every word is a pointer and descriptor of a lesson step and Ti always compared the classroom to a “piano roll” and “old McDonald’s farm”, starting with the moo moo and going around and adding a quack quack then adding an oink oink, while still repeating (the other animals (representing the lesson) in our consciousness by trying to absort and apply each step. The steps right now are to study it all and share with others the information. From doing that we will also gravitate to the behaviors and ways because to share their info we are giving our “computers” as Ti always call our consciousness re-enforced programming and yet washing the brain of the old so to fill our soul pockets with the new. – Jesus spoke of as the wine and the wine-skin in that context the wine is the fermenting grape essence (juice) a type of metamorphic process.

As far as where we all came from…

Not long before Ti left, Ti told the class that she had “remembered the briefing on a spacecraft” and “that took place before they came”. She described the event; They had gathered all the ones who were going to engage their next step in overcoming, which required that those with bodies sacrifice them in crashes as they would be completing the task and be awarded a new vehicle. Do, after Ti left told us that the Next Level had brought to the Earth vicinity individuals from a number of different planetary systems. (that’s why there are so many reported race variations of space aliens). Ti also said standing all around those with bodies were what I thought she implied were many without physical bodies. These would be “souls” who were worthy of saving in seasons before, presumably from whatever planet they wished to bring them from.

So yes, we are all from elsewhere but that really applies to everything living on earth as earth is by far not the first “experimental garden”.

So we are all degrees of what we have paid attention to and what we have accepted and facilitated the growth of,.a combonation of what They provide each season with what the human kingdom members in spirit provide that is also from the previous provision from the space aliens. Enoch’s writing really evidence this.

They said the planet was set up to provide all the options we could have access to, so we then become what we choose from that which we make our own in beliefs, behaviors and ways and the ones that demonstrate wanting a relationship with Them, the highest beings in the universe whom we can access by projecting our asking as far from the planet as we can imagine, “beyond the stars”, Ti and Do said. This safeguards having any entity not from that kingdom answering our prayers or providing us with satisfaction – thinking we are connected in some way. And we may be connected in some way, of course if we all came from them anyway, but it’s only those that press into their ultimate potential pathway, willing to let go of all ideas and concepts that had got them to that point (so they were good because they helped you come to see what’s most real, that only the creators of it all can provide, even though pieces are provided by all others.

Only the real deal, these from the Next Level incarnate, so to not be confused with spirits/space aliens and human kingdom concerns, will only talk the same talk advanced with each season further away from spiritualism and in to “plain talk” with eventually all mysteries being answered in understandable and more apparent contextual application.

Response to comments about the Overcoming classroom – whether it was easier do overcome in a group

March 22, 2014

Below my responses to a recent comment stream. I’m  not going to give the comment but part of it dealt with the sense that  being together with others in the classroom made overcoming easier, if I am paraphrasing the comment correctly.


So here is my response:


I will check out the sites you posted and the music. I agree that being in the classroom made it easier to overcome, that is “at first”, but over the years it became increasingly harder for some obvious reasons of repetition and dull-drums and certain original things not coming to pass when Ti and Do initially said they would, Ti’s leaving her vehicle and how, etc, though I can see how it was part of the strategy of the Next Level Above Human in overseeing their Two hands on, aka undercover (occupying ordinary human vehicle) representatives. This is because the tests got harder as the influences (discarnates and especially the ones actually assigned to each student, from among the Fallen Angel discarnates, who by their own desire sought to influence them away from their overcoming and bonding with the incarnate Older Members because each’s “advasary” (satan). They, the advasaries were not permitted constant bombardment of the student they were allowed to bombard with their mind. This way a student would recognize their gains but if they got overconfident and dropped the guards they had learned to put up, they would faulter and that would stimulate further gains. Gain wasn’t really seen as being 100% in charge of our brain’s thoughts and actions – it was reaching for 100% and not believing it out of reach. Ti and Do were constantly being led to say and do things that put people to the test in a number of ways at the same time, even seemingly trivial things because major tests. I remember one night when a classmate had a big problem – but I can’t recall the actual problem – perhaps sickness, but a number of students got up and I was among them and I went to help and the females who were required to wear a bra were not required to wear one to sleep, was leaning over and I could see her breasts and it was nearly an instant excitement (yet not an orgasm, though I did experience that from thoughts alone, part of what I experienced that led to my leaving them as I have reported) and that image thereafter was very, very hard to abort but I managed. Then years into the classroom, Ti and Do, who would send us to the movies they would review ahead of time, told us there were a couple brief nude scenes in this or that movie. I can hear Ti saying, “now this is a test to see if you can handle it as a member of the Next Level”. You see, they didn’t just spring it on us. They gave us the chance to know it was coming and to choose how we wanted to deal with it. To some who had already overcome their sensuality, though had other areas that still needed work, even though while human they might look at a female breast with awe and desire, they as Do said about himself that he got about as much desire from it as looking at a “grapefruit” (and not talking about hunger) but sensual stimulus. (not saying that food doesn’t stimulate sensuality as well and in more than one way – it certainly does and Ti and Do said the entire digestive system has a part in stimulating sexuality, which reminds me of the adam/eve story that was not just a story according to Ti and Do. It was the start of the TEST – that would be offered to all those that received a degree of Next Level tasks, as the ones who had fallen away had received, to see if they could overcome the fallen one’s influence on them, that would then propel them closer to their own graduation into Next Level vehicles that no longer can fall away as they would have no human systems to reverse metamorphosis back to a Caterpillar. I have many, many examples of how the classroom became increasingly hard to qualify to stay in. At one point Do even offered any student who had any consideration of leaving $1,000.00 because as he said, he knew life in that communal setting in the sense of day to day life was very satisfying to some. Critics would say Do was feeling guilty so was looking to get out of it gracefully by such an offer, but I saw first hand, as I was privy to the so called inner circle for the last few years and it pained him a great deal to see anyone leave but he still had to fulfill his task of putting some to the tests he was given to provide, not even knowing what kind of test it might be and not even knowing to whom it might apply exactly, that is until after the test passed and he got notes from students or recognized their vibration change in their countenance, etc. When one gets rid of various discarnate influences they do become more and more childlike – no protections or ego centrist projections of power or self importance in any way. And yet, neither Ti nor Do tried to “read” anyone. They took us for what we said, didn’t say, did or did not do in response to the lesson steps they would bring.

