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Sawyer comments on Article about Cddody’s (Fred’s) vehicle’s death

January 28, 2016

The link to this article is at the end of this post but I’ve included the text of that article so I could make inline comments to correct or show more light on some of what is reported because I was in touch with Cddody, who is in this article, Dale “Fred” Mackey.  My comments are in brackets that start with Sawyer.

Article starts here:


Former member of UFO suicide cult buried in ABQ

By Joline Gutierrez Krueger / Journal

Published: Tuesday, January 26th, 2016 at 10:45pm
Updated: Tuesday, January 26th, 2016 at 11:07pm

Former member of UFO suicide cult buried in ABQ

[picture inserted here of Rancho Sante Fe mansion with the caption below:]
Bodies of some of the 39 members of the Heaven’s Gate cult are loaded into a truck outside the mansion in Rancho Santa Fe, Calif., where the members committed mass suicide in March 1997. One of the members, Dale Fredrick Mackey of Albuquerque, was supposed to film the suicides but had fallen sick and was not present. (The Associated Press)

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Dale Fredrick Mackey seemed to fall off the planet.

Few had known what had become of the Albuquerque man over the past six decades until his obituary appeared in the Journal last week. He had died in Dallas at age 81, they learned, but in November, though no explanation was given as to why it had taken until last Friday for him to be returned to his hometown to be interred near his parents at Fairview Memorial Park.

The obituary listed the usual accomplishments – Mackey graduated from Albuquerque High School in 1952, the University of New Mexico in 1956 and a master’s program at the University of Southern California in 1959. He had served in the Army Reserve. He had “served the Lord Jesus.”

It also listed some not-so-typical accomplishments, including his work as a film editor and director at MGM Studios.

[picture inserted with caption]
MACKEY: Former Heaven’s Gate cult member comes home

And this: Mackey at one time had been a member of Heaven’s Gate, the UFO-worshipping cult whose 39 members, including founder Marshall Applewhite, committed suicide en masse sometime before March 26, 1997, at a Rancho Santa Fe, Calif., mansion, in a bizarre plan to leave their bodies – “vehicles,” as they called them – to board a spaceship tailing the Comet Hale-Bopp as it passed close to Earth.

[Sawyers correction – They did not worship UFO’s. First off to worship Do said meant “to work for” but even in the religious misinterpretation of worship of honoring or looking up to or respecting or bowing to, it’s misinformation to say because a UFO is an unidentified flying object, so they’d be worshipping something they don’t know what it is. To Ti and Do the groups founders/leaders and teachers a UFO was a populist abbreviation they didn’t actually approve of using in the first posters advertising meetings but since the students designed that poster and it became part of their identity nationally because of the story hitting the press in October of 1975, they used it, but Ti and Do would have said “spacecraft” and described that it was in the Bible what was, for instance, described as a “cloud of light”, which they did not worship as to them it would be like worshpping the Air Force One instead of the President who uses that transportation device.]

[Sawyers correction – They said it didn’t matter to them whether there was a spacecraft tailing the Hale-Bopp Comet. It was made clear to them that the comets arrival was their “sign” in the timing of their exit of the human vehicles they borrowed to perform their tasks through.]

I did not make that up.

Had Mackey not fallen ill and into a more earthly religion, the obituary said, he might have offed himself, too.

Which is to say, he had almost fallen off the planet.

[Sawyers comment – This almost sounds like a freudian slip in several ways though in the way they meant it, his getting ill had nothing to do with whether he would have otherwise “offed  himself”. In actuality he wasn’t permitted to stay in the group. He was sent to the half way situation because he was causing trouble in the group. He got into a pushing match with Alxody once. I don’t know who pushed who, but I do know at the time that Fred was acting like he didn’t want to be in the group anymore, where Alxody if he did any pushing was losing control for the moment as Alxody did have a short fuse at times – nothing major but I can certainly imagine that Fred pushed his “buttons”, which is not an excuse if he ended up pushing Fred. Alxody also went to a half way situation at that time as I mention in a later comment. Now for the freudian slip part because one could say from a Next Level perspective that Cddody (Fred) fell ill in terms of staying on the straight and narrow (as did I and all dropouts) and as a result “fell to earth” from that path into the “kingdom in the heavens”. Had he not become ill in that way, then presumably he would have conquered his influences enough to stay the course of giving his all to the Next Level through Do, so would have been among the 38 other students that “offed themselves” the populist way of describing their exit of their vehicles.]



