Jesus says he was being forsaken on the cross

Comment to sawyer:


Present Mission…

Today I went on; not to push, but tot share information with some of my Christian family member’s I decided to visit during my three day stay there, before my departure from society.
I went on to share with them, of the lesson’s I have learn, from the next level, for instance jesus-not God, but instead, an instrument of our creator, and reminding them of the times Jesus went into the mountain’s to speak to the creator, because he needed that private moment to be able to focus on his connection with the creator, and jesus last hour on the cross, and his conversation with GOD, in question; “why dear GOD have you forsaken me”? and thus departing after asking GOD that question; I’m certain the process of his final moment was longer than what is spoken of in the bible.

Yet my family appeared perplexed in some way’s, and went on to explain to me that Jesus is GOD, and so forth, I of course through the my studies in this area realize that Jesus when he spoke to his diciples, explained that he who know him knows the father who sent him with the information GOD gave him to give to us, in other word’s how to over come our humaness, and care not what happens to our bodies, but instead care more of what happens to our soul’s.

They in turn went on with the same misleading information, and I knew my place, and the next level information, well enough to; confidently leave those who walk with the blind continue to walk with the blind, and in a way felt sorry for them.

I found information in the book of Revelations which I will be putting out in the next couple of day’s, that reads near the end of chapter 2, and for those who prevail; I will give him the morning star-right away I thought of planet Venus, for it is the morning star; we will have access to planet venus, and as you continue to read, you will see in chapter 3, and you will survive the second death, meaning we will continue to live after leaving, or exiting planet Venus-very possible Sawyer that we will experience life in all of the nine planet’s, and eventually exit through the Sun into a new solar system; that reminds me of the promise, you will inherit the heavenly kingdom.

The information I am recieving is getting more interesting by the day Sawyer, and I so much needed to share this portion with you.
You are like a distant close brother to me, and this reminds me of the times, and day’s the apostles spend writing to one another.

Sawyer’s response:

Yes it is just like that time I feel.

If the shoe fits, consider that the reason Jesus and the Father are one is becasue Jesus desired it to be so, thus He drew on his previous relationship with the one he was for students sake referring to as his parent greek Pater, so they would relate to the relationship more realistically with their human experience as they go hand in hand.
When jesus was on the cross and said the part about forsaking, I believe what he was saying was, “where are you Father, I’m anticipating and desirous to see you” and he was doing that by actually repeating:
Psalm 22:1 My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me? [why art thou so] far from helping me, [and from] the words of my roaring?
where “forsaken” is:
a primitive root; to loosen, i.e. relinquish, permit, etc.:–commit self, fail, forsake, fortify, help, leave (destitute, off), refuse, X surely.
So he was wanting help, and perhaps specifically to be loosened from his vehicle that was sufferring.
I do believe the Kingdom of God does draw more distant from each of their students and workers at time to help them stand on their own two feet better, a big part of which is in their seeking their help. If everything was always hunky dory in life, what motivation would a mammalian human have to seek help from what we sense must exist that is certainly much greater than us.
I agree with your Christian relatives that Jesus is A God. The term God represents Theos in Greek used in many new testement places but the word is defined as “supreme beings, judges” just like Elohim in the old testment is a plural term and as it’s a “kingdom”, greek bastilla (sp?) there are “many members” the terms Ti and Do used to describe it.
Thus if someone comes from the Kingdom of God, representing that Kingdom of God and in particular their Heavenly Father as one who lives in the literal heavens and is above human, no longer in mammalian service/participation/evolution then when they are physcially present the Kingdom of God is at “hand” by a member of the Kingdom of God and thus a God.
It’s this illusion that ignores the evidence of many members, (angels, watchers, archangels, etc.) and speaks of their being One God in three parts as if they are all one which is true as there are Older Members (Fathers) and younger members(sons) and they all are inbued with the HOLY MIND/Spirit that they choose to want to continue to fill their being with.
So the trinity is talking to a structure definition of the Kingdom of God. The luciferians want us to think of God in totally illogicial ways as then when the real deal shows up, some may be fooled and not recognize Him/Her because they talk in none biblical terms with new terminology,etc.
I had been seeking to understand that reference to the “morning star” when it dawned on me, though I don’t know for sure if this came from Do’s mind, that the biggest candidate to be the morning star is the star that comes up every morning. The Sun which is actually named Sol and just like Soul.