There was a person who was just recently listening to all the audio tapes and bringing me questions as they would occur to him and with his questions criticisms as well. He thought because he listened to the tapes he was seeing all there was to see in them and found them to be so ordinary and not evidence of any greater being though liked Ti and Do and thought they were nice people, if I recall correctly what he relay to me over countless comments. I applaud him for putting out that effort as so few are willing to do that. But even though I was there for all those tapes, when he would bring things up I saw how much I missed while I was there. Now, I’m not saying this to reflect on you at all. you could be someone who would see on first take all the things I only saw now. There is no way to measure that with each of us. I’m just bringing it up because of how much was going on in the delivery of “tests” even in casual seeming conversations about how one should knead the bread in the yeast lab, a lesson I got from Ti as I was gruff with the dough, for example. Being gruff was one of the areas I needed to work on. For some it was being quite in walking or talking or talking more or talking less and it wasn’t entirely about that characteristic. It was both the characteristic that by controlling put us in control of our vehicles but also about being willing and trying hard to follow instructions so we could be trusted with more important tasks upon graduation into a Next Level task environment where minor deviations from the way some things were done could have major ramifications that the Older Members would then have to patch up. Of course they do patch them up but they don’t put people into tasks until they are confident they have the capacity to rise to perform that task and part of that entails knowing what is part of the task and what needs more clarification before proceeding on. That was all a huge part of the classroom that came out in every day tasks.

Sawyer’s responses about laying down life, leaving loved ones, value of analyzing prophecy and more

March 19, 2014

Here is a comment and my responses:


I somehow don’t think we’re supposed to lay down our vehicles before they stop working – we were provided with them (I think you would say) to serve, so ducking out on that before it’s time just doesn’t seem right…but hanging on to them after they’ve all but ceased to function is not right either. I believe in Love and when we have other people in our lives who either depend on us or who share Love with us (I don’t mean sex here I mean LOVE) I don’t see how our souls would be ready yet for what you are talking about. (Perhaps the 39 in Rancho Santa Fe were ready, although some of them looked pretty young, we outside don’t know all the facts.) I just know that I’m not ready yet but when the time comes I don’t want to be kept alive on machines to be a useless vegetable. I do know within myself my purpose was different than to be on the crew of a space ship, but being recycled into Creation is something there is need for just as much, and to me, that is just as divine. I don’t want to live forever – I’ll leave that to those who do. On another note, I think we all know the earth can’t go on as it is too much longer so I don’t get the value in micro-analyzing scripture etcetera for clues that these are the end times. If that is so would not we benefit far more by using our brains to think of what to do with the time we have left?

Sawyer’s responses:

I couldn’t agree with you more on most of your points applied to you. Even in 1975 Ti and Do told some they didn’t think they were ready to join with them. Rio was the last to leave them a few weeks before they exited. He told Do he felt he had something else he needed to do in the world but loved Do and his fellow students. Do checked silently with Ti (who had exited by “natural conditions” in 1985) and hours later went back to rio and told him, he should leave and he could have service still, so he was given the task of first finding them.

We certainly are not serving God (Next Level) by exiting our vehicles unless we know it’s what we want to do and we are not doing it for ourselves. In fact, the reason I did not exit with them was because, though I was ready to lay down my life, (as we talked about it seriously before I left them) I was still of a mindset after 19 years with them that was thinking in a spiritual way about martyrdom being heroic even though Ti and Do always said it wasn’t a “martyrdom trip”. The purpose was not to die. The purpose was to overcome our humanity and die to it’s root systems to bond with a new family. That wasn’t death because it was knowing that it was only the vehicle that was going to die. I can’t recall Jesus ever speaking of “life” as the vehicle’s life just like he also said he’d come to sever the roots of his students to their human families, something one never hears anything about in the many churches I’ve attended and the many sermons I’ve read and heard and seen posted.

