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Do and Crew’s instructions on handling storage locker content provided choices and thus Tests for All

August 8, 2015

For those that know of the dispute in the handling of copyrights of the materials Ti and Do and Crew left behind and the lack of dissemination of the remaining 266 or so of the 484 audio tapes Ti and Do had recorded over 20 years I am posting segments from the letters sent by Do’s Crew to those first offered the task to start that dissemination as I believe it puts to rest any concern with not having them. The facts speak for themselves that the audio tapes received no specific instruction while the rest of the info – the Book and content of the web site, the Beyond Human Tapes, the last video statements from Do and some students were all sent to different people and in some cases to more than one person to insure that body of information would be disseminated. After they left all the tapes that Ti was incarnate to record escaped from those that didn’t want to disseminate them. I have no doubt that was orchestrated by Ti and Do after they left as they wanted us to be able to hear Ti’s voice/mind with Do’s voice/mind. Influences continue to raise their heads to try to anger some of us, because of not having access to the remaining tapes. Those holding onto them know how a number of us feel about the subject but these segments in the letters prove that they were given the choice of what to do with them as they were part of the content of the “storage locker” Do and Crew left behind, which you will see referred to in these letter segments:

What follows is in response to a post by xf97 on his blog that mostly addressed the copyrights. Carlan worked for several months with Rkkody disseminating the 218 tapes that were digitized onto two cd’s:

I revisited the letters Carlan (crlody) sent to me that he got from Rick (Rkkody) who got them from Mark (Mrcody). One of the letters, describing their passing on the “purser task” had their names, “MRC/SRF” blacked out, but the letter with the quotes below had their names and they were not blacked out.

1) “We put into storage items that we would prefer the authorities not have access to. You can do with those items whatever feels right to you. The only exception to this is some exercise equipment which belongs to our landlord, Sam, and we suspect he will want at some point.”

2) “Pursers have included an additional document as part of this packet that further covers the disposition of our cars and this truck. So we ask that you refer to that document for details. It is our desire that any items of value that are retrievable by you be divided among those who feel inclined to disseminate our information.  Any of the funds you retrieve can be used towards that end and for the living expenses of those involving themselves in this project.”

3) Referring to a CBC producer/director named Debbie Geller, who wanted them (the class) to participate in a documentary, who worked out of the New York office, they wrote, “So, for this reason, we are recommending that they be involved to some degree in the coverage of this event, that is, if their attitude seems to remain somewhat objective and you find working with them not too difficult.  Of course, this is contingent upon whether or not you should choose to say anything to the media on our behalf. We would hope that the public would have an opportunity for more thorough knowledge of who we are and what we’re about.”

4) “Also we want to make it clear that we’re certainly not asking you to do these tasks if, after receiving this information, circumstances make It too difficult or other options seem more appropriate for you. We want you to feel free to exercise any available options with whatever timing feels right for your own next step. No doors are closed to you.”

5) “We also asked OSC to register the Heaven’s Gate book with the Library of Congress and that if he needed any funds to accomplish this, that you would cover it out of the project funds that you have on hand.”

6) In the letter addressed to RKK where he received their “hopes” of tasks he could accomplish, (i.e. the press release, updates to the web site and some people they had been in touch with) where they also  expressed that they were not asking him to do these things, just like they expressed to Mrc/Srf:

“Of course, this is contingent upon whether or not you should choose to say anything to the media on our behalf. We would hope that the public would have an opportunity for more thorough knowledge of who we are and what we’re about.”

Thus speaking on their behalf was part of what they hoped He and thus any who felt to participate in their “project” (that referred to after their exit) would do. It’s also interesting that there were detailed instructions on how to handle their video tape exit statements and the Beyond Human Video tape series masters, indicating their wish that they are to be distributed for the “widest coverage” but said nothing about the audio tapes in storage. (I think it wasn’t spelled out because it was meant to be a test for all involved then and thereafter)

This letter was signed, “The Class” and it included options with suggestions of involving Osc, Rkk, Jhn, Flx/Abl and Neo and possibly Soeren (who hadn’t joined the class but was told by Do to try to come to the U.S. He was in Germany at the time I believe and he did come here a few years ago and used the name, Nathaniel.  Do and Crew knew that Osc had offered Soeren a place to stay with him.  They indicated, “if Soeren continues to try to support us and to move in our direction that he can be included in events that transpire to whatever degree feels right.”  In the purser task letter there are suggested distribution of their cars and vans and truck among the names mentioned that included providing one for Soeren’s usage. (I say this to show that it wasn’t only long term dropouts that still wanted to serve that were included to help and receive funds as Soeren was never in the classroom. It was all about desire.)

So it seems clear that Mrc/Srf were given the ultimate authority over the content of the storage locker but it was hoped they would work with Rkk/Osc, Jhn, Neo (Rio), Flx/Abl and Pyp who was also mentioned and Soeren and an open door extended to anyone who wanted to disseminate their information.

It’s also clear that they wanted the book to be registered in the Library of Congress, so I stand with my previous sense that Mark was truthful when he told me, in answer to my question, about Lggody instructing him to create the TELAH foundation as most likely one would need some type of organization to register something there and I suspect that is establishing a copyright as well. I don’t know if you can have a “common law copyright” if you register with the Library of Congress.

It’s also clear by the quotes here and several others in 6 letters Carlan sent to me that they wanted their information disseminated and wanted funds they provided and/or that came from the sale of one of the vans and other things in storage to “be available to those who still support the class and want to help get our information out”.  There were also  other references to Rkk receiving some master tapes because he was thought best to copy tapes and to know who to distribute them to for “widest coverage”.

So since they did not mention the audio tapes specifically it seems they wanted that to be left up to Mrc/Srf but that It was hoped they would work with Rkk, Osc, which to them was a no brainer so accomplished providing 218 meetings worth of tapes to us. In 1997 Rkk mailed me two cd’s with the 218 tapes on them. Carlan put them up on some years later where the remain.

So I conclude from this that though I believe it is the intention that all the tapes be made available, it was left undefined by Do and Crew because Do didn’t have instruction from Ti to do otherwise. That therefore set up a “test” circumstance that amounts to choices of Mrc/Srf and for all those who observe Mrc/Srf’s choices. The entire classroom experience were “tests” of whose Mind we would graft to, believe in and trust.

I choose to trust that we no doubt have all the information we need. I can fully understand wanting the remaining tapes to be available but if they are not, no one is going to miss out on the opportunity to make further application to serving Ti and Do right now by disseminating their information far and wide. Of this I trust that Ti and Do would never ever leave a prospective candidate disabled in any way, shape or form. That would be like choosing to not water the garden that because of, the plants would die.

Sawyer (swyody)