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two witnesses father jesus ti do part 8 – homosexuality vs anti-Jesus Christains

November 9, 2010

two witnesses father jesus ti do part 8 – homosexuality vs anti-Jesus Christains

This segment includes a section of Ti’s writings from January 1973 when Ti and Do first left houston and headed to Bourne, where they spent about 6 weeks in what Do called a painful soul searching experience dealing with their incoming recognition that they’d (their minds) come from outer space and were here to have something to do with the bible, bringing certain updates and fulfillment of prophecy. They didn’t at that time consider that they were the rev 11 two witnesses. Anyway, Ti talked about homosexuality briefly which I wanted to address more in this segment given the washington DC politico-christian group called the Family that Mother Jones Magazine just did an excellent spread on and their dealing and support of very serious laws against homosexuality that include life in prison and/or execution & penatlies for anyone who harbors a homosexual. Perhaps this is a fluke, but it doesn’t seem like it as a newpaper in the sudan published faces of would be gays and lesbians.

two witnesses Father(Ti) Jesus(Do) returned part 7 lucifer anti-Jesus Christian pawns

November 9, 2010

two witnesses Father(Ti) Jesus(Do) returned part 7 lucifer anti-Jesus Christian pawns

The biggest form of the AntiChrist is within organized religions and to date among those who use the title Christian to identify themselves, not aware of how anti-Jesus all they stand for is. This part 7 gives more examples of how the Luciferians infiltrate and manipulate people to think they can offer so little to the Kingdom of God and yet feel justified to condemn others that don’t talk like them do. It’s not about belief really for them. It’s about talking belief talk. Now saying this in no way suggests they should not be treated with less respect of any human but it’s likely they will embody those that bring the next holocaust in the US as in many ways history is about to repeat itself and it will be all those that don’t get marked as belonging to their political party/organized religion and Family that will justify their persecution of all who don’t subscribe to their talk and ways.

Part 6 on Luciferian space aliens & on sexuality

November 9, 2010

ti do Father&Jesus two witnesses part 6 luciferian space aliens & sexuality

More on the practical reality to the Luciferians, both in space alien human equivalent (even reptilian based) form, from a distant planet and/or from their hiding places underground on earth and/or near to earth planets (mars) originating from previous earth civilizations and in discarnate form, ghosts from the dead body’s used by those Souls(kingdom of god seeds planted into human vehicles/spirits) who fell away from a kingdom of God graduation classroom and went actively against the kingdom of god thinking of them as simply like themselves to where they didn’t feel they needed to go through the kingdom of God representatives (Father/Son team, Older Members(OM) in the Evolutionary level above human(LAH) that religions now call the kingdom of God(KoG)) to reach the Heavenly Level of life, that’s NOT a spirit existence as human but is both a significantly more evolved physical body existence that is virtually never ending, eternal as the soul/spirit/mind changes body’s sort of like humans can change clothes but with not nearly the frequency or for willy nilly reasons or for fashion but for function the way humans use a diving suit to go underwater. AND how they interface w/humans as their pawns.