“We left town the morning that obituary ran,” said Mackey’s cousin Barbara Schafer of Albuquerque. “I picked up the paper, read it later, and, my gosh, I couldn’t believe it.” Schafer and another cousin, Ann Greenwood, are the only known Mackey relatives left.

Schafer thought he had died years ago.

So had Greenwood.

“Dale dropped out of existence,” said Greenwood, who lives in San Jose, Calif. “I assumed he must have died somewhere along the way.”

Both cousins say they had heard the cult rumors.

“I remember hearing Dale had given away all his worldly possessions,” Shafer said.

But both say nothing about their cousin suggested that he was cult material. He wasn’t on the fringe or off-the-wall, they said. Just nice, talented.

[insert of a picture of the Manzano “earthship” with the caption]
A wall made of tires filled with dirt fortified the 40-acre compound inhabited by the Heaven’s Gate cult in 1995-96. The compound was in the Manzano Mountains near the small community of Manzano, about 55 miles southeast of Albuquerque. The wall has since been dismantled, and 39 members of the cult committed suicide in March 1997 in Rancho Santa Fe, Calif. (Adele T. Chavez/The Albuquerque Tribune)

Longtime Albuquerque attorney Michael Keleher agrees. Keleher, who knew Mackey as a Sigma Chi fraternity brother, recalled that Mackey was the only child of parents who ran a clothing store Downtown and that he had an interest in art.

“But we never really had a conversation about what he was going to do after we graduated,” Keleher said.

Mackey likely had numerous chances to encounter Heaven’s Gate, both in Southern California and in New Mexico, hot spots for cult recruiting in the 1970s. At its height, the cult had about 200 members.

[Sawyers addition: He was among the couple dozen that joined following the talk Ti and Do gave to a New Age meditation group at one of the group members house in North Hollywood, in early April of 1975. He later received the name “Cddody”]

Mackey may have been one of the recruiters. In the summer of 1975, Mackey had visited John “Mickey” Craig, a former UNM classmate, according to an Albuquerque Tribune article. Both men would have been about 41.

A week later, Craig disappeared, abandoning his wife, children and their Colorado dude ranch, resurfacing 22 years later as Brother Logan, one of the 39 who committed suicide in 1997.

Logan had also been among the 40 or so pale, short-haired cult members who in June 1995 settled briefly on a 40-acre compound in the Manzano Mountains, where they began erecting an earthship, a 3,700-square-foot maze of rooms and hallways constructed of fortified dirt-filled tires.

By the spring of 1996, the cult had abandoned the earthship and headed to California.

A year later, the members dressed in matching Nike shoes and black attire adorned with a Heaven’s Gate “Away Team” patch. They each carried $5.75 in their pockets. In three shifts, each drank a fatal barbiturate-and-vodka cocktail, wrapped plastic bags around their heads, covered themselves in purple shrouds and waited for the spaceship to whisk them away.

Mackey was supposed to be among them.