Since we see Venus as a reflector that looks like a star to us, we think it is a star but does the Kingdom of God think of Venus as a star?
When they talk about giving us a star, it’s related to having a crown because one conquered succeeded in their assigned task. I know of the idea that it’s venus but there are no other indications of that being the location for a base of operations though the moon has such an indication. To see more of how star is used look at Rev. chapter 12 where it also says the “woman has the moon under her feet and wears a crown of 12 stars” which to me means she has conquered humanness in 12 different star systems of who knows how many planetary civilizations She participated in as a gardener overseer, Older Member.

However to those who overcome are given the bright and morning star. If it is the Sun what does that mean they are given it? Do they put their name on it or do they then have a crown with one star in it.

Ti and Do did indicate that Their students are part of a particular part of the overall genetic strain that the Next Level chose to relate primarily to, the Jews 2000 years ago and before. And having overcome their humanness, they are then in line to be on the primary crew that continues to do tasks related to the planet they graduated from as well as on behalf of all those who come to the reps after the reps have physcially exited. They then become nurturing gardeners of new human students and their task assignments are with that one garden, under that sun/Son. Thus giving graduating students a star for their crown having conquered making them a king or young “god” as Jesus said even the least in the KIngdom of Heaven is greater than the greatest human is by this way of thinking that seems to be founded in Ti and Do information, but I could be wrong since they didn’t directly address this scripture assigning them a TASK/Project to learn to tend a garden and it’s occupants.

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  1. TMMODY Says:

    “and having overcome their humanness” Even Do couldn’t overcome his humanness… heck, Do had to get rid of his testicles because he (or his “higher level” thing) could NOT overcome his humanness.

    Think: none of them overcame their humanness.

    • sawyer Says:

      overcoming is the same thing as conquering one’s humanness. It’s also the same thing as to “prevail” which was actually the meaning of the word Israel, “those who prevail as Jehovah”. Do nor the classmates who sought and decided to get castrated, at least 3 that I know, had personally warded off their vehicles sexual impulses for 20+ years. Of course I can’t prove that as I wasn’t privy to everything they did during that time but I do know from my own experience that if you were still controlled by those reproductive and sexual impulses you would never pursue a castration, (unless you had some other reason, like pain and some disease or were mentally challenged, which I know most say, They all, and I am, so that’s probably no value to you). I write this however for anyone who sees the comments and my responses. I know this because I genuinely wanted to have my vehicle castrated BUT as I’ve described in one of my early video’s posted on my 3spm youtube channel, after a minor problem with suri’s castration that I was present for, and I was to be next that same day, Do cancelled it for me. By the way, He had asked me if I had any reservations. This was minutes before suri and I flipped the coin to see who would go first. I said to Do, “my vehicle isn’t looking forward to it, but I’m overriding my vehicle”. He seemed to understand and accept that but said nothing in response. The proof for me that I had not overcome my vehicles sexuality is that I so easily went from nearly total control over my vehicle (never masturbating), with significant control over my thoughts, though not significant enough, as even small thoughts easily build to bigger ones, though for those years that only resulted in nocturnal emmissions that I was not aware of having stimulated – like from touching myself, though I know I could have done a great deal more in my discipline, but “I” had not risen above it enough to take that kind of control over my vehicle’s mind and body. My heart was in the right place I believe but it wasn’t enough to shut all the doors that periodically were getting harder and harder to shut entirely, which I have a number of stories to demonstrate. So like I started to say, I went from I guess a decent control to none and I know why but it took me years after I left to understand it as I still had a “spiritual mindset” and the reality of Ti and Do’s entire classroom was anything but “spiritual” in all the realistic definitions of the term. Nowadays, words are so convoluted, it’s a wonder we can communicate, but that seems to be happening less and less among the populous – still talk a lot of, it’s like all these words that give the listener the impression that they know what they are talking about and yet it’s apparent they don’t know any better. It’s like, how do you explain to a new guinea native who never saw a cell phone or technology (if any of those folks still exist) that there is all this technology if they never have any experience with it. Overcoming is like that though many humans do have experience with it. Ask any former addict of substances or behaviors if they have overcome their addiction and they will tell you, how long they have been on the wagon or tell you, “yes” but still knowing how they must keep up their disciple that “over rides” that brain/body mechanism that would otherwise drive them to falling off that wagon. It’s the same with religion – “belief systems” – they are addicting as they are so easy to get high off of. The same with laying down one’s life when there is no apparent reason to do so. Everything about the human wants to live. Of course that’s pertaining to those who are not suffering from a severe mental condition or programming, which again Do and students are accused of, but no one has any evidence about and to the contrary I have a great deal of evidence, for most 19 years worth that shows they were at least as sane as the sanest human we can imagine as sane but then again, if someone is afraid to consider it, like so many things they will never know what’s so good about that flavor of chocolate ice cream, for example.

