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Ti and Do, the Revelations Two Witnesses aka “Second Coming” of Jesus with His Father and his Overcomer “Saints”

July 3, 2011

Ti and Do, the Revelations Two Witnesses aka “Second Coming” of Jesus with His Father and his Overcomer “Saints”

They came with the “clouds” for every eye to see, signified in 1973 by Comet Kohoutek and Their departure signified by Comet Hale-Bopp, the two tailed newly discovered Comet with it’s widly seen by amateur and professionals alike companion object (that was only visible as a second tail after it came around the Sun to it’s close encounter with Earth on March 23rd, 1997, twenty four years later.

Table of Contents:
I.    Two Witnesses Father Jesus Ti Do RETURN with Clouds
II.   Two Witnesses Father Jesus Ti Do Evidence of Prophecy Fulfilled
III.  Two Witnesses Father Jesus Ti Do The graft to the Older Member
IV.   Two Witnesses Father Jesus Ti Do Resurrection Ascension Rapture Rev 12 Woman
V.    Two Witnesses Father Jesus Ti Do vs Luciferians
VI.   Two Witnesses Father Jesus Ti Do Luciferian Space Aliens and Sexuality
VII.  Two Witnesses Father Jesus Ti Do Lucifer anti-Jesus Christian Pawns
VIII. Two Witnesses Father Jesus Ti Do Homosexuality vs anti-Jesus Christains
IX.   Rev 11 Two Witnesses Jesus Second Coming Prophecy
X.    Ti Do Two Witnesses Father Jesus 4 Horsemen Revelations 6 Prophecy Fulfilling
XI.   Two Witnesses Father Jesus Ti Do Religion=Soul Stagnation
XII.  Two Witnesses Ti Do Father Jesus Castration Suicide anti Religion Spirituality Atheism UFO

I. Two Witnesses Father Jesus Ti Do RETURN with Clouds

Christians, Spiritual, Religionists and ALL Peoples: Consider EVIDENCE that Ti and Do aka Bo and Peep, UFO TWO, Heaven’s Gate ARE the Revelations 11/12/6 Two Witnesses(Christs) Father(Nettles) and Jesus(AppleWHITEhorse)Second Coming.

This writer, born Stephen, named: Sawyer, Swyody by Do spent 19 years physically with Do (10 years with Ti) as Their dedicated student yet failed to make the graduation grade, but still seeks to be in Their service as Their witness.

This is a snapshot of what our entire Earth history entails. Terminology misunderstanding and mistranslation are huge blockages. There are MANY demonstrations of prophecy fulfillment in the huMAN lives of Ti, Do and Students.

The EVIDENCEs presented here are many. Not only are there direct and indirect prophecies fulfilled, but the entire motis operandi of Jesus is mirrored by the execution of Ti and Do’s mission that I barely touch upon.

However, one can’t expect to SEE what has been hidden from our view, after many interpretive translation choices fill our heads with absolutes that aren’t. Even with being a monk with Ti and Do, it took years ASKING Do and digging to SEE.

Being with Ti and Do was nothing like any other group and certainly not like any religious or spiritual group. They did not teach out of the Bible though we had access to ALL related materials we occasionally referenced.

The only reason anyone wouldn’t be willing to CONSIDER this, is because they’re to a degree under anti-growth based influences. Growth REQUIRES CHANGE. It’s what those anti-growth hate, unless it’s change to their allegiance.

Many Christians and religionists, spiritualists cling to the old often taught that anything new is from evil thus locking themselves out of a real future when the KOG returns with the next step for their students.

The LAH, aka Kingdom of Heaven is REAL and members have tasks and opportunities to learn forever. It’s not for any who don’t enjoy service, participation, work, challenges, growth in carrying out of instructions from their Older Members(Heavenly Father(s)).

Do:Their vehicles met in 1972, Bonnie Nettles(Ti), female preemie nurse and Marshall AppleWHITE(Do), male music professor at Ti’s hospital while Do visited a male friend, over casual astrological talk to begin Their awakening.

~year before They met, Their lives encountered severe upheaval and personal confusion, later seen as the human body’s response to the entry of the minds from what they referred to as the Next Level or Physical Level Above Human.

Soon, Nettles, Astrologer and Theosopher and Applewhite, Presbyterian minister’s son, Army Communications and seminary dropout began a Christian Art’s Center in St.Thomas’ College in Houston where Applewhite was music professor.

They lost their space for teaching unorthodox ideas and before long everyone disliked who they were becoming together prompting their hurried departure from Houston on January 1, 1973. Both left their former families behind.

Neither had anything in common and shared no physical attraction but both felt a strong personal relationship with their Heavenly Father, so they sought to learn more about why they felt so drawn to be together.

After ~6 weeks in painful, soul searching isolation in Bourne, TX, they consciously recognized they were sent from space to do a task that had something to do with Bible, an update in understanding, and prophecy fulfillment.

Some of this is taken from Do’s writings. Some think He manufactured facts to match prophecy, yet here He actually said, “almost six weeks”, while I was tempted to say 40 days to be more prophetically correct, which I caught.

This is a prime example of the ease to skewing facts which is a Luciferian influenced motif operandi as seen throughout human behavior and historic records while Kingdom of God members work hard to keep core facts(truths) accurate.

Another example of how Do sought NOT to tailor Their actions to customary spiritual lore, was when we were fasting on maplesyrup lemonade and had us break the fast after 39 days instead of 40 to not be spiritually correct.

Their more in-depth awakening occurred over several months while camping on the Rogue River near Gold Beach, Oregon. While there they came to believe they were the Two Witnesses mentioned in the Book of Revelations Chapter 11.

Rev 11:3-4 I will give power to my two witnesses who prophesy 1260 days, clothed in sackcloth(plain not fancy appearing). These are THE TWO olive trees/candlesticks standing before the God of the earth.

1/1/73 began Their prophesy ending mid June 76’=~1260 days. Kingdom of God gives these as estimates and flex according to human responses. Zacharia’s angel visit reveals who these TWO Olive trees/Lampstands are.

A Lampstand is a container, what Ti and Do called their vehicle, the human body suit of clothes they chose to wear for this task. The Olive tree(branch) is Their membership in Kingdom of God. Olive Oil=HOLY SPIRIT/MIND all members share.

Their effort/sacrifice (because they don’t have to do it) is the fuel in Their Lamp providing the GATEWAY into Kingdom of God when students Overcome, GIVE THEIR LIVES. Zec 4:14 These are anointed(Christ) ones, that stand by Earth’s Lord.

Even so, few Christians seem to consider The Two Witnesses=The “Second Coming of CHRIST(s)”. Wasn’t Jesus always referring to himself with his Father(visible or not)? Why would he come back without the Father the next time?

Perhaps it’s assumed the Father will come invisibly, but these Two Witnesses are BOTH CHRISTS according to Zecharia’s Angel and the Angel that’s giving this “revelation” to John Apostle of Jesus collaborates, plus:

Joh 14:23 …my Father will love him, and WE WILL COME to him, and MAKE OUR ABODE WITH him. Abode=dwelling/home(mansions) not an etheric presence, a HUGE INDICATOR He returns with His FATHER but there’s much more to come.

“Mat 26:64 …Hereafter shall ye see the Son of man sitting on the right hand of power and coming BY the clouds of heaven.” Speaking to those who put his vehicle to death, Jesus is projecting to some future time.

To sit at someone’s right hand is to be Their fully dedicated servant, thus He was speaking of their seeing Him with His Father identified by characterisitcs of having Strength/Power, more EVIDENCE the Father comes with Him.

How could all who killed Him see Him again unless it’s referring to their genetic offspring or they are saved(belief required). Rev 1:7… he cometh with clouds; and every eye shall see him, and they also which pierced him.

Another bad translation to say those who “pierced him” would see his return. Wasn’t that just one centurion? The word used more accurately could have been translated as those who”put him out”( rejected or killed Him).

Now to SEE is equally translated as visual and/or with understanding of what’s being seen. As visible alone, that could be seeing a TV or internet report. Understanding what we SEE and Belief don’t go hand in hand with our vision.

Thus the saying Jesus often used, “for those with eyes/ears to see/hear”.Also in translation:English word:HIM in Greek:autos can equally be THEM, SHE or IT, thus by translators prerogative readers can be greatly misled.

There’s lots more to say and illustrate, while there are many discarnates(dead humans) who don’t want any to consider it further. You are NOT those discarnates UNLESS you let them dominate you. You are the decider!

II. Two Witnesses Father Jesus Ti Do  Evidence of Prophecy Fulfilled

1975:Do wrote Statement 1 which Ti and Do mailed to Billy Graham, many preachers and new age centers resulting in an invite to talk to a LA meditation group. To Their surprise ~12 asked to follow Them.Ti and Do reluctantly agreed.

Til then, They had few who believed in Them as They criss crossed the US and Canada spreading information They were given. They called Their offering Human Individual Metamorphosis(HIM) describing the Overcoming Process.

Overcoming was kin to outgrowing human mammalian behavior and ways. A catepillar decides in their way to isolate themselves in the cocoon they spin where their physical body transforms into a new creature with a new environment.

The metamorphic process has it’s parallel in the human biological kingdom though requires multiple trimester like, OM’s hands on midwifing experiences for Souls to acheive their spirit birth aka harvest/graduation.

This is where the idea of reincarnation came from but it doesn’t apply to every human being unless the LAH is orchestrating the saving of a soul for their next trimester. Every human body generates a spirit body of it’s own.

The LAH are providers of MIND/Spirit based SEED that stimulates the growth of a new container termed a Soul that holds Their quality(HOLY) Spirit. SEED is given to specific humans who in their way ASK to serve the Kingdom of God.

Thus the only humans that have a potential future in the KoH are those that ASK and receive the soul seed and keep it alive by asking for more while implementing the baby steps provided to new Souls by the Kingdom of God.

Asking and offering the Kingdom of God service and implementing the steps is according to Ti like a piano role or Old MacDonald’s farm. After we assimilate one step we get the next while continuing to sing the previous notes.

Humans can’t be trusted to provide next steps. If they don’t have totally new terms that relate to the last OMs’ records they’re human.I am providing what TiDo said with evidence of it’s relationship to what Jesus/Moses said/did.

Spirits from dead humans don’t return as they never left, though according to their beliefs while in body stay around and influence the living to their programming often including being content to be dead for various reasons.

Some humans have a large contingent of spirit influences that combined do bring them a greater presence than those with less. However the spirit from that human host vehicle at death is no greater than any other.

Only a small group of Souls thrive and few graduate. When seen, these wouldn’t seem special as they lose their ego, spirit helpers and otherwise normal human desires to become pure as a child dependent only on their parenting OM.

Ti and Do didn’t try to look holy, pious, religious or spiritual by their clothing, talk, manner or other’s expectations of how they should be. They were plain and simple in appearance and demeanor like the “sackcloth” in Rev. 11.

When real members from the LAH come they have new terminology because they have NEW things to share; “Joh 16:12 I have yet many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now.”

False prophets only have what the records state with slight variances of interpretation.They don’t know anything new and can’t invent new, more descriptive terms because they don’t have a clue what something totally new looks like.

False prophets including most religio-spiritual leaders of all sects rant, rave, heap burdens on others OR require NOTHING while elevating themselves touting all forms of lifestyle from abundance to asceticism as worship.

Perhaps One of their greatest faults would be their positioning themselves as the judge of what others should take notice of OR NOT, directly declaring their judgement as authority and they are actually among the least to SEE.

If these want to please God, no matter the name they say they call out to, then they will step down from such leadership and instead join with their congregations to examine EVERYTHING thoroughly while letting people decide.

Between tasks performed by the OM’s even the false prophets are used to spread the Next Level information though it’s Mystified. However the Kingdom of God removes the veils for those that ask, to help Their own returnee students.

Part of the confusion surrounding a “Second Coming” is because more than one manifestation was in store by more than one person and for different prospective grads. LAH always operates in crews with an OM partnership at the helm.

Older Members(OM) at the helm are HANDS ON TASK PARTNERS in this 3rd trimester in the overall graduation of the older students. After they leave, as just occurred, it’s the opportunity for others to move up a school grade.

Here’s a popular record many Christians use to describe a “Second Coming” followed by my evaluation and it’s pertinence with Ti and Do. Ti and Do never layed this out for us though are direct originators of all major points.

1Th 4:16-17 Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout with voice of archangel and trump of God and dead in Christ shall rise 1st Then we who are alive and remain shall be caught up with them in/by/with clouds to meet in the air.

Lord Himself descends is Gr. autos, Herself/THEIRself equally translated as:MasterS THEMselves arrive/fall/are sent from KoH with a SHOUT=URGENT INCITE by archangel(Do)’s Voice delivery with Kingdom of God(Ti)’s Trump=BreathOfLife=HOLYMIND.
This translation is ALL from the Greek. Do did 99% of the talking and ranked himself a Captain and called Ti His Admiral.Ti said she came to “get you(Do) started”, reason why she exited her body earlier in a way to test students.
A shout is a LOUD SIGNAL: Crashed spacecrafts hit the news globally. The SPEECH follows as The TWO begin their public prophecy bringing witness of the Kingdom of God which also is broadcast far and wide globally as the UFO TWO.
Mar 13:25 And the starships of heaven shall drop from position and the tasks from the heavens shall begin. 10 yrs into TiDo’s classroom They began to suspect the Roswell and Aztec+ crashs were planned by the LAH.

Mar 13:26-27 And then shall they see the Son of (hu)man coming by spacecraft with a miraculous task .The humans see someone like themselves, a human.Then he sends his workers and shall gather together his elect from 4 winds.

This was accomplished by TiDo sending out Their students/angels (dead in christ trying to graduate into LAH) all over new Judea mostly US, with global media, to attract horses from all over globe to match returnee grad. Souls.

Later Ti said she remembered THE BRIEFING ON BOARD A SPACECRAFT before They came and there were some with bodies and many without in the craft.The first crash was in Aurora, TX (state where Ti and Do met) in 1898 with 1 body found(Ti).

The dead in Christ are those that died laying seed by telling others of Jesus.They were WILLING TO LOSE THEIR PHYSICAL LIFE FOR Kingdom of God providing them a new flesh opportunity and when they OVERCOME a spirit birth into Kingdom of God.

Rise=stand up for/abide/remain. “Mar 12:25 when they RISE FROM THE DEAD they don’t marry but are as angels which are in heaven”. The angels ONLY abide IN the branch(Do/Jesus) that abides in the vine(Ti/Father/Kingdom of God).

Those who are alive(still connected) AND abide(literally stay with OM in mind and body) will be taken into the invisible Earth atmospheric spacecraft.(paradise=gr. paradeisos(Kingdom of God’s grand enclosure)) for next assignment.

All who think they’ll see Jesus in the clouds as they physically ascend up to him are duped along with space (Rae)aliens and many New Agers. DRAMA, Fiction, status quo and success are all huge draws away from Kingdom of God’s program and reality!

There’s lots to come on Ti Do and the significant evidence in scripture that they might have well been the Two (Christs) Witnesses plus what we can expect to come and whether or not we each want to ASK Them what’s next for us.

III. Two Witnesses Father Jesus Ti Do  The graft to the Older Member

Many Christians suggest the TWO WITNESSES are some combo of:Enoch, Moses and Elijah. Ti said all those were tasks performed by one Soul, including the one called Jesus but last called Do. Ti was the Lord/Father each time.

Ti never said She was Lord/Father and neither put on airs/garb. Do said He experienced how She(the Soul that took over the vehicle Nettles) was His OM/Father.Uncontrived, each witnessed of the other’s station, not of themselves.

Characteristic of OM’s of Kingdom of God are to BE EXAMPLES of who They are rather than trying to play a religio-spiritual facsimile part. “Joh 5:31-32 If I bear witness of myself, my witness is not true…another bears witness of me.”

This is a huge proof of authenticity. In fact everything Jesus said and did was prophetically identifying the mindset of His promised return along with all the many updates and new perspectives Ti and Do brought.

Ti told Their students they needed to “graft” to Do as our OM/Father. It was a matter of having a “viable birth” into Kingdom of God. The process is two fold and absolutely requires the OM’s physical presence though it starts with belief.

Both parts of the process go hand in hand, starting with cleansing, also termed Baptism, washing one’s robe. They don’t do it for us. They demonstrate HOW which is tricky to navigate, thus Their NEEDED physical presence.

For the record, Do, through a student essay said belief in Ti and Do plus service in sharing that belief with others and accepting the ramifications could get a Soul saved for a future opportunity to move towards their Soul birth.

Some of what’s important to share is the formula for that birth so the human gnome will have some record passed on to provide a subconscious recognition when the same info is shared again by an OM. Here’s more of that:

Naturally it does entail “washing one’s own brain” of all that would stand in the way, which is most all our humaness, roots, sense of self importance (ego), thus the formula is always to “walk out the door of one’s life”.

The facsimile of this created by the “lower forces” of the planet, Luciferian types, in and out of a physical body but executed largely through living humans is RELIGION as a profession where the reality of the Kingdom of God distorts.

Though for those Souls that did have a physical relationship with an OM, upon the next OM’s arrival these are brought back to interface with a matching of their experience prepared human “horse”, thus recognize their shepherd.

The recognition is also in knowing what NOT to commit to while thirsting for what they subconsciously know is worthy to seek. Ti and Do said it’s not what we get into while in this world, it’s what we get out of.

Since my vehicle would seem to be an example of a “horse” prepped for a returnee Saint to cohabitate with, to advance their prospective Soul birth that I, the mind/soul of the horse chose to permit, here’s an example:

When I was 19 and had my first girlfriend whom I became sexually active with. When she missed her period I was so freaked by the prospect of a pregnancy that I ceased having intercourse with her for the next 4+ years together.

Most young people would simply use better protection. I have more examples but consider this: “Mat 24:19 woe to them that are with child, and to them that give suck in those days!” Actually I suspect this applies more to now.

“Mat 22:30 in the resurrection they neither marry, nor are given in marriage, but are as the angels of God in heaven.” Marriage then assumed procreation thus in my subconscious genetic mind I didn’t want to have children.

The larger picture is what we commit ourselves to. This only applies when an OM is physically present to offer one’s next step. Then,  if we have children, they can’t join. Ti and Do explained this at the Waldport, OR meeting.

Overcoming the world under the tutoring of an OM is for adults only, another sign of authenticity of Ti and Do from Kingdom of God. When they shared this I recall a woman in the rear of the meeting shouting to Ti and Do, “you should be shot”.

That’s not to say, should we have a child when an OM comes we could not join. It would be extra hard to leave that child though Ti and Do would never condone leaving a child with o care but said the Kingdom of God would provide special help.

In fact, a mother and step-dad who had two young children did join from that Waldport meeting. I was one of their friends. They arranged for their real dad who lived nearby to take them. However, neither stayed with Ti and Do long.

However, it was that event that first brought the police and media to the story in Sept. 75′. Apprx. 27 people joined from that Waldport meeting which made global headlines.

Most prepped see organized religion as lacking and leave it or become spiritual or atheist in various forms which can be steps too unless they get stuck in success ruts that to maintain filter out challenges of such success.

That’s not to say religious affiliations/loyalties, beliefs and practices are all negatives unless they become the reason to judge others (as they often do) and ultimately to ignore or miss the promised return of the genuine Kingdom of God.

This is not to say people now have missed the “second coming” as it’s still in progress. Many believed in Jesus after he left as that was their time. All can not be in the same grade in school at the same time.

Ti and Do were criticized as having a hodge podge of beliefs/practices. All we know began with the Kingdom of God and has become quite distorted but all things can covert to success for those that ask Ti and Do(Kingdom of God) for help to overcome their limits.

Ti and Do said early on that if they met someone who told them more than they knew to be true, they would stay with them as long as they were being fed from them. Genuine OM’s feed their younger members and prospects indefinitely.

So the 1st part of the graft with OM present is to detach from the past:”Mat 19:29 everyone that’s forsaken homes, siblings, mom, dad, wife, children, lands FOR MY NAME’S SAKE shall receive 100 fold and shall inherit everlasting life”.

“FOR MY NAME’S SAKE” (as for KoH’s sake) are huge key phrases as if it’s not FOR HIM personally as rep of KoH/God the effect is often detrimental as most times we are doing it to elevate our SELF though can realize it later.

That’s not to say, when OM is not present we can give up on self discipline/restraint and self improvement and even doing so with Their reality in mind, as all our efforts for Kingdom of God’s sake – living by the rules They gave are crutial.

What we overcome NOW makes it easier to repeat when we are “saved” to be brought back for a next chance to reach for eventual graduation while training our vehicle’s genetic code to be a future match for our soul’s return.

The crucial 2nd part when OM is present is to begin to give all our attention/affection, love, thoughts to our OM instead of all our previous outlets which becomes manifest through service(works), the real “worship”.

It sounds dictatorial but it’s anything but. It’s a training program for a select mission, like a God swat team. If the Captain can’t trust those enlisting to service, They can’t use them for Their missions.

They don’t want to give someone the kind of power some can have over others unless they know that person is loyal to the overall program to include appreciating the OM that midwifed them through their Soul birth canal.

Where it is far different from human military is in the ways and behaviors of the Captain (Do/Jesus, etc.). OM’s are extraordinary in warmth, kindness, honesty, gentleness, directness, consideration, overview and even fun plus.

Mind you, this isn’t a holiday though. They require our giving our best which they expect to grow, thus coming up to standards is challenging but like any team we begin to thrive on being a “right hand worker”.

Those who are rebellious or oversensitive to receiving criticism will have OM patience to change such self limiting ways OR they can leave the program anytime despite what the lower forces driven media have implied of Ti and Do.

A big part of overcoming is keeping the demons out of our heads. At this point a demon is virtually anything or one that could influence our quitting. We learn to have impeccable thought/eye/ear, etc. control.

“Luk 14:26 If any man come to me and hate not his parents, spouse, children, siblings and his OWN LIFE ALSO and who does not bear his cross and come after me, can’t be my disciple.” We HATE all influences away from Kingdom of God membership.

Bearing one’s cross is related to one’s first task of spreading the new information when few can or want to hear it, while many are offended by or fearful of thus disciples are hated as was their OM’s before them.

As strange as it seems, We cultivate our graft to our OM by “using our OM’s mind rather than our own”. That simply means doing something the way the OM would do it regardless whether we think it can be done better.