[Sawyers correction: There was no “supposed to be…” anything. The reason he wasn’t with them was because in 1988 when the group lived on a ranch  about 20 miles north of Dallas, Texas, Do felt cddody (Fred) needed some time outside the “classroom”, what Ti and Do called their groups effort to overcome the human evolutionary condition. Do also felt three others needed that experience. They were Alxody, Sngody and Anyody. At the time Brnody, the  member of the group who has osteoporosis was living in an apartment in north Dallas, because Do had previously thought she needed to be on her own so Do set her up with the apartment and the handicapp equiptment, scooter and the mechanism to load the scooter onto a car and a way for her to drive the car using hand brakes, etc. I was one who helped set her up with some of that at the time. I would estimate that apartment for Brnody was started in late 1987 or early 1988. Anyody was actually sent to live with Brnody before Alxody, Sngody and Cddody. When these three were sent there they actually were set up with another apartment nearby. All of these except for Cddody later rejoined the larger body of students. Cddody was given the option to return as well but chose not to rejoin the group. When I left the group in 1994, I moved back to New York where I had been from and I was in touch with Alxody’s vehicle’s mother Nancy who I started communicating with as she had formed a network of parents and loves ones of the group members, trying to learn of their whereabouts over the years. Nancy knew where Fred was, still actually in Dallas in that same apartment. I decided to travel out west with my new partner as she wanted to buy land somewhere out west so I said I knew a lot of people I had been in the group with that had dropped out before I did so we could visit them and have places to stay at the same time along the way. I contacted Fred and he was open to a visit so we took the trip in the spring of 1995 and one of our first stops was Dallas where we met up with Fred and had dinner. Then after the group layed down their lives I had another occasion to be in Texas, actually around 2005 or so and we visited with him in Dallas again. He was a little unhappy at that time and was thinking about moving to Albuquerque as there was a woman inviting him to live together. I got a Christmas card from him some years ago saying he had moved to Albuquerque.]

And here we turn to Pastor Paul Kerr of the Mill Valley Fellowship in suburban Dallas. It was Kerr who had placed the obituary in the Journal and brought Mackey’s cremains home.

Kerr knew Mackey as Fred.

“He was very friendly, outgoing, helpful as a great volunteer,” he said. “He helped edit videos for the church. Then he got sick and I and my wife ended up being the only persons who would go see him.”

Mackey, he said, was supposed to film the suicidal end of the cult but fell ill beforehand.

[Sawyers comment: I guess it’s possible Do and Crew contacted Fred before they exited their human vehicles, what people called suicide, (not knowing better because how their actions did not resemble anyone else’s choice to die that are always because of depression or anger, vengence or other mental distresses, that these 39 showed no evidence of. But what Kerr may be referring to is how Fred, being the film major, while with the group in 1975 was given a video camera by, perhaps Hayden Hewes or Brad Steiger with the agreement that he would film their pickup by a spacecraft as at that time Ti and Do thought that would be the way they would leave earth, with their human flesh bodies. We carried that camera around for years. I know because I was always involved with packing the trucks and remember the camera being in a closet, reserved for that occasion should it happen that way. Ti and Do didn’t actually ever claim to know exactly how that exit would happen. But I suspect a mix up of understanding in this statement from Kerr because the group exit was 1997 and I visited with Fred Mackey in 1995 and he was not ill that I could tell and then I visited with him after the group left and he wasn’t ill then either. I was aware that he was editing video for that church group that I believe he said was on Forest lane, in Dallas. I knew of that church as we actually while in the group had a house off of Forest lane.]

“He was really sick, critically ill,” Kerr said. “He told me a minister came to pray for him, and he literally got out of his bed and walked out of that hospital. He turned his back on the cult, turned his life to the Lord and never looked back.”