  2. baldtim Says:

    I empathize with you. I truly do. I think our correspondence is getting confusing because I am responding to various posts and then you are responding and the order of the call and response are getting off.

    If you care to email me, I’m at ….

    What is your greatest fear?

    Who are some of the members you miss the most?

    “Do” suppressed his accent in the later vids… did he ever talk about that?

    Were you present during Ti’s final days? I’m not mining for human weaknesses or anyting… just that those days must have been illuminating to all of you. From the limited tapes I’ve heard (of which I am desperate to hear them all, where are they?) she was a wonderful person… very, excuse the term but very “human” very comforting. What were her last days like — I know she was like family so, please don’t share anything uncomfortable — this isn’t an expose…. I’m just wondering.

    It seems like you challenged them periodically … Ti’s eye makeup for example… was that encouraged?

    Did they ever talk concretely about advanced math? Or advanced physics? String theory is interesting not because it is provable… only becuase the math “works”. if they were from TELAH, then they had infinite insight into that stuff which they would have shared..

    I want to learn. And I want to give you a sounding board. Use the email address if you need to be candid.

    Alwways start from nothing — like Descarte sortof did… he was duelist, so… rigged some of the meditations if you know what i mean…. Peace to you brother …. baldtim

    • sawyer Says:

      I don’t need a sounding board so if that’s what you think your doing, hang it up please. I’ve got too many sounding boards and have been sounding for at least 10 years now. It doesn’t get me off. It does appear you have kept up with this subject quite a bit. My fears are knowing that I have to give my life sharing this info with people that unlike you will try to kill what threatens them and this information and especially what I am soon to release will be the straw that breaks the backs of those that are already very angry and will be looking for someone to do in, to express that anger. For instance, all that has to happen is one young person beginning to believe in Ti and Do separating from their family or world to set off a fear that I or those spreading ti and Do’s info are recruiting secretly and it’s a new cult and so that will make the likes of me a criminal. Things will be happening in an increasingly pressure cooker manner fulfilling all the prophecies exactly as they are written. Read Rev 8:7 the first trumpet – the trumpet sounded in the early 1900’s I’d estimate but the events that were laid out then are mostly being applied by the 1st angel pouring out their vial (medicine) in rev 16 which is after the 7 trumpets have sounded. Hail is a number of thinks, even comets but obviously ice balls large and small, snow, even rain actually as it’s just a temperature difference. Fire is drought and trees being destroyed is unprecedented since around 2002 in the area that is the “third trimester” area. And bloodshed is certainly on the increase with all the random shootings all escalating dramatically from 2000 counting the endless war by the red horse bush and the endless financial crisis’ of the Obama nation that he is trying to negotiate with the green (tea party people). When he leaves office all these things and more will escalate many fold with the angle with vials sores and disease actually related to sores of the mind, and disease of the body, both intensifying more than ever in the “third trimester area”. Sure other parts of the world have had huge problems that dwarf these in history but that’s why the forecast which is a “plan of action” tying up loose ends and giving all people a chance to wake up and change their minds, was pertaining to the US and primarily in these cases affecting the third trimester area of the world, the US West of the Mississippi to the pacific.