Sure if we are only these bodies then volunteering to lose that body is practically worthless. But if we have a soul that survives death of the body then losing the body is perfectly natural, but again should never be done on purpose unless, like you said, your body ceased to function or you were performing a service to your idea of God, which by the way would NEVER be to kill or harm others in the process. That is a clear case of murder to do.

But the point to micro-analyzing scripture goes way beyond clues that we are in the end times. Most don’t need those clues to see the signs. It’s because the end time is a time of “judgement”. We must each DECIDE to whom we want to show our allegiance to, like Jesus said, whether to God or Mammon. Now millons would say if asked that they do give their allegiance to God. And that’s fine, but Christians in particular were genetically prepared to learn the whole truth about God and that can not be found anymore in scripture without analyzing it, though analysis alone still doesn’t reveal the full truthes and reality of God UNLESS one is willing to look at those scriptures with a new set of eyes. Until this time, no one was ultimately responsible for not seeing that full truth. The Father and Jesus had instructed that truth to be shut up/sealed until the time of the 7th angel’s sounding. I can’t prove to anyone that the 7th angel has sounded and is currently sounding unless I can show that the previous 6 angels have already sounded which means I’ve got to provide proves that the 6th angel, that includes the Two Witnesses has sounded.

Many Christians hold views in every which way one can imagine of interpreting the book of Revelations and Jesus prophecy and incarnate mission and what’s so fantastic about scripture, the Lord wants them to choose what they want to believe it says because that’s “free will”. The entire reason the fallen angels were allowed to come out of the bottomless pit in the 1940’s to 1950’s (primarily) is the same reason there was a one performing their own chosen function as a tempter to Adam and Eve and also to Jesus and his disciples. It’s was to test them and in turn demonstrate those sames tests to all of us. There is no right answer that is automatically identical for everyone at the same time because we are each applying or not to a different grade in the overall school created by the Next Level. However, those who were brought up with a belief in Jesus had a different standard the Lord measures them against. As jesus said, “to those that much is given much is required” just like in a human school. The Next Level Older Members (Father and Jesus) and firstfruit (saints) crew are doing the final sorting task which each of us are our own decider of. They provide the opportunity and then as we die, our choices show them into which “grade” in school our soul body or spirit is to be saved. Thus we judge ourselves and then the Next Level implements that choice and all who don’t choose when they had the opportunity to choose are recycled, as it says in the “lake of fire”, the second death, the death of a soul that has not occurred since the start of this latest civilizational experiment.

I don’t think anybody at this time is seen by the Lord as ready to “lay down their life” as Ti did in her way, and Do and 42 students did in their way.

But the “process” needs to be provided as that is one of the ways that becomes a “sign” to future potential students of an incarnate Older member. That representative will always teach that the objective is to give all your heart, all your mind, all your soul and all your strength to the Lord, to Jehovah, to the Father, to Ti and all importantly through whoever they anoint/appoint to be our in the flesh parent/teacher, i.e. Adam, Enoch, Moses, Elijah, Jesus and then Do but with a new name with each taking over of a human flesh vehicle. At that future time then, the representative will make their presence known and the genetic strain would be prepared to receive returning Souls and some will be ahead of others and they will quickly identify the characteristics of Next Level teachings while others will take more time to move into that same degree of recognition. It’s not a competition at all but nor is it like joining a country club to where one can be on again and off again and expect to reap the prize.