[Sawyers note: In 2005 or so when I said I visited with Fred for the second time since 1995, we did talk about Ti and Do. He was curious about a number of individuals who had also dropped out that I was still in touch with. By then Dick Joslyn known in the group as Dncody (Dance) had died related to HIV, who I had also visited with in 1995 in Sodona, Arizona where he was living then. He was a good friend of Fred’s and both joined with Ti and Do in 1975 from that N. Hollywood meeting. Dick left the group for the last time, I believe in 1989. Anyway, during my meeting with Fred in 2005 it was clear to me he no longer believed Ti and Do were from the Kingdom of God, Kingdom of Heaven, what they called the Evolutionary Level Above Human. I believe he told me at that time that he thought Do had changed from what he and Ti had intially thought – that Do got off track, which was one of the opinions that came initially from Professor Robert Balch of the University of Montana in Missoula, MT who became the go to, for academics on Heaven’s Gate. (Do actually sent me to help Rob at his office in Missoula to provide answers to his questions for a book he was adding a chapter for, that was about the group. This was in 1994). So yes he did turn his back on the cult and I knew became a little religious with that church group but the way this was worded made it look related to his walking out of the hospital. Anyway, had by 2005 become an active believers in Ti and Do again, not that I ever really lost belief. I actually flunked out of their program and I did express some of that to Fred in 2005. It didn’t matter to me what he did or didn’t believe. I wasn’t recruting. There was no new group and still isn’t.]

At anything.

A few people showed up at the graveside service in Albuquerque last Friday, among them Schafer’s daughter, Lisa Chavez, as a favor to her vacationing mother; and Keleher. Whatever they might have hoped to learn about the long-lost Mackey, why he had fallen away so far so long so strangely, stayed unknown.

“That cult was a curious thing,” Keleher said. “Kind of weird.”

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Link to same article:

Former member of UFO suicide cult buried in ABQ

Overview of Revelations “BEASTS” and “Image”

January 26, 2016

Below is a comment I left on a youtube video I came across that I believe is worth watching. The Link to the video follows my comment but the comment may be helpful to some of you. Please forgive my lack of proof reading and editing and the holes I probably left, but I don’t have time to try to polish every comment I make. Also I know I come across as thinking I know these things, yet I can’t actually prove how they are all related to what Ti and Do taught except indirectly as they didn’t teach prophecy interpretation except in the case of their saying they were the Rev 11 Two Witnesses and Rev 12 Woman Do said was Ti.

Sawyer’s comment as 3SPM on Youtube:

I agree with you first seemed to say as the first beast being America, or more specifically the Rev 17 and 18 woman Columbia/liberty as shown in NYC and Washington District of Columbia and I agree that the Holy See, especially through Pope Francis is one facet of all who are antichrist in that they don’t actually teach the Christing “overcoming of humanness” process Jesus taught and illustrated and required of his disciples that goes beyond the start of being on his team by “belief” and “trust” and abiding by all his taught behaviors and ways.

As we know Peter said that the “antichrist is already among us” and no where is that more apparent than through much of what Paul of Tarsus wrote, as he perhaps unknowingly distorted and diluted Jesus pure teaching, distorting what was meant by “grace” – in how Jesus’ Father forgives us our trespasses that can start the “washing” process with a new slate but insures nothing unless each of us seeks His will each day from there because there is much more to  the “overcoming of the human world” as run by the Luciferians, than, saying we believe.

Anyway, getting off topic of this comment, in my study and observations and experience seeking the Lords holy Mind/spirit I have a number of reasons to believe that the 2nd beast is the EU and how they are obviously tied together  (with the first beast) in the New World Order to include the United Nations and the One world religion (belief) which is a big part of the IMAGE that is clearly given to speaking through the pope more than any other but is also shown as speaking through the Dahlia Llama which are both “like lambs” (peace seeking, gentle, kind hearted) but “speaking as dragon” of Rev 13:11 because remember the Kingdom of God, Kingdom in the heavens doesn’t actually want humans to unite because then they will more and more ignore the only true Creators of everything and all the life forms and even the allowance of the Luciferians to prosper – to provide a clear choice to those the Lord elects to see the truth.