      It seems there will be objects hitting the seas. That’s next if it hasn’t already happened as it may be the fukashima problem of the earthquake and tsunami as it was “like” an object crashing into the sea in the affect it had on the ocean and earth that produced that huge tsunami, or perhaps an object did hit the sea. If the Next Level chooses they can block humans ability to see anything. Anyway, this is probably a waste of time for you but you can’t say I have not given you time and energy. You may hear words like angel and think “religion = illusion”, which is understandable given that the religions are all illusions to date, but when those dream/visions insertions of ideas were given to a believer in the last rep, they weren’t religious terms. Angel simply meant a messenger. And this is a big part of what Ti and Do brought that is Unique to them among ALL the others which I can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt for anyone that is truly objective that is, if they care to look at the data with an open mind. But it takes prep time to digest what Ti and Do said and did but if you are satisfied with what you know and what you believe about how we got here and all then what they have to say is not for you. It is for those that are not satisfied, not as a placebo to make us feel good about ourselves as though it does a little of that, it is far outweighed by the dreggery of bringing this info to people and either being ridiculed, ignored, blocked, hated and condemned by everyone, which you could say, I’m getting off on being the martyr from but I’m not even getting that kind of satisfaction because no one treats me that way in my life. I mean I certainly don’t have believers around me but I don’t preach everywhere I go anyway, in fact don’t bother unless someone wants to know in some way, so no persecution to get off on, though I think that is to come and is part of why I didn’t stay in the class. I still had a spiritual idea of what we were doing so had to exit to learn that lesson and see that it’s not being the big hero martyr I was brainwashed to think was heroic (though it is part of the program to give your life). So here, my fears

      • tmmody Says:

        gee. you just can’t ponder anything without going all biblical strange with it.

        the trumpet and bowl (vial) judgements can’t happen until the 7 years… and the 7 years can’t begin until jerusalem rebuilds the temple… that is black and white and undeniable if you read revs. I know my mythology! 🙂

        I don’t think you have anything to worry about insofar as people becoming devotees and then their parents killing you. Uhh, what an odd thing to worry about. This isn’t the 1970’s anymore, so only the weirdest most off kilter person would entertain the notion that Herf and Bonnie were “insert koo koo clock here”.

        Here is something to worry about: REPUBLICANS.

        To get your mind back to reality:

        Did do talk about suppression his accent?

        Did you have a crush on any member of the class?

        Where are the tapes? Get them to me and I’ll digitize and put in the public domain. You folks were part of the cult-ure… and all of it should be saved for posterity. You could leave your mark by just documenting it all… the whole strange trip.

        Did you ever do DMT? Some say it is created in the pineal gland and is released when you die. I’ve done it a lot and have some if you would like to try. Check it out… it’ll make you believe in little green men. Not me of course, because I only seek truth.

        Have you ever been to Iowa City?

        Have you seen Gravity (the movie)… I would say you might like for the effects but the writing and plot have a lot to be desired (Sandra Bullock is in it, so… nuff said).

        Have you seen Silent Running? See Crumb… a documentary about robert crumb the underground artist/illustrator… it is very interesting indeed.

        What kind of music do you like? I’m thinking Enya… but maybe Neil Young? I would recommend Wendy Carlos, Wilco, and XTC for just fun listening.

      • tmmody Says:

        BTW, I can get you recordings of pretty much any dead show. If there is a particular favorite one that you’l like to have the tape for, I’d be happy to find it, copy it, and either send it to you or a po box or whatever. I offer that as a friend and fellow traveler in this world even though our beliefs may differ.

      • sawyer Says:

        have you considered what that rebuilding of the temple could be referring to and to what period of time Daniel was referring? I’m not sure actually unless I go and study that section, which I may do now that you reminded me that many think that is a substantial justification for not looking at the many other prophecies that can only be explained away by equivalent vague references, thus as you say mythological figures. Your technique is very good, just like the mass of smokescreeners in religion and government and scienceand spiritual communities, self justified debunkers of anything and everything they either fear or are hired to debunk whether they know they were”hired” or compelled or not. But you serve my education process well as I have not sufficiently studied that section of therecords.But off the top of my head, as most prophecies have a number of applications and stages of accuracy giving everyone a full option to choose what they want from them, I suspect that some ofwhat you are referring to could be related toIsrael becominga nation, that is on one level, because the realnation of Israel is what, I ask you?Like I said layers. Since you know your so called mythology what is the”temple” referring to? And what are the 7 years – Are they7 kingdom of God years? Whatis meant by”years” anyway? Debunkers always work the same way, with certainty in their statements, which many people flock to because as was famously said in some movie, they “don’t want to know the truth” and/or are working for someone to dispel any notion of reality feared the furtherdiscovery of. By the way, your objection ofmy projection of prophecy fulfillment proposed was one of the least substantial as I amaware ofseveral others most often used.A real researcher of trying to separate fact or fiction would not fear the results so would CONSIDER all the evidence before disqualifying any one piece. Admittedly, I have my mind made up from my experience with Ti and Do and my experiences previous to joining with Ti and Do and my experiences after leaving their classroom and then recovering my active studentship with them, to where my research into the records (bible, etc.) do come from a position the is bias in their regard, but what I don’t do is disregard translations and interpretations out of hand as what I continue to see in hundreds of prophecy relations is that there are always a number of clearly supportive prophecy of any one projection. So my practice is to not decide absolutely about something until it shows consistency throughout, a painstaking process that requires time with the materials. I can be laboring over a prophecy for many days, even years on and off and it’s often when I need to see something to help substantiate another prophecy that certain options in translation are revealed. But even then, when something seems revealing of the truth of what was intended, it remains with some question to some degree. Without that sort of openness the radar of our minds can not function in it’s highest capacity, which is not a static capacity either. To you perhaps this is a game and so you don’t appear to consider anything as fact or fiction and so be it – it’s no bother to me, though like a pesky mosquito I amtemporarily annoyed by the trivial degree to which you seem to attach great significance and absolutism in your stated options, which is common to encounter. My stepdaughter when in high school physics class would also make lots of absolute statements of what was possible and what was not based on the trust she gave to her professors and the curriculum, such asthat razorthing and the galaplos island bird beak and others,which I don’t find fault with until the person insists it can be no other way, so it becomes useless totry to provide alternative perspectives. Now of course one can say, “you sawyer are saying that, who you think ti and do are can not be any other way”, but actually I am not taking that position for you or others and my view of Ti and Do is still changing as well, but what I keep learning is that there is more to themthan I thought of them before, not less and it’s not in my human interest to take that position. You see I’m not trying to convince you that you have much more to learn about many things that you talk like you know well about now. You are coming to me with your statements and questions and insults and put downs trying to engage in duel or debate which I am willing to engage as I have demonstrated, but it starts to become clear that you don’t want to hear or at least consider anything I have to say, so I begin to think I need to give it a rest. I’m not going to continue to dump out my personal experiences so you can have more canon fodder to try to shoot me down with because though I can make use of all negativity that attacks me, some of the use I can get from it is the radar to see it coming and to not engage it because it always takes time and energy away from other more pressing tasks I feel I have. Thus, I may have to give our exchanges a rest unless I see some evidence of some desire on your part to reach out rather than put out. Again, I’m not saying I want or need you to reach out, or reach out to me. I’m not the master here. I’m a student of Ti and Do and if I don’t reach out to them, there is just so much they are willing to put out to me before they wonder if it’s beneficial to me. This was the case with Ti and Do throughout their incarnation in the classroom. They would often say, they weren’t getting any new steps because they didn’t feel a draw from us, which is related to not having applied the previous lesson step they brought to us. They would say this to the entire group while also saying that the shoe may not fit everyone the same way but that it’s healthy for all to examine whether they want to grow further. So if you want to grow further and you in your pursuit of that choose to seek from my experiencesthen I will try to offer you what you ask for, but the way this is going now it’s clear to me that to continue as is, is useless.

      • TMMODY Says:

        Sawyer, I’m not coming to you as anything but a fellow human being on the planet that is interested in sharing my insights (good or bad)… and interested in hearing yours (not the bible theory though… you can use prophecy to prove just about anything and twerking it isn’t interested to me… because obviously, I don’t believe any of it– except it shadows historical stuff … if a burning bush appeared to me and spoke to me about stuff, then I would definitely reconsider!).

        Within the mythology, bible prophecy in the bible only applies to Jews… not Gentiles. And when it sez rebuild the temple — it is literally referring to the temple that was destroyed … the beginning of the 7 years happens when the antichrist defiles the temple probably by sacrificing a pig or something… the bible is clear that the temple will be rebuilt and sacrifice will be back in biz for what seems like a significant amount of time.

        Read through the other stuff I’ve posted — about eye cancer for instance. Take it or leave it… don’t feel the need to respond.

        I come as a friend! I’m sort of an oddball myself… and don’t fit in to this world really… but that’s my row to hoe. I don’t need to believe in Zog, demons, reptilian shapeshifters, myths, etc. to be fulfilled. The mystery is beautiful to me… the STARS are beautiful to me. Everything is enchanting to me.

        I grow magic mushrooms. I could send some to you if you like. And the offer to send you any music is open — I can get for free. Seriously, if there is a dead show you would like a tape or CD of, I’d be happy to send! The least I can do for all the crap I’ve put you through.

        Your friend and fellow traveler! Tim

  3. tmmody Says:

    I spend most of my time alone. I’m a software engineer… so it is me with my thoughts and the logic of the programs.

    I suspect that you may spend a lot of time alone, too? Does it cost anything to have a plant for a friend?

    You should beware of one thing… Carrie Fisher was cursed in that everyone she encountered — men that is — were looking to “bed” Princess Leia… so she never knew if people were friends or if they were just looking for bragging rights or good stories. She suffers from bipolar, too, which is not a fun one to have… recently, she’s had some troubles with it again, but I respect her.

    People could try to use you too. But don’t be paranoid– good lord no… just be aware and beware.

    In a way, your celebrity brought me here. I was surprised to see that you are still sincere in your beliefs. The docs I’ve seen didn’t lead me to believe that you were still a believer.

    You could start another blog to illucidate what your life has been like since the “exit”… your experiences with starting a family and stuff. My feeling is that you are nauseous about anything plant related. But your experiences could enlighten others. You wouldn’t have to cut your beliefs… but, I mean, of course you probably should. Occam’s Razor and all.

    Come back. Love. Listen to music. Read _Watership Down_ again (or maybe for the first time).

    This is a horrible place, I’ll give you that… but there is bliss, too. And whatever created us wouldn’t hold our enjoyment against us. Do continued teacher you folks about music, too… even if it was justified by Ti as reinforcing his leadership. I bet he smiled while doing it. Experienced bliss!

    When George “Goober” Lindsey died — yeah, that Goober Lindsey — they showed an interview of him where he was asked what his advice would be to young folks. And that guy, who made his milk and honey by playing a rube all his life said something very metaphysical: his advice was “Don’t be too hard on yourself… everyone makes mistakes… be your own friend…” I wouldn’t have expected that sort of sincerity from a clown. But just because he’d spent his life playing a clown didn’t mean he wasn’t deep.

    Don’t be too hard on yourself, Sawyer. Cut yourself some slack. Be your own best friend. We’re only here a short while — let’s make the most of it… together as friends, enemies, lovers, etc.

    No higher power will blame us for that. The simplest answer is always the best answer.

    You are a good person. A lot of people aren’t good. But don’t let them get you down.

  4. tmmody Says:

    BTW — I was born in 1965… so I experienced the 70’s … I bet you have tons of incredible stories about those times. I remember the bicenntenial… watergate… disco… the Viking missions to mars… macrame… I was too young for all the free love… 😦 but it was a magical time… after the pill, before AIDS… I can only imagine.

    I’m a HUGE Frank Zappa fan… I have everything he ever did… (he did the comedy stuff to fund his jazz stuff, so don’t judge too harshly… some of the comedy stuff is great, though — Just Another Band From LA for example)… I’m a big ELP fan… Bob Dylan, Neil Young, etc.

    Sorry if I ever came off as patronizing or insulting. I’m a dickhead like most people. I admit it.


    Your perspective on that whole scene — on the 80’s, etc. would be priceless.

    I would like to meet you. Don’t worry, I’m not gay… I’ve been married for 24 years.

    I am in no way connected to anything… I’m not a writer, a politician, a sociologist, a starfucker… nothing. These conversations are between you and me. Rather one-sided, but I understand that.

    It is interesting — you look very young and reagan-era-esque in the “last call” video with Do and I forget the cheeka you werer with… Then in the docs you also seemed clean cut… but lately, in your youtube vids and stuff you don’t seem to care as much about that appearance… I hope that doesn’t mean that you’ve given up… I like the beard and the look.

    • sawyer Says:

      For whatever it’s worth, I believe I’ve deciphered the Daniel prophecy you quoted to me and it’s a beautiful depiction of ti and do’s task in the tinyest of nutshells but one has to strip out all the words added by translators and then examine every word to pull out my interpretation, which I know will be discounted by most out of hand but for a tiny, tiny few may help them in some way, maybe not, but that’s not my job anyway, to help people. I work for Ti and Do. It’s very, very clear, but mind you I can assume nothing in the continuation of that unless I tow the line which they will help with to no end as long as I seek that help and try. So the snippet of that interpretation that I’ll share now and the rest later as it’s not complete enough to post, is that the “one week” is actually “one seven” and the one seven I believe is one cycle of 7 messengers, as depicted in the “angels with trumpets” (sounding, voicing, etc) and that is approx. a 75 year program that began in in the 1920’s and ended by the end of the century. I know this is mythology to you, but you brought it up so it’s more to add to the pile.

      • tmmody Says:

        Thank you for sharing!

        Interpreting the bible is similar to interpreting any great literature. Lots of different people see lots of different things in it. I think it is one of the reasons X-ianity “made it”… that and Constantine’s sword… (an upside down cross)…

        one seven or 17 is a prime number… I believe prime numbers were used by aliens to communicate to earth in Carl Sagan’s book “Contact”. Made into the movie of the same name.

        I’m glad you enjoy your work — if you are going back to the original texts that is impressive. Do you have a Scofield Reference Bible? I’d even like to have one of those. They are a bit pricey.

      • tmmody Says:

        What do you think of GRYODY? Have you read his pamphlet?

        I wouldn’t call it good by any measure… but it is interesting. Is your imagining of what happened similar?

        Is he still “studying”? Do you ever go to lunch with him?

        I wasn’t given my ody name… my name is tim, so. I thought tmmody fit. I’ll stop using if you think it is disrepectful.

      • sawyer Says:

        no I don’t have scofield but i’ll see if I can find one online among the 100’s I have looked at and occasionally examine. In the last years in the group before going public face to face for the second time Do did bring into our library a bunch of bibles and scofield was one if I recall, but mostly I enjoyed Dakes and the Companion and the Amplified. But this wasn’t a major effort on the groups part so I didn’t really do much research into them, certainly not compared to now. Frankly, Ihaven’t found any translations that even suggest many of the things I do, though I can document everything I say biblically as much or actually many times more than any of the commentarians do. I sort of expect and require of myself to find at least three direct trains of thought represented in every translations justification but to be honest find many more in most all cases. I don’t care what name you use, but what I’ve said to others is, why give false impressions. That’s what mythology is often built upon, a distortion of facts, a misapplication of meanings and intentions that at one time were perfectly clear to those experiencing them, that is relative to their capacity to understand at their grade in school. When I say false impressions, it’s because those ody names were specifically given to specific people whether they ended up remaining as a Ti and Do student or not and Do preferred that we actually used them among one another, not with the public as evidenced by the beyond human tapes where I am called Sawyer and jwnody is called June, etc. I just saw an article about a book that is saying the Romans made up the entire New Testament to, like you suggested control the people to get them to behave, which is not the first time I’ve seen that thinking of course but it will continue to be broadcast by the major media, even NPR (who would have guessed NPR…lol) as an affront to Christians and here’s the thing about that idea… not that I disagree with the premise, because that’s exactly what took place officially under Constantine…he captured what was a new cult movement and made it into a Hollywood cult movement – interesting how that term cult is used in one way to be a put down, scary evil, ugly premise of a “subversive culture” and on the other hand is looked up to as indicative of popularity. More evidence of how the truth is bastardized in every way shape and form in the name of …whatever one wants it to be in the name of, but anything but the facts, the truth of what really was said or done to stimulate it’s start, which brings me back to my point about this book… So a group of Romans made up the entire new testament, he says to control people? Then why in hell don’t the people adhere to what the main presumed “teachings” put forth by jesus in that written record, fact or fiction, if that was going to capture their loyalty and keep them from rebelling against the government because they are unhappy with what the government is doing…keep them placated? Why is it that Pauls writings became the doctrine of Christianity? Isn’t that interesting the Paul was a proclaimed Roman and was in league with a “group” of …high priests who had it in for Jesus and his followers as the story goes. So why did this author suggest that Romans conspired to create the story when in the story it says the high priests led the whole episode against Jesus and his followers, with Paul as their intelligence guy led to believe he was now one of them, as the story goes, by the blinding light and voice of jesus, he was told. Another author suggests that paul was a conspirator who made up the story about being blinded by the light that forces his awakening to stop his persecution, but that’s beside the point here. Wouldn’t one expect to see Jesus talking about all the things Christians believe today or that they came to believe whenever it was that the first manuscipts or papyrus were created? Were they that shrewd to think the people would be fooled better if they said in Jesus the very opposite of what they would come to believe and do? For instance, Jesus was totally against (for his students that is) any loyalty to their human family and Paul doesn’t really touch that either, except where Paul says if you can’t keep it in your pants stay married to one – the rule before Jesus suggested even lust in thought was repeating the diversion of one’s total love from the Lord, that the adultery rules were geared to instigate as giving one’s loyalty to one. If the peoplehad followed that Jesus storyline, they would have given no loyalty to the roman government nor the jewish government. If anything they would have given more loyalty to the roman government under Jesus teachings as he said if you were going to uses ceasars money pay the taxes he demands of you and if you find yourself in a problem with the government seekto get along with them or else you’ll find yourself locked up. And in the story, the gov’t was trying to wash their hands of murdering the guy, though on that front of course the romans would wantto paint themselves as not going along entirely with the jewish leaders as they did want to keep the peace with the religious because the religious did have control over many of the people that were anti-government prone, at least in theory while in bed with the government at the same time, the way it is nowwith the religious in more or less all nations. And if this roman group made it all up, when did they do it, I wonder and did it include the manufacture of documents in the old testament as well as so much of what they alleged made up was directly linked to the Old Testament, but then I guess one could say they tailored their Jesus figure from the Moses figure, but then if so, why select certain things Moses allegedly recorded and have Jesus giving them a different slant that is frankly anti the previous religion to Christianity (their creation) – Judism as it had become, just as distorted as Christianity which is just as distorted as Hindu is today from it’s Vedic records, etc. But I guess the Egyptians or Indians each had their conspiracies to create religious stories to steal the people and not cause them to revolt against the governments, which is another nutty way of looking at it in light of the way religiosity has been one of the primary motivations to war on others, controlling not only the poor who generally trust the institutions whether secular or religious as seen in the crusades, and to date with the G.W. Bush “crusade” against Islam (while in bed with the Saudi Arabians). The bottom line is that it’s easy to control the masses but the most effective way is not through religions, at least from the human perspective is with economics and propaganda and staged sting operations – like the Trojan horse, the gulf of Tonkin “attack”, the blowing up of the Reichstag, stimulating and then looking the other way to allow the pearl harbor attack, assinations of kings as in supposedly the reason WWI started or manipulating any event to sway public opinion, in combo with the promoted media and Hollywood help, for examples many. But making up a story to brainwash the people into conformity by promoting disconformity on the one hand (jesus teachings) and juxtaposing a conformity of the disconformity (Pauls teachings)that ends up going world wide and lasting for millennium to where the later conformity of the original disconformity becomes the rule when the originaldisconformity was frankly unpopular with most everyone to begin with would be the ultimate kind of deceptivity (if that’s a word). I guess one could say, it was and that humans can be very shrewd and that it had unexpected results but if one is making up an unbelievable story (all Jesus taught) that goes against everything of human nature, where does such an idea come from…? Maybe it’s like the amoeba crawling out of the sea on it’s fins that by the strength of it’s desire to survive, not finding survival in it’s primordial soup adequate, wills the mutation of it’s dna to morph those little psyilli – into fins, into legs soit can crawl around to find food.It’s a premisesome attach to, as the alternative they think is to think some bearded fellow who sits on clouds waved his magic wand to create, each extreme of which has it’s points as there is evidence of adaptation of creatures to new environments(though hardly seen in drastic environmental changes, like an ocean coming to be in an area previous a desert…those land creatures just die off if there is that kind of flood. If it happens gradually, they move on rather then morph back to fins from legs and on the other hand there is all this folklaw about things in the sky, powerful beings over humans, with cave drawings of tanks and helicopters and ancient paintings of people riding inside comets, etc. in various cultures so why not consider that that is a feasible explanation for a great deal of stuff. I decided to make most of this another blog post.

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