This brings me to your statement of not wanting to live forever and as to what you feel is your purpose and it’s perfect to be in that place. It’s not like the Next Level is holding a carrot in front of the racing rabbit to motivate it. I can’t recall that kind of motivation anywhere in what Moses wrote nor what Jesus was recorded to have said and that includes my 19 years with Ti and Do. When they told me(us) that life was real in the Next Level. It wasn’t sitting around on a cloud strumming a harp, I was not heart broken or in dismay hearing that. And when they said members work in laboratories on spacecrafts in crews, performing a myriad of tasks that are challenging, I didn’t brighten up to think, “oh boy I want to do that”. No, it was kind of foreign. Even knowing that they don’t have disease or wars or hatreds or death were not motivations. I don’t think in terms now of wanting to live forever either. However when I’ve faced what I thought was a deadly disease or deadly circumstance I certainly did not want to die and even fear death and fear pain and fear discomfort, which is all really my human vehicle talking loudest as the soul doesn’t fear any of those things in the least because the soul only contains information and a type of programming provided as a gift that knows when the body dies, they don’t. Yet that’s not a motivation to lay down my life because my vehicle actually likes living even though I’m old and not seeking a partner/lover/wife nor trying to become someone special in some respect relative to the world’s endeavours. I say that as if I’m washed up or have given up on progressing in a human way, but that’s not actually the case. The truth is that I never felt motivated to play all the games that are absolutely required to play to be successful as a human. Even after I left the group and had no inclination to stay in touch with them though I was given the chance, I couldn’t bring myself to play by the rules for success. For instance, go to school, get the degree that gives credibility for instance is one. However I did try a legitimate network marketing endeavour selling health promoting blue green algae products. However as it was network marketing, mostly testimonial driven word of mouth advertising with a huge push to draw “business builders” which entailed learning how to “fake it until you make it”. Thus I was expected by my upline to present my success as a business builder to my downline and future business builders that included a business plan and setting goals of how much money I wanted to make by when, on and on, attending seminars, dressing for success, and it seemed so phony I would have no part of it. I tried. I would go to the supermarket and would look to start up conversations about the algae. Everyone became a prospect and of course it was to “help them with their health that they needed”. which actually I did believe in and to this day use some of the products on occasion because I do think they are healthy food supplements. But I hated meeting people and in a sense only seeing them as a new product user or potential business builder. In a very real sense it was the same as proselytizing religion or Jesus and feeling like we done good if we got a new convert – “we saved another soul for god”. I now know well that that’s not the way it works. So in the business, I would tell people where they could get a similar product cheaper and before long having run out of family and friends to peddle to my income was not meeting my expenses so I threw in the towel where had I been motivated for success I would have just escalated more into mailing lists and internet advertising, etc like others I knew had done and were getting the big checks from.

I could tell more stories of how I could have been a rock star or rock star backup band player at least as I’m a musician, but the opportunity came to me right after I hooked up with a woman (as what became a common law “marriage” commitment) and we decided if it was meant to be we would have a child together, which happened nearly immediately when we decided that. My daughter was about 4 years old when I started playing music with rock star, Ritchie Blackmore formally of Deep purple the “smoke on the water” guitarist and he invited me to play with him and became friends, when to his house for parties and he told me he had considered flying me to England for a photo shoot in a castle because he needed a drummer. He told me I was the best hand drummer he knew and this was after a nearly 19 year hiatus from drumming. I had a good job at the time, a lease for a house, a “wife” and a baby, but in a sense this was my dream before I joined Ti and Do in 1975 when I was playing with bands. And I suppose my wife would have said okay and perhaps I could have taken some time off for gigs but it just seemed wrong as I had new commitments and responsibilities.

Then I had a clear book deal on my experience with the heaven’s gate story. I was being courted by several big publishing houses in NYC as I had been on 60 minutes and Larry King and all the network morning shows and many radio and print media interviews with time and Newsweek magazine, etc. But a couple months after the heaven’s gate story had begun to die down the publishers who had accepted my publicist presentation of a book deal dropped me like a hot potato saying the public wasn’t interested. Then the NY Post printed a paperback about the group that was simply a compilation of news stories filled with inaccuracies. I decided to drop the book idea. But had I been business motivated, I would have wrote it as if I had escaped the dreaded suicide cult and I would have raked in a bundle I’m sure. But as I still believed everything about Ti and Do while not wanting to be with them while raising a family, telling the truth of my belief/experience was told to me several times “won’t sell”.

And there is plenty more on this… I’m not driven by anything practical nor tangible nor human. When I joined I was more or less happy. I was building my own house out of logs I harvested on some land of my friends on the Waldport, Oregon coast, I had taken my common law wife back from an affair she had, forgiving her though it had broke my heart some but I had recovered by the time the guy dumped her. And I was playing music regularly and was gaining popularity and the leads singer/songwriter ended up hitting it repetitively big after I left which he and I being on best of terms would have included me, opening for Bob Weir in the Portand Colosseum. We had a small commune happening between three couples. Not really wild in any way, but growing our own food and it was promising when Ti and Do as Peep and Bo came to town and though I had been exploring with many spiritual groups and had lived with jesus freaks some and was always being courted by Hare Krishna’s and this and that guru’s disciples, nothing drew me. But on that little poster it said, “this has meant so much to some that they are giving their all to this endeavor” and it’s like those were magic words…”give my all” (to God). Priesthood was on my mind when 13 yrs old but I don’t know why. Looking back it probably would have been a trap as once we invest in that kind of commitment it becomes increasingly hard to break away especially after we get a job and have a congregation, etc. But break away one must as the formula is when meeting up with the one you know to be your Older Member, you need to leave all behind to be with them 24/7. It’s the beginning of separating from our entire human existence that must also entail “giving our physical body to” but in the case of now, since the Older Members are not incarnate any longer, there is no chance of a personal relationship with the Older Members in the flesh, eye to eye, so the best we can do is to give our all by asking them to give us service and then taking the task they spoke of before they left that they published to spread their information far and wide and accept the ramifications of doing so which may be met with hatred and fear so much so that we may end up giving our physical bodies to Their service just like happened after Jesus left.

I have zero desire to attract that kind of hatred but it must be.

I can not imagine having the experience I have and not sharing it but I am not doing it for any carrot in the sky. I’m doing it because I can’t not.

If you feel that about something in your life from here on out, you will know what I am talking about. I don’t need or want anyone to approve or disapprove of Ti and Do. But to not provide people with the truth about what Jesus was all about by not providing the options of translation and interpretation of prophecy that can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that they have already returned as Ti and Do and crew would be like killing myself.

I hope that answered your questions or addressed your beliefs and concerns. In a sense the more people that take to heart what Ti and Do taught the more danger I am in. That’s why I say often that I am not recruiting. There is NO new cult. I am not promoting suicide but rather believe we need our physical bodies more than ever now and I am not anyone’s teacher, Ti and Do are and answer to those names right now. I have no organization and have refused to create one and have refused to be a leader and have refused to start a new church and want/need no donations, have nothing to sell and don’t thrive on finding believers, get no sense of accomplishment from someone saying to me they believe in Ti and Do. I am working for Ti and Do and to that I have no doubt as I have had many proves.

Anyone that does share information about Ti and Do can expect a backlash from the unseen world of the lower forces. I have people around me that know what I believe and count me as their friend but to whom I rarely say anything to about Ti and Do. And in public in my own area I say little because if I do encounter someone with the thirst to want to know more, if they ask more I’ll share more, but even though that can seem to be genuine it is often a setup to then be used against us. However that’s the chance we take when we share anything with anyone as it’s so beyond human, at best it needs to be provided to people in small doses according to their thirst for more. Christian leaders are unlikely to change their minds and will mostly see those like myself as heretics and they will tend to justify any means to shut up as we say with the religious 2000 years ago.

The age of the vehicle doesn’t automatically reflect the content of that vehicles spirit (programming from experience from generations before). Each of us is like a leaf off a branch on the human genetic tree. Each leaf by it’s experiences feeds that experience into the branch/trees trunk. When a new leaf is generated, it has with it all previous experience in it’s subconscious mind. Experience alone does not equate to wisdom. It’s just like data. As we go through life, our choices determine much of our experience; who to believe in or not, what we like to do or not, what kinds of thoughts we allow ourselves to entertain, etc. The content of our mind is who we are and that content is set up for us from birth as a propensity in a number of directions, but as we grow more independent from our root system (parents, etc.) and are exposed to more of the world and varied views, we begin to shape our mind by what we gravitate to in thinking and acting. Ti and Do always said that it’s not about what you get into in the human kingdom – it’s what you get out of. In other words we can become entrenched in any number of ways of thinking and acting. When Next Level members come along, to gravitate to them means disconnecting from it all and putting faith in them even though we won’t know what that means. We can be fooled but as long as we keep asking for help to make the right choices by projecting our asking as far from the planet as we can imagine so the space aliens and/or spirits can’t intercept and try to play “god” or “jesus”, which many try to do because they lived thinking they were representatives of Jesus and/or God to others, as priests, etc. Then if we choose a path that is not in our best interest in terms of what the One True Older Members would have us do, we will recognize it seek to change direction. I bet you many who ended up killing themselves in Jones town had many signals that Jim Jones was not someone to follow. For anyone that studies that story, they will see that he was very, very manipulative and abusive and controlling and condescending, etc. all signs. He had organized a number of those staged suicides and didn’t tell anyone they were practice and the group apparently did go along with it and no one died so by the time it occurred the last time, they had the idea that it wasn’t going to be real. Plus many were murdered with children involved. Ti and Do didn’t allow children saying they could not decide to overcome what they hadn’t yet experienced any of and were not mature enough to make a choice of giving their all and couldn’t participate as an extension of their parents. That’s another form of manipulation of the children. Notice Jesus and his disciples didn’t have children with them, nor wives/husbands anymore. However Jim Jones did say and implied as well that he was Jesus so why would he have a motis operandi that was totally different. Even though Jesus updated some of what Moses said, his updates lended to more civility and love among one another while bringing increased standards to optionally follow. Adultery became even lusting for someone while married. Making self a eunuch for the Kingdom of Heaven was for those that could receive it, forgiveness of the prostitute a more advanced behavior, forgiving 70 times 7 times instead of 7 times, just a say of saying that forgiveness was unlimited. What Ti and Do said about the younger classmates who joined mostly during the 1994 2nd public face to face meeting schedule around the U.S. and Canada, was that the previous classmates who had been in the class for 18 or so years by then had laid the groundwork that these newer members could benefit from. Do also said that some in the group would not be ready to receive a new Next Level (adult) body because they would still need more lessons in the human kingdom at a future date. (I believe they will still be awarded a new vehicle. It just won’t be one that is incapable of regressing back into human behaviors. It would be a vehicle something like the ones the “watchers” had I would guess as they were not incorruptible vehicles or they couldn’t have mated with mortal women. A mortal is a person that was not given a Next Level deposit, the “seed” Jesus spoke of and also the new wineskin Jesus spoke of.

Regarding love and having those in our lives that give us love and take our love – depend on us:

At this time there was no instruction from Do I am aware of to leave those we love and who depend on us. That is required when the Older Member in incarnate and we recognize him and choose to be in his program. And by the way we can leave that program at any time and go back to those we love. And that’s not to say when we do leave those we love we do it carelessly. When it was said that two children were abandoned so the parents could join with Bo and Peep, the names they used in 1975, when they found out, they said, they would certainly not abandon children. They did say in the first meetings they gave in every city where they spoke that “children could not come” and I remember a lady shouting out from the back of the room, “you ought to be shot”. They also said that spouses would not remain married and that family relationships would not remain family relationships. With the exception of children, they said that spouses could both choose to come. They simply would no longer function as spouses. I joined with my spouse and it was difficult. We were in different groups at first but about a year into the group we all lived in the same camp (in the wilderness of Wyoming and Texas). Of course they also said there was no sex or drugs or alcohol and did not approve of leaving “aces in the hole” – in other words not getting rid of something in case this didn’t work out. I believe if we felt to leave an ace in the whole, perhaps we weren’t ready to take this step. As it turned out regarding the two young children, the mother arranged for the kids to be with their real dad who lived nearby. I knew all involved personally. They were all my close friends at the time so know this was what happened. Now with that said, I have had to deal with knowing that I would have to leave my daughter eventually. She is nearly 17 now but it still hurts to think about having to leave her, though she would have her mother and her mothers very nice new boyfriend to live with/get support from. I only say this because I do anticipate a time within the next few years when being an outright supporter of Ti and Do will be seen as holding up a sign saying, “heratic” and I know though I use an alias name it would be easy to track me to where I used to live that could lead to where I currently live so for me to choose to live with my daughter would put her in harms way, which I could not do so would sacrifice my being as close to her as I’d otherwise like to be. Plus I also expect that some of my open talk about the Next level will be curtailed in the future and I can’t imagine not continuing until I die to tell about Ti and Do, so that would mean I’d have to go on the road to distribute the books I’ve written, soon to be published. Right now the internet afford the greatest exposure and being in person is far more dangerous and undesirable until it’s necessary. I’ve already experienced backlash when I have sought out pastors of churches where I’ve traveled to over the years. I’m nearly thrown out even if I don’t bring up Ti and Do exactly. Most churches are very comfortable with their ways of thinking and don’t want anyone messing with that security they feel. It is very easy to mess with it when one dissect what Jesus said by re-translating every word. All of a sudden “rapture” makes zero sense. Family values though still may be appropriate to live by as like I said everyone is not in the same place at the same time, but are not something Jesus spoke highly of if at all. In fact he denied his mother and brother were his mother and brother instead saying that fellow believers were now his only family members.

In case it wasn’t clear. I don’t think there is a good reason for anyone at this time to “kill themselves” as even if they think they are doing so for God, they can be tricked. None of us are where Ti and Do’s students were at. We need our vehicles to learn the lessons we still need to learn no matter how hard it is to live, which I know for some can seem or be very, very hard. No one who kills themselves at this time escapes anything. They end up in the spirit world vibrating the same hatred of others and/or themselves they had when they killed themselves and that can influence others to do likewise when the going get’s tough. I remember when I was a teenager and my parents would ground me or punish me I wanted to get them back and show them how much it hurt me to be grounded so I took a sharp pen cap and slashed at my wrists but it only put in minor scratches. I knew I couldn’t really inflict that on myself. But some young people these days don’t stop themselves, or just throw caution to the wind and will take a bunch of pills or something. That is just giving into the lower forces, evil spirits, etc. who make points no matter what reason someone has to kill themselves. Thus I could probably be a great suicide hotline worker as strange as that sounds. Believing in the real Jesus which is the same as believing in the real Ti and Do is not about escape. It’s about dealing and discarding all negativity while making one’s eye more and more single minded with our communications to our Heavenly Father’s in the very distant heavens or if we believe in Ti and Do by calling on their names for help with any circumstance and waiting while knowing they will provide help you will have a sense came from them. They will not come to you in a vision or as a voice in your head. And they will never tell you what to do or steer you to hurt yourself of anyone else.

Revelation 13-Daniel 7-Beast/Nephilim=Forth Kingdom=U.S.-Little Horn=NWO Dragon=space aliens

March 15, 2014

Below is a comment I made on a Christian youtube channel (where I go by 3spm) where we have ongoing discussion of the NWO, and the Beast, Nephilim, etc. I often get help with the direction of my own study on these subjects by what others have examined and surfaced in scriptures. I feel this is the primary way the Next Level, Ti and Do and Crew help those that are asking to understand all these things are helped. We must learn to follow the links. We have to dig and interface with others as the Next Level is not just working with those who believe in Ti and Do and remember that as Jesus said, that not everyone who says, “Lord, Lord…” (this or that) is considered by the Next Level to be approaching or in their allegiance. We have to continuously try to put into action what we are given to change about our behavior and ways to stay connected though when we fail from what we know are our goals (thus sin) if we let that become an excuse to not pick up and seek Their help for a new effort to approach behavior and ways that challenge us then we will be gradually disconnecting from whatever connection we have until the entire subject seems preposterous and we have interest in it any longer. That too can change and that’s largely what we all are being put to with increased mental and physical stresses by the activities of the Next Level on the environment and the human responses to their close physical presence, that stimulates all to “become exactly what we have each become” – in other words, if we have become someone who in our beliefs as shown by the content of our thinking and of course expressions in word and deed who judges others or is willing to sacrifice others to their or their governments will or is able to justify manipulations of others or perform abuses of others or entertains thoughts of vengeance and anger, then at this time we begin to be unable to restrain ourselves from acting out those negative to life behavior and ways so there is an increase in events that show that disharmony. And this also applies to the other extremes to where we can put ourselves into a la la land of everything is wonderful and all we need to do is stay in that frame of mind and the problems will go away and if everyone could do that we would all live in peace, etc. That’s the other side of not taking advantage of the “medicine” being presented to us that can help us “grow” in terms relative to what the Next Level considers growth which is not seeking self awareness, enlightenment as that has been taught to many of us, but awareness of what is outside of SELF and enlightenment in the realities in which we exist that provide challenges that spur us on to  SEEK answers by asking the highest beings we can reach in our private moments who are very existent and are accessed by projecting our asking as far out into the heavens as we can reach, to learn how we can each serve Their agenda for our growth. Of course for those who recognize Ti and Do as the last incarnate Older Members then just use those names in your asking (prayers).

So with that introduction here is my latest making sense of prophesies in regards to the Beast, the Nephilim, the fallen angel space aliens and the New World order which I believe is Daniel’s and Revelations “little horn” – organized mechanism to run the affairs of the humans on Earth that is a combination of direction from the space aliens and attempting to combat the space aliens and of course the global changes that are becoming very apparent with the well coordinated displays from the literal “heaven’s” in terms of comets, asteroids, meteor’s  anomalies galore that hardly make it to the news or stay in the news very long but that there are always evident links to recognizing.

Here’s the comment:

I neglected to examine Dan 7 recently so thank you for the reference. The United States is clearly that “forth kingdom” and I will shortly be analyzing every word of both Rev 13 and Dan 7 to form a more comprehensive analysis to prove that. Remember Jesus said the kingdom of God would be taken away from the middle east and Jerusalem would be left desolate and the Israel people WILL NOT SEE him upon He, His Father and student’s (saints) return. I agree with Daisy in that the Vatican is certainly a huge part of the Antichrist, but remember there was to be a New Jerusalem just like Jesus would have a new name and would have a white as snow/lambs wool head and hair and said he would give us his Father’s name also as his Father would be with him on the throne until he is passed the “throne” task to actually bring the student body through their individual birth canal (born of (holy) spirit/Holy Mind). Also the U.S. is what became the biggest melting pot – which was because the “crew” – the saints before they had come incarnate with Jesus and his Father had “gathered the elect from the four winds”. No other empire satisfies this and the little horn is the NWO that comes out of the forth kingdom/empire – beast (united nations and NATO and the various G configurations). They are called the beast because they are all under the spell and thus direction of the dragon, the serpent (hisser, mightily stalker and manipulator with lies and deceits and mis-dis-information to cause mountainous CONFUSION (Babylon), the current mental state of most in the world in degrees, the devil, Satan as the adversary of the Father and Son, the representation of the fallen angel Luciferian space aliens. They control the beasts, all of them as they have bred humans as Nephilim – giants NOT in physical stature, that’s a distraction, but in their motivation to use any means to obtain power over the human race using great cunning and in league consciously or semi-consciously or unconsciously with the space aliens who are also Nephilim as descendants of the original 200 who are called the “watchers” by Enoch and spoken of in Gen 6 by Moses. The fallen angels and physical hybridized offspring were not wiped out by the Noah flood otherwise there would be none to be allowed to exit their underground prison cells spoken of as the bottomless pit where they were shut up for thousands of years. While shut up the discarnate fallen angels and spirits of the Nephilim were still active all over the world while the hybridization programs continued in the underground/undersea base operations where they had spacecrafts, etc. and may be related to the “inner earth” accounts of Admiral Byrd that is linked with Hitler and the Antarctica “paradise” found and where many Nazi’s fled after the war was seen as lost, though only made it to Argentina – though no doubt went in all directions – Russia, U.S. – scientists, etc. Most of these are all Nephilim descendants playing out the will of the fallen angels who wanted to spur humans into building technologies to provide them with they needed hybrid physical bodies to inhabit and control and to build spacecrafts that could take them off the planet before the next recycling (heat related recycling)  and the need for energy systems (nukes) to power their spacecrafts while in space (though the Kingdom of God/Heaven what is actually physical beings that are Above Human so are not mammalian who have been depicted erroneously as bug headed looking grays, but who are actually humanoid looking with a slightly larger head and slightly larger eyes but all have a very pleasing, gentle quality that Ti and Do spoke about and had a resident artist airbrush that is on my most current videos on YouTube. They never manipulate or lie or deceive nor abuse humans or space aliens and they have no interest in anything human, not dna, not nuke energy, not elements like gold, silver that all have their properties that can be used in practical fashions. The entire planet is theirs so they don’t need to exploit humans to get access to anything on/in the planet. And they don’t die so have no need for humans. They simply provide humans the opportunity to join their ranks as they don’t reproduce as humans either. They are not mammals so sexuality is a primitive abhor-ant activity because of the way the Luciferian space aliens and their offspring have got humans addicted to getting rid of their “force” and thinking they are creating life because of. Lot’s more to all this.

Social and political unrest in Turkey

March 14, 2014

For whatever it’s worth this is my response I posted on facebook sawyer heavensgate to a video posted showing protesters in Turkey getting shot by a water canon. Other commenters talked about how the police were breaking the bones of peaceful protesters and damaging their eyes, blinding some and killing some, while another commentator says the protesters are communists and the police are just doing their job. I asked this person who called them communists what makes them communists? Were they demanding the wealthy share more and asked if Capitalism is any better a governmental system. I got no response except another said, the protesters were socialists, not communists and then said these conflicts were threatening democracy in Turkey. I’m not a political scientist by any means but I suppose the difference is essentially that socialists want the government to provide social services for the taxes they pay to the government but don’t want to ban private enterprise and ownership as I understand a strict communist system would do. (I know that’s perhaps an over simplification, though may suffice for the moment).

So I thought to share this response it case in might be meaningful to anyone who reads this blog. I don’t pretend to know what Ti and Do would say about this case in particular, which is by far not a unique situation in the world as we all know.

My comment:

Democracy is really a joke at this point. Look at the U.S. supposedly a great democracy EXCEPT for people of color, minority ethnicities, women (still not paid equally for equal work), labor, poor, non-Christian religious persuasions and social or political dissidents. True for a time it was better than lots of other places but now there is no such thing. Elections are bought and rigged. Money is provided as political favors and the reason it’s not a police state YET is because there are still government social welfare programs – food stamps, etc. When someone is elected or rises to combat the “venomous animals” – the meaning of the biblical “beast” they are either snuffed out, shut up, framed, ignored or laughed at in various orders. Let’s face it, this human condition has become more dog eat dog than perhaps ever. There is no benefit to protesting. Those in power “the Nephilim descendants” all over the world will only give the appearance of change. I watch the US politicians talking humanitarian and universal rights and peace, etc. while they bomb the hell out of people in another part of the world when it’s in their interest to do so. Lies and deceit are the rule and it’s always been that way but it’s peaking and it will only get worse so we each are by the circumstances being forced to make up our minds as to whom to pay homage, where we want to put our loyalty and it really comes down to one of two choices – as the real non-religious, non-spiritual, non-christian Jesus said, between “God” and “Mammon” where God is a term that’s become meaningless but originally referred to living physical beings with by hard work design and develop planetary systems as their way to offer beings they seed the opportunity to make application to be on their own crews, and Mammon is all that we consider to be wealth and treasure whether monetarily, resources or so called intellectual wealth. I am NOT preaching religion or spirituality – a big part of the way the truth – what is most real has been infiltrated with lies and deceit, but serves to give us all the choice to recognize what we are made of. If we want to think this entire world came about by some amoeba just happening to want to crawl out of the sea, that’s fine. If we want to believe that adoring some “savior” and giving tithes and living by a few basic rules entitles us to die and wake up in some Utopian existence forever, that’s fine, but doesn’t make it reality except for that believer. If we think we can beat back the powerful, we may for a time, but then we will become the next tyrants someone else will want to beat back and again that’s fine, it’s our choice, but if we want to learn what is the ultimate reality we can reach for, then the only place we can go is outside it all. The space aliens are not outside it all and to avoid having any of our requests answered by “them” we only need to use a simple formula that is foolproof. Project your asking for the truth about what is our ultimate path/choice in life as far away from the planet as we can imagine beyond the furthermost stars to those living beings who can identify such a communication as they set it up for brainwaves that project that signal to be identified, to which they will provide a response geared to you. They will not come to you as a spirit or as a voice in your head or by blinding you by a light or any such dramatic fashion but you can expect to see their response and it will be subtle and could simply be identified as a sense that it was their response. When you have that sense occur to you, then follow whatever that leads you to. And continue to ask questions. You will always have the choice to disengage that communication and you WILL be challenged to change your thinking and behavior and ways in time and as changes are presented, you can ask them for help to change and from doing this you will come to know that this is very real. I don’t suggest some of you don’t already have some communications in this way but none of us can assume anything about where we stand. All that is happening now is what’s being used to help stimulate us to seek the source of all things from the real living beings who created it all. If we think we have it all already we are wrong. We must continuously seek out that communication. (I believe when we do this – project our asking into the distant literal “heavens” we are actually going to the crew that work for those who were called Ti and Do, so if you are daring, you can take the fast track and just ask them what you can do for them, but I know for many that’s a huge leap.