So the “image” is ALL that is related to making SELF into God as most seen in the New Age, “Ye are God’s” mindset that has grown and permeates the world but was brought to a head in the U.S. and E.U. since the 1960’s to date. So this would include anything that equates us as “gods”. Like many New Agers say, “All of us are gods because all of us are parts of the whole of God’s creation”. They uses a few scriptures to portray this, saying “we were created in the image of God” where image is “likeness, appearance, spirit of” all true but that doesn’t make us equivalent to God. Then they quote Jesus saying “The Kingdom of God is within you” which is true if we have the Mind from the Kingdom of God in us, but is not true if we then think we have “arrived” at a place of godhead just because we may have that seed in us – the seed being the deposited soul container the Kingdom of God plants into all the humans they choose to make their Mind/Spirit available to see as it provides the interface they can sprout that soul from. However, as Jesus illustrated in the parable of the sower, many are called but few choose to hit the deck running by asking our Heavenly Father every day how to grow faster and to have the strength to implement that further growth towards meeting the qualifications for heavens gate passage.

I studied every usage of Image I could find in scripture and in all the Revelations examples it’s usage was worded as speaking about the Beast and worshipping HIS image. HIS was actually in the manuscripts, yet is a pronoun and in this translation shows gender but the BEAST is the New World Order organization so isn’t gender related nor a singular person. The Greek “auto” translates to his, her, and a number of other pronouns but in this context I would choose “their” and being a pronoun really reflects “self” so this is saying that those who “WORSHIP THEMSELVES” are actually the closest interpretation of the IMAGE. To worship means to “work for”. If we work for ourselves in any capacity at this time we are separating ourselves from the Kingdom of God. We must choose to “work for the Kingdom of God” and let them take care of our daily needs instead of “working for the BEASTs” – showing our allegiance to their “wealth and treasure” and their IDOLs that we are actually by working for “fornicating with” because we are not giving ourselves to the Lord. Those that want to be wed to Jesus need to shift our devotion and love to HIM If we want to be a member of his family in his kingdom. That doesn’t have anything to do with joining a religion or becoming a priest or going to seminary or becoming a monk or recluse. – Those are fine pathways but no better or worse than any other because essentially what we must do is ask him to help us come closer to him and how we can serve his needs and put our self aside, as jesus said to be a disciple one needs to “deny self”.

I agree where Rev 13:1 says the “…saw a beast rise up out of the sea” is more than just an interpretation of “sea” as people, but specific people, the people who were originally considered by the Lord as the “salt of the earth” the 12 tribes of Israel” that lost their savour (saltness) – (thirst for Jehovah’s Mind/Spirit – following of His commandments) that when scattered (as the Lord often did so they wouldn’t stagnate in getting comfortable in any one place on earth) – like Jesus illustrated about himself as “having no place to lay his head”, through the Luciferians became incorporated (in more than one way) into human governments, namely the Holy Roman Empire following Constantine and to date the Holy Roman Catholic Church that are with all religious teachers now “false prophets” (speakers inspired by God, because they are not actually representing what was taught by the latest representatives.

Where it’s tricky is where the terminology follows in the designation the Catholics have taken as being the Holy See which is another Luciferian tactic to sow seeds of confusion in ambiguity but also then accurate to that “Image” of holiness and piety and knowledge – eyesight.

As with all the Kingdom of God teaches through Their servants as seen in the bible records, there is always a literal vantage point to be seen that even plays itself out in degrees throughout history, thus many Christian writers/bloggers, commentators would assign these Revelations prophecies to the time of the first century AD and ignore all the more accurate signs of how they are coming to pass as we speak, except they often assign more symbolism to the Revelations symbolism that further distorts the true revealing of those mysteries. That first “beast” comes out of the sea. So how can that be literal.

Well we can see the “seven heads” as the seven continents of people and the 10 horns as the G10 financial powers (bankers, IMF, etc.) (that admitted Switzerland but kept the name to G10 – as Lucifer and his associates like to show fulfillments of prophecy as well as then it can trick even the elect into unknowingly siding with his camp) with the 10 crowns those heads of state and the seat is the US – NYC-DC where the wound was the 9-11 attacks that have since been healed. GW Bush was the Ruddy/Red horse and Obama the Black/Blue horse of Rev 6.

