Q & A re: Raelians and whether Ti and Do ever celebrated Easter & Christmas

Question To: Sawyer heavensgate

Sent: Tue, December 7, 2010 10:56:33 PM

Subject: the Raelians one more thing – about the Raelians

I read your blogs that mentioned them and was wondering about what Do or HG may have thought or considered if anything, in the area of cloning? Rael says that the new being would be cloned by duplicating and growing DNA sequences and that the Catholic church opposes Raelians and cloning because a cloned person would not have a “soul”, and therefore would not go to Heaven, etc… Rael states their is no soul so there’s no moral or ethical dilemma. Doesn’t Do state that the soul inhabits the body, not at birth, but when it locates, or has a deposit of recognition? So, then would that mean that soul could eventually inhabit a cloned body instead of a normal human body? To me, it seems that the Raelians theory has too many holes; Rael was visited 6 days in a row by a UFO that wasn’t reported by anyone else? That’s too much a leap of faith for me when some UFO sightings are reported by hundreds of people. Also, his members have donated a lot over the years to this 25 million dollar “Embassy” where Our Creators will be welcomed and will finally to come greet people. The building of the Embassy is supposed to be by the year 2035 – in my opinion, Rael’s getting money for this Embassy that will never be built, but will be dead by the year 2035 (or at least 90 years old), with all his members’ donations already spent on himself…just my thought on where that movement is going

Answer From: Sawyer heavensgate

Sent: Fri, December 10, 2010 1:28:31 AM

Subject: Re: the Raelians

The holes in rael’s head space are many. The biggest one I found was his being told his space aliens don’t create planets yet they claim to be the Elohim who are only mentioned in genesis and who do create planets. And the cloning computer the aliens have, well I’d bet it needs elements to put together like eggs and sperm for instance at a minimum. But they would in my opinion want egg and sperm especially from those who have consciousness enough to believe space aliens exist as that sense only develops in the brains of those who have some ancestral proof of beings from “heaven”.

Do said the space aliens were drop out souls. what I believe he meant by that is that they are descended from dropout souls which is the same thing as if one keeps reproducing their seed that seed is in a sense evolving in each offspring (though evolution is in this case really devolution). Since each human or human equivalent being is strictly like a leaf off of a larger tree, individuality is very limited to where the tree came from so the space aliens are simply the current leaves off of their genetic tree which was a tree that had once been seeded by the next Level, thus making them and their future seeds/leaves souls as it seems when souls reproduce they are actually continuing to propagate that soul as well. The soul is really a container in itself that has with it a set of programs. Thus it’s like a computer digital object. (I was a programmer for a while, don’t know if you are familiar with object orientated programming).

Do said that humans are tagged/deposited with a soul program but that it’s not activated until it meets up with a Next Level seeding/delivery of next level MIND or holy spirit to set off it’s growth. I believe that can be in the form of an existing soul within our environment so that people now can also be in that way impregnated by the currently discarnates souls the next level brought with them so they could try to “take over” their best match in a human vehicle. re: cloning – I can’t recall Do talking about it, except knowing that various govt are attempting it and it’s been reported to take place in certain underground bases, sort of like the Atlantis story that we became aware of the possibility when I was still in the group when we were studying all the so called UFO phenomena info. but if they are able to clone a human, they still have to grow it in some sort of womb artificial or in some type of animal body.

Personally I think the raelian space aliens are lying through their teeth with rael. I don’t think they know how to take one piece of headbone dna and from it alone nuture it into a dupe of themselves but if they are getting to that capacity, it won’t go on for long I don’t guess as the Next Level will not let them get too close to doing anything that could spoil somes chance to apply to a next level program, next time it’s offered. sorry I’m talking so scattered now. tired. and I clearly don’t know exactly what the space aliens are capable of. But I can’t fathom the next level would allow them to have eternal life by whatever method as that is one of the benefites of what they offer us which requires us to build our mind into so why would the next level let others acquire same with little comparable personal effort.

Question To: Sawyer heavensgate Sent: Fri, December 10, 2010 11:25:15 AM

Subject: Re: the Raelians and Ti & Do’s celebration of Easter/Christmas ?

yeah I don’t get that thing about taking the bone and their claims of cloning – I think the idea is that bone is where the “third eye” is, that if a clone is made starting from that piece of bone then it would retain memory and personality from this time. I don’t agree their support of lowering the age of sexual consent to 15; one ex-member wrote an article about the Raelian claim of 20 or 30 thousand members, she says that their membership/mailing list has fewer than 4,000 people; and that membership fees were used to buy Rael a racecar and get back into racing a few years ago – – just a lot of weird stuff going on there, and I don’t see their Embassy ever becoming a reality for lots of reasons what was Christmas and Easter like during the class? acknowledged at all?

Answer from Sawyer heavensgate:

Not easter, but christmas, we celebrated one time in 19 years with a tree and we were each given about $20 to buy gifts, not for one another but for the group in general. This was when ti was still in her vehicle though was the same year she left her vehicle, actually from the same dwelling in dallas, texas off mockingbird lane a block away from white rock lake. Hey, there’s that WHITE and the ROCK part again which I’m writing more about now which is where Do spread her ashes as she requested to have her vehicle cremated. We didn’t have any ceremony.

But that christmas was the second time period we sang Christmas Carols as a chorus led by Do. Ti instigated it when we were living in South Austin, TX and didn’t participate – she wanted us to learn more how to “look to Do”.

That’s another thing/proof so to speak of who they really were. What other leader bolsters another and especially in the way ti did do over the years while Do was very, very clear that ti was his Older Member (Father) which she never told him was the case – he learned it in their first couple years on the road together when Do said he gave her a real hard time. She’d always said to Do that she was here to “get [Do]started” & then was “going back” which for a while, Do wondered about, thinking it strange and “did she mean she was going to go back to her human family after all they had been through in leaving them and all?”, he wondered aloud to us, after Ti’s vehicles passing. I think we sang christmas carols one additional year after that and then occasionally.

Oh, that christmas time we also visited a church of some denomination in Dallas together, with Ti and they had us prepare a holiday spread that included a tiny bit of wine, that they later said they didn’t enjoy because they felt a consciousness alteration from it, they didn’t need or want so we never did that again. This was typical of being with them. They always were doing something one would least expect and that would seem to be something one would think was inconsistant with all else they taught and did, like presents and church.

What I’ve realized now more than ever was that they were simply “following their unseen guidence” step by step and that many or even most all times something they did met with one or more students disapproval or encouraged their doubt to a degree. They weren’t trying to get rid of people per say but nor did they want people to stay that really were not ready for the total committments it was gradually entailing, though started as such, but was not quite spelled out practically in the beginning – it was still a generalization.

Some have written that Do flipped out after Ti left and that’s what led to his taking the class to their laying down of their physical containers. But I for one and can attest to most if not all of my elder classmates (those that were there from the start) (though that doesn’t mean new comers in 1994 are of any less stature by LAH standards), that we all expected to “give our lives” in one way or another, largely thinking it would be by another’s hand, which Do led us to consider even provoking, that is after the branch davidian’s showed their strong committments murdered by the govn’t. Do thought well of the followers for sticking to their beliefs in that sense and wondered if his students were all of that strong a committment. And Do was certainly affected in a huge way by Ti’s departure but it didn’t change his ultra careful methology he’d learned from Ti, in approach of that same continued step by step bringing students to what they wanted, to give their all to HIM (which Ti had previously instructed us to do, saying Do was very uncomfortable with that role, but we needed to experience it). I have only touched the surface on these TWO.

There were amazing in ways I still have only begun to fathom which makes me kick myself for not being more dedicated even now. I sit here safe and sound putting out these videos and all. I shouldn’t judge it as I feel Ti did want me to write (in a dream she came to me to tell me once) and I do talk to people in person all the time when it seems right, but at times I’m too sheepish I know, though I have plenty of evidence how the little I have spoken out in my little community has sort of eliminated me from many opportunities for work and in particular from music endeavors because people are naturally afraid of all this talk and if they are not, their discarnates see to it that they don’t get to hear enough to have it really start to sink in. I don’t fault people for this. I’d no doubt be the same way. In fact I was like that in my 10+year trek back to the degree of service I have now for Ti and Do.


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