I know well how that sounds cultish and certainly the Luciferians instigate the same things with all humans in degrees – adhering to any guru, teacher, pastor, pope, mullah, rabbi, president or general’s guidance for our choices.

It’s not Luciferian in the way it’s been Hollywood illusionized as has also occurred with Godliness. Looking to another as one’s leader is a way to begin to learn the first stages of eventually forming that graft to an OM.

However, the human’s being served often end up among the biggest losers in their full potential when the OM comes in the flesh again (resurrection=stand up and be “born” again).

John the Baptist is a great example.He knew the Christ was yet to come and told his disciples to ask Jesus if he was the one. He also told his disciples re: Jesus : “Joh 3:30 He must increase, but I must decrease.”

Anyone can begin their formula today by beginning to ask Ti and Do for opportunity to be on Their team. They with Their crew are still very much alive and will help you with all your hurdles as long as you ask. More to come…

IV. Two Witnesses Father Jesus Ti Do  Resurrection Ascension Rapture Rev 12 Woman

Meanings and Diifferences in terms: Resurrection, Regeneration, Ascension, Rapture are all shrouded in mystery to date. I guarantee no group of humans are going to be taken up physically into the sky to meet Jesus.

I never heard Ti and Do say this but I suspect the Soul who took the vehicle called Aaron performed the task of Helper to Moses and then to Elijah as Elisha and then to Jesus as John the Baptist though I could be wrong about that.

I say that knowing, it’s the way of the Next Level(Kingdom of God) to provide tasks to prospective younger members if they are so inclined as Ti, as the Father provided to Do, as Jesus.

“Rev 12:5 she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron: and her child was caught up to God and to his throne”. This demonstrates the Father(Ti/Woman) giving birth to the Son (Do/man).

But the fact that Souls come back is throughout the Bible’s Old/New Testement and it’s often seen in a distorted way thanks to the Luciferian Space Aliens, descendants of dropout Souls from Kingdom of God schooling and discarnates.

The term Resurrection means to “stand up again” different from ascension.Many Christians think they’ll experience the same thing and may in time over several life chances IF THEY DO AS HE DID,  OVERCOME and lay it down for HIM.

The Kingdom of God chose that demonstration to offer the needed sign to those that were largely unconvinced of who Jesus really was. Jesus was clear about this being something reserved for those that came FROM HEAVEN.

“Joh 3:13 no man hath ascended up to heaven, but he that came down from heaven, even the Son of man which is [from] heaven”. So how did Christians ever think their decayed bodies would physically ascend out of the graves?

It’s that old trick of advertising. Certain people publish it and because of their power over some media it becomes common. Such is propogated by Luciferian renegade Souls seeking to brainwash humans to do their bidding.

But it also provides an excuse to believe no Kingdom of God exists and it seperates the true sheep (seeded seekers) from the goats. Which mind you NO HUMANS CAN DISCERN/JUDGE of another at any point, though they try.

It gives people a false sense/hope of what’s required to reap said rewards with little to no effort, called religion, the reasons why there is so much hypocricy, superstitions. assumptions and misguided confidence among members.

“Joh 5:28 the hour is coming when all in graves shall hear his voice and shall come forth;they who’ve: done good to resurrection of life and done evil to resurrection of damnation” This is a genetic STAND UP FLESH BIRTH AGAIN.
All humans (including human equivilent space aliens) are simply leaves on their home planetary tree. A baby human is a new leaf. The seed/egg combo programaticaly instructs the subconscious development of each new leaf.

1Pe 1:24 all flesh is as grass and all the glory(light) of man as the flower of grass. The grass withers and the flower falls away. When the body(grass) dies Spirit(flower/Mind/fruit) seperates and some are saved by the Kingdom of God.

The sperm carries the content of the current psyche(mindset/spirit) while the egg the basic physiology(body/vehicle). When Kingdom of God sends OM’s and Crew(a Father and a Son and holy Spirits(Angels) They make an huge impression on all.

Each new leaf carries the accumulated experience of all it’s ancestoral leaves rooted in the overall branch/trunk/roots, a repeated seeding of flesh (in-carn(al)ation) or re-surrection (stand up, abide/live) again.

The Spirit of each dead human generally stays around the tree they were created from and is a programmatic object that outputs thought form data to living host human vehicles together forming the literal mind of the planet.

Ti and Do never suggested the planet itself is a living individual entity (as some new agers build up/hype in books) as compared to humans, except in how all the elements are foundational to all life form systems.

In Hindu records this Earth “mind” is termed the Akaschic Record.It’s the frequency based spirit world/database thus the debate over terms is a Luciferian attempt to divide potential believers but seperates us accordingly.

There is little doubt that most if not all religions and philosophies have degrees of truth in their origin, whether that was during this current Earth civilization or from a previous one and likewise the same distortions.

“Joh 10:16 And other sheep I have, which are not of this fold: them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice; and there shall be one fold, and one shepherd.” Ti and Do said some core Buddist teachings were from Kingdom of God.

There is evidence that the other fold Jesus spoke of may be reflected in the characteristics of the Maitreya. Mind you, this is NOT the popularized use of the term, as several use to date: Creme and Rael for instance.

Both of these and many others are often unknowingly pawns and false prophets of certain Luciferian Space Aliens that select a few things Jesus said, for instance and/or misinterpret some to build their case which fools many.

However, the term Resurrection is also used to indicate the standing up again of the Souls chosen by the Kingdom of God to return for next lesson step as they must take over a prepared leaf, a flesh container to further grow within.

Jesus indicates this will happen in the last hour(~40 yr period human time) when His voice is heard by all who are brought back. Time periods are approx. as the Kingdom of God can change according to the choices made by Their plants.

And though upon return His voice(mind) is again expressed, always a human communication experience whether though eyes or ears those listening will hear and choose to respond or not.

The choice is whether to appeal to the Kingdom of God for a continuence of their tree or the natural cyclic result of it’s discontinuence. The term GOOD is essentially speaking of FUNCTIONAL from the Kingdom of God Gardeners perspective.

The tree produces useful fruit or not. If not, it’s recycle time. If it does, it’s preserved as genetic seed for next planting and the Soul seed they planted and survived is put on “ice” so to speak which for some includes tasks.

The genetic seed “inherits the earth”. These are those that Jesus termed “meek” which are the peaceful, kind, gentle most giving leaves. The Kingdom of God will perserve some of this seed for re-seeding(generating) the Earth.

It’s preserved IF it’s functional to the overall mission to do so. The mission is to offer membership to the Soul seeds planted into the human tree to sprout leaves that seek to produce fruit: new members to Kingdom of God.

Just like flesh evolves, spirit generated from the interface of Kingdom of God mind with flesh evolves but nothing happens without conscious design and direction by the Kingdom of God crew assigned the Earth garden current civilization development.

“Joh 3:5 … Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the Kingdom of God(Kingdom of God)”. The Luciferians diluted this process into a club membership called “born again” fooling many.

The flesh becomes the cocoon absolutely needed to transition to a spirit/soul birth into Kingdom of God. Why, because it provides the overcoming of mammalian challenge with the building of faith in OM needed for a viable soul birth.

But what of:”Joh 11:25 Jesus said, I am the resurrection and the life: he that believes in me though he were dead shall live”. He is the “door”, the gateway, the LINK in chain of mind, Pipes for the flow of Next Level Mind.

Belief is a degree of trust and MUST grow to Faith, not fearing the changes that must come and the work needed to be worthy to reap that promised reward of LIFE. By saying, “I”, he is saying you can’t bypass me and get the reward.

The same is true today. Since the FatherandSon came back incarnate as Tiand Do, talking to Jesus demonstrates not recognizing and trusting the way those same words/mind/behavior/ways are expressed in a new package:Do.

It’s amazing how many Christians will only listen to someone IF they speak Christian-ese language, even Old English, just like many Jews still think the messiah must come and blow shofar on the temple mount in Jerusalem.

The Jews missed the literal translation of what that shofar meant. It was an annoucement – a declaration, a call to the battle of Mind over matter, our Soul/Spirit/Mind/Will over the body and it’s instinctual needs and desires.

Didn’t Jesus make a loud and clear announcment in Jerusalem as prophesized yet those entrenched into religion and/or human forms of success chose not to consider Him. It wasn’t really their fault.They weren’t prepared to change.

Thus their “leaves” died and no flowers came from them. They received whatever value they got from their lifetime. However, when Jesus left as he did and stood up again with his same vehicle, it shocked all those who witnessed it.

Shocked so much that all who talked about it were outlawed and sought out by whoever was easily Luciferian driven which was their ticket to show Kingdom of God they’d received some of Their Mind through Father/Jesus to die in service.

“Mat 7:21 Not everyone that says to me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into KoH; but he that does the will of my Father”=Feed His sheep!

Many Chistians think Jesus return must occur in the same Palestine/Israel area though Jesus said: “Mat 21:43 The Kingdom of God shall be taken from you, and given to a nation(people) bringing forth the fruits thereof”, USA is it.

Do actually said that Israel really meant, “the overcomers”, those who were willing to follow the Kingdom of God’s instructions that set them apart from the herds of wild humans that by pressing through challenges with force succeed.

How many times and ways does the Kingdom of God express this required overcoming process to gain entrance to the Kingdom of God.It doesn’t happen by one human life experience. Leaps of faith that extend belief/trust in OM’s are always in store.

“Mat 19:28… ye which have followed me, in the regeneration(recycling period) when the Son of man shall sit in the throne of his glory, ye also shall sit upon 12 thrones, judging the 12 tribes of Israel.”

Here Jesus is speaking to his 12 graduate students. Having a throne means having conquered/overcome their mammalian humaness FOR their Captain/OM thus they ALSO become the overseers of upcoming graduates.

“Rev 20:4 I saw thrones and they sat upon them and judgment was given to them: and I saw the souls of them beheaded for the witness of Jesus and for the word of God and hadn’t worshipped the beast neither received his mark on foreheads.

or in their hands and they lived and reigned with Christ a 1000 yrs.” A throne is a graduates seat, thus 12 graduated into membership in Kingdom of God that gives among other rewards a new body with everlasting life and new tasks.

Next John sees another group who died in witness to Jesus and Kingdom of God’s Word but who don’t work for(worship) human(beast) and accept no  marks.These are harvested but not yet rewarded with a throne but to THEIR next best service.
That service remains in the Earth environment, working out of the invisible Kingdom of God spacecraft termed paradise with their assigned OM on follow up and setup of the new lesson ground, following a planetary recycling.

This represents those in the 1st Resurrection, in this context having been harvested(saved) to a future while all others perish and come back as new leaves of the genetic human tree while some who went against Kingdom of God pay dearly.

Rapture is another distortion that began in earnest with Luciferian’s taking over Saul of Tarsus. 1st off:”WE” is a BIG ASSUMPTION: 1Th 4:17 Then WE which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds…

Doesn’t this look like country club religion we see all over the world.Live a decent life adoring some saviour=reward of Heaven? Where does leave all behind, deny self, take up cross, follow him, overcome and clean our robes fit?

Any discerning eye will look at ALL Jesus said and have to come away with knowing that any talk of belief IS ONLY A FIRST STEP. Sure unless you take it, you don’t get to step 2+, but rewards only comes to those who PRESS forward.

However, this record of Paul’s experience had some accuracy but it’s strictly in a “spiritual” context. Meeting the Lord in the air would have been better termed, “in spirit”, which is simply being saved for step 2+.

Plus what is most likley the best definition of “we who are ALIVE”? Was it a Jesus definition of being ALIVE=His disciple, thus trying to “deny self, take up our cross and follow him”. Now it seems Paul did take up his cross.

But he couldn’t follow someone he never even knew and wasn’t physically there, except by following His teachings, which Paul only would have known by getting it 2nd hand at best, which is still good, but limited.

Paul didn’t know that Jesus was advancing a particular flock of souls while introducing first steps to all else through talking parables. Paul was a first timer who thought himself equivilent to those who were returnees.

V. Two Witnesses Father Jesus Ti Do  vs Luciferians

Luciferian space aliens are the biggest contributors to why humans do; deceitful and terrible things to others even in the name of a religion’s “god” while portraying a membered Creator’s Kingdom of God non-existent.

Luciferians are Kingdom of God renegade souls and their human offspring who work for(worship) and have prime allegiance to MAMMON, putting confidence/trust in wealth/money, technology and humans and aliens who personify it.

They are people that physically circulate in near space and/or underground with ancestors from Earth or another planet.When they die as all humans their soul or spirit image remains and continues to operate as they believed before.

Spirits can’t change. If not saved by Kingdom of God they eventually dissolve to a less individual energy form. Souls who began as Kingdom of God seed and became renegades become new Luciferian fertilizer stock for the next soul garden civilization.

Mat 22:44 The LORD said to my Lord, Sit thou on my right hand, till I make thine enemies thy footstool?Ti and Do said each student was assigned an adversary(Satan), thus ones enemy is ones ticket to growth and graduation.

Luciferians have some thinking there are no supreme creator beings(Kingdom of God), only random self evolving reactions to random stimulus. Others moreorless have the same illusion but call it spirituality and believe in a Universal Mind.

Many believe this is the power that generates everything and that by their intention to co-create they do, termed a collective consciousness, thus a neat idea that puts them on the top of the heap feeling fulfilled and holy.

Then there are the traditional illusions that say this or that religious PRACTICE yields closeness to the creator God while yet another group thinks some savior set us up to become gods merely by belief in Him alone.

Joh 14:12 …He that believes in me shall do the work I do and more work because I am going to my Father.Joh 14:15 If ye love me, keep my commandments. Working for the Kingdom of God is serving Their will and yields new fruit(believers).

If we say we believe but fear it’s demonstration, what kind of belief is it? So what were His commandments? “Mar 12:30… love the Lord God with all thy heart, soul, mind and strength and love your neighbor as yourself.

In this passage the word love=Hebrew:agab meaning:to breathe after, i.e. to love (sensually):–dote, lover.To dote is to show excessive fondness or love:parents who dote on their only child.Is giving our ALL to God doting?

How many people in any time period would consider giving their all to anyone excessive, let alone someones idea of God? The Kingdom of God doesn’t expect any mammalian based creatures could easily come to that degree of giving.

Thus the Kingdom of God tells us the truth about what we are shooting for and then helps us rise to the occasion gradually at our pace and when an OM from the Kingdom of God is present physically incarnate that pace is stepped up considerably.

But to think, well, I can’t give my all, so I guess it’s not for me is an excuse.I know! I used it in 2000 having been out of the group by then for 5 yrs. except for my willingness to go before the public/international media.

When they laid down their physical human vehicles in 1997 my partner was 5 months pregnant with my seed and though I had nothing against Ti and Do or the group, as I left because I wasn’t ready, with fright I went before NY media.

Easter Sunday I was in the 60 Minutes studio, then Larry King, Geraldo, BBC, MSNBC, ABC and more, yet I had no desire to restart a discipleship.Over the next 5 yrs I had dreams galore, premonitions and signs from Do and students.

I later reasoned that because I demonstrated still feeling connected and supportive, they were willing to give me another chance. I resisted but inside still loved Them so I engaged them and asked for signs and got them.

Finally I said to them in my head, as remember they were all invisible, that I couldn’t leave my partner and daughter to which I felt the answer come back as “fine, that’s not necessary now”. I heard no words then but agreed.

The next 5 yrs was facing the challenge of how, when, what and where I could serve them. I asked questions and received dream in person answers from Do, from Ti, from several students. I’m still trying to increase my service.

Ti and Do were never dictatorial in any way shape or form.They love their students. Last night I had a dream:Ti was riding in the back seat with Jstody(laid down his life in 1997) driving and I next to him and it was wonderful!!

Now a more accurate term for “commandments” from Ti and Do was “instructions”. They just want to be able to depend on/trust us with tasks, jobs, work, service thus they increase the standards every time they come.

and every time those who are glued to the old standards, namely the most religious hate any hint that they are not giving enough, which includes changing their mind, how they think and act, the real meaning of repentance.

Though the key to “works” is who you are working for and whether you are doing what they have asked you to do for them.When the OM is not physically incarnate, like now, as Jesus said to Peter, “[if you love me]FEED MY SHEEP”

Up until this time, that would mean telling people of ALL the things in the records that Jesus said. But Now there’s more to add to it in what Ti and Do said. That’s the instruction for those who want to be on Their team now!

Another group think when they die in an aware state they then become free and choose to help mankind arrive at the place that got them their freedom to float around endlessly.

What they all have in common is an aversion to considering a kingdom of physical above human people working hard to create our reality whom we absolutely need to ASK help from and apply their responses to have extended LIFE.

But there’s still a brief window where anyone can change their mind/allegiance and still have chance to change their chosen fate. As strange as it sounds that means changing to a belief in and service to Ti and Do, Father and Son.

Belonging to a religious or spiritual group, of any size, attending services, surrounding self with it’s paraphernalia and/or rituals, terminology, tithing and even helping others doesn’t mean you’re serving the true Kingdom of God.

Having praise from humans and talking like you’re godly or becoming a monk or nun and equivalent in non-christian terms has little bearing on your real connectedness to Kingdom of God.Reciting stock verbiage and repetitions is meaningless.

Singing psalms or meditating and sending light, peace and love to others is nice but of little value to YOUR connectedness to Kingdom of God. Preaching/evangelizing has value when it’s in between Kingdom of God representative incarnations but…

…when a new rep incarnates becomes moot and especially when the terminology and context has been all but lost in poor translations. Most preachers talk Paul and if they quote Jesus they limit sermons to His taming teachings.

They avoid like the plague all His challenging teachings as they don’t understand how they can be from Jesus.The Luciferians are responsible for all the illusions mentioned of being on some “path” to godliness/enlightenment.

Don’t get me wrong, this criticism doesn’t apply to everyone and going to services and all can be the only way we know to feel God’s presence in an increasingly difficult world with concerns for the disregard of God’s commandments.

Ti and Do on rare occasion took us, their students to a church service and when They did were totally respectful of others beliefs. Do spoke a bit about still feeling humbled and awe struck by a tall cathedral’s atmosphere.

No one is faulted for engaging in religious and/or spirituality nor atheism but once the truth is revealed to them, they are being tested whether or not they can recognize the “voice” behind the words as from the Kingdom of God.

Joh 15:22 If I hadn’t come and spoken to them, they’d not missed the mark: but now they have no cloak for their missing the mark. “Luk 12:48 …For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required…”

So if this speaks to you, I suggest digging into learning all Ti and Do said and bring them up to others as it feels right. Ask Ti and Do to lead you to those that might be thirsty and for what to say and then give it your best shot.

All manner of responses are possible. It’s not your job to judge or give ultimatums or to say all you could. Let them pull more from you and always point them to establishing their own relationship with Ti and Do.

Those who are teaching anything against the One True Kingdom of God will not have an easy time and their physical death isn’t their worst karma/consequence largely because many have had many chances to know better.

That’s not a threat, nor in my capacity to judge another and I don’t know how they will reap their karma and when. Perhaps being forced underground due to Earth changes while not losing their physical body is their karma.

For any that escape the planets upcoming recycling by going underground, I imagine after supplies are exhausted by 1000 yrs of no natural light, healthy food, fresh air or uplifting companionship it would be a torturous life.

Even if certain life extension technologies worked for a while, as Rael’s space aliens said they had and could live 700 yrs by, while creating robots for all their pleasures, who would want that life?

Then again, that would be achieving what in the human kingdom is “PET” status. They sit around and watch the grass grow until it’s time to die. I guess many do look forward to life like that. If so that’s their reward.

I keep hearing people expressing anger at God for allowing all the horrible things in the world but that’s like a 4 year old cursing their farmer parent for burning or letting rot the trees that don’t yield useful fruit.

I am not removed from feeling sad for even those who may be weeds but the best way we could really show our caring is to join the farmers ranks and help others see that the human kingdom was designed as a stepping stone.

Ti and Do said the human kingdom was not designed to work meaning it wasn’t supposed to become a utopia or heaven on Earth as some Christians and new agers think is coming.Being satisfied is a stagnant condition that many are in.

However, in today’s world, the weeds now run the surface of the garden rendering it an inhospitable LIFE growing environment. The 4th horse in Revelation 6 will be the next US/world leader and weed exterminator.

For instance look at how the FBI and other agencies are mounting sting operations. There are many angry people understandably combined with past persecutions of people of color, various ethnicity and classes.

The injustices are institutionalized and the leaders do what they want. Conspiracies are the rule and every angle is disguised to manipulate public opinion into either complacency and/or confusion and/or radical militarization.

The US is a powder keg. At any moment it could explode faster than it already is to justify further clamping down on any and all they suspect are not on their side. More on that and Rev 6 later.

Allegedly a group of space aliens told Stan Fulham they’d show themselves over major cities on October 13th 2010, which appears to have occurred as said over NYC. He said the space aliens said they have to save our planet.

So who is behind the so called Green save the planet movement most of all. The Luciferian Space Aliens who would much rather not be forced underground to survive. But do they really think they will change the planet’s course?

Well, perhaps and why not try if I was them right but why show themselves to the average folks in NYC and all over the planet more than ever? One reason would be because they NEED what living humans can offer them.

How much easier is it to capture someone by tricking them into believing they have your best interests at heart? Just listen to contactees like Alex Collier or Rael or Adamski or Fry or Meyers, on and on and on…

I’m not saying these people are conscious about their alien’s true agenda. Even this x-NORAD person Stan may or may not be in on what’s really going on, direct or indirect space alien or govt and/or both or not.

Space brothers they claim to be with human interest at heart. They say, humans are destroying the planet and it will affect them so they need to step in to stop it. Meanwhile many governments on Earth are of the same mindset.

Any wonder?Allegedly the Luciferian Space Aliens met with US military in 1979 at Holloman AFB and agreed to exchange their spacecraft technology for govt non-interference on their human abduction/hybridization programs.

To date here in 2010, this is why govts worldwide have stepped up all their programs of late to acquire monies for technology development in all life support directions:To fight, hide and/or escape what’s coming.

VI. Two Witnesses Father Jesus Ti Do  – Luciferian Space Aliens and Sexuality

Wars are all Luciferian Space Alien driven as resources are crutial to wealth and technology development and they’re desperate to escape the Earth and it’s immedieate vicinity where some have been imprisoned for millenium.

They don’t see themselves as imprisioned as that would imply someone else has power over them. But they do know there are other spacecrafts they’ve seen but don’t have the facility to monitor or interest to try.

Some of the Luciferian types had their origin in some previous Earth civilization, an example of which is recorded by Moses as the great flood and Noah’s experience. Ti and Do felt there certainly were previous civilizations.

Ti  told us that in 1974 when They were in a bookstore in Portland, OR Do encountered someone They considered to be under the influence of Lucifer who by simply a look challenged Do.Ti said he was Do’s rival.

I believe Do suggested  the encounter felt quite challenging. I believe Ti said it was the way of the Next Level, for overcomers to be assigned a formitable advasary that Do was battling AGAIN for his student’s sake.

When Billy Meyer recorded his encounters with Semjase and other’s who claimed to be from the Pleaides, he was told they sometimes saw spacecraft they didn’t recognize that would disappear before their eyes.

Alex Collier claiming to be a contactee and type of “savior” on behalf of the Andromidens said his contacts were aware in their historic records mention of some who orchestrated the development of their solar system.

When the Kingdom of God decides to start up yet another garden, however they orchestrate big bangs and such I suspect it would also entail creating a new highway from their current solar system to the new area to start the new garden.

In 1976 Ti and Do mentioned being aware of highways in the heavens and later that there were certain entry points to Earth. Imagine if Earth humans find such a highway and go exploring, they’d be the aliens.

In talking about Luciferian influence of humans, it’s important not to think we have the authority to eliminate them in any way except from our own head space, thoughts and actions by practice of blocking/willing them away.

I say this because of all the religious over millenium and to date judging others as Kingdom of God’s enemy and self authorizing mistreating and even killing many, a distortion and example of Luciferian slaves thinking they act in God’s name.

Joh 16:2 They shall put you out of synagogues: yea, the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will think he does God service. Luciferians support humans who have the most influence over others and try to hamper Kingdom of God efforts.

When Ti and Do sent us out to spread the WORD in 1975 and 1994 and to date, I and others were frequently ordered out of Christian churches. Those under Luciferian controls hate the truth, new terms and any challenge of their beliefs.

Virtually all humans are under some Luciferian influence, though those selected for seeding by Kingdom of God, by continuously asking are coached by Kingdom of God to recognize, overcome/conquer that Luciferian influence over them.

Armageddon is the war for souls allegience and the Luciferians are good at it, but IF WE ASK Kingdom of God through Their most current representatives(Ti and Do) for help, we get it and Luciferians really don’t stand a chance of winning.

I suspect for any that don’t know of Ti and Do the Kingdom of God still maintains a monitor of all those who ask for help using the name Jesus. I was in conversation with an x-priest who says he was abducted by space aliens.

He told me the only thing that seemed to work to thwart their control over him was when he confronted aliens with the name Jesus. I suspect the Kingdom of God/Next LAH crew monitoring us take that as a cue to disrupt the aliens control.

The Kingdom of God crew is engaged in helping bring the Ti and Do information to all who stand any chance of recognizing their shepherd’s voice, but when they’re given that chance if they don’t at some point pursue it, they lose it.

“Luk 19:26 …to every one which hath shall be given; and from him that hath not, even that he hath shall be taken away.” Joh 10:14 I am the good shepherd, and know my sheep, and am known of mine.

Alex Collier also reported from the Andromidans that they’d come through a worm hole and how some were only one way highways. That could explain why some aliens are stranded here and why they’d be desperate at this time.

If they are witnessing Earth changes they in their history find familiar yet can’t return they would feel pressed to advance their agenda’s timetable that might include coming out of hiding more and more.

This is yet another way the LAH can keep the renegade seed (Luciferians) away from any garden when they don’t want them there. Perhaps they would turn a 1 way highway into a 2 way highway or 1 way in the opposite direction.

I never meant to imply that there isn’t a real global warming but it’s typical Luciferian to have humans think they’re primarily responsible, but I know it won’t be stopped by humans or space aliens as Earth needs to recycle.

Another Luciferian strategy is to have their false prophets predict this or that date for an anticipated event like 2nd Coming or End of World and when it doesn’t happen it increases how many choose to think it’s ALL phony.

Some may wonder, if Luciferians are so able to fool so many, why does the Kingdom of God permit this. It’s because it challenges everyone and provides a sorting of who by their choice has some potential to grow further and who does not.

Those who still have some Kingdom of God mind will see through many Luciferian ways and/or will be troubled by what they witness, seeing hypocricies and grandeous generalities among religio-spiritual but prompting further truth search.

re: Green agenda – if it were honest it would be focusing on detoxing the environment entirely, not just of fossil fuels. That would mean closing down dependance on huge polluters of our environment, bodies and minds:

Culprits:Alchemists, the real witch doctors mixing the real deadly cocktails and using humans as guinea pigs.If toxins weren’t ever introduced to agribusiness we’d all be healthier longer with o all the pharmacutical dependancies.

Personal/Corporate greed and power mongering fostering huge military budgets to stimulate: weapons manufacturing, war promotions, resource raping, materialism addiction, murdering, deceiving thru advertising and propoganda.

It’s the Luciferians that look at human life as cheap and look at those who are lacking as lessor, as sheep to be used as they see fit, willing to sacrifice humans to acheive what they want, which most of all is to get off Earth.

Pushing a green agenda has advantages for Luciferians, promoting the idea there’s no Kingdom of God or end of cycle plan/reason and sets them up as gods to those Kingdom of God planted Souls and increases survivalist technology R and D to escape by.

They want souls to use for their foot soldiers to bring their distorted message to more to increase their sense of being gods. But they are really programmed robots whether discarnate or a leaf on their corruptible vine.

Since humans can’t see them or interface with them much if at all, when humans have certain thoughts come as if with a loudspeaker due to a slightly increased energy, having once had some Kingdom of God mind/info, it feels revelational.

Thus we hear that Bush felt God gave him a mission or that this or that political leader had a revelation from God and/or Jesus. Hitler called it “providence”.Many say Jesus gave them a revelation.Of course it’s a Luciferian.

But how do we know it’s a Luciferian? Well, the best way is in the lack of consistancy with the WAYS of the Kingdom of God and use of old terms or a 360 degree twist justifying a predators agenda for religio-spiritual and/or economic power.

The Luciferians bank on vague generalities in their communications because they don’t have access to detailed current events.For instance the slogan, “save the planet”.The planet is NOT in peril and needs to recycle for Kingdom of God.

Luciferians can’t just tell their pawns to start wars with o a justification they’d see as honorable thus the religion and/or terrorist fears of course and now environmental; peak oil and global warming and finally perhaps UFOs.

Of course if a formitable enemy isn’t providing the war incentive, one is fabricated. Hitler did it and then Bush and company among many past but to date they have plenty of enemies thus can stimulate and even finance plots.

Re: 9/11, when intelligence agents reported plots their higher ups dragged their feet, ignored or diverted attention elsewhere. Certain higher ups cut their teeth on the UFO Crash cover ups, thus 9/11 was a breeze.

For millenium the records called the Bible have worked well to justify militarism and persecutions galore, a Luciferian shrewdness. Another strategy involves concern for the children and mostly surrounding sexuality and/or abortion.

On various Christian based talk radio and of course pundits are pushing people to activate against whatever they object to. Why don’t they ever object to all the wars and mistreatment and deadly toxin introductions?

If I recall, Do said about abortion that he is not pro or con it. I believe he felt it was a shame that it’s become a birth control measure while felt it was part of the free will humans are bestowed with.

On sexuality, as many know BEFORE Do took over the vehicle named Marshal Applewhite, Marshall lived a robust artists life. By his 1972 awakening he’d been married, raised some children and was divorced.

Then he found himself more attracted to male vehicles than female and engaged in some gay relationships that ended up frustrating him as well. Before meeting the vehicle Ti took over, named Nettle’s he was largely celebate.

I believe Do said of those who were gay that they were prime vehicles for the LAH to give opportunity for advancement because of how they were naturally drawn away from sexual relationships with women, a forerunner to no sex.

What many don’t know about Kingdom of God: They have zero sexuality. Their physical bodies have no “plumbing”. It can be shown that Kingdom of God’s intention is that ALL sex become an abomination for all students and especially graduate students.

Moses instructions centered around gaining self control over our animal vehicles while even more importantly DOING SO FOR MOSES. Plenty of people then and now can refrain from certain behaviors for various reasons.

But if it’s not FOR a genuine member from Kingdom of God they’re not starting their graft to their Older Member and with o that graft they’ll never see it through to an eventual graduation (born again of spirit/soul) into Kingdom of God membership.

The Kingdom of God works with their students gradually, thus Moses with adultery and sexual behavioral instructions.Then Jesus updated the standards while prophesizing at His return all sexuality would have to cease to qualify for 1st harvest.

Jesus updates adultery:Mat 5:28-29…whosoever looks on a woman to lust after her has committed adultery with her already in his heart and if right eye offends, pluck it out.Better 1 body part perish than whole body and ones LIFE.

For the future:”Luk 20:35 they which shall be counted worthy to obtain that world and the resurrection from the dead don’t marry and Rev 14:4 These weren’t defiled with women and live like virgins and are the redeemed first fruits”

Under Luciferian control Paul inserts himself into a teacher position and blasphemies the Holy Spirit by adding to Jesus i.e. in 1Cor Chap. 7 re:sexuality and marriage. IF WE TRUST IN JESUS WHY DO WE NEED ANYTHING PAUL SAID?

Celebacy is only better than sexuality if it’s for Kingdom of God and specifically for the current Older Member, in history, Moses, Jesus and NOW for Do as OMs are given us to graft to with our sacrifice of that major energy expenditure/love.

In fact that’s the criteria for every sacrifice of our otherwise normal human behavior to include giving even our physical life. Jesus led up to it honestly and for that matter so did Ti and Do.

So then why is it that we don’t see outrage against ALL sexuality among Christians. Because their Luciferian controlled leaders will not teach EVERYTHING the Kingdom of God thru Moses and Jesus said about human sexuality.

Of course sexuality is natural among humans but it’s also natural to outgrow it, as it’s natural to outgrow the entire human kingdom level of life, that is once we learn and receive coaching re: what’s above human.

Luciferian strategies are to:blind us from seeing Kingdom of God as real; have us believe every word of the Bible is as if Kingdom of God wrote it in stone, that all Jesus promises apply to us with few requirements and difficult versus are figurative.

VII. Two Witnesses Father Jesus Ti Do  Lucifer anti-Jesus Christian Pawns

Luciferians con many to believe there’s no Kingdom of God OR it isn’t a physical many membered Kingdom with heirarchal structure: Older Members(Parental seedgivers) to Younger members(offspring) all links of Kingdom of God(HOLY) MIND.

The existing Older Members who choose tasks to usher in new members are those choosing to be parents. There are many that don’t choose parenting tasks or not right away.The requirements for members are strict for a reason.

They don’t need new members as that’s not what they live for. They live for their Older Members who ushered them into membership what Jesus called a Soul birth(Greek pneuma meant Soul, Spirit, Mind, breath or wind).

Practically speaking how do the Luciferians steal a soul that otherwise could make application to membership in the Kingdom of God? They try to 2nd guess what Kingdom of God is going to do, creating facsimili’s to confuse the human’s with a soul.

One biggest example was the Jim Jones group, with Jim Jones claiming to be the returned Christ.As I’m not a Jim Jones historian I’d say the bigget clues to his being a false prophet are his inclusion of children, marriage, …

Family, sexuality, video taped forced killing by his ordering them to drink the poison under threat from his god and for those who fled were hunted and shot by bodyguards and I’d bet he brought zero new information about Kingdom of God.

The Luciferians used Hitler to try to advance all technical development in both offensive and defensive nations, a win win for them which did accellerate the A-bomb, rocketry, Nuclear power and hence potential escape from prison.

Prison eg.:Gen 3:14 God said to the serpent(enchanter), because you’ve done this you’re cursed above every beast of field; upon thy belly shalt you go, and dust(earth) shalt consume(slay) you all the days of your life:

The presence of an advasarial Luciferian was either discarnate, a hologram projection like Fatima and/or thru another physical body.Regardless, Kingdom of God’s verdict was their restriction to the physical earth forever=prison.

The presence of an advasarial Luciferian was either discarnate, a hologram projection like Fatima and/or thru another physical body.Regardless, Kingdom of God’s verdict was their restriction to the physical earth forever=prison.

Hitler by the UFO termed foo fighter sightings was being shown what was possible in aircraft. Simultaneously Luciferians were second guessing how, when and where the 2nd coming of Jesus would occur.

Luciferians only have the past to go by and since Jesus surfaced through a Jewish heritage Hitler was beside himself with genocide. Kingdom of God uses all Luciferians do in Their favour for Souls and future availabile matching vehicles.

All those both in dissidents and Jews had many opportunities to escape the coming Luciferian madness. However if they were too bound to their mammon based financial, physical and familiar comforts and desires they stayed put.

Many think they will ride it out, that it won’t get worse or can mount a successful counter stragegy or get help until it becomes too late to physically escape the Luciferian driven BEASTs with a largely Christian/Atheist banner.

The Luciferians always mount the same strategy as they know no other. Look at how Herod was killing babies and the Pharaoh during the Moses time and I’d wager that such is repeated in many cultural histories.

The Kingdom of God works with the entire planet and lifeforms They initially created, though allow the Luciferians to manipulate with their hybrid and genocidal misinformation programs. Those who seek the Kingdom of God’s help get it though will still die.

This doesn’t justify the actions of the Luciferians and their human pawns/partners.”Mat 18:7 Woe to the world because of offenses for it must needs be that offences come; but woe to that man by whom the offence cometh!”

Note Hiter’s talk about Germans being a superior Christian white race that many fell for then and it’s spill over into the U.S. and how that was nearly the entire spin of 1000’s of years of caucasion bigotry against anyone else.

It’s because Luciferians beef up whoever they can manipulate to generate advances in technology, energy systems and biologies to harvest for their own Space travel and human domination, the facsimili(opposite) of the Kingdom of God agenda.

This includes to date staying in power at all costs while working all angles in their favour which means propetuating wars in every vulnerable nation, while taking over the media completly though appearing liberal biased.

More Luciferian propoganda says that all those who have any interpretation of God, lumped in as people of Faith, though faith is really far distant from belief, which is what much of the religions capitalize on, are escapists.

For many it no doubt largely is a type of escape from; their powerlessness, failures in what they thought they could/should have accomplished in the world and/or avoiding taking responsability for and for correction of mistakes.

But turning to God IS a good thing at any time. The problem is thinking that religion= that God connection though understandably we seek support from like minded others. So what do Luciferians promote to the believers?

Luciferians say:Confess sins to a priest or stand before a congregation and/or ask Jesus into your heart to be born again, study but only certain texts(bible) and you’re “Saved” or equivilent;same coersion as with all religions.

Meanwhile the critical atheist often is taking their own escape route replacing text with science journals and God with tail feathered intellectuals and faith in theories that say life crawled from the sea in a random development.

While if this isn’t enough, of late we have the new age merger of science with faith in the technology of mind and body=spirituality. No messy external Kingdom of God to ask help of. It’s all up to us to become our full god potential.

The propogators teach “creative visualization”, embracing the “secret” to manifesting your individual full potential by simply amplifying the intention. Today it’s compared with Nero fiddling while Rome burns.

Like religious, what’s said uses true keywords.We’re all eternal some say because we are all light energy and light is God so we are all God only needing to surrender to be one with the universe and a co-creator by good intention.

It’s fine, but the only problem is that the ones who created the planet, sun, moon, stars and seeded all the elements and lifeforms have no interest in those who are satisfied with what such belief yeilds them or even anything else.

Luk 6:25 Woe to you that are FULL! for ye shall hunger.Woe to you that laugh now! for ye shall mourn and weep.Sounds dismall, but this was not the time for comedy, though Kingdom of God certainly has laughter just not by another’s sorrow.

Interestingly what all say, even atheists is that the formula for life is to love and Jesus is held high by most though little of what he actually said. They say Jesus came to bring peace and love and quote those records.

Of course Jesus promoted peace and love;peace=kindness, gentleness and non-violence and love =giving to our neighbor as ourselves but so do the evil minded with their own but then did they take into account this Jesus talk of peace?

“Mat 10:34 Think not I’ve come to send peace on earth: I came NOT TO SEND PEACE, but a sword(to cut human ties, not by violence): “v35…For I am come to set a man at variance against his father and daughter against her mother”.

Mat 10:36 And a man’s foes shall be they of his own household. Mat 10:37 He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me:and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.

If that’s not clear:”Mat 10:39 He that findeth his life shall lose it: and he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it.” Jesus knew close students belief in him would  lead them to an unnatural death of their body.

However, I doubt he was saying this publically unless he was ready to exit that phase of his task.Jews, then living under strict Roman rules thought the messiah would restore them to their own Israeli nation and by magic.

Any wonder many Christians today think likewise saying:”when Jesus comes with angels he’ll kill all the non-believers” and they assume they’re His elect, also equivilent to the way Jewish leaders thought during Jesus time.

Paul amplified this idea that whatever Jesus promised to his disciples(whom were willing to lay down their lives for him(after they witnessed his body killed, healed and ascended into a cloud)), applied to them equally.

Paul says:”1Th 4:17 Then WE WHICH ARE ALIVE AND REMAIN shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air:and so shall we ever be with the Lord.” Don’t many Christians think they’re the ELECT now!

Luciferians steer their Christian bannered pawns to:think they’re a hand of God just in killing whoever isn’t marked and honoring martyrs though when innocents are killed counting them collateral damage for the cause of God.

Jesus said all would return:”Joh 5:25 The hour is coming, and now is, when the dead shall hear the voice of the Son of God and they who hear shall live.”But here’s more detail of who would return…

Plus he is saying this was happening as He spoke AND would happen again, over the course of a future small period of time(hour), perhaps 40 years time using the 1000 yrs human to 1 Kingdom of God day time measure but starting from when?

Joh 5:29 and shall come forth;they that have done good(use), to resurrection of life;and that have done evil(no use), to resurrection of condemnation(by their own choice as they are simply not saved for a future life opp’ty).

Resurrection here refers to ‘standing up again” pertaining to a new leaf growing off the human tree and by saying the dead hear the voice of the Son of God means literally hearing His mind expressed to humans.

I believe the DEAD RETURN by either 1)remaining rooted to the physical regeneration of their gnome branch of the human tree or 2)as Souls brought back by the Kingdom of God.Both then have new opp’ty for a next step towards graduation.

The media whether in a religious service or over airwaves is the control mouthpiece.When most hear it on the air, it holds more weight and most sheep will follow wherever it leads. I know many think Ti and Do were such leaders.

But that’s because the seriousness of their demonstration of having overcome a natural fear of death and documenting their overall willingness frankly boggled the minds of most resulting in a default judgement of mass coersion.

And of course there were no media voices to bring the details of how they arrived at that serious decision. A tiny few of the dropouts were brought to the fore, ever so briefly and still with very limited in depth coverage.

I know this 1st hand as I was interviewed by many media representatives who never publish those crutial details.In an unofficial way, only realized in hindsight, Ti and Do did a huge amount of vetting their potential crewmembers.

For instance in the 1st yr. with Ti and Do they sent 19 of the  ~96 members away from the larger body telling those of us who remained that we made the 1st cut as the 19 didn’t seem ready.(2 of those 19 returned years later).

For the next 20+ years people left every year and periodically were instructed to spend some time alone thinking about whether there was anythng in the world they desired to do.

1988:Do gathered us and put to us the idea that “what if I’m not who I think I am” to see if that made a difference to anyone’s dedication to him.In ~1990 Do said we’d accumulated enough funds to offer some $1000 to leave.

1988:Do gathered us and put to us the idea that “what if I’m not who I think I am” to see if that made a difference to anyone’s dedication to him.In ~1990 Do said we’d accumulated enough funds to offer some $1000 to leave.

We had medical care, regulated entertainment:TV, movies, games, reading materials daily with occasional outings to a zoo or museum. We occasionally sang Christmas Carols and listened to Gilbert and Sullivan music and had sillyness too.

When we lived in tents outdoors in all sort of weather we had many challenging times. Once in houses in the 1980’s sometimes the challenge was boredom for many.

Do simply did not want to be providing a religious hermitage for people to grow old and die in thinking there is nothing more they can do to EARN their place in the mansion Jesus said  he had to prepare for the graduates.

So the media drives the sheep and always plays upon fears while beefing up their footsoldiers, in this case to think they are serving God by being more outspoken and active against other’s behaviors they don’t like.

Since Jesus had nothing to say against people’s behaviors but everything to say against the leaders of the religions, these footsoldiers take their talking points from their leaders and NOT Jesus, thru whatever media.

VIII. Two Witnesses Father Jesus Ti Do  – homosexuality vs anti-Jesus Christains

Except for the actual quotes of Ti and Do in this video series, the info contained is a combonation of my experiences living with Them for 19 years plus what I’ve attempted to PULL from their living minds since their physical exit.

Christians and/or any religionists who use the record of Kingdom of God’s ways for prospective crew membership as justification to blame, lambast, manipulate, hunt, prosecute, imprision, torture or kill others are Luciferian pawns.

All Kingdom of God’s behavioral instructions were meant for an individual’s progressive graft, by choice, to their assigned Older Member who were active long before this current civilization and potentially throughout various cultures.

Vedic records originally linked to the persons Krishna and Arjuna demonstrate characteristics of the Godhead for upcoming students to embrace with Buddhism’s same essential principals of self sacrifice(overcoming) for a teacher.

This overcoming, shedding and refining is clearly stated in Jesus life example, the Hindu keys or Vedas to Godship, (rid self of sex, love, anger, greed and pride) because all these religious records are really one record.

Jesus said he had more than one flock that would be brought together as one fold (See John 10:16) and to a new location/nation of people. (See Mt 21:43) so there is no one people with exclusive Kingdom of God experience and opportunity.

All records in all cultures in all civilizations on Earth pertaining to physical above human biological beings start with stories, are directed by reps of the Kingdom of God to reality and become distorted(bable) by graduation time.

The core truths about the reality of this Level Above Human remain throughout but only for those who sought, received and accepted Kingdom of God reps nurturing so that only these have potential to discern the truth from lies.

Notice the overall Luciferian space alien strategy:Convince humans they are gods. Of course it’s in unsubstantial ways mostly by imagination aka spirituality and use of the record of interface with the real Kingdom of God’s reps as fodder.

But it’s not limited to spirituality at all.It’s on all fronts. i.e All the scientific talk of human’s responsible for a sick and dying planet.There’s no question the planet’s environment is changing so many capitalize on it.

Few want to admit the planet has cycles because that looks too planned to any logical mind that doesn’t put humans on a pedestal of control over their own destiny, what both new age spiritualists and atheists insist they have.

Result:Compels humans to look to themselves and one another to heal the planet, painting the bad guys as the developers inspiring love, love, love. It’s the old “feel good about self” along with props like changing lightbulbs.

and buying green giving govt a ticket to LOOK good with business as usual;war, rape and pillage other’s resources but talking green that some get support or elected on to subsidize development of less energy dependence for the rich.

Now, people can talk of God this and that with impunity from their own godlessness because they are convinced god is simply a concept of our own internal power luring those who see thru religion by using choice Jesus quotes e.g.:

Luk 17:20-21 when Pharisees demanded to know when/where Kingdom of God should come, He answered, The Kingdom of God doesn’t come with observation:Niether shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, the Kingdom of God is(to be) within(from among) you(rselves).

Mostly new age Christians, including Raelians use this quote of “Kingdom of God is within you” as a key  phrase to indicate “ye are gods”, in other words, God is within us. Now Christians likewise think it means Jesus is inside us.

with Jesus saying the Kingdom of God doesn’t come with observation both these interpretations would preclude that those Pharisees won’t be able to observe/time it’s arrival.Is that because;it’s already here, within us or a blindness of mind?

When Jesus said, Kingdom of God did anything or was anywhere he wasn’t referring to the entire kingdom as an entire kingdom has many members who operate within a heirarchal system of operation, thus a type of King(Older Member) on top.

Ti and Do called the King, Chief of Chiefs.So Jesus was referring to the presence of a representative from Kingdom of God which can be within you if you “eat his body and drink his blood”, abopt his WAYS and willing to shed OUR blood for him.

Of course that’s where the Catholic ceremony plays in and is a major distortion of what is required to have his MIND inside us. Now the other way the Kingdom of God can be considered to be within us is as a seed (child)(soul).

The soul is the biological container/pocket(Ti and Do called it) that is implanted in some that Lucifer SpaceAliens use a facsimili of to track certain humans for their hybrid programs. It’s a seed from Kingdom of God thus is inside some.

But that seed like all seeds needs activation to grow and does not equate with being a God because of a tiny piece of the Kingdom of God’s living mind within us.That soul seed is what Do called a deposit or chip with a set of programs.

Do said there were different types of such chips with more advanced programs but essentially the initial chip provides an interface possability when a rep. from the Kingdom of God comes to us face to face to stimulate it’s growth in us.

That physical presence of that OM rep. from the Kingdom of God is absolutely needed for that chip’s programs to start, for that seed to sprout, push it’s way out of the earth(ground). It’s the start of it’s birth and wing development.

So isn’t it ironic that both Christians and new age spiritualists say that they already have Jesus and/or God within them simply by their hope and because they say so:Born again by asking Jesus into their heart 1x some say.

Niether seems to need a physical return.They both seem to have it made just fine, except some Christians think they await return simply to take them away to be with him in one of his many mansions.No messy overcoming needed.

However, I think the most likley translation of that passage has to do with the way in which an OM rep from the Kingdom of God always comes back.As Moses said, “just like you see me” in other words face to face in the needed flesh birth.

Thus, The Kingdom of God doesn’t come to you personally by any studious observation as we all know the religious are perched for. The Kingdom of God comes TO BE from AMONG YOURSELVES(Gr.humon) incarnate of which Jesus was at that moment as well.

Furthermore, who would be the last ones to actually SEE – observe his return? The religious elites, in this example the Pharisees which Paul of Tarsus said he was, even while preaching a distorted Jesus picture.Sound familiar?

Those Pharisees who Jesus often warned and spotlighted their hypocricy are todays Christian elites which are of course throughout Christain leadership.These can’t see or observe the signs any better than they did 2000 yrs ago.

Like then, these are still very much in bed with govt. talking all godly and throwing around the Jesus word, like the Pharisees throw around the Moses name while imposing their will that they say is God’s will on others.

They cherrypick a few Kingdom of God ways ignorant of context and un-authorized to judge another’s application to recruit fellow pawns, i.e. In Sudan a newspaper just published many pictures of those some accuse of being gay or lesbian.

Sidenote:My physical body isn’t of a gay inclination.Strangely, while with Ti and Do (though uninstigated by Them) at one point I tried to feel gay inclined because of how difficult it was to wean myself from my female attraction.

They have a law coming to vote to make certain gay behaviors illegal with life in prison or death as punishment.The Sudan person pushing this law has close ties to The Family, a Wash.D.C. evangelical political group.

Many well known senators and others are known to be involved with The Family and the Sudan acting in (anti)Jesus name. What happened to the Jesus example of forgiveness for the sex-worker even though Moses’ law said otherwise.

And what happened to Jesus saying to love your enemies. I know one of the fears being put out is that all this liberal behavior mainly around sexual preference could influence one’s children as it grows in the media.

How many of the most judgemental are having sex for any reason outside of trying to begat a new child.If so are they too acting unnaturally.It’s a mental and/or physical chemistry that brings most together gay or straight.

Consider what Ti wrote in Jan.73′, “Some souls have learned, in probably previous lifetimes, their soul doesn’t desire the bottom rung of the ladder which is the lust enjoyed by man and woman, and which creates another human life.

…But possibly these souls havn’t yet overcome sensuality and now respond as bi-sexual or homosexuals and even they, though they must involve themselves in their desires, and should until they have burned them out, …

will one day discover this too isn’t what their souls are seeking, for it still leads to possessiveness, jealously, etc.Sensuality or desire for it really makes no difference if it’s taken out in a brutal football game or in…

…a backseat of a car in the moonlight. Man must eventually learn to desire nothing from another or even for himself, other than service to his Father and his own purification. This same involvment with the magnetic force of…

the Earth causes us to be parasites on one another, physically, emotionally and mentally.And most usually these have to be discarded in that order. The concept of the family is certainly more desireable than the group sensuous…

…chaos with no framework. In this sense homosexual lovers are more ordered in their honesty than the hetero-sexual with the mistress on the side.It doesn’t really make any difference how you participate in sensuality, …

it is still something which must eventually be overcome, IF we plan to start a New and Higher KIngdom.The first step in being born of spirit is being baptized, in the sense that we have quenched the fire of lust and passion.

The ramifications of these lusts carry into the love for anything or the need or desire for anything. It is an admirable thing to be able to enjoy things but dishonorable to need them or desire them for any degree of …

…self gratification, whether it’s a ring on the finger or a babe in the crib.” This was taken from a rough book Ti began to write entitled:I CAN’T BELIEVE THAT – BUT YOU MUST while Ti and Do were in Bourne, TX awakening.

In fact at least three of these Family members who held high level gov’t positions had scandels surrounding sex liasons. I am not in judgement of these. I’m just showing the immense hypocricy in the name of Jesus.

The more we see or do pleasurable things, the more inclined we are to increase those experiences so I can see cause for concern for one’s children thus room for negotiations thus media rating systems.

If people want to control their childs environment more then they are free to do so. The Amish have been doing so for centuries. But some of these (anti-jesus exampled)Christian political leaders think they must take control.

Hence a revelation as in 1935 by Seattle preacher and “Family” founder, Abraham Vereide that said:”Christianity is about helping the strong, not the weak, to be empowered “key men” to usher in the Kingdom of God’s return”.

One can readily ID this as Luciferian in both it’s general truth and misapplication. Any rep from the Kingdom of God doing the “christ” task, offerring a “christ-en-ing” (graduation from human to Level Above Human) does seek the strong.

But strong are those who are WILLING to recognize and then over time trust the representative CHRIST sent to them with their lives which will entail their letting go of everything of mind and body that supported them as a human.

No one who is willing to go thru this, or at least consider it appropriate for another, even though they may not feel ready to do so themselves, will be supportive of these and therefore will be to large and small degrees against.

Luk 11:23 He that isn’t with me is against me:and he that gathers not with me scatters.Mar 9:40 he that isn’t against us is on our part. The big problem here is when HUMANS decide who is for Him and who is against and act accordingly.

It all boils down to, as Do said, “which is the right God”. All religionists think theirs is right. The real God goes by what we ask for, the thoughts we entertain, what we allow out of our mouths and what we then do or don’t do.

When no rep. is incarnate we demonstrate our fruits with each other and when the rep. is incarnate remain thirsty for their physical presence, ready, willing and able to disconnect from all else to follow with them to graduation.

How do we know who demonstrates being a genuine current representative from the Kingdom of God? They are always 100% consistant in what they think, say and do with what all past reps said and did. But how do we count on the records?

Hearing the truth be told and then looking at the records yourself prepares your mind for a future opportunity, that is when combined with offering service to the Next Level(Kingdom of God) to date thru Their current reps: Ti and Do.

IX. Rev 11 Two Witnesses Jesus Second Coming Prophecy

This segment focuses on the Rev.11 Two Witnesses prophecy that Ti and Do felt was Their task to fulfill. They didn’t put out any effort to interpret or re-translate, as I have done, nor to orchestrate Their actions to fit it.

“Rev 11:1 there was given me a reed like unto a rod: and the angel stood, saying, Rise, and measure the Temple of God and altar and them that worship therein.”To rise is to be born again of flesh and woke up to the next task phase.

Each stage toward Spirit birth the previously saved Soul is brought back by Kingdom of God(Kingdom of God) to take over the next leaf (human body)from the genetic strain(branch) that has had the matching experience of that Soul.

This is why Jesus said;”Joh 3:5…Except a man be born of water(flesh) AND of the Spirit/Soul/Mind (all same word Gr. pneuma), he can’t enter into the Kingdom of God”. Luciferians mystified/diluted this meaning into a club membership.

A reed is an instrument to use to measure, the rod indicating a strict standard.Those to be measured are in the Temple(invisible spacecraf aka Paradise Gr.paradeisos:a grand enclosure that houses the previously saved souls).

and Altar, the living human bodies(horses) prepared for the returning souls(to ride)for their eventual self sacrifice for the Older Members(OM) from the Kingdom of God aka Level Above Human(LAH), in the next age via the Two Witnesses.

The humans who were prepared were from the genetic strain that was alive for the previous trimester of the souls’ overall birth program.These are also given souls but are experiencing their first trimester simultaneously.

Each human therefore is as an Altar and each will decide if they are ready to give their will over to the assigned representative. The presence of a Soul who’s already experienced this and the OM’s incarnation capture that horse.

The physical area of the Temple is quite large having different chambers and crew members monitoring the experiment’s next phase. Ti and Do felt they were out of range of Their OM when they went east of the U.S. Mississippi river.

“Rev 11:2 the court which is outside the Temple leave out;don’t measure it for it’s given to Gentiles:and the holy city(Temple) shall they path by foot 40 and 2 months”.Curiously 40 in Greek refers to 4 decades thus years. “Forty” in Gr.=tessarakonta(4 decades).I suspect this period began when Ti and Do began their testimony.

The Court is the area immedieatly outside the Temple where non-believers dwell, idea being most seekers would have moved to the Temple area where the source of LIGHT was located, the U.S.west of the Mississippi river.

Rev 11:3-4 I will give power to my two witnesses who prophesy 1260 days, clothed in sackcloth(wearing a plain/ordinary appearing physical body).These are THE TWO olive trees/candlesticks standing before the God of the Earth.

1/1/73 began Ti and Do’s prophecy ending mid June 76’=~1260 days.Kingdom of God gives these as estimates and flex according to human responses.On April 19, 1976 Ti said the harvest was over, though we did all the remaining scheduled meetings.

One can choose to calculate the 1260 days by some point after Ti and Do met in Houston in about March of 1972 and/or when they opened The Christian Arts Center or KnowPlace after that which could be jived up exactly with 1260.

They never acted bound by prophecy.They did however think that they would be physically killed and would resurrect as They then understood those terms. But niether was a scriptural scholar by theologian standards.

That’s not a put down by any means. If you’re a parent of the household do you need to try to duplicate what your grandparents did or just use it as a guideline? That’s how I observed Ti and Do’s use of the Bible, etc.

Lampstand is a container/pipeline, what Ti and Do called Their VEHICLE, a body and suit of clothes They temporarily wore for this task. An Olive tree is THE Tree of LIFE, The Kingdom of God’s family that Older Members are branchs of.

Olive Oil=the life giving Blood of the entire TREE.It is living Kingdom of God Mind/Word carried over Spirit/light frequency waveforms, throughout all branches(Older Members)of Kingdom of God who desire to be pure links/pipelines for.

But the Kingdom of God doesn’t want puppets.They can create such easily.Nor do they want new members who think they can see a better way to do things so They set the membership bar very high to become essentially like children.

“Mat 18:3 …Except ye be converted and become as little children (simple/trusting), ye shall not enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.” re:Human self importance:Mt 3:9…God is able of these stones to raise up children to Abraham.

“Mat 6:22 The lamp of the body is the eye:if your eye is of single focus, whole body shall be light filled.” Light is energy. Oil is that light providing energy we exhaust with all our phyisical, mental and emotional actions.

When we exhaust energy/light in human ways we lose LIFE.If we restrain expenditure we build up our mind muscle and have more power to both push and pull.We push through all new challenges and pull for more OM Mind, Ways and service.

Though we become more childlike in ways, containment of our lifeforce builds power.Luciferians teach to channel that power back to SELF called Tantra which OMs from Kingdom of God have no use for so let’s them perish with o a future.

OM’s effort(work) and SELF-sacrifice(because they don’t have to do it) demonstrates the required WAYS we need to recognize and adopt so when they physically incarnate we SEE Them and look to Them to pass thru the “Heaven’s Gate”.

That’s why the Christian idea that Jesus will show up in the clouds and believers will physically ascend to meet him in the air is illusionary.We ALL MUST both extinguish our flame/sensuality however we express it and…

…physically die.”Joh 12:24…If a corn of wheat doesn’t fall to the ground and die, it abides alone:but if it die, it brings forth much fruit. Luciferians convince many Christians that certain things Jesus said applys to them.

“Joh 6:50 This is the bread which comes down from heaven, that a man may eat thereof and not die.” What does He mean by EAT? Joh 6:51… the bread that I will give is my flesh, which I will give for the LIFE of huMANkind.

He’s saying we must Give our flesh as He gave His.The Spirit is what we need to preserve and that’s built by not only belief but trusting the formula(way) the OM demonstrates to us when we are physically face to face with Them.

Here’s what Kingdom of God messenger told Old Testament prophet Zechariah about the TWO Olive branches(family), Candlesticks(bodys) and pipes(souls):”Zec4:14 These are ANOINTED(CHRIST)ONES, that STAND by the Lord of the whole Earth”.

Hebrew anointed=yitshar=pure oil producing light, a CHRIST, thus one who’s whole body is filled with light. Interesting that it could correspond to the term “enlightenment” said to be representative of the Buddha’s station.

“Rev 11:5-6… any who hurt Them are devoured by fire of Their Words(Mouth) and are haulted(killed) in the way they hurt.They have power to turn water to blood and smite earth with plagues”;motivations used by past Kingdom of God incarnates.

Their words will disable those that challenge them.I see this often when I express what they’ve given us. Christian and Spiritual leaders will often call Ti and Do and crew deceived and false prophets yet never back it up with why.

Rev 11:7 when They PERFORM testimony, beast AFOOT AGAIN from abyss FIGHTS against and SUBDUES Them.By Oct.75′ Walter Cronkite of CBS announced THE TWO mystery solved by revealing Their human names and how They’d been in jail.

These Beast(Gr.therion=BESTIAL HUMANS) ascend(Gr.ana-baino=UP AGAIN-on FOOT) from Abyss(Gr.abussos=ABODE OF DEAD) overcomes (Gr.nikao=SUBDUES) and kills(Gr.apo-kteino=VANISHS) Them from National attention(news).

The Gr. apo-kteino;apo when used as a prefix indicates a ceasing thus kteino=VANISH, ruin, allow to perish, defeat, kill in any way or to OFF or send AWAY. Their large presence from the national COMMONs(media) ceased.

Ti and Do were in Las Vegas(Sodom) then and felt the mission killed, but literally 3 days later STOOD UP AGAIN (Resurrect) and told Their students(by then ~70) to split up into smaller groups to continue holding public meetings.

The Beast in this passage represents Their human opposition driven by the Luciferian space aliens and discarnate counterparts who are allowed by Kingdom of God to rise (STAND UP again to take over humans) to oppose Kingdom of God(Two)’s mission.

For Ti and Do’s bodies to be literally killed, They would have had to set it up.For Their entire 24 yrs They were so security minded there was little chance for anyone to find Them which I can well document in my 19 yrs with Them.

To keep going longer, Ti and Do seperated us and said we’d hear of a meeting being set up for Their still believed demonstration of death and resurrection.They didn’t realize resurrection meant to STAND UP AGAIN to LIFE or death.

Only genetic student’s family were naturally distraught.Some sent investigators to find loved ones.Ti and Do did sympathize with them but couldn’t allow them to hault Their task for Kingdom of God and against Their all adult student’s wishes.

“Rev 11:8 their dead bodies shall lie in the street of the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also Lord was crucified.” First off, “Dead bodies” was translated from Gr.Ptoma=”FALL” a huge leap.

Next “shall lie” was simply added to jive the translation stemming from the initial translation to “kill” from Gr.kteino.Even if one could stretch ptoma it would be “fallen body”.Media reported how Their bodies were arrested.

“in the street”=Gr.plateia=A PLACE, “of the great”=Gr.megas=LARGE, “city”= Gr.polus=COMMON (National Media=Before the PUBLIC), and as Jesus said, before a “NEW NATION”, equivilent of Sodom/Egypt/Jerusalem(Las Vegas/Calif., L.A.).

The tending of the garden is not set in stone or predetermined to result in a certain yield. Ti and Do were prepared to lose their physical bodies but didn’t then.Ti later said the students needed more time.

Prophecy helps some believe after Older Members exit. Those prepped are cued to bottom lines they knew from prior experiences. For me it was that they came from SPACE, were related to JESUS and REQUIRED GIVING MY ENTIRE LIFE.

So when the demonstration of resurrection didn’t happen, it didn’t phase those committed to Ti and Do for other reasons while others decided it wasn’t genuine, thus it became a vetting of those who weren’t prepped to receive it.

Rev 11:9 and they of the people, kindreds, tongues, nations shall see Them defeated 3 1/2 days and shall not forgive or make them a memorial.Clearly a world wide phenomena.NYTimes did an entire cover story on Them as Bo and Peep.

Brad Steiger, famous sci-fi writer helped Them write a book called UFO Missionaries Extraordinair.A movie was made called, The Mysterious Two with John Forsythe as Bo(Do).The flute player in it may have been me?

“Rev 11:10 people rejoice, make merry, send gifts one to another over Their “fall” because these TWO tested/distressed them”. It was Holiday time.Ti and Do sent us to deliver info asking help from churches and called it TESTING!

“Rev 11:11 after 3 days and 1/2 the spirit of life from God entered into them and they stood= (Gr.histemi=UPHOLD) on Their feet= (Gr.pous=INSTRUCTION TO FULFILL THE PROPHECY) and great fear fell upon those which saw them”.

Day=Gr.hemera(metaphoric), “the day” regarded as a time for abstaining from indulgence, vice, crime, because acts of the sort are perpetrated at night(minus Kingdom of God LIGHT), thus their short overcoming classroom period.

This period of time was flexible for Kingdom of God.Ti said disappointedly, students wern’t ready and it tested us causing many to drop away so in 1994 we had a 2nd year long offerring of the info and filled some then vacant seats.

“Rev 11:12 They hear a great voice from Heaven saying;Come up here and they ascend up to Heaven in a cloud and enemies beheld them.” from Kingdom of God’s spacecraft(Heaven) saying it’s task EXIT time.

Only They hear this communication and They includes Their “litter” of Souls(Saints)=dead in Christ rising first.Their ascension into the clouds is a Spirit Birth thus not witnessed by others except in their exit vidoe’s.

Shortly before exit in Mar.’97 Do received concrete SIGNs:Hale Bopp COMET and a physical exit plan confirmaton visit from Kingdom of God members as Jesus received too. 39 voluntarily layed down their physical lives.

“Rev 11:13 and the same hour(~42 yrs)come a large shaking and 10th of the city fell and 7000 humans are slain and remaining are afraid. This may be the 9/11/2001 WTC attack in NYC or it hasn’t happened yet.(#’s and dates are apprx.)

X. Ti Do Two Witnesses Father Jesus 4 Horsemen Revelations 6 Prophecy Fulfilling

“Rev 6:1 the Lamb(Soul called Jesus) opened 1 of the seals and I heard the noise of thunder and 1 of the 4 beasts says, COME and SEE”. These 4 arn’t BEASTS as Greek Zoon= LIVING BEINGs first ID’ed in Rev 4/5 as working for Kingdom of God:

Rev 4:6-8 in the midst of and round about Throne, were 4 beasts full of eyes before and behind.1st, 2nd and 4th in LIKE MANNER/MIND to a lion, calf and flying eagle respectively, 3rd with face LIKE human each with 6 wings and who serve Kingdom of God 24/7.

In REV when Beast isn’t used as These 4 it’s Gr.Therion=dangerous, venomous animal representing human GROUPS.These 4 are as the 4 Winds WORKING AS WATCHERS/MESSENGERS equivilent to Lucifer and the Third with him BEFORE they FELL.

Before a soul can gain full membership in Kingdom of God, they go thru many trials.The last one before a graduation classroom is by being given limited service to Kingdom of God, Ti and Do called DOMESTICS=Messengers(Angels) and Watchers with spacecrafts.

They are also 4 crews, each having 6 spacecraft assigned to OVERSEE;1st= Earth Kings(Lion), 2nd=the tender shoots, SOULS=potential offspring to Kingdom of God(Calf), 3rd=humans, 4th=Anti Kingdom of God predator(in sheeps clothing)Space Aliens(Eagles).

Mat 24:28 For wheresoever the carcase(souls choosing death) is, there will the eagles(Luciferian Space Aliens) be gathered together.These 4 Living Being’s crews are LIKE these EXCEPT work for Kingdom of God, a HUGE difference.

Eyes represent Their technology to Watch over all within Their assignment.Human’s with increasing technology can now see the prospect of a Kingdom of God seeing all humans isn’t so far fetched to believe as it was even 20 yrs. ago.

Rev 6:2 and I saw a WHITE HORSE and he that sat on him had a BOW and a CROWN was given to him and he went forth conquering and to conquer. Horse represents a human body.WHITE describes it, eg. Color, Name, Behavior, Ethnicity, Loyalty, etc.

“He who sat on him” implys a RIDER of the horse. Ti and Do taught how the Kingdom of God(Kingdom of God) were like ranchers who capture wild horses(humans) and fit student riders to train and offer them the rewards of serving a higher level.

Horses aren’t purely WILD. The genetic strain itself is developed, instilled with the reality of the Kingdom of God by having direct ancestral experiences with the incarnate members from the Kingdom of God, i.e Enoch, Moses, Elijah, Jesus so are prepped.

Riders are those Soul seeds that survived a previous planting, in this case when Jesus was nurturing the Souls He was given.They are those that BELIEVED IN JESUS 2000 yrs ago and GAVE SERVICE TO Kingdom of God in sharing that belief.

When the physical body of those Souls died, Kingdom of God crew guided them to a “saved” area of the Spirit World to be brought back for their next Overcoming opportunity to be with the next incarnate Older Member(OM).

An Overcoming process is BECOMING the ONLY Rider of their assigned human horse.At completion of the program that Soul is Born of Spirit.Advasary(satan) Souls are allowed to try to RIDE human horses to spar with Kingdom of God Souls.

Now this Rider of the WHITE HORSE has a BOW, Gr.Toxon base of Tikto=to produce/travail in bearing young.Many Christians assume Bow(toxon)=a bow(and presumed arrow) as related to CONQUERING, a MAJOR MIS-understanding.

Because of that misguided assumption, many Christians think this is a militant Jesus to return as Jews also expected of Messiah. But Conquer Gr.nikao=VICTORY also translated repeatedly in Rev 2 as OVERCOME.

Luciferian influence on humanity is huge turning the internal battle to rise above our human animal loyalty into any kind of external even militaristic battle whether social, environmental, economic, belief(religion) based.

Overcoming isn’t simply about belief and living by the 10 commandments.It ultimately means giving our ALL to OM’s in SERVICE when they’re physically incarnate including restraint of passions, saving self for our OM bridegroom.

The OM’s determine the degree and dole rewards:”Rev 3:5 He that overcometh, the same shall be clothed in WHITE raiment and I won’t blot out his name from the book of life…” Note:WHITE raiment=a PURE physical body.

Ti and Do said upon graduation/harvest, having OVERCOME, which meant having stuck it out physically with our OM, Kingdom of God issues these a new type physical body to WEAR as a suit of clothing while receiving an ETERNAL LIFE contract.

Clothing being described as WHITE has little to do with race though in this latest return of the same Soul who RODE Adam, Enoch, Moses, Elijah, Jesus and to date Do, chose to capture a caucasion (WHITE) vehicle named AppleWHITE.

Ti and Do were not white supremisists by any stretch of the imagination. They said a Kingdom of God(Level Above Human(LAH)) vehicle was grown on a vine.(humans and space aliens are attempting this as we speak but largely failing).

Luciferians sought to link being born white with purity and Christlike.Caucasion was the dominant race of Ti and Do’s students but the race is the most “mutt” like lacking clear cut roots other racial groups can trace easily.

and that may be the route the human tree takes as the gene pool is cultivated to have all human experiences and successes in order to face returning Souls with breaking off the associated ego that comes with any human styled success.

Ti and Do taught us to strive for blindness in ALL appearances namely by looks, race, gender, ethnicity, wealth and/or intellect-all part of the human condition that needs to be entirely overcome to qualilfy for Kingdom of God membership.

Thus this WHITE HORSE RIDER(Do) is given a crown by his OM(Father(Ti)) that entails having a litter of newborns.Like a midwife with each birth of the litter He’s victorious and in completion of all the births a final VICTOR.

This is also being victorious against the entire Luciferian Space Alien advasarial efforts and in particular over the Soul called Lucifer, who Ti indicated was Do’s assigned satan(advasary).

None of the many translations and commentaries on these versus I’ve seen directly see the use of HORSE as representing a human as none would think that way about themselves unless they’re given that perspective by Kingdom of God=(Ti and Do).

In fact they ALL think horse represents battle because long ago horses were used that way.Of course that holds truth too as our humaness is what we must become victorious over, but then the colours baffle them further.

Rev 6:4 there went out another horse that was red (colour of fire) and power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from earth, that they should kill one another and there was given to him a great sword.

Note this Red=Gr.purrhos=colour of fire describes the horse whose rider is GIVEN POWER to take PEACE from the Earth and to KILL=Gr.sphazo=to slay by physical violence, thus by Sword(weapons) clearly a war mongering.

Following the WHITEHorse’s Internationally viewed Victory in TiDo’s Mar.’97 Heaven’s Gate Group’s voluntary laying down of their physical bodies, came a fascist(RED)Republicrat led coup-d’tat in 2000 and planned 9/11 WTC attack.

Large wars have always been waged and fought globally but now we have a carte blanc ticket to ENDLESS WAR and all the ramifications. Ti and Do always said the Kingdom of God held back these kinds of events in the U.S. for their students sake.

The U.S. needed to be a place of extraordinary freedoms to allow the incarnate OM’s time to blow their trumphet to gather the student body and hold an extended Overcoming Classroom with o significant interferences.

Thus when the Heaven’s Gate group exited their physical vessels, began the time of tribulation(time of troubles). However, interpreting the “RED HORSE” as personified as the Bush regime has addional evidences.

Bush’s ancestry goes to the English King Edward I. Red=Gr.purrhus is also defined as Ruddy(an English expression for Damned) and Englands military REDCoats.Purrhus is a Greek warrior who was inside the Trojan Horse.

The 9/11 attack was like a trojan horse and in Greek mythology=a pythian serpent or dragon.Rev12:3…and beheld a great RED dragon, having 7 heads and 10 horns and 7 crowns upon his heads, I suggest being originally the G7, today G20.

“Rev 6:5 and when he had opened the 3rd seal, I heard the 3rd beast say, Come and see. and I beheld and lo a black horse and he that sat on him had a pair of balances in his hand.”

In Nov.2008 I had a dream with Dstody in it.I knew Dstody’s vehicle’s name as Thomas Nichols, brother of Nichelle Nichols, Lt.Ohura of the TV show; Star Trek. He was the eldest member of Ti and Do’s classroom with a “black” vehicle.

I know him well.In the dream, all I recall was his reference to Barack Obama, the presidential candidate. So I voted for Barack. It wasn’t until a month later that I realized the 3rd horse was described as Black.

Furthermore, even before his inauguration, his biggest BURDEN/YOKE was the economic crisis, thus I took the dream as evidence that this 3rd horse was Barak Obama.The rider of this horse appears HUMAN the 3rd LIVING BEING.

“pair of balances”= Gr.zugos=yolk, burden, “in his hand”, his task to handle, yielding economic scarsity for the laborers/slaves of Corporate Capitalists.The measures indicate a days work=cost of a days food, thus subsistance.

“not hurt oil and wine”, I believe refers to those in service to Kingdom of God(oil) and those who are ripening to produce fruit(new believers in Ti and Do whom upon believing provide service to Kingdom of God by spreading seed of TRUTH about Ti and Do).

Just because this suggests Bush as Red and Obama as Black as these horses, doesn’t imply Kingdom of God members as their RIDERS.The horse itself determines their own RIDER by what they seek in life and whom they choose to ask/listen to.

However, Luciferian RIDERS IMPOSE their will on horses they know have the greatest influence on humans and their overall agenda. Kingdom of God members WAIT for any horses to ASK FOR SERVICE to Kingdom of God, at this time IN THE NAMES of Ti and Do.

“Rev 6:7-8 The 4th Living Being says;See…a pale horse and his name that sat on him was Death and Hell followed with him and power was given to them over the 1/4 part of the earth to kill with sword, hunger and the beasts of the earth”.

PALE here is Gr.Chloros, rooted:Chloe=young green shoot which moves from yellow to green as it ages hence Chloros=yellowish(pale) GREEN.Translators who said PALE alone were once again mistaken as Green is the dominant meaning.

However, a friend suggested PALE HORSE might be Sarah PALin, while horse’s rider is a Luciferian Space Alien. Don’t worry, if she opens up to and asks Ti and Do for help she will get all the help she needs to deal with that RIDER.

Now this horse may not be Sarah Palin, though she also has Irish(green) in her blood and seems to be a leader of the TEA PARTY, tea being a green herb.Catholics color is green.Maiden name=Heath=green plant.Many more to consider.

When the Kingdom of God allows a Luciferian to attempt to RIDE/Control a human(horse) they are not left to fend for themselves. The RIDER of this human(horse) is NAMED: Gr.=thanatos rooted in thnesko=an a Noun=BE DEADLY.

Gr.Hades=invisible receptical for disembodied spirits who show no allegience to Kingdom of God while alive follows “BE DEADLY”.It’s like a vacuum cleaner that scoops up these spirits and contains them, thus referred to as a prison.

It’s described as deep and dark, thus is physically located down/underground, inside the Earth.The idea of those there not being able to quench their thirst isn’t because of heat as in spirit form heat isn’t felt.

Haides is spelt, Gr.a=ONLY plus eido;TO SEE(LOOK), ONLY AN IMAGE, TO KNOW and NOT TELL, ONLY mechanical, passive, watch from distance, gaze at something remarkable vs BE apart of it or to affect it thus one’s desires go INSATIATED.

Kingdom of God gives these two named:BE DEADLY(propogator of our choice of MASTER/GOD to align to;Kingdom of God via belief in Ti and Do OR MAMMON(human wealth forms: Treasure, Fame, Ego, Intelligence, Family, Passions) and HADES power to end our option.

Ignoring the choice is a choice.Belief with o SERVICE is sacrine belief.We are not required to change anything about our lifestlye to qualify.We only need to tell others of the Ti and Do opportunity and accept the outcome.

Sharing the info Ti and Do brought does not mean trying to upset people, though it will.We will all eventually die. It’s simply choosing who to die for and may have something to do with the escalation of when.

It is interesting that Obama’s term ends in the end of 2012, the Mayan end of their calendar.The planet will continue to serve the Kingdom of God’s needs. They will take all Souls who seek to serve Kingdom of God, after they die to “Paradise”.

Historically this was also called Abraham’s Bosum where the righteous souls are taken, as Do said, to be figuratively, PUT ON ICE. After a major recycling of the planet’s surface those souls will be brought back.

XI. Two Witnesses Father Jesus Ti Do Religion=Soul Stagnation

More on the 4 Horsemen in Rev.6:Some feel the White Horse is False Religion and Antichrist.Ti and Do said, ALL RELIGIONS ARE “KILLERS OF SOULS” thus all Religion is false belief as they’re all built on Luciferian distortions.

But what is Religion? It’s the adherance to, trust of, participation and allegience to an organization and it’s leaders as claiming to represent in whatever cultural reference the Creator(s) of the Universe.

Even with the best of intentions among religious leaders they insert a human interface between participant humans and that Creator Kingdom, a natural lure as a facsimili of the Creator’s use of human interface eg. Moses and Jesus.

However, this facsimili still serves the Creator’s purpose by spreading the core teachings of their representatives and instills a more civilized societal standard of behavior than what the previous Creator rep. had introduced.

For instance Moses teachs “an eye for an eye”, while Jesus says to “turn the other cheek”. Moses is still working with mammalian styled justice while Jesus is introducing the Soul as the more valuble lifeform to preserve.

In other words, Jesus is saying that we must grow to a willingness to sacrifice the body’s well being, as a show that the Soul seeds, the Creator plants are “taking”, aka bonding/grafting by faith to the provided Branch.

The physical body has no proof that “turning the other cheek” will in any way be beneficial and even goes against it’s mammalian nature but when that body dies, the Soul that still remains is aware they havn’t perished.

They’re met by invisible workers from the Creator’s kingdom which proves what they were willing to believe before their physical death which constitutes greater faith. But all who become discarnate interact with living humans.

Living humans who are actually sophisticated time share biologicial computer systems are influenced and taught by their experience to include what the discarnates attracted to them experienced and believed before they died.

A type of directed mental evolution/devolution results as the living human accepts/rejects certain ideas/beliefs and perceptions and integrates them into their lives and the lives of others and passes some on to their offspring.

Since many humans die with o having been seeded by the Creator Kingdom, they continue to  provide for doubt in what those who are seeded come to recognize together with less willingness to abopt more civilized behaviors.

That’s why Jesus was forgiving of those that even put his vehicle to death: “Luk 23:34 Then said Jesus, Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.”

and why those who are given that direct Creator Crew attention by incarnate reps are held to a higher standard. “Lk 12:48…For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required:…”

But the big way religions are killers of souls starts by their convincing people they’re on a path to Heaven by simply agreeing to the terms, conditions, practices, service(tithing) and minimum behaviors of that organization.

and they have zero idea how to identify the REP. when They incarnate again because they wern’t taught the Kingdom of God’s motis operendi BUT talk confidently that they’re the Kingdom of God’s chosen while not knowing hardly anything the Rep said.

Luciferians work hard to brainwash us touting LOVE and PEACE as tenants of the Kingdom of God’s(Kingdom of God) teachings.Shrewd wolves.These ARE BEHAVIORs of members of the Kingdom of God, but don’t bring us to OVERCOMING OUR world(humaness).

Yes, humanitarianism (helping fellow humans, poor, sick, disadvantaged, etc. and environmentalism (reasonably using our resources with care for the health and well being of all creatures) are also “WAYS” of members in the Kingdom of God.

But when a woman was annointing Jesus with ointment some students complained of it’s expense saying better to sell it and give to the poor. But Jesus said, “…the poor you have always with you…”.He knew his burial was coming soon.

I’m referring to this because of how some think Ti and Do couldn’t be the promised return if they didn’t take care of the poor, etc. We did give a needy family one of our cars once when the situation arose.

Ti began an organization called Angel Helpers consisting of students to offer help to the aged but then nixed it due to legal issues. But Their task wasn’t to serve humans it was to teach us to serve the Next Level(Kingdom of God).

and students task then was to hit the deck running to try to make the steep grade to qualify for Ti and Do’s crew, a team.The reason for the 2nd great commandment, “love your neighbor as yourself” was to prepare us to serve Kingdom of God.

Religions do generally purport these tenants yet are still “killers of Souls” because we can be humanitarian yet not regularily, privately asking for the WILL of Kingdom of God for us while watching for the answers with openness to change.

It’s generally believed that such thinking is reserved for those who join clergy in some way/terms, another major distortion opening up the misnoma that becoming part of clergy is more godly and someone to look up to.

Next thing we know, we primarily talk to Kingdom of God the way that clergy interprets the record(bible, etc.) and it’s intended application. Jesus called this the “blind leading the blind” applicable then and now.

It’s inevitable for Religions to form some time after the member of the Next Level physically exits and with it a gradual distortion. Thus all Religions qualify as a pathway, though no less or more than a non-religious endeavour.

That’s because the Kingdom of God isn’t a RELIGION nor more approving of one over another.Do was pleased with the way Islam, at least in theory respects modesty(the original reason to wear a covering) and other Moses instructions.

Sure many people in the so called developed world, really a way of saying, soul devolved world, because of how people begin to think they are superior, look down on others who don’t seem as sophisticated and intelligent.

Religions to include all spiritual practice are pathways as long as one keeps EYES OPEN outside any of it’s confines while ready and even eager to change their comfort zone in terms of belief, practices and life circumstances.

Hard times come upon us and as has been said, can bring people closer to one another AND to the Kingdom of God, even if from desperation. When times are good, fewer seek God’s help and are less willing to change and ASK for help.

Expecting govt to help us is understandable when we all pay so many taxes and fees all our lives but govt’s aren’t compassionate and always morpf to great anti-Kingdom of God corruption whether they are religious or secular based.

One of many examples in the U.S. is the song, America…God shed His Grace on thee…”.Grace=gift, endowment, deliverance, favour which most think of as material prosperity but for Kingdom of God=Soul Harvest Classroom Opportunity.

Now, many modern day Christians, but actually religionists and spiritualists are becoming moreorless atheists talking mystically mixed with lust for wealth while avoiding any who don’t fit their particular dogma.

We don’t feel hedonistic (living for one sensory satisfaction to the next) and it’s not like there’s anything wrong with doing so. It is simply a degreed option, but it can lead to settling into norms we become addicted to.

Whether it’s Nepal or Columbia, Amsterdam, the U.S. or anywhere it’s the same story. The land is filled with ReligioSpiritualNewAge commercialist hedonistic atheism that’s falling to pieces causing global polarization from Kingdom of God.

Cathedrals, temples, mosques, corporate and governmental buildings abound as the seed of Luciferians from 1 or more of Earth’s and/or other planetary civilizations thrive upon the mass of their human unwitting subjects.

The choice is still ours though. Isn’t the handwriting on the wall plain as day.This Global system called in Revelation Babylon the beast will consume itself, the very people that aided it’s manufactured self righteousness.

Meanwhile Christain sects will rally membership to send their manpower and monies oversees, while in their backyard people are hurting.They often fall into the pit of becoming the judge of who deserves help and who doesn’t.

Even the Salvation Army in many areas requires people to sit through a religious service to receive help.There are of course many exceptions and people that would give you their last can of food or clothing off their back.

The Kingdom of God has ways of genuinely noticing what we do but mind you, what happens to our physical body, though often very difficult doesn’t impact our Spirit and/or Soul unless we allow it/choose for it to by distancing the Kingdom of God.

Tithing, ceremonies, glorification of hierarchy(support) and of SAINTs by committee, bowing to statues, adornments, meditations(prayer) in groups, mantra(songs), limiting study materials, persecutions of challengers all can=SOUL DEATH!

Why? Because all that is for ourselves alone, though we can claim it helps this or that person with this or that aliment, mental or physical and of course techniques can help, but what they help us to be is more glued to humaness.

Let’s face it, Humanness=death.Of course the most walking dead are those that think there is nothing else. Even Space alien worshippers are dead because the space aliens are dead. At this time dead=even of Spirit.

Had I not been given a huge chunk of foo foo juice, angel dust, smelling salts and you had, then you’d be writing this and I’d be thinking your nuts or are afraid of death or jealous of those with success to live for.

In the US it has hit huge proportions in Christian mini-empires with commercial interests galore, whether it’s SunYung Moon’s cult, Catholicism or Evangelical Radio/TV/Satelitte/Internet BUSINESS operations and all anti-Jesus.

But what’s the problem with business if it’s geared to help people eat and come to Jesus?Because they don’t come to a REAL Jesus! So, when Kingdom of God member(last named Jesus)returns no one has a clue how to identify Him so they miss out.

But more importantly than any one person missing out, is how they influence other’s to also miss out.That’s why it’s crutial to allow others to make up their own mind while learning the motis operendi of all members of Kingdom of God.

But the Luciferians hardly stop creating their facsimili’s of the Kingdom of God program as when some see through organized religion, they become prey for alternatives, spiritual, paranormal, shamanic, metaphysical and even atheistic.

Of course a questor traversing thru one or more of these belief forms, including belief in nothing(all still hypothesis), often settle and have their Souls further doomed by “the cares of the world”, as Jesus referenced them.

The entire CULT buildup in the 60-70’s was the response to the Kingdom of God’s incarnate membership, providing the LIGHT all seekers were drawn to, though most found a Luciferian influenced religious related facsimili.

It didn’t hurt anyone UNLESS they stopped WATCHING and totally preoccupied their time with building their own mini-empire, the success of which self absorbs them into an authority, thus “What’s God got to do, got to do with it”.

As Jesus said, “many are called but few are chosen”.This was the reason for the migration to Calif., because Ti and Do and crew(saints) were to begin blowing the horn(shofar) in the City of God(Angels=New Jerusalem=Los Angeles, 1975.

But though only a few are chosen at a time, ALL have opportunity, the reason the Kingdom of God made sure the Ti and Do story, then Bo and Peep, or UFO Two would be international headlines, actually in 1975-6 and 1997 as Heaven’s Gate til now.

What some mean when they say the WHITE Horse=AntiChrist is that those Anti Christ will commondeer the term:Gr.leuko=white light, also brilliance, of course being the primary way Luciferians partly distort Kingdom of God’s communication.

Luciferians are dropout Souls who hate the Kingdom of God and strive to do whatever they can to steal Souls from the Kingdom of God if they can so they create facsimilis of what they know is generally coming as they once participated in Kingdom of God work.

They are real beings, but they’d rather we believe they are not.They create an image of a red pitchforked devil so when they come in soft spoken with flowing WHITE robes we’ll not suspect they are in fact seeking our allegience.

The Firey RED reference to a devil, expressed before as Communist, Fascist and Republican, though totally muddied stands for Atheist despite Religious talk and appearances thus are all represented by the Rev 6 RED WAR HORSE.

But this is not to say, Socialists, Democrats and all the other labels with or with o their religio-spiritual banners are any less the RED WAR horse.Isn’t it interesting that WHITE stands BETWEEN RED and BLUE in the U.S. Flag.

Isn’t it interesting that most religio-spiritual organizatons have largely captured WHITE as their common ICON adding confusion so that some interpret the WHITE Horse in Rev 6 as anything but the genuine Kingdom of God colorlessness.

Some interpret the origin of the term HUMAN as a Hue=color/shade of MAN as MAN is what we can BECOME minus hue having outgrown race and gender as MAN is color/gender less, a next evolutionary step above HUMAN mammalian.

Luciferians past work for Kingdom of God was largely in the last civilization on Earth, but their renegade mindset began before Earth. Kingdom of God keeps some around to use as a type of fertilizer to help grow the Soul seeds they plant.

Eve, the name of Adam’s partner, both as starting seeds for the latest Soul garden plot on Earth was deceived into breaking the Lord’s instruction thus “her desire shall be to thy husband and he shall rule over her”.

Many talk of this as a punishment.Sin means “missed the mark/goal”.The 1st goal was to learn to follow  Kingdom of God’s instructions.But these two wern’t alone in that so called “garden” area.This so called Serpent was there.

Serpent here is Hebrew nachash – to hiss(like a snake), whisper, enchant, foretell which Eve was the subject of and whom she was tempted by.This was a Kingdom of God test.Ti and Do called everything the Kingdom of God did an experiment.

It wasn’t a serpent or literal snake, though there may be some relationship to reptilian.Gen 3:1 Now the serpent was more shrewd than any living creature of the wild which the Elohim had made.

Mind you, Elohim meant rulers, judges, above human beings. Today Luciferian space aliens captured Rael’s mind and said they were Elohim, though they slipped up in saying they didn’t actually create the planet, just the humans.

Lord To Serpent:”Gen 3:15 and I will put opposition between you and the woman and between thy seed and her seed;it shall bruise thy head (shake you from your height) and you shall bruise her heel(cause her stumble along her path).

So this Living Being translators called serpents(mystifying the story)also had SEED(offspring) thus were reproducers like humans and became some of our human genetic ancestors. Here’s the origin of Rael’s Elohim:

Remember the talk of the fallen angels:Gen 6:1-2 It came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth and daughters were born to them, that the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair;

and they took them wives of all which they chose.Hebrew, Ben=child(of Elohim).But even if they were Sons doesn’t mean they became ADULTS in Kingdom of God as then they wouldn’t have had a reason to take a wife, nor a way to make babies.

They weren’t Son’s of God in the way Jesus was said to be a Son of God, though he didn’t refer to himself that way.He referred to himself as a Son of Man, because He, the Soul from the Kingdom of God took over the body prepped for him.

So yes, He is an invisible to the human eye Being but that’s not the same as a human when they are without a physical body.Their Soul body is far more dense and powerful and has a above-human body in it’s Kingdom of God environment.

But the way we most see Luciferians is through the humans they comondeer to do their bidding;religious and spiritual leaders where religion is ANY Systematic, orgnanized Belief even called Science “theory” and anti-theist belief.

It’s not the belief itself that is problematic as that’s our exercise of free will, it’s forming organizations around beliefs with heirarchy to administer and act as authorities of beliefs that constricts our growth potential.

Naturally organs. will arrise with their diefication whether in scientific, spiritual, governmental, social or environmental ways. It all serves a purpose in defining which “god” we EACH wish to place our primary allegience.

Luciferians know their time is short til they’re forced underground again to escape the upcoming recycling period.Rev.20:2…and bound him a 1000 yrs…cast him into the bottomless pit, shut him up, no deceiving nations til…

Luciferians who make up most of the Space Aliens have discarnate counterparts (all who die in their alignment, conscious or not) convince humans they don’t exist now or historically and/or that the Kingdom of God doesn’t exist.

They convince others that Humans are equivilent to Gods and they often use Jesus quotes. For instance:Luk 17:20…Pharisees demand when the Kingdom of God should come, he said…It doesn’t come with observation…Kingdom of God is within you.

So yes, a chip/deposit/seed from the Kingdom of God is put literally inside those horses they feel are ready(thirsty).That’s  like adopting a pet dog.The pet gets the tag/master but it’s a long road to becoming a human.

Luciferians love to beef up humans and do anything to keep them from recognition of the Kingdom of God as real, many  membered and obtainable. Most Religio-spiritual-atheists ALL have been snookered and will fight to the death ignoring it.

They say God, Jesus, the Universe, Leaders and even Space Brother Aliens love us and all we need to do to be saved/have Heaven/Utopia is accept it, give homage, pray, meditate, do yoga, feel love, chant/sing with good intentions.

Do we think deer and antelope believe the same when the lion is devouring their children? I am not mocking any who gravitate to such beliefs and practices.But refusing to open up to what’s more real is a consequence.

No one wants to feel confused or a fool or as being used and manipulated, so the Luciferians play on such.Everyone at some point wants to feel of value to themselves and others and that’s played on us as well.

Many think we can Save the Planet and humanity, elimnate hunger, cure all disease, stop pollution, hault wars, stop abuses and deceit through any of the aforementioned beliefs with the addition of technologies, yet another god form.

Sure there are evidences of all having certain successes so one could surmise if we all thought/acted the same we’d have our Utopian society.Actually Ti and Do briefly spoke to this prospect in response to their critics.

They said if all humans did become peaceful, compassionate, loving, etc. then The Level Above Human(Kingdom of God) members could walk among us and use the Earth, calling it a “Heavenly Body” as a base for nearby Garden operations.

That would be like humans having an animal pet farm of sorts where some of the animals that gravitated to serving their human masters are given more and more tasks until they desired to try to even become like their masters.

Then, they’d be provided the Overcoming Process, the ticket being their willingness to give their ALL while clinging to nothing in their past.The 1st stage being belief in one’s master, the Moses experiential classroom.

Jesus took that group through their next phase while among those who were new to the Masters ID stimulated candidates for a NEXT firsttimer classroom consisting of those who believe in Him after he exits his physical body.

The final phase for that original classroom is what we witnessed in Ti and Do’s group, while now there are both potential first time believers and second timers.I’m talking Souls here but they all must work thru human vehicles.

To create this classroom environment great challenges need to be set up.First time Belief is a big one but then belief and service is yet another.The human body we wear though of essential value to us is a tool with limited use.

When we become a student in any of these stages, we don’t decide when our vehicle/tool has served it’s function.The Next Level decides that and gives us permission to exit, including at times their taking away protections.

This was the case for Do and His students.Each student had to prove to Do they were ready to exit in what the world would see as cohersed suicide but that’s because the humans with o a growing Soul aren’t more than their body.

Thus for all those who weren’t in that particular classroom(though there may have been a few exceptions), it would have been a sad suicide. But by what criteria did Do give students such permission?

Well, I know I could be wrong about this, but feel the main criteria from Do’s perspective was the fact that Ti was outside her vehicle so could KNOW whether a particular student was genuinely ready enough.

Do knew he might be able to be fooled.From the beginning Ti and Do said they didn’t “read” us.They took us for our word and actions. However, Do was very much in touch with Ti while she was in her vehicle and I suspect moreso after.

But how did that transpire? Did Ti put thoughts in Do’s head? Not exactly. He, as Ti when she was in her vehicle said, every night They spent hours thinking about and asking their invisible Older Members how to help each student.

From that periodically they would get ideas that they called lesson steps which ended up putting certain students to the test. Going into each lesson they didn’t always know which students would be most tested.

But it became very apparant into the lesson step. One early lesson step was simply thinking about food as fuel and preparation of food as an experiment and what humans call a kitchen was called a Nutri-Lab.

A recipe=a formula with the result=BODY CHANGES, the metamorphic transformation within that by ADHERING TO yielded the Soul’s birth. It wasn’t different terms nor food yielding changes.It was trusting/bonding with our Older Members.

Some students had thoughts critcal of Ti and Do’s every move.They had to learn to shut them off. Some thought it was silly, another BOOGER what we called a discarnate INFLUENCE, acutally a ticket to a strong will thru  blocking.

Meanwhile various Luciferian types which can be many, many beings inhabiting human or equivilent vehicles are second guessing where, when and how a Next Level Above Human classroom will arrise to try to thwart the effort.

The Kingdom of God returns undercover, like a thief in the night(secretly) and brings back all the Souls in the program.The presence of Their huge MINDs open the doors to advancement in ALL forms and particularily where the OM’s incarnate.

A result is great leaps in inventions, prosperity, freedoms, spiritual seeking, etc.The Luciferians take advantage of this climate seeking to distract from the FACT that the opportunity is a gift to test whether we want more.

If the human has even a little sense of a Creator, they may try lots of things but can get Kingdom of God help to not become entrenched. Others see these as, just not having what it takes, making bad choices, not finding their niche.

This occurs mostly in material terms, having little desire to find/make/press into success.They hate the manipulations and game playing to compete to get ahead. The Luciferians try to entrap them in other ways.

They may break the law and get locked up, or create ties to a mate/family development or become dependant on various substances. Of course even those with success easily become entrapped. However these really fear/avoid changes.

Even if we are miserable, we can become comfortable in that condition.The Luciferians will try to entrap us with a very strong drug: religiosity/spirituality.Gratitude for freedom from a tainted past can block further openness.

For each of us, it’s like the story of Job.The Luciferians know we are a prize and the Kingdom of God allows those Luciferian discarnates to test us, knowing that if we always return to asking the Kingdom of God for help, we’ll get it.

The test now! To take a next leap of faith to ask Ti and Do for help. They are not and will not be in human physical vehicles again in this current civilization thus ask in private as often as you wish about anything.

At times they will answer in a dream, at others by a fellow human’s mouth, or by a TV show or movie. At times there won’t be any apparant answer which IS also an answer. The Luciferians will continue to try to disuade you.

At times you may feel nutty talking to Ti and Do. You will hear all kinds of rebuttles against them. You will not  have all the answers but you will begin to trust you’re being given what you need.

I have done a great deal of writing about all this. I know my writing skills are terrible and I have little time and have lots of interference with putting these out. You can find more info in the following locations:, Heavensgate and actual tapes of Ti and Do’s classroom meetings are available at:

XII. Two Witnesses Ti Do Father Jesus Castration Suicide anti Religion Spirituality Atheism UFO

I Sawyer, who was physically with Ti and Do as one of Their students for 19 years, left Them because I wasn’t ready to EXIT with Them, but who since has sought continued service, truthfully testify of my belief and experience:

Ti and Do, the names of The Two Witnesses from the Kingdom of God(Kingdom of God), incarnate from ~1973 til 1985(Ti) and til 1997(Do) are most known by Their(Do/Students)public EXIT of their physical bodies as the Heaven’s Gate group.

Most media followed in lock step as usual in for profit corporations, calling Their actions suicide, because of how They voluntarily consumed barbituates to intentionally “lay their bodies down” to a permanent sleep.

I’m critical of the story’s media coverage because of how little research was demonstrated when abundant data was available. Sure they covered the event itself, just next to nothing about WHY and the abundant Jesus links.

I hope grieving families of the group members have sought God’s help to understand their choices.This offerring may be of some assistance in that regard, however difficult to consider, let alone to embrace.

THEY didn’t consider it suicide because They knew They weren’t ONLY Their body and because They knew who they were doing it for: Do, Their Older Member aka Heavenly Father, the same Soul that had entered the body named Jesus.

Do wasn’t Jesus.He was the same Soul who took over(incarnated)into the body named Jesus.Upon return a new body is selected, hence Jesus warning that many would come “in his name”, the name Jesus so not to believe those are Him.

“Mat 24:5 many shall come IN MY NAME (Gr.onoma=name), saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many”.After Jesus’ exit Luciferians appeared to humans(Paul) as Jesus to subtly distort the truth which begins a religion.

Ti and Do said in 1975 that They were from the “same family as Jesus” though Ti had said, Do was the same Soul that was incarnate as Enoch, Moses, Elijah and Jesus.Do told us that Ti was the unseen Lord in each of those incarnations.

An incarnation isn’t what’s been termed reincarnation, more accurately described as “taking over” a human vehicle prepared for Their task.Ti and Do said they chose human vehicles to use that were sickly and unlikley to survive.

It’s true that a mortal human lives only once, though they simulate living after death by seeking to live through other humans. When the Kingdom of God implants a Soul seed into a human, they are gifted with POTENTIAL immortality.

Many things Kingdom of God says and does through their incarnate Rep(s)  have multiple applications. For instance, the term resurrection means to STAND UP AGAIN.Jesus told his disciples they must be born(of flesh) again for a Soul birth.

In this case to be Born Again of flesh is referring to the fact that each of His student’s physical body was as a  leaf off a branch of the human tree and that like any perennial would sprout (be born) again.

Each new leaf regeneration carries with it a subconscious memory of it’s last life experience thus becomes a “matching” vehicle for a returning Soul to “take” and potentially bring to the goal of it’s “spirit birth”.

“Joh 3:5-6…Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the Kingdom of God.That which is born of flesh is flesh and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit. (Spirit=Greek: pneuma=invisible Soul/dis-carnate).

“Joh 3:7-8 Marvel not that I said to you, Ye must be born again.The wind blows where it wills and you hear the sound thereof but can’t tell from where it comes and where it goes: so is every one that is born of the Spirit.”

There is no definition of Spirit that represents simply a state of mind, like a decision or intention or committment though the contents of a Spirit/Soul contain all those qualities.

Just because millions of Christians consider themselves born again of spirit simply by thinking/talking about Jesus as their Lord and Savior, asking him into their hearts and repenting their sins doesn’t make it so.

“Mat 7:21 Not everyone that say to me Lord, Lord shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in Heaven.”We’re not doing the Lords will unless we try to do ALL Jesus advised.

Let’s examine the prime record Christian leaders refer, indicating being saved by belief alone:Joh 3:16 God so loved the world that he gave his (only?) begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shouldn’t perish, but have…

…everlasting life.Joh 3:17 God didn’t send his Son to the world(Gr.Kosmos=Earth) to condemn human kind; but that humans through him (might be?) saved.If “might” was used then it was simply possible not a certainty.

Joh 6:40 this is the will of him that sent me, that every one which seeth the Son and believes in him, MAY have everlasting life and I will raise him up again (resurrect also used) at the last day. MAY indicates it’s possible.

But referring to believers, stand/raise up again means, born of flesh again(as a new leaf) that their “saved” soul is ALSO brought back to inhabit(take over/overcome) with potentilal to then have RESURRECTed to LIFE(eternal).

It’s true one needs a human flesh vehicle to be able to be born of Spirit because that flesh nature (all of it) needs to be conquered, overcome, yolked/tamed, made obedient to the qualifications taught by the Kingdom of God.

Joh 5:28-29 hour is coming, in which all in graves shall hear his voice and shall come forth;they that have been useful to the resurrection of life;that have been useless to resurrection of a decision (for or against Kingdom of God).

The term resurrection(stand/arise up again) isn’t indicative of rising into heaven.It depends who we stand up again for, the Kingdom of God REP. or not which determines eternal LIFE or Death(1st=body and possibly SAVED and 2nd=perishing).

If resurrection meant going to heaven to be with Jesus, how is it that the “evil” or a better translation of “useless” also reap that reward?They don’t because resurrection means returning for a new flesh experience and choice.

Ti and Do said in 1975 that it was move up time for all grades in school and that all souls would be brought back for a final opportunity to grow. That opportunity is still alive for a short while longer.

Ti and Do wern’t using scripture as an outline of their task, to include what they said. If they had they’d have scrapped the idea of a physical pick up knowing that the harvest of their students had to be a Spirit(unseen) birth.

Ti and Do’s unseen helpers might have blocked this consciousness from Them to sort out initial followers who weren’t prepped for the overcoming classroom from those who were.Those prepped didn’t care about a physical pick up.

I know this because I didn’t care though there were 2 occasions where Ti(1x) and Do(1x) specifically set up a pickup date where we waited and no spacecraft came and certain students were definitely tested and some left because of.

Thus all who think their physical bodies will be taken into a cloud, called a rapture are missing the whole point.A Spirit birth can only occur by the death of the flesh birth while having met the Kingdom of God’s stiff qualifications:

They would have to link up with the incarnate Reps, follow with Them, give Them their will, be willing to physically die in service, cut ALL previous ties and work hard to conquer all their human vehicle’s desires, habits and addictions.

This means staying in the Older Members Overcoming Classroom through thick and thin, “Rev 14:4…Follow the lamb wherever he goes”. It means not using our own mind, but instead seeking to know the mind of one’s Older Members.

“Mat 16:24-25 Jesus said to disciples, If anyone will come after me, let him deny self(give will), take up his cross and follow me. Whoever will save his life shall lose it and whoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it”.

It means working to extinguish one’s fire:sensuality and sexuality, holding in one’s lamp oil, a considered option to even pursue castration as Do and  6 students did.(I was 1 of the first 2 who chose to have this done).

I know it’s a shocking thought, even fanactical/insane to humans.I knew one in the group, when this OPTION was presented by Do, chose to leave.It was a tramatic departure for this member who’d been dedicated for ~15 years.

It was ~1990 when a few first started to examine castration as an option. Do told me, Prkody, Srrody and myself were the only 3 students who expressed a desire to consider having the operation so we began to investigate.

Prkody(who left the group in 1992) contacted some doctors and learned that none would perform that operation unless there was a medical reason for it. We learned it was more taboo than having a sex change operation.

Do said that he didn’t feel right about female students seeking an equivilent operation as it even seemed the male was designed to be relatively easily neutered.But Do didn’t want to deny us the fight against our sexuality.

That fight, equal to whatever fight each has against their otherwise normal human ways goes to building what Ti described as a needed “MUSCLE” that aids in the Soul body birth’s “VIABILITY” upon exit of the vehicle.

Do didn’t want to authorize a students exercising of this option if it might deny them of a needed ingredient, crutial to their viable spirit birth.Do was only asking certain ones if they had castration reservations and 1 did.

This adds more detail to the many times and ways Ti and Do put their students to a test that always resulted in some leaving.They hated losing a student.I witnessed how Do labored over how to help students.

That help was mostly in how to aid them in their overcoming of their particular brand of humaness, physical or mental.But it was also, to help them decide if this experiential classroom was what they desperately wanted.

I have lots of personal experience with what I’m saying here.I was frequently assigned by Do to partner with classmates that needed help that included Dst, Oll who were among the 38 and Hvv, Rth, And in 1992 before each left.

These were most specific assignments where I reported directly to Do about.I wasn’t doing this undercover like as a spy. The entire setup of the classroom was to be willing, even eager to be constantly scrutinized.

Overcoming all our human behaviors is very hard work and we as the subjects often are last to identify all that needs conquering. Hence another of the many reasons Older Members incarnate, to work with us hands on, one on one.

One of my biggest lessons was to not let the standing I was given go to my head which I failed at.Assigning me to help others tested me but it also provided me with many examples of how Ti and Do operated and why, which is for you.

Do was also concerned a student would have the operation and then leave the class and try to prosecute him which could jeopardize the entire Overcoming Classroom’s needed progress.Most students wern’t that sexually challenged.

Do felt to put the prospect on hold and over a year passed, though I told Do;if the option arose I’d do it.By then I’d read what Jesus said about castration and the extent someone might go to give their ALL to God:

Mat 19:7 (disciples ask:)…Why did Moses then command to give a writing of divorcement, and to put her away? Jesus said, Moses because of the hardness of your hearts suffered you to put away your wives:

…but from the beginning it was not so and I say to you, Whoever shall put away his wife, except it be for fornication(reasons) (intercourse with another while married) and shall marry another, committeth adultery: and…

…whoso marrieth her which is put away doth commit adultery.Mat 19:10 His disciples say to him, If the case of the man be so with his wife, it isn’t good to marry.But he said to them, All men cannot receive this saying,

…save they to whom it is given.Mat 19:12 For there are some eunuchs, which were so born from their mother’s womb:and there are some eunuchs, which were made eunuchs of men:and there be eunuchs…

which HAVE MADE THEMSELVES EUNUCHS FOR THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN’s SAKE. He that is able to receive it, let him receive it. Eunuch= Greek: eunouchizo=to castrate/neuter a man. The Essenes were said to practice this.

No one was required to do this, nor pressured into it. Do tried other ways to help students that wanted to squelch their “fire”. As it turned out I did not have it done. Do cancelled my opportunity. He wouldn’t let me do it.

Why? Well on the outside it was because my partner Srrody won the dice toss of who would go first. When both wanted something dice was a fair way to decide.Do didn’t tell us how to decide.One had to be first.

Lvvody was a registered nurse.Her job, that she still had at the time was as the assistant to a doctor who performed orchectomys. An orchectomy is a removal of a males testicles performed on testicular cancer patients.

Do told us over a year before that he was considering having the operation, so they had gathered all the needed tools to do the task ourselves.We were in San Clemente and set up a room that was surgically clean.

Lvvody began the operation on Srrody while Jnnody assisted.As Do and I watched Do said, “if this doesn’t bond us nothing will”. The operation had a problem.The drainage tubes weren’t draining fluids from the testicular sack.

Srrody’s vehicle’s sack blew up like a balloon (small orange size). Do expressed that he felt he’d made a mistake in allowing this and wanted to be turned in to the police.Jnnody, Lvvody and I insisted otherwise and handled it.

I took Srrody to a hospital while Jnnody and Lvvody stayed nearby.Do contacted Jwnody and Lggody and briefed them.The problem was easily fixed and Srrody was a trooper throughout and was very happy he went through with it.

Because of this Do cancelled my operation. I was disappointed.Before we tossed the dice, Do asked me if I had any reservations. I told him, “my vehicle isn’t looking forward to it, but I’m overriding my vehicle”.

I believe Ti(from her position then outside a vehicle) knew that I, Swyody wasn’t ready, so used the event to cause Do to cancel. I say this because I ended up leaving a year later having given into self-sexuality repeatedly.

For 17+ years I’d been 100% successful maintaining physical celebacy and perhaps 90% able to block sexual thoughts. However, I did have some challenging times and they came to a head in 1993 seemingly out of the blue.

I don’t know what it’s like for celebate humans, whether it gets easier to stay celebate but for me, it did not get easier.Sure I learned to “nip in the bud” the triggers but we were in a pressure cooker in the classroom.

Do said we were actually assigned a discarnate to act as our advasary(satan) that was our ticket to building that MUSCLE. I have evidence, an advasary was not allowed to test us beyond our capacity to handle though came close.

I was sitting at my computer programming desk job when the image of a woman’s breast entered my mind.Most weekends we had an outing to a movie and in some cases there would be a very brief nudity scene.

Do watched a movie before putting it on our outing list.He would tell us ahead that there was a little nudity and that if it bothered us, then close your eyes or turn away and practice blocking the thought.

By the way, we were instructed to avoid testing ourselves – like putting self in a position of temptation to see if we could withstand it.And we were instructed not to challenge discarnates either, the same kind of thing.

I had good eye/thought control, so I justified not closing my eyes, thinking I could handle the test.After all Do said the sight of a female breast felt equivilent to his viewing a grapefruit so I wanted to grow to that too.

But I became overcome with the stimulus of that memory image and without touching myself had an emission.The only other times this had occurred was while asleep at times. We called them Nocternal emissions.

Do said about these that if we did nothing to stimulate it, it was little more than a relief valve going off so not to worry or feel guilt about it.I always did feel guilty about it anyway but not because Do instigated it.

It was because I grew very sensitive to sexual stimulus.If I allowed myself to linger on the back of a females neck I could feel a gland inside my body produce hormones that inevitably would necessitate a nocternal emission.

However, this really wasn’t the main reason I left.I was unknowingly harboring a discarnate martyrdom influence that had me think I was elevating myself to sacrifice myself physically whether by castration or death.

It took me 10 yrs after leaving to recognize why I’d left.It has to do with who’s SAKE I was acting for, mine or Kingdom of God’s thru Do? “Mat 10:39 He that finds his life shall lose it and he that LOSES HIS LIFE FOR MY SAKE FINDS IT.”

Mar 8:35 whosoever will save his life shall lose it; but whosoever shall lose his life FOR MY SAKE and the gospel’s shall save it. Joh 13:37 Peter said, Lord why can’t I follow you now?I will LAY DOWN MY LIFE FOR YOUR SAKE.

Mat 19:29 every one that has forsaken houses, or brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands FOR MY NAME’S SAKE, shall receive a hundredfold(new Kingdom of God family) and shall inherit everlasting life.

I was a zealot as were all the students.But my zealotry added to my ego(SELF importance) because it was tied to “liking being SEEN as special(heroic)”, actually a discarnate influence with me from my youth.

Before Ti exited, she gave students a note expressing what behavior/ways “would keep us off the spacecraft”.My note had 3 points: 1)A little too pleased with self. 2)Likes to be SEEN as something special 3)Sarcastic with humans.

Someone who wants to be a hero thrives on feeling special and being looked up to.It’s different than doing heroic things though with humans it’s mostly a mix.As Kingdom of God trainees, the program is to surrender ALL of what builds us up.

That’s why Jesus compared children with aspirants of Kingdom of God membership.We need to transfer all our SELF confidence to our OM’s. Mat 18:3… Except ye be converted and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the Kingdom of God.

That’s a huge reason an OM needs to incarnate, to give us someone who we can trust giving our ALL to.It’s a matter of who we transfer our dependancy to, from ourselves and other humans to the provided Kingdom of God OM Rep.

Luciferians have us give that kind of devotion to fellow humans who obtain leadership positions. But Those who are primary Kingdom of God seed subconsciously know humans never measure up to Kingdom of God OM’s so tend to be nonconformist.

But of course there’s a lot more to identifying Kingdom of God seed and that’s not really our job, nor can we do so accurately but there are primarily two strains of genetic seed, Kingdom of God’s and the rest which has been mixed a great deal by now.

Mat 13:38 The field is the world;useful seed are the children of the kingdom;but tares are the children of the troublesome one. Now it can seem the good seed are represented by the Jews because that’s how it started out.

Mt 21:43 …The Kingdom of God shall be taken from you and given to a nation(people) bringing forth the fruits thereof.(fruit=believers). Joh 8:37 I know you’re Abraham’s seed;but ye seek to kill me, because my word has no place in you.

Jesus’ rising from the dead was both a demonstration of his Soul surviving a physical death to STAND UP AGAIN and proof that he was NOT a SPIRIT entity or hallucination – letting them touch him, eat with him and converse, plus.

Do Christians think Jesus stayed around 40 days showing over a dozen of them all sorts of proof he was physical and alive just for heck of it?Couldn’t He had come as a bright light that blinded them and talked to them that way?

That’s the Paul of Tarsus story, another of the many evidences that Paul was entrapped by Luciferians to sow confusion resulting in most of todays Christians.This is why all the believers in Ti and Do ran far away from religions.

This small group of men and women disciples were given physical PROOF and validation of all Jesus taught to propel them to spread the whole truth far and wide to make a lasting impression for future believers and the gene pool.

Their test was whether or not to talk about Jesus to those that hated to hear of it knowing they’d suffer the same loss of their physical body, clearly what Jesus said would be their service and proof to Kingdom of God of their worthiness.

Mat 20:23 he saith to them(disciples), Ye shall drink of my CUP and be baptized (cleansed) the way I am baptized…” CUP=lot/task. “Mt 26:39 Father, if possible let this CUP(give life) pass from me:but not as I will, but as thy”.

Luk 22:20 …also the cup after supper, saying, This cup is the new convenant in my blood, which is shed for you.Joh 18:11 Jesus to Peter;Put up thy sword in the sheath:the cup which my Father hath given me, shall I not drink?

Thus Jesus’ task was to bring the FORMULA for graduation/harvest for those “sheep” his Father “gave to him” and to do that by his sharing the words his Father gave him to share followed by the demonstration of the formula.

The demonstration was to VOLUNTARILY “give up his physical life” that included both what would be considered as normal human behaviors – pursits of marriage, sex, prosperity, wealth and recognition and then his body.

“Luk 22:19 And he took bread and gave thanks and brake it and gave to them, saying, This is my body which is given for you: this do in recollection of me.” THIS DO=give your body, remembering my example NOT eating of bread.

Even if Jesus did intend for them to have food together in rememberence of Him, for it to become a cerimony that fails miserably to relate the fact that we too MUST give our Body and Blood is a typical Luciferian dilution.

This demonstration was absolutely necessary to offer proof that ALL he said and did was the genuine overcoming FORMULA AND NEEDED duplication for anyone who wants to be with him on his crew in His real Kingdom.

Remember how Buddhist monks lite themselves on fire in the 60-70’s in protest of war.That may have been a luciferian stimulated facsimili as other suicides tied to religious belief, eg.Solar Temple, Jim Jones, etc.

If the students of even Jim Jones and Solar Temple and David Koresh followers that died in their belief thought they were doing so for Kingdom of God in whatever their terms, then Kingdom of God may choose to “save” those souls for next lesson time.

But the leaders of these groups were co-opted by a Luciferian to look like what Lucifer knew was coming from the Kingdom of God though he didn’t know from who, how, when or where, so he looked for those he could capture to do his will.

So how can someone tell the difference as to most, Ti and Do’s Heaven’s Gate was a religion too? The differences are actually many. But the main one is that we don’t come to the Kingdom of God, They come to those who have genuinely ASKED.

When we privately talk to whatever our idea is of a Creator, WATCHERS(unable to be seen workers for Kingdom of God), hear us and offer us help to be in the path of Kingdom of God REPs when They come announcing Their task, blowing their shofar(horn).

No one can plan to be in that path and open minded to Their NEW message UNLESS they are prepared to receive it. Some examples: Mat 19:11 he said to them, All men cannot receive this saying, SAVE THEY TO WHOM IT IS GIVEN.

Mat 20:23 …Ye shall drink indeed of my cup and be baptized(cleansed) with the baptism I’m baptized with but to sit on my right and left isn’t mine to give, but it SHALL BE GIVEN TO THEM FOR WHOM IT IS PREPARED OF MY FATHER.

“Mat 13:11 [to disciples] it is GIVEN to you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it is NOT GIVEN.” “Joh 6:65 … no man can come to me, except it were GIVEN to him of my Father.”

But most Christians have been taught that they have been given this gift of recognition making them “born again”, and thus another Luciferian twist.Recognizing a returned Jesus means recognizing his returned words/formula.

Most have become convinced that they don’t have to literally GIVE THEIR LIVES to/for the next incarnate representative from Kingdom of God exactly as Jesus disciples had to do and did and that includes telling others the same formula.

Telling people about Jesus’ healing sick, helping poor and his sacrifice is fine and well but if we’re not telling others the FORMULA we’re spreading a diluted picture of who He is and what’s required to reap his promised reward.

The formula is NOT to become a priest or a devout religionist. It’s not designed to be enacted entirely until the Rep shows up physically because that Rep will seem to most everyone loony tunes and/or dangerous.

Thus choosing to go with that Rep, follow Them, learn from Them, give one’s LIFE to Them will put one at odds with virtually everyone else so that one’s enemy will be those of one’s own household.

“Mat 10:34 Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.For I am come to set a man at variance against his father and the daughter against her mother…”.

A Luciferian twist is The formula of overcoming all our MAMMON master ways being relugated to an elite class called priests and made into an honorable vocation.Translations of the record become diluted and disquised.

The priests convince the so called lay followers that they have their own gifts to offer, the reason why they don’t have to adopt the priestly behaviors.Lucifer set this up big time through Paul. Here’s one example of many:

“1Co 12:28 God has set some in the church, 1st apostles, 2nd prophets, 3rd teachers, after that miracles, then gifts of healings, helps, governments, diversities of tongues.”Is he saying God=the Father Jesus referred to?

If so did that God do a poor job through his son Jesus in outlining this heirarchy of so called gifts of the body of believers? Note how the 4 gospels largely testify of one another with many sayings duplicated but not exactly.

And how the Revelations of John have many parrallels to the 4 Gospels but 99% of Pauls writings have no parrallels. Why aren’t there more Christian theologians crying “fowl play” in Paul’s writing dominance over Jesus’?

But the Kingdom of God doesn’t let Their core record of the last REP diminish, so it’s there to aid the next rep as They must occupy a human vehicle that has genetic memory of the last REP, so can be awakened to what really occurred.

All the souls from the last Rep’s task who knew the formula and began to apply it, are helped by the Kingdom of God to choose a human vehicle they can help awaken to their genetic memory of being with the last Rep.

To these, “giving their life” is known and acceptible and they have made some headway in the detail of the formula’s application. This genetic and Soul memory also entails all aspects of the Jesus record they experienced.

Thus any return of a Rep MUST be met by society as a CULT.So what does Lucifer do?In anticipation of the Rep, over 1000’s of yrs. He stimulates cults that to the unprepared eye can resemble a distorted view of the last Rep.

Today, when anyone voluntarily takes their own life, it’s considered suicide.It’s even against the law. No one believes it can be done for a right with God reason, though the Luciferians have twisted even that.

When a Soul Seeded human dies if their seed has TAKEN, as Jesus said…”didn’t die by the wayside, etc.” their Soul body is SAVED to be brought back for a next lesson period, where the idea of reincarnation came from.

In 1996 Do and students published a paper entitled, “Our Position Against Suicide” where they outline their great respect and need to live while examining how they might exit/get picked up by a Kingdom of God spacecraft(cloud of light).

They said, “The true meaning of “suicide” is to turn against the Next Level when it is being offered.In these last days, we are  focused on two primary tasks: one – of making a last attempt at telling the truth about how…

…the Next Level may be entered (our last effort at offering to individuals of this civilization the way to avoid “suicide”); and two – taking advantage of the rare opportunity we have each day – to work individually on…

…our personal overcoming and change, in preparation for entering the Kingdom of Heaven.” It was Sept.1994, while I was still with them that Do began to talk with the entire group about taking it upon ourselves to exit and how.

This was just after finishing the 1994 public meeting series that took us to dozens of U.S. and Canadian cities over 9 months in which the group had added at least 12 new members.

If you go to you can see the list of cities and the way the meetings were announced.Critics claim that the members were brainwashed but there was no technique to do so and especially for new members.

Do certainly wanted to Exit. He and Ti talked about exiting in whatever way from nearly day one, though they didn’t enjoy how that might happen, like being killed by a religious fanactic.

It can seem they had a death wish, as if they hated living.They did grow to hate the human kingdom in the way humans had become so against all REAL things about the Kingdom of God despite all the religious and spiritual god/Jesus talk.

There was no brainwashing especially evidenced by the fact that Do told these 12 new members They were considering “exiting by our own hand” right after they joined which resulted in several leaving soon thereafter.

The primary reason it took them from Sept.94 til Mar.97 to exit by their own hand was to be sure the members were in fact of a clear mind to make such a HUGE decision that would shock and traumatize many in the world.

There’s no way to find a human reason behind their decision.Even faith based groups can’t fathom this as related to their faith so they write it off rather than take a real look as it would deflate their religions to do so.

But the facts are that from 1975 most members were resigned to either get physically picked up by a spacecraft or lose their vehicle(body) in some way similar to what occurred at Waco or Ruby Ridge, by another’s hand.

However for several reasons there was to be no successful hunt of Ti and Do and students following their 1975-6 international splash, allowing time for the students to better overcome their humaness.

Some say to me, “oh, so all I have to do is off myself for God and I go to Heaven?”, which is Luciferian talk. No, of course not.One must align with the current Older Member(Do), ask for service to engage their appropriate next step.

As a consequence, perhaps planned by the Kingdom of God or a counter strategy when They witnessed the needs of the students and the general human lacadasical response indicated to Do to stage their own exit and an unignorable one.

I don’t claim to know the Kingdom of God’s complete detailed thinking and strategy in this regard.What I do know was that Ti and Do, but primarily Do, after Ti left her vehicle by the Kingdom of God’s letting a cancer kill it examined ALL exit options.

As They said, “It has always been our way to examine all possibilities, and be mentally prepared for whatever may come our way. For example, consider what happened at Masada around 73 A.D. A devout Jewish sect, …

…after holding out against a siege by the Romans, to the best of their ability and seeing the murder, rape, and torture of their community was inevitable, determined that it was permissible for them to evacuate their bodies…

…by a more dignified and less agonizing method.We have thoroughly discussed this topic (of willful exit of the body under such conditions) and have mentally prepared ourselves for this possibility.”

About the time that they prepared this statement, they were building an “earthship” complex near Albuquerque, NM using old tires packed with mud as bricks.They thought of it as a “Monestery Fortress” or “Launch Pad”.

The idea of the Masada groups “willful exit” began in part by observing the Branch Davidian murders by the FBI/ATF.I sat with Do and  three students when the complex began to burn on TV (allegedly intended to flush them out).

We were all shocked by this event, but Do later expressed that even though David Koresh was misguided, his followers who had decided to die for their belief were dedicated in a way He hoped we, his students would be.

A few days later(after this April 1993 event) Do said he was wondering if we might exit in a similar way, by provoking the govt. He asked us what we thought about that and about buying some rifles loaded with blanks.

I remember feeling very squimish about the idea but I knew it was a test of the extent of my committment.But that didn’t stop my wondering just how far I would be willing to go for Do(Ti) and the Next Level(Kingdom of God).

Do didn’t bring it up again and there were no rifle purchases then.However, I wondered, “what if Do asked me to kill, would I?” This caused me to shudder at the thought but if I really believed/trusted Him shouldn’t I be willing?

I remember thinking, “I don’t know but maybe I would be willing” and I hoped I would not be tested in that way and thought that the Next Level would never ask that of someone. I remind, Do only talked about that Exit idea then.

Why OM’s incarnate;If a spirit came or channeled through someone, it would be less than REAL to all those returnees who were with an OM before and their matching genetic memory while any supernatural interface would mesmerize us.

That’s why should some entity come to anyone in a dream or spirit sighting or as a human alien contactee or channel, in the name of Ti and Do or Jesus, they’re NOT to be trusted.It will happen this way with a group prepared ahead.

I retell this to show the detail surrounding Do’s examination of all things that occurred to him via world events and from student responses and he didn’t hesitate to bring them up to the class.

Some people have claimed, after Ti exited, Do went downhill to the mass suicide.But what we saw was Do becoming more transparant than before, treating his helpers, his core overseers and the entire class as his check partners.

Sometime after I left them in 1994, they did purchase several rifles and some learned to shoot them. Do was still considering they might have a Masada styled exit while building the fortress in Manzano, NM.

But this was all BEFORE Do felt like he was notified of the approaching “token/sign” in the Heaven’s as Jesus said to expect. While I was still in the group, we became aware of a Las Vegas radio show that talked of UFO’s.

Before that and before an internet there were what were computer “bulletin boards” associated with a university, govt or business. They were RS232 accessed and one we regularily examined was called Paranet, a paranormal site.

This is where we first became aware that some astronomers were viewing a peculia object outside the orbit of Pluto. Reports suggested the object was changing it’s speed and trajectory, but was coming closer to Earth.

Do had known the “indicator” or “token/sign” would be something only the Next Level could produce.He realized that what He and Ti, back in 1975 thought would be a spacecraft to pick them up, was this approaching EXIT indicator.

The object was named Hale-Bopp comet.Hubble space telescope pictures revealed 2 tails.Do considered a spacecraft MIGHT be hiding behind it but by then spacecraft or not felt it didn’t matter to their exit plan.

In 19 yrs I never saw Do guess though he’d consider everything.Some of his ways incorporated phrases like:”If in doubt, don’t” “Cover your bets”, and if you must decide, “Take a chance on a positive”.

Was this prophecy a COMET? “Mat 24:27 as the lightning(Gr.astrape from aster=bright shining star) comes out of the east and shines even to the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.” Kohoutek(’73) and HaleBopp(’97)!

It could refer to the Kingdom of God rep coming for one group, as in the prime “harvest” while again for the ones that believed in the first group, to “save” them for their next step after some recycling.

Rev 1:7 Behold, he cometh with clouds; and every eye shall see him, and they also which pierced him: and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him.

There wasn’t a program or activity within Ti and Do’s group to find scriptures to justify anything Ti and Do said or did.We always had Bibles, but no assigned reading of them so anyone could have researched whatever they wanted.

In 1991, considering bringing Ti and Do’s info public again, after NOT doing so since 1976 Do bought ~6 different bible translations for research while watching Christian Satellite ministries to understand the Christian mindset.

Now of course anyone else taking their own life would probably be a mistake.However, Do did think people have the right to do so for instance as we observed Dr. Kovorkian’s work in euthenasia for those that had great pain.

Ti and Do indicated when anyone stopped seeking(growth), marked by preoccupation with physical sustenance alone they’re all but dead by Kingdom of God standards.However, Ti and Do’s task didn’t ever require advancing someone’s death involuntarily.

The Kingdom of God does but when I speak of Ti and Do, though They are members of the Kingdom of God, Their task was to advance the graduation classroom of students They brought with Them who began their lessons millenium before.

Pulling up weeds wasn’t their particular task during this incarnation.It is the gardeners right to choose when to assist the fruit they planted, how and when.In this regard ALL our physical bodies are in a sense expendible.

If they wern’t expendible then they wouldn’t have limited life spans.Now the Luciferians take this reality and cause humans, they can easily con, to think they’re acting out God’s will to klll others that are in their way.

I have it on good word that there are no members of the Kingdom of God walking around in physical bodies at this time, nor will there be until sometime into the next civilization on Earth after considerable garden recycling.

Ti and Do are coming back one last time before that recycling has completed, in which time they will choose which souls still have a potential to grow towards graduation and which don’t.They will do this from their space crafts.

When this happens Governments and many humans will think it’s an Alien invasion and will mount attacks against them and will be no match at all.There are observers now of the literal heavens that are witnessing their approach.

They don’t know what they’re seeing nor what’s in store but this is the prime reason Luciferian Space Aliens prod humans to put most all their resources towards combat, survivalist technological development and global control.

This is also why some Space Alien human contactees say Greys from Orien are bad aliens and/or are robots/slaves controlled by the Reptilians.Weeds, including Reptilians don’t think they are weeds thus their exterminators=enemy.

All space aliens along with somewhat awakened humans want a healthy environment for their own survival but some space aliens will say and do anything to have good human egg/sperm, etc. specimans for their hybridization projects.

The evidence they feel of Greys being robots comes largely from Leonard Stringfield’s autopsies of the Roswell crash dead bodies he published through MUFON.At least 1 body had no digestive or reproductive organs.

Another of the bodies had only a remnant of a male reproductive organ, in other words a small penis. The Kingdom of God wanted some U.S.  officials to know the reality of people from outer space and their different vehicle types.

Some, if not all of the spacecraft (UFO) crashes in which bodies were found were intentional as the way members of the Kingdom of God(LAH) get into a planet’s “secret” spirit world with their soul body to perform an undercover task.

This is one way members of the Next Level and/or students aspiring for full membership are required to show their willingness to graduate from the human kingdom level of life.

Any body from a crash with any characteristics associated with a human body represent a aspirant to full membership, as the body of  a member of this Evolutionary Level Above Human isn’t biologically human.

Do said, “Next Level grows” what he called “suits of clothing(bodies) on vines with a number of different models appropriate to the Soul planned to occupy/wear it”.A body with only remnant of a sex organ is likely from lack of use.

Do said that all those students that LAYED DOWN THEIR LIVES in 1997 didn’t necessarily graduate to these vine grown issue Next Level bodies, as some he felt still had further human overcoming to experience to qualify.

I don’t know if that has something to do with Ti’s initial statement in 1976 that standards for membership were going to be raised when she got back so Luciferian types can’t slip into even an apprentise degree of membership.

However, perhaps she pulled in more of Her Next Level Mind after saying that, as She and Do realized that some aspiring members were given apprentise styled tasks like Watchers/Messengers where they can appear to humans as Gods.

In that position these would still have a vehicle/body that has human characteristics such as what Ti and Do called “plumbing” for reproducing, making them still corruptible(able to return to human behaviors and be their leaders).

I know many Christians and probably other religio/spiritualists think of God as unchangeable and all knowing and of course relative to humans they are all knowing yet they didn’t create a free will environment to dictate behavior.

They actually thrive on the needs of the moment, never automatically lingering on an older strategy when it’s always a new circumstance. True They don’t drop Their convenants unless the humans They are tending do.

When Ti and Do would see that Christian bumper sticker that said, “Jesus, the same yesterday, today and tomorrow” They said They felt sickened by the idea that Jesus would never change.

Ti and Do taught us and demonstrated that “change is the name of the game”, that there isn’t perfection though we can measure ourself by our Older Member’s seeking of perfection.Ti and Do called the Oldest Member the Chief of Chiefs.

“Giving one’s Life” to one’s Older Member, at this time named Do is the only KEY to the Gate of the Heavenly Kingdom.Moses had to do it, Jesus had to do it, Ti, Do and students had to do it. What is meant by “Giving” grows.

It starts with “belief” in the current or latest REPresentative from the Level Above Human.Then it can grow to belief and service to that same REP, one’s Older Member aka Heavenly Father.

Service isn’t what WE want it to be.The REP tells us when they’re incarnate so we are not fooled by influences.Our first service is to disseminate to others the words They said and wrote and accept any ramifications.

That doesn’t mean try to stimulate the ramifications. The WORDS will do that. This service tests whether or not we can follow Their instructions without adding our own interpretation, one of the “17 steps”.

Those that do believe in Ti and Do may in times to come be considered heritics and could be sought after to stop, banish and even kill, the first stage of willingness to lose your physical life for one’s Older Member.

Beginning one’s personal overcoming process is a natural part of belief in and service to Ti and Do which includes starting dialog with Do, mainly ASKING for help with service and dealing with the ramifications and advasarial influences.

Yes it’s all a huge step. Do said in 88 Update, not a day went by where he didn’t question his sanity. It will never be met with popular support as we see in ALL religions, spirituality, wealth, technology and intellect worship.

Engaging to be on Ti and Do’s team is in no way void of laughter and entertainments, avoidance of responsibilities and relationships with others.It was when Jesus was about to leave that he said, “love your neighbor as yourself”.

In the classroom as well as when we did what we called “out of craft tasks” – jobs among the people who were not engaged in full time overcoming under the tootelage of an incarnate OM we were to hold a positive countenence.

As Do said on the Beyond Human tape available on under channel name:1riverofangels, “The Lord wants you to have nice things, he just doesn’t want you to want them”.Many people have many characteristics of the Kingdom of God.

Ti and Do didn’t address the NOW but I believe the Jesus record is perfect for pro/con’s in life activity but with talk to Ti and Do rather than to Jesus because the spirit world is filled with discarnates who love to answer as Jesus.

Do did tell some of those who left the class, to avoid debt. He didn’t say why but it seems apparant now more than ever.It glues us to a justification for our own enslavement tying us to one location for instance.

I know for many the idea that They “layed down their lives”, called suicide is unthinkable and even self-murder, but if any believe in Jesus, they might want to consider all Jesus said about Life, Death and real Loving of the Lord.

But to recognize that for some, as I’ve outlined in these info-video’s, it was their full voluntary decision to “give their life” in that way BECAUSE they were permitted to do so by the Older Member they loved.

In the human world it’s always been considered heroic and simply the highest form of love, to be willing to die for another and especially for someone we don’t even know.

But when we are willing to give our life for someone who we believe to be from the Kingdom of God, it’s considered by most to be insanity.But I think it’s insanity to believe our entire reality came about accidentally.

And I see in nature tons of organization and intelligent guided decision making by all species, though we call it instinct. I know intelligence is required to build anything so why argue that nature requires none?

And why is it that all things in nature appear to have various practical function/purpose. Plants provide oxygen to animals. Animals(bees/insects, etc.) help spread pollen among plants.There are thousands of examples.

Thus with humans, who can perform many of the purposes that help all other species of life on Earth, what could be their highest purpose? To become a dead spirit? To become independant and self sustaining or a philanthropist?

I believe there is a great deal of empirical, even logical evidence that strongly suggests that humankind are abundant in the Universe along with the historic records to suggest we were created for an ultimate purpose.

Was it to mate with space aliens who said they mated with Earth Humans to create their genetic linage though none of them have the slightest explanation for how they created the Suns, planets and all the elements and systems?

And how some of the contactees like Rael say he was told by his abductors the ultimate human purpose was to have pleasure which certainly explains why Earth is dominated by people who put their pleasure above other’s lives.

While anyone can understand why people of conscience and science would run from what the religious do/and say to justify themselves. And one can also understand why so many seek religions and new age spirituality as a safe haven.

But why is it that almost none of these mentioned appear willing to even consider what the real Jesus said, which would also open them up to what Ti and Do said and did, as representing a potential CHOICE of ultimate purpose?

Christians can’t imagine that the fact that Jesus KNEW he would be killed, how, when, why and by whom could be considered a type of suicide.The reason:The Luciferians saw to it that such was considered illegal and an original sin.

There’s no record against suicide in the Bible.Most say “Thou shall not murder” is but it’s an act AGAINST ANOTHER’s Life. If it was a big no no, why didn’t Moses cover it when he covered next to everything re:death?

I don’t believe it was Kingdom of God’s oversight nor that most who don’t kill themselves is primarily because of laws against doing so. No Christian authors I’ve polled, when listing scriptures depicting suicide site Jesus.

Maybe their bible search doesn’t include the meaning of “give (lay down) one’s life for another”, while Christian’s shout “Jesus GAVE HIS LIFE to save us from our sins” made meaningless and popularized by Luciferians thru Paul?

Joh 10:18 NO MAN TAKES IT(Life) FROM ME BUT I LAY IT DOWN OF MYSELF.I have Gr.exousia=choice/permission/authority to lay it down and have choice to take it again.He’s CHOOSING for his body to be killed aka assisted suicide.

2nd part of John 10:18…”This commandment have I received of my Father”(to lay down his life)was authorized by His Father. Isn’t it clear that Jesus intended all his students then and in the future to do as He said and did?

“Jn 14:15 If ye love me, keep my commandments.Jn 12:25 He who loves his life shall lose it and he that hates his life in this world shall keep it to LIFE eternal.”

Joh 15:13-14 Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.Ye are my friends, if ye do whatever I command you.(as we need to learn to trust and He needs to know we can be trusted in return).

Yet many say believers in Jesus arn’t required to try to be like HIM and attempts are trying to earn salvation when it’s a gift. The gift is being given the opportunity, but seizing it NEEDS to include CHANGE, WORKS and SERVICE.

Jesus demonstrated His relationship with His Father to show us what our relationship with Him would need to become.Joh 12:49 I havn’t spoken of myself; but the Father which sent me he gave me a commandment what I should say/speak.

So, Jesus says he looks to his Father for every word/commandment to give to us while also saying that if we love Him we will keep every word/commandment of His and will prove that by passing same on to potentail new believers.

To try to help us get rid of our religio-spiritual thinking, Do once gave us an analogy that the Kingdom of God was like a Corporation with strict qualifications for new employees.We were applying to be on Ti’s crew.Ti=Do’s Father.

Do also described Ti as the Admiral while he was a Captain on Their crew.To join the crew requires an application of giving Them our service against all odds because the world has all but ruled out the LAH’s real existence.

I guarantee no humans in history even come close to mimicing Ti and Do, who were 100% aligned with every word/way recorded from Jesus. Fear or not having Kingdom of God seed are the only things that keep someone from fully examining Ti and Do.

According to Rio, aka Neody, the last one to leave the group just weeks before they layed down their bodies, as he recorded in his book entitled, Beyond Human Mind, The Soul Evolution of Heaven’s Gate Do told them…

…He realized/remembered something from when he was incarnate in the body called Jesus.”He(as Jesus) was a fugitive for a while hiding from the Roman officials.During this time He traveled to east Asia”.

Do had a question as to, “why He(as Jesus)came back to a place that He knew was going to kill Him.According to Do the reason was; Jesus was ready to go back to His Father.With tears in His eyes He said:”…

“leaving the body here is how the Soul of Jesus traveled back to the Next Level”.His Soul did exit the body though was repaired enough to PROVE he was still PHYSICAL(NOT a Spirit) and ascended into the hidden spacecraft(UFO).

We were back in San Clemente in Sept. of 94′ when Do brought up to the entire CLASS for the 2nd official time the subject of a possible self initiated EXIT of our physical bodies by use of a permenant sleep inducing drug.

I was still in the class at that time. Do wanted to hear something from each member of the class, which included perhaps a dozen new members.One left after that meeting.I left next but not due to exit talk.

I was still giving into sensuality and not exposing it, two reasons to be sent out of the classroom. I didn’t know why I couldn’t gain control, but Do said he wasn’t ready to “throw me away as I had a lot to offer the LAH”.

By that time I’d been removed from my Overseer position and became withdrawn and complacent as I knew I was living a lie by then. One day Do called.I was living with 6 classmates seperate from Do and the larger classroom body.

Do told me he wanted me to partner with Mllody on an overseer task again.That was all it took.How could I be an Overseer when I couldn’t muster what used to be relatively easy control over my vehicles sensual nature?

I said to Do(for the first time in 19 yrs. of fully dedicated service), “I can’t as I’d be a hypocrit”.He responded, “Then what do you want to do?”.I replied, “I’ll have to leave”.He said, “I guess you want more objectivity.”

Do then spoke with Nrrody who told the others of my decision, adding that Do said no one should try to talk Swyody out of leaving because he knows what he’s doing.I wanted to leave with nothing, that martyr influence with me.

They insisted I take $600 plus a plane ticket to where I wanted to go.I chose Phoenix, AZ near 2 former classmates, found a job, apartment, etc..I had NOTHING against them.To relatives surprise I spoke highly of my experience.

The Kingdom of God thru Their Rep(s)(Moses) set up life and death rules.Some people rebel from those rules.For example in Exodus 32 as some people began to worship a gold calf at Moses absense, Moses required them to choose sides.

The sons of Levi chose Moses’ side and He instructed them to slay certain others.Now we can fault Moses but the law was not given to Moses who was the current Rep from the Kingdom of God, it was given to His followers to abide by.

We can curse the Lord for not stopping Moses as we can for the Lords destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah though it was weeding the garden, again not for us to believe we have the authority to do as we’re not the garden creators.

When a male fertilizes a females egg, they pass on their current physiology AND the content of their mind/spirit/CHOICES.We are all part of the Kingdom of God’s designed experience that is free willed and thus experimental in outcome.

A female, of course isn’t designed to pass on their current mindset as developed from birth. They are born with their eggs, thus have a predestination of sorts though variables are introduced by the male seed.

Thus especially in the earlier years of the experiment, the Kingdom of God chose times to weed the garden plot to give their “plants” a chance to develop into flowers(fruit), in this case to actually become part of their own crew.

How is that accomplished? When the direction of a plants evolution is apparant and it’s judged detrimental to the survival of the desired fruit, then the Kingdom of God has various methods of weeding-haulting the spread of that seed.

We can see many examples of this weeding under the direction of Moses but in each case options were always given to the weeds though in this garden plot’s weeding it’s accomplished by and large by the potential fruit itself.

If weeds are left to propogate they spread and choke all the healthy plants.The Kingdom of God are the judges through their incarnate Reps. However, strong plants can better ward off weed attacks, in this experiment by mental discipline.

But the Kingdom of God doesn’t want to irradicate all the weeds as they enact a significant challenge to the fruit’s needed evolution.They serve as fertilizer or like a sparing partner.It’s the Soul body that’s being developed.

Mat 13:30 Let both (tares(weeds (wheat look alikes))) and fruit(wheat) grow together til harvest and then will say to the reapers, gather together first the tares and bind them in bundles to burn them and gather wheat to my barn.

“Mat 18:7 Woe to the world because of offences! It must needs be that offences come but woe to that man by whom offence comes” Offenses=Greek:skandalon = trap, snare, stumbling block, tests related to tribulation(pressure).

But as I’ve outlined “giving one’s life” was a given if we wish to apply for membership on the Kingdom of God’s team.It’s the application that is in steps, thus Jesus was demonstrating a final step that included a preliminary one.

When a Rep knows it’s time to exit yet they know they can easily hide from those that seek them out, they are left with initiating their exit/arrest as Jesus did by going back to Jerusalem and calling out Judas to act.

Initiating our own exit with no provable good reason, like to save another is considered suicide by all those who don’t believe in any beings more evolved than human, who created our reality.

One Luciferian twist is that for Jesus to initiate his own exit was not suicide but was dying for our sins, giving his body/blood so we don’t have to, allowing them to think they reap the reward for no comparible investment.

Another Luciferian twist is that giving one’s life for one’s country is honorable before God.The Luciferians carefully avoid any inclination of giving one’s life FOR the Kingdom of God unless they can show it as fanactical cohersion.

And of course the Luciferians love promoting giving one’s life to another human, a family member, but mostly for a spouse as a romantic way of thinking, but hates any idea that one could have that degree of love for the Kingdom of God.

For those few that do feel inclined to give their life to Kingdom of God(in any culture) and for whatever core reason, Luciferians establish it as honorable ONLY within the scope of an organized religion.ALL others are dangerous cults.

Luciferians include promotion of no Kingdom of God creator beings and nothing “above us” to give self to as John Lennon sang about and has been deified by.I liked John Lennon’s being against organized religion but for different reasons.

I am totally for community and organizations to accomplish social goals that can result in governments.Common beliefs in the Kingdom of God are also Jesus rooted but only individuals can have a relationship with the Kingdom of God, NOT organizations.

The ONLY time it’s an evolutionary step above human to self initiate exit from one’s body is when it’s totally conscious, NOT by a carrot/stick lure, not for self, whether an escape or imagined heroism(martyrdom) AND

NOT of our own WILL but as a result of willful bonding with a genuine Older Member from the LAH, evidenced to you over time in Their every word/deed as Their student who’s WILL you know you WANT to serve because you love Them.

Joh 10:(11)I am the good shepherd: the good shepherd gives his life for the sheep.(15)…and I lay down my life for the sheep.(17)Therefore does my Father love me, because I lay down my life, that I might take it again.

I’m closing this chapter in saying that my return to Ti and Do’s service was/is still very challenging.We will all be giving our lives to something.We can keep it safe and ordinary or we can take it to the NEXT LEVEL.

After ~12 yrs. of a return to asking for service to Ti and Do, I asked Do if I needed to prepare myself to lay down my life as They did.Do came to me in a dream that same night and said, “Give Your Life”, a process.

Many choices are very difficult, especially when there’s no recognizable payback.There’s still an open door to choose to apply for a step wise service to Ti and Do from the Evolutionary Level Above Human.

Making such application is simple:Start serving.How? Decide that you believe in who Ti and Do are and tell others what They said/did. It’s between You and Ti and Do, the last current representatives from the Level Above Human.

A general guide for new believers in Ti and Do

July 3, 2011

Just wanted to share the following post, someone named alex who had read some of my previous posts on a blog about crop circles. I’m aware that at any time I can be spoofed but it’s no matter to me. Like Ti and Do, they didn’t try to read anothers sincerity. They took the high side that they were acting with honesty and always expressed how people, students or not, had to smack them in the face with behaviour unbecoming of a member of the Next Level, like dishonesty before they would accept it from them. With that said, I felt to give my best shot here and it felt the clearest I’ve expressed so far as to what Ti and Do might think/feel towards those who are opening up to Them at this time.

alex | July 3, 2011 at 3:20 am | Reply
@sawyer. Good to speak to you, I was not aware you were part of the Heavens Gate mission.I strongly agree with the teachings of To and Di to reach the next level in human evolution. I wouldn’t go as far as taking the steps or course of action to achieve it(yet). In my opinion I feel that the human race will achieve the next level here on earth, either through a natural course of nature or divine help and the people who are enlightened now have the simple task of making everyone aware and making the changes nessacery in order to complete the task giving. Peace,love and light.

sawyer | July 3, 2011 at 9:52 am |
@alex – I am not quoting Ti or Do, except when I say I am or paraphrase something I can’t exactly quote. I try to make the distinction as I go but sometimes I don’t. I say this to try to protect against my being quoted as if Do said something. As far as quoting anyone, I’d stick to what you know Do authored as well as any of the data on the site as there are many student essays there as well. I know for a fact that those essays were gone over with a fine tooth comb and Do himself so you can count on what they say being from the mind of Ti and Do.

It’s a  big surprise to hear you say you agree with the teachings of Ti and Do, perhaps 1 in a million and it sounds to me you are in an aligned position to help those around you.  By Do(Ti) and their students final step of laying down their lives was never meant to suggest anyone else would be ready to take that same leap and at that time or even in their current lifetime, thus your sentiment of “not interested in taking their steps (yet)” is as honest and true as I can imagine. That’s not to say someone couldn’t feel strongly that they do want to take that step, new believer or not, but so not I would ask him at this time if that would be the best way to serve the Next Level.

However, with that said, it is up to you to decide upon establishing conscious connection with Do, if you havn’t already as without asking for his lead, you won’t get it.  Since they don’t NEED us or NEED new members to their crews they don’t have any need or desire to trick us or lure us or manipulate us or act without our request. They never project a voice in our heads nor take us over as in a channeler. We need no special way to talk or to fold our hands or sit in any particular position. It’s simple and direct. Use the names they have given us as our LINKs, Ti and Do. Very soon after you ask, you could have a dream with Do and/or Ti in it. It might help to see their pictures but I don’t know if that matters.

I have had some indications that the Luciferian space aliens are trying to transmit Ti and/or Do’s image to new believers and I would not be at all surprised by someone saying Do visited them in a dream or somehow and told them such and so. When Do visits he answers your question and that’s it and his answer from my experience always includes options. But most of all, what he says must be tested against what you think and feel according to all the Next Level  has shared with the human population since the start of this civilization’s garden but with prime focus on all Ti and Do said/did and what Jesus and then Moses said and did. (It’s hard at times to understand why Moses said certain things, so I’m not talking about cutting your beard square or wearing nike shoes or anything like that. I’m talking primarily behavioral towards ourselves and others.

By communicating with Do regularly we begin to identify his responses as they are usually subtle and in that way learn more about him and how he works and how you can begin your personal process toward a future graduation, which will begin in earnest sometime after the recycling is underway/completed.

You will of course be outside your vehicle by then but your Soul container with whatever of their Mind you have drawn to you by then will be aware of Ti and Do’s invisible spacecraft and will receive an assignment within according to your station. It may be just a holding pattern for a while , like on ice(Do said), but as you will be timeless at that point (having not been included in the “second death” when the spirits are vacuumed or sucked into the earth’s molten core somehow) it will not matter .

This is the only meaning of reincarnation when the Level Above Human brings a soul back. Otherwise no one spirit leaves (until melt time) so there is no coming back. There is only stay or go to whatever we believed before we died and if it was an illusion of heaven where we go to the light , it may be like a moth attracted to the light in which they die and their energy is merged when they get there, or they may stay around and try to help the grandkids or give someone their due for harm they felt they were dealt, or to seek the same pleasures they sought before through whatever human host gives you that assimilation.

When you said some will acheive the Next Level here on Earth, that’s according to what Ti and Do have shared exactly what I just descibed, the beginning of the process that requires a number of flesh births to where you soul is brought back with the task of trying to “take over ” a human horse(vehicle) prepared to fit you, a horse that is a seeker and whose genes came from Next Level seeded stock. so the brain doesn’t short circut at the real sense of the Next Level’s existence and plan on the planet – to grow souls as potential new members into their evolutionary strata.

What’s been given by Do and crew were instructions on how anyone can be in their service at this time. And that is to share what they said and did with others. Ti and Do and crew observe all they want to and set up circumstances where you will run into people that have a potential interest and though there is no one way in which you must share the info, when and how and to whom, if you begin to ask Ti and Do to guide you and remain willing to do things that sets up opportunities on the net or in person. then that magic will take place and you will begin to see it working to further strengthen your developing graft to their family of Mind tree. For whatever it’s worth, I use music for my interface. I play wherever I can, on the street, in little gigs and sometimes I talk about Ti and Do in the midst of the music (I have backup tracks I play with ) and other times I say nothing and someone comes up to me to talk and we sometimes get to the subject of Ti and Do and sometiems we don’t. Sometimes I tell somene I have a story to tell that is a whale of a tale but don’t care to tell it unless somene asks to hear it. I don’t plan any of this. I am just saying this is what happened today thought there are many variations. And if I feel no one is interested, I might give them a hint, like that it’s about UFO’s. (I have a mic on my battery powered amp). And sometimes I won’t wait to hear someones question or asking as this is hardly ever a popular subject to talk about openly). Some of the songs on the cd’s I sell that I use the money to keep me in batteries and meter charges in cities talk about Ti and Do a little too and the cover tells about them a bit too so it’s there. It’s a seed being planted. That’s all. Not my task to follow it up. It’s in their hands. The only reason some feel threatened by what I do is when they have a strong program that they feel is cntrary my talk, but generally the discarnate influences try to blind the eyes/ears of most so they won’t be faced by it, as they know it’s not familiar territory and that can only mean theri host vehicle may change down the road and they’d potentially lose them as a host for their attractions.

What you are expressing also reminds me of the Jesus quote, “The meek shall inherit the earth The meek are the gentle , the loving , compassionate, kind, helpful humans.

And Next Level members will walk among humans again as they have during each new civilization. They are the gardeners and earth is their garden and we are the potential fruit and we can also become the instrument of further fruit.

In times to come this will not be easy. Nothing will be. Sometimes all the words don’t make sense to someone and I just leave them with, “ask Ti and Do for help”. Sounds pollianna but I know and mean know it can’t hurt. However I know there are religionists that boil to hear me say this and that may be the way I meet my vehicles end. If so it’s a ticket to the next step. I don’t wish for that to occur and I try to steer away from such but if it happens despite my efforts (short of hiding and never sharing ti and do info) I’m readiy to accept it.

Do may even come to you in a dream but also the Luciferian space aliens if they find you will want to try to steal your allegience away, but you will be protected from too much of their influence as long as you want to stay connected.

Meanwhile I’d try to learn all about Ti and Do you can which is all contained on the webside. Their book is there but only for cut and paste receipt at this time. (I’m not it’s manager and those who are don’t know how to fix things ). There is another site that I don’t know who maintains called, but if you fail to get their book I will provide a zipped copy to you. You can reach me at or through or or . My blog does also have a post of all the places I’m aware where legitimate Ti and Do info is posted as we’ve already seen an effort to sabatoge the info.

I’m accused of talking too much so I’ll cool it at this time, but not without a word of caution. Frequently when we read or watch info being presented that is “beyond human” (and beyond space alien or et’s) we can feel a little weak in the knees or sick to the stomach. It’s like it tastes good but then when our vehicle gets wind of what it means and the changes one knows they will eventually have to make, the vehicle kind of shrinks and looks for ways out and will become critical of this or that about something Ti and Do said or did during their trumphet blowing and classroom managing. That’s healthy to experience. It’s the groth process and one needs to have times of seriousness in that and then times of relaxation and fun too. So many people think it’s like joining a monestary. It’s not really.

At some point civilzation as we know it will be disrupted for us. For many that’s already happening of couse and always has but soon it will happen more and more in the US, if in fact you are in the US. That’s not a prediction, like anybody can’t see that, but some think oh, this economy will blow over or the natural disasters will return to like they were before but they won’t, though there will still be periods of calm while the rest of those that wish to have allegience to Ti and Do are “sealed”. I have no real idaa when that might occur but meanwhile I still suspect trying to locate to a mountainous region away from big cities and coasts is wize.

Some may try to go to Veedavou in Medicine bow national forest in Wyoming where Ti and Do first gathered us after their ~3 1/2 yrs prophecy period had elapsed. That would be a difficult winter destination. I’m not saying that is where the Next Level might come to or may use for the next civilization start though I do supect and have some evidence it will be the area Ti and Do felt to stick to keeping the classroom. It would be a rectangle of sorts that drew a line on the western side from San Diego to Edmonton, Alberta then east to Chicago then south to Houston and then west back to San Diego. I’m not saying these are accurate lines, and the classroom never located to the Chicago area. In fact most of the time was spent in Texas, Colorodo, Wyoming, New Mexico, Arizona and Southern California. I just say this for whatever it’s worth. At this time I still feel to remain in the Vermont area but I’m not one to follow in that regard. Each person needs to see what they feel and can ask Do.

Don’t fear those that can take your physial life away from you, fear those who can take your Soul away from you. (Jesus paraphrased).