The Green Horse is about to come – it’s the “harvest horse”  and the Kingdom of God showed us some more of their reality by the cityscape of lights on dwarf planet Ceres that the BEASTS people and those enamoured as the IMAGE of God are making out to be “space aliens” and for some of the New Agers that believe in the space aliens, the so called “bad aliens” when the fact is that ALL the space aliens are “bad aliens” the descendent human equivalent physical vehicles (bodies) the Luciferian fallen angels use (along with using humans) that are all grounded to the earth so are no longer able to circulate in more distant space, though they are trying to get humans to do so with the hope they can escape earth before the Lord recycles and casts them back into their underground/undersea prison cells for the 1000 years before they are all cast into the Lake of Fire where the BEASTS and false prophets end up before then.

There is a great deal more to say about all this that I can bring a great deal of evidence to that will be very hard for some to consider and believe but all I can say is, if you all Love Jesus and his Father and have not ruled out  certain viewpoints because they seem too far-fetched or outside some common definitions of terms that Christians tend to bash, then you may find yourself filled with further recognition of what’s true and real, though will continue to be challenging as that is what each of us must endure to come through our own “birth canal” of spirit birth into membership in the Kingdom of God.

The Kingdom of God is actually a physical evolutionary (non-darwinian) kingdom level that is above human similar to how human is above animal and animal above plant and plant above mineral. The human Kingdom is not the last step in that DIRECTED EVOLUTIONARY DEVELOPMENT of SPIRIT/MIND – THE CONTENT OF THE SOUL. Members of the Kingdom of God are physical. Spirits in the human kingdom are not physical.  A soul is a physical container as a seed that can be grown into a member of the Kingdom of God that select humans are literally given every time an Older Member comes incarnate.

I can prove with ALL prophecy that Ti and Do were the incarnate Two Witnesses and were the Father and Jesus return in new bodies having new names. They exited their incarnations by 1997 seen by the world as the Heaven’s Gate “cult of truth”.

Ti, The Father took a female human vehicle to get her “son” Do in a male vehicle started and then left as shown in Rev 12 that I can bring verse by verse literal interpretation to along with Rev 11 to prove all of this but the only way anyone can see it is if the Father and the One who was incarnate as Jesus draw us to them ,though we must be willing to let them draw us to Them to grow in Their spirit Holy(pure) Mind. We are currently in the LAST stage of harvest. The FIRST stage has passed but we didn’t miss it unless we ignore the truth. So implore you all who love Jesus to scream to our Heavenly Father in the most distant heavens to know whether what little ole me here is saying is true about Ti and Do and then expect to be shown the truth and also scream for the help to have the strength to accept that truth. This video shows how “true believers” will be targeted by the Luciferian driven Beasts and their enslaved humans. It will result in the loss of our human lives for some, but they can not kill our soul unless we let them by turning away from the One True Kingdom of God through their servants who were most recently incarnate in the names of Ti and Do – The notes in the Song.

So when I said we each need to seek to love only jesus, give ourselves to Jesus to become his bride, it wasn’t to his vehicle – it was to the Kingdom of God/Heaven Mind/Spirit that we need to bond to. For those with him physically they were to bond to him and his vehicle was his instrument but he said he would not return in the name of Jesus yet he would have a new name as would his Father who comes with him as they did using the names Ti and Do. Thus to show our love for HIM means showing our love to Do. To try to bypass Do and say we love Jesus is to deny the Father has sent him again to us. It’s not trusting and abiding by what he said would happen in these end times.

There is a sure way of proving what I am saying. Project your asking to your “Father” in the literal Heavens into deep outer space, beyond the furthest stars you can imagine as ask if what I am saying about Ti and Do is true and to help you see it. Jesus taught us to pray to the Father. It was only his disciples he said could talk to him because they knew him literally which is a very important distinction as look at how far Paul was off track because he thought or manufactured Jesus as speaking to him in his head or in some voice from a light, not at all the way the Kingdom of God ever communicates with anyone unless their incarnate representative is standing there at the moment as with Moses and at least twice with jesus.

Here